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No. 31840
35 kB, 750 × 500
I didn't really want to start thread with topic and just wanted to post in news thread but I guess this is the only sensible place
So apparently DoD is saying that they anticipate climate change being so extreme, so soon, as to have catastrophic consequences within the next 20 years up to and including the total collapse of the US military in its ability to respond to threats and collapse of US infrastructure.

This worries me especially because I've already had multiple blackouts this year. Has anyone else experienced this? And no I don't live in California either



Hey guys, why do we keep losing power?
No. 31847
Decaying infrastructure with all surplus money being funneled to Wall Street and "defense" contractors.

I would guess that the Pentagon is just exaggerating, in the hopes that some Republicans might realize that climate change is a problem, including for US strategic interests. You can't assume honesty and good faith out of any governmental body in this country, even when they say something that you are inclined to agree with.
No. 31848
>You can't assume honesty and good faith out of any governmental body in this country, even when they say something that you are inclined to agree with.
You can't assume good faith in any government.
No. 31850
I dunno, maybe if you live in Scandinavia.
No. 31857
Fucking lol
No. 31859
Remember that Columbia undergrad who carried around a mattress to protest her alleged rapist being on campus? Apparently now she hangs out with right wingers because she fucked a libertarian guy she met on Tinder. Also she’s leaving her museum fellowship to start a masters in traditional Chinese medicine (lol).

Very wacky profile piece. Unsurprising that a Dalton and Columbia grad would end up reneging on their student radicalism though.

No. 31862
>Hey guys, why do we keep losing power?

Overuse of decaying infrastructure. Ironically one big offender are electric cars. Charging a Tesla apparently requires about 350kW for the duration of the charge. I've seen a breakdown of the numbers that resulted in: If 1.000.000 Teslas would charge simultaneously it would surpass the total budget of energy produced in Germany by more than 50 times. So far the number of teslas here is somewhere in the thousands, but there are 54M cars registered in Germany and if you'd replace only a fraction of that you reach the limit of our infrastructure.
No. 31863 Kontra
Who cares? This is entirely irrelevant information for 99.99% of people. Take your opinion mongering elsewhere, kthx.
No. 31864
My opinion mongering? I just think it’s funny when activists get exposed as elite socialites and hobbyists (cf. Eve Peyser). Left wingers should take this episode as a warning about the true allegiance of the Brooklyn and Chicago Twitter / alternative media circles.
No. 31871 Kontra
How about she can do whatever she wants and fuck whoever she wants?
No. 31890
I agree with the other American that this is worthy of sociological interest. I don't think it warrants much more discussion than the one explanatory reply he made, but it's at least worth posting.
No. 31892
Err, I think his main point was
>who the fuck is this person and why am I supposed to care
Or at least, that would be my point. Like seriously this is beneath even celebrity gossip. I have no idea who this woman is or why I'm supposed to care about any of this stuff. It's Daily Jolt material
actually I don't even know if you guys had daily jolt but it was a fucktarded campus gossip website.

I fail to see the interest in any of this at all

I have heard this argument before about electric and fossil fuels and also about how renewables supposedly cannot close this gap just based on purely the manufacturing and industrial sector's energy consumption needs, let alone touching anything like commercial or consumer lighting or whatever people think our power grid mainly supplies.

Funny story I actually saw something where a bus was shown half swallowed by a sinkhole and I immediately asked myself "what shithole third world country did that happen in"
apparently it was mine https://www.bing.com/amp/s/www.pennlive.com%2fnews%2f2019%2f10%2fpa-street-to-be-closed-for-weeks-after-sinkhole-partially-swallows-bus.html%3foutputType%3damp

Other funny but sadder story:
The other day while walking around I heard kids playing. I looked over and the one was chasing the other around and bullying him while yelling "stop resisting! Stop resisting!" Children are larping police brutality now :(
No. 31895
The interest derives from larger social dynamics being enacted in a microcosm. In this case, the hollowness of modern American liberalism in spite of the imperious end-of-history attitude that it takes. I wouldn't read too much into this particular example, but I think the whole edifice will come crashing down in a year or two if it is hit by the right kind of cultural shock. Similar to how this woman went from literally hating men to hanging out with libertarian men who had smeared her a few years earlier.
No. 31897 Kontra
It isn't though

Oh god I just realized are you that one retard who was obsessed with gamergate? There's literally nothing of interest here. If your whole point is the same thing as "oh look this college age guy is now fucking a leftist college girl!" then the only thing that's incredibly shallow is whatever point you think youre trying to make here.
No. 31903
I posted the following in this thread as this thread often (inevitably) devolves into politics (I don't want to shit up the vidya threda), and that thread is systemkontra

>Comrade, the problem is clearly Capitalism.
The "problem" is Technical society.1
I do not have too much in the day to post, so I don't feel I can get too deep into it right now, but I think to say it is just "Capitalism" is missing the point. Rather, the system that we have right now (call it whatever you want because people have different definition of Capitalism and they tend to use it as just a magic word)2 has proven to be the system that technique can most effectively propagate in.

Nick Land's view of Capitalism as a self-transcending force intrinsically linked to technique is interesting if a bit too abstract for my taste. There is no "late-stage capitalism." here. In this sense I would agree with leftish people who say that the self-proclaimed Communist3 countries in history are not really "Communist" at all. The difference ultimately lies in how well technique is integrated into each respective system. Communist countries do not incorporate technique as efficiently as Capitalist ones do (this is perhaps part one of the reasons why Capitalism has beaten its ideological opponents of Communism and Fascism). Capitalism is more "pure" technique than Communism. Communist countries still contain much of the "essence" of capitalist countries in their technique, but they just incorporate it in a different way and less efficiently.
You can also stretch this further and say that the state of being "A Modern" has to do with living in a technological society, and therefore any society influenced by "Capitalism" is to some degree more modern than a society that is not Capitalist. Technical society is modern society, and Capitalism is "more modern" than the modernity of Communism and Fascism.4
There is also a sense that Liberalism is ultimately much more totalitarian than either Communism or Fascism; that there is nothing outside of Capitalism.
I have not read Mark Fischer, but I assume this is part of what he discusses (thanks to the German Ernst).
“Nothing human makes it out of the near-future.” - Essentially, technique will consummate man.

A large corporation has many similarities to a socialist government. I do not think that the worldwide progression to a mixed-model such as China is just a coincidence (here the US is certainly more liberal, but if you speak to libertarians they will gladly point out all of the subsidies, government programs, and corporate welfare that makes the US not a free market).
This mixed-model might more effectively propagate technique than a free market, and so this system is likely to dominate in the future.
Of course, underlying this is the idea that technique propagates itself, and that more technical societies will inevitably dominate less technical ones.

  1. I use the following definition of technique: https://ellul.org/themes/ellul-and-technique/#
  2. A magic word in this case is word that doesn't have the same fixed meaning to everyone who uses it (it really only has a vague connection to some general idea), but instead is used as an ideological trigger point to initiate a response i.e a word of emotional reference. Magical words are associated much more strongly with symbols than they are with definitions. People (on the left presumably) share the same emotion towards "Capitalism", but have different definitions of it, if they have concrete definitions at all.
  3. This is my definition of a communist country in this post; a communist country is a country that proclaims itself to be communist and that the vast majority of people view as such.
I do not really view the modern People's Republic of China as a communist country.
4. Because Fascism does not view politics as just about economics, and therefore not just about the right application of technique in the right way, Fascism is "less modern" than the other two waves.

As an aside:
I don't know if you're the same American Ernst who always replies in that same milquetoast moderate progressive way, but your posting style certainly reminds me of how most Anglo-Canadians speak in the big cities. There is just something about the way you write and the specific tone in which you write (regardless of what you say) that I can instantly recognize as being progressive (but not too radical mind you, "We live in a polite society. :^)").
No. 31906 Kontra
31 kB, 225 × 272
36 kB, 190 × 200
I really don't want to shit up this board with the cancer killing everything (US politics bullshit) but I was reading this and just had a chuckle
>Iowa GOP senator Joni Ernst said Vindman was an “honorable man” and that the attacks on him were “inappropriate.”

This is actually pretty funny

>Every year, the U.S. government spends more than $1.4 billion on its public relations and advertising efforts — not that Ernst has a problem with all of that. She's just not a fan of the .002 cents each American taxpayer essentially spent last year on federal "mascots," as well as the several thousand more dollars it put toward various trinkets, and is proposing a bill to end it all.

>Ernst unveiled her SWAG Act, which stands for Stop Wasteful Advertising by the Government, on Tuesday, which would block federal agencies from creating mascots unless it's done via statute. Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl, for example, would be safe, but Sammy Soil, a literal chunk of soil with eyes created by the USDA's conservation branch, would be rooted out. So would Franklin the Fair Housing Fox, The Green Reaper, and some other mascots Ernst says have been known to make babies cry.

>A variety of knickknacks are also targeted under Ernst's proposal to "Bag the Swag:" the $605,000 spent on coloring books last year; $33,000 on Snuggies; $17,000 on drink koozies; and $16,000 on fidget spinners. Ernst would also "prohibit the purchase and distribution of 'swag'" like these, unless they're also authorized by statute, per Ernst's press release.
No. 31932
A new cystic fibrosis therapy dramatically improved patients’ lung function and showed clear signs of targeting the genetic root of the disease, instead of just alleviating symptoms — a breakthrough so long-sought that many doctors and patients are moved to tears when talking about it.

The data, to be unveiled Thursday at a national conference in Tennessee and simultaneously published in two leading medical journals, was so persuasive that the Food and Drug Administration last week approved the three-drug combination, called Trikafta — five months ahead of the agency’s deadline. The drug could benefit 90 percent of patients with the disease, a major advance over previous drugs that worked in a tiny fraction of the people with the disease or had more modest effects.

“I’m overjoyed,” said Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, who was part of one of the teams that discovered the gene defect that causes cystic fibrosis in 1989. “Thirty years along, with many bumps along the road and so many people waiting and hoping that something like this would happen — and here we are.”

The therapy is a combination of three drugs that wouldn’t have been possible if scientists working in academic laboratories hadn’t unraveled the basic biology of the disease. Finding the gene was a needle-in-a-haystack-type problem, Collins said, and it led scientists to a malfunctioning protein that normally keeps the right balance of salt and water in the lungs. There are more than 1,700 gene mutations that can cause the protein to malfunction, but in the most common mutation, the protein is misfolded and can’t reach the right spot in the cell — and even if it does reach the cell, it doesn’t work properly. The new combination therapy includes one drug that corrects the misfolded protein and two that activate the correctly folded protein when it reaches the right spot in the cell.

In the largest trial, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, 403 patients who had at least one copy of the most common gene mutation underlying cystic fibrosis received either Trikafta or a placebo. There were improvements in objective tests of lung function, decreases in lung problems and hospitalizations and an increase in people’s quality of life.

Many physicians see the most transformative potential impact of the drug in the hope that it will be eventually approved for younger children, as Vertex’s other drugs have been over time. The drug can help older patients, but it can’t erase years of lung damage; if it works and is safe in younger children, it could prevent damage in the first place.

“With treatments like this, we can actually anticipate that if a young child were started on this therapy, they could actually expect to have a normal life expectancy,” said Deepika Polineni, a pulmonologist at the University of Kansas Medical Center involved in the trial who has received consulting fees from Vertex. “This is a breakthrough therapy for people with cystic fibrosis.”

No. 31933
I already know exactly what I'm going to do with the lottery money if I ever hit the big one (despite the far off one in 352 million chances).

I'm going to be investing in biotech and genomics in one wing of it. BioGen is going to get a big company and a big moneymaker.

And then I'm going to invest in a large media company. I'm going to have the Ficus Group owning several companies including in entertainment media primarily video games, as well as a newspaper company and possibly dabble in film and video.

And then I'm going to have several 501(c) or 503(c) or whatever it's called foundations and global charities. And then I am going to do the Christian thing as much as possible in helping poor people as well as trying experiments in both creating sustainable habitats in deep space expeditions and Mars and moon colonization (which BioGen can help with) as well as creating communities off the grid because I want to work with those Libertarians and homeschool Christian's who want to live deep innawoods and sever themselves from the growing global tyranny so that no one can face starvation if they become SINless and refuse to participate in the Chinese style social credit system, shitbook, total surveillance state etc. And then I'm going to publish through Ficus some data siphons to nab everybody's personal info and find a way to legally publish it then ask volunteers if they're okay with that and keep the rest sealed just to prove a point about invasiveness of data collection and start a national debate about the right to privacy. I'm going to try to keep anonymized video and image publisher social networks to compete with and subvert YT and FB where the people can be safe. And then I'm going to establish a secret intelligence and surveillance network of my own to work against certain pernicious elements of the elite and of course first thing I do is going to lawyer up.

I am confident that even $132 million is enough to kick start literally all of this. Sadly I am just another temporarily embarrassed American millionaire, but it's quite fun to dream. Just imagine being so poor and homeless you literally cannot afford to dream because you literally don't have the money to buy a $2 lotto ticket.

I want to change that, God
No. 32107
47 kB, 605 × 363
While racist abuse of players inside stadiums attracts attention outside Bulgaria, within the country it is the Roma who are the principal targets of thugs in black and men in suits. The Roma community makes up just under 5% of the country’s population of almost 7 million and is its biggest minority group.
The government of prime minister Boyko Borissov is propped up by a grouping of three small rightwing populist parties known collectively as the “United Patriots”. They are made up of the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria (NFSB), the Bulgarian National Movement and the Attack party.
Krasimir Karakachanov, head of the Bulgarian National Movement, holds three portfolios – deputy prime minister, minister for defence and minister for public order and security. His “Roma integration strategy,” or “concept for the integration of the unsocialised Gypsy (Roma) ethnicity” to give it its formal name, is due to be presented to the Bulgarian parliament and could soon become law.

It defines Roma as “asocial Gypsies,” a term used by the Nazis, and calls for limits on the number of children some Roma women can have; the introduction of compulsory “labour education schools” for Roma children and forced work programmes for sections of the community. It also depicts the Roma as “non-native Europeans” left over from the Ottoman empire.
His party’s manifesto also calls for the creation of “reservations” for Roma based on the model used for Native Americans or Indigenous Australians, claiming that they could become “tourist attractions”.
Earlier this year, following violence between Bulgarian Roma and non-Roma, Karakachanov declared: “The truth is that we need to undertake a complete programme for a solution to the Gypsy problem.”
His predecessor as deputy prime minister Valeri Simeonov described the Roma as “arrogant, presumptuous and ferocious humanoids”. He was also chair of Bulgaria’s National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Integration Issues at the time.

Following elections in 2017, which saw the trio of far-right parties emerge as key players in Bulgaria’s government, campaigners claim that hate crimes and rhetoric against the Roma have intensified.
Incidents include anti-Roma riots; demolition of Roma homes deemed “illegal”; police raids and deaths in custody; and members of the community in rural areas killed while out collecting firewood.
Zvezdomir Andronov, leader of the Bulgarian National Union, an ultra-right party which is not represented in parliament, was recently a guest on one of the country’s most popular political talk shows, where he said: “Gypsies, Turks, Armenians and Jews are guests in Bulgaria and if they are good guests, they can live peacefully here.”

No. 32108 Kontra
>Roma face racism every day
No. 32112
America should take in gypsy refugees from the evil Europeans before it's too late. Write to your congressman today.

Yes, Bulgaria is very evil and some gypsies actually get honest jobs and houses (at which point they are ostracised) but still.
No. 32113
Ah yes, The Guardian, that noted American daily newspaper.
No. 32117 Kontra
What he's probably trying to say is:
Don't feel sorry for the gypsies, and don't fall for bullshit articles about them crying.
Only the most retarded, out of touch western and west aping liberals like the gypsies, and even then, they only "like" and "feel sorry" for them because they never met one.

There is no lower level of human existence than that of the gypsy's, and they deserve every single "bad" thing done to them, from discrimination, beatings to outright attempts at genocide.
The existence of the gypsies is a historical misstep that both the Indian kingdoms, the Ottomans, the Balkanites, the Romanians and the Hungarians failed to correct.

You can't correct them. They're stupid, they're inbred and they are also aggressive. (One in a hundred thousand is a functioning, normal human, the rest vary from drug addicts to low level proles that dwell in favela tier homes or newly built government housing they'll eventually turn into favela tier shacks.)
And no amount of "inclusion" "integration" and money will change the fact that they are genetic waste that we (The Bulgars, Turks, Indians, Romanians and Magyars) failed to clean up.

And you can call me a /pol/tard, you can say you are disappointed, but I'm unwilling to compromise my opinion on this issue.
Don't feel sorry for them, don't propagate them, don't donate to organisations that help them, because they don't deserve anything but contempt, hatred and pain for leeching off the societies they live in.
No. 32130
22 kB, 306 × 401
A New Zealand porn boss charged with sex trafficking, after 22 young American women claimed they were conned into appearing in sex videos, is on the run from US authorities.

The United States Department of Justice has issued a media release overnight describing Michael James Pratt as a "fugitive".

Pratt heads adult video provider Girls Do Porn, the target of a claim in the San Diego Superior Court by 22 women.

They claim Girls Do Porn was advertised on Craigslist as a modelling website and they were lied to about the distribution of pornography they took part in, instead allegedly being told the material would only be sold on DVD to "private collectors" and "small video stores" in New Zealand, Australia and Europe, The Daily Beast reported this week.

Instead, the lawsuit alleges the resulting videos were posted directly to the internet where they have been hugely popular — the Department of Justice's US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of California said financial records showed the websites had generated more than $17 million in revenue.

By 2016, the San Diego-based company's videos had been viewed 667,612,456 times on PornHub, The Daily Beast reported.

Now Pratt, co-owner Matthew Wolfe and adult film performer and producer Ruben Garcia have been charged with sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion and, with a fourth person, conspiracy to commit sex trafficking by force, fraud and coercion.

The first charge has a minimum penalty of 15 years in jail and maximum penalty of life in custody and a $250,000 fine, according to the Department of Justice.

The three other defendants are all in custody or accounted for, but the department said 36-year-old Pratt "is a fugitive".

According to the complaint, the four accused are alleged to have used deception and false promises to lure the victims, who had responded to ads for modelling jobs that would supposedly pay US$5000 ($7900).

To persuade the women to participate, the defendants convinced them they could remain anonymous and their videos would not be posted on the internet, the department said. In reality, the entire purpose was to post the videos on the internet.

Pratt had previously claimed the women were presented with a contract to sign, in which they agreed to the terms of the shoot and the distribution of the material.

But the department alleged in the lawsuit that: "Some of the women were pressured into signing documents without reviewing them and then threatened with legal action or outing if they failed to perform; some were not permitted to leave the shooting locations until the videos were made; family and friends and the general public eventually saw the videos online; some victims were harassed and ridiculed and estranged from their families as a result; and some were sexually assaulted and in at least one case raped.

"Some were forced to perform certain sex acts they had declined to do, or they would not be paid or allowed to leave."

Girls Do Porn developed a huge following and its dedicated fans obsessed over the amateur actresses, sparking web forums where users revealed the women's real names, hometowns and social media accounts.

Some of the women lost their jobs or were expelled from universities. The fallout cost a Miss Teen Delaware winner her crown.


According to a story in the NY Post from September some of the Jane Does had also attempted suicide as a result of the circulation of the videos on the internet
No. 32133
>Some of the women lost their jobs or were expelled from universities. The fallout cost a Miss Teen Delaware winner her crown.
People have sex here and there, why having it filmed is some kind of a crime for girls who participated in that?
>They claim Girls Do Porn was advertised on Craigslist as a modelling website and they were lied to about the distribution of pornography they took part in
This is a crime, no joke.
No. 32136
I guess it depends on the employer and the uni. Maybe some of them attended christian universities, which would just shit themselves.
No. 32143
It's a joke where I'm trying to trick you into taking Gypsies. A play on the naivety of North America that somehow managed to integrate gypsies.

Seriously though, how did the US manage it? Gypsy curses are still part of your culture so you must've had a few but they seem to be absent from your experience. These people have survived the Nazis and constant totalitarian attempts at integration but could do nothing against the blob of American consumerism.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just soft because I don't really encounter the worst of continental gypsies but I can see it as a two-way street. Why should a gypsy abandon elements of their frankly toxic culture if they are effectively branded from birth as a gypsy and cannot live among us or even be allowed to live unmolested?

Even in the UK our integrated (reformed? settled?) gypsies will hide their identities because of the prejudice they hold. They rarely attend school even if they're able because they'll just be violently bullied so it creates a vicious cycle.
No. 32144
>Seriously though, how did the US manage it? Gypsy curses are still part of your culture so you must've had a few but they seem to be absent from your experience. These people have survived the Nazis and constant totalitarian attempts at integration but could do nothing against the blob of American consumerism.

According to Wikipedia it is estimated that we have about 1 million Roma/Gypsy in the US, but I have never encountered any in my life. As a kid I knew what gypsies were from reading novels for children like Goosebumps or Holes, in which gypsy mystics and fortune tellers sometimes figure as minor characters. As you say they must have been assimilated into mainstream American culture somehow. Perhaps this was possible because Americans did not really know what gypsies were.
No. 32145
164 kB, 362 × 372
Friend of mine was part Croatian gypsy. His parent had some gypsy tendencies or maybe this is just what Croatians are like because they looked very Croatian, and he still had some traces of them but...
No. 32146
This post alone has convinced me that Hungarians and Bulgarians (same difference) are a serious problem and I unironically should take every Roma complaint about persecution seriously.

Just remember what happened to Kosovo if you start getting too uppity towards them.
No. 32149
A culture is treated the way it expects its members to behave. That's what social standards are for.
If a culture encourages or exalts bad behavior, I can't blame other cultures for condemning them for the same.

Certain southern cultures encourage nepotistic and parasitic behavior, and hold that cheating is not a misdeed if its done to outsiders. That is fine, as long as they do not then complain about being disliked for that same behavior. Don't know if I'm growing conservative, but I think social pressure exists for a reason.

I don't really get offended when people call kazakhs vain, ignorant or lazy. Because as a culture, we are.
No. 32150 Kontra
I think it's fine for a gypsy to stop identifying as a gypsy when they stop acting like a gypsy. Because then they're no longer a gypsy.
I don't see it as "hiding identity", but rather abandoning it. If your culture expects or encourages you to be a subhuman, that culture needs to fuck off, heritage be damned.
No. 32153
Never met a gypsy, not even from second hand, though I read about them in books. I can imagine the lack of attention they get might be either:
1)Other ethnic minorities are more "relevant" due their larger size and the fact they settle down and share space with the majority.
2)The "get off my lawn" mentality means a nomadic group won't catch as much heat. Locals won't care once you're gone and will likely forget quickly.
3)The US is really big. Lots of maneuvering room.
4)Burger education means your average bydlo doesn't know what exactly a gypsy is. The most people think of when they hear gypsies are fortune tellers, that chick from the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and that a lot of them died in the Holocaust.
5)Related to the above, most Americans don't have any direct historical baggage related to them, unlike other groups. Central/Eastern Euro immigrants, who would have some familiarity, lose this facet once they become assimilated. Gypsies then become something without context.
6)American consumerist culture is "welcoming" in a sense, though that's really its own subject. Plus it's easier to accept something when you're not being shot at.
No. 32155 Kontra
>Oh god I just realized are you that one retard who was obsessed with gamergate?

I'm right here, Schiz. Had nothing to do with that article about mattress girl, although I see his point. Even so, we agree that topic would be far more at home on a gossip site (Kiwifarms) than here.

I'm not "obsessed" with Gamergate either, but I can appreciate the fact the timeline of events continues to cause clickbait writers to caterwaul years later and was the first salvo against Gawker. For the sake of keeping this thread on track, let's just concede we fundamentally disagree.

If you can't detect me from my other posts (here's a hint: I'm far more taken by music than games), then there's nothing I can do to help you.

Kontra for no news on my end.
No. 32159
It's not new news but apparently part of the reason why the Armenian genocide recognition was dropped was partly to do with the Republican pedo speaker of the House either getting paid off or being blackmailed or both
I just found this angle of that old story interesting.
No. 32165 Kontra
73 kB, 540 × 540
>Hurr hurr I’m talking on behalf of my entire country and the military
>Hurr hure we’re going to invade a nato member and give a country to a people that explicitly stated they do not wish to create a state
Nobody cares, Ameritard.
No. 32179
314 kB, 1000 × 750
Hey I didn't know that she was a gypsy. Apparently so is Michael Costello and a few other famous people.

It's probably because they just got integrated. All Americans know is they're just a usually swarthier European and maybe there weren't enough of them in one single big migration to form a large subculture. Like has been noted ITT Americans are famous for obliterating peoples right down to the culture and DNA strands until nothing but a burger with slightly different seasoning exists.

Even Jews who have like six or seven times as many of them as gypsies keep complaining nonstop about the "threat" of American assimilation, so much so that various nationalist, conservative, and right wing Israelis have been complaining about it going so far as to call us a "second Holocaust" through intermarriage
It takes us roughly two generations to obliterate a people. The first group of people here is obviously always going to be a foreigner living in America, but their children will be almost fully Americanized for the most part. The second generation born here is more likely to go plastic paddy tier and try aping their grandparents culture and customs but it already would be lost to them and they'll be fully burger on the inside. This counts for Jews and gypsies.

The Nazi problem among many other things is they saw everything as being genetic, including the mistaken assumption that all cultures carry geentically--they clearly don't. Americans allow enough space for a subculture so people don't feel so much undue repression as to exist in their culture as an act of defiance, but rather get baited into adopting our mainstream trash culture, and since there's little emphasis on genetics outside ideas of "race" that first generation born here is highly likely to marry outside the tribe, and the second virtually guaranteed to do so. This means a third generation American is almost definitely going to be 1/4 this 1/4 that thus rendering muh heritage more and more meaningless itself.

I mean, look at this woman. I thought growing up that she was probably part German or something. Or some sort of Northern European. So this is what I'm pretty sure is the fate of all gypsies in America is intermarriage and burgerdom. This is also likely to be the fate of Europeans on a long enough time scale if EU remains free and open however the difference is each EU country has centuries of cultural baggage and linguistic barriers that we do not. You can always move to France but you can never be a true Frenchman, just a mulatto of mixed French and other ancestry for several generations. Having one single language to dominate all the others also helped to absorb ever single people to set foot on this continet.
No. 32183
>Fairuza's mother, Cathryn Balk, has studied, performed, and taught traditional dance forms of many countries including Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, and Spain. Her father, Solomon Feldthouse, was one of the founding members of the 1960s psychedelic rock group Kaleidoscope, and is also a traveling folk musician. He was born in Pingree, Idaho and, between the ages of 6 and 10, lived in Turkey where he learned Greek, Turkish, Iraqi, and Iranian music. Balk has stated that her father is of Romani and Cherokee ancestry, and that her mother is of Irish and French descent.

Wouldn't you know? We have more in common genetically than I thought, although I'm neither Gypsy nor Cherokee.

Speaking of Gypsies, my father mentioned they would occasionally be seen in villages in Pakistan, although no one really talked about them. They'd work as circus performers and sideshowmen, but not much else was known about them.

Here's a recent article about them living in Lahore (my father's hometown):
No. 32216
Does this count as news?


The level of exploits now available for voice assistants is reaching the absurd. Since it's mostly rich people using this stuff here I'm somewhat considering a change of career path...
No. 32230
I was afraid to click tbh

googled a few secs...

>Die Mikrofone nehmen die Frequenzen der erfassten Töne auf und bewegen sich im Inneren entsprechend, was in elektrische Signale umgewandelt wird. Hierbei reagiert die Technik jedoch nicht nur auf Schallwellen, sondern auch auf Laserlicht.

Oh wow, the human brain considering something or not is really interesting to watch. What is to be found on your link, the necessary frequencies?
No. 32233
To this day I have no idea why people are stupid enough to install these things. Had I the money I would of course be doing this to create poltergeists that terrorize people in their own home. They should feel lucky that it was me warning them about their vulnerability, and not somebody with actual malicious intent. I hate computer technology enough as it is and the last thing I'd want is having it involved in my door lock or mechanical toaster. Everything mechanical is perfectly fine by me and I can actually fix it.
No. 32235
These fucking boomers I swear to god
You know the thing is, poltards are basically just boomers and their idiotic children/grandchildren. That is literally the reason vierkanal became so absolutely cancerous. It's basically the exact same retarded fat fucks sitting around watching Fox and listening to Rush Limbaugh and generally being a cancer to the earth.
No. 32239
437 kB, 1090 × 1124
>What is to be found on your link, the necessary frequencies?
The link has a Q&A on light commands, as well as a link to their paper on the subject. They describe their set-up in detail. I don't know how "current drivers" work, but they basically run simple audio files though one of those, which then modulates the laser frequency to mimic voice commands. Interesting stuff.

You could use this technique to make online purchases. Imagine a series of cyber security books, "____ For Dummies" and "Complete Idiot's Guide To...", showing up at their door.
No. 32277 Kontra
For someone who pretends to hate /pol/ so much, all you do is bitch about them. Why is that article worth sharing? What point are you trying to make other than air your petty grievances for the umpteenth time?

For once, get off the internet.
No. 32282 Kontra
This pathological hatred of boomers is obviously just sublimated resentment towards your parents dude.
No. 32406
Hillary Clinton has been officially exonerated regarding her emails as of this week. Meanwhile

Trump has been convicted and ordered to pay fines on multiple cases of fraud including Trump "university" and a charity that solely operated as his own personal discretionary fund and was found not to have engaged in any charity work.
No. 32580
I’ve noticed a lot of suspicious accounts tweeting about the coup in Bolivia: created in November 2019, using stock photos as profile pictures, etc.
No. 32583
Probably US foreign policy both there and in Venezuela trying to install tinpot third world dictatorships and right wing death squads again. They failed pretty bad with Venezuela and now they're trying it with Bolivia. Remember I warned you about Elliot Abrams and John Bolton. Abrams is definitely going to Hell.
No. 32584
No. 32585
Why do people do this? Every time I see a "test" post I know it's 99% sure that person is ban evading.
No. 32587
Whenever I see a post from you, it is 99% sure a schizo post, containing some weird conspiracy theory.
The reason I posted a 'test'-bosting is quite easily to explain: Today there were some issue with EC. For some time it was not possible to post at all.
Just lurk more and post less, Amischizo.
No. 32589
Who the hell is you, you idiot? Judging by that post I'd say I was wrong. It's 100% certain you got banned for shitposting and now have to proxy.
No. 32592
t. Shitposter, who should be banned

Inb4: hurr idiot, moron, proxy etc durr
No. 32621
387 kB, 750 × 807
I wonder if what he says here about news coverage in China is true.
No. 32631
As far as western first names for Asians go, Levon is pretty fucking cool. Beats the gorillions of Chinese Davids and Williams walking around out there.
No. 32633
Breaking new!

I think that kohlchan is down again.
No. 32637
No. 32667
it's down for good since the provider cancelled kohl.
thanks to pedo posting it seems.
No. 32668
what did they even think
No. 32945
256 kB, 1023 × 767
1,5 MB, 640 × 360, 0:30
>A tiny ‘deer’ was feared extinct. Scientists just photographed it for the first time in a generation.
>“Given the considerable increase in hunting pressure that has occurred in Vietnam since the early 1990s, it was unclear whether the species still existed,”
>The rabbit-size chevrotain lives in a tropical forest-covered part of the Asian nation, is often targeted by poachers and is the first mammal on the [Global Wildlife Conservation's] list of 25 most-wanted lost species to be found.
>“To the scientific world this was a lost species, but local people had known about it,”


I'm not sure how to feel about this. Obviously it's good the species isn't extinct, and is getting attention to help it survive. But on the other hand, the only reason people thought is might be extinct in the first place was because they were too lazy to go and look for it. So it kind of feels like it's status as a lost species wasn't sincere, but simply conjecture by researchers who couldn't be bothered to talk to locals.
Well, it's a cool little animal. Have a video of him.
No. 32958
Very cute! 'Lost species' doesn't seem like a official term, at least can't find it on Wikipedia.

Did they mean possibly extinct?
No. 32961
Ah nevermind, it seems to be a term coined for a campaign:

No. 32965
Well it is the world’s smallest extant ungulate so perhaps we can forgive researchers for losing it.
No. 33001
24 kB, 500 × 333
>Ah nevermind, it seems to be a term coined for a campaign:
I was looking into the term and just saw that, too:

>While there is no standard definition of what constitutes a “lost” species, the top 25 flagship species have not been seen since before 2007 and are listed in descending order of threat as critically endangered (possibly extinct), critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable or data deficient by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.


So "lost species" is sort of like a click-bait headline the organization uses, which is probably what rubbed me the wrong way when I read about the chevrotain. It sounds serious and catches the reader's attention(it did mine), but these are simply animals which are rarely seen, but not thought to be extinct.

>so perhaps we can forgive researchers for losing it.
Well now that they've found it, they better not lose it again. They're adorable, even if they do have fangs :D
No. 33057

tl;dr - AI can now generate a copy of your voice by merely listening to a recording of it for a few seconds

welcome to cyberpunk, bois
No. 33279
She did porn a few years ago.
No. 33282
Note that the chevrotain family includes three genera. The recent news concerns only one species within the genus Tragulus. Wiki excerpt:

Traditionally, only two species of mouse-deer in the genus Tragulus have been recognized: The relatively large T. napu and the small T. javanicus. Following a review in 2004, T. nigricans and T. versicolor were split from T. napu, and T. kanchil and T. williamsoni were split from T. javanicus.[4] With these changes, T. kanchil and T. napu are the most widespread species, while the remaining have far smaller distributions (though some uncertainty over the exact distribution limits of the various species in Indochina remain).[4]

Java mouse-deer (Tragulus javanicus)
Lesser mouse-deer (Tragulus kanchil)
Greater mouse-deer (Tragulus napu)
Philippine mouse-deer (Tragulus nigricans)
Vietnam mouse-deer (Tragulus versicolor)
Williamson's mouse-deer (Tragulus williamsoni)
No. 33452
47 kB, 750 × 500
On Monday night, it was close to 10.30 pm when Arun and Ranjith left their residence at Ice House in Chennai along with three other men, on the instructions of a 45-year-old contractor named Dhandapani. The task given to them was to clean two water tanks and a septic tank in basement number 3 of the Express Avenue mall in Chennai.

The two brothers have been engaged as manual scavengers for close to five years by multiple contractors and to them, this was yet another task to supplement the family income. While their mother was employed as a sweeper in a government hospital, their father could not work due to ill-health.

"We belong to a Dalit family and have faced a childhood of deprivation. So, I left school in the 6th standard and my brother in the 10th standard. We began working immediately after we dropped out," says Ranjithkumar, his tone even but voice low. "I am an electrician by day and Arun fixed spare parts on cars. Manual scavenging is not a regular job for us. We do it because we need the money," he adds, looking away.

When the group of five - Arunkumar, Ranjithkumar, Yuvaraj, Ajithkumar and Sreenath - all from Ice House reached the venue, they first worked on the water tanks. It was close to 3 am when they finally approached the septic tank for cleaning.

And what ensued next, at the basement of this mall, was both illegal and inhumane.

"The contractor made us wear the safety mask, gloves and boots provided by Express Avenue and pose for a photo," says Ranjith. "After it was taken, he told us to take it all off, before going into the tank. He said it would be wasted if we used it. This was a regular practice," he says, and slowly anger creeps into his voice for the first time during the conversation.

According to Ranjith, the pictures are clicked as evidence to show that the contractor has complied with the law. But they don't want the safety gear to become dirty and therefore remove it before workers get into the pits.

Ranjith then climbed down a ladder and into the tank and began work. Half an hour into his task, suddenly a valve in the tank opened, and sewer water flooded into the container.

"It was a yellowish colour liquid and within seconds, it was up to my thigh," recalls Ranjith. "The fumes from it made me dizzy and before I could even call for help, I fainted. The last thing I heard was my brother shout 'Thambi, Thambi'," he adds.

Arun immediately jumped in to save his brother and their friend, 21-year-old Ajithkumar, followed. While Arun went right to the bottom of the tank and pushed his brother up, Ajithkumar pulled him up and away from noxious fumes emanating from the container. But even as Ranjith was safe, Arun had already collapsed after the rescue.

"I went back in to rescue him," says Ajithkumar. "But I myself felt dizzy because of the fumes and blanked out for five minutes. When I regained consciousness I just about managed to pull myself out," he laments.

Was the mall complicit?

For close to half an hour after he was rescued, Ranjith says his limbs were frozen and while he understood the frenzied activity around him, he could not move.

"Dhandapani called the mall's safety officials and told them what had happened. Instead of rescuing my brother immediately, they were squabbling over who will enter the tank," he says. "They wasted close to an hour arguing, till Dhandapani was forced to go in himself. If they had acted sooner, they could have saved my brother," he says, his voice breaking.

But by the time he was lifted out, Arun was dead.

As per the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013, the practice of using human beings to clean septic tanks and sewers is illegal in India. But Ranjith and Ajithkumar tell TNM that they were unaware that manual scavenging was banned.

"We have been doing this for years now and nobody has told us. The Express Avenue officials knew we were going to clean the tank. Why didn't they at least tell us?" asks Ranjith. "In fact if they hadn't opened the valve for sewer water when I was inside, none of this would have happened," he points out.

The caste factor

Tamil Nadu already has the ignominy of having recorded the highest number of deaths due to manual scavenging in the country over the last five years. The death count in Tamil Nadu stood at 144 – more than double the number of casualties reported by Uttar Pradesh, the state with the second highest number of manual scavenging deaths.

D Samuel Velanganni, the Tamil Nadu State Convener of Safai Karamchari Andolan, an NGO that works in the domain of rehabilitation of manual scavengers, said that according to a small survey taken by the NGO, there are around 3,000 manual scavengers spread across just eight cities in eight districts in Tamil Nadu.

"And the numbers are unlikely to go down because the government is not giving the people the awareness required," he tells TNM. "Due to lack of programmes to spread the message, these men don't know about existing laws, that the work they are doing has been banned and that they are eligible for rehabilitation. In this year alone, 20 men have died while engaged in manual scavenging," he adds.

He further points to the strong caste-based segregation of labour in society, and the fact that almost all manual scavengers belong to Dalit communities. In fact, the five men who were employed to work in the mall on Monday, are all members of Scheduled Castes.

"It is because of the caste they belong to that the apathy towards them is even deeper," says Samuel.

Cases filed

The Anna Salai police have now filed cases against Dhandapani and unnamed safety officials of the mall under the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Act, 2013, Atrocities against SC/ST Act and section 304 (1) (Punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder).

Dhandapani has already been taken into custody by the police, but for Arun's family, this provides no solace. Even as TNM entered the hospital, a young woman was being half carried out by relatives to a vehicle.

"That is Arun's wife Sukanya," says Ranjith. "They were in love for four years and have been married for three. She is completely devastated and was sitting here, beating her chest and saying she will die too," he adds.

The family was taking her back home, to the couple's seven-month-old daughter Diksha.

"Arun was a teetotaller and such a hard-working man," says his friend, 25-year-old Hemanth, who used to be engaged in manual scavenging too. "He was working all these extra jobs to save money for his family. After his daughter was born, he had really been pushing himself for the additional income," he adds.

And how much was his life worth?

"Rs 600," says Ranjith. "That is what they promised us."

No. 33474
>"The contractor made us wear the safety mask, gloves and boots provided by Express Avenue and pose for a photo," says Ranjith. "After it was taken, he told us to take it all off, before going into the tank. He said it would be wasted if we used it. This was a regular practice," he says, and slowly anger creeps into his voice for the first time during the conversation.
Somehow this line I am beginning to understand what Kazakhstan said about third world mentality. Like what the fuck, they can't be bothered to actually let their men use the safety equipment and just have them pose with it so it looks like they're doing nothing wrong? But why even bother to take the picture at all then if the work itself is illegal?
No. 33502
It’s honestly pretty unbelievable that they’re still using humans to manually clear sludge and debris from septic tanks and open sewers. And yeah the behavior described in the story—that the contractor would go out of his way to falsify evidence of the workers having used personal protective equipment even though the work itself is illegal—is completely baffling.
No. 33503
Think of third worlders as living in 21st century with regards to imported technology, but in the victorian era ideologically. Exploding gas stoves, arsenic wallpaper, lead painted toys, cocaine laced tonics, "baby formula" made out of flour, and so on.

And there is no mechanism to force them to comply with laws either. They will create an appearance of compliance when someone higher up comes to check, but then carry on as always when they leave. In all of the job interviews / internships I've been to, not a single employer offered me anything resembling a contract or paperwork of any kind.
No. 33513
This is starting to make 40K society a lot more believable with them praying to the holy machine spirits and not letting any of their fellow "heathens" to fuck with the holy relic lest it make the machine spirit angry.
No. 33516
448 kB, 1800 × 1200
25 kB, 253 × 199
No. 33521
why is this a concern? we're leaving (finally!) the iceage (indicated by both poles covered with, duh, ice)
maybe the chinese will re-engineer some dinosaurs for fun-riding through our soon-to-be-formed steamy swamp jungles.
No. 33526
We're on a much more delicate rock than you seem to realize. Just because life itself has survived doesnt mean we haven't had multiple cataclysmic catastrophes across the eons some of which wiped out the majority of complex life and we happen to be living in one of them with the only question being severity. You're being really excruciatingly naive here.

For one thing my bet's on a major pandemic happening in the next hundred years decimating an already famine afflicted world descending into chaos. The picture painted by DoD itself is not pretty. These are military men, not industrialists and politicians and retarded bydlo. They dont have time for nonsense. DoD is predicting unprecedented global catastrophes from climate change up to and including the total collapse of the defense capabilities of the United States and forming a cohesive society and nation state. This does not bode well for the rest of you either.

Speaking of catastrophic extinction events be it noted that the changes happening now track almost perfectly with some of the changes that have caused the worst extinction events in planetary history, only they're happening much faster.

Odds are that sadly it is going to be the oligarchs themselves to have their offspring survive while probably upwards of 90-95% of the rest of us die off in the next 200-500 years if we don't do anything drastic about it.

The great irony is I've come to realize that the resurgence of our most hated and mortal enemy may in the long term save us like a sort of cruel mercy of God's blessing: disease. If we should face a severe enough pandemic in the near future that will collapse global trade and decimate the population then odds are it can start grinding to a halt the very machinery causing such accelerated climate change rates to begin with. Of course, crashing the global economy to total collapse in the chaos of a plague that wipes out over a billion of us from disease alone won't be terribly pretty or fun either.
No. 33529
i won't debate your military. but to keep it short - humans (not necessarily the actual western mode of civilization) are resiliant.
so there might be some kind of plague/famine. it won't affect me and it won't affect you, because we're both too old to witness any REAL ramifications of a rising global temperature.
but to the survivors: they have after the cataclysm lots of free space to do what humans can do best and are built for: roaming around in smallish warbands/clans huntin' and gatherin' and breedin' lotsa babies.
No. 33533
Mainly I am goncerned about a scenario in which gigadeath occurs due to climate change related crop failures, unlivable wet bulb temperatures in South Asia, conflict over water rights, mass migration from the global south, etc.

t. burger who posted the sea ice graph
No. 33543
255 kB, 700 × 695
I swear to Bog this whole paragraph couldve been written by an American boomer
No. 33635
485 kB, 1750 × 2500
There are many countries I trust to handle the plague.
China is not one of them
No. 33648
>a sparsely populated autonomous region
>One patient is stable while the other is not deteriorating

no need to panic, they will just pump loads of antibiotics into them and they'll most likely survive
No. 33652
78 kB, 355 × 373
This is an old story (2016) but so unbelievable I thought I would share it anyhow.


At 169 feet tall, Verrückt was the tallest waterslide in the world. Riders plummeted down the nearly vertical 17-story chute—taller than Niagara Falls—at speeds up to 70 miles per hour. German for “insane,” Verrückt was designed to challenge the laws of physics. Visitors flocked to Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, Kansas, to experience its thrill.

That is, until August 7, 2016, when the raft that 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was riding went airborne and hit a metal pole supporting a safety net, resulting in his decapitation and instant death.

Nathan Truesdell, a filmmaker from nearby Missouri, heard about the devastating incident on the news. “My first thought was that it must have been a freak accident—what a horrible, horrible story,” Truesdell told me. “But once I took a closer look, I started to realize how complicated this story really was, and how this could have happened to anyone who went down that slide.”

The story, it turned out, was one of gross negligence, lax state regulations, and the consequences of hubris. Truesdell’s chilling short documentary The Water Slide, premiering on The Atlantic today, uses news and promotional footage to depict the ill-conceived project and its tragic fallout.

In 2012, the Schlitterbahn co-owner Jeff Henry, together with the senior designer John Schooley, fast-tracked Verrückt’s construction to coincide with an appearance on a reality TV show about amusement parks. (They were also gunning for a Guinness World Record.) Although they had built rides before, neither Henry nor Schooley had a background in mechanical engineering. And according to state law, they didn’t need those credentials to deem their own ride safe—unlike in the neighboring state of Missouri, water parks in Kansas do not require inspections by a state agency.

As chance would have it, Schwab’s father was a Kansas state representative. On the day of Caleb’s accident, the Schwab family had been visiting the water park for Elected Official Day, an annual promotion from Schlitterbahn that offered free admission to Kansas elected officials and their families.

“There wasn't a lot of science or ride engineering involved in the testing and design,” Truesdell said. “They were sending sandbags down and basically hoping that they didn't fly off of the slide. The netting that ultimately ended up killing the child was added to prevent the rafts from flying off of the slide completely.”

In the film, Schooley speaks to a reporter after having tested the ride himself. “That was really exciting because we truly didn’t know whether we were going to survive it or not,” he says. “A ride might be scary, but you figure that they have it figured out. We didn’t know whether we had it figured out or not.”

Henry and Schooley were ultimately indicted on charges of aggravated battery, aggravated endangerment of a child, interference with law enforcement, and involuntary manslaughter. Henry faced a charge of second-degree murder. The state alleged that the two men had rushed forward with the ride’s construction without the technical expertise required to design a properly functioning waterslide, skipped “fundamental steps in the design process,” and relied “almost entirely on crude trial-and-error methods” for safety testing.

According to court documents, a team of experts who inspected the ride after Caleb's death found “physical evidence that indicated that other rafts had gone airborne and collided with the overhead hoops and netting before the fatality.” What’s more, on July 3, 2014—one week before the ride’s grand opening—an engineering firm that was hired to perform accelerometer tests on Verrückt’s rafts issued a damning report that “guaranteed that rafts would occasionally go airborne in a manner that could severely injure or kill the occupants.” Other documents cited evidence of dozens of Schlitterbahn customers who had been injured on the ride. Schlitterbahn allegedly buried or downplayed these reports.

In February, a judge dismissed the charges against Henry and Schooley. The water park is now closed, and the slide has been demolished.

“We are good at sending thoughts and prayers,” Truesdell quipped.
No. 33653 Kontra
No. 33657
You forget a key detail: China. For all we know there's dozens of infected already that the government isn't telling anyone about and the Chinese themselves don't trust their government one bit either. Judging by that China had not changed one bit since SARS.
No. 33669
Can you decapitate someone without instantly kill him?
No. 33676
Looking at the Wikipedia article, the kid was a son of some important legislator.
Makes you wonder if they would've shut down the place if not for the accidental involvement of a politician's family.
No. 33679
It was literally verrückt, wasn't it?
No. 33683
Experiments have shown that decapitated heads can live on up to some 20 seconds after decapitation. (Probably living trough unimaginable horror in their last moments.)
Also if you count the methode of decapitation as well, then if it's not done instantly, but rather slowly, Arabic beheading style, then it won't be an instant kill either, but rather a very painful killing methode.
No. 33685
The fact that it's a sparsely populated region should prevent the plague from speading.
No. 33688
Traveling at that speed and with that force it's likely he lost consciousness pretty much instantaneously.

The real amazing thing to me is the guys involved had charges dismissed. This is a red state. They do things differently there. A lot of things about red states are truly third world. It's likely that someone else would've died although he probably couldve kept it open until the second or third person died if they weren't connected to oligarchs and politicians, or would've been ordered to add more safety features with it finally being forced closed after a few more deaths.
No. 33690
The charges would have stuck if the prosecution had been a little less iq89. They presented inadmissible evidence and flushed their entire case down the toilet. It's less political and more the dark side of due process from what I've read.
No. 33698
IMO one of the funniest aspects of this saga is that when the creators were interviewed by local news prior to the opening of the ride, one of them remarked that none of the engineers they consulted could get it to work, but they (the creators) did. Presumably this means that the engineers told them it was a retarded idea but the dumbass hick creators wouldn’t take no for an answer despite having no background in mechanics or ride design.
No. 33699
This is my favorite remark from that whole affair
>“That was really exciting because we truly didn’t know whether we were going to survive it or not,” he says. “A ride might be scary, but you figure that they have it figured out. We didn’t know whether we had it figured out or not.”
No. 33703
Frankly it’s a shame they weren’t decapitated by their ride instead of the child.
No. 33726
191 kB, 720 × 460
115 kB, 720 × 512

An inscrutable face stares at us from the deep past. This idol - in fact a cluster of idols - has been gazing precisely east-southeast from a crest on a sandstone hill since several centuries before the birth of Christ, even if modern man only chanced upon him in 1975.
The main stone sculpture visible today shows a man with widely spaced almond-shaped eyes and ocher-coloured pupils.
He has a massive nose with flared nostrils, wide open mouth, a bushy moustache and a beard. And yet all is not quite as it seems, for this sculpture, the most northerly of this genre in Asia, underwent an historic version of plastic surgery perhaps 1,500 years ago to give him a less Caucasian and more Asian appearance, according to experts.

Archeologist Yuri Grevtsov said: 'Analysis of the sculpture's micro-relief showed that the original image went through some improvements. The first 'edition' was made by knocking, charring and the polishing the lines. Most likely it was all made by one person who seemed to have a very strong hand and a good taste.'
'Finds of ancient tools, weapons and bronze mirrors in grottos surrounding the sculpture suggest this and other more weathered and fallen idols were hewn out of the sandstone as a place of worship between the second and fourth century BC.
'But in the early Middle Ages a 'less experienced sculptor' got to work on the idol and 'sharply delineated and narrowed the sculpture's asymmetric eyes. The nose bridge was flattered with several strikes. The nose contour was altered to form 'two deep diagonally converging grooves.
'The moustache and the beard were partially 'shaved'.'

So the original European look of the idol was changed to a more Asian countenance. Why would this happen?
'Judging by archeological finds found inside the grottos, this anthropomorphic idol was made during the Scythian time,' Yuri Grevtsov said. 'The first change came when the more European looking face was transformed to make it appear more Mongoloid was likely to have happened in the early Middle Ages with a shift of the population in the Angara River area,' he said.
In other words, incoming ethnic groups preferred the idol to be more akin to their own looks.
The third transformation must have happened with the arrival of Russian people and them introducing the locals to tobacco and pipes.
Another change in the idol came later: a conical hole 1.5 cm in diameter was drilled in the sculpture's mouth.

This transformation 'must have happened with the arrival of Russian people, introducing the locals to tobacco and pipes'.
The Russian conquest of Siberia reached this region - in modern day Krasnoyarsk - in the 17th century.
Senior researcher Grevtsov said the stone idol is the only one of its kind in the taiga so far north: the closest analogues would be 500 kilometres to the south in Khakassia.
Why, though, would the original face have distinctly European features - seen by some as Slavic - when modern-day native Siberian groups have a more Asian appearance?
The answer may be that the Scythian peoples - a large group of Iranian Eurasian nomads who held sway in many Siberian regions at this time - did indeed have this more European visage.
Reconstructions of faces from permafrost burials, for example in the Altai Mountains, shows this to be the case.
No. 33729
The funny thing is it actually does not even look that scary
You can tell there's a couple parts on the ride that could be dangerous though mostly because that boat thing is not fastened to anything. You can also see the hoops where the little boy must have hit his head after the thing went airborne. It reaches phenomenal speeds but it doesn't even look to me that terrifying compared to some other county fair rides that really look dangerous and like I'm actually taking my life into my hands.

Honestly the whole fun with those rides is not ever being 100% sure that the equipment won't break or the carnies know what they are doing and that the ride itself isn't 100% safe. I think no one likes to admit that and we have lots of safety regulations (well in most states anyway) but the whole entire fun of the ride really is because of not just a sense of simulated danger, but the sense that this contraption might actually be dangerous and you actually could be killed and injured and that's the thrill. Every year it feels like you hear how some kid died on a ride at some fair.

Yup sure enough
I didnt even have to hear about this story. I didn't know it existed. All I knew is I just had to type in something about a ride death and a year and I'd find some news story about someone probably a kid dying from one of these rides. Quite frankly no parent should really ever let their kids on these rides, probably not when the ones supposedly deemed "safe" for that height and age, but for those of us old enough to drink and smoke hey it's your life YOLO
No. 33730 Kontra
Personally when I look at the statues I can’t make out any distinguishable features of biogeographic ancestry but I’m no archaeologist.
No. 33746

scythians, lol. scythians were far more skilled craftsmen, and not really up in northern territory. seems like more russian pseudohistory. trying to ethnically diagnose stonework is grade-a stupid since peoples looks change, people migrate, sometimes its just an artistic style.
No. 33782
129 kB, 1024 × 513
159 kB, 1024 × 512
127 kB, 1024 × 512
790 kB, 1200 × 664
Ford unveiled his first modern electric car, called the Mustang Mach E (after Tesla forbade them to use Model E name by court order).


200 to 300 miles range depending on pack sizes of 75.7 kWh and 98.8 kWh, entry-level price of $43,895, pre-incentive (that would be $7,500 in the US)
Premium and First Edition models will be available in late 2020, with all other models launching in early 2021. This is just a little bit after the upcoming Tesla Model Y, whit whom the Mustang E will compete in the first place.

No. 33784
A woman is suing a London NHS trust for not revealing her father had been diagnosed with Huntington's disease before she had her own child.

She only discovered he carried the gene for the degenerative, incurable brain disorder after her daughter was born.

The woman then found out she too carried the faulty gene, meaning her daughter has a 50% chance of having it.

The NHS said the case raised competing duty of care and duty of confidentiality issues.

The claimant is known as ABC in order to protect the identity of her daughter, who is now nine.

50:50 chance

The facts of the case are tragic. In 2007, ABC's father shot and killed her mother.

He was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and detained under the Mental Health Act.

It was suspected that he might be suffering from Huntington's disease, a fatal neurological condition which progressively destroys brain cells.

Huntington's affects movement, cognition and typically causes altered behaviour and often aggression.

When his diagnosis was confirmed in 2009 by doctors at St George's NHS Trust, ABC's father made it clear he did not want his daughter informed. She had told him she was pregnant.

He told doctors he feared she might kill herself or have an abortion.

Four months after her daughter was born, ABC was accidentally informed about her father's condition.

She was tested and found that she had inherited the Huntington's gene, which means she will eventually develop the disease.

Her daughter has not been tested, but will have a 50:50 chance of inheriting it.

Serious harm

The woman alleges that St George's NHS Trust owed her a duty of care to tell her of her father's diagnosis, given that doctors there knew she was pregnant.

ABC says she would immediately have had a genetic test and would have terminated the pregnancy, rather than allowing her daughter to run the risk of inheriting the disease or having to look after a seriously ill parent.

At the time, ABC and her father were undergoing family therapy organised by the NHS, so she argues that there was an an obligation to protect her psychological or physical well-being.

This is a cornerstone of the doctor/patient relationship, but it is not absolute.

Disclosure of personal information, without the consent of a patient, may be justified to prevent exposing others to a risk of death or serious harm.

This case was first argued at the High Court in 2015 when a judge ruled that a full hearing should not go ahead.

The judgement said there was "no reasonably arguable duty of care" owed to ABC.

But in 2017, the Court of Appeal reversed that decision and said the case should go to trial.

If ABC wins the case, it would trigger a major shift in the rules governing patient confidentiality, and raise questions over the potential duty of care owed to family members following genetic testing.

Emily Jackson, a law professor at the London School of Economics, said: "If a patient doesn't want her doctor to tell her children about her terminal diagnosis, for example, or her HIV status, then it goes without saying that the doctor should respect the patient's confidence.

"The complicating factor with a genetic diagnosis is that it isn't just information about the individual patient, but it also reveals that his or her relatives are at risk.

"In such circumstances, and where the relative could act upon that information, should the doctor's duty be extended to the patient's close family members?"

A spokesperson for St George's Healthcare NHS Trust said: "This case raises complex and sensitive issues in respect of the competing interests between the duty of care and the duty of confidentiality.

"It will be for the court to adjudicate on those issues during the trial."

No. 33816
Why shit all over the Mustang name by using it on some blobby electric car?
No. 33840
I honestly thought the new statue looked almost Polynesian or South American.

Which come to think of it
No that's stupid. I was about to ask something about the land bridge but realized that was way too long ago.
No. 33844
They are planning to make Mustang a sub-brand for a whole line of future cars. Marketing department decision, I guess.
No. 33849
I don't see anything particularly wrong with it. Of course the real problem here is first having cars in general as opposed to better transport and secondly you need to charge the stupid things which means you're still ultimately burning coal.
No. 33905
161 kB, 1259 × 708
95 kB, 1241 × 698
179 kB, 1268 × 713
Two men have died after the vehicle they were in filled with scorching hot water when a hole opened up in a car park. They were trapped in the Lada Largus car and died almost instantly as a result of being sprayed with 75°C water.

A hot water pipe had burst under the car park where they were driving and their car fell into the sinkhole which opened up in Penza Russia. The local Ministry of Emergencies said: ‘A car fell as a result of the ground collapsing. Sadly people were killed.’ Emergency workers retrieved the car but nothing could be done to help the men

A journalist from Penza Vzglyad local news website said: ‘Another car drove over the same spot minutes before the accident. ‘The driver noticed ground beginning to steam – and quickly drove off. Then these two men came. ‘They parked – and the asphalt collapsed right under them. The accident is now being investigated by local authorities.

No. 33941
414 kB, 1160 × 770
287 kB, 800 × 1204
SOMEWHERE NEAR MIĘDZYRZECZ IN WESTERN Poland, there is an abandoned Soviet nuclear installation. Patches of pine and spruce, which had been planted as camouflage, are still doing their job. Vegetation entirely envelopes the concrete entrance, which is blocked off but accessible to bats and determined, rule-breaking humans. On top of a ventilation pipe that juts out from the mostly underground facility, there is big, mound-like nest of wood ants. It is a perfectly normal place for wood ants to live. They feast on the sweet honeydew secreted by aphids dwelling in nearby pine trees, and soak up the rays of post-Soviet sun.

But within the bunker, in a small room at the bottom of that shaft, there was a second colony of ants. These ants had no sun, no warmth, no light, and no honeydew. So they survived on the flesh of their fellow ants. Their colony was the wretched result of individuals falling from the healthier colony above, and with no way to climb out of the bunker, they could never return. It feels like a mirror-horror that could have come straight out of the mind of Jordan Peele, except that instead of a commentary on race and class in America, it’s a testament to one population’s sheer will to survive. “It is a peculiar colony” says István Maák, a zoologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. “They are doing the best they can, surrounded by dying.” This year, Maák had taken it upon himself to do something about it, and recently published the tale of a momentous rescue in the Journal of Hymenoptera Research.

The abandoned bunker was once known as Special Object 3003 Templewo, a military complex active from the late 1960s to 1992; it was abandoned right after the Soviet Union fell. Scattered throughout the forest like now-benign landmines, bunkers like this one were used to conceal the assembly and storage of both nuclear and conventional weapons, writes historian Jarosław Pałka in a 2018 paper in The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. The core of the base comprised two underground magazines, and the whole thing, from certain angles, now looks like little more than a green mound bulging from the earth.

The ants were first discovered in 2013, during the first year of a campaign to monitor the health of bats known to frequent abandoned bunkers like these. They make great bat dens, with internal temperatures that hover around 44 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of winter. Though the bunkers had been sealed, curious tourists and intrepid bat-lovers had made their way in, according to an earlier study in the Journal of Hymenoptera Research that first documented the existence of the colony, authored by Wojciech Czechowski, Maák’s colleague at the academy.

To understand the bizarre nature of this colony, one must understand the layout of the bunker. Somewhere inside its reinforced concrete walls, which are over three feet thick, there is a small, closet-like room, cryptically numbered 12. The aesthetic of its walls screams “abandoned Soviet nuclear bunker,” with peeling paint and swelling limewash. The floor, once terra-cotta, is now a pile of rubble and soil. In the ceiling is a hole that holds the ventilation pipe, which is approximately a foot wide and connects the chamber to the outside world, about 16 feet above. Ant Colony One, which rejoices in the light and imbibes sweet honeydew, lives right on top of the pipe’s opening. “These ants are mostly eating aphid [honeydew],” Maák says. But when an unlucky ant takes one wrong step, it can tumble down the perilous chute, where it becomes a member of Ant Colony Two. No light, no aphids, no escape. “These ants are eating corpses,” he says.

This is actually not an uncommon behavior for wood ants. The species is known to engage in battles among colonies, particularly in spring, when they extend their ranges in search of food. Maák calls this time of year the “wood ant wars.” After a battle, the victors feast on the bodies of the defeated. Down in the bunker there were no alternative sources of food—not enough bat guano or passing mites, for example—so instinct kicked in.

Ant Colony Two’s drive to survive resulted in an extraordinarily meticulous ant necropolis that lined the walls of the small room and spilled through the doorway. “They were organizing their corpses in waste piles, putting neatly in the corners, and transporting it away,” Maák says. There were approximately two million corpses, many of which displayed bores from bites and fret holes—signs that their contents had been consumed, he says.

Ant Colony Two seemed to have had some sense of its situation. “We have seen ants wandering quite far away from the bunker colony that couldn’t find a way out,” Maák says. “The hole was too far away.” The ants did not reproduce, but their numbers were sustained by their clumsy brethren above, which ensured that the population hovered at around a million since 2013 (compared with the much larger Ant Colony One, whose mound is two feet high and 10 feet wide). “They had no larvae and no queen,” he says. “But still they survived and kept their organization without any goal of life.” In 2015, the researchers dug into the second colony’s mound, directly below the shaft, to look for traces of pupae, but found nothing. When they returned 2016, the ants had repaired the mound.

Wood ants are remarkably resilient critters. For example, for the past 30 years, a colony has survived on Skeleton Islet, a barren rock of less than half an acre in the Tvärminne archipelago in southern Finland. Czechowski first established that colony in 1992 in hopes of identifying the most austere conditions that could support a population of wood ants. The insects exceeded his expectations, and subsist on the honeydew of aphids living on the island’s lone pine tree. When Czechowski published his study marking the discovery of the bunker ants in 2016, he cited the split colony as evidence of wood ants’ remarkable perseverance. But the general populace was less awed and more concerned. “Professor Czechowski got many letters saying how cruel it was to keep the ants down there,” Maák says. “People kept asking why we did not set them free.”

No. 33979
I don't really think that's too revelatory. The only interesting thing is because they're all coming from the same colony and so should be recognizing each other as the same. The phrasing makes it sound like there is a queen down there. Since there isn't a queen this is not actually a separate colony. There aren't two colonies, only one. It would be far more interesting if they had a queen down there producing more and so this became an actual survival strategy of them. Instead this is just part of one colony that can't escape.
No. 33984
This is acknowledged in the article. The notable thing is that the trapped ants maintained a degree of social organization:

“They had no larvae and no queen,” he says. “But still they survived and kept their organization without any goal of life.” In 2015, the researchers dug into the second colony’s mound, directly below the shaft, to look for traces of pupae, but found nothing. When they returned 2016, the ants had repaired the mound.


According to Maák, the most significant implication of this research is how wood ants will maintain colony organization in even the most dire circumstances, in total darkness with no food save each other. “They couldn’t predict that we would come in to save them, but they were still surviving and fighting for something,” Maák says. “And that is exciting.”
No. 34052
49 kB, 580 × 580
56 kB, 682 × 540
I know it's not really relevant news to first worlders but
Every time something like this happens I smile, because it just happens so rarely. Apparently 8 judges in a row recused themselves on this one and they tried moving the trial and jury far far away to where they thought the defense could easily win this case and it was so egregious he still lost. I mean seriously they make it sound like these were judges presiding over the DuTroux affair case. I just wish they'd stop bringing up race and trying to make it into the central issue. I swear it's almost like a conspiracy designed to pit the population against each other so everyone is too distracted fighting each other rather than the wealthy elites and corrupt oligarchs sucking our blood dry.

It's not that race isn't a factor--it is--but the fact is cops in this country are completely out of control. The Constitution was explicitly supposed to protect use from that sort of behavior and frankly that's the whole purpose of the 2nd Amendment, which is to use it against cops and government officials if they go too far and IMHO they have gone way too far
I have no fear of gangs in my area but I definitely am afraid of getting shot by cops and no I'm white FYI which I again hate this being the thing people focus on. Pic related is literally what they use in police training. So any time some cop finally gets brought down for murder or rape it just brightens up my whole day a bit.

In other more important to the world news
So now apparently the coup against Bolivia's government has declared him to be a terrorist. Thoughts?
No. 34092
34 kB, 503 × 437
>So now apparently the coup against Bolivia's government has declared him to be a terrorist. Thoughts?
Everything is terrorism according to Spain, as an example

The ants article was very interesting thx

No. 34114
Gypsies have blended just fine into the general American white mix, so the problem is clearly something to do with the Eastern European cultural and historical environment, and not some incorrigible aspect of gypsy genetics. 90% of gypsies can be incorrigible low-lifes and criminals, and I've been hearing gypsy horror stories from Balkanites and Slovaks for nearly a decade via old KC /int/, so I'd believe it. But they're still human beings, and their degeneracy is the result of processes far larger than any individual gypsy or you. People don't control what culture they're born into. How do you think you would have turned out if you were born into a gypsy family?

You have to be careful not to extend your general haughty disdain for most other human beings (most Ernsts do this) to genocidal hatred of an entire ethnic group. Arrogating to yourself the right to sentence them all to death just makes you an ass. Arrogance, however earned, needs to be balanced by empathy, otherwise you're just going to be a bitter lonely man your entire life, and a poor writer to boot. Even a famous asshole who was famous for being an asshole, like V.S. Naipaul, had a deep empathy for human beings in even the most wretched of circumstances, and this empathy was obvious in his work. He wouldn't have been recognized as the greatest living writer in the English language (up until his death a year ago) without it.

>Seriously though, how did the US manage it?
Same way we did it with Jews. We didn't have centuries/millennia of built up ethnic hatred on either side, just the general suspicion all humans have for foreigners, so there weren't any hard barriers to assimilation. Gypsies had it even better than Jews (assimilation, not capital-wise) because there weren't any biblical verses that helped preserve old world bigotries.

I don't see any easy solution for the European problem, because gypsies and non-gypsies act in ways that are perfectly designed to undermine intergroup trust (I'm sure there are countless public drunken rants every day that are identical in content to our Hungarian friend's diatribe, and we already know how eastern gypsies behave as a group). I think those Bulgarian fascists can only make things worse, if only because you know they will not initiate those programs with any sincere care for the wellbeing of gypsies. I'd say 2-3 generations of compulsory boarding school might do the trick, but any party willing to do that will be just as shit as the aforementioned Bulgarians, and IIRC that's actually similar to what the commie governments did that helped turn gypsies into the turbohyperbydlo that they are today.
No. 34115
The bloodsucking, idiotic aristocracy in charge of Latin America is 90% of the reason that the whole region is still a backwards-ass shithole, and if this spawns a Bolivian franchise of Shining Path I can't really blame them.

If Evo had actually let the Santa Cruz shitters go and make their own country, it would have turned out a lot better for the highlanders, even if they lost any claim to the oil and gas money. Bolivia is a country divided into two halves, one of which views itself as having a hereditary and natural right to rule over the other, and those people will never be satisfied as long as indios are in charge of the country.
No. 34122
32 kB, 688 × 369
>"No More Hesitation Package"
What were they thinking?
It's like the US police force is turning into a parody of itself.
No. 34131
I'm not sure the point you're trying to make here or if it's the majority of the country should eat shit and be satisfied. He massively lifted them out of poverty. Most of South America is indeed a shithole because of that bloodsucking aristocratic class who want to run the country as their personal plantation.
No. 34134
Somewhat interested in this topic and I searched for the best urban area to live in if climate really gets fucked up and after some researches I have come up with Glagow, Scottland. A big enough urban area to not be bored to death and unless temperatures become insane it will still be liveable for a century.
No. 34142
I'm saying Evo was great, but the shitters from eastern Bolivia will never be satisfied with Evo's party in charge because they're racist and hate the indigenous majority of their country. This is like the post-Reconstruction rebellion of whites who couldn't handle black people not being a bunch of permanent submissive serfs.
No. 34180
If the gulf stream collapses you're going to be living in island Siberia
No. 34190
128 kB, 742 × 540
I can just imagine a refugee swaggering off the boat with his PhD in English and then hitting the insanity Glaswegian. Reminds me of a Romanian trying to get her head around people calling her love, pet, chicken and duck when she was working as a waitress.

My understanding though is that Australia is humanities time capsule. Lots of open space that global warming would turn into grassland and fairly isolated from the rest of the world.
No. 34192
Nah straya is totally fucked more than most.
>chicken, duck

That's literally what it's called. You'd be absolutely amazed to see the kind of discussions and twisted logic around these sorts of things
I truly cannot understand the purpose for US cops at this point in the minds of these people. It's like how that guy who was specifically stationed at the Florida high school specifically as the usual kind of Republican solution to school shootings "we need more good guys with guns in schools" then hid like a coward and yet somehow all these people started chiming in about "that's not his job" "he shouldn't be expected to run into danger it's more of a his personal choice thing." Well then what the fuck am I even paying his salary through my taxes to have him stationed at that school to begin with? Honestly if you really wanted to make an argument why things like unions shouldn't exist police unions would be the best place to start. Frankly I think we could easily fire half the cops in this country and be better off for it.
No. 34303
415 kB, 1200 × 900
pic related are some of the jewels that got yesterday stolen from the green vault in dresden. journalists say it might be the biggest art robbery in germany ever. according to experts the missing jewels are "priceless", meanwhile tabloid BILD estimates "lost diamonds and jewels are worth billions".
No. 34309
Both are probably correct on some level. They are priceless pieces of art, but to the right private collection, the lot could fetch a boatload of bills.
No. 34312
The thing I don't get is how could you even fence things like that? I mean the crown jewels of a specific queen aren't exactly a non conspicuous item you can pretend is not stolen.
No. 34315
17 kB, 470 × 265
I imagine they're stolen 'to order' as it were, they'll be going to some despotic Bond villain who strokes a pussycat on his solid gold super yacht in Monaco.

The thieves didn't touch anything else, it wasn't a pair of chancers doing a smash and grab, they very specifically went for one group of items, while neglecting all the other shiny, valuable things.
No. 34316
There is a similar problem with stolen art/paintings. Even if you manage to get away with the Mona Lisa, what can you even do with it? Hang it up as a personal trophy? Hardly worth the risk. With the jewels, I imagine they can remove the gems, and sell those. They won't be worth nearly as much, though.
No. 34317
The point of many of the sketchy private collections is that nobody else does get to see them. Its perverse, but they are not necessarily trying to flaunt their wealth with them but monopolise access to certain priceless items.
No. 34322
687 kB, 695 × 878
I know culture war discussions are deeply frowned upon (which is why I don't engage in them here normally), but since I feel connected to this issue both on account of my ethnic background and the offending tweet that triggered this whole controversy came from a fellow Rhody, I'll weigh in.

I will tell you most restaurant offerings around here are mediocre to absolute shit. Genuinely good Indian food is nigh impossible to find in the Northeast outside Boston or New York City. The food either has the spicing watered down to cater to western palates or lacking the necessary ingredients required to prepare a genuinely tasty dish. To make good Indian food, you need meat with bones, whole spices, fresh herbs and so much more. I counted too many Indian joints that don't even bother to let their potatoes soak in the flavor of whatever sauce. Moreover, Americans typically prefer white meat which is why chicken dishes lack the full flavor of a bone-in dark meat dish. What's worse is that Pakistanis who open up Indian restaurants don't have the guts to serve beef for fear of offending Hindus, and the Pakistani community is too small to sustain an outright Pakistani restaurant; that is, one that serves beef and genuine Pakistani/Punjab dishes.
No. 34329
> Pakistani community is too small to sustain an outright Pakistani restaurant;
That's really not relevant though. I've been to a Mongolian restaurant before and tried Yak. It wasn't that good tbh but it was still there and I doubt we ever had more than a handful Mongolians in that town. I'm truly baffled by your remark. Why would you even think you need an immigrant community to eat the food? Chipotle and Taco Bell might be an unholy bastardization of Mexican food but it's still nationwide and non-Mexicans eat it all the time.

The only thing that's relevant to ethnic food ultimately is whether it's good or not. Don't blame your failing restaurant on a lack of immigrants. The only reason it factors in is because people won't want to eat there if black people are serving and preparing the Sushi and Chinese are serving and preparing the burritos so you actually do need immigrants to at least be involved in the restaurant. Like this one Thai place a bunch of the people there spoke English so poorly I don't even know how they got here but damn that food was good and we didn't have a lot of Thais.

People will eat where there's good food. Bougie white people in particular will go out and try lots of different things and if the food is good enough they'll stay. You just have to make it welcoming and nice enough to get them in the door and comfortable and the food good enough to be memorable. Make Pakistani variations. Or make a South/Southeast Asian restaurant like tons of places do mixing some Thai and Viet with your Indian/Pakistani food. And yes clearly the problem is if enough people have no clue what they're doing.

Also that guy is flatly wrong. Indian food is amazing. I'm not sure I can put it up there with the masterpieces that are Thai dishes but just about and definitely alongside Sushi. This weirdly reminds me another place I was at in D.C. had some pretty good African food, which was supposed to be eaten with bread and no utensils. That's why because it was like naan. Had some really good honey wine as a finisher too.
No. 34333
140 kB, 846 × 570
God damn, outrage brigading is getting out of hand. If you feel racially attacked because someone doesn't like your national cuisine, then you need to harden the fuck up. It's not even phrasing because to me that reads like the typical facetious hyperbole that you see when people post on the internet. I mean seriously, for how long has 'British food' been a joke? I don't recall anybody ever getting genuinely offended by it.

Any functional person sees this as a simple two-stage situation.
>I don't like your country's food
No. 34334
>Functional person.
>Normie Americans on the internet.

Yeah, well.
Lets just say I'm not surprised.
No. 34336
Letting non-nerds onto the internet was the first mistake. AOL was the second. Phones was the final nail in the coffin.

On a related note it is interesting but not terribly actually being inside the 21st century dark ages. Most of what people do now is digital. Saddest most depressing thing I've seen is how many books get literally thrown in the trash at my local dump many years ago. I can't begin go imagine how many books have been destroyed.

I'm not even talking about just a solar flare. Knowledge has increased yet people know far less. It is the end stages of the wheel. Rampant immorality and people acting like completely self absorbed scum, highest amount of power ever in human history to accomplish things and it's all wasted kn celebrity gossip and shitposting in twitter. When the systems go down and things become really obsolete with no hard copies after several more decades of this you're going to see my terrible warnings come to fruition by the time you're an old man and the whole early 21st century is going to largely be a memory hole, but then again there's little of value to even bother recording. What I mourn is the sheer scale of destruction of things from before this time into the digital hate machine.
No. 34337
>Why would you even think you need an immigrant community to eat the food? Chipotle and Taco Bell might be an unholy bastardization of Mexican food but it's still nationwide and non-Mexicans eat it all the time.

>The only thing that's relevant to ethnic food ultimately is whether it's good or not. Don't blame your failing restaurant on a lack of immigrants. The only reason it factors in is because people won't want to eat there if black people are serving and preparing the Sushi and Chinese are serving and preparing the burritos so you actually do need immigrants to at least be involved in the restaurant. Like this one Thai place a bunch of the people there spoke English so poorly I don't even know how they got here but damn that food was good and we didn't have a lot of Thais.

>Also that guy is flatly wrong. Indian food is amazing. I'm not sure I can put it up there with the masterpieces that are Thai dishes but just about and definitely alongside Sushi. This weirdly reminds me another place I was at in D.C. had some pretty good African food, which was supposed to be eaten with bread and no utensils. That's why because it was like naan. Had some really good honey wine as a finisher too.

I've been to literally every Indian joint in RI and they're mediocre at best, which is why I sympathize with that man's frustration. I strongly disagree that Indian food is bad categorically (it obviously isn't), but I can identify with being less than impressed with what he's had, especially if his frame of reference is strictly within Southern New England where both of us live.

Places I've had where the Indian food is good to great: Boston, New York, Houston, Chicago, Kitchener

I never claimed you would need a large enough ethnic community for a given restaurant to thrive and even prosper. You get that all the time, especially when you're marketing to bourgeois Americans and their various sensibilities. What I am claiming is that westernized Indian food (particularly in the state I'm from) is a watered down amalgam of vastly disparate dishes from both the North and South (there's a huge difference) and designed to cater to the western sensibilities, and having eaten my share of food from that part of the world, I would think I have enough of a refined palate to know the ideal flavor of a particular dish. These restaurants are far from ideal.

Americans typically prefer boneless breast meat which isn't known to lend much flavor to a given dish. What's more is they also don't like whole spices floating in their dishes whereas Indians and Pakistanis expect them. Cardamom pods, whole slices of ginger and more make the dish complete. There are some joints in the Boston area who cook for Indians because the community is large enough to support such an enterprise and the local bourgeois Americans who are more willing to go outside their comfort zone help to sustain such places, but ultimately, such joints are by Indians for Indians.

There are also fundamental differences in cooking. For one, India is a literal subcontinent with a host of different cultures and customs. People from Hyderabad or Punjab cook quite different than people from Chennai (Madras) or anywhere in Kerala. A common issue I have is that places that try to offer both Southern and Northern cuisines usually do one half-right and royally fuck up the other. And some can't do either right. It's annoying when the tandoori chicken is dry (and sometimes served with limes instead of lemons) and the potatoes in the vindaloo taste like they were boiled in water then thrown in a sauce without the time needed for them to absorb the flavor.

Another thing I should address: when Pakistani and Indian communities are large enough, they go their separate ways and do not support each other. In the late '70s and '80s, my relatives from Canada would regularly patronize Sikh-owned stores and restaurants because they were the only people with the goods. Fast forward a couple decades later with Pakistanis coming over in greater numbers, my relatives would no longer buy from the Sikhs. Likewise, Hindus would rather by from other Hindus (and some are so particular, they only buy from Brahmins; my father worked with someone like this), and so on. Pakistanis being Muslims, they're allowed to eat beef but not pork. Some are particularly strict and prepare halal dishes. Hindus, on the other hand, aren't allowed to eat beef but they can eat pork depending on their varna. You can see between this and the history in that region why they divide when they have the numbers.
No. 34339
25 kB, 395 × 395
Might be surprising considering what kinds of interests I show here, but I fit in with the typical 'nerd' crowd about as well a lion does in a herd of sheep. I was lucky to have my formative years in a store where half the customer base worked in a smelter. I don't think that specific demographic barring is the correct answer.

It's also not just an issue on the internet is the thing. People offend way too fucking easy in general. Can't have a scrap to sort your shit out before going back and buying beers for each other anymore. Nobody knows how to take a hit with dignity and chances are, they'll pull a knife on you or some shit. Same thing here. Nobody can handle a bit of shitstirring, so they turn it into racism and browbeat them as a gang. It's like bringing that knife to the fistfight, gutless fucks.
No. 34341
34 kB, 500 × 453
Non-nerds are not aware of sites outside of Facebook, Instagram, you name it. Many people think of Facebook and Internet as separate entities, so you can ask one if he uses Internet, he may answer "no", but when you ask him if he uses Twitter, he may outright reply "yes".
>Saddest most depressing thing I've seen is how many books get literally thrown in the trash at my local dump many years ago

Some people think we are at the end of the eternal September. Though you don't need to be technical savvy to type in the URL in the browser, many people are not aware of it and use Google to look for, let's say, Yandex. So we are getting back to the situation before the eternal September, when you had to know the tech. It won't be the same as it was before because the Internet is not a wild area led by lunatics anymore but strictly controlled space by megacorps and governments. What I can offer is to sit back and relax while it degrades.

>People offend way too fucking easy in general.
Oi cunt :DDDDDD
>but I fit in with the typical 'nerd' crowd about as well a lion does in a herd of sheep
I am not sure anymore who are nerds, geeks and so on. Back in my days, these words sounded like a loser who has no life to anyone. Now there is a fuckton of "nerd" communities, but when it comes to the real thing, you see things which you could await from a stoopid n00b, but not from a nerd in the sense I am used to know.
We end up at the point where the stupid crowd considers in-joke occasional shitposting as a guide to follow, uses it exclusively because of 'look how funny and edgy I am', old sense gets lost, and many other consequences which lead to the ultimate death.
No. 34342
>Saddest most depressing thing I've seen is how many books get literally thrown in the trash at my local dump many years ago.
Don't find that depressing at all. Digital books are superior, so it's no wonder paper books are dying off, just like vellum scrolls, birch bark manuscripts and clay tablets did before. The only niche for paper books in the future that I can think of is collecting, but for that purpose the book must be a high quality hardcover (paperbacks are simply disgusting), with nice aesthetic fonts and maybe illustrations. Then again, collecting is not reading.
No. 34343
I remember how I found imageboards. You'd occasionally hear the name 4chan whispered on forums, and curious me typed the name in and discovered a new playground. Good times. Though the difficulty of doing so is really overstated. I've never been a tech whiz and I could figure it out back then.

>Oi cunt :DDDDDD
Funny thing here is that the new kid in the kitchen got introduced to me today, and my natural response was "oioi mate how's it goin'", and followed up his answer with a "yeah nah, fucken sick cunt". Translation: Hello, how are you? (...) That's good to hear.

Rate Australian English.
No. 34352
Digital books are inferior in every conceivable way
No. 34354
Nope. They take less space, they don't collect dust, they don't degrade over time, they are more convenient (you can select any fonts for them that you like, you have no need for bookmarks, it's much easier to search for a certain passage and you can even correct typos if there are any (dunno about you, but typos in books really irk me)) and they are much easier to get your hands onto. So the digital books are superior than paper ones in every way except one: they require some sort of device to read them. But in this day and age, when even vacuum cleaners have more computing power than supercomputers of yore, it's not really a problem.
No. 34355
Searchable text is a very nice feature. Yeah, you can find that shit with an index, but it's usually going to be faster to just type in a keyword and go straight to it. Linked bookmarks are also nice so that you can hop between sections without having to check the contents for page numbers. Plus they take up as much room as the object you're storing it on, meaning you can have a library of books taking up less space than a single hard copy. Digital is also cheaper and easier to distribute on a low budget, which is good if you're not a somebody who can make buck off of the physical market, especially if they make a fairly niche product, or even a hobby one. It's easier to give a pdf out for free than it is to sink money into printing it and then handing it out.

That's three metrics by which digital is superior and I'm sure there are others. Being a luddite and completely ignoring the utility of paper books are both pretty dumb positions tbh.
No. 34386
Half those things are negatives. Why would I not want a book shelf? Why would I not want to physically hold it? Why would I want to look at it on some godawful screen? Even the dust comment reminds me of how there's just that certain indescribable charm behind blowing dust off a book cover. The look and feel of really old worn pages. The nice typeset.

And perhaps most importantly no one can fucking remotely edit or erase it as party line or corporate property contract changes indicates
It's literally my fucking property and personal belongings so the ridiculous cancer that is the digital age won't affect them.
No. 34387
No. 34389
>all incidents inside school library
It's probably a student and possibly not even someone from Toronto. Also I am amazed at how awful that writing is Jesus.
No. 34392
63 kB, 800 × 1024
Aren't you amazed with how crappy the writing is?
No. 34395
>how awful the writing is
I think it's a symptom of the newspapers dieing out due to social media and generally online media.
I have seen once renowned and respected newspapers letting their articles degenerate to clickbait-tier shit with the worst imaginable writing. They just don't earn a lot anymore as they did but as the staff is still from the old times they don't really now how to deal with it. So what they do is either specifying and binding their consumers and readers or they do the most supid thing in publishing history: analyzing the social media clicks of their articles. I almost laughed of despair when I saw it the first time in an editor bureau, ridiculous.
It goes like that: "Hmmm rape has good ranks, facebook-boomer-tier ranting article on E-Scooters is a great triumph! The author is a genius, let's celebrate him in our company-own intranet as a role model for the others!"
Anyways newspapers seem to act as the retarded little brothers in todays media companies and heads of the companies don't care about them too much as they don't bring a lot of cash to the table.
No. 34409
I think it's an overarching problem endemic to this specific form of Capitalism at this point, like planned obsolescence. Nobody is bothering making anything of quality anymore because they're all too wrapped up in their own get rich quick schemes and that includes at the structural level of companies really not giving a shit what they do that harms themselves and everybody else so long as they can report big gains for the next quarter or two. The idea of buying up companies just to liquidate their assets and vulture Capitalists like Mitt Romney is a perfect example of that, or the very existence of for-profit prison institutions and the fact we have a very large thing here literally called "the prison industry" as opposed to being some kind of laughable hyperbolic Soviet propaganda piece. Same thing in journalism. Rather than actually sell papers because you're a respected institution known for quality they're succumbing to clickbait shit to attract the biggest rubes but the thing is it's like setting up a free crack pipe to get more bodies in the door. At the end of the day do you even really want those people as customers?
No. 34415
No. 34416
Holy fuck, it's pretty impressive to make something that seaworthy essentially out of scrap metal in a swamp, which is how they used to do it at least. Maybe they've upgraded since then.
No. 34484
288 kB, 1280 × 720
67 kB, 700 × 523
Haha apparently Corbyn leaked a report that BoJo the clown is negotiating with Trump to basically put the whole NHS on the block to privatization and exploitation by US health and medical corporations for settling some sort of trade negotiations with the US

>The UK government has been engaged in secret talks with the US over the role of the National Health Service in a post-Brexit trade deal, according to 451 pages of official documents released by the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who claimed they showed the NHS was "up for sale" in a post-Brexit trade deal with President Donald Trump.

>Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Corbyn handed out unredacted material showing that the Conservative government had discussed including the NHS in a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

>"We have now got evidence that under Boris Johnson the NHS is on the table and will be up for sale," Corbyn said of the UK prime minister.

>"He tried to cover it up in a secret agenda and today it has been exposed."

The documents reveal six rounds of talks dating back to July 2017.

>The UK government is preparing to strike new free-trade deals once the UK leaves the European Union. A comprehensive trade deal with the US is one of the UK government's highest priorities.

>Corbyn said the documents revealed that the two sides had completed "initial discussions" about medicine patents being part of a post-Brexit free-trade agreement, which if agreed to could cause UK medicine prices to rise.

>"Longer patents mean only one thing — more expensive drugs," Corbyn said. "Lives will be put at risk as a result of this."

>As pictured below, one document released Wednesday records officials suggesting that "the impact of some patent issues raised on NHS access to generic drugs (i.e. cheaper drugs) will be a key consideration going forward."

>Drug prices in the US are substantially higher than in the UK, according to independent academic research.

>Johnson has repeatedly denied that the UK's free healthcare service would be on the table in trade negotiations with Trump.

>Corbyn on Wednesday, however, said the documents left Johnson's denials "in tatters."

>"These uncensored reports leave Boris Johnson's denials in tatters," he said. "This election is now a battle of survival for our NHS."

>A government source denied that the talks amounted to plans to sell off the NHS.

>"These were preliminary sessions, aimed at getting a clearer understanding of what each country's respective policies and arrangements are," the person said. "They should not be seen as anything more."

>The documents also reveal that US negotiators said they would support including a reference to climate change in a trade deal with the UK, as it is "sensitive" and a "lightning rod issue" in the US.

>Chlorinated-chicken fears
>The documents also reveal the two sides discussed relaxing UK rules forbidding the use of chlorine washes for poultry.

>The UK negotiators agreed that the US should "share their public lines on chlorine-washed chicken to help inform the media narrative around the issue."

>The UK government has denied that it will lower food standards after Brexit but has so far refused to state that food standards will form part of any deal with the US.

>Corbyn has warned that a post-Brexit trade deal with Trump would force the UK to accept US food standards, including regulations allowing set amounts of rodent hair, maggots, and mold in food products.

>US producers must adhere to a "Defect Levels Handbook" that describes the maximum number of foreign bodies that would be allowed in different types of foods before they enter the market.

>Producers in the US are allowed to include up to 30 insect fragments in a 100-gram jar of peanut butter as well as 11 rodent hairs in a 25-gram container of paprika, or 3 milligrams of mammalian excreta (typically rat or mouse excrement) per each pound of ginger.
No. 34485 Kontra
The line of particular note is this
>The UK negotiators agreed that the US should "share their public lines on chlorine-washed chicken to help inform the media narrative around the issue."
It means that they're already sold on the issue and now are asking the US about how to effectively use propaganda aka marketing to sway the British public to agreeing to it. Expect a lot of adds about healthy germ free US poultry throughout the UK in the coming months.
No. 34514
361 kB, 589 × 452
A bill to ban abortion introduced in the Ohio state legislature requires doctors to “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” into a woman’s uterus – a procedure that does not exist in medical science – or face charges of “abortion murder”.

This is the second time practising obstetricians and gynecologists have tried to tell the Ohio legislators that the idea is currently medically impossible.

The move comes amid a wave of increasingly severe anti-abortion bills introduced across much of the country as conservative Republican politicians seek to ban abortion and force a legal showdown on abortion with the supreme court.

Ohio’s move on ectopic pregnancies – where an embryo implants on the mother’s fallopian tube rather than her uterus rendering the pregnancy unviable – is one of the most extreme bills to date.

“I don’t believe I’m typing this again but, that’s impossible,” wrote Ohio obstetrician and gynecologist Dr David Hackney on Twitter. “We’ll all be going to jail,” he said.

No. 34515
Land of the free
No. 34516
Iran is an oppressive theocracy and must be contained :DDDD btw our state senators are Christian ISIS :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
No. 34519
>Don't have (unprotected benis in baginers) sex with someone you wouldn't also have a child with.

>El problemlos solvos!

Its street shitter/sand hole dweller tier retarded to ban abortion because "muh "christian" idiot values" but the only ones who shouldn't face consequences for being to retarded for birth control are the ones who get raped and pregnant from it or encounter some serious complications which would make the pregnancy itself already possibly lethal to both the child and the mother.
That's simply it and there can't be that many cases.

The majority of abortions are just idiots who aren't able to use one of the over 9000 ways of birth control.
No. 34525
3,0 MB, 355 × 201, 0:06
>Ohio state legislature requires doctors to “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” into a woman’s uterus – a procedure that does not exist in medical science – or face charges of “abortion murder”.
Well, it's not like they "banned" abortion.
It's completely legal as long as after the abortion the doctor presses the greyed out "undo" button and puts the fetus back in to continue developing :DDDD
No. 34531
You're talking about the kind of people who literally believe you're evil and a murderer for not wanting to carry your artist's child to term. These people want rape babies and every single kind of genetic defect no matter how extreme or horrible to be carried to term.
No. 34539
>These people want rape babies and every single kind of genetic defect no matter how extreme or horrible to be carried to term.
This seems like a strawman to me, but I haven't read the article.
Personally, I think abortion is okay in cases of rape, threat to the mother, and in mental and physical genetic defects. Abortion is fundamentally a form of Eugenics. Eugenic pressure has been greatly reduced as a result of modern science, so any mechanism that society still has (in this case it is voluntary) to counter this effect is welcome. I am against abortion for arbitrary reasons though.
No. 34540
>Don't have (unprotected benis in baginers) sex with someone you wouldn't also have a child with.

Don't have sex with woman. Problem Solved!
No. 34542
I was saying that for the benefit of Europeans and particularly Eastern Europeans, not Canadians. You're right next to us. How could you possibly be unaware of this?
This essay is addressing those kinds of people in directly telling them how not to sound like such utter retards partly as a response to several instances of hardline pro-life Conaervatives famously giving idiotic responses about abortion in case of rape including saying it physically can't happen because "a woman's body has defenses against that sort of thing"
Although to their credit at least they're being morally consistent and not intellectually dishonest with themselves on that one issue although sadly a great many in that crowd end up being terribly inconsistent everywhere else.

This is what I thought at first because I misread it but that's not why it's stupid.
It's stupid because it's a medical complication where the developing embryo is outside the uterus. The fallopian tube is what runs from a woman's ovaries to her uterus. A human fetus cannot grow and survive outside the uterus.

Basically what these people are saying is they want to charge doctors with murder for not being able to perform a medically impossible procedure and transferring the embryo from site of implantation to her uterus rather than terminating the pregnancy because it can cause severe complications and kill the mother pretty easily if its allowed to grow there for awhile I guess. This should not be surprising because these people are completely anti-scientific retards who disdain knowledge generally so of course they're totally medically illiterate as well.

I feel like there's a good joke somewhere that Israelis have about the ultra-Orthodox demanding taxpayer money (that they don't pay) be used to perform a complicated medical procedure (that they don't believe in learning) to save them. Sadly I don't know a lot of Israeli jokes.
No. 34549
1,2 MB, 1168 × 657
>A HERO today ripped a 5ft narwhal tusk off a wall to fight off the London Bridge knife attacker as terror struck the heart of the capital.

>Director Amy Coop tweeted: "A guy who was with us at Fishmongers Hall took a 5’ narwhale tusk from the wall and went out to confront the attacker. You can see him standing over the man (with what looks like a white pole) in the video. We were trying to help victims inside but that man’s a hero".


Was the world always like this?

These documents were actually leaked ages ago and come from the days of Chequers. The British negotiators even said no and the US was essentially pissy because the future relationship with the EU would continue our current product standards regime.

Corbyn brought this story back up to bury the absolute car-crash of an interview he had with Andrew Neil.

>Muh chicken
There's literally nothing wrong with washing chicken before it arrives on market. The EU position reeks of protectionism tbh.

Am I right in assuming the trend is that when Republicans do things like this the public backlash is extreme? I can understand abortion debates in terms of stages of development but in 2019 surely it is full retard to do this.

>That's simply it and there can't be that many cases.

Or can there and where does one even draw the line of Asperger justification of when (if you accept the premise) it's okay to murder a babby?
No. 34552 Kontra
In my view, law and morality are unrelated topics that should be approached through different institutions.
Regarding abortion, I don't think there should be a law preventing people from doing it, even if it is immoral in some cases.

Law should be concerned with running a society in the most pragmatic sense possible, and morality can not be codified in any law. Abortion should be lawful simply because forbidding people from terminating a chemical process in their bodies implies that the government has authority over a citizen's body, which is unacceptable in all cases. I also think that it is illogical to prioritize the rights of someone who is not yet a citizen due to not being born, over the rights of an actual citizen (who pays taxes). And lastly, people shouldn't be judged for harming a "potential human", just like they shouldn't be judged for being a "potential murderer".

I do think that abortion can be immoral in a number of cases, but I do think that everyone is ultimately responsible for their own morality, and coercing people to act morally does not actually make them moral, and is also still coercion, which is immoral. Consequentialism is dumb and stupid btw
No. 34587
Dr Priyanka Reddy, a veterinary doctor from Shamshabad in Hyderabad was found dead with her body partially burnt under Chatanpalli bridge in Shadnagar on Thursday morning. She had worked as a doctor in Kolluru village.

The incident happened on Wednesday night. She was raped, smothered and then burnt by four men who are said to be hailing from Narayanpet.

Four people were detained by the Cyberabad police on Friday. They were identified as Mohammad Areef (driver), Jollu Naveen (cleaner), Chennakeshavulu (cleaner), Jollu Shiva (driver).

The police said that the accused who were consuming alcohol at Shamshabad toll plaza saw Priyanka parking her scooter and hatched the plan to rape her. And one of them (Jollu Naveen) punctured the rear wheel of the doctor's scooter which was parked at a place.

When the doctor returned to take her scooter at around 9.18 pm, she realised one of the tyres got punctured. The prime accused Areef then approached on the pretext of getting the scooter fixed. Another accused Jollu Shiva took her scooter, on the pretext of getting it repaired, and came back after some time and told her that all the repair shops were closed.

The police said that the accused then raped the girl who died because of accused had covered her mouth and nose while committing the crime. The accused then wrapped the dead body in a blanket and took it to Shadnagar and burnt the body.

No. 34613
But if the only difference between whether it is a citizen or not is which side of the womb it's on, is that a meaningful moral distinction? If productivity is the problem, then a newborn baby is more of a drain than it was as a fetus, because it requires more care than simply feeding and protecting the mother. If you are alright with infanticide, fine, but it can't be considered as any different from late-term abortions.

And if bodily autonomy is the issue, do you reject the idea that we can be bound by duties which overrule our rights? If you voluntarily conceive another human being, and it reaches the point of being a human being (a 7-month baby born prematurely is considered as much a citizen as me or you), how can you claim a right to destroy it as a result of bodily autonomy? You sacrificed that autonomy when you chose to have a child. A parent's life isn't fully their own.

The chief problem with modern theories of rights is the rejection of binding duties that can override rights. This is how libertarians object to any form of taxation - that by stealing from them, you are violating the social order. But their wealth can only be generated, or even exist as a concept, within the context of a wider society, and like all men they have binding ties to that society that require them to contribute to the common good, whether they like it or not. You can't truly go Galt unless you truly cut all binds with society - otherwise, your rights are limited by your duties.

Of course, if you focus only on duties to the exclusion of rights, you get communism. An ideal society is built on a balance of the two (leaning more heavily to protection of rights, but your doom is just more delayed than that of the communists if you forget about duties).
No. 34692
there is a lot of money in the art collector market. there are collectors, who often wish to remain anonymous, paying literally hundreds of millions € for single paintings at auctions, just to put one item into their personal collection. i think the main motive of these types is not extreme fandom of a certain artist or artwork though, but rather the possibility to store vast amounts of wealth/capital relatively secure from financial market volatility. this would explain why certain stereotypical "conservative" capitalist types can often be observed as being completely ignorant towards different forms of art or even towards art in general (dismissing a career in art as "no real purpose" hippie occupation) while at the same time the art market itself has always been an institution where wealthy patrons spent big amounts and big art fairs have always been events where billionaires meet other billionaires, celebrities and politicians etc.
so let's assume an anonymous, wealthy art collector hires a group of professional thieves to steal the crown jewels of some of the former hre's former highest nobility, which are owned by the state and are therefore not available for purchase at auctions, out of a public museum. the items in question are taxed "priceless" or "worth billions", hence a salary of say 250 million € or more would make all of the thieves (by now investigators have knowdledge of 4 directly partaking thieves and are suspecting one ore more security staff insiders involved) very rich and still leave the receiver of the stolen jewels with an incredible revenue.
i think there are good chances that the jewels are not gonna be broken up into pieces and sold separately, since a lot of their worth actually comes from being complete and flawless. so they will most likely end up in a secure treasure dungeon of a very wealthy anonymous art collector, next to other similar precious works of art ordinary proles will never see again or never saw before.

>if you focus only on duties to the exclusion of rights, you get communism
marx summed up the ideas of previous communists and defined communism himself as follows: each according to his needs, each according to his abilities. that is pretty much the opposite of what you seem to believe communism is all about and what the term communism suggests about it's meaning right away. you actually summed up conditions under fascism (or similar caste systems) for anyone not either being a powerful oligarch, high ranking government clerk or not belonging otherwise, e.g. dynastically, to the inner circle of the ruling caste. fascism derives it's meaning from fascis, which was a bundle of wooden rods with an axe. it was used by etruscian and roman rulers as a symbol of power, because the bodyguards of the rulers used them as a means to clear the way and separate ruler and nobles from the plebs during a parade. the axe symbolized the assumed privilege of the rulers and their close servants to directly deal out death penalty to offenders among the watching plebs.
No. 34695
To be fair, rights over life and death were handed out like candy in Rome. The head of every household had pretty far-reaching murder rights over anybody in his household, and for a long time, they were inviolate. Romans had some serious murderboners. Makes you wonder how the fug they ever became civilised tbh.
No. 34706
67 kB, 968 × 726
2 months old puppy frozen for 18 000 years has been found in melting Siberian permafrost. Scientists still unsure if it's a wolf puppy or maybe an (archaic) dog puppy.

No. 34710
Gee I sure can't wait to see what kinds of fabulous microbes are going to thaw out with all of that. I mean on the plus side at least we do have antibiotics and none of them will have any resistances so no matter how defenseless we are against them, they are equally nakedly defenseless against our chemical weapons.

On the downside this does not apply to viruses and prions.
No. 34718
Seems like a polish cook prevented the london terrorist form cooking more people with a narwhal tusk. People should add it to the old kc meme "polish man does X"

>Polish man stops islamic terrorist with narwhal tusk
No. 34756
95 kB, 720 × 460
A video of a polar bear walking with large black T-34 letters written all over its right side - name of the iconic Soviet tank - is going viral on the Russian web.
The video was uploaded to a WhatsApp group for Chukotka indigenous people, said Sergey Kavry, who posted the file to his social media.
It is not clear when the video was made or indeed where exactly it was filmed.
Behind the camera chatter shows that two men who filmed the polar bear have never came across anything like that.
‘Why is it so dirty?’ one of them asks as the recording begins.
‘A spotty bear?’ answers another, before realising there was writing on the predator.
We had to beep the rest of the recording due to the Russian expletives.


Can’t believe some dumbass got close enough to the bear to do this
No. 34757
The person most likely used a tranquilizer gun. At least he didn't kill the bear.
No. 34758
At least they didn't write "ХУЙ" on him.
No. 34768
I started laughing the second I read your headline. Why write T-34?
No. 34769
It would've been way less funny if they just simply wrote huy on it.
This is actually creative.

A bear is big and dangerous. Kind of like a tank.
No. 35217
No. 35222
...ok? What the hell is even the point of you posting the story? What the hell is even the point of the story itself

I think this is hands down the dumbest most pointless news item I've ever read in my life.

In other news Trump is about to fuck poor white people yet again
This is literally how I was planning to survive with moving because my job cut its hours for the holidays and possibly through to January which is dropping me well below 20 hours a week. Who does he even think needs that the most? Poor working people who get their hours cut. "Booming economy" my ass you fat retarded boomer. I'll have to choose between food or rent. Thanks Trump!
No. 35243
Cops in Miami shot and killed two armed robbers as well as their hostage (UPS driver) and an innocent bystander. It was Beslan school siege tier and it was on the Florida
No. 35246
11 officers fired shots into gridlocked traffic. I'm surprised only 2 innocent people died.

Robbery suspects, hostage and bystander killed after hijacking, dramatic police chase

No. 35252
29 kB, 474 × 319
We have a serious problem with cops in this country. I cannot even imagine being such a complete fucking faggot to unironically own any blue line flag bullshit. They wish they could be an actual hero like the thin red line flags. Well some of them probably do. All the rest unironically are psychopaths, bullies, petty tyrants, and cowards.

It wasn't even the hotel hallway shooting or any of the numerous dog shootings that finally did it for me. It was--once again surprise, Florida--where the armed guard patrolling our young prisoners hid like a coward when Nikolas Cruz started opening fire. That was the moment where I truly wrote off our police force as a whole as worse than useless who should he disbanded and the Police Beneveolent Association and Fraternal Order of Police should be disbanded under RICO laws. It was then that I genuinely hated cops as a whole. That one pussy represents them the best. Their entire mentality is putting their own lives first and if it's someone who isnt even a threat and holding like a cellphone they'll gun him down by firing squad in the streets if he pisses them off or annoys them for some reason and if there's a genuine threat they hide like a coward.

This is really the gist of why we have so many police shooting innocent people in cold blood. It's because cops are fundamentally cowards at their core. Perhaps the most disturbing thing about it was the number of people who genuinely argued it wasnt his job. If it wasnt his job to stop a school shooter then WHY THE FUCK ARE WE PAYING THEM AND PUTTING ARMED MEN TO PATROL SCHOOLS.

I try not to talk politics but this makes me genuinely infuriated. Americans are an alien people to me at this point. They love tyranny and despise freedom. The nation as a whole has become a bunch of servile freedom hating cowardly scum herded like a bunch of other scum.

When Ben Franklin said that about people trading freedom for security and deserving and receiving neither he was proven right by time. Or Sam Adams:
>If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
I genuinely longer even consider these people my countrymen. They are far beneath any illegal Mexican immigrant to me. They are a hostile foreign nation existing in my own borders and it fills me with patriotic rage. I don't care if they were born here. The only thing giving them rights is our blessed Constitution otherwise I would want them all kicked out of my country and deported to reservations in Canada and Mexico. They can go LARP as a fascist freedom hating dictatorship there.
No. 35255
>Robbery suspects
"Victory achieved"
No. 35257
Police should have never had unions. If these fucks don't get prosecuted, the least that needs to happen is they never walk around with a badge and gun again.
No. 35277
American's give an entirely new meaning to the term, butter fingers.
No. 35289
91 kB, 607 × 697
? I don't get this joke

Anyway this is a pretty big deal
If the oceans collapse it's going to directly and indirectly kill off countless land species up to and including an accelerated mass extinction event involve man as the atmospheric oxygen levels plummet. This is because something ridiculous like 50-70% of earth's breathable oxygen is generated by phytoplankton. So while we have that corrupt criminal Bolsonaro burning down the rainforests and doing an utterly absurd comedy routine where he blames his own crimes on Leonardon DiCaprio, the oxygen generated in and by oceans can also collapse. The ocean is already turning into a desert. I can't help but keep getting this really eerie feeling that we as civilians haven't even got a clue just how bad things actually are right now. It's even harder to know because the White House keeps censoring climate reports for some reason.

On an unrelated note I just found out at the pet store the other day that they lost power at some point. All throughout my area we keep losing power in spots all over the place and I started noticing it this summer. My town didn't lose power but the next one over did briefly apparently. I have no idea exactly why it keeps happening but the only thing more eerie than it is the fact I feel like I'm in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and everyone's just walking around like drones with nobody noticing anything at all, not the constant abnormal cuts in power all over the place, not the weather, not the noticeable loss of species, not anything. It's like they're all just these, well thoughtless NPCs glued to their TVs or iPhones or whatever. Or like I'm in They Live.