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No. 3190
141 kB, 600 × 448
What pets are very easy to maintain? In a way that you could leave home for a few days without a problem.
I was thinking about snails, but then i read that you would need to clean the terrarium every few days from their shit, slime and food-leftovers.
No. 3191
>What pets are very easy to maintain?
No. 3194
What about kot?

you feed it, clean their toilet, that's about it besides some petting

t. never had a kot
No. 3195
if you left kot after an week's, kot is of death
No. 3196
Hamsters or gerbils are pretty low effort. You should play with them every day, but with enough food they can survive being left alone. The toilet area has to be scooped out regularly, but the cage itself only needs cleaning every week or two. Other than that, they're like a fun little roommate.
No. 3197
Drosophila melanogaster.
No. 3201
Fish can survive a decent amount of time without food (i think they can even go something like a week?) but you could also get an autofeeder


Certain rodents you also can in which case the real problem isn't food but water. Bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters etc. so long as they have enough water and a big bowl of food you can leave them alone for several days and it'll be fine. I have rodents it just makes me nervous being gone too long in case they somehow knock out the drip water soon after leaving but I'm also paranoid. And regarding fish they seem like low maintenance pets but they're really not. You end up having to do water changes every week unless you get a specific kind of planets aquarium set up, and just getting the thing to the point of equilibrium is challenging and time consuming.

And if you got a pet snake which is super low on both the companion and interesting to watch scale, that you can feed once only once a week and pretty much ignore it. Same goes for lots of reptiles.
Oh yeah also spiders.

Kotlet also needs way more affection and is almost a 3D animal. Even if a spider or hamster got loose, there is only one plane they can go on to get in trouble, the floor. A bored cat can go everywhere but the ceiling. Although I suppose it won't get in much more trouble than if you're gone a day for work. If you just gave them enough water they could be fine (seriously the main issue is water most animals you can get away with not feeding even a human can be literally starved for a solid week and physically be fine but you WILL die in 3-4 days without water).
No. 3350
I also root for cold water fish or rodents.
No. 3357
146 kB, 980 × 652
182 kB, 1085 × 736
A crow or a raven, just leave a window open.
But you must get them as babby or they won't accept your home as their home.
No. 3358
Are you joking? Corvidae are among the most demanding birds maintenance-wise. And you absolutely cannot leave them alone for long.
No. 3360
79 kB, 713 × 511
562 kB, 1578 × 972
Why not begin your adventures in mycology with some magic mushrooms or get a pet rock?

No point in getting an animal if you're not around all the time needing companionship. Maintenance is also a big commitment even for shitty animals once they get old.
No. 3619
Holy shit mods what is going on with the site it went from normal to night time style and now it's just totally busted. What are you guys doing to the site?

Also, if you do enough Ambien the trees will come alive and living shadows will start swirling all around you and you can have several hours talking to your pet lamp for two hours who is now alive and some sort of queen whose dominion is your living room which she illuminates.
t. Ambien pro
No. 3620
What browser? This page may be helpful if you have Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/websites-look-wrong-or-appear-differently