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No. 3207
576 kB, 2048 × 1444
What's wrong with Morocco?

Also, can we have a map share thread? I shared mines many times on old KC, so I dunno if someone would be interested on them.

source of this one: https://hdi.globaldatalab.org/areadata/shdi-maps/
No. 3217
What is the SHDI even? I don't like the idea of a map thread without people talking about the meaning of the visualized data.
No. 3219
>Venezuela is still roughly comparable to Ukraine
Jesus Christ just how shitty is Ukraine in actuality? Also I find it funny that communist Vietnam is massively better off than their neighors Laos and Cambodia according to this, and apparently the Vietnamese get rabies from eating dog brains
Which somehow disgusts me way more than Papua New Guineans getting Kuru from eating brains of dead people (at least it's ancestral tradition I guess)

As for your post I'm not sure what you're getting at OP. Morocco iirc correctly is Bedouin country, who are basically the IRL inspiration for Jawas. They are nomadic desert people. Oh wait nvm they are Berbers.

Huh also apparently Moroccans were our first buddies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moroccan%E2%80%93American_Treaty_of_Friendship
I should really read about this sometime https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbary_pirates It sounds at cursory glance like the Moroccan royalty were bros meanwhile Berber savages under protection of Turkish faggots were the very first people to attack us. The origin of the navy all our carrier groups are a part of started out because of these attacks. What I hadn't realized is that they were seeking Christian slaves to be sold to Turks and Arabs.
No. 3223
23 kB, 887 × 548
This country was shitty enough to lose 15% of the entire population in 20 peaceful years. Since independence we lost more people than in Holodomor, WW1 and only slightly less than in WW2. I'm sure this is one of the worst possible timelines for Ukraine, there's no way that the people here would live worse if they didn't ally the Russians.
Communism. Not even once.
No. 3224
Laos is as "communist" as Vietnam, and Cambodia was fucked by communists harder than pretty much any other country in the world, so nothing surprising there.
No. 3226
I am surprised that Egypt would be better of than Morocco. I visited both of them and Egypt seemed like a chaotic shithole while Morocco was a bit poor but of much Ordnung actually.
No. 3229
11 kB, 200 × 200
To be fair, it looks to me like you only started losing that population after Soviet Union collapsed. So then isn't Capitalism and independence and losing Russian Communism worse than WWI and Holodomor?
No. 3231
Maybe under capitalism they could finally leave
No. 3234
6 kB, 285 × 177
Belarussian population also has grown, even though we had repressions, war where we lost third of population and nearly a million of emigrated jews.
Probably alt righters should support communism if they want to preserve white race. Numbers proof that this is the best ideology for demographics.
No. 3235
Cambodia was fucked harder than any other place on earth several times by different groups. It's really hard to draw a comparison between what Mao did and what the Japanese did in terms of cruelty. But the chinese history books talk mostly about what the Japanese did, of course and because of that some people will have a veary direct opinion about what was "worse".
No. 3238
I was pointing out that communists did have a hand in creating the situation Cambodia has now, and they were the last who influenced it majorly. Calling Vietnam "communist" while ignoring Cambodia's recent past is hypocritical.
No. 3246
I'm suspicious of some of the data, look at Alabama, it ranks as high as yankee states. HDI is usually measured using census data, which happens only every ten years in most of countries, in BR the last census was 8 years ago. If it's not using census data, then it's probably using some other kind of less precise measurement for the sake of having more updated data. In any case, it's the kind of map with different sources for every country, which is bound to have some distortions. Still Morocco was a surprise to me, because of what you said (also remember that Libya is in civil war). For BR at least the map seems to be right.

My idea was that since EC is slow one poster can ask about meaning of a specific map to the other and wait for replies. Maps in english is something that most people who save maps probably already have or can find easily on the Internet if necessary, I was thinking of having a thread for more specific and rare maps in Ernsts's respective languages which ernst himself would describe to other ernsts. Your idea is good, I'll slowly dump my own BR maps describing them in detail. SHDI is in the title of the map, means Subnational HDI.
No. 3247
Birth rates skyrocket in newly industrialised socieites and then always begin to decline, Ukrainian population grew even during Holodomor thanks to simplistic way of life of our rural ancestors and access to new techonologies. If October Revolution didn't happen, then the people сould avoid Russian Civil War (10 million dead), famine 1931-1933 (3-6 million), WW2 (25 million), famine 1946-1947 (1 million), the failure of planned economy that forced people to emigrate and reduced fertility rates due to economic instability in the 90s. Ukraine inherited Soviet mentality, the mentality of a demoralized industrialized low-productivity urban society that prefers smaller families, and failing economy, the economy of the USSR wasn't effective and transition to market economy only worsened the situation, so the loss of population was a natural result.
It would be better if we were capable to keep the union alive and introduce gradual reforms in Chinese style. Capitalism with Ukrainian independence after Russian Civil War = very good; capitalism in the Russian Republic = good; successful gradual transition to the market economy in the USSR = everything is horrible, yet manageable; any planned economy autism/late reforms and communism leading to the collapse of an economically weakened union and creation of independent Ukraine in 1991, millions of people die/escape from the hellhole = you just shot yourself in the foot
No. 3268

The Republic of Ragusa was trading with the revolutionary Americans since 1771 and later had some sort of trade treaty with the young USA.

No. 3292
>Birth rates skyrocket in newly industrialised socieites and then always begin to decline, Ukrainian population grew even during Holodomor thanks to simplistic way of life of our rural ancestors and access to new techonologies
Birth rates were actually in decline. Population grew up because of three things in which planned economy is good: Rapid development of healthcare, rapid development of cities and rapid development of education.
>It would be better if we were capable to keep the union alive and introduce gradual reforms in Chinese style.
Chinese style wouldn't work in ussr. Thing is that chinese were horribly poor before the reforms, so they didn't felt any results of ruined planned economy. Soviet citizen was poor, but still had things to lose. Sometimes it's just better to ruin and rebuild everything from scratch.
No. 3294
I'm talking about the early pre-60s USSR, when the union had high fertility rates and was able to recover despite huge losses in the civil war, Holodomor and WW2. And rapid development and access to education only slows the growth of population and creates German-like childfree bourgeousie sitting on money bags. Development of cities and education has nothing to do with the growth of population, it's a matter of good healthcare and growth of access to basic food. The Russian Empire had insane population growth rates as well and more than 80% of its citizens were poor villagers, less than half of which were literate in 1897.
No. 3299
>And rapid development and access to education only slows the growth of population and creates German-like childfree bourgeousie sitting on money bags.
Not in case when villagers still outnumber city dwellers. Cities provided infrastructure and healthcare for villagers. One of the main reasons of population growth was introducing of maternity hospitals in cities.
>The Russian Empire had insane population growth rates as well and more than 80% of its citizens were poor villagers, less than half of which were literate in 1897.
It had the same population growth, yet it had higher values of natural deaths. Ussr compensated natural deaths with wars, famines and gulag
No. 3300
What I learned is that Russian empire had population boom because when they ended serfdom they gave the freed peasants land. Of course many land owners weren't happy with this and obviously didn't just allow the peasants to cultivate their little farms for free, they created debt serfdom and so on. Still, it's a better situation than in western countries where freed serfs were kicked out of farms and forced into cities, where they died unemployed and overworked in factories. In russia a good deal of them indeed got to keep their lands, and they kept on distributing it among family members which only increases the population boom. It was only when land couldn't be divided any further that they started migrating to cities.
No. 3415
209 kB, 720 × 503
Does someone have this map but higher res?
No. 3418
The BR is right, the Russian Empire had a gigantic population boom after abolishing serfdom. This would in fact create demographic problems for the Russian Empire.
No. 3565
35 kB, 911 × 576
48 kB, 911 × 649
36 kB, 928 × 824
103 kB, 947 × 779
Haven't had the time to get my HD with the maps folder. Also, I think it's ok to also post charts as long as is geography related. This BR journal here...
... make interesting maps and charts of BR often. They're kind of left leaning, I think the people making maps are social scientists working for the journal, because they make maps and charts of issues that are usually studied by academics and for academics, rather than the typical economy-related stuff that you'll find in other media outlets.

These ones are about Portuguese and euro migration in general over the centuries.
No. 3566
44 kB, 896 × 572
104 kB, 904 × 1080
No. 3567
Sudeste is popular among immigrants because of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro cities there?
No. 3568
Mostly São Paulo, the entire state. Rio probably comes in a somewhat distant second place. Rio is famous because beaches, tourism, beautiful scenery and so on, but São Paulo is where the money is at, it's the financial capital of the country and the state concentrates all the major multinationals.
No. 3575
Wow, Australia seems to be a good place. If things would stop trying to kill you, but still.

But what the fuck is wrong with eastern Germany? I'd like it to be a prejudice. Sachsen Anhalt is fucked and they don't even have immigrants or something to keep mean education low.
No. 3609
You can't recover from communism just in 30 years. What else did you expect from the regions whose economic performance was hampered by planned economy and extremely harmful transition to a market economy? Poor countries have a long tradition of losing educated workers to richer regions, which is even more serious problem for poor countries in the EU with your free movement of labour.
No. 3613
I think with such a ridiciously stronk economy, we should can.
Also if we ignore Sachsen-Anhalt, the former bri'ish is as bad as the commie zone. But that could be in fact because of immigrants who didn't enjoy too much education before reaching the age of 25.
No. 3652
By now I'd guess that it's mostly due to bad transition. All of former USSR suffers of this problem, even with trillions being dumped on east germany since the unification it suffered the same problem as other former USSR places: brain drain, deindustrialization and so on. Basically, nobody in USSR had enough capital to buy the industries and business when the union crumbed. There should have been a smoother transition, allowing some financial elite to form so that they could go on buying soviet stuff and thus protect it from west european vulture attacks. But without such protection, as soon as the USSR crumbled all of west europe and north america went shopping there. Hell, even BR universities still have former-USSR teachers today. This doc explains it quite nicely:


Basically, commie economy was badly run, so shady middlemen appeared to make means meet end. Industries couldn't meet the production targets demanded by the Party, and the States often didn't pay the industries back the little that they did produce, so these middlemen begun to work in the shadows, providing the raw materials that industry needed, buying production with the money that the industry needed and so on. When the USSR crumbled these figures had no capital enough to buy the industries that they were helping run, but at the same time they were the ones who knew how to run them. Meanwhile in the west euro side the elites wanted to go shopping in the former USSR: brain drain it, buy industries from it, hire cheap work force from it, etc. So what ensued was a clash of shady middlemen from east europe trying to resist west euros buying their stuff, while at the same time looking for capital to help them buy the industries and businesses that they already knew how to run. Sources of such capital were obviously west europe again, but also Russian government, who was obviously interested in stopping the bleeding of minds, money and industry to the west. This is where Putin appears, the shady middlemen lobbied the shit out of whatever was left of the russian state to protect them from west vulture attacks. Many of them managed to buy their industries for almost nothing, because Russia would rather lose money selling such businesses to russians (but actually a good deal of them were jewish russians) for very cheap, than selling it for a fair price for west euro companies who would basically drain it all from Russia anyway.
No. 3685
Thats a lie. Nobody from the west appeared, they were satisfied with central and southern europe. Our economical decline was and is playing on their side. Brain drain was unenviable anyway. And property was sold for cheap, for incredibly cheap. Lack of money transferred brutal force into capital. All of the oligarchs made their money on blood and thievery. This caused chaos in eastern Europe. And such people as Putin or Lukashenko appeared to stop it. Totalitarian populism in other words.
I can tell you dozens of examples of this statements.
No. 3752
>Nobody from the west appeared, they were satisfied with central and southern europe. Our economical decline was and is playing on their side. Brain drain was unenviable anyway. And property was sold for cheap, for incredibly cheap.
> All of the oligarchs made their money on blood and thievery
Nothing of this contradicts what I said, except that Brain drain and everything else could have been avoided if there had been a smoother transition. But ethnical and nationalist tensions brought about the end of USSR too soon and in a completely disorganized way, and what followed was former commie economies being vultured by western capitalists on one hand, while being robbed by means of corruption and authoritarism on the other hand by the former-middlemen-and-now-new-oligarchs. The new oligarchs helped elect Putin, but then he turned against them (or some of them at least).

At least this is what the documentary (and other sources that I read) says, and it makes perfect sense to me.
No. 3764
Putin ain't a man of the people and his goal is to enrich himself and his family while maintaining the power and hiding his assets & family from the public as long as possible. The fight with the oligarchs wasn't a fight for a future of Russian people, but an internal struggle between vultures wanting a bigger piece of cake. /pol/tards talking about based Putin, who is neither racist, anti-immigrant, nationalist nor pro-lower class, are largely delusional and base their assumptions on memes, rather than on Russia's actual domestic policy. Don't forget that in Russia there's a flat 13% tax rate, do you think normal people in a western country would allow their elites to milk themselves like this? There's a lot of shady shit going on inside of the Kremlin, the problem is that Russian elites are incredibly secretive and we never learn about political scandals or a sudden change of minister. You might find that there are many Russian high-ranking officials who were friends with Putin prior to his ascent and got a lot of their power & wealth after his presidential term. Or suddenly a lot of Putin family members became state officials and Russian upper class.
Navalny became famous exactly because he uncovered petty corruption and sometimes attacked even high-ranking officials. I recommend to watch some of his videos to understand how corrupt modern Russian state is. Don't forget that on Russian state TV it's forbidden to mention his name and his disclosure of information about corruption never receive any state coverage or support. Putin perfectly knows about corruption in the state yet he doesn't act like he wants to do something with it.

New controversial Russian tax system which sparked widespread protests across the country, the new tax is linked to Putin-friendly Russian oligarch

Controversial Russian counter-sanctions affected the life of ordinary Russian greater than the Western sanctions themselves. While Europeans and Americans tried to harm Russian officials, oligarchs, financial sectors, military and oil production sector, Russians mostly banned imports of Western food. It was quite a big political epic and most of the Russian complaints in the web about Western sanctions were in fact created by Russian counter-sanctions and not by Western sanctions. In the end it lead to destruction of banned imported foods in various Russian regions by local officials rather than distributing the food to the poor.

Just another old Putin's friend and -surprise!- Russian millionaire holding some of the Putin's wealth. Of course the Panama Papers didn't receive any coverage in the Russian media or an official investigation.
No. 3772
And here is my favorite part about the state of modern Russia.
The Russian crooks used their orphans as a political tool in response to an American act targeting corrupted Russian officials over the death of a Russian lawyer. Putin forbade Americans to adopt Russian children. If this is not a sign of the lack of morality and personal principles in a person, then I don't know what can be considered a sign. Hitler was batshit insane murderer, but he dreamed of the greatness of his people. Does Putin dream of filling his pockets?
No. 3807
304 kB, 1000 × 1000
2,2 MB, 3500 × 1813
1,1 MB, 1983 × 2394
10,6 MB, 6000 × 4000
Is this map threda? We can disscus geography there?

For some reason maps is one of me favorite hobbies since childhood. Roadbooks with detailed maps was one of my favorite kind of books in childhood
No. 3810
1,3 MB, 3441 × 2393
438 kB, 3506 × 2481
2,8 MB, 2550 × 3300
54 kB, 662 × 645
I'm not saying that Putin isn't gobbling up wealth himself, or that he's not corrupt and authoritarian as fuck, but he's also moved by nationalism. It was inevitable that someone like him would emerge given what russia was going through after the fall of USSR.

I prefer agriculture, mining and animal husbandry maps, because it explains local life and economy better.

map 1 - Sugar cane potential plantation map.
Green means land current used for pasture, yellow means land currently used for agriculture, brown is mix of both. Apparently the stronger the color the better for sugar cane, kinda confusing map

map 3 - very detailed map of important agroindustry activities

map 4 - sugar cane processing plants. Blue is biodiesel, mostly produced from soy, sunflower and other stuff, red is ethanol and green is new planned plants of ethanol. I'd like to have a map that informed which plant is ready to turn it into sugar ethanol, energy and cattle ration, all that I know is that the plants in northeast are bigger producers of sugar because they export to north Atlantic. This site here has all the nice information in charts and maps about sugar cane production in BR, but it's behind paywall: https://www.novacana.com/. Also, this map is probably very outdated, Lula was giving a lot of incentives to increase ethanol production, but then biggest drought in BR history happened, and Dilma started to control gas prices in order to control inflation but that made ethanol uncompetitive, and finally oil prices dropped. In the end it was estimated that 1/3 of all ethanol producing facilities went bankrupt.
No. 3811
4,4 MB, 3443 × 2200
583 kB, 1255 × 1140
6,2 MB, 3840 × 2160
182 kB, 1450 × 1450
I'll first dump all the maps that don't need commentaries instead.

map 4 seems to be nonsense to me
No. 3812
491 kB, 1565 × 1169
1,4 MB, 4388 × 2782
1,6 MB, 4200 × 3100
1,7 MB, 1500 × 2106
No. 3813
2,2 MB, 2830 × 1967
1,2 MB, 1503 × 1063
4,1 MB, 4413 × 2603
382 kB, 1600 × 1031
No. 3814
231 kB, 1024 × 1015
3,2 MB, 3000 × 2584
743 kB, 2000 × 1559
888 kB, 1674 × 811
No. 3815 Kontra
map 4 is potato cultivation
No. 3816
827 kB, 1500 × 1510
359 kB, 1600 × 1033
1,7 MB, 3644 × 2257
282 kB, 1342 × 941
No. 3817
189 kB, 1600 × 800
843 kB, 2000 × 1559
2,1 MB, 4000 × 2608
550 kB, 1253 × 994
No. 3818
87 kB, 1002 × 547
754 kB, 2236 × 1336
572 kB, 1600 × 1331
88 kB, 692 × 668
No. 3819
>roman empire map on ukrainian language

But actually, please. comment, there are some interesting stuff and EC is not place where you nee just dumb stuff just to bump thread.

>I'm not saying that Putin isn't gobbling up wealth himself, or that he's not corrupt and authoritarian as fuck, but he's also moved by nationalism. It was inevitable that someone like him would emerge given what russia was going through after the fall of USSR.
I not readed this whole posts and trying to avoid such political disscutions, but in 90s in russia power can take everyone who have monies or supprt of oligarhs/criminals and who was lucky enough. All soviet facilities, factories and such things was sold for nothing to random people who currently our "glorious leaders"

Thank god I protected from NO2 by some ivisible wall :---DDDDD
No. 3820 Kontra
439 kB, 850 × 655
437 kB, 850 × 655
2,8 MB, 1600 × 1201
174 kB, 800 × 640
No. 3821 Kontra
3,9 MB, 3056 × 1586
312 kB, 1777 × 900
489 kB, 1944 × 1611
444 kB, 1920 × 1242
I have nothing to comment on non-BR maps.
No. 3822 Kontra
1,9 MB, 8639 × 3431
956 kB, 2000 × 1027
164 kB, 1484 × 653
655 kB, 1484 × 1470
map 1 is the best population density map out there
No. 3823 Kontra
1000 kB, 1500 × 1555
591 kB, 2173 × 1403
177 kB, 3222 × 1547
595 kB, 2000 × 1559
map 3 shows how many crops you can have in one year. this is why Amazonia must go down. Kill amazonia = save humanity from starvation. There are some places in BR where they can quadruple crop with help of artificial irrigation.
No. 3824 Kontra
2,9 MB, 4707 × 3333
158 kB, 850 × 589
664 kB, 2556 × 1988
842 kB, 4800 × 2376
I think I got the ukrainian map when I was looking for maps about the natural resources of the roman empire. Couldn't find anything good, so I saved this map regardless since it was the closest, although I don't know what it means.

Map 3
>africa is so rich in resources! western countries are stealing it all!
No. 3825
409 kB, 1000 × 1459
5,1 MB, 5892 × 3675
771 kB, 2032 × 2800
613 kB, 2059 × 1779
Sage still bumps if there picture

Yeah but it still not 100% accurate, since somatimes political and regions dvisions that map uses not accurate enough to represent actual dencity.

But india is fucking crazy just look at it. I sometimes feels so sad for india nature ):

Here take some informative maps
No. 3826 Kontra
562 kB, 780 × 844
3,4 MB, 1024 × 1347
526 kB, 850 × 434
54 kB, 1357 × 628
No. 3827
407 kB, 2676 × 1609
211 kB, 1500 × 1018
5,5 MB, 2044 × 1438, 0:06
71 kB, 1200 × 844
>Sage still bumps if there picture
Really? I remember reading this ages ago but never believed it. Is phutaba also like this?

map 1 - wish I had a higher res of this
No. 3828
745 kB, 2366 × 1526
443 kB, 1600 × 900
207 kB, 1154 × 624
516 kB, 2000 × 1107
No. 3829
8,0 MB, 3600 × 2706
472 kB, 1917 × 1563
2,0 MB, 2379 × 1884
1,9 MB, 810 × 644, 0:18
No. 3830
152 kB, 1672 × 625
2,6 MB, 3600 × 1800
3,3 MB, 3000 × 2160
1,0 MB, 1115 × 862
map 2 - good for wallpaper
No. 3831
629 kB, 2586 × 1899
1,9 MB, 4221 × 1748
1,4 MB, 1902 × 1986
193 kB, 1200 × 720
No. 3832
616 kB, 1255 × 1140
524 kB, 2800 × 950
268 kB, 1777 × 900
1,0 MB, 4000 × 2829
No. 3834 Kontra
That's it apparently. Latter I'll post BR maps and comment.
No. 3838
681 kB, 1565 × 1169
> think I got the ukrainian map when I was looking for maps about the natural resources of the roman empire. Couldn't find anything good, so I saved this map regardless since it was the closest, although I don't know what it means.
Here you go
No. 3839
802 kB, 2000 × 2113
197 kB, 650 × 816
268 kB, 1212 × 1496
122 kB, 960 × 720
First map is political map of Somali by 2017. Ibet currently control of some regions may changed and also it display not all gropus - like I know some regions in somaliland watend to separate from them. Somali is fun, it is Jugoslavia on steroids.

And calsic map of horsevagina (no offence to bosnians)
No. 3840
Niiice, thanks. I was just being lazy, I planed to translate the words in the labels at some point, but I lost interest in the whole roman empire thing and forgot about it. Still, a very informative map.
No. 3846
Putin gets support mainly from civic nationalists, in Russia you would be in prison if you said that "Russia is for (ethnic) Russians". Liberal Navalny is bigger nationalist than Putin himself, because Navalny regularly whines about muslims, Asian illegal migrants and wants to abolish visa-free movement with Central Asian countries.
No. 3947
412 kB, 3071 × 1482
86 kB, 767 × 600
2,8 MB, 3295 × 2360
106 kB, 640 × 427
Is this only mine autism that I find islands very comfy? Limited blocked amount of land that like world in miniature, with cities and some villages and roads, but not too big one.
Like you know, live on peace of land that you can walk aroun in day or less
No. 3955
6,6 MB, 4032 × 3024
I have sames.
A few days ago I was in S. Miguel island, in the Azores Archipelago. Very cosy place.
No. 4012
Can one buy islands from Russian government?
No. 4056
864 kB, 2722 × 2526
2,6 MB, 2481 × 3506
830 kB, 1017 × 768
168 kB, 886 × 809
Some road maps of BR. First one shows only the federal roads, green ones are the ones that should have been built by federal government but state government rushed ahead and built it first. Reasons vary but it's obvious that it's the case of states wealthy enough to do that. Notice how SP has almost all of its road built by local state government, and they are all the best roads in the country according to any study. This is a pattern that repeats everywhere in terms of infrastructure and public services in this country: SP has its own and finances its own, and they're all the best in BR or even the best in Latam, while the rest of the country is dependent on the federal government.

The other maps also show other roads built by state and municipalities to connect one another, notice how only half of the country is occupied. Last map is a messy multimodal map of the country, though it doesn't show airports.
No. 4057
Eto Portugalia, pindos!
No. 4062
If you oligarh in putin OPG you can own as much land as you want for free, pesants will pay for it
No. 4063
1,3 MB, 1292 × 1285
1,2 MB, 2351 × 1367
Some of maps ... like all you posted in this post sadly have low resolution. Especcialy third one, sadly. Mine maps I got not enough detailed too, google find only sites that want me BUY more detailed mpas (what and assholes!)

Sadly, geography of south america is my weakest ting. No I mean I know basic political geography and can name brazilian states and show them on map for example, but besides knowing that Rio is shit and Amazonas is like hell where nobody lives exept cannibalic tribes and than south is more civilised I know nothing. Like for example in geoguesser... did you know actually about geoguesser? Awesome thing https://geoguessr.com/ basicly it show google maps street view and you need to guess where in world it is. Well , it often show brazil in world map and it always hard for me since it hard to visually know in which region I'am
No. 4079
These guys received 10 million rubles from the Russian government in 2013-2014, in 2015 they received for free 267 hectares of the land in Crimea. Everything is possible, if you are a friend of the right person.
No. 4080
507 kB, 2122 × 817
I remember such KC threads. Pretty fun thing.
No. 4082 Kontra
339 kB, 2718 × 1208
396 kB, 2723 × 1209
wat the fug
No. 4083
Yes, I tried to find higher res of third map but no success.

I remember that when I begun to browse KC everybody thought that the country was one big amazon jungle, which seems to be a pretty common mistake among foreigners overall.
No. 4182
129 kB, 771 × 705
345 kB, 3408 × 2575
373 kB, 2000 × 1304
1,6 MB, 2560 × 1898
Anomaly at the center of the thing
No. 4183
>The closer you are to Israel, the shittier you become
What an incredible anomaly!
No. 4184
1,2 MB, 793 × 539
633 kB, 1002 × 598
33 kB, 600 × 407
97 kB, 500 × 500
No. 4185 Kontra
>Niger, Germany, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and Pakistan are equally shitty
>Ukraine and Saudi Arabia are equally shitty
No. 4186
99 kB, 1508 × 926
302 kB, 2200 × 1466
79 kB, 350 × 287
386 kB, 1296 × 834
No. 4187
Central anomaly is as follows: Jesus looks like a man from Nebraska or Germany. Germany and Nebraska are in the center of the continent, like Israel is the center of the Afro-Eurasian landmass.
No. 4188
Japan, China, Taiwan and Soth Korea are better than India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kazakhstan. South Africa was the wealthiest country in Africa during 20th century and still remains one of the richest. The northern and western countries in Europe are the richest.
In any case, this was a joke, you aren't supposed to seriously reply to them.
No. 4189
Germany is not in the center of the continent (mind you, Europe ends at Ural mountains but not in Poland), and the center of Afro-Eurasian landmass is rather Kazakhstan.
No. 4192
  1. Jerusalem has long been known as the "center of the whole world"
  2. Germany is known as being in Central Europe.
No. 4348
He's a fucktard ignore him.
No. 4350

May recommend this channels, this guy is awesome at this.

Also you can train your russian navigation skills by trying russia mode in this game lol

You can upload your 360 photos to google maps and hey be puted in it after moderation or something
You may even do interior of your apartament
No. 4870
387 kB, 1535 × 1371
Noice, I just found this map.
No. 6447
71 kB, 560 × 568
292 kB, 760 × 1125
471 kB, 2324 × 1695
First map shows how much each state will have recovered its pre-crisis GDP by the end of 2019 if predictions about GDP growth for this year and next are correct. IMF itself said that BR would not recover its pre-crisis GDP before 2020 (which means at least one decade lost), and so far they seem to be right, but some states suffered more than others for different reasons. The loss in GPD happened only in 2016, 2015 and a bit of 2014 too, it was a loss of almost 10% of GDP, the biggest and longest in our recorded history, but loss in purchasing power was much bigger because even before 2015 inflation was nearing two digits (if I'm not mistaken they were two digits for a while), and the IQ89 solution that Temer and his neolib friends came up with is austerity and cheapening of labor cost, which means that lower classes will not recover their employment and average wage rates from before the crisis any time soon.

second map shoes GDP variation in 2015 and third map shows GDP variation last year.
No. 6449
266 kB, 545 × 2159
1,7 MB, 1060 × 6563
7,9 MB, 6542 × 5229
3,0 MB, 8662 × 7206
I'm bored, so I'll dump some other BR maps.

map 1 shows evangelical expansion in BR

map 2 shows internal migration patterns in the country. It considers only those born in this or that state, not those with parents from another state.

map 3 shows rural properties in the country

and map 4 is related, it shows birds threatened of extinction but the most interesting thing is to observe the pink area of the map, which is the "anthropocized" area of the country, that is: areas with presence and influence of humans.
No. 6450
1,7 MB, 720 × 760, 0:10
479 kB, 500 × 560, 0:06
556 kB, 500 × 545, 0:06
761 kB, 500 × 553, 0:06
1- expansion of soybean plantation in the country
2- expansion of buffalo creation in the country
3- expansion of chicken creation in the country
4- expansion of cattle creation in the country
No. 6451
669 kB, 500 × 551, 0:06
180 kB, 500 × 560, 0:06
549 kB, 500 × 568, 0:06
698 kB, 500 × 553, 0:06
1- pigs
2- quails
3- goats
4- horses
No. 6453
You might find this interesting. Military topographical maps from 70s and 80s Poland.

I could post my big Civil War maps but I've posted them plenty of times before and anybody who wants them has them by now.
No. 6454 Kontra
Some commentary on these maps: observing the expansion of soy and corn plantations is important because these grains are used to feed all of those animals. You can see that the big circles in the animal maps only appear after soy plantation expanded (and also corn, didn't find any map for it), because the big circles are the confinement farms, where animals are mostly fed rations made with grains, agrobusiness stuff basically. Traditionally BR had free range cattle creation in the pampas region and northeast semiarid, this type of traditional animal husbandry requires low skill and low population, but with the expansion of mechanized grains plantation, specially over cerrado areas, confinement agroindustry became an option. AFAIK there is almost no 100% confined cattle in BR, usually they graze during the rainy months and then are sent to confinement during the dry months, but chickens nowadays are completely confined. There was also a state-sponsored program to replace cattle creation in the dry northeast with goat creation, more fit to the climate. Water buffalos are popular in the amazon river delta because of swamplands.
No. 6455
Are you some kind of military historian?
No. 6457
Yes and no. I'm just a regular history graduate, but I focused most of my studies towards military matters and continue to do so. I'm not a professional academic or anything though.
No. 7177
15,7 MB, 9614 × 7152
I found another really good site for maps while digging around for TPCs. Some are pretty generic but I highly recommend the bits that are older military maps. They've got the TPCs, JOGs and ONCs, all in high definition 1:1 size. Amazing resource if you're into cartography. Even more if you're into military cartography. Pic is a sample.

No. 7208
1,8 MB, 2500 × 2489
3,7 MB, 5335 × 4495
In internet you can find hell lot of real military very detailed soviet maps of whole world from different time periods that was leaked after fall of SU. China, western europe, north africa - they are outdated by now, even most new of 1989-1990, but it still very interesting and detailed thing for people who like maps, and I like style of soviet mpas very much.

There for example whole detailed map of afganistan Green dot's mean major military events in afgan war. Just click on square to get map
No. 7214
If you don't mind old, outdated and low res maps, search "atlas" on any torrent site and you're going to find tons of scanned atlas books about the most different subjects. Medieval atlas, maritime atlas of the great navigations, railway atlas, military atlas, etc. It's a book genre that was wiped out by the Internet, it was too expensive to print those highly detailed pics, can't compete with a computer screen when it comes to images.
No. 7241
2,8 MB, 3892 × 3291
Yeah, I got the Polish ones a few posts above. They're breddy interesting. Do you know if there are any sources with air maps? It'd be interesting to compare the layout of airfields and beacons from the perspective of US Intelligence to the perspective of Soviet officials.
No. 7333
110 kB, 640 × 407
1,8 MB, 2397 × 2564
It hard to get all this maps - they spreaded across hell lot of sites and hell lot of them was lost. It was accidentaly when some man in blatics in 90s or something just found them in 90s, and then gived avay for little money to everyone who want them. A lot of them
No. 7335
Warcraft eastern kingdoms fan map based on warcraft 1-2 https://orig00.deviantart.net/198e/f/2017/059/7/6/first_war_eastern_kingdoms_with_an_index__map_i__by_kuusinen-da4fwmb.png (too big for EC)
And MMO WoW version of same map
Also original warcraft 2 map for comperasing
No. 7336
283 kB, 1002 × 668
147 kB, 778 × 984
EC deleted 2nd and 3rd pic from post for some reason
No. 7342
17 kB, 366 × 350
Oh fuck, wrong threda!
No. 7344
I was playing on a full blown autistic roleplay server for 8 years, so those maps are real to me.
No. 7346
Well, when nu-wow unrealistic as hell and MMO-tier (even thought it have lore reasons but it is bullshit), classic one is more or less belivable for me.
No. 7351
Never played the later timelines for that very reason.
No. 7352
I just distinguish them
1st gneration: TRUE BADASS WARCRAFT le medival warfare in 80s-ealy90s style dark relistic fantasy
2nd generaltion: Intermission Warcraft - still high fantasy but going slightly to what it will become in future (Warcraft adventures)
3rd generation: WARCRFT3-Vanilla WOW - still good and more developed universe that changed style and added more crap in universe because without new content there no reasons to continue. There still more fun that crap, since warcraft 3 story was pretty nice by itslef
4nd generation - BK and WotLK - much more crap, but not to much to drop it, not ALL things from old warcraft replaced and here are stilkl reasons to follow
5th generation - cataclysm-now - "crap".