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No. 32800
60 kB, 970 × 544
Do you guys take nootropics? If so, which ones, and what is your intent? Are/were you successful with your stack?

I'd like to come up with a stack to promote focus and attentiveness since I tend to be very lazy and unmotivated. Currently I take 2x200mg caffeine daily, but this doesn't really cut it beyond making me feel a bit less drowsy throughout the day.
No. 32817
Personally I think the racetams are all a bunch of bullshit as is to a greater extent the whole nootropics fad. They're basically still just taking drugs, albeit wildly ineffective ones. I've noticed nothing from them and I think it was anaracetam, or phen, I forget which one but it made me feel like I was having heart problems and I think it fucked with my memory and that's about it. And then there's all the bullshit that gets packaged alongside the racetams like tianeptine (which is a wildly addictive narcotic in addition to being an anxiolytic/antidepressant) or multiple stimulants including analogues of prescription drugs like that one stimulant, what's it called atomexatine and so on, all of which are basically just psychiatric drugs some of them heavy duty that are simply not available by prescription in the US and not controlled, like for example phenibut which afaik is a more addicting and less effective alternative to traditional benzodiazepines.

Personally I think that the film Limitless shows exactly the same kind of abundantly retarded mentality around noots which is basically nothing but an extension of the exact same consumerism and marketing behind the 50s and 60s chemical revolution of "better living through chemistry." I think that honestly you're probably going to find your best performance improvement by just not drinking and smoking, keeping caffeine to an absolute minimum, not taking other drugs, sleeping well, eating a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding compounds that are toxic and environmental pollution like for example avoiding soda cans and plastic bottles, and limiting exposure to the internet and TV like the plague while getting a healthy amount of exercise.

There is no such thing as a chemical cheat sheet around any of this.
No. 32940
I have to agree. Few years ago I blew a hefty sum of money on nootropics (becouse this shit is expensive just like any other drugs or medicines!), tried a bunch of them, and my conclusion is the same as yours: they are not that effective. Some of them are completely ineffective, some others may give a mild boost in clarity of thinking. But nothing like I see in some reviews, such as making you "enlighted".
To sum it up, they are more effective at draining your money than at anything else.
The only good thing I can say about them is that they are generally safe. I didn't see any side effects reported about them, nor did I experience any.

OP, if you are drowsy, racetams won't help. Modafinil maybe, but when I tried adrafinil (I couldn't get modafinil), while I couldn't sleep, I was like a zombie.
If you feel unmotivated, racetams won't help. Some dopaminergic agent migh help (a little), like bupropion.
If you have brain fog, racetams might help a little, but still don't expect too much!
No. 32943 Kontra
>But nothing like I see in some reviews, such as making you "enlighted".
>To sum it up, they are more effective at draining your money than at anything else.
Well you got yours right there.
No. 33162
the only nootropic I take is meditation
No. 33170 Kontra
Please go away and fuck yourself.
No. 33242
The only nootropic that actually works is microdosing lsd or shrooms. Everything else is grey market chems or snake oil, lsd was actually used for depression.
No. 33244
Phenibut is a strangely strong nootropic. I would say it’s far less addictive than traditional benzos, at least for me. Phenibut can make you really sick after one experience. For example, Xanax, I could take 5 bars in one day. Imo it’s for stim comedowns or going to sleep but there’s better drugs for these. (Fucking pot)
No. 33296
Microdosing alcohol with fentanyl is what does it for me
No. 33310
149 kB, 960 × 960
No. 33317
Thanks i was waiting for this pic to reappear sooner or later.
No. 33329
Agreed. It's not necessarily "enlightening" but my brain felt clear, or I could at least feel something.
t. depressed
No. 33332
I know you're joking but I can imagine someone having that kind of retarded idea because all you'd be doing is ensuring tolerance building and eventually addiction. I don't think any use of fentanyl or other opioids for that matter is safe or that taking a lot wouldnt put you at risk for addiction but still.

This is all it really comes down to. It is taking drugs for people who think they're too smart to take drugs. I can imagine the exact like of vapid Silicon Valley retard who'd be really into this kind of thing, and then try turning it into another retarded dangerous American get rich quick scheme and scamming a bunch of people. Or New Agers doing it.

Considering that a lot of these are probably made in Chinese bathtub labs I highly doubt any of them are safe to begin with and more than likely it's more dangerous taking these things than abusing prescription drugs because I'm pretty sure all these guys are basically just ordering pounds of it at a time off of Ali Baba. You should ask Turkic peoples what the wisdom of Tengri has to say about trusting Chinese merchants or Chinese in general. So yeah good luck with that.
No. 38624
Phenylpiracetam works extremely well for me

I find it stimulating, and am able to really dig in and focus on work like nothing else. I take Alpha GPC with it, that I can't tell if it hurts or helps but is recommended in the nootropic community

I also use modafinil, both together allow me to keep awake and alert for 36 hours

I save them for days where I plan on putting in a monumental effort

Other racetams and nootropics I've tried didn't have too much effect (tried many racetams and noopept, also adrafinil, ashwagandha, etc.)