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No. 33080
244 kB, 1280 × 1280
  1. Where did/does Ernst study?
  2. What did/does Ernst study?
  3. Are you happy with your study choice?
  4. Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?
  5. Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field
No. 33109
6 kB, 200 × 200
I wanted to have fun so I didn't study at Leiden Universiteit
No. 33169
I didn't study at the universiteit of suffering, but I suffered at the universiteit.

I studied in my small home town. My primary school, high school and University are all roughly in a 1km radius from my parents home. So I never left that comfort zone ever in my life.
No. 33173
12 kB, 156 × 186
Good joke.
No. 33186
Studying is for those who dont know what the hell they want from life

t.dont knower
No. 33192
Most interesting people have no idea before the age of 35
No. 33259
439 kB, 350 × 572
I'll keep it kinda vague.

>Where did/does Ernst study?
Big university in Western Germany, approximately 100km from my hometown.

>What did/does Ernst study?
I started studying a normie tier subject (read engineering, law, business, something along those lines, basically the "I don't know what to do but I also don't want to be poor" choice). It was fun for the first two years, marks were decent but then I fell into two years of NEET-lifestyle while still being enrolled, including daily destroying. It came to a point where I told my parents about it and I decided to change subjects. I'm currently in my last months of studying a combination of humanities, including Japanese linguistics.

>Are you happy with your study choice?
Kinda. I'm glad I had the courage to study some niche shit, but sometimes I wish I could erase those four wasted years and start right with my current choice. But at least I can tell myself that I could finish my normie degree at a distance learning university if I find myself flipping burgers.

>Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?
Yes, half a year at a Japanese university in the Kinki region.

>Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field
Currently working for a project at my university, not that many hours though. Ofc no gf so I'm flexible af when it comes to moving for a job, also marks are great now, so there's some hope.
No. 33264
I did one of these graduations where you're an apprentice but also studying at university. Very stressful because the time other students party and chill you're working. But it took only three years and I earned 1000 coins/month already and now I graduated with a very high qualification. Now I got cosy offcie job where I put maybe 30% of the effort in comparison to the study years and I make monies.
Now the other students are still slackin in the 9001st semester while I'm already settled with gf and a home although I'm only 24.

It was the right decision. 3 years on full throttle and now I can chill the rest of my life.
No. 33267
>Where did/does Ernst study?
Michigan State University

>What did/does Ernst study?
Environmental engineering

>Are you happy with your study choice?
Yes, although I wish I could've attended a university where environmental engineering is lumped together with chemical engineering instead of civil

>Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?
It would be cool, but overall no, I'm not interested

>Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field
Yes, I do. My plan is to move out west, where state governments, even those in conservative states, tend to be more environmentally-conscious than out here. If I fail at finding a high-paying job in the private sector, I can always work for some local government as a sanitarian or some related position, which is lower-paying but more secure

My goal is to find a job where I spend no more than half of my time at a desk.
No. 33281
>Where did/does Ernst study?


>What did/does Ernst study?


>Are you happy with your study choice?

More or less. Happy from a status/professional perspective; unhappy from a personal one.

>Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?

No. If I wish to learn something, I'll read a book on it. Formal schooling is useless, and I only did it because I couldn't become a lawyer otherwise. Five years of Law school have been enough.

>Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field

That will be my goal next year, but for the first six months I intend to just chill at my parents' house and read novels.
No. 41349
>Where did/does Ernst study?
An university in northern portugal.

>What did/does Ernst study?

>Are you happy with your study choice?
I wasn't prepared for university and moving away so i ended up dropping out after a year of NEEtdom

>Did you or do you want to study abroad and if so at what university?
I wanted to, i would have loved to.
I would have enjoyed going to Spain, France or Denmark/Norway.

>Did you or do you expect to find a job in your field
At the time i was sure i wouldn't be able to find a job and it was something that i was in order to learn and acquire knowledge. I didn't learn anything nor acquired any knowledge and came to understand that there was indeed a career path open for me had i applied myself.
No. 41351
71 kB, 500 × 453
I got a first class honours degree in History and Philosophy, I even did original historical research into a few subjects and wrote a 25,000 word thesis on Utopia.

What a massive waste though, 'how would Plato flip this McBurger' is the only question you should ask yourself if you get a degree in Philosophy. I should have trained to be an electrician instead.
No. 41994
251 kB, 1200 × 630
I'm going back to finish my STEM degree later this year. Thinking of going full digital with note-taking, is the technology still up to the task? Tablets with handwriting in particular.
No. 41999
71 kB, 1200 × 1888
186 kB, 1200 × 1892
>I'm going back to finish my STEM degree later this year.
Cool. I wish you well, ernst.

>is the technology still up to the task? Tablets with handwriting in particular.
I have a Samsung tablet with their S pen. Tbh, I don't do a lot of writing with it I use it for drawing, but the technology definitely works. There are a few things to keep in mind. First, if you decide to go that route then use a comfortable stylus. The one which came with my tablet was too small, so I found one which was compatible, and was shaped like a full sized pencil. Also, you may need to rest your hand on the screen. If you're like me and don't like doing that-then you have to either let your arm hover above the screen, or just rest your wrist on the desk and write on the edge of the tablet. The native writing app on this one has a feature which allows me to write in a box at the bottom of the screen, and then the text is resized onto organized lines, so only using the edge of the screen isn't a big problem for me.
Now my handwriting, that's a big problem. This is what it looks like when I'm actually trying to make it legible :D. It's already bad on paper, and when writing on a smooth glass screen it gets even worse.
No. 42001
I also suffer from BAD handwriting, my old notes are basically unreadable.

Planning to use One Note because my school gives out free Microsoft Word Suites. The Samsung Tab S6 has good reviews but Samsung/Android One Note is missing the handwriting to text feature I so desperately need. So Microsoft tablet it will likely be, One Note windows always has Ink to Text. Not even bothering with iPads, as I have no other Apple products currently.
No. 42002
40 kB, 420 × 336
I used to study Geoinformatics. I remember being so excited about it, it was such an obscure field, with everything I found interesting, and so few students. Maths, Programming, Geology, Construction, History, everything.

Then the Physics classes started.

I noped out of the whole thing like a rocket. :( I was part time working at that time and the amount of concentration I would have to put into all that physics/mechanics stuff was just too much.

For 10 years I was sad about not being in Geoinformatics.

But lo and behold: This year I got a job in it. It is my absolute dream job. All that was required was a decent IT diploma, which I had. In my application and in the job interview, I didn't stop raving about how cool Geoinformatics are and how this is my absolute favourite thing ever. Who would have thought - Geoinformatics was a main part of the programming job profile. And I actually got the job. I'm in heaven.
No. 42003
That's cool, I hope the reality of wage work doesn't kill of your enthusiasm for the field.
No. 42021
359 kB, 687 × 485
It's ok, it's luckily not economically competitive, but rather civil service. What coudl kill my enthusiasm there was the wage itself as compared to what other people with that skillset earn on the job market, but I absolutely do not care about that.

But it is so cool, soooo cool. Did you know there is a stackexchange subgroup especially for GIS?
No. 42097
Yeah that's fun. We don't do GIS in a strict sense but we did a lot of satellite image processing and geospatial nerds are a helpful bunch.
No. 42098
I've been through five universities and three diplomas - two of them exchanges

I really miss being a student. But I'm getting too old to do it again and it's getting a bit ridiculous. I mean I've always been good at it and that's fun but after a point you're just fucking around pointlessly instead of changing someting in the world.
No. 55742
Nice, Ernst lives in my state. Because America is so large (unlike Germany), you are often thousands of miles away from other posters. I wouldn't mind meeting up sometime and going for a hike.
No. 55745 Kontra
>higher education on the kazakhstan
and another HA

If you're middle class, your parents send you to russia for education. Which is also shit.
If you're oligarch, you don't need education in the first place because your family has enough money to live off of for the next 1000 years.

And this is why kazakhs are all dumb bydlo.
No. 55746
There was a Kazakh grille at my university. Check and mate.
No. 55749
[no pic available]
[no pic available]
Not really no but then again I had my reasons
I wouldn't have minded that now that I think of it
Somewhat, I switched majors partway through and languished for a solid year trying to get my shit together. In truth my new major never did, and as a result of me thinking I was trying to be "practical" didn't get a job in that so called practical field either which I didn't care about or even ultimately want to do anyway.

Now I'm stuck here trying to figure out higher paying jobs to push off grad school for another year because the new thing I wanted to study I realized I completely don't want to study in this country anymore. I would however not mind emigrating to yurop and being a diplomat for them instead.

Wait can I even actually do that? Could I move to some European country and be your guys' diplomat to murica?
No. 55753
Could I move to some European country and be your guys' diplomat to murica?
Wouldn't you have to stay in the United States if you were to be another country's "diplomat to murica"? Where I live, we have quite a few honorary consulates of irrelevant states whose accredited consuls are, I think, Germans. I probably bumped into one of them recently, he looked like an average German rather than an average Capeverdean.
No. 55768
Went to Austria today for a weekend trip.
No. 55781 Kontra
Well, this was supposed to go inside the today thread.
No. 56080
>If you're oligarch, you don't need education in the first place because your family has enough money to live off of for the next 1000 years.
You need, because it's better to be middle class wagie in West than rich guy in ex-USSR. Here even deputies from 200k town send their kids to private schools in London. Sure, they could just buy them a house in Italy and send to live there, but they want kids to have decent life and integrate into society (and not get drunk to death in swimming pool in villa).
Plus no one knows what will happen here in 10 years, let alone 1000.

Also I worked with guy from "Kazakh-British university" or something, sounds decent enough.
No. 56086
Ach blyat, refine your terms. Wagies are typically lower class, and yes absolutely most the not retarded absolutely bydlo ones anyway would gladly trade their life for being some rich oligarch in another land. Even if home country and its laws was shit, you then could just move to some Wect countryas Slav oligarchs typically do. Salarymen are middleclass. Upperclass have neither wage nor salary. A salaried person? Yes it's fine enough living and working here if you make $60k/year salary. As some $18k/year bydlo wagie? Fuck no. I'd move to sinkingsinkingswimmingswimming in a goddamn heartbeat if I ever had that chance I'd fucking teach myself Ukrainian and Russian and abandon speaking English to do so if I ever presented such a choice between be pushingpulling oligarch and singing fucking songs at Walmart hoping I do not get hassled by cops or kicked out by landlord or have medical problem I no longer can hide and lose two to three week wages +tip on ambulance ride I'm forced into taking at taserpoint then get evicted and become homeless because the ambulance company took my rent money.
No. 56090
Obviously, elites send their kids to best Western universities so their don't have to work in Walmart. Plus like I said that's just for socialization, I think they all have enough laundered money.
You know, here you can be rich and have connections, but you can't buy public goods with it. You'll still live around 3-rd world infrastructure, ecology, criminality, work ethics etc, you can't hide from it in mansion. The best example is Pitun who spent 1 billion USD on palace, but had to rebuild it because of mold. And it's very hard to manage thing remotely, most of elites have to suffer in Russia.
No. 56104
Started studying Philosophy and Theater Studies in 2019. Will drop out by fall and start an Ausbildung (basically working + getting education in the field at the same time).
No. 56123
What kind of Ausbildung? Don't say something kaufmännisch.
No. 56127
Your oligarchs must be higher IQ than our mambet retards, then.

Here, they go to west, but find out they are absolutely worthless, and don't have a nepotistic daddy to hire them. So they come back to kazakhstan and just spend their money on drugs, whores, cars that they kill people and get away with, buying businesses then ruining them, vactions at tourist traps, etc.
No. 56153
Well, it's a bit specific. It's called "Fachangestellter für Medien- und Informationsdienste". Basically I will work in an archive, keep it up to date, work with people that need access etc.
No. 56154
Funny, I was interested in that as well when I was younger. The Lohn for an Ausbildung ain't bad, state wage labor! I also considered a library once but I wasn't elected as new Auszubildener. My luck I guess, during my BA I worked in the uni library. Couldn't do for weeks. In an archive you will work more with the material I think.
No. 56167
I will work at a press archive and my main task will be interacting with the reporters that need access to the archive for their articles and such.
No. 56171
Sounds nice, it's fitting for an Ernst.
I remember a thread somewhere - I don't know whether it was on the other chan or here - where some guy told about his work as an antique weapon handler at a museum. Sounded comfy.

That said, after being part of the uni circus for more than 10 years, I can tell every Youngernst: Uni is a meme, don't fall for it. I am not even talking about non-degrees in the humanities, but MINT is also a huge scam. If I were 19 again I would learn a proper trade. If you're not part of the top 10%, uni bullshit and politics will ruin science and everything related for you.
No. 56175
>Uni is a meme, don't fall for it
I realized that quickly, although I only went a short time. If anyone asks me, I basically advise the same as you.
No. 56187 Kontra
I went to uni and think about continuing (after my masters), though ofc it's a lot of unnecessary work, thanks CDU for restructuring university in the 1980s and further, also competition, limited contracts and shiet. We'll see. I like doing that work even though it's quite stressful, but that can be the same in the private sector. Otherwise "was handfestes" would be ok, but tbh I'm more than glad that I did not end up in a uni library, depressing and tiring, nothing new or exciting. An archive at least has the promise to deal with material and to learn about it and its content, library is not about the content of books at all. There are jobs that are nice, I'd learn bread related stuff, since I do this in my free time, but I don't want to wake up at 3am, my passion is not that big. Nothing is more interesting than knowledge tbh. I mean surely, I'm a typical postindustrial shift consequence, information processing and communication. A good trade is practical and we need it ofc, you don't look down on a trade that really is a craft, meaning electrician or such. You know something that is useful. Retail is not something I consider useful really. I mean everything can be useful in the end, can have a use, so...
Anyways I think people that really burn for university or have interest should go on, people who don't like it shouldn't, I also encountered people and I thought to myself, why do they even study? They hate reading and such. Uni stresses me but satisfies me in a way. Any other job could fit that description.

Why don't you do a trade and end the bs? The too old argument, but does that really apply in the trade you want to do?
No. 56188 Kontra
Add: I left school for uni and then dropped it, considered a trade, and then went back to uni, learned to appreciate what it offers me despite its reworking into being just another station for the labor market and I'm happy, I couldn't imagine myself in any of the trades I considered tbh.
One should be aware of what uni is these days, coming from schools young people don't know what uni is and what role it has in our society.
No. 56250
>uni bullshit and politics will ruin science and everything related for you
Good to know that is not only a brazilian phenomenon.
No. 56252 Kontra
>Why don't you do a trade and end the bs? The too old argument, but does that really apply in the trade you want to do?
Because if you closely read my post, you will notice that I have been involved in university stuff for over ten years now and I most certainly will not start an apprenticeship when I have a PhD. It's not like I don't like my line of work or don't earn any money, but with respect to what amount of work I had to put in, it wasn't worth it, but the major point is simply that university is not like it was decades ago. Having a (rather worthless) bachelor's degree is like having Abitur twenty years ago.
With the need for more university degrees they didn't do anything to have better education, they just lowered the standards. Trades are not glamorous, and every half-brained monkey needs to go to university.
That leads to people - born and grown up in Germany - not being able to form a straight sentence. I don't even look for orthography and punctuation anymore. You get people who would probably be overchallenged pushing a button in a factory. I mean, we were already pretty dumb, but those people I had the misfortune of having to supervise are really not fit for anything beyond the very simplest tasks. Once I had to show one of them how to use a sponge to clean something (practical lab course). And that is only one factor; the other is uni politics in general, especially over the last year we could perfectly see how everyone wants to cover their ass and not take any responsibility whatsoever, so all the institutes were left on their own. I could also never be a professor because that means having to play by those politics and kissing asses and attending all those bullshit meetings and events. Of course you have those cases were someone is built from the ground up, doing their Diploma, their PhD and then they get fast-tracked to Junior Professor. Or when a woman is being passed around as an example of women in science just because she's a woman. I mean, she's smart enough to grab all the goodies that come with it, but she also damn well knows why she's being presented everywhere.
Then you of course have the anglo-invented principle of "publish or perish". I have exactly two first author publications. Of course, I am co-author on like 15 or 20 more, but that doesn't matter. People will fabricate results to get more funds or to just not get their funds cut. There is a culture of competition among scientists and I don't like that. In my opinion knowledge is there to be shared and university research should be a collaborative effort of everyone. I get that a pharma company will keep hush-hush and not tell anyone and do their thing because naturally they need to sell that shit after all that R&D, but that's industry, and uni is not industry and I hate how everyone is forced to go forth. Science is not always positive results. You can conduct research for years and still land at a dead end without any fault of yours. But in my opinion this should be as valid as a positive results because you can say "we tried this and that and nothing came out of it, so we can say that all this stuff doesn't work" - provided your methodology was sound, of course.

Sorry you had to read my unstructured ramblings, I probably forgot a lot of things I wanted to say. I am tired and angry.
No. 56305
FAU Erlangen/Nürnberg Ernsts hier? Would be glad if someone could share their experience with it
No. 57774
What about getting self employed?