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No. 3327
32 kB, 600 × 683
The killing of KC and the split into Kohl and EC was deliberate and the only way to combat the increasing shittyness of KC while allowing everyone to adapt and compose his Imageboards experience to his own liking.

No. 3329 Kontra
Is there anything to discuss?
Kohl didn't exist yet when KC was closed, so Bernds went to the second German board. There wasn't very big split, and Kohl was created by Bernds who didn't choose to adapt to EC moderation.
Later Kohl killed old EC and Bernds don't have to choose anymore - this place is Ernst only now, and visited mostly by people who cared about Ernst.
Also, as a side effect, German side of EC is dead at all.
No. 3331
Considering how loose KC2 moderation is when it comes to CP, I don't see it lasting very long. There are way too many pedos there, both on int and b, and they aren't shy at all about posting their stuff.
No. 3332
15 kB, 464 × 661
150 kB, 680 × 380
883 kB, 1280 × 1600
There was nothing deliberate. It was literally the work of 4kanker which was almost entirely poltards that killed the site. It was always pretty bad, but at least it was bearable compared to the hordes from ylilauta, sosachers, Brazilians and so on. There is no "experience to his own liking" there is literally only the cancer. It is the exact same cancer that killed first /b/ and then literally all the rest of 4chan a decade ago. Many bernds were actually refugees from the cancer on 4kanker. Then the cancer that took over that whole site came to KC, and ruined KC so badly especially after 2015-16 that the admins simply abandoned the place entirely.

This exact same cancer then destroyed EC which is why this is now xyz. Let them all fucking rot on kohlchan. It is literally all of the most horrific cancerous posters who have killed every single site they've been on.
No. 3334 Kontra
Yeah that too. It is concentrated filth. All the worst posters who managed to get themselves banned from 4kanker, cripplechan, and probably were all banned from KC in fact there's a couple annoying pedophiles there who I hadn't seen on KC in ages. Literally all the people who were even beneath KC2017 shitposting ended up there. They already are trying to fuck with us too, coming here and starting their shit threads pretending the site is down (which it never is) should serve as a good reminder to be utterly merciless to them when they finally kill that site too.
No. 3336
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
>while allowing everyone to adapt and compose his Imageboards experience to his own liking.

EC is literally the only viable option and it is far from ideal.

And while I'm pretty hammered: The News Megathread rule is gay and suffocating. It kills any chance of sensibly discussing current events and nobody wants to particularly post in it. Has the mod who made the megathread rule chilled the fuck out/gone?
No. 3337
Staff says there are no old mods, maybe they could allow it.
No. 3338
At first I disliked it too, but now I like it because you can dump irrelevant news that don't deserve their own thread.
No. 3339
That was also pretty much how I saw it because I would often see a little news story that frankly didn't deserve its own thread and at times would be bordering on shitposting. Like we recently had some guy switch it up a little bit and go on a mass stabbing spree instead of the usual mass shooting but something like that doesn't deserve its own thread. Which is pretty much the way old EC operated, to collect all the more irrelevant news items into one place and let huge stories have their own threads. Most people didn't seem to realize that it wasn't creating news threads that was banned, it was creating massive amounts of trivial bullshit threads that was frowned upon the bulk of which were often just someone pushing an agenda.
No. 3346
The problem is, that anonymity is a double edged sword. On one hand, it's great because you are not tied to an account, but the worth of your posts. But you are not tied to an account! This is why imageboards attract the most horrid, antisocial autist who enjoy tormenting other users by posting THEIR shit 24/7. Not just making abhorrent post, but making the same kinds of threads over and over again ad infinitum. (See Kara booga spam for example.) Hungarian imageboard communities are especially prone to this.
No. 3351 Kontra
Why even discussing this again?
We all know KC went to shit after the mods finally gave up to fight the cancer.
Smaller boards dedicated to offer the atmosphere
certain kind of users wish, is probably the best option.
No. 3356
At least you'd expect them to have the decency to not just make the same thread with the same exact posts all over again.
Look at that Romanian in Finland over at KC for example. He makes the same threads every day, and engages in the same "arguments" every day with the same stock images and stock arguments.
Those people aren't "assburgers", they aren't reclusive because they're somehow above society, they are loonies and an imageboard lets them have a free reign of terror because they are really careful about not breaking the rules, but they are still out to cause as much annoyance to an average user like you and me as possible. And these were the things killing KC. 4kankers /int/ is full of these people, hell 4/tv/'s memes are 100% based on this principle.
But coming back to the original subject, those people are actually mentally ill. They aren't trolls. Trolls give up after a while. These people spend considerable time everyday FOR YEARS shitposting on a professional level, and once your board catches even one of these, you aren't going to get rid of it, or at least not before another one appears.
No. 3361
I care about a lot of things because my spirit isn't broken.
Otherwise, what news do you bring?
No. 5424 Kontra
What kills imageboards is lack of posters
No. 5426
293 kB, 690 × 660
we need more sissyposting
No. 5434 Kontra
429 kB, 2404 × 1260
What kills imageboards is a lack of QUALITY posters, and hordes of shitposters drive them away.

Let me ask you something, when is the last time you heard anyone mention 4chans /b/? When is the last time you ever even thought about it? Do you even actually still consider it to be a living or dead board? Now that you think of it, does a part of you actually imagine no one must post there anymore?

Hordes of cancerous faggot shitposters killed KC. It killed 4kanker /b/. It eventually destroyed most of 4kanker. It also killed old EC. It is literally cancer. The unrestricted growth of useless cells that serve no other function than to multiply themselves until it kills the host.

This retard is an excellent case in point. Shitposters eventually drown out all discussions and flood good threads off the board with their unrestricted--sometimes knowingly deliberate--shitposting. It destroys the community utterly. That is why KC literally no longer exists. They are an infection in human form.

The final stages are when it's so cancerous, so awful, so terminal, that even the shitposters themselves cannot wallow in their own filth anymore. A very good example of this is 8kanker's /kc/. That board is literally a dead board. The last time I went there it was such SHIT I couldn't believe me eyes. You see, shitposters cannot exist in a vacuum. They can only continue to exist by attaching themselves to a healthy host. There they drag quality down and begin to multiply, until they have outnumbered all good posters who simply stop posting.

Pic related. They are the faggots that ruin the hobby. Then by the time the original group is not even a memory, they too abandon all pretenses of being there to enjoy the hobby to begin with leaving nothing. They are like locusts.
No. 5439
323 kB, 492 × 560
I don't advise talking about what we need in the very first post on the board.
No. 5446 Kontra
Good post
No. 5450
The last time you created your own Brexit thread you got like 2 or 3 posts from the people. Why do you think that new threads would get more replies?