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No. 3372
11 kB, 328 × 202
"The archduke was also very satisfied with the development of the order. "Today, undoubtedly, we succeed in reviving the Central European identity. You can see that in our committees and in our growth. "The knights must defend their values, their land and their continent. "Some of our new, newly invested knights are in the front line. Therefore, I would like to welcome two of my recently invested friends from Ukraine here. They are two highly decorated generals who have both rendered outstanding services in defending their European country against Russia. I'm glad you're both here, "the Grand Master explained with thunderous applause."


Why aren't you an imperial European knight yet?
No. 3374
When LARPing goes too far...
No. 3375 Kontra
Looks like scam, some really expensive scam
No. 3376
It's some kind of reverse RP, where the people who actually have the roles are supposed to pretend not having them, but don't.
No. 3380 Kontra
Yes yes, Austria stronk and relevant and shit.
Habsburger also matter a lot.
No. 3384
I find Austria to be a fascinating country. I am not satisfied with your 4chanesque offensive statements towards the Austrian people.
No. 3385 Kontra
No. 3684
Everyone loves Austria and so do I, but every proper Austria bullies Kaiser-tards and that's the right approach tbh.
No. 10782
bumping for interest
No. 10840
The people of big strong countries are evil, people born in small weak countries are good, m'kay. We will defeat them with our moral superiority like Tibet and Taiwan defeated China

t. non-countries