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It is about Horror Punk, starting from The Misfits, then the two samples This is Horror Punk 1&2 which tried to give a good overview of what emerged after the reunion of The Misfits end of the 90ties (without Glen Danzig of course) and after this some random pieces of the genre. To be honest, some psychobilly and othere familiar genres are within this playlist. by Horror Punk & Psychobilly


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No. 33955
92 kB, 1200 × 675
306 kB, 1280 × 853
299 kB, 1920 × 1080
279 kB, 1680 × 1050
Nu half life anounsed but nobody cares because it's VR edition.
No. 33958
4,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
This guy was mad af I one shot him with a stupid ass Japanese derper, funny shit
No. 33959
Honestly Valve is completely dead as a publisher and I haven't got any shred of interest in whatever crap they would put out. The last game Valve did was a card game which nobody ever talks about and hell probably most people don't know about because supposedly it sucks.

On top of that I no longer like or trust Valve as a client at all. I am so happy for being told about this universal GOG launcher because I already was wanting to switch to buying games on GOG instead but still had the issue that all of my games are tied to that shitty fucking launcher now. I am still so pissed about it. I mean yeah I did eventually find and like some nice features a few of which I've no idea why they weren't included ten years ago but this does not outweigh every single freaking problem I have had since then including but not limited to drops in performance and constant game crashing. It is so bad at this point that I am seriously questioning a hardware failure and if like some RAM stick has just fried or something because the moment I crashed out of a game because Steam crashed and was forced to update this abomination I have had problems with almost all of my other games slowing down or outright crashing for no apparent reason the moment steam updated itself to this piece of trash.

Now that I know about this GOG launcher I'm going to have to give it a try and see if I can switch to it for all of my steam games. Hell I still have that one last $20 gift card I haven't even activated yet and keep thinking if I can actually return it and get a refund. I am so mad at Valve I am practically boycotting them at this point. I haven't seen any sales steep enough on a game I truly want to bother using it anyway so I haven't bought anything in like a month and just been on old games as it should be.
No. 33960
I was going to ask if you play Crossout but just realized I already factually know that you don't and sadly it's one of the most incredibly grinding games that's bordering on pay to win so it's not like you'd actually have a sweet build for quite awhile.

Which is a shame because I'd love to play with you and I think Crossout is probably better because you can at least actually custom build everything from scratch.
No. 33963
9,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:12
There's plenty of games out there that are probably better than World of Cykablyad, and I've tried a few like War Thunder but as you say, I cba grind up a new game, I've got my elite crews and OP tanks with plenty of equipment n' sheeiit and the thought of starting from scratch in some grindfest ain't appealing.
No. 33964
23,2 MB, 3393 × 4413
>Lol your library looks almost identical to mine except for a few things like Ducktales, Farcry, Final Spam, Flatout 2, Arma II and so on, and if you dont count those and combine my wishlist with few games I only haven't got yet because I'm not rich or it got delisted from Steam like Alpha Protocol and it's basically my library.
Well, this libraries not actually show what games I'am playing. I have hell lot of stuff just on CDs in my cabinet. Other things I pirate because they not avalible in any shop, or I don't want support company. Like I don't think I want buy redguard and support bethesda. On other hand, I got hell lot of stuff as gifts or for free. Like Bydlofield 4. somebody back when it's new gifted me this game. I played boring campaighn when got new PC and forgot it, buy at some point origin gifted all addons and DLCs so I now have Battlefield 4 full pack and never played it online. Here is my full library. I think, you may guess what games I bought and played, and what games I never touched yet lol

>Speaking of which did you guys know that not only are they making a Baldur's Gate 3 but also a new System Shock?
Underworld Ascedant from same team was total crap. Looking at Bard's Tale 4 also, and Bard's Tale remaster, and how remaster of SS1 going, I am very sceptical about inXile and Nightdive Studios. I always was honestely.

>I mean just imagine it if they remade or reimagined Jedi Knight II Outcast or Academy. Can you imagine it?
I think sourcecode for this game still float around internet, even when Disney banned it. Quake 3 basic engine also opensource for so many years. I don't want Disney ever touch everything classic star wars realted in any way.

There was some project on Moddb of "remastering" slightly this games but it's dead. Now people making new improvments and lauchnig system for Jedi Knight 1 and addon which is really nice. It have ability of all modern resolutions and even 32-bit color. My webms from previous thread with JK1 was with tihs program help, however not manajed to make new upscaled textures to work sadly. All this still in beta, but I following progress.
No. 33965
>Looking at Bard's Tale 4 also, and Bard's Tale remaster, and how remaster of SS1 going, I am very sceptical about inXile and Nightdive Studios. I always was honestely.
Except they have nothing whatsoever to do with any System Shock remake. I'm not entirely sure you're point here or if you just lumped two completely separate points into one thing.

>Beteran designer Chris Avellone and members of the Fallout: New Vegas development team are helping Night Dive Studios with the game.[80] While this was originally planned for 2018, Night Dive found that their vision had too much scope creep, and in early 2018, put the project on a brief hiatus to reassess their approach. Night Dive has since restarted its development but now simply staying true to bringing a version of System Shock to modern systems with minimal new additions, with release no sooner than 2020.[81]
>Separately, OtherSide Entertainment, founded by Looking Glass's founder Paul Neurath, had been able to acquire a license to the System Shock franchise from Night Dive Studios to develop System Shock 3.[82]

And well it's sad but I truly wish I could have a Jedi Knight type of game except made with a big project team and budget and added in more of an RPG type of game with more similarities to KOTOR and with better story, but retaining much of it including not being able to walk around wielding s lightsaber without bumping into things and beings and cutting them with it. Well I guess what I actually truly want isn't so much a remaster or even a remake necessarily as an expansion.

I keep wanting to go into SW:TOR but quite frankly I don't trust the fact that Disney had anything to do with it and because I have literally never heard anybody talking about it has just led me to conclude it's a pretty bland mediocre game and not really anything similar to the real KOTORs all, but then again, while I had actually heard about it somewhat more it is possibly a similar thing to The Secret World where I always wanted to play it but never got to and then forgot about it only to rediscover it later and find out it's a truly nice game. Secret World Legends ended up reminding me of VTMB a lot and while it was hobbled by the shitty fact of MMORPG elements (which is what it actually is) I found that singleplayer campaign quite satisfying. So satisfying in fact that I actually played over 200 hours on it and wanted more content while not really having to put up with any other people and getting to do my own thing.

So in conclusion I think that I should give The Old Republic a shot. I don't know what you think of it but it actually did have highest production values apparently and while it is a shitty MMO pay to win or whatever type bullshit it is nothing like the crap pulled with, what was it called Battlefront 2? Or something? And that you can pretty much just play the whole game for free. Supposedly. Which tbh I'd much rather just buy the singleplayer than have to put up with any of the terrible MMO stuff including their buying shit scheme, although I have ground Crossout for the past like two or three years which is a really fun game and I haven't paid a penny.

My concept is either dumb, gullible, and/or rich people just keep buying all these stupid packs and wasting hundreds of dollars on this nonsense which enables people like me to play absolutely for free while some schmuck blows his whole weeks paycheck in the game and the devs are still making money even without many people like me ever having paid a dime in years. I suspect War Thunder and World of tanks is just like this as is Crossout. Hopefully if there is any paid shit in The Old Republic it is much like that. Mainly I haven't even played it because I hate it when shitty launchers ask me shitty things like having to give my shitty email and make up all of this extra account and password bullshit that I then have to memorize rather than going through steam or something.
No. 33966
174 kB, 1920 × 1080
110 kB, 1440 × 810
322 kB, 1920 × 1080
>Except they have nothing whatsoever to do with any System Shock remake. I'm not entirely sure you're point here or if you just lumped two completely separate points into one thing.
They connected with Underworld Ascedant, and I both merged this studios as very similar in their weak sides.

>And well it's sad but I truly wish I could have a Jedi Knight type of game except made with a big project team and budget and added in more of an RPG type of game with more similarities to KOTOR and with better story, but retaining much of it including not being able to walk around wielding s lightsaber without bumping into things and beings and cutting them with it. Well I guess what I actually truly want isn't so much a remaster or even a remake necessarily as an expansion.

They had good story already, don't know why they need better one. And I like them being shooter. If you interested about, JK3 project was cancelled and slowely turned itself into "force unleashed". And it was fanfic-tier game but by gameplay was quite fun, however obviously it was compleatly different.

What I lacked in ourcast/academy is small details. Like imperial gunners, imperial scouts. More movie-based weapons like Light repeater and heavy blasters instead of game-specific ones. Reloads of blasters, maybe some variaty in objects. Wierldy there not single one AT-AT besides long time ago destroyed parts in Hoth on JA, no TIE Interceptors models etc. Wierd since all this apperead in JK1 and addon. Cut level in space side of space installation in JO, also one from demo on Alzok III. Some more variaty in look of gang members and overall emptiness of Nar Shaddaa and some other levels - killable civilians and some street detail was key part of JK1 (if I remember correctly your behaivor decide your ending). There was really cozy street on sulon but can't find screens now

>I keep wanting to go into SW:TOR
Remember what KOTOR did to original lore? It's same but it done it with KOTOR. So we some thousands years ago, but we have same star destroyers and clone dudes as in movie era and everything was made just because MMO need it. It was done before diensey, but in late lucas arts - in times of 3d clone wars, force unleashed and stuff

> I don't know what you think of it but it actually did have highest production values apparently and while it is a shitty MMO pay to win or whatever type bullshit it is nothing like the crap pulled with, what was it called Battlefront 2?
Battlefront 2? You mean original battlefronts, 2004-2006 games? Thos was cool games. Liked them more than battlefield. 1 is hard but fun. What I don't liked in them how they fucked actual universe logic of guns, uniforms and ships and anything just because it was "in movies" (or in tartacovsky cartoon). Like clone ARK trooper is just skin for bazooka trooper.. just because there was one shot in catoon where ARK used rocket launcher. I hope you get the idea.

But original BF is on gog now. I like it more because it's more grounded, recommend to try. It's Map based battlefied clone with it's own gameplay and quite challenging at hard in SP. Aslo like Zero Phse Dark trooper desighn and idea. Ironicly, BF1 is game that was original Jedi Academy MP regime that was not finished and become it's own game. In JA you can still in console cheat itself inside flyable X-wing.
No. 33968
I meant this game and this kind of complete bullshit thanks largely to EA, may vermin infest their undergarments and they get dysentery
No. 33970
The base game of SW:TOR offered a great story and even tho the marketing revolves 100% around muh jedi/sith and muh lightsabers it comes with some great "normal people" adventures that are ironically way better than all the force user plot available in this game.
The mechanics also weren't that fucked back then and it was actually a try on a story based MMO.

I tend to look at The old Republic and Battle of Yavin era like I look at Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy instead of how it actually is portrayed by SW lore.
I know that technically they are on the same timeline but there are near to zero intersections between these two as also a few thousand empty years without any lore at all between them plus completely different working physical laws/force ("magic"). So The old Republic is more a seperate Star Wars with monolithic theme and way more fantasy focus than an early history lorewise.

>I keep wanting to go into SW:TOR

Do yourself a favor and don't.
Now its complete shit of course but no one actually still plays it anyway. I've been on german only classic wow roleplay private servers with more population at 6:30 a.m than the usual TOR server at prime. There isn't an actual game anymore. Its a giant cash shop that gets supported with an 3D overlay so people buying stuff there can trade it with each other and 90% of the Dev's resources are reserved for creating new armors and mounts to sell there but nothing else.
You will witness a complete new lootbox set with hundreds of different items every month at least but the same shitty mechanics as in 2008 with the maybe worst and most out of the ass storyline I ever had to torture my mind with (new TOR is "my face is tired" Andromeda tier).
No. 33975
>and it was actually a try on a story based MMO.

I have to say that Final Fantasy 14 is essentially this, and succeeds fantastically. Granted, the story structure is that of a completely linear JRPG - it's essentially a playable anime. But if it was an actual TV show it would be one of the better ones of the last decade.

It's also a passably good MMO as far as gameplay goes. The devs design it with player convenience in mind, so there's no endless grind necessary just to keep up with current content, and cash shop stuff is entirely cosmetics and level boosts.
No. 33981
>plus completely different working physical laws/force ("magic").
I, er....what
I have no idea what this is actually supposed to even mean. The Old Republic setting of Star Wars is way in the past but it's still no where near as ancient as the actual fantasy setting where Sith dark side users are literally just warlocks practicing magic which was closer to the founding of the Republic which is way, way in the past. Then I would say you're probably right about it being basically just WH Fantasy vs 40K but not in Old Republic era which still has blasters and lightsabers and space fighters and such. I have no idea what differences you're talking about here. It should also be noted that iirc the actual game TOR set in the Old Republic is not only not Olde Republik but is in fact set after the events of the KOTOR games.

>but no one actually still plays it anyway. I've been on german only classic wow roleplay private servers with more population at 6:30 a.m than the usual TOR server at prime.
I ficking hate MMOs. It was actually the absolute worst part of Secret World Legends because I'd be going around doing my thing which frankly often felt pretty, idk the word for it but it felt less coherent and more like an MMO than a usual singleplayer ARPG without the dialogue options and just lots of shitty random quests for grinding XP and giving you a reason to explore the large open worlds filled with mobs of enemies scattered everywhere and almost no NPCs and just quest givers and mobs of almost instantly respawning enemies but it was still a pretty good singleplayer game, and then all of a sudden some jackass whizzes past me. Because it is of course online players and a lot of any gaming community ends up being retarded annoying g4m3r trash this often ended up being pretty immersion breaking for me, although moreso given the fact that I am one of three supposedly competing factions and yet we are never fighting each other so it made the MMO part pretty shitty and dumb anyway.

I'd only be playing TOR for the singleplayer. Having all of the servers largely emptied out of xXxWizard_fart69xXx would be a phenomenal improvement to me.

>Its a giant cash shop that gets supported with an 3D overlay so people buying stuff there can trade it with each other and 90% of the Dev's resources are reserved for creating new armors and mounts to sell there but nothing else. You will witness a complete new lootbox set with hundreds of different items every month at
This is actually the main thing that I'm afraid of. I don't have the time to grind mind numbingly boring and stupid activities for hundreds of hours anymore, nor the inclination. This is still vaguely tolerable however so long as nothing actually story related is blocked off by paywalls for stupid shit.

>but the same shitty mechanics as in 2008
Because I haven't played it yet nor seen many reviews I don't understand what this is actually supposed to mean, but keep in mind I pretty much don't actually play any newer games at least ARPG wise. In fact probably the newest game I actually even have that's an RPG like that is Elex, which got mediocre reviews for "being a triple A game supposedly and having a combat system from almost ten years ago." As I am coming at this from the perspective of playing things like KOTOR 2 and VTMB clearly this isn't a problem for me, and in fact the change from Witcher to Witcher 2 in combat I found incredibly shitty and jarring and clearly was a massive massive downgrade from the combat mechanics of The Witcher though in that instance it was clearly a case of being consolized garbage. I mean just, man the combat is shitty. Pressing WASD prompts for a fistfight I mean are you fucking kidding me?! Jesus Christ that was bad. It definitely lowered my respect even further for consoles and console players.

At any rate I don't actually know what you mean by shitty mechanics in other words. I rarely play any truly newer games at all and instead generally get super new games from several years ago on discount, and come to think of it of those they're usually just like an older game with newer graphics. Probably one of the newest games I've got is Dying Light and by God does it have a similar problem to Witcher 2. If that is what "new combat mechanics" feels like then no fucking thanks. Seriously I cannot begin to understand why this is acceptable to people. It feels like trash mechanically and with the controls because you can immediately tell it was for consoles.

>most out of the ass storyline I ever had to torture my mind with
Yeaaah see this here is the one thing you said that is actually a clear problem to me other than the loot box shitfest, and a core critical failure of one at that given that I'd only even be playing this game for the story. Seriously that's just about it: the story. That is the only actual reason I have for playing this game is because the original KOTOR games were so awesome and I wanted to play a new old republic story with lots of NPC interactions, which come to think of it I should already know better about branching storylines and ability to fall to the dark side or redeem yourself because aren't you actually locked to one class from either light or dark side?
No. 33986
In short, TOR is same shit as ESO for elder scrolls in therms of lore. Very lame thing for newcommers and very casual KOTOR "fans". Ironicly, ESO made on same engine as TOR lol.

https://youtu.be/p8krPs1vY5s Oh, this is already in early acces! Can't wait to try this
No. 33987
>have no idea what this is actually supposed to even mean

The genre of "fantasy" is by no means bound to a medieval setting but to a mythological approach on the story and the universe. When I'm talking about TOR era I do not only mean SW:TOR and Kotor but actually the timeline beginning from about ~5000 years before the events of the first Star Wars movies in novels and comics (that were published a decade before Kotor).
In all these works the Star Wars universe is way more mythological and way less sci fi.
It strongly focuses on the force and the religions build around it basically ruling the galaxy with a lot more fantasy elements such as ghosts and artifacts that only function trough the force which is also not some mostly invisible energy that can be channeled by a few individuals but more some sort of magic power granted to whole species that just have to train it to become master force users, whole cultures solely existing around their masters and a lot of magical creatures, magical plagues (Taris) and literal warlocks (sith sorcerers) or souls that can be trapped in stone vessels because of the force and mystic rituals.
The whole setting is as I said monolithic and more spiritual with big stone buildings carved in runes everywhere and stuff like that. Also the physics around space travel, the hyperdrive, weaponry, shield systems, energy usage etc. etc. is WAY less fleshed out and mostly no one gives a shit and just does it.

The timeline around the battle of Yavin aka the movies + novels/comics is mostly the opposite of this.
There are a handful of active force users known to the whole universe and even they use their powers very, very scarcely and in way less spectacular ways because the force isn't some magic that can do basically everything what the guy wielding it can imagine but its a concept has very strict boundaries.
In the books, the tech is often described in depth and there is a lot of physics that limit space travel and weapons. Space battles have a lot of fluff about gravity considering the hyperdrive and basically nothing happens without being rationally explained (in the boundaries of the star wars universe) while in the TOR era a lot of stuff just happens "because of the force" or "a very old and supernatural evil no one understands". Its way more mundane, way less spiritual.

Actually if I think about it, Warhammer 40k and Fantasy are a bad comparision because W40k also has a lot of magic, ghosts, demons and such going on. But it covers the basic concept of my way of thought that these two are just more or less different universes using the same assets.

>This is actually the main thing that I'm afraid of. I don't have the time to grind mind numbingly boring and stupid activities for hundreds of hours anymore, nor the inclination. This is still vaguely tolerable however so long as nothing actually story related is blocked off by paywalls for stupid shit.

Oh you got me wrong there. Its worse.
There is no way to grind that stuff. 90% of the content solely consists of cosmetics and the feeble rest is basically the butchered carcass of the original game.

>At any rate I don't actually know what you mean by shitty mechanics in other words.

Mostly the WoW like MMO fighting system (way, way worse than kotor or vtmb could ever be), good/light side system that does absolutely zero, immersion breakers such as a flamethrower or a backpack full of rockets that spawn on your hands/back if you use an attack, companion loyalty that is solely based on you handing over thousand identical copies of the same gift item (that you bought from the shop) stuff like this.
Its not bad game design as in: Limited technical options, its bad game design as in: 2008 WoW like MMO.

>only even be playing this game for the story

Don't. It's still an MMO and even if the (base) stories are nice tales, they are linear as fuck. 99% of your decisions will have absolutely no impact on the game.
The expansions are: Grind four hours of the same mob type (the newest one literally has FIVE different enemy models for about 20h of content) get a two minute wheeled dialogue with three options, repeat.
No. 33988
816 kB, 1024 × 1536
918 kB, 1024 × 1536
274 kB, 892 × 1397
300 kB, 914 × 1397
Well, KOTOR games contradicted old lore in many ways, at least at style level. Since KOTOR games, it's become in many ways more like prequel episodes by tech and style, with some notable exeptions. Same way as prequels themselfs tried to steal idea from Tales of the Jedi, again kind of contradiction story and bringing 5000 BBY jedis into movies era timeline.
TOR overused it even more, with technology and stuff almost idential to movie era, style and narrative was changed very much and a lot of things broken. They used then late sith wars and darth bane era of downfall as "fix" for this contradiction of technologies is same. But I kind of don't like it, I prefer comicbooks and it'd be more cool of KOTOR game original followed style and characters of the comicbooks, continue thier story.

I don't think with "eras" there changed much. Thing is, at times of 5000BBY galaxy technologies is mostly cargo cult of fallen civilisation from the past like Kva. However, in other ways people way behind normal civilisation. This why we have wooden or built inside insect space ships, edged weapons together with primitive blasters, atomic reactors and droids but not even proper navigation computers. This is not clear fantsy (whole star wars) but what called "techno-fantasy". Things like Flash Gordon first comes to mind when compare them, however Flash is much more fantasy-like, while Star Wars in the end in EU remain more science fiction like.

Less "fantasy" approach in movies comes from fact that after thousands of years technology actual more advanced and many mystical stuff forgotten by majority of the galaxy. However, I guess I should note that Tales of the Jedi is spin-off of Dark Empire - and Dark Empire is post-endor. Here we started to get actual lore about sith, jedi, force and it's mystical powers, together with old republic. Jedi Academy trilogy of books also connected to it, and also continue plots and ideas of TotJ, not to metion Jedi Academy game and it's main villian directly from TotJ. Even Thrawn books started some things, aren't there was first metioned Battle Meditation for example?
No. 33990
>with a lot more fantasy elements such as ghosts
Force ghosts were already an established thing since 1977
> and artifacts
This I'm less clear on. You mean Sith holocrons? Although in retrospect I suppose having the entire Star Forge and Malachor IV being dark side tainted could be a bit much. That being stated the Force always was basically a fantasy element in scifi. It's never explained and it's literally magics.

>s also not some mostly invisible energy that can be channeled by a few individuals but more some sort of magic power granted to whole species that just have to train it to become master force users,
Why would that make less sense? It makes a hell of a lot more sense from a scifi perspective to be honest. Like having that whole species I forget the name atm including best sidekick Visas who pretty much only see through the force and have no eyes. I mean, that just makes basic scientific sense. It grounds it more to actual science than the complete fantasy of a bunch of space wizards. We already have certain species of fish that can send fatal amounts of electric shocks, as well as numerous most? All? species of fish being able to sense electrical fields generated by living beings in the water. I mean, when you put it that way--that there's this one species that sees completely through the force--it suddenly makes way more sense that it could possibly be a scientifically explainable thing that the overwhelming amount of humanity has no clue even exists save for a few profoundly unusual individuals with a mutation allowing them to sense this new kind of electrical field and even manipulate it, that other species take for granted relying on like birds sensing the magnetic fields of earth for direction. It also suddenly has it making a hell of a lot more coherent sense how it's also hereditary in the human population and can be thought of suddenly more as like a recessive gene also that certain pure bloodlines try desperately not to dilute, like for example the dark side dynasty on Onderon. Otherwise all you have is literally space wizards.

>whole cultures solely existing around their masters and a lot of magical creatures,
I am not sure what you are referencing. Again, it makes more sense to me that certain species would be more attuned to it and feed off it, although I forget what those beasts on Korriban were and whether they were mutated by it.
>magical plagues (Taris)
I thought that was a biological plague? Although yes normal humans being suddenly mutated like that was a big fantastical, but still at least capable of being coherent in a soft scifi setting.
>and literal warlocks (sith sorcerers)
Which was long before Old Republic, like way long before. Unless I'm getting my dates mixed up I'm pretty sure that goes back to the very founding of the Republic which wasnt that something like 25,000 or 30,000 years ago?

>while in the TOR era a lot of stuff just happens "because of the force" or "a very old and supernatural evil no one understands". Its way more mundane, way less spiritual.
Fair enough. But still
Force ghosts

>Actually if I think about it, Warhammer 40k and Fantasy are a bad comparision because W40k also has a lot of magic, ghosts, demons and such going on. But it covers the basic concept of my way of thought that these two are just more or less different universes using the same assets.
Nah what you said perfectly makes sense to me however I think that you also unwittingly undermined your own point just by this paragraph alone in pointing out how similar a lot of the mechanics of the universes work together albeit presented in a slightly different way, like trying to pretend that Orks literally breaking all the laws of physics has some plausible explanation or that space travel, psychics, and magic are all working on the same physics as a parallel dimension however the inclusion of the Ctan and making all that separate from The Force power the immaterium makes it a bit more nonsensical.

I think that in pointing out all that you've also shown how yes indeed the comparison is apt because magics devoid of explanation already exists by the time A New Hope was showing up in theaters. Why does Obi Wan mysteriously vanish in thin air when Vader strikes him down? Why is he able to show up as a ghost later on? Why is he able to talk to Luke telepathically after ye is dead? Why is shooting lightning bolts from your arse possible? Why is picking up not just a living someone but also very large heavy objects telekinetically possible? Why does this mysterious force affect both physical objects and interact with physics as well as working on people's minds like force persuade? Not only that but it's been shown the swamp is supposedly infused with the power of the dark side. Why is it that this magical force is capable of being both light and dark? Is this supposed to be some kind of force anti-particle?

None of this shit is ever explained. It's basically just "lolmagic" for the first three films released which would be the entire basis for the Star Wars universe for many more years until it began getting fleshed out more in the late 80s iirc.

>Oh you got me wrong there. Its worse.
>There is no way to grind that stuff. 90% of the content solely consists of cosmetics and the feeble rest is basically the butchered carcass of the original game.
I still don't entirely know what this means. Can you say it more directly? So you are saying all the stuff you cant grind for and have to pay for is cosmetic 90%? What was the original game? How is it a feeble carcass? You mean they cut lots of content or what?

>good/light side system that does absolutely zero, immersion breakers such as a flamethrower or a backpack full of rockets that spawn on your hands/back if you use an attack, companion loyalty that is solely based on you handing over thousand identical copies of the same gift item (that you bought from the shop) stuff like this.
Yeah that does sound pretty shityy. Like I said, I assumed that the reason I have literally never ever even once heard people talking about it casually, or making memes about it, or sharing any kind of screenshot of it at all, in spite of being an MMO, and despite being a successor to two of the most popular highly related cult classics ever made, is because it is just that absolutely pants droppingly shitty and boring of a game. Like at least Andromeda got made fun of. It's like there wasn't even anything interesting enough to make fun of it, which is just sad. All that in spite of the fact that also it had triple AAA+ tier cinematics even for its time that have held up well even by today's standards.
...at least I think it was from that game

>The expansions are: Grind four hours of the same mob type (the newest one literally has FIVE different enemy models for about 20h of content) get a two minute wheeled dialogue with three options, repeat.
Eh yeah that sounds kind of similar to SWL except I don't even remember being given the option to have a dialogue wheel. Fucking hell I played that game for over 200 hours why can't I remember if I even was given dialogue options ever...
...maybe it was because even if I had been given them they were so totally irrelevant it might as well have been none. OH wait now I can remember I'm pretty sure I was given them but it was literally just asking questions for more information. So it wasn't dialogue options it was asking a signpost for directions with each character. I still might try it though just to see if I'm really that completely disappointed in its writing and rpg elements.
No. 33991
1,1 MB, 1988 × 3056
3,1 MB, 1988 × 3056
>Force ghosts were already an established thing since 1977
He meant much more other more deep force abilities.
>I thought that was a biological plague? Although yes normal humans being suddenly mutated like that was a big fantastical, but still at least capable of being coherent in a soft scifi setting.
It's sith magic.
> You mean Sith holocrons?
Holocrons was first metioned and created for Dark Empire. In general, it's just cargo cult technology with forca abilites combined.
No. 34000
7,4 MB, 640 × 360, 1:24
Gondola visited High Rock
No. 34007
Where do I find the original bad translations of E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy and Pathologic? I don't mean the actual comprehensible translations available on Steam and GOG.
No. 34013
>but nobody cares

I give you my word VR systems will increase by at least 50%.
Personally i never got a VR headset because i never saw any games worth it but Valve could change that with their IPs.
Half-Life VR and Portal VR might just be anything i need for that investment.
No. 34014
There was an even worse translation of EYE?
No. 34016
I used to be a huge Half-Life fanatic, but at this point I have lost all interest, VR or not. Even if they announced HL3 for PC, I wouldn't be all that excited.

The greatest thing about them was how they elevated the FPS genre to a new standard, making the most ambitious thing that the technology allowed for at the time, and doing it at maximum level of quality. But a decade later, I don't see any kind of new ground breaking technology that could elevate the FPS experience, and the FPS genre itself is basically "finished", in that all the depth you can get out of it has already been exhausted, in a large part by the Half-Life series itself.

Playing HL1 and HL2 was like watching the development of an art form, but now the FPS genre is basically figured out, and the formula for making one is known and well understood. And I suspect that Valve's apathy for the Half-Life franchise is similar. Valve always liked innovating, and there's nothing in the FPS genre left to innovate.

That's also what they're doing with VR, but I don't think the traditional single player experience is a good fit for VR. I always thought that VR shines mostly as a multiplayer, social interactive experience. Playing a single player game with a VR headset strapped to your head is one steep too many towards wanton escapism that it becomes weird for me.
No. 34017
VR in single player works pretty well with simulators from ARMA to Steel Beasts and Flight Sims. You can debate the fun factor of some of those games in single player but it does exist. People have been using headtracking for many years and VR is just taking it to the next logical level.
No. 34019 Kontra
Also, I think that VR could really bring plaforming into a new golden age. Think of first person plaformers like Mirror's Edge with VR. That'd be a pretty awesome experience.
No. 34028

And HL2 was bland shit already.
No. 34038
For once I agree with a Canadian statement, and this is probably another one of my really unpopular opinions about a bland, mediocre, or outright shitty game that every gaming magazine seems to think is the best thing since Pong.

The sad thing is it actually thoroughly jibed with my overall sentiments at the time with that whole "pick up the can citizen" underground resistance simulator, but what it ended up being was just a bland excuse to show off Valve's shiny new engine. Like I've said before there are tons of things in that game that exist for no other reason than because Valve wanted to show off Source and it truly marked the moment when Valve had switched from having anything to do with making videogames. At that point HL2 was really absolutely nothing more than an extremely tediously long tech demo at E3 which is even more of a shame that they acted like total cunts and forced the release of an actually good game for no other reason than to show off Source regardless of how the story apparently now is this is supposedly Activisons fault (which is a shit company too).

It was strange because I somehow found it more boring and much, much less enjoyable than HL1. I mean the gunplay and battles were kind of cool, and the headcrab infested town was actually a pretty awesome level but that's just about it. I managed to finish Episode One this year and that was also a chore. I can't remember anything notable about it really except constantly having this bish in my way.

It wasn't a bad game but once again it just wasn't a very good one. The most notable thing about it ended up being the apparent sole focus of Valve for producing it which was the engine itself, which led to mildly improved games like CS and DoD which quite frankly were about as much fun to play on Source as they were the original code. Oh, and it enabled lots of other, far better games to be made like VTMB and EYE Divine Cybermancy.
No. 34042
i really liked both hl1 and hl2. i still remember when i found out that you could decapitate the zambies with the grav thingie and the sawblades.
Granted, i was stoned af, but i almost fell from my chair out of pure joy :3
No. 34043
Since you have a better expertise than me, can I ask you guys about which laptop I should buy for working and sometimes playing. So called "gaming laptop"often have a ridiculous battery life. I don 't care about playing with full settings, just something above 30fps. Budget is under €3000.
No. 34047
>under 3000
Why on earth are you even asking us? For this kind of money you can get a top of the line PC. Just avoid Alienware which is overhyped and overpriced and don't buy anything made by HP. Christ I wish I had that kind of money to just buy a new computer so willy nilly.
No. 34055
Half life 2 beta ideas had a lot ideas... and 99% of them was unreleased and we end with linear shooter. Much worse one than Half Life 1. Level desighn is extreamly linear primitive, much more primitive than HL1 one. Entire sections of game is unscipable cutscenes that make you just waiting and watching - HL1 exept iconic intro totaly avoided that. Guns bland, desighns too, enemies too.

This is - most parts of source was not something valve did. That FAMOUS PHYSICS ENGINE they just bought and attached Havok. Everyone back then started to make ragdolls themselfs of Buy havok. Everyone back then started make dynamic shadows. Hell, for fucks sake, Max Payne 2 did it more eraly than HL2.

And most of this quality and awesomness was from "looks guys, we have PHYSICS!!" which already after half of year was lame because everyone had this, but honestely, 99% of games don't need ragdolls because they not use this in gameplay. And half life 2 use was very forced. "OH LOOK PUZZLE YOU NEED TO THROW BRICK!!"

Ehh, lame. I really don't like games from this short time with early rahdolls and post-effects of shadows and light, they aged bad for me how people like to say, and half life 2 was even more bland as top layer onto that. I liked this game back when I was younger and it was new and I still not played HL1 and Addons. Nowdays.. meh.
No. 34056
This >>34047. And if you still need a laptop because of its mobility, for three thousands you can buy a decent regular PC for gaming and a cheap laptop like Acer for working. Fugging richfag Westerners. Three thousands euros is my total wage after tax for half a year!
No. 34065
Hey it's not all of us. I too know that feel. Well maybe not as much because I can make way more than $3000 in a year but it still costs way more. I'm trying to find an apartment with utilities included for under $900 right now and it's incredibly difficult. I don't even live in a nice area or dense area. Hell, the marvelous things I could do if even $2500 just fell into my lap but it sure as hell wouldnt be blowing it all on a laptop. I'm also increasingly paranoid of getting sick and incapacitated somehow or injured which would end up with the cops coming and forcing me at gunpoint into a private ambulance which would cost me close to a month's rent straight out of pocket. I'm trying to devise strategies to mask my injuries and refuse an ambulance if I get hit by a car or something.

I could try pretending to call for a ride but they'd wait until it shows up. They may also insist on some protocol which likely doesnt even exist so I'm going to have to lawyerball my way out of it. It does actually give you slightly higher odds of survival to get in a car to go to hospital than an ambulance too https://hub.jhu.edu/2017/09/20/emergency-transport-survival-rates-study-hopkins/
No. 34068
2,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
Ayyyy somehow I just got a copy of RAM Pressure for their beta testing.

I'll be sure to rant about it for good or ill in autistic textwalls here my first impression and overall view of this game and try giving feedback to the devs.
No. 34080
1,0 MB, 1366 × 767
1,0 MB, 1369 × 765
1,1 MB, 1364 × 765
1,2 MB, 1370 × 768
Well what can I say. This is very clearly an unfinished, unoptimized, and utterly unpolished game. Which isn't a bad thing, it's in development, that's totally okay...except for the fact that on their Steam page the release date is still listed as 2019.
There's only one week and one month left to that year. 2020 starts in five weeks.

Frankly I'm just hoping at this point that was some kind of really weird oversight on their part and that they are not going to try rushing this thing through to EA by the end of the year because quite frankly I don't even think it's prepared for that.
No. 34085
933 kB, 1366 × 768
1,6 MB, 1366 × 768
It's not a bad game mind you, in fact I think it has a lot of promise. The thing is there is so little content that at this point I basically can't judge anything. It's missing lots and lots of pieces to it, including this really bizarre thing where the sort of brief tutorial mission has first of all people with accents from all over the place. I'm given the option of playing for the GRU, the CIA, or the Chinese intelligence agency whose name I forget. If I'm Russian or Chinese then why in the hell do I have this Australian accented guy as well as a Slav and some big rambo murican sounding guy? But like I said, it's all over the place, so on the one hand I've got some pretty great voice actors from a couple of characters, and a bad one, and one who is I swear to fucking God it has to be a text-to-voice program like Microsoft Sam. I think they just had that one blank and used some Microsoft text voice as filler until they find the voice actress, which as you can see, is a running theme.

2019. They haven't even got the weapon descriptions yet. It's not hard. It takes you like five minutes to do that.

There are some lacking animations, like for instance instead of running each of the characters slowly walks like he/she's stalking an ambush--in the middle of an active firefight. So okay again this is a very rough beta. In fact you know what? I'm just going to write this whole thing pretending that it has a 2020-2021 release date. It's only fair because that's probably what they're doing.

Death animations still work although oddly they haven't added in the pooling blood yet. They also haven't got destructible environments. I was taken aback by this because I had one guy in cover and whipped a grenade at him to blow his cover, which all it did was take off a point of armor and a point of health. Your dudes have like 4-5 health and 2-4 points of armor on the starting mission as do they.

In case it somehow wasn't obviously clear enough this is an XCOM game. It's a turn based tactical combat game which I'd had on my wishlist and must've signed up for something. Honestly I wasn't actually expecting a whole lot just based on what I saw a year ago, with my understanding being that it was set in modern day with modern day weapons and human enemies fighting each other which is not very interesting but can still work for a TBT. The basic story is that some "asteroids" fell to earth and the world's governments and major players are the only ones who know this is some sort of alien wreckage, and that each government is racing against the others to be the first to claim all the alien wreckage while deploying covert ops teams for retrieval, and elimination of the other operators if necessary.

Honestly it's a pretty good setup for a game storywise and adds plenty of opportunity for plot twists and big reveals. Whose ship was it? What were they like? Can we learn from them? Can we learn what they're like based on the artifacts and debris we find? Why did they come to Earth in the first place? How did their ship get wrecked and damaged enough to break apart over earth? Was there another alien race there? Was this the result of a battle, and if so, who were the other guys and where did they go? If it wasn't, then what happened? Did the reactor blow up, or did they have another faction onboard sabotage it for some reason? If so why? What if there were xeno-rights activist fanatics onboard that ship who knew the only way to save man from The Harvest was to sabotage the ship after sending out a fake report our star is filled with barren worlds and a dangerous system or they had an argument about sharing technology with us, or uplifting us, or interfering in their prime directive, only for us to end up collecting their technology anyway or simply that it was an accident, but if so, where are the other guys? Will they be sending out a search and rescue party? What happens to us then after they find we looted all their tech?

So you see there are actually many ways this could be turned into good writing and an interesting story however thus far I've seen none of it. It's supposed to be singleplayer but I keep seeing lots of PvE and judging by some of these screencaps I'd say that eh...is that a lootbox? Are these weapons and armors all going to end up being on sale for multiplayer? Is this just going to be some sort of MMO?

In all honesty I think it's supposed to just be yet another Russian MMO lootbox scam. For some reason Slavs really seem to love that shit. In case that part wasn't obvious enough already this is a Russian game. It took me one look at their AKM description to go "oh this is a Russian game isn't it?" "Russians are many things but bilingual isn't one of them" as they say.

Oh, and despite not having really good graphics which I just realized I stupidly didn't cap right I was hitting the f12 key it ran like crap. Extremely long load times and that counts for both loading the intro mission as well as trying to get into a PvE mission which went nowhere.

I think that all in all this could actually turn out to be a good game, and plenty addicting given the XCOM formula once they implement things like destructible environments, however given the apparent multiplayer oriented nature of the game I'm not holding my breath. I think that if these Russians just settle for some get rich quick scheme and think they can turn it into a cashcow through nonstop microstransaction bullshit like I've seen from many other Slav devs then it's going to be yet another unfortunate and sad case of seeing people settle for mediocrity and below just because it seems easier from a shorter point of view.

Dust seemed to be struggling with that very same issue albeit minus the microtransactions which I don't know why the devs/publishers don't get this if you make a game made solely for multiplayer then no one is going to fucking buy it because there's no singleplayer to keep them around when no one's online and because there's so fewer people there's fewer to get online and it just becomes a downward spiral to nothingberries. If on the other hand you actually work on making your game be something itself then it can draw people in for years to come. Like just think about how many people have played and even still play Fallout Tactics. Now imagine if Fallout Tactics never had a singleplayer and only a multiplayer. None of us ever would've heard of it.

So I do wish that these guys work on making the game with a really interesting and cool singleplayer campaign, which they could even do as Starcraft did and have like CIA be the first Terran campaign and then you play the Russian or Israeli campaign second in place of Zerg and so on, or you could just try and do it Red Alert style and have each campaign basically the same missions and series of events but for the other side towards their outcome etc. It needs work like any rough beta would, but it has potential. Here's to hoping they don't waste that potential on an MMO microtransaction focused bore and embrace their potential for storytelling in singleplayer instead.
No. 34086 Kontra
Oh yeah I should clarify, those weapons and gear is purchasable from your resource pool which is $16,000 at the beginning of the game. I saw a plus sign there right next to it so coupled with certain other elements of the game made we worried about microtransactions, as opposed to it just representing your resources like any game's usual vespenegas construction fund.
No. 34090
How have they dealt with the multiplayer aspect? It seems really easy to abuse. I'm used to turn based multiplayer being a PBEM thing rather than actually having to sit there if someone goes AFK though, so maybe there are common mechanisms that I don't know of.
No. 34182
98 kB, 1280 × 800
Finished Disco Elysium recently. I started playing it during a period of heavy drinking and initially enjoyed the character's mental state reflecting my own, but I started feeling shitty about everyone in the game calling me a degenerate alcoholic and decided to have my character clean up his act and take the case more seriously, which coincided with me taking a break from the Al-Gul in real life.

It's simultaneously one of the funniest and most poignant games I've ever played. I haven't seriously sat down and thought about which games would make up my 10 favourite RPGs of all time, but I think Disco Elysium would make the cut.
No. 34193
Yeah I saw that one review I think it was posted here or the last thread and it really just hit too close to home
That part where he's making a total ass of himself, fucking everything up and being a degenerate while remembering oh right my mission for today where the fuck is my shoe after figuring out why his window is blown out was amazing and uncomfortable to watch. I've had too many days that started out exactly like that.
No. 34198
1,1 MB, 1451 × 1072
Did you knew Kyle Reese was Daggerfall fan?
Hard to be fan of the game that never come out because judgment day happened in 1995 here.
No. 34202
89 kB, 488 × 516
I have had and keep having all these horrible fucking problems since the Steam update but right now I'm leaning more towards one of my games being its fault not steam's. I keep having XCOM2 WOTC freeze and crash and it's really beginning to piss me off partly because I'm now so acutely aware of what little I even accomplished in a game because all I fucking do is have to spend all this time just having it frozen then eventually finally rebooting the game, more load screens, more save, more restart, more wait for the computer to start like I can't even imagine how much of my precious life I have wasted just on getting these stupid fucking machines to work and waiting for them to work

In the case of XCOM2 while a whole variety of my games now crash and freeze since whatever abomination steam became after the update I am pretty sure this is Firaxis' fault my game is crashing. I'm real tired of this. I get into a game and it just starts crashing and having problems.

I really really wanted to try getting into Stardrive 2 but not just the load times were horrendous, the FPS and everything else was too. From what I can gather that game is nearly abandonware and is notorious for being a horribly optimized pos. I saw a guy playing it and it acted like how XCOM2 looks on a Radeon HD7500 at max graphic settings. It's borderline unplayable. Yet another thing I'm going to have to fix.

I can really admire Mandalore for both his competency and drive to actually find these issues and fix them so the game is playable. I definitely would've given up on a third of the games he tried getting to run properly.
No. 34205
This video inspired me:

Some of the most fun I've had in CoH is cheesy turtling bullshit on bridge maps. Anyone wanna do a 2v2 against expert AI using only pioneers and goliaths?
No. 34209
hardware good enough?
re-verified your game files (and mods if any)?
No. 34228
It seems to be breaking itself once in awhile. The last time I did it I had to reinstall 64 files after verifying and then it only worked after restarting my machine. It sometimes worked without verifying but I'll do it again.

It's not hardware because XCOM2 worked perfectly fine on not the best settings but not terrible with an HD7500 1gb GPU. I've got a 4gb GPU now.
No. 34234
273 kB, 713 × 469
So I've done it. I've beaten Morrowind, two main DLCs and in general built a very powerful character, which made later half of the game very easy. It took my maybe hundred hours or so, and now it feels like this long journey came to an end.
I've always wanted to beat the game, but never got right mood to do it and now I'm just happy I was able do it. But what's next? I don't feel I will be able to play anything soon.

Thanks once again to you, my Russian friend, for your help.
No. 34235
What did you think of the two expansion packs?

I completed the main game a couple of years ago about but never got around to playing Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
No. 34239
Well a couple of updates no one cares about. Firstly, Stardrive 2 does indeed work. I'd apparently killed the verification process I had running in the background while booting it but that still did not stop the horrible performance so thought it was the game itself but when I tried booting it again while SD2 still loads the game slowly it does in fact perform swimmingly well on its own.

I am actually super stoked to play it. It got bad reviews by IGN but seriously who gives any slightest fuck what IGN says? At this point I try avoiding ever watching or reading any shitpile attached to IGN but when I do I always assume the exact opposite of what IGN says is true. They gave glowing reviews to all the wonderful amazing things about how fantastic SWTOR is supposed to be but said Stardrive 2 was shit. It amazes me how consistently inaccurate IGN manages to be. Meanwhile I'm super stoked to play SD2 which got good reviews from actual game reviewers except for the ground combat which frankly doesnt even look that awful albeit not looking too great either, and being called the weakest part of the game.

So why am I excited to play it? Because it is directly inspired by Master of Orion II, which is the game I played as a kid that got me into 4x games to begin with. So far as I've seen SD2 might actually do a few things better than MoO2 did. They have possibly fewer ship models and unknown what lower technology and weapon system than MOO2 but it's more in depth looking, and has real time space battles except seemingly done right. It has a hex based colony building option and an exact clone of the farmer/worker/scientist population management as well as what I wish more games had which is food import/export along trade ships, which for some reason GalCiv3 failed at and is entirely absent from the Endless Space games. This means you can settle and expand worlds poor or negligible in agricultural output but you better have a breadbasket set up and fleets to defend them from blockade. It's little things like setting up a blockade to a barren world and starving them out to oblivion with a good siege that I missed from my space 4x.

They still have some of the stupid fury artifacts from MoO2, which I hate, and wish people would stop cargo culting the singular albeit glaring defect of the non-MoO3 Master of Orion games and did races the way MoO3 did it but whatever, and having bear men and wolf men and the peculiarly common blue women space people. I to this day have no idea why the hell this became a scifi trope. It's stupid. Like, it is almost the level of space bears and space ants wearing pants layer of stupid and cringey and it's super common and I dont know why. GalCiv 3 did it with Altarians. Mass Effect did it with Asari. Destiny has Awoken apparently. They seem to like having some A variant name too. Syreen in Star Control 2. Twiilek in Star Wars. It is incredibly irritating and dumb to me and started out as retarded Hollywood bs so far as I'm aware and now exists just because dumb bydlo male kids as fanservice. SD2 did it with Draylock, which is basically merging characteristics of the two MoO2 races of Darlok and Elerian, so there's that at least. The naming conventions are an homage to it too, like the Kulrathi bears (Bulrathi). All that being stated SD2 actually does have some interesting and unique races and I can tolerate the Ralyeh squid men for at the very least not being literal squidmen but instead a race of Cthulhu who are religious fanatics which at least I can get into the roleplay more or ignoring it entirely, along with truly alien races like the Cordrazine collective which is mind controlling molluscs (and probably fungi inspired) who have an entire population of enslaved owls to do all their work for them, and the Pollops which are a peaceful plant race. Nothing too groundbreaking but still workable.

In general the game at first glance appears to be pretty fun although my god do the turna take long at the beginning, but then again this is generally a feature of 4X games. 32 turns on my first colony ship from turn 1 is a bit much though, but to be fair I only just started a game and have no idea yet how it will snowball in this game.

My first impression is an overall B+ to A- by potential. It is taking and borrowing from other games too though like the hex grid for buildings in the colony management screen and hexes at the galaxy level screen for influence and expansion both from GC3. I think that I am going to like this game quite a bit.

As for XCOM2 now I have finally loaded to the raid mission. I don't know why it kept crashing and how it got fixed from not freezing at trying to load the soldiers in the drop shop screen. The only thing I changed was not giving my heavy a mag cannon with green color and spots design. This time I said fuck it and gave him a cannon someone else had equipped that I unequipped from view soldiers screen and didn't change colors and camo pattern to match his armor. That is the only thing it did differently and it finally loaded. Oh, and I verified files with one missing but iirc I restarted once after doing it and it still froze and crashed.

I have no idea what the problem is but I've had something with the modlauncherWPF ever since I installed WOTC. I just got an alert screen indicating that the error was at line 125 of modlauncherwpf from best I can tell. WOTC is janky as fuck. This is far from the only problem I've had with it, the most disappointing of which was the no translucency problem which looks like total ass to this very day, so what I ended up with was spending wall over a hundred dollars on some new GPU that was on sale and being excited to run XCOM2 at higher settings only to be able to just barely run WOTC at higher settings and it still runs poorly and now it looks like total ass. I have never found a way to fix translucency. Yes this is a common problem. No Firaxis has never fixed this issue even though it was known about since like 2017 and it is almost 2020.
No. 34241
84 kB, 1024 × 576
Playing a game that has an interesting core premise, but absolutely infuriating UI that's giving me a headache, and a tacked on, unnecessary "combat system". But I want to keep playing because the board game is actually fun.

I just wish it was 100% board game, or at least the combat sections were turn based tactics instead of retarded batman style 3D beat em up. It feels like two five different studios developed this game. Or more likely, it's a mish-mash of hired freelancer work, Unity store assets and original work.

Going to try the sequel once I finish this.
No. 34243
Oh yeah I got that game but haven't tried it yet. I really, really have to get out of that white trash mentality of buying cheap things because they're on sale. I just wanted to try it to see if I would like the game mechanics and premise before trying the second one but frankly in most cases you're just betting off getting the second, improved version and this is likely to exception.

Actually now that I think about it I cannot name even one single game where the sequel was not better than the original game except Mass Defect 2.

...Jesus nope not even a single other one
No. 34256
I had the exact same impression of HoF. Never tried the successor.
No. 34262 Kontra
*not likely to be an exception

Oh and also, have you guys tried Space Rangers HD?
Because somehow your description sounds very similar or reminds me of it. I think I brought this up before and Russia said he didnt try it but that it was one of those very popular games among the YOBA type masses.

I also somehow didn't register what you meant by no turn based tactical combat, which is exactly what I thought the combat minigames was for some reason. Well that is mildly disappointing.
No. 34266
152 kB, 1280 × 720
98 kB, 760 × 428
407 kB, 2560 × 1440
Yes, space rangers used to be a beloved game, back when the russian game industry... existed, I guess. I remember reading behind the scenes stuff and developer interviews on IGROMANIA gaming magazine.

Never played it either, because honestly I don't enjoy the space aesthetic. I prefer my sci-fi grounded in human-level interactions, with a more colorful and vivid art style than "metal corridors, blue glowing plasma lights everywhere". Probably missing out on a ton of great games, but space exploration is just boring to me. It's just a bunch of floating rocks and gas, man.

I just rage-uninstalled HoF. The combat encounters mentally exhausted me, and its implementation of RNG is genuinely infuriating. You have to draw 1 card out of 4, some of which are success cards and some failure cards, depending on the "difficulty" of the encounter. So the success chance increments by 25%. You either have 25, 50 or 75 percent chance to win/fail. That is way too coarse for me, and forcing me to pick a card when I already know the odds is frustrating, especially when the animation is so slow. Just roll the dice behind the scenes and deal out the appropriate penalties / rewards, instead of giving me an illusion of choice. I don't know why rolling the dice in other games leads to suspense, while in this game drawing cards leads to frustration for me. Maybe the whole ritual of giving you a faux choice, then revealing the cards to show what you should've picked feels like the game is mocking your or something. Not to mention, binary "you succeed and get item / you fail and take damage" outcomes aren't very interesting. The card system would work if each card was some kind of neutral effect with a set of bonuses and punishments, so it'd feel like you're getting more variation, rather than simply failing and taking damage over and over.
I decided to not try HoF 2, since by the looks of it's it's just more of the same. And they doubled down on the real time combat system. I really hate those types of action games, it feels like every fight is a glorified QTE. Even in games that do it "well" like arkham or asscreed series, there really is no depth or strategy to it. You're just reacting to prompts like some fucking monkey during an experiment and mashing buttons while a cutscene plays on the screen.

Also briefly tried the demo of Deep Sky Derelicts. I don't think the game is out now, just the demo. The art style is nice, but the game itself didn't grab me. One of the disappointing things was that the map screen, where you do your strategy and management is just a monochromatic grid. The nice art style is featured only in the combat screens and hub areas. For me, the map screen in those types of games is the "meat", and probably what you'll spend most of the time looking at. I'd much rather take some fantasy style illustrated map than a minimalist sci-fi one. Just one of the reasons I prefer fantasy to sci fi - better UIs.

> I cannot name even one single game where the sequel was not better than the original
Diablo 1, Fallout 1, Half-life 1, Quake 1, StarCraft 1, Max Payne 1

No. 34270
>The card system would work if each card was some kind of neutral effect with a set of bonuses and punishments
There's an idea in there. I'm not going to lie to you and say that I didn't just half inch it for my own GM notebook.

>I'd much rather take some fantasy style illustrated map than a minimalist sci-fi one
I don't think minimalist is the right term to describe the issue ere. Something can be very minimalist yet supremely evocative. The issue I have with the map you post here is that it isn't evocative. What does it tell you about the game other than the mechanical aspects of what it's doing?

You also might like Guild of Dungeoneering. It's tongue in cheek, but is pretty interesting. You basically have to build the dungeon to make the adventurer complete the mission, so you place rooms and monsters for levels and gear, using loot to bait them in directions you need them to go and so on. It's also got a bit of the card-based combat where you are trying to figure out the one play that doesn't fuck you.

I unironically like the intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIDgJilvvyg
No. 34284
>Diablo 1,
False 2 was good and it was better
>Fallout 1
>Half-life 1
OH how did I miss that haha.
>Quake 1
> StarCraft 1,
Was going to say false but I realized there actually is a second one. For some reason I couldn't think of it and so counted BW for 2. I was specifically thinking of Starcraft but then was all "nah Broodwars was still better"
>Max Payne 1
Didn't play it, never even seen it, can't say
No. 34285
353 kB, 900 × 700
620 kB, 1317 × 1558
423 kB, 1280 × 960
840 kB, 1500 × 1750
>Thanks once again to you, my Russian friend, for your help.
You're welcome! If you have any questions related to TES games, or Might and Magic games or for example any DOS and maybe Amiga games and other things - I'd be happy to help!

>But what's next?
Well, you can play TESA Redguard if you can tolerate broken gameplay lol. Or you can try TES2 Daggerfall - Unity port fully playable already. Of cource, you can try Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel if you want more content for morrowind. If you have any interest in any of those - I can help you with installation and anything.

gameplay-wize this is interesting beast, since this is more like dungeon-crawler experience. It has no open world, but have central part of morrowind capital as interior/exterior (same as Oblivion and Skyrim cities) and have a lot of different dungeouns under it. Difficulty obviosly more high. Technically I don't really like this, since it's more limited thing - it has one unopenable door, something absoluetly wierd for Morrowind. It's interior-exterior nature also means that levitation not works. Overall experience more packed and feel as kind of different game.
story-wise it continue plot and lore with Tribunal, not about Almalexia and Sotha Sil. It have interesting story and additional quests, many dialogues as usual, new voice greetings and faces, new archetecture etc. etc. which makes experience more "fresh" on this side too. However it's tend to have some more generic stuff if you looks closely - I suspect it's based on desighn documents of original ideas about Mournhold city that was draft way back in early tes2 development and then in early tes3 pre-kirkbride/todd howard/Ken Rolston times. Overall it's more than fun and have it's memorable scenes and moments.

This is compleatly different beast. Gameplay-wize it's "morrowind in miniature". Island with some factions, additional quests and 2 main questlines with different walkthough options. Devs played with scripts in kind of different style, trying to "enchant" vanilla-style gameplay experience, for unique greedtings based on your quest stage or some more script-heavy quests, but nothing really more. However difficulty is kind of broken - if you playing on max difficulty and go high levels to isle (which obviously, bloodmoon is plart of the game you most probably will go last) it't be hard to walk around it with heavy spawn of high level creatures, same as late part of questline if you decided to become werewolf it will be almost impossible to finish it. And other path will be not easy too, considering enemies stats. Levitation and custom spells is your main friend here.

Storywise it is really interesting thing - nords and scaal how they viewed before TES5 retcons. With animalistic-totemic religion, complearly different lore about draugr and other interesting things. It's not really connected to main stor, unlike Tribunal and tell it's own different individual stories, which are still interesting, however. By East Empire Company questline you building town and resolve new colony problems.
No. 34286
Fallout 2 is overrated peace of packed poorly related content with jokes, while first one solid experience.
Max Payne 2 did different face for main character, it's more bland and forgeddable, also it's much shorter, 2/3 of first game and not give anything new for player.
Half Life 2 is boring technodemo for technologies not created by valve , they bought Havok and other stuff and made really meh game, which on all elements worse than original game and aged worse then first one and espessialy addons.
Quake 2 lost golden forumla of id arcade shooters and tied to make more linear and plot based experience. However there still not much plot, and core ideas of leveldesihn and enemy bestiary was already lost, since Romero and some other people left and this was more showcase of graphics, which at time when it came out run as shit with 25FPS on most new expensive 3d accelerator like VooDoo+decent SVGA card. Quake 2 then was overshadowed by whole generation of games that used new Hardware acceleration features better.
No. 34287
>half inch it for my own GM notebook.
It's all yours, my friend!

I think I'm starting to close in on what I like/dislike about those kinds of games as I play more of them. For me, the appeal is being able to intuitively understand probability and exert some kind of control over it. Having 100% control, as in knowing what's coming, and always having the right tools is boring. Being presented with completely random events is frustrating. The fun emerges from being able to make educated guesses and developing instinctive understanding of the probabilities involved. After a while you get a sense of how likely any given encounter/card is to appear in the "deck" (can be both a literal deck, or a set of variables in a randomized non-card game), and how likely you are to have the appropriate tools to deal with it, which allows you to make reasoned and skillful decisions. And to that extent, you have to give the player real, if indirect, control over both his own hand and the "enemy's" (enemy in this case being both a literal opposing player, or a virtual dungeon master in the form of random encounter generator). The player should be able to make real choices and decisions that will result in greater success if his decisions are well informed and thought out. For that, I think, "pick a card with bonuses and drawbacks" is a good mechanic because it allows the player to leverage his knowledge of the game, without explicitly deciding its outcome. For example, a choice between "Take full damage", "Mitigate some damage but be at a disadvantage on your next turn", "Avoid damage but expend a valuable resource", "Take MORE damage, but get an advantage next turn", the more the merrier. On another hand, an unconditional "roll die, eat damage" is not as good. Of course, the player CAN make decisions that make him less likely to suffer even from unconditional punishment, but such decisions must take place several turns or levels in advance, or even before the game starts. Such methods reek a bit of metagaming, and don't give that visceral feeling of dodging death right on the spot. In essence, the player has to take preemptive, blanket action to prevent possible failure somewhere in the future, instead of making a satisfying tactical decision right on the spot. In general I think it promotes a boring and safe play-style where the player purposefully tries to make his playthrough uneventful, and neuter the RNG whenever possible by avoiding it. Letting the player make decisions and react to the randomness on the spot, on another hand, has the player actively engage with the system. Ideally, I could imagine a situation where the player makes an explicit choice to eat that d20+5 damage roll in exchange for a different bonus, or avoiding an unfavorable outcome in some other aspect of the game, because he's skilled enough at the game to make such tradeoffs.
That is not to say that "meta" decisions are to be avoided. But here, too, you can give the player interesting choices that have a ripple effect through the whole game and put encounters in a new context, creating variation, even if the "deck" stays the same. That is usually done through "talents", "classes", passive abilities, etc. that have an effect through the whole game, rather than moment to moment. That has the neat effect of influencing the player's future decisions, so the encounter that he once approached one way, he now has to approach differently.
And when you have a system where a player can get familiar with what the game has in store, you can start throwing curveballs and unexpected stuff to create those exciting, butt clenching moments, and forcing them to make tough decisions. Usually, when the player is at the mercy of RNG all the time, the intensity of the RNG has to stay constant across time, because an unexpected punishment can end the game in an instant. When the player has the opportunity to be in control, occasional sprinkles of sadism will stop them from settling into a comfortable pattern and getting bored.

In general, I find it most enjoyable to have the skill, tools and plan for the unexpected, rather than simply learning one pattern and applying it through the whole game. Randomness stops being interesting when it becomes noise.

> Guild of Dungeoneering
Thanks, I'll check it out in a few days.
No. 34288
I deliberately picked a list of games that improved the gameplay in the sequel, but lost the "vision". In the worst case, the sequel didn't have a reason to exist, artistically, and was only made because the first game was successful.

Russian ernst already talked about the other games, but Diablo 1 was a borderline horror experience, where you arrive at a small town with a haunted church, and must uncover the horrors beneath. It had an oppressive, tense atmosphere, and it really felt like you were going against the forces of Satan himself. And at the end, you lose and succumb to madness.
Diablo 2 is more of an epic adventure type of deal, where you travel the land defeating evil. And Diablo is just another "boss" character. In general it feels a lot more Metzen-ey than Diablo 1, with epic lore, mythology, etc.
No. 34292
24,8 MB, 1152 × 720, 0:15
Played Wraith Aeon of Ruin demo and it's really great. Big half-open levels, really beautifull more modern, but high quality low poly style which indeed much more high quality than "dusk" which more like b-trash tier game. This is really decent product by good studio.
Gmaeplay style is mix of your "quake" with your Hexen2/Heretic2 games with inventory, hub leveldesihn. In many ways it's try be more of "awesome commertial version of awesome Quake1 SP mods" than actually clone of really old games, but I absoluetly recommend what I played.
I also played with texture filtration, since looking at style of textures, it better look like that rather than without texture filtering.
No. 34293
Oh man I wish I didn't spend my money on stupid shit instead of saving it for actually good games. All those deals and steals on games I had mixed or neutral feelings about even if it was only $2 adds up and now I can't afford to get all the games I'd actually want. There are now multiple genuinely good or at least genuinely wanted games on sale, albeit not for steep discounts. These include
Age of Wonders Planetfall
Disco Elysium

not to mention a few others I'd been seriously eyeing before or at least interested in like
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
WH40K Gladius
Thea 2: The Shattering
Pathologic 2
Sunless Skies
Crying Suns

However, steam I feel did fuck me pretty badly with the update and so now I am trying to remember not to buy anything from Steam and only get it on GOG instead if possible. It's a brutal reminder that these games are all tied to the client, which if it goes to shit means I've got thousands of dollars in loss until I can find a way to strip their DRM bs.

Still I've got about $22 counting the steam card I never returned so that's that. Stygian I may downgrade and Vampyr I may upgrade in the "I am absolutely going to get this game eventually it's on the top of my list" from the "Ahmadinejad_pensively_saying_sorta_want tier do want but not enthusiastically" list.

I think that Vampyr actually does look pretty good despite the fact it clearly is going to be yet another game hobbled by being a console as well as PC release which is a shame how much consoles have ruined PC gaming. I don't even like the whole vampires mythos quite as much and mainly just got super into it because of VTMB, as opposed to the completely awful and retarded bydlo stuff like Blade movies. I like the setting for Vampyr though and it looks like a truly good game judging by how it works as an rpg though meanwhile Stygian got panned so idk. Encased is still up there in spite of the fact it isn't even half done, in EA, and is basically missing most of the game at this point with possibly very massive and very bad changes coming because supposedly the developers don't actually have as much of their own solid vision and are letting the community tell them way too much of what to make next including the story.

And, as we all know, the gaming community at large is a completely cancerous mass of human beings. Art is the last place for democracy. Art should almost always be an absolute dictatorship, guided and nurtured by the benevolent or tortuous hand of the artist(s). Allowing players to do anything at all is often a horrible idea. Having them name stars so my whole galaxy map in GalCiv 3 is literally composed of "Jennifer_Smith" "Alex" "Fartknocker69" "a_really_old_salty_hotdog" and so on is excruciating especially because I couldn't rename systems I didn't own in the one version. I do not trust these people at all to guide or create content for Encased.

The one time I have ever seen the community not be fully cancerous is Endless Space 2 etc where the devs acted as a filter and had the community vote, then created their artistic vision from that, however you can ask Ireland about this as keep in mind they increasingly relied on things being voted on by the community with each additional expansion DLC. I have never seen an Amplitude community vote I totally agreed on that I can recall. As time went on I became less enthusiastic about the new factions. I'll still have to actually play it to rate these newest DLCs though as I've not played it in Penumbra and Awakening, and I also think it's completely retarded how they (community) got them (devs) to change the lore to focus on some random other race fighting the Endless rather than it just being their old civil war.
No. 34296 Kontra
216 kB, 1280 × 720
332 kB, 1280 × 720
107 kB, 1024 × 576
In a couple of cases I may actually end up getting list B games ahead of list A though partly out of price and because I'm somewhat enthusiastic about them. These include Crying Suns, Sunless Skies, and Dustwind.
>because honestly I don't enjoy the space aesthetic.
As you can see I'm the opposite and I think it's partly from it being so new and alien to me. I often wonder if say Arabs absolutely hate games set in desert and adore the fantasy medieval ones instead because it's escapism. People who grew up in dense cities probably felt similarly to fantasy settings and dislike games set in them, whereas I love futuristic cities, but that's conjecture. When you grew up in God's forgotten village it's boring, depressing even, to be in one. I dislike fantasy themes in general partly because of that since it's like, oh look another rusty barn with cows just like childhood. Great. No give me more space and scifi.

Also yes space is empty almost by definition but can be done well, besides which mostly it's set on rusty or clean futuristic ships or alien worlds and I can dig that.

I actually was hesitant to buy this game before because it was unfinished and had no singleplayer only multiplayer. I have written at length about this problem before. When you build a game around the multiplayer you firstly ensure it has no strong staying power, and secondly ensure that the game doesnt generate as much interest or traction because lots of people like me play for singleplayer and aren't always in the mood for dealing with people (most gaming communities are toxic anyway myself probably included among the other toxic people tbh) and don't feel like xxBioToxin94xx pming me how I'm a scrub noob etc when they're angry about getting killed, or just generally putting up with people or having matches with strangers.

Like I said earlier you need a singleplayer campaign to keep people in the game and playing and to attract more people to fill your lobbies to begin with. I don't know why people don't do this and try making MP first which as you can see left games like Dawn of War 3 dead on arrival and is now a completely dead game. They spent millions of dollars on that game and nobody is going to play or think of it a year after release not just because of valid criticisms of the game but because it was made entirely with multiplayer matches in mind. Grey Goo is another fantastic example of a game with super high production values and it's totally dead. It would've been an truly fantastic RTS game. It actually is a good game. The multi would've been really satisfying had it been released 20 years ago. The thing is, the singleplayer campaign had AAA tier cinematics but not a very good or fleshed out story, not very interesting and short campaign, and the only interesting thing was a teaser on what the great threat the Goo detected even was that now will forever be unanswered. This is because their singleplayer campaign was a complete after thought and I'm sure the devs came away with some stupid interpretation as "oh there isnt a market for RTS games anymore" which is wrong and stupid.

There isn't a market for any solely multiplayer game for the most part except shooters for complete bydlo, Fortnite being a classic example of a really shit game that's hugely popular because it caters to such dumb shooter bydlo with their YOBA crap. Any other game needs a singleplayer. Just imagine if they had made and marketed XCOM2 as a multiplayer game. It had it. It's probably pretty good. It is hugely popular and successful. People buy inordinately expensive DLC for it to this day. It also has exactly zero people for online games. I checked. There was no one there period. I have spent hundreds of hours playing XCOM2 and zero playing online.

When devs finally get it through their heads they will sell games and make money. Really dwell on this: XCOM2 is made for multiplayer. Imagine if Firaxis had done that. Imagine them sinking all their time and money to it. Imagine them having a barebones campaign half of which purely exists as a tutorial of sorts to get you ready for the multiplayer. Fucking nobody would play that.
No. 34297 Kontra
This is the problem Dustwind had. Now I'm not saying it can't be good for MP I mean hell I freaking wish I could play Fallout Tactics online with somebody, but that's just not a good way to move many units. I think the main thing people forget is those hugely popular online games only had a few competitors. Last night 2 million people were on steam. It sounds like a lot but it isn't honestly I was surprised I thought tens of millions of people are on steam all the time with a market of at least over hundred million especially when you factor possibly a great majority of those people are on singleplayer which means you've got all those people spread out across other games clustered into the popular ones.

There are literally hundreds or thousands of competing titles to choose from. You can have a huge Starcraft or CS or Quake community because there aren't that many to choose from, which means everybody is playing the same games. This doesn't work in 2019. You're never going to have these huge clusters of people idling in your servers and the big problem is it hits critically low mass where people start dropping just because there's not enough people to play with, which creates a terrible negative feedback loop where people leave because there's not many people and someone new checks out it and leaves because there's so few people which makes more people leave and so on until it's a total ghost town.

In watching the reviews and discussions of SWTOR I don't actually think that it was entirely blameable on BioWare or EA's mismanagement but also partly from that factor, which is a problem with online gaming anywhere. In a short period of time they ended up going from 17 servers to just 5. I haven't played it yet so I cant comment but if anything having a singleplayer mode with an interesting story would've helped it and kept more players on. Like I said before I spent like 250 hours on Secret World Legends and of that spent maybe an hour or two questing purely because it was there and I needed to play with people to find out more lore. While I'm not going to be a stable player that's still over 200 hours of someone being on your servers because the campaign and story missions drew them in. Man, dat art style though. Fuck it looks goddamn awful may Mickey Mouse roast in hellfire forever inshallah. They stripped out any gokd art style for some terrible Disneyfied bullshit reminiscent of a godawful cartoon show because Disney just wanted to pivot everything to marketing that way and ruining the SW universe and I'm getting sidetracked by my own rant.

The bottom line is, I think the developers of Dustwind made a nearly fatal mistake in pitching it as a MP game. Now that they have fully added a singleplayer game I am interested again and may be getting it pretty soonish, in which case after playing the story mode I'll probably end up checking out the multiplayer. That is how you should make your games tbh. I don't know much about it yet though it seems like they fully fleshed out the game with it.

I wanted Dustwind because of FT but here's the one problem: they made the combat on auto. The only thing I hate more than an auto attack is RTwP for combat. It totally negates any player skill and can easily lead to frustrating things happening. This also looks like it may fuck up your very basic core game mechanics like ambush so I severely question how true it is to Fallout Tactics' amazing original combat system. FT had hands down the best squad based tactical combat I've ever played. It had lots of controls which I guess is daunting for YOBA casuals but it's easy to learn and map. Sneak skills became super important so you could execute the right ambush. You had different stances so they're passive, defensive and only shoot when fired upon, and aggressive to where they'll attack every enemy in sight.

This could also be used for auto resolving combat but nobody worth a damn as players ever did any of that just like in Starcraft only the worst players hit attack move and just watched their mass of troops get butchered. It requires microing, repositioning your troops, selecting individual soldiers to fire on specific targets and throw grenades etc. Company of Heroes is vaguely reminiscent of this combat system, but done more poorly. You could crouch, crawl, stand and it affected hit chance as well as their CtH on you. It was a great game. What I wonder though is how well their game's mechanics actually align to Fallout Tactics and how much is window dressing for a game that fails to deliver or not. Really not a fan of attacking automatically and not having to click manually. I'm sure some filthy casuals and bydlo will love this system though.

All in all I'd say Dustwind holds enough promise to keep my hopes up and I'm likely to get it but I'm keeping it off my A list.

OH yeah and I almost forgot one of the main selling features of the game (which obviously I didn't care about as much personally but is still pretty nice) is its built in custom scenario creator. Also reminiscent of Starcraft it comes with an editor so you can build custom maps down to the finest detail and make your own scenarios (also clearly intended for multiplayer) which gives the game greatly expanded potential and my aforementioned disdain for gaming communities notwithstanding it does at least have the potential for lots of people to basically build their own singleplayer campaigns iirc which could be pretty neat.
No. 34301 Kontra
153 kB, 1746 × 982
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
143 kB, 1916 × 1057
>Sunless Skies
I'm not going to mention much about this because you can see any of dozens of much better reviews than my own from people who have actually played the game, but I will say that it pretty much proves the rule that most sequels are better than the original in gaming. The combat was clunky, tedious, and moreover gameplay infuriating as the game clearly was designed more around having a cool story with lots of lore that's severely hobbled by being a roguelike. Like with everything else it is hard to give a truly objective review and overcome your own biases like preference of fantasy over scifi or 4x over roguelike or whatever, but while you'd like Sunless Sea if you're into roguelikes even then it's often a slow and tedious game.

Imagine traveling by foot from one end of New Vegas in FNV, with no fast travel, and without any saves or reloading--that is exactly what the experience of Sunless Sea is like. It is long, slow, and tedious, briefly punctuated by violence and likely death especially earlier in the game, except that combat in FNV is actually fun. My understanding is that Sunless Skies has fixed all that and I'd probably have been way better off never getting Seas to begin with especially since I'm not a fan of roguelikes. As such, I'm not getting it soon despite being a hard B list get that I'd like to play and then possibly after playing lots of Skies I'll get around to actually playing Seas more. For actually good reviews on these games as well as Pathologic 2 I'd refer you to this gentleman

>Crying Suns
Yet another roguelike. Tbqh I have no idea how I ended up with so many roguelikes on my wishlist or in my library because I f'ing hate roguelikes, in which case if I say it's good it probably really is a great game especially if you love roguelikes. I tried getting into FTL which was okay, really good even, in spite of or perhaps because of how straightforward and simplistic it was, as opposed to say Sunless Seas. I didnt play it much but FTL was fun at least and there's no butthurt or sense of loss and wasted time in inevitably losing and dying. One similar game clearly inspired by it like Abandon Ship which is pretty much the same except a pirate on a sea ship, and that I actually do have, is The Long Journey Home which I actually would strongly recommend because it has lots of interesting background lore but that doesnt feel like you have to go out of your way like SS does to find out about it and explore, plus I have a thing for space. TLJH has you slingshotting from gravity wells, landing on hostile planets, it's just a very fun dangerous space exploration game I've heard called like No Man's Sky except actually good.

Crying Suns is directly in that vein but far closer to being a spiritual clone of FTL in many aspects, and completely different in others, one of which (and probably the reason I liked it so much) is the ship to ship tactical combat.

CS is two things I absolutely hate: retro indie pixel art graphics and a roguelike. So when I say "this is a pretty great game" keep it in mind of that context. I played the demo and it went from one of many followed games on steam I wasnt terribly interested in but paying mild attention to, to a hard B list remembering a solid A list is VTMB2, Wasteland 3, and Disco Elysium, and a hard C list is "I might get it on sale at 90% off for $2 at some point if I've got loose change I dont care about wasting" like Hand of Fate 2. If it's cheap enough I may get it even sooner. I know that calling it a hard "B list" doesnt sound like a solid recommend but keep that in mind, so if you enjoy those those types of games definitely pick it up.

From the get go it's clearly an FTL inspired game, with nearly identical feeling encounter missions except in each system you can explore planets, ship hulks or space stations and artifacts, and other things including fleets and basically stargates you need for fuel and to move around. The look and feel of jumping into a system and having random requests and decisions to make is nearly the same.

The combat system is totally different however, with a hex grid based RTwP tactical ship to ship combat. You send out your little escort fleets to intercept theirs and their mothership, which along with yours can launch missiles, fighter squadrons, and do things like fire heavy weapons such as spinal mount lasers (from a mechanic perspective cast spells) targeting their ship systems or hull. It's a neat little minigame of sorts and as a tactical/strategic enthusiast I great enjoyed it and found it a refreshing divergence from the crew based mechanic of FTL.

This isn't to say you don't have a crew though. You can recruit various officers in a similar mechanic to Sunless Sea/Skies who basically give you stat buffs as well as specializing in certain tasks. Where your crew's importance really factors in however is the away teams.

Sometimes when you're exploring systems you'll find a planet you can send teams to search. These will include your chosen officer and a bunch of commando redshirts, all of whom have HP. When you're exploring the planet you'll reach a series of check points looking for stuff and like a dungeon crawl with different rooms you'll reach areas with traps, hostile locals, locked crates and so on. Depending on your officer's skill you can pass or fail these checks like lockpicking, hacking, persuasion etc. resulting in things like setting off the trap, not getting the precious loot, or having to fight the locals, typically resulting in things like loss of hit points. Obviously if you fail enough of these checks and your away team gets killed you lose your officer and those crew along with whatever loot from the planet.

The story is, okay. It actually is a pretty great story tbh and was part of what drew me into the game so much but a major antagonist is mother. I don't have a word for this specific kind of hackneyed cringe, and it is very specific to video gaming particularly older ones. It is like a kind of pubescent writing. System Shock and System Shock 2 could get away with it otherwise depending on how it's presenting, but it still seems to be playing on very adolescent psychological issues and impulses which frankly as an adult are unbearably cringey getting exposed to while having no real current relevance. It is like briefly relieving your awkward teen and 12 year old years, which is one of the many, many issues for which I panned Mass Effect 2, given that ME2 had a fondness for suburban murican teen issues and archetypes like the 13 year old boy trying to find his way (Grunt), the brooding 17 year old teenage daughter with piercings and tattoos who uses her edgy facade to hide she just wants someone to love her, on and on including Jacob and Miranda with their suburban family issues etc. It is a very peculiar sort of a thing which maybe works on a primetime sitcom but has no place in mature gaming imo and in this case it drags down CS' story. YMMV so maybe it won't bother some or they'll like it but I thought it horribly marred what was otherwise a really interesting and plausibly gripping story that I was enjoying.

So in summation would I recommend Crying Suns? YES. If you're a big fan of pixel art indie games, roguelikes, and tactical combat I think you'll really enjoy this game. If you don't like all of those things I think you'll still come to like it and end up having fun.
No. 34357
551 kB, 2560 × 1440
The dark side is a helluva drug.
No. 34368
I just finished Doki Doki literature club and I'm ashamed to admit that I had, all memes aside, one of the most unsettling and disturbing hours since a long, long time. Like some honest "oh god I feel like shit" moments that normally never occur and I'm consuming horror/disturbing movies basically 12 hours a day for weeks periodically.
The "gameplay" was creative as fuck tho.
Also the warning at the start is no SJW "Muh triggering" bullshit as I thought but an honest disclaimer that fuckups shouldn't touch that.

Star Wars: Knights of the old Empire II the Scott Lords
First Planet: Glasgow.
No. 34371
I downloaded it, played through the first day and then dropped it shortly after, because the VN format bored me to tears.
Didn't even knew it was a horror game lmao
No. 34374
No. 34377
I need a better way to pirate games.
Rutracker has a huge library and good search functionality, but my goal here is to play a bit more obscure or overlooked games you normally don't hear about, and on rutracker, only recent AAA stuff or cult classics have seeds.

Maybe some way to just directly download ISOs, since a lot of this stuff is under 5gb anyway. But then I'll have to find a new way to look for and browse games.

I wonder if there's a centralized catalog of released games dating back to the 90s, with screenshots and descriptions, so that I could pick out the interesting ones and then look separately for downloads.

I'd probably be buying this stuff on Steam if I weren't a poor third worlder, AND if steam had a half-decent way to browse for games. Seriously, that UI they have is fucked beyond belief, a lot of times I can't even find stuff I already know is there, but don't quite remember the name. No combination of search texts and tags brings it up.

Maybe there's some truth to being attracted to genres and settings that are unlike those you grew up with.
The main appeal of fantasy for me is probably a tossup between architecture and ideology/mythos (both are closely related, actually). Central Asia is not really known for its architecture. Sure, there are some old cities, tombs, palaces and mosques, but they're not numerous and aren't really a big part of Central Asian identity. It's not like Europe where you have churches, temples, castles, towers, garrisons, dungeons and old catacombs everywhere.
Another thing is that everything in pre-modernity seemed to be driven by mythos / ideology, either in the form of religion or pagan beliefs. It gives a strong unified feel to a setting, letting you experience an "era", not just a time period. Like being immersed in the concrete manifestation of a given worldview. Space games are, for the most part, concerned with exploring politics. And I have a real distaste for politics. There's enough of it IRL already. Well, I do have a soft spot for sovietpunk and caricatures of americana, but that is also because of how strongly ideology driven those settings are.
No. 34381
113 kB, 1200 × 800
What mod is that and why are the graphics so nice and shiny?

I can't think of a funny enough remark about Vaklu trying to secede from the Republic and Farage, May, Salmond, and Sturgeon don't rhyme with Vaklu. Speaking of which what's the deal with all these Scottish MPs being named after fish? I know they're surrounded by water but they're not in the water. What do they think they're going to do swim across the channel to get away from the English?
No. 34383
>I wonder if there's a centralized catalog of released games dating back to the 90s, with screenshots and descriptions, so that I could pick out the interesting ones and then look separately for downloads.
There is. It's called Steam and GOG. You can even download them directly from the same place too.
No. 34385
No, those are centralized catalogs of games with resolved legal status. Not quite the same thing as a catalog of ALL games, including abandonware, or titles not currently for sale while still being technically owned by someone.
No. 34388
Not sure how much abandonware you expect to find on piratebay or rutracker. If anything one of the nice things about GOG is having those already super hard to find games because they're so old that basically nothing but physical copies in someone's attic exist anymore.
No. 34397
Oh, and also add "working on current CPU architectures and OSes" to the limited subset of games available on marketplaces.

The point is that I want to search the set of all available games regardless of legal status, hardware platform, region, maturity rating, etc. The method of actually acquiring the games is irrelevant, once you know the game exists, how to get it is up to you.
That also includes stuff like games made for retro consoles and arcade cabinets.

GoG's selection of old games is also limited to cult classics and notable games for the time of release.
I also find the value of buying a license for a game and distributing it without even putting the leg work of patching / applying compatibility fixes up to the standards of community efforts questionable, but that's a whole another discussion. If they're going to sell the games "officially", maybe they should have the decency to make it work fullscreen at native resolution out of the box, instead of making you hunt for patches on shady third party websites. When a pirated copy bundled with all required fixes works better than an "official" copy that costs money, there's a problem. I'd rather give the money (if I had any :-DDD) to the guy who bothered to make the patch, tbh. In fact, if those free compatibility patches (that border on reverse engineering) did not exist, I suspect they wouldn't even be selling them, as there's little demand for a paid product that can't even be made to work unofficially.

also, I'm downloading like 3 abandonware titles from rutracker right now. They're painfully mediocre, and most likely even bad games, but I have come to terms with the fact that I derive more enjoyment from bitching about bad games than playing good ones.
No. 34398
> wonder if there's a centralized catalog of released games dating back to the 90s, with screenshots and descriptions, so that I could pick out the interesting ones and then look separately for downloads.
Mobygames is catalogue of everything with all info you need for the most part.
Old-games.ru or abadonware sites is best place to search first to download.

"Forgotten" only by modern kid standarts. GoG don't really release forgotten stuff. And for pussies who can't even mount and install cd via dosbox :P
No. 34400
>I also find the value of buying a license for a game and distributing it without even putting the leg work of patching / applying compatibility fixes up to the standards of community efforts questionable, but that's a whole another discussion.
Gog actually doing it. Sometimes even install fan patches and for more new XP era games thanks for them removing DRM. But I can do it also easely for most dos/windows9x games so I don't worry about that.
No. 34402
>Gog actually doing it
It's inconsistent and on a game by game basis.
Some games have decent compatibility out of the box, other ones they only make sure they the game launches, and you have to get widescreen fixes and stuff like that elsewhere.

I think it depends on whether they can successfully negotiate with the patch author to include their stuff.
No. 34403
>also, I'm downloading like 3 abandonware titles from rutracker right now. They're painfully mediocre, and most likely even bad games, but I have come to terms with the fact that I derive more enjoyment from bitching about bad games than playing good ones.
What games are you downloading btw? I often have unironical enjoymet for playing late90s early 00s mediacore forgotten for the most part games.
No. 34404
Thing is that games very different. GoG want deliver actual original game first, not some modded re-pack. So for the most part they using emulators included and set up properly for noobs, like dosbox. Other times it might be truley recognised sourceports like ScummVM. Sometimes even fan patches like Might and Magic 9 come with fan patch 1.3 by default because it's obvious nobody will do anything for this game exept this ever and it's broken so it's need this fixes.
It's also depend on publisher I think and unique situation. I'm capable of running games myself but I was so lazy with Redguard, and it was such mess of windows 9x game which actually run under dos included in this 9x same as her music and also came out on 2 discs and had poorly attached 3dfx acceleration, it was so plesant for me to just install it and run and not fuck with it to next millenia untill it worked.
And they also fix things after time if community want it. Like they then included to floppy and 98 version of x-wing and tie fighter best cd 1994-95 collector's cd room versions.
However what often I prefer - go to old-games.ru. download original cd/floppy image, install via dosbox and then use DBGL to configurate and mount additional stuff if requred without need to have many dosbox installs and have original version of the game. Last time I did it for Terminator SKYnet and then installed fan patch which allowed to play Future Shock from SKYnet and have all SVGA features skynet have. I obviosly always when installing game check if there somethibg community made for game - and often there it is. Needless to say GoG probably will never have this game because yea, old bethesda game also with terminator trademark.
No. 34405
And well you know, you can download all gog releases and installers on rutracker
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
No. 34406
120 kB, 256 × 356
I'm going on a Russian Gamedev(tm) nostalgia trip.
Mostly games I saw on IGROMANIA but never played because I didn't have ADSL until 2008 and pirating games back then actually cost money, you had to go to a booth where a nice man with 5 CD drives on one computer will burn you a disc for 500 tenge (100 rub). And even before that, you'd go to a nice man in a booth who'd burn a Sega Mega Drive game onto a cartridge and put the freshly printed sticker on the plastic case. Of course, rich kids already had playstation 1 and 2 by then, but I was a poor kid.
Ah, good times.

So far I have Dawn of Magic (Магия крови), Fantasy Wars (Кодекс Войны) (actually heard that it was adecent game), and Farewell to Dragons (Не время для драконов).

Regarding compatibility patches, I found a nice tool called dgVoodoo which acts as a compatibility layer for DX8 era and voodoo cards. You just replace the dlls and it works. I almost gave up on getting CnC Generals to run before I found it. There are some bugs with text rendering in some games, though.
No. 34410
187 kB, 1024 × 768
181 kB, 1200 × 748
60 kB, 604 × 356
In mine city sega and ps1 was rare and died before I got to gaming at all :D
We in 00s had big quality shops in mall with pirate games in nice boxes that cost half or 1/3 of license and licensed games was kind of rare so it was kind of like that, yeah.
Ironicly back in the time I did not managed to play many of this akella/1c published mediacore b-category games. Xenus II maybe only one? And like 10 minutes in дальнобойщики 2. Stalker/cryostasis/katuri's king's bounty/cossacs/allods/IL-2 not count they are known games.
I had list with CIS b-category games I want to play but I lost it. It had things like Метро 2, Периметр (yea I know it's sequel-prequel to Vangers), Vivisector, Механоиды,

Things like Chasm the rift, Venom Codename Outbreak, FireStarter, Ex Machina I already tried at some point.
But there really was more things I forgot already not count adventure... русские квесты games. Obviusly I don't wanted play absolute trash like игра по параграфу 78 but still. And 90s Страна Игр and 00s ниграмани is something I will always remember when thinking about mine pre-internet life lol.

Yea it's help run games that have 3dfx api 3d acceleration support. There also things like dxwnd, but proprietary things even better. I only recently discovered such project of "runner" for jedi knight 1 dark forces 2/mysteries of the sith which is still in beta. Really, looking and googling stuff for old game you want to play is often awesome idea. You might find some fan patch on pc games wiki or find opensource engine clone project.
No. 34414
This probably plays into it as well if I'm understanding you correctly. The article isn't about video games per se, but it's still relevant. A lot of sci-fi tends towards the exploration of progress while a lot of fantasy on some level goes into the exploration of decay. Not hard and fast rules of course, but something that I have often found personally that draws me in more towards certain games. Even when I run sci-fi I tend towards a level of decay (my main setting is a lonely gas giant with loads of barely functional orbitals left over after a resource bust irreversibly destroyed the local economy).

Article in question:
No. 34420
Oh yeah speaking of which would you recommend IL-2? Hell I don't think I've played an air combat sim since Chuck Yeagers Air Combat.
No. 34424
The newest one is the Great Battles Series which is Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban and Bodenplatte, each are feature complete but combine into the same launcher. They are lots of fun, have pretty good modeling for damage and flight. The career mode is interesting, you create a pilot and essentially have to try and survive the battle day by day while completing the objectives assigned to you. You can't change the outcome though, so it's not a 'true' dynamic campaign.

I'd recommend it. If you were to want to play, what kind of combat would interest you? Early war, mid war, late war in the East (largely refined versions of mid-war aircraft) or late war in the West (much more high tech with bigger and badder variants of earlier aircraft and straight up wunderwaffe).

1946 is still around too, but it's also going to be underwhelming without going into the community and dealing with mods and shit like that. Great Battles Series is easier to get going with out of the box.
No. 34433
Honestly just a fight sim, preferably not one overly reliant on prop planes. One that lets you play lots of different planes spanning different eras. I'm really not all that interested in flight sims tbh and only brought it up because the game I'd been eyeing was specifically mentioned which is on sale for something like $2-3 right now until December 3rd which does remind me quite a bit of this game I played a lot as a kid

Also on an unrelated note I know it's a pretty new game but there's something totally soothing about this late 90s tier vidya game music the opening theme/screen title of Defense Grid
No. 34434
Just pick that up then. You're not going to get a modern flight sim in that price range, maybe something in the arcade flight genre but nothing resembling a flight sim. The new IL-2 series has the older ones on sale for $20 right now which I consider excellent value and really actually quite cheap for a flight sim. You spend more than that on single aircraft in a study sim. It gets cheaper if you don't get the collector planes, which cuts down content slightly but takes it down to about $12.

In terms of value for money, I'd say that doing a career of Battle of Stalingrad for every aircraft (in premium edition) would be easily over 1000 hours of gameplay which is what? 2c an hour? It won't be pick up and play, and it won't always be action packed, but there isn't really a more immersive WWII flight sim once you start to get a feel for it. I think that on a certain level, even accessible games like IL-2 require a certain level of interest in the subject material though because there are things that you're going to have to sit down and learn, especially in terms of engine management. If you don't have that interest then it will be incredibly boring instead of incredibly immersive to say fly in a bomber formation for 45 minutes or so each way, or escort the bomber formation even if no hostiles show up. So if you aren't actually even kind of interested in the air war, I can't recommend it.

If you are interested, go here https://il2sturmovik.com/

The store pages have trailers detailing what planes are in the different games and what you can roughly expect from them at their exciting times. I can confirm that the graphics are in-game. Their engine is very pretty.
No. 34435
>burn a Sega Mega Drive game onto a cartridge
Whoa, they had chip programmer devices? That's pretty cool. I don't remember any people capable of programming cartridges in my town, neither for Sega nor for 8 bit consoles (for the latter there wouldn't be any point, though, because Chinese pirates more than satisfied market's demand). All we had are retailers, and the situation didn't change when PS1 and PC became popular. I still see these guys sometimes; I wonder who even buys this shit nowadays, because everybody has access to torrents anyway.
No. 34441
No. 34443
It's fun. It's also showing its age and kept alive mostly by modding on the current year but even so there is only so much they can do, especially regarding damage. A bit like BMS, the incredible modding is held back by the fact that the game is from a simpler time and just wasn't built to take advantage of modern systems. It's one of those things where for a couple of bucks, it's exceptional value but I probably wouldn't go back from BoX. Comments about requiring a degree of interest remain. It's not always going to be incredibly action packed, and you will find yourself on fairly long, straight and level flights on a semi-regular basis. Especially if you ever muck around with heavies.
No. 34445
604 kB, 500 × 270, 0:04
1,4 MB, 680 × 383, 0:04
1,3 MB, 2560 × 1440
951 kB, 2560 × 1440
No. 34446
2,2 MB, 2000 × 2585
A man of taste.
No. 34447 Kontra
33 kB, 640 × 480
>I hate everything
>wow such taste
No. 34448
1016 kB, 2560 × 1440
932 kB, 1920 × 1200
183 kB, 1200 × 675
3,0 MB, 1867 × 1004
So i was banned literally everywhere and this is the last place where i can share my feelings.

Here are THE BEST games of this year. All of them were fucking marvelous. I think this year for gaming was the best in this decade.

  1. Children of morta
  2. Disco elysium
  3. Sekiro shadows die twice
  4. Plague tale innocence
No. 34449
734 kB, 1920 × 1090
253 kB, 1920 × 1080
5. Blasphemous
6. Pathologic 2
No. 34450
It's better be ration, than be degenrate who eat shit and has no his opinion on anything. "everything is great!" and "this is great because it's known and have many fans!" - is not opinions.

Not played anything of this and don't fan of Souls-like games at all, so for me it be

1.Ion Maiden....
and this all? Team Sonic Racing still not played, my bf has no powerfull enough computer yet and there was no reason for me to just buy it and play singleplayer, such things not that interesting when you playing alone.
No. 34451
307 kB, 1920 × 1080
249 kB, 2560 × 1440
123 kB, 1280 × 720
Honorable mention:
  1. Crying Suns
  2. Vane
  3. MO:Astray
No. 34452
No. 34454
123 kB, 1024 × 768
Thanks! But I think Thief 2 is also great game - a bit more easy, but in other places better than Thief 1. Love it.
Thief 3... not that much. However it had interestign ideas.
No. 34456
1,1 MB, 2560 × 1440
>What mod is that and why are the graphics so nice and shiny?

Character overhaul and an HD textures pack.
No. 34463 Kontra
1,1 MB, 1280 × 720
Just beat the finall boss of Fate Hunters on the very first turn (normal mode) using the cheesiest hand possible.
The boss had 80 HP, I had 24, a passive ability that does two damage when I self inflict damage, a card that deals 2 to the enemy and 1 to self, and returns to your hand. You can already do the math, but I also had two copies of a card that does 3x all damage inflicted on self during this turn, so I had about ~200 potential damage just on this turn. AND so many card draw mechanics that with some luck I could literally draw my entire deck. He has a mechanic where he forces you to pick 2 out of three very nasty cards to debilitate yourself. Poor fucker never got to use it.
Pic is not mine, just grabbed off of the internet for clarity.

Feels good to completely break a game into submission. The game is surprisingly fun for how mechanically simple it is. It's more like a puzzle game, where you can boot it up for a 30 minute run when you're bored, without long term commitment.

Nothing more interesting to report yet.
No. 34475
I'm not sure how much I like that. It makes Visas' and your character's robes look weird as fuck set against a modernish looking background.

I think the problem with any of these kinds of new textures and muh grafix overhauls which is also something that games like the new Fable suffered from is art style consistency. It's like trying to make realistic graphics on character models for a cell shader game. I mean yeah it may make some things look better or more realistic but the problem is consistency. In most of these games theyve had a very consistent art style. When people are designing a game what they actually do is take into account all the working parts to form that kind of cohesive whole through the art direction. This is something I think many modders fail to understand, as well as sometimes the devs themselves in remaking an old game because you dont have to just redo all the textures and modeling but you also have to make sure that what you did all actually ends up working together which in many cases it doesnt. I know many people tried to do this with things like System Shock and frankly I was so unimpressed with it that I'd rather play the much older, blockier version with low poly than the eyesore of how badly they clash.

I think that they did a somewhat better job with Fable anniversary edition at least but notice the consistency in the old Fable versus how everything just somehow looks a little odd and feels a bit more tacked on

Starcraft is a much better example of how not to do this because Blizzard is now filled with hacks and a bunch of lazy talentless shits
No. 34477
I haven't yet figured out what I'm voting on entirely partly because frankly there's too many games I missed out on voting last year and virtually all of my "brand new releases" are like 2-3 years old. I didn't even realize how old many were or that they weren't released this year because I am still technologically and culturally running in Russian time. My brand new GPU itself is 4gb which I would normally consider top of the line equipment and on some fundamental level still do except for seeing how everyone would rather talk about a GTX and it's almost always a 1070 or 1080 which apparently means "newish" to most people is 6gb. I also cant say much on at least two categories because I don't give a fuck about VR actually and only just now as I typed that even realized I know a VR game at all which I'll also vote for which is Trover Saves the Universe and the other one is coop because idgaf about coop and lastly whatever the hard to beat/play category is.

So for my vote this year so far it's
Disco Elysium for GOTY. I haven't played it but I've seen enough to know it's the obvious choice.
Endless Space 2 as the placeholder for labor of love. My other choice would be This War of Mine.
I forget which category I voted Pathologic 2 even though I didn't play it, either atmopsheric or story.
I'll probably vote Age of Wonders Planetfall for best coop. This felt like a really useless post and useless vote.
I have played none of these games except ES2.

>Children of Morta
Is it that good? I passed on it but only recalled that game because it's published by the same people who made/published This War of Mine and Frostpunk and both of those games are absolutely fantastic. 11 Bit Studios is one of the few I actively wish well and I'd been hoping to see that TWoM was not a fluke so remained skeptical about being as openly enthusiastic of them as I've been of inXile and Amplitude, both of which have proven to me their consistency in being awesome studios with great games.

>Plague Tale
How is? It sounded like it could be interesting but I wasnt sure if it sounded like it really was good or not.

>great year for gaming
Imho nah. There've been a few really amazing releases for 2019 but almost all of them have been in the last few months.

I'm thinking that roughly August 2019-November 2020 is going to be one of the best years in gaming we've had in at least a decade.
No. 34487
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
Decided to jump back into my Battle of Moscow campaign. Bomber careers are an extremely unique experience.

It's also ebin in multiplayer because you can have the guns manned by other players while you fly it.
No. 34492
2,9 MB, 919 × 2252
> Disco Elysium for GOTY. I haven't played it but I've seen enough to know it's the obvious choice.
No. 34495
> Is it that good?
> It sounded like it could be interesting but I wasnt sure if it sounded like it really was good or not.
I don't see a point describe all this games. You can watch gameplay on youtube.

The only thing i can guarantee - all of them are soulful and you can taste a passion of people behind them.

Just look how HEARTFUL this soundtrack is:
No. 34496
Oh, you actualy voiting somewhere?
No. 34497
880 kB, 2560 × 1440
598 kB, 2560 × 1440
351 kB, 1920 × 1080
485 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 34498
I voted Command: Modern Operations for GOTY because it's fucking great, though I don't have it on Steam (standalone thug life). It's not going to win because it's niche as hell and isn't backed by loads of hype outside of its niche but I still reckon it's the best of the year. Not going to bother with the other categories tbh.
No. 34500
2,5 MB, 1292 × 1086
No. 34501
Huh, I just logged into steam thinking I could participate because why not.

Now I'm sitting here with the realisation that I have not played any game released after 2016. And the games I've played that were released after 2010 are only a handful as well. The last time I actually bought games was a steam summer sale in 2013 but of those I hardly played any...

The games I've played in the last 10 years are mostly games from the 90s and early 2000s that I either wanted to play again after a long time or that I didn't play back in the day (because I didn't have the hardware to do so or because I didn't know about them, etc).

So yeah, I can't nominate anything and it was completely pointless to log into steam :D
No. 34502
No. 34505
No. 34511
Why you posting things out of context?
t. confused
No. 34560
Hey mate what would you recommend as a way to prolong the game or to have more enemies? Because with all of that Shen's Last Gift, War of the Chosen, and Tactical Legacy stuff installed I've got such a hugely overpowered squad now. It definitely doesn't make it any easier in the first part of the game to have to put up not just with Chosen but also all the new classes I suddenly have that get upgraded separately, but the problem is it all seems to make the later game so incredibly lopsided once all the chosen are gone and your dudes are upgraded. This is especially true depending on which cards you get.

So what should I do to prolong interest in a game? Because having only like 11 on a mission even at high level like Gatekeepers and Sectopods is freakin nothing. Which do you use? Should I try getting some mod I heard about with 5 aliens to a pod? Or something else? How about Longwar? I've heard much about both LW mods for XCOM 2 as well as EU but never tried them. How badly do they unbalance the game? Are they actually any good? I was kind of skeptical about something that's less an actual "long war" mod go play longer and more like a total conversion mod of the entire game.

I have no idea. Is this a Russian game? Why are you posting this? What's the point? It looks really neat, but I know nothing whatsoever about the game. Moreover this was from 2017. It's almost 2020 and I don't even see any other trailers or concept art or gameplay demos anywhere, in fact I don't even have a clue what this game is or if it even is supposed to exist and not just some in joke.
No. 34562
From what I gather, the devs are affiliated with Playdead who made Limbo, one of those games that people rave about which I haven't personally played.
No. 34563
6,0 MB, 394 × 313, 0:05
83 kB, 800 × 591
I of course forgot to attach

Oh. Eh sounds like not my cup of tea then.
No. 34565
772 kB, 1600 × 900
712 kB, 1600 × 900
730 kB, 1600 × 900
729 kB, 1600 × 900
I used to use a 5-man-per-pod mod but that just levelled up my guys even quicker, but then late game it got harder, especially on the final mission where you faced pods of 5 andromedons at a time n' sheiit.

The other alternative is to play on legendary difficulty, the strategic level delays make the game a good deal harder into the mid-game.

I'd recommend you mods but I have like 60 or 70 subscribed to and the game isn't' installed right now.
No. 34566
I couldve sworn I beat it on legendary already but I guess I didn't. Commander ironman is still fun and what I always play but it's getting kind of a pointless timewaster now. Kind of funny how hard I used to think veteran was.
No. 34567
Wait did I totally skip the Avenger defense mission completely on accident? If you killed all the Chosen before it even triggers does that mean you're never going to have the defend the downed Avenger mission are you serious?
No. 34571
264 kB, 609 × 1215
Is this a good idea? This is pretty huge sum for me actually.
No. 34573
Haven't played all, but Homeworld is good, not many games have utilised the z-axis as well. Invisible Inc. has some gamified mechanics that you do need to be aware of. Even if you do everything right, security will tighten over time. There is no benefit for taking things slow and getting them perfect. It wasn't really my cup of tea personally but that's taste. It's decently made.

Serpent in the Staglands is ebin. It's somewhat clunky and a bit jank at times but has a pretty awesome atmosphere by feeling cold also wet without being entirely grimdark and edgy (though you can be something of an edgelord).
No. 34580
Shadowrun Dragonfall was great, I liked it even more than Hong Kong, which is also great.
No. 34581
313 kB, 2560 × 1440
Oh fug, the dark side made my waifu a crack whore.
No. 34582
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
657 kB, 1600 × 900
709 kB, 1600 × 900
Legendary is the same as commander on a tactical level, the changes in legendary are to the strategic level where everything takes twice as long, slowing you down.
Xcom2 is notorious for fucking up ironman runs because of bugs to save files
You only get an Avenger defence mission if the chosen gain full intel on you, then they launch an attack, there's no limits to the amount of times you can be attacked. There's also UFO shootdown missions where they EMP you out of the sky and you have to defend the Avenger for that mission too
>Banner Saga
very good trilogy, loved them
it's not bad, but it's kinda long and has neat characaters but it's also the worst of the 3 dragonfall games imo
>Beat Cop
comfy game, I liked it very much
No. 34584
>Banner Sage
>Gods will be watching
>Beat Cop
>Quantum Conundurm
>Legends of Eisenwald
>Serpent in the Staglands
These games I know nothing about and so cannot comment

Had it on my wishlist only because it was less than a dollar. As I've said before, you should never buy any game or media just because it's cheap because you're basically flushing your dollar down the toilet. I cannot say it looked remotely good which is why I took it off and won't even spend $0.89 on it

>Invisible Inc
Wishlisted and recently took it off. Same thing, often cheap, doesnt look that great even if rated highly. If you're super into tactical stealth games then maybe but frankly there's better ones imho for the same cost like Crookz. It took me seeing lots of reviews and gameplay to realize this.

Was on my wishlist for the longest time just because it was cheap. Bought it just because I really like 4x games. I've not yet played it and heard mixed things but is supposedly a middling and older game with a few problems.

All the previous games I have not played. These I have:
>Age of Decadence
A turn based crpg set in fantasy alternate history Rome that's supposedly brutally difficult, with the problem in difficulty partly being that supposedly you can start a character and not realize your build is doomed until midway into the game. This is not your usual crpg where you can just dick around picking traits and stats haphazardly because they looked cool. You actually are supposed to put some thought into what you're doing and start minmaxing like crazy to even make it playable which requires actually reading about the game and builds rather than trying to learn as you go. I've only played it for several hours as it did not grab me. Very indie, grid turn based, writing did not catch me attention then, interesting number of character classes and builds, you will die quickly and easily--and I don't mean getting blinded by a rat the moment you leave the Vault either. You are not a walking tank in this game.

It appeals probably more to people who like crpg type games for the more autistic character building mechanics. The kind of guy who's downright proud like a new dad about how he made his DnD character sheet, not because of munchkining but because of the amount of thought and effort he put into building his character that then proceeds to die and gets rolled up in the first half hour of the session. Honestly I'm not sure if I'd recommend but I haven't spent enough time to have much valuable to say tbh.
No. 34585
> buying games

Get a load of this oligarch.

I'd definitely recommend Shadowrun: Dragonfall (and Hong Kong) and The Age of Decadence. They're excellent RPGs.

If you've only played TAOD for a few hours then you probably missed the sci-fi undercurrent. The game really started to grab me when I realised there were far spookier things going on.

I'd agree that it's very unforgiving when it comes to character builds but I think that's part of its charm. I think it's the only game that I replayed instantly because of the different paths you can take depending on how you build your character.
No. 34586
784 kB, 1600 × 838
If you log into tanks, and you have an account older than 4 years they'll give you a free tier 7 premium vehicle, the Super Hellcat. And if you didn't get the free T-50-2 from last year you'll get that too, but I think it ends on December 1st

>A turn based crpg set in fantasy alternate history Rome that's supposedly brutally difficult, with the problem in difficulty partly being that supposedly you can start a character and not realize your build is doomed until midway into the game. This is not your usual crpg where you can just dick around picking traits and stats haphazardly because they looked cool. You actually are supposed to put some thought into what you're doing and start minmaxing like crazy to even make it playable which requires actually reading about the game and builds rather than trying to learn as you go.
Ah shit, I got this a while back for 3 bux but now it sounds like that overrated piece of shit Underrail
No. 34588
Continued and these I played and finished
>SR Dragonfall
This is another of those things where you should take it with a grain of salt because I apparently hold the minority view. Lots of people seemed to think it was the best Shadowrun but I personally think it's the worst. It's the second longest one with maybe even the longest story(or is that Hong Kong?) and for starters I think it had the most schizophrenic art direction. It's way more flowery and cartoonish full of bloom effects and bright colors that doesn't belong at all in that game. Maybe if you were playing some indie light hearted fantasy but hell no it doesn't work here. It's not bad, just wrong. The other two games at least maintained a consistent atmosphere.

The combat isn't any different from the other two. It is turn based tactical combat with cover mechanic like XCOM just more cheaply made and cheap looking. It's not bad, but not thrilling.

And then there's the story and writing. Oh sweet Jesus. Well, ok for starters if you're going to include a rape quest make it good. I heavily criticized FNV for this as an example of all I found wrong with it. Here it was somewhat treated better but isn't even the best example of why the writing is bad. As a minor spoiler there is something involving spiritual rape by a demon in a side story and they go at great length to say how it's not bad because he's a demon because there's plenty of good guy demons and yadda yadda. This is one of many instances if incredibly cringey SJW writing, and I don't mean "I'm a poltard and get butthurt at everything" tier I mean this is literally the only game I have ever played where this is a valid criticism. It's stupid, cringey, poorly done, and overly preachy about everything. "I'm Irish. Yes I'm Asian. We exist deal with it" is a good example of this overarching theme. Like they cant even just say, okay a demon did a bad thing, they actually had to go into exposition about "not all demons" and went on some stupid multi panel lecture about how demons aren't evil that made me think some tranny wiccan wrote that whole quest. Anything that would've been acceptable about discussing the gravity of a character being raped spiritually went out the window because they spent half the time defending these rapist demons.

I've written probably length about this before. The Irish Asian is my symbolic example for SR:DR. It's nowhere near as egregious as the others, but it's like just this one completely utterly fucking pointless thing they added for no good reason at all just to make some ridiculous SJW point. The funniest thing to me which straya took issue with me saying is that from the very first screen in character creation, after being told point blank how it's stupid and racist and wrong to stereotype goblinized abhumans as being dumb is having goblinized humans being hard capped for intelligence level at the character creation screen.

This is like I said with PoE and trying to discuss if gods are real or not. Stats are the laws of physics in fantasy. It is the core rules governing everything like the speed of light. So when you pray to a god and you get a +1 to strength, you have proven through physics that god is real. When your entire race has its strength hard capped at 2/3s or even half what the other races can do, it's a weak race. When I cannot make a troll character with anywhere near the highest INT level as an human or elf, it means physically trolls are pretty stupid and elves are smart. Ironically this completely misses the point of IRL racism too because the point is you're supposed to judge someone by their character, and it's like trying to say the thing that really counts is differences even if trivial. It amazed me. They actually managed to make an argument FOR being a racist prick before the game even started while simultaneously completely missing the point of why racism is bad.

"But what does this have to do with the game" you may ask, and normally this would be a poltard thing to take issue with--except here it's not because so much of the game's plot and sidequests are like that or revolving around that. In another quest they have you sympathizing with a being that killed tons of people and making excuses for it, like, oh yeah who cares about 10,000 people being brutally murdered let's just not say mean things about BeingX.

This game is an unintentional parody of itself. I could forgive it more if anything actually shone but not one single thing about it does. It's not a bad game--far from it. I actually had lots of fun with it. But it's still a complete mess.

Lastly I should add that there is no freedom of choice. It's barely even a crpg. You have some optional sidequests but not even your dialogue choices are free. It's not just that the 1uests themselves are linear or that it's on rails--the DIALOGUE is linear. You can't pick and choose who you agree with and what you want to do or say almost anywhere in this game. It half asses an appearance of having multiple dialogue options just so you're not clicking "next" every time a character wants to have yet another cringey monologue about some stupid shit.

By contrast, Returns and Hong Kong were actually good games with much better writing and more consistent art style. By and large the linear dialogue and quests issue is the same but at least HK the multiple choice ending stuck with me and it's very easy to be unable to get the good one.

Is DF worth it on sale? Probably. But do yourself a favor and get one of the other ones.

>Homeworld collection
Shit I saved the best for last and now i have to go to work. Well I'll just say for now that this is the one thing on your list I know, beat, and have nothing to criticize. It's one of the great classics of RTS gaming and gaming in general that's fantastic on a technical, artistic, literary, and graphical level even all these years later with great sound design and excellent soundtrack. If you like strategy games you're in for a real treat with this one. The only HW game I have not finished yet was 2 because I had a bug on one of the last missions right at the very end and haven't yet got around to replaying that mission yet.

The remaster is very very good. It maintains visual consistency with all the immense detailing a newer machine can muster yet runs perfectly well on even a lower performer PC, with a completely memorable and well told story and fantastic gameplay. Homeworld holds the unusual distinction of being one of the only RTS I've ever played with a full "Kermit after finishing a truly great videogame" feel. Sadly the one classic HW that's missing is also possibly my favorite of the four which is Homeworld Cataclysm. Deserts of Kharak is impressive on a visual and technical level but shorter, with a par for HW story. HW2 ended up being my second favorite though many would probably say HW1 was the best in the series.

This is a hard recommend from me.
No. 34590
Oh wait so you can get TWO different avenger defense missions on WOTC? I thought the Chosen replaced the UFO shoot down with the emp
No. 34635
3,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:45
Yeah pretty sure, the UFO shootdown in a random event / monthly event and the Chosen assaults are a completely different thing altogether.

In the UFO shootdown event you have to run out and knock out an EMP generator that they've deployed, against never-ending reinforcements (quite nice to farm XP tbh since you can overwatch kill them like crazy)

In the chosen assault you gotta run forward and knock out a huge cannon and four APCs that are attacking the Avenger's hull.
No. 34637
162 kB, 474 × 2012
Well that still kinda blows I guess. I wasn't planning on missing a chunk of content just because I had too much zeal in taking out the Chosen which quite frankly was so easy to do I'm not even entirely sure how you could not end up doing it. Actually zeal isn't even the right word because I was kind of a lazy fuck about it especially with the Hunter who maxed out his bars too so he had to have been a day or two away from triggering that mission. The only one I was even aggressive towards was the Assassin because she's such an annoying pain in the ass and by far the most difficult of the three for me to deal with.

Oh yeah and also fuck did I just screw myself out of a soldier? Because I ended up in a super long battle against the warlock and forgot daze is what triggers the capture mechanic so he absconded with one of my soldiers but it didn't even make sense to me from a roleplay perspective to have had the Warlock mission available and to have done nothing about storming his hideout right after capturing one of ours in spite of the fact we just killed two of them and the last one went down with such ease it was nearly flawless. What I am now worried about is since he's long dead that I'm never going to get another rescue mission for that captured soldier.

>dat video
I laughed pretty hard but I think it's probably a lot funnier if you've personally shot enough firearms to know how incredibly easy that is to hit a target. Don't hip fire kids. You look like a tool and you won't hit squat. It's like the teen suburban white boy version of some ghettoized dumb motherfucker holding his handgun sideways wondering why he can't hit anything but children a block away from his target.
No. 34638
I've never understood the sideways grip thing. Your hand naturally grips up and down if you just raise it forward, so why twist your grip deliberately to get worse results?
No. 34641
123 kB, 636 × 960
>I wasn't planning on missing a chunk of content
it's just one mission type amongst probably a dozen mission types. If you really want to acquire all content then go for 100% steam achievements like a certain Irishman who is so knowledgable in Xcom matters the ladies enmoisten upon his approach
it look gangsta
No. 34642
Because a bunch of really dumb motherfuckers are way more concerned about how they look than what they do. This is why said dumb motherfuckers don't understand why they get sent to prison after wearing all this flashy dumb bullshit because social posturing is the entirety of what they're doing. It's form instead of function as some sort of social mechanism. Of course then again I'm entirely the opposite where my style would be if I absolutely had to use a firearm I'd take someone out with a sniper rifle and then keep dressing modestly to not attract attention to the fact I mysteriously have $100,000 the day after a prominent mobster or whoever was found dead. These guys haven't got the sense to do that so for some mysterious reason they aim sideways, though whether it's originally the result of cocking their head to the side to say "ye bitch" or whether they cock their head to adjust for the weapon positioning is anyone's guess.
Aw who am I kidding none of them are looking down the sights.

Also PROPTIP shotguns and high caliber rifles kick like mules, as can handguns. There's plenty of funny videos online of some dumbasses especially women hurting themselves from holding guns like a retard. You can very easily bust your arm out of its socket that way or break your nose. You see how this fool is losing control of his weapon >>34635 yeah you're not even supposed to do that. I'm surprised he doesnt have serious injuries already.
No. 34645 Kontra
For a comparison
I think his portrait looks kinda weird for some reason, something having to do with his feet but this is what it's supposed to look like. You see how that gun is flying around everywhere? That's the kind of control you're supposed to have. Nearest I can figure that kid had only ever seen that Columbine video and those guys were probably playing around and acting like retards on purpose because they thought it was funny. Considering how they purportedly knew some actual firearm handling it would be at best that the Columbine shooters in that video were firing their shotgun like that in the shooting equivalent to someone gripping their guitar like a retard only because they actually know what they're doing and the right way to do it.

Lol. I'm not going to get 100% just because I have no interest in the alien hunter DLC. Nothing about that looks terribly interesting to me except having wildly unfair boss fights which are unfair rather than having a genuine challenge, and plus almost all the weapons look dorky as hell.

Speaking of which I do do the XCOM equivalent of a side grip by equipping certain guns with certain mods for no other reason than because it looks all cool and stylish, namely the repeater on mag weapons which looks like absolute shit on every single plasma rifle. This is one reason the change to WOTC where all your mods carry over to upgrades bother the hell out of me. Nothing quite like my badass looking foolish gun like the stock and repeater shotgun suddenly look like twaddle.
No. 34670
The Alien rulers bossfights can be ridiculously cheesed in a number of ways, but I agree that they aren't really interesting tactically and can absolutely destroy unprepared players. The new weapons and the little storyline that goes with it is pretty neat though.
No. 34694 Kontra
Finally getting around to playing CK2 now that it is free. I am very late. It's not bad, still figuring it out. Trying to decide which games off my wishlist to get during the Steam sale, maybe some old Total War titles or those socialist strategy games. I don't like to spend too much during sales, I usually ignore them.

I was wondering, is there an EC/int Steam group?
No. 34696
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
Well, at least one of the new games didn't disappoint me much. I'd be okay if the game was just a refurbished BL2, and it ended that way so I enjoyed it a lot, but I still have a few complains.

Weapons. I remember I already compared BL1 and BL2 weapons in favor of the latter due to weapons there having more "personality": looking different, sounding different and feeling different depending on the manufacturer. In BL3, however, a great deal of that personality seems to vanish. All the guns tend to gravitate towards that ridiculous scifi look with shitloads of tiny details everywhere, even Torgue and Jakobs (although there are some cute things once in a while about them, like Torgue's exhaust pipes or Jakobs' lever-actions). Jakobs also manufactures full-auto guns now (what's the point? Couldn't the game designers make their semi-auto rifles not as pathetic as they were?), and since the explosive element is no more, Torgue guns now can have any element (THIS IS A TRAVESTY!). Some weapon classes can only be by two-three manufacturers (time constraints?), like Rocket Launchers can only be made by Atlas, Torgue and Vladof, while in BL2 and TPS each manufacturer made most classes of weapons except one or two, but all with their special flavor. Weapon sounds are also unconvincing, despite that developers bragged about thousands of samples used for guns — for example, the shotgun from the first screenshot sounds like a concrete block being hit with a hammer, and some of SMGs bring sewing machines to mind. The alternative modes don't feel very useful: like, what's the point in placing Atlas' tracking devices or Torgue's sticky bombs on enemies when it's easier to just shoot them in the faces? And another personal peeve: Hyperion guns (which happens to be my favorite manufacturer in BL2 and TPS) got nerfed pretty heavily. Hyperion doesn't make pistols anymore (a real shame, because blue and purple rarity Hyperion pistols were among the best, and in the hands of some character classes like Gunzerker and Doppelganger even turned into total Wunderwaffen), their shotguns aren't nearly as fun as they used to be (they're kinda like Old Hyperion shotguns from TPS, but even less accurate) and sniper rifles weren't boosted significantly to make them viable (and who cares about them anyway when Vladof exists?). Still, I haven't found many legendaries yet (I've heard that Conference Call and Bitch are back again), so maybe it's not as bad as I think. The only weapons that have changed for the best in my opinion are Maliwan ones. They take some time to get used to since they need to be charged before shooting, but they are fun to use (especially shockwave shotguns, which are probably my favorite shotguns now that Hyperion's turned mediocre) and they feature possibly the most useful and at the same time the simplest alternative mode: switching between elements.

Maps. They look nice, but they are more linear, except for Pandora and Promethea, maybe. Most of the time you have just one long corridor with one big road and several tiny dead ends branching off of it. Players complained about TPS not having much "vertical" gameplay despite the new movement features like double jumps, so some maps, like Eden-6, were probably designed with new BL3 controls in mind, but ended up a total mess anyway. Oh, and concerning new controls: only climbing is nice, sliding is utterly useless and slamming is worse than it was in TPS. Great fucking job. Also, Athenas feels like a waste: with its interesting Eastern-like designs there's only one map.

Characters. Now that's the weakest part of the game. Not all of them are bad, of course: Wainwright Jakobs is okay if a bit bland and new Vault Hunters are fine too, especially Zane who manages to be really funny (is it because of the accent, I wonder?). Some return from Tales from the Borderlands, like Vaughn and Rhys, but suffered a one-dimensional rewriting of sorts and turned into neurotic weaklings. Then there are new characters that are simply shitty, like Lorelei, who is some sort of cringey stereotypical millenial: she's a former barista (anything involving baristas as important characters goes right into the "millenial trash" category instantly) with a ridiculous hairstyle and a bitchy attitude, and her sidequests are real masterpieces of le funneh post-ironic writing that deal with reclaiming the two most important commodities: coffee and burgers. I dunno who you gotta be to find this kind of shit entertaining. Or another crappy character couple, the villains Troy and Tyreen Calypso. It seems that writers wanted to repeat Handsome Jack's success, so they borrowed some of his features for the twins, like taunting the player constantly or generally being a dick. It didn't work, though, because they forgot that Jack was also characterized as a ruthless psychopath right from the beginning (like, from ECHOs in Liar's Berg), so even when he was mocking you, you still took him seriously, and after Angel's death he drops that silly facade altogether. The twins, on the other hand, come off as stupid the whole game through. Even Troy's death doesn't change much, and Tyreen's final form looks more ridiculous than menacing. But neither new goodies nor new baddies can reach the levels of shittiness of Ava. Oh my fucking D-g, Ava. She must be the worst character in the Borderlands series ever. Not only she's an extremely annoying brat (we've already had kids in the older games before, like Tiny Tina and Davis Pickle, but they aren't nearly as annoying), not only the game forces the player to sympathize with her (the only feeling that I had about her is the desire to slap her over and over again), but she's also a total Mary Sue! She just appears out of nowhere, it's told that she is supposed to get superpowers ("she's gonna be a Siren, I just know it!.."), and, of course, she does get them. Moreover, two fairly important characters die in the course of the game (one of them because of Ava herself), and it's implied that Ava is going to be the new leader of the Sanctuary. So, we got two of pretty decent characters replaced with a very shitty one. Just wonderful.
No. 34699
1,2 MB, 1600 × 900
999 kB, 1600 × 900
896 kB, 1600 × 900
The Alien Rulers DLC is the greatest pleb-filter I've ever seen. The amount of clenched anuses over that DLC is hilarious, the only difficult one is the Archon king, the other two are a joke to fight they're so easy.

Firaxis even nerfed the rulers when they released WotC but still people clench their anuses and can't cope with a difficult fight. The gear you get off them is really fucking nice too, especially the Archon king's jump suit, give that thing to a gun focused grenadier and you're gonna be raining death from rooftops all day.

I sometimes edit that gear in the .ini files and make them even better, especially the serpent suit and bolt thrower.
No. 34711
Meh that stupid crossbow and flintlock pistol is a big part of why I have zero interest in it. I want my XCOM to be dark, gritty, depressing almost beyond a technonoire dystopia level which is what it is although I think there's plenty of room for improvement like some woman asking XCOM how these terrorists could possibly fight Advent who saved her mother or daughter from otherwise incurable cancer. See this is very much a Clerks_discussing_the_Death_Star_being_destroyed level of realism and grittiness that I find both wonderfully available to the narrative as well as sadly lacking, favoring instead this super retarded black and white narrative. I mean like look, Advent despite genuinely being genocidal horrible assholes who are routinely hinted to only be so ruthlessly abusing other life forms because they themselves are in a desperate and losing struggle against some greater unfathomable evil more on that in a second but they actually genuinely did give us, humanity and a whole, fantastic miraculous miracle cures for all kinds of stuff, so much so in fact that in real life people would actually call it just "controversial" to oppose them even knowing tens of thousands if not many millions of people have been abducted at these gene clinics. I mean, who am I to argue against the needs of the many in favor of the needs of a few? What if these terrorists are lying and even if they're not and the terrorists are only embellishing the story with propaganda so what if they abduct these tens of thousands of people? What if whatever terrible things that happen to these people I don't want to think about like how people eat meat but don't want to think about how the meat gets there which is allegedly part of why they outlawed things like keeping cattle but still mysteriously have those Advent burgers and they're just using these people for further research into giving us newer and better medical technology? My daughter had an incurable terminal illness she's still scared from. I want my beautiful angel to just have a pain free and normal life. How can you even say that those few people Advent allegedly abducts outweigh my needs and the needs of 8 billion other people? [In fact reminder to self I actually need to email this kind of stuff to Firaxis so they can consider it in a more mature story for XCOM 3]

And so you see part of my problem is that in addition to just having these utterly goofy shit weapons that I hate it's also going in the complete opposite direction of where I'd like the mood and tone to be which was achieved fantastically at release in the base game. Moreover I've now got these guys mounting the heads of Advent, who while mind controlled are still clearly sapient creatures as the addition of the Skirmishers faction shows, which is in addition to making XCOM goofier making them much more callous and evil looking to me but without addressing any of it, and on top of that I've now got these alien rulers which iirc aren't even under the control of the aliens and so from what I (perhaps wrongly) understood about the Viper ruler for instance it's a completely dick move killing him and wiping out both the only male of the species and the only non-controlled one although tbh I always hated that one unit as it's clearly fan service to a very specific kind of degenerate furry pervert fetish and no talking about snake men from the original doesn't count with what abomination this clearly is which I willfully ignore for the combat dynamics facing them I mean god shit in the 90s was fucking cringe and retarded and contrived and unoriginal but anway so despite whatever bullshit about Vahlen's doing it just struck me as taking away from the central story while also stretching the game even further towards both goofiness and even a bit of unaddressed villainy on the part of XCOM.

Not only all of that, but we also have as you mentioned a lot of completely OP gear which matters a hell of a lot in the late game, which what this means is it's even more completely unbalanced to have that particularly if you're using all of this other DLC as I am and end up with both the Chosen and the rulers hunting you on these random missions in addition to having like the Shen mission all of which is probably just going to stretch the earlier game into being almost completely unmanageable but a righteous challenge at least, but severely at the expense of the late game at which point there's really no reason at all to do anything other than have a cakewalk in ending the game almost immediately after getting past the early game hump.

Again I could be wrong, I haven't played it, but that's just the impression I get mechanically which is that blending this with all the other DLC is only going to fuck me super hard early on (keeping in mind I pretty much exclusively play ironman) while giving me absolutely no reason at all to drag out the late game which I'm fond of doing. Of course I also realize that you play with plenty of mods which I absolutely don't do with the sole exceptions of a couple map packs I now have turned off for I forget what reason and the international voices mod because Firaxis hates Russians and Asians.

Speaking of which seriously, why in the absolute fuck have they bothered to make French and Italian voice overs which are really small countries and not even bother to getting things like Indian, Chinese, or Russian voice overs? Why do I not have Arabic voices? Why do I not get to have Africans or African accents at least? I at least now partially fixed that with a mod that only gives me one Chinese voice and it's only male (so no Koreans or Japanese at all), and only a few of the other voices with the only two being fully fleshed out are Russian voices and some Polish voices which btw I think speaks volumes about Firaxis having their priorities wrong. I think I may have like one Swedish voice and a Dutch voice too.
No. 34713
And so as such I will just put this out there that if any ernsts wish to help represent your countries by providing voices to XCOM 2 it would be much appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=623812197
Please just follow this gentleman's instructions.

That includes you, Kazakhstan. We also could use some Ukrainian though we have Russians and Poles, and it's severely limited on both Irish, Scottish, and Australian voices too.

Also it would be nice if there were a few non-retarded people who decided they're lurking here we need Turkish, Hebrew, and that Syrian in Kuwait among numerous other missing languages. I know few would volunteer but maybe they know some people in their countries to help contribute to the international voices pack. Why XCOM2 devs only bothered to get French, German, Italian, Spanish speakers is beyond me and that includes not even bothering to have more than one Scottish, Irish, and like two Australian accents. To this day it's one of the most annoying things to be hearing Sven, Bogdan, Xian, Gupti, Muhammed, Ogala Namimbi, Mehmet, and Eitan Levi all speaking in English with American accents. Oh yeah, and they have only one black guy voice. It needs to be fixed.
No. 34736
Requesting more foreign voics actors though preferably with a good microphone
No. 34771
57 kB, 1280 × 720
So I did the ol' Pirate Bay demo of this game and holy fucking dog shit. Is this seriously what people fucking expect to play? I mean seriously? Within the first 30 minutes of the game here's what happened:

I had a cut scene. A longish one. Okay. Then I run down some corridor. Then another cut scene. Then I'm running along more corridors and more cutscenes. Within the first five minutes of gameplay I realized a few things, first of all being that I can't jump. Ok. This really seriously pisses me the fuck off to an irrational level about modern vidya like The Witcher and Mass Effect for example due to console faggotry but ok. Then I ran into an invisible wall. I don't mean "oh there's a huge pile of boxes I cant jump over" I mean I just flat out ran up to an alleyway because I didn't feel like just triggering the next scripted scene and wanted to explore and bam, it's this huge open space down a road and my entire screen is now filled with a place I can't walk past because of a mysterious force field. This happened twice in those first few minutes and the second time I was expecting it. I ran up to a beach and said out loud "oh look another fucking place that probably has an invisible force field around it" and sure enough I couldn't even step into the water. Then I'm running some more, this time past a bunch of locked gates, and now I'm seeing all these objects in my environment like wrenches that I of course can't pick up or even touch or move.

Like what the absolute fucking hell is this??! Is this seriously what modern gamers put up with and expect in a triple A title?? It's fucking terrible! See this is exactly why I mostly agree with a lot of retro gamer Russia's sentiments. When I'm playing a game I automatically expect that I should be able to map my Q E button to the jump key and crouch. I've bitched about this at length before. Why the fucking hell is jumping a scripted fucking event that gets coded into a sequel at best at like 3 different locations like oh wow this scripted scene you can jump like it's some big deal or supposed to be some kind of fucking accomplishment.

I went into this game first of all expecting to not be able to run it and pleasantly surprised that I was, although the graphics still look fucking awful
Now understand that when I say "the graphics are awful" I'm saying this as someone who still sees KOTOR and VTMB character models as being completely entirely acceptable and 100% photorealistic enough. I am okay with the way slightly older games look. What I am not okay with is being told I need a brand new 4gb GPU as recommended and while it does run perfectly well it just barely feels like a step up from VTMB and the character animations like mouths talking still somehow looks like ass. I'm talking KOTOR it was less noticeable about lips looking out of sync, so when I'm being told how great the game supposedly is going to look as a main selling feature I'm going to come to expect it when I have to put up with the kind of console bullshit of the mechanics.

I am still not far enough into my "review copy" to make any valuable judgments but I mean just, Jesus. I only even bothered to put up with making room and downloading this game because some reviewers sold me on the idea that it has a really interesting atmosphere and great open world type of storyline and thus far I've been railroaded with nonstop corridors and cutscene and no player control.

See that's the thing--no player control. Is this just what people expect to put up with in their daily lives now? It gives me valuable insight into exactly the kinds of faggots who have Facebook accounts and use their real names too, who just blithely accept all these new shittier and shittier OS' for their machines, who tolerate having their private data literally raped out of them and being given no control or say over anything electronic in their lives. I fully expect to be able to bust into my code and tinker with it however I want. I fully expect player control. Here I have none. It starts out with me killing someone and being forced to do it to proceed to the next cut scene. I am having my (rather "my" character's and he isnt even my character it's yet another not really RPG adventure game with a preset character also like Witcher or Deus Ex) actions being physically and mentally totally controlled. I have been given zero freedom at all in this game so far and it's hugely pissing me off.

I'll try to keep playing it but it already feels like drudgery, like a chore I have to do before the sale ends tomorrow just to see if I want to but it or not for some absurd reason.

Like I can't shit on the game that bad, but man even the visuals just aren't that good. I was so unimpressed by that London beach at night it's surreal and while this is supposedly a kind of indie game made to Triple A standards all I'm really seeing so far is the dreaded "triple A standards" of total bullshit.

We'll see how it goes. I'm not planning to play too far into it before deleting it as I usually do with pirated games but I was promised by some people an open world with an open storyline and a fully interactive world that directly changes based on your actions. Maybe it is that and I'm just screeching far too early into the game but what I've seen so far has left me thoroughly unimpressed and just downright irritated about the state of gaming in general.

Seriously is this the kind of stupid crap people just expect to put up with in mainstream games like idk, Assassins Creed or Fortnite or Fallout 4 or something?
No. 34772
482 kB, 942 × 987
No. 34773
596 kB, 1920 × 1080
290 kB, 1920 × 1080
Shit, that game was actually in my rutracker backlog. I looked at it and assumed it was a sort of b-list VTMB clone, and a B-list clone of VTMB sounds like a fucking great game, tbh. Well, it looks like I should stop assuming things about video games, especially cross platform ones, namely that they're actually games.
I wonder who those obsessive control freaks game devs are, who must control and sanction the player's every move. It's like they have nightmares about you playing their game "wrong" or something. I've heard that there's quite a number of people with no interest in games going into the gaming industry as a launchpad for film. Maybe it's those fuckers. It's jarring to me every time to boot up a new-ish game and discover that it plays itself, and expects you to simply move your character around and press the flashing buttons now and then. My expectation of what a "game" is, is horribly outdated it seems. Which at first sounds like it makes sense, since until recently I stopped playing new games since before 2010, but I'd never expect there to be an industry wide change of what people accept as a "game". I've heard people complaining about "walking simulators", but it was all directed at indie stuff. They should actually be complaining about story driven AAA games instead, tbh, those are also walking simulators.

Speaking of b-list clones, I tried Dungeons 2 the other day. It's sort of a Dungeon Keeper clone, but where you must make incursions to the surface and defeat the enemy base. It was okay, I was having a bit of fun with it (despite the cringy writing), but the fun was 100% confined to the dungeon management section. The overworld stuff just doesn't work for me. Feels like a really shallow RTS with very few units and SLOW combat. And it's very rigid and scripted, in that there's only a few portals through which you can send your units, and you have zero control or management of the overworld, other than just sending your units to attack. And when they die, they spawn back in the dungeon, and you have to send them back again, and SLOWLY wait for them to make their way across the whole map. The campaign is basically a tutorial and it's incredibly hand-holding. I was actually going to play more of it, but then I found out that there's Dungeons 3, and reportedly it's much better while being essentially the same game, so I lost interest. It's like, why even play this then.
Also, I could immediately tell the game was made in Unity, because of this weird delay you have for every input. I don't know what it is, but a lot of modern games feel like your inputs are only processed a few frames later, which fucks with my brain and slowly becomes nauseating as time goes on. Imagine playing an intense match of StarCraft or WarCraft 3, but every action takes a few frames instead of being instant. I'd probably develop a migraine after a while. This game isn't as fast paced or intense as a real RTS (it's also too easy), but it's still annoying.

Also, the game's dynamic tile / mining system kind of made me want to play a real-time and a bit more casual clone of dwarf fortress. Sounds like it'd be fun. I should get back into dwarf fortress sometime, but it's one of those games you really feel like playing, but then ask yourself "but why?" and can't come up with an answer.
No. 34774
21 kB, 474 × 346
Idk, I've actually been way unfairly hard on it; it's just that I mean hell even the supposed awesome grafix are seriously like 2010 tier at best. Now I do understand that it's just some basically indie game made by a small studio and published by some tiny random French publisher, but still. It absolutely is a triple AAA game in all the worst senses.

Oh I also should've added that it's made by the same guys who did Life is Strange, Dontnod.

I just got done playing it for like another hour or two and, eh, I dunno I guess I'm still just not completely sold on this game but if it ever goes on sale for like 75% I'm definitely getting it. The thing is I now have a very limited stash of money and every bit counts including my unused Steam $20 card I've had for over like a month now, and so when I see something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD-3VhP379I which isn't even a good review, but it just exudes that "this is a good f'ing game" feel, it just looks great, it feels great to me watching this, and it just keeps reminding me that instead of wasting over $18 of my money because I also get fucking taxed now not sure if it's my state or nationwide but we now have sales tax on online steam purchases everywhere on the murica on Vampyr I could just save it towards this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezZAfbAwz64 or Disco Elysium which basically seems like the Planescape Torment of the 2010s-20s or Age of Wonders Planetfall which has a vaguely Amplitude studios feel while having XCOM style combat, or I could put it towards Phoenix Point or I mean hell I could even just put it towards paying like a third of the preorder on Wasteland 3. So, in short, Vampyr is still definitely where it should be which is a high B list game.

Now I don't want you to get me wrong, it is indeed a captivating game and I plan to play it at some point later. Hell a tiny fragment of me is even still tempted to buy it tonight or before I head to work tomorrow morning.

It has an extremely captivating atmosphere and core to the gameplay is your XP is based around who you eat, and each NPC becomes more valuable for XP the more you get to know about them, and at the same time picking off NPCs can trash the overall health of a district until you don't help enough people and do enough damage to plunge entire city districts into nightmarish violence and chaos until only feral vampiric ghouls, werewolves, and high level vampire hunters roam the streets battling each other, all stores and locations closed, and about all the NPCs that were in that district dead and gone--which of course also means if you want to be an asshole you have to carefully pick and choose who you prey on before plunging that district into chaos and violence thus closing off your opportunity to gain their XP.

But see the thing is, what I have found so far is that it really feels more like I'm playing The Bureau again. If you haven't played that, it's basically a squad based third person OtS FPS game that's non-canon XCOM and did things like had a few options on dialogue wheel to simulate the feel of an RPG but the dialogue did nothing. It didn't change the story, you couldn't ask lots of questions, you didn't unlock anything, you couldn't change attitudes and relations with people, and there was no branching dialogue so each NPC was basically just a signpost with some voice actor reading two to four directions to you. That is what the dialogue thus far feels like. I can ask them questions but there's no sense of interaction at all.

Again, I've only played a few hours at this point. I only just got to Pembroke hospital. But yes, its supposed open world so far seems a let down, I can explore but it has heavy beef gates and apparently leveling matters a LOT like as a lvl 3 a feral vampire at level 14 took me out in one hit so exploring White Chapel was basically just getting nailed by vampires, werewolves, and hunters--which gives a basic idea of what the game turns into if you start killing everyone except your XP gives you a fighting chance.

Actually come to think of it you have two options, a storytime game where every third interaction it feels like becomes yet another cutscene, or a bland fighting game. The more you focus on one probably the more you suck at the other.

Honestly I have no idea how people were so crazy about Life is Strange if it was like this game but probably less interesting because no plague or vampires just teenagers are their insipid dramas.

The other thing is the post processing default is absolutely insane. Everything's a goddamn blur! Triple A's do this? It was terrible the graphics are like Witcher 2 tier if that and they basically decided to hide the game with massive post processing which is a visual effect I absolutely hate and doesn't mask the weird anti-aliasing halo around people either. So, graphics wise, that is not a reason to get or like this game. It already looks massively dated. Seriously I beat The Council and that was an actually really interesting highly interactive story with dialogue done right and superb modeling and graphics imo at a level I wish Vampyr could remind me of.

My verdict? Buy it on sale if you want a cinematic story game set in 1918 London. If you only have a little money, get something else. If you're pirating itwhich you shouldn't unless you plan to pay later make sure you have plenty of room for other games and don't be afraid to delete this first. It's definitely been pulling me in, and I do plan to buy it eventually, but even at 66% it doesn't feel like it's worth the buy. For how it actually feels and looks it isn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but I massively expected more and hated to Hell the way it felt like a triple A in every bad way except the DLC and microtransactions, pointless crafting grinding included. I don't want to dissuade people from getting it, and if you're really into watching documentaries about the plague or industrial revolution or something and into vampires you'll like it, but overall it did not meet any of my expectations with the sole exception of really well done atmosphere and what looks like an interesting story developing that's starting to hook me.
No. 34775
Oh and also what else can you tell me about Dungeons 2 and 3? I perhaps stupidly bought 2, partly because it was just so much more affordable and using heavily flawed logic of well if I like this maybe I'll know I'll like D3 too. This was also partly because I know that Dungeons 3 is known for having way more goofiness that I normally hate in a game with lots of pop culture jokes and on top if it it seemed to go even more for that nuBlizzard Warcract aesthetic I also don't like. Dungeons 2 still looked fun but I haven't played it yet. It's fun at least? How bad is the writing? How engaging the gameplay?
No. 34776
Well, if it's from the life is strange devs, it's probably not something I'm looking for, tbh. Even without the quality of their writing taken into consideration (which might be good or bad, never played any of their games), I'm not interested in story focused games, but rather setting / world-building focused games. A decent story is basically a requirement, but the entire game shouldn't have to revolve around the story, but rather around the setting.

I haven't played Dungeons 3 yet, but it's hard to imagine it getting any MORE nu-blizzardy and goofy. There's literally references to warcraft in the writing. The entire aesthetic of the game is so bland and characterless, I'm actually struggling to articulate my gripes with it. It's difficult to describe nothingness. It's a whole lotta nothing. Imagine someone who read a lot of british satirical referential stuff like Terry Pratchett books, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, or even the direct video game analog - Overlord, but a) doesn't have a sense of humor b) forgot to put any story or characters in. (I just looked it up and the game is made in Germany, which explains the mind numbingly bad sense of humor). The whole game feels like one big reference to nothing in particular. Like it's parodying fantasy tropes that fell out of fashion half a century ago, while also wallowing in such tropes itself. The campaign plot revolves around taking revenge on a group of heroes who imprisoned you, but those heroes don't have characters, or dialogue, or anything, they're just NPCs you kill. Just like Overlord, but with even less substance.
If you want to get the general feel for the writing, check the intro sequence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0Fs5gv7O-A . It genuinely made my skin crawl.
Funnily enough, it wasn't as nauseating to actually play the game as it is describing it, mainly because after the intro sequence, it's just quips by the narrator that don't really distract from the game, which itself was kinda fun (until I got bored of it). It's like "uh huh, narrator is saying something" and you're not really paying attention because you're managing the dungeon. But once I dedicate your full brain power to thinking about it, it becomes annoying just how cringy and vapid it is.

It's also completely toothless. Both Dungeon Keeper and Overlord had a bit of an edge to them (moreso Dungeon Keeper), there was an aesthetic of cheeky evilness. Here the game only tells you how cringy and lame the Good Guys are without actually showing it (since there's basically no story or characters), and at the same time it's hypocritical in how cringy and lame the game itself is.

The gameplay is basically fine, although as I said, the campaign is piss easy and holds your hand too much. The overworld RTS sections felt not very fleshed out and basic. I didn't play too much of it, so I can't say for sure, but it kinda felt like waiting for the game to get over with the tutorial and reveal its full complexity, but the tutorial drags on and on. The game felt like it had potential, but I didn't get into the good parts. Now in retrospect, it's possible that the "good parts" don't come at the end of the game, but in the next game of the series.

But you already bought it, so might as well play it :^)
No. 34831
Well, the setting so far actually is nice. Like I said it's an atmospheric game and while I couldn't yet attest to the quality of the story particularly because the lack of dialogue trees was severely annoying to the point of it not even being an RPG any longer, but the one thing it actually did do right was the setting. I wouldn't say it looked terribly nice although ironically turning down the horrible post processing effects they were using to mask their lack of quality actually made the game look way better, which I suspect abuse of post processing and particle effects was their way of masking the inadequacies of London but it still looked nice and pretty spooky in it's own way.

I would say that if what you're only going for is world building, atmosphere, and setting that I actually would greatly recommend it to you then. I mean, you're already using the post-Soviet means of game acquisition just try it. I simply think it already failed as an RPG from what I've seen with not so great combat either leaving basically just atmosphere and worldbuilding.
No. 34911
139 kB, 644 × 513
3,6 MB, 1600 × 1200
193 kB, 1280 × 720
144 kB, 1280 × 720
Imagine being such a waste of space you're unemployed and rather than doing anything else in the world you choose to spend your time on a weekday trying to ruin a board of less than a dozen people, only to have everything cleaned up with a mod noticing in less than an hour. It's as if you never even existed.
Our mods are great.

So what are you guys playing this week?
No. 34912
825 kB, 1280 × 960
Well, my hunt for abandonware and obscure old titles isn't going well because frankly they're too boring to play.
I had this naive fantasy of finding the video game equivalent of art brut, but instead found games that tried their damnest to be commercial, but failed due to lack of quality.
Fantasy Wars only made me want to replay King's Bounty: Legends.
No. 34919
Sliterine/Matrix Christmas Sale is on. If you are wanting to venture into the world of wargaming, now is the time of year to do so. Lots of expensive titles get really affordable around this time of year. Dunno if they carry the sale over to steam, but buying it direct gets you standalone and steam, so I can't think of a reason not to just go direct.
No. 34921
138 kB, 800 × 600
Ironicly new King's Bounty 2 in places looks a bit like Кодекс Войны lol
From obscure and forgotten games, try play Глаз дракона (no, I not played it lol)
No. 34924
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
Halo on PC feels really fucking nice. Playing through the campaigns on Legendary. The original series (CE through Reach) feel timeless. There are a few quirks related to keybinds (crouch is weird but it's Halo, you don't use it, and swapping weapons is a keybind, not a mouse wheel action) but the port is really excellent. It's really holding up to how I remember these games being back in high school.

I mean, the game holds up in spite of the fact that the arena shooter has moved on, but if the multiplayer holds up to how it used to be, then this shit is going to have a community 10 years from now.

I recommend it tbh. Wouldn't be opposed to an EC clan, or even just doing coop campaigns with another Ernst or two. Maybe wait for it to go on sale if you weren't playing Halo the first time around because it's not for everybody, but I paid AU$50 and with 6 (5 of which aren't 343 industries garbo) campaigns plus multiplayer, I can see it being worth every penny.
No. 34926
Need to replay them. Played them loong time ago and thought that it was mediacore crap and it such prised because many consoleties first time seen not absolute garbage big exclusive FPS game for them. Same with GoldenEye which was trash but praised by nintedo fans to this day.
No. 34927
1,6 MB, 1366 × 768
They're console shooters, but they're the game type done correctly. If you're going in wanting to jack yourself off about how it's mediocre shooter for 'consoleites', then that's what you'll get, and miss exactly why the series is kind of a big deal. That also said, Halo coming back to PC is more of a thing if you actually liked them back when they came out.

In terms of what they did well, the Bungie series are some of the best examples of FPS campaign done correctly (in general, not just on console) and there are lots of little tricks in how they pull it off which are not apparent at first glance but exceedingly clever once you notice them. Add on what is actually out of the box functionality in multiplayer that exceeds some PC titles (no, mods and community development don't count as out of the box functionality) and you have a series that is actually pretty revolutionary.
No. 35088
Am I the only sperg giddy for Butterlord's expected pre-alpha?
Although its been in production forever and almost appeared as vaporware, my autism is ready to sink countless hours on pixels and Turkish spaghetti code.
No. 35208
Hey Euros how do you import your steam library into GOG? I've heard that supposedly you can play steam games through this new Galaxy 2.0 thing or maybe it was another game for the GOG client but I already tried linking my steam account to it and searching my folders and so far nothing happened. What gives? How can I play steam games through the GOG client? How can I import a game to play through it manually?
No. 35218
Alright, played some MP today. It's...authentic. In the sense that one 13 year old on dialup is enough to turn the game into a match where the winner is determined by who gets benefit of the lag, at least it's a bit like that on the australia. Hopefully this gets fixed, especially since SWAT is an awfully common gametype, and is absolute cancer when the game is lagging. I think it should fix up a bit over the next few weeks either with patches or growing playerbase meaning that players aren't being drawn from so far apart into one dedicated server.

Played a pretty lag free game of grifball though. Brought back some good memories.
No. 35220
GoG 2.0 is still in invite-beta. Do you have it?
No. 35221
Oh. Well that would explain it. No I don't.
No. 35223
I can give you installer later, when be at my PC if I not deleted it. It should work.
No. 35226
Here you go
everybody who wants it can use it.
No. 35245
887 kB, 600 × 887
Welp I think it is time to wrap up my WOTC campaign today. There's just no sense in trying to drag it out anymore and besides which I've got so many massive amounts of other games to play or finish playing it's incredible. I can't believe how much time I've wasted on games or could waste. I hope I don't regret it in the future as lost hours of my life when I was younger.

At any rate it's truly incredible how much time it has taken me just to beat only a few titles since the summer or even play any of them, half of which I probably only got like partway or halfway through before getting bored or restless and switching to a new game. I've actually made it into like a chore at this point just trying to beat my own ADD and learn to focus and be disciplined and driven enough just to beat one game and slowly get through them all like it's another job, including my new DLCs.

XCOM2 somehow manages to be a real joy to play and I guess kinda challenges my opinionated view that games are art and a game should be made with a truly great story and atmosphere--well know it really does need good gameplay. I've actually ended up with a bunch of titles I've already beaten I'm playing again because the DLC isn't an expansion.

I've come to hate that. Why should you even add a new area to the same game? Just release it as an actual expansion or expand on it to make a second title, not just unlock some newer area or a new character for the main game. It pisses me off because it means either you pay some ridiculous fee for a game you're not even sure you're going to like that much, or you end up having to beat the same massive campaign yet again only with a twist and some different characters and mechanics, which I guess is okay for XCOM2 just because it's such a great game by its own I can and did beat it numerous times but not for such a fucking slog as Pillars of Eternity that it's actually a chore to play again. Tyranny's DLC actually is pretty notorious for this where you can play the campaign again and barely even notice some of the changes which just appear to be some things originally intended for the base game that got left out for some reason. What kind of fucking shit is that? Why release this bullshit as costly DLC rather than making it into the base game as a director's cut or something?

inXile remains so far one of my favorite studios because of that where they simply released Wasteland 2 Directors Cut which includes both the modified content as well as the original base game if you wanted to play that, not as some damn DLC. I will never stop loving them for this policy and their ridicule of other game studios with the Red Boots DLC gag on their main menu. They similarly did not release Oom, the long awaited toy companion, as a separate thing but just added it to the original base game as an update in T:ToN. The ironic and sad thing is, is that I actively want them to release DLC and I wish I could buy additional content from them more than just about any other single game that I own. This instills a great fear in me about the Micro$oft acquisition of inXile.
but yes back to the original point of this post I think it's time to put XCOM2 WOTC to bed as I've already seen all the additional content and still need to finish playing Darkwood and Atom RPG. Cultist Simulator and Darkest Dungeon are on my finish way later when I feel like it backlist due to the natures of their gameplay. I didn't even actually properly finish Ember just because the final part was a real slog beating that final boss and that was the end of content except the final cutscene so I just said forget it and watched the end scene and be done with it. I also have failed to write up proper reviews for many games so far.

What does it take to become a "respectable" Steam curator?
No. 35267
239 kB, 586 × 479
Bingeplayed through Diablo 2 campaign on Normal, about to hit level 30. Amazon with Poison/Plague Javs.
I wanted to stop after Act 4 but ended up pushing through and now it's 2 am. Haven't had such a long gaming session in a while. Also it was curious to see which aspects of the game I remembered well(some of the map layouts) and which not so much(runewords).
No. 35270
There's not much point in remembering runewords, because there is a fuckton of them anyway. I usually only remember some low-level ones, like Steel (Tir+El), Strength (Amn+Tir), Nadir (Nef+Tir), and higher-level ones I look up in the Internet, like here, for example: http://dclone.eskysse.com/rwcalc.php.

>Amazon with Poison/Plague Javs
Trying out weird builds? I tried making a melee Amazon (was pretty decent early on in the game) and melee Necromancer (sucked hard) once, and I have an urge to give a Berserk Barbarian a go someday.
No. 35281
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
45 kB, 584 × 78
Finished the Reach campaign on Legendary. Not for everyone. I'd say that the game doesn't lie when it says Heroic is how the game is meant to be played. That difficulty is difficult but fair. Legendary forces you to cheese the game if you want to survive. It isn't designed to be fair. Not going to go higher though, LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) is just frustrating and SLASO (Solo Legendary All Skulls On) is suicide inducing levels of frustrating.

Overall though it's a pretty well presented affair with bucketloads of atmosphere. Starts off a bit ominous, building into a coordinated counterattack with a hopeful feel followed by its failure and then the slow collapse of resistance until you're just trying to help isolated units get civilians and important assets off world before it gets glassed. Bungie really nailed it when they designed the feel of the original Halo series.

unironic teabagging and grifball in multiplayer has also been a massive nostalgia trip, dog I can't wait for Halo 3 multiplayer to come out, that shit is going to be insane