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No. 3559
10 kB, 280 × 60
How to watch Youtube safely, Ernsts?
Hooktube has dropped their search feature, and I don't like using Youtube raw, because it analyzes my watched videos and pushes me "Recommended videos". Though, it doesn't mean that Hooktube didn't do that, but at least they didn't recommend me anything.
If there is some way to watch Youtube through browser aside watching Youtube in private mode windows or using youtube-dl, I'd highly appreciate it.
No. 3573
367 kB, 680 × 505
What does safely mean?

I think that in any case, when you watch a video on YT, YT knows and they will know as well.

The only difference is, when you do it privately, you will not get the recommendations, which is good when you want to watch a video from a shit genre you actually don't like (E.g. you want to see a Lets play, but hate gaming content besides of that one).

But if you stream a video from their servers, they'll know.

So- what do you want again?

Filename of the attached picture is very wrong and triggers me
No. 3576
There are dozens of youtube proxies or use Tor?
No. 3581
I want to watch Youtube and not get recommendations.
But I want to save history, which is not saved in Private mode.
No. 3585
Youtube gives recommendations based on cookies (or maybe localStorage, not sure), so you'd have to block or regularly clear Youtube's entries there. Easiest way would probably be to block JS/cookies completely for Youtube and watch videos through something like mpv.
No. 3588
This. I have history turned off but YT still tracks my views, so it has got to be cookies.
No. 3594
Are you paranoid?
No. 3595
No, I just don't like whenever I watch some irregular video Youtube wants to feed me more of similar content.
No. 3596
I like it. Sometimes I watch total trash so my reccomendations always have something akward, but many times because this recomendations I find perfect gold, something epin or just good stuff that I'd never discovered if not recommendations system.
In you case better just have 2 different attached accounts that have pain with VPN
No. 3598
In Firefox there is a setting "clear all cookies & cache everytime I close FF". This should give you neutral youtube recommendations everytime you restart the browser.
No. 3599
As another Bernst said, use Tor. It depends on what you mean by 'safely' though. I doubt YT really gives a shit, aside from collecting data for ads.

Are you trying to watch loli АСМР videos Ivan?
No. 3602 Kontra
What is ACMP?
No. 3649
34 kB, 550 × 779
517 kB, 1157 × 895
>This should give you the worst Youtube recommendations every time you restart the browser
No. 3659
That's what popular in your region.
No. 3663
Add Youtube as a search engine in your browser, with a keyword like yt or so. My blood pressure went down significantly after I no longer had to see the front page ever again.
No. 11090

A problem I have is that I have lots of subscriptions and while I should probably just unsubscribe from some channels, I wish there would be a better way to manage it, e.g. that some channels can be "saved" without their videos showing up in subscriptions.
E.g. I'm subbed to Cinemassacre and though I'm only interested in actual AVGN episodes, they shit up my subscriptions feed with lots of other videos

Does anybody know a solution to this?
No. 11091
Flag the suggestions so that you are not interested in this channel.
No. 11094
That's a good idea, and I'm already doing that, but sometimes I watch a few videos on some topic and suddenly half of my feed is full of it and it's ver tedious to get rid of.

Maybe I will just unsub everything I'm not totally interested in and mostly try to use the subscriptions page for watching
No. 11095
Autodelete all cache from youtube.
No. 11116
23 kB, 640 × 360
180 kB, 1920 × 1080
208 kB, 1280 × 853
1,2 MB, 1200 × 1600
Good clip, "10 dumbest weapons of all time"