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No. 36131 Systemkontra
27 kB, 320 × 200
279 kB, 1920 × 1080
111 kB, 640 × 480
80 kB, 640 × 480
'cause old systemcontra'd
No. 36132
>Looks pretty bad, tbh. I really loved the cartoony art style of the original remake. It makes me even more paranoid about artists being replaced or obsoleted in modern game development, and game content being more and more reliant on photo reference instead. Shame, because I was kinda looking forward to it, with my rekindled interest in turn based strategy games
I think it's kind of fine. As you know, after Armored Princess Katuri kind of tried to big thing and died and Warrior of the North was by different studio and was kind of bad, while darkside was kind of original compare to other addons and good but so low budget and unfinished it's kind of pain lol. I not against they turn into realistic style however I bored out of it. All this Witchers, Game of thrones, Mount and Blade - I never really liked this type of style and totaly bored of it right now. It also have okay video card requrements, but fucking 16GB of RAM and I suspect it's be unoptimised total mess. Also this.. I forgot actor (at least in original russian version of trailer) who voice acting 99% of movies saying most generic premises for plot, it felt like I watching trailer for another mobile game. But we will see. Currently I has no opinion. But I'd liked to see what would if they get rights on it to Jon Van Caneghem X---DDDD

>I mostly watched TES and Fallout related videos, as well as the thesis on what differentiates RPGs from action RPGs. I've had similar thoughts, but more on gameplay structure of games being fundamentally divided into graph traversal vs spatial orientation, and genres being defined by the proportion in which they are represented.
>Text adventure games being on one end of the spectrum, and arcade FPS games in the other. One is comprised entirely of branching logical paths, the other is a space simulation where you have to traverse a simulated space and align a bunch of vectors together to win.
I mostly said about all this mostly because how much I love CRPGs and classic ARPGs and now this genres for the most part kind of dead and replaced by other one and I very sad about it lol. So mostly I trying here to outline games of specific genere I like and also try to describe why I think they cool and what adventure, immersive sims and other action and plot driven games may lost compare to them. It's kind of big theme since TES sries one of flaships of turning of classic action rpgs in action-adventure games.
And funny thing that Redguard is one of the main resons that show why I think like that, because it's basicly what in modern sence is "RPG", but back then it counted as clear adventure game. My idea is mostly based about limitation of computer as limited machine that can not provide you "real" roleplay game.
(well now it's sorta can http://beta.aidungeon.io/ )
Your approach is also very interesting. I think our ideas not conflict, since I mostly want to defince specific subgenre idea, while you talking about general idea of game as whole concept. I'll keep it in mind, thanks.
No. 36133
missed reply post number >>36127
No. 36136
>but fucking 16GB of RAM and I suspect it's be unoptimised total mess
Don't suspect, it is unoptimised if it needs that much RAM.

For example, they managed to get this to run properly on 4.

And DCS runs smoothly on high graphics for me with 8 and I wouldn't consider it particularly well optimised.
No. 36153
678 kB, 1366 × 768
Got a night raid mission in my German Battle of Moscow campaign. Probably not going to get jumped by Soviet fighters before the little friends show up neither because it's dark. Feels cosy man.
No. 36161
7,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:00
Heat Signature is 4 bux on steam at the moment, one of the best puzzle games I've ever played
No. 36163
This is roughly what I expected of Death Stranding
No. 36190
>Don't suspect, it is unoptimised if it needs that much RAM.
I now have 24 so no problem X--DDD
And hope when it be released, will have new videocard so I hope it'll run without problems. What I expect is a lot of bugs and terrible work of game overall, but I guess it's unavoidable

>For example, they managed to get this to run properly on 4.
Honestely I think modern games all can run with like 2gb ram, just with modern sizes of games it's impossible to make that degree of optimisation like it was avalible back when you can revisit every part of code line by line easely, when your game weight 64kb :--DDD
Not that any AAA developers even care nowdays about optimisation. And mid-level developers or done good on this side, or worse than AAA. I guess KB2 will be example of later.
No. 36192
It's pretty incredible. I was running a 1gb Radeon HD 7550 for years and years with 8gb of RAM and it was only very recently I stopped being able to play a lot of newer games, but on the other hand, I've had issues with things you wouldnt think about.

One of these was PoE. I'm in the Stalwart area of WM1 and that area makes my computer stutter like crazy. It was also coded so poorly or weirdly that have 3 and a half MINUTES load times just walking into a new area was normal if you had many dozens of saves. I've complained about this at length. I also only recently discovered the magnitude of how retarded and how cancerous gamers actually are by mistakenly engaging them on forums. One of my favorite new ones is people blaming your hardware for the new Steam client version being a buggy piece of shit bloatware that fucks my PC--which you HAVE TO have running because Valve DRM bullshit effectively killing two gigs of memory just on the client--to the point of it becoming meme worthy. "Valve crashes your computer? Check your hardware."

Pillars of Eternity never ran well but in Stalwart it stutters like crazy and I was literally told "lol you're running it off an HDD no wonder you're mad just buy a new hard drive." The fucking thing was made in 2014. It's a crpg. We're not even talking something crazy or graphically intensive, just an isometric rpg from almost 6 years ago that's so poorly optimized it is an Obsidian game afterall that it literally grinds to a halt if you have too many save files or enter the wrong areas. I suspect it has something to do with object permanence game-wide as well as having everyone moving around each individual map and having to track positions on all of them beneath fog of war.

At the same time what makes it pretty apparent is when I don't have these kinds of problems and weirdly it's often the non-AAA titles that do that. Also oddly enough another Obsidian game full of more bugs than the Amazon which also featured object permanence didn't stutter. Weird considering FNV had every other issue.

So in short yeah they often seem to just be expecting the end user is going to compensate for their poor coding by buying the newest nVidia with 16gb RAM and running everything for an SSD--even if it isn't even that new. Or graphically intensive. Or anything that remotely plausibly would need that. Same thing as why nobody bothers optimizing code and leaving it a bloated mess because durr hurr you have an internet connection right

Frankly what I would much, much, much rather do is just buy my games prepackaged on a flash drive along with a game box. That is one thing I would do as a very rich man is found a game studio that actually shipped out games with a game manual on a flash drive, and give people actual nice things. Gamers are clearly retarded. They're willing to spend $60 +an additional $30 for a couple jpegs and mp3 files and a skin. They're willing to spend a lot more than that if Todd gives them a bottle of rum in a cheaply made 99 cent retail piece of plastic and a nylon bag, even though the game itself is a total piece of shit. I'm pretty sure I could sell physical drives with the games, physical wallpapers, and a physical strategy guide and physical music CD and still be making pretty acceptable profit margins, considering only 20 years ago they did all that for a third the cost of a base game AAA today and this is back when CDs themselves were newer, more expensive pieces of technology. I guarantee you I could make money just on the fact The People's Games would have nice things as part of the base purchase that you'd have to spend $200 these days with what used to be standard in a $20-30 game package. I mean hell it isn't like these companies make good games anyway, but sadly everything is floated on levels of propaganda aka pr and marketing that would make the Soviets blush.
No. 36196
Russian fren!
I want to return to TES, and I checked this mod you told me about, Tamriel Rebuilt.
I'd be very grateful if you could help me with installation
No. 36197
546 kB, 7743 × 4027
367 kB, 844 × 884
3,8 MB, 3641 × 3840
4,3 MB, 3961 × 3961
They released new version with ton of content recently, so it might be great time to try it!

First thing you need is Data files. It's all models, textures and other assets pacages, packed in .bsa archive for easy install. Download one you need - HD version or vanilla level textures.
After you donload it, there will be two files
pt_data.bsa and TR_data.bsa
Drop both into you mods folder to other .esm/.esp/etc. files. Now you need to register archives. Go to OpenMW.cfg in your documents/my games/openMW folder
There almost from start of file after you open it with notepad will be

Last two lines is ones you should add and save file.
Now download mod itself
here from main TR link or on nexus if you like it here
Music addon will not work on OpenMw yet as I know and ehh I play with vanilla ost too, it's recent and really opotional

Inside you will have some files, inside CORE folder this is all you need to play mod - it's actual main release.
Faction integration made some additiona to vanilla factions - like requrement to pass mainland quests for House telvanni in order to finish their questline. If you'll continue play from existing save, not install it - for fresh game, well if you want it, you may.
Preview content is landsmass of morrowind province that was unreleased. It have different degree of state - from just brown highmap to detailed areas with NPCs, but this is something that released just to give you "taste" of what will come. It is unfinished, may be redone in future compleatly, may not have quest, NPCs or interiors at all. Picture show what currently is released land - TR_mainland and what is still in preview.
travel folders add NPCs and options for existing NPCs of travel to mainland cities from vvardenfell - boatmans, magic guild teleportation, ships etc. 2 versions for just mainland and mainland+preview
Another folder for old script abot mods, you'll not need it.
And activate it in launcher and you ready to play it! If I remember correctly, it better for TR_preview have lower priority in launcher than "official mods and plugins". Activate all files and you are ready to go.

Regards of playing, Mainland part of mod finished, with NPCs, quests, factions, all things you may expect from original game and more. However, most quality and most up-to-standart content is in last 2 releases - on pic 2 - Old Ebonheart area and Aanthirin region with hell lot of content. Previous regions not bad, but you'll see what I mean when you get to it. It's more "vanilla more" with obvious that it is a mod in places, while new releases is above original game content quality. I recommend you just go directly for Old Ebonheart city as start point of exploring and progress. They'll improve and add more content to old releases, but it be later, when they finish province.
https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes3Mod:Tamriel_Rebuilt here is UESP article on it. From here you can also find quests and NPCs articles https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes3Mod:Tamriel_Rebuilt/Quests it can help you. Obviously it's not all of them - like Old Ebonheart release quests there have names only, not articles and Aanthirin is still new relese so there not even metions about it's quests, but this is all you get for now.
Mod progress, I guess next release planned somewhere in February, mainly bugfixing and Dominion of the Dust release. On last pic you may see plan for next releases
No. 36198
Thanks, I seem to get it. Will try tomorrow.
I understand it's better to start a new game, right?
No. 36199
It should work with your save I think. If you not use "faction merge" which you don't need if you allready made most of faction quests on vvardenfell anyway.
No. 36204
Game like PoE can easelly be built to have almost same specs as Baldur's gate 2 tbh. Maybe a bit more for newer resolutions and effects.
Most shock of optimisation from recent time was release vesion of Bard's Tale 4 of cource since I played it right after Far Cry 5, which run more than fine and now this - which felt like it had Crusis 4 system prequrements . But it was just total mess overall so no wonder.
No. 36229
413 kB, 1600 × 900
This is my old original content but I posted it only once. In the old version of M&T for EU4 were absolutely devastating, even vanilla Turks were weaker than that. I unified Ukraine + Belarus and this wasn't enough to get half of Turkish force limit. And I did that before Turkey gobbled up Egypt or the Balkans!
No. 36325
67 kB, 500 × 733
Tried to gift something for bf in steam and now I can't gift him anything becuase "difference in prices". Total crap! I clicked on every game in his wishlist and get same result. Wonder how he managed to gift me Sanitarium.
So gifted him things in gog - XIII, Albion and SWAT 4. However, current GoG policy is that it make from local price - some sort if internetional price and also sales also not count, so game that cost 150 rub for you for gift may cost 800 rub easely.
All this "games shops" is robbery, fuck them.
No. 36328
Here's something that the American Ernst might want to keep their eye on. Seems up their alley.

No. 36343
26 kB, 254 × 438
This piece of shit has ruined my mood 2 nights in a row.

Yesterday, 12 games, 2 wins
Today, 5 losses in a row and gave up

What a piece of shit, I've never been so close to rage-selling a tank in about 6 years.
No. 36344
It does. Thanks I'll have to keep an eye on it. Kinda funny I haven't heard of this one yet as I usually am aware of slightly more obscure titles like that coming out.

That being said I have numerous games I haven't even tried yet and feel like I just dont have enough time in this world anymore. I can at least see the finish line vaguely in the horizon with PoE: WM2. I have so many games I haven't even tried starting yet at this point it's pretty ridiculous. I'm at the point now where I need time management and killing my internet is going to have to be a part of that. It's a shame really because there's so many 4x games I have now like Endless Legend and Star Drive 2 (also Star Conrrol 2 I keep mixing them up but one looks way better) not to mention spacey games like Long Journey Home I only became aware of while perusing Irelands wishlist (and yeah it's really good would recommend) not to mention all the ones I haven't even gotten but plan on trying like ISG and Planetfall. Thanks for the tip mate but it's gonna be a long while.

Also, that game does sound incredibly intriguing based on what I saw.
No. 36347
I just realised that in pic 3 of the OP, the Soviet unit is referred to as a BA-64 formation when there is only one BA-64 and two BA-10s displayed in its image :-DDD

They're wargaming devs, probably not on your radar because of that.
No. 36370
>*Star Ruler 2
Sorry there's just too many Star something 2s out there. I keep mixing up which is called which.

Also I now feel saddened by my purchases on Steam. I always hated the community on there but Valve itself has pissed me off way too much at this point. I also realize I am actively contributing to an utterly cancerous form of digital business model and on top of that all the third party installers and and changing EULAs and company ownership overnight in a way that directly affects what is supposed to be my property without me having any say. I hate to say this and I know how puerile it sounds but vidya of all things is increasingly turning me more open to even hearing Socialism of all things at this point. Somehow it just is gaming that's shown me how fundamentally anti-personal property and personal ownership, and pretty much anti worker, anti art, and anti everything else Capitalism is than anything else. Like what the actual fuck kind of system even is this that's telling me my own personal property and personal effects don't belong to me and fuck me? Needless to say, I now fully understand the reason Slavs thought me crazy for paying for games on Steam. I always thought it was some uniquely Slav quirk and they didn't care if they're literally stealing or not because lolwhocares it's only evil Wect. Now I understand how completely right and justified about this they all are regardless of original reasons for it. That being stated I guess I wouldn't mind still buying a thing or two from Steam if it was only available there and supported some struggling indie dev.

As such I am going to try only getting the titles I truly want this year on GOG. It doesn't seem to have much difference and they even have the exact same prices and exact same sales so there's absolutely no reason for me to even bother with Steam anymore. The sole nice thing is being able to redownload games at my own leisure.

I've been having a serious hankering for some space 4x though. I only haven't yet because I've been driven to at least make the effort to complete just one game at a time, and to further not have the mood and setting whiplash of bouncing around between different games that much. I've found it really breaks the immersion. I think it's Stardrive 2 that I have the most hope for, although I still haven't finished my Vodyani wonder victory campaign yet. I'll probably do that first. I don't know why so many developers seem to struggle with making a 4x game that had viable non-military victory conditions, rather than either not having them at all, or having them in such a way that you practically have to force yourself with more effort not to win just because it you couldve won ten times over with attacking AI than gaining an economic or cultural or wonder victory or whatever.
No. 36373
740 kB, 1366 × 768
1,2 MB, 1366 × 768
Played something different today. Started a U-2VS campaign in Stalingrad. It's pretty fun, though it takes a long time to get to target, and it's a long way back to home plate if the searchlights can get a good track on you and the AAA drives you away from your target. I don't think it'll be a regular thing, just something to play on the side when I feel like it. Not sure what to do for my next main campaign though. I lost my long-running Stalingrad La-5 pilot about 2/3 of the way to the end of the battle. Maybe I'll do a Battle of Rheinland as either a Tempest or P-38/P-51 squadron. Haven't done much with it other than a P-47 campaign that lasted a couple of weeks and an Me-262 campaign that got me killed by a lucky tail gunner within the first week.

I also got around to trying the Wings Over the Reich patch from late last year. It's solid, and adds a more realistic approach to how the squadron would work in the environment currently presented. Stage One of the game (what is currently available), is the Battle of Britain and it made no sense for the RAF especially to hold back fighters from the front when historically they were scrambling for as many airframes as they could get into the air. The new system changes that to a squadron launching as many as possible, and also changes the way AI operate so that A and B Sections have their flights work together instead of having the two operate separately on the same mission. A nice touch.

The game is still limited by its outdated engine though. That said, the immersion factor that OBD creates with their insanely good AI and dynamic campaign system makes the somewhat on-rails flight models easy to look past. I shudder at what they could produce with a big budget and a newer engine if they do this in their free time with two guys and CFS3.
No. 36396
41 kB, 800 × 600
I somewhat regret buying the Switch Lite last September on launch. Not that the console is bad or the games are not fun, but as a newish console there are still too few games on it. For example I have to wait at least an year for the new gen of Pokemon on the Switch.

But having learned from the mistake, yesterday I bought the Nintendo 2DS XL from a online sale. Now I will have the whole 3DS game library at my disposal, that should keep me busy until the next new release on the newer handheld.

I have mostly emulated old Pokemon, Harvest Moon and Final Fantasy series the past decade, could Ernst recommend something new to try out based on those?

(Also pic related is the N2DS, not sure if have enough guts to play it while outside)
No. 36405
21,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:00
Was playing Coh2 with a buddy the other night and it was 2 human players vs 4 normal AI players, all playing as Brits, and all 4 AIs spammed Bren Carriers at the start of the game while we were still getting anti-tank ready.
No. 36410
154 kB, 688 × 464
128 kB, 1280 × 720
129 kB, 660 × 440
I have so many games to play and even a great many of them very good games but I just don't have the time or waste my time on the internet. Between work and running errands I have to run on the time off work I am finding my free time greatly diminished. The worst part about it is I'm old enough to consider the Moe Sizlak or some stereotypical neckbeard dying alone and utterly shamefully unsuccessful in life. This keeps making me think games are a waste of time and "as a child I spake as a child but then I put away childish things" kind of thing. It's just like a growing awareness that I am doing the equivalent of a 14 year old playing with GI Joe's and making pew pew kssshhhh explosion noises with my toys.

It just starts to feel like yet another wasteful time sink and I'm oddly aware of my own mortality now. Even if I grow old I just feel like I'm already halfway done with my life and will die of a heart attack in my sixties which leads me to severely question just how much of my life I am willing to spend alone in my room looking at loading screens. I already completely wasted my life on KC which is quite possibly the most disastrous decision I ever made. I really pity the people still trapping themselves on shithole like cabbagechan, still pissing in the sink and jerking off to hentai as grown men with not even George Costanza like prospects. I mean shit even Costanza at least had a job at points and a committed relationship to a successful woman. I want to distance myself and my life as much as possible from that.

At the same time I recognize that I cut off contact with a lot of people because I have contempt for that drugging and drinking hookup culture at this point which too many of them were part of and likely a majority are still wasting their time drinking and getting high, or wrapped up in that trash of twitter and whatever the fuck most people do on shitbook so I also recognize it's not a social comparison thing but more an internal comparison thing like "is this it? Is this seriously what I am doing with my increasingly limited life?"

So that is just how I'm starting to feel about gaming. I'm not slandering the activity. I mean yeah, do what you want on your off time. It's no different from shows and I mean hell at least a game might help you grow somehow by teaching you things or doing puzzles or something other than watching yet another banal show. I'm just starting to approach things like I am only wasting my time.

It all just reminds me of this one ex I had. To be fair, she really was my best friend for awhile and truly, genuinely, deeply cared about me. I don't think it's fair to write that off as a waste of time but then again what do I have to show for it? Nothing. Completely nothing. I have built nothing from it. And now what I look at is work even, like what have I actually made, what have I actually produced that I can show for it? Can any of us? How many jobs are there that we can actually work where we can admire with pride something that we have created and, in effect, hold some spiritual ownership over that artifact of the act of creation?

Because nothing I've built in games is real. None of it I can look at and hold and show off. I have built those things as a surrogate for the meaningless lives we lead producing things with no value to us that we do not consume or own, and yet that too I have no real ownership, cannot show it off IRL, cannot have and hold that thing I have created--it's all illusory and I am centrally alienated from it all. I do not even own rights to any game and I am merely continually digesting that indigestible bolus of wood and plastic and garbage that is vidya rather than creating my own stories and shaping my world around me. Fuck, I don't even own my own goddamn videogame because it's all licensed.

And what does this have to do with my ex? Because every single time she would say in gag cutesie way "distraction distraction distraction" to flirt with me and get my attention, but at the same time it always somehow felt like the voice of Satan in this world, distracting me and guiding me away from my real goals and miring me and my attention on something else, something trivial and base.

That is how I often come to feel about videogames now. I suppose I am not shitting on vidya so much as shitting on my own media consumption itself. Why am I continually absorbing all the media from the often subpar imagination of others rather than creating anything for myself? It's madness. Madness and stupidity.

I cannot even talk in a language that is not media anymore and it reminds me of my stoned friends in high school and even college friends sitting around quoting TV shows for several minutes. Why am I doing this? Why am I even consuming media to begin with?

Fuck I even just wasted at least another ten minutes trying to search for that pic everyone has seen of a nerdy guy rejecting an attractive women pushing her boobs against him because he's trying to do math homework or use the computer or something. Everyone has seen it, yet that too is lost to the ether, much like my life
No. 36412
>could Ernst recommend something new to try out based on those?
On 3DS? There aren't many games coming out for it since Switch was released. And you're probably aware of the older titles anyway like three Pokemans games and Rune Factory 4 (never played it or Harvest Moon myself, but I've heard it's pretty much a "spiritual successor").

By the way, have you tried Sword and Shield? Fans seem to be shitting on it because of the diminished pokemans roster, but is it really that bad?
No. 36416
I watched my sister play a bit of Shield I think. It seems fun enough if a little gimmicky at times. Last pokemon I played personally was Silver though so I don't know how the roster differences line up.
No. 36418
172 kB, 500 × 384
>Rune Factory 4
Will look into, heard of it before but never tried it out.

>Fans seem to be shitting on it because of the diminished pokemans roster, but is it really that bad?
Just finished Sword, it's different from previous gens but still very fun. Those complaining about the national dex missing are just screeching autists, I could find all my favorites (and new ones) within the game. Only complaint is the story is very short, I finished it in 28 hours.

I like how they put a different spin on it with the trainers having fans, dynamaxing and the gym battles being public events held at stadiums. The camping feature was heartwarming, I bonded with my team like never before, pic related. Overall a decent game.
No. 36423
3,5 MB, 2560 × 1440
4,2 MB, 2560 × 1440
4,5 MB, 2560 × 1440
3,6 MB, 2560 × 1440
Been playing Rebel Galaxy: Outlaw. I'm enjoying it so much that I'd call it a worthy spiritual successor to Freelancer. It's even better in some ways because of the cockpit view, joystick support, and more complex energy management system that's akin to something from TIE Fighter or Elite: Dangerous.
No. 36424
127 kB, 1584 × 832
72 kB, 1584 × 804
Did you play the first game? I was a big fan but I was on the RG sub-reddit for months leading up to RGO's announcement and release and there was loads of drama of the Epic Game exclusive and the dev Travis would show up every day and fight with people. Kinda put me off the whole franchise.
No. 36428
lel, at least it shows he's passionate. I wonder what kind of deal Epic Games offered him.

I only played the first RG for a couple hours or so. I liked the concept but couldn't get over the whole "2D combat in space" thing. Decided Outlaw was worth a punt when I heard they added a 3rd dimension and a cockpit view.

If you don't want to support the dev you could always just 'obtain' it.
No. 36573
Is there any way to still just straight up buy computer games from like a Best Buy or something and get a physical copy?
>but they're too big
Then why doesn't any studio ever just put it on a flash drive and box that? Why is it that I can just waltz right into Gamestop and but myself any of a bunch of console games but I can't do that with PC? Because of how much I would LOVE to have a poster, game manual, and box with USB thumb drive in a case, but I'm not paying fucking $120.00 for that, and I sure as shit am not gonna pay $80.00 for some shitty extra mp3s, a useless cosmetic like skin or forum avatar (like seriously who the fuck even does that) and a couple of digital wallpapers (like are you fucking kidding me you're price gouging me another $20.00 of my very hard earned money just to have a couple of jpegs??)
No. 36579
You know I still haven't tried this game yet even though I think I bought it something like two or two and a half years ago. I started to try it and eh I think I just really don't like that country music space cowboy or whatever it is feel they're going for which probably saps some of the joy out of the game. I also had Starpoint Gemini but just didn't really get into it. I'll probably try RG again at some point when I just need my space fix and can put something good on the radio. Speaking of which, is there any way to import radio stations and playlists into GTA V? Because the radio stations fucking suck unlike every single other GTA.

Also what exactly did the devs do that was so bad?
No. 36590
11,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:43
I'm addicted to Total Warhammer 2, it's really convinced me that you get what you pay for these days after I tried a heap of cheap games on steam and they were all mediocre at best. So far I've played through campaigns as the Dwarfs, the Empire and Bretonia. I've started a campaign as the high elves but they're fucking gay and snooty with a shitty roster so I might start a new campaign as the lizards

>Starpoint Gemini
Starpoint Gemini is low effort garbage that runs like shit, that's the problem
>Also what exactly did the devs do that was so bad?
sold out to Epic Game Store for exclusive Tencent Chinabux, then got massively pissy when people said they were just gonna pirate it instead on the reddit
I never bother to read your walls of text, no idea why you'd write a massive blogpost (I assume) in reply to me posting a coh2 webm, but maybe you should ease off whatever the fuck you're taking every day
No. 36663
19,3 MB, 1440 × 1080, 0:11
19,7 MB, 1728 × 1080, 0:11
Screamer Rally on Software Render vs. emulation of 3Dfx render
No. 36664
10 kB, 150 × 234
That's how I write. If it's not worth saying more than a sentence or two then it's not worth saying anything at all.
No. 36704
56 kB, 960 × 928
gaming today is probably as low as anime

the last commercial game i actually enjoyed playing was Fallout Tactics (kind of "bad" game but still underrated because its a gem)

i actually replayed the game because i didn't play the original that much (full campaign), and it was still years ago
No. 36719
I did upgrade and installed new OS
No. 36720
949 kB, 3264 × 1836
No. 36721
How do you fight the feeling of emptiness when finishing a game, start a new one?
No. 36722
Go for a walk, watch youtube videos, find other hobbies and do other things while savoring it before starting another one.
No. 36764
113 kB, 1200 × 900
Polaris SnoCross said that my videocard too old to run this game. Sad!
No. 36776
Now THAT is what I call Slavic
No. 36787
It just dawned on me about 20 seconds ago that if there is such a thing as reincarnation particularly in a Pillars of Eternity or possibly Hindu like way within the Christian paradigm then it effectively solves the problem of evil. If everyone can not just go to heaven or hell to reward or punish, but also that things are cyclical and souls are reborn, then effectively renders moot a lot of the horrors throughout history. Why does it matter so much then if you died in a massacre? Because then it's not too much like you've been robbed of something special and important you're never gonna get again thus making even a heaven seem like you still got massively cheated by being murdered, but at the same time keeping the truth of it hidden from all but the saints to ensure that people still give death and crimes in this life the proper weight as mortal beings and moral agents.

I'm probably not explaining it properly but I feel like I kinda pretty much just personally solved one of my last remaining internal contradictions. It feels like all else locks into place and there's nothing to really be mad about or resentful towards anybody, and hell maybe not the reason even to stalk people across multiple lives over the course of possibly centuries just because you're still butthurt at them about something they did in the civil war or back towards Byzantium.
No. 36789
1000 kB, 2560 × 1440
1,3 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,2 MB, 2560 × 1440
1,1 MB, 2560 × 1440
Saw the new DCS news just today. Black Shark 3 is interesting. Probably a wait until I buy though since it's mostly a functionality update while the simulation in BS2 is of a specific airframe and is already feature complete. A-10C 2 will be ebin, and a day one buy.

I'm also excited for the new free map to drop. It's pretty insane what DCS does with flight sim maps. They'd be perfectly playable as an FPS map despite being designed to be flown over at high speed. It's pretty nuts.
No. 36805
That really didnt belong there however I will also say that sending Devil of Caroc to murder Grenda or whatever her name is and burn all her research is immensely satisfying except for the fact that apparently these Caed Nua visits are all seemingly randomly generated and recycled so literally days later I have her coming back as a visitor giving me the same task/mini quest. This saps all the fun and satisfaction out of murdering one of these soul mutilators. I will say however that I now feel like one of my original chief complaints about animancy feels overblown, as I have noticed being given far more RPGing leeway in how I get to approach animancy and decide for myself

It's also been awhile since I r8ed any games for some reason but I think I finally finished both PoE DLCs which only feels unfinished because I never got around to killing the alpine dragon but yes basically I have thoroughly beaten all of PoE. It just somehow feels unfinished and underwhelming to me in a sense, possibly because idk why. At the same time I do need to say White March is indeed far superior to the base game to such an extent I'd forgotten like 90% of my constant irritation, horror, and anger at having to deal with that overrated game, so much so a part of me almost considered going to PoE II with its increased to 20 level cap. Almost.

Would I recommend White March? Yes. Unironically yes I would. Would I recommend PoE itself? Lolno. Most of the things I took issue with are not fixed or are unfixable and one truly weird thing I cannot understand is why I inexplicably get massive performance drops in some areas. It stutters like crazy in Stalwart but the final cave of the fallen moon runs super smoothly, so much so it almost feels mocking as if this is the entire game I am missing. It also reminds me why I fucking hate RTwP. The spells and combat actually looks great in real time. Meanwhile you literally never get to see it in 200 hours of gaming because literally your entire time is pausing and unpacking at 0.5 second intervals. I mean who even does that? Designs a game to look completely fantastic in a real time that you're never going to see because it's RTwP? But meanwhile while my computer is getting to ex-Soviet gamer tier old and shitty in PoEs case there really is no excuse for all the bugs and horrible performance because that game was released like two years after my computer was and it's an isometric CRPG for christ's sake I shouldn't need futureproofing gaming rigs for a game released not long after I bought my computer that's isometric crpg.

So in other words many problems do remain for PoE but even the backer NPCs are nonexistent. It is all in all a superior gaming experience to the base game and unlike with the original Pillars of Eternity I'm happy to have played it as opposed to being constantly angry and upset every time I look at it at having wasted the equivalent of two weeks without sleep doing nothing but playing it. No, I'm having a good time here I'm not going to think about that again. WM is what I think PoE should have been. I got to make my own decisions and I still maintain that animancy is evil and all animancers in my realm will be executed on the spot.
No. 36809
19,3 MB, 1024 × 768, 0:35
23,6 MB, 1024 × 768, 0:15
What? USA don't had Windows 98? Lol.
No. 36811
23,1 MB, 640 × 480, 1:48
Played a bit of REKKR. It's game made on doom sourceports and compatable even with most vanilla friendly ones like Chocolate doom. And well, I playing in on chocolate doom, without vertical mouse movment and in 640x480, as author viewed it.

General idea of this WAD be a nod to all this mid90s medium budget "fantast FPS games" like Thor's Hammer or Witchaven and things like that. I find it quite enjoyable, it's big solid work with full made episodes of content.
No. 36813
It's amazing how the doom engine is capable of so many things with a bit of tweaking.
And also the fact that it has been renewing itself through the community continuously for 20 years now.
Damn, I should replay Doom.
No. 36814
Doom engine is comlleatly opesource so eveyone have messing with it as they want. Modern ports have so many new code so they relate to original doom same as Source2 to idTech1. And ofcource being opencource means that you have all tools to modify it as much as you want and community built awesome instruments for this purpose.

Original doom engine was not best for it's time even and had a lot of limits. Static limits, rendedering and sector limits, lack of any support for things like slopes or 3d floors, moving floors or... it's easer to describe what it can, not what it can't lol. It's very basic engine and even "official" companies like raven who recived sourcecode back then did a lot updates to it - like version of doom engine in Hexen far more advanced than of original.
This Rekkr game more on vanilla friendly side, but I bet it not match limits even of hexen version and can be played on modern ports that remove at least some limits.
No. 36844
Yeah, maybe 15 years ago tops we did
No. 36871
God you know what I just tried to play the ice dragon part of PoE which is the one last part I must and what the fucking hell was wrong with me. I am experiencing the completely exact opposite of that post good game nostalgia. What I am feeling is relief at never having to play Pillars of Eternity again. Thank fuck. Now I can focus on actually good games that give me joy.
No. 36895
Good news! There will be new content for Sword & Shield late this year. I will be playing the DS and 3DS games while waiting.

No. 36919

Did anybody here play Disco Elysium?
I'm very tempted to pick it up next time it's on sale. I dismissed it as another quirky game at the initial hype phase, but now that I've stumbled upon some interviews with this Robert Kurvitz guy I'm quite impressed by the project's scale and artistic ambitions.
No. 36923
No but I bumped it up to my next game to get. Every impression after reading all reviews is that it is on the same level as Planescape and Tides. Maybe you didn't like Tides as much as I did but literally this is a Planescape tier game. That one wasn't hype. Disco came completely out of left field and got talked about because it's genuinely awesome. I didnt want to spoil so much so I never went beyond that but you watch just a first 30 minute playthrough and it's clear this is a special thing. I only didn't buy it yet because I am likewise cheap especially right now.
No. 36924
Bought it for 40 bucks and had a blast playing it. Its very special and worth every cent.
No. 36932
So I'm sadly seemingly either too bust with work, errands, cooking, or just tired for some reason lately and I think it's especially because I got out of my college mindset I don't play games enough. I won't feel like it coming home from work and then either I've got an hour before work or couple hours before bed and just feel like eh what's the use at that point. I need to get back into my college mentality of making every minute of every day count. I still have no idea how I managed to juggle everything I was doing in college.

I did however try Stardrive 2 and can confirm that it's awesome. It's sadly using real time combat which you at least can micro your ships rather than have GalCiv or Endless Space tier sit back and just watch the pewpew show but otherwise it's basically like Master of Orion 2. I'm actually quite impressed with this game for what's seemingly just a possibly abandoned very small indie studio game. I haven't noticed much bugginess yet and all around it's just a really neat little game. I do wish people would stop thinking they need to make everything like MoO2 in the wrong ways though. Or taking things from other games, like having those GNN news segments, having furfag anthro races, just all kinds of things that frankly I dont think work or should never have been considered a staple that somehow end up becoming one of those things everyone just assumes "it's what you're supposed to do" and then inexplicably winds up leaving out the best part about those games to begin with, like the exact style of fleet combat that MoO2 had which I've never seen another game do.

It reminds me of RTwP in CRPGs, like people are putting on something tons of people find annoying just because they think they're supposed to until some people come and finally drop it. Meanwhile the exact opposite problem can happen where a game uses a mechanic or some design choice that's so awesome but because it doesnt sell well no one ever uses those things from it again, like the gas giant races from Master of Orion 3, or the ability to toggle real time/sort of real time with action points/turn based and the style of real time tactics that was Fallout Tactics.

But otherwise I have to say that SD2 has exceeded my expectations so far. I was expecting the diplo to be way more retarded and didn't expect it to have actually really well done sound design, it looks a lot more fantastic than I was expecting, and not to mention the fact that mechanically it's great and it brought back some things from MoO2 that I've missed sorely in my 4x games like blockading planets, having to bike freighter fleets to move food and population around, and getting to click and my population around farmer/worker/scientist slots like in that game. These are all absolutely fantastic things I have never understood not being included and it irritates me to this day that people will skip out on these absolutely wonderful features which are exactly what made MoO2 so great in favor of having virtually no mechanical similarities to MoO2 but still have all the same completely unoriginal and uninspired furry bullshit in every game. It's like they do nothing but look at a couple screenshots and think "yeah let's make our game exactly like MoO2 that game everyone always talks about with space 4x strategy games" and then proceeds to make it exactly like those screenshots--with nothing at all from the game otherwise because they never bothered playing it. Like I can understand pulling that shit with certain other things but it's just baffling to me to see the shittiness of the 4x space scene which is like a niche within a niche that was never a big money making business. It makes me wonder who even are these people who keep churning out these games.

But at least with SD2 I finally have a game with every single thing that I loved about MoO2 with the sole exception being the space combat which is serviceable I guess since ship design and orientation seems to matter and you mechanically still have the same exact things like shield orientation and systems damage it's just not turn based. So in short, yes it's good and would recommend if you're into that sort of thing.
No. 36937
Overall, I liked it. The story was pretty good, I liked what the did with the necessary exposition without making it feel too cheesy. The setting is very interesting, although not without its flaws. The music is pretty great as well, it adds to the atmosphere. The problem is that there is no gameplay whatsoever, it's all dialogue sometimes between the parts of your brain or body and skill/statchecks. Whilst I understand the appeal of such games to some people, I can't help but wish these people worked on the story in a game with X-Com like mechanics or something similar to the new Shadowruns.
No. 36938
Currently playit it with a friend every evening for a few hours and it's a very special experience. Can definitely recommend, though what price it's worth to pay is a very subjective thing that I won't indulge in.
No. 36939
It hit a lot of really positive respondes. Good surprise to see something like that goes big, so I guess if you into such things you'll enjoy it. Sadly I think it's will be very very far on my rpg list considering my taste.
No. 36968
94 kB, 222 × 263
So watching a lot of Ross Scott's videos by Kazah ernst recomendation and I may say that it is more or less enjoyable. I like how his opinions and reviews based more on "deep internal feels" that I kind of share or shared at one point. Searching into unknown, espessialy in older pc games that often made not "rational progmatic way" and often exeperiments mixed with a lot ideas that was not properly executed or unfinished. And his strong opinion of saving old games, also scepticism towards online services, corporation politics, drm, cloud technologies, remove control of objects from user - there I can higly relate to his opinion and share them.
He also looking often at truley interesting games and while his tastes not match 100%, in spirit he is very close to my bf - searching for interesting concepts, unique gameplay features, exeperements with llots and style, psyhological themes. His videos on fmv adventure games and some interesting indie games is pretty much what my bf playing and search for.
However there a lot of difference between me and scott, I more of what he call "historian" however I may say that I think most complete opinion comes from merging of full understanding of context and your personal feels. But this is minor thing, I had only a bit of absolute disagreements with Ross:
1. hate for turn based combat - dunno why he is. He is liking diablo clones and a lot times said that he hate turn based rpg combat. He is not too much in rpgs, and saying he can't understand concept of "enemy waiting you make your turn", probably not undesrtading concept of "controlling character abilities and decidions, not using your direct action player skills". Same time he adverise point and click adventure games for people who don't like action games - and pretty much happy with their limitations.
2. his hate for "not plessnt controls". This is long time disscution overall but espessialy ross poiting it sometimes. Espessialy when moving mouse don't move your look but moving actual cursor in fps free movment games. And wierdly, I love such conrols and think that they add another layer of freedom for player in exchange of some "easy usability" people talking about but it worth another post. There I must point out his video on Strife where he assumed that there was no mouse aiming in doom engine games (doom was made to play with mouse lol) and mistaked mouselook with freelook. Doom engine games because 2.5d render lacked ability too look up and down without render issues. In original doom you can not look up and down at all. In games like Hexen and Strife was additional keys to make it if you really need it but all games was made to play with mouse with horisontal fixed look only and playing them in freelook breaks gameplay often and it is kind of like cheat, like I don't know, bunnyhop in counter-strike.

There probably was other things but I don't remember them already. I wish he continue making stuff however he metioned game dungeon as sort of "minor things" compare to his other projects but sadly I not interested in halo machinimas or freeman's mind stuff. He also kind of made me start playing racing games. I never played them much exept sega and all stars racing + transformed but now trying into nfs1-2 snd screamer rally. I love mid late 90s 3d graphics and racing games is place where it shines. So.. thanks, Ross.
No. 37010
So I'd really like to get into Pathfinder Kingmaker at some point but already I'm finding the character creation screen incredibly daunting. That, and I realize how much I genuinely hate the Tolkien-esque races of well I just hate fantasy settings in general I guess.

Really though I've come to realize life is too short and why am I chronically trying to save the best for last in vidya? I am never going to get through my newly bloated backlog that way. I really should just finish Chapter 2 of Darkwood and play things like Prey, Outlast 2, Deus Ex MD, play all my Endless Space 2 DLCs, things like that. At least I had the wisdom not to even bother fucking around with Quantum break at this point. Every time I see those actors' faces I kind of want to punch them. I also start finding myself severely missing Deadspace. Man that was a truly great pair of videogames.
No. 37011
398 kB, 966 × 712
Tolkien elves are cool as hell though and have little to do with how Pathfinder (or D&D really) portrays elves. Tolkien's elves were ageless, alien-minded beings with a mystical connection to the world around them. They were however a dying race as they retreated to the Uttermost West to pass the torch on to the new custodians of Middle-Earth, the Men. Their lore is cool as hell, and they're thematically great too as a living example of the tragedy of the decline of the world.

The problem with AD&D Races is that they have to be somewhat generic to be mixed and matched with various classes, so instead of Tolkien elves you get humans with some dex modifiers and pointy ears. This is why Race as Class is the far superior mechanic. B/X Elves are powerful but will often be a level or so behind the rest of the party due to having double the XP requirements of a fighter, and can only reach level 10 instead of 14. You also get the whole wise spellcaster but also fearsome warrior vibe of Elrond with it while mortals only have time to specialise in one or the other. The stat requirements to even be an elf also make them rarer, which keeps their mystique there too. It's not perfect since B/X didn't shy away from putting elves fucken everywhere but it's a step in the right direction.
No. 37024
I guess it's in general just a major problem I have with fantasy among many other problems which is the same thing as with Star Trek "aliens." First of all I just hate a lack of imagination. Like why even bother pretending to have different aliens like Vulcans and Romulans or whatever if all you're doing is a reskin? Of course I tend to just hate the setting of fantasy in general too. I can just barely tolerate it from Shadowrun and then only because there are some strong enough modifiers to even have the point of it, but no, I have never liked Dwarves, Elves, halfling, all the rest.

I guess as a setting itself it just never interested me though. I never cared about high fantasy medievalbooism growing up and maybe part of that is even as a kid I was more into seeing actual history and recognizing the ugliness of feudal era Europe, and frankly I just found it boring because I grew up in the country. I have never liked romanticizing awfulness, or a weird romanticized view of lords and princesses, or really much of anything like that. It's something about the whole setting in general that I disliked and the stupidity of Star Trek races or elves probably also had to do with it being just thinly veiled dumb human drama things and in Tolkien's case they're literally just talking about some fantasy version of the Swiss and English and Finns or whoever.

I dunno. It's just my thing. I've always been far more interested in things like urban, futuristic, or space settings and maybe that has more to do with being from the country and these things being genuinely alien and interesting to me. I've said it before but I really wonder just how many people super into fantasy are people who grew up in the suburbs and especially urban areas where the backwoods is some magical and mystical place to them anyway and a place they just don't know. I also in general have a low tolerance for things I find insufficiently imaginative. I happen to like Logecraftian things for that exact reason. It's the way Lovecraft could even take some pretty banal African tribe and turn it into some unspeakable terrible thing from nightmares. My biggest problem I guess is having nothing but reskins of humans because all you're interested in is telling a human drama, and those sorts of stories are always going to be way more interested in emphasizing the sameness between us rather than differences which is just plain boring.
No. 37061
1,9 MB, 790 × 1024
420 kB, 1647 × 1080
226 kB, 1024 × 771
348 kB, 1222 × 812
Problem with star trek races is not that some or a lot of them look like humans (they actually created interesting lore about it in one TNG episode, probably it was planned to explore in DS9 but idea was dropped, I guess you know what I'm talking about) but that they coming up with new one every episode, only to forget it forever after it, and not making and background or interesting thigs for them. Actual Vulcans, Romulans, Klingon are interesting because they developed them enough to make me fel there something behind them,and this is most important. When there another "race" for one episode, it have bad make up and will not appear again - espessialy in like voyager - it just feels very tired very fast. There I actually more "feel" way Bioware did in KOTOR and Mass Defect limiting number of major races in their games.

And honestely, we don't know really what aliens can be and how they will be. "Xenobilogy" only speculation at this point and it have connections to reality only on basic organic chemestry level, everything else is just imagination on possibilities. This why I kind of opose "HARDCORE SCIENCE FICTION" fans - ALL science fiction even most hard one is fiction first, based on assumptions and speculation, and even in places where it use facts, most ofthen they become outdated soon or letter when science and technology progress. So this why I prefer Fantasy and technofantasy - I actually dividing my interests in real facts, space and science and fiction very clear, and I like when fiction not trying to presents itself as something too "scientific and hard" and more concentrate at being good fiction. From here also goes my appeal towards retro-futurism when we can stop pretend it's "hard" and just enjoy it's style and fiction part.

Furries in space as races? giant space clouds with angels flying in luminiferous aether? Cyborgs mages who shoot lasers and fireballs at space dragons who can change timeline? Why not, I'll take it as much it is written and presented good, also when universe follow it's own rules and not contradict itself. You may say some things are overdone but well, there a lot of takes on same concept. Like elves - blue organic-cyborg biological robot guardian elf corack from might and magic, Meric nations from elfer scrolls, espessialy most known Dunmers, of cource, or cannibal-mutated anti-vegans crazy bosmers, ethernal creatures of tolkien or Santa Claus' elves. Elves is just folklore, part of mankind culture at this point that have trillions of interpritations - same as all basic mankind folklore concepts.

I spend 1/3 of mine youth in village and forest is not unusual place for me, same as tundra, moutians or taiga, but I has nothing against classic high fantasy or it's variations, espessialy when atmosphere cozy and nice. And well, aren Pathfinder is actually DnD clone for ones who love older DnD editions, and Shadowrun whole idea was "what if high fantasy stuff apper in our world?" ?
No. 37068
Pretty much agree, though I think ME handled it okay, having most of the races being somewhat memorable.

I would add that it also depends on the genre conventions though. Classic pulp sci fi and sword and planet have very different ideas of what aliens should be compared to a lot of more modern sci fi.

And yeah, Pathfinder 1e is a clone of 3.5 that attracted lots of people when the largely uninspiring 4e came out. People weren't big on the new rules and wanted to keep using the old ones, plus all the content that already existed for them. PF delivered was WOTC would not.

Pathfinder 2e is its own thing and not a clone though. Ironically they just 4e'd themselves in the eyes of some of their most hardcore userbase.
No. 37072
I think I talked about this before but Hatred really is like wasting all the talents of Van Gogh and Wagner and Nolan or Guillermo del Toro on producing some shitty 70s blaxploitation film or something, and that was before I actually played it. That game is just absolutely cringe inducing at times and it's clearly designed specifically to court controversy and takes itself too seriously while failing to deliver even on its premise. I finally just panned it because the gaming had gotten so repetitive feeling and it's just aggravating particularly in not having any checkpoints until the game finally crashed my PC right when I was about to finish the very first level thus forcing me to start over and play the whole stupid fucking thing again.

Everything about that game is well designed bugs notwithstandingand frankly every one of my games crashes now that those fucking cocksuckers at valve made that horrific overhaul in October and to this day I have weird freezing and crashing issues with literally all of my games I didn't have before so it could just as easily been that piece of shit client doing something weird or broken rather than the game it is well designed. It's also aesthetic af and just looks so damn good. Controls are a bit odd and frustrating at times but really the game just wears out its welcome pretty quickly imo. Like I can't actually imagine myself ever playing that game for several hours straight, and the thing that bothers me the most is ironically the fact that it fails to deliver on its sole marketed quality which was being edgy. You cant shoot kids in the game. Even Fallout 2 you could gun down kids. To me it's a mark against the game not being able to do that and in something that tries to pride itself on being edgy the non addition of children, babies, or anything genuinely controversial is just inexcusable.

This renders it an okayish and somewhat fun game for short bursts with no other redeeming qualities than how damn good it looks and having destructible environments which itself gets frustrating by the odd things that you can crash into and not damage at all making driving not impossible but just not that fun. I'm sorry but this is a game that's so tryhard it's ridiculous, like somebody trying to do a Marilyn Manson act in 2020 and expecting everybody to find it new and edgy. It is at core an attempt at being a 90s game but one that feels more artificial and shallow than one. It's not something like the tongue in cheek lowbrow humor of Postal 2, or the psychopathy of Postal 1 when it was brand new and genuinely pushing an envelope, or GTA where gunning down policemen and beating hookers to death and robbing them was some new genuinely edgelord thing to do. So for that alone I put solid negative marks on this game. It tries to make itself look like it has some redeeming value in being edgy but it doesn't.

Where's the college or high school? Why can't I march into a schoolyard and gun down innocent children? Why can't I set dogs on fire or use cats as silencers? Why can't I shoot a little old lady? Why can't I pull an execution move on pregnant ladies and nurses in a hospital? Why can't I set the maternity ward on fire? Or why can't I stab a bunch of special needs people or people with disabilities? Just imagine, this game couldve had some grandma in a wheelchair pull a gun on me but it doesn't. That is because this is NOT a controversial game at all. It pulls all its punches; it plays it safe. And speaking of execution moves they aren't actually that gory or violent even, they're just kind of comical at first until you quickly just turn off the executions altogether and skip them. You remember Manhunt? I do. That game was actually sick, and by sick I actually mean the people making it were sick. Now there is a game that deserves its title for being edgy. It got an AO rating iirc and was infamous for how profoundly graphically violent it was. Nothing like this game be said of Hatred. It's just a tame game whose only excuse for notoriety is the fact that the writing is so seemingly intentionally bad a few people seem to mistake it as trying to be a parody or comedy or something, which it full stop absolutely isnt and is clearly made up as an excuse by people who want to defend this dumb game.

I say all this after taking into consideration the game play, which ends up just making this a not even good game on its own and I think if you modded it to all have normal colors which means all you're left with is you'd see this pretty much a subpar game at its core with limited shock value. The review worthabuy mac did for this game was one of the biggest reasons I stopped respecting his reviews awhile ago and thought that guy is kind of retarded, among a bunch of other things which is sad because he's still one of the better reviewers.
No. 37073
The problem is it's often not well written and just expects you to go along with it because it somehow became considered a genre convention. Furries in space remains one of my top pet peeves among any peeves in gaming and sadly it afflicts one of my favorite genres. Like I could even deal with that if you had some excuse for it but they don't. They try and make incredibly stupid ass names that sound like Sssla for snakes and Prrrshan for cats or things of that nature and don't ever bother coming up with real aliens. But like I said of many things you can play as an abortionist whose mission is to rip fetuses out of women and literally call yourself "The Abortionist" or play a serial killer or make some dumb furry race or do anything you want so long as it's written well. I have never, not once, seen a common earth animal space empire that wasn't profoundly cringey and retarded. Not even once! Every last one of them speaks solely to the profound deficit in anything remotely approaching creativity on the part of the creator. Like okay an insect race. Fine. You can make them like ants. You can even make them literally BE ants. Hell I might even let you get away with making them look like ants provided you have a good reason for it but instead of trying to make something about convergent evolution or whatever I'm just stuck with an ant holding a laser pistol.

I can deal with it a lot less in scifi too because part of the whole point about scifi is that it's believable in this universe. Magic isn't. That's why it's not ever set in this universe. That's why wizards and dragons are always in middle earth or some planet not-ours. You can have a bunch of cat people fine I'll deal with that in like a Bethesda game. A Star Wars game? Now you are seriously pushing it and Juhani irritated the crap out of me but at least she didn't purr or something stupid like that speaking of which why is it that the one furry character in KOTOR was gay and in a fantasy universe it can be believable which Star Wars gets very close to being at times which is possibly why galaxy far away, long ago etc. Even then, all of scifi is a ploy to make something fantastic believable in our world. Talking bear men means you had damn well better explain this.

I think it profoundly unfortunate that this got considered a convention anywhere to begin with much like RTwP I'm constantly moaning about, or every single fantasy deciding to incorporate dwarves and elves for whatever absurd reason. It's seldom explained. They just do it solely because hurr durr this is a fantasy setting. So? Why does your setting have elves? Why do you insist on constantly putting literal elves and dwarves in almost literally every single game and story? Even the few that have others and try to incorporate their own interesting races like godlike, Orlan, and Aumua in PoE which I have to give credit for doing still insist on having dwarves and elves for some bizarre reason, as if to say hey this is a fantasy setting and we expect you to be stupid enough not to understand that without them. Dark Eye iirc actually doesn't have them, which had zero problem at all still immediately saying hey this is a fantasy setting. It's just stupid to me and it serves no discernible purpose. So far as I'm concerned every time a game decides to just use elves and dwarves, or to make earth animal space empires, it is the author saying point blank he is stupid enough to not be able to think of anything else, or so unimaginative or downright lazy that he's not actually going to bother creating an actual fictional setting. I know for a fact that it's done in 4x games because people cargo cult Master of Orion and so a lot of shitty or mediocre devs nonstop make games that are practically nothing but clones of other games, which is probably going to reach its zenith with Lord of Rigel, which is a cargo cult seemingly of not even the original games but of Master of Orion 4, which itself seemed to be programmed by someone who didn't understand MoO2 and just wanted to hang out with blist celebrities while cargo culting MoO2.

I think that Amplitude is a fantastic example of this is true. These are wonderfully creative and talented people who put a lot of thought and effort into what they're making, all of which barring a few community driven races are the result of the devs' creative process in coming up with unique races and in having an explanation for why they behave that way and how they came to be. There is no such explanation ever given for the Bulrathi, or Mrrshan, or Sakkra, or anything else, speaking of which one actually good game I've gotten into lately still holds onto a couple "conventional 4x" races for safety while rightly exploring unique ones in a way that works. Somehow they came up with a Chthulhu octopus race in a way that doesn't annoy me. There's a few truly unique races I like such as Cordrazine Collective which is weird truly alien looking molluscs mind controlling owloks. Ok. At least that game made it work.

All this is to say again that I think it is unoriginal, unimaginative, and lazy cargo culting of other settings in ways that are unnecessary and purposeless and I malign fantasy I think due in large part because of the same reasons I get so fed up with 4x games. Use something original ffs. I'm not going to play a setting with forests and castles and dragons for the millionth fucking time which is a setting I have no interest in dealing with, which means it's entirely down to how good the writing is to save the game from itself at that point so far as I'm concerned. In the case of Shadowrun they at least tried doing something different but of course HBS managed to write so poorly for Dragonfall they shat all over the attempt, and likewise the inclusion of stereotypical fantasy races nullified the creative ones in PoE too much in addition to the bugs and writing making me hate that game. Or fuck even use those races and set it in the desert or something. The setting never changes and the races don't ever change making it quite possibly the most stale, overworn, and downright lazy fictional setting in existence at this point.
No. 37077
>Pretty much agree, though I think ME handled it okay, having most of the races being somewhat memorable.
Ye, I actually metioned it as good example. Sometimes only when re-reading my posts days after I realise how horrible grammer and typos there.

>I would add that it also depends on the genre conventions though. Classic pulp sci fi and sword and planet have very different ideas of what aliens should be compared to a lot of more modern sci fi.
Fantasy and science fiction styles evolving, same as out wiews on fantasy worlds of cource, but oftent in therms of Science fiction it's two general ideas - or something more safe more or less close to humans and understandable, or it is as maximum different as possible - space talking pink clouds from star trek or creatures from Arrival
No. 37078
247 kB, 675 × 1013
Mostly mentioned classic pulp because it is a style that exists in some niches still and is easily something that can be emulated in an interesting way. Plus I was less meaning changing standards and more pointing out that there are stylistic differences to account for too. Some deep scientific explanation of events would detract from planetary romance which is intended to be fantastic. Just like the sleazy pulp style of sci fi requires conventionally attractive alien women with just a dash of exoticism for the dashing hero to bed.

For the American who says science fiction must be plausible. Even if you have never read 'A Princess of Mars', John Carter of Mars is a name you'll recognise and he teleported to Mars from post civil war America essentially by magic. Not even sufficiently advanced technology, just magic. It again depends on what genre you are writing in. And before it's said, John Carter has aged like fine wine and is anything but outdated.
No. 37081
I actually hadn't heard of it but it sounds like this is just veering into being an adventure and romance novel with a vaguely space setting. Which granted, is true to an extent of scifi, but I'd still argue that plausibility is one of the bigger defining features of the genre, even if it's soft scifi. You at least need to excuse the fantastic things going on with same lame plot device or excuse well he's teleported to Mars because of the wibbly wobbly device causing unpredicted permutations in the Xanth field or whatever. Hard scifi tries to he maximally plausible but even soft scifi like Star Wars requires it to be recognizably plausible somehow in our universe. When you just straight up start using unexplained magic for everything and are no longer bothering with even making something sound vaguely scientific it's my definition no longer science fiction.

>Just like the sleazy pulp style of sci fi requires conventionally attractive alien women with just a dash of exoticism for the dashing hero to bed.
Eh that kind of pulp scifi likes to get dangerously close to being nothing more than romantic adventure novels.

Well let's put it to you this way, why is the setting of Planescape not or it is science fiction in DnD? Why would you or why would you not consider Planescape Torment to be a scifi game?
No. 37086
Planescape would depend on presentation. It certainly can veer into the science fantasy side of the genre. Better example is Spelljammer which is 100% sci fi of the science fantasy variety, down to magical spaceships and crap.

Your problem seems to be that you think of sci fi as one broad genre with a spectrum of scientific fidelity rather than a collection of genres which use sometimes vastly different conventions. In the case of planetary romance, the destination is more important than how you get there, and even in the ones that use ships, it's glossed over because it's irrelevant to the actual story.

Also, just read A Princess of Mars. It is a great book in its own right, and not having read any John Carter stories as someone who likes sci fi is a disservice to yourself.
No. 37092
81 kB, 450 × 600
>The problem is it's often not well written and just expects you to go along with it because it somehow became considered a genre convention. Furries in space remains one of my top pet peeves among any peeves in gaming and sadly it afflicts one of my favorite genres. Like I could even deal with that if you had some excuse for it but they don't. They try and make incredibly stupid ass names that sound like Sssla for snakes and Prrrshan for cats or things of that nature and don't ever bother coming up with real aliens.
I guess "stupid writing" is something that just you consider "I don't like it". All science fiction including your 4X games is no more than tech fantasy with some science elements, who really cares what races you have, espessialy if sseting more or less around typical XX centuary space opera with "space empires" and warp engines and blasters etc.
>But like I said of many things you can play as an abortionist whose mission is to rip fetuses out of women and literally call yourself "The Abortionist" or play a serial killer or make some dumb furry race or do anything you want so long as it's written well.
Why I not surprised it to hear from "isometric RPGs" fan? It's exeacly what you expect like to hear "fallout 2 cool cuz you can kill kids also MORAL SHOISES".

>I have never, not once, seen a common earth animal space empire that wasn't profoundly cringey and retarded. Not even once! Every last one of them speaks solely to the profound deficit in anything remotely approaching creativity on the part of the creator. Like okay an insect race. Fine. You can make them like ants. You can even make them literally BE ants. Hell I might even let you get away with making them look like ants provided you have a good reason for it but instead of trying to make something about convergent evolution or whatever I'm just stuck with an ant holding a laser pistol.
You know that humans also may feel for others like talking ape without hair? Same trope can be explored differently and some lizzard\cat people is classic same as elves at this point. Originaliy not always best option, espessialy when it's not main focus of game - but for example just be a strategy game and XX centuary space opera looks okay for it's mechanics as background. I'd not liked if everything will try to be "original" like ending of Space Oddisy or whatever.
>A Star Wars game? Now you are seriously pushing it and Juhani irritated the crap out of me but at least she didn't purr or something stupid like that
Star Wars always had problem like star trek with alien races but I already described it above. And well, Chewbacca is main character of original movies.
>speaking of which why is it that the one furry character in KOTOR was gay
Your concentration on this feels like other insane people now see SJWs even under their beds. Tbh only I remember in KOTOR is Wookee who was kind of sadistic and liked when he was punished or something like that.

I know what you mean, but you just too categorical and have your own view in perfection (that might change) and judge everything by same template
No. 37093
New Panzer Corps 2 trailer, I think some people might be interested in this here
No. 37099
Yeah, PC2 seems like it'll be pretty good. It's a ways down my list though. Still working my way through some monsters (Bombing the Reich and Civil War II at the moment) and that takes a long time.
No. 37100
I like how you completely missed every one of my points possibly on purpose but what can I expect.
>I guess "stupid writing" is something that just you consider "I don't like it".
Stupid writing is stupid writing. You should know better by now just what kind of massive weight I give on writing, depending on the game. At least what makes 4x games pretty much get away with it is because their writing is usually just about nonexistent, with the players themselves writing the whole damn story except for maybe a little background blurb. Would it really kill you to just make some kind of a blurb on a race's background or story? Or at least something justifying it? Seriously it's like you guys have got one damn job with it, a race name and possibly a descriptor paragraph on what they are or their background and maybe some lore at best. This means if I go to the new game screen and am immediately met by the laziest as shit races where your profile pic is just a chameleon, a tiger, a bear, a wolf, then yeah I'm calling you out on being so profoundly lazy and unimaginative in design. There's really no excuse for it and that kind of crap is typically not tolerated anywhere else.

> You know that humans also may feel for others like talking ape without hair?
You actually just unwittingly made my point. A corollary would be to have literally a chimpanzee or a monkey. Not "gee how would a race of monkeys evolve to become sentient and travel the stars" nor "gee what would such a race look like" but just copypasting it straight from a google image search. I have seen very, very few games actually even bother to having a highly stylized common earth animal, or of having any kind of explanation for it becoming that way.

Actually a fantastic example of this being done the right way is Endless Space, which has Sophons as the little grey aliens pretty much except that they evolved from these little lizard amphibian things on a cool world. Meanwhile MoO2 had...dinosaurs. Or for example how ES even has a bird people and made them highly stylized sort of Aztec samurai creatures all without even bothering to reveal what they look like underneath their helmets. Do you see the difference?

There is a right way to do things like this and a wrong way. It started out as something that really was just unspeakably lazy and unimaginative that never, ever should have become acceptable to anybody. So if you want to talk about humans then yeah, it is having to imagine what chimpanzees or monkeys might look like with millions of years of evolution, as opposed to the lazy, unimaginative, total abyss of creativity that was MoO in doing nothing but putting chimpanzees there and calling it a day. So if you really want to go with that point you're basically saying "why cant unevolved monkeys or chimpanzees be piloting starships and running interstellar empires with no explanation and just call it the OoOo-AhAhs?"

>Star Wars always had problem like star trek with alien races but I already described it above. And well, Chewbacca is main character of original movies.
No it actually didn't. The closest thing to this is twileks and even they are way more stylized than the bullshit that is Romulans and Vulcans speaking of which the Romulans and Vulcans don't even fucking look different from each other. The ENTIRE REASON for this had to do with costume design btw, as well as ST basically just being another human drama show. So in other words the primary reason for them not looking different at all was almost entirely down to technical limitations rather than complete failure of imagination. You try and mention chewbacca and what even is he supposed to be, exactly? You'll notice he doesn't actually even look like any one earth animal in particular, being more like an upright dog bear monkey thing.

>Your concentration on this feels like other insane people now see SJWs even under their beds. Tbh only I remember in KOTOR is Wookee who was kind of sadistic and liked when he was punished or something like that.
The hell are you even talking about? The spoilered one was just a throwaway line as I was running through all the various obnoxiously uncreative earth animal things. I'm really not sure why you're even bringing up wookees in that paragraph which as I said aren't like any one particular earth creature, as opposed to something truly obnoxious like bear men that literally just look like the common earth bear in clothes such as Bulrathi. Moreover wookies have an actual solid lore behind them as a primitive warrior race from a forest world in a way that makes them feel like a real thing, as opposed to the retardation of Bulrathi which is literally just "they're bears. They're big and tough in ground combat. Because they're bears." Or "Alkari are pterodactyls birds in other iterations of MoO. They are good at flying ships. Because they're pterodactyls or birds. And pterodactyls and birds fly."

It is the kind of thing I would expect of an 8 year old, not a grown ass man whose literal job is creative work.

>I know what you mean, but you just too categorical and have your own view in perfection (that might change) and judge everything by same template
I also have no idea what this is supposed to mean because my big criticism here literally boils down to how certain areas of fiction use the same boilerplate template with no creativity or innovation which wouldnt even be as completely terrible were it not for the fact that their starting material is beyond derivative. This discussion was in context of how boilerplate fantasy always uses the same elves/dwarves just barely modified humans in the same thoughtless manner, which frankly is less terrible than what happened with 4x games which themselves are to be fair one of the most horrifically and painfully unimaginative genres out there.

This guy does a very nice summary on one of the big problems in 4x games generally aside from space commonearthanimalfurrybs in terms of factions, and how yet again it is an actually good studio that completely dodges virtually all of those issues

But as for writing in general I'd think you should've noticed by now it's always writing I start kvetching about the most along with art direction.
No. 37101
30 kB, 474 × 463
And then this I just want to address separately because it's not remotely related although lot of good it'll probably do me with your reading comprehension Ivan
>Why I not surprised it to hear from "isometric RPGs" fan? It's exeacly what you expect like to hear "fallout 2 cool cuz you can kill kids also MORAL SHOISES".
I only even brought up Fallout 2 to begin with as another not even related example of the 90s edginess in contrast with Hatred which is specifically what I was giving my personal review on. That is to say, even Fallout 2 which had nothing to do with the typical 90s edgelord games had the option to shoot kids (and suffer the consequences for it which yes, was an interesting addition because it's not even like "oh look let's shoot kids" but rather because the little fucks were constantly robbing you and the reason they robbed you was because they worked for organized crime) thus making even F2 edgier completely on accident. Or another great example would be Syndicate where you can mow down innocent civilians and watch them burn to death and scream graphically just because you felt like it. There wasn't a point to doing it, but there really wasn't any reason not to do so either. They were sort of just there, caught in the crossfire in a terrible dystopian cyberpunk world, and that game was from 1993 even.

The reason I bring this up is because that isnt just Hatreds schtick, that's literally the entire point of the game, it's sole raison d etre, and it failed at it. It's the kind of thing I wouldnt even bother to mention or thinking about too much beyond the fact it annoys me you have friendly fire in F3/FNV but kids are immortal but you'll notice not once did I ever really mention it before. Why? Because it's fucking unimportant to those games.

The problem is, it's the ENTIRE SUBSTANCE of that game I was talking about which makes its capacity for edgelordism being inescapably part of something I have to rate the game on, and it is something that the game developers themselves used to sell that game and I am saying that it likewise is something where they completely failed to deliver ways that games over two decades older than it managed without ever even having it as the point of some of those games, like for example Syndicate and Fallout 2. So they go out of their way to court all this controversy and all it even ends up being is just a fart in the breeze.

So in summation I am rating that game as being poor on what was its entire selling feature, and that it didn't even have the kind of balls that its predecessors like Postal had in trailblazing that kind of pointlessly graphic violence back when it was a new thing, settling instead for at best being edgy solely by the fact we keep having mass shootings in America and even then is rather timid about. Like you will notice for example how even Mortal Kombat was controversial for years in this country, and yet Hatred managed to actually be majorly controversial for all of like 6 months before everyone completely stopped caring about that because it offers absolutely nothing new and broke no new ground or did anything that hasn't already been done to death before and 20 years before at that.

Which means that like I said all you are left with is a mediocre top down shooter with almost janky feeling controls at times. I will give it credit for the level design in that it at least bothers to take place in OverusedClassicVidyaLevel#77 sewers_level as well as on a train rather than spending 100% of your time just running around the suburbs shooting cops and civilians. Oh and speaking of which, like another thing that game couldve done to have actually been even slightly not just edgier but also more interesting would be gunning your way through an airport and hijacking a civilian airline or something, but no, the devs didn't even have the balls to do that because that also might have been considered genuinely controversial. So I am panning a whole several points just for trying to sell itself as being controversial and edgy while not even bothering to have any actual controversy whatsoever.

Had they had an actual reason for The Antagonist losing his shit, or something resembling a story, or more interesting levels or idk at least something it couldve also been different, but like I said as it stands it's just not delivering any of what it is selling with its sole redeeming feature ultimately being unspeakably good aesthetics that it borrowed from Sin City.

It can be kind of fun for a good hour and it looks good so I'll give it that. 4.5/10
No. 37115
36 kB, 474 × 266
6 kB, 130 × 197
369 kB, 1200 × 500
Okay so not to keep harping on this but here's what I mean about a well designed space race
even WITH earth animals.

Do you see the difference?
Like notice how the Cordrazine Collective which is the very first race introduced in this video has literally just a common earth animal. The difference is the Owlwoks are basically parasitized and mind controlled by that giant mollusc thing. Notice how that mollusc race itself isn't just a giant oyster but more like what could be speculative as what it could look like and turn into in the future if oysters had ever gotten a few million years of evolution towards being a spacefaring race of mind enslavers who use fuzzy baby earth owls as their minions.

It doesn't take much to do this even. Just make sure that your race somehow just works and this is what my point was how it doesn't like 95% of the time it shows up in these games. This is also what I meant by how the lazy unimaginative 4x version of sentient spacefaring apes would literally just be a chimpanzee in a spacesuit, rather than creating a speculative race like Man which has lost its hair and fangs, has no tale, stands upright and is just shaped differently. Or even if you're going to use literal chimps for a sentient race of spacefaring apes rather than imagine something like mankind, at least figure out a way to work with it like how the Cordrazine uses molluscs and earth owls to make a coherent space race(s) and interstellar empire. They don't even bother giving them lots of backstory and lore in Stardrive 2 but notice how just that little bit of animation and stylization goes such a long way.

I would similarly say that Stellaris has a few good examples both of what to do and what not to do when designing a race aesthetically, or rather giving you the tools to design one along with a picture. I'm not going to start talking about Stellaris though otherwise I'm just going to end up ranting about Paradox.

A very weirdly classic case iirc I talked about some other thread was the differences between the same race across multiple games in MoO: the Trilarians. Now my God did I love playing them or interacting with them. They were sufficiently imaginative and grossly alien, along with not just a "they are space cats and get agility bonus. Because they're cats." but even going so far as to add a unique racial twist like temporal manipulation. No idea why they looked so different across MoO2, 3, and 4, but notice how much better the other two look than the fish frog.

Now my point of all this which I realized maybe wasn't entirely clear somehow is that you can still get away with using the shitty trilarian so long as you do it well. It's sadly too big for webm upload but I think that SD2 race intro video is the most succinct explanation of my thinking and does so without needing words.

Even just the least bit of effort, even without making some crazy truly alien looking Trilarian, can make that a good race. You don't need lots of lore. You don't even need a great background on it. All you need to do is just design the thing and work on presentation enough that I don't think you just decided to out a helmet on a horse and tell me you expect me to give you my hard earned money and that I'm then suppose to have any immersion with your not even unimaginative but direct copy paste job that's being passed off as if it could even be used in the same paragraph as the word "creative work." The Cordrazine Collective just works; the MoO2 races do not. That's all I'm saying.
No. 37146
I gave Kakarot a spin. It's okay. If you liked Xenoverse but wished it had more single player oriented content, then this is going to scratch the itch. That said, a lot of the expanded bits compared to Xenoverse are largely filler, and in the typical Japanese way, are largely grindy and unrewarding.

One thing that I will say on that note is that it's very Japanese. If you like over the top and stupid Japanese beat em ups, then you'll probably like this, with the caveat that it's the newer style of Japanese beat em up, where the power fantasy is less hidden behind combo inputs. For me that's 9/10 times a negative. The 1/10 being the unpopular opinion that the newer Musou Empires games that have seen a change from simple strategic layer to a simple Chinese Warlord Simulator 184AD are actually kind of awesome.
No. 37161
27 kB, 380 × 253
>Stupid writing is stupid writing
I'd don't call this statement as valid argumentation, sorry.
>This means if I go to the new game screen and am immediately met by the laziest as shit races where your profile pic is just a chameleon, a tiger, a bear, a wolf, then yeah I'm calling you out on being so profoundly lazy and unimaginative in design. There's really no excuse for it and that kind of crap is typically not tolerated anywhere else.
Nothing is original on this planet, more than that as I said there a lot of places where something generic or more familiar will just work better instead of attempts of creativity that not always pay off. Gamplay-oriented games are one of this categories - when gameplay matters first, sotry and graphical elements serve more as easer understanding of this gameplay for player instead of just of, I don't know, ASCII characters. If game heavely count on story and it's primary goal of this particular product, and gameplay is often secondary or equal - it's other story. However again, using thropes you don't like also don't make writing elements of this game automaticly bad.
>No it actually didn't. The closest thing to this is twileks and even they are way more stylized than the bullshit that is Romulans and Vulcans speaking of which the Romulans and Vulcans don't even fucking look different from each other. The ENTIRE REASON for this had to do with costume design btw, as well as ST basically just being another human drama show. So in other words the primary reason for them not looking different at all was almost entirely down to technical limitations rather than complete failure of imagination. You try and mention chewbacca and what even is he supposed to be, exactly? You'll notice he doesn't actually even look like any one earth animal in particular, being more like an upright dog bear monkey thing.
You not readed my post? Star Trek problem not human-like aliens, but "new aliens without background any week, created for one episode and not metioned again". This 60-s TV series style writing where universe consistency needed only to degree is place where also Star Wars even in original movies suffered a lot, when bacground, espessialy races was created "whatever".
Tbh, even about your complains, you also looks like missed a lot, there hell lot of lazy human like aliens in original movies and EU. Like this guy with "antennas" on head https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/9/94/Sleazebaggano_mind_tricked.png/revision/latest?cb=20170930182147
Or this guys

>The hell are you even talking about?
You metioned some "furry gay" in KOTOR. I don't remember anything like that there.

>Moreover wookies have an actual solid lore behind them as a primitive warrior race from a forest world in a way that makes them feel like a real thing, as opposed to the retardation of Bulrathi which is literally just "they're bears.
This what I said about as Star Trek problem - it is amount of development of creatures that make them balivable, not only desighn. Vulkans and Romulans had shitton of info on their biology, culture, history and why they look close to humans, they are belivable. Same as Klingons. Greatest examples is how cardassians and bajorians from generics on 1-2 TNG episodes was turned into deep races with plotics, religion and history in DS9
No. 37162
102 kB, 572 × 400
126 kB, 304 × 352
ha ha
No. 37164
60 kB, 376 × 620
>You metioned some "furry gay" in KOTOR. I don't remember anything like that there.
Juhani is easily 50% furry and heavily implied to be gay. Although it's easy to miss if you didn't get deeper into her story or if you simply killed her on the first encounter because you were an edgee ebul dark lord.
No. 37165
62 kB, 700 × 602
56 kB, 405 × 720
I not readed your Haterd post, sadly. Fallout 2 is just example of ultra popular game among people with similar teamplates of thinking, """Claasic"" PC nerd player" stereotype. I may metion something like Baldur's Gate or Planescape Tournament or other late90s early-mid 00s narrative-driven western stuff.

It's this people who say "RPGs is a plot, choise and morale" and saying that mechanics gameplay-driven RPGs and strategies
It's people who hate consoles for "simplification" but same time can't play something older than 1997 and always install "graphics mods, easy controls mods, automapper patches"
It's people who using their "feel" from them as argument, love to chant about how "gamez before was better" but has no any interest in games, genres and graphics beyound ones they "feel nostalgia" for.

I can't really define this category of people absoluetly clearly, there a lot of variations on them, but they all give this particular mood I guess everyone who familiar with both technical and vidja games stuff a bit more can describe.
No. 37166
773 kB, 1092 × 1572
Oh this one, I not even thought about her as "furry" like on lower graphics options espessialy she just looks like generic "human with some paint on face". I played kotor too long time ago to remember it clearly.
No. 37178
Annnd I was talking about none of that. At all. So there's not even anything to address in this post.

So you don't even care about writing quality? Explains a lot actually.

>SW races
Virtually all of them are well designed on some level, or at least taking what they had to work with and making it seem original even if it was just having to paint a trash can. Notice your one example you had to look super hard for a throwaway scene in nuWars. Zabrakh yeah sure. Otherwise the closest thing is a few spots that got basically no screen time in A New Hope. Everything else was designed and a thing like Zabrak is an exception that generally proves the rule.

Anyway I already said my piece and suspect you're talking out your ass on this one. You didn't even know which character I was mentioning in passing in KOTOR and I strongly suspect you don't even play space 4x games.
No. 37189
4,6 MB, 3840 × 2222
31 kB, 483 × 303
1,4 MB, 2933 × 1662
390 kB, 1024 × 470
>Annnd I was talking about none of that. At all. So there's not even anything to address in this post.
You actually person who make me actually think about this concept and define this kind people as group. Well not only you but still - one of examples, no offence.

>So you don't even care about writing quality? Explains a lot actually.
Great reading of post from someone who pretend to be "writing carer".
1."writing" in games where plot and visuals are secondary to games and mechanics is.. secondary. What an surprise.
2."good writing" is not equal to "things I think cool and things I don't think cool". - most times you operate by this statement.

>Virtually all of them are well designed on some level, or at least taking what they had to work with and making it seem original even if it was just having to paint a trash can.
It applayed mostly to Episode 4, maybe 5. But even there you have issues. Thing that from start of movies aliens was just background with no story behind them. And Expanded Universe is absoluetly same as star trek - it basicly same time of universe that share same problems, where a lot of explaned, major races get background, but there ~9000 of this races with "lazy" desighn that has one or two lines of background.
If you canout prequels as "nu star wars" so actual wolfman I posted above from episode 4. Same as there was just "devil" man among other more creative races. In same original episode 4 there was this "anthro bat hobbits" from things you hate so much.

But I guess worst scene in OT on this regard is jaba palace. It's just fucking muppet show with "wacky" desighn mixed with star trek tier "reptilian" alienc with human faces. Whole scene and atmosphere of palace and creatures that live here is like come from bad morning cartoon and song is cringey. And they didn't think about races there (unlike episode 4) even a fucking second, like thing that Bip Fortuna at palace entrance and female dancers is same race was defined a lot after. this is just shitshow of bad fursuits and this is in movie that try to be "darkest" and "most serious" from original trilogy.
In this place it become as far from Episode 4 philosophy where they worked on background more than it needed to be, with artists like Ron Cobb desighned some cool alien stuff, as it can get. Ironicly that rest of the episode 6 have opposite problem of having not single bit of new content and re-using all already existing concepts and desighns like they run out of budget. And ye I love Mon Calamari but their name is stupid.
No. 37193
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
962 kB, 1366 × 768
Been practicing some more on the Mi-8 since I have had it for a while but not put much time in.

I gotta say that once you get used to her being a flying bus, she flies pretty nicely. She isn't sporty and can't do tricks, but she's got that no bullshit, stable charm. That said, this is Ernst's "Learning the Mi-8 Theme"


It's also a pretty cosy thing to fly. If you were ever wanting to pick up a helicopter stud sim, I'd say this one is a good place to go, with knowledge that it's going to get better in the long run, since the devs are finally moving into final development stages for the Huey's multicrew (their other helo project) so presumably once it's done, they'll put it in the Hip too.
No. 37245
Showcase of current version of Anvil city from Project Tamriel mod
No. 37352
I know that a lot of people bitched about the turn based ground combat system of SD2 but man is what they replaced it with bad, and sadly it's apparently impossible to get the original version with it without outright pirating the old one. See that is just something I cannot fucking stand about modern gaming. Do you remember when they kept fucking with the unit values of Starcraft? Because I sure do. Stupid shit like I wake up one day and log onto battlenet and all of a sudden my Zealots have 60 shields and 100hp for some reason. I couldn't stand that shit happening but fortunately at least back then I had (and still do) the original version CD which meant I could always just clean install. Not anymore! Now every single fucking game whenever the devs do the slightest change I get stuck with whatever I had when I first installed it and only if I had updates turned off. I can't even revert to old versions on every game installed. Games-as-a-service and downloadable content rather than hard copies is a fucking bane of gaming and a plague upon mankind with content generally.

I've bemoaned this before but seriously why the fuck is it that nobody just sells games on flash drives? Because don't give me that "they're too big to fit on CDbecause they're unoptimized pieces of shit that take 70gb to install" because you can easily fit even large modern games on a thumb drive. So what gives? Why does no one do this? What if I don't have internet and just want to install the game? What if I live somewhere the internet fucking sucks like Australia and don't want to spend three days waiting for my game to download? It's not like my bandwidth usage isn't always going to be uncapped either.

But at any rate I think the one thing worse than a badly done (according to some) tacked on system is an asspull that's slapped on at the last minute with next to no real effort, like the new combat system. What makes this so much worse is 4x games are notorious for having exquisitely bad AI. That is why I never ever want to fucking autoresolve combat. It's terrible. Most of them just crunch raw numbers which is especially annoying because an easy battle can sometimes get crunched into you losing ships, or losing lots of stuff. I've similarly found out autoresolving ship combat has made the enemy AI lose a ship it never should have. Just seeing that happen showed me the awesome degree to which autoresolve fails completely. This also wholly eliminates all the effort that the devs clearly put into making ground techs which I'm 99% sure now have no impact on the outcomes of combat whatsoever, which is so much worse given that it was meant to be a sort of XCOM lite tactical ground combat system. I mean I get that not everyone wants to sit through 15 minutes or half an hour each invasion in a mini game but come on. That's what the autoresolve button is for in virtually every single 4x game ever made so that you don't have to just sit there through every combat happening across the galaxy.

I've also heard numerous times people bitching about too much micromanagement in games super light on that either in city sims or 4x. What the fuck?! I normally hate exclamation marks but this has me rather animated. Why the fuck would you or anyone else EVER get a 4x game if you hate micromanagement?! That's literally the entire point of that genre more or less. It just makes me think we've got a lot of phone trash filtering in who expect it to be like farmville or some stupid shit. This is another reason why I miss the old ways of having manuals and experimentation rather than forums because my God do people aggravate me there. They aren't just idiots; some people are just aggressively stupid. I mean that they are stupid and annoying enough they have to be doing it on purpose. Holy fuck I hate having to deal with steam forums. It always brings down my day just a little bit, and the passive aggressive little shits I've found try some redditard like game of being obnoxious as possible hoping to bait you into saying anything that could be construed as an insult so they can get people banned for disagreeing with them. Sorry I'm just ranting at this point but steam is making me realize gamers truly are in general trash human beings by and large.

But anyway yeah I wish I could just go back to having a hard copy. I understand people wanting less micromanagement sometimes, or finding a system poorly implemented, but while I like just about every single thing about StarDrive2, no matter how bad the old ground invasion system allegedly was, I highly doubt it was anywhere near as bad as what they replaced it with.

Actually come to think of it I've rarely ever seen any 4x game anywhere, ever, get its ground system right. GalCiv3 completely fucked that part up. They fucked it up to such a thorough degree imho that it makes more sense to do what everyone including AI seems to which is never bother defending a planet at all for any reason ever, and instead simply using a single army to bloodlessly take a world after destroying the defending fleet (since a ground invasion is just going to destroy tons of your buildings and probably fail anyway because it's impossible to even get that many defending legions to begin with). ES2 has had different iterations of it and has had probably more issues trying to deal with that than anywhere else. ES1 simply disregarded ground combat entirely in favor of parking your fleet in orbit and having an assimilation progress bar without even bothering to pretend combat is being simulated, which I think ironically worked the best because if anything 4x is a genre of abstraction: it's a genre of imagination, where rather than showing anything you basically get a bunch of menus filled with numbers while imagining a massive space opera playing out; and quite frankly, it is a genre that works best when you allow the player to do exactly that.

Two of the only 4x games whose ground invasions I truly appreciated was MoO2 and MoO3, and in 2s case just because I was a kid and it sort of showed armies battling each other while they were still essentially an abstraction but it somehow worked to me. In 3's case while using different tactics seemed not to do anything at all it was a profoundly abstracted version of planetary invasions using radio chatter and frankly I think that worked best, because how are you supposed to represent the entire scale of something like WW2 condensed down into just a few minutes of gameplay? Because that's basically what every single planetary invasion is, which is fighting WW2 across the entire planet over a number of turns which often might as well be entire years trying to repel an alien invasion fleet. There's simply no way to accurately visually show that type of event at that timescale and spatial scale without basically just taking the most minimalist approach possible. Imo, less is more in 4x invasions, so it's kind of funny I spend this much time bitching about SD2 ripping out the ground system, maybe just because I was expecting it and there's still all the systems of equipping individual soldiers with techs I'm never going to see them use and that seem all but useless. Maybe it was for the best in the end, but man does it end up putting the deficits of autoresolve front and center.

Otherwise I would very happily recommend Stardrive 2 as an excellent space opera 4x game.
No. 37383
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
I recently got the space itch again and decided to get back into Kerbal Space Program, this time trying to stay as stock as possible, part-wise. I still have over 20, mainly graphical and quality-of-life mods installed.

Anyhow, in a weak moment I got the DLCs (call the cops, I don't give a fuck) and so I have been experimenting with propeller planes and stuff. Also in a career I made my first actual Eve mission. I just hate that dumb planet.
No. 37392
It's kind of sad that at this point the one reason I'd really want to win the lottery other than getting to play the game political, economic, cultural, and other elements of being part of the low tier oligarchy playing against each other and trying to shape the world in your image as you think it should be is because it would give me at least a solid six months of doing absolutely fuckall but isolating myself in a room and doing nothing but spending the next 6 months working my way through my backlog until burning myself out enough to put away childish things. Someone in Florida just won hundreds of millions of dollars. I don't know why but the fact it was a Floridian mildly butthurts me in a way it doesn't for any other state.I hope it was someone who butthurts the rest of Florida.
No. 37395
52 kB, 460 × 215
445 kB, 1920 × 1080
So I finally got into this game lastnight because it was just one of those things where I wasted too much time screwing around on the internet and was too tired after work to bother with much of anything more than casual, especially since I had work super early again and I can only do a few days before serious sleep dep kicks in (hence part of why I've not managed a whole lot on 4x because I'll just end up not realizing it's 3am already and end up getting like 2 hours of sleep) and decided to get into this game.

First I just want to get it out of the way that for no apparent reason at all the store page us calling it 4x which immediately shaves at least 5 points from me, and maybe even a solid 1o respect points for the dev doing that. It's my one real criticism which is a minor thing except that words have meaning. You can't just call things whatever the fuck you want. Then other idiots get misinformed until all Steam or GOG becomes a massive dumpster fire and people start not even realizing just how the fuck to make games anymore with enough misinformation. So, it's a casual RTS, or RTS-lite. It has nothing whatsoever to do with 4x in the slightest and it bothers me maybe even less than confuses me how the hell a game dev could make that much of a mistake without doing it on purpose

So with that being stated this game is a real treat in it's own weird way. It's pretty hard to describe, which is funny because the gameplay itself is easy to describe: a super super casualized RTS. You have one upgradable HQ, sentinel towers, a hero unit, one basic resource, and 4 different rare resources each keyed into one of 4 units types (and there's only 4 units in the whole game). So like I said, about as lite as you can possibly get while still having it resemble a real RTS.

But do you know what makes it cool? ATMOSPHERE. This is by far one of the most atmospheric games I've ever played, which is also one of the weirder ones which on the one hand reminded me how few weird games I ever truly played Tides is probably weirdest, but then again I consider Planescape an extremely normal and sensible game so your weirdness mileage may vary considering it's not what's happening so much as how it's presented.

And how is it presented? Well, it is kind of like an occult themed cyberpunk horrorish game melded with the organic and spooky spiritual, and played back on VHS through a filter of specific psychedelic drugs I've not yet identified. This game is not on acid or mushrooms I'll tell you that, although it's clear to me the dev definitely did a lot of those too. So even the drugs he's on is hard to pin down. It all flows in such a completely organic manner it feels completely natural and seamless with no element feeling tacked on, except maybe for the fact each of the missions is named after a suit in Tarot (cups, coins, wands, swords) but otherwise it all feels like a totally believable coherent little world.

And it's HAND PAINTED. Oh dog Russia you know how much I love things that are hand painted. It's gorgeous. The voice acting is great and within the lore tidbits about the different stages it strikes me almost as if the unseen masters of each is based off a chaos god from Warhammer.

Its main problem is lacking content and generally being too superficial, like a hollow thing with the most expert presentation I've ever seen in any indie game. I think it's in early access which would explain a lot of things, like seeing exactly where he/they are planning on expanding such as the conversation options between different characters that so far as I can tell has no impact on anything currently. It's probably two evenings of content at most, with me still needing to finish what I presume to be the final level, and not having any save features so I hope to God I can continue from the stage I left at lastnight rather than trudge through from the start again (though frankly now knowing what to do I could probably beat it in a two hour run or less), so I really can't say any final appraisal of where things are going.

So why praise it? Because it's got such great presentation and is just comfy af for a relaxing evening when you don't want to think too much and just get absorbed in a bizarre alien world in between long days at work where you have to get up in the morning and can't dick around with a more serious game, and because it only costs $6 so really it's one of those cheap hidden gems on early access
>Our pipeline is unique in that most early access games release un-polished, but available front to back. We instead opted for fully polishing the first section of our game and choosing to release additional content that will be available after that part of the story. This method is similar to how an episodic game might release chapters. The core difference being, we wish to release the final product as one singular title and early access allows us to better develop with real time community feedback.”
And well what can I say, it just works. Oh that reminds me I really should actually go and write back to these devs instead of posting here in some forgotten internet corner because yeah.

So there you have it. Would definitely recommend checking it out.
No. 37405
1,0 MB, 1366 × 768
Decided to play some Combat Mission Black Sea. It's pretty fun. I find the modernised Russian army especially interesting because they're this weird monstrosity of old and new. The modern Russian military is not something you often see represented in this kind of 'scientific' way, and it's kind of cool to see all the high tech toys that they do in fact have, in spite of their appearance often suggesting that they're little more than little green men and T-90s.

I'll probably get one of the WWII ones at some point because that's really the only period that I don't have an autismal battalion to regiment scale tactical simulator for, I got CMBS for modern day and Armored Brigade for Cold War. It'll probably be Red Thunder (late war Soviet offensives) because it's the most feature complete with the base game, though Final Blitzkrieg is similar but covers the Ardennes Counteroffensive which is also very interesting at this scale. Unfortunately, Battlefront is a company that knows that they've got their audience by the balls, and never puts anything on sale. Can't really be too hard on them though, they deliver the goods and provide decades of support for their games, with major engine updates that constitute sequels in most cases just being $10 paid updates if you've got the old version.
No. 37408 Kontra
1,6 MB, 1366 × 768
1,9 MB, 1366 × 768
1,6 MB, 1366 × 768
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
Did another battle. Was a defensive position around a weather station on top of a hill. Brutal battle that was fought tooth and nail until most of the APCs were gone, and most of the infantry sections were at breaking point, fighting back and forth over positions on the hill. Really good fight.
No. 37411
Why is it that only a few locations get localized for vidya? Why is there not like Viet, Indonesian, Hindi, and so on localizations? Do you think that it would be a good marketing to play to release say like 10,000 free keys randomly given in sweepstakes to Indonesians, Vietnamese, and Indians? Why doesn't any company do this? They're huge potential markets and generating that much buzz in those countries could make it one of the few games catered to their audiences from the West. If I ever held a video game company I'd want to try that. I'd have very few competitors actually catering to those potentially massive markets. Just imagine if we could create a South Korean Starcraft tier phenomenon in some random country like that. I'm still vaguely irritated that Florida won.
No. 37431
404 kB, 922 × 768
36 kB, 640 × 480
4,7 MB, 4608 × 3456
Localisation happens in regions, where companies know they get sales, have local publisher companies who do re-distribution and localisation, have a lot people who is possible customers, but overall english knowlege is not high enough to just release english versions without worry. Also there is quite some areas where game localisations kind of local and you don't see them much but they exist.

India is kind of poor, not that computer country overall, too distant from west. I belive there is localisation of different asian market games and all of this asian languages. Asian market still kind of far from western one in therms of games often.

Russia had a lot loalisation because of Pirates in 90s, who at late 90s and early 00s become legal big companies (since some of this "pirates" was not like dudes in their living room, but publishers just without license since nobody cared about russia as market), since they showed that russia is market now and guys like 1c, Akella, РуссБит-М etc. managed to get contracts from western developers and also become publishers of russian and CIS games in general inside CIS and same time outside of CIS.

Many 3rd-4th world countries are now in same state as russia was in late 90s, easpessialy in indo-china with local big "pirate" studios.
No. 37434
1,5 MB, 1366 × 768
Staged a battle between most of an unsupported Russian infantry battalion vs most of a US Cavalry Squadron. I had the advantage in numbers, but they had superior equipment (more grenade launchers in sections, XM25 CDTEs are also deployed since the game is set in 2017 but was created when the M25 was actually a promising system that performed well in A-stan, before the 2017 termination of contract. The US also have vehicles which is a big advantage for assaulting dug in troops like mine.

Unfortunately, they showed their hand too early and revealed where the bulk of their troops were likely located and I sent in a heavy barrage of 152mm artillery on the woodline. Post-battle assessment shows that it either destroyed or immobilised pretty much their entire column of Strykers, meaning that the spotter's first action of the battle probably single-handedly won it.

Also, I have found that the Russian military has something of an obsession with automatic grenade launchers though, deploying an entire platoon's worth of them with their battalions. The amount of fire you can put downrange when you use the entire platoon as a battery is frankly disgusting.
No. 37435
134 kB, 860 × 530
254 kB, 512 × 314
146 kB, 1280 × 720
> I find the modernised Russian army especially interesting because they're this weird monstrosity of old and new.
I find overall cool style of "1990s" army style. Where there a new stuff, but a lot of old like more old camo, tech and weapons that was not yet pixelated\picatini rails everywhere etc. This is already kind of historical style. 90s-00s russian army is of cource have it's atmosphere too. I remember been in military commisary where there was no any real repairs since like 1995 and it is very old soviet interior where some banners is just re-painted from soviet to russian fedegation flag, that old one with lighter blue. I also have some issues of "border guard" magazine from 1992, it's hard to subscribe FEEL from this time to non-post USSR person really. But I think this is already kind of it's own retro-futuristic or historicaal style that is not yet overused in media
No. 37437
>Also, I have found that the Russian military has something of an obsession with automatic grenade launchers though
Funny that you posted it and I posted pic2 here >>37435
No. 37439
73 kB, 500 × 508
2,2 MB, 2215 × 2000
I know the feeling you're talking about just from the fact that it's something you sort of pick up after enough time playing milsims of various kinds. You notice it when you look at Russian aircraft especially where they've got all the latest toys in a cockpit that wouldn't look out of place in the 1960s. It's one of the reasons that I'd give my right nut for a full-fidelity Su-33 simulator. To me it's perhaps the ultimate expression of 90s Russian analogue high technology. It's actually a feeling that I'm trying to channel for a Soviet Cyberpunk setting for an RPG. The bizarro casual despotism mixed with banal everyday existence kept afloat because everybody is too apathetic to do anything about it.

Also, I was talking about pic 2 here when I talked about automatic grenade launchers.
No. 37459 Kontra
264 kB, 1359 × 588
302 kB, 1359 × 591
Sorry for spam, but this game has so much fucking soul and atmosphere. Especially once the decisive engagement finishes and it turns into a low-intensity fight between infantry forces going house to house. I was saying to Brick earlier that you could do a really cool Chechnya simulator on this engine.
No. 37466
It's not spam. I generally read all your and everyone else's posts itt I just don't usually have anything to contribute to that.

Are you somehow attached to Australian air force intelligence or something?
No. 37469
226 kB, 1001 × 713
Nope. I just like military history, and as a nipper heard lots of stories from my mum's side of the family since mum's dad and most of his brothers were Bomber Command :-D pilots/aircrew in WWII.

Thing is that military history is a bunnyhole and if you dip more than a toe into it, you'll end up diving deep.
No. 37476
Wait where'd you guys fight? I didn't even know aussies were involved in the European theater.
No. 37478
614 kB, 4541 × 3281
From wikipedia
>In 1939, just after the outbreak of the Second World War, Australia joined the Empire Air Training Scheme, under which flight crews received basic training in Australia before travelling to Canada for advanced training. A total of 17 RAAF bomber, fighter, reconnaissance and other squadrons served initially in Britain and with the Desert Air Force located in North Africa and the Mediterranean. Thousands of Australians also served with other Commonwealth air forces in Europe during the Second World War.[4] About nine percent of the personnel who served under British RAF commands in Europe and the Mediterranean were RAAF personnel

>In the European theatre of the war, RAAF personnel were especially notable in RAF Bomber Command: although they represented just two percent of all Australian enlistments during the war, they accounted for almost twenty percent of those killed in action. This statistic is further illustrated by the fact that No. 460 Squadron RAAF, mostly flying Avro Lancasters, had an official establishment of about 200 aircrew and yet had 1,018 combat deaths. The squadron was therefore effectively wiped out five times over.[16] Total RAAF casualties in Europe were 5,488 killed or missing.

We were also in North Africa, Syria and Italy on the ground.
No. 37482
5,0 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:20
7,4 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:30
playing Spintires Mudrunner, it's very relaxing just trucking about the taiga in big soviet trucks delivering logs and fuel
No. 37484
66 kB, 528 × 348
I not tried it because re-published version have fake vehicles insteal of real ones as I know.

If I was rich and had nothing to do, I'd bought Ural 4320 RC model kit for like 60000 roubles :--DDDD
No. 37486
That actually looks kind of fun.
No. 37487
121 kB, 1280 × 720
100 kB, 1280 × 770
521 kB, 1920 × 921
138 kB, 1280 × 720
There is number of pics around internet that combine current russia realities with future technology, that project current depression and stagnation of our country's society. However it's kind of not what we are talking about.

I guess best representation of this thing was original Stalker and thus it's game so beloved. You get as main location abadoned zone that is basicly abadoned soviet cities, factories, bunkers where time stopped at 1986 but they also rust, crumble, slowely decaying whch combines feels of nostalgia with real life where you still have a lot old soviet stuff everywhere, also experience of diggers who go to old abadoned buildings. You also have supernatural element with zone - all this anomalies, physical stuff, also all this labaratories with urban legends combined with reality of secret closed cities and labarotory complexes and secret facities back in soviet union. Same you have modern stuff going on - corrupted goverment and army of modern to 00s post-soviet country, with all russian-ukrainian-belarusian armies memes of it's time, which combined modern realities of shitter economy with absurd of soviet army managment and equipment mostly from late 80s. You also have futuristic stuff - exoskeletons, stuff in labarotories, but all of this looks like modern manufacturing in CIS countries - attemt at making something slightly advanced on tools and standarts of fallen SU again. And also this interface and some elements from earler GSC games that still "smell" like science fiction styles from late 90s early 00s video games.
No. 37488
I know how beyond highly unlikely it is, but it just momentarily struck me as funny if both our grandfathers ever flew in any of the same sorties over yurop.
kinda doubt it though

I freakin LOVE this art style. I don't know why. Maybe it's just because of that amount of maximal realism to future tech.
No. 37490
I phrased it poorly. I know the feeling you are referring to. It's just that the strange mix of old technologies being built upon by corrupt governments in secret laboratories that you're talking about is something I'm trying to work into some functional GM notes for myself. Though tbh, it'd probably be easier and only slightly less evocative to just go turbo-RF instead of creating Gommiepunk.

On a similar subject, it's a shame that Twilight 2000 is such a pain in the butt to run. I'd love to run it with a playlist of coldwarwave running on the tv in the background. I think it'd make for an ebin atmosphere.


Was your granddad a P-38, P-51 or Catalina pilot? If not, then unlikely. Mum's dad was doing coastal patrol around here (since Brisbane was a major port for the war effort back then) in Ansons, one brother was a Navigator on Lancs doing area bombing (including Dresden), and another one was in RAF Coastal Command doing long range ASW patrols in the North Sea.
No. 37491
Nah iirc the one in the USAF was a tailgunner in a B-24 that got shot down somewhere over Rumania (he survived and actually had to fly several more missions too). Best I can tell he was somehow involved in trying to cripple the German industrial capacity particularly their petrochemical operations/oil. I wasn't under the impression that there was as tight coordination in merger of American and RAF bombing sorties under one command doing one mission.
No. 37492
1,3 MB, 1023 × 569
Oh hey, I was doing the Rumanian raids as a scenario in Bombing the Reich not too long ago. I posted about it in the last thread even.

>I wasn't under the impression that there was as tight coordination in merger of American and RAF bombing sorties under one command doing one mission.
It wasn't common, no. The closest that springs to mind is the Battle of the Ruhr and Operation Gomorrah where there was broad coordination between SAC and Bomber Command for round the clock bombing. The big issue was doctrine differences. The RAF had built up a massive bomber force under the idea that the bomber would always get through. Early war American bombers were more heavily protected but didn't have anything nearing the destructive power of an RAF bomber loaded up with a cookie or two.

Operation Gomorrah actually had a pretty brutal coordinated attack where the RAF started fires in Hamburg to draw off firefighting crews from other cities, and then the next day, the USAAF started fires in the cities where there were now no firefighters. It's an 'icky' subject, the strategic air war, but incredibly interesting. If you haven't read it, Wages of Destruction makes a very good case for its effectiveness, and the bunny hole goes extremely deep because the scientific nature of the strategic air war means that lots of detailed records were left over from the war.
No. 37496
27 kB, 480 × 360
32 kB, 648 × 409
This is one of the most gratifying games I've ever played. My God is it gratifying and EC tier. Well sadly I wasted time as usual before getting too late and only had a short time before bed because early work in the morning so I decided to just try out a game briefly and it already cut so far into my bedtime I'm going to he mildly sleep deprived but man was it worth it.

Already I can say I would highly recommend. Ironically sometimes it's my most cheapass and obscure game purchases that end up becoming my most excellent ones. I'm not sure about what this oldschool version of it is in pic related 2 but the I think newer version I have is great. I am so glad that I got this game. Having finished It Stares Back which also was indeed very good and very much worth it and I greatly look forward to the devs releasing more content I can now start yet another new game or at least try to finish one of the many I'm halfway through like maybe I'll finally try to finish E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy next (along with Dying Light, Darkwood, Cultist Simulator, Stardrive 2, and Atom RPG among other on my games to do list for finishing started projects) but Crisis in the Kremlin is now probably going to be one of those pure joys to play I think.
No. 37650
36 kB, 600 × 338
194 kB, 1920 × 1080
Man looking back and thinking on it now, I just cannot believe what sheer quality of vidya games I have actually been playing lately. ISB was awesome and I for one look forward to seeing what excellent things those devs develop in the future, especially considering they may have a game with fully functional rpg mechanics in the future. I can't help but imagining that this guy played Dead Space on 2-CT-7 or 2CB or masculine or something and that's pretty much what he saw.

And then I finally got to just spend massive uninterrupted time playing Stardrive 2 and like most 4x games (sadly) it really came into it's own and began to shine after the first 20 hours. I can honestly say that hands down it is one of the best 4x games I've ever played. I'm a serious Amplitudeboo at this point and I can sincerely say how much better it is than Endless Space (but not ES2 though damn it's up there). It's just great. There's a couple things I wish I could change and sadly the developer pulled all support for the game years ago apparently without a big modding community so since idk how to do that I'm stuck with a few things like space stations not influence flipping adjacent tiles unless a colony is within 3 tiles or having the ability to play ground combat as turn based grid the way it was originally intended but man is it a great game and you can even just get used to it having a really shitty ass autoresolve ground combat system.

Man I am coming to love this game and the tolerance feature of the diplo is both irritating as fuck and amazing. Why? Because it pretty much locks you in to not getting to treat every single alien race as either a space Walmart or a mindlessly naive patsy who you're going to abuse and exploit the shit out of in trading and diplomacy. They all act like complete cunts (though maybe not as much as ES2) in trades where for example they're only going to accept a small trade treaty in exchange for granting them a medium one (which oddly enough is one sided so whoever is granted trade is the sole beneficiary of improving relations and money etc.) and there's the tolerance system. Basically, every item costs an additional amount of tolerance points since neither empire's people is too happy dealing with the other beyond a certain extent so you're prevented from it being frequent or like the galactic bizarre, and all manner of things can tank your ability to deal with them from spies getting caught to simply your expansionism and them being butthurt about you having so many more colonies than they have. This makes absolutely every single trade you make with them incredibly strategic rather than just trying to trade one of your junk technologies and a few galactic bitcoins for some super useful tech you're probably about to turn against them. It also enables them to make it extra super hard to create allies that you'll just drag into your own pointless wars or use as a nonhuman meat shield.

I'd guess that the only problem with this is you'd think that an empire half your size with less than half of your total military might would be more than happy to enter into a non aggression pact and on the road to becoming greatest allies. One would think that most civilizations would be more than happy to have non aggression pacts and alliances with you but no, the harder you expand the harder their peoples castigate you and reject any kind of offers at all let alone a majorly expensive one like pacts and alliances. I STILL haven't even gotten a non aggression pact out of anybody including my owlwoks enslaving spacefaring clams who I've been working on for like 250 turns now, and apparently while expansion only counts after meeting an empire the moment you expand to one other colony you get hit with the full expansionism diplomatic penalty which sadly made me go from +70 tolerance to like -10 or something with the chill plant people without me having even realised it. I was fully intent on making those guys my new best friends but I guess the moment I landed on a new planet was when they saw me for what I really was: an overly aggressive expansionistic religious zealot octopus slowly strangely the whole galaxy. Oh well c'est la vie.
No. 37690
Did anybody hear about new nVidia cards generation? When are they out? I heard that in summer. I wanted to buy rtx series but then my fren told me to wait. So I wait.
No. 37708
No idea. To me an RX550 is super powerful and super new.
No. 37762
39 kB, 921 × 749
Anyone remember this game? I remember playing it after seeing it shilled on cabbage channel in 2018 (before the pedoshit scared me away from that site)
No. 37779
Of course, I played many games there when procastinated my studies.
No. 37794
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
109 kB, 1170 × 1019
Part of this post might better fit into Conumerism thread, but it's more about gaming stuff so better be here. My 8bitdo SN30pro+ gamepad finnaly arrived. I never had a gamepad actually, so it's my first proper one. Why that? It was recomended for me and I perfectly agree with recomendations was given for it. It works with absoluetly everything perfectly fine - Windows, Mac OS, even older android version like mine galaxy S4 with Android 5.0 or something. It have official software for keymapping on PC, can be connected with bluetooth or over USB with USB-C connector. Most other gamepads I seen fall into one of this categories:
1.sticks wrongly places, like Xbox 360 one. I'm not gamepad expert but I already see I'll not enjoy when D-pad and left stick replaced like that, espessialy when I mostly targeting old console games, with PS1-PS2 ones that use pads
2.Don't works with anything properly, you need hacks or just fuck with to run anything on it, like modern dualshocks and some more expensive ones that I seen. Some works, but have requrements like windows 10, or for example android 7.0 and above which is not for me for now.
3.Just super expencive. I don't want spend some 7000 roubles on fucking gamepad to play mostly NES/SNES/SEGA MS-MD games. Xbox pads and dualshocks also falling in this caregory.

So this thing was perfect for my needs and I tested it with PC, and with my android phone and... yes. I like it. I not tested newer games with built-in gamepad support, I need to try configurate one of those - always wanted try Star Wars Force Unleashed on actual controller, or GTA4. But for emulators - awesome. Only downside is I'm indiot and ordered wrong holder for mobile phone. I ordered for SN30pro, which has sticks, but has no.. this things you grab by hand. It's cheap so no worry, and maybe I'll buy SN30pro too as gift for someone one day anyway, but just ordering new one from aliexpress.. I'll need to wait like 2 months, maybe even more because their virus situations and all new orders from here now even more slow than usual. Sad!
No. 37838
I always liked the 360 controller. It took a little getting used to but it had a good size and weight, fitting in my hands really nicely. Going back to a dualshock was tricky because by comparison the controller is so dainty.
No. 37846
1,3 MB, 1600 × 1411
38 kB, 512 × 512
777 kB, 1203 × 1280
Well, yeah, if you're more into modern action games, then that stick placement might be more convenient. But for side scrolling platformers, shmups and beat 'em ups it's better to have the D-pad in its usual place, IMO. Although, I've been using Logitech F310 (a very nice gamepad overall: sturdy, ergonomic, and without the features that are useless to me and only make the device more expensive, like vibro and wireless connection), and I didn't encounter any problems whatsoever playing action games like Dark Souls, Musou, Nioh, NieR and so on, so maybe that Xbox stick position goes better with racing games, I dunno.

Speaking of the kinds of gamepads I dislike. I always hated those 6-button Playstation-ish controllers that the Chinese no-name companies seem to produce often. I guess those were designed with Megadrive/Genesis in mind, but the original Sega controller had more space for those six buttons and they were spaced just enough to be more or less comfortable to use (although I remember constantly pressing A accidentally on the Megadrive controller too; not a big deal most of the time, but in some games like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage it means wasting a screen-clearing attack, and that can be quite annoying), while on these Chinese gamepads they are placed too damn close together. Also, having six buttons is kinda pointless. It may make sense for Megadrive/Genesis or N64, but you can still make do with four buttons and L/R buttons just fine. I remember the time gaming stores in my town were choke-full of these atrocious 6-buttons to the point that it was hard to find a decent 4-button, but it seems that that trend is pretty much dead by now and 4-buttons are more popular. Good riddance.

And another one of the controllers that I don't like is the Dreamcast gamepad. People used to shit on the original Xbox gamepads all the time for being cumbersome, but the Dreamcast gamepad has managed to avoid criticism for some reason. I, for one, hated that thing. It was huge, heavy and not that comfortable to use, and it also had the cord going out of its lower part, which is weird and pretty stupid from the engineering point of view. Fuck that shit, it felt like holding some sort of remote controller for industrial equipment rather than for a gaming console.
No. 37856
13 kB, 320 × 224
The stick placement was a little offputting at first and yeah, it wouldn't be my go-to controller for platformers, but for me it was mostly the way it filled the hands. I think some of the third party dualshock clones did a good job mixing the two though, the mass of the 360 controller with the superior layout of a dualshock (I do prefer triggers to L2R2 though. They feel slightly more ergonomic to me.

My favourite controller for platforming is SNES, and to me nothing beats a Saturn controller for fighting game cosiness.
No. 37859
>and pretty stupid from the engineering point of view
There are two slots for memory cards from above. I guess, the controller would become totally asymmerical with the cord from the upper part.
No. 37862
What prevented them from making memory card slots below? Also, why not make memory card slots in the console itself? It would make the controller smaller.
No. 37865
Do you see a small window? Some memory cards had the screens. I don't think it would be convenient if the screen was from below.
No. 37866
2,2 MB, 3060 × 2440
15 kB, 260 × 212
As I said, it's much more expensive and from my current experience - I played a couple of PSP games now - I like what I have.

Yeah! Now I remember! It was Saturn\Dreamcast pad that had d-pad lower than stick! However, all pads from this early 3d generations of consoles was kind of wierd
No. 37867
51 kB, 1000 × 1000
When it comes to weird controllers, the GameCube really takes the cake, I'd say, unless you count those old 1st and 2nd gen console when the designers didn't even know what the hell they were doing apparently. 3rd gen became much more sensible with NES and SMS.

Again, there shouldn't be any problem placing the VMU screen lower. And also VMU wasn't such a hot idea from the beginning.
No. 37904
Any really good games come out in the last couple of months?
No. 37906
Command: Modern Operations came out last November if that counts.
No. 37916
19 kB, 300 × 304
47 kB, 320 × 200
9 kB, 300 × 229
46 kB, 640 × 480
Funny things I discovered today:
Eric Hyman, friend of Jon Van Canighem who worked on early Might and Magic titles and most notably did Planet's Edge, had special thanks in Master of Orion 2 credits for reason's I don't know lol. He also was major guy in development of BioForge. It's interesting that listed, that Raven Software also helped with development of BioForge

Iron Cross, a real time/turn based hybrid wargame also developed by New World Computing looks like is one of the main and direct predecessors of Heroes 1. Basicly Heroes 1 is mix of king's bounty fairy-tale atmosphere, Might and Magic art, characters and some style elements and a lot of things from Iron Cross, like interface and engine elements. It's lead desighner, Phil Steinmeyer later become also lead desihner of Heroes 1 and 2, then leaved company, I assume because NWC was bought by 3DO and he don't wanted to work in 3DO. Later he will be main developer of Railroad Tycoon 2, also created series Tropico
No. 37926
326 kB, 1366 × 768
55 kB, 800 × 463
19 kB, 500 × 282
I was doing a Ka-50 mission and it reminded me of our discussion about 90s Russian military aesthetics. I think you'd probably appreciate this module. Visibility isn't great because night mission but still, it's atmospheric at least. Especially with that ghostly CRT glow :-DDD

Don't worry, the rotors are de-icing, they just haven't finished doing so yet, so EKRAN hasn't recognised it.
No. 37931
I wonder how much of that material ended up in the hands of various tinpot dictators and various shitty thirdworld countries. I also wonder how close ever were we to Russia selling off its nuclear tech to said various dictators, terrorists, and generally shitty people who shouldn't have them? Isn't that basically how the Norks got their nuclear program?
No. 37933
Turkey has bits of it for certain, but it is a failed proof of concept aircraft really and not that valuable to anybody. The Russians got the most from it by heavily modifying it into the Ka-52. The single seat attack helicopter just doesn't work because crew workload is too high. You have to not crash, make evasive maneuvers at low altitude, not enter one of the several dangerous regions of helicopter aerodynamics, locate, target and engage hostile forces. It's just not feasible.
No. 37935
11 kB, 480 × 360
5 kB, 160 × 144
6 kB, 160 × 144
5 kB, 160 × 144
More canonical would be is that all fuel stolen by prapirshik and sold to local band.. I mean enterprises and you stay on airfield.

Tbh with my new gamepad playing a bunch of emulators on phone with much more comfort. Since PSP games lagging on my phone, I playing them on PC and on phone - just more classic consoles. For example played Heroes on game boy color and surpridingly... this is pretty faithfull recreation of Heroes 1! Only difference is that there no town screen, also instead of mixed squares like they was in h1 it's just square field like king's bounty. Rest is absoluetly the same and plays kind of nice for handheld console. Better than most console RPGs I played tbh. It's really an achivment - with all this music and animations re-create pc strategy game on gameboy.
No. 37936
4 kB, 160 × 144
5 kB, 160 × 144
5 kB, 160 × 144
10 kB, 160 × 144
But wait, there is more! In same year of 2000 they released heroes 2 on GBC! But it's not heroes 2, it's more like heroes on gbc 2. It's based on previous game but have town screens in style of first game, some music from second game and units and a lot of units and heroes with classes from third game, together with custom campain that has no relation to any pc heroes.
No. 37937
Ebin. Reminds me of the anecdote of ground crew writing up MiG-21 radar operation hours as higher than they actually were so that they could nick the alcohol that was used as coolant :-DDD
No. 37938
Also, I'll look into the heroes ports next time I decide that I want to emulate game boy. Normally I just replay Pokemon Silver.
No. 37939
Probably in the much earlier era of gamingwhich while mid to late 80s could probably be considered "golden era" quite frankly I think the silver era or gaming in mid to late 90s should be called golden era but whateverlots of game devs switched back and forth across many different studios working on many projects so it isn't surprising that this one guy would be helping to work on Master of Orion 2, Tropico, Railroad Tycoon, and Heroes of Might and Magic since they're all fundamentally strategy games and so likely they'd just hire on a guy who knew how to work strategy games.

I think that the good thing to keep in mind is how niche and small the industry was back then compared to now.
No. 37940
For 90s army experience, I also remembered this thing
On PS1 there was addon for Red Alrt 1 - Retalation, which took missions from addons from PC version where it was just missions and turn them in proper campain with cutscenes. As it always with Red Alert they abosluetly not even remotly cared about histical accuracy or logic, but production for cutscenes in Retalation was significally more high than in RA1, and they useds sets, parts and even some actors that will be used for Red Alrt 2. So on soviet side there is General Topolev who is... most accurate discreption by his look and actions of your "typical 90s-00s russian general" as he viewed in general culture. Uniform, how he wearing it, how he speaks, they even metioned fucking Dacha! Sad that Topolev not appeared in RA2, but RA2 had quite different atompshere on this side being even more caricaturish-cartoonish.
No. 37941
22 kB, 160 × 144
15 kB, 160 × 144
6 kB, 160 × 144
7 kB, 160 × 144
In 99-2002 3DO basicly tried to making everything into quick cashgrab what they had, destroying their studios, milking their most popular MM ip like that so gameboy versions is not that miracle - miracle that they are quite decent for what they are. They also did a gameboy port of Warriors of Might and Magic - this second game in failed 3DO spin-off series they tried to bring MM into "3d action adventure" field like many tried back than. Of cource without what was left from NWC, but by what was left of already destroyed by 3DO Cyclone studios. Only game I played from this "sub series" was PC version of Crusaders of Might and Magic and it was laughable disaster on all fronts, probably most hilariously broken game I ever seen. PS1 original version is better from what I herad, but it's sequel - Warriors of Might and Magic on PS2 I not even touched, only I know about it is hilarious ads https://youtu.be/XP233gXpZpY - it's so trash and far from any MM game it's hialrious. But GBC game I tried for 5 minutes.. and it's something like crappy Zelda clone. I'm tired of zelda recently compleating 1, 2 and Link to the Past and generally not interested in this types of games so eeh.

>Normally I just replay Pokemon Silver.
Never played any Pokemon games at all, same as not watched cartoon. Kids here in 90s kind of liked this stuff, collecting cards etc but I never touched it. I know it to degree, to some concept but not more far.
No. 37943
Kind of, it was small, but not that small, and also a lot of people obviously appear and dissapear from scene, before internet there was no even a proper "scene". A lot of people forgotten, same as games. I like to search for such connections, look into people and credits to maybe found out things like that. Like oh - this popular person did something on game I like but nobody cares!
For example, John Romero himself did Commodore 64 port of Might and Magic 2 for NWC!
https://romero.smugmug.com/Video-Games/Might-Magic-II-C64/ - the port is kind of crappy one tho, C64 can do much better and this acid green floor tiles can tell you about that easely, lol. But he was in begining of his days so it's okay.
No. 37963
Silver is worth a play. I wish I could play it for the first time again.
No. 37980
10 kB, 256 × 224
11 kB, 256 × 224
9 kB, 256 × 224
12 kB, 256 × 224
Okay, I'll try it.

Tried MM1 on PCEngine CD. Peobably most technically "advanced" version of MM. Welp, there was intro.. 2 intros where I don't understand anything. Looks like they made some background for characters. Well at least in first part they talked about ancients and stuff so this is what I can understand.
Don't quite get can you make new characters or like in nes it's japanise-style where you can't I didn't understood. Same as many menus and functions because it's all japanise. But as you can see overall it's turbo anime. But well, at least you can leave city immideatly unlike NES version which requred level 2.
No. 37985
631 kB, 709 × 649
Been playing some Halo again today after a long hiatus. They added a couple of playlists to social matchmaking. The first is an event called Winter Contingency. Unfortunately it isn't as cool as the in-universe event and the rewards for grinding it are meh. The other is much more exciting in that they split up the Slayer category into Precision and Auto Slayer. You can select to queue into both if you don't care but it appeases people who didn't like the DMR-weighted Slayer queue. I was one of them. AR starts are the classic Slayer experience, and the DMR is cancer on PC because it means you spawn with one of the best guns in the game thanks to mouse controls. I might go back to Precision when Halo 3 comes out on PC because the BR is inherently more balanced for PC than the DMR. Having to land all three from the burst as headshots to do the same damage as the single DMR headshot for example.

Noice update but I still got a long way to go to finish grinding the season unlocks :-D
t. had Auntie Dot voice in the original and wants it in the PC version

Don't go in expecting super deep gameplay, but it's cosy and fun. I remember Silver feeling a lot like an adventure compared to later ones I played. Presumably Gold is similar but I didn't play it.
No. 38020

>pic 3, 4
Would :DDD
No. 38049
5 kB, 256 × 224
5 kB, 256 × 224
6 kB, 256 × 224
6 kB, 256 × 224
You may try play if you can read Kanji lol. However, if you want to try better play original PC version of cource for controls, character creation etc. reasons but sadly, in original so such graphics or anime girls.

>Don't go in expecting super deep gameplay, but it's cosy and fun. I remember Silver feeling a lot like an adventure compared to later ones I played. Presumably Gold is similar but I didn't play it.
I kind of feel what to expet, at least sence it. I recently tried to play Dragon Warrior(Dragon Quest) I on NES, original game that also predates Final Fantasy I, you may remember my impressions from it when I called it most primitive CRPG I ever seen, with it's created to avoide any gamedesighn and avoid any challenge for player. Welp, this game managed to become even more primitive. It's don't have party, you have single character. You don't have any inventory preoper - misc items and weapon\armor automaticly replaces when you buy better one. You don't have to buy spells even, everything add automaticly with level. There no real chance to loose, of cource random encounters. Game simple like stick, you need just to grind in simple repeative battles. You can go anywhere around world tho unlike ultra-linear FF1 but welp, with this amount of complexity what's the difference anyway.
No. 38050
3 kB, 160 × 144
4 kB, 160 × 144
6 kB, 160 × 144
5 kB, 160 × 144
Also for this I should say interface is over complex lol. Like you have bar that appear always when you not move with stats and level, for options menu you have options for everything pointless. Like when you on stairs you need click separate stairs option in menu to use it.

I also tried Wizardry Gaiden 1 on gameboy - Gaiden is fully japanise sub-series of Wizardry. And well.. it's baiscly classic wizardry. Like before David W. Bradley but absolute copy of those which japanise love very much - 1-3. And welp, if you for some reason want on handheld console in 90s play 1981 CRPG - you-re welcome. However of cource item stats and spells discreptions come in manual, so what the point to have this on portable gameboy when you still need carry book with you to play? Mystery.
No. 38065
So I just finished Tour 1 of PC Halo. Essentially you get to top rank (30) and then it dumps you back down to level 1 with a new backplate on your rank. There are 100 unlocks in the season, so it can be said that at the moment, max rank as is relevant to gameplay is 100. The absolute madmen had every opportunity to turn it into the massive grind of the original Halo Reach but instead, finishing a tour also resets the amount of XP between levels, so unlocks 30-40 will be fairly quick to unlock. Unfortunately, the next unlock that I really want is number 56, so it'll be inside the grind belt of the upper ranks of the tour.

>so what the point to have this on portable gameboy when you still need carry book with you to play? Mystery.

It's a Japanese thing. They love handhelds as a format, they took off over there in ways that they never really did on the wect. I can respect that since laying in bed playing game boy is comfy as fug. That feel when I lost my game boy when I moved back to Australia. Feels bad man.
No. 38127
123 kB, 720 × 480
95 kB, 720 × 480
99 kB, 720 × 480
130 kB, 720 × 480
StarCraft Ghost cancelled in mid-00s shooter game based on starcraft dev-builds leaked into internet. Awesome news, hope Duke Nukem Forever from 2001 will leak too one day.
Build is quite late I supose and it's more towards SC2 style, but looking at elements I feel like if it's came out around ~2004 it'd be nice. It'd not be something groundbreaking and most probably be remembered same as Warhammer 40000 Fire Warrior and Command and Conquer Renegade, but I like such mid-half-forgotten based on bigger franchises early-mid 00s mediacore b-category FPS games.
No. 38128
367 kB, 2048 × 1152
429 kB, 2048 × 1152
>It's a Japanese thing. They love handhelds as a format, they took off over there in ways that they never really did on the wect. I can respect that since laying in bed playing game boy is comfy as fug. That feel when I lost my game boy when I moved back to Australia. Feels bad man.

I'd say in general they liked tech in 80s-early00s more, by tech I mean all this gadgets, new forms and formats. Japan had long list of electronic products and concepts that never took off everywhere else. Same as their game and media marked mostly for iternal consumer first.
Here I just say odd in general, in more general way japanise just simplify concept of game to fit specific need, but well, at least back then there was market for most early CRPG-type games.

I never had gameboy, but as I know original was crap with it's terrible screen and battarey life (and cost of this battaries back then). Well, same as most handheld consoles, but from all of them gameboy was most popular but most inferior from lines of big companies like Atari or SEGA or NEC.

OpenTESArena engine progressing, now it can render lava and water. I always find interesting that water and fire in TES Arena is basicly planes, simple texture applied to "void" same as simpliest skyplane texture. Well, probably it was their only idea how to make liquids "swimable" and it's looks kind of cute.
No. 38139
Wow, I remember reading about it in gaming magazines when I was in 6th or 7th class. Was really excited about it because I was caught by the Splinter Cell hype and I loved Starcraft at the time; this game seemed to be a mix of both.

I had also completely forgotten about C&C Renegade... for some reason I honestly liked that game while most people around me thought it's crap.
No. 38140
Man, the Ice Fortress or whatever it was called was fucking AIDS. It was just a massive difficulty spike out of nowhere with the ice wolves and then the regular enemies, the frost knights were just tanky and were no real threat other than to your real life sanity.
No. 38169
I feel like every time I sit down and play this game I find something new to like and be enamored with.

Like even just the races are so great, and not even just the inventive ones but even the really crappy derivative ones too. I just encountered the Draylok (in no relation to Darlok clearly) and even just those guys has this really neat screen where it's the typical blue skin alien woman crap but then for just a moment the holographic emitter or whatever they use fails and you see what horrifying beings they really are. It's just neat little touches like that I really truly and deeply appreciate and I wish these devs all the best in life and hope so much that they make games in the future. I feel like every once in awhile you can encounter an indie game and see such raw pure talent it must be what headhunters felt like when they first encountered people like Kurt Kobain or Johnny Cash playing at some dive bar, or that coach who first saw Mike Tyson and was like "this guy had It," and "It" often feels like a rare thing indeed.

I actually had thought that game was going to be released and it wasnt even until some few years ago that I found out it hadn't been. I was wondering what happened to that game, although based on the absolutely retarded zergling AI I question how much it couldve amounted to something. I'm guessing that was Blizzard's last attempt at bothering with consoles, which is a shame because unlike N64 Starcraft it might've turned out decent after all. But then we have "you guys have phones right" and I'm reminded that this probably would've been right around the time they lost all their talent so who knows. What even is the full backstory on its failure to release?
No. 38171
138 kB, 1364 × 768
That feel when 3500 point meeting engagement, and the enemy picks up a Cavalry Squadron as their base formation to face your Motor Rifle Battalion. Since it was an town-based map I started without vehicles and put the points into a platoon of T-90As instead. They absolutely tore the HMMVs and M1200s apart, and between overwhelming numbers, superior firepower and the ability to pound them with tanks from down the street if they were dug in.

People really do underestimate the utility of a tank in MOUT. There's always talk of it being instantly ambushed and destroyed which is true except for when it's supported. If you use it to clear streets and blow apart strongpoints for your infantry to exploit, the tank is actually one of the most powerful pieces of equipment on the urban battlefield. Its ability to lock down a street and ignore machine gun fire while returning heavy fire of its own is powerful and something that infantry just can't do in the same way. An assault on a strong point might need a company-scale coordinated attack with infantry alone but can often be accomplished with a platoon and a tank instead, which lets you broaden your front and put more pressure on the defenders, giving them fewer reserves to pour into wavering sections of their line.
No. 38194
576 kB, 1600 × 1000
1002 kB, 3840 × 2160
1,0 MB, 3840 × 2160
482 kB, 3840 × 2160
Played Renegade too long time ago. But there a number of people who really loved it, otherwise there was no Renegade X

Yea, "colored wolves that shoot projectales" in arena is kind of pain, but you can cheese almost all game using invisibility, remove wall and some other spells if I remember correctly.
Also engine uptaded with lights now. Can't wait test next pre-alpha release.
No. 38197
They offered development of this game for other studio and then cancceled. I suspect it was cancelled around same time Activision bought blizzard. By rumors during activision time there was ANOTHER attempt at Starcraft FPS but it was cancelled as well and we got Overwatch instead.
No. 38210
93 kB, 1280 × 720
I have finally found something that I actually don't like about StarDrive2 at all.

Apparently there are no alliance options and no allied victories. It also seems that this was discussed five years ago and that I am on board a solidly 5 year old game I thought was new and had subsequently been abandoned which is kind if a shame. Well, two things I dislike, the other being my discovery a few weeks ago that due to large number of complaints on how tedious and poorly implemented it was that the XCOM-lite style ground combat got gutted in favor of a basically autoresolve, which sucks in an abandoned game because it means that I have literally no patch or previous version and instead am stuck with the gutted version unless I can find a probably too obscure to pirate copy where I have manual turn based ground combat. I've actually found so many people bitching about micromanagement seriously who the fuck even are these people who are playing 4x games that dislike micromanaging things? That's literally the entire point of a 4x or city builder on some level what the fuck are you faggots even expecting to play Farmville. This mainly is an issue because so many technologies seem geared towards that micromanaging of invasions which iirc I already complained about how multiple techs probably no longer apply or are useless but whatever.

This one thing though is pretty critical, and yeah I mean it is certainly true that on some level allied victory is not fundamentally changing win conditions and only decreases the number of players you have to exterminate but still. I absolutely hate 4x games that force you into extermination with nothing else.

I think that the best game for this I've ever played was GalCiv III, primarily because you could actually win an entire game bloodlessly by just jockeying to alliance positions until every single empire in the galaxy was allied with you. I forget if you actually had to cajole them into being friendly with each other, which iirc you did need to get everybody to ally with each other too thus adding a layer of massive difficulty and complexity to getting everyone to ally up and basically creating a pan galactic federation. I think that in just about every 4x game victory through war is unfortunately the easiest and fastest victory condition. ES2 had this problem in spades, where the AI could never keep up once I built the largest class ship to the point where I couldve won militarily several times over while still working on a tech, wonder, or economic victory, which I to this day haven't even finished my wonder victory playing Vodyani.

There's just something fundamentally empty to me about extermination campaigns. I've never even played one since I was a little kid, and in one case it was just though sheer exhaustion of the sole example of micromanagement being a bad thing which was Master of Orion 3 and which was an absolute nightmare and notorious for being one, to where I finally just bombed out the final systems of the last standing empire because it couldve taken me like another 20 hours or whatever just to slowly build, move, and invade all my troops to take it system by system and that must've been like 18 years ago.

So, this is the one problem so far. I stupidly put a 1000 turn score victory enabled for some reason although frankly the way things are going in my campaign I could probably either capture all strategics or win an ascension tech victory long before then but over expansion seems to piss everyone off so yeah. The way things are going I'd probably rationally have all the races of the galaxy allying each other to declare war on me IRL anyway, which is a sad thing because I put so much effort on buttering up some AIs and now see how it was a wasted effort since I can take anything I want by force and there's no ability even to form alliances which is pretty weird for a 4x. Well, I guess I can always just invade everybody and show them the light of Cthulu and leave everyone else in Dar al Haarb until I get to them at anyway.
No. 38256
617 kB, 1364 × 768
Management status: Superior

Seriously though, which absolute madman decided that a 30mm autocannon just wasn't enough fire support for an infantry platoon, and decided to give them emedded 100mm dakka?

Depends. Story dungeons usually have a part that's walled off against wall breaking, even though it won't tell you. Most of the random dungeons are fair game for cheese though with that spell.
No. 38294
I've been playing some Doom, now that I'm back on Windows again.
It's an amazing game.
>tfw I'll never play through the original games for the first time ever again

Gone through Doom the way id did, which is a fairly simple set of techbase levels.
My only complaint is that it's easy to get lost on the second to last level, and that it's not really difficult enough, it feels like a remake of (Doom 1) episode one with the barons at the end instead of a new set of challenges.

Currently playing Scythe, which was advertised as a series of short, action packed levels that gradually get harder.
They deliver on that, but the way the levels are built up is a bit annoying.
My problem is that as it goes along, it starts following the
>You open le door and there is le army of spoopy skeletons right in front of you
>You press le button/pick up le key and "bang" spoopy skeletons teleport in right behind you
I absolutely abhor the revenant. It's the worst monster in the entire game.
And because the levels are relatively small, you don't have the space to manoeuvrer around the revenant projectiles.
Also there is this annoying tendency to start of levels by placing you in front of monsters that see you and immediately start shooting. (Ranging from imps to 6-7 shotgunners or even a bunch of fucking mancubi)
The deadly simply replacement is especially guilty of these sins. It's essentially a small box where it feels like you have to cheese your way to win by shooting through small cracks in the walls where the arachnotrons can't hit you.

I've been playing using a gameplay modification called La Tailor Girl, which on the surface is nothing more than a big tiddy anime girl mod for doom, but is actually a pretty good armour mod for the game.
You can pick up different types of armour that enhance your weapons or give them special effects.
My only problem with the mod is that the starting armour kinda gimps the shotgun and the chaingun replacements, and they feel a bit clunky and slow, but usually this is fixes by picking up something else than the default armour.
(If you do get your hands on a good suit, then you feel like a demigod with that ultrafast, super precise chaingun that can mow down hordes of zombiemen.)
Good mod, would recommend if you can stomach the art-style, which isn't all that tasteless.
No. 38302
Did anyone try GoyForce Now?

Witcher 3 was smooth but Anno 1800 felt awkward, I don't know if it was the latency or my small screen though
No. 38303
>Gone through Doom the way id did, which is a fairly simple set of techbase levels.
It's not techbase, they kind of made "reamke" of all original doom - all levels are same style and place as their original doom counteparts, like episode 1 like original doom episode 1 etc. up untill 4. They made it with all original limitations, so it work on compleatly original dos 1.9 doom copy. They also released same for 2nd game and there wads with levels that not get it in final release. Did you played official Master Levels?
No. 38304
I'm very anti whole concept of streaming games tbh. It's next level of just not giving person product, but like, you renting a stream. I don't want it become industry standart.
No. 38305
50 kB, 512 × 352
So out of boredom and shame of my 3DS being just a glorified Pokemon console, I bought Earthbound from the Nintendo eShop for 9,99€.

Somehow I missed it despite emulating almost every Nintendo game imaginable back in the day on the Windows 98 and XP. Only heard good things about Earthbound later and thought I need to get around to it. Now is a good time, after 20 minutes of gameplay I love the atmosphere. Glad I went to lengths not to spoil it for myself all these years.

Why didn't I just emulate it for free on an Android phone or desktop PC? Well, I've grown accustomed to the luxury of handhelds after buying the Switch and 3DS recently. Nothing comfier than sitting on the bed in a pitch black room and playing into the dead of night.
No. 38313
I actually paid $2 for Shadowrun Returns and they remotely wiped it from my account. I had to outright like for some ogg and apk files or whatever and pirate the fucking thing just to have my own damn game that I'm supposedly supposed to actually have a right to fucking own as the purported great thing about this society and they told me, no, because some Capitalist IP bullshit so I got shafted out of my measly two bucks that I work my ass off to get. So, there's that. I'm sore tired sick and mad. That post just reminded me again about that bullshit with Android and them fucking wiping my photos of the last time with our dog because of some fucking auto update bullshit.

Your post just reminded me how badly I need to get a flip phone again. If even that. I want to go back to having a circular dial plugged into the wall, and only that, and some maps.
No. 38326
170 kB, 616 × 612
204 kB, 800 × 787
Have you heard abut WarCraft 2000? It's an inofficial unfinished WC 2 spin-off featuring ayyliums and nukes by Ukrainian game developers GSC Game World (who went on to create the Cossacks and STALKER series). Here's a pretty good video on it's lore/history with a bit of context due to the Reforged disaster.

No. 38327
Wait, why?
I never set my smartphone on autoupdates. Moreover, it's not registered in the Google Play. Nothing of value has been lost.
No. 38328
17 kB, 640 × 350
Yea, it's famous crap. There was a lot of things like that - it was part of pirate translations, homebrew and other things that was pretty common in post-USSR in 90s when we was blank place for 95% of official videogame companies around world. However dunno how some old warcraft mod that had some effort into it and was sold as game because back then nobody cared compared to modern shitty remaster of WC3 people talk about because it's now "hype internet thing"
He might tried to setup PCEm or something, running old windows games now not an actual problem nowdays.

There was a couple of famous homebrew games like that, like King's Bounty 2 not modern one but old hombrew by dude from kharkov from 1990s.
No. 38329
Speking of Google play and games there - long time ago I bought here GTA Vice City, GTA 3 and those warhammer 40k chess like game. But playing it via touchscreen was pain so I not played a lot of it. Now I got gamepad, tried to instal it... and it not compatable with my phone anymore. And I have no ability to download older version of game to play. So buing something on official internet shops with updates meaning that you any day any minute with some "update" can lost you game because developers dropped support for it because they don't care.
No. 38334
Yeah I can't play Sid Meier's Pirates on iPad anymore because no one updated it to 64-bit, and I can't play the excellent adaptations of Monkey Island 1 & 2 because of some licensing spaffle.

I paid money for that shit.
No. 38336
Best way to play monkey islands is download dos vga versions, uncompress voice acting from "remasters" (that was total shit visually but had nice voice acting) and play them via ScummVM which run on almost anything. If you want, I can give you my MI1-2 already configured folders that you can just pass to scummVM, and with MT32 roms you can have higest music quality, ScummVM also supports that.
No. 38337
The main attraction for me was it working on an iPad (which is easy to use on flights etc. and that's usually the one bit of time I can play videogames without getting interrupted by some shit)
No. 38349
I sometimes miss the shit out of my laptops for that reason, but sadly laptops are, much like cars, shoes, and apparently fish tanks and stands, not the sort of thing you can cheap out on that if you do it'll seriously cost you way more money and heartache in the long term than had you simply bought the decent thing at full price. I probably went through four or five laptops, iirc all HP. I to this day refuse to buy anything from HP ever again. Five or six if I count that one real PoS that died literally hours after getting it and I couldn't get it to boot again. One of those to be fair I spilled beer on it. It's great if you only want something disposable after a year that only costs a few hundred I guess but otherwise it would be well worth it to buy an $800-1000 laptop. At 1k it should probably last you. Those things were great on flights, bus trips, whatever. Man I miss having a laptop sometimes. Or just sitting in bed watching movies or the internet.
No. 38382
132 kB, 960 × 768
Man, wargaming is such a win/lose situation for multiplayer. I'd fucken love to get a bunch of Ernsts into Combat Mission since I've been getting into it again and I think you lot would like it. Plus it's simulationist and thus intuitive even if the complexity and depth are extremely high. Hex and Counter games can struggle quite a bit with this in that the intuitive level of the game will not get you far. It's even set up well for it because it uses Play by Email multiplayer. That means that time zones and player pacing become a non-issue because the game is played in each person's own time.

The downside is that Combat Mission is a niche game and costs quite a bit of money, so getting someone into it is hard because they're a significant investment up front. Maybe one day Battlefront will learn what a Sale is, but I doubt it tbh. It's a shame because there isn't really another tactics game like it. Graviteam is the closest but it's got a grander scope than Combat Mission so doesn't play quite the same. For example, while CM has a big Aachen map that focuses on the fighting around St. Peter's and and the Observatory, Graviteam would just do the entire city but with lower granularity. Close Combat is in many ways 2d Combat Mission (or the other way around really) but it's not got the same level of simulationism in it, even though it is still very simulationist.

If it sounds like something you'd be interested in, try one of the demos. They give you a few battles, but you don't get campaigns or quick mission generator. Only one I wouldn't bother with is Afghanistan since for various legal reasons it's trapped in the old engine that isn't as good. Ones I can recommend from personal experience are

Black Sea: You've seen me post about this one. It's a modern but hypothetical Russia v Ukraine scenario with the US backing Ukraine. It's a nice representation of what a modern conventional conflict looks like. It's not completely true to life since it was written with certain real life events making certain bits hypothetical (XM25 cancellation IRL vs the predicted proliferation in game). Still, it's not completely insane and 99% of it remains legit.

Final Blitzkrieg: Love it. It's based primarily around the Battle of the Bulge but apparently has an expansion in the works. Hopefully it's some Operation Varsity love but anything very late war is fine by me. The aesthetics of 1945 are really striking. The sheer madness of a world falling apart is really something (pic rel). What currently exists though is less about navigating fields like in Normandy but more about the forests and villages of the Ardennes. Lots of creeping through thickets of trees, hidden 88s waiting to knock out entire columns of your tanks before you can respond and the biggest and baddest German armour money can buy sitting behind seemingly every cottage that you didn't bother checking. It's nerve wracking in a way that CMBN isn't.

Red Thunder: It's Eastern Europe in late 1944. It's a setting that I've seen best described as 'Hell on Earth: Kraut and Slav Edition'. It checks out here. The fighting is especially bloody due to the fact that the forces are so asymmetrical on the section level (German tables of equipment for infantry favour the longer range while the Soviets historically massed up SMGs in comparison). This is then compounded by armour and heavy artillery being plentiful and cheap, where it's not hard in a decent sized game to bring a platoon or so of SU-152 assault guns to help clear any Germans out of the way, or just flatten half the map with 200+mm field guns and rocket artillery.
No. 38383
63 kB, 720 × 434
11 kB, 267 × 187
43 kB, 783 × 441
Found channel that publishing walkthoughts of mobile phone J2ME games. Including ones that was pre-installed on different mobile phone models. It's like a deep dive in big pile of crap from 00s. Funny that this still much more decent than modern smatphone market of games. There was a real number of official stuff - ubisoft and EA and some others released "J2ME" official versions of their games up untill like... 2013? And a lot of interesting homebrew stuff or just shit all of which was important part of my childhood because such is life in russia in 00s.

One of games I most interested in is this most early ones, monochrome, but not small ones like tetris or snake, but things like that - official Tom Clansy's releases for 2002 Simens models.
https://youtu.be/yvD606eB_jk - like this one, fuckin tactical top down shooter. And it looks like really solid game which is interesting considering limitations of platform.
https://youtu.be/8Qoyeb4pvL4 - this one came out same year also cool, but not as much because in my opinion graphics here is a bit "messy" but how you otherwise make such game with this type of graphics?
https://youtu.be/ibHSsUJsFYM - even platformers, everything awesome in monochrome with orange backlight, even another classic-like prince of persia.

Hey Europoor people, did anyone remember Space Impact series of 2d horisontal shooters on early nokia phones? Played only 1 on 3310 and +, never played 2 or onwards. Bosses there had cool desighn, often crazy "giger-ish" style like for example Contra games used sometimes.

Or this Munkiki's Castles game on one other Nokia model that actually was kind of 3d with free movmnet and jumps and stuff.
No. 38384
Gameplay of munkiki's castle on emulator. Of cource, different experience than on original screen
No. 38385 Kontra
I'm idiot forgot the link
No. 38386
WTF, there is an emulator of old Siemens games?
No. 38387
Probably someone extracted game files and made it able to work with J2ME emulators. Or there is SDKs to run apps on windows like it was with nokia's Symbian OS that was on their larer phones.
No. 38389
What J2ME emulators are there? Where do I get these games?
No. 38391
For android for example J2ME loader. And where get on android - JAR reMart app.
No. 38397
https://youtu.be/5QKiBU0hXXQ Oh crap I found this shit. I beated it compleatly on X450. Good phone and elegant. Probably more for girls or woman tho. But game itself is pretty fun and was fun timepass during boring schooldays. I think that I still have this phone in ideal condition somewhere exept battery whch was special there, as part of hull itself.

https://youtu.be/bS6dvA4c5_k finnaly was able to see what is this.. 3d abomination. It was official actually, unlike some isometric stalker games which compleatly unrelated and for J2ME was high effort games. whis is some sort of rail shooter.. I remember it not worked ony phone I or my friends had so looking at this first time, funny.
No. 38400
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Well, I've completed Jade Empire for the first time today (I made several attempts earlier, but usually dropped the game, never proceeding further than the Imperial City), and now I understand why it is often overlooked when it comes to Bioware games. It's just so average that it's completely forgettable. It could be much more interesting, because it uses a not yet done to death wusha setting (only KOEI made more or less popular games in it, and there are also occasional obscure projects by less known studios now and then), but it failed. The world itself is too small and feels very linear (like, for example, KotOR had several planets and they all looked differently – a courtesy of Star Wars universe, but it doesn't matter – while Jade Empire has only two cities, and they aren't bigger than KotOR's planets, neither do they have more interesting quests), the plot is boring and the obligatory twist is unimpressive, the role-playing system is even more rudimentary than in Mass Effect (you can only raise your three basic attributes which influence health, chi, focus and conversational skills and your combat styles which only get slightly faster and slightly stronger – no new moves or game changing feats), the combat is very awkward and tedious (enemies have tons of HP and often simply stand in block doing nothing; some of them also heal themselves, which makes dispatching them a real chore) and the alignment system which was supposed to be something more original and present the player some moral choices that aren't no-brainers still turned out to be a familiar "goodie vs. baddie", or rather, in a modern Bioware fashion, "niceguy vs. asshole". It has some replay value, but not much, since your choice aren't really that important, and you won't see much more content if you play differently. So yes, this one is definitely not one of Bioware's best.
No. 38402
You used the combos on mooks right? It speeds up the game considerably. The slowdown combos with a basic heavy attack iirc and one shots most generic humans.

Yeah, even though I love the game, I will happily admit to it being their weaker game. A real shame.
No. 38403
How about Windows PC?
No. 38404
What about Alpha Protocol? My instincts always told me somehow that JE was going to be a more blase and uninteresting experience (plus I'm not all that interested in the setting either frankly) and I could immediately tell whatever their "open palm vs closed fist" bullshit was meant to be that it was always just gonna be another dark side vs light side, similarly to how renegade Shepherd is only even mildly different because he's still a hero just more of an antihero asshole of one. Real shame.

But, then I kept hearing about Alpha Protocol, which bizarrely was outright pulled from Steam. Why is that? I remember on a certain cancerous/v/ years ago everyone kept saying get Alpha Protocol but I couldn't tell if it was a joke or meme, not that it mattered since I didnt have money at the time speaking of which I am absolutely astounded at how fucking terrible virtually every single vidya board is, everywhere, but most especially 4cancer. I mean just...jesus it's bad. At least 7 had the good grace to die a death than turn into that horrific abomination
So, what about Alpha Protocol? I've heard mixed things about it, including that it's janky and perhaps not as wildly interesting but heard it's still a pretty fun and interesting game. Is it? Or is it another Jade Empire tier shitfest?

Actually as long as I'm at it what about Dragonage Origin? I keep meaning to try it out even though I heard it was a similarly banal game in some mediocre, trite fantasy setting without a ton of interesting characters or missions but then I saw and remembered it was EA so never bought it or got around to pirating it. A damn shame really. BioWare is one of the companies that made some of the most epic games around and I am literally never going to pay for any of them. I find giving EA or Activision money outright immoral so I find it my ethical duty to pirate anything they now own. Same for Blizzard actually but they don't actually make anything I'd even want to pirate.
No. 38405
Origins is alright. It's nothing special but it's solid. There's one main quest that really drags on but it's deece overall. The setting wasn't fully formed at that point but got significantly more interesting as the series developed. The games never really loved up to it though. The paper get was similarly lacklustre but the expansion book changed my mind somewhatml. I'll post about it sometime.
No. 38406
One example of how the setting is better than the game is that Ferelden, where the first game is set is just slightly overcast fantasy land with only a few hints of the actual place while in the setting itself, they are more like Pre-Norman England, with barbarian cousins from the not!Migration Period existing in the swamps, mountains and off the coast.
No. 38408
63 kB, 1280 × 720
111 kB, 893 × 499
Meh I probably won't actually get into it. Like I've probably bitched at length at some point here about the fantasy setting. It's just not my cup of tea. I say this even knowing how space itself is 100% boring and empty IRL and that cyberpunk really isn't that interesting even per se, it's just that all these settings are still more interesting to me to explore in fiction than fantasy. As such I need to have something else going on, and judging by how much you fixated instead on talking about the setting itself rather than any interesting characters or story gets me to conclude that my first impressions probably are right, and that it is just a rather banal, or boring even, romp through yet another cookie cutter generic version of elves and dwarves.

Like for real why is this even such a thing? I mean, not even DnD which is what it's all ultimately based on alongside Tolkien and to a lesser extent C.S. Lewis knew the setting itself was boring as fuck. That's part of why DnD which is basically the ancestor of every single one of these games using it as a setting actually had cool shit going on like Tieflings, and the various strange realms like Arcadia and the hell realms or clockwork realm, and it had creatures like the Beholders. Now that is interesting af. But not just a bunch of dwarves and elves prancing around like a bunch of twats. Idk. I just don't get it and never have. I mean, like a setting as interesting as Planescape could actually exist there, because it had something going on other than this weird quasi medievaleuropeboo fantasy thing where basically only boring things typically happen.

So when I ask about this, or think about DA:O, what I'm really only even considering it for is because of how amazingly well a game like KOTOR was done in giving you lots of strange lands and peoples to explore. Just today at work I kept thinking to myself "I find myself leaving the moon of Dxun, to go battle alongside the wookies of Kashyyk against their traitorous slaver brethren. Are you mentally divergent too friend?" and I just kept cracking myself up for like an hour at work today thinking about that. Now that, my friend, is storytelling, worldbuilding, atmosphere, and character building done right, which is exactly why I'd even consider playing Dragonage in hope of them at least coming up with a sidekick as interesting or fun to be around as HK47 or Kreia or whatever, because sadly it has been awhile since I found any really noteworthy worlds full of interesting characters to go around exploring and interacting with.
No. 38410
You ain't played fantasy until you've run through a proper dungeon run well. Dungeon 'Nam is ebin. Kobolds in the walls, punji sticks in the floor, move without caution and get save or die'd for days.


I also tend to run human only games on most settings, and the old school race as class at most. The limitations tend to inspire creativity. If I want weirdo races, I go batshit crazy with the setting and make the wondrous the regular, and the rare is instead Earth shattering.
No. 38416
Well that is kind of what I mean. Let's take vidya adaptation examples like Planescape Torment for instance. Now there was one of if not by far the most interesting setting anywhere, ever, and it was done in the DnD universe. And then we have things like Ember, which while entertaining was yet another elves and dwarves and magics bullshit. It was banal. Stale. Trite. A dull romp through the same old bullshit. Pillars of Eternity likewise which while it at least tried to add in a few unique races like godlikes, Aumua, and Orlan, still managed to just be tedious. One of the only interesting places in that entire game was clearing out the zombie tower, and one of the only interesting and fun (to me) characters to be around was Durance.

See this is crucial and here's the thing I think that most vidya and a good amount of cinema fails to get, which is that the DnD environment is not just incorporating but wholly based on roleplaying an interesting character and making them come to life while co-telling a story among friends. When you don't have that no matter how many elves and dwarves and goblins you throw at me it's still going to be the same ol' empty bullshit. Maybe it's just something about the setting itself, I don't know. But for whatever reason, it seems to attract the least inventive and creative storytellers. I almost feel like they just sort of expect to slap some elf ears and dwarf beards on everything and be like well here you go.

Keep in kind I am not talking so much about fantasy gaming sessions IRL. Those can be fun no matter what the setting with a good group of friends or players. It's even the same dynamic that can make MTG so fun. I mean, Paranoia is a fantastic game to play with friends too. So is Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green sessions or whatever. I almost think the real problem is that a lot of writers and devs try making it more about the setting than the characters, when the setting itself is the equivalent of a high school play's props. It's the same cookie cutter bullshit everywhere and it almost feels like the devs themselves want to make the gaming session solely about the setting.

Like KOTOR is a fantastic example in the opposite direction. That's a game entirely accessible to everyone, even people who not only aren't Star Warsfags, but who openly say they hate Star Wars bullshit. In fact that game itself is probably what got a lot of people into SW as a setting itself, and it did that by not making it quite as much about the setting but about the characters and the story in it.

So that is basically what I mean. When I see a game like DA:O I only think about it because I hope it's at least even half as well done as KOTOR, and not just some more 11 year old fantasy bullshit about drinking in a tavern with dwarves and having your elf friend help you magics against a dragon then you meet a princess and the day is done. It should also be noted that that is exactly what Star Wars did like to an exact T, and yet they somehow made it really interesting and one of the biggest fictional settings around until it died several years ago. Like on some level Warhammer 40K is the exact same bullshit but at least it makes the whole setting interesting. For whatever reason I just cannot get into the usual low or high fantasy settings particularly in games where it is seldom interesting or populated with genuinely interesting characters who aren't as much a cardboard cutout as the setting itself. It all just feels like a bunch of copy paste jobs to me. You know what, even the movie adaptations of Lord of the Rings and more so the CS Lewis story were kind of forgettable to me. I don't know why even. It all just feels almost like everyone involved is content to just copy paste the same stereotypical bullshit in any show, film, or vidya or whatever. I just feel like outside of maybe a DnD session most people just feel like they can coast by on those elf ears without putting much of any thought into creating a memorable and unique story, environment, or group of characters.

I think that the vampire shtick probably also veers that while although probably much less so because again, the original basis for the lore was so incredibly involved and memorable that virtually any modern vampire story tries to borrow from it at least a little rather than becoming the same godawful Blade movie bullshit. They even made a really weird and not terribly good tv series based on Vampire the Masquerade which itself almost seemed like the very spirit of White Wolf was propping that B series show up from being an utterly banal shitfest of incapable writers and hammy acting.
No. 38418
Dunno... try KEmulator
No. 38419
>Now there was one of if not by far the most interesting setting anywhere, ever
It's okay. Planescape to me is one of those overwrought settings that just isn't fun to use for me, much like the Forgotten Realms. The video game is to me a bad game. A game shouldn't need to be 'forced through' for the sake of 'le story'. Fuck that noise. If I wanted a story, I'd read a book. I can appreciate a good story but I'm not going to slog through hot garbage gameplay to get it.

>wholly based on roleplaying an interesting character
Not necessarily. I'd say that it's making decisions for a character instead. It cuts the bullshit and acknowledges the important blend of player skill and character skill. Besides, people putting too much effort into their characters is the bane of a game. There should be enough for there to actually be a character but not so much that it gets in the way of playing the game. I'd much rather a generic farm boy that answers my three questions (who were they, who are they, who do they want to be) than some intricate masterpiece of literary fiction most of the time.

>while co-telling a story among friends
Again, if you want to tell a story, write a novel, together even. For me, and the the 'story' is not the intent of an RPG and putting it first like the 'cooperative storytelling' mene goes is arse backwards. Stories should be something that emerges from play. What people call 'story' is what I'd usually call 'context' when it comes to what it should be doing both in form and in importance. Hell, like that blogpost I linked says, a D&D adventure is essentially 'what if King Tut's tomb had more traps and monsters?'

That said, it may also be that I hate novelty for novelty's sake and am not one to turn my nose up at trope-filled media if it's got some heart. I think that 'look at how weird my special snowflake setting is!' is super banal and not that fun. It comes off as pretentious a lot of the time. I'm a lowbrow guy who loves his pulps and his tropes. A Dragon in a Dungeon, being slain by the Big Damn Heroes who rescue the Princess is honestly a pretty great adventure shell, with plenty of places to put in neat rooms and/or encounters to give you 'Oh Fuck!' and 'Fuck Yeah!' moments by the dozen. That's the shit that great RPG stories are made of. Not intricate plotlines.
No. 38474
Don't readed disscution above but I presume it's with "writing quality" american :D

Ye, plot for videogame espessialy CRPG should be secondary to gameplay. In ideal world it should be something what explaning gameplay with familiar bacground, not something for which game itself changed. If you shape your game around plot you may think about maybe you should make interactive movie, not RPG or at least point and clock adventure. Or just write a book.
No. 38493
Yeah. In design stages, depending on your method, you might design setting/plot alongside mechanics, or work mechanics into semblances of your setting/plot's key ideas. However, once you reach the final stage of presentation, your setting should provide contextualisation for mechanics which are by their nature abstract.

The separation of setting and story is also reflected in games like Elder Scrolls titles, Ultima Underworld and so on where nobody really remembers too many details of the story because they're there to give a 'win state' to the game. The stories that are remembered are the ones that we created ourselves. That time we entered a tomb at level 1 and got bodied by ghosts that we couldn't even damage. Or the time you cheesed the entire level with mana pots and break wall spells when you realised that the 'end the universe' spell that the wisp gives you is legit and so on.

It's not to say that you can't, or that you shouldn't write a passable main plot, or a setting that's deep. Though I'd say that a setting with interesting gimmicks to fuck with are more memorable than well crafted, realistic snoozefests. It's just that as you say, it shouldn't get in the way of the primary purpose of a game: being played.
No. 38500 Kontra
Also, I think that there's something to be said for ignoring the stigma of the visual novel format if you're looking at making an incredibly dialogue heavy game where the only real use your overworld movement has is getting between NPCs. There's no real technical reason why you can't just have a massive branching dialogue tree based on VN technology which is absurdly accessible these days.
No. 38516
9 kB, 192 × 227
Plot\adventure part is kind of complex thing to determine scale of it's influence on game.
TES and UU is very complicated questions because this games is mixed bags which also start confusion like what "plot based game" and how it's difference from "plot driven game".
For example yea, early TES games - Arena and Daggerfall is clear places where it's games first - plot second and plot here only some "alive" background for almost pure gameplay. This games was created with CRPG mechanics first, and everything rest - world and plot is just examples of handmaded templates inserted into existing rules. Writing here is like comments in programming code - they are important, but technically for working they are absoluetly not needed, it's just thing for human user. Not to say that Daggerfall plot and quests are bad, but if there was instead just numbers directing you with current status like "find object id_342523" it will not affect gameplay or game itself any real objective way.

Ultima Underworld have strong plot-driven worldbuilding. Yes, you can remove there dialogues, and technically it's CRPG where gameplay>plot. But there a lot of places where plot involved. Whole dunge and quests was constructed on adventure game template - where logic of the world and plot complement each other, same time as world fit to gameplay. World fir to gameplay means that everything built not upon "well just stuff how I imagine this place" but everything or in majority desighn, levels, enemies, dialogues created way they all be needed in actual gameplay. But on other hand plot connections don't allow shape world freely even inside gameplay filed freely - if in tes2 daggerfall city will be moved on different coast, or even removed compleatly nothing will happen exept hand made templates that can be redirected and hand made ones only tiny procent really. In UU - each NPC, each dungeon floor of this handmade world important, same as dialogues. There a lot of RPGs like that, SSI games, from where in many was Fallout grew up, it was most common way or world presenting.

TES games after Redguard... ehh, they wierd attmet of mixing TES1-2 and adventure-style daggerfall. Small world and hand made with plot connection, but bigger and not made with really strict gameplay rules - basics is, but I'd say most of tes3 map serves mostly plot than gameplay. Or not even plot, it's just because developers felt like it, it was part of style/worldbuilding of this place as real or in-universe. So it's kind of mix of sandbox with rollecoaster same time, and technically whole this concept is broken and will never allow "absolute polishing" or "balance" but my guess is it's was worth it only in Morrowind which tried to use interactive part as medium for presenting stories and world that will be hard to fully present in any other form. Later games like TES4 and TES5 may be just adventure games like Redguard and loose nothing, more than that, gain a lot - and big half-hand made world that half-servse purpose there is fifth wheel that create only problems, and scale issues and oblivion script issues with their "alive" technologies is great example of it.
No. 38517
Also, games like Ultima 2 is great example of when "I have this CRPG builded on template scheme. Let's insert there Adventure-style plot that basicly contradicts main rules of this template!" - it become total mess where you don't really know what to do, where to go and eveything feels not really appropriete for game like that in way it was created. It's like you set rule - you can go only in 4 directions. But for plot purpose in one place you can move 5 directions instead and you not explain it and give only poor hints for player, instead of making plot that will break your main rules and core desighn as less as possible and in ideal world complements it.

For example, you have world where player need complete task in every zone of world to progress. Plots like "earn reputation with all lords of land in thier respected baronies" or "collect all peaces of artifact which burried in each of this location" will complement desighn and explain player with human language logic of your desighn. It don't need be as simple as I described, or it may be more deep and still being "plot heavy" but being not "plot driven" or "plot based" yes, this may be too. Probably Might and Magic 6 is simplest example of such scheme that still have hell lot of writing, characters, opotional stuff but it have very clear world desighn and plot complements it and not breaks.
No. 38522
Planescape Torment and VTMB are two games in particular that are widely considerable memorable cult classics and who also were notorious for playing like shit
No. 38523
10 kB, 204 × 136, 0:01
Look at this smug bastard
No. 38527
130 kB, 1280 × 1024
192 kB, 1600 × 1200
167 kB, 1600 × 1200
112 kB, 1280 × 1024
I didn't think it played like shit, although it was buggy as hell and I never went melee because it was janky as fuck, and occasionally I clipped through floors .. etc.

I remember installing Wesp's patch a few years ago and playing it again, and I got to the part where I had an apartment in downtown and I went into my flat and the furniture had phased into the walls, and tables, chairs and potted plants were lodged in the elevator.
No. 38528
144 kB, 1600 × 1024
176 kB, 1600 × 1024
77 kB, 1600 × 1024
153 kB, 1600 × 1024
Also I wish they remade Silent Hunter 3 but with Silent Hunter 4's graphics, SH4 was soulless compared to SH3 and the map of the pacific was too big but it looked amazing and some of the gameplay changes like crew management were a lot better. But SH3 had SOUL
No. 38532
I play GTA Online a lot lately on Xbox One. It's frustrating that there are not much players and the ones that are present are total degenerates. Thinking of subscribing to GeForce Now as I can't afford a PC now. I hate Xbox GTA players. The ones that are experienced and good players in general don't consider me serious as I'm 40 lvl. Damn that game. The same goes for Dark Souls 3. The only games that have players are free-to-play ones. Jeez.
No. 38533
Maybe it's an Australian thing, but tbh the PTO is kino. Also, a map that's too damn big should be a staple of anything trying to simulate Pacific Operations because the biggest issue with them was that you're trying to find ships in an ocean that covers a third of the planet.
t. has fun playing WitP:AE, the definition of 'too damn big'

>GeForce Now
Never heard of it until now. That's pretty interesting actually. What a time to be alive, when the transmission of data is so easy that you can play video games through the cloud using a host service's hardware. Reminds me of how the absolute insanity that is the new Microsoft Flight Simulator engine is functioning using an AI rigged up to a global terrain database of an obscene size and level of detail. The future is here, and we never even noticed it arriving.
No. 38537
>Never heard of it until now
It's not first wave of attempting something like that, previous ones was not sucsesfull and I hope they never will. All this "cloud" crap is meant that person will not have any control of game and game files. We approaching time where home computers become just "home terminals" for some corporation servers.
No. 38538
Tbh, what I've read shows that you have as much control over your shit as you have without it, essentially linking other storefronts (presumably even gog) to that account. You just rent their hardware instead of paying the lump sum of getting your own. They might have a storefront of their own but it doesn't seem like it's the primary service on offer here.
No. 38556
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
I finnaly tried latest release of TR myself. Probaby not best time to do so considering that there soon be 20.02 bugfix release (that came out same time as I writing this post!) with some additional stuff but well, after terrible flu I rally had mood for this kind of thing - do deep dive into probably most detailed handmade world ever made.

Thing is that all Aanthirin region was planned as single release. But with amount of content and slef-increasing quality standarts over development it was divided. In 2018 we get massive Old Ebonheart city and surroundings, in 2019 we get rest of this not really biggest in the world region, and still city of Anotheren on north-west end of region alongside inner sea coast cut and will be part of Dominion of the Dust release, which will be most probably not in 2020, but in 2021 because amount of work requred here is inormous, even though over many years there already many done and redone many times, but what I have now is enough to finnaly make feel of "Old" Tamriel Rebuilt and it's massive big 1\5 of province map releases which was cool, but around vanilla game quality, with some minor issues and looked "mod-y" in places espessialy for experienced MW player, it improved over years of cource with new releases and it had it's advantages over vanilla - sime there more time, modders can spent more attention on bigger size landmasses, cities, more amount of interior and dialogue but two latest releases truly shown what it is now.

What it is? How it compared to vanilla? It's really already impossible to describe. Imagine if talanted professional people had time of development of infinity. And they spent years and years brainstorming, describing, detailing most little things from the perspective they belive it's real world. Morrowind world and scripting being quite static in nature making it's ideal playground for creating most detailed "world in miniature". Like you know, this people who create train miniatures and each leaf on tree in their miniature valley across giant hangar. But here it's not only in perspective of land, buildings and objects - it's in perspective of people, their place, culture, character, history, thoughs on world view they have.

You see, Vanilla game creating "basic" world rules if you compare it. Here - it's deeply built on it. It have also of advantage of not care explaining world and it's places to newcomer. In vanilla game it was "it's you who should learn", but there cultural learning curve placed even above that. Probably higer amount of immersion you will get if I don't know, everything be translated on differeth dialetcs of dunmerish and chimer and be direcrly injected into your brain. Creating mastadont like this requre innormous amount of organisations. Every word, every sandpeace should be reviewed using all this giant masses of lore and rules already created. Standarts like that making development ultra slow and hard thing for mostly volonteer-team, but it paying off. I think nobody before really was dare to implement something similar on this level of quality and it's obvious why (final TR release is joked to be in 2090. But it may actually be not a joke).

I don't know if I should describe it more precisely with actual examples and maybe spoilers, since nobody interested anyway, beyound one ukrainian poster who not posts there a lot.
No. 38707
1,1 MB, 1364 × 768
Oh shit. Just got on steam for the first time in a while, and CE dropped. Gonna solo legendary that bitch but not looking forward to The Library. That level is fucken garbage on legendary.
No. 38717
> I don't know if I should describe it more precisely with actual examples and maybe spoilers, since nobody interested anyway, beyound one ukrainian poster who not posts there a lot.

Maybe one day I'll have a good enough machine to play it, but if anything your post makes me want to follow the project like I do for OpenMW. Morrowind and its lore form a solid basis to built upon new game experiences and enjoyable settings

t. imageobard journeyman
No. 38732
Alpha Protocol is fun and absolutely worth playing.
Also make sure to go for the "new to this shit" Playstart on your first run.
No. 38734
1,6 MB, 1440 × 900
1,6 MB, 1440 × 900
860 kB, 1440 × 900
1,6 MB, 1440 × 900
I personally playing it from latest nighty build of 0.46 OpenMW. Nothing facy besides vanilla plus textures on vanilla and 2 full cells rendering with more far view distance. But even with that, in many TR places I have significant FPS drops, where overall detail is much more high. But I think playing on fully vanilla draw distance will make it more than playable even on weaker PC. I tried playing on 100% vanilla game without any mods or visual changes and don't had any drops at all in most heavy TR cells like OE and Roa Dyr.
No. 38804
>what about Dragonage Origin
I am playing it right now and already hit the 60h mark. I would summarize it as an underwhelming experience. The presentation is fine and holds up today. They have some nice character moments. The story is generic LotR fantasy stuff, it is not bad, but nothing exiting.

The main problem is the pacing. It got stuffed with meaningless and unrealistic combat encounters. The combat mechanics are not bad, but after mowing down 1000 enemies in 30h. It is just annoying. For example there is a (good) story line where you have to follow smart werewolves to their lair. They can escape you and shut a wooden door in front of your nose. You are not able to open it and must find a way around. In the same lair, you have not to fight huge spiders, skeletons, elven ghosts and a small dragon. Pointless and boring filler.

DA:O is not a bad game, it has a good game in its core, but they did hide it beneath a ton of time wasting shit. It got to much praise in its days and is massively overrated.
No. 38830
Pretty good assessment actually. The Blight especially isn't done very well compared to what their actual ideas were which are actually cool as shit. Fallen men who became beasts for trying to usurp the natural order, maybe it was the big guy upstairs, maybe it was the laws of nature, either way they went deep into the veins of earth, slowly corrupting the minds of slumbering, half-forgotten gods there until they become the centrepiece of an invasion from the deep. That's cool and sets a spooky tone to the enemy that isn't really there in-game. They're not only organised for large scale campaigning but they're led by a will more powerful and cunning than most mortals can really comprehend, one that has its tendrils in every soldier always whispering. It's not really shown that way though so you just get the 'not!orcs' bit. When I ran the tabletop game, I made sure to really ramp up the alienness of the darkspawn. They're familiar enough for it to be unsettling but no more.
No. 38887
296 kB, 515 × 510
>Start up Deus Ex
>Die on Liberty Island because I set off an alarm
>Shut down Deus Ex
It's the ultimate pleb-filter and I only managed to complete it once.
No. 38901
Mm? It's pretty easy. Easier than newer Deus Exes, IMO.
No. 38902
I was enough of a dipshit to die to a box of TNT I threw for no reason on my way to the UNATCO HQ after interrogating the terrorist leader
No. 38906
Yeah, those TNT boxes are often more dangerous than actual enemies. I'm usually very stingy with tools/lockpicks so I often use TNT boxes to unlock doors and disarm booby traps, and I blew myself up countless times because I stood just a little bit too close to those boxes.
No. 38908
I never played it beyond the second mission's first part. I got lost at Castle Clinton and I had no idea how to progress, but for some reason everything feels really intuitive now.

The only weird thing is that the game keeps telling me I'm too trigger happy.
What the fuck am I supposed to do, smile at them or what?
The crossbow is fucking ass, of course I'm going to use the pistol.

The music and the atmosphere is 10/10, it really makes me feel like I'm in some cyberpunk movie.
I think it's one of those games where you need to be a bit more adult to enjoy it. I certainly didn't value it at all when I first tried playing it at 16 or so.
No. 38909
You can play most missions as pacifist, if you are good enough. There are a few exceptions regarding mission targets and it's quite hard, but it is definitely possible to avoid triggering alarms and not kill people.

Try stunning them with the baton or darts for a start and you'll have to kill only a handful each mission.
No. 38912
Nah, I prefer shooting.
The only thing I got truly reprimanded for was beating a journalist to death with a police baton at the tavern. Didn't even know he was a journalist. Or that he died.
No. 38913 Kontra
There are a lot of good Deus Ex memes around.
It's always magical to see a community stay alive for so long.

Here's one of my favourites. This is probably what it feels like to have a stroke:
No. 38918
Crossbow is a one-hit-kill weapon against regular dudes (and even not-so-regular ones) if you shoot use tranq darts and shoot them in the heda, just make sure that there are no other dudes or alarm panels around the dude you wanna incapacitate, or you may encounter some problems. Still, once you get enough upgrades into a sniper rifle (the best gun in the game, IMO), crossbow becomes pretty useless, and it's worth carrying around only because it doesn't take too much inventory space and you may need it if you run out of ammo for other guns.

As for the disadvantages of being omnicidal, there are some cases early in the game where you get less experience points for killing more, later on it's not really important, though. And also there's a point that the NSF aren't exactly bad guys.
No. 38972
Preordered Animal Crossing today.

The Nintendo Direct from last month got me hooked:


Hoping Corona-chan won't kill my family before it's released.
No. 39008

I was really sceptical about this but god damnt, they managed did something good. Sadly original master tapes are lost but they managed to upscale cinematics from Playstation version of game, maybe they even added retalation cutscenes and unique missions, same as hell lot of unseen additional material including test runs with actors and other things they managed to find from old westwood storage. Petroglyphs worked on it, including people who was involved in original games development.
I alsways most sceptical person about remasters, espessialy where EA touches it, but now I thinking that it might be actually good.
No. 39011
Why not just play Openra?
No. 39012
Someone said I not playing it?
It's more multiplayer oriented, and I always was more SP in CnC games, and ORA still not finished and not properly implemented campains, not to say about PS1 retalation cutscenes etc.
No. 39013
63 kB, 538 × 618
what the fuck is going on here ? the world will be kohlronert and you guy play videogames . are you 12 ?
No. 39040
Staying at home playing video games, will reduces the attack surface for the virus. Being 12 even reduce the chance to suffer consequences after an infection. Win win.
No. 39041
You can't even type properly. Pathetic.
No. 39062
Being a NEET shutin is literally the recommendation of health authorities :--DDDDd
No. 39140
205 kB, 2560 × 1440
Last game that Ernst played is the VN "Echoes of Lust". You are trapped in a time loop and you try to fuck every female character you can interact with.

I like it and can recommend it. It is not too grindy, has good production values (nice pictures and music) and the premise with the time loop is really nice. The game is not finished yet and the current end could be better. But it is kind of free, like all adult VNs. It took me 9h to finish, but I rushed to the texts at the end, because I wanted go to sleep after masturbation yesterday.
No. 39142
276 kB, 1200 × 800
303 kB, 1920 × 1080
Been digging World of Horror lately - it's a point&click "roguelike" inspired by HP Lovecraft & Junji Ito's works.
But as the Corona situation in Germany seems to start getting serious as well I think I'll start a new Pathologic Classic playthrough as Changeling this evening.

No. 39243
No. 39338
305 kB, 1920 × 1080
3,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
205 kB, 1280 × 576
Sucsessor for MudRunner anounsed. Now with much more USA and licensed USA and some Europen trucks, a lot of new maps, dynamic map system depended on your actions, snow and physics.
Sadly looks like same with re-published version of original, soviet cars unlicensed and "gta-style non-real". Sad!
No. 39359
23 kB, 402 × 226
So is now finally a good time to get into this game or should I wait until theI hope to fucking God soon I'm getting mentally and physically exhausted showing up to work every fucking day and having people breathing their bat lung AIDS goddamn everyplace around me I don't get paid anywhere near enough for this shit inevitable two or three week nationwide lockdown to take effect and I hope to ever loving fucking God it affects me closures of all businesses to actually finally start to get comfy and play this game on our Shanghai shivers vacation?
No. 39360 Kontra
>moments after writing this
>revieve text claiming you are very valuable to community blah blah (we aren't, I'm not paid enough either)
>you have been designated an Essential Service by the state
No. 39361

dont worry, pathologic isnt particularly good its just an ancient meme.
No. 39364
i liked v1 very much, although i found out that getting stuck in virtual mud triggers the same frustration as getting stuck in real life mud/snow. the new version comes apparently with greatly improved graphics and physics, i'm not sure whether my old quadro k2200 can handle this :/
No. 39367
>The only weird thing is that the game keeps telling me I'm too trigger happy.
Long time ago I tried a 100% pacifist run using only the pepper spray and the baton. I gave up at the catacombs, but I know some lines of dialogue will always be the same even if you managed to finish a mission without hurting anyone. That's one of the negative points of the game for me, as well as the inability to side with "the bad guys", but that's just nitpicking

I'll try to tinker the settings then, looking at those screenshots make me homesick
No. 39475
>Animal Crossing
It didn't arrive in today's mail, I have to wait until Monday. Weekend ruined!
No. 39622
2,3 MB, 4000 × 2250
I think most people already seen this, but still
No. 39640
174 kB, 500 × 704
I am playing Dragon Age Origins again and it's just ebin and aged sooo well. Really, if you give me a proper story this level of graphics would be enough for me.

But quite a bug/crash-fest.
Ernst, do you know any community patch that fixes things? E.g. let it run on two cores only, remove the pixelated shaders and make some ingame balance like the "increase threat"-buff is not even implemented for example.

I am not asking for any mods that write things into the save files since that can ruin your run.

t. Hanks
No. 39648
68 kB, 790 × 420
The world might burn but at least I have my peaceful little island to retreat to, thank you Nintendo.
No. 39655
134 kB, 900 × 969
This Ernst (>>38804) used Qwinns Ultimate DAO Fixpack [1]. But I don't think it will get rid of crashes, it is more for quest fixing. I played the Ultimate Edition from Gog. I don't remember a single crash to desktop. I think a few times I had to reload a safe to get rid of a bug (like not be able to trigger something), but I am not sure. All mods that I used in pic related.

[1] https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/4689
No. 39935
New release, yay! Still far from something that can be called "playable" of cource, but each release is huge milestone.
No. 39936
Butterlord is meant to enter early access tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see what the initial state is like but let's not kid ourselves. This game will enter its own once the modding scene matures a little. Nobody plays M&B vanilla. Personally I liked French Vanilla but the vast majority were all about that chocolate.
No. 39940
This is my favourite track in the entire Doom OST
No. 39967
275 kB, 1024 × 576
So I've just discovered some pretty fantastic news which is that apparently this game already got released a month ago and it's actually managed to look even more fabulous to me than whatever I first dreamed of when I first wish listed it like a year ago
Well, mostly. Pretty much what I think I had expected back then was that The Brotherhood was going to develop an actual CRPG for once since it increasingly felt they were going in that direction since Stasis, which I'm even now unsure of exactly how much it even deviates from that considering you still apparently can have conversations with people and pretty much treat the game just like an oldschool crpg minus the stats and general RPG mechanics with seemingly minimal real exposition snd story. Which is a shame because even ACG says he thinks it's a missed opportunity for more exposition and story development but whatever.

Pretty much the reason why I'm so excited for it is because I've never quite found anything that can actually fill the void left by Tides of Numenera and this game is looking to be close at least in terms of weirdness factor and atmosphere etc, albeit in a puzzle exploration game format.
>but I don't like those games
Well, all I'll say is that I assumed pretty much the same until I played Stasis. Stasis was actually one of the best horror games I've played in years which is an incredibly impressive feat for an isometric point and click adventure game. I'm not sure what he was talking about with cheapness in his review though because quite frankly everything that these devs have put out had close to triple AAA production values imho. I'm even actually considering loosening my steam boycott for this though I really should only pay through GOG. I think that once Trumpbux comes through I may buy myself a couple of vidyas. I'd actually buy it right now but I'm already broke partly due to pandemic bullshit reasons. I feel like this game is going to be an absolute treat to play.
No. 40081
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
425 kB, 413 × 711
That feel when playing a medieval steppe baller. Roleplaying so hard that I paid the bride price for my heir generator in horses, rate.

Seriously. If you liked warband, you're going to like Bannerlord. It's Warband+ essentially.
No. 40084
2,0 MB, 3840 × 2160
I will just not fight nomads.

I mean archers are OP, but mounted archers?
Maybe with my high tier cavallery it should be doable but my infantry and my crossbowmen will die.

If it comes to war between them and my faction I will just make my own kingdom and make sure to be nice to the mongols.
No. 40086
Sit in the most forested areas you can find, and pour massed bow/crossbow fire downrange. The biggest weakness of horse archers are the fact that they're big targets and are not accurate while skirmishing. They can pick off isolated guys easily by massing their own fire while being hard to hit, but they can't handle archers in uncooperative terrain that needs precise fire. Meanwhile, the foot archers can make those precise shots more often and get kills. Even taking out the horse is usually enough. Khuzait troops have average armour at best.

The Steppe faction is nowhere near as busted as they were in Warband though. Be grateful for that much at least. You used to be able to have pinpoint accuracy while riding full speed by the mid-game, and your horse archers became machine gun nests when used in siege warfare.

How are the Battanians to fight? Haven't gone up against them yet because in my game the Northern Empire won the civil war and turned into a big scary purple blob that proteccs the wect from Khuzait liberationings. I dunno how long that war will last, but hopefully not too long. We won couple of sieges and a decisive field battle already. I want to get back to conquering the Aserai. There are fewer forests down there, and the terrain is much more cooperative once we get past the current bottleneck of canyon maps.
No. 40087
I'm currently in war with the Battanians and they seem to use mostly infantry. So that's quite easy but on the other hand it's hard to protect your own infantry if you're not fast enough.

Vlandia was quite hard to fight with their charge cavalry.
No. 40090
Infantry I can handle, yeah. More concerned by those big forests and mountains that they got going though. The Empire's rolling mediterranean hills and the Aserai's nice empty dunes have me spoiled. Got to say, I'm glad the Vlandians are a ways away too if their thing is heavy cavalry (presumably they're set up basically the same as Swadia). The deeper wect I go, the more prevalent heavy armour seems to be, and that reduces the shock and awe effect of a lightning fast hammer and anvil. No lightning fast shattering of enemy morale means that I get drawn into protracted battles that the Khuzaits aren't set up for. Too easy to whittle down once they are spent on ammo.
No. 40091
639 kB, 2560 × 1440
But luring way bigger armies into difficult terrain can be of great benefit.
No. 40092
Indeed, but I have to think in the opposite way. How do I get the other army into nice, open terrain with lots of space to move, but nowhere to hide. Even then, I doubt I could pull that one off. That's a very impressive win. I assume your strat was shieldwall+archers, with some heavy inf+cav to be the hammer to their anvil? That seems to be the Sturgian OOB from what I've seen. Let them break on your shields and then shatter them with the reach-around. My army is much smaller, hovering in the 30-50 range, and I split into three groups, two larger horse archer groups, one small lancer group. One archer group moves to high ground and attacks with massed accurate fire, and draws the enemy into open ground. The other skirmishes and breaks up their formations a bit if they can, dilutes their fire and ability to mount effective resistance. Then I have a small group of lancers move to the enemy rear while avoiding contact, and when the enemy is at their weakest point, formations dismantled, most of the veterans killed etc. I have the lancers charge into the rear and kick the door down (and have the whole rotten structure cave in :-DDDDD).

It's effective, but inefficient. Operationally it relies on winning a few decisive battles to weaken the cadres of the enemy so that you can continue to break their armies of recruits, keeping them off balance. If you are trying to fight the enemy army, you're doing it wrong. Your goal is to murder levied peasants, and any mano a mano action should be to forward that goal.
No. 40093
You got it. Crossbowmen between the trees, shield wall in front of the trees and the cavalry is following me. I'm a simple man.
If I was the attacking party I wouldn't have had a chance. Defending is really easy.

It should be in no time that you can maintain a band of 80-100.
No. 40095
Yeah. I just spent a lot of time grinding out steppe bandits for lowish-risk cash. Only recently went from merc to vassal too, so haven't got any lands to support a real army at the moment. At war with a unified Empire right now though, so hopefully that'll drag on a bit and I can get some nice fertile real estate in sunny Central Calradia. Once that happens, I'm going to start an Imperial warband that I can put in the field with less care for the risks. Losing a chunk of your horse archers is a real pain because there isn't much out there that can do what they do, and it's often a long way home to start recruiting them again. If we continue expanding west, I'll be needing auxiliaries to be cheap, expendable and actually equipped for the more static warfare that'll become the norm.

God this game is pure kino.
No. 40098
Weep, for I will soon mend the voids between my seven fiefs!
No. 40100
Noice. Does the AI still make a beeline for your villages like they do in Warband? Or have they fixed that part of the game too?
t. still waiting for the boss to give me some filthy s*rts to rule over
No. 40127
1,2 MB, 1600 × 900
549 kB, 1600 × 900
782 kB, 1600 × 900
Playing Surviving Mars, I like it it's kinda like Banished, on Mars, but a great deal easier. I'm hoping my next playthrough will be a lot harder because while the game itself isn't simplistic, it is very forgiving and I've grown used to Banished kicking my ass into a starvation cycle at the mere hint of a fuckup in the food production cycle.
No. 40128
472 kB, 1600 × 900
664 kB, 1600 × 900
577 kB, 1600 × 900
1013 kB, 1600 × 900
Also playing Fallout 4 again, just rocking around in a heavily modded game with shit like MG42 and BAR in the game, and building goofy ass settlements. I got a suit of Enclave power armour fairly quickly after I turned level 30 which basically just makes wearing it mandatory to wear since I'm playing on very hard.

My most broken RNG weapon I've got my hands on so far is this MG42 that cripples people almost immediately, makes taking out the toughest enemies super easy.
No. 40232
166 kB, 1600 × 1200
1,3 MB, 4088 × 2925
352 kB, 563 × 512
I keep wondering if Mandalore is one of us

I've actually got that game and I've been meaning to play it for awhile now. Planetbase was like a super casualized version that was pretty fun but it was so incredibly simplistic that I got bored with it after awhile. It's slightly challenging at first but gets considerably easier once you figure out its quirks and proper planning and expansion. I also got the Surviving Mars terraforming add on. The one thing that kind of bugs me about these games though is that it almost literally never gets the lighting quite right, and imho nothing is more critically important in a game's aesthetics, looks, and just general atmosphere than the lighting, but they never seem to go for the actual Mars lighting rather than making it bright as shit like on Earth.

You know what I just realized this is something Mandalore also harps on.
And he is absolutely right.
the main thing that would probably psychologically fuck with people generally and me personally to a high degree in colonizing any other world would be the lighting. Could you just imagine a searing bright white blue star all day, or a binary system, or the constant hellacious droning red, or dimness or just whatever absolutely fucked up lighting effects would be on another colonized world? I'd have to rely on my own living unit but imagine moving to another world just to stay in your room all daywhich is what we'd have to do in most places anyway at least at first. It would drive normalfags crazy but neets would be well suited to psychologically endure the 3 year trip and then colonization efforts, minus danger and having to actually be part of a productive team
No. 40238
>I keep wondering if Mandalore is one of us
After the Green Elephant reference it's pretty clear that he's an imageboard dweller. It's unlikely that some other kind of foreigner would know about old-ish Russian memes.
No. 40240
Memes could be transported to him through his patreon by his audience, which assuredly consists of imageboard dwellers.

He certainly has various qualities of an ernst, though.
No. 40241
Just a tiny technical nit-pick here: What you see in those images is no more real in terms of spectral accuracy than any photo taken on earth and displayed on a screen. This does not defeat your point because you were talking about asthetics, not technicality, but I thought it might interest you: There is no combination of camera and display that preserves the metamerism of any color.
No. 40243
He is normie but have russian friend.
No. 40245
575 kB, 2560 × 1440
1,1 MB, 2560 × 1440
422 kB, 2560 × 1440
I decided to make an independent run, declare war to a faction (northern empire it was) and execute any lord I capture.
Introducing: The Hoboking
No. 40250

Got myself a nice little piece of Imperial real estate. Castle and 2 villages. Downside is that it's at the tip of a thrust into Imperial territory and is going to be cut off from allied territory pretty fast when war kicks off again. Still bleeding influence, but I got my first heir with number 2 on the way. Got my respawns done. Currently I am focusing on training that auxiliary force while my nook is still in a peaceful area.

Not going to lie, assuming that you aren't playing scrub mode and have full damage on across the board, that's some crazy good progress. I'm feeling quite happy with myself hitting the 70k range, with a total army of around 150 including my garrison. I'm thinking of starting over though tbh, the updates to the game regarding snowballs will make for a way more interesting game than what happened in release version. I want the Imperial breakup to actually play out and not finish in the first few years of the game with an embarrassingly easy reunification.
No. 40251
I think it's more about the strategy. Execution is super powerful (and should lead to more negative consequences) and you can lay siege to a castle that is outnumbering you. After some time they will send their 300 peasents into the field against your 90 elite guys. Then you can safely "conquer" the castle with a garrison of 7 guys.
I would say that the stupid AI made me win this. If I would've seriously roleplayed I wouldn't have had a chance.
No. 40252 Kontra
Another thing that is missing is that other nations should declare war on some retarded brigands taking cities and castles.
No. 40302
Well it's not just that. This isn't the first time he's used gondola which iirc hasn't reached or been popularized on 4kanker. That and his general tastes seem oddly old KC tier. Random Russian games, old weird ones, and lots and lots of 40K? That's not normal but on tier it is

How do you know?
No. 40335
Going to do a traditional mercenary run. I can't decide if I want to go Vlandian or Imperial though. Empire has the kind of army I want to do, spears and boards for days on decently survivable infantry, but those Vlandian aesthetics really draw me in for the ratty mercenary look, and pike spam is love (plus the Vlandian racial bonus is busted as hell if you ask me).

Man, there are too many juicy builds in this game and it's not even finished yet. Feels good but also bad man.
No. 40353
1,8 MB, 1366 × 768
Ended up going Vlandian. Since Bannerlord has significantly improved command tools, I've decided to go for a leader kind of character, who is much more concerned with commanding his men than fighting in the shieldwall himself. It's actually super fun so far. A very unique game experience, where you pick terrain as much for observation as you do its tactical utility. I've been fighting a bit around this one village that spawns you in these fields with high embankments that essentially let you put crossbowmen behind earthworks while the enemy charges out of town at you.
No. 40357
How pathetic. I don't like how Valve whole it's existance ignored Gearbox addons, didn't liked them, don't cout as some sort of "canon" and just trolling fans of them with bullshit like that. Ironicly exept some minor parts, Opposing Force probably best game in series.
No. 40434
275 kB, 1366 × 768
So I actually finally got around to playing Pathfinder Konigsmacher lastnight which took me literally hours just trying to build my first character. Holy hell the character creation of this game is deeply involved, yet somehow it is in a way that's just autistic and detailed enough to my liking, and so far I actually like everything about this game waaay better than PoE.

I originally got the idea for this character after flipping through the different races and classes and customization options a few months ago when I noted the one preset of gnomes can look vaguely like Lenin. So my character's name is V.I. Lenin. I had another idea for gnome-Trotsky but he needed glasses. As such, I have decided my gnomish obsession will be to bring Fey Socialism to Golarion. I don't know how or if this will work but I shall eventually have to install myself as the vanguard for the dictatorship of the proletariet with my companions as the first Politburo for the People's Socialist Republic of Brevoy.

As for the gameplay I actually like it a hell of a lot so far and I'm sure ernst has remembered my tedious rantings against RTwP combat and PoE on numerous prior occasions however this is actually somehow good. Idk why. It just feels right. The combat itself just feels so right and so good even with RTwP combat, the effects are great, the combat incredibly smooth, and at least in the first area fighting off assassins it doesn't actually feel so horrifically difficult on normal as I've heard people claim and as you can see I'm playing a squishy af sorcerer. I'm also enjoying all of the dialogue so far, the characters aren't annoying the shit out of me, and overall I would rate my first impression of PK as this being a testament to the superior craftsmanship of which Russians are capable should they ever get their act together again in any one area.

Now I'm not saying it isn't plausibly going to suck later, but I'm rather enthralled with it thus far in a way I simply wasn't with PoE. It just feels to me like it's got way more good stuff going on under the hood, possibly infused with the vital essence of S-O-U-L or idk what but already it's feeling different from the overly plastic and shiny exterior of PoE that belied its mediocre essence. These are just my first impressions. It could suck, like minecraft Cube was saying, or any of the numerous other reviews. I know my tastes are, I forget how Ireland put it, "inconsistent" iirc, and that not every crpg is for everybody and tastes differ as oddly as gnomes themselves, but I've played some pretty overrated crpgs as well as some real gems, and we'll see how I say it is in a few weeks from now. I guess I just got bored with my other games and had a crpg itch plus I realized how kind of stupid it was for me to be trying to beat Dead Space again when I already have literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars of other games I either haven't finished or haven't even played yet, and so I guess if I actually need another good survival horror I'll finally get around to checking out Outlast 2.

It's just a problem that I've effectively ran out of HDD space everywhere, although a sizeable amount of it is probably just all those webms and pics from shitposts I downloaded but like holy fucking hell am I going to go in there and undertake the tedious as shit task of sorting through and deleting my random shit folder right now.

Oh yeah, and I'm quite certain some ernst is going to find something to pick apart with my character build being shitty. I'm never quite sure which class to play so I usually just go with my basic bitch EC tier high INT/CHA/WIS + either PER/DEX/AGI/whatever type of wizardy or sniper specialist character. I really do think that I actually should arse myself to branch out a bit and try a bunch of other character builds because I can tell how much of a grumpy old fuck set in his ways I'm being with my vidya, but it's not just Planescape or Fallout I just never can find adequate reason for playing some boring as shit melee dumbfuck character. I mean, I have the option to take wizardry and high persuasion skills and enhanced dialogue options, why wouldn't I take that in a crpg?

I was also rather enthusiastic about the discovery of just how many customization options there are for all kinds of classes and specifically about sorcerers, which helped erase any hesitation about playing a conflicted tiefling instead, because if I felt like it I could pretty much roleplay exactly the same thing in my sorcerer. If I playthrough a second time though I'm probably going to go with either a conflicted Tiefling struggling not to totally succumb to the darkside, or a corrupted Aasimar.

One bone I do have to pick though is just wtf is it with all those origin stories? Like I kind of can get the taint from Others, or having some elvish blood or something, but just how in the everloving fuck am I supposed to believe all this stuff about you having dragon blood or elemental blood or whatever weird shit in your bloodline? It just doesn't make sense to me even in a fantasy setting.
No. 40436
206 kB, 2000 × 1128
Thanks for pointing this game out, although I wish The Dark Eye and not D&D would be the underlying set of rules and setting.
I love The Dark Eye so much and I wish so eagerly that a new Dark Eye PC-RPG will be published soon.
But I might give Kingsmaker a try.
No. 40437
417 kB, 660 × 489
Well I know that you're probably aware of them and probably played them then but there is a couple of Schwarze Auge games called Blackguards and Blackguards 2 both of which I enjoyed greatly and are an absolute steal on GOG (I think I paid $2 and $2.50 for them) but are hex grid turn based in addition to not being able to walk around starting conversations with people so it's just not the same. I know there's a couple other games in that setting but they're like point and click puzzle adventure or some shit.

Frankly what I really wish is that there were more any games at all using PARANOIA or Delta Green or KULT or whatever other settings which I don't understand why there aren't. Those things would be great in a crpg, well maybe less so KULT unless you actually had it more in like Disco Elysium format but still. I've had my eye on Stygian but it's gotten pretty thoroughly mixed reviews so I've been much more hesitant to just get it on sale particularly when I've already got such an metric shitton of other games I haven't already even tried playing.

Encased looks pretty neat but I only even just started that one which is what I normally do basically just trying to boot up the game and take a glance at it to make sure it runs and looks okay before actually trying to dive in deep at another time, although Ireland is right I don't finish f'ing anything I start at this point. There's also a few Lovecraftian type games but most of them look pretty shit. I just saw another Lovecraft-esque sort of isometric adventure Sanitariun type thing I forget what it's called, but there just isn't anything for Delta Green either.

Oh and speaking of such things, what I really honest to God wish were a fleshed out and really great setting to have such a game in is either--or preferably, both interlapping--the Calgary Keys and SCP. There's exactly one SCP game but it's barely even SCP and basically looks like kind of shit except for a rehash of simplistic running around in the dark from monsters multiplayer game.
No. 40449
'Why is there so much?' is my problem with Pathfinder in a nutshell. Tbh tho, going caster was the right choice. Pathfinder is infamous for quadratic wizards.

Also as I've said before, RTwP actually makes a lot more sense than strict turn based gameplay if you consider what the rules are actually doing in RPGs, and I don't mean like a turn representing an abstracted passage of time in a back and forth, but more that rounds are equivalent to a certain amount of time, and make up 10 minute turns that trigger various effects or actions in play. When the rulebook says that something lasts X turns, then what it omits is that it means X*10 minutes or whatever the equivalent is for your turn length.

It requires a certain perspective on what the rules are doing and not just what they're saying, and from the sound of it, the Devs here actually understood the point, which is why it works well.
No. 40471
121 kB, 1004 × 565
261 kB, 1039 × 559
Oh god I want to try to multiclass but I have no idea what the fuck I am doing

I want to multiclass my barbarian companion into something like ranger or hunter but I just realized I haven't actually got the slightest clue about Pathfinder and am totally destined to fuck this character up. I don't even know for sure if it works normally or you skip a level like become lvl1 hunter and lose access to lvl2 barbarian skills

I also just found out about the oddest shit while trying to find a funny picture about multiclassing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_hermit
absolutely EC tier arrangements
No. 40481
1,2 MB, 3840 × 2160
Mordhau is really good, but took roughly 15 hours to understand how it works.
I believe the playerbase is rather small due to that.

pic related. Me and the bois deserting.
No. 40667
761 kB, 1280 × 1995
692 kB, 1280 × 1987
786 kB, 1280 × 1993
486 kB, 1280 × 1866
Ha-ha, something you'll never see in disney star wars... same as modern games that came as addition with 3 books heavely illustrated with traditional art.
No. 40670
Ahahahaha fucking YES check out what I just found



Fucking shit yeah I've been waiting for something like this to happen for years now
No. 40672
14 kB, 193 × 81
Ah, Dorman: I recall this illustrator. He did a nice job illustrating a book from the Aliens franchise

(ehh I have to talk about video games)

Yes this is the last videogame picture I downloaded. Here a video: dunno it does not make my dick hard but who knows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7giclSMkTCE
No. 40682
So I've tried playing Pathologic. It is weird. How weird? Very. Also convoluted.

The problem is I'm having difficulty figuring out just how to do the most basic shit like give an NPC morphine or use a cloth to open a door without catching plague and I'm not seeing any key bind or any instructions on how to do any of this absolutely anywhere. Like what the fuck? It's a great game so far but there really is a difference between a game being weird or difficult or having to discover things on your own, and not understanding how to do basic mechanical gameplay type shit that you know full well you're supposed to be doing but can't figure out how to equip or use a command or whatever.
No. 40694
>give an NPC morphine
Not sure about this but I think you get some prompt to do this
>use a cloth to open a door without catching plague
You can just equip clothes by left-clicking on them in the clothes tab in the inventory, which makes your "Immunity" drain slower
>I'm not seeing any key bind or any instructions
Check the controls section in the Options, it's a bit convoluted with all the menus tbh, but if you don't mind minor spoilers I can recommend this guide to fill you in on some basics:
There's also a map with location names that can be quite helpful:
And the spoiler-free walkthroughs you'll find in the steam guides section are pretty helpful too, especially if you want to do all the sidequests.

How far are you in btw? I assume you're playing as Bachelor?
No. 40701
Well apparently I'm not actually supposed to give it to her I guess? I bumped into Катерина Сабурова and she was complaining how she was in pain, having headaches, she even says something about morphine but when I hit space all I can say to her is maybe you should take something for the pain and the conversation ends.

I did at least eventually figure out that it is dimly highlighted when the cloth or gloves is supposed to be equipped by simply going into inventory and left clicking on it. Maybe my screen is also shit or just at a weird angle which only added to my difficulty seeing the highlighted object in inventory, or maybe I just thought I only had it selected and not equipped can't remember. I also run f.lux in the background which may've been on at the time so I doubt I even saw it and if I did it likely wouldnt have occured to me this meant "equipped."

I'm not even actually going to bother with learning anything else at the time since I think not actually having any clue when I should worry about plague or what anything else means should only amplify my enjoyment of the atmosphere provided I've got at least some idea on how to do the most incredibly basic shit in this game. I'm already assuming that I can probably catch plague drinking from wells. If I am incorrect please do not correct me. I want to act as maximally like a person in an eerie and strange land having no clue how to respond appropriately to an epidemic.

And yes I am playing as the bachelor. I don't think it would make a whole lot of sense to be acting like a local when I've literally not got the slightest clue about anything going on here. I'd have played changeling instead my first go but my understanding is she doesn't get unlocked because it spoils some plot reasons or something.

So far I've been enjoying it and I'm at the absolute ass end of my first day. I'm not even sure how I've only got a few hours left but I strongly suspect something will fuck up catastrophically when I start playing again today and run out of time. My exhaustion is also still super high because I hadn't realized drinking water cures hunger but increased fatigue (like what the actual fuck?) so I just kept drinking it.

Probably I'm going to play some of that today or possibly arse myself to get back into Pathfinder I'm not sure yet.
No. 40703
The steam store is so fucking shit, it's a chore to use. I want to look at what's on sale and it's just pages and pages of DLC for games I don't own. Like those Paradox games with 500 pieces of DLC each or some train simulator or truck driving game or airport game and each of them has like 100 DLC and that's all I see when I'm looking to see what's on sale.

I mean it's probably not hard to give an option to filter out fucking DLC for games you don't own, but no.
No. 40705
Lel and it's actually way better now too. It used to be filled with so much more goddamn shovelware it was incredible.

I don't know how you can shut off the DLC bullshit for games you don't own but I do know that filtering out tag "anime" improved my browsing experience astronomically. Then I also added "nudity" because lots of those sneaky shits for whatever reason didn't put anime in the tag so a few slipped through me nuking them, and pretty much the only game that's not trash I've had excluded that I noticed was Witcher. Then I removed it because I think I had some other game that looked interesting. Then yesterday I noticed some VN pile of shit game called "Coming out on Top" while browsing games on sale. I think I'm putting that nudity tag back.
>Like those Paradox games with 500 pieces of DLC each
I never should've drank the koolaid and listened to /int/ all those years ago. I have never gotten into a single Paradox game and from what I can gather they're all borderline pieces of shit without the extra DLC. I'm thinking that I maybe will get something like the monks and mystics and a couple other religion and plague DLC for CKII when I have more money I can set on fire than I do now. Maybe. Since when I look at this shit it just feels like basic features they stripped out.

To this day there are two companies I am actively embargoing called Activision/Blizzard and EA. I solely pirate out of spite. I'd even buy a decent looking game like DA:O, but not that it even matters because in some cases you flatly can't even buy any goodish games made by great studios that were brutally sodomized and murdered like Alpha Protocol from BioWare (I don't even get why AP isn't available on Steam or GOG so I have to pirate it anyway).

I am now considering adding two other companies permanently to my shitlist and those are Valve and Paradox. Honestly when I look at shit like the DLCs for Cities Skylines I'm outraged. I mean what the fuck kind of smooth brain is so gullible naive and easy to rip off that they actually spend hundreds of dollars on shit like that, or on WH40K shit? It's made me start thinking bernd was actually incredibly low IQ all along.
>charging hundreds of dollars for a shitty piece of mass produced plastic that you have to paint yourself
>charging bordering on Paradox levels money grubbing for 40K dlcs
There's a good number of games I havent even gotten specifically because 40K shit typically has the most insane DLC shit this side of Paradox. Sadly one of the sole 40K games that didnt do this is Gothic Armada II and for whatever reason it seems to rely on a super first CPU which means I can't even upgrade my PC to being within spec at this point but who fucking cares I've got so many other games that perform fineor at least did until those faggot cocksuckers at Valve broke the shit out of steam so now every single game runs like absolute fucking garbage now and they haven't fixed it 6 months later instead spamming their forums with thread locks, bans, deletions, and heavy shilling when everyone pointed this outseriously fuck Valve
No. 40706
Lately I kinda feel like playing a video game but at the same time it feels like a pure waste of time in my heda. Sure, there are many things that are a waste of time but if I'd spend say 3hrs playing a game I could as well read something, wörk or take walk during that time.
If I'd play something, I'd probably would like to aim for some kind of open world rpg, which always had been my favorite genre.
Especially always liked fallout but the thought of just replaying the old games kinda bores me.
So did anyone play this Obsidian game Outer Worlds? It looks kind of fun.
No. 40710
> If I am incorrect please do not correct me. I want to act as maximally like a person in an eerie and strange land having no clue how to respond appropriately to an epidemic.
That's ambitious but if you can manage it, I'm sure it's the best way to play it, hope you'll enjoy the game.
Just one tip, make sure to save often.
No. 40715
No I havent played it. And it depends on the game really. I actually often get the same thing in passing which is precisely why I never play anymore platformers, pixelshit, shooters, or pretty much any game that is flatly and obviously mindless entertainment. I need to keep my brain off the revelation that I am wasting my life in horrific ways I'll regret later. This is another reason why certain very specific games or types of games make me actively depressed just thinking about like Dark Forcesbut that has other, greater reasons to making me depressed.

Instead I'll tell you exactly what you should do and that is to be an excellently discerning gentleman when it comes to your interactive entertainment. Imho certain specific games like VTMB for example or Dead Space even will actually not be a waste of your time and that is because quite frankly of what use is your time on a movie? Certain trash films like capeshit are indeed mind numbing garbage whereas a tasteful selection of foreign and domestic art films can only be enriching. Likewise is it with vidya, and I mention Dead Space or more specifically Dead Space 2 because how many horror movies have you seen? You've likely seen The Thing right? And just how much was your life even improved from that or some other horror classics? Or hell, even certain novels that you've read? Now with the veneer pulled off you can see the mindless futility in leisurely pursuits. Of what good is learning horseback riding in the 21st century even? And yet people will tell you that is somehow a worthwhile pursuit, and yet they are wrong.

So why even do it save to waste time? Well for one thing it is conversation starters and shared interests and that is exactly why I have mentioned Fallout, because not only is it one of the better games you will play with all the richness of a great scifi pulp novel but it will also attract the right kind of crowd. In my experience discussing something like that or Trent Reznor or hacking are the certain subgenius sort of things that will help you draw in the right kind of people, even if it is no recitation of something said by Baudrillard.

Or perhaps your time is truly more valuable, which indeed it should be. So are you pursuing your masters currently? Or your doctorate? Have you procreated and raised a family? Are you advancing your career at 8:30pm on a week night? No? Then of what consequence is it in same manner as if you'd simply poured a couple fingers of a smokey whiskey and shut your eyes to listen to some music in the same time frame?

And so I shall tell you again, that much if that which is a waste of time is what you deem a waste of time, and the quality of its subject matter. I have indeed felt this way after playing Mass Effect and Deus Ex GOTY but I have absolutely not felt that way having seen Interstellar or played KOTOR. Choose your poison wisely then and make it a medicament for mind and soul instead. Let it be your muse, a transformative performance. What I've heard of Disco Elysium strongly comes to mind. Or, imho, Tides of Numenera, albeit to not as fantastic a degree, or Divinity Original Sin 2 so I've heard, or Planescape Torment if for some perverse reason you havent done so yet and put it off because you never had the time, and so now that you have nothing but time under a national lockdown what's your new excuse for not playing that one game you've been thinking about in your backlog?

Or perhaps you are not after an enriching story at all but an intellectual exercise. Perhaps you've got some great puzzle or adventure type game that actively forces you to think. Maybe there's some city sim or 4x or GSG requiring a very different set of mental assets that could use the exercise, and I shall tell you that doing all that is partly how I helped heal myself and stay mentally active after being utterly debilitated by Lyme disease and that some of these games felt like they helped greatly with time an asset rather than enemy for once. So why not pick some other more cerebral STEM nerd type game? Why not pick Factorio or Rimworld or Opum Magnus? Or maybe Hacknet would be entertaining.

In short, what you do with your time is far less important than how you choose it. Viewing art in a gallery doesn't further your own ambitions either, nor listening to a symphony, and any wise man implicitly understands all such leisure activities for what they are now just as they were then, gilded like a framed physical appeal to age fallacy, serving no utilitarian or noble purpose whatsoever, whose pitiless existence only serves to darkly reflect your own. Thus correct not what's in the mirror, but rather what's being reflected, and then enjoy it.

Thanks. Luckily I do that chronically. I will never trust a computer or piece of software enough to not use hundreds of saves.
No. 40717
40k is overpriced but the unpainted part is not part of that. Assembling and painting the kits is as more fun than the actual game. The kits being unpainted is a feature not a bug.
No. 40728
Currently playing through Red Dead Redemption 2. I'm enjoying it but Rockstar took the whole "game as a movie" thing too far, and it feels much more pronounced here than it did in the old GTAs or the first RDR. It feels like an entire third of the game is a cutscene, with a smattering of interactivity layered over the top with on-screen commands like "press W" to walk or "tap mouse to push". Overall the gameplay is fairly mediocre (too easy, no stakes, basically a shooting gallery) and the missions are very formulaic, but those things are carried by the excellent graphics, worldbuilding, and story.
No. 40729
15,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:58
>It used to be filled with so much more goddamn shovelware it was incredible
I remember, all the cheap ass unity asset flips by Russians was insane
>I do know that filtering out tag "anime" improved my browsing experience astronomically
way ahead of you, I have 'anime', 'sexual content' and 'JRPG' filtered since the moment those filters were added to steam. It makes me wonder though, could you take a game, change the graphics to anime and sell it? they seem to lap up everything like furries do
>I am now considering adding two other companies permanently to my shitlist and those are Valve and Paradox
Valve are moot since they haven't released a proper game in nearly a decade, just that shitty card game and the VR game. Paradox I already avoided like the plague although I did wind up with 2 games they published, but I won't go near any they develop
this is an odd one, I don't understand the models side of it but I do know a few people who do, and they either have a disposable income and don't go too mad on it, or they improvise and create a lot of their own modelling paraphernalia on the cheap. There's also sites that do rip off models for a lot cheaper.

I did really enjoy many of the wh40k books though, that's the only part of it I paid money for. Most of the wh40k games are hot shite except for dawn of war 1 and 2, and Space Marine.

I did get caught for Total War Warhammer 2 dlc to the tune of about 30 or 40 bux but it's genuinely a great game so I don't mind, I've already got like 250 hours out of it.
No. 40735
>It makes me wonder though, could you take a game, change the graphics to anime and sell it?
Yes. CK2 has an anime portraits mod for example, and it's fairly popular.
I'd be fine with it. I don't necessarily thing that anime tropes are good, but the art style is pleasant to look at whit its vibrant and simple colours.
No. 40740
I know and that really wasn't my actual point. The point was that GW charges you out the ass for unfinished work. Like if you bought a new car that was just a piece of plastic and metal because you wanted to add your own custom paint job, should you expect that to be cheaper or more expensive than a regular car? It's a lack of added work and added resources from other models and figurines (except for pewter) yet it's extraordinarily more expensive than them. This is part of why there's guys out there who actually make a living doing real nice custom paint jobs for 40K figurines
Like I can understand people who have lots of money to burn dropping an hundred quid on that kind of shit, but the unpainted pieces of plastic themselves? Lolohfuckingno

I have bitched about exactly this in the past. I was a bit shell shocked to discover such things honestly in real trash under the hood kinds of games or typical AAA shovelware like Quantum Break as well as even to lesser extent Vampyr or certain aspects of like Witcher games. Shellshocked, because due to me generally playing older or indie games I'd been seldom exposed to the real shitfest going on in these games that are basically nothing but hitting a key when prompted to progress in between cutscenes.

I can't harp on this too bad because it actually isn't GWs fault more often than not but I generally expect a 40K to try shylocking me with loot boxes, in game transaction fees for utterly ridiculous shit, paying out the ass for "paint jobs" and tons of DLC. It probably feels this way partly because there's like a dozen factions to play and a lot of these assholes will do things like counting Sisters of Battle, AdMech, Imperium, Space Marines and so on as different factions. Come to think of it I'm surprised they havent started making 4 separate chaos DLC per game yet, which is also mildly a shame because no one does chaos right.

Speaking of CKII is it actually worth buying the DLC? Should I give those pound of flesh collecting Swede cunts my money? This is another reason to buy GOG because I generally can't get DLC to work without paying for it on steam, and in Pdx case they release literally unfinished games that then cost hundreds of dollars to get features that any other company would come as a free update because they're supposed to be core fucking features
No. 40747
Regarding Paradox games, if you're not going to play multiplayer, you're better off pirating them. And if you do, find someone who already has bought/activated the DLC and make him the host. I don't think it's a good idea to give Paradox any money aside from maybe buying the base games, and they're pretty much unplayable on their own.
No. 40750
>and they're pretty much unplayable on their own.
Meaning, basically, that I'm already completely shafted on the 4 games I've got which also basically means that I've got to get like $20 worth of DLC just to make it worth the bother. At least in CLII there's stuff I actually find interesting but frankly ALL that shit should be part of the base game to begin with. I'm not even going to bother buying DLC for any other pdx game though, nor give those perfidious Swedes my money. I also will never comprehend why anybody is so into Stellaris. I tried playing it for several hours and I was as spectacularly unimpressed with that game as I was with Dawn of Andromeda, except even that game at least had superficial polish and Stellaris didn't even have that.
No. 40755
>The point was that GW charges you out the ass for unfinished work.
My point was that it's not unfinished. The point is not just to have pieces to play the game. Part of the hobby is the assembling and painting.

>Like if you bought a new car that was just a piece of plastic and metal because you wanted to add your own custom paint job, should you expect that to be cheaper or more expensive than a regular car?
No, it's more like a kit car. You can buy the premade thing, but the people who buy kit cars do so because they enjoy the assembly aspect. If you just want a pre-made game piece, play something else. 40k's ruleset isn't worth putting yourself through the modeling aspect if you aren't interested in it.
No. 40758
My entire point being that they charge you massively more money for something that has had considerably less work and resources put into it for a comparable product. Hell you can just 3D print the damn models.
No. 40804
14 kB, 640 × 400
123 kB, 512 × 404
494 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
>I did really enjoy many of the wh40k books though, that's the only part of it I paid money for. Most of the wh40k games are hot shite except for dawn of war 1 and 2, and Space Marine.
I'd say most of Warhammer BL books is fanfic tier. And about games I enjoyed playing campain of Batlefleet Gothic Armada. In many ways it's Star Wars Empire at War space battles, but with more mechanics. Space Crusade was really nice tactical game for it's time, and I'd not call "hot shit" Chaos Gate or Final Liberation.
I not played much, but people say a lot positive thgings about Armageddon and sanctus reach video games. They all budget games, but not hot shit.
Also, classic Space Hulk games.
No. 40814
Chaos Gate was awesome but it's too old to expect everyone to know it. It still uses the golden 40k logo from 2nd Edition. Warhammer Fantasy also has some good but old games form that time period.
I loved both Battlefleet Gothic games and Inquisitor was about as much fun as Diablo 2 for me.
No. 40820