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No. 3712 Systemkontra
76 kB, 640 × 640
You know the deal, Ernst.

In the old one, russia noticed it is Friday the 13th, so how was you day?
No. 3713
Good day actually, thanks.
No. 3714
I'm still fending off my cold that I somehow caught.
Went shopping, and read the foreword of the book I've got in the mail yesterday. It was surprisingly insightful, if a bit outdated.
It was a pretty okay day.
No. 3715
Hangover day, spent all of the time in my bed and fell asleep at some point.
Now I have no idea what to do.
No. 3716
Are you on vacation or do you need to get a life?

Reinstall Skyrim with alternate start. Have autistic roleplaying.
No. 3721
Which book was that?
No. 3722
fap, have a good shit
No. 3725
1,7 MB, 3486 × 1818
52 kB, 350 × 495
Got this ~120 year old copy of the Nibelungenlied, since my edition was a low quality paperback.
This one has the Frithiof Saga in it, which was never reprinted since then, and accompanying notes and forewords.
I liked the poem a lot when I read it and I wanted to have a nice copy.

The foreword itself was nice, gave a short introduction into the then relatively new filed of "nibelung studies". The translator also mentioned that his translation is inherently flawed because it isn't as archaic as the original Mittelhochdeutsch one. Only if he knew how archaic and beautiful it had turned out a hundred and fifty years later.

I also read a bit of Simrock's version in German and that was nice too, but I wanted a Hungarian copy because the text is really beautiful in its own right.
No. 3728

No. 3729 Kontra
It doesn't really matter what exact RPG it is, no?

Wow look at me, I played FO1 before.
No. 3732 Kontra
Very assburger reaction
No. 3734
484 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:42
Today I liberated freed 100 GB of space, 30 GB of which was some really big log.
Also I've repaired some chinese mediaplayer, all I had to do is to press Reset.
No. 3736
That is just beautiful.
No. 3738
Leather covers with actual gold letters, the edge of the pages are coated in a pinkish read colour in accordance with the era's fashion, and of course the 16 black and white illustrations. I've never seen such a beautiful book in my life.
The funny thing is, the pages are still white as snow, and the binding isn't broken at all.
13 Euros well spent in my humble opinion. I have nothing in my collection that can compete with it in terms of beauty, truly the crown jewel of my library.
The moment I read the book I knew I will be on the hunt for this edition. It's just too good to have as a low budget paperback without notes and the other extras.
No. 3739
I can't believe you found that for 13 euros. Like holy shit. Also congratulations.
No. 3740
5 of that was for the mailing expenses.
It was a bit tricky to get because the guy sold 40 of these, since it's part of a series, so I asked if he would be so kind to just sell me these two volumes, because I don't care about the others. (Though there were nice books there, like Shakespeare, Homer, Goethe and Schiller)
He said if nobody buys them together when the auction expires, then it's a deal. Thankfully nobody bought it so I was left with a pretty nice book for half the price what antiquaries ask for it.
Is it hard to find things like this in Germany? I remember once seeing the Complete Works of Goethe in German for 40 euros, in 14 volumes I think, with gothic letters and leather covers.
No. 3741
163 kB, 1200 × 1200
I just spent the whole day trying to restore the client database of an internet cafe, only to open them up with a hex editor at the end of the day to discover that the database file and all backups are several GBs of zeroes.

I lied to the client that the SSD on his server failed and corrupted all the files, and that "I'll take it home and try to recover at least something, but chances are near zero".

At least I got a free SSD out of it :-DDDDD
No. 3742
>all backups are several GBs of zeroes
>backuping on SSDs
No. 3743
26 kB, 713 × 611
Utter incompetence.
I think they configured their client wrong, so it was dumping empty backup files. For years.
They ALSO had a virus that nuked their system folder because they allowed idiot staff to lurk the internet and stick flash drives into the cashier PC. That's what prompted them to ask me to fix it and that's the first time they ever paid attention to their database or backups. It turned out there were no backups the whole time :-DDDDDD.
AND they had their backups on the same drive that their software was running.
Which was an SSD.

No. 3754
I live pretty much like a NEET, I study but don't get anything done so I'm thinking about dropping out again (I'd still stay in uni but officially wouldn't care anymore). Also I'm about to get a job soon if everything goes right, finally. Spend the rest of my time with watching a philosopy lecture on youtube and then paused it for chatting with a girl. We're about to meet up soon but I'll need to get us a hotel room. I'm already hyped and nervous right now. I've never done anything like that before and she neither.
No. 3758
Looking at a deeply red sunrise right now while the left-overs from last evenings dish are warming up. All windows open to get some fresh and cool air before the heat comes in four hours.

Yes, this feels like a cozy day and I'm going to spend most of it doing learning for my math exam. I'm fine with that.

Time to make some Sencha :3
No. 3759
Yes, it's very hard to find things like that in Germany. You really just have to be lucky or rich. Since I'm not rich, I have to visit flea markets and look for little treasures that nobody noticed before.
No. 3761
I was sick as fuck. I used to pride myself on my immune system and how quickly I always recovered from things but have had a rotating runny nose, sore throat, and cough with lots of gunk in my lungs for 13 days now. I keep recovering and feeling like it's almost over on some days and then waking up the next back at the old intensity.

I had weeb soup and tea when I got home, combined with a hot shower and it has made me feel better. But overall I suffer so badly.

coughs weakly in your direction
No. 3762
>wake up at 12hr
>stand up at 14hr
>open the window
>nice day
>start cooking spring rise with saussages
>end the lunch, wash the things
>move to backyard with netbook
>start analize the neigbour with kali
>some news AP's saldly all WPA2
>i observed some cisco router wow that oligarch
>i observed the battery inst changing
>cable don't have current
>verify with tester and nothing
>probe the plugs and nothing
>take the cable is hot !
>must be circuit-break
>disconnect the plug and pull up the circuit breaker
>change the cable
>clean the bathroom
>clean the kitchen
>start some brogramming shit project
>some web shit manager for domestic shit personal accounting in php+mysql
>18hr its time get out and buy beer yay!
>got to chinese supermarket
>stare the tall woman in the cash register
>>tfw not tall woman we are extinct now ;_;
>i ear her, she says have 17yo
>wow ... nice
>she surelty are fucked by all coworker
>don't think more and buy heineken and gogagola
>i came back to house
>make cheap sandwitch
>start drinking beer
>continue brogramming
>take a break
>continue with brogamming
>take a break, came here and write this shit
>return to brogramming
>take a break doing something
>return to brogramming
>repeat the last sentences several times
No. 3763
You might have Tonsillitis, it fits the description pretty well. Go to a doctor and get checked. If it is Tonsillitis it will be fixed in two or three days, untreated this can carry on forever.
No. 3778
Well, it's a big country after all, so the wares are more spread out.
It's probably that we have a smaller market so there is a smaller demand for it. I remember seeing an old German copy of Schuld und Sühne too, it was a really old book with gothic letters for around 4 Euros.
But remember that we make quarter the money you people make in those civilized lands.
No. 3790
You might also have less hoarders; collecting stuff (with or without value) is a very common thing here.
That seems to cause a natural habit of "don't give that away, first check how much it's worth" in peoples heads. Oh and yeah, a lot of old German books have migrated to the US in the 1940s for some reason, possibly because so many of their brethren were being burned.
No. 3791
Well, here the market gets the books from the families of the deceased. The antiquaries have services where they go out and say "I'll give you xy thousand forints for all 100-200 books" and then they'll sell it later piece by piece.
The sad thing is, that I've learnt German, but it's hard to come across German books, or anything in a foreign language a lot of the time. And Bookdepository isn't much help when it comes to non-english things. I remember I wanted a copy of Jünger's Stahlgewittern after reading a Hungarian edition, but fuck, even used it costs 20-30 Euros, and that's not counting the lieferungskosten. Okay, it's a pretty book, but fuck me that's a lot of money for something used that isn't even antique or a textbook.
No. 3794
In case of Stahlgewitter you problem might be that nobody in Germany is printing Jünger anymore except for annotated education literature. I'm not 100% certain about this, but it's the case for a bunch of authors in that category. I'm dacing around the term Nazi here because affiliation doesn't equal ideology
No. 3797
That's sad. Guess I'll just have to shell out the cash for one.
The only thing I'm currently looking for in German is some nice edition of Kafka's Proceß, but if I can't find one that suits me online I'll just buy a new Reclam copy from Bookdepository.
There definitely are not many hoarders here, but sometimes used books can get surreally expensive. I've seen Wittgenstein's works go for twice the retail price in online antiquaries. Probably because no one printed them in 20-25 years.
No. 3837
I work at a summer camp right now, and we're gonna watch a movie tonight. I think I'll show Princess Mononoke
No. 3841

Ah I hope not. I do have insurance through my work but currently amm waiting on the government to finish something up with my identity, which they're late on.

After that I have to do some stuff with HR and then I can visit a doctor.

But an update, today I started wearing a ventilator mask at work and my symptoms were mostly gone, no runny nose no coughing fits. Im still sick but not as bad as it was there, and it makes sense now because I always felt better at home or on breaks.

I hope this means Im less likely to have tonsillitis. It will be a bit before I can get checked.
No. 3847
The idea that people in a supposed first world country aren't able to just go to the doctor when they are sick is incomprehensible to me. Honestly, I can't even. I'm truly sorry for you and I hope that you recover quickly.
No. 3848
442 kB, 516 × 349
Dear diary, I feel too lazy and shiftless to leave the house today, or even getting dressed and shaving.
No. 3869
Anyone have literally nothing to do.
I mean if I am not drunk, in process of getting drunk or hungover I have literally nothing to do.
Aside from work.
No. 3881
Sounds like depression but I'm no eggspert

I know after quitting weed after daily use it took me a bit to find ways to occupy myself, but now things feel much less dull and in fact more fun. More "alive" or whatever
No. 3882
74 kB, 570 × 385
Today as always I was doing nothing but drinking and eating junk food.
And I've just realized that now I am fat fuck.
No. 3917
I've been fat, and i've been drunk.
You can change that, it's better than being alone.
No. 3929
19 kB, 320 × 188
can you give us, like, complete digital copy? would be very much interested.

Today I have to work again on a farm. Doing that a lot lately. I've learned programming and pretty much only did that up until now. But it seems I'm becoming a farmer now. What a turn.

Workdays are longer, 10h to 12h. But it is at a "farmers pace" and if you work with animals, you can't do "fast, faster, faster". You gotta chill at the animals pace else they go amok.

This year bretty bad weather for farmers; food prizes may rise soon-ish (if you buy local stuff). and, gosh, the cultural stigma of "farmers are stupid" made the job bretty repellent. lots of stupid farmers out there. the ground/dirt has gone really bad quality. germoney is pretty much europes piss-hole; in the truest sense of the word. too much nitrate nearly everywhere; even fishes die, if you fill your pond with normal groundwater.

but it's not only the farmers fault. politicians were at least as stupid.

whatever. maybe I'm too dramatic; maybe it always was as bad as it is now. I don't have much experience (, yet).
No. 3931
Finally I got my internet/landline access back!
Fucking retards resetted the router and destroyed my old password, though.
No. 3932
345 kB, 768 × 1024
Dear diary, today I saw a mustang car and tried to figure out how long it will take for me with my current pay to reach a level where buying it and a house in a rich hood would be possible. It was 30 or more a best. This rly made me think about things. I also ate at McDonald's and it was meh.
No. 3934 Kontra
30 years
No. 3942
64 kB, 525 × 350
You can buy some classic mustang for not very expensive, I seen 2nd generation or sopmething for 1million roubels.
And why you need it? ford Falcon XB is better
No. 3945
I was looking up Kubrick's film Barry Lyndon on Wikipedia yesterday and now my YouTube recommendations include 'Adam Savage visits the Kubrick museum' and the soundtrack to 2001.

How does Youtube know what I've been doing on Wikipedia? They have nothing to do with eachother.
No. 3946
I think they track your cookies from your browser.
No. 3950
It's about buying an expensive car, not specifically a mustang. I wanna be the 1% oligarch.
No. 3951
85 kB, 600 × 408
Buying shit to just show other how cool you are and subhuman IQ tier.

Buy thing that you actually want and live like you want, not counting on others. And mustang is not oligarh car, it typical murrican muscule car.

Tbh I seen for 600k roubles GAZ Chaika, even this car is more presentable than mustang
No. 3953
Showing off is not it either. I wanna be at that level of well off that buying mustangs will be easy and mean nothing.
No. 3957
48 kB, 640 × 352
Oh, hey there Kirpish. Long time no see. Hope things are going well but judging by the fact you're still doing odd jobs and scoring loot from them, I'll assume it is. You still considering starting up at art school again?

Also, I'll have to figure out some alternate way of keeping in touch since I'm not really active here anymore. If I ever find myself in Brickistan I'll buy you a beer or something. It's in the books but I don't know when I'll set such travel plans into motion. Plus if this ec ever dies, I don't lose base with frens again.
No. 3958
1,8 MB, 235 × 150, 0:06
Since KC went down Ive been reading one nigerian forum for everyday.
Now I know all Nigerian problems.
No. 3959
96 kB, 1409 × 605
For fuck sake how northen you need to live to avoid this crap? I need to move on Spitzbergen?

>I'm not really active here anymore
why? ;_;
No. 3960
Tell me their sufferings. I must know.
No. 3973
I can relate to this suffering. For over a month we've had nothing but bright sunny days and a horrific heatwave that has been killing everything. Just picture it, bright sunny days without a drop of rain - IN ENGLAND!

Weather like this isn't good for mental health imo. I can easily see all the 'Florida Man' style stories that will start coming out soon as people crack without the refreshing sound of rain.
No. 3974
You know what is the worsst?
[spolier]In summer there are no nights here[/spoiler]
No. 3978
Absolutely uninhabitable! I'd sooner live on Mars.

How do you manage to get to sleep like that?
No. 3986
Ever since that wave of coldness, I haven't felt warmth at all. Maybe I'm just getting sick and that's why, but this summer has been unusually tame here.
No. 4003

In my hometown, it was "land of the midnight sun" and similar to his. Personally I kept my windows tinfoiled.
No. 4004
97 kB, 834 × 555
There is the thread there called "4 countries in Europe worse than Nigeria".
No. 4005
52 kB, 736 × 574
So I suffer even on Nigerian forums.
No. 4006
I did something I've never done before, I had the trendy 20-something consumerist experience and visisted 2 different malls with my friend as well as a few pet stores, a furniture store, and a textile/arts+crafts/make-up store.

I also visited a fancy sit down cafe and ordered a latte for the first time, it came with latte art.

Also tried eating Pho for the first time too.

Bought new shades, new shoes, new clothes all of which I don't need.

My friend was so nice that she bought me a present too, Kirby super star ultra for the ds which is an upgraded version of the game on the SNES and is one of my favorite games from when I was young.

Very very fun day, I've always gone shopping alone and always for a specific task rather than letting the wind carry me to 20+ different locations.
No. 4008
At least you have cozy winters and nothern lights.
Btw, what are you doing there?
No. 4009
Not him, I have no idea why anyone from the UK or Ireland chose to live here. It regularly gets 35C in the shade during summer, and it is so eyeball melting bright you wouldn't believe. And I live not even that far from the border of Canada. I need wind, dark, and cloudy weather. The only problem is a complete lack of violent thunderstorms in the isles. At least we get violent almost haunting sounding winds and thunderstorms which is rather cozy.

Today I have discovered bbq sauce+mayo on one side and habenero sauce on other of a fried egg sandwich is an excellent combination of condiments.
No. 4021

For the past 9 days I've spent ~12 hours a day learning for an exam. Yesterday was especially bad, I didn't do anything but learn, eat, drink, shit and piss. And now my old friend frustration is back and has something to say about the people deciding what to learn and how to conduct a test of knowledge. Or in other words: Fuck my profs, fuck the bologna process and it's paranoia about efficiency, fuck increasing specialisation and therefore lack of transfer knowledge, fuck those who stubbornly write everything on a board and deny any digital version of a script, just fuck it all to death.

And now excuse me while I construct my cheat sheet.
No. 4024
You are one of those students publicly scheduling their medical reports?
Studying is a 8 to 5 job and its allways stunning how few Science students with grades better than 2 complain about bologna in deconstructive fashion. In other words, fuck my students.
No. 4028
Nope, wrong on all accounts.
No. 4034
It's sunny and hot today, good thing that im in the stone building.
>tfw want to smoke but no cigarets
No. 4047
2,4 MB, 3264 × 1836
Same shit. Outside is total hell, but I protected by commieblock a little bit.

Exept I'am not as smoking plebean.
No. 4049
495 kB, 534 × 624
My family says that I'm not actually depressed/schizo, just acting, and sometimes I want to kms just to prove them wrong.

Or at least never get better, since the idea that all of my sufferings are just a teenage angst phase and I lost 8 years to nothing, and all of this has been meaningless and will be seen as trifle in the future is somehow a scarier thought than living the rest of my life with mental illness.

Rate feels.
No. 4051
Plebean nevertheless.
No. 4052
85 kB, 605 × 602
fucken leave your place. find some social contacts which give you strength and cut those draining ones off.
No. 4061
No, I'am non-drinking non-smoking elete

In post USSR nobody cares about psyhological problems. People here belive that such things as "depression" is not exist and this is just your momental mood. Most people never visited psyhologist or something in their live, and honestely, psyhologists in CIS countries are shit-tier degenerates who don't know shit about psyhology beyond woman magazines about horoscope
No. 4064

Has it slowly gotten any better at least?

It isn't do great elsewhere, people get psychologists that are complete morons. But they keep their job because bored rich people throw many at them, reminds me of a Brazilian poster who worked as a therapist and was dumbfounded by one of her patients.
No. 4065
Das gut. Keep it up :3
No. 4066
59 kB, 780 × 467
>Has it slowly gotten any better at least?
Nah, maybe in capital and giant cities like St. Petersburg, Moscow, maybe Kiev and Minsk, beyond that nobody cares and all same. There are not psyhologists in scools but they as icompetent as you can get, all they do throw twise per year some very basic tests, at least it was in late 00s when I ended school but I bet nothing changed since than. All that memes that you go to psyhologist and lay down on the couch and tell about your problems - such things I discovered from american movies lol.

I actually think that psyhology is not science, it just guesses, and when we know about our brain an how it works more, like Neuropsychology stuff, all that problems will be fixed by surgery, not some guesses and talking stories and all that Sigmund Freud shit.
No. 4071
I doubt it.
I mean, the literal, formal definition of mental illness is "maladjusted for society's standards", so it's by definition a sociological problem.

A schizo who grew up in a good environment is merely "eccentric". A schizo from a post sovok alchoholic family is a nutcase.
No. 4072
ALL our psyhological activity, all out thoughts and dreams is of cource affected by enivorment and experience, but this is physicall thing and modern science actually have a lot realistic theories how it all works. There nothing "mysterious" and no "soul" or such bullshit, this is all just Engrams, neuro-chains and discharges that create continious micro-reflexes. Only problem that our brain is probably most complex biological thing on earth and even our current science and technology not enough to understand it on decend level.

This is why Psyhology is still valuable and popular - this is just thoughts, random ideas and very basic logical observations from personal experience. Sometimes they work, sometimes they want and nobody know why. This is like if we start learn physics on level of "Rock is heavy, wood may burn, water liquid so all liquids have water in it".
No. 4074
Sorry man, but it's very unlikely that you'll be able to fix your psychology through surgery. If you had infinite parallel computing power then it would be theoretically possible and practically very hard. In reality it is probably theoretically impossible.

Look at artificial neural networks. We can construct them with initial bogus values and then train them to perform a certain task. The only way to "fix" them is to train them more. Training is the equivalent of "learning" as it means processing input, comparing to desired "output" and then adjusting the thresholds of synapses to form different pathways through the layers of neurons. That last step is the "optimization" and it's absurdly expensive in terms of computation if you want to do it "correct". Instead we only approximate with iterative optimization algorithms like gradient descent. That's the best we've got and it takes hours to learn simple patterns on expensive modern hardware for networks of size ~1 million paths (eg 100x100 pixel image, two hidden layers and 10 output neurons). Our brain has 100 billion neurons estimated and the optimization step scales worse than linear. It's the kind of problem that all supercomputers together could not solve before the heat death of the universe.

And the worst part is: We don't really have the means to know why a neural network is perfoming bad when it's performing bad. Our "psychology" for neural networks is basically just one tool: Train more with larger sets of inputs and ground truths.
The equivalent for human brains would be something like "try to live like people who are happy, do what they do, do it long enough and hope that your brain learns new patterns of processing information somehow based on the environments that other people live in happily". Well, the last part is my own theory.

But yeah, there is no indication that there will ever be precise steps to improve specific behaviour of neural networks. Feels bad, I know.
No. 4077
Well I may really say that "surgery" was not correct therm. I is not so pessemistic since I think we need just know more how micro-reflexes that we do every second work, because basicly all our activity based on them. They form our desidions and actions, and I think with evolution of quant computers we will lear how to separate them, find causes of every one, and maybe fix causes that affect them. This is main goal of Neuropsyhology.
No. 4084
51 kB, 640 × 336
Another wasted day of drinking and doing nothing.
What am I doing with my life.
No. 4090
53 kB, 500 × 647
>What am I doing with my life.
Drinking, wasting your days, and doing nothing.

This is the way of the hobo.
No. 4091
I wandered into Budapest to buy tea. It was strange, but as I walked along the Metro stations I stopped at, I perceived a surprisingly small amount of visual information. It like if I wasn't really there.
No. 4104
I went to an urgent care clinic today. I must have torn something Saturday, my arm was in pain using it Sunday even just moving my mouse around. Today I started crying after 1.5 hours of work and filled out an incident report and then they sent me to a clinic. The company coverss the cost.

My upper right arm hurts but is in a sling now. I went home early after some light duty stuff. I wish they gave me a pain pill. I have to check back with the doctor by Sunday.

Sidenote: I got a nice tub of ripe strawberries just now. Also have a date tonight.
No. 4105
>pain pill
Is it an opioid?
No. 4111

They didn't give me anything.

ut I wish they did hand me an opioid like they did for my coworker once.
No. 4114
Oh shit I'm sorry I didn't read what you've wrote correctly.
No. 4115

It's all good, I half understand sentences constantly.


Like you were dissociated or had your head stuck in the clouds?
No. 4120
The spigot's been turned off on that area lad. Where it used to be you could get some Vicodin for a case of blueballs now you can be dying and doctors are too afraid of the DEA to give it to you. It's a sad state of affairs when basically all our medicine is completely ruled by a coalition of insurance companies (whose entire business is making sure they don't pay for you to get medical care), pharmagiants (whose entire business is that you stay just well enough to keep paying, for example frivolous OxyContin prescriptions), and the DEA, whose entire business is complete and utter ignorance of medicine entirely.

I also suspect that the big reason for these changes is because all the brand names switched to generic so there's no more good money in Vicodin, Lortab, MSContin, Percocet etc. sales. A similar thing happened when all the Adderall, Ritalin, Paxil, Effexor, Prozac, Zoloft etc. all started having patents expire and people just got generic.
No. 4130

There was always glamorization of pills but, I wonder why this lines up with soundcloud prescription pill rappers like Lil Xan, Lil Peep, Lil Pump etc.

Are they taunting us instead of corrupting us?
No. 4132

>doctors are too afraid of the DEA to give it to you.

Also could you go into this further, do they shake down and arrest doctors now because of the "opioid epidemic?".
No. 4135
To a certain extent yes. You see the DEA actually keeps track of doctors doling these things out to prevent "pill mills" from popping up. They actually give doctors a hard time for writing too many scripts plus this just happened https://news.aetna.com/2014/10/new-dea-rule-affects-pain-medicine-prescriptions-need-know/ which makes it personally a pain in the ass for doctors because they can't just write you a script anymore. It's late and I'm tired but yes there's an entire system set up to monitor not just pills given out but also significant losses/thefts of controlled substances. The DEA itself has always been like this but last few years they really started cracking down. So basically unless you're a cancer patient or have a spinal cord injury don't expect any opioids. They actually have to report this shit which means DEA rides any doctor giving out "excessive" prescriptions and they can end up being professionally censured for it. Of course, what is "excessive" is what the government bureaucrats and narc cops decide not the doctors themselves.
No. 4139
1,1 MB, 720 × 1013
iirc, americöns are quite afraid of a little pain; low physical pain tolerance. read a study about that a while back (i think, i read that even before the opioid crisis started)

So, DEA is cracking down doctors now? Prolly because the state can make more monzeys via selling those drugs on the black market. is your army still guarding the poppy fields in afghanistan against "terrorist"?

i'm still drinking my first morning coffee.
No. 4140

Me in exactly 7 hours.
No. 4148
I made bad watery coffee. Started day with wrong foot once more.
No. 4155
53 kB, 560 × 563
1,2 MB, 1824 × 3264
No. 4156
Why is the North hotter than the South? That's not fair!

t. North
No. 4157
136 kB, 500 × 697
No. 4158
Yeah, that's totally fucked up. There was +37°C here for a whole month several years ago. I was sitting with closed windows and curtains all the time, because if I opened them, the hot air from the outside turned the room into a sauna.
No. 4159
4 kB, 200 × 185
>It's only 21°C
>It's almost raining
I don't know if it's the weather or the strong tea or both of them combined with my unruly sleep schedule, but I feel unwell, to say the least. My stomach is killing me.
I'm laying down tea for a few days, lest it gets worse.
No. 4160
Do you actually miss KC? Today I realized that I actually do. Even though late KC was filled with shit.
No. 4161
I was such a newfag when I've arrived on KC that I actually don't. It was filled to the brim with shit. Kohl is miles better, no matter what the detractors say. There are less obsesses schizos on it who force their shit.
No. 4162
18 kB, 412 × 367
Dear diary, today I felt depress and it was hot outside. Why won't god end my lyfe already? Does he enjoy watching it or something? He has a very bad taste in shows.
No. 4163
EC (the first one) won me over when I saw them banning the tinder BR. Both new KC and new EC are better than old KC, but that's probably because they simply have a more active moderation. old KC came to a point where you could see that most mods didn't care anymore.
No. 4164
177 kB, 1024 × 576
Every day I see a black person or kebab. And I wonder why would a sane person come here.
No. 4165
In my city there is a medical university, and I often see blacks, Arabs and Indians. Recently I for the first time in my life saw 4 blacks in the car (!) stopped by our police. Before that I couldn't not imagine that I personally would see black people wealthy enough to buy a car.
No. 4166
I really don't want to srart this discussion, but there is nothing than politics and current news threads on kohl. These things killed KC.
No. 4167
Dude, they are paying like 5-7k dollars/year for their studies.
No. 4168
Ukrainian universities can't be this expensive.
No. 4169
It's as expensive as in Russian universities, so that's OK, I guess.
No. 4170
They are that expensive for foreing students.
No. 4191
I'm a heavy drinker- I can happily drink 1.5 bottles of spirit in an evening (like tonight) without becoming silly. But recently I've found that some drinks which I used to like now make me sick, aside from vodka. Tonight for instance, I've had a bottle of gin, but the final few glasses almost made me vomit. How come?
No. 4208
What did you expect? Alcohol makes you vomit.
Did you drink it on an empty stomach? If you did so, then it might have been too much. It enhances the effect of alcohol.
Last time I drank 4 cups of vodka, and barely felt it, because I had a hearty dinner before it, but when I drank a single cup I'd have trouble walking, because I didn't eat anything.
No. 4209
I have never once been sick from drink. Maybe it's because I'm not fat as I once was. I don't have a hangover at least.
No. 4210
Well, duh, fat people can drink a lot more alcohol.
No. 4211
If you only vomited it's ok, basically everyone does from time to time. If it's getting worst this might be bad, might be some cumulative alcohol problems like pancreatisis or liver problems. Had something similar before.
No. 4214
A beer a day is not enough to stave off the depressive cycle any more.

Actually, I think it might be getting worse because off drinking.

t. going for an other beers

I don't even have the energy to write into my ebin philosophy journal any more.
No. 4215
1,3 MB, 1920 × 2560
Great minds huh? Rate bedside table.
No. 4218
I don't like fiberboard. It's heavy but also brittle.

My preferred materials are plywood and MDF. Plywood because it's incredibly strong as well as flexible, and has nice acoustic properties. MDF because I like the consistent composition and because you can make ebin design furnitures out of it since you don't have to work around woodgrain.

I think real wood is overrated. It looks nice, but physical properties are lacking.

No. 4220
It's also cheap as dirt. Tbh, I'm too much of a degenerate to give too much thought to aesthetics in my living space. Too much hassle just to survive, let alone survive in a decent manner. Hence why I'm getting into the last of my booze after not touching hard alcohol for a few years now. Self-correcting problem though. I can't afford to buy more :-D

Fucked if I know what the hell NTs see through their eyes, but it sure as hell can't be the same world I see. I'm pretty sure that I exist only on the same physical plane as them and the worlds that we actually experience are fundamentally different rather than merely a difference in perspective.
No. 4221
692 kB, 1690 × 2720
I've once heard mental illness described as "inability or unwillingness to communicate on common social ground". Meaning you're a weirdo if you don't operate on the same "wavelength" and ton't partake in the same social "narrative" as NTs.

I like to think that different types of neurodiverse people occupy different "dimensions" of mental frameworks/syntaxes, social parallel realities that NTs have no access to.

While Machiavellians can mimic and blend into those social dimensions while privately staying in their own.

Rate thesis.
No. 4222
Also, building material depends entirely on what you want to build. Grain also lets you do interesting furniture by turning the limitations into focus points. Also it's just about buying non-shit timber. As I said, chipboard is cheap. It's not pretty but it'll get the job done if you just need something to sit at the right height. Hell, my old man's coffin was chipboard (by his own initiative mind you).

MDF is good for some things and utter garbage for others. Enjoy your warping if you want furniture made from it without proper sealing. Also, be very careful around water because it deforms easily with moisture. Also wears out anything short of carbide cutters in no time so it's pricey to work with in the long run too. That said, seal it up right and it's pretty great. One of the best ways to build a door for example is to make it hollow core with two sides of thin fibreboard and a cardboard latticework in the middle. Laquer it up and seal off the sides when trimmed up and it'll last you years.

t. picked up a lot from listening to and watching my dad who was a joiner
No. 4223
You could glue sides with some siding, so they didn't look like raw MDF.
No. 4224
Not bad. Pretty similar to my own half-asleep musings on it over the past month or so. As for blending in, I dunno if it's just Machiavellian individuals who can do it. I feel like there's a line of departure where you get so disgusted by your own existence that you begin to accept and appreciate the cosmic joke that you are. Accepting the reality of the situation, that you are not intended to succeed, just means that your apathy comes off as being fine (if a bit odd) rather than chronically depressed and on the verge of mental breakdown.

Also, asperger helps since there is the whole minor disconnect between one's mind and body. The fact that you need to actively make body language means that it's easy to hide one's actual thoughts. One of the few upsides of said disconnect. The rest is a real lack of physical self-presence which leads to incidents like falling down stairs, bashing your head all the time, sticking knives in yourself accidentally and so on.
No. 4225
18 kB, 326 × 269
I've never been one to maintain close relationships with family. Partly this is born from my own need for independence but mostly it comes from how different we are to the point where struggle to relate. Maybe It is telling that I am the only member of the immediate family to go to university or do anything other than low skill work.

But I maintain an easy friendship with my older brother that we built as adults out of necessity. We can have a laugh but, oh dog, we hold absolutely nothing in common beyond this! Today we met up and he talked my ear off about fishing and some other nonsense in like bydlo comedies that he fills his life with. It's not even real fishing, he buys all the expensive toys and sits in his van watching movies while the equipment catches fish.

It brings up a theory I hold that an absolute clear sign the other person is enjoying the conversation is if you’re bored and feigning interest. Much like you would with a child babbling about their world while you are forced to make the odd question/observation and smile for formality. Then I wonder if others do the same with me.

tl;dr socialising can be tiring and difficult but it is something we must do throughout our lives. Fitting punishment for our own tedious natures I suppose.

Switch yourself on, lad. You don't treat depression with drink, you will only sink further and you know it.
No. 4226 Kontra
I like how as I was writing a post a similar topic came up in conversation. Maybe EC is starting to sync up in thoughts like girlfriends on their period.
No. 4227
110 kB, 1200 × 1200
Not sure about aspergers, but I can share my experience as schizoid.

As a schizoid, there's a blurred line between internal and external world, leaning towards internal. Abstract concepts, ideas, fantasies, somehow feel more "real" than immediate physical reality. You can have the most vivid emotional experiences in your own imagination, and at the same time be completely detached from your real life presence.

It creates this derealized feeling where reality itself feels unreal, and a mere shadow of a higher, more ideal reality of abstract concepts and ideas. I live 90% of my life in my own head. Immediate physical experiences are nothing more than meaningless images happening in order, with no conclusion or theme.

And your body itself is nothing but an external entity, no different in its "otherness" than the rest of the biosphere. Your true "self", and the true world is inside your mind, that your body simply happens to be attached to, being its own symbiotic organism, with its own agendas. After all, your body doesn't have to consult your mind if if it decides to have urges or destroy itself by becoming cancerous.

So, the idea that your "self" and the "other" is divided by your body is entirely artificial. Your body is simply part of the whole rest of physical reality, and your mind is the extent of mental reality.

From that it follows that inanimate objects have feelings as long as your project feelings onto them, since inanimate objects have been model representations in your mind all along, and if you can imagine them feeling, then they ARE feeling, since all feeling, even of other humans, is in your mind in the first place. Your mind is the extent of your reality, objects are part of your mind, and if there's a feeling happening in your mind in relation to an object, it's real by definition.

Rate schizo ramble.
No. 4228
Maybe. Or maybe I'm still asleep. Who knows? A conversation about alcoholism, the nature of the mind and engineered wood is certainly odd enough to be a dream.

Schizo ramble rated.

With Asperger it's less a disconnect with reality in the mental sense but rather that it's sometimes difficult to judge what space your body actually takes up. It's part of what makes my personal space so well developed I think. I don't like the pressure of having to deal with someone in close proximity when I sometimes find myself with problems managing myself with inanimate objects in my proximity.

On the other hand, I do understand the depersonalisation/derealisation talk. The doctor man never pointed out schizo to my mother, only asperger so I can't say I can 1:1 relate, but the bits about internal realities being more vivid than external holds true for sure. Also sometimes when I cut or burn myself I notice the flesh being damaged but it doesn't really register properly in my mind despite seeing it happen and having a kind of dulled sense of it, such as feeling the flesh part around the knife but not feeling any pain. It's a weird feel.
No. 4233
I was reading an academic article about schizoid a while back and a particular sentence has stuck with me, something like 'they often patronise anonymous online forums as opposed to physical interaction because the shizoid finds it easier to transpose his thoughts onto faceless subjects'. I wish I could find the PDF because there was more to it than that.
No. 4234
Pls kill yourself
No. 4236
>not RPG
No. 4238
Of cource it is not, even they said to because it is modern fashion to call every second game with some stats an RPG.
Skyrim is cancerous Action adventure in open world with some occasional RPG elements.
No. 4253
75 kB, 544 × 510
Today was a good day.

I was productive at work and everything went very well. After leaving work, I went to buy some jeans and bought a book on Russian history. I got home, watched an episode of Yes Minister, read another chapter in a book about the origins of nationalism in Europe, and studied Russian for one hour.
Going to sleep before midnight.
8/10 day, did not do any form of physical training.
No. 4255
>and studied Russian for one hour.
Ну и как успехи?
No. 4258
Some of my teachers have asked me if I'm planning on learning Russian this summer or et al.
How is it? My mother says it's easier than German.
No. 4260
It's easier than German.
t. knower
No. 4261
14 kB, 242 × 242
This. I learned talk russian when was small baby, but can't speak german properly even now
No. 4262
They expect me to pick up a third language for whatever reason. They don't understand that I want to learn mandarin. But I did learn to read the Cyril alphabet. It's pretty nice because now I can read all the anti-soros graffiti in my town.
No. 4268
>It's pretty nice because now I can read all the anti-soros graffiti in my town.
They write Hungarian in cyrillics?
No. 4269
Today I discovered that Midnight Commander has a convenient hex-editor.
Strangely enough, it's an option of View command.
No. 4276
Tried kefir for the first time today, not worth it. I will finish what I have but won't buy it again.

If it wasn't for krautchan I wouldn't have even experimented with it.
No. 4277
try kebab instead. but I think it must be very hard to get your hands on a propper one in the usa.
No. 4281

There's a little restaurant in a strip mall I see called "Turkish Delight", but I've seen so much country balling I imagine it full of semen. Especially with that name.

I wonder if the owners and employees are even Turks.
No. 4282
I forgot that I want to try my first kebab too. There is a new café for hipsters near me. I'll try it today or tomorrow.
No. 4288
771 kB, 1676 × 2048
No, just some radical who wants to be extravagant by writing конец and shit.
This language isn’t suitable for cyrilic.
No. 4290

I'm retaking it up after a very long "break".

Fairly hard, Russian has a lot of weird cases, and no stress marks in words. You don't know if milk is molaka, malako or maloka until you've heard it read and memorized it
No. 4292
>This language isn’t suitable for cyrilic.
In Soviet Russia, this cyrillic isn't suitable for language.
There are Finno-Ugric languages written in cyrillic, I guess, their alphabets might suit Hungarian, if anyone seriously came up with the idea of giving cyrillics to Hungarian.
No. 4294
The latin alphabet works mighty fine.
The problem is that you don’t exactly have a way of indicating the height of the sound.
«Елесетт чата коезбен» «Elesett csata közben»
«Eleschett tsata koezben»
It just feels wrong and unnatural. But I guess if the Mongols made it work nothing is impossible.
No. 4297
Kazakh uses Cyrillic but contains extra letters that allow for soft and hard sounds to be differentiated, namely Ә, Ғ, Қ, Ң, Ө, Ұ, Ү, Һ, and І. It's not the same as Russian Cyrillic.

Not saying Hungarian should be in Cyrillic, but it can be made to work. Even so, it's not perfect. There's a good reason that the language wasn't a written one for so long. It's got some rules that can get weird with writing like flipping sounds when attaching suffixes so you end up purposefully misspelling the root words but it's in fact the correct spelling in that specific circumstance.
No. 4298
Not to mention that И and У totally different from Russian analogs.
No. 4299
Same letters though. The point brought up was the nature of displaying differentiating variants of sounds in Cyrillic, which was addressed in Kazakh Cyrillic by introducing new letters. The overall morphology of the language wasn't the point I was making, just the solution to that specific problem for non-Slavic languages trying to use Russian Cyrillic.
No. 4301
150 kB, 640 × 481
2,8 MB, 900 × 1519
yesterday today i watched someone putting his whole arm into the anus of some, cow up to the shoulder, multiple times. it was to "feel" if the cow was fucked by a bull and/or is pregnant. he had to use a lot of power to force his arm deep enough in, often times letting shit drop to the floor, because there was too much of it in the way. he examined multiple cows.

also, i injured my ankle while running away from a bull. the bull was super stupid. there were two fields separated by a thin fence with a walk through on the one end. all the cows went on the one field, the bull "followed" them on the other side of the fence. bull was pissed, because he not in range to fuck cows and too stupid to go around by himself. so i took some fodder in order to lurk him around. he spotted the food and his aura turned very aggressive; he started running, i started running. lurked him around the corner (on pretty much full speed) and dropped the fodder.

a short while before, i had to lurk him with fodder as well, that time he was super chill with a peaceful aura. he even reacted to "nah, not you! i need the cow!" and stayed back.

and the farmer i work for wants me to do some database stuff. create little GUI and some algos for automatic reminders and stuff. shouldn't have told him i know how to prog. that's not much work (except i add every little "extra" he wants) but super boring work; don't wanna do that.

inb4: "rofl, aura-idiot" - idk how to explain it otherwise; you have a somewhat vague feeling of the animal's intentions. maybe it is just imagination, maybe there is something to it. better safe than sorry, so i usually trust my intuition.

me agree. liking thesis; very close to stuff i theorized myself.

…and guys: alcohol bad drug; not helping at all. try other drugs and social interaction. my thesis is close to the idea in this short story
we all have same "I", just with a different body (and therefor memory) attached to it.

gibbe rate plz, too
No. 4303
First time I saw a cow being fisted, I was 6 years old.
Farmer pretended to throw a 'snowball' after me and had a good laugh.

Farmlife is weird - or maybe urban life is, I don't know anymore.
No. 4304
>today i watched someone putting his whole arm into the anus of some, cow up to the shoulder, multiple times. it was to "feel" if the cow was fucked by a bull and/or is pregnant. he had to use a lot of power to force his arm deep enough in, often times letting shit drop to the floor, because there was too much of it in the way. he examined multiple cows.

Why not use your own instrument, like true farmer?
No. 4305
I'd seen my mother do it many times before. What's odd about it? Also helped her lamb sheep before. Never done calfing though.

>not helping at all. try other drugs and social interaction

First of all, my drinking isn't intended to help. It's intended to make it future me's problem. To that end it works pretty well. Plus, social interaction is a no-go. I'm no good at it, and being around people often makes me wish I was back home alone in my flat with all the curtains drawn.
No. 4306
We did it as kids by throwing hardened cowpats at each other like frisbees :-DDD
No. 4307
>What's odd about it?
Odd in the sense of "I'm not used to seeing it."
I've tried to describe it as neutral as possible; didn't want to judge it. imo, it is important to know stuff like when the cow got pregnant. you can increase the survive ability of the calf a lot, if you are prepared for it.
No. 4311
105 kB, 720 × 480
EC-tier fun
No. 4315
145 kB, 374 × 374
I think that for my depressive cycle to end, it is required that I endure some amount of sufferings. It seems like the high point of my sufferings triggers a switch in my brain that enables the manic state. So by drinking away the depression, I'm just stalling the lethargy. I will only feel better when I let the sufferings engulf me, and emerge maniacal from the experience.
That said, time for an other's beers.

I can't speak for all schizoids, but personally for me, I prefer anonymous communication because it is exactly how I communicate IRL, but without the superfluous details.
When I talk to a person IRL, I'm not really talking to "them". I'm talking to their voice in my head, and creating responses to their statements that I have internalized. Much how when you respond to someone on an AIB, you are responding to their posts in a vacuum, without consideration for their identity. I never really make eye contact (other than intentionally forcing myself to), or really "feel" the presence of the person on an emotional level. I only talk to their voices. Almost like talking to my own thoughts.
That's the blurred line between external and internal. The external bleeds into the internal and becomes the internal. It's also why socialization is so painful. I can't "shut off" external stimuli, everything that happens leaves a deep impact and feels invasive.
No. 4316
42 kB, 500 × 356
You know, I've also been coming across talk of internal realities being as true as external ones in other sources, including media and not just imageboards. I'm starting to half-believe that I may actually be trapped inside my own head right now and my subconscious is trying to alert me to the fact. Because all emotion and even tactile response is a product of the mind, there is no way to determine if one really is awake or simply trapped in a dream too. Rate.
No. 4317
What helps with depression is the right kind of suffering: the kind of suffering that's shared with others and where you make progress on a common task.
No. 4318
98 kB, 612 × 491
No. 4322
please post a review and maybe even a picture. I might post one too, but only at the beginning of next week

i highly doubt that. even here not only turks sell kebap
No. 4323
Welp, today is the end of my drinking binge for a while. I feel dizzy and nauseous. I guess my brain ran out of pleasure chemicals.

Or maybe it's interacting with prozac and lamotrigine. Who knows.

But the tipsines ran out quickly and turned into nausea and headache. Not good.
No. 4324
Get sick, think I am going to have to go to hospital, oh well start drinking, that's two days off, my ass is at least stopped shitting liquid, but while I am off work I drink alcohol.
No. 4328
I cured my anhedonia by planning the next day in the evenings, which is why I don't post anymore.
No. 4329
62 kB, 510 × 534
It seems I found life hack that allows you to find a girlfriend if you are unemployed shut-in without friends.
God bless Russian social networks, there are girls for every type of weirdo. I could even find a 16 year old meat if I wasn't squeamish about its low mental capabilities.
No. 4330
Cute patootie Dane delivered a package here, and when I answered in Norwegian she spilled spaggethi everywhere and started speaking English and hurried away. Funny how they are either 0% or 100% when it comes to comprehension.

At least you're alive. If you must, be the badass that endures suffering and laughs like Camus envisioned.
No. 4336
21 kB, 480 × 360
>God bless Russian social networks
But they are banned on ukraine!
No. 4342
It only makes me harder filters scum which doesn't know how to use proxies.
No. 4346
Same said people here when pootine started internet blockings.
No. 4351
Virtual GFs don't count
No. 4352
But they are from my city and want to meet with me.
No. 4353
Reading in bed, a bulbous little false widow crawled onto my leg. I jumped practically through the ceiling and it's escaped behind the bed again. I really don't need this.

Yeah, I know they're not as bad as real widows but they can still give a nasty bite.
No. 4354 Kontra
Huh, if you succeed, tell about that later.
And bring proofs
No. 4356
We have such spiders in Britain? I've been telling my niece not to be scared of them since none of the ones in this country bite humans.
No. 4359
35 kB, 590 × 350
Yep, they're very common in the south now. They won't hospitalise you but they can make you ill, and the bites are apparently quite painful. More surprising, there are colonies of scorpions in many southern port cities.
No. 4361
216 kB, 544 × 572
I fucking hate ticks and mosquitoes. As soon as biotech is advanced enough we need to eradicate the fuckers with a gene drive. Enough is enough.
No. 4362
What exactly do you work anyway? I've seen you post many times about work but can't remember what it is you do.
No. 4363
My brother's wife visits every day and their larva makes horrible noises.

Also, we are preparing for a celebration of its 40 days alive, which gives me no peace. I wish they would fuck off, especially since brother said he won't pay or any of it since "he doesn't need it".

Well, if he doesn't need it, why do we? Fucking gypsy family politics, gotta flex our muscle in front of the wife's family to get leverage later on.
So tiresome. Every day I get more disillusioned with "kazakh traditional ceremonies". Mostly because all of them involve expensive feasts and gluttony, and inviting people you don't like or know.

Even poor families feel obliged to host feasts on every occassion, practically bankrupting them. If they don't it's a huge shame and grounds for gossip.

Abay was right, fuck this nation. This third world nation of sheep herders, rapists and raiders is the reason I can't get some peace on saturday morning while hungover.

What's the point of spending a month's salary on this shite anyway? It's selective poverty. Too poor to buy a new refrigerator, but not poor enough to host a one day feast for the same money.

If any westerners are disappointed with western family values (their lack), individualism, and general western way of life, this is the alternative: gypsy tribalism.

No. 4364
A Russian professor once gave me great wisdom when I asked, is it true Russia is shit? And he told me, "yes Russia is shit, but then everything is also shit"
No. 4366
Now the wives of relatives are here and are making me do chores, and their cheap perfume is stinking up the whole house.
They're asking me if I could come over and fix their computers.
I didn't even get to take a shower, I stink of sweat and semen.

No. 4367
477 kB, 1920 × 1080
That feel when the Kazakh Enlightenment never reached the tipping point where it snowballed to completion. Probably the biggest and most important thing that Abay talks about is when he talks of the Russian Language as a gateway to the world. Of course nowadays it's not just Russian but the idea that Kazakhs need to interact with and learn from the rest of the world and not just themselves is powerful. Of course people say that it's 'betraying' your traditions but it's not disposing of them but rather enhancing them for the betterment of the Kazakh people.

Why can a great sense of hospitality not exclude the expectation of hardship upon the poor? Why should the entire family make decisions that affect only a single member? There are even traditional precedents for making an enlightened society. The Seven Laws that arose in the post-Mongol period were pretty progressive for the Islamic world and even just within Central Asia. Many times, civil disobedience has been enshrined in legend as either many of the Batyrs and their allies. Alpamys and (was it Qarazhan?) both struck out against their families and tradition for the sake of their own happiness, and the entire system of Batyrism that is so celebrated in the Kazakh-Dzungar wars was technically an army raised without the authority or consent of the Sultans. Then the famous story of Zhibek and Tolegen where they are considered to be good people is based on flipping off their families and telling them where to cram their decisions.

So there is plenty of material that exists within the currently revered system of tradition that would allow for it to be enlightened but it doesn't happen. Alash needs to rise again tbh. Break the chains that hold you down and emerge as a new, enlightened man of the steppe rather than a 16th century mankurt society dressed in modern clothes.

Also, children are fuggen shit I totally feel your pain. The neighbours' baby still hasn't stopped crying all night and my walls are way too thin for this shit.[spoiler]
No. 4369
>My brother's wife visits every day and their larva makes horrible noises

Cracking me up in the first sentence, good start in the day, well done :3
No. 4371
23,6 MB, 854 × 480, 4:25
Where did you learn about Kazakh cultural history? I finally have time to learn some stuff unrelated to Uni and for some reason (dare I say it was sparked by reading the Vampire The Masquerade Storyteller-Rulebooks?) I have become interested in slavic, baltic, germanic, albanian, hellenic, italic and anatolian culture and they convergence when you go back towards the time of proto-indo-european languages.

Do you at least get to see some traditional belly dancing from some of the wifes/friends? Vid related.
No. 4372
Kazakhs don't have a dance tradition. Like, no dancing at all.

Dancing is a semitic/persoid thing.

Kazakh mambets don't deserve to be saved, tbh. The intellectuals should just pursue their own agendas instead of trying to teach an animal to stand on hind legs.
No. 4374
56 kB, 550 × 512
I read books and articles. Best recommendation would be a book called Qazaqlyq with some subtitle there too but I can't remember it. It's pretty heavy reading but it's an interesting book on the emergence of the Kazakh identity in the post-Mongol period when the Khanate was first formed. Otherwise it's just picking up bits here and there in journal articles or other general books though they are often written in incredibly bad Kazglish so an idea of the basic morphology of Kazakh language will help with translating some of the more odd sentences.

I suppose an equivalent to Wikipedia trawling if you want a more lightweight experience would be to hit up the Kazakh wikipedia with google translate since the Central Asian section of English Wikipedia is pretty poor. http://kk.wikipedia.org/

The Kazakh History Portal run by the government brushes over lots of topics in very short articles too but it is also largely in awful Kazglish and sometimes close to unreadable and the Kazakh site isn't fully translated and brought to English. http://e-history.kz

And no, it wasn't inspired by that. My interest was triggered by learning about the Zhetysu leg of the Silk Road in university by which I mean we never discussed it despite the fact that it was the point of a prominent branch in the trade route which was for the Greater Almaty trading area as I discovered. Then I realised that Turkics are cool and found the Kipchak/Kimek/Kazakh lineage the most interesting of them all.


As the Brick said, there is't really a dancing tradition in the Kazakhs. I'm sure it happened but there isn't really a traditional style that I've seen mentioned. Just that dancing probably occurred to some extent at festivals or something. More often the musical heritage is broken into music and dastan, the latter being epic poetry. Poetry is incredibly massive in Kazakh culture and they have a few different games played with poetry from head-to-head competition in performance to improvised poetry based on words or sounds in the other person's addition. Also massive epics like the Crimean Batyrs which is essentially 40 unabridged heroic epics in one.

Think of it this way, it's not about saving the mambets but stopping the mambets from keeping the intellectuals within the society from being trapped among mambets. It's about creating a society that lets them pursue their own agendas.
No. 4375
I work in a learning centre, teaching kids English.
Usually kids are around 4-6 years old.
No. 4383
They started pestering me to join the feast so I had to run away from home.

I circled the district once bored, then bought two medium pizzas, two beers and two ice creams and ate them on a bench. Living the gansta life. Then I went to an internet cafe and am shitposting from here.

You know, spending money is kinda nice. Now I had someone to eat ice cream on a park bench WITH. Maybe I should get a job afterall, so I can have more money for beer, ice cream and pizza. Would be great.
No. 4384
Tell me, is it too late at 18 to start learning Chinese?
No. 4388
Hold on, you can eat two pizzas and ice creams? I'm usually full after one pizza and after one cone of ice cream (with 2-3 blobs of ice) I enter a state where smelling food is making me gag.

The thing about ice cream is probably because my system is simply not used to large amounts of sugar or fat anymore.
No. 4389
I didn't eat in the morning, and ate the pizzas and ice cream throughout the entire day, so that's my excuse.

But I can eat a lot without being full, or not eat much without being hungry, I only ate the pizzas and ice cream because they were tasty. I'm usually just fine with kasha as long as not actively feeling hungry.

Also, being drunk increases my appetite by a lot.
Interestingly enough, weed gives me the opposite of mucnchies. If I smoke not on an empty stomach, I puke hard and all food tastes so intense that it gives me nausea. I remember taking a swig of lemonade while high and it was so intensely sweet that I vomited on the spot.

No. 4390
I forgot the most important part.

I took the second pizza home to eat in the evening and sleep, but my room was occupied by relatives and their children. So I left the pizza on the table and left immediately.

So I guess it was one pizza, two ice creams and two beers.

I only bought the second pizza because they had a 30% discount due to closing early today.

Rate boring story.
No. 4400
Rated as more interesting than my day. Though if you were really living the gangsta life you'd have poured one out for the homies who aren't there.
t. knower
No. 4401
85 kB, 804 × 802
>put the shit out of the report
A month later:
>lol where's your shit
It's not even funny.
No. 4403
You could start at 40, and not be too late,
50 might be pushing it.
If you are white and learn to speak Mandarin you could be full time youtuber.
No. 4406
It just feels like I'm running out of time.
>China youtuber
I'm not suffering from that level a narcissism yet
It's nice to know then that I'm not exactly that late.
No. 4407
Well, I guess alcohol does have a negative interaction with schizomeds (or with schizo itself). The hangover is giving me a panic attack :-DDDDD.

I feel like absolute shit.
No. 4412
Congratulations that is actually later stages alcoholism. Alcohol's psychoactive effects primarily relate to GABA. When you're on it it's doing something not too disimilar to diazepam. The problem is it wears off quickly and thus gives a sharp rebound effect the next day, including high blood pressure. In more sensitive individuals or alcoholics this can manifest as panic attacks. I'm not sure what you're on but if it's an atypical antipsychotic your risk of rebound anxiety should actually be lowered. If it's something like Depakote or carbamezepine or whatever then I honestly have no idea.
No. 4425
119 kB, 295 × 240
I haven't worked on my translation project today, or any of my project for that matter. I was dragged to the pool instead.

I have no idea what to read on another note. I've picked 10 books from my shelves and nothing works again. I'm not going to read another version of the Nibelungenlied, because that would be three in a row and I'd be crowned King Assburger of the City.
No. 4427
I have discovered an awesome new comic series I wish to share with ernst
No. 4435 Kontra
I'm always looking for good webcomics, thanks for sharing this one.
No. 4437
No. 4439
Surprisingly good indeed, thank you.

Too quick to jump to conclusion imho. Panic attacks can be caused by fuck-all anything. Like certain lighting conditions while sitting in a cafe in the evening.
No. 4440
That webcomic is so old and well known on imageboards that it was literally the origin of the "weeaboo" meme.

t. oldfag
No. 4441
Listened to some Qurmangazy. Both in solo dombra and in orchestra. Tbh, the solo is better. Too many instruments obscure some of the more subtle sounds in dombra music.

I dislike being dragged off to places. I'm being dragged on a holiday to Malaysia at the end of the year and I don't want to go. Despite that, I'm still going to be a few thousand bucks out for a holiday I have zero interest in and unlike my sisters, I've actually got money issues right now.

Also, read Beowulf. It's the same Germanic shit but will appease your desire to not read the same story again.

Also skub.
No. 4447
This is why I don't like family programmes. I can feel on everyone's mood that they'd be rather doing something else and this is as much of a pain in the ass for them as it is for me. It ruins the mood when you all sit in the car and the first thing you do is shout at each other because of something minor.
It doesn't feel like a family at all. But of course I'm the moody faggot who ruins it according to them. They aren't raging whenever we go, never, no never.

Sounds nice, but I'll have to get a translation for that. I've managed Chaucer's shit, but that's actual Ye Olde English which is beyond me. And I'm not going to read a Hungarian translation of Tolkien's version, even if it's convenient.
But I might as well read Wagner's libretto until then, my music teacher said it's worth it, and I'm already on a winning streak.
I have no fucking idea why I've got interested in this in the first place. I can usually pinpoint the moment retrospectively but with this one it escapes me. All I remember is that everything related to this work is a hassle to get. Hassle to get a Hungarian copy, hassle to get a German bilingual one from Germany. Every single step of mine has been sabotaged. I've asked at the library, the library hasn't the Hungarian version, because someone forgot to bring it back, nobody know who, probably a teacher because it has no trace in the old paper, or the new digital system, and the book is nowhere to be found, not in the "epics", not in the "Germanistik", not in the "German literature", not in the "general literature" under the Translators name, or just by the title at either the letter "A" or "N".
Despite all of this I came far, but I forgot why. Strange.
No. 4449
Get Klaeber's version. Has been in print since the 20s for a reason. It's a good translation with plenty of context notes and a glossary for the Old English terms.
No. 4450
88 kB, 294 × 258
>actually gives a recommendation
You are my man.
I remember seeing Beowulf on the store shelves as a kid. Never thought it would come back to me like this one day.
No. 4451
So I ate yesterday's pizza.
It's quite bad tbh.

I guess anything tastes good when you're drunk and hungry.

In other news, I've been buying beer at the local shop, but it turns out it's 25% cheaper at the grocery store. I feel robbed.
No. 4452
717 kB, 1830 × 2082
I had to read it a few years back. I don't even remember that much about it, so don't expect much from my end.

True dat. I'm eating a bully beef, cheese and mustard sandwich as I type this. The meat and cheese let you put on more English mustard than normal because they stop it from burning a hole through your sinuses. Canned meat stronk :-DD
No. 4453
I didn't have to read anything while learning about medieval literature besides poetry this year. Chaucer isn't even part of the curriculum.
But for whatever reason I like going through these extracurricular materials.
I enjoy them. I enjoyed War and Peace, I enjoyed A Hero of Our Time, Eugene Onegin and I liked the Nibelung ethos too. We leave out too much good stuff.
No. 4460
>canned meat

I've seen it often in supermarkets and I always wondered how it compares to non-canned meat, yet I have this disgusting vision of it and thus never put a can in my cart
No. 4475
Why not go Bali, I didn't enjoy Malaysia.
I nearly died swimming in the sea :), unrelated.

Go to Batu Caves was only thing I enjoyed, they love cats for some reason, download grab app for cheap taxi.
Act surprised when they can make curry.
Beer was expensive, but since your from Oz it will appear cheap.
Go to a supermarket they have separate section for pork and beer.
Mudslimes ruin everything.
No. 4476
Do you add ketchup to pizza or is that a slavic thing.
No. 4478
>your from Oz

Aren't you an English teacher?
No. 4479
only when I'm working.
No. 4502
Tbh, I would prefer neither. I hate the beach, I hate the humidity and I hate the crowds.

It is not somewhere I want to be going. It is worse because my sisters know those things and know that I am saving money but are still pressuring me into it.

As for why not Bali? My sisters have cultural cringe and wouldnt go if I suggested it.

I wanted to go burger or brickistan instead tbh. Places that actually interest me.
No. 4503
Why don't you tell them to get stuffed and not go?
No. 4504
Are you trying to imply that I have a spine? Easy mistake to make but a mistake regardless. I don't manage well under confrontation. Panic and flight response kicks in.
No. 4518
304 kB, 500 × 475
Spineless jellyfish live without concern for the wills of beast and emperor.
Yet always moving they remain at peace.

No attempt is ever made to direct jellyfish in word or action.
Because all know they cannot.

Speak in truth that you flow on your own current.
You will be immovable as a mountain.
No. 4529
7 kB, 251 × 201
That means that I still have to face confrontation and in fact roll with it. Tbh that's even harder than lashing out in a fit of tard rage. Running away from my problems remains the easiest option.
No. 4538
So I have been taking random Chinese tablets, because I have been ill.
Now I haven't shit for two days, curious to what happens I have had milk, 10+ beers, Guinness, 10 pieces of KFC chicken and a few regular foods.
Apparently I wasn't to take more tablets today.
How fucked am I.
No. 4539
74 kB, 299 × 259
They've pulled a fast one on you, laowai!
You were supposed to drink slightly warm water and tiger balm.
No. 4540
Today I found a real woman whose surname could be translated as "Halfgypsy"/"Полуцыганова". She looked like a normal European girl.
Because of the Ukrainian history being a melting pot consisting of Greeks, Poles, Russians, ethnic Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Turks, Tatars, Lithuanians, Circassians, Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, Belarusians and Jews, the people here often have extraordinary surnames and I love them. Slavs in general have more interesting surnames than Anglos and in Ukraine it's brought to the extreme.
No. 4541
We have mixed surnames too. Some have Germanic, some have Hungarian, some have Slavic.
A lot of people also Magyarized their names. I have a Slavic one and people often have a hard time writing it down and pronouncing it, but at least it leaves a lasting effect that "Yeah, that guy with the funny name" unlike something like "Smith" or "Big" would not have.
No. 4554
Today I have forsaken my pledge to exercise and study Russian every week day.
I am a vile human being and I feel dirty.
No. 4555
Can you not make up for the delay by doubling down on your efforts tomorrow?
You can always right a wrong.
No. 4558
How it to learn language?
It always was hard to me - learning language
I passed Russian language goverment exams on 92% because I just wrote like I'd say or like I heared it in my heda :-DD
No. 4559
And you also have to lay down the basics well.
Get yourself a grammar book of some kind from the library, a "reader" (A text collection annotated for students), and get at it and yield not one inch.
If you have troubles, find a teacher who'll teach you the basics.
I for example can't for the life of me start it because I need a school environment and lesson plan for it.
No. 4561
Today Was my birthsday. I feel myrself old kinda but besides this this day means nothing to me.
Ha, you never understand russian if you do it discipline :--DDD Do how it do, not care about anything dis is a joke kinda

Nah I has no monies for teacher and I need to continue study drawing and paiting, or I will not achive anything in that life.
No. 4562
Still, I'm pretty sure that you have access to a wealth of resources as a Russian speaker. There is simply more material available to you for whatever language you want to learn, simply because you have more compatriots producing them.
You have to be diligent though and be on the job whenever you can.
No. 4563
You also have to have a use/need for the given language. I speak better German after three years than my classmates who've been learning it for ten, simply because I actually went out of my way and used it whenever I can, at home, at the library, online.
Practice makes perfect, and if you don't actually use what you've learnt you'll have a hard time developing it.
No. 4581
Yes. Today I will have sufferings and learn Russian on the double.

No, I must break my will on the altar of Russophilia.
No. 4583
You could try to use software like Rosetta Stone.
No. 4585
Is Rosetta Stone good?
I've been meaning to learn Chinese and from what I've read on the wiki page it seems to be pretty good.
Have you tried it? If you did so, could you share your experiences?
No. 4588
Happy Birthday. I share your sentiment of birthdays meaning nothing (after a certain age). I've grown to dislike it so much that I keep knowledge of it from people so I don't get mobbed with attention and social formalities.

Still, feel free to do whatever it is you want to do today because it's the one day a year nobody can get on your back about it. I ended up watching cartoons all day on the sofa on my last birthday and although I had intended to at least leave the house I think I made the right choice in doing nothing.
No. 4610
39 kB, 1277 × 1149
I forgot my last birthday and was only reminded of it when I got endless annoying calls from relatives. Rate.
No. 4612
63 kB, 630 × 630
I spent 30 minutes learning mandarin today.
Otherwise not much has happened.
Gonna work on my novel translation now. Worked on it in the afternoon too, I still have 80 pages left.
It's all coming together.
Hopefully I'll do some learning tomorrow too.
No. 4617
I always read you translate. Do make money out of it and if so, how much?

Just out of interested, even tho I will never be translator myself.
No. 4619
243 kB, 794 × 1000
No, I haven't received a formal training yet, since it'll be another two years until I can go to a university.
The only thing I've earned so far with translation was a book and a pretty certificate at a School translation contest where I had to translate from the German.
I've heard you can earn a pretty nice wage if you are a technical translator or a live interpreter.
So I usually exercise my speed too.

This will be my "debut" work. I've been working on it in my free time, but dare I say, I enjoy it. It feels good that I'm doing something that hasn't been done before me, and that I'm also productive.

I plan on taking Asian Studies and translating Chinese works, but I also know German and English.

I hope I didn't disappoint you because I'm only an amateur as of yet.
No. 4620
Btw I do have a High Level Matura Degree (Components to a full Abitur) in English and a Medium Level one in German already.
No. 4627
If you're translating a novel, and it's not your job, then I'm even more impressed. It sounds like you have a real love for languages.
No. 4643

No I'm glad you do it and wish you all the best. Translators are very important. Ofc it' always better when you can read the original but boy am I glad, translators exist.
No. 4650
Someone has to do it, and my teachers tell me that I have a great capacity when it comes to foreign languages, so I might as well be that someone.
As I work out new methods and gather experience, I'm reminded what my History teacher said to us in elementary school when we talked over the Egyptians' art culture. It's that they painted and drew in a way how a little child would. Two dimensions, no perspective, no depth. Long story short it was a parallel between individual and civilizational progress. How someone actually had to pioneer this before me.

Otherwise I've only tried my hand at this because I was reading the novel I'm translating now, and I was discussing the author's body of work with a literature teacher, but since this one lacks a Hungarian translation et al, he couldn't comment on it. He jokingly remarked that maybe I could translate it and since I'm a thick headed assburger I decided to be in on the joke and take it seriously and work on it, since I have nothing better to do either way. It's one heck of a ride but I'd do it again if I had to.
Really puts the interlingual relations into perspective.

My main problem is that I lack publication channels for it. The shorter things I've translated from the Hungarian (Poetry and the like) can't be published here. And I haven't produced anything complete from English to Hungarian yet that I maybe could send to a magazine.
The only thing I've got critiques for are my anime sub translations which I've made as a form of exercise.

I see the whole thing as a great cultural mission in my head. I believe with this I can make the world a better place and not even the STEM students can tell me that this is just some made up bullshit that anyone can learn and do after an afternoon of study.
Never in my life I've felt that I actually have a goal. Not once I could have told you before that, but here I am, doing it and being happy with it.
No. 4651
Don't care about STEM idiots who think their subject is the only important.

Have you read texts about translation? Like Walter Benjamins Der Übersetzer

I would advice you try to get a degree in that it will ease things for sure. But other than that contacts will help you. If somebody knows you are a good translator, he will perhaps hire you, regardless of your diploma. Especially small publishing houses might want that. But I guess there is less money to made. Well when it's enough to live I think the working will still be nice. Freelancing existence in the end. Or you decide for other translator jobs, like live interpret etc. even in the countries whose language you learn perhaps.
No. 4652
I've read parts of Mona Baker's In other words, but otherwise I've only experimented myself. (And I do notice the progress I've made in the filed of methodology.)
You really need to have a through understanding if even your native tongue to make progress.
I might sound a bit apathetic because of my "whining" about having no diploma, but who has a University diploma at 18? Geniuses and Savants. I'm neither. I'm just adept at some things.
The main goal of mine now is to get published before I turn 20.
I've been told that I put an inhuman workload on myself when it comes to my studies and even my leisurely activities I also consider studies, but all I see is that I could be achieving so much more with just a little bit more work and dedication.
Reading Nietzsche while 17 really made me value my work and willpower and I want to put it to good use. Maybe a bit of a boomer tier thing to say, but I never considered myself gifted at things. I'm not overly dedicated. Others don't put in enough hard work. Others lack passion. Even I don't put in enough hard work into things. When they told me that translation is a natural talent, I told them that it's more about practice and an understanding of how texts work in both languages. If you've read enough works and texts in the languages you know, then you will be able to dissect how the little particles interact with each other. The little nuances. Every little nuance you have to leave out sometimes is a tiny knife, cutting into you and your conscience that you are betraying your reader.
It's a colossal inner struggle, or at least I live it as one, even if others don't.

No idea if any of what I've written makes any sense though.
No. 4653
Art cannot make the world a better (or worse, for that matter) place (and I personally believe that it doesn't have to), but it definitely can provoke a reaction from our easily bored human brains that regularly need a workout, and they don't get enough nowadays, despite that we are living in the Information Age. You sound a bit conceited about your work, but I guess it's fine if that keeps you motivated.

>anyone can learn and do after an afternoon of study
Did anyone actually ever said that regarding the translation work? I am a STEM graduate myself, and I've never heard other STEM students making such claims. In uni we mostly did technical translations which are fairly straightforward once you learn the proper terminology, but even then we had a lot of difficulties. And literary translations have a lot more factors to consider, like differences between the original and the target language speakers, the text's style, the author's background etc. etc., not to mention that it's pretty much mandatory for a translator to have a wide base of knowledge on different disciplines. And translation of poetry pretty much turns into writing your own poetry.
No. 4654
I thought you were older, lol.

So even better. If you keep practicing you will be rewarded, even publishing with 25 would still be enormous I could imagine.

Indeed you must be like a fish in water in both languages.

I would advice you to dive deeper into the methodology. Ofc experimenting is good, every text is different in the end, but studying methodology can skip out unwanted barriers etc.
I'm deeply interested in "academical" topics and knowing about theory/methodology helps you to better understand what you actually do when engaging in these things.
Just look up the library page from you nearest uni that teaches languages and type in some buzzwords, you might find an interesting title you can borrow.

I know Benjamin was read at some course about french-german translation here at my uni. Benjamin is kind of a mystic figure, lets say his methodology was special and is still not considered very academic even today. But he had very interesting thoughts that are truly fruitful, that is what he is known for. He was more soulful about his subjects than the usual academic can be in his books because of "objective" reasons
No. 4660
It's probably a weird culmination of my own perceived inferiority complex.
No. 4672
Please accept my deepest condolences.
No. 4673
I learned today that I have a fair amount of Irish blood in me. This is very depressing. I had always assumed my swarthy features were French-Jewish, from my mother's side of the family. But maybe not. Perhaps I'm not destined to become an influential banker. I really hate the Irish, I've always been prejudiced against them.
No. 4683
Don't feel too down about it, as a Jewish mutt I can tell you that ruling the world really isn't all it's cracked up to be. The curly Jewfro for example grows like fuggin bamboo.
No. 4684
I have Serbian ancestry and I fucking hate Serbs. Nothing is impossible. You ancestry doesn't prevent you from being yourself.
No. 4685
I have like 25% ukrainian, 12,5% finno-ugric blood and maybe another 5-7% of something that not russian, 50% vulcan blood so?
In modern world caring about your race it kinda meh. All we care now is nationality, maybe culture and economics, and I hope this problems will be resolved at least in this centuary too.
No. 4686
399 kB, 716 × 1024
The true post-soviet man.
I knew a Russian that would brag about being a mix of all sorts of esoteric mini-ethnicities. 23andme said he's 92% Russian and 7% broadly European 1% Zhid
No. 4689
>Friend, Comrade and Brother
Studying 15 minutes of Russian has really been paying off.
No. 4690
>moral codex of communism builders
>humane relations and mutual respect between people:
>human to human - Friend, Comrade and Brother

>The true post-soviet man.
Nah just modern man, which family not live in isolated tribe of papua new guinea.
No. 4693
Today I learned that hungarians took the word for "fat" from slavs, and this word is "zsir" (жир).
No. 4696
We took a lot of your shit btw.
No. 4699
That's what we call cheese here.
No. 4707
Our word for cheese is Iranian in origin.
No. 4718
I was wrong anyway. We say "sir" for cheese which is based on a completely different root than жир/žir.
No. 4720
580 kB, 788 × 648
Why are NT filth allowed to exist? All they do is shit up the planet for everybody else. When will the time come to put them to the rope?
t. encountered NT trash two whole days in a row
No. 4723
Neurodiversity uprising soon.

Schizos and 'tisms should be at the helm of society. The world should be ruled by a philosopher king high on LSD and Plato.

Neurotypicals will be put to manual labour and exhibited at the zoo.
No. 4724
Also, I don't have enough energy to schizopost any more. I don't have enough schizo to schizpost either, since I'm back on meds.

It's ok. Never thought a boring office job shuffling paper and counting money would be the right thing for me.

Well, it's not a "real" job, since me and my brother are running his business and I'm the accountant. Waiting for our first project to take off so I can finally get paid and buy that damn easel and go back to painting.
No. 4728
47 kB, 447 × 589
13 kB, 331 × 181
47 kB, 960 × 540
>Overly tired because it's warm and I can't sleep this way
>Even my tea turned out bitter
>Can't concentrate on the translation
I think I might have overworked myself again. I'll just add it to tomorrow's quota.
Doing research for the footnotes is tiresome.

Today I also got my soul a bit of rest after I got to the end of a 5 year old story.
>In Elementary school
>Guy in same grade as me but different class
>Published a book
>Published at 13
>I'm jelly as a green jell-o
>In HS
>Every day on my commute I see the "Dear Mr. Author" as I've decided to call him in my head
>Every single day reminded of my own failure
>Ask the neighbour today because he has that book on the desk
>"My kids told me it's like Harry Potter"
>Go home
>Look up the name of the publisher
>No-name company
>No-name company produces plastic wares for home consumption
>See the name of the owner
>Same as last name "Dear Mr. Author's"
>His father published his son's work
>3rd pic is my face when
Five years of perceived inferiority, but in the end, it was all a falsehood.
Is this some sort of sickness that I hold these grudges in myself?
No. 4729
90 kB, 957 × 621
The world shouldn't be ruled by anybody. NTggers have slave mentality and worship tyrants, egotists and warlords. We need to exterminate them to allow people to live without fear of the NT filth coming to kill them for some idiot ideology and put them in the chains of their society. Their idiocy on things while demanding you do their song and dance with their smug little grins is infuriating. We'll see how they grin while doing the hempen jig.
No. 4731
Which also raises the point. How the fuck are NTggers so retarded as to eat from the trashcan of ideology so willingly? They will defy all logic and stand on tiny pillars of ideology to maintain their smug, condescending tone. They'll make absurd claims on ideological basis and then demand that you disprove them because they yelled it out first so you're the one with the burden of proof by disagreeing with them. And despite it all, they will never see that their entire lives are being controlled by the abstract ideas of people they barely share an existence with while they are pulled around as marionettes by their disgusting masters.

Death is too good for them, but the disease must be halted at the source.
No. 4734
Hey, man, cheer up! There are people who achieved nothing like you achieved (like me). It's OK to have a day off.
No. 4736
I’ve still managed to do a single page at least, so that’s good.
Otherwise I can’t sleep so I’ve been playing go on my phone and reading Gao Xingjian’s Soul mountain
Somewhat productive.
People say I have no concept of leisure sometimes.
Only if they knew how much time I waste.
No. 4739
I spent three hours working on a bicycle in the hot garage, all while forgetting to hydrate. A Coke, Gatorade, and 32 oz. of water later I'm still thirsty.
No. 4745
21 kB, 657 × 527
I spend most of today in a daze, swinging between panic and fevered dreaming. Like how you wake up in sweats from an extremely realistic dream and fall asleep before you really come to, so you are eventually never entirely sure if you're awake or not. Feels bad man.
No. 4746
116 kB, 768 × 1024
Dear diary, I worked so hard that two weeks passed by in the blink of an eye. I literally just did work things then came home and played video games to forget how awful my day was and how badly my hands hurt. And now that things finally calmed down enough to sit down and rly think about this in a burger joint I feel fookin rekd. There has to be a better way of living.
No. 4757
912 kB, 1426 × 1629
I found another tabletop game store that's easy to get to. I still don't feel like playing Magic there since having valuable cards stolen put a big downer on that game for me, but I'm considering going to their board game day with a hex and chit game I own. Are there any outside pros who can tell me if board game days still contain grognards? I don't think I can handle interacting over hex autism with someone who isn't equally assburger about NATO chits.

I'm also thinking of picking up GMT's new Gallipoli game before it leaves P500 ordering if I end up liking this game day. It's pretty cheap for what you get. It's US$85 if I remember correctly and it looks pretty noice. The board especially is a thing of beauty.

Also, if you have frens and like hexes, you should support them. They're a really good company with great designers. They do all sorts of games and don't pull punches when it comes to making things interesting. They caused a lot of controversy when they made Labyrinth and A Distant Plain which are a bit like modern day Twilight Struggle, just a tad more complex. The issue was that one side was Al Qaeda/Taliban and their representation didn't sugarcoat the fact that you were targeting civilian populations for terror effect. Lots of people got butthurt about representing an ongoing and very present conflict. I'm in the camp that thinks it's brilliant.

They also have Project 500 which is where they put up niche games for preorder and if at least 500 people buy into it, then it justifies the print run and it'll get shipped out. It lets them try new settings and game styles and see if there is a market for it instead of putting themselves out of business by doing a full run of a game that sells badly which has ended many a game company.
t. hex autism enthusiast
No. 4761
It took 4 days, it was good to poop again.>>4724
How much do you smoke and drink coffee and alcohol, when on the meds compared to off the meds.

Testing nigger filter.

Blood moon tonight, would be interesting if I can see Mars aswell.
No. 4762
I smoke and drink more, but I guess that coincides with me having money for meds, smokes and alcohol in the first place.

I have noticed that smokes and alcohol have a weaker effect while on meds.

I feel more productive than usual, but being more lucid means more bad feels as well. I drown suicidal thoughts in beer every evening.

Prozac was a mistake.
No. 4776
77 kB, 300 × 286
No. 4779
Just wait until you're lucid enough that it's not just feeling bad that gets you sad, but also feeling good because you know it's either an illusory peace that doesn't exist, or you just come to be starkly aware of its transience. It paradoxically makes happiness more suffering than actual suffering.

Is that a song?

Also, I think I'm being robbed. Will report back after checking. If I don't, assume I'm dead.
No. 4781
Actually, I felt that way before I got into the mental ward.

Every impulse of joy was followed by an impulse of sadness. Somehow, joy only reminded me that it is a shadow concept of sadness.

Every time I felt happy, I'd immediately feel sad. I felt more alive back then tbh.
No. 4784
I see. Tbh, it just makes me feel less 'alive' in the sense of feeling less alienated from physical existence. It instead convinces me that happiness exists only within the confines of fantasy and imagination. A logical enough conclusion by the discussion we had further up the thread on that topic, but still. It's not exactly a way to make yourself feel like you fit in with the material world.

Also, wasn't being robbed. Just my sister and her bf stopping by at 4AM to pick something up for some reason. I worry because the yeller is back. He rants and raves in the courtyard outside my flat at people who aren't there and gets really aggressive about it too. I don't know what kind of cocktail they've got him on there, but they need to alter it tbh.
No. 4790
No. 4794
Know of, yes. Only by reputation. Never actually listened to his music. Not really my thing.
No. 4799
Like if freedom means doing what I want, well
Don't I gotta want something?
Won't you tell me we want something more than just more beer
And if that ain't ture


No. 4800
98 kB, 800 × 450
>chizos and 'tisms should be at the helm of society.

>Neurotypicals will be put to manual labour and exhibited at the zoo.
No. 4801
Azino-three-axes is your solution to make money
No. 4804
487 kB, 1200 × 846
I've decided to decrease my workload and only do the pages I were supposed to do yesterday.
So close to completion. Only 11 chapters left, and when I started at the first of July, I had 28 to do.
Hadn't had the chance to go to the chemist in 3 days and couldn't get the pills for my stomach, so that's one more to add to the list of "why I'm suffering".

Only if I could do a chapter a day. Only... And I'm so close to being at that capacity. So fucking close.
I'm going to watch Japanese cartoons now, and read a chapter or two from Soul Mountain.
No. 4814
I wouldn't want you to burn out that early. Run low, but run further.
It's the worst feeling in life when you don't want to do once enjoyable activities.
No. 4834
362 kB, 1091 × 855
Had a deep-fried abomination from the local Chinese restaurant this evening called Shrimp Toast. The top pieces were actually quite good in spite of having an evocative aftertaste that was somewhere between white vinegar and turpentine, but the lower pieces in the paper bag they came in were dripping grease as if they had been immersed in liquid and were discarded. Now my stomach is roiling with discomfort in return for my culinary adventure, and in addition I have broken out in a tropical sweat. The quality of the food there has declined, as formerly the China-men were meticulous about preparation far beyond what you would expect for a dumpy Amero-Chinee joint in the middle of nowhere. Part of the problem seems to be that the place used to be run and staffed by a small family, and now new Chinese employees appear to come and go there quite frequently. I also think that the owners have started smoking weed and getting lax about the quality of the place, as they have been very red-eyed and sluggish every time I go there, and the formerly clean restaurant is becoming rather grimy. They have a decent amount of customers from what I have seen, but I believe they are coasting off of their formerly good reputation.
No. 4838
195 kB, 820 × 615
Well that went poorly. There were no grognards, and no people who were interested in hex games. Didn't even get to open the box.

Asking for a friend, are chits and hexes intimidating? Maybe my friend is just highly desensitised to the aesthetic of NATO chits and sees piles of them on a map as intuitive information rather than a clusterfuck of symbols and numbers. The friend is me.

Pic is the game I brought when its set up for an example of how a hex game looks in physical form. Non hex autists, pls help.
No. 4839
1,4 MB, 1915 × 1079
I'm not sure that I can because I don't know the crowd. It also looks like something that needs commitment, so maybe that's the problem? I guess it depends on the type of person, since some people may just want a quick session rather than coming back (which would basically be MtG or something, as opposed to PnP rpgs or something like that). But I already play games that look like this and enjoy them, so I might be a hex autist anyway just never IRL.
No. 4841
16,4 MB, 6300 × 3892
1,9 MB, 3872 × 2592
Hex and Chit is different from 4x using a hex grid. 4x didn't originate on PC, they've been board games since at least the 70s after all (Stellar Conquest, 1974). The pieces operate differently and represent different things and the general gameplay is different. When I talk about hex autism, I'm referring to wargames rather than 4x. Compare your pic to a Hex & Chit classic, TOAW/OpArt3 and you'll see that despite both using hexes, the games are completely different. They don't have to be historical, but 4x and wargaming are different beasts.

Also, Guns of August isn't all that committal. It's only about 50 turns long and is at Corps level. 50 turns might seem like a lot, but that's monthly turns at the corps scale which is not all that granular. It's not like I'm bringing out Case Blue or Campaign for North Africa which can take upwards of 1500 hours.
No. 4843
43 kB, 631 × 612
No. 4847
Good golly, Case Blue looks both awesome and intimidating.
The "longest" game with the most commitment that I've played is Twilight Imperium (3rd Ed.). It's already hard to find people to play that thing and we only spent like 11 hours on it (including diner break).
No. 4848
598 kB, 1671 × 2160
>Waiting for our first project to take off so I can finally get paid and buy that damn easel and go back to painting.

Ooohh, please share your paintings when it happens.
No. 4849
Yeah, that's monsters for you. Case Blue and Campaign for North Africa are an exception in raw scale though. Usually monsters are just games that aren't sit down and play, but will need a dedicated space for at least a few days usually a few weeks depending on how much you can play at a time. It's rare to have games like CfNA that recommend teams of five to make the workload manageable.

Maybe I will make a tabletop games threda and we can continue discussions there.
No. 4853
It sounds autistic, but I sort of want to delve into it. Even if I'm just some low tier nobody who's only commanding a few units.
Living romanticism, man. War and Peace but I'm actually part of it.
No. 4855
Since we are talking about boardgames, I've been thinking about playing go, and now I even understand it a bit.
Found online that the neighbouring town has a go club. It's recessed for the summer, but in the fall I might pay a visit to it.
No. 4856
28 kB, 423 × 553
It's not a few units. If you're the Air Marshal, my understanding is that you have a pilot roster to work with on top of your airframes, and then you need to move both around and sort them into packages to send on operations each turn. But to move and supply things, you'll need to work with your logistics player who tracks where different types of munitions and supplies are located and then locates vehicles to move them to where they need to be. It's beyond autistic.
No. 4857
But isn't there a chain of command where a guy controls the Eastern wing, one the Central and on the Western?
Or is it not THAT autistic?
No. 4858
It's not a chain of command sim, it's just got so many moving parts that a team of people working together is the only realistic way to manage one of the sides.
No. 4861
I see. It still looks like a ton of fun.
No. 4866
Keep in mind that these will have more than 1000 pieces basically by definition and in some cases you're probably cracking 2000, the size of some of the more colossal games is hard to wrap your head around. I mean if someone put the entire Europa Series together (which they can, it's a modular system), then it represents the entire European and Mediterranean Theatres to the regimental level. It and Campaign for North Africa are more of proof of concept shelf queens than actual games. DAK is better than Campaign for North Africa for the African theatre anyway and it's got a ruleset designed for operational play that it shares with Guderian's Blitzkrieg and Case Blue. They run pretty smoothly and easily for games their size. There are just better made monster games out there.
No. 4868
517 kB, 800 × 1066
I'm still tinkering with my bicycle. While fixing a rear flat (ran over a nail), I had trouble getting the rear derailleur put back and adjusted correctly. This of course led me to realize I always hated that deraileur. I never shift gears and when I do they always slip anyway, so I decided to just remove it. By taking the derailleur and cables off of the frame, and shortening the chain, I transformed my 18 speed into a single speed(there is still a front derailleur[for now], but the chain no longer has the slack needed to shift). According to YouTube videos it should work out ok, but I haven't road tested it yet. It currently has no front brakes(I broke the spring adjusting them) and I'm waiting on Amazon for those. The picture is my bike.
No. 4869
I bet it's one hell of an event to pull one like this off. An actual experience that'll be remembered.
No. 4872
I'm also fixing a bike right now. I currently want to remove the cogs to put them on a new rear wheel, but they won't come off. I have already bought proper tools and increased the leverage and bathed it in WD40. Pretty frustrating.
No. 4873
40 kB, 900 × 623
Hit it with a hammer until it comes off.
t. DIY helper
No. 4874
69 kB, 645 × 773
The cashier at my brother's internet cafe called me just now, said some weird guy just went for an all nighter, and that he looks high, and she's too scared to tell him to leave, and asked me to come in case anything happens.

When I showed up, she seemed so happy and grateful. It made me feel good. It truly is a man's duty to protect a woman.
No. 4875
Although, I'm not sure if I can protect her since I'm piss drunk on 1.5 liters of 10% lager.

The guy's half my weight so I guess I could just pin him down and strangle him.
No. 4876
Is the guy actually weird? I've been called weird once or twice a lot in my time. Enough to know that it's a pretty subjective thing.
No. 4877
17 kB, 321 × 415
Also, there is an alternative to always having to protect a woman. Find a young lady who knows all the right places to put her hands on a rifle in order to mist Jerry's melon at 500 paces.
No. 4879
69 kB, 699 × 485
Actually, no, he seems like a normal guy. Just likes dipping tobacco.
She's just overreacting. Like a woman.

Now I have to spend all night here.

I wish firearms were legal here. tfw no gun not gf.
No. 4880
54 kB, 1338 × 500
58 kB, 1024 × 593
50 kB, 1024 × 678
>tfw no gun not gf.
I know that feel. But you know me well enough to know that I know that feel. I'm going to get a Martini Cadet like pic related (unmodified, none of that sportified bullcrap) when I eventually get a license because they're good learner rifles since it's what they're designed for but they're also just ebin so it won't get boring like a generic .22. Or if, I should say. I don't own a place and most landlords don't take kindly to it when they find a gun safe bolted into their floor. Lots of them either make you sign a no-fun agreement or just take it out of your bond as 'damage' even though it's a 2 minute putty job to fix it up good as new when it's gone.
No. 4881
I'm not much into guns, but I've always dreamed of owning an old fashioned double barrel shotgun.
I know they're not optimal for home defense, but they're just so fugging cool. It's like owning a second pair of testicles.

My secret fantasy is buying a CNC machine and milling myself a gun :-DDDD.
No. 4882
Fun fact from gun autist Aussie for those who weren't there for my discussion about gun markings. That is indeed the same BSA that made motorcycles. They got their start in firearms production in 1861 and later diversified.
No. 4883
45 kB, 1600 × 404
If you like the penis enhancement effect of firearms, then you'd love the Maynard carbine. from Weekly Arkansas Gazette, June 15, 1861, p. 1

Toby's Experience with a Breech-Loading Rifle.

—Toby is a high private in the first regiment of the Mississippi army. His company is armed with a breech-loading Maynard rifle, warranted to shoot twelve times a minute, and carry a ball effectually 1600 yards. Men who fought at Monterey and Buena Vista called the new-fangled thing a "pop-gun." To test its efficacy, Toby's Captain told the men they must "try their guns." In obedience to command, Toby procured the necessary munitions of war and started with his "pop gun" for the woods; saws a squirrel up a very high tree; took aim; fired—effects of shot immediate and wonderful; tree effectually stripped, and nothing of the squirrel to be found except three broken hairs; "pop-gun" rose in value; equal to a four-pounder. But Toby wouldn't shoot towards any more trees, afraid of being arrested for cutting down other people's timber; walked a mile and a quarter to get sight of hill; by aid of a small telescope saw hill in the distance; saw large rock on hill; put in a big load; shut both eyes—fired. As soon as breath returned opened both eyes; could see, just could, but couldn't hear—at least couldn't distinguish any sounds; thought Niagara had broken loose, or all out-doors gone to drum beating; determined to see if shot hit; borrowed horse and started towards hill; after traveling two days and nights reached place; saw setting sun shining through hill; knew right away that was where his shot hit; went close; stumbled over rocky fragment scattered for half a mile in line of bullet; come to hole; knew the bullet hit there, because saw led on the edges; walked in and walked through; saw teamster on the other side "indulging in profane language"—in fact, "cussin' considerable" because lightning had killed his team; looked as finger directed; saw six dead oxen in line with hole through mountain; knew that was the bullet's work, but didn't say so to angry teamster; thought best to be leaving; in consequence didn't explore path of bullet any further; therefore don't know where it stopped; don't know whether it stopped at all—in fact, rather think it didn't; mounted horse; rode back through the hole made by the bullet; but never told Captain a word about it; to tell the truth, was rather afraid he'd think it a hoax. "It's a right big story, boys," said Toby, in conclusion, "but it's true, sure as shooting. Nothing to do with Maynard rifle but load her up, turn her North, and pull trigger; if twenty of them don't clean out all Yankeedom, then I'm a liar, that's all."

>Nothing to do with Maynard rifle but load her up, turn her North, and pull trigger; if twenty of them don't clean out all Yankeedom, then I'm a liar, that's all."
No. 4888
It's honestly kind of overrated. Shooting off fireworks is not too much different in a certain visceral sense. Also if you're going for that feel you'd want a pump action anyway. Although honestly what you'd really want would be a high calibre rifle regardless for every reason and situation except home defense anywhere not in the middle of a mountain valley in a cabin because penetration. These are also American dwellings I'm thinking of so even a 9mm is going to go through a couple of walls.
No. 4891
I can sympathize with you. All the momentum you build up to fix something can come to a dead stop with a simple stuck bolt or stripped screw.
No. 4893
Ok, I'm sobering up and this is getting boring and annoying.

Bitch called me in for nothing. I want to go home.
No. 4936
Should have used the moment when she was thankful to chat her up and maybe get some action out of it in your brothers office while he's not there.
No. 4937
I attended a Go club at Uni a few times, it was devastating how hard you get crushed by someone with only a few months more experience.
Still the most elegant game ever created and I wish I had people to play it with regularly.
No. 4945
275 kB, 463 × 660
I don't like her.
She has a very similar phenotype to mine, so our children would probably look ugly as hell.

t. derives sexual attraction by extrapolating what potential offspring my look like
No. 4947
186 kB, 1024 × 773
That feel when I had to do laundry by hand again. I haven't been able to get a proper load done in ages. Seems like every I'm washing tomorrow's outfit.
t. has to share a single washing machine with the rest of the building
No. 4953
Okay, I was thinking more in terms of having a one-nighter with not attachments.
And even in a full relationship there is no need for children... unless condoms aren't a thing over there.
No. 4957
154 kB, 729 × 638
You don't get it.

Would you have a one night stand with a fat person? No? A childless relationship? No?

Well, I don't want to have either with a woman of the wrong phenotype.
A woman with the right phenotype, however, is good for marriage.

My sexuality is unconventional.
No. 4983
102 kB, 252 × 265
Haven't worked on my translation at all.
Went to the pool instead and watched some anime.
My mind is so set on this that I keep imagining the English subtitles in a reworked Hungarian fashion as I'm watching.
There was a heat alarm, so I couldn't get any gardening done either.
I planned on drinking some alcohol but decided against it.
Because I've lazed around today, I've just missed the deadline I've set for myself. At page 150 by the end of the week. I was one page short.
But it was too hot to work, not to mention there were people around.
I've arranged a student job for myself for the week after, and I want to be mostly done by then.
Shouldn't be so hard on myself with this. Translating the text doesn't mean anything, since I'll have to rework the first 66 pages because I've changed a bunch of expressions along the way because I was an inexperienced retard and didn't do it properly.
That'll be nice.
I'll print it out, and read it. Then I'll see what has to be reworked.
Hella fun.
I wish I had a healthy concept of fun
No. 4996
18 kB, 236 × 402
Be that as it may you should stop drinking so much m8

I've seen it destroy a LOT of people especially bernds ernsts
No. 7726
43 kB, 650 × 366
I have two old bags of coffee: Harrar Organic, and Peaberry

I want fresh coffee NOW but there is no roaster near me, so I have to order it online