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No. 372 Systemkontra
4,5 MB, 400 × 249, 0:05

>“Russia should be in this meeting,” Trump told reporters in Washington as he left the White House to fly to Canada. “Why are we having a meeting without Russia being in the meeting?"

I find very interesting that the president of the only world superpower promotes the interests of the hostile country, whose economy is equal to half of India's GDP and whose exports were surpassed by the Netherlands. Have you ever seen anyone talking about the Indian significance in the world?
No. 375
You think russia is weak. HAH

they have nerve agents and AI steered smart nuclear missiles
No. 376
>Have you ever seen anyone talking about the Indian significance in the world?
They war with Pakistan (both of them have nuclear weapon, btw) and number of their programmers is significant.
No. 377
That guy is such an unbelievable twat. Also I am not so sure about the idea of Russia having his leash but it is very obvious Israel does.
Of course, nobody actually says anything about him being Israel's whore. I personally think he's been involved in not just Israeli and Russian sleeze but also had access to their organized crime network. Trump's connections to organized crime have been rumored for a longtime already. Of course if it's Russia we're talking about the distinction between State and organized crime is negigible.
No. 379
Poroshenko bribed a Trump's personal Jew to met American president.
No. 384
>I personally think he's been involved in not just Israeli and Russian sleeze but also had access to their organized crime network

This definitely. Trump family is basically an organized crime network.
No. 471
So, when will Ukraine get admitted to G7?
No. 473
His bargain to have someone against europe. Germany and France are in some kind of trade war against usa now.
t.trade wars pro
No. 475
Memes aside this could be a bad thing and I am massively suspicious of anything Trump has had to say including China. He went over there and schmoozed and had his daughter sign some business deal for a shoe factory or whatever and now suddenly China is okay. The fuckers have just been caught breaking into a US Navy contractor (i swear to God contracting out military work is by far the stupidest mistake ever made in the history of the us military) and just recently one of our CIA agents got busted for selling our secrets to them. So far as I'm concerned we're already at cold war with China. I would gladly and proudly join up with any branch of our government or military to counter these horrible people.

Meanwhile Trump is dicking around with Europeans for some reason. Well, on the plus side 1st least this can help fracture one of our only two rival power blocs but at least EU can see reason. Mainly this is just funny from the sidelines but the worst possible thing this dumbfuck could possibly do is leave the United States and the European Union in a weakened state be for the Chinese. Everybody knows this is like kindergarten tier game theory if there are three powers whoever convinces the other two to fight each other first usually wins.
No. 481
Don't blame the orange gas baboon, he's not at fault here, he's nothing more than a pawn in the hands of horrible, horrible people like John Bolton.

But quite honestly I'm baffled at US foreign policy at the moment, instead of countering the Russian-Chinese thread, you just go and start sanctioning Europe for no reason. Okay, I get some (((deals))) are not really fruitful for the US but sometimes sacrifices have to be made for your Allies to keep them happy.

I mean for fuck's sake, this EU trade war thing is basically pushing it straight into Russia's hands. The whole entire tactic just doesn't add up.
No. 494
> dicking around with europe
Divide and conquer. Europe will have a hard time doing anything when the trade war move on to cars. Germany is so dependent on export to the US that Merkel will throw solidarity out the window when VW, Daimler and friends says jump, Sweden to is dependent on export so our own cock sucking government will think twice to start anything.
No. 557
I have no idea why people keep trying to blame everything about Trump on other people. He's a loose cannon. The reason why he got John Bolton is because he literally fired everybody else or they quit. Even to this day he's having ridiculous problems with this https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/13/politics/trump-vacancies-attrition-nominees/index.html

It's like when people were trying to say he was "playing 4D chess" and blatantly shilling and hyping every dumb move as if he was some sort of genius, and making it sound like he would drop the truth bomb on the News anytime now. This is because it is a lot easier for many stupid people to entertain than to admit how completely and utterly they got tricked. Anybody with any sense saw these things coming, and Trump's main priorities were Israel, trade, and immigration, in that order. When the guy has also fired or had everyone resign in the constant chaos of his administration I am astounded that people are still trying to blame other people for the colossally retarded or outright evil things he does.

>The whole entire tactic just doesn't add up.
It does if you're an incredibly fickle, impulsive, short term strategy oriented psychopath tier. Trump ran his businesses pretty much the same way which is partly why he has so many failed ventures all over the place. Everything from airlines to "universities" to casinos. Trump is not a long term thinker I don't believe. He behaves like a very short term payoff type of guy who goes with whims and impulses rather than any long term coherent strategy. That and people in Europe butthurted them so he wants to take his toys and go home and write about how Kim Jong Un will be his new best friend at recess or whatever. He also seems distracted and without any clear genuine principles or scruples about anything which only adds to the incoherence of policy.
No. 559
Yeah that would make more sense and is something I personally would have done. Fracturing the EU may play into Russian hands, but it also plays into ours by making sure Europe never really gets on its feet and becomes a coherent power bloc especially in terms of economy.
No. 600
That only works if the US has anything to say. I saw an interesting interview with an American analyst who pointed out that China is leading the race in tech while the US wants to start coal mining again. They welcomed Chinese investment banks because there was no investment from the US. But maybe it makes sense to piss of your old allies.
No. 602
571 kB, 1280 × 720
455 kB, 1280 × 720
561 kB, 1280 × 720
368 kB, 1280 × 720
Just watched an interestig documentary about some american reporter traveling to North Korea, interviewing the people etc.
Really interesting, it seems like the people really want the war. Sure, now one might say that they are not able to speak their mind freely about that topic but what I saw in their faces and the way they talked more than often seemed lile genuine enthusiasm about their country and it's leader.
In fact it touched me deeply to see those people believing in something greater than theirselves, ready to take on the whole world for the sake of it. The documentary tried to produce a scary atmosphere, but I found it to be beautiful. For the hyper-individualistic western world it's probably already a dread to see that there are people on this world who have more to believe in then hedonism and mindless consumerism.

No. 604
>some american reporter traveling to North Korea
How he could even get into and ask people for free? Reporters were not welcome, as far as I remember.
No. 605
You can brainwash any group of idiots into legit enthusiasm. It is the bydlo effect. It is no different than a bunch of morons screeching about the newest iPhone and waiting in the rain for it. Is their enthusiasm and belief in Apple genuine? Yeah. They're also complete idiots.

>really want war
Their tinpot dictatorship has been telling them to want war against the USA for generations now. They have been born and raised in nothing but clamor for war with USA. They also have been brainwashed into thinking USA is weak and they can easily win a war against us. The only thing we would suck at is occupying that shithole, which we have always been bad it. They don't realize we can vaporize every square kilometer of their country and then act like nothing happened.
No. 606
Typically norks will conduct guided tours. Journalists aren't completely forbidden, but you will be arrested and sent to gulag for 20 or 30 years as a Western spy the moment you leave for anything other than the guided tour. They do it purely for propaganda purposes. They also bug the hotel rooms and spy on any Westerner who comes there.
No. 607
>They don't realize we can vaporize every square kilometer of their country
You've vaporized Vietnam once.
No. 610
22 kB, 680 × 380
I agree with Trump,. Russia should be there.
It should be G8, like it has been for years, not G7.
No. 615
Vietnam we only bombed. The difference is they were not a nuclear power. I think part of their hubris is in being a nuclear power themselves. Of course, if the United States were ever nuked, we would retaliate to maximum effect. I think that is one reason why the Chinese keep a leash on him, because they know full well we would retaliate with a nuclear option and China doesn't want that. But, I am concerned about China. NK? Lol
No. 625
112 kB, 1096 × 616
It's just a tantrum because the rest of the G7 has united against him. He even pulled out of the joint statement despite it representing nothing but an aspirational document of rainbows and sunshine.

I do get Trump's position of course where despite all the rhetoric member states (France, Canada, Japan, even the US) maintain high tariffs to protect core industries rendering confrontation inevitable. But that said, with North Korean talks ongoing it is a mistake to present a fragmented front now. Shinzo Abe's posture says it all as he simply cannot afford for this to be going on with a war on the horizon.

Also, Britain is fucked, unless we can play the child in a divorce we're in a recipe for trade deadlock with the US and EU+Canada. Just a few weeks ago a Trump aid even revealed that he is sick of May's schoolmaster tone and attempts to use the special relationship to influence policy which is worrying for everyone considering the last time Britain and the US significantly diverged on policy was the Vietnam War (hence why the US tends to listen to it's mother).

>i swear to God contracting out military work is by far the stupidest mistake ever made in the history of the us military

Hue, we all know that outsourcing feel.

>So far as I'm concerned we're already at cold war with China.

I think this position would be a mistake even if it appears to make sense, indeed it is something I've heard Americans talk about even when China's 'peaceful rise' was deeply embedded in the agenda thereby reeking of obsession. Espionage happens like the tides and shouldn't serve as the spark for a sustained confrontation not least because, like the old Cold War, the rest of the world remains eager to pull both of your pants down over the other bogeyman because realist theory cannot adapt to the complexities of real world societies.

Not to say that China shouldn't get a slap when it misbehaves but the US should be confident in its position as a silverback gorilla on China's doorstep with bases on locations like Jeju being able to cripple the country in a matter of minutes. In addition to this while China has made leaps and bounds in information technology it remains laughably backwards in critical sectors like metallurgy that will create endless trouble down the road. So why worry? Maybe the real worry is China is fast approaching the point where Marxist doctrine states a revolution will take place :^)

It doesn't make any sense for Russia to be there. You can't have meaningful trade discussions when one member is cut-off and ostracised from the rest.
No. 647
42 kB, 697 × 333
i still have the hope that trump causes our own leaders to grow some balls and brains of their own, but look as this picture. they all look at him like a pack of lackeys in fear of a terrible new order they won't like but obey anyway.
No. 650
369 kB, 1960 × 1306
Fatty already in Singapoor

So looks like it really happened - someone once again done chruschow's geopolitics tactics.
No. 652
If a NK citizen doesn't show enough enthusiasm in hating the USA and loving the dear leader he's done. You can't give anything about whatever a NK citizen says in public to a camera or similar occasion. They are all controlled by fear of terror against them and their families.
No. 653
>they all look at him like a pack of lackeys in fear of a terrible new order they won't like but obey anyway.

They look more like he just made a very unfunny joke and he's wondering why no one laughes.
No. 658
no, look at the body language. he doesnt give a fuck at all. same in this >>625 shot.
in a situation like you described he would smile and look around, while all the others would not be in a tense pose, staring at him concerned.
No. 668
Merkel is looking at Trudeau everyone else looking at Merkel, Trump looks into the nothing.

What i guess is going on: Merkel and Trudeau talk, everyone listens, Trump tries to pretent he's interested.
No. 669
>So looks like it really happened - someone once again done chruschow's geopolitics tactics.

What do you mean? I think everyone is more or less aware that the North Korean nuclear problem is (as of yet) probably not as spooky as it could be but a summit could've happened without the program.

I dunno about this. I'm reminded of the interviews with ordinary Chinese who described being utterly perplexed having spent their lives bayoneting targets with Nixon's face on and then seeing him become a friend.

I'm not saying North Koreans entirely naive but making people hate others to the point of tears in their eyes isn't impossible.

Probably a good guess. Trudeau has been seen really taking the lead in building a multilateral resistance (did he find his balls?) and has been particularly subject to Trump's ire as a result while Merkel is still the silent queen of the Eurozone.

See also how Macron has been kept on the sidelines in direct confrontations as he has become Trump's BFF. There has clearly been an international effort on manipulating Trump like it is the cure for cancer - remember that old line about Bush uniting the world...against him.
No. 673
93 kB, 800 × 533
>(did he find his balls?)

Trump tariffs cost EU and Mexico about 3 billion each, but Canada 15 billion. And done with the "national security" reason, like Canada was some rogue state, is especially insulting.
No. 718
41 kB, 644 × 494
12 kB, 575 × 117
I like this American religious fanaticism. I'm talking about things like printed money that tell people about your faith in God, helping Jews without paying attention to the consequences, telling about the place of your political opponent in the underworld...
No. 723
I am not sure what you mean by this. What religious fanaticism? Trump himself is a godless man. He is absolutely everything that is not Christian, and yet somehow he never gets publicly attacked for it like he should have considering his newfound half hearted pandering to the religious right.
No. 726
54 kB, 1440 × 1080
This is a joke. The US is the most religious 1st world country, americans print "In God we trust" on their money, evangelicals support Israel and after G7 meeting one of the Trump avdisors said that there's a place in Hell for Canadian prime minister. Donald Tusk coined the phrase and thanked Trudeau.
No. 728
324 kB, 798 × 1390
Well that is because they're quite simply wrong. I don't trust Evangelicals. At all. They frequently break a ton of stuff in Scripture, give Christianity the appearance of evil, and often completely openly support evil and vicious things. The problem is not religion--the problem is complete insincerity of religion in this country.
No. 749
142 kB, 703 × 488
No. 760
Love Abe's face.
He just wants to go home and eat some ramen.

I expect a unification/de-nuclearisation deal to be reached with the Koreans.
However by kicking the can down the road it will probably be over 20-40 years.
No. 839
>The US is the most religious 1st world country
Poland is, no the USA.
No. 841
1st world
No. 843
No. 844
I think the Vatican gives them both a run for their money. There is even news of its leader being a devout bear.
No. 846
1,1 MB, 5189 × 3459
wtf i love bonald blumpf now
No. 847
1,2 MB, 1091 × 885
No. 850
There is the proof, Kim is only CGI the meeting never happened.

t. alegs jons
No. 852
90 kB, 820 × 461
More proof.
Trumps leg got placed on the wrong spot.
No. 854
That norkette is a qt.

Also are gommies going to commit mass suicide when Drumpf the evil nazi legalizes mary-jane at the federal level? Are they suddenly going to turn anti-drugs? I wonder.
No. 874
That "Norkette" is the sister of the dear leader and one of the most powerful women in her country.
No. 888
909 kB, 770 × 997
>That norkette is a qt.

Just think, if Kim dies before his children get to adulthood then she will probably get to lead the country. Imagine her cruel smile with whip in hand demanding that you filthy western dog get on your knees and kiss her feet.
No. 893
This is a common thing among brits, to have submissive fantasies, isn't it? I've seen it more than once in recent times.
No. 895
Dressing as women, pegging, and pederasty are well known English customs
No. 911
69 kB, 675 × 373
No. 912
He walks and talks retarded.
No. 913
Checked. Also: I can't help myself but think that it is funny how people still cheer for Trump's narratives, when the media constantly fed them their own narratives over the years. I'm not sure if they're mad because Trump is an IQ89 dickhead, or if they're only mad because they lost control over the narratives. Maybe a little bit of both.
No. 915
Trump is just another typical neocon. Literally the only thing he's been doing differently is tariffs at this point. Every single thing on the agenda is typical neocon bullshit. What I am stunned by is how people can fall for the same lies again and again. I think Trump knew this when he made his stand on a corner and shoot somebody comment. There comes a time when your herd of cattle are so dumb you just have to pause for a minute and question everything. I suspect cult leaders also had these moments of hypnotic clarity.
No. 917
104 kB, 640 × 640
12 kB, 305 × 165
He gets asked a question and doesn't know the answer, so he just strings random sentences together.

It's a strategy that works for ~50% of Americans
No. 918
351 kB, 1389 × 750

2nd picture again in readable size
No. 919
Oh, and it's also amazing how he can stand there and say literally nothing in 500 words. He didn't say a single damn substantative thing in that whole exchange. Not one single word had value.
No. 926
>it's also amazing how he can stand there and say literally nothing in 500 words
It's a very valuable trait for a politician.
No. 933
30 kB, 595 × 276
No. 949
1,5 MB, 2488 × 3250
So apparently because De Niro insulted Trump, poltards are now spreading rumors that he's a pedophile.

Which is funny because Trump ACTUALLY has been accused by more than one woman in connection with the Jeffery Epstein pedo "massage" network. He went to court over it and tried to pay people off, the same way he did with that pornstar.
No. 952
55 kB, 603 × 754
if it's real...

>president of country openly insulting people on twitter
It boggles my mind how this guy is still in office
No. 955
>if it's real...

Sure it is, check for yourself


You have to go a bit down because there are alrady a ton of new messages
No. 956
What a time to be alive. It's incredible that the leader of the world's only superpower is basically a shitposter. Can you imagine if WWII was like this?
No. 967
@NevilleChamberlain has no stamina and is Low Energy and can't stop the German Reich from retaking core territory #munichagreement #einvolkeinreicheinführer
No. 970
I don't know if it's just my childish addiction to entertainment or an objective observation: I still like it very much how everybody goes crazy about how Trump "divides the country", because there is so much open critizism. I can't quite follow that, because there were about as many people very unhappy with Obama as a president, and they also voiced their opinions (not my president), but I still get the impression that conservatives would be more willing to accept a ruler which they personally do not approve of for the greater good of the country, while the left side tends to sulk over the injustice of their own defeat and generally don't accept that other's voted this way. So I was thinking that while the leftists are accusing Trump of dividing the country, it's actually themselves who do it. I just couldn't help myself to imagine violent republican protests after the Obama election and then those same republicans complaining about him dividing the country, because of the very same violent protests they just started. It just seems silly to me.

No defense of the Donald here, in case this appears so. His actual job performance is an issue of his own.
No. 971
Not really. Right wingers in this country sulked over their defeat to Obama with no constructive alternative, just manufactured outrage over complete nonsense, which they still do to this day (pizzagate for example), and have a mindset of "win at all costs" even if the guy they elected is doing the complete opposite of what they want. This is why Trump made that he could stand on a street corner and shoot somebody and people would still vote for him comment.
No. 972
Is that whole "dividing the country"-shtick a new development, or has it been like this with all past US presidents? Has it also been like this with Bush jr? I never paid much attention to this, but I think at least Bill Clinton was rather popular while in office, and I can't rememeber notable republican outrage beyond the standard-"Oh well he is bad because he sucks"-sermon.
No. 975
In other news, Britain was thrown into a brief constitutional crisis today as an SNP MP had to be ejected from PMQs for refusing to sit down when told by the speaker. He was then of course followed by the rest of his party walking out in protest with various threats about using any legal means they can to protest.

This comes as a result of the SNP protesting the level of control Westminster is exercising over issues that constitutionally should come under devolution in relation to Brexit (which ties into larger issues over the Henry VIII powers). It's a very strange time to be living in as my countries constitution is presently a mess that nobody can fix or has any idea of how this will all end.

Power is sexy. Powerful ice queens doubly so. If you disagree then you're only lying to yourself.

>Trump is just another typical neocon.

I'm hardly seeing the advancement of liberal democracy at work and the kind of shalalala delusions Bush had on Iraq. Trump himself is even the anti-thesis of American realist thinking as personalities aren't supposed to be this influential.

Must we crack out the Churchill quotes?

Bill and Hillary Clinton was actively labeled as sexual predators while he was in office. We're talking accusations that they abused their daughter in satanic rituals (because it was the 90s).

It's obvious American society is very divided now, I've even heard it being talked about as a cold-civil war but it's hardly at the level it was during the Vietnam War.
No. 980
All elections are like this but they usually settle down for two years. This did not happen with Bush, who turned out to be a fucking horrible president.

It has happened in the past however, such as for example people like Nixon. In the 80s even though Reagan got the right wing Christians as a voting block, other Christians were teaching in Sunday school that he's the antichrist. And be for that people were massively butthurt about FDR, and before him Hoover. In fact, divisiveness is pretty usual in America, but it hasn't been this bad since like the 60s.
No. 1085
17,3 MB, 720 × 720, 3:27
26 kB, 586 × 276
Musk’s Boring company wins Chicago airport high-speed train bid

>Elon Musk's Boring Co. is the winner in a bid to build a multibillion-dollar high-speed express train to Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport.

>The project is unusual in that no government funding is involved, forcing the winner to finance the entire construction cost itself.

>In its request for proposals, the city set a goal of connecting downtown with the airport in 20 minutes or less, with service every 15 minutes for the majority of the day.
No. 1087 Kontra
No. 1108
I mean it's a neat idea, but it's also a completely useless idea. Wtf for? We already have a metro for things like that. Musk's whole problem is he is designing technology for a completely shitty and useless technology. Cars themselves clog the roads especially in urban environments to the part where a car is more completely useless in a major metro area than anywhere else. I don't see how this idea will in any way solve congestion issues in fact it will only add to them by interfering with underground train lines which are higher capacity.
No. 1124
  1. Metro takes 53 minutes because of the many stops, driving takes 40, Boring Co. will take 12.
  2. An Uber costs you 60 dollars, Boring Co. could drive you for 2 dollars when not trying to profit.
It's a vastly superior system with a capacity of 30,000 people a day. And it won't interfere with anything, you can go as deep as you want underground.
No. 1128
>Boring Co. will take 12.

Say all the tests under realistic circumstances? Oh right, they don't exist.

>Boring Co. could drive you for 2 dollars when not trying to profit.

Because that will happen.. also again, what are those numbers based on?

>It's a vastly superior system


>you can go as deep as you want underground.

No, you can't
No. 1146 Kontra
2 kB, 264 × 34
Look, a completely unproven company just won the bid against two big competitors. At least read their offer and the city's reasoning for choosing it, before you try to talk shit about it.
No. 1176
Look, a by the media extremely hyped company that's a 1A marketing instrument won the bid against two big competitors.
No. 1183
And then you need uber for 60$, a car or subway to get to boring company stop. I thought that in Europe you already have these problems with yours high speed trains.
No. 1310
69 kB, 1023 × 776
Brexit is bad for the UK

t. Nigel Farage

No. 1315
How they are happy to have option of reverting back.
No. 1321
1,7 MB, 1 page
>These measures have allowed Qatar to weather the embargo. In fact, on the one-year anniversary of the crisis, Qatar had a smaller fiscal deficit, a substantive increase in foreign reserves, an improved trade balance, and a fully recovered banking sector.

Living in a small state must be ebin when you manage to humiliate your larger neighbours. The whole crisis has been handled with a masterstroke from securing Chinese weapons, wheeling out the Russian bogeyman to win contracts with Poland, buying British jets (effectively crippling British maneuvering via jobs) or indulging a watermelon salesman's imperial ambitions.

Have you ever lived in a city? Getting cheap public transportation anywhere is one of the major perks of living around so many people.

If the boring company for some absurd reason cannot place small decentralised stations then they can exploit connection routes via bus/tram/subway and still be a roaring success over cross city links. I can only imagine the revolution that would follow if Musk built one of those stations on either side of London so you didn't have to fight across the city or melt in the summer underground network.

I don't think it is breaking news that our government is crippled and Theresa May lacks both the personality and party unity to pull this off. We saw it again this week with both ends of the Brexit debate saying that they came away with personal assurances from Theresa May that they will get what they want (a major fault-line is currently whether Parliament or government has final say on Brexit). The EU is of course seeing all of this and has since last year seized the initiative giving us blow after blow for example, recently locking us out of the Galileo program for security reasons when a hefty chunk of the program was British built and defence/security assets were viewed as sacrosanct.

In that context of course nobody will talk to Farage because to do so would almost certainly trigger a parliamentary rebellion and since the referendum he has become even more of a loony talking head serving his paymasters in fox news.

What the hell is wrong with ITV and that studio. It's like they intentionally set themselves up to fail with anyone but the lowest most bydlo demographic. Try the Daily Politics if you want British political discussions

It was brought up just the other-day that to go back on Brexit at this point would represent another Suez Crisis (an event that crushed Britain's status and self-image). At a push we could have another referendum but with Remain unable to pull together an argument that appeals to more than cosmopolitan falafel eaters it would be a lost cause.
No. 1322
>After years of cautious sparring, Angela Merkel’s standoff with her party’s Bavarian partners over refugee policy escalated into a bare-knuckled brawl on Thursday, threatening both the stability of Germany’s grand coalition and the conservative bloc that has been the bedrock of its political establishment for decades. Merkel’s refusal to endorse a plan by her Bavarian interior minister to turn back some refugees at the German border set the stage for a showdown that, barring a last-minute compromise, could bring down her government.

>“I consider illegal immigration to be one of the biggest challenges for the European Union and think that we therefore should not act unilaterally, without consultation and at the expense of third parties,” Merkel said Thursday at the end of a day packed with crisis meetings. The dispute ostensibly revolves around the question of whether Germany should turn back refugees who have applied for asylum in other EU countries. Merkel opposes the policy on the grounds it could hasten the collapse of Europe’s system of open frontiers by forcing Germany’s neighbors to reimpose border controls.


What is the German take on all this. Is Merkel still as secure as she seems? How will Germany react now that Italy has made it clear that enough is enough?
No. 1325
137 kB, 1 page
>enough is enough
Germany will give Italians all the money they want, as it has been for decades, because Germans are stupid, weak and docile and believe the lies that are told to them. This is why Germans are poor.
No. 1326
10 kB, 300 × 225
farage is even more delusional than may. the eu single market has no tariffs, it has stuff like sepa which makes business super easy and there's the eurozone with a single currency which makes trading and travelling within the eu single market even less complicated. what's more we don't have expensive mobile phone roaming within the eu anymore and the oh so evil bureaucrat regulations taking away muh freedumz actually make sure that products who are sold on the single market meet certain quality standards, they protect small local businesses and brands like french cheese producers etc.
what the fuck does that insincere, arrogant special snowflake loudmouth englander farage has to offer an eu or eurozone member that is better than the single market environment?
it honestly baffles me how he can sit on that couch and smile in the fucking camera after he played such a major role in pulling the uk out of the eu.
No. 1327
>Hurrdurr muh EU is best
>and Euro
A spectacular success indeed.
No. 1329 Kontra
what mil base are you posting from, fatty?
No. 1331
30 kB, 280 × 158
>what the fuck does that insincere, arrogant special snowflake loudmouth englander farage has to offer an eu or eurozone member that is better than the single market environment?

...Well, some kind of free trade area that allows collaboration but without the free movement clause in it's current implementation. Let's not pretend that a major cause of Brexit wasn't images of Germany recklessly causing a wave of illegal immigration and then attempting to bully reluctant states to follow a course it unilaterally decided.

Don't get me wrong though, I'd rather we'd voted remain but there are more than enough examples of unhappiness in EU relationships. It may help to understand that Farage flipped on EU membership after the signing of TEU (when members stood ramrod to the 'Ode to Joy') which has turned into a bit of a cake and arse party since.
No. 1332
83 kB, 864 × 1026
How hard are you planning on begging Italy to stay in the Eurozone, petty eurocrat?
No. 1333
McAirfeild, also why did he find his way here?

So essentially he wants to offer what is really less freedom for people but more freedom for capitalistic oppression?

People are so hung up on raging lunatics that they can't see that we need more EU not less. The difference is that we need more EU for people, not for big business. So far EU has managed to tell big companies who wants to limit freedom to fuck off. If EU breaks every single country will get anally raped so hard.

inb4 hurr durr country X stronk
No. 1337
as a leftist i'm not fond of 'freedom of movement for workers' myself, mainly because it has negative effects on worker's wages, however i wouldn't want to leave the eu and the single market altogether because of it.

>...Well, some kind of free trade area that allows collaboration but without the free movement clause in it's current implementation.
first let's not forget that uk is full of pakis, indians, carribbeans, africans etc. does mr farage complain about that? is he lobbying right now against paki immigration in the uk parliament? no, because he quit politics right after brexit.
second why would neither loudmouth farage nor any other uk politician lobby for getting rid of article 45 TFEU when uk was still a very influential eu member? do you honestly believe uk would not have been able to form an alliance in brussels in order to push for a change? if i'm not mistaken an austrian politician (possibly even the pm) has called for getting rid of art. 45 tfeu two weeks ago? why would neither farage nor cameron nor johnson ever do that when they still could? if this was such a crucial thing for uk why would they not put as much effort into it as they put effort into lobbying for over 9000 sorts of different special snowflake opt-outs, including an opt-opt to leave the european human rights convention (presumably because human rights and worker's rights are diminishing the uk's freedom and sovereignity or something).
>then attempting to bully reluctant states to follow a course it unilaterally decided.
i'm not even a merkel fan nor do i support her position on immigration, but that's just wrong. neither poland nor others were bullied into something during the migrant crisis. basically they have not taken in immigrants at all so far, us and sweden took all in. greece/syriza really got bullied. yet greece never wanted to leave the eu, despite schäuble being an utter cunt towards them.
No. 1341
Our government commands far greater control (which they don't always exercise) over commonwealth migration than EU migration. They cannot install a merit-based immigration system as Farage purposes until it can be applied to all prospective immigrants, not just brown ones.
No. 1342
Sorry, your eyes glazed over for a bit there. Are we still talking about the EU that pays millions to rich landowners while tenant farmers live hand to mouth? The one that kneecaps productivity because it's cheaper to exploit Eastern Europeans than it is to invest in technology? The one that is currently going over proposals to radically alter copyright law to the degree that sites like EC will be unable to function (https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/a3aa5b/europes-new-copyright-rules-will-be-devastating-to-the-internet-as-we-know-it)?

You're talking in a false dichotomy that flies in the face of what even the EU itself represents. What is more you flagrantly assume that a supranational body is more resistant to corruption and 'capitalistic oppression' when numerous cases exist such as the Viking Line and Laval where the ECJ ruled against workers right to strike when being undercut by immigrant labour. I'm not personally saying that the EU is the devil but if you seriously think the EU only works in the peoples interest then you will want your head examined.

>first let's not forget that uk is full of pakis, indians, carribbeans, africans etc. does mr farage complain about that? is he lobbying right now against paki immigration in the uk parliament? no, because he quit politics right after brexit.

Er, actually he is. The video above talks about it and he has consistently discussed how the Brexit vote was one that was also an indictment of mass immigration which he recently did on LBC.

>in the uk parliament?

Farage is dead as far as Westminster is concerned, he has never won a national election and every party currently sitting in parliament hates his guts. This is why he will never get into the House of Lords

>do you honestly believe uk would not have been able to form an alliance in brussels in order to push for a change?

Pretty much, it is impossible to do away with free movement because it is a core pillar of the EU and even Cameron's sheepish attempt to win concessions before the referendum was met with toxic venom. At this point even a new Lisbon would be impossible giving the divisions within the EU.

>i'm not even a merkel fan nor do i support her position on immigration, but that's just wrong. neither poland nor others were bullied into something during the migrant crisis. basically they have not taken in immigrants at all so far, us and sweden took all in. greece/syriza really got bullied. yet greece never wanted to leave the eu, despite schäuble being an utter cunt towards them.


This is the image the British people got before the referendum. Indeed prior to the referendum giant billboards were put up showing the unwashed masses streaming into Europe.
No. 1367
No. 1375
542 kB, 5800 × 2516
323 kB, 2163 × 865
167 kB, 898 × 698
242 kB, 1280 × 1280
The Russian government is going to pass a law increasing retirement age from 60 to 65 for males and retirement age for women from 55 to 63. I must remind you that life expectancy of Russian males is 64 and females live 76 years, thus making retirement age higher than life expectancy. Russian thuggish government definetely doesn't care about Russian workers and especially about men. Even without this law Russia already has a big problem with income inequality and extremely large concentration of wealth in the hands of 1%, but the government does nothing to eliminate the problem and only worsens the situation.
No. 1381
Because goverment is that 1%
No. 1384
>Belarus and Ukraine have the same income inequality level as Scandinavian countries and Germany
ebin coefficient
No. 1387
Find me something better. Oh, you can't?
No. 1390
I'd take in consideration average income together with income inequality, and, I think, purchasing power should be taken into consideration as well. Country where everyone is equally rich and country where everyone is equally poor are two different countries, though, they'd have same inequality level.
And 1000 euros in Germany or in Ukraine lead to different quality of life.
No. 1396
I don't understand why you're telling me this, your post isn't related to those maps or my request to show a better coefficient.
>I'd take in consideration average income together with income inequality, and, I think, purchasing power should be taken into consideration as well.
Yeah, guess why I post more than one map. In any case, you're talking about the quality of life of a citizen, but the conversation started because of a "bad" income inequality rating.
No. 1398
>but the conversation started because of a "bad" income inequality rating.
Calm down, lol, I was amused by this rating, but didn't call that "bad".
If you understand word "ebin" as word "bad", you understood the word here wrong.
No. 1399
Post USSR is shit
t. Insider
No. 1414
Yes exactly. If people cared, but people rather blame migrants then the leaders who let them in in order to lower wages.

Last time software patents were up for vote it was successfully lobbied down. Nowadays hurr durr we don't care EU is bad because migrants.

I personally don't really care about that law because I'm one of the few who actually knows how to circumvent control like that, for now. But most people just doesn't care so why should I care about them when I have told them time and time again that this is what will happen? I can retreat back into the dark corners but it will be lonely.

You see people doesn't really care about their neighbour and all this EU is bad talk just proves it.
No. 1421
>people rather blame migrants then the leaders who let them in in order to lower wages

A big part of the reason why people voted for Brexit was actually to tell their leaders to get fucked and I think it is a process that now constitutes a core part of modern democracy. You might want to take another look at why some people expressed regret after the referendum when their intention was not to win, why meme parties do well in certain elections and the widely accepted narrative of the highest Euroscepticism being in areas left behind.

What else can the powerless do in these situations? Even the more bitter attacks on migrants can be understood as a reaction to the feeling of a loss of control which is caused by governments promising one thing yet doing another (see: my current government fantasy migration targets promised at election time) and seeing communities change entirely in a blink of an eye.

>You see people doesn't really care about their neighbour and all this EU is bad talk just proves it.

To get more philosophical, if people 'cared' and were reasonable about it we wouldn't need any government at all so you can drop the chest beating about that endless well of care you carry around. We can hardly have serious discussion when your position can be surmised as the only one right-minded people would have or that people get silent on these issues purely because they don't care rather than the simple realities of life.
No. 1455
I know what went on. There was quite the coverage of both sides and the leave side mostly consisted of "bloody foreigners take our jerbs britain stronk" in one constellation or another.

> tell their leaders to fuck of by ruining your own future
Mindless voters in a nutshell.
No. 1467
Macedonia will soon change name from "Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)" to "Republic of North Macedonia"

Whole this funny troubles with name of that tiny poor state is because Greece was butthurt about it - sine they have their own Macedonia inside and they maded a lot troubles for FYROM. This time looks like greece will be okay with such name.
No. 1476
IIRC President of Macedonia has already rejected to approve rename.
No. 1599
156 kB, 1024 × 576
26 kB, 383 × 576
297 kB, 800 × 619
654 kB, 600 × 600
Concentration camp for immigrant children. USA stronk!
No. 1602
44 kB, 584 × 382
Americans have a bad practice of criticizing Europe's immigration policy while they themselves have a five-fold higher homicide rate. And this is in a country where 320 million people live and current immigration does not have much effect! Would be better if America focused on positive discrimination policy and tried to lift the blacks out of the bottomless crime pit. It's not good that one of the richest countries in the world doesn't allocate more resources to social policies to improve equality of the citizens, because ignoring the problem clearly will not make it go away.
No. 1603
Fuck off you racist socialist.

>. It's not good that one of the richest countries in the world doesn't allocate more resources to social policies to improve equality of the citizens,
It's the reason why it's not as poor as Venezuela.
No. 1604
You're confusing the highest brackets with general quality and you can find that in third world shitholes. Being poor in USA is a way shittier experience than Europe specifically because you have pro-social policies.
No. 1605
Why are you even on Ernstchan? Don't you think kohl would be a better fit for you?
No. 1606
You're living in the country with one of the best social programs in the world and Germany doesn't has economic problems. Neither god-like socialist Scandinavia nor France became poor because of their policies.
No. 1608

That's just Trump being a lying demagogue like usual.
No. 1611
Welfare works well in homogenous societies (like Sweden and Germany you mentioned) because most people there understand that they belong to the same group, they work for each other's good, and therefore, if someone receives a welfare there, they usually deserve it: for example, they lost their job and need sustenance while they're looking for employment. In split, disjunct societies, on the other hand, people don't care about other people, so if they get welfare, they might not even bother to find another job, because they don't feel that they owe anything to the society they live in. And so, raising welfare payments in the USA, country that is a mish-mash of hundreds of different ethnoses and cultures, might not be such a great idea. Perhaps better option would be giving more economical freedom to states themselves and let them decide on their own welfare policies.

Oh, and by the way, welfare has nothing to do with an actual socialism. One of the core principles of socialism is "those who don't work shall not eat", because socialists knew the importance of making people understand that they're all in it together, that it's impossible to live in society and be free from society, so calling Scandinavian welfare states "socialist" is incorrect.
No. 1612
>most people there understand that they belong to the same group, they work for each other's good

Nah, not really.
Working class usually looks down on those who receive money by the state because "they get paid for doing nothing".

It's not a "Oh, poor you. Here, let me work extra hard so you can buy more cigarettes" thing.
No. 1613
Well, if living on a welfare without looking for a job becomes a norm instead of being a rare occurence, then your society is not really homogenous anymore. And shaming people for exploiting welfare serves as a reminder for them that along with their rights they also have obligations.
No. 1614
>Welfare works well in homogenous societies (like Sweden and Germany you mentioned)
Proxy? Welfare works when it creates demand inside of your country and stimulates your inner market. Also it allows people to risk. And it surely demands positive balance and stable currency.
In case of usa they already got unions, social protection programs and other things. Nothing works because of loans and fluid market. Every new government social program allows market to demand even more money to stay afloat.
Don't you remember how scandinavian socialism ends? That was like 7 or 8 years ago.
No. 1644
>Working class usually looks down
Ofcourse, because they can't look up.
No. 1645
>They already got unions
No we don't. Reagan busted the last of the strong unions like auto worker unions. The only two strong unions left are police and teachers and thsyre working hard on busting teacher unions.
No. 1649
>Reagan busted the last of the strong unions like auto worker unions.
According to the book about big three, those were busted only after 2008. As far as i know, they are still intact and they are the reason why Tesla and Japs produce everything on the west coast
No. 1678
The 1980s largely gutted a great many unions, and the Reagan administration oversaw the marriage of federal agencies with private corporate power and enthroning the current globalist oligarchy. This included outsourcing industry to importing tons of migrants all of which completely ruined labor's power at least in the US. It was also during this time that Detroit truly got turned into a complete shithole as all our factory jobs went overseas, which also gutted the power of unions by moving production entirely to where there was no unionization.
I honestly didn't even realize the UAW even still existed anywhere except on paper or that it oversaw any significant amount of auto production.
No. 1687
11 kB, 211 × 246
>Were you aware that over 50% of Americans eat stuff out of their own kitchen garbages? Are you aware that the trend is happening so often that there are support groups to help people cope? You’ve probably even seen references to the eating out of the garbage thing on popular TV shows and sitcoms.

Is this some kind of joke?
No. 1693
Who the hell said that? I can assure you Americans do not eat out of their garbage cans. Dumpster diving is a really niche thing here, mostly crusty hippies and punks and only because "dumpster food" is actually usually pretty good or at most stale (like donuts for example stores usually don't resell them so whatever doesn't sell that day gets binned)

Also why would we eat out of our own kitchen garbage?
No. 1695

This article popped up when I was googling about the topic of eating out of the trash can.
I don't really believe it but then again I think everything is possible in the USA. I'm not an americanophobe, in fact I am fascinated by your country, culture and great variety of flora and fauna but nonetheless it's also the country of mass obesity and all kind of degeneracy, so it was sort of believable (and also I found it hilarious to imagine).
No. 1700
>some random dude's blog
Seems legit

Actually while there are a great many things about America that may seem implausible at first, I can assure you that this one is a joke.

In fact, you can NOT eat food out of a trashcan legally in the food industry. Technically, it is theft from the garbage company. If you take it before being thrown out, it is theft from the business. So the key in absconding with food past the sell by date that is perfectly edible but no longer going to be sold for whatever reason, the key is to craftily wait for somebody to throw it towards the can. It is during that brief moment in mid air in which its legal status is in limbo and thus anyone can claim ownership of it.
No. 1705

Living the ancap dream.

Btw its sames on the Germany but iirc in italy you have to pay a fine if you (as a company) dont make your food remains accessible to hobos and such.
And thats a good thing.
No. 1720
Italy has the right idea. Businesses should be able to give away un-used food at the end of each business day (as long as they're not legally liable for the quality of the food otherwise you'll have dumpster diving opportunistic lawyer types suing everyone)
No. 1865
630 kB, 900 × 570
Porsche buys 10% share of Rimac automobili for an undisclosed amount.

>“We feel that Rimac’s ideas and approaches are extremely promising, which is why we hope to enter into close collaboration with the company in the form of a development partnership,” said Porsche board member Lutz Meschke

No. 2285
Miami will have the biggest mall of the nation

It's going to cost 4 billion dollars, built by the same people of the Mall of America, and it's going to have snow and ice stuff.
No. 2286
America was a mistake
No. 2287
40 kB, 400 × 536

This is the first time I've read something in the news thread and become excited or had my emotions shift at all because of what I was reading.
No. 2288
34 kB, 620 × 310
Americans are weird.
I never understood that mall culture.
No. 2293
>It's going to cost 4 billion dollars,

Feels inflation tier
No. 2318
2,2 MB, 594 × 792, 0:15
It's actually really simple
No. 2320
Who knows. I found out apparently they installed a one million dollar bus stop. I overheard this the other day with the guy saying "yeah, you open up a beer at that stop you're going to jail." This was after discovering they changed the transit system to not give change or transfers anymore, which means if you use a $20 bill too bad you're fucked. Not a day goes by where I don't hate this place and the people in it just a little bit more. Why does it cost so much? Who knows. It could be anything from the infamous German airport to some kind of organized crime (which is involved in local building projects that helps inflate prices, basically Russian settis) to just the typical American ridiculous price gouging. It isn't just our hospitals it is literally every single layer of society.
No. 2324
Sir?! Do not step on the rattle snakes, please! Thank you, Sir.
No. 2412
No. 2414
Is there an english version somewhere?
No. 2419
The Hussar fear the Jews
No. 2434
412 kB, 818 × 811
Finally they accept the reality
No. 2464
Thank you, friendly brit.

I'm kinda shocked how badly Poland is dealing with this. I learned in school that there was lots of anti-semitism already and that in countries like Poland and Ukraine the Nazis easily found allies to help them deport jews.
No. 2506
57 kB, 1000 × 746
>A senior North Korean military officer who told colleagues they no longer needed to “suffer and tighten our belts to make rockets and nuclear weapons” has been executed by firing squad, according to reports in dissident media.

>Lt. Gen. Hyon appears to have become excited at the possibility that the detente that has taken place on the Korean Peninsula this year will develop into full-blown peace and got ahead of official party policy.

No. 2507
>according to reports in dissident media
>dissident media
No. 2509
What other source is there about NK?
No. 2510
177 kB, 1200 × 630
71 kB, 590 × 613
>Britain's biggest pub group says some outlets are running out of certain beer brands as CO2 gas shortages continue to hit the food and drink sectors.

>Carbon dioxide has multiple uses in the food and drink industries, from putting the gas in beer and cider, stunning farm animals before slaughter, and as a preservative to increase the shelf-life of packaged products.

>But the temporary closure of some UK and mainland European factories involved in producing the gas has created a shortage.
Just imagine if brexit deprives bri'un of chicken tendies, pork, beer, and cider.
No. 2522
I don't know if you guys like to follow civil aviation channels on YT like me, but if you do you probably noticed that Embraer is doing a lot of propaganda about their new seats that can be turned into beds. They launched some new model of business jet recently and apparently this new seat is one of the big things about it because they can't stop talking about it.

This is probably the third vid that I stumbled on about this particular "innovation" of the company, they brag about it being patented and you have these minutes long vids showing the clumsy process of turning seats into beds and some lame explanations of why this is better than normal bed seats.

Question: why not put a sofa inside the jet? Sofas are already half seats and half bed.
No. 2523
That might be the next gen business class, lounge tier interior and a cocktail bar...
No. 2531
How long till Puerto Rico actually becomes a new state of the USA?
No. 2532
If new document will be accepted - 2021 or 22 or something like that
No. 2533
>print newspaper
>get shot

Also apparently Harlan Ellison just died yesterday.
No. 2534
Freedom of speech ain't free and must be protected as actively as any other freedom.
No. 2535
Never. Americans are a complacent people. Just designing and replacing a new flag would make them butthurt. Besides which, PR would be a Democrat state. Republicans will fight that until hell freezes over. Plus it would also make us actually responsible for the welfare of one of our territories, which costs money. I honestly have no idea what purpose its hazy legal status really serves, except that Puerto Ricans literally suffer taxation without representation.

America is such a hypocritical joke country. Residents of Washington DC also have to pay taxes without representation https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_of_Columbia_voting_rights#Tax_arguments

It will never be made a state. The only way that could even be brought up seriously would be under Dem rule, which the Republicans would scream bloody murder about forever and would resort to any dirty underhanded means to block it.
No. 2539
I'm pretty sure that if Republicans try to stop it then Puerto Ricans can sue them for something based on just what you said, and democrats would certainly back them.

The thing is that it seems at least some PRs don't want it, because local fiefdoms and corruption. Something like that, if they became a state investigations on their local doings would become harder, and fiscal policies tighter, and some big local names don't want that.
No. 2544
>Trump tariffs cost EU and Mexico about 3 billion each, but Canada 15 billion. And done with the "national security" reason, like Canada was some rogue state, is especially insulting.

Strategic industries must be located inside the USA in case of war, and Cnada is technically a separate country from the USA. If they want to officially be part of the USA they can petition for entry. Our original articles of confederation allowed Canada to join us at any time; we removed that part, but I am sure we would be open to negotiations.
No. 2545
They had an official referendum in 1998 on whether to become a state and they voted against it, so the issue probably won't be seriously considered again for another generation.
No. 2551
Nothing. Any sources about north Korea are lying. Best Korea is an obvious totalitarian hell with deathcamps and slavery, but they keep their bad stuff out of public. 90% of reported murders aren't true.
No. 2553
And your lying source for this is?
No. 2554
We had period of being BFF with north Korea. I know several people who have been there not as a tourist and atleast one tourist. All the generals murdered with mortars, family members executed publically on a streets and etc. Later appear on north Korean tv. And yes, north Korea had famine, but grass is their national dish.
They have big private sector, they have oligarchs, they, they produce software and sell it on the appstore. They have soap operas and watch tv everyday, even pop music exist, but it's a total crap even in their own eyes. Cell phones exist, but only one in a family, internet through china. Basically they lower and yellower than south koreans.
Also, nowadays instead of death camps they send people abroad to work, while keeping their families hostage.
No. 2608
A few days ago some Americans tried to pay with a stolen credit card, funny and very American things ensued.


Not much more to say about it.
No. 2616
The air-vent escapade was ebin. Surely at the guy could've kicked out that back door?
No. 2617
18 kB, 271 × 398
Nothing about it being americans in Canada either but damn that's funny. I was wondering why they weren't both gunned down, but
>white people
The guy actually went after the cop's gun too. I harp on police being tyrannical enemies all the time but this was one of few cases I've seen where deadly force is perfectly justifiable. Man this looked like a comedy routine though. I don't get why so many people think they can crawl through vents or ceilings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HQ-dH2ALG8
Reality check: ventillation ducts are noisy and only designed for air. They will collapse. Ceilings in office buildings and stores is just paneling. They will collapse. Almost no sewers exist IRL that you can actually crawl through especially ones where you won't suffocate. What works in Hollywood and vidya does not apply to real life.
No. 2618
4,7 MB, 320 × 240, 2:21
>Not America
No. 2623
Ayyyy look what I found while looking for the full video
And oddly the Russians are the ones who simply drove through in an orderly fashion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovPubTvHKfQ

Hey have you guys heard about this? Apparently all those REX84 transit facilities for FEMA death camps are actually going to be using Walmarts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsPl0C-pgwI
I think being herded into a walmart converted to FEMA concentration camp may be an even more American way to die than mass shooting at a waffle house.
No. 2624
If they wanted to be called americans they would have put the word "America" in the name of their country. Same goes for every country south of us.
No. 2648
One of the first things that would happen in the event of armed conflict is communications going out.
I was wondering why I had problems connecting the other day.

It wouldn't surprise me if martial law got declared. Sadly the first traitors to America and the Constitution are probably going to be trumptards.
No. 2660
259 kB, 596 × 662
I went to read a Twitter of one 60 year old economist focusing on the economy of Ukraine and I didn't believe my eyes when I saw what he retweeted. It seems that /pol/ screencaps are becoming a trend even among normal people.

No. 2666
that's quite literally the same as taking a photo of a bathroom scribble that says "fuck niggers" and using it in some newspiece.
No. 2680 Kontra
Modern journalism as it is.
No. 2685
This is one of the most ridiculous and retarded comparisons that I have seen. I don't understand why did you say "newspiece", you probably didn't read my post/link and think that Drew Harwell is a journalist or that the the New-York Times mentioned pol.
No, it isn't the same, the people created a hostile political community/echochamber where they discuss Jewish conspiracies, race theories and advocate some things that would be considered terrible in real life. This is not an expression of opinion by a single individual but a prevailing opinion of the whole board, the place where people could coordinate their actions, promote their ideals, and these ideals are very destructive to the other members of society. English-speaking political boards are largely inhabited by the people who share similar opinions, and thinking that yours political opponent deserves a death simply because he doesn't agrees with you isn't a sign of mental stability. Each country would lose at least a quarter of its own population in purges and have civil wars every 40-70 years if ordinary people practiced methods & ideas promoted by /pol/.
No. 2688
If poltards didn't want the scrutiny they shouldn't have gotten the attention. There are now poltards on like literally every single other site constantly spamming their agenda. It's not just imageboards. Maybe if they could stop acting like annoying faggots for one fucking second they wouldn't have to hear about it. Or maybe if they would stop doing stupid shit like organizing neonazi rallies, running people over, and bringing guns to pizza shops for instance, journalists would ignore it. Or if they didn't constantly spam every single available site about some retarded made up conspiracy theory for example every single time there is a mass shooting, journalists would ignore it. Or maybe if there weren't a significant and incredibly stupid percentage of the population that takes these idiotic ideas seriously.

This is the flipside to the coin, which is personal responsibility, something completely alien to poltards. Or maybe if they did not take the attitude that journalists should be murdered and do stupid shit like sending them death threats, said journalists wouldn't in turn say mean things about poltards.
No. 2698
sorry I keep forgetting it's 2018 and 4chan is like reddit nowdays. havent used the site in nearly a decade honestly.
No. 2717
Image board culture is really trying to go mainstream. Not just anime and gaming, but /pol/ too.
No. 2718
More like the rest of the internet is like 4chan. Youtube, Steam, Twitch, Twitter etc it's all full of the same shit as imageboards.
No. 2720
Can we be sure here?
Maybe it's YouTube, Twitch and other entered the 4chan ironic culture and took it seriously.
No. 2723 Kontra
26 kB, 404 × 393

It already is mainstream. Things have been that way for over 10 years now.

But I don't think imageboards as a group ever tried to be and I think it is reductionist to blame /pol/ culture on some natural process of free speech when it has very clearly been shaped by and grown in influence with events. There are bigger goings on than a few retards on the internet relating to frogs.
No. 2726
>trying to
Welcome to ten years ago. Basically everybody not online can thank Fox News for bearing about in 2007 and it snowballed from there. Then came pranking celebrities and politicians. I don't just mean obscure things like prank calling Tom Green either. The problem is all the retarded boomer faggots on places like Drudge, Breitbart, Fox viewers etc blanda'd into an even more unholy creation than before, and many times more stupid. The funny thing is the whole site probably actually is astroturfed at this point, except by the same people behind the Tea Party, Newscorp, Breitbart etc

The odder thing to me though is how the hell did KC morph into the new sort of center? Now I see wojak feels everywhere. It's odd. Really odd. Like why the hell or how did KC became a major cultural thing?

I think part of it is manufactured in terms of poltards. They're the perfect useful idiots.
No. 2730
Either way it's all the same shit. Even if they're so called social justice warriors they're still using the same memes and slang etc. My point here is that the reason why you might see some pol screenshots posted by journalists on twitter is simply because it's all part of the same universal internet culture.
No. 2734
I just want Anon to be Anon and not a brand name. I think
Is right about astroturfing, but that only works because the idea of Anonymous, judging posts detached from any personality, has been lost.
No. 2777
Your obsession with pol really makes it look like you're from the very opposite extreme of the political spectrum. I mean /pol/ as a board is a very young, like from 2012 or something and 4chan was already mainstream at that point. Even the early /pol/ was more like some sort of a libertarian Ron Paul haven that got slowly turned into a nazi board mainly because of all the KC memes they used.

The only reason why pol tier stuff got so popular is because of how hard it is suppressed by the political left and the media. It got so bad that classical liberals were considered as evil racist nazis by the regressive left. It was only a matter of time when the rubber band hits them in the head.
No. 2781
986 kB, 640 × 4336
development index of BR municipalities was released a few days ago

The index is basically the HDI, but HDI can only be measured every decade because that's when the census happen. This index on the other hand can be measured more often because it uses data from other institutions that are released more often. If I'm not mistaken, the major difference is that this index takes into consideration also employment composite with average income, while HDI considers only average income. Still, the data is about the year of 2016, when the country was still in crisis. The institute calculates that the crisis made the country regress 3 years on average in development.

Picture posted shows the 100 most developed municipalities. Notice how São Paulo dominates the top.
No. 2821
934 kB, 978 × 686
>if you don't like pol you must be a liberal!
Is this polfinn? The reason they're hated is because they're annoying faggots on every part of the internet at this point. I go to see a vidya trailer and sure enough there are poltards in the comments, complete with pepe or some meme avatars. I personally hate them because they ruin everything they touch including what once was a comfy board on the 4krebs, /new/. In fact the only reason why /pol/ exists to begin with is because after moot scuttled the news board (again) after it became nothing but stormnigger shitposting they started infecting other boards.

/pol/ was originally a containment board for annoying cancer. It exists for the same reason /mlp/ existed, in the hopes the cancer would stay there. But unlike ponyfags they feel some bizarre need to inflict their faggotry on everyone else.

>Even the early /pol/ was more like some sort of a libertarian Ron Paul haven that got slowly turned into a nazi board mainly because of all the KC memes they used.
This is patently false. They always were a nazi faggot board. It got to the point where every single news thread no matter how unrelated was just spammed with "JIDF! NIGGERS!" I saw it in its last days when stormfags obliterated it. They then forcibly tried to make the political board into what it is today where their shitposting would be tolerated.

You, on some level, are probably trying to do the same thing. It is also why they bitch about "centrists" because they cannot exist without strawmanning their opponents. The thing they hate the most are actually people like me who also think SJWs are psychotic totalitarian dickheads, because the only way they can sound semi reasonable is in the "you're either with me and think Hitler was the best thing ever or with the commie trannys soy kike [insert poltard meme]".

Unlike either of these faggots I believe in a free society. Another thing is poltards don't actually believe in free speech. They believe in pushing their narrative and silencing the opposition.
>It got so bad that classical liberals were considered as evil racist nazis by the regressive left.

poltards want an authoritarian society without any freedoms. Period. They're enemies for that reason alone. Same goes for Islamists and whatever the hell this particular strand of SJW fascism is called. They are at root cause enemies of everything America stands for. They also happen to be incapable of having any sort of discussion.

What makes them different and the reason why you don't see me bitching about any of a million other annoying groups is they absolutely infest the internet more prominently than just about anyone else. They also happen to be one of the biggest most whiny annoying persecution complex perpetual victim snowflake bitches around. They absolutely deserve to be mocked and they know they cannot survive outside their own echochambers, hence the eventual destruction of KC and EC. I would remind you, that in the end it was basically 4chan particularly poltards that killed KC which is why we're no longer posting on KC. That is another very good reason to fucking hate them.
No. 2823
I'm not going to adress your whole spergout but I'll just throw that first redtext back to you.
>if you don't like pol you must be a liberal!
>if you don't hate pol you must be a poltard!
also no
You seem like a retard who'd say the latter.

You're only making it more obvious that you're on the opposite extreme and that's why you seem to think pol is behind it all. Just saying. I wouldn't be surprised if you were the OP of that countryboo-ing thread.
No. 2828
74 kB, 707 × 530
I'm not that guy and nice NO U! non-argument. You already made it pretty obvious yourself, polfinn.

As for the original point, it isn't some edgy underground site. It's as mainstream as breitbart and reddit. Again if poltards didn't want people saying mean things about them they wouldn't make shit like this http://www.ibtimes.com/brandon-griesemer-who-threatened-kill-cnn-staff-over-fake-news-arrested-2644056 newsworthy. As for this particular point, they're on literally every goddamn website at this point and are as incapable of criticism as the worst sort of fat tumblrina. They absolutely deserve to be ridiculed.

I can't even recall ever seeing a poltard actually manage to engage any argument whatsoever. One of the biggest hallmarks of one is that rather than actually debate a point, they just sling accusations, typically of you being some random buzzword. They don't offer any rebuttals, and tend not to offer constructive solutions. "You disagree with me? You think I'm annoying? Well, y-you must drink soy milk har har har!"
No. 2832
Yeah, sure, it's really obvious that I'm this mysterious "polfinn". My whole point here is that you keep seeing pol everywhere like a lunatic and blame it all on pol. I just don't see that's the case. 4chan was already mainstream and their memes had spread throughout the internet before /pol/ the board was even a thing. I'm mostly just arguing against this
>Image board culture is really trying to go mainstream. Not just anime and gaming, but /pol/ too.
Imageboard culture went mainstream long time ago. At this point those youtube/twitter/etc avatarfags with pepe the frog pictures haven't necessarily ever even lurked imageboards.

All I want is that you stop calling everyone you disagree with as poltards. I'm not a poltard, those youtube comments who don't like gender politics in their video games aren't necessarily poltards, everyone who voted for Trump isn't necessarily a poltard. To me, you just sound like a poltard who says jews are behind everything, except that you think poltards are behind everything.

Btw, when E3 was going I went to 8chan /v/ and they called me a jew in the similar manner you're calling me a polfinn right now, only because I was pointing out how stupid their paranoia is.
No. 2834
He was a really obvious shitposter on old EC.

There are also at least two Americans ITT. I'm not the one who said "trying to go mainstream" I'm the one who said that happened a decade ago, although pol itself deliberately tries to go mainstream. Hence a big part of why they're so fucking annoying and such a definition of cancer to the site, since they actually go out of their way to being retarded boomers to 4chan.

>m not a poltard, those youtube comments who don't like gender politics in their video games aren't necessarily poltards, everyone who voted for Trump isn't necessarily a poltard.
I specifically said people who have pepe and poltard memes as avatars. Also
>hey but the other side holds extremist views like thinking we should not exterminate the niggers
To an extremist and all around mental defective, everybody but then is an extremist.
> To me, you just sound like a poltard who says jews are behind everything, except that you think poltards are behind everything.
More NO U bullshit. And it is particularly true of imageboards with the constant shitposting from them, and then pretending we have some sort of antifa or SJW or whatever problem, when as we all know it is exclusively poltards and usually American ones spamming the chans. It is a loud vocal minority who act like it's their holy mission to shitpost absolutely everywhere, which is why they're so damn conspicuous everywhere they go online.
>behind everything
Except that all these shitposters often don't even bother lying. It isnt saying there is some shadowy cabal pulling strings. It is saying there is a very large concentrated mass of shitposters who loudly shitpost everywhere else. These two things are not even remotely comparable.
No. 2836
Yeah, I guess I confused you with the other yank. I just scanned the thread quickly and saw people circlejerking about how bad /pol/ is again and that always annoys me. Mainly because they keep claiming how pol somehow keeps ruining imageboards and internet and then call everyone who is an edgy racist as a poltard as if people on imageboards weren't edgy racists even before that board existed.

I'm just more convinced that retarded normal mainstream people are so obnoxious that they even ruin edgy internet racism rather than that edgy internet racism is the reason why imageboards have declined in quality. If they weren't obnoxious in a "pol" way they'd be obnoxious in some other way. /pol/ didn't ruin those comfy boards, people did. If /pol/ didn't exist those same people would've found their way there anyway and ruin things. That's just how it works.
No. 2839
73 kB, 958 × 638
I'm starting to get really worried
The internet is really slow and I keep having problems accessing some things.

In the event of imposition of martial law in this country, which technically can be authorized in almost any event for almost any reason at this point due to how the laws are written, one of the first things seized by the government will be telcomms and utilities, as well as transport and such. If the government were about to open up its hidden extermination centers cutting the internet would be the first thing it would do. The only other reason for such an attack would either be Russia or China doing it, but if that were the case we'd probably already be under nuclear or conventional attack.
Here are videos of what inside these facilities look like


What a lot of people gloss over is the FEMA camps were originally made to be opened up under the scenario of Mexican deportations before rounding up and executing native born Americans and suspending the US Constitution.

Interestingly I am now finding great difficulty in locating the original documents or any mentions of them, the structure of the transit hubs (these are not the real camps they're only temporary housing facilities afaik the actual centers are all on government owned land under auspices of the military), the wikipedia pages used to be long articles and have been vandalized into being stubs, and particularly any mention of how the original martial law plans were designed around the scenario of PEMEX and the oil economy of Mexico collapses and detaining 400,000 Mexicans in these camps.
No. 2842

Intersting, most links are all dead

In the 1980s the plan that the military used wargames over was supposedly in case of the collapse of the Mexican oil industry where 400,000 Mexican refugees are streaming across the border. The plan involves the activation of civil disturbance laws in response to this and the imposition of martial law and possibly suspension i.e. cancellation of the US Constitution. This is the continuity of government plan behind all the things people are afraid of regarding FEMA camps, martial law, the shadow government etc.

These are all actually very real, factual things. It is not a theory--it is fact. Originally the idea was supposed to be in response to Soviet nuclear attack (hence CoG plans and the shadow government in case of a decapitating nuclear strike to keep services running and make sure the government survives in some form, and why the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA is the one responsible for this).

The problem is that particularly after 9/11 certain corrupt elements within the US government increasingly rewrote the laws and created and combined federal agencies and protocols to the point where CoG plans and martial law can literally be activated over a student protest, a lone wolf bombing a random home, a school shooting, weather events like snowstorms and tornadoes, and so on. So in other words, at virtually any time it can be activated. The bigger problem is a man like Trump is highly likely to want to activate it, and in fact has already repeatedly called for martial law

Fortunately he is finding at every turn the great wisdom of the founders of this country in making it extremely difficult for any tyrant or sociopath to fully seize the reigns of power. This was our biggest fear about the shit people like Clinton, Bush, and Obama pulled, was that one day a man extreme enough, tyrannical enough, totally anti-American and lacking in conscience enough, that he would activate the protocols for Continuity of Government plans on a whim.

It is a big leap to say the cut cables have anything to do with it, but information blackouts make me paranoid. Blinding the enemy is one of the first steps to any warplan, whether the enemy is the nation of the USA, or the enemy is the American people.
No. 2843
>US will be the first country to make yourselves NK-tier intranet
I somehow don't like that the freedom dies in the US, but in the end, it seems that freedom only means things that don't make problems for money bags.
No. 2844
Have you considered that maybe you are displaying signs of paranoid schizophrenia and should get help before you hurt someone?
No. 2852
103 kB, 768 × 1024
392 kB, 1024 × 652
61 kB, 600 × 450
13 kB, 450 × 240
Do I even need to say it?

> it seems that freedom only means things that don't make problems for money bags.
And that's the problem. I hate to say it but I really think Josef Stalin had a point regarding that. We have political and social freedoms in theory but actually piss off or threaten somebody's money and see what happens. Plus we have been steadily losing more and more freedoms over the past century. I would say it really started in earnest with the Aliens and Sedition Act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedition_Act_of_1918
This law was blatantly unconstitutional, may the souls of its writers know torment and itching.

It got steadily worse throughout the Cold War. They always used Commies as the excuse for all the evil freedom hating shit they did. Then after Russia collapsed, it was the Muslims, or home grown terrorism, or drug war, or some silly shit. As of the 21st century I no longer consider the United States to be a free country.
No. 2873 Kontra
>Britain Do I even need to say it?

That's not an argument. You really do seem to be mad.
No. 2894
A new law in Sweden makes sex without explicit consent illegal, that means without "wanna fuck" "sure" you could go to jail.
A Swedish lawyer released a app to make sure everyone can give that consent in form of a contract.


No. 2964
>sex without absolute consent illegal
>filming sex without consent illegal
so basically the fling talk in sweden: "hey wanna fuck also do you mind if I film this whole thing also I need you to sign here and here"
No. 2969
>New Law

You mean the law that was passed last month and has been ecstatically shared around by poltards who hold no willingness to study to the issue or learn from people directly telling you what it means?

For those encountering this for the first time:
-The law is not novel but instead brings Swedish legislation in line with the developments of other European jurisdictions (Cyprus, Belgium, Bongland, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland)

-Procedurally it means very little but you can see how it can be directed against "New Swedes" who have previously employed defences like not being aware it was rape or surrounding a young woman as a group at night and telling her to perform oral sex on them. This ties into the absolutely outrageous case a number of years back of a 15 year old being raped with a wine bottle until bleeding, trying to hold her legs closed was deemed to be interpretable as merely an act of shyness (https://www.thelocal.se/20130515/47920).

-Like I said it is still uncertain whether the above story could even be convicted under this law as consent is still a hard thing to gauge and the burden of proof remains the same.

Go back to Kohl.
No. 3173
No. 3176
363 kB, 979 × 674
What a dream
No. 3177
I heared there a more than +30 heat with high humidity in canada and already 19 people died, most of them elserly people
No. 3178
that's what you get for voting a right-wing 'alternative' and conservatives into power. people never learn.
No. 3179
so basically theyre making 2 people to do 3 way shift. what a revolutionary thought.
No. 3182
Heat waves in the north are dangerous because a lot of the old homes don't have air conditioning, and the elderly really need it.
They had to evacuate a nursing home when the HVAC system broke.
No. 3212
Exactly my thought: Step 1 vote for Baby-Hitler, step 2 get fucked by Baby-Hitler.
No. 3213
I have no idea why anyone would do this in parliamentary politics. At least here we're pretty much fucked no matter what, although I am baffled how a certain low IQ segment of the population routinely votes for the oligarchs and Israel party.
No. 3233

>At least here we're pretty much fucked no matter what,

Same settis here.
No. 3541
146 kB, 970 × 934
322 kB, 970 × 1128
So belarussian it hurts
>Sappers cleared the bridge near the Orsha from TNT. No detonators were found. Supposedly the bridge was mined during the ww2. This theory is supported by condition of boxes where tnt was stored.
No. 3543
Stronk Soviet bridge needs no maintenance! It could stand just as well for seventy years more without any repairs!
No. 3616
Swiss scientiscs: birds eat 500 million tons of worms and bugs
No. 3618
No. 3621
542 kB, 5800 × 2516
>Second Russia doesn't care about the health of its citizens
Like father, like son
No. 3644
Germany's GDP alone is many times bigger than Russia's. Germany alone could defend Europe against russia, which supposedly is the biggest danger, according to NATO. I really don't get what this bitching and fussing from the murkan part is all about, do they not see that they can easily become a bigger nuisance than Russia for euro countries? I doubt that west europe sees russia as a big threat, not militaristic at least, it is the east euro countries, the butthurt belt, that wants this polarization.
No. 3648
Western Europes Media and John Doe (Michel) love to be afraid about evil Russia. Sadly, since it's not just silly but childish.
No. 3669
Niggers will be niggers.
No. 3670

Germany is not considered a threat because it is deeply embedded into the western international system and wouldn't say boo to a goose. Russia is excluded because recently they've acted like cunts to Ukraine and are implicated with various shady shit like chemical assassinations in Britain and gas politics with their former empire. It's basic IR theory at work.

The reason America (and much of Europe) are mad at Germany is that they have consistently proven to be unreliable and disinterested in pulling their weight. Nord Stream 2 is a perfect example of this as not only does it fuck over the security of all the eastern neighbours but it involves Germany dealing with companies under international sanction despite knowing full well this will potentially cause German companies to be sanctioned.

It's not even rationality at work when it comes to German-Russian relations. They just want Russia to slide it in no matter the consequences because it allows them to live out their naive Mitteleuropa fantasy.

t.Western Europe
No. 3671
1,7 MB, 199 × 215, 0:03
So apparently some dickhead fatass bydlo boomer started harassing and attacking some Puerto Rican woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt. She asked a nearby cop for help, and said cop did absolutely nothing to help her just stood there and watchedtwo things about this, 1) idk if this was poltard behavior, 2) why the fuck do we even have cops again? They don't even protect us from crimes it often seems instead just beat and shoot us then stand back and watch

Said cop has just been fired as a credit to the department. Said guy has also just been arrested and criminally charged. The results make me extremely happy partly because I hate dumbfuck useless cops like that and also because this man should be beaten for his cringe stupidity alone
>we protect Puerto Rico we don't own it
I'd like to his shit slapped just for that much idiocy.
No. 3672 Kontra
By the way just to state the obvious after the discussion we had about PR becoming a state, the reason this stupid fuck annoys me so much is yes obviously she is an American citizen. All citizens of Puerto Rico are born with US citizenship. I can't believe how fucking stupid so many people are.
No. 3673
It's mostly about money, if Germany doubles its defense expenses a big part of these moneys will go to US (and some Israeli) companies. Trump thinks like a business-man, not in geo-strategic patterns.
No. 3674
49 kB, 1024 × 768
Low effort posting. Do you even know where you are?
No. 3678
I think if that was the case USA would be straight out lobbying for germs to buy their equipments. The only good explanation I saw so far is that USA wants to take troops out of Europe so that more military budget can go to equipments and research (murkan defense companies) rather than personal.

I'm not going to look for numbers, but chances are that even with germany spending so little of their GDP on defense, it's probably more than Russia. The total spending and personal of the core west euro countries together is probably more than enough to cover Russia's even at their low levels of today.

And this is all considering that russia is actually something that west europe should be bothering about, which I doubt they do. Putin behaving like a retard doesn't mean that there's any actual threat coming from there. USA on the other hands have reasons to think so, its east euro allies demand such polarization, and closer ties between Russia and Europe would mean weaker ties with USA. Europe would have its own source of energy and many other natural resources, NATO would become even less relevant, and so on.
No. 3686
Nah, Trump implies "American arms, technologies, products etc. are the best in the world"

Next, "You need to increase your spending in military matters, Europe"

"Russian gas is bad, guys (thankfully we can offer an alternative). Got the message, Germany?"

It's pretty clear what his intentions are. One can read all of his used car-seller wisdoms in his book "The Art of the Deal".
No. 3688

>you will never get drunk and play a cowboy in front of the world's top officials
No. 3689
306 kB, 1600 × 1600
German police beat up American Jew

>Police in the German city of Bonn have apologized to a Jewish-American philosophy professor for a case of mistaken identity related to an anti-Semitic attack on Wednesday.
>Police say the 50-year-old academic was initially approached by a 20-year-old German of Palestinian descent who knocked the yarmulke off his head, shoved him and yelled: "No Jews in Germany!"
>The young man fled when a person accompanying the professor called the police.

>The professor then gave chase and failed to stop when police quickly arrived at the scene and ordered him to do so. The police then suspected he was the perpetrator, rather than the victim, at which point they tackled him and pinned him to the ground. When he resisted police, he was hit in the face.

No. 3690 Kontra
>When he resisted police, he was hit in the face.
No. 3691
39 kB, 1280 × 720
That fucking feel when Germany flooded itself with Muslims just so it could go full Nazi again
No. 3692
No. 3695
but nazis loved islam
No. 3708
I got a good laugh today watching Euronews go into the story. They obviously can't come out and say he was drunk so instead they spent a few minutes going through his cover story (a bad back) and asking various officials about his health who then had to give awkward answers with gentle hints. It was very EU-tier.

I hadn't watched the station in years so it was quite a shock seeing how bad things have gotten. They've axed the multilingual broadcasting and now do that insincere presenter in the news room broadcasting only they don't have the office for it and the whole thing looks American.
No. 3719
So he can't be a Free Mason.
Those guys know how to hold their liquor.
No. 3757
This is one of my biggest deep concerns about joining them.
Because I am an alcoholic.
No. 3769
It's a circle jerk of old men and rich people
No. 3774
each lounge is a bit different. if you lucky, your lounge not much circle jerk. depending on country, the culture inside the circle jerk may differ a lot.
but hierarchical structure... if you go up, all the same circle jerk.
No. 3776
I can only talk about the 2 masons i know.

One used to be my teacher, pretty smart guy and always ready for serious discussion, even when off topic. That was at a time where i was convinced freemasonry is some evil lizard people tier stuff and we had a talk about it.
But no matter what, he was still the kind of guy who did what he did for status and being part of his little exclusive secret club was part of it.

The other one is the owner of a medium sized company for beauty products.
Not a very special person, just someone who got rich by luck.
No. 3786
51 kB, 768 × 584
The symptoms of autism can manifest not only because of hereditary factors, but under the influence of the environment, say the staff of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the SB RAS. As Rosbalt reports, studies on mice have shown this. The males were placed in cells separated by a transparent barrier with holes. Once a day the barrier was opened, provoking aggressive interactions between the mice. After 20 days, the mice already showed signs of increased anxiety. There was also a control group. And then scientists put individuals in one cage with non-aggressive mice. As a result, the animals from the control group normally communicated with the peace-loving individual. Males with increased anxiety (bias in aggressiveness) as a rule attacked a new individual. And the animals of the so-called subordinate type sat a lot in the corner, not reacting to their partner and actively avoiding any interactions. All this was very similar to the symptoms of autism in humans. Scientists concluded: under the influence of external factors, it is possible to change social behavior and the appearance of signs of a disorder that was not observed before.
No. 3792
It seems like they just managed to give mice social anxiety by artificially creating a hostile environment. This is hardy making them really, really into sonic.
No. 3836
Sounds like retarded research to me. AFAIK it is well established that autism can not be developed out of nowhere in late life. Most autists are autists from birth, and some might show symptoms later, but even in this case they were already inclined to autism before. Se
No. 3856
Das right. Torturing something til it develops anxiety and non social behaviour is not related to autism.
No. 3858
At least if this were in Russia, when she says "can I at least pay a ticket?" the police would then let you go. Here, you must pay bribe and also go to jail. Btw speeding is only a ticket. And idk why these assholes said no one the guy can't pick up the car.

The thing that is truly going to sink my country is the internet. The whole rest of the world believed American lies for a solid decade after the Cold War ended and now are seeing what SHIT my country is. It did not "become" this way. America literally has always been shit. There was never a time when it was not shit, only periods of good and bad economic conditions and lots of propaganda.
No. 3859 Kontra
Oh and this is good

>She found out about the fateful flip from 11Alive Investigators. She had requested the video from police, but that request was denied. With 11Alive's help, she was able to get the video on July 6. On July 9, the charges against Webb were dismissed.

>It wasn't until 11Alive began asking questions two months after the incident that the officers were placed on administrative leave. A source inside the police department told 11Alive that one of the officers was still on the job as of Tuesday morning. She was pulled from a class where she was learning how to be a field training officer.

>After the story was published on 11Alive.com on Thursday (and subsequently aired that night on 11Alive News at 6), the story began to spread on national news outlets. TMZ, the New York Daily News, and the Daily Mail all picked up the story -- and 11Alive's video.

>On Friday, Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant issued a statement saying he was "appalled that any law enforcement officer would trivialize the decision making process of something as important as the arrest of a person."

It literally wouldn't have ever been known about were it not for the diligence of the media, which is the usual. The most appalling thing is actually that most of the time these tapes are not only never seen but often times can be blocked from being entered into evidence in a case.
No. 3991

Not really news, I just found an interesting 13-year old interview in Time with Andrey Illarionov, Putin's liberal economic advisor in 2000-2005, and didn't know where I could discuss politics.
The interview reminded me about the Orange revolution and Budapest memorandum, in which the US, UK and Russia promised to not influence Ukrainian, Belarus, Kazakhstan politics via economical pressure.
Of course in the wake of Crimean crisis everyone forgot about the gas wars (not only gas wars, actually, I remember that the Russians hindered import of Poroshenko's chocolate and some other Ukrainian exports) waged by Russia after the Orange revolution to ensure the loyalty of the post-Soviet republics, so I often met Westerners who thought Budapest memorandum was violated only in 2014/wasn't violated at all. Well, everything is as always, the small, weak and gullible were the first ones to get fucked in the ass.

Majority of the Westerners talking about Russian-Ukrainian relations or justifying Putin simply don't know anything about our politics. I still hold a grudge against the British faggot who had balls big enough to unironically equate the policies of Ukraine and Russia without going into further details, and he didn't even remember the surname of the current Ukrainian president. Such people belong to reeducation death camps.
No. 3992
66 kB, 576 × 604
100 kB, 700 × 894
77 kB, 606 × 627
>At least if this were in Russia, when she says "can I at least pay a ticket?" the police would then let you go. Here, you must pay bribe and also go to jail
If you were in Russia, you would pay bribe and get fucked in the ass as a bonus.

Do you think that I'm just obsessed with asses? In fact, I'm not. I think you saw Russian memes about the bottle game/sitting on a bottle, I assure you that those aren't just memes.
No. 3997
W-woah, it seems that there's a really big article in English about our gas deals with Russians. Makes me wonder why the manchilds on political imageboards don't educate themselves when everything is provided to them for free.
No. 3998
>Officers had been charged or convicted in the years leading up to that reform of numerous high-profile crimes, including a shooting spree in a Moscow supermarket, the beheading of a suspect, burning a suspect alive, and child sex abuse.
Ahahaha wait what? Somehow, the beheading and burning alive things I can imagine because of churkas, but what's this shooting spree in a supermarket?
No. 4000
264 kB, 882 × 700
206 kB, 1459 × 725
350 kB, 1525 × 921
You can use Google instead of shitposting on imageobards.
Russians are the vandals of Europe and they are actually more violent than the Caucasians, Russians have doubled the homicide rate of USA despite the almost complete ban on guns. Before 2014 Ukrainian and Belarusian homicide rates were two times lower than in Russia, thanks to R*ssian intervention in Crimea and support of separatists our homicide rate tripled and became 15 dead per 100,000 inhabitants.
No. 4010
>in spite of
We have a saying here "an armed society is a polite society." Who's to say that a 2nd amendment wouldn't also lower Russia's homocide rate? The whole country is like Chicago. It at least would be worth a try in opening up gun stores all over Russia and seeing what happens to lower homocide rate.
No. 4011 Kontra
misspelling was unintentional
No. 4030
Of course you have, it's became fairly obvious for Europeans that Americans are special and would defend even the most bastshit insane actions.
For almost 30 years of existence of Russia, the country with 140mln people, there is only one school shooting. Belarus and Ukraine (55 million in total) never had school massacres, never! I see that American homicide rates are higher than in any European country, excluding the post-USSR, I see that shootings are happening in America on regular basis, I see that white Americans have twice larger homicide rate than Western Europeans. The US always stands in the rankings of the 10 richest countries on Earth, the country has the highest GDP per capita among countries with population larger than 8 million people, but for some reason great wealth didn't made Americans as peaceful as Western Europeans. Let's pretend that we don't know what America is and look only at the facts, let's forget about our emotinal bond to freedom, founding father, etc, so we need to look what makes the people inhabitating the land currently known as USA so special, maybe there's some kind of unusual legislation that alienates the poor and encourages violence? What is the difference between Western Europeans and Americans, why Americans weren't capable to achieve the same level of social stability as Europeans, despite American access to greater wealth?

>America spends more on healthcare than any other Western European country, Americans have lower life expectancy than Western Europeans, Americans have private healthcare
Hm, really makes me think! Where do you think the reason is for such big problems? Oh, I think goddamn spics are harming our beloved states, amiright?
Oops, it seems that I'm wrong and Mexicans actually live longer than white Americans... Hm, then where is the problem? Sure the problem isn't in American healthcare, we aren't fucking libcucks to threaten our values with some goddamn c*mmunist public healthcare.
>Americans are richer than the majority of Europeans, yet Americans are much more violent than they are. So what makes them so violent?
Well, this time you actually could use an argument that spics and blacks worsen US statistics, but it still doesn't explain the fact how richer whites have higher homicide rate than the people of any country to the West of Ukraine. If armed socity was a polite society, I WOULD expect American stats to be better than Western European, especially considering that you're richer.
No. 4032
39 kB, 560 × 400
americans are not "richer". the numbers are an illusion. cut the top and bottom 5% (prolly even less) and americans are poor as fuck compared to other western countries.
the vast majority of the people are overworked, stressed and have no system shielding them, if they have an accident, mental issue or something.
america is a heaven for the super rich; they push the numbers a lot.
No. 4033
Yes, and this is just another issue of American legislation and their propensity to protect the rich no matter what. Election of Donald Trump by poor whites and subsequent tax cut for corporations and attempts to destroy obamacare were just the next incredible performance in the American circus, it's incredible how poor Dixies constantly act at the expense of their own interests.
No. 4036
to be fair, the only chance americans had in the last – let's call it – "election", was Berny. As soon as corruption kicked him out of the race, the american people lost the election.
In this sense: no matter how bad of a president Trump seems to be, the blame belongs to the corrupt Dems.

If elections could actually change things, they would be forbidden.
No. 4037
How are they corrupt? Dems are the ones pushing for public healthcare and fighting for the poor and against elites, they are not socialists, but they would surely be a better choice than the Republicans.
>If elections could actually change things, they would be forbidden.
This is just another retarded myth. The free German election in the 30s already costed Europe 70 million people, why do people keep bitching that their favorite radicals don't rule the state? Candidates always offer different programs and try to implement it. Trump fulfills his promises, it was obvious from the start that Trump would be a disaster for everyone and Trump didn't betray the expectations. Did I miss something and Clinton promised to return American jobs (what jobs, Jesus Christ, Americans already had 4% unemployment and one of the highest wealth concentration in history, they should have just impose taxes on the elites) and restore relations with Russia? The people already have Trump who is acting as boldly as possible to change things, why you aren't satisfied?
No. 4040
89 kB, 1500 × 1562
Are you implying Republicans aren't corrupt?

Besides, it's their own fault for not considering third parties.
No. 4041
>Dems are the ones pushing for public healthcare and fighting for the poor and against elites
This doesn't automatically excludes the possibility of corruption, you know. You can be "for everything good, against everything bad" in your speeches, but a sellout for the rich in reality. Or you simply want to abuse your governmental position in order to become one of the rich elite yourself.
No. 4044
>you simply want to abuse your governmental position in order to become one of the rich elite yourself.

Most high ranked politicians already are in that group without being president and a lot of them went from elite to politics, not the other way around.
No. 4045
1010 kB, 500 × 248, 0:02
>Are you implying Republicans aren't corrupt?
Wasn't my intention.

I see it quite the same as you and >>4037 do:
the "two party" system is the problem at heart.

still, it doesn't change the fact that Bernie should have run for the Dems. The Dems broke quite a few laws (or at least bend them close to the breaking point) to assure Clinton is their front runner.

Bernie had way more people behind him than Clinton ever did. Those people either switched sites or didn't vote at all. If it had been a fair run inside the Dem party, results may have differ a lot. Too late to say for sure, thou.
No. 4046
Most are, some aren't. Is Bernie rich? If not, he might just as well be a demagogue like Trump, only with different tactics and different target electorate.
No. 4053
>Is Bernie rich?

Compared to Trump or Clinton? No.
Compared to the average voter? Yes.

>The popular Independent who was further catapulted into the spotlight during his 2016 bid for the Democratic presidential nomination made more than $1 million last year, according to his most recent U.S. Senate financial disclosure released Sunday.
>The majority of his income came from book royalties, most notably a $795,000 advance for his recently published “Our Revolution.” Released a week after President Donald Trump was elected in November, the book quickly became a best-seller.

>During his campaign last year, a MONEY analysis found that Sanders’ effective retirement nest egg could be worth close to $2 million. (That is, if Sanders retired at the end of his term in 2018.)


What also matters is that he's a Jew, what would happen to all that "by god" and swearing on the bible stuff?
No. 4054
Many secular, agnostic and atheist Americans don't mind swearing on the book which they don't believe.
No. 4055
It never hurts for a rich to be a little bit richer, heh. Gotta praise Bernie's ingenuity: he managed to turn a lost election into an ad campaign.

>What also matters is that he's a Jew, what would happen to all that "by god" and swearing on the bible stuff?
Well, technically Christians and Jews (and Muslims) kinda sorta have the same God. As for the Bible, he probably could swear on the Old Testament only, I dunno. Then again, is he even a "practicing" Jew?

Like in that George Carlin stand-up? "Sure, I'll tell you just as much truth as people who wrote this fucking Bible!"
No. 4058
>Then again, is he even a "practicing" Jew?

According to wiki not really religious but kinda zionistic.
I must say i never really disliked the guy, but his whole "cool guy Bernie" campaign was annoying.

No. 4067
83 kB, 1280 × 732
Owner of Amamzon is most rich man on Earth now, he have 150 billion dollars

Glorious future, he of cource need all this monies, and starving childrens around third world countries may wait more
No. 4068
Wasn't that news half a year or so ago?
No. 4069
No it recent ones. He become much more rich than before and much more rich than Bill Gates ever was
No. 4070
No. 4092
>he of cource need all this monies, and starving childrens around third world countries may wait more

He's donated tens of millions to charity you idiot. Will you only be satisfied when he's as poor as you are?
No. 4093
A donation of $1 from an ordinary Ukrainian with a monthly income of $100 is a greater manifestation of moral values than donation of one hundred million dollars from an owner of 150bln dollars. There are poorer billionaires like Soros, Buffet and Bill Gates who did much more good for the world than Bezos. If we are talking about greedy businessmen, then Jeff would serve as a perfect example of a kike.
No. 4094
8 kB, 200 × 95
>implying charity funds aren't money laundries for richmen
No. 4096
Maybe so, but your paltry $1 won't do any good. Rich philanthropists may be more concerned with PR than anything, but the reality is that they've improved more lives than the entire population of Ukraine donating a buck each could. Results count more than 'manifestation of moral values'.
No. 4098
So I understand correctly that you suck his dick and defend him because he donated 0,000001% of his wealth?
No. 4099
The original point I made is that, contrary to what the Russian said, he has donated a vast amount to charity. He might not be a hero for not donating a larger percentage of his wealth, I don't care, but a tiny proportion of such wealth is still a significant sum.

It's his money anyway, he can do what he wants with it.
No. 4100
997 kB, 1994 × 988
Your point is flawed and doesn't refute the Russian statement. I wish if we could return to the 19th century and make people like work on factories 12 hour per day for tiny wages and without safety rules enforced by government, so then you could defend the factory owners' profits from the evil officials trying to improve your living conditions. This whole situation is embarrassing and I'm ashamed to talk with Westerners defending their elites while living and working in good conditions, achieved by the bloody struggle of previous generations.
No. 4102
Third worlders should be happy with the improved living conditions that globalisation has brought them. Working in a factory manufacturing Aliexpress crap is a marked improvement over subsistence farming.

Where would the average Chinaman be without western consumer goods to manufacture? What was the lot of the average Indian before we granted them the opportunity to sew designer underwear?
No. 4103
251 kB, 750 × 959
>Where would the average Chinaman be without western consumer goods to manufacture?
I don't even
No. 4106
His point was that when you have a little bit more than nothing, you start to obey your masters like submissive slave. And if you work a bit less and get a little bit more monies and call yourself "middle class" don't mean that there much more equality in this world. You still slave and now you even defen your master.

>he has donated a vast amount to charity.
Again, he donated litteraly nothing compare to what he have. It like you give one small coin to poor man.
No. 4107
>The slave should be glad that his master feeds him twice a day and not once a week
I've drawn a parallel with the 19th century for a reason. Two centuries ago factories were imensely profitable for its owners and inequality was on the rise, without government intervention workers didn't feel the effects of increased productivity, they worked for pennies.
You could achieve prosperous and equal middle class society, you could have both, as it was proved by the mid 20th century Western Europe and USA. We should take in consideration that workers productivity is still rising after the 90s, the wealth of elites is rising as well, nevertheless, at the moment workers don't feel the similar increase of salaries and quality of life, so the world inequality is growing. We could have both, growing capitalist society and increased taxes on the rich, thereby allowing all people to enjoy the benefits of a modern world.
tl;dr We gotta tax elites because their wealth is growing faster than the salaries of workers
No. 4108
You can hardly call me a 'slave' if society allows me the opportunity to become a 'master'. Remember that most of these tech billionaires came from relatively mumble origins- they were all 'slaves' once, but they were capable enough to rise above that.
No. 4109
63 kB, 396 × 271
If we had full cast system where you has no any social lifts, it be most barbaric society.
But still, you are slave, since in almost all slave-owning societies former slave had chances to become free man. Become free pesant in russian empire even in most terryfic times of "kreposnitchestvo", become free citizen of Rome or even rich guy if you was slave before and so on. In greece if you was slave and accidentaly become oarsman (in middle of sea was storm and part of crew died) you become free man, since only free man can be part of team on ship.

Possilbility of social lifts don't mean something close to equality, and current inequality of possibilities of people in different social levels maybe a bit less, but almost same as it was 100 or even 200 or 300 years ago. Only thing that "slaves" get it remove of hard slavery and some little rights to workers.
No. 4110
18 kB, 256 × 256
My country has not had a war in the past century. They should really add that to the number of gun deaths to each country. For example. in 1917 if you compare gun or ice pick related homicides to Europe and Russia I would like to see comparison of statistics.
No. 4112
>The majority of his income came from book royalties,
I really don't care. That is money he earned in that case, not abusing the shit out of his position. He has no huge side business or anything and probably a good amount of his money came after/during the election. He's also old so this is the summation of his life's work.
>$2 million retirement
It's fucking nothing.png For an old elected official that is nothing. It isn't even that profound an amount of money for many retirees. My family is not rich and I think my one grandpa had some amount of money like that part of which he blew on traveling, and which then got divided up among a large number of kids most of which got pissed away on paying denpts.

Actually the more relevant thing here is that he's an atheist iirc not a Jew, which so far as I am concerned still makes him way less godless than any member of the Trump family, and probably still way less godless than the Clintons. He's been a stubborn fixture of American politics for decades and one thing he's most known for is being not a sellout and the only Socialist in our senate (although really he's basically just a SocDem which here in corporate dystopia land might as well be forcing school children to read Das Kapital and Bakunin's essays). The only other independent we had was Ron Paul. The other 98 senators are by and large sellouts and corrupt scum.
No. 4113
383 kB, 500 × 499
Taxing elites will not help us because you still haven't then addressed the problem of political corruption and incompetence nor has this gone to the workers. If you're going to go that route you should find some way to peg worker salaries to rising inflation and having the owning elites have their income pegged to the same standard as well. Real income has been stagnating for decades as prices rise everywhere else and as social mobility also stagnates. It doesn't matter how much you tax the rich into oblivion because here in USA that isn't likely to come back to the worker but instead go to something like subsidies to various industries or paying for our massive military-industrial-intelligence complex. It would also help if the elites were actually accountable to somebody for once, but they quite simply aren't. They treat the world as their own private fiefdoms and in particular USA which allows them to get away with all sorts of shit you couldn't normally get away with outside of Russia. For example it should be a felony to give yourself a bonus after your company tanks/goes bankrupt and has to be bailed out by the government. This was a big deal back in 2008/2009 where these slimy cocksuckers were acting like the TARP bailouts were some kind of payday meanwhile laying off workers.

See that's the problem is most people running things think of personnel last. First they think of themselves, and then when they have enough liquid they blow it all on physical assets and meanwhile to pay for all this shit they fire people. Frankly I think that what we should do is a mixed economy and simply nationalize a wide variety of industries so that they literally cannot do that because it is owned by the public.

Nationalizing industry is the #1 biggest thing these people screeched about to the point where they literally funded violent terrorism, death squads, and torture and execution of massive numbers of civilians to stop it and installing illegal puppet dictatorships. We SHOULD nationalize, and if they resist we should execute their families. The choice should be, your family, or releasing your assets into the public domain. And then if they choose to let their family die we should execute him and nationalize his assets anyway.

This is particularly true of things that have a large stake in the economy or national security including telcomms and energy. Your company builds missile parts or jets? Nationalized. Your company is a major petrochem supplier thus also making fertilizer used on our crops and thus food security? Nationalize it. Your cell phone network has attained near monopoly status over large swaths of the country like Verizon? Nationalize it. Your corporate chain provides economic activity and security to 100K people? Should probably nationalize that too.

The biggest problem is this form of capitalism is by design something where a select few can act like their own private barons in an international banker feudal system. It is very much like the American dystopia in the book Snow Crash at a lower level. These should all be absorbed into and overseen by a national apparatus that prohibits this kind of looting and private fiefdom behavior.
No. 4116
There is an old Soviet joke:

1917. Petrograd. Decembrist's granddaughter hears noises from the street. She asks her servant:
  • What's happening on the streets?
  • Revolution, mistress.
  • What do people want there?
  • So there would be no rich.
  • How time changes... My granddad wanted so there would be no poor...
No. 4118
>Nationalizing industry is the #1 biggest thing these people screeched about to the point where they literally funded violent terrorism, death squads, and torture and execution of massive numbers of civilians to stop it and installing illegal puppet dictatorships. We SHOULD nationalize, and if they resist we should execute their families. The choice should be, your family, or releasing your assets into the public domain. And then if they choose to let their family die we should execute him and nationalize his assets anyway.

I think others places might be more appropriate for your edgy revolutionary cosplay.
No. 4119
There is a difference between the abolition of all private property and the nationalization of vital industries. In USA for example you will notice for awhile that our military which is a thing too sensitive to fuck around with for social experiments remained basically nationalized. You will also notice how fucked it's been getting since more and more reliance on third party private contractors. You know all those leaks like for example Snowden? Those were in the nebulous area of private contracting. There are certain things that just should not be for private profit and increasingly you see how retarded and third world USA has been getting as we are fragmenting into these petty corporate fiefdoms. This also further undermines our national security by allowing foreign nationals to keep buying up our land and companies, particularly the Chinese. There is literally no reason to leave something the entire US economy, energy, petrochemical, military, aviation or other concerns in the hands of a few private individuals for benefit of those few private individuals and who could then sell off those assets to foreign nationals.

Also good joge.
No. 4121
I don't know to who that clarification was meant for. I don't care about your political beliefs, I commented that your edgy posting is better suited elsewhere, in specific relating to the paragraph I highlighted.
No. 4122
will KChennai return to ec? :schneefee: :scheewuermchen: :scheewuerst:
No. 4190
Putin wants to interrogate McFaul, the former American ambassador to Russia, and Browder, the employer of Magnitsky.

After the news McFaul lost his shit on Twitter

McFaul was quite famous on Russian political imageboards due to one video in which he directly tells Russians that Russian economy is irrelevant and that goods used by Russians are made in USA or China.
No. 4196
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:43
Wait, so the Putin part I get, but are some butthurt Trumptards now somehow trying to offer US diplomats and others to the Kremlin because they would think it spites Dems somehow or wtf is the deal here?
>lock McFauk up hashtag
I mostly expect this is Russian shills still completely assblasted about him (which was one of the funniest things I've ever seen) but I would find it odd if there were many Republicans sincerely dumb enough to go along with it. I mean, their stupidity is legendary, but this is a guy who openly mocked Russia by talking about things being made in USA.
No. 4212
No. 4232
54 kB, 680 × 381
540 kB, 498 × 300, 0:02
>People walking along the Thames on Wednesday morning may have got more than they bargained for after a giant sculpture of Jeff Goldblum popped up.

>The 25ft statue - in front of Tower Bridge - is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park in which Goldblum played heartthrob Dr Ian Malcolm.

>The artwork pays homage to that famous scene when the mathematician character unbuttoned his shirt after being attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


I like it. I like it a lot.
No. 4239
71 kB, 288 × 499
So do I but it looks closer to a shirtless Al Pacino than Goldblum.

Being the planetary cultural imperialist feels weird sometimes. Well, at least it's something I like other than Spiderman or Superman or Batman or whatever cape shit.

When do we get giant sculptures of Hydralisks storming across the Rhine or coming ashore from the English channel?

>not even remotely a news link
>comment doesn't even relate to the story
Getting your news from random jackasses on twitter is possibly even lower than stormfront. One of the bigger reasons why I personally don't use that low IQ shithole is because the moment it came out I knew it was only going to be used to manipulate public opinion.
I wasn't wrong

The reason why they like it is because unlike shitholes like zuckerbook is because it's way harder to create authentic looking sockpuppet farms and using them to infiltrate social circles and sway belief. With shitter you can easily set up hundreds of genuine looking accounts over night and sell them to advertisers.

On topic, this has been a genuine issue for awhile now particularly with Monsanto. One of the biggest issues is them using pesticide imbued GMOs that then cross pollinate with other crops so that then everything contains bee killing pesticides in its pollen.

It is also something people have conjectured about how an evil Umbrella corp tier (which is literally Monsanto) could wipe out the independent food supply and make people directly rely on one mega corp. Of course if you outright kill off crop pollinating bees you're playing with ecological collapse.

Remember when I said how modern USA is rotting from the inside out and how our infrastructure is slowly collapsing? Yeah about that.

Also in relevant but useless news, Israel has gone full apartheid. I really don't know why anybody pretends that that rogue state is different from any third world Arab shithole. It is nothing remotely like a Western democracy.
No. 4243
269 kB, 1024 × 679
>When do we get giant sculptures of Hydralisks storming across the Rhine or coming ashore from the English channel?

As soon as Starcraft 2 becomes a thing again.. and Jeff Goldblum plays it.

On a related note, i would really prefer a statue of pic related.
No. 4246
Are you gay?
No. 4247
183 kB, 1200 × 750
No, why? Can't you appreciate Jeff Goldblum without being gay?
No. 4256
He looks kinda spanish or jewish I can't decide
No. 4257
No. 4263
He clearly a churka
No. 4284
308 kB, 669 × 377
673 kB, 2048 × 1366
25 kB, 723 × 444
>Among the changes Mr. Erdogan has put in place under the new presidential system are these:

>The prime minister’s office has been abolished;

>The military has been brought under firmer civilian control;

>The president will draft the budget and choose judges and many top officials;

>The president can dismiss Parliament and call new elections at will;

>The president appoints the head of the National Intelligence Agency, the Religious Affairs Directorate and the Central Bank, as well as ambassadors, governors and university rectors, among other top bureaucrats;

>Virtually none of the president’s appointments require a confirmation process.

>None of the amendments Mr. Erdogan decreed were subject to public debate before becoming law.


How does the future of Turkey look like, with their goat loving dictator or maybe even worse, after him?
No. 4289
>after him?

You mean when he dies of old age? I would say maybe Turks kick him out of office at one point but they're too dumb to realise a low iq Putin with unlimited power is not a good thing.
No. 4302
Poor and unstable Turkey only means more refugees for Europe. Are you ready for millions of immigrants from country with 80mln people?
No. 4309
There is a possibility someone will try to get rid of him sooner or later, successfully or not, it probably will end in a bloodbath.

Indeed dictatorships tend to be unstable.
No. 4310
>it probably will end in a bloodbath.

You can say Trump fanboys are idiots but Turkey is a whole new level of ignoring facts.
I talked to a Erdogan voter about all that stuff a few weeks after the probably staged coup attempt and it basicially went like this:

Me: Turks in Germany shouldn't vote for that guy because you don't have to live under his rule.

Turk: But i visit for vacation.

Me: Turkey is in huge debt and loses a lot of income sources like tourism at the moment thanks to Erdogan.

Turk: But he builds bridges and stuff, i can see it with my own eyes that Turky has money.

That's how Turks work and the worst thing is i kinda liked that guy, he's nice and bought me lunch a few times.
No. 4417
Isn't that the same logic Russians use when they go full-pidor after moving overseas? Maybe it is partly the result of being surrounded by foreigners and having a vague sense nationalist pride inflamed that they then erroneously identify with the leadership.

What I don't understand is why the hell the EU tolerates this kind of nonsense. I am still pissed about Turkish antics during the Syrian civil war.
No. 4424
You can't really compare them.
At least 2nd generation Russians in Germany usually blend in pretty good, Turks don't.

I'd say at least 50% of Turks in Germany don't consume any German media, they watch Turkish TV, listen to Turkish music, read/watch Turkish news, eat Turkish food and mostly socialize with other Turks so even 2nd or 3rd gen Turks often speak German on the level you would if you would try to learn it casually for a year or so.
So they basically know nothing about Germany or the world but what Erdogan TV tells them.
No. 4432
Voting for two countries shouldn't be allowed. The concept of citizenship nowadays is completely fucked up.

Still, on a related news, I'm excited to see the new Istambul airport operating.
No. 4433
>Turks in Germany shouldn't vote for that guy because you don't have to live under his rule.
As if they would care about non-Turk opinion.
No. 4536
251 kB, 1920 × 1037

A delegation of 30 South African farming families has arrived in Russia’s farmbelt Stavropol Region, Rossiya 1 TV reports. The group says it is facing violent attacks and death threats at home.
Up to 15,000 Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, are planning to move to Russia amid rising violence stemming from government plans to expropriate their land, according to the delegation.

“It’s a matter of life and death – there are attacks on us. It’s got to the point where the politicians are stirring up a wave of violence,” Adi Slebus told the media. “The climate here [Stavropol Region] is temperate, and this land is created by God for farming. All this is very attractive.”
No. 4566

Texas will overtake Iran and Iraq as world’s #3 oil producer in 2019. I'm surprised to hear that Texas will produce half as much oil as Russia, for me it's just another proof of inefficient Russian managment and the need for reforms.
No. 4596
17 kB, 595 × 173
Can Trump tweets be considered news? If yes, this one made me giggle.