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No. 3720
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Over the past couple weeks there have been some big developments in the UK and it might be worth having a special thread for quality discussions.

The story begins with the government repeatedly finding resistance over Brexit policy within the Houses of Parliament with both Conservative and Labour deeply divided within themselves over the future relationship with the EU. This includes whether there should be a vote on a final deal as governments traditionally have freedom to negotiate international treaty but in this case it also implicates domestic law which would need legislative consent.

To finally put this issue to rest (we're due to leave on the 29th March but nothing has gotten done) Theresa May tried to force compliance by bringing Conservative MPs to her Chequers estate to hammer down a single policy. MPs had their phones confiscated and were bluntly told that if they resigned they would have to find their own way home from a location miles from anywhere. This was meant to be the end of it and ensure that any deal with the EU wouldn't be scuppered within Parliament -something that would likely topple the government and crash the economy.

The result? What looks like a soft-Brexit position along the lines of a Norway model with both the Brexit Minister David Davis and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson resigning a few days later. It could even lead to a vote of no-confidence either triggered by hard Brexit supporters or even Theresa May herself that if it succeeds would entail months of paralysis to do a new Tory leadership and general election.

Now Trump has sashayed into the room on his first official state visit. In a lengthy interview he has outlined (correctly imo) that the present Brexit policy would mean no future trade agreement with the US and has gone on for so long that it can only result in a bad deal - he also stated that he wishes Boris Johnson was PM because what is Theresa May going to do about it? He could punch the Queen if he wanted to.


Also some filthy hippies protested across the country today wasting police time and resources with no objective in mind at all.

What is the EC prediction on what will happen next? Do you think Trump might, out of nostalgia for Britain, seek to make a trade deal that benefits Britain?
No. 3731
>Do you think Trump might, out of nostalgia for Britain, seek to make a trade deal that benefits Britain?
What nostalgia?
Well, he's the US president, and will look for a deal which benefits the United States first of all.
I think Trump has said "Get your shit together and decide where you are going", because it seems like British Government came to understand what benefits it loses but they don't want to say "fuck you, people, your vote means nothing".
I guess that's what happening right now.
Also, in my humble opinion, EU would be better if it consisted of Western European countries alone, but now they can't, or, maybe, don't want to backtrack.
No. 3747
>What nostalgia?

Trump is an Brit-boo raised by a Scottish mother who always made him watch the Queen when she was on television. It shouldn't matter but you can track Anglo-American relations to the American Presidents sentiments so I don't see us getting treated like some banana republic in negotiations.

>EU would be better if it consisted of Western European countries alone

Nah, the EU problems are much more fundamental to do with policy overreach and frankly godshite national governments. The Eastern States are a problem but nowhere near the same intensity as external migration, fiscal crisis, low EU citizen engagement and zero forward planning for whatever the next crisis will be.
No. 3760
I sincerely doubt the guy feels genuine heart felt emotions like that. He bizarrely hasn't even ever had a pet. I don't think he feels anything except anger, greed, and frustration.