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No. 37538 Systemkontra
142 kB, 1024 × 697
64 kB, 780 × 438
This is the side of the virus outbreak that interests me the most. How would/will the spread of the virus affect the global economy assuming the Chinese government is unable to deal with the Coronavirus? I'll start off with some extracts from various articles that I found interesting and other Ernsts are free to extrapolate their onions. For example, here in the Far East of Russia some people are already reporting a shortage of chinese-grown vegetables in the stores

>China’s economic growth is expected to slip this year to 5.6 percent, down from 6.1 percent last year, according to a conservative forecast from Oxford Economics that is based on the impact of the virus so far. That would, in turn, reduce global economic growth for the year by 0.2 percent, to an annual rate of 2.3 percent — the slowest pace since the global financial crisis a decade ago.

>Returning from a long holiday for the first time since the coronavirus’ threat became clear, Chinese investors sent shares in China down about 9 percent on Monday morning. Stock markets around the world have plunged in recent days as the sense takes hold that a public health crisis could morph into an economic shock.

>General Motors last year sold more cars in China than in the United States. Its Chinese factories will be closed for at least another week at the request of the government. Ford Motor has told managers in China to work from home while its factories remain idled, said a company spokesman.


>It's too early to say whether that level of upheaval is on the horizon. Tesla (TSLA) has been forced to close its new Shanghai-built factory temporarily. And Apple (AAPL) has lost production from suppliers in Wuhan. The longer term impact on both companies is much less clear.

>Other sectors might have more to lose right now. Tourism — a multibillion-dollar industry during the Lunar New Year — has been decimated as the government quarantines major population centers and people avoid traveling for fear of becoming infected. Major travel companies, hotels and airlines have offered refunds through most of February, while some airlines have suspended services to and from China.


> IKEA has shuttered all of its mainland China stores and KFC and Pizza Hut have closed thousands of branches. Starbucks has closed about half of its 4,100 shops in the mainland and McDonald’s has temporarily shuttered stores across five cities in Hubei province, where Wuhan is located. Disney has closed its theme parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

> More than 700 miles from Wuhan in northwest Gansu province’s capital city Lanzhou, normally bustling restaurants and bars in sit vacant. Streets in megacities like Beijing and Shanghai are nearly empty. In southwestern Yunnan province, almost every shop in the tourist destination of Lijiang was closed on Thursday—including four out of five pharmacies and a local clinic.

>“Everyone here is terrified, the old city is in lockdown, nobody is leaving their houses,” one restaurant owner in Lijiang tells TIME, asking to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the situation.

No. 37540
Oh no, corovirus will kill us all and change the world!

Read: it just be thing that people remember in december in line of "what hyped happened this year"
No. 37544
You see, I'm mostly of the same opinion. But then again the atmosphere is weird, not normal for these kind of hypes.
I have never felt people actually being that afraid before. First point where I felt unease was in a train I had to take at the airport. a handful of passengers (germans, not asians!) was wearing masks, never seen such a thing before. Then the newspaper articles about first 10 cases in Germany. Yesterday in the evening I decided to eat at the chinese restaurant around the corner and barely anyone was there, only me and a single father with his daughter. Usually the place would be full at this time.
Still, I'm not really worrying - but the atmosphere is infectious and you can't quite ignore it.
No. 37553 Kontra
71 kB, 939 × 470
I don't fear the virus, I fear the state. We have no strong leadership and decisionmaking (only if it's about to get you taxed or silenced, or doing something for women and refugees). Sry, if it's cheap AfD speak, but to me it feels like a mishmash of "it'll be fine" and gross negligence in things of
keeping a working infrastructure and Ordnung.
You may think: Oh, he's suffering on a first world country, but as a first worlder, I have some expectations ...
No. 37555
It's difficult to estimate the econsequences for global economy. If the crisis were over tomorrow my guess is it would take at least a year to equalize the losses that have already occured. But if the crisis is still at its early stages and will escalate to full blown epidemies in every Chinese city (as most studies and experts are predicting) I don't know how to exactly evaluate the global economic happenings in 2020. These few things come first to my mind:
-supply chains for production in many branches would be fucked (for instance pharma industry)
-export to China would be fucked
-import of low and high tech products from China would be fucked
-oil price and industries and states depending on high oil prices would be fucked
-lots of consequences for different currencies
-unemployment rising in branches that export a lot to China
-unemployment rising in branches that depend on delivery of goods from China
-huge losses for tourism
-all of these uncertainites causing a global recession
-airlines and shipping companies going bancrupt

And this is only if the virus doesn't become a global pandemy
No. 37557
Last time we were all going to die, Ebola wasn't really a true threat. It mainly affected poor countries in the 3rd world, with low standards of hygiene. Not really a problem for the first world.
You already take most pre-cautions you need to do to not catch ebola. You wash your hands, you keep yourself clean, and you dispose of your waste because you can.

With the coronavirus, it's much more easier to catch it, and since it's also infectious even when it's asymptomatic, you don't know who is and who isn't a "carrier".
Not to mention that it entered the global circulation already, unlike Ebola, which remains relatively local and isolated.
No. 37561
I want to shear this excellent article.
Hope that nature is a credible source lol https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00236-9
No. 37562
Well China in general in level of regular people in province also far from 1st world standarts.
No. 37573
Black and white thinking is a hallmark of low IQ. It's not either going to be absolutely nothing or end of the world and only abject retards are saying either of those things. It's probably not going to become as massive a pandemic even if it does mutate into something more lethal and won't kill hundreds of millions of people but it doesn't need to do that to become a major problem or some happening, and it already is a happening as the stock market can attest. This is going to start slowing the fuck out of the global economy. I can't even imagine just what it would do if it took hold here. I can only imagine it becoming a catastrophic thing showing the weakness of our healthcare system as it starts killing off all the old people because people would go apeshit about quarantines and become a health crisis between the sovereign citizen types and the anti vaxx retards, and between our lack of coordination and total inadequacy as a system made to deal with the surge even with FEMA camps and the military and the woeful inadequacy of our system in dealing with the poor.
No. 37606
It begins

>Hyundai, the world’s fifth-largest carmaker, announced Tuesday that it was suspending production lines at its car factories in South Korea, one of the first major manufacturers to face severe supply-chain issues because of the coronavirus.

No. 37609 Kontra
>Black and white thinking is a hallmark of low IQ
Why politically obessed poltards so like to use such words for eveyone who ignoring their regular hysteria?
No. 37628
Amazingly it's actually up at least in the US. I also suspect it's due to lack of hype which while not being reported on cases are still growing.
No. 37701
Foxconn, Airbus, Tesla "temporarily" stopping operations.
No. 38553
I can't believe that this threda hasn't been bumped yet.
>Financial pain deepens as nearly 60 countries report virus
>WHO raises global risk of coronavirus from 'high' to 'very high'
These are just the top articles on AP and Reuters to get the ball rolling, but OP's subject has never been more relevant.
No. 38554 Kontra
I already forgot about it
No. 38555
23 kB, 798 × 300
The markets have had their head in the sand, and it looks like they decided to finally price in the virus. Look at this year to date chart: while the posibily of a pandemic/endemic was growing, the DOW(as a simple benchmark) proceeded as though earnings would be unaffected. That attitude couldn't continue forever.

>Goldman Sachs’ David Kostin warned U.S. companies will see no earnings growth this year. “Our reduced profit forecasts reflect the severe decline in Chinese economic activity in 1Q, lower end-demand for US exporters, disruption to the supply chain for many US firms, a slowdown in US economic activity, and elevated business uncertainty,” said Kostin, the bank’s chief U.S. equity strategist.


I'm curious what the long-term effect of trade show cancelation will be. There haven't been too many yet, but that's likely to change.
No. 38570
I wonder if the 2020 Tokyo olympics games are going to be cancelled.
No. 38571
Did you somehow forget about the economy starting to crash too? This Russian is such a perfect example of neurotypical mentality. Complete burying of the head in the sand. Why do people do this?

Like half of China was shut down so I'm kind of surprised it took this long. Maybe that lag time was a combination of realizing this isn't going away with them not getting their shipment every two weeks.

Does anyone know a good website for watching global shipping lanes? I've been hearing that virtually no ships were coming and leaving from China and that we've had mountains of exports just idling at the ports. How much was global shipping already affected?
No. 38580 Kontra
>Did you somehow forget about the economy starting to crash too? This Russian is such a perfect example of neurotypical mentality. Complete burying of the head in the sand. Why do people do this?
I find politics and "happening" shit pathetic on imageboards. Continious disscutions of "economy" "jews" and another things like that. It's attracts idiots and in generally, pointless.
No. 38603
No one said anything about Jews. The fuck? I get it. I share your loathing of poltards and assorted strains of cancer from 4krebs. But outright throwing out all discussion of something because you're butthurt by them is literally 4kanker poltard level of dumb only in the opposite direction. FYI I'm pretty sure these kinds of people right now are trying to somehow shill or froggy meme magic their way out of it because it makes their retarded clown of a POTUS mascot look bad or something along those lines.

I will say however that I think this could be a much needed breath of fresh air. For starters it's going to have incredible ramifications for my society once it inevitably gets to the point of basically becoming a problem on a level not even third world countries are struggling with thus making a much needed discussion about poverty, and class, and lack of health care and worker rights, and all sorts of things in this country. I gauran-fucking-t you that if it is not brought under control in the next week that it's going to spread like fire throughout my country and be spread massively because everyone is too afraid of thousands of dollars in medical bills, is avoiding QT and ambulances because one trip in an ambulance costs a month rent and is not covered by insurance thus spreading it on subways and buses, and people here in bydlo jobs atr required to show up even when they're sick, thus absolutely ensuring that everyone who handles money or food or deals with the public is gonna get sick, get forced to show up to work both by their economic circumstances and the absolute expectations you don't take sick days or risk getting fired, and promptly become super spreaders.

In fact this has literally already happened and there's an outbreak in a US nursing home. Those nurses and anyone preparing their food will spread it to fucking everybody and take a bunch of old people out. It's in a school which means the cafeteria workers will get it who will promptly infect the entire school. This is absolutely going to force a discussion that has to happen in this country.

Moreover the greatest thing about the Wuhan virus is it isn't presently all that lethal while being highly infectious. This will give us all the kick in the pants and trial by fire we so desperately need. We got lucky with ebola and swine flu, SARS and MERS. Like, I don't think you guys understand just how fucking like we all just got with those things, but believe me the big one's coming and we should thank our merciful God that he has sent us this blessing in disguise as a final warning against our own complacency for when the big one finally hits for real and we've got a new black death on our hands. This will grant humanity valuable insight that we are desperately going to need for when that happens.

I spent much of the late fall and early winter absorbed into the concepts of pandemic and watching loads of documentaries on the Black Death. It's kind of funny in retrospect that I personally got very deeply, almost hypnotically absorbed in this probably within weeks of the coronavirus mutating and starting up in Wuhan.

My greatest and only insight I can give you for all this is that we have or should have things like borders as much as the walls of cellular membranes and our skin, and that we desperately need to have a second earth life colony somewhere because we're simply not always going to be equipped to handle the next super plague which in a crowded, dirty, overpopulated and small area (like an urban zone) is always going to make this kind of thing inevitable, and there are certain basic steps and precautions that we shouldn't ever take for granted.

Our number one physical enemy upon this world is and always has been pathogens. Nothing has fundamentally changed since Carthage and Rome beyond our limited technical means of dealing with it, and the day will come when those means are inadequate and all begin to fail. We must be ready for that day.
No. 38621
55 kB, 870 × 559
>I wonder if the 2020 Tokyo olympics games are going to be cancelled.
I've seen a few gambling sites say that it is likely that the games will be cancelled, but I don't know if that is a reliable way to measure this. Normally the odds given by a casino would be unbiased, but in this case they could also just be trying to get headlines for their business.
It seems unthinkable that the Games could be cancelled, since there is so much money and preperation involved, but would they hold competitions in empty stadiums, like Japan is doing now for other sports? It's possible they could decide to do that.


The 'Pandemic Bonds' are going to pay off soon. The threshhold for distributing funds was 20 deaths in 2 countries. The money will be too late to help anyone, but what did they expect with a crazy scheme like this?

>So-called "pandemic bonds" were first introduced by the World Bank in 2017 as a response to the Ebola virus. Investors holding the bonds enjoy higher-than-average interest rates, but stand to lose their cash in the event of a pandemic.
>If certain criteria are met, the bonds' principal is transferred to the World Bank's Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility (PEF) to fund containment and relief efforts.


>World Bank's $500m pandemic scheme accused of 'waiting for people to die'
>The value of the bonds has halved as the coronavirus outbreak has spread, raising fears investors could face losses.
>The scheme’s “fundamental flaw” is that it was aimed at preventing a pandemic but would only pay out when a pandemic was already underway,

No. 38625
Jesus fucking Christ

This is why I have unironically been becoming totally sympathetic to Socialism over the last six months. I mean, just,
Jesus fucking Christ

Is that seriously why the WHO isn't declaring this pandemic to be what it obviously is which is a pandemic? Are they lying to us? Who the hell runs the WHO and the world bank anyway? I do not understand their organizational structure so are these all basically the same people and that account was supposed to be some kind of Panama Papers level retarded elite slush fund?
No. 38627
146 kB, 1351 × 410
I think that talking about impact on economy in general a little unproductive and we should try to at least describe impact on specific most vulnerable industries. Better try to predict it before it struck. Best try to understand when we will have actual vaccine in the field. For example: I think that we will not have vaccine in the field in April, as it needs some basic laboratory and clinic trials even if we're talking about chinks. So i think that next to crumble will be the tech industry.
(Sry for my english, i usually lurk in read-only)
No. 38628
They say they don't declare pandemic anymore, but may use the word pandemic in future correspondence.
Sounds like bullshit to cover their asses.
As for your sympathies, likely brain damage, sources, vegan diet, soy, magnetism, aspartame, reddit, cheering for politicians like sportsball.
No. 38632
>As for your sympathies, likely brain damage, sources, vegan diet, soy, magnetism, aspartame, reddit, cheering for politicians like sportsball.
I...what? What is that word salad even supposed to mean? It looks like something generated by a bot. I am assuming you are drunk?
No. 38676
At least one company, Novavax, is using their experience working on vaccines for SARS and MERS to create one for COVID-19. We'll have to wait and see how it works, of course.


Right now they're in a three-way race with two other companies to create the first vaccine. One of them is going to become very rich, and investors are just hoping that they have their money on the right stock:

>Shares of Inovio Pharmaceuticals were soaring on Tuesday. At the same time, shares of two other biotechs that are developing experimental coronavirus vaccines, Moderna, and Novavax, were sinking
>These moves were caused by the same news. Inovio announced before the market opened on Tuesday that it was accelerating the timeline for developing its DNA vaccine INO-4800 for COVID-19
>Inovio plans to begin human clinical trials in the U.S. in April, with clinical trials following shortly thereafter in China and South Korea.
>Moderna announced on Feb. 24 that its coronavirus vaccine mRNA-1273 was ready for human clinical trials.
>Two days later, Novavax announced that it plans to begin a phase 1 clinical study evaluating a nanoparticle-based COVID-19 vaccine in the spring of 2020.

No. 38679
Nothing will happen, as always. Big things happen suddenly.
No. 38765
It only looks like that in superficial retrospective.
No. 38766
The ESICM president elect at Humanitas University in Milan stated in a letter to the international community that 10% of positive patients are going to the ICU. That’s pretty damn serious.
No. 38767
No. 38768
We got out first infected a couple of days ago.
Two students from Iran, a Japanese tourist, and another immigrant.
39 people were isolated so far.
I wonder if it'll get to the point where the government will order a quarantine or a curfew.

It's also strange how Germany and France hasn't ordered a quarantine anywhere like Italy and Korea did.
Is Germany Hell-bent on keeping the economy running at all costs?
No. 38770
I have read there are two strains.
First deadly, low incubation period, low spread, and this has killed itself off.
First to some extent excuses Wuhan
Second, long incubation period, high spread, low mortality.
Similar to seasonal flu.
At least here in HK, we are buying the masks, closing the schools 13 weeks in total, ect ect, but don't have the fear we had four weeks ago.
Positives are it only effects Asians, elderly and those with pulmonary infects/weaknesses.
No. 38771
Here’s a quick summary of why the “two strains” paper is flawed. He also links to a more comprehensive criticism in the last tweet:

No. 38772
10 kB, 300 × 207
81 kB, 1024 × 493
39 kB, 549 × 352
27 kB, 302 × 167
Very much this. Low IQ people think it happens suddenly because they lack the very basic capacity to conceptualize abstract concepts or have the kind of pattern recognition and information assimilation capacities or even just basic ability to remain informed to see things happening. The Great War is a perfect example of this. Anyone not stupid and misinformed can see it coming. Morons would just see everyone declaring war on each other and wondering why. They will likewise react with total surprise when their cities start shutting down when some of us here knew what was coming since January.

This is just one of the reasons it's going to be such a big deal and that's solely under the expectation it doesn't mutate further, which it probably will. I've heard there's supposedly teo strains going around, an L strain and iirc S strain. Okay yeah
But all the voices boomers keep listening to keep downplaying it for some reason despite the fact CDC themselves already warned us awhile ago to expect severe disruptions to their lives. I suspect these old retarded boomers are so set in their ways and so used to life on easy mode they'd rather bury their heads in the sand than consider having to change their routines.

I think that like I said bydlo and even just people generally are too low IQ and too emotion driven to have the basic capacity to see what's coming. At a 10% hospitalization rate basically what you're seeing is medical assistance being paralyzed as we exceed surge capacity leaving patients dying of both other health emergencies as well as this one, as having 10% needing ICU of a vast swath of the population means the death rate is going to skyrocket eventually and WHO themselves have finally admitted it is not one, not two, but 3.4% of PTs who day including some unlucky people in their 20s and 30s. Yes in other words this can actually kill you, you ernst, this thing can actually kill you even if you don't have underlying health problems. Personally I suspect that a lot of these rates are even higher and that something like 20% need hospitalization and WHO and our CDC and dumbass boomer government officials are simply trying to prevent a mass panic that is going to act as a force multiplier and cause a run on the banks. Frankly as I have intimated before this is exactly the sort of situation where an attack on our electrical grid, physical or digital, or some other cyber attack on us or a surgical strike or two on our chemical plants, nuclear, transit hubs, ports, and so on could also act as a force multiplier causing a further mass panic and disruption to the country. It is a ten good men scenario. Were I a Chinese agent for example I could pretty much take down America within a month if you gave me 10 good men. Luckily for us every rival is also way too paralyzed right now to do much of jack shit to us, including fucking us while at least a fifth our military has been rendered inoperable.

The sheer scale of this problem as it exponentially grows in the future is going to be incredible. I would like to add that there's a reason almost every government around the world has been activating emergency plans or treating this as a serious issue, and that dumb bydlo are using a gambler's logic kind of fallacy that because SARS, MERS, and ebola happened, this also won't happen even though it's literally happening right now and thus needn't worry about it. It's incredible really. Simply breathtaking watching these dumb bydlo. Like I don't think they even understand that they've been spared from that asteroid impact partly because of the diligent and heroic work of healthcare workers during those crises some of whom should be Sainted, and who have been martyred in the fights against contagions. Ebola itself rapidly spiralled out of control and it was partly due to works of the Saints that we were spared from it as it spread across multiple controls and killed over 10,000 people. But, it was also stopped partly because these diseases behaved different and could more easily be detected quickly for example that they were stopped so readily. This one is different because it is far harder to detect and control in time to stop its spread.

I fully expect a recession this year and tens of thousands of Americans dying if not more.
No. 38773
140 kB, 960 × 1200
112 kB, 1024 × 790
118 kB, 805 × 811
234 kB, 658 × 665
>Is Germany Hell-bent on keeping the economy running at all costs?
Yes. This is sadly why these dumb fucking boomers keep lying to us and doing stupid shit, because under Capitalism the shekels of the super wealthy matter more than our lives. This is why Trump has been saying and doing stupid shit nonstop for weeks now with this thing. His supporters are too stupid to understand the fact that it is not a "Democratic hoax" to "make our president look bad" but the fact the fucker genuinely is incompetent and stupid to that degree that he makes himself look bad every single day with this thing. He also totally gutted our pandemic response team which is part of why our leadership had been utterly failing to deal with this and he left Pence in charge of being out Supreme Health General Xi solely to suppress and censor any information coming out of the health authorities because they don't want to spook the markets, both for the reasons Germany's leaders are lying as well as Iranian Mullah reasons for lying and the fact that he put all his eggs in one basket--the economy--and that the economy is unstoppably failing under his watch during an election year. As a result, our leadership keeps blatantly lying to us and putting more american lives at risk because ye cares more about his approval numbers than us, and is genuinely so short sighted he doesn't understand that this is happening and being made worse and the problem is not going away and is going to absolutely explode on us by the summer.

But, just to be fair, he is also dealing with complete fucking morons on the other side as well saying the most insanely stupid shit like how banning flights from China is "racist" like what the absolute fuck? And so you have these stupid Wilkommen cocksuckers as well who are doing that same Buzzfeed level stupid shit like go hug a Muslim after whatever the latest Truck of Peace event was--because Islamophobia is more dangerous than releated terrorist attacks stemming from ghettoized communities not being forcibly assimilated into the broader culture--and are thus genuinely believing that Sino-phobia is the legitimately bigger and more dangerous threat than a fucking pandemic partly because they bought into that "it's just a flu bro" nonsense. My own father has embarrassed the fuck out of me with this. He actually said it's not airborne and cited his doctor and the pharmacist at CVS as some of the experts and health authorities telling him it's no big deal and not to worry about itit's also not a flu btw it's a relative of the cold virus. It's a cold that kills 3.4% of people and hospitalizes 10-20% of people. It's like saying smallpox is just another chickenpox bro. I have no idea what the fuck media these dumbass boomers are consuming that they think it's mass hysteria and the "experts" are telling them it's just a flu and not to worry about it. This goes for both right and left in this country too. Buzzfeed kids are morons but I think the boomers are the people most overwhelmingly not taking this seriously.

So ou actually have these people doing the same shit finding Chinese guys standing around and hugging them. This is why the Indians died. Because they acted stupid like this and tried hugging people with smallpox. I mean christ. And they are doing this because you have racist fuckheads physically attacking the Chinese. Bydlo gonna bydlo.

But anyway yes, they are all lying either because muh economy or because like with shitty regimes like Iran, China, and USA, you have tinpot regimes who fear losing political control so theyve been covering it up.

Mathematically this thing is going thing is going to spread like Corrupted Blood. Now this could be prevented but people also act like morons. The fact most bydlo and mundane are not taking this seriously makes me want to panic more than anything else. It's like watching an F5 coming to my trailer park. I'm not even so worried about the tornado since I can just drive off. What worries me and makes me want to panic is these dumbasses are just standing around drinking beer saying they don't have to worry about it and doing nothing. What I have learned the hard way in survival situations is that you have to just leave lots of moderns behind to their fate and hope they don't magnify the damage in such a way that it directly harms you and puts you in further danger.
No. 38774
There has been a recession for 14 years, I have lived it, maybe another 7 if you include 2001, did we recover.
No. 38776
Today I read in an article that some famous german virologist who visited a talkshow recommended the german government to shut down any even with more than a thousand people, including soccer games etc. Even shutting down schools in summer. Life wouldn't be the same anymore, I cannot imagine it.
I can't say how far away we are from a tangible mass panic, but the atmosphere is weird as fuck. All of this is like a dream to me, like some dark shadow being cast upon life.
People get nervous when someone coughs, many don't give handshakes anymore. Mom (okay, she always worries a lot but this time it's different) calls me every other day warning me.
I'm a person that tends to being slightly paranoic, so the situation is taking a bigger and bigger place in my mind.
I could go to my parents to the countryside but it really would feel only more weird to not live my regular life during these times.
I kinda hope it all turns out like a failed diagnosis of an unwanted pregnancy, sure it was terrible but you're happy that thr fear is over.
No. 38777

I will say this about disruptions to daily life caused by social distancing measures: it’s better to be safe than sorry. If we cannot put the brakes on transmission we may run out of resources like ICU beds and mortality will increase as a result.
No. 38778
>but the atmosphere is weird as fuck
I haven't noticed anything changing. Nobody is wearing a facemask or disinfecting their hands obsessively.
What's weird is looking at a bus or a subway station as people walk around, and you realize that it (the quarantines and the curfews) could happen here too, and that feels fucking surreal.
As I said, I can't imagine any catastrophe befalling Budapest. It's just not that kind of city. But alas, it's probably just the fact that the Hungarian Globe is pulling wool over my eyes.
No. 38789
Sure, no matter what kind of social distancing measures will be taken - I'm not their enemy. I don't attend larger groups of people anyways. Okay, maybe the opera might count but usually there aren't much more then 50-100 people sitting there. So I hope they don't close it down.
I'm curious about the political conclusions of such measures though.
For instance, if they decide to do sames in Greece - Lesbos protests might have to stop and migration could go on without any hindrances.
Generally any wider scale protests will not be possible anymore.
Not that any of most of those protests changed a lot in the past, but restricting them could have unpredictable effects.
Let alone the hundred thousands of people visiting soccer matches. What will they do when not being able anymore to go to the stadium? Watch at home, gather at bars. Maybe. Maybe they will look for other ways to act out their instincts.
The political situation is spicing up as well, if there should really be an economical crisis mixed with corono I believe that this will mean the death bell of the republic and liberalism chiming. It would be a massive clusterfuck.
No. 38793
So far my city is full of chinese and nothing has happened yet. Schools are working, nobody wears masks, nobody panics, heard some jokes about virus. That's all. No obvious dead bodies, no hazmat people, no raving ambulances.
No. 38806
Today I was not able to buy my favorite toilette paper. I have enough for another week, but I hope this shortage will not last longer. I would really hate to use a different toilette paper.
No. 38808
Somehow this post, this one right here, exemplifies everything from bourgeois mentality to boomer complacency and addiction to routine, to first world problems and beyond.

It is like a majority of people just haven't even got the slightest clue at all what they should be preparing to face and the vast majority of those people are going to be massive problems in the imminent future as s direct result of that. This is why trying to downplay risks to manage fear is the stupidest most fucking retarded thing ever because it's mocking the can down the road just long enough that when people do finally figure it out they're going to freakout when it actually matters and there's going to end up being chaos and bloodshed on the streets and s result rather than just having to put up with a bunch of confused and angry boomers and tight pants wearing urbanite Jonathan Oliver watching poodle fearing jackasses and middle age housewives be shocked and angry and scared without doing anything more significant than killing supermarket supplies and shocking the stock market a little.
No. 38810 Kontra
Sorry I just realized dont take it the wrong way. I wasn't referring to you as that hipster I was just zoning off into thinking what sort of unprepared people and started remembering my trip to New York City last year and thinking oh my fucking God at these people. I am still unable to get over the revelation my contact told me of how people in New York are scared of dogs, even small ones, and just weird about animals in general. Clearly this is alien to me as right now I've got my first spiderbro of the year wandering around and I plainly don't trust people who dislike animals, particularly dogs. It's like telling me you punched a toddler and I'll never trust you no matter what else you do. So I just started picturing that as "now what kind of jackass is going to be totally unprepared for this in an urban zone who likely knows, at best, that 'it's just a flu' if they even heard it at all."

Ach Hans my son, what are you thinking though? This is going to be causing massively severe issues society wide across the globe all summer.
No. 38857
Is it good idea to still short fully SP500?
No. 38860
22,4 MB, 1920 × 1080, 1:05
I like how well prepared the US are for a disease outbreak like this one. :3
No. 38863
"The head of Lombardy's intensive care crisis unit says the health system is on the brink of collapse, intensive care being set up in hallways. By March 26 they predict ~18,000 Covid19 cases in Lombardy, of which ~3,000 will need intensive care."

--Rachel Donadio, The Atlantic

source (in Italian):

No. 38865
>buying into the market now
You are the most Polish businessman I have ever met

We are fucked and it's already in the county right next to mine. My sibling just informed me of this when I solely opened my text messages to text her half gloatingly about how they was so dismissive when I warned to stock up on things they need 7 weeks ago because my governor is one of the people who not too long ago declared a state of emergency. My mundane coworkers and clients still mostly don't even have a clue what's really coming yet. I expect it to be in my county in a matter of days if it isn't already. I've been wondering why lots of people around me seem sick.
No. 38866
75 kB, 642 × 767
315 kB, 1080 × 2160
Oh yeah and btw, I am one of those poor Americans. It's a shame we don't have a democratic or free society here and the oligarchs chose Biden who's part of the same blackmailed pedo network as Trump somehow his son is even connected to defending the DuPont heir who raped his own toddler because this is going to be the perfect example of why Bernie is right about absolutely everything with our healthcare and poor Americans. I can only take mirth in the fact that it possibly spread to AIPAC and the Conservative political action committee already. God I hope all those scum got it.

What you're about to see in this country is exactly what that man just talked about and see the thing is, it isn't even just about us. Guess who sells you your gas and coffee and delivery pizza and cooks your fancy steaks and sells you your faggy $2000 shoes. What these people are about to come to realize the hard way is exactly what Tyler Durden said. They do not seem to realize that us spreading it like crazy is going to spread it to all of them except the ones already hiding out in New Zealand which probably includes the Trump kids already. We will suffer wildly disproportionately but they will not escape God's wrath. Poor Americans will not be able to stay home when they're sick. This matters because of how many people are going to think it's just another cold they have to work through like usual, which is exactly what I just had to do a week or two ago. In fact if I had it (which I don't think I did frankly) then I've personally already exposed potentially hundreds of people. My boss is sick right now too. So were some of the clientele. People will not ride ambulances. They will not go to doctors. All the problems inherent in American society are literally moments away from hitting everybody even the dumbest boomer Republican like a brick shithouse and some of them literally are not going to survive it even if they are not remotely poor themselves. People like pic related I'm going to be so smug about them having to deal with this. Second pic related is literally what I just experienced minus the cough and along roughly that same patterns and timeline. I simply assumed it was some kind of a combination of the kratom, the VOC vapors from my polyurethane and silicone, and kratom, along with possibly a cold and breathing in too much hydrogen sulfide from one vessel with rotting vegetation I was trying to grow snails and rooted pothos in. I still suspect it was just all that, since I've not been coughing really except a little the one day and I had s scratchy throat today.
No. 38884
580 kB, 591 × 882
Oh, I feel sorry for you. I wasn't even sure if I should post this pic. But I do.
It shows once more how lousy your health care and nursing system is.
Every number stated on this paper speaks for a disgraceful symptom of your system.
It's wild.

-Within 3 weeks more than 50% of the original residents have been infected.
-Within 3 weeks almost 50% of the original number of employees have been infected
-Since the outbreak only 45 test kids were delivered and hence available to them
-Since the outbreak not a single Covid-19 test result was reported back

It is totally crazy what is going on in the US right now.
No. 38888
I agree that our response to this crisis has been deeply embarrassing so far. We are uniquely poised for disaster owing to structural weaknesses such as the lack of reasonable paid sick leave policies. Also, the CDC designed faulty qPCR tests, delaying surveillance and keeping us in the dark for weeks.

t. different burger
No. 38889
449 kB, 1282 × 679
1,8 MB, 784 × 5664
7,1 MB, 853 × 480, 1:05
>Also, the CDC designed faulty qPCR tests, delaying surveillance and keeping us in the dark for weeks.

Yep, this got to me, too.

No. 38890
260 kB, 885 × 760
>Coronavirus [...].mp4
Sorry. I posted wrong file.
No. 38892
61 kB, 1024 × 1001
We are so lucky that we live in Germany where we have a bum-drilling homosexual to tell us to wash our hands. But not with disinfectant, because that only works on doctors and nurses, like masks. They only work on doctors and nurses.

So don't be worried, after all, it's just a flu. By the way, you wouldn't be able to borrow me some toilet paper? Of course there won't be any shortages, that would be insane, but the local supermarkets seemingly ran out. Probably because all of the pathetic Almans with their socks in sandals.

t. totally unconcerned young urban educated elite person who is very informed from watching Böhmermann making fun of nazi idiots.
No. 38893
Really, no German or Bavarian has the right to criticize any other nation on this. Our leadership's response has been weak and continues to remain weak. From phylogenetics, it seems very likely that the epidemic in northern Italy had it's origins in Southern Bavaria, where authorities decided to have the children of patients ill with Covid-19 go to school until they (the children) started coughing.

Our health minister stood and watched while chinks bought up medical supplies from all possible and impossible sources and had them shipped to China, etc.

I guess Germany authorities just don't get that their usual approach of blaming right-wingers and Brexit and publicly speaking out against racism will not work here. In fact, the green party's initial response was to have some third-rate member of parliament named Kordula Schulze-Asche say things like
>Closed doors won't stop the virus!
>Racism helps the virus spread!

No joke.
Amidst the beginning pandemic, some German cities ASK to get more refugees from the middle East. Among them Freiburg im Breisgau, which by now has a rich history of young male immigrants raping naive female German students...
No. 38894
>From phylogenetics, it seems very likely that the epidemic in northern Italy had it's origins in Southern Bavaria, where authorities decided to have the children of patients ill with Covid-19 go to school until they (the children) started coughing.

Have these authorities faced much public criticism in Germany?
No. 38896
Quite the opposite. People trust them and remain calm. People do as they are told, and they are told not to worry, maybe wash their hands, because this is just like the flu. News to the contrary from China and Italy are ignored out of arrogance, as everyone is certain that the German health system is much more capable. There is literally no reason to assume that it is, other than German arrogance. The general stance is that people may die in third world countries like China and Italy, but Germany is a developed country, so Germans will be practically immune.

It's impossible to get news like that in the German press. Sometimes, there are reports about doctors complaining about a lack of supplies and information, but this is always juxtaposed to some government official or University professor telling us why Germany is prepared in the best way possible.

Health minister Jens Spahn literally did nothing but watch the situation unfold and calm the public for an entire month. The press laudates him for taking fierce action.

If I said any of this at work, I'd be promptly fired for "Störung des Betriebsfriedens"-disrurbing the company peace. Which sounds a lot like damaging social harmony, doesn't it?
No. 38897 Kontra
Uh, no, you would not be fired for saying any of that. Stop being a drama queen, will you?

Yes, the government is likely to fuck this up due to lethargy. It's honestly what everybody expects from the CDU after all these years.
But instead of whining about it there are lots of things you can actually do yourself. Start by recognizing that you are just like everybody else here: You've done nothing, expected things from authorities against your own better judgement and are basically content to complain but otherwise behave exactly like the CDU/SPD through non-action.

The more people realize that this government is a reflection of themselves, the more chances we have to eventually change something.

Me? I spoke to some of my neighbours today and we made a plan of who will help who in case someone is quarantined or can't get supplies themselves for some other reason. We pinned that plan near the door and everyone was chill about it because we now have a sense of safety. It was really simple and it did wonders for morale. What did whining on the internet do for you today?
No. 38910
554 kB, 596 × 2704
98 kB, 570 × 1068
2,8 MB, 1241 × 7939
24 kB, 907 × 159
>we great, so marvelous.
>best health care system in the world, envied by everybody!
>won't use Covid19-tests from WHO, we use our own, cause we are the best nation, everybody envies us.
>after 2 months of "testing" 0 infections -> We so great. MAGA!
>one day after that: ehmmmm, our tests were faulty

No. 38922
248 kB, 601 × 704
doc at Maimonides in Brooklyn just posted this
No. 38923
181 kB, 604 × 708

Also his other tweed, in which he asking for help/advice from China via twitter cause the US system is not providing any, is crazy.
No. 38924
I mean, I guess it makes sense to ask what sort of drugs the Chinese are using in this scenario: they've been taking care of covid19 patients longer than anyone else has, after all.
No. 38926
>I mean, I guess it makes sense to ask what sort of drugs the Chinese are using in this scenario: they've been taking care of covid19 patients longer than anyone else has, after all.

Of course it makes sense, what he is doing. But normally in a functional health care system, he shouldn't have to do it.
There should be superior state organisations, like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Koch Institute, Federal Ministry of Health, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut or one of the countries' most respected universities, which a doctor in need could contact knowing that they would help him.
And they can reach out to other state organisations. But a single doctor should not need to plead for help from in this case Chinese organisations via twitter, at least not in functional health care system.
No. 38928
757 kB, 834 × 621

Sorry for German source, but British Ernst possibly wants to know it.
British government is calculating with 100.000 deaths.
First estimation were 500.000 deaths.
No. 38930
No. 38931
Oil markets tumbled more than 30% after the disintegration of the OPEC+ alliance triggered an all-out price-war between Saudi Arabia and Russia that is likely to have sweeping political and economic consequences.

Brent futures suffered the second-largest drop on record in the opening seconds of trading in Asia, behind only the plunge during the Gulf War in 1991. As the global oil benchmark plummeted to as low as $31.02 a barrel, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. warned prices could drop to near $20 a barrel.

No. 38935
32 kB, 683 × 327
52 kB, 672 × 800
No. 38936
384 kB, 1080 × 954
24 kB, 310 × 760, 0:02
God what a time to be alive. And we have a collection of some of the most incompetent shitsticks in charge of everything to top it all off.
No. 38938
So a bunch of bankers, brokers and oil bosses are losing money to falling oil prices? Failing to see the bad here tbh. Fuck those snides.

If it affects everything, then shit, but I plan ahead for such shit anyway. Retarded billionaires ruining it for everyone else is part of fiat currency. Don't like it, abandoning the current debt-backed economic order is about your only option.
No. 38940
50 kB, 877 × 1024
I am unironically of the opinion at this point that Capitalism should be destroyed and the American two party system abolished. I don't even fully understand how I became so radicalized. I suppose it just kind of happened from spending the majority of my time either in Walmart or working for a corporation and then going home to spend my leisure time dealing with Steam and thus Valve, dealing with the subpar products everywhere to the point there isn't even much of a point not buying the Walmart brand garbage because it's all particle board and sick fish I'm being sold, spending my day returning dead fish and seeing the absolute CRAP that has happened to the vidya game industry.

The system is literally evil. I mean it is quite literally Satanically evil just barely veiled by a gilded plastic consumerist veneer.

The system itself is evil and deserves to be destroyed.
No. 38941
I share the same opinion,the way I see this like we are cattles that live in farms and are getting consumed,humans have become nothing more than a force for creating money for billionaires,and saying that capitalism offers equal opportunities is very false, not all people are born with the same intelligence and power and determination.
I think the ideal system would be a hybrid between capitalism and communism.
No. 38950
Very cool that our economic system suffers periodic crashes every 10 years and there’s apparently nothing that can be done about this
No. 38951
73 kB, 600 × 396
It has been said that capitalism is going to suufer periodical crises since XIX century. Nothing to be surpised about.

On a positive note, my dollars I exchanged earlier cost more in rubles now. On a negative side, I didn't save my next paycheck in dollars. Speaking from the position of common sense, I am poor so it didn't make any big difference for me.
No. 38952
I will be able to get cheap gas for my car today, thanks based capitalistic oil price instability.
No. 38953
96 kB, 598 × 630
It's habbeding
No. 38954
what's /biz/ like right now lol
No. 38955
Bernd will buy Deutsche Bank if cheaper than 5 oiro
No. 38956
284 kB, 594 × 440
It's just generals and mad Wojacks.
No. 38959
1,2 MB, 1024 × 587
No. 38960
No. 38961
Nothing will change, you will just become poorer.
No. 38962
384 kB, 1080 × 954
142 kB, 503 × 598
Christ. You know I normally never bother with other chans but because of this ive actually started lurking some of the absolute worst shitholes. Like I'd never even consider visiting stonerchan because
>board filled with
>drug addicts
Their /v/ isn't as terrible but from what I can gather much better than most while the majority is just absolute console shit that bydlo and well drug addicts would play. Most of them have astoundingly terrible taste though not nearly as bad as 4cancer which is just unbelievable how one board this bad can possibly exist. /pol/ for all my hate for them and all their idiocy does seem composed of about 20% of the population being actually halfway smart or aware of things somehow with the other 80% dumber than fucking rocks and with severe mental problems. They apparently have generals called /ptg/ which is filled with the absolute most astounding shitheads and White House shills imaginable. It's incredible. The WH actually obviously and plainly has whole cadres of shills infesting that board and Steve Bannon toadies but they're too stupid to be aware of that no matter how obvious it is. Apparently these dumb fucks are shilling for the absolute dumbest president in history and it's really amazing just what sort of lies they have to tell themselves and invent for others to maintain the post soviet central Asian dictatorship/African or Central Americsn dictatorship level of insanity, incompetence, and just general narcissistic tyranny and corruption being displayed. Muh 4d chess I guess was an indicator this had always existed but I think corona has laid bare to all but the absolute dumbest of most brain damaged morons what kind of incompetent boomer we have in charge. They seem to be actively shilling the most insane stupid bullshit at this point because muh approval ratings muh precious stock shekels is all that seems to matter to them while this fucking idiot says the most outright dangerous things imaginable.

I think that part of the thing is Donald Trump inherited good times made possible by Obama era policies. This even includes stopping ISIS which was largely a continuation of US strategy, as well as a strong economy. Now because we have such a weak man he is helping to cement the bad times. I don't think people understand that "weak men" and "strong men" does not refer to whether you're a loud boisterous bydlo or not. One of the key traits of a strong man and strong leadership is competence. Donald Trump is a soft man and a weak man. He's a narcissist who only cares about personal gain and his own ego and is a wildly incompetent liar. Every president has to rule over a crisis he didn't expect and never wanted. George Bush had Katrina and 9/11. I'm not sure where to put 08 recession because Obama was still running for office and Bush was in his last few months in office but it's the shitshow Obama inherited, and Obama also had ISIS. I think this is Trump's moment and thus far he's clearly dropping the ball with amazingly stunning incompetence and it seems he's trying to just bullshit his way out of it and do what he normally does and expecting his spin and PR to work and for somebody else to fix the problem so he can take credit for it later. I don't think he has the mental capacity to understand what he's dealing with and it seems a large number of poltards are just shilling increasingly insane lies to justify every moronic thing that incompetent dumb boomer says and does.

But, to their credit, I have also actually realized that at least for happenings if you're not stupid or insane enough to buy into their lies, hysteria, and bullshit, that and I hate to say this /pol/ is one of the best news aggregators around. You obviously can't listen to shitholes like Drudge which is where the dumbfuck boomers of that site congregate. You can't listen to the absolutely fucking insanely stupid dipshits at buzzfeed. So far /pol/ has more reliably given me updates on the virus happening than anywhere else. I just think it's really dumb and fucked up how much people are trying to turn this into a partisan political issue although to be fair it really does highlight why Bernie is right about healthcare and poverty in America not that it matters because anyone not stupid or naive already knew a year ago that Bernie was never going to be allowed to win and it would go to a probably blackmailed corporate shill pedo like Biden because democracies and free societies are impossible under Capitalism for more than a few short years; they always almost immediately collapse into neofeudalism and oligarchy with features of monarchism with a weakened figurehead.

The last thing I would like to add is did this stupid shit seriously happen? I mean just holy fuck.
>I am not a virus
>dumb fucking woke bourgeois identity politics retards go around hugging chinamen in Northern Italy
>all of Northern Italy now under lockdown and the Italian society is currently collapsing
Hahahaha oh holy shit you stupid fucks. Jesus Christ I mean just goddamn.

See this is the thing I came to realize is what we need is leftism. Actual, real, hard leftism existing in the world, and not this absolutely insane corporatist centre-left SJW identitarian globalist trash. I've always thought identatarians on both sides are trash and I think the Wuhan coronavirus is proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt, or rather proving american kulturkampf armchair warriors cancer beyond all doubt. You've got one side so fucking stupid they'd rather let chinamen in and actually go around fucking hugging them because they're more scared of even insinuating something they could consider racist, and then after those faggots promptly infect the country you have these other faggots trying to spin doctor and lie to us "it's just a flu" "I trust my hunch over CDC data that the death rate is much lower than 1%" "it's just going to magically disappear one day like a miracle" Jesus Christ it's incredible.
No. 38963
103 kB, 1647 × 1073
lol what was that? Nothing will happen? I'm sorry Russia but guess what this isn't vierkanal or sosach or wherever. Not only the thread doesn't 404 yet and likely won't ever even 404 in the next year but you're posting in exactly the same thread. You expect us not to notice how wrong you are? You've just been directly proven wrong.

What I am actually most curious about however is precisely why you are wrong. When I went to lurk 4kanker I noticed the same thing. What is it with these people who are so hard up about burying their head in the sand and engaging in denialism?

Oh shit somehow I missed your posts. Well what can I say the American healthcare system and American system in general is and always was a cancer. Nobody ever did anything about it because we live in a shitty cyberpunk dystopia over here where everything is run by Apple and Google and boomers using twitter. It's a disgrace and the worst of all worlds. I don't even get my cool hacker culture anymore or anything aesthetic. God. What I would do to this world if I had a couple hundred million dollars. I'd totally redefine the aesthetic of the decade. Sleek, sharp, angular, dark, graceful, forbidding. God what I would do to this culture. And I'd make everything Catholic and Orthodox influenced as well with the exception of neoRoman neoPagan saint worship.

So yeah. I'm sorry but that's the reality. What you're going to see, and what you personally have to privilege to about to watch happen, is every burger finally waking up and demanding the most basic shit taken for granted in every single other developed and even developing countries as every American loses grandma or dad or whoever to the complete fucking disaster and actively burning dumpster fire that is the American healthcare system in particular and the American style system in general. These dumb boomers have been allowed to be weak and arrogant retards sponging up all the wealth and leaving nothing for the future for decades and thinking they can keep kicking the can down the road forever or at least until after they have died and no longer have to deal with it.

These people are about to be in for a very rude awakening.
No. 38964
No. 38967
We have some form of major crisis every fucking year and the only thing that changes - ordinary people just become poorer and the gov becomes slightly more totalitarian. Don't expect any great world changer, NWO, apocalypsis, new economy form, it won't happen.
Btw you pointed to 2 of my posts, other come from other russians. The reason why we don't believe in happenings is because we live in permanent shit. Those things feel new for your well-fed, prosperous, orderly society, we have it like that constantly.
No. 38974 Kontra
>what this isn't vierkanal or sosach or wherever
It's funny that basicly Sosach have for months now multiple active treads full of screaming happeniers about all this shit
>When I went to lurk 4kanker
I advise you take your crap and disscus it with plotards if you areally wish scream about with other "happening" and pretending that you some political expert.

On rest, basicly what other russian said. Wait your zombie apocalypse somewhere else, and we are already tired of it because last time something not happening here was in 00s, and before it and after including now is constant "happening" which don't leed to something funny, interesting or scary exept ethernal boring suffering and shitter quality of life
No. 38975
281 kB, 750 × 755
Hold on to your butts
No. 38977
108 kB, 1260 × 840
And on top of everything else, Italian prisoners are rioting.

>At least six inmates are dead and 50 more are on the loose amid prison riots in 27 detention facilities over visitation, furlough, and parole restrictions imposed for the epidemic

No. 38983
would be a fitting end to this saga if drumpf got the 'rona virus
No. 38985
287 kB, 800 × 2000
No. 38988
73 kB, 448 × 645
It will probably get this bad in USA within two weeks, maybe less. I doubt we will implement lockdowns in time.
No. 38997
I'm starting to get pissed about the whole thing. German authorities see what is happening in Italy and nonetheless just want everything to go on as usual, while a shutdown could at least slow down the chain of infections and save lives by letting health institutions more time to prepare and test people that are already infected. Instead those cucks are just doing their regular business and tell us to wash our hands until we'll have hundreads of mortal cases as well.
Fuck liberalism, fuck democracy. If this state would be led by actually responsible people everything would be shut down by now.
No. 38998
I feel the same way about the US response. It’s like they’re looking at a dam about to burst and doing nothing to evacuate the village.
No. 38999
59 kB, 948 × 474
>German authorities see what is happening in Italy and nonetheless just want everything to go on as usual,
you mean corporations want to go on as if nothing is happening as long as possible.
our "authorities" are too stupid for making decisions or initiating adequate counter measures themselves in time. common sense alone would dictate closing schools, limiting free
travel in, from and to high risk areas such as NRW but all we get is: "plzzz don't panic".
politicians just do what "consultants" and journalists suggest, that's why they in their position, not because they possess some sort of competence in the field they are supposed to run.
also now we can fully enjoy the neoliberal "optimizations" of our health system brought forward by greens, spd, cdu and fdp during the last 20 years such as closing down "ineffective", non-profitable hospitals, emergency stations and special treatment facilities.
No. 39000
It kind of seems to me that the collective internet hivemind is way more capable and competent than the present elected governments of the world. Not the deep state, of course.
No. 39003
186 kB, 996 × 832
>Half of the healthcare system is rundown leftovers from the communist era
>Most hospitals are understaffed because a lot of nurses and doctors left to work abroad because of the low wages
>25% of the population is either a pensioner or has serious health issues, so they receive pensions
>Stores already ran out of disinfectants and sanitisers, even the chloride based ones
>Government still not thinking about closing down public institutions

This is ought to be fun.
I (an expert, because in this country everyone automatically becomes an expert whenever the situation necessitates it) give roughly a month before the healthcare system collapses.
Unlike China, most European countries have neither the space nor the population to create a Hubei sized quarantine zone that can be helped from the outside.
They managed it better because they could regroup and send in extra medical supplies and specialists from the other parts of the country.

Interestingly enough, most of our cases are university students who came here from Iran to study at the Semmelweis University of Medical Science.
Apparently they don't like being quarantined, and threw a temper-tantrum, so the government revoke their visa lol
No. 39006
De Blasio has said he won’t cancel the St. Patty’s parade in NYC lmao

No. 39018
306 kB, 598 × 677
latest out of Italy
No. 39021
Governments of the world are typically massively incompetent. They are made up of men and men are fallible. I'm not sure which is worse, monarchies, democracies, communists, or outright despotism for cursing us with incompetent leadership but holy hell is it endemic. Well at least the very structure and nature of the PRC/CCP allows them to at once be slow to respond effectively, but to strike with the rapidity of lightning and coordinated effort of the whole country's machinery.

But a bureaucratic fractured federalist bloated public-private nightmare like the US? Holy fucking hell you do not know how much I am not looking forward to this. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how not to get evicted when the quarantines finally come down.
>but ernst, your country couldn't possibly be so fucking cruel and stupid to just dump people from the just personal but safety for the community of inside their own homes right out into the streets in the middle of a pandem
Yes. Yes they are. Oh god how I can assure you of this that yes yes they most certainly are.

I am easily anticipating these fucking morons evicting people who've been QTd who are sick out onto the streets where they can pass the gift along to others, while also dumping healthy people into the same streets, while having businesses closed down, which then immediately makes everybody who can work and is possibly sick just report right on into work where they begin promptly infecting the whole team and all the customers also.

Like I don't think you guys even right now realize what type of unmitigated disaster this is going to be for America. So far as I'm concerned this could go right up to and including permanently knocking us off our position as the global superpower. And I'm sorry but whatever can be said for good or ill about this guy Trump has already proven himself to be a complete and unmitigated disaster in the middle of a real crisis and I've no faith in him whatsoever not fuckign things up even further. This dumb motherfucker actually outright told people they'd be fine to go to work if they're sick basically. I don't even think it's getting through his cheeseburger and diet coke soaked brain that telling poor people who're sick is not in the national interest. Meanwhile
>how about payroll tax cuts!
Not income tax--payroll. That stupid fucking boomer's idea on how to deal with this is to slash taxes for businesses to hire more people. I think at best his logic is well if people get sick just fire them and hire some new not sick people.

We're fucked.
No. 39022
Meanwhile the world becomes a bipolar state of affairs again between the two superpowers of China and Albania as every Albanian has their own personal bunker to ride out the coming boomer holocaust with nothing but a box of plastic wrap thanks to the prescient wisdom of Hoxha.
I keep forgetting how little coordination there really is there. I am under the impression France is still fucked. Also why did Germany have so few deaths?

>have whole state under state of emergency
>idiot fucking mayor decides to throw citystate wide street party for drunk people anyway
You know what idk why but I have this eerie feeling like I had a past life where the exact same thing happened before.

I'd be less serious about it but people I care about are there oddly enough. Immune compromised relative called off going to see a wedding because that whole city is rapidly turning into a hot zone. Didn't Spain do something similarly stupid because they had a feminist March or some stupid shit? It sure will be interesting seeing how it hits Salt Lake but Utah is filled with survivalists at least. Nebraska out of all places is being hit right now. An interesting thing is to use google trends to search for certain key words to get an idea of what's going on there. For whatever bizarre reason an inordinate volume of site traffic is coming from Kentucky and Colorado searching for the CDC phone number. Do they even have any installations or is there any kind of CoG in
Oh. Oh fuck wait but why would politicians be searching for that? I know we have our old mil CoG facilities in Colorado but did we move our WH/Congressional command bunker out to Kentucky? Or is there some kind of DHS or CDC nerve center in those states? Or any kind of concentration of world and national news organizations headquartered there? Because it seeks like a whole fuckton of people are trying to find how to call out to CDC from Kentucky and Colorado. There's also a strip running right down the Mississippi of people reporting lots of cough and fever and trying to figure out if they got corona'd
No. 39023
Philly just cancelled their St. Patty's parade so I think De Blasio probably will also or risk looking like more of a dangerous idiot.
No. 39025
79 kB, 500 × 864
Does anyone have any idea at all just what the fuck is up with NORP bydlo always panic buying toilet paper? Like seriously what the ever loving fuck. The same thing happens virtually every crisis and potential catastrophe. Remember when people were freaked out about Y2K? Like what the fucking hell are you supposed to do with toilet paper if the power goes out you can't flush the toilet anyway.
>plague comes to town
>no loss of power or water, just contagious disease
>should I buy food? Medicine? Feminine hygiene products? Extra duct tape? Extra pet food? Any random shit I'm probably going to need for a quarantine? Fuck no let's buy bottled water and toilet paper only!
I swear to fucking God Max Brooks should've written an entire chapter on how the US preparedness strategy for dealing with the zombie hordes was to stockpile bottled water and toilet paper. Like I cannot even imagine how these people think.
No. 39026
Maybe they want to write down the chronicle of the plague on that paper for posterity. You know, like a modern day Samuel Pepys.
No. 39027
97 kB, 888 × 499
No. 39028
>Like what the fucking hell are you supposed to do with toilet paper if the power goes out you can't flush the toilet anyway.
But toilet flushings work mechanically in the US too... now do they?
No. 39029
So far the federal government is just advising that elderly and immunocompromised people should practice social distancing, which is totally inadequate. Eventually (when hospitals are overflowing) I expect we’ll implement some sort of population-wide lockdown policy in hard-hit regions but there will be a substantial delay between when this happens and when case load starts to diminish.
No. 39030
The Hungarian government is contemplating closing schools next week. They’re announcing the decision in the evening.
No. 39033
Es beruhige ihn keineswegs, dass der schwere Verlauf hauptsächlich ältere Menschen mit anderen Vorerkrankungen treffe. Die ältere Bevölkerungsgruppe sei in Italien die größte, außerdem treffe es nicht nur sie: „Ich versichere Ihnen, wenn Sie junge Menschen sehen, die auf der Intensivstation landen, intubiert, […] oder schlimmer, am ECMO angeschlossen (einer Maschine für die schlimmsten Fälle, die das Blut extrahiert, es wieder mit Sauerstoff versorgt und es dem Körper zurückgibt und auf den Organismus wartet, bis dass er hoffentlich die Lungen heilt) – wenn Sie das sehen, ist Ihre Ruhe angesichts Ihres eigenen, jungen Alters vorbei.“

It does not reassure him that the severe course mainly affects older people with other pre-existing conditions. The older population group is the largest in Italy, and it doesn't just affect them: "I assure you, if you see young people who end up in intensive care units, intubated, [...] or worse, connected to the ECMO (a machine for the worst) Cases that extract the blood, oxygenate it again, and give it back to the body and wait for the organism to hopefully heal the lungs) - when you see that, your peace of mind given your own young age is over.”

t. surgeon in Bergamo

No. 39035
"It may become necessary to establish an age limit for access to intensive care.

This is not a value judgments but a way to provide extremely scarce resources to those who have the highest likelihood of survival and could enjoy the largest number of life-years saved."

t. The Italian College of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care

No. 39036
998 kB, 840 × 925
373 kB, 6 pages
This picture is the most American response to a crisis ever.

Source and story:

>Golden State Warriors have rebuffed San Francisco officials’ pleas to cancel games due to COVID-19 virus

Interesting historical data is buried in another story out of California, regarding the 1918 flu pandemic.

>Measures such as closing schools, churches and theaters were associated with lower peak death rates during the 1918 flu pandemic, a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2007 found.
>In particular, the difference in how Philadelphia and St. Louis handled the flu was striking. Philadelphia downplayed the significance of the flu and allowed a citywide parade to continue 11 days into the outbreak, and by the time officials ordered school closures and other bans on public gatherings five days after the parade, it was too late — “disease spread had already begun to overwhelm local medical and public health resources,” the study said.
>St. Louis, meanwhile, enacted social distancing measures two days after the flu arrived. The result was that Philadelphia’s peak death rate was dramatically worse than St. Louis’.


However measures such as closing schools etc, doesn't permanently prevent the spread of disease. A city which avoids initial infections will have a vulnerable population when those protective measures are lifted. So the goal is to spread out the infections, which will ensure that local hospitals aren't overwhelmed.

From that 2007 study(attached)
>In our review of 17 cities, we observed that cities that implemented NPIs[Nonpharmaceutical interventions] sooner had lower peak mortality rates during the first wave and were at greater risk of a large second wave.
>In the absence of an effective vaccine, cities that use NPIs to mitigate the impact of a pandemic remain vulnerable. In practice, and until emergency vaccine production capacity increases, this means that in the event of a severe pandemic, cities will likely need to maintain NPIs for longer than the 2–8 weeks that was the norm in 1918.

There are a cluster of cases in Colorado, that might explain that one.

We're closing some schools is selected areas, but it's been sporatic. I can't imagine a nationwide closing happening here-even if it was the right decision, who would order that? The president would have to instruct the department of Education, or something. State by State closings are more likely.
No. 39037
>But toilet flushings work mechanically in the US too
They do, but after you flush, that water goes to a treatment facility. When there is a prolonged power outage, those facilities can't operate and the flushed water can begin to back up. If there is a power loss after a hurricane they tell us to flush as little as possible.
Here's a fun survival tip: In a real emergency you can make cat litter toilets. You just open up a large garbage bag inside the toilet bowl, and fill it with litter. Then....you know.
Thank God I've never had to do this. I think I'd prefer to use the woods.
t.dignified human being
No. 39042
The Hungarian Government declared a state of emergency.
All indoor events exceeding a crowd of 100 persons, and all outdoor events exceeding a crowd of 500 will be cancelled by law. (This includes cinemas, museums, concert halls and theatres. The only exception is the National Assembly, which will continue to have meetings, since it's required to do so legally, and they said that it's no different than holding meetings during a war.)
Universities are ordered to close down.
Elementary and high schools will stay open in the foreseeable future, because there government sees no reason to close them down. ("Once, the virus starts infecting children, we'll close them down.")

All foreign citizens coming from China, Italy, Iran, South Korea will be denied entrance. Hungarian citizens may return, but they'll be put into a quarantine.
Border patrols are reinstated on the borders with Austria and Slovenia.
The government stated that people spreading misinformation and rumours will be punished.
No. 39059
9 kB, 402 × 270
No. 39060
128 kB, 1080 × 919
No. 39061
128 kB, 474 × 271
It's actually electrically operated pumps depending on the area. When I was a kid every time we lost power we had to conserve water like a precious resource for when we really needed it and it was always a dick move to flush the toilet because that tended to drop all our remaining water pressure in the housebut then again that was also a private well,. It really depends on your area. In a lot of places a complete loss of power just means you're going to run out of water pressure fast and have no water til it kicks back on.

This makes sense and quite frankly these are the kinds of things I think ignorant peasants and assorted petit bourgeois bydlo don't understand about our medical system or the way medicine works. Like, we're talking about people who don't even know about show code. So like I said they're going to be in for one helluva rude shock whenever they finally start to figure out that grandma is being left to die on purpose.

See this is part of the genius of Brooks talking about the Redecker Plan aka Plan Orange because quite frankly that is actually just medical common sense. That's literally how medicine actually operates and it has to operate that way in a lot of cases. I don't think they even understand how triage works or what it is.

That's the other brutally terrible piece of misinformation floating around out there. They literally think they're immune if they're not an old person with health complications. They literally think this is a flu. They're dumbasses and our dumbass president had spent the last several precious weeks busily compounding the problem even further. Part of why the death rates aren't even so high to begin with in younger people is because they're literally leaving old people to just suffocate and die in the harder hit areas to focus on saving younger persons in crisis. Ffs I even know someone who has cancer my age who's actually not even bothered by it. Like what are you fucking crazy? This is going to kill you. I've yet to figure out the magical formula to get them to take it seriously when everyone is telling them completely the opposite and somehow they're too mentally slow to recognize maybe it's suspicious that all these governments are locking down cities and issuing state of emergency decrees everywhere, if they're even that informed.

God that shit is depressing. Like I said in this country it, will be, a shitshow. I actually asked my bank about it today and they have no plans whatsoever thus far after I heard that supposedly some banks are offering people interest free loans to help cover it and keep them indoors and away from work while sick, which I can only assume they'd been doing with the fullest extent of the government's backing because no way a bunch of banks are going to take on that kind of risk of a loan default at zero chance of reward to themselves without it already being somehow government mandated or assured, but I guess not at the federal level at least.

Like I cannot begin to imagine what will be done for this problem to be dealt with save for temporary interest rate forbearance on mortgages or something totally ineffective that will also do fuckall to help me as either a wageslave or a renter, which is also pretty much that one group of people who absulotely needs it the most and absolutely cannot afford to miss work while being most likely not to have coverage.

I still couldn't believe me eyes. Is this seriously true that the fuckers are trying to price gouge us for thousands of dollars if we need a test? And it feels like just all of a sudden over the past week there's been an explosion of sick people all around me. This is disconcerting and I cannot tell if this is because of some normal cold or flu floating around but I guess I'll approach this with a bold curiosity and we'll see in the next week!
>that pic
Again it is just so horrifying and depressing to just realize with full cognition exactly what country I am in and what situation I am in.

They've actually already started closing our schools also and my understanding is WHO finally got off their fat Indian Irish asses and declared a pandemic so I guess those investors can kiss their precious money goodbye. I have no fucking idea why anybody would've even thought we could hold out til June.

My understanding is that the very first case of a first Wuhan then Italian style shutdown and martial law has just began on our soil outside of NYC is this true? From what I can gather all of the public/private unis are already or have been in the process of shutting down completely throughout WA, CA, NY.

What's with the rest of you ernsts? What's it like in your neck of the woods? I've heard that in Germany for example the reason they have practically no deaths is because the German government hasn't been officially listing SARS-COV2 as the cause of death in the elderly but instead going full on Chinese style listing CoD as pneumonia, heart failure, multiple organ failure etc is this true? How's it being treated in the slavlands so far?
No. 39066
39 kB, 720 × 644
So Trump is shutting down travel from Europe even though we've had community spread of the virus in multiple American states for several weeks. Brilliant. Maximimum panic with minimum impact on transmission and case load.
No. 39070
83 kB, 726 × 387
Well I mean yeah to be fair, Trump is like a solid month behind the curve. But that being stated I mean, at least it's better than nothing? Besides the fact that you had all these fucking idiots crying how racist it supposedly is and all the hug a virus morons in Europe, so at least this can stop us from being bombarded all over the country with new nurglings.

But like you said the problem is that obese boomer idiot let this shit spread everywhere under his watch and apparently he had actually been restricting testing because he was afraid how having more "confirmed" cases would hurt his approval. I think this proves beyond all shadow of a doubt he thinks ahead and plans about as much as a typical jailbird psychopath. He literally doesn't think things through one moment to the next. I think he was also somehow expecting someone to just magically fix shit for him then swooping in and taking all the credit in a month or two. I don't think he ever genuinely believed this would become the rolling problem it did and now that we're so utterly late with testing the contact tracing is nearly impossible so it's useless. But just like I said, we as a country are rather uniquely unprepared for this disaster. We seriously could actually have 10,000 active cases right now and we wouldn't even be aware of half it until they hit the ICU because fucking nobody myself included wants to spend over $3,000 on a test. And because frankly we have a Republican in charge and the kinds of things we actually actively need are anathema to everything about the boomer Republican ethos so fat chance of that. It's like holy fucking Christ you cannot tax cut your way out of a pandemic.

An interesting thing to note which if true borders on criminal negligence or even negligent homicide is the fact that Trump has a whole bunch of hotel properties, and apparently Kushner owns airline shit. That means that merely admitting an epidemic exists is directly hurting those two in the pocketbook so I'm sorry but I've just got to ask, is part of the reason they were dragging their feet because they didnt want to lose money? This is directly the reason we didn't want to have any official in high office who has personal business and the ability to profit off his office which fat chance that's ever getting fixed without 1776 boogaloo 2 but goddamn if these guys didn't abuse the shit out of that more than normal. It has also occurred to me only tonight that possibly part of the reason why some people get so angry at me telling the truth about it is because they somehow have taken it to be a direct attack on Trump, because he's an idiot who told people it's nothing to worry about. That is by far one of the most dangerous things I have ever seen any elected official do while in office. I still cannot figure out why the other side would get butthurt about it though. Is this some kind of thing like the stages of grief? It's like all the boomers dem and rep just got together and decided to collectively bury their heads in the sand. I don't think that entire generation had ever honestly expected any real risk or hardship to ever occur for them after the end of Vietnam and even that lots of them dodged. I really want to mention the Cold War though which might have something to do with their weird denialism or fatalism or whatever the fuck it is
I feel like this whole sequence is pretty much at least our boomers in a nutshell, if not whole on the wect
No. 39071
18 kB, 480 × 360
the fucking stock market looks good to him! amazing.
No. 39097
Today the Dow was down 9.99%, 4th worst decline in US stock market history.
No. 39099
The dumb motherfuckers seem to genuinely think slashing more taxes and pumping the fed is going to let them dig their way out of the bubble. PROTIP this isn't just happening because of SARS-COV2 that was just the catalyst. Theyve been riding that bubble for years now and literally every single sector of the economy has been a bubble as a result. I think they were actually seriously inflating it by just having the fed print more money and losing it into the stock market. Can you even believe they're that much a bunch of moronic jackasses? Meanwhile Iran, China, and Russia have already dumped the petrodollar. Frankly it wouldn't even surprise me at this point if right in the middle of the pandemic and economic crisis somebody did something very stupid with conventional or nuclear weapons. I'm not pointing fingers or anything but we all know that stupid person is going to be American or Russian
No. 39110
More likely Iran. They are very affected by the virus and have a shitty economic outlook. So sinking some tanker because reasons could very well happen.
But the US will gladly join in the stupidity.
No. 39113
26 kB, 599 × 257
update from USA
No. 39114
I ll tell you why. And please think a bit before dismissing it. He is as shitty as it gets but previous ones were same shit. Things werent so shit because they hadnt already done all their shit that culminated with him coming.
No. 39124
113 kB, 421 × 600
10 kB, 184 × 200
37 kB, 257 × 350
Covid-19 most likely originated in the US.

>We also had the Japanese citizens infected in September of 2019, in Hawaii, people who had never been to China, these infections occurring on US soil long before the outbreak in Wuhan but only shortly after the locking down of Fort Detrick.

>Then, on Chinese social media, another article appeared, aware of the above but presenting further details. It stated in part that five “foreign” athletes or other personnel visiting Wuhan for the World Military Games (October 18-27, 2019) were hospitalised in Wuhan for an undetermined infection.


>Next, Daniel Lucey, an infectious disease expert at Georgetown University in Washington, said in an article in Science magazine that the first human infection has been confirmed as occurring in November 2019, (not in Wuhan), suggesting the virus originated elsewhere and then spread to the seafood markets. “One group put the origin of the outbreak as early as 18 September 2019.” (2) (3)


That might also explain, while the US were so eager to develop their own Covid-19-testkit and not cooperate with the WHO.
No. 39126
I'm partial to the boomercaust personally. I think we need to help spread calling it the killer cold too.

Why exactly are Russia and KSA pulling this shit now? And why is Turkey starting shit with Greece?

It is like I've always said you can always reply on people to do exactly the wrong thing in a crisis and by doing exactly the opposite of the right thing in the worst possible time thereby magnify the crisis into a full blown human catastrophe.

I for my part am personally moving into the third phase which consists of picking off a couple other supplies like airline hose for fish tubes and trying to educate myself on how to do things like intubate people while mentally writing up my own plans. I'm thinking of calling my state representatives and floating different ideas on local and statewide preparedness measures in the medium to longer term like for example dealing with people going in to resupply as well as trying to write a pamphlet I can spread around. This needs to include basic instructions for bydlo on decontamination measures for their household and setting up a decontamination zone somewhere in their house where they can take off their clothes and sanitize everything without having to track lots of vital matter everywhere, taking cold showers, not doing laundry especially communally like in a laundromat without bleaching it first and only using hot water cycles and drying on high heat etc. I'm still trying to mentally work out eggs to say to people and how to say it, and which things would be counterproductive or just straight up wrong.

This includes measures also like for instance you guys needing to get swim goggles before they finally figure that one out and there's a run in the swim goggles. If you wish to avoid infection--which you're really going to wish like fuck you did if you get it--then from what I understand you're going to need swimming goggles because it can get through the mucous membrane of your eyes. This part in particular spooks me because of the neuroinvasive potential. I am not looking forward to my next meeting with a neuroinvasive disease again. It has been rumored to travel down the shitters so that is also plausibly a thing to keep in mind for some of you if somehow water cross contaminates from elsewhere. If you guys don't have your own washer and dryer (which I'd likely imagine is all of you except for Hungary at this parent's and Ireland at his house) then you need to keep in mind doing laundry in a laundromat is going to get you infected. The hospitals are all going to be shut down so I really hope you didn't have an important reason to go to one. Proper disinfection routines. How long to soak something. I'm not even sure bydlo are going to understand how to use bleach, which is already kill. I have some but realized I should pick up a second bottle and sure enough, the Karens had already wiped out all the Clorox but for whatever reason it didn't occur to them to check hardware by plumbing, which ironically it didn't even occur to me to check the laundry section by groceries. There were still also nitrile gloves there by painting.

What concerns my about my respirator is why didn't they buy these out? I have a p100 filter one for $40 but for some strange reason they didn't buy that but did clean out the $55 dollar one along with all the other masks. Why they did this is still a mystery to me and I can only imagine being due to my ignorance or theirs, either that I overlooked or misunderstood something about mine being ineffective (like I didn't realize I only had shitty 3% hydrogen peroxide useless against viruses and needs to soak for at least 15 seconds to kill bacteria where the whole point was controlling contagions with my fish, like the Ich that just wiped out my GBRs and guppies from PetShart) or they somehow thought the $55 worked. I suspect the $55 had P3 rating or somehow said something to the effective of "this is good against viruses" which mine didn't while afaik p100 means basically the same thing as p3.

I also don't think people understand N95 is not like a brand to buy and you can only buy that thing and equivalents don't work when they do, or that shitty 99 cent masks for sawdust don't work at all, or that you can't reuse them. It's depressing. They really were right about the masks not protecting people it's just they worded it poorly. I'm already seeing people in grungy reused masks because that's all theyve got. I'm not even sure that it's possible to disinfect them and they'll still work.

So I have quote the knowledge gap myself.
No. 39127 Kontra
Great source. Well now I know where the literal paranoid schizophrenic I was getting his ideas. Are you even swiss? Or just that one super annoying retarded kohltard I remember? And when I say "paranoid schizophrenic" I mean he is literally clinically schizophrenic who does shit because the voices in his head told him to do it. Please stop spreading bullshit. I assure you the crisis is already going to be as deep and dark a happening as you could hope for without trolling. I can also assure you of the high likelihood America gets toppled as a result, in spite of the fact this was clearly a Chinese fuckup. Funny how the moment people stop downplaying things like it's just another SARS MERS EBOLA H1N1 etc the first time containment has failed they immediately switch to consorisvy theories.

No. This did not happen because of that, or because of a Chinese bioweapons lab regardless. This all is literally happening because of gross human negligence and incompetence meeting the raw forces of nature head on.
No. 39128
46 kB, 608 × 300
31 kB, 604 × 391
11,4 MB, 720 × 720, 2:05
193 kB, 817 × 770
Yes, Trump good. Most intelligent, best leader in the world.
No. 39129
>retarded kohltard
>paranoid schizophrenic

Thanks for many vulgar insults and completely lack of arguments.
You are very convincing that way.
No. 39131
75 kB, 1280 × 720
The sole reason I was rooting for him over Hilary is because I knew both would do shit that I hated, but she was competent and him horribly incompetent. I was just hoping he'd spend 4 years accomplishing absolutely nothing and then eventually discredit himself and implode taking out the entire Republican party along with him. Trust The Plan. Because the plan is working.I want the DNC dead next and the Dems plunged into civil war.
No. 39134
52 kB, 851 × 172
10 kB, 434 × 395

Crazy. The situation regarding the security of bio-warfare labs in the US seems to be far worse than in Russia and China together.
No. 39135
>bio warfare labs
the fact that such things even exist makes me angry.
No. 39136
  1. If it originated in a leak from a biolab in Maryland, why was there not a Wuhan-level crisis on the East Coast before there was one in Wuhan?
  2. How many actual studies are there saying that there is more diversity of the Wuhan virus in America than in China? How many genotyped samples do we even have from China, that could make for conclusive evidence?
If he's right, then yes, it probably originated in the US. But I don't take shit from rando websites that I've never heard of for granted. For all I know this guy could just be cherrypicking. He lives in China and works at a university in Shanghai. A Westerner lives in China full-time only at the sufferance of the Chinese government, especially if he is as high profile as a professor. I have no reason to trust him as a neutral source.
No. 39137 Kontra
>I assure you the crisis is already going to be as deep and dark a happening as you could hope for without trolling. I can also assure you of the high likelihood America gets toppled as a result, in spite of the fact this was clearly a Chinese fuckup.

I'm not one to underplay the potential devastation a disease like COVID could cause. Indeed, those that did were greatly proven wrong by the beginning of this month, but if you're suggesting the disease will singlehandedly unravel America entirely, that would require a society-wide collapse for anything like that to remotely happen. The Spanish flu killed 50 million people worldwide with about 700k of them being Americans yet somehow we survived.

I'm of the opinion the next three months will determine what happens. Meanwhile, our government's response has been woefully inadequate and somehow will only continue to get worse. And fuck those opportunistic pricks celebrating the prospect of "buying the dip".
No. 39147
1,2 MB, 2304 × 1728
1,3 MB, 2304 × 1728
Today was the first time i had the bus back from work all for myself.
Also, they didn't open the front door and blocked off the way to the driver, basicially saying "We still want you to buy a bus ticket, we just don't sell it to you".
No. 39149

i remember telling myself, this is a fucking miserable son of a bitch but fuck Hillary, fuck the Clintons in general, fuck the Democrats and fuck the Americans. But i would have never voted for that guy
No. 39150
It's just a flu, go back to work what I told my employees
No. 39152
I was just watching CNN and they connected to "The Siemens coverage of the Coronavirus News conference" or something like that.

This does posit some questions;

1-Why is Fatistan such a dystopic hellhole?
2-Why the fuck does Siemens want their name next to this?
3-Why am I watching CNN?
No. 39167
Just cough loudly when the Kontrolletti comes close :DDD
Also it's a nation wide meassurement, city has sames and according to Google News many others as well.
No. 39183 Kontra
IQ 70
No. 39184
I actually felt real and genuine empathy for someone today. He looked like my dad. I could see the fear in his eyes. That is a very specific type of a fear, the fear of a boomer, alone, confused, scared. It is literally the first time in this whole entire crisis I felt pity, compassion, or remorse for a single human being. I wonder what Sarah saw when she looked back upon Sodom.

I should check in with my family. I've been getting a bit of a dry cough and I just hope it's in my mind or something else, or still just from switching the type of pipe tobacco I smoke, but I swear the merchant I often go to looked sick and he was burning incense there like crazy. Meanwhile some chink I never saw before was putting the lottery playslip directly in the machine. Like, this random Chinese guy I got strange vibes from was leaning over huge lotto ticket display to put his slip in the machine. That struck me as a very strange detail to keep in mind.

Regardless I've been in a less wrathful and sullen mood lately but still just kind of observing my surroundings. My coworker and even educated father had been reacting angrily to my warnings as recently as a couple days ago. These people seriously have no idea what's coming for all us. I won't comment further beyond that. I heard Trump was giving some state of the union or whatever type speech but based on the waves of customers I had starting like fifteen minutes after he was supposed to speak whatever is he said it most certainly didn't inspire any degree of confidence or quell the panic based on what I've just seen today. I should chronicle these events. They are only now on this Friday the 13th coming to realise the gravity of the situation and they have picked Walmart clean. There were lines of cars everywhere but no one touched the swimming goggles and no virtually nobody was wearing masks today. They do not even realize that it's already here circulating along us and has been all week.
No. 39185 Kontra
globalresearch is a known schizo website, it's not a valid sauce for anything
No. 39192
Amusing corona observation: Governments need to prepare for the divorce rate to skyrocket in a few months with all these people working from home.
No. 39196
Time of crisis shozld stabilize marriages. Women like security. Also a lot dead men are always good for the surviving men.
No. 39197
Lotsa dead men are also usually good for women. Maybe this virus thing does for womens rights what the war did 100 years ago.

It wouldn't be the worst outcome. Though, honestly, I doubt any significant number of people will die. I just had a very nice walk through a very quiet, sunbathed city without seeing more than 3 people. Quite cozy actually.
No. 39198
>Maybe this virus thing does for womens rights what the war did 100 years ago.
Would be nice. I really would like to get equality back. It is about time the pendulum goes back to the middle.
No. 39199
Let me just remark that I enjoyed the wording of your post. Well done, Ernst, I draw my hat before your skilled use of ambiguity :-DDD

I can even read your post in a way that inverts the implication of my own post. Ace post, mate :3
No. 39222
On the other side, increase of births in nine months.
No. 39225
I don't follow. Could you explain your positions better?
No. 39229 Kontra
Better not, that would ruin it.
No. 39233
59 kB, 547 × 570
197 kB, 773 × 1000, 0:00
Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?
No. 39248
article in our most us-friendly, close to the gop and trump-friendly newspaper:


the article claims that trump is trying to bribe a pharma company in tübingen to make their research for a covid-19 vaccine EXLUSIVELY available to the usa. basically trumps is bidding large amounts of money to convince the company to move their headquarters and r&d over to the us, make their research top-secret there and make a vaccine against covid-19 EXCLUSIVELY available to usa citizens.

honestly it's unbelievably disgusting. what an unbelievable scumbag that guy is.
No. 39252
>Deutschland, so ist in Berlin zu hören, versuche, das Unternehmen mit finanziellen Angeboten zu halten
Oh wow
No. 39253
Isn't that alleged behavior called biological warfare? I am not sure if the US is prepared to go done that rabid hole.
No. 39254
>Isn't that alleged behavior called biological warfare?
No, technically it would rather be something like an embargo, but with the novelty of buying the producing company out of a different county first.
No. 39255
>Leftist homo is surprised because the US has a government that doesn't hate it's own people
I bet you are from Berlin, little homo.

Trump would rather have the inhabitants of colourful SCHLAND die than citizens of the USA. Thanks to German traitors, Germany is just another occupied shithole, and of course, Trump tries to move important research out of Shitholeistan aka Germany. Agnieszka Kazmierczak can protest all she wants. If she is a good girl, Trump will let the company remain in Germany and just hire all the researchers with much better contracts, so she can keep face. If this occupied little dirthole doesn't agree to that, he can just send a military transport from Rammstein to Tübingen and pick up everyone, then fly them out. It's only 120 miles one way. Germany is weak, cowardly and disorganized and can do nothing. But of course, Germany will not even try to resist. Because it's a weak occupied shithole, not even a colony.

Only a totally blue-eyed leftist Taz-reading homosexual idiot like you would be surprised.

Oh, by the way: SARS-COV-2 is a biological weapon. It's a HIV-SARS hybride that destroys not only the lung, but also heart, liver, kidneys and testicles. And when you think you'll ever get over it, you're wrong. Every time your immune system is weak, the virus re-activates, and it gets worse every time, by the second or third time, you're dead.

Of course, you call me a tinfoil-hat. But two weeks ago, little dumb leftist homo pissants like you wouldn't have believed what's going on all around them today. And how's your prolapsed asshole today, homo? Smelly and itchy because you're out of TP?
I suggest you kys, a massive leftist fagott like you won't survive for days in the real world.

Your bubble is bursting, and you are in no way ready to deal with it. Gay little homo faggot.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 39259 Kontra
Is this a parody post?
No. 39260 Kontra
go back to kohlronachan, you insufferable idiot.
No. 39261
I'm serious. You laughed when you were told that this is worse than the flu. You laughed when you were told that it won't stay in China. You laugh now. You learned nothing.

People like you are gullible and fall for pretty lies. Again and again and again.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 39262
I'll go after you tell me how many rolls of TP you have. Me: 20.
No. 39263 Kontra
I bet it's the libertarian German, who is terrible to be around.

>Oh, by the way: SARS-COV-2 is a biological weapon. It's a HIV-SARS hybride that destroys not only the lung, but also heart, liver, kidneys and testicles. And when you think you'll ever get over it, you're wrong. Every time your immune system is weak, the virus re-activates, and it gets worse every time, by the second or third time, you're dead.

Wow, now where did you get that secrete info? Does some obscure website leak gov documents from globalist elites?
No. 39264
i don't know and i think it doesn't matter anyway, since the usa is never held liable for anything retarded or evil they do.
in my opinion a vaccine for covid-19 should be open source and released under public license.
No. 39271 Kontra
I wonder how bad the intelligence is when such a retard >>39255 knows about all the forged conspiracies.
No. 39275
Contagion I think did a pretty good job of touching on the role of trolls, idiots, and bullshit artists in a pandemic. There is so much shitflinging right now it's incredible and that's also only to get worse as every shithead government desperately tries to blame everyone but themselves for their own fuckups. We've already seen this in China, USA, and Iran at least.
No. 39282 Kontra
I just want to look these up later because 404 since KC is dead while this is a nice cozy place nothing had ever replaced it since those absolute scum destroyed it in 2017 but there's still some okay information in between the mountain of absolute trash and legitimately schizophrenic stupidity and psychotic lying bullshit http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/248145650 it's been really hard for me to find any accurate information anywhere out there about the ground situation in different countries because I don't speak Farsi or Italian or chingaling or whatever. Does reddit have some kind of a central hub for information clearing? I'm not wading into the cesspit of disinformation and stupidity that is Twitter and don't know how to navigate it anyway and the corporate news is all but useless especially for English now that Pence has been installed as the czar controlling and censoring all information coming out.
For the many anons wondering how it is like inside the quarantine I made a collection of videos coming from all over Italy.

Speakers and police announcing that the country is in quarantine like during war:
https://youtu.be/0LCFfgDfRns [Embed]
https://youtu.be/Th6BbQ4wEVU [Embed]
https://youtu.be/WhTjmBnCRHQ [Embed]
https://youtu.be/Iu3qZ-sbAN0 [Embed]

Boomers being told that they have to go home immediately or face arrested for violating the quarantine:
https://youtu.be/1KIittshIPA [Embed]

Military and police checkpoints:
https://youtu.be/-lnjo3R-5qQ [Embed]
https://youtu.be/kHIQTK-52T8 [Embed]
https://youtu.be/O3mpAbCWj-A [Embed]

People singing from their balcony to raise the morale:
https://youtu.be/t2snvstbfP4 [Embed]
https://youtu.be/Q734VN0N7hw [Embed]
https://youtu.be/7LbM8ZIP7pU [Embed]
https://youtu.be/RqbhoqSRNhs [Embed]
https://youtu.be/CBEhSNzX0fg [Embed]
https://youtu.be/x_rLw6SCSmE [Embed]

https://youtu.be/d5jLrqSAmN4 [Embed]
https://youtu.be/Khb_7aT8bfU [Embed]
https://youtu.be/S7essa5c9AU [Embed]
https://youtu.be/eWBy3i1pdN8 [Embed]

Prime minister announcements:
https://youtu.be/EWDwH5OS8Sw [Embed]
No. 39284 Kontra
>that the country is in quarantine like during war

many elderly people might not have internet or other info sources. Even I as a kid in 1990s Germany experienced police cars driving thru the hood informing people because of something. The war connotation is not to be conflated with an actual war situation, it's a matter of how to inform people covering the whole area/region whatever, the same situation appeared in wars of the 20th century since everybody had to know.

I can tell you what it's like here: People go to work, many who can work from home. The cafeteria in uni subtracted seats so that there is space between. cutlery was given out, no individual spices anymore. The library is closed, you can only borrow books and print. The public transport is quite empty. This morning I was the only one at the station for a few minutes, usually at that time it's kinda filled mostly with school kids, which have to stay at home since today. I've seen parents with their kids on the playground etc. So it's noticeable that something is going on, but so far people still roam the streets.
No. 39293
Thanks for the video collection. I feel like I should be documenting events in an organized and coherent way, but there is so much information and it's difficult to tell what's important and what isn't. Guess I'll leave that to the pros, or at least to better focused amateurs.

>Does reddit have some kind of a central hub for information clearing
I only know of this:


There are more links in the sidebar, too.(always view the desktop site, their mobile is terrible).
No. 39294
Thanks, also this sub
has strict moderation against fake news.
No. 39309
133 kB, 953 × 540
Can anyone please explain to me why we are pumping trillions and trillions of dollars into the stock market with bullshit printed fed money right now? Is there even any actual possible outcome for this except for massively terrible hyperinflation conjoined with a useless bubble in all sectors of our economy that's just going to have to inevitably enter correction territory anyway, thus causing us to fall and crash even harder? I mean, from what I learned in even basic high school econ this shit just seems pretty obvious to me. I mean...am I actually reading this wrong? Have we got any other plausible outcomes from the fed slashing rates to 0% while printing trillions and dumping $1.5 trillion into the market on one day alone?
No. 39314
433 kB, 1500 × 1099
tfw deeply paranoid and unsure if feeling shitty due to stress/anxiety or viral infection

Hard to tell what is fake news these days with so much wild speculation even from seeming eggsperts. eg, recent controversy about whether drugs like ACE inhibitors, ARBs, or NSAIDs are associated with poor COVID outcomes. there were notes published in the lancet and the bmj about this
No. 39315 Kontra
Well, about the ACEi/ARB thing. the NSAID thing is from a statement issued by the health minister of france afaik
No. 39316
i think véran was referring to this hypothesis:

No. 39324
214 kB, 883 × 883
Because the investors expect action on the part of the government whenever the free market(tm) can't actually hold itself together.
It's just that the government has no better option besides trying to negate some of the damage this dumpster fire is causing. (If you don't count outright dissolving and nationalising companies in an act of caesarianism.)
And also because the Federal Reserve can afford to print 800 billion dollars for some fucking reason.
No. 39357
32 kB, 750 × 220
>The National Defence Force could assume the control of 140 companies
>The Action Group Responsible for the Functioning of Critical Industries started its work
>If deemed necessary, these companies could be placed under the command of the military
Seems very serious, doesn't it?
No. 39382
108 kB, 960 × 720
I don't know how much control Hungary's National Defense Force has, but that news sounds similar to what occured here, today:

>President Trump said he would invoke the Defense Production Act of 1950 in response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, which gives the federal government broad powers to enlist private companies to help with national crises
>The Defense Production Act of 1950...allows the federal government to compel companies through loans, loan guarantees, purchases and purchase commitments to prioritize and expedite development of supplies and resources to support national defense.
>In this case, the Defense Production Act will be used to accelerate the development of medical masks, ventilators and other healthcare supplies

No. 39383
No. 39384
8,1 MB, 480 × 360, 3:16
That feel when Trump secretly is lowkey the most hardcore Socialist leader we ever had and would make Uncle Stalin proud.
No. 39389
Very hydrated file you attached there.
No. 39408
97 kB, 700 × 463
No. 39422
Well, they sent out people to the critical companies this morning. Their job is to provide security and oversight so that the supply chain or critical infrastructure doesn't break. They report to the Ministry of defence.
Don't know if their oversight entails actually assuming direct control of the companies.
They also said that there'd be more troops patrolling the streets.
We're about to go low in the coming weeks. Low economically and low ethically.
No. 39423
It feels like sunday. All stores closed except necessary supplies, the public transport is empty for a weekday. Restaurants have limited hours etc.
So far it could be worse.

Does anybody know something about the rising numbers and if the meassurements seem to work? Is it too early to say? I don't even know when Germany passed the 1000 mark... was it the beginning of the week? On the weekend?
No. 39424
It is currently a very retarded measurement.
All we can say is how many new confirmed cases we have, but most of them will be people that cough since 3 days and got worried, which means that they are infected since 17 days tops.

Neither physicians nor journalists are known for their great handling of statistics.
No. 39427 Kontra
>but most of them will be people that cough since 3 days and got worried, which means that they are infected since 17 days tops.

I thought so, many people who are infected are not registered as that. So the number will rise. Ofc. But I wonder if after a few weeks you can say if these meassurements really help.

t. has to cough sometimes, but does not feel ill at all.
No. 39428
I say an Italian girl she was facetiming so I could hear her voice with mask and foil-like gloves this morning. Kinda eerie but who knows what her relatives told her whats going on in Italy.
No. 39430
Yesterday and today I just got calls from the clinic that my appintments are cancelled. Apparently they stopped nearly all outpatient tending. I consider it a horrible decision. This will harm and kill much more people than that stupid virus.

In the weekend the city was like a stirred hive, now the inner city is surprisingly quiet. I've never seen such low traffic there. Meanwhile the suburb is as noisy as ever, all the fucking bydlos keep vrooming their cars and farting their fucking motorbikes, now probably even as a pastime. Planes didn't stop flying around either.
There are lines in the street outside every store, post office, pharmacy, becouse as a precaution they only let in a very limited number of customers at once.
No. 39431
>has to cough sometimes, but does not feel ill at all
I do too, but also feel ill. I got a cold. I know it was coming for two weeks. Still going to work. I am not worried. Funny only half of our staff is still going to work, rest stays in home office.
No. 39432 Kontra
>I got a cold.

How do you know?
No. 39433
I have this once or twice a year. Every year for 30 years. Feels shit, but does almost never stop me from working.
No. 39434 Kontra
I have a cold once or twice a year as well. Since I don't feel ill at all, I won't test myself. But if I would feel ill I might do it.
Media says young people are prone to spreading it, they often show only light symptoms and have more social contacts to infect.
I'm not in the situation of feeling ill, but it kinda seems ignorant to just say oh I don't have it. Friends of mine also catched a cold, I hope it's true. Is it denial or fear of being positive? Or is there a distinction possible as person who is ill?
I know it's a bit far fetched but to me it sounds a bit like: I don't care if people get infected and die, I want to do what I want to do.
No. 39441
177 kB, 450 × 450
Could Ernst deliver legit information (at best peer-reviewed studies with an easy to read abstract for idiots) about the normal progression and recovering process - including immunity, repercussions etc. over a longer time than just a few weeks?
I'm drowning in shitbucket of contradictory information (or a big no information).
I have no clue about what's actually going on, the media just says: Some are infected, some are in bad state, some died, but nobody presents detailed shit about age, preconditions, side effects of the treatment, whatever. Just emotions and paranioa (or full denial).

I mean, this quarantine comfy time is very comfy, but I get too comfy ... and I'm sure I'm missing out on some important information. We are on full lockdown, but still can do our daily business if we want.
So what's really going on?
No. 39445
800 kB, 1372 × 1024, 0:03
tfw you realize coronavirus pandemic will be this decade's 9/11 (i.e., era defining crisis)
No. 39446
You can check this out: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-symptoms/
As well as the other sub-pages such as on Incubation etc.
There are surely some better sites out there, but they at least cite the sources at the bottom of the page if you really want to look deeper into it. Seems like it's been a few days since the site's been updated, however I suppose there should be no drastic changes with regards to general info on symptoms, incubation time etc.

>peer-reviewed studies
I suppose there's as of yet not that many studies that have already gone through peer review, much less studies about longer-term effects. You're free to type coronavirus in Google Scholar, sort by date, and see for yourself, but I doubt turning into a hobby epidemiologist now will give you the certainty that you're looking for.
I would take all the statistics with a large grain of salt, and in terms of general information such as the progression of the sickness whatever sickers through into the media is likely to be more or less accurate anyways.

As for Germany-specific informations I just follow https://interaktiv.morgenpost.de/corona-virus-karte-infektionen-deutschland-weltweit/ and the Newsticker they link to at the bottom of the page, it's pretty concise without all the noise.
No. 39448
102 kB, 679 × 323
No. 39453
>We are on full lockdown, but still can do our daily business if we want.

I want to point out that your thought is inferentially wrong. If we actually were on full lockdown, we couldn't do the things we are still able do. So we are not on full lockdown, even tho retail businesses in the city are closed e.g. So far there is no general curfew. Media outlets yesterday evening drew hate against teens gathering outside in the sun playing basketball, flirting and buying ice cream. Just like people did in the comments slurring older people for going outside.

t. will go to work now ;_;
No. 39454
183 kB, 1200 × 900
Maybe we can make sure that murriga doesn't go apeshit over it this time.
No. 39455
>"Hurr hurr don't go outside so you don't spread it"
>Look out the window
>Every couple of minutes some old fart shuffles before it
What the fuck? Half the country is on hold so you old boomer fucks don't catch it and die and they don't even have the decency to stay inside.
No. 39457
Ain't gonna happen. Trust me I know my country. You've got no idea the full scale of the shitshow this is going to be. I've been up all night mulling over how to survive and whether and when to outright quit my ES post, which idk wtf dick waving is going on in DC right now but if somebody doesn't do something soon as in this week before rent and bills kicks in there's going to be looting and riots. I have general orders to stand down in the case of robbery at my job including in peacetime. Even my wallet is insured however I am not going to lose my fucking ID, bank card etc as well my social security card if some currynperson tries stealing it. I am absolutely going to use deadly force on that curry person, or white trash, or whoever the fuck thinks he can take my wallet. If it comes down to it this coming week and shit has not been done I may have to quit my job and fend for myself otherwise. I refuse to be continually exposed by a dangerously retarded and angry and infectious public for my absolutely shit tier wages without the god given right to defend myself with a deadly weapon for much longer.
No. 39458
Dumbfuck boomers have never suffered a single real hardship or national tragedy in their entire lives outside if like Russia or something. At this time I am of the opinion that let god sort em out between the dipshit 20 somethings or teenagers and the boomers.
No. 39459
If old boomer fucks stay inside a whole month all by themself they can certainly die from the lack of activity too, so just stop whining and keep 2 meters distance to the wheel chair racers.

But you do realize that it's more about keeping hospital treatment available for all age groups above 25?
No. 39460
They're above 60. They could die from fucking ANYTHING.
Most of them are lost in the Doctor's office-Grocery store-House Bermuda triangle anyway.
I know we're flattening the curve, but why can't THEY stay home? They're pensioners. No pressure, no job, nothing.
No. 39464
>They're above 60.
What is your point? They have for sure still a few years of work before them. You can complain about those that are above 70.
No. 39465 Kontra
Gipsie, STFU.
No. 39466 Kontra
What is your obsession with the Hungarian?
No. 39468 Kontra
millenials/zoomers mostly dwell on what all other generations before them went through, created and achieved, but so many of you are selfish, anti-social, disrespectul pricks who only consume, complain and spill hate all day long. millenials/zoomers LARP as oh so masculine manly men or dress up as girls and in times of actual crisis they jeer and turn against parents and grand parents. yes, you only know unreal amounts of political propaganda, lies/fake news and general hate mongering being issued through different media every day since web2.0 and interacting via smart phones/internet already has substituted a good part of real life socialicing during the last 20 years, however that's not an excuse for acting this retarded. media was always bad and youth was always rebellious, but there's a difference between being rebellious and sheer hate - the latter is plain destructive.
i've experienced the fall of the wall and all the (many) bad and good things it caused during the 1990s here. millenials and zoomers don't know how spoiled their generations actually are. thanks for reading.
No. 39472
69 kB, 700 × 490
>it only affects adults over 60
This is false




Again, it is lies from both China, the WHO, and our own governments trying to get people not to openly panic. The death rates are skewed towards older people because they die faster and because they're more likely to get triaged as not worth saving so much as the people under 50. A "mild" case still includes someone with pneumonia. "Mild" simply means it won't wreck your shit enough to have you hospitalized. Without hospitalization and ICU level treatment for everybody the death rate can go up as high as 20%. That's partly why you're seeing such high death rates in overloaded countries.

I disagree with their panic mitigation strategy because in keeping the public misinformed it all but guarantees an even worse panic later on and "later on" here means kicking the can only a few weeks down the road, with the panic assured because you ensure the people have shrugged it off and taken even less precautions and even worse basing policy decisions on that like leaving kindergartens and daycare open. We already know from leaks that it was wiping out Chinese kids too. Of the survivors, you can expect a significant fraction to have lifelong debilitation like lung scarring. The Wuhan virus is a form of SARS. The useless WHO decided to call it "COVID19" purely because they did not want to start a panic in East Asia by calling it by its actual name, which is SARS-COV-2, short for SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, description of clinical presentation not name for pathogen itself) COronaVirus 2, as it is the second (with SARS being SARS-CoV)
>From a risk communications perspective, using the name SARS can have unintended consequences in terms of creating unnecessary fear for some populations, especially in Asia which was worst affected by the SARS outbreak in 2003.

>For that reason and others, WHO has begun referring to the virus as “the virus responsible for COVID-19” or “the COVID-19 virus” when communicating with the public. Neither of these designations are intended as replacements for the official name of the virus as agreed by the ICTV.
From a policy standpoint, the people who totally dropped the ball on this thing and who deserve massive amounts of blame at the official capacity thus far are:
•CDC (to much lesser extent and only initially)
•Trump (who while he cannot be entirely blamed it is his fuckup and refusal to accept having to deal with the problem for weeks and weeks and disbanding CDC pandemic workgroup that have acted as a force multiplier on the severity of this thing)

At the unofficial capacity
•retarded as all goddamn shit media and civilians including most perniciously those more worried about "racism" than a fucking pandemic, including the hug-a-virus people and everyone still screeching about Trump calling it what it is which is a Chinese originated virus and a problem entirely of the Chinese from bottom of the dumbfuck superstitious bat eating pangolin dick cream peasant to the very top of Politburo leadership, and who are effectively acting as a smokescreen for what we should roast the motherfucker for which is leaving America totally unprepared and defenseless against a pandemic.
No. 39473
This too. Although
in terms of everyone after Gen X particularly Gen ZI absolutely refuse to use retarded as fuck 4kank terminology here being selfish pricks in their instance it's an overall disregard and stupidity compounded by the misinformation that they won't get horribly ill, insofar as it's debatable to what extent they're being selfish vs misinformed and not realizing they too could be hospitalized and thus directly hogging a bed that would otherwise save a boomer's life. At the exact same time, I stand by my previous sentiments as there comes a point where people are just too dumb to live. In that case it is a 69 year old boomer going out shopping and acting like everything is fine. You can only warn these people so many times, and their generally self absorbed reckless attitude is that many more people they will infect, that many more first responder resources hogged, that much more economic and medical system strain they cause, and they're doing it all because they have literally not once ever known true Struggle in their lives and even to this day expect the whole world bend over for them while doing nothing for the world. It is literally the exact same attitude of things like their "free love" movement i.e. fucking everyone around purely to satisfy their base desires and own ego and doing massive amounts of drugs while fully expecting to be shielded from the consequences of their actions, in exactly the same manner as they expected the next generation to pay for whatever mistakes their parent's couldn't cover including fucking the planet with global warming etc. Note that this isn't a political thing, it's just something I have noticed is wrong with their entire generation across the board, and I am not so willing to suffer fools in a crisis or emergency situation that gets myself and others around me killed or put at grave risk, which is what they are doing.
No. 39478
>In that case it is a 69 year old boomer going out shopping and acting l ike everything is fine.
What I find funny is that my family does not prepare anything not because they think it's not a problem, but because we've "faced worse". Under communism they've had to wait long stretches of time to get food, they've had hot water and electricity rationed, they went through massive inflation and regime change, etc.
They do not think the US will really get to that point, but even if does, they'll just live through it like they have before. This possible state of affair is only unusual to Americans who have always lived in abundance. They feel that people who are panicking and stocking up are really only doing so because they have not experienced anything other then plenty, and so cannot bear to live in any other way.
That is why they do not really worry. If food ends up being rationed, then so be it. Life goes on.
No. 39480
Wait you're a first gen slav immigrant?
No. 39481
48 kB, 1057 × 800
To be fair, I have bought some stuff for myself, but have not gone nearly to the same lengths that others have.
This "prepper" mindset seems to be a uniquely American thing to me.
It comes less from prudence towards a possible disaster, and more of a wish for the shit to hit the proverbial fan.
One prepares largely because one wants and hopes for a disaster to take place.
In any other time period, in most other countries, a large part of "preparing" for a disaster is done by self-segregating into communities and forming bonds of trust between neighbors. Here is an interesting simulation of this as it pertains to ebola: https://necsi.edu/beyond-contact-tracing

I don't usually listen to SHTF/survivalist podcasts (although I enjoy outdoor activities as a hobby), but I listened to this one a long while ago because the subject matter of the Yugoslav wars was interesting to me: https://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/932-selco-survival-during-the-balkan-wars
>Strength was in the numbers, if you were alone in the house, you ve been probably robbed and killed, no matter how well armed.
The importance of people, specifically people you can trust and rely on, was deliberated on over and over again. Your neighbors are your most valuable """asset""".
Considering this, how many Americans now, let alone preppers, have any real relationship with their neighbors?
That specific episode was funny as well as interesting. The enthusiasm of the boisterous American interviewer and the numerous ads for guns and ammo (I have nothing against guns; I find them fun to shoot) really clashed with the timid heavily accented Bosnian interviewee in a hilarious way.
No. 39482
>how many Americans now, let alone preppers, have any real relationship with their neighbors?

It's quite interesting since the yugoslavian experience also seem to empirically negates the vulgar dariwnian mindset of preppers where survival is solely based on the individual and its defence/attack strength against others. Which is not so much darwinian but a hobbesian image of the natural state (everybody agianst everybody, when there is no state having the monopol on violence).
I also agree that preppers seem to wish for an apocalypse.
But to say it is an American thing...perhaps, but the prepper as social character has surfaced in Germany as well, became part of public discussions and object of media.
No. 39484
It's a shame you propably aren't fluid in german, but there is a great episode of Der Tatortreiniger presenting such a prepper as you have in mind. Very relatable and at the same time not. S4E3 "Damit muss man rechnen" (you have to expect that)
No. 39500
First corona death in Finland. I am sonbasket but now moved to a nearby apartment owned by other family. My parents are over 70yo and in the worst risk group for corona, so it's for their safety. I'm not taking it well, what if they need me and I'm not there to help? What if they die anyway and we couldn't spend the last moments together? God my mind is racing, I can barely breathe...
No. 39549
50 kB, 755 × 600
63 kB, 753 × 581
59 kB, 1080 × 490
44 kB, 776 × 449
>This is false

No, it isn't. You are wrong. Again.

It is an old people's disease. Young ones, at least when they are not severely handicapped, won't even notice the infection in most cases.



I am not sure, if the US education provides you enough stimulus that you can sufficiently grow you intellectual potential, but it doesn't seem so.
If you were intelligent, you would know that official statistics are always more trustworthy and accurate than yahoo-articles or tweeds.

Statistics from e.g. ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), KCDC (Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) or the CCDC (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention)




Almost all of the deaths had serious health problems before they go infected by corona:

> https://www.ad.nl/dossier-coronavirus/40-a-50-nederlandse-coronapatienten-op-intensive-cares-meer-dan-de-helft-is-onder-de-vijftig~a058aad2/?referrer=https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/37538
Why do you bring yourself so low, that you post an article in a language you apparently don’t understand in order to substantiate your arguments?
The article says the contrary for what you argue or what you claim. It says that people older than 40 are being affected by Corona.

If s.o. doesn’t have already serious health problems and is younger than 40, Corona is not at all dangerous for him/her.
To sum it up: It is a boomer disease.
No. 39551
My mom sent me yesterday a picture she took of some Lügenpresse article. The report talked of an italian woman who made a video crying how people were dying like dogs hurr durr and her dad died even though he wasn't old or sick.
Turns out the man was 72. I really try my best to keep my mom from panicking, but there's only so much one can do from afar.
No. 39553
>won't even notice the infection in most cases.

I'm sorry but that's dumb.
Yes, in most cases it's not deadly for young and healthy people but it's still a disease that attacks the lungs which can be extremely painful and even damage the lungs.

Not deadly =/= harmless
No. 39554
29 kB, 768 × 532
42 kB, 871 × 526
44 kB, 831 × 537
36 kB, 826 × 557
I think that the authorities and health care officials were launching made-up some stories about the allegedly high risk for younger ones, in order to make the teenagers and people in their twenties behave better.

In a moral evaluation I can understand that, as in Germany there had been were many teenagers and people in their twenties, who had been not caring at all about corona and about the potential risk they are, in case they got infected, for older or already handicapped people.

I can understand the curfews and also the attempts to bring the younger generations to a different behavior by launching those articles, as I don't want to have widespread deaths among handicapped, boomers or old agers.

Among Ernst I think we shouldn't talk about the fabricated news articles aiming to push the younger generations to a morally better behavior.
Among Ernst we can talk about the truth, about the actual statistics from the renowned institutions.
And they say clearly:

It is an old people's disease. Young ones, at least when they are not severely handicapped, won't even notice the infection in most cases.

What scares me a bit is the outlook: If we continue the current path of social-distancing and curfews, this shit could last almost forever.
The economy probably will be completely wrecked and the state heavily indebted. And consequently there will be a lot of social dramas, which also will cause sadness and many deaths:




Would be nice, if the handicapped, older members of society remember the (future) hardships the healthy, younger generations are now readily accepting for them. At least most of the younger, healthy ones are doing it readily and more than willingly. Like myself.

Hopefully they will find a vaccination against Sars-CoV-2 soon.
No. 39556
Are there any info about reinfecting yourself? Do you have it once or can you get infected as well rather quick again? If so, the social distancing need to be extended until a vaccination is found, because the capacities of our healthcare systems won't be able to deal with numbers of (re)infected people again and again.
No. 39557
119 kB, 1080 × 490
608 kB, 595 × 2995
76 kB, 680 × 409
152 kB, 627 × 606
>I'm sorry but that's dumb.

It is, if any, your post, which is dumb and incorrect.

The lack of any source provided substantiating your wrong and frugal statement speaks for itself, too. Just saying.

>Yes, in most cases it's not deadly for young and healthy people but it's still a disease that attacks the lungs which can be extremely painful and even damage the lungs.

Why is it so hard for many to read articles diligently, so that they could understand the content?
The same applies to interpreting diagrams.

Just read the links and diagrams closely as many times as you need, and you will see that you are wrong and that you wrote nonsense.

> Yes, in most cases it's not deadly for young and healthy people

It is like I wrote: It is an old people's disease. Young ones, at least when they are not severely handicapped, won't even notice the infection in most cases.

So you panicking visitor for kohlchan, just look AGAIN at the graphics I have already provided and the new ones:
Most people under 40 show no symptoms at all.

Also read:

>Not deadly =/= harmless

For young people, at least when they are not severely handicapped, it is harmless. They won't even notice the infection in most cases.
No. 39558
>Muh old peple's disease
>Just let the boomers die, problem solved!


40% of those hospitalized in the USA are 20-54.

>Quoting Lügel
Pathetic. I know exactly who you are.

>What scares me a bit is the outlook: If we continue the current path of social-distancing and curfews, this shit could last almost forever.
If your beloved assfucker Spahn had acted in timely manner, we wouldn't even be in this mess. We'd be where China is now: quarantines, and, if cases should re-emerge, contact-tracing. But the homo fucked up. And now, we are in this mess.
No. 39559
>Are there any info about reinfecting yourself? Do you have it once or can you get infected as well rather quick again?

You are immune for a couple of years. That is the current state of knowledge.
No. 39561
This is a very active poster from another German image board, who has been downplaying the disease for months. In January, he told everyone there wouldn't be a pandemic, and this was no worse than the flu. Then, he tried for some time to insult people who disagreed with his assessment of the situation by calling them "Panik-Opa", lit. panicky granddad, in the sense of a panicky old fart, with a strong negative connotation. Now, his line of argument is that only old people will ever get sick.
No. 39562
You are going nuts again. I am not posting on the shithole called kohlchan. Lurking sometimes, yes.
Hence you are believing again, that your archenemy (Koti) is behind every poster who has another opinion than you.
Please stop posting here. We don't kohlchan-posters like you here.
No. 39563
80 kB, 594 × 333
>I know exactly who you are.

t. agitated, panicking visitor from kohlchan and AfD-shill
No. 39564
>For a couple of years
This is a guesstimate and whoever voiced it will plainly admit so. We will know in a couple of years.

No healthcare system can handle the number of infected people, period. When more than 1% of the population falls seriously ill at the same time, shit hits the fan.

You have been told what the data you keep posting is worth. Have you seen the video of the Chinese guys bundling three dead kids together, making it look like one adult corpse? Well, this is coming to a hospital near you.

People will soon see the truth, and
>it only infects old people
will go the same way
>it's just like the flu
>this won't be a pandemic
>it can't survive warm weather
and all the other bullshit you posted have gone.
No. 39565 Kontra
No. 39568 Kontra
>and all the other bullshit you posted have gone.
>it must have be you. I KNOW IT!

You are completely nuts. I have never posted that.
Get rid, mentally sick kohltard.
No. 39569 Kontra
It's you. I know it and quite a few other people around here know it as well, I guess. You post the exact same diagrams, with exactly the same arguments, accompanied by exactly the same language.

>only old people
etc., etc., etc.
No. 39571 Kontra
118 kB, 1576 × 355
>It's you. I know it!!!!!!

I won't argue with an obviously mentally ill person. Believe whatever you want. You're apparently on the trail of something big; at least you believe to be. There is no sense of talking rationally with you or convincing you that not behind every poster is your archenemy, plotting schemes against you. And that I haven’t posted on kohlchan for more than year. Would be pointless with a mentally challenged person like you.
But please: Stop posting here. The thread was nice and informative up so far. Almost free of shilling and name-calling. Free of a kohlchan-language like
>If your beloved assfucker Spahn ….. But the homo fucked up.
Then you came and kohlchanized the thread. So please stop posting here.
No. 39573
>For young people, at least when they are not severely handicapped, it is harmless. They won't even notice the infection in most cases.

Not deadly =/= harmless
No. 39574
I don't get the point. How does this make things better?

See, I agree, but over 50% of our population is over 50 years old (that's also a plus for any health condition) and we have 499.351 hospital beds (just checked wiki) and I do not want to know how many of them are vacant.

So if just 1% of the boomers get ill we're fucked, big time.
No. 39577 Kontra
What the hell, the nutty is here again. Tbh such people are the ones snaping at one point, because there schizophrenia and paranoia trick them into being convinced of absurd thoughts that are not challanged my arguemnting with yourself. I always imagine this guy as a German with a verkniffenes face behind is fence with a one family home built in the 50s or 60s somwhere on the city outskirt or in the countryside. Wonder if he is already over 30 or actually under, which would be even funnier. Can't help but thinking of angry people with incenst genetics telling you the state of the world.

>This is a guesstimate and whoever voiced it will plainly admit so.

He was admiting that.

>People will soon the truth

If you will be aware of how you talk one day, I will congratulate you.

D.A.K and cover, amirite?

it's so tiresome, just like the 'finn'
No. 39582
219 kB, 480 × 360, 0:06
No. 39587
213 kB, 1400 × 1020
278 kB, 750 × 685
USA number one lol
No. 39589
Lmao holy shit, the trajectory, it's like we've literally done nothing at all. Although to be fair, I'm in a region that's getting hit and it's only been in the last week people even bothered wearing gloves and only within the last like day or two am I seeing a bunch of people starting to wear masks.
t. In a region that's actually right at the top of infected for the whole country
No. 39593
Bear in mind it will take weeks for any intervention which affects transmission parameters to be reflected in the number of new cases.
No. 39594
23 kB, 400 × 324
>Germans are having a Slavic/butthurt belt or Ami fatpost level of butthurt shitfest at each other instead of either of us for once
What a time to be alive
No. 39609
>The objective quality of a person is determined by living in a shared flat in Berlin
>Everyone else is ridden by incest, single family homes are bad
>I am very tolerant
Gee, I wonder why most people hate you.
No. 39611 Kontra
Let me speak for the rest of Ernstchan when I tell you that these do not seem to be EC regulars, rather they behave like recent immigrants from KC. But honestly, every thread related to COVID-19 turns out to be a shit-flinging contest everywhere you go and I would simply not visit these threads if you want EC tier discussions.

I certainly haven't looked at this thread and only saw your comment by chance. Now, I tremble with regret of having done and will hide the thread in the future.
No. 39612
41 kB, 450 × 625
Gloves are a meme* (if you're not working a cash register) and masks are just good if you know you may have it and want to protect others.

* I wear gloves 99% of the time and know how often you would need to change them in order to keep them useful and especially to not create a false sense of security
No. 39613 Kontra
Whatever, I don't even live in Berlin, but you can fantasize about your enemies all day long, just don't bother us with your schizo ramblings, why is that so hard to grasp? EC is not the universal tolerant board you think it is, that is why you get called out for shitposting, du nervst einfach und hast die Regeln der Gemeinschaft nicht akzeptiert, warum wunderst du dich also, dass Leute dich anmachen für deine Dummheit?
No. 39616
>ernstchan isn't …
Then you should fuck off. I really don't care if you live in Berlin or some hip neighbourhood in Cologne or any other big city. Your
insults and your derision for home-ownership make perfectly clear what kind of person you are and what your view-points are.
No. 39619 Kontra
>derision for home-ownership

that is what you made out of it. I've nothing against family owned houses. Charging everything politically is your problem and reflected in your language which is ausfallend. And this attribute is what makes you terrible to encounter, we like to keep things a bit more professional and thoughtful than at kohls, namecalling like
>hurr durr Spahn homo etc

How is that to be taken serious? It just makes you look dumb. inb4 you call me homo sex because I was so hurt by your language
No. 39620
>I have nothing against family-owned homes
you only think the people living in them are

Also, why the constant insertion of German vocabularly or entire German sentences on an international imageboard? Get a dictionary if you can't think of the phrase "verbally abusive" without one. Your Denglisch is pathetic and I feel embarrassed. I expect more from people who like to pretend to be intellectuals.
No. 39624 Kontra
>you only think the people living in them are incets-ridden

No, I never universalized my claim of what I imagine you to be. Yet that type can be found there, as I had to experience while working. I guess you will agree with me that cities are structured socially and in milieu. It's a question of probability then.
I'm too lazy to really engage in our verbal shitflinging, it's a waste of time anyway, so why spent more time by consulting a dictionary in addition? And don't call me an intellectual, you don't seem to know what that entails. Not every person with an education is an intellectual.

I think we are through now with our ad hominems.
No. 39634
The wall street suits are now clamoring to lift interventions meant to depress viral reproductive rate due to the economic effects of these measures. What I guess they fail to appreciate (or refuse to acknowledge) is that if our hospitals are saturated by the case numbers which would result from uncontrolled growth, both the CFR and the crude death rate would go up.
No. 39636
>What I imagine
Your imaginations are the typical fantasies of an arrogant taz-reading
20-something hipster who accidentally won a bachelor's degree in liberal arts.

>And don't call me an intellectual, you don't seem to know what that entails. Not every person with an education is an intellectual
Can you read? I never called you an intellectual, I called you someone who tries to pretend to be one. (You fail.)

>Not every person with an education
You don't have an education.
No. 39638 Kontra
>I think we are through
why did you even get into an argument with that obnoxious idiot? just ignore him.
No. 39639 Kontra
this, or how he would say: diese
No. 39641
>The wall street suits are now clamoring to lift interventions meant to depress viral reproductive rate due to the economic effects of these measures. What I guess they fail to appreciate (or refuse to acknowledge) is that if our hospitals are saturated by the case numbers which would result from uncontrolled growth, both the CFR and the crude death rate would go up.
Also they don't understand that this can be only done temprarily and it magnifies the problem. If you depress the basic reproduction number with a peak of 2500 daily cases, you will have to live with that for some time. Or you wait a few weeks and live with a peak of 25.000 daily cases. At some point this has to be dealt with anyways because waiting for natural immunity with minimal quarantine is not feasible, more like suicide.
They are gambling on a cure saving their ass. But every currently tested option would still need a hospital admission, so no way around this neuralgic point.
No. 39642
66 kB, 400 × 400
I also don't really understand if they learned something from SARS. There is no cure and no vaccine since 15 years.

I am no expert but can not imagine that SARS-CoV-2 is so much different.
No. 39643
There was no pressing need to develop a SARS-vaccine to the point where it can be marketed. (There was no market.)
If such a vaccine existed, there is a very real chance that it would offer partial immunity.
No. 39645
The Chinese actually did learn something about it because they managed to completely suppress it with quarantine and responded similar this time. Even though delayed due to Chinese bureaucratists fearing the bullet.
The world learned very little. Coronaviruses were listed as emerging infectious diseases with pandemic potentials years ago and are a well-known thread, but still the early responses were too lame because they hoped it would go away. So far, SARS diseases once spread in a globalized world never went away without drastic measurements.
No. 39650
104 kB, 910 × 577
The Mayor of Denver, Colorado annouced that all non-essential businesses would be closed, but did not include liquor stores in the list of shops that would be allowed to remain open. After citizens rushed to stock up on, the Mayor was forced to change his order, and now recognizes that alcohol is-apparently- essential.

>Denver Mayor Michael Hancock changed course drastically Monday evening after announcing earlier in the day that liquor stores and recreational marijuana dispensaries would close across the city in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus.
>Hancock’s shift came just hours after he had deemed liquor stores and recreational marijuana dispensaries non-essential businesses, as opposed to groceries, gas stations and healthcare operations.
>He suggested Denver residents buy their alcohol Monday night while they still could.
>And Denverites did just that, swarming their neighborhood liquor stores Monday afternoon in response — and violating social distancing requirements while they were at it — with some stores reporting lines forming a block long just 15 minutes after the mayor’s press conference.

After panicked crowds swarm Denver liquor stores and dispensaries, mayor reverses order to close both
No. 39651
382 kB, 1920 × 1440
It is kind of essential. People have addictions they have to feed. We kept open the tobacco shops too. You don't want people rushing to the store or taking up hospital beds because they suffer from the effects of withdrawal.
(Not to mention that I think a lot of people use alcohol as a way to cope with having to stay put in the house.)
Even I bought a small bottle of vodka just in case. It's poison, yes, but really old and essential poison.
No. 39652
A junky in need will sell his mother for a fix. I wonder how dealers adapt to lockdowns.
No. 39653
Or drug trafficing in general.
Are routes/logictics still operable? In the wholee of Europe many party drugs are no needed for a few weeks at least.
No. 39656

Well, who else?
I guess the situation is the same for european markets, the netherlands and eastern europe I see as producer countries mainly. The recreational users will be quite interesting. You go clubbing for a few years, 1-4 times a month and suddenly it's over. Weed will be less likely to be affected, but you have the same problem with transportation, closed borders etc. Same for pills from NL for instance.
No. 39662
800 kB, 1372 × 1024, 0:03
are there any good estimates of the excess morbidity / mortality caused by the great depression
No. 39663
I think you might be able to find something on suicides. Everything else is probably highly speculative data.
No. 39664
It's literally essential. My state got the same orders and it's being done for not just morale and to keep people somewhat pacified but most importantly because alcohol junkies can literally die without it. It's one of the only drugs that can literally kill you to quit cold turkey, and simply shutting down every liquor store would automatically put countless thousands of people into DTs, which is a medically serious and life threatening condition, and which would immediately swamp every hospital in the state with the alcobydlo. Now granted you can just as easily find some beers but I guess still. Plus a hard enough alcoholic is not even going to be able to maintain without drinking an awful lot of them and isn't likely able to afford to do so either. Which is kind of interesting to think about. Simply shutting down every single liquor store in the state with only 24 hours notice would literally cause a statewide natural disaster level of hospital surge. Plus most liquor stores aren't even that busy anyway.

It's actually a pretty interesting thing for me to look at this in terms of the basic cold calculations of pragmatism. In a huge state like TX, CA, FL, or NY you'd probably end up killing a solid 10,000 people over the course of a week just by shutting down every booze merchant, and so we keep them open for the raw practicality of it.

What I find more interesting is precisely what kind of a calculus all that would be considering the fact that we also don't actually have any spare capacity or basic capability at all for dealing with alcohol related injuries and crimes, of which hard liquor is probably the greater contributor, so I'd be really curious to see what exactly the tradeoff is in keeping actual liquor stores open and just having to deal with people's alcobydlo related injuries and accidents versus the number of medically significant alcohol cessation cases.

The reason why he's asking in case you didn't know is apparently because a certain cult like segment of poltards and various Republican boomers have tried making it their talking point that we'd be killing more people by having a depression than the virus would kill. Obviously the people actually behind pushing this argument are all those cocksuckers who fled to their oligarch bunkers in New Zealand and are now crying to POTUS about how much money they're losing, and who himself pretty much went all-in on the economy.

I don't get why these people are so fucking stupid, ignorant, or maybe just plain in denial. The stock market is toast. It's not coming back up. Printing trillions of dollars of useless fiat, I mean the stock market is not a big truck, you can't just dump piles of money on top of it, and them attempting to do so has pretty much already guaranteed we're going to suffer some pretty wild inflation sometime soon. Meanwhile I guess they are seriously all butthurt and delusional enough that they want to get us all back to work like the serfs and disposable peons that we all are regardless of how much worse it's going to make everything because the last 3 years was "muh low unemployment muh stocks." I don't think it has ever even actually occurred to these people that China isn't even back online yet and that even if we did just say fuck it and had millions pointlessly die that every other country is in lockdown for the foreseeable future and so nothing they do can change that, nor apparently do any of them seem aware of the fact that just trying to act like everything is normal and taking zero quarantine or pandemic precautions is just going to fuck our economy so much massively harder that it all but guarantees an even worse recession now with even worse panic and chaos.

Literally all these people had to do was just say well okay fuck it the job numbers and stock market is going to be tanked for awhile but we can fix this. Instead they did this. They look utterly clueless. The only people I've seen even more openly retarded than us has been Boris Johnson's government but at least they have the NHS in theory. I think that every president has one defining moment or crisis of his presidency, one thing upon which to base his legacy, one event which he never wanted and probably didn't even anticipate ever happening, and which he must deal with and guide the country through. Cuban missile crisis, Pearl Harbor, Civil War, 9/11, these are just a few of the things which have come to define legacies and this guy's is SARS-COV2. Sadly, each week I end up with less and less hope of anything remotely good or competent ever happening in D.C. and at this point I pretty much feel like we're completely on our own. I hope y'all at least have good governors.
No. 39667
579 kB, 1104 × 513
5 kB, 259 × 194
No. 39677 Kontra
Old men have lower levels of testosterone. It's old men, not young people.
No. 39692
It just took out an American under the age of 18. Anyone still spouting that it only hurts old people is either a liar or wildly misinformed, which is probably the latter in most cases. It simply hits old people harder and way faster than the rest of us but something like close to half of all cases in Spain, Netherlands, and France are under the age of 50. You'd think with it taking out that 36 yo Chinese doctor or Iranian football player in her 20s and all these other cases that people would've figured that out by now.

At this point one of the sole reasons why I'm not convinced of quitting my job is because I'm rolling the dice against having an ES designation. When shit really hits the fan I just don't know yet how convenient being deemed essential service will be to me. It's a bit of a wildcard in this whole equation.
No. 39697 Kontra
>It just took out an American under the age of 18.

Was he part of the risk group?
No. 39731
733 kB, 1188 × 855
No. 39740
48 kB, 768 × 524
The frustrating thing is due to HIPPA laws (patient privacy stuff) we often just don't know, and because of that it in effect gives us a Chinese level of censorship but just for different reasons. That one could be something else
>no underlying health conditions
What kills me is
>according to China
like who in the fuck in their right minds would believe a goddamnit thing the Chinese have to say? They're fucking pathological lies at an institutional as well as a cultural level.

I don't have it now because of some kind of failure but there was leaked video from China of three children being put in the one same body bag in a hospital. It is quite clearly killing young people too. I have no idea why the Chinese bothered to lie about that one.

Pic somewhat unrelated, it's the fagmaster of Russia
No. 39743
why do british women always look like that
No. 39745
In several hours on Tuesday, Dr. Ashley Bray performed chest compressions at Elmhurst Hospital Center on a woman in her 80s, a man in his 60s and a 38-year-old who reminded the doctor of her fiancé. All had tested positive for the coronavirus and had gone into cardiac arrest. All eventually died.

Elmhurst, a 545-bed public hospital in Queens, has begun transferring patients not suffering from coronavirus to other hospitals as it moves toward becoming dedicated entirely to the outbreak. Doctors and nurses have struggled to make do with a few dozen ventilators. Calls over a loudspeaker of “Team 700,” the code for when a patient is on the verge of death, come several times a shift. Some have died inside the emergency room while waiting for a bed.

A refrigerated truck has been stationed outside to hold the bodies of the dead. Over the past 24 hours, New York City’s public hospital system said in a statement, 13 people at Elmhurst had died.

No. 39747
80 kB, 204 × 437
I have better pic of Putin
No. 39751

>13 deaths in a day at one NYC hospital

Sounds good. Coronachan is coming at you, panicking Murrican.
Better quit your job today.
Money can be replaced, lives don't.
Also don't you forget the chronic damages Coronachan can cause. You don't want to be low-test for the rest of your life, do you?

No. 39752 Kontra
t. panicking boomer. pathetic.
No. 39753
Here, see the video with a fit 23 year Britt: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/26/this-really-hurts-man-shares-covid-19-experience-in-video

If Corona can hit such a fit and healthy Britt, 3 times a week in gym, see his fit body and his many muscles, it can hit everybody.
No. 39754
25 kB, 500 × 299
<The 51-year-old is normally fit and healthy, visiting the gym at least three times a week, and suffering from asthma only occasionally. But he has been completely floored by Covid-19

>fit and healthy
>in gym at least three times a weeksuffering from asthma only occasionally
>only occasionally

holy shit. Coronachan is really a killer. See how it floored this young, totally healthy Britt, who surely has, as he is looking so outstandingly fit, abstained from regularly hitting the pub for many decades.
No. 39756
>Russians acting like 53 is three steps from the grave
Male life expectancy in the west is >80, not 57 like in Russia. At 57, reasonably healthy European men (not diabetic, not suffering from coronary heart disease, non-smoker, not a heavy drinker) can hope to live for another 30 years. Or rather, could hope to live for another 30 years, until a few weeks back.
No. 39758
>only like 200 dead in Germany
>but more than 40000 infected
>25000 infected in France, but 1000 dead
By now, it's obvious that German authorities lie about this. No one is stupid enough to believe such lies, but Germans.
How does this lie work? Simple:
don't test the dead. If someone dies of Covid-19 and hasn't been diagnosed, they'll write down 'pneumonia' or 'heart attack' and the fatality doesn't show up in the statitstics. And that's how you achieve 0.5% mortality when other countries have 14%, German-style.

And Germlings are dumb enough to fall for it.
No. 39759
Putin announced "holidays" the next week.
At the same time he said "You'd better stay home".
No. 39760
Well, I heard a rumour that the hospitals will probably reach their capacity limit this weekend. We'll see what happens then. But yeah, I think the numbers are lower because of lack of decent testing too. But then official death statistics should still end up being higher than usual at the end of the month. We'll see.
No. 39761
P.S.: Had a look at the media. Apparently the numbers are lower because Germany is testing more than other coubtries, according to some news sources.
No. 39764
No. 39766
>Germany testing more
That's hardly believable. The following pre-conditions apply to get tested:
1.) You had close contact with someone who has a positive test-result
2.) You show symptoms

So basically, they only test those who are guaranteed to test positive. If they CAN be tested, that is, since tested kits are of course all used up and out of stock and new stock isn't coming, since it's all manufactured by Roche, and Roche supplies Switzerland first.

>Hurrdurr we test more
is a fucking lie to cover up their other lies.

Another lie
>Young people don't die
Which isn't true. They just don't want people to panic. 5%-20% of the world population are going to die of this, most survivors will have permanent organ damage and permanently damaged immune systems, most men will be infertile. This has been planned and orchestrated.

>Just euthanize grandma like a dog
lol. Hope they'll lower it to 40 so boomers will get euthanized.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 39767 Kontra
>This has been planned and orchestrated.
Muss man wissen!
No. 39768 Kontra
385 kB, 508 × 508
I find your posts amusing but one may suggest that you go back where you came from.
No. 39769 Kontra
>. And that's how you achieve 0.5% mortality when other countries have 14%, German-style.
i reckon on that chan for braindead zoomers (who will all voluntarily commit seppuku before they reach their 40s i hope) you come from certainly everything is a pissing contest. in the real world it isn't.
No. 39770 Kontra
No. 39772 Kontra
Thanks for the sources.

Also I wonder if you are a prime example of people who are not able to cope with fictions produced within the 'real' reality. Like media reports from all over the world etc. and basically all prognostics. Well, you give us a fiction (of the future) yourself where everything will come out according to how it was planned and orchestrated but this a has nothing to do with reality as such, since it's a prognostic out of many. Nothingless and nothing more. I guess the only problem remains that your fiction is not very fruitful or lacks coherence in presumable reality.

Wether state media or some obscure website that proposes to show the reality in Italy etc. it's not the reality we are so sought after. The contigency and uncertainty has always been a problem for people to cope with, ancient greeks, modernity just deals differently with it.
No. 39773 Kontra
People say that we can't trust China's numbers, or that Germany is lying. But what about South Korea?
That's a developed "western" style state and they have an excellent recovery-to-death ratio. So what about that?
No. 39778
Why was this banned??? Everything he said is true or probably true.
No. 39780
341 kB, 665 × 548
we did it reddit

lol he said 15-20% of the WORLD POPULATION would die. if you don't understand why this is not a reasonable estimate you should probably just log off. furthermore the data we have on COVID sequelae at this stage is sparse and preliminary
No. 39781
>lol he said 15-20% of the WORLD POPULATION would die. if you don't understand why this is not a reasonable estimate you should probably just log off.

Moreover the panicking visitor from Kohlchan portrayed it as a by renown research institutions peer-reviewed and hence proven fact, that Sars-CoV-2 makes every infected men infertile.
This mass infertilization had been intended, planned and orchestrated, as he asserted. :3

>i reckon on that chan for braindead zoomers
The really bad posters on Kohlchan are quite old. You would be surprised. People like Rechtsruck and similar cancer are definitely to old to be zoomers.
No. 39782
>we did it reddit
Congrats. USA always number 1.

Except in gay soccer
No. 39784
Reducing the population by 20% would be a good thing. Especially if China and India getting their fair share.
No. 39785
If 15% of the population go critical and don't have access to healthcare, then yes, they're probably going to die.
No. 39787 Kontra
t. edgelord
No. 39792
le Chinese :DD

>Spanish government withdraws coronavirus testing kits
>Sam Jones
>The Spanish government has withdrawn 9,000 Chinese-made coronavirus testing kits from use after it emerged that they had an accurate detection rate of just 30%, reports Sam Jones in Madrid.

Or le transatlantic influence and le creating spin against China?
No. 39793 Kontra
952 kB, 500 × 685, 0:01
I'm starting to believe that COVID is secretly a brain disease.
No. 39795 Kontra
The Spanish and the Czech were retarded because they bought kits from an uncertified seller from Shenzhen.
(The problem wasn't that the tests didn't work, but the fact that they weren't reliable. The correct tests were reliable 80% of the time, while these were reliable 30% of the time.)
Nowhere does the Chinese Government recommends the tests that company produces. The other five million will come from certified sources.
No. 39796
From what I heard the shitty tests used in Spain were from a Spanish supplier. However they also bought the shitty ones from the Chinese company, but those are still shipping, so not in use. Chinese gov told not to use them.
No. 39797
Chinese goods are so well known for shoddiness and so notorious for being shit that even their toothpaste and drywall is infamous for poisoning people. It is often very difficult just to not believe they're doing it on purpose to sabotage us, unless you have had the grave misfortune of having to deal with these fucking Han savages at some point in your life. They are cheats and swindlers on a level that no Jew or German stereotype could ever possibly hope to achieve. I wrote off getting Chinese trash a decade ago when I got repeatedly fucked over on ebay, which btw while supposedly being set up to help individuals sell their goods got spammed to hell and back by the fucking Chinese until literally nothing was on there except trash from Chinese companies. I go out of my way to buy American when I can which has fucking nothing to do with "patriotism" or whatever asinine crap but purely from the standpoint that Chinese garbage is just that terrible.

I'm pretty sure that you can find the same response from anyone with the misfortune to deal with them, including Kazakhstan. NEVER ignore the wisdom of Tengri. The Chinese are just absolutely fucking awful. I have NEVER encountered a worse cheat and swindler than Chinese. So it really doesn't surprise me whatsoever that they offloaded metric tons of "medical goods" all of which probably cost our countries a lot of money after they fucking looted our medical supplies, most of which doesn't even fucking work, and which on top of that these inscrutable perfidious barbarians have the audacity to act like we somehow "owe them" for their "charity" in buying their absolute trash.

Words cannot describe how much I hate the fucking Chinese. They are so fucking BAD that malice is indistinguishable with them. This is partly why there's those asinine conspiracy theories floating around about bioweapons, because so many people find it so difficult to imagine that a people even exists at such a base level of savagery and incompetence that they'd inflict a global plague on us and deplete our medical supplies purely through sheer ineptitude and selfishness. They are a deceitful and dishonest people in all matters but especially business, known in every country on earth for their complete lack of skill which wouldn't matter anyway because even if they were competent you're never going to see a Chinese intend to put honest effort into manufacturing a quality good, they are self centered, opportunistic, thoughtless barbarians. China would rather have you believe that they made a bioweapon rather than expose their true face which is one of the utmost embarrassing incompetence at all levels of their society. I have no idea why the Spanish were stupid enough to buy anything from them but let this be a lesson to never, ever have dealings with the Chinese particularly not in business.
No. 39798
>but they were not reliable
That's literally the definition of "they didn't work." A 70% failure rate is par for the course in Chinese goods. I would never buy anything from China were it not for the fact literally everything has those made in China stickers. I would legit rather buy every single thing from drunk Russians than the Chinese because at least I'll know the drunk Russian version probably works on some level. 70% failure rate is the standard failure rate of all Chinese made goods.
No. 39817
So throwing a coin is more reliable than these test kits from China? What the actual fuck
No. 39819
>So throwing a coin is more reliable than these test kits from China?

No, it isn't.
No. 39841
You're joking but it can actually cause a meningitis like other coronaviruses.
No. 39851
> The Spanish and the Czech were retarded because they bought kits from an uncertified seller from Shenzhen.
Sounds to strange. Is it real to bad virus test be bought by big country? Actually be bought by big rich country.

Where did u found that? Source?
No. 39852
120 kB, 1024 × 1001
Yes, it is true.
Just search for what I have written in >>39792:

>The Spanish government has withdrawn 9,000 Chinese-made coronavirus testing kits from use after it emerged that they had an accurate detection rate of just 30%, reports Sam Jones in Madrid.

Then you will find https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/27/coronavirus-test-kits-withdrawn-spain-poor-accuracy-rate

>Actually be bought by big rich country.

Such is life in neoliberal transatlantic-orientated country.
No. 39855
Okey, your truth, but it is still so strange.

> Such is life in neoliberal transatlantic-orientated country.
Maybe, maybe...
No. 39856
71 kB, 640 × 960
>your truth

D-do you really think that my name is THE GUARDIAN?

>Maybe, maybe...
Deal with the plain facts. Or be drawn into a lively discussion, as I am delivering triggering statements since 1917.
No. 39860
> my name is THE GUARDIAN
I dont know, but maybe you are superhero, whose name is The Guardian.

> Or be drawn into a lively discussion...
There is no necessity to discuss that, bcs i think i agree your pose. My Maybe, maybe was be like So, i think i wanna anwaser this words, but dont wanna enter somemthinf like +++