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No. 3777
35 kB, 356 × 105
hello Ernst and Ernadette,
ima got stupid questions lots of much. lately i was doing thinking 'bout the new EU privacy data laws. i may have to go far afield to explain question:

if I create data via a physical action like a simple click, there is an algo analyzing/interpreting this physical action. e.g. if i do my click, this is the first data point i create. now an algo is checking "where on earth/GUI dat click be?" and if i happen to hit a like or dislike button, this is another data point i created. today algos do not stop there; they generate more data and interconnect all data points they could gather, including bought data points from 3rd parties.

the key point here is:
you need algo to interpret physical human action as data point.

now, a while back, there was a threda about alphabets "here you can get »all« data we collected about you" and i was curious and checked it. i noticed a hard cut. they no sent all data algo generated out of my physical actions. they just sent data of the first layer algo. (e.g. there was no data explaining how pic happend)

my stupid question: they no EU law conform, 'ight?

they no give me all data »I« generated. Or is EU law stupid wording in the sense of "if interpreting algo be much complex, that is longer than X chars, algo be more owner of data than human behind physical action"?

another follow up question: if no conform, dey need pay X% of profit for each individual or need pay just once? if first: we kill?

thanks in advance Ernst and Ernadette.

me really curious; but me assumes: EU law wording stupid without consistent logic.
No. 3779
>stupid questions
Do Germans really type «quotation marks» like this?
No. 3780
long time you've only seen it typed like »this«, e.g. newspapers. over time, when the internet became more and more popular, it changed to "this".

if we write per hand, we always do it like „this“ - sometimes you see it typed that way.
No. 3781
They do. I’ve seen it in freshly printed books.
I don’t see the problem with it.
No. 3783
It's that way in books but you learn it in school as >>3780 said.
No. 3798
52 kB, 650 × 701, 0:00
I'm having trouble following your questions because you're writing in some kind of African patois. Write quality questions, get quality answers.

I think the answer you're looking for is that GDPR (2018 EU data regulations) covers personal data which from the horse's mouth:

>'personal data' means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ('data subject'); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person;

Data which is sufficiently anonymised is excluded which, given algorithms aren't tracking persons but behavioural correlation, means that data controllers don't feel obligated to explain to you how their recommendations work. So for example if you own one of those automated assistants there is significant control over the information they have to share with you as they anonymise the data.

This gets more complicated as youtube algorithms are further protected because:
1) Trade secret
2) Youtube doesn't know for sure either (interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSpAWkQLlgM)

Note: It is even more complicated because this is new law that is still being defined. There are a number of cases still ongoing against google and facebook under these regulations so it will be up to the courts to decide over the next few years. The wider reason for this ambiguity being that the EU is largely concerned with protecting aspects of extremely personal information (health, trade union membership etc.) from uses that could seriously impact your future i.e. everything China is currently doing with data.

>another follow up question: if no conform, dey need pay X% of profit for each individual or need pay just once? if first: we kill?

They pay a fine capped at 20mil and may be subject to trading bans. Compensation to individuals is subject to harm caused by the breach which must be proven.
No. 3843
>They pay a fine capped at 20mil
doesn't your pic say
>whichever is higher
that is, if »up to 4%« is higher than »up to 20mil« it may very well be a fine above 20mil?

everything else: quality answer. thank you Ernst.

and sorry for ma tongue; african refugees much. tongue adapts automatically while interacting.
No. 6513
can an SSD hard drive read and write at the same time? e.g. you transfer some data to external storage while writing some downloaded data to the ssd

i know the old mechanicals could not. if you scheduled two separate things at the same time it took longer as chaining them.
No. 6515
Yes it can, your limitation here is the connector and controller. With SATA you will have a serial interface, which is not at all good at parallel access, same goes for USB drives. SSDs that are made with SATA or USB connection in mind will usually have less capable controllers as well, because there is an external speed limit.

If you want to make the best use of the SSDs memory you should go with NVME over PCI, which is a parallel interface and allows multiple simultaneous read and write operations.
No. 6516
That's depends from what you mean by parallel. In short the answer is no, while there are many possibilities to have pseudo parallelity. Also probably you should specify which level are you talking about.
No. 6517
>pseudo parallelity
But then it becomes the same as
>if you scheduled two separate things at the same time it took longer as chaining them.
No. 6520
It's not. Some interfaces are faster than others. For example pcie can transfer around 9gb/s. The fastest ssd can claim only 600mb/s. So one pcie can easily work with several ssd devices, while still not being parallel.
Sorry I came back because I understood that I answered wrong.
>can an SSD hard drive read and write at the same time?
>e.g. you transfer some data to external storage while writing some downloaded data to the ssd
But that's possible
No. 6529
The fastest SSDs can read and write much faster than 600MB/s. Take a look at the Intel Optane 905p, which can read with 2.5GB/s and write with 2.2GB/s. The Intel DC P4600 can read with more than 3GB/s even.

As I said in >>6515 it's a matter of controller and interface.
No. 6549
330 kB, 1000 × 833
How do people dispose of the water from these large temporary pools in their gardens?
No. 6554
3,5 MB, 480 × 360, 1:18
No. 6563
There's a drainage valve you attach a garden hose to. From here you just point the hose down a drain into the sewer system which will will magically clean it before reentry into the water supply. Alternatively the pool will empty itself by bursting and flooding your's and the neighbours garden :)

Why did you do this?
No. 6564
5 kB, 314 × 234
He's some sort of schizophrenic poster that wants to share youtube links and .webms that nobody really wants to see, of topics nobody really cares about. Upon being asked to stop making irrelevant threads, he moved into attaching them into whatever topic he found.
No. 6572
Honestly they often have so little context or anything where I can even understand why he posted to begin with it almost makes me think he surely must have some kind of ulterior motive to doing so.

Like this
It isn't just that we have all seen these clips and photos of Russian mob cemeteries. It is the fact he actually managed to go out of his way to save it at a the last few seconds of the video. It is so brain damaged that I can't help but wonder if he has some kind of weird paging system or if he is trying to secretly communicate something or somesuch.
No. 6574

Swimming pools are wasteful and contribute to desertification of the Southwest USA and Spain
No. 6669
Yeah, i just compared random with sequential access. Anyway 650mb/s is like an average max for optane 800p in long run, doubt that 900p differs too much.
No. 6993
Stag parties strike me as rather disappointing affairs. People seem to either lazily get a stripper or do something infantile like go karting which doesn't seem to live up to it’s hype in the media.

I'm not going to one anytime soon but the thought crossed my mind today. All I could come up with was a night at the pub with everyone else paying for your drinks or just not having one as it’s a cursed affair. Pretty much just treating it as a “major milestone” birthday when you’re old enough to know better.

If you were organising one or were having one of your own, what would you see as a good time?
No. 7055
208 kB, 648 × 864
>what would you see as a good time?
Waking up at midnight and reading for 900 years
No. 7140
>reading for 900 years
That would be much more characteristic of the Kiasyd, although I can imagine some extant Capps doing the same.
No. 7210
Eh, well or old Brujah. Kiasyd are more thought about for being this weird fae-blood thing iirc.
No. 8035
745 kB, 1319 × 1387
ok guys let me finish pls.

We all know things that are "lighter" than air float, meaning substances with less density than air. That's why hydrogen and helium float, right? ok.

Now, why doesn't vacuum float? Its density is literally 0. Why don't we empty big rigid balloons to a vacuum and fly around with them?
No. 8039
39 kB, 560 × 400
you need lots energy to empty area. energy for material light enough and strong enough to withhold the pressure difference. (do we even have something like that?)

if you empty a balloon, it crumbles and you have way higher mass per area as if you fill it with material/gas lighter than air.

>why doesn't vacuum float?
how can something, that doesn't is, do anything?
if anything, the object encapsulating the vacuum may float up, if the material + vacuum combined is lighter than the air. (thou, it would be more correct to say "it gets pushed up by the substance surrounding it")
No. 8094
>material light enough and strong enough to withhold the pressure

This is the main problem.
No. 8199
yeah, was thinking it may be possible to "produce" some material like that, but would be super energy expensive to do so. maybe some carbon fiber thingy or some super high tech plastic.

i don't know of a single "natural resource" which could possibly do that (thou i might be wrong).
No. 8206
The simpler design is a helium balloon. Vacuum wouldn't cause all that much of an increased lift. Arguably it wouldn't create more due to need for the material to be extremely strong.