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No. 38032 Systemkontra
316 kB, 1234 × 1340
109 kB, 700 × 1024
86 kB, 818 × 619
34 kB, 951 × 361
New thread for news.

How about that coronavirus, huh? And the Democratic primaries? We can die of the plague just in time to not get universal healthcare!

fuck Ronald Reagan
No. 38036
>and the democratic primaries and Reagan
Ugh I'm just avoiding American politics at this point. It's proven to be the number one cause of cancer on the internet.
although you're completely right about Reagan who basically just had the good fortune of being president when the Soviet system was collapsing and many of whose policies directly fucked us harder than anything since the creation of the military industrial complex, which is pretty funny given that he has the distinction of being responsible for not just things people on the left hate but people on the right too including Mexican immigration and gun grabbing

>coronavirus and healthcare
It'd be a nightmare here. The American healthcare system is well known to be pretty shit for the whole developed world with the exception of rich people, which is a problem with a pandemic given that most of us aren't rich. It's basically the same shit any other feudalist country like that major black death epidemic in London which killed the shit out of the poor while all those rich pieces of filth fled to the countryside. Like most things it would wildly disproportionately affect the poor and plus we just aren't in any capacity or position to handle something like that for numerous other reasons not least of which is the fact the country is filled with people like me who are convinced they'd just be using pandemics as a pretext to haul us off to FEMA death camps I am also incredibly fucking disturbed that the original concentration camp plans under REX84 used the scenario of a mass exodus of Mexicans. Mysteriously enough not just all discussion but virtually all even trace of it everywhere from GLP to ATS to random blogs that talked about it endlessly in 2009 have completely disappeared from the internet, which has only fueled my conviction that this is exactly how they will open the death camps here. I am 100% opposed to Trump's ICE concentration camps solely for this reason. I am also horrified that a bunch of Jews actually had the fucking audacity to criticize AOC and Ilhan Omar for calling them concentration camps which only shows how absolutely not fucking connected to the Holocaust these rich Jews really are and how they have no fucking right to even say anything about the Holocaust at this point that they'd actually take offense at people criticizing the same shit starting to happen. It's just another reason I've found myself steadily drifting left more and more over these last like 8 months.
No. 38038
20 kB, 600 × 400
What if the coronavirus doesn't become a devestating pandemic, but instead spreads steadily until it is globally endemic? I think this is the real danger, and helps explain the incredibly strong government reaction-even while relatively few are currently dying. They're trying to get ahead of it while they still can. If this settles into the population it could kill a half-million a year-every year- like a new flu. And of course there would be the associated economic impact, and strain on the heatlthcare system. Basically, it would be a situation where, instead of some lives getting a lot worse(ending), the world would just get a little worse for everybody.
This article is from February 4th:

Experts envision two scenarios if the new coronavirus isn’t contained

>With the new coronavirus spreading from person to person (possibly including from people without symptoms), reaching four continents, and traveling faster than SARS, driving it out of existence is looking increasingly unlikely.
>Researchers are therefore asking what seems like a defeatist question but whose answer has huge implications for public policy: What will a world with endemic 2019-nCoV — circulating permanently in the human population — be like?
>Experts see two possibilities, each with unique consequences:
>Just another coronavirus
>2019-nCoV joins the four coronaviruses now circulating in people. “I can imagine a scenario where this becomes a fifth endemic human coronavirus,” said Stephen Morse of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, an epidemiologist and expert on emerging infectious diseases. “We don’t pay much attention to them because they’re so mundane,” especially compared to seasonal flu.
>Odds: Moderate.
>2019-nCoV returns repeatedly like a bad seasonal flu
>The “bad” reflects the fact that the number of 2019-nCoV cases and deaths so far suggests that the new coronavirus has a fatality rate around 2%. That’s almost certainly an overestimate, since mild cases aren’t all being counted.
>On the other hand, seasonal flu kills fewer than 0.1% of those it infects, though that’s still tens of thousands of deaths a year just in the U.S.
>Odds: Pretty good
>What we may be seeing “is the emergence of a new coronavirus … that could very well become another seasonal pathogen that causes pneumonia,” said infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm of the University of Minnesota. It would be “more than a cold” and less than SARS: “The only other pathogen I can compare it to is seasonal influenza.”

No. 38039 Kontra
> coronavirus
> Democratic primaries
Who cares, best case scenario we will all die from simple infections because MRSA or other related deceases. MRSA kills more people today and no politician will ever ban giving antibiotics to livestock because muh burgers.

> FEMA deathcamps
Seriously? Your entire country is one concentration camp and people fight for the right to continue live in it. Mass euthanasia using opioids. Population control using other drugs, and propaganda. There are a shit ton of companies that are shown time and time again to fuck people over but FEMA deathcamps is your enemy so you better have the guns to fight it while munching on your happy pills and chlorinated chicken.
No. 38051
I never said any of those things were not problems either you damn Swede. However you should be aware given my nation's history and current context particularly with it already being an open air prison just exactly why I would consider legit concentration camps being opened for exterminating us on military bases to be a very real possibility in my country or why I would actually have to worry about that in addition to being gunned down by cops or some incel

>They're trying to get ahead of it while they still can
Exactly. There's a rather disconcerting similarity between the generally mathematical rate of expansion of a disease and that of a fire. Like you wouldn't think a small matchstick burning on your carpet is a big deal, and you might not even see it as a big deal once it's the size of your fist even, but that sucker's gonna keep expanding at roughly the same mathematical rate doubling in size once every 30 seconds which can cause it to rapidly spiral fully out of control and destroy everything within minutes.

The one nightclub fire that killed hundreds of people, that Asian guy idiot who was throwing lit matches into a plastic no less! bag filled with alcohol soaked napkins for some reason, these are among the things you can quickly look up on youtube to see a visual representation of basically a disease spreading until it has fully engulfed all the human fuel.

I have come to understand that people are, for lack of a better word, plainly stupid, and that this has been the primary reason they are entirely unable to visualize and understand certain things in complex dynamic systems like say climate change, epidemiology, fires, evolution, space exploration, pretty much anything that requires them mapping out a large surface filled with plot points beyond a reasonably small number. They simply are unable to visualize it and that is why they simply do not comprehend the connection between things like now and then, of point A to point B, of the massive time scales and distances between stellar objects and geological or evolutionary drifts, or of exponential rates of expansion, and then they falsely enjoy both a sense of security of nearly averted catastrophes in the past ("SARS and MERS and Ebola was all fine so we've got nothing to worry about") or of falsely conflating that with the other problem that something is scary because it is new (which quite frankly in certain circumstances it genuinely IS scary precisely because it is new, like a novel disease for which we have no immunity) and thus saying because of a known tendency to overestimate those dangers now we must begin overcompensating.

Quite frankly the moment I heard about this in January I called it that this thing was going to be a very big deal and that it would rapidly spiral out of control so quickly that it's pretty much likely going to become the sort of thing where by the time everyone recognizes the danger we're in it's already wreacking havoc across the planet because of a failed containment.
No. 38295
75 kB, 800 × 453
96 kB, 2400 × 1000
>Greyhound, the nation’s largest bus company, said Friday it will stop allowing Border Patrol agents without a warrant to board its buses to conduct routine immigration checks.
>The company’s announcement came one week after The Associated Press reported on a leaked Border Patrol memo confirming that agents can’t board private buses without the consent of the bus company.
>the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment prevents agents from boarding buses and questioning passengers without a warrant or the consent of the company.


Greyhound was never obligated to permit the "immigration checks" but, prior to this memo becoming public, insisted that they had no choice. This was likely an attempt to avoid taking a position on the immigration issue-either siding with law enforcement, or with the privacy of its customers. Seems stupid to me, because a company should always support the one paying the bills, that is: Greyhound passengers. Anyway, I know this is just US news, but it's a small victory over unreasonable searches.

Additional info on US Border Patrol authority:

>at border crossings...federal authorities do not need a warrant or even suspicion of wrongdoing to justify conducting what courts have called a "routine search," such as searching luggage or a vehicle.
>federal regulations give U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authority to operate within 100 miles of any U.S. "external boundary."
>Border Patrol, nevertheless, cannot pull anyone over without "reasonable suspicion" of an immigration violation or crime (reasonable suspicion is more than just a "hunch"). Similarly, Border Patrol cannot search vehicles in the 100-mile zone without a warrant or "probable cause" (a reasonable belief, based on the circumstances, that an immigration violation or crime has likely occurred).


I've only been through one immigration checkpoint which wasn't at a border. Nearly drove through it, because-being an idiot- I had no idea what it was. Who stops cars in the middle of a desert highway? I stopped about 20 yards past the small guard house, as the guy came running out.
No. 38297
No. 38298
Good. If they're going to turn my country into some authoritarian shithole then I expect free rent and medical God fucking damnit. Every day I here I feel more and more like I'm living in a country with most of the negatives of commie countries and not one of the positives. ICE is pretty much at the point of blatant unconstitutionality and being the fascist FEMA death camp squad regardless so I really don't care if they end up getting shot by narcos on the off chance they're doing anything at all besides hassling tourists and fucking with American citizens and the rare migrant workers. It's kind of ridiculous it even is an issue because more of them have been going back since the Bush years anyway iirc due to a combination of better Mexican economic conditions, poorer american ones, and their narco money fueled civil war lite dying down.
No. 38301
>I've only been through one immigration checkpoint which wasn't at a border. Nearly drove through it, because-being an idiot- I had no idea what it was. Who stops cars in the middle of a desert highway? I stopped about 20 yards past the small guard house, as the guy came running out.
Lol you'd think that they'd at least have a gate like a toll booth to keep people from just busting through.
No matter what happens the PRC is going to experience a permanent slowdown of growth based on their current trend of demographic dependency ratio. Sooner or later the party is going to have to realize that using high economic growth as a justification for their legitimacy is going to have to be a thing of the past, and they'll need to portray themselves as the legitimate stewards of a slowing but gigantic economy instead.
No. 38315
Apart from the headline, that was a reasonable opinion piece-hardly worth expelling reporters. I guess Washington is fighting with Beijing, and they were just an easy target. Either that, or China is just really sensitve right now. Still, The Wall Street Journal editor probably should have known better than to use "The Sick Man of Asia".


Hm. Half of the reference links on that wiki are about this story. I don't know what to make of that.

>If they're going to turn my country into some authoritarian shithole then I expect free rent and medical God fucking damnit.
Same. The way I see it, honest government is essentially a contract; the people consent to be governed, and the government agrees to maintain certain liberties. If they want to expand police powers and limit our freedom of movement, then something had better be given back in exchange. If agents want to question bus passengers, then let them pay for my ticket.

>Lol you'd think that they'd at least have a gate like a toll booth to keep people from just busting through
I know, right? Maybe they figured honest people would stop, and guilty people would try to keep rolling- which would then justify a more thorough search. I'm lucky he just asked a couple of questions. The whole thing was really weird.
No. 39074
111 kB, 862 × 450
Russian economy again in deep shit and not even because some virus thing, but idiocy. Not say it's some news, but still
No. 39078
In defense of Russia, it has to do with OPEC trouble and not so much with Russia fucking up.
No. 39079
It's Sechin and some of our officials who directly failed negotiations with OPEK and even tried to taunt it, making saudits immideatly starting "fuck you" scenario and close all options for some new international disscution on topic with russia in recent time.
No. 39084
To be fair, Russia had agreed to some supply cuts after which the Saudis greatly increased their demanded cuts. Russia then denied it, leading to Saudi Arabia slapping Russia.
It's ultimately just a price/supply war, and both countries are being hurt by this. Whoever is the victor in this will be seen in the coming months.
Believe me, I wish I could laugh at Russia doing silly things that harm nobody but itself but they haven't. yet
No. 39089
But USA already think it's best time to make new sanctions against companies connected to Роснефть :--DDD

Wonder if it may be connected to Syria conflit and recent Idlib clashes, where USA said that will support Turkey as NATO member.
No. 39162
You've bitched about FEMA camps in literally every thread where there's a discussion about American society. It's tedious, annoying and predictable. Come up with something else rather than treading over the same ground over and over and over again.

Some food for thought, although you've probably read this:
No. 39163
Fuck you Igor I was just about to release a product to take the money of oil and gas people this month. Now no one will have time to hear about our thing let alone budget for a new SaaS while the sky is crashing around them.
No. 39215 Kontra
658 kB, 2085 × 3586
I've bitched about concentration camps since 2007/8. This is not a new topic and you should be worried, cunt.
>b-but let's not discuss this when my team is winning!
I discuss this under literally every administration. I brought that part up because this is the first time I've seen them actively being set up on our own soil with the exception of the KBR contracts
I bitch about Waco and Ruby Ridge too. I don't play favorites with this issue and if you're starting to go all "this is fine" just because you like who's in charge at the time I'm sorry but you're being a traitor.
No. 39220 Kontra
The funny thing is believing things like FEMA death camps is what some people like you to. It is like the modern day hell, if you are a bad person you go to hell. If you think there is a worse situation then your current one you are less likely to demand things that are beneficial for you. Like for example at least living conditions on pair with African countries.
No. 39221 Kontra
...what? I'm not even interested in making this about party politics. Where did you get that idea from? Because I think you sound like a broken record? My post has nothing to do with Democrats, Republicans or anyone else. I'm a guy who thinks FEMA camp conspiracies are largely a myth serving to distract from what's going on. Sure, I'll buy them if anything concrete substantiating such claims surfaces, but until then, it's just a conspiracy theory.

By the way, I agree the ATF responses in both the Mt. Carmel Center and Ruby Ridge were monumental displays of government incompetence at best and outright malice at worst, but again, entirely peripheral to this discussion.
No. 39235
I hope by Igor you meant Sechin, since I'm not go outside for a month already.
No. 39277
In more serious news, Congress threatens our internet freedom yet again with the EARN IT Bill sponsored by Lindsay Graham and Richard Blumenthal:
>Imagine an Internet where the law required every message sent to be read by government-approved scanning software. Companies that handle such messages wouldn’t be allowed to securely encrypt them, or they’d lose legal protections that allow them to operate.
>That’s what the Senate Judiciary Committee has proposed and hopes to pass into law. The so-called EARN IT bill, sponsored by Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), will strip Section 230 protections away from any website that doesn’t follow a list of “best practices,” meaning those sites can be sued into bankruptcy. The “best practices” list will be created by a government commission, headed by Attorney General Barr, who has made it very clear he would like to ban encryption, and guarantee law enforcement “legal access” to any digital message.
>The EARN IT bill had its first hearing today, and its supporters’ strategy is clear. Because they didn’t put the word “encryption” in the bill, they’re going to insist it doesn’t affect encryption.
>“This bill says nothing about encryption,” co-sponsor Sen. Blumenthal said at today’s hearing. “Have you found a word in this bill about encryption?” he asked one witness.
>It’s true that the bill’s authors avoided using that word. But they did propose legislation that enables an all-out assault on encryption. It would create a 19-person commission that’s completely controlled by the Attorney General and law enforcement agencies. And, at the hearing, a Vice-President at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) made it clear [PDF] what he wants the best practices to be. NCMEC believes online services should be made to screen their messages for material that NCMEC considers abusive; use screening technology approved by NCMEC and law enforcement; report what they find in the messages to NCMEC; and be held legally responsible for the content of messages sent by others.
>You can’t have an Internet where messages are screened en masse, and also have end-to-end encryption any more than you can create backdoors that can only be used by the good guys. The two are mutually exclusive. Concepts like “client-side scanning” aren’t a clever route around this; such scanning is just another way to break end-to-end encryption. Either the message remains private to everyone but its recipients, or it’s available to others.
>The 19-person draft commission isn’t any better than the 15-person commission envisioned in an early draft of the bill. It’s completely dominated by law enforcement and allied groups like NCMEC. Not only will those groups have a majority of votes on the commission, but the bill gives Attorney General Barr the power to veto or approve the list of best practices. Even if other commission members do disagree with law enforcement, Barr’s veto power will put him in a position to strongarm them.
>The Commission won’t be a body that seriously considers policy; it will be a vehicle for creating a law enforcement wish list. Barr has made clear, over and over again, that breaking encryption is at the top of that wish list. Once it’s broken, authoritarian regimes around the world will rejoice, as they have the ability to add their own types of mandatory scanning, not just for child sexual abuse material but for self-expression that those governments want to suppress.
>The privacy and security of all users will suffer if U.S. law enforcement is able to achieve its dream of breaking encryption. Senators should reject the EARN IT bill.
No. 39954
178 kB, 1920 × 1151
134 kB, 340 × 340, 0:00
>Astrophysicist gets magnets stuck up nose while inventing coronavirus device

>“I had a part that detects magnetic fields. I thought that if I built a circuit that could detect the magnetic field, and we wore magnets on our wrists, then it could set off an alarm if you brought it too close to your face. A bit of boredom in isolation made me think of that.” However, the academic realised the electronic part he had did the opposite – and would only complete a circuit when there was no magnetic field present. “I accidentally invented a necklace that buzzes continuously unless you move your hand close to your face,” he said.

>“After scrapping that idea, I was still a bit bored, playing with the magnets. It’s the same logic as clipping pegs to your ears – I clipped them to my earlobes and then clipped them to my nostril and things went downhill pretty quickly when I clipped the magnets to my other nostril.” Reardon said he placed two magnets inside his nostrils, and two on the outside. When he removed the magnets from the outside of his nose, the two inside stuck together. Unfortunately, the researcher then attempted to use his remaining magnets to remove them.

>“At this point, my partner who works at a hospital was laughing at me,” he said. “I was trying to pull them out but there is a ridge at the bottom of my nose you can’t get past. After struggling for 20 minutes, I decided to Google the problem and found an article about an 11-year-old boy who had the same problem. The solution in that was more magnets. To put on the outside to offset the pull from the ones inside. “As I was pulling downwards to try and remove the magnets, they clipped on to each other and I lost my grip. And those two magnets ended up in my left nostril while the other one was in my right. At this point I ran out of magnets.”

>Before attending the hospital, Reardon attempted to use pliers to pull them out, but they became magnetised by the magnets inside his nose.

It's funny in part because I can easily see myself getting into a similar situation.
No. 39957
442 kB, 750 × 873
lol is this true
No. 39959
That poor man, every step he took seemed so logical at the time.

Yeah, I heard about this on NPR this morning:

>PRIME MINISTER VIKTOR ORBAN: (Through interpreter) The pandemic has made change unavoidable. This law helps us do whatever we can to defend Hungary.

>Host: That includes jail terms of up to five years for anyone spreading false information about the virus.

>Host: Georg Spottle is an analyst with a pro-government think tank. Speaking on a bad connection from Budapest, he insists the government will use the law only to shut down online fraudsters.


I seem to remember Hungary metioning something about this in a post, too.
No. 39960
>It's funny in part because I can easily see myself getting into a similar situation.
<my partner who works at a hospital was laughing at me

Post pictures of your girlfriend, please.
No. 39961
I guess it's reasonable to combat online quacks disseminating dangerous information during a pandemic, but such harsh penalties are probably not necessary.
No. 39968
Yes and no.
For one, he had a super majority in the national assembly for 10 fucking years. He can do whatever the fuck he wants and no amount of whining on the part of the opposition changes that.
Second of all, he didn't become a dictator because the Fundamental Law of Hungary (The constitution) basically is still in effect, and it has an article dealing with a situation like this. (Article 54) to be precise, which explicitly states that you CAN'T suspend the constitution or the constitutional court, and that an emergency situation must be ended when the emergency that caused it to arise is over.)
If I remember correctly, he's also only able to make decrees relating to the handling of the emergency situation. (And as a matter of fact, even if he didn't get these "powers" from the national assembly, they already forbade the discussion of non-coronavirus related laws and orders in the national assembly, where he has a 2/3 majority. So fuck all changed.)

It's nothing but a show of power to the people. "Look, the government is in charge, and we're dealing with the situation together!"
Orbán wanted this so that he could point fingers at the opposition for being "traitors" who refuse to put aside differences and work together in times of need.

He has the majority. He could enact whatever law he wants even without the special emergency bill. It's really just a giant shitfling at the opposition.

>You could be jailed for misinformation regarding the virus
This isn't new. This was the case since the state of emergency was declared a few weeks ago. Nothing do do with the special emergency bill. They already jailed some youtuber twat who said that they'd quarantine Budapest using the army a few weeks back.

This is nothing but the 100th desperate whine from the opposition saying "Orbán begome le digtator Brussels help!!!"
It's not a dictatorship because if it were one, I could at least join a FideSS death squad and beat up some inner-city retards writing articles for 444.hu and some brainlet momentum-voters and politicians. But I can't.

That much I give to them though that it's Orbán's time to shine once the situation is over, because while he has "unlimited power" during the emergency situation, he's also the one who holds the power to abolish it.
Call me when he fails to do that.
t.Hates Orbán but hates the opposition even more
No. 39969
749 kB, 950 × 630
Noice. I thought the US are just a country for the very rich, but now they even making shelters for homeless.
And look how comfy and beautiful they are.
No. 39970
No. 39973
If nothing else this whole series of recent events has convinced me that even my formerly low estimation of the intelligence of world leaders was still giving them massively too much credit.

How in the absolute dogshit are any of these complete fucking morons even in power? I can loosely tolerate the stupidity of people around me provided the people running things are not incompetent dipshits. I hope they all get infected by corona at this point. Ffs. And the worst is still probably Bolsonaro, although Trump, BoJo, and a few others are certainly up there.
No. 39975
>“You should drink the equivalent of 40-50 milliliters of rectified spirit daily. But not at work,” he reportedly said.
>“When you come out of the sauna, not only wash your hands, but also your insides with 100 milliliters [of vodka]”
Holy shit, that's at least 6,5dls of vodka a week. What a lad.
No. 39976 Kontra
Such leaders don't necessarily think it's true what they claim, just sayin'.

t. did not read article
No. 39977
No. 39978
This. But this fact is probably over the American's >>39973 head.
No. 39983
Jesus Christ
No. 39985
Wow it seems we actually now finally have a country that's even worse than Brazil
You impress me, Turkmenbashi

Yeah I actually just found out to what he was referring. Apparently Vegas closed down all the homeless shelters so that's why they're all forced to sleep out in a parking lot.
No. 39989
Yeah, I looked over the Guardian article real quick. Apparently they couldn't use a hall nearby as a replacement because the improvised corona hospital is set up there, but still... this is sad. There shouldn't be any homeless people in the first place. Or not as many at least.
No. 39990
431 kB, 630 × 360, 0:22
it's wild how obviously senile this man is
No. 39991 Kontra
Holy fuck he forgot the beginning of the sentence by the time he reached the end.
No. 39992
And he’s reading from a script
No. 39998
79 kB, 560 × 728
thanks for the info, really

I think all of this is worrying, your candidates remind me of the last Soviet premieres. Gerontocracy, they called it. At least Trump is FUL ENERGI
No. 40001
When I was a teenager I was already afraid of Alzheimer's and the mad cow disease. Basically, one of my worst fears was and is getting a brain disease. When I watched the video in your post my anxiety increased. However, I have almost no anxiety regarding the virus c****a. I'm afraid of Switzerland becoming a jail cult though.
No. 40003
I wonder if it's more terrifying to observe than to experience. In states of advanced dementia it sometimes seems people are not aware enough to really suffer.
No. 40006
Well, they're mostly unaware of it as far as I can tell, unless they find themselves in a situation that requires constant attention, then they get frustrated and anxious. Biden would probably be your typical bit slow grandpa thinking he's in 1983 or something if he didn't have to talk about government policy and international relations while having the memory capacity of a goldfish.
No. 40013
856 kB, 1024 × 401
Russia imposed a national surveillance system after "coronavirus carriers". It watches the phone numbers which were near the phone number geolocations of coronavirus carriers.
No. 40014
Wow Russia is so high tech
No. 40015
Using foreign servers and geolocations ssetings simle "foolower" app.
No. 40041
>Trump says that Saudi Prince spoke with president Putin, Trump says that he expects that the oil price will return to normal and the oil producers will cut down production
>WTI oil price goes up
>Peskov, Putin's press secretary, denies that Putin had any calls with the Prince, which means that either Trump or Putin are lying
No. 40045
>which means that either Trump or Putin are lying
Why not both?
I'd say it's on Trump. He did such a thing before.
No. 40046 Kontra
374 kB, 564 × 749
>On 25 March 2020, Charles tested positive for COVID-19, amidst the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic after showing mild symptoms for days.
>On 30 March 2020, Clarence House announced that Charles had recovered from the virus after consulting with his doctor, and he was out of the government-advised seven-day isolation.[96][97]
>Prince of Wales recovers from coronavirus in 5 fucking days
Is it just me, or does it feel kinda fishy?
No. 40047
It's still possible for an elderly person to have a course of illness which is not severe, just less likely.
No. 40369
95 kB, 750 × 712

>Senator Bernie Sanders has ended his presidential campaign, clearing the way for former Vice-President Joe Biden to become the Democratic party's nominee.
>Mr Biden, 77, is now expected to be crowned the Democratic presidential nominee at the party's convention in August. He will then face off against President Donald Trump during the November general election.
No. 40371
No. 40372
It's somehow depressing seeing how every thing that seems to bring a bigger change is cancelled for symbols of the old order.
No. 40375
It's possible the party will force Biden to step down and replace him at the convention with someone who isn't actively sundowning.
No. 40384
I find it interesting how support for Sanders looks strong online yet he's choked twice now. Even some of the pollacks and affiliates framed both elections as Sanders vs Trump from the start, which isn't exactly support but it's still an assumption of relevance.
No. 40385 Kontra
How is Biden doing? Is he controversial in any sense? Will it be a second Hillary like candidate, even tho I think he was liked as vice during the obama years.
I wouldn't be surprised if Trump wins. How is he discussed rn in the US with Corona?

t. doesn't follow US news
No. 40390 Kontra
He's a member of the establishment and has connections. He's as far away from being controversial as possible.
The problem is that he's fucking 77 years old and can't finish a sentence because he's senile.
You can't put a senile old man in charge of a superpower with a nuclear arsenal.
No. 40391
Biden had some minor metoo-type controversies but they're being played down nowadays, I imagine because he's the nominee now.
Trump's approval ratings have increased slightly but a lot of people don't feel confident in the federal response, and he has moments of almost Bolsonaro-tier denial. People have more trust in the state goverments right now.
No. 40392 Kontra
Not even remotely likely. They're both pedos being blackmailed by the CIA/Mossad intelligence complex and both of whom are either fully in the service of billionaires or billionaires themselves. I abandoned my politics career precisely because I already knew 15 years ago that no one was ever changing this system from the inside and, being neither a billionaire nor relative and friend of billionaires, and moreover actively antagonistic towards them, I'd never be allowed to even reach the level of senator. Anyone who actually thought Trump would bring change is a fool and anyone who thought Bernie of all people would be allowed by the DNC and oligarchic complex to take the nomination is an even bigger fool. My only hope is that this can be used to pivot the DNC into destroying itself and that Trump takes down the GOP with him. Polite kontra because US politics is a known carcinogen to the state of California.
No. 40393 Kontra
The guy OP chose to frame this very thread literally had Alzheimer's his second term in office yet somehow Republicans made him and his criminal administration to be the heroes of the party. I've never understood why because he backed things like gun bans and immigration and fucked the white working class harder than any president generally. The current US figurehead is also senile. This will not be the first time a literaly senile old man is there, however it's well known by anyone other than bydlo that these men are mere figureheads and that the true power has always rested in the oligarchs and their intelligence service enforcers since the days of Kennedy if not most likely far longer, and probably going back to the days of Woodrow Wilson.
No. 40416
China and the Chinese generally has drastically lowered itself on my shitlist
I'm not necessarily super judgmental but I pretty directly judge people on how they treat dogs and small children. So far as I'm concerned that tells me everything I need to know about a person, a community, and a people. So, that's some good news at least? China has now ostensibly banned using dogs as specifically bred livestock, although we'll see how enforcement goes.

I guess that this is the one nice thing about face, which is the exact opposite of Russians in that the Chinese actually seem to give a shit about public perception and I think that the Politburo has been acutely aware of the incredibly deep shame dog butchery has brought upon their country globally. I do find it interesting that they pretty much just decided to roll that into their overall ban on eating wildlife and the utterly notorious Chinese dietary habits, which I think have quite palpably damaged China in a way nothing else has since the start of the Cold War.

The other funny thing that should be pointed out however is that despite the notorious Chinese peasant mentality (and spitting everywhere publically for which they are also notorious and likely helped spread the disease) is a good amount of all this weird shit is really from their upwardly mobile segments. From what I can tell the average Chinese just eats a lot of pork, whereas it's all the rich iPhone wielding twats who're doing shit like eating bats and Pangolins.
No. 40442
No. 40444 Kontra
Yeah, I generally just skim those.
No. 41318
73 kB, 768 × 614
>An artificial intelligence system has been refused the right to two patents in the US, after a ruling only "natural persons" could be inventors.
>It follows a similar ruling from the UK Intellectual Property Office
>patents offices insist innovations are attributed to humans - to avoid legal complications that would arise if corporate inventorship were recognised.

AI cannot be recognised as an inventor, US rules

This looks like a test case, where a team of acedemics are working with the owner of an artificial intelligence system, Dabus, to challenge the current legal framework. Here's a related article from last year:

>two professors from the University of Surrey have teamed up with the Missouri-based inventor of Dabus AI to file patents in the system's name with the relevant authorities in the UK, Europe and US.
>Law professor Ryan Abbott told BBC News: "These days, you commonly have AIs writing books and taking pictures - but if you don't have a traditional author, you cannot get copyright protection in the US.
>if AI is going to be how we're inventing things in the future, the whole intellectual property system will fail to work."
>he suggested, an AI should be recognised as being the inventor and whoever the AI belonged to should be the patent's owner, unless they sold it on.

AI system 'should be recognised as inventor'

They have a website, too, but not much content:

This area of law will certainly be getting more attention in the coming years. I still view the AI system as a tool used by humans. While Dabus, the computer in this case, designed a new packaging system, ultimately a human mind decided it was a useful inventive leap, and not simply nonsense. And if the AI is considered property, and will not gain any financial rights from being labeled as an "inventor", then doing so will still only be a symbolic gesture.
I imagine that they will eventually do just that-something symbolic. They could simply modify current intellctual property laws, and allow a seperate line on patent applications for inventions that were generated by AI, with a person retaining legal ownership.
No. 41436
168 kB, 1024 × 683
253 kB, 734 × 1040
‘Murder Hornets’ in the U.S.: The Rush to Stop the Asian Giant Hornet
>With queens that can grow to two inches long, Asian giant hornets can use mandibles shaped like spiked shark fins to wipe out a honeybee hive in a matter of hours, decapitating the bees and flying away with the thoraxes to feed their young.
>In Japan, the hornets kill up to 50 people a year. Now, for the first time, they have arrived in the United States.
>Scientists have since embarked on a full-scale hunt for the hornets, worried that the invaders could decimate bee populations in the United States and establish such a deep presence that all hope for eradication could be lost.
>“This is our window to keep it from establishing,” said Chris Looney, an entomologist at the Washington State Department of Agriculture. “If we can’t do it in the next couple of years, it probably can’t be done.”

The hornets have been found in the Pacific Northwest of the US, as well as across the border in Canada. Genetic tests have revealed that the sightings are not related, so there have been multiple independant invasions. I can't help but see parallels between this and Covid-19, where there is a brief opportunity to stop a problem early on, before it becomes too widespread. Let's hope they get this one right. Between mites and pesticide exposure, our bees have enough problems without having to worry about these flying guillotines.


Here is a link to The Brave Wilderness Channel where you can watch Coyote Peterson getting stung by one:


He also made a follow-up video where he compared this sting to a sting from the notorious bullet ant.

Giant Hornet KNOCKS OUT Coyote!
No. 41439
I forget what he said he got stung with that was the worst, some more obscure wasp or a giant centipede. Well that sucks anyways. You know I'm normally not about exterminating "invasive species" but this is one of the few I am all for complete genocide on our damn continent. How the fuck did they even get here and manage to colonize us?
No. 41443
51 kB, 781 × 441
151 kB, 498 × 689
22 kB, 295 × 448
>I forget what he said he got stung with that was the worst, some more obscure wasp or a giant centipede.
The centipede is definitely the creepiest in my book, but for pain Peterson gives the crown to the executioner wasp. Watching this, you can see how hard it hits him:


>How the fuck did they even get here and manage to colonize us?
It had to be a cargo ship. If they made a nest on one of those they could safely travel anywhere in the world.
I'm also not a fan of indiscriminate insect slaughter, and don't like that they have to exterminate any hives they find. But with no natural predators, the hornets can spread like fire. So we kill the hornets to save the bees. And the people. We're also saving the people from living in whatever nightmare these things crawled out of :D.
No. 41913
>be a murican dog
>go for a walk
>get shot

I'm sorry it's not important news and I shouldn't laugh but I start reading the news this morning with this headlining and I couldn't help but laugh.

What I am worried about is USPS. What the absolute FUCK is this president even doing??? He now wants to find a way to force the Postal service to charge us out the ass FOUR TIMES more money for delivering packages, ostensibly because he is asshurt at Jeff Bezos. So it's looking like he's about to punish the shit out of all of us while we're forced inside in the middle of a pandemic and worst depression since the 1930s to pay four times as much money for our package deliveries.
No. 41932
Watched them all, that's amazing, poor guy
No. 42355
So kind of an interesting tidbit
So apparently somehow Germany got ahold of one of our gators back in the 1930s and shipped the little guy to their zoo. Now I didnt know about this but apparently out of 16,000 of those German zoo animals only like 100 survived, including "Saturn." Somehow he ended up surviving the war and got captured by the British, who in turn handed him over to the Russians. Apparently Russia has been taking care of one of our Mississippi gators for the last 74 years and now he's dead. That's kind of a really interesting piece of living history to lose and it makes me wonder about what other kind of wildlife we have floating around out there. I do know that also thanks to the Germans and I'm not being sarcastic the forests of central Europe are utterly overrun with our washbears, which is quite nice to know.

In other local news the mask drama continues
I'm sure you guys saw the video of the Florida man a month ago who was screaming that the store owners were terrorists. I'm not quite entirely sure where people get the idea that the Constitution means you don't have to wear a mask. Do these people not know any of what it even says?
No. 42389
86 kB, 700 × 700
122 kB, 1072 × 1072
Reading the wiki article on Saturn, he had an interesting life- sort of like the Forrest Gump of alligators. From a swamp in Missisipi, he saw the world, lived through history while chewing on rodents, and ended up being sponsored by a fashion company.


I like our alligators. They live alongside us down here, usually floating in a pond, with just their eyes poking out of the water-like you see in all the cartoons. They mind their own business, and we do the same. Gators aren't really dangerous unless you encounter them in the water- which should never happen, because every pond has at least one sign warning swimmers to stay away. There are only a handfull of bites each year, and most of those aren't fatal.

>it makes me wonder about what other kind of wildlife we have floating around out there.
I recall reading that our grey squirrels are damaging Europe's native red squirrel poplulation.
Yeah, I was remembering correctly. Not only are our greys more aggressive, they also carry a virus and the reds have no immunity:

>Gray squirrels have already put quite the hurt on European red squirrels (S. vulgaris) in England and Ireland, where five million grays now dominate the landscape. (They were first imported to the British Isles in the late 19th century as a garden novelty.)
>now we have word that they are also wiping out red squirrels in Italy, where a 1,150-square-kilometer region in the northern part of the country is now devoid of native squirrels. According to scientists from the universities of Turin, Genoa and Insubria, the gray squirrel is now poised to spread farther through Italy and possibly all the way to France.

Italy Faces Invasion of American Killer Squirrels
No. 42480
334 kB, 650 × 433
270 kB, 980 × 653
992 kB, 980 × 653
And this is northen USA. Eeeh, I'd not liked to live there.
No. 42481
128 kB, 197 × 344
"Let me just steal this box of LEGO during a race riot. No one will ever know!"
No. 42485
The fact that they stormed the coppers precinct building, took control and then torched it is ebin as fug though. Made me smile.
No. 42486
Who the fuck steals Lego well I mean I guess it is pretty expensive but still

Ha I didn't hear about that. Why am I not surprised. That's exactly the kind of thing the media and powers that be really would not want to have advertised and try instead to get some story about them burning down their own homes or whatever. Seconded. The police are a third world level of murderously corrupt problem in this country and the system is literally never going to change from within.

I'm sorry what was that Russia, about how glorious America is and how much you want to move here? I've been trying to warn you guys for a couple years now that this place already is a dumpster fire and it's going to turn into an absolute complete shitshow with a big enough crisis. The fact we have a pandemic and are being run by Joffrey Lannister is plausibly that big enough of a crisis to tip things over. Good luck getting necessary funding to fix our infrastructure now too.

What saddened me the most is that it's fucking China who is going to be taking over sooner rather than later. This is why I want the EU positioned in a role to challenge their authority and why I wanted them to make a horrifying public example out of the UK while breaking off Scotland.
No. 42489
They're not hiding it, it's just only happened in the last 10 hours or so, most of the yank news websites have it if you just google Minneapolis police precinct burned.

>I wanted them to make a horrifying public example out of the UK while breaking off Scotland.
Honestly, this is something I oppose on moral and pragmatic reasons. The EU is not a country in itself, and members should be able to withdraw from it if they desire to. It's not some declaration of independence to be put down, just a withdrawal from economic treaty. Hardly something that justifies attempting to impoverish and/or break up another country.

On a pragmatic level, holding the EU together by fear of economic sledgehammer if you don't obey your overlords in Brussels would weaken the EU, not strengthen it. What happens is that any other discontent festers because none of the weaker periphery members can challenge Brussels if the UK can't, and then China can come in and offer them an olive branch and find very fertile ground among any Euroskeptic elements there. A peaceful breakup that maintains friendly relations is a lot more beneficial to a European security environment because it shows that Brussels is your friend who is fair and not your master to be overthrown.
No. 42490
your president is ban evading on twitter right now :-DDDDDD

regarding living living in usa, if you're an average american, it's probably not amazing, but there's a special class of americans in SV, NY, Hollywood, etc., who reach levels of success, wealth and fame that no person from any other country could ever hope to match, and that's what attracts people, I guess.
But that's about the same as moving to britain hoping to become royalty.
No. 42491
Lol dude if I lived in Minneapolis I would absolutely be stealing Legos right now
No. 42494
Yeah well I could move to Russia and have my own private zoo full of pet tigers at my dacha too. It's all propaganda. No real American lives anything remotely close to this. Most of it is by association too, not merit, so it's not a whole lot better than "maybe if I kiss the ass of Russian oligarchs I can become one someday." In places like Hollywood, it's literally kissing ass and dick too, and hoping you can become the director's favorite stripper. Maybe not everyone but yeah and the middle class has been shrinking every year for decades.

At this point the wealthy have been circling the wagons and stealing everything they possibly can while the circle of power gets smaller and smaller. The insane thing to me is people are dumb enough to think the literal living embodiment of the swamp is going to be draining it. That guy exemplifies the problem in America more than anyone else in the entire country, and it's started fucking us pretty badly in a rather predictable manner now that the only people in charge of anything are the one's kissing his ass. He just blew through three inspector generals tasked with overseeing the stimulus bailout, probably because his family and close allies are busy illegally looting those funds.

The craziest thing though is how masks are now a fucktarded partisan political issue. This is the dumbest goddamn thing I've ever seen in this country, and believe me as an American I've seen a lot. I'd give it about another two weeks before the Southeast becomes a critical hotzone. Also predictably they're going to start crying for bailouts after telling the hard hit states to git fukt and declare bankruptcy only a month ago, because those are the poor welfare states with the exception of Florida and Texas. It's fucking crazy.
No. 42509
China is already here trying to cozy up with some countries. In eastern Europe we have China and Russia. In Poland we have the US.
China sent help to Italy, how nice of them, and is actively buying European companies that is doing badly during the pandemic.
All three are actively trying to get the best deal and when they can't at least ruining it. Why wouldn't they? EU is a threat if it was more unified. So if you can't control it you better break it.
To me the only evidence that EU isn't controlled by corrupt oligarchs is that the countries that obviously are doesn't like it and is trying to change that.
No. 42515
31 kB, 671 × 294
holy shit lol
No. 42517
286 kB, 500 × 350
Fake and gay until I see more proofs than some random twitter shitpost but on the offchance it isn't...
No. 42533
>I'm sorry what was that Russia, about how glorious America is and how much you want to move here?
It was me and I still not changed my mind. I never said USA is perfect country or something, but you probably still don't understand how much big gap between 3rd world and 1st world, even one like US of A. And also, what particullary I need. Of cource, I much preferred Canada over USA, but if I had oppotunity move to USA with bf immideatly now - I'd done it without many thoughts. I don't think you will ever think about moving to russia.
No. 42534
38 kB, 600 × 515
Oh hey
Real and manly.

Btw I asked a relative last night who said the boroughs were supposedly quiet (as far as they knew) except Manhattan. Supposedly there was rioting that started in Manhattan yesterday according to this person. Not a great source.

I hope they storm every LAPD and NYPD precinct in particular.
No. 42536
Oh wait that's right. Okay so other than being a gay furry what do you think is so glorious? Have you ever even been here? I will remind you that America is a big country. We have legal gay marriage at the federal level but beyond that try moving to different regions or towns being gay in public or God help you being furry in public and then tell me how much the American bydlo is different than the Russian one. There's the famous story of, I forget which shithole state this happened in, but this guy I think his name was Matthew Shepherd who got dragged to death being chained to some pickup truck like it was an ISIS execution. So yeah, we have gay friendly regions here. We also have a ton of the country that is not.

I'm not trying to be a prick I'm just trying to figure out what you hate about Russia that you think is going to be so much better here other than being gay with some legal protections not saying this is a minor thing for you either, I get that it's not some small detail to be flippant about
No. 42537
54 kB, 720 × 720
Cowabunga it is.
No. 42538
207 kB, 452 × 440
395 kB, 600 × 614
>being furry in public
You like saying I'm ever done it or really wanted.
>There's the famous story of, I forget which shithole state
You like saying I ever go to some soustern places full of rednecks on trucks with confederation flags and chainsaw cannibal murderers.
>So yeah, we have gay friendly regions here. We also have a ton of the country that is not.
We have regions where you may be killed on street because you outlander or just russian.
>figure out what you hate about Russia
What people want when moving from more poor to more rich country? What people want when moving from more oppesive and unsuccsesfull countries to less opperive countries that have opportunities? Of cource I'm not delusional about USA, imagining it like some haven on earth from 80s holywood movies, but I think I'll have much more opportunities in life here. At very least, it be much more easy to move in other 1st world country from USA, than from Russia or Ukraine or other place like that. I not hate Russia, but I think you think about it much better than it's really is.
>with some legal protections
Ye, this is important also. Here at most high goverment levels you have regime of gopnik-bydlo. Imagine worst black and latino some LA and san diego 90s gangs and that they rule country on all levels, don't allow anyone else and this is main culture of 99.5% population.
No. 42541
What the fuck is wrong with you guys? This isn't about the police. This is the release of all the pent-up aimless rage that's been building over the last 5 years.

We're probably going to have a civil war in the next 10 years. This might even be the beginning, depending on how events turn out. You should be seriously thinking about how the area where you live - and the area where your parents and family live - will fare when the two tribes finally go to war.

And you should plan on getting the fuck out if you can. Wyoming and similar places will probably be safe if you're a typical white American, but the safest bet is just to get the fuck out of the country. If you were in Spain in 1935 and knew what was coming, you'd have to be a madman to stick around. Even on your own side, there's always the chance that some asshole who doesn't like you or wants your property will rat you out to the local commissar as a spy.

The boat is in a mess, and rocking it will probably sink it. Cheering it on is the stupidest fucking thing you could do.
No. 42547
>What the fuck is wrong with you guys? This isn't about the police. This is the release of all the pent-up aimless rage that's been building over the last 5 years.

No I’m pretty sure this is exactly like all the other times people got fed up about pig cops and destroyed a bunch of shit. It’s cool. Take in the moment.
No. 42548
Yeah dude, people burning down dozens of businesses and riots breaking out all over the country is strictly limited to the expression of social outrage that you deem just and necessary. Only the pigs will pay, and then society will return to normal without any shifting of the Overton window. Nothing to worry about, because it's all conveniently designed for your personal viewing pleasure.

It can and will get worse. It never stops where you want.
No. 42549
256 kB, 750 × 734
No. 42550
76 kB, 800 × 450
No. 42552
37 kB, 257 × 350
>his/her opinions doesn't count

The same applies to retarded Amikäfer posting on imageboards. :3
No. 42553 Kontra
58 kB, 960 × 784
If the US enters The Cool Zone(tm), the rest of the wect enters The Cool Zone(tm) too.
No. 42554
And the rest of the world enters gates of oblivion
No. 42563
65 kB, 1024 × 682
The weather is looking good, they may actually get this launch done today.

SpaceX Launch: Live Updates
No. 42566
Update: They did it! In a span of ten minutes, the booster rocket carried astronauts into orbit, and safely returned to its landing platform.

>It was the first launch of NASA astronauts from the United States since the retirement of the space shuttles in 2011. In the years since, NASA has paid Russia’s space program to transport its astronauts to the space station. And with this success, NASA, to its own delight, has begun ceding this task to SpaceX and other companies, and it opens new possibilities for entrepreneurs looking to make money off the planet.

>As a bonus for the good start to the mission, the booster stage successfully landed on a floating platform in the Atlantic, now a routine feat for SpaceX.

SpaceX Launch: Live Updates
No. 42570
So apparently the line now from center-left/liberal commentators in the US is that the violent elements among the protestors are in fact outside agitators representing the interests of white supremacists and/or Vladimir the Putin.
No. 42571
Only today I got the news about Minnesota and the killing of a black male.weird how supposedly having asthma officaly does take some guilt from a poilce officer who suffocated somebody, astma or not it's suffocation
I think businesses burned down from people who are innocent in that regard I don't mind a burned down police precinct or Arbys though and it has been also randomly to a certain extent. But the riots are a symbol which are strong as they have real material consequences. Shows what problems the US really have. I would not wonder if "agitators" take the chance for whatever they are aiming but I guess many people are fed up and they can take their chance to get heard or take action. A riot as it is now won't change the system and a civil war between who exactly? does not seem so likely atm. I'm not sure, I guess I like that people take their anger and frustration to the streets, but that alone will not do it. Revolution is not riots alone. It's only a few cities, taking up on what one American said, places like Wyoming seem not really touched by that incident.
No. 42572
Ah, this is in line with leftliberals blaming shit on Putin in Europe too. Basically everything can be the fault of Russian hackers nowadays.
No. 42573
At least we have job now.
No. 42595
It's actually a pretty well known fact that a lot of fires set and especially broken windows are from undercover cops though. This happens in the early stages of every riot.
No. 42598
I'm sorry but what the fuck are you crying about exactly?
No. 42603
577 kB, 449 × 722
protect and serve lol
No. 42607

>Stand by and let the looting and rioting happen or create it yourself by using agents provocateurs

>Later on attack everybody who is on the streets at random no matter if they did anything at all

Both police tactics standard procedure
No. 42608
Who hears the noise of a violent demonstration and thinks "Now seems like a good time to nip to the shops"?
No. 42609
If don't transport your groceries in Texas in a big SUV, you have to be considered a suspect. It is as simple as it is.
Shopping without SUV is communist and not American.
Serves her right.
Oh say, can you see......
No. 42611
No. 42613
>and himself to authority prostituting

If this a German grammatical construction?
No. 42614 Kontra
No. 42615
274 kB, 300 × 222, 0:02
Non-bootlicker anthem. Remember kids, dial

No. 42616
6,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:24
No. 42617
Wait, am I seeing this correctly? He had fuggen sword? America, explain.
No. 42618
43 kB, 800 × 443
If not mistaken correctly he tried to defend shop or something like that.
No. 42619
This is from another state, but still not too far away, enjoy :---DDDDDD

No. 42620
Couldn't he be some MAGA katana wielding, on imageboards lurking guy, who thought, that it is up to him to teach 'those niggers and thugs' some lession?
No. 42621
Okay, but why do it with a sword? This is 'merica. Use a gun like a normal person, shit. There's no shock and awe effect with a sword. It just makes you look like an autist when you inevitably get beat down because you don't know how to use it to kill one guy, let alone 20.
No. 42623
There was some boomer in Salt Lake City who tried attacking protesters with a compound bow
No. 42624
Don't judge from you to others. :3 They ain't in the spirit of OI living, life-hardened chigano-Australians, but up so far for most of their lifes well-protected namby pamby boys.

I can imagine that the one with this >>42611 youtube-channel has a similar mindset like our sword wielding heros.
No. 42625
No. 42626
499 kB, 1080 × 959
Picture forgotten.
No. 42627
I mean, it's dumb but still makes more sense than what looks like a fucking gladius. At least with a bow, you shoot someone and they go down with a big fuckoff arrow sticking out of them. It makes people think twice about whether they want to continue coming at you. I feel like the only reason that this hasn't turned into fucking Stalingrad-tier street fighting is that apparently Americans have mad tunnelvison with memes (LARPing as medieval warriors, remember that guy who had the whole getup with the stars and stripes shield a few years back?) to realise that they are perfectly capable of waging legit urban warfare against each other.
No. 42630
I'm not even hard though, I just don't give a fuck what normies think of me, and have been in a few fist fights in my time (who hasn't?). I even got laid the fuck out in a few of them. The point I'm making here is just logic. Me with a pointy bit of metal vs 20+ adrenaline-fueled adult men on the warpath. Ain't got to be a maths whiz to figure those odds out, and it isn't a gentleman's fight where you handle your business, help the guy up and have a beer to settle the issue. You go in there looking for trouble, and you're gonna get killed, no matter how 'in the right' you are, defending businesses or whatever.
No. 42631
212 kB, 1062 × 585
The president has called, so of course the loyal knights of MAGA are putting on the armor and raising their swords.


You can't get a gun that easily, if your a MAGA namby pamby boy and your parents went with you to psychiatrist, because of your autism, school problems or ADHS... you name it.
No. 42632
90 kB, 634 × 741
pic of the bow boomer
No. 42633 Kontra
It just kind of pisses me off because some kid had to die because somehow he's been allowed to have this idea that what he did was going to end in any other way. For what? Best case is the shop's money, worst case is some fart-huffing pundit wanting their race war. Plus the fact that this whole damn scenario could have been avoided if coppers would quit murdering people in the first place.
No. 42634
>if you are a MAGA namby pamby boy

I am pretty sure, he is not a shop owner trying to protect his shop, but some righttard keyboardvwarrior, who got into real life scufflethe first time of his life.
Just look at his cloths, the sourounding, ..... where is his alleged shop etc.
No. 42635
>It just kind of pisses me off because some kid had to die because somehow he's been allowed to have this idea that what he did was going to end in any other way. For what? Best case is the shop's money, worst case is some fart-huffing pundit wanting their race war.

I agree to almost everything, but:

If he had a gun, more people would have died. So I am pretty glad that he hadn't one.
No. 42638
Well, if people who died be this criminal bydlo who beating people and rob shops... I against killin anyone at all of cource, but if there situation where is death of one or another person, I'd choose not aggresive criminals
No. 42639
Kinda weird that it was this instance of American cops murdering someone that set off this huge backlash and not any of the others. There have been protests in Berlin and Tokyo. Wild
No. 42640
He looks young enough that I can see it being stupidity rather than political malice. That said, when motherfuckers start burning down police stations, it really should be a message to everyone that if you aren't going to war, then stay the fuck out of the city. At which point I'd reiterate that it's a real shame that society let him get to the point that he thought it a worthy endeavour to try and engage rioters with a sword. That fucking crunch when the skateboard comes down though. Fuark mate, that was ugly.

Fair enough. That said, fucked up as the idea is, the bloodletting of him shooting and then getting his skull caved in would probably have served the cause of bringing peace to the situation a lot better than his nonexistent killing spree. A line of bodies begs more questions than just having the one. Depending on how this drags out, it may have even caused less death overall.
No. 42641
335 kB, 691 × 397
> There have been protests in Berlin and Tokyo. Wild

But in Berlin police cars are not driving Tian’anmen-style in human crowds neither police is shooting on peaceful bystanders with paint- or rubber-bullets, while screaming 'light them up'

No. 42642
Bit off topic, but I think anyone outside the US protesting this is probably a middle-class retard who lost touch with their own nation's political reality and think that US issues are universally relevant.
No. 42646
340 kB, 750 × 1024
sword dumbass is alive btw
No. 42647
173 kB, 992 × 1523
No. 42648
When you have a President that calls for his suporters to incite conflict. I would expect that from some South American country leader or so.


First: Why is wrong to be against police brutality even though not having been the target personally? Criticing certain social conditions that reoccur so often that they become a pattern is legit. Afterall a society means negotiating living conditions. What you do is upside down identity politics. But representation seems necessary. And just because you are white or better off economically does not mean that you cannot be against police brutality that mainly hits black folks. But white people also get to feel the force of the police. The get shoot meme is not reduced to one color.

Second: police brutality is a thing not only in the US. In South America it's a thing, in Germany it's a thing, in France it's a thing. Perhaps you don't get shot that easily in other countries but a police using their power to hurt or kill people just because they can is globally happening. It's a question of power and use of power and a question on how to use that power and what is legit and what not. These are question that indeed are releveant also outside the US.
No. 42651
>I am pretty sure

I hope you have superior information. Because there are already more than enough "happeners" working in European media who tell their story by copypasting ideological American journalists, not doing any research, but loving the drama. They love to live in a Manichean bubble, circlejerk whining about evil American or Chinese authorities, while being a net negative to European society themselves. They poison European minds with a focus on clickbait pictures instead of numbers and statistics.
No. 42652
>accusing people of being ideological
>put forward an ideology of mathematics

Just want to point that out.
Otherwise yeah, it's guessing going on. But he indicated that, consciously or unconsciously, having superior information was excluded from that post from the beginning.
No. 42655
What kind of person thinks in the middle of a pandemic "now is the time to nip to the shops"?

It's called having fucking shit to do like needing to eat and get medications because I sure as fuck did not feel like going outside today nor frankly for that matter have I felt like going outside at all because of the virus and being surrounded by stupid people usually who are liable to put me at risk. What the fuck is someone supposed to do if they don't have a lot of food in the house or they need to get their meds or some shit? Why the fuck should I defend some cop blasting an innocent woman in the face?

You live in the UK and judging by your posts you're some kind of a yuppie level govt bureaucrat or otherwise not working class so I don't think it likely you remotely have any real experience in being a poor person on the freedom lands. I'm not even black and I always have this lowkey paranoia in the back of my mind about getting blasted by a cop or getting hassled by them in peacetime, which they often do and have done to me for fuck knows what reason. There's a lot of good reasons people are not remotely sympathetic to them here and it's for a lot of the same reasons people didnt like Basiji or Savok or NKVD or whatever. There's some good cops but most get washed out or corrupted being among all the other assholes.

Like if America wasn't MURICA we would've had our elementary schools bombed into freedom by now for being a brutal repressive unfree regime with a fucking joke of a "democracy." The sole difference is "we" and by we I only mean our ruling class have a lot of money and hell of a lot of guns. There really isn't a we even there is us and Them and They rely on a bunch of petty tyrants and various other evil henchmen like cops to maintain their rule.
No. 42656
God I shouldn't have read the rest of the thread...

Good eye mate it looks like a fukken kukri. At first I just thought it was a plausibly innocent guy that got jumped, but now that I see the machete or kukri or whatever it was scabbard I'm wondering if he was dumb enough to pull one on rioters.

>>42620 etc
I mean to be fair we really havent seen any evidence here what he was doing or why it happened, be it a shopkeeper, innocent bystander, cringey meme poltard or whatever.
>that pic with maga ninja
I'd have thought that was an edit to make these fools look bad if I didn't know better. Christ.

I'm pretty sure we have a Slav under German IP for some reason?

I personally don't own a gun, as frankly no bernd/EC tier ever really should regardless what dumb power fantasy you may have because you're far more likely to turn it on yourself or do something incredibly stupid that gets yourself arrested plausibly while drunk.

A lot of us don't own cars. A lot of us don't have as much access to guns as you may think, or own one, or can afford one, because I sure as fucking shit am not going to bother spending a month rent or more on a weapon that I'm not even going to use because I don't live in the backwoods where I can use it for fun and I don't hunt. Probably something like 20% of the country owns 80% of the guns. Typically it will be like one guy in the backwoods with a gun cabinet full of a dozen firearms, and then you'll have a suburb where next to no one owns any guns except that one really cringey boomer who keeps a handgun in his nightstand not for any real reason so much as his insecure manhood fantasies about saving the neighborhood from "robbers." Basically pot bellied emasculated dudes who like to internally pretend they're like the leather jacket guy from Trailer Park Boys who likes to keep pulling out his pistol, and in the inner cities even in red states not a lot of people own them.

On top of that government offices have generally been closed so no ability to process gun loicenses and background checks. I ran into this problem at the beginning of the pandemic and basically what was available to all us not planning on needing one was a bunch of compound bows and machetes at Walmart.

Of course this does highlight the fact it's good to have a gun for precisely that reason, however it also shows in that video of exactly why having a gun is one of the least effective tools at your disposal because twenty angry and determined men are going to swarm and overwhelm you before you drop more than a few of them. Ergo tightly knit communities or circles of friends and allies is always going to be of far more utility than some fud with a HiPoint or 12 gauge.

Omfg it's real. Well...

You live in Switzerland and have no leg to stand on. The reality on the ground here is pretty Orwellian and filled with flouride stares and police brutality, faggy identity politics and neoliberalism, and every bit of cyberpunk dystopia with shitty aesthetics. I will say however that it is quite clear to anyone not fluoridated into oblivion that America had been breaking down for years and years now and that only the dumbest bootlicking c*ck would be happy about cops.

I'd also like to point out the real division between people storming our government buildings with guns because "I need a hair cut" and the response to that, versus agents of the State openly executing us as a matter of routine procedure and the violence inflicted whenever we complain about it regardless if you're even a protester or not.
No. 42657 Kontra
There's at least 2 of us and the Aussie ends up with a ball occasionally. Take your meds.
No. 42658
I am aware and that Aussie who more often is under his Romanian VPN is pretty distinct in his pro-working class sentiments. I am also aware we have I think a separate K*hl tier britposter, unless somehow that is you which would be pretty uncharacteristic. Regardless I stand by what I said and I sound pretty butthurt about it. Being a Londoner and being a poor American are very different experiences lad.
No. 42659 Kontra
40 kB, 800 × 525
>I personally don't own a gun, as frankly no bernd/EC tier ever really should regardless what dumb power fantasy you may have because you're far more likely to turn it on yourself or do something incredibly stupid that gets yourself arrested plausibly while drunk.
But I'm an EC tier who wants to own a gun. I'll probably at a later point in my life jump through the legal hoops and secure for myself the right to own firearms. I don't have any assburger power fantasies, I'm just deeply interested by firearms and would love to own a few models that particularly interest me.
Sage because unrelated.
No. 42664 Kontra
No, as in chill with the personal attacks for posts that aren't even mine. Not all Brits in London and you shouldn't waltz into British classes willy-nilly as it's our version of racism.
No. 42665
21 kB, 592 × 179
Well shit. Pack it up boys, we here at antifa.gmbh are about do be outlawed on the America :-DDD

I watched the video of this and it's even better. He started yelling "all lives matter" while drawing his fucken bow on people :-DDD

Then when he got bashed, they flipped his car and set it on fire, then he went to the media and said that he was attacked by unprovoked rioters :-DDD

It wasn't a good eye. They said at the end something about him having a sword. And yeah, safety in numbers is a thing, especially like-minded numbers, but we are also not talking about trained infantry here. If they come under fire and a couple of people go down, I think it's plausible that a rout happens. On the other hand, if it don't then you're fucking dead man walking if you weren't already, but that's what I meant by shock and awe effect.
No. 42666
I think we're fucked harder than you guys think.

There's no central myth upholding the West, at least not one that anyone believes in. Liberalism is failing, and this was probably inevitable. It's a system founded upon Christianity, but hollowed out of any spiritual superstructure. The true believers have no city on a hill to look towards. Either they delude themselves into thinking that the current status quo is the city (an empirically falsifiable assertion, so doomed as a foundational myth), or they just feel that something is wrong and that they have to fix it. The latter is now morphing into post-Christian Millennarianism, but without any hope of a Second Coming. The revolutionary plan is no better than Step 1: revolution! Step 2: ??? Step 3: (abolish) profit!

Of course, they will fail even harder than the old-school Communists. Probably with an immediate face-plant and consignment to the dustbin of history, if they ever seize power.

What does that leave us with? The two most widely believed myths with any hope of success are Race and Islam. The nazis tell people that race is everything, and in that way they have been getting free propaganda from SJWs for the last 5 years. Flip the valency of the value judgements, and their philosophy is virtually identical. Races are doomed to eternal conflict, and the white race in particular is eternally fated to try and dominate the other races. And for America in particular, this is the single most defining feature of our country's history. All you need for racialism to really take off is for white people (already accepted by both sides as the most meaningful identity group for anyone of European descent) to go from self-hating (a fundamentally unstable state) to open chauvinism (a fundamentally natural state).

Race is unfortunately the most natural replacement for religion under these circumstances. It provides everyone with membership into an exclusive and ancient club, which is by definition better than all the others. Solidarity is theoretically inherent with anyone who looks like you, especially those who talk and act like you, and the people who don't look like you and perhaps follow a different culture are sanctioned as subhumans, undesirables, and natural enemies. Most importantly, it simplifies human existence down to one fact: the eternal conflict of the races. It explains everything. The point of your life on earth as a member of your race is to further the goals of your race. Not too dissimilar from ur-tribalism of our ancestors in feuding hunter-gatherer bands, just scaled up to the level of nations and the world.

Now, for a lot of people this is inherently repugnant, but while transcendental religion normally provides a more popular alternative to this kind of degrading chimpanzee logic, transcendental religion is dead in the West outside of Mormon, Amish, and Muslim minorities. The Amish don't provide a model for a civilization, and Mormons are too isolated, too weird, and can only keep up the sustaining Myth when they already make up the majority of society. Mormon success is essentially the success of a regional subculture rather than a religious minority.

Islam is irrelevant as a lived thing in America. Perhaps it will be different in Europe. Maybe France would be more likely to pick it than racial nationalism, but who knows. It might be a question of whether or not Europe breaks slow or fast. The longer it takes, the more Islam becomes entrenched and normalized, and the more likely a Houellebecqian conversion is to take place.

And those are the options. Liberalism is discredited and doomed. Christianity is dead and unlikely to revive as the heart of a civilization. I hate both fucking options, but if I had a choice I'd take Islam. Sadly, we only have the one option available here. We're going to prove the white nationalists and the 1619 Project asses right, and redefine our whole national existence around race. God help us all.
No. 42668
359 kB, 2048 × 1536
Have we entered the cool zone yet
No. 42669
It's too late and I'm way too tired but I just want to say before even finishing it that it's an excellent post. I'll have to respond tomorrow after work. And sorry Brit but I killed my equally long rambling post as I didnt think it contributed anything worthwhile beyond my kvetching about city folk at the end.

Re: the Christian element it's a problem of the totality of nihilism that afflicts them as well. I mean, having a serial adulterer and probable blackmailed elite pedo signing your bible? A man who openly boasted he had nothing to apologize to God for? What the actual fuck? The Evnagleicals are symptomatic of the totality of our corruption and moral bankruptcy. They too are a gloomy reflection of our rotten core and it is all the more sickening to gaze upon their own core nihilism. What that Russian said about Leviathan I think it's reflective here of the total emptiness of these people with their false piety that is ironically outlayed pretty thoroughly in the Bible itself. It is a symptom of a dying society. I do not think that liberalism is quite accurate, but rather neoliberalism itself, that morally bankrupt ideology of Capitalism wrapping itself up in the falsity of progressivism while being wholly regressive and morally bankrupt.

America is truly a third Rome and I am watching it die. It often feels eerily like being in Rome a couple thousand years ago. And on top of all that you have basically an incompetent Joffrey Lannister or wannabe Turkmenbashi leading the charge in such manner that Yeltsin looks positively stately and composed by comparison.
>antifa a terrorist organization
Pfft whatever. The State has always gone after the left while loosely tolerating or encouraging identity politics vullsht and division because it is in the interest of neoliberalism to do so and to sow the seeds of discord in a divide and rule tactic. It's pretty funny to see considering the plethora of right wing terrorist attacks that have gone on and I have no doubt that this election and the next could well be among the last before the country rips itself apart.

I just wish I lived in the Western Pact instead. I don't give a shit what anybody says about California those states are most competent and nicer and I'd rather live there than fucking Utah or Florida or New York or God help me the third world that is the southeast and the taint state of Missippi between the asshole of Tennessee and shriveled ballack of Florida and Georgia. Sorry. Whatever I'm going back to playing games and passing out I have work tomorrow and most assuredly have the chance of dealing with angry bydlo or people yelling at each other about masks and being less than six feet and needing their hair cuts.
No. 42670
>Pfft whatever.
It's a joge referencing an apprently obscure ec.com in-joge.
No. 42671
I just finished your post and apparently left off before it went full retard. "Racialism" aka racism of the American variety is dumb as all fucking shit. I feel dumber just having read all that. "An ancient and exclusive club" what a tremendous amount of dumb fucking wank. It reads like something some incel shutin with no real life experience would say. There is no defining ideology under it all and to tie Nazism into it is exemplary of that kind of nihilistic retarded thinking I was talking about in a hallowed out society. It is a nation of cowards and retards who have been scattered by their own ignorance and stupidity, blindly grasping for anything. What you just described is perhaps the best example of having no underlying ideology or message at all, perhaps most ironic given your description of absence fo ideology and then immediately filling it in with the most fucking retarded Fox news tier idiocy imaginable of something that has no underlying idea or message behind it all. The real reason for all of this is because the elites have been forcing racism for centuries to take the heat off the real issue which is the underlying class conflict that has always existed in America while sublimating it into something less threatening to their own existence

And that is the real reason Martin Luther King was shit, because he dared to marry the struggle of black men with poor white men under the vomit heel of oppression, because the day that Americs realized we are all that white man in the hotel hallway getting murdered by that white cop will be the day that we are on the edge of a real revolution that threatens to remove the generational elites like the Trumps and Adelsons and Epsteins and Kushners and Maxwells and Bushes etc and they can't allow that to happen.
No. 42672
It doesn't matter if it's stupid if it has a visceral appeal to a lot of people. Just because you think it's too dumb to believe in doesn't mean people won't believe in it.
No. 42673
Fair enough but I really don't think it's smart to be projecting our country's issues onto the world like the whole world is America. Foreigners stereotype us as doing that. And race really is a more American construct because not one of us isn't s mutt anymore so we've got all these people acting like they aren't ultimately mud bloods anyway. It's because part of the county goes muh one quarter heritage and another only doesnt do that so much because they came here on slaver ships and thus don't even know their heritage which is the saddest thing that we don't have any autists talking about their obscure African haplos[/spoiler). It's all just so tiresome to me. America can bother me again when it finally figures to get its shit straightened out and realize it's all about class ultimately including the function of race in class. Until then I don't want to be bothered with any of it.
No. 42675
I'll personally make sure to send 'em all back to africa before we see such scenes in Europe as well.

No. 42695
None of them have guns and the dumb motherfucker is standing there openly challenging them. Ever hear the expression start shit get hit? I fail to see any problem in this video.
No. 42698
>Otherwise yeah, it's guessing going on.
That's my gripe. We need fewer guessers.

The spreading of disinformation and voter manipulation is part and parcel of European media. I've been paying attention to their lies and selective bias for years. European citizens are paying a huge price already.
No. 42699
No. 42703
Europe has the same problem with a spiritually-unsupported order. And remember that this bullshit race science was in large part developed by Europeans, back when there were literally no brown people on the continent whatsoever. The resurgence will blend more naturally into generic ethnic nationalism than over there, especially in the more homogeneous countries, but most of Western Europe is now diverse in the same sense as America, and you already have racial nationalists from over here going to places like Ukraine to train and network with their ideological fellows.

Who knows, maybe a country or two will rediscover Christianity, but considering how inconsistent the Catholic church has been recently on anything but covering for pedophiles, I doubt there's much hope in Catholic countries, and national Protestant churches will probably just be co-opted by the nazis.

From what little I know, Orthodoxy-based nationalism is more common in Russia. But I don't know that much about Russia at all.
No. 42704
10 kB, 240 × 240
My serious question warrants an answer.
No. 42705
It's not
No. 42711
Enlightenment and rationality are the spiritually-supported values both the USA and Europe are built on.
No. 42714
Trad-Catholicism (pre-60's) is somewhat on the rise. Not many people, but TBH, the absolute count doesn't matter anyway. Most people are literal cattle at any given time. There's a reason good leaders are so important.
No. 42715
Humanism rather than rationality, though I admit the difference is moot when actualized by millions of people.
No. 42720
>There's no central myth upholding the West, at least not one that anyone believes in. Liberalism is failing, and this was probably inevitable. It's a system founded upon Christianity, but hollowed out of any spiritual superstructure.
Funny that you mention it, I thought about this the other day.

I think you overrate the current political capacity of Islam to spread by far.

Also, no mention of China at all? Good read briey touching the US - China roles: https://palladiummag.com/2020/02/05/jiang-shigongs-vision-of-a-new-chinese-world-order/

China is part of the "americanized" world as of now, but might finally find its way out to become the new superpower during the american decline.
No. 42721 Kontra
No. 42722 Kontra
You should make sure to personally kill yourself instead first.
No. 42723
>And remember that this bullshit race science was in large part developed by Europeans, back when there were literally no brown people on the continent whatsoever.
During the area where we, i. e. Europeans went to other continents to colonize and exploit them, so a justification was "needed" (not that this is not ongoing in another way nowadays).
No. 42724
So there were apparently enough rumors being spread that my job closed early last night for fear of rioters and looters, but it all turned out to be misinformation being spread particularly through shitbook. I'm not sure who's behind it, Russians, Chinese, poltards, or just general bydlo, but no such thing happened and I guess not only was there a largely peaceful protest but the officers in riot gear and even the police chief took the knee in solidarity with the protesters. Proud of my city. Even my coworkers including people from more white, Conservative, working class backgrounds were saying how heart warming it was.

The atmosphere at work was kinda weird today. You can just sense the palpable tension in the air which I guess I hadn't known about because I don't partake in that shitter shitbook imbecilism nor do I deal with people a whole lot these days but I'm guess the whole national mood is now incredibly tense. It's hard to describe but just the atmosphere was very weird and so was dealing with most of the clients.

All that being stated you could also tell there was a real underlying sense of American unity slowly emerging under the surface, of people being nice to each other and almost I guess like being much more considerate of the working class and black people. You could tell that just saying the wrong word to the wrong person about any of this was grounds for a shitshow but even then I got more the impression that it's just a tiny minority larping their RaHoWa online and that all normal people in the super majority would immediately disown you as a complete scumbag if you said the wrong thing about these protesters. I get the real feeling of a sense of national solidarity emerging and a shifting cultural fault line. It's quite nice, but there's still that very real sense of walking on egg shells with the other Americans whoever they may be. But still, that was nice. Just hearing my coworkers talk about how heart warming it was and even the one person I thought might be more conservative being nice to a client who I guess she knew and complimented her black lady friends new hair style. It's a nice shift in the national sentiment but the on edge mood remains palpable. I hope it lasts and deepens. It's the kind of thing we need right now while others rant about shooting people and hide in their basement.
No. 42733
456 kB, 369 × 512
Random man who gave cops free meals was murdered by police during demonstration against police violence in a city where a woman was shot 8 times while sleeping
>Members of the community were especially angered by reports that his body was left on the street for 12 hours after the killing. The shooting occurred shortly after midnight, and his body appeared to be removed from the scene after noon later that day, according to WFPL, a local radio news station.

Cops have also been attacking people completely at random in many cities. This is why I hope whoever was allegedly firing managed to hit somebody on the cop side I'll believe it when I see it as opposed to fireworks or "I thought his cellphone was a gun"

This kind of shit is literally why we have the second amendment but rights are irrelevant if you don't use them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esyMFOu8ZFE
No. 42735
I love good satire
No. 42736
I'm not sure what you mean. I said all that straightforward.
No. 42740
No. 42741
5,2 MB, 2529 × 1549
>We need law & order so that terrorist can't take muh freedoms
No. 42742
Let him be. He is a kohlburger trying to post his righttard propaganda in this thread. Moreover his English skills are not the best.
No. 42743
9 kB, 220 × 229
24 kB, 360 × 480
499 kB, 1080 × 959
772 kB, 2500 × 2500
Yes, it is. It is a sophisticated grammatical construction using the German participle 1.

"sich selbst dem Obrigkeitsstaat prostituierend"

>It's not.

Why are all right-wing imageboard incelsautists so stupid so that they even aren't proficient in their own mother language?

>I'll personally make sure to send 'em all back to africa before we see such scenes in Europe as well.

How are planning to do that?
By drawing a sword and teaching 'those niggers a lession'?
No. 42746
454 kB, 606 × 532
No. 42748
53 kB, 720 × 383
94 kB, 1280 × 720
>We need law & order so that evil Russia and China can't take muh freedoms
US police:

No. 42749
329 kB, 997 × 845
My favourite was running the clergy out of their church with tear gas so that the Law & Order President™ could take a photo with the bible there :-DDD Then the burgerfats fawn over him being a 'man of god' on twitter. The man's comment section is a fucking goldmine for ameribear shitposting tbh.

I've reached the point where the shock and anger is transforming into laughter at the sheer absurdity of the entire situation of the past few days.
No. 42752
Pigs are out to maim and kill. Clip came on my feed yesterday of a noncombative white man walking about past curfew. First they maced him and then shot him point-blank in the face with a tear gas canister(?). The ophthalmologists in the audience must be cringing thinking of all the globe ruptures being inflicted at these demonstrations.
No. 42753
Honestly white Evangelicals have lost complete credibility with me at this point. I no longer consider them as genuine Christians. In fact Scripture itself specifically warns us against people like that repeatedly. Unfortunately I have come to realize that a bunch of crypto-Satanist heretics like Mormons are also one of the closest things to real Christians we even have left in this country. Sad.
No. 42755
>By drawing a sword and teaching 'those niggers a lession'?

No. By means of infiltration, propaganda, rhetorics, societal schism, mobilizing against migration in times of economic crisis.
There are lots of ways, but mostly I prefer the hungarian and polish (I especially like how lgbt-propaganda is combatted there at the moment, which is even more important) solutions.
Also depicting leftists as a threat for society. They're leaning so far out of the window lately that more and more people are growing more than sceptical about them.
In Greece things went so far that even the once Syriza electing populace is growing tired of the ever-growing influx of african migrants.
It's going to happen everywhere, next generation is going to live through a massive conservative backlash. Zoomers are cynical and tired of liberalism, kids in drag and degenerates half-nakedly dancing on the streets, while the majority of rapes is conducted by migrants in countries like Sweden (check wikipedia Article "Rape In Sweden" for proof, even official national broadcasters said it) and beautiful european cities are getting turned into scum-infested shitholes, as they can be witnessed in France, Belgium or german cities as Offenbach or parts of Berlin.

Next decades will be fun.
No. 42756
87 kB, 500 × 347
This isn't 2016 dude the right just spent the last four years discrediting itself. I don't know if you looked out the window lately at those huge throngs of people. Normal people are sick of your shit.
No. 42757
246 kB, 680 × 419
No. 42763
I've been watching and frequenting new right media the past week after reading and hearing a bit on their history since the 1970s or so. They are indeed doing the Gramsci way like 1968, cultural hegemony.
But I think while they seem united they really aren't. Ethnopluralism is not white supremacy. People like esoterics that you can find at the corona demos seem rather neutral but their worldview caters quite well to rightwing views.
Zoomers might be cynical but they don't hate liberalism (and its freedom) and therefore immigration, they hate capitalism and it's (entertainment) machine drugery. Senseless void indeed, but I guess filling the void by hating somebody is not what they will turn to en masse, there are many alternative ways to fill the void spritually.
The future will be indeed interesting, the regimes of provision, power and production will need to change and it can turn out worse and worse which will be beneficial for political extremes. Somebody has to bleed anyway when we cannot buy more time.
In any case I already think about how to counter that hegemonic claim from the far right, just like capitalism it's born out of an idea I cannot be convinced of, only if you want to prison yourself you can cater to such an ideal. Born as potential Knecht/servant is where the conservative mind goes. That does not mean that elites don't exist, quite the opposite.
No. 42764
Maybe I misread your post. I like America for showing the middle finger to everyone who wants to negotiate on freedom of expression. If there is a cultural shift chipping away at this pillar of American culture the whole world loses.


What's the point of your "negative campaigning"? My half a dozen posts aren't really important. Your only putting chains on your own brain with your ideological obsession. And if you translate "authority" to "Obrigkeitsstaat" anything goes, I suppose.
No. 42767
Jesus Christ

>capitalism it's born out of an idea I cannot be convinced of
Very idealistic way to look at it, though.
No. 42768
45 kB, 752 × 402
This is not a shoop. This is what he actually looks like.
No. 42769
Trump is more popular now than he was in 2017. We have already passed the point at which actual performance matters, politicians are only judged based on how well they conform to tribal morality.

If Trump is good at one thing, it's playing to his base of retards. He has done nothing to fundamentally violate the narrative they have of him. In fact, it would be almost impossible for him to violate that narrative, because it has become self-sustaining in the minds of MAGAtards. Even if Trump went on Twitter to say that trans rights are human rights and that he would be proud if his son came out as a gay black man, his legions would assume that he was fucking with the libs or forced to compromise with the deep state so that he could REALLY oppose them later.

Biden is way up, but he's much less up in the important swing states. Trump still has a very good chance of winning.
No. 42770 Kontra
>Very idealistic way to look at it, though.

How is that to be understood?
Capitalism is more than an idea, but it's feed by certain idealistic parameters like a certain anthropology an essential one, which is shared by conservatists/reactionaries, claims about what society is, how social relations are formed etc etc.
No. 42771
What have you been reading? Sezession? Or De Benoist's Elemente?

Generally spoken, the right has never and will never be united unter one common ideology.
In fact I believe that, at least in the early 19th century, the right has been way more ideologically diverse than the left. Take a look at Armin Mohler's "Die Konservative Revolution" (I think I mentioned it some day) and you will find hundreds of ideological subgroups under the great banner of the conservative revolution, ranging from pagans to christians, from socialists too monarchists and what not.
Even when the ideological channel tightened after the rise of Hitler and and the extermination of the left-wing NatSocs, there still wasn't a coherent ideology, chef ideologues like Rosenberg, Baeumler and even Ludwig Klages brawled for the supremacy in Reich thought, even after Hitler told that he was being in favor of Rosenberg.
What has proven a more unifying element to the right has been the style, the aesthetics as well as the common enemy: communism.

But back to today: so yes, you're right, they're not united at all - which doesn't make them weaker. It's rather quite the opposite. Seeing the common enemy in left wing extremism/antifa as well as gender/lgbt-ideology and what Renaud Camus (in my opinion quite unluckily) titled "Le grand remplacement"/migration/Islam, is something a right-wing millionaire (which isn't as rare as you might think btw) and the economically rather left-leaning social patriot ("Solidarischer Patriotismus") can agree on, even though they might be utter enemies when it comes to economic topics (even though I think the right-wing millionaire will always find a way to get along with the flow, because money is always needed).
All of these common enemies can be haven by liberals or liberal conservatives as well as strict anti-liberalists and I think that they will be the missing link.
As you might have followed, the AfD is falling apart, but I'm pretty sure that what it is living through will strengthen the german right.
Talking of the youth: I have to "samples" I can tell you about, both rural, both not older than 18. One living in rural western germany. For the boys it's normal to celebrate marches and shit on feminism, nobody takes the teachers brabbling about diversity serious anymore.
The other sample rural eastern germany, where it's (at least for boys) pretty normal to have right wing sentiments, even if they just come out in "racist" jokes and edgy speech or voting AfD (remember the lasst elections over there). One day my friend over there I'm talking of (girl, formerly leftist herself because of le attention, nowadays apolitical) told me how her whole class was mobbing some antifa girl, teasing her with any politically incorrect stuff, while she said that they were "literally nazis" for saying such things.
Oh yeah, not to forget the police over
Girls just go after the flow, if the majority of guys will be right wing, they will be as well. Sure, my examples are rural - but I don't wanna talk about those living in the big cities, I think they are lost anyways - spiritually, culturally, stripped to the bones from any identity, soon to vanish into nihil, watching the suburbs they've grown up in slowly being filled with muslims, while listening to their music, eating their food, dressing like them and smoking their hookahs. They will die out fast.
Still you might say, no consistent ideology and nothing to fill the spiritual void of the 21st century and you are right. But you answered your question on your own: it's all about the elite.
As I'm concerned a strong state needs a strong elite. I think our elite is rotten and degenerate, fat post-war children and boomer scaredy-pants still crying themselves to sleep about le holocaust.
You know, I regularily go to the opera so I see those people, they're literally old, weak people falling apart, not having any successors.
If you're interested in right wing conceptions of "Elite" and as well a good introduction into scientific elite studies, I can only recommend to you Gerd-Klaus Kaltenbrunners "Elite".

Another point, entirely dismissed at the moment: the immigrants themselves. I'm deeply convinced that soon-to-be muslim and africans majorities in cities will mean the end of (at least intersectional) leftism anyways. Socialism itself might survive in some kind of green-islamic form as thought out in Houellebecq's Soumission, but not in the lgbt-flag kind of way, that liberalist leftists are pushing nowadays. I mean lol, we're literally talking of people who hunt little girls as witches in their homelands, still live in tribes and trade women for cows. What do you think they're going to do, when antifas try to explain transgender rights to them?
So in the end for the left there is no choice in my opinion than to gang up with european right-wingers (and I think that this will happen in masses soon) or team up with the POC-migrants.
No. 42773
Another thing I wanted to mention: with your last point about the conservative being a "Knecht"/slave you might partly be right in that the majority of conservatives will probably more openly value authority than the majority of leftists and that a rather archaic mindset will think in this dimension anyways, who doesn't have a master, who doesn't have a "Herr" in one way or another?
To me it's nothing bad or something I'd be potentially ashamed of.
Like when I think of Adorno's "authoritarian character" I just think, yeah okay, so what?
Knowing Adorno's vita I know that he was extremely authoritarian as well, when it came to institute politics.
That's why I say that right wingers are just more openly servants, while leftists usually take pride in not being that way, but at the end of the day they still don't start any revolution and are good boys towards the masters.
Not to mention that I think most people should be servants and should not be allowed to live as individuals. Take a look at what's happening over at TikTok and you'll instantly realize that women's rights for example were a grave mistake.
No. 42774
Well Biden is the real issue because the DNC for whatever reason we all know the real reason it's because America is controlled by major corporations and the Saudis and Israelis not the American people and guess who pissed off literally all of them including AIPAC chose Biden instead of Sanders and Biden is going to go for some weak as shit running mate and basically pull 2016 again. This is not a point of Trump's strength but the overwhelming weakness of the Democrat apparatchiks who basically pander to middle aged women boomers and otherwise are pretty much the Republican party just not as full on openly evil and retarded but still evil and retarded.

The thing is though the base of either will never budge which makes it a moot point. Yeah at least a third of people will vote Stalin if he ran as Republican after the electoral college chose him by will of Israel and the corporations and likewise would a third of Dems chose Hitler if he was running against the GOP. The problem is that like 10% of the country that swing votes. A lot of people know Trump fucked up bad. This includes people who'd vote GOP no matter what. But then you have everybody else who likely aren't going to be happy with a lot of shit he pulled.

But like I said before the major issue is the corporations and he's privately been licking the balls of the swamp for four years which is the main reason I think he has a shot because all the corrupt oligarchs love him. But that being stated I think the all important "business community" has still been grumbling and lost faith in him and it is not unlikely he will either continue fucking up with our current crises in a way that will continue damaging the economy or he will be stuck with yet another problem that he fucks up which come November will leave us in as bad if not worse shape. Biden otoh manages to usually look presidential through this whole thing and you better believe he's going to milk things like his calling the pandemic in January for all it's worth. This also matters because Biden is like I said basically a business as usual Republican which means the major business interests and AIPAC and the Saudis won't be threatened by him. The Republicans are going to have to do a lot more election rigging by November which they have been desperately trying to do but again we'll see.
No. 42775
99 kB, 1280 × 720
>Normal people are sick of your shit.
maybe in the usa. if it's true, i envy you guys. in the german internet i have a hard time not bumping into many of these kind of far-right bot posts per day, even though i'm far less online than i used to and mostly try to avoid politics in general and far-right infested places in particular. however, trump fans/afd-voters flood absolutely everything with the same "opinions" and buzzwords over and over since almost a decade. it's extremely annoying - like a brainwash, or a cult.
moreover, i've noticed there's a growing number of people who will harrass you incessantly with such drivel in real life too. doesn't matter if you've told them multiple times that you're not interested, they won't shut up and continue chattering about "important news". you can't argue with them either, because if you actually do listen to them for a moment, ask questions and perhaps express disagreement about something they will immediately perceive you as an enemy, get angry and aggressive and start throwing insults. if their number increases further these nasty people might turn germany into everything i dislike about the usa, i'm afraid. they fit every single negative stereotype about americans that exist, except they're german and maybe a couple kg less overweight than a standard fox news watching maga burger.
No. 42776
As a whole it was rather born out of materialistic events imo, even if nowadays late stage capitalism was materialistically enforced by spreading neoliberal economic ideas to influential political and economical positions via think tanks and the like.
No. 42777 Kontra
I did not deny hierarchies but I don't agree on the naturalization of position in a community/society. There is nothing natural about the social, it's an artificially constructed thing, lets even call it a process to put emphasis on change. Likewise, I don't think that culture is a container, the existence of the other has an effect.
When I see the corona demos, I can understand their frustration but I don't think that these people are the better leaders nor are their thoughts well thought out. I even have my doubts about grassroot democracy. I never looked into the Räte thing. But democracy is the form of government that is extremely vulnerable in that case ofc.

>they still don't start any revolution and are good boys towards the masters.

I think you will agree that a revolution needs a revolutionary moment, when that is, is another question.

>Knowing Adorno's vita I know that he was extremely authoritarian as well, when it came to institute politics.

Elaborate. I don't know how his vita is a proof for authoritarianism when it comes to institute politics, which is to abstract to let me think of an example of what you might mean. I know that Adorno seems like an elitist, I even wrote about his conception of the mass. But while he shares something with classic rightwingers in that regard, he also differs. He did not close down change because he thought all people are dumb consumers of the cultural industry. He feared the mass because of its manipulative potential, as someone who lived as jew in Germany, it is not surprisng he was suspicous against the masses. It might be messianic and I know it's paradox but the non-identical despite societal homogenization is the hope.

>What have you been reading? Sezession? Or De Benoist's Elemente?

I informed myself about De Benoist as he is regarded as key figure for new ideas, but I think it was ethnopluralism and getting intellectual/cultural hegemony, learning from the left. I want to read Dugin because of the mysticism. There is far to much difference to really dig into it, I'm interested in the enemy but I won't spent all my time on reading him.

>Mohler and "under one banner"

It's said Mohler invented the Konservative Revolution, the groups might have existed as they have, but if it really was the big unification can be question. But I haven't read it. Surely a common enemy can help, it's an often made observation that unification can be archieved via an common enemy. Yet it's a delusion that will crack open sonner or later. I had to laugh when Sellner, while walking in Maria Zaal to show how traditional he is, said that once the multi kulti is over there will be mono white states
> (beiläufig) there will still be problems you know... but lemme tell you more about the problems in the US and why multi kulti means race war and never solvable conflict

>the youth samples

not surprising that you know such samples since you are a rightwinger, who is likely having contact to the milieu and Gesinungsgenossen. I could easily dig up two samples of for liberal or left cases (latter perhaps not in east Germany). With more material as context it might work as example of representational character. I'm not surprised about East Germany, it really is structural there.

>I don't wanna talk about those living in the big cities, I think they are lost anyways - spiritually, culturally, stripped to the bones from any identity, soon to vanish into nihil

Ah yes, the city and its conservative topoi, babylon, place of sins and foreigners, rootless beings, where you don't know your folks and community is replaced with jungle warfare. the city is the enemy of feudalism, where natural order was big thing btw, I have the impression
That communities within cities exist and social control is obviously more difficult to handle if you are not China tier (and even then, we have to get really dystopic) does not come to such minds. That people actually like the city seems absurd as well.
Stripped of any identity? Cultural void? Lack of spirituality? Well, I said capitalism can hollow you out. But as Georg Simmel stated, Ersatzreligionen are on their all time high since before 1900. People might have identity crisis but I'm not so sure they lack one, maybe they are constantly searching for one, the fall of christianity left a whole in our hearts? maybe. Usually cities have lots of culture, but it depends what you understand as culture. Sprituality which can be linked to identity is oftentimes sought after in new forms. Esoterics and other believes, politics, having money, you name it. Might be bullshit, yeah, sometimes it only works for a certain period of time etc. I'm entering the void, or is it infinity? And it feels better than being caged with something I would eventually question (natural order). My whole life has been restless thoughts once I was able to reflect on that, if I know one thing: Ich ist ein anderer, time does not have mercy. Memories are an interesting thing but by no means speak for themselves, like many other things, it might not be as self evident as it seems.

Maybe, to break it down: You believe in evolution (the natural order (given by biology), though the paradox is that things have to change in order to be kept, the identity is given by reaction to the other.
And I believe in revolution and artifical construction, while eventually bordering limits, the virtual and it's actualization is not arbitrary after all. and no I don't think that materiality can be left out from the social nor is science a mere powerplay of the patriachy
No. 42778 Kontra
>materialistic events

What kind of events?
No. 42779
For instance a lack of circulating coins during the european middle ages lead to someone inventing bills of exchange as a more practical alternative which then established itself and put banks to a new level of power which was the base for capitalism to unfold. So it was not birthed by someone inventing the idea of capitalism per se, but by historical circumstances leading to new ideas and developments.
No. 42780 Kontra
>Not to mention that I think most people should be servants and should not be allowed to live as individuals. Take a look at what's happening over at TikTok and you'll instantly realize that women's rights for example were a grave mistake.
Fascist brain rot thought per exellence.
No. 42781 Kontra
He doesn't get the simple fact that those who promotes ideas like that are the ones who will get run over by the ones who implements it. IIRC basic fascism 101 is that the best suited to lead should lead. Posters on image boards like to think themselves as being suited or at least have the idea that they will benefit from it. Pro tip, we won't. At best we will be cannon fodder if we ever could get up from our fat asses.
No. 42782 Kontra
>So it was not birthed by someone inventing the idea of capitalism per se, but by historical circumstances leading to new ideas and developments

Yes ofc. But the history is accompanied by ideas that foster processes, they support each other. There are things like Gemeindeeigentum and then private property, accumulation etc etc it's fucking mess tbh. Money per se does not make capitalism, it's part of a circulatory process that is part of capitalism. Extracting via price difference e.g. is merchant capitalism and has nothing to do with buying labour power and getting surplus value out of it.
Besides that, I'm really not that familiar with Marx e.g and he is interesting to me because of things like acknowledging the rule of abstractions (invisible hand anyone?) and what relation it holds to the concrete and how capitalism in that regard works, how it determines social relations and such stuff.
No. 42783
349 kB, 750 × 861
No. 42784
That is some bad cosplay.
No. 42785
407 kB, 1536 × 2048
spotted in NYC
No. 42787
Well my life has been dramatically and materially improving since this year began at least
No. 42789
No. 42790
>7 news
Nothing of value was lost. They are the centre right middle class show that is all about the status quo because they don't get crapped on by it.
No. 42791
Welp they definitely just did. Cops have been attacking people at random including journalists. Literally third world tier. I think the added irony is it's putting how out of control the cops are on public display.
No. 42797
It's not even funny anymore, America. Stop.
No. 42804
139 kB, 828 × 631
David Dees just died. RIP to a real one.
No. 42805
309 kB, 1200 × 927
235 kB, 1200 × 927
272 kB, 1200 × 928
Add another one to the Trump body count
I guess he finally pissed off the wrong guy. These are among his final images it looks like.
No. 42811
I didn’t particularly care to parse his message but I do think he was a cool outsider artist.
No. 42813
I was half joking. Anyways I just think it's incredibly funny that all was coming from supposedly just one guy, which I also find ironic that I only just learned about him. I'd always assumed it was simply some kind of really weird slick yet out of touch Chinese or Russian psyops. Sometimes it's really incredibly hard to tell the difference between someone just being genuinely American and someone trying to do foreign psychological warfare or whatever. They should have known nobody is better at fucking up Americans than other Americans. Sorry it still just comes as such a shock to me that this was really just that one guy and not an organized Chinese campaign or whatever.

My condolences. I now understand that you guys care about America because whatever happens here you'll immediately catch our AIDS afterward. I still do not fully comprehend why people like Germans are first having the hurr durr I need a haircut protests and now are having those BLM protests.

You know what we should just come up with something so strange and ineffable to protest just to fuck with people in Europe and see if they'll do it too. Like I know Israel was pissed about the raw water thing.

Come on guys we want to the moon. Let's brainstorm here. Just what exactly can we come up with as the most inexplicably retarded fad just to fuck with the foreigners and export it to them? Hamburger grease enemas? Protesting penicillin? A conspiracy theory that the bloodlines of Ghenghis Khan rule the world behind the scenes and puppet Anglos and Jews? I know it's hard because we already came up with things like the Breatharians, Dianetics, anti-vaxxers etc. but I believe in us and I think it's time to try something a little different. What kind of national protest should we spawn this time?
No. 42821
168 kB, 707 × 648
124 kB, 842 × 648
139 kB, 756 × 432
106 kB, 675 × 540
Rest in Peace. My genuine condolences. We didn't agree at all politically but he was a genuine artist.

May he rest in the Lord. If I was the director of a museum I would have organized an expo of him (first I would have talked with the Israel consulate)

"yes I know he's an antisemite, but what about if I only show the non-antisemitic ones?"
No. 42822
Nah you have to include those. That just makes it funnier because of how usually contradictory and incoherent it all was taken as a whole.
No. 42823
104 kB, 532 × 504
103 kB, 600 × 480
79 kB, 423 × 504
Problem is that people here is so full of antiamericanism, and then Trump appears. And MSM hates him... The perfect storm.

>What kind of national protest should we spawn this time?

Dunno I think many people think it's a videogame or something. Catalan ppl do not know about politics. Here we have a media war, too.

I still root for Trump. Not because he isn't fantastic and the like, because he has that "don't tread on me" attitude and he's antiglobalisation. Go for it.

More Dees.
No. 42824
105 kB, 583 × 504
80 kB, 567 × 504
161 kB, 825 × 648
Perhaps contradictory to you because you are an informed person, but for the people that are going to visit the museum, it's going to be a massacarnage ha ha

The problem is that I don't feel the political message, OK I understand it (globalization bad, Jews bad), but I don't enter in the details. It's only that he can be extremely powerful. Ppl glorifying Basquiat and the other one, FFS, Dees is much better: that's power! "Sweat Site" and "World Mart" are perfect in terms of message. Perfect. And true! "Debate" is another masterpiece, pure terror, like "Apple-2"

Apart from that, if you deform the reality enough you can get the results you want. Ask the ppl in the Spanish Constitutional Court.
No. 42825
275 kB, 2048 × 1365
Protest in Irvine, California with some creative sloganeering
No. 42828
Update: evidently 斩立决 means “make a decisive decision” but it can also be literally translated as “immediate decapitation” lol
No. 42835
Yeah but the thing is that is all total and complete fucking bullshit he has someone convinced everyone of, which I'm surprised you took for granted because I thought people here were smarter than that.

He's a self centered pathological liar and a narcissistic sociopath. Like, he literally has psychopathy. Trump will say whatever the fuck he thinks can manipulate people and his base is dumb enough to take his word for it regardless how much he does the opposite.

Donald Trump is a globalist and a multigenerational east coast oligarch born with a silver spoon stuck up his ass. While he makes rambling twitter shitposts he does so knowing the media is also dumb enough to focus on whatever retarded inflammatory comment he made on there not like say his daughter signing business deals with the Chinese for her company or his weapon deals with the Saudis and trying to give Wahhabists nuclear tech, or his golf courses around the world like trying to build them in Scotland. The only reason he even was so butthurt about California and environmental regulations was because his useless golf course was draining their aquafiers in the middle of a draught and he was getting rightfully charged out the ass on a water bill. He imported a bunch of Polish and other illegals to work his building projects. Whenever he's questioned on shit like this he never takes responsibility and goes full prooftser "uh uh I didn't know about any of that" which is the same way he finds some new sycophantic lapdog to take the fall for him and blames the CDC or some cabinet member and acts like it wasnt his fault or he didnt know in spite of it being his own people following his own orders.

He is NOT a dont tread on me type, not even remotely. He wishes he was Josef Stalin. Every single fucking time he gets frustrated because he's not running a command economy and can't tell businesses what to do, he blows our federal budget trying to pump the stock market like the Chinese, he wants military parades in the street celebrating him like he's Turkmenbashi (which also is wasting my fucking tax dollars btw), and now he's trying to get the military to break their Oath and fire on protesters and their own countrymen while he hides in his basement.

No Donald Trump is a complete piece of fucking shit. I've got no idea why so many people are so stupid, gullible, and naive to think anything else. The funniest thing is he's positively the most ZOG'd out president we ever had, and yet all these morons are trying to claim he's fighting teh JUICE. Speaking of who he surrounds himself with I am positive he had Epstein killed because he was involved with that, and strangely goes out of his way to surround himself with the elite pedophile network like Alan Dershowitz and Alex Acosta, and then you have his arse licker Barr who himself has strange ties to Epstein and probably is another Dennis Hastert type minus the blackmail.

No the guy is none of that. He is a self centered Zionist globalist and Stalin-esque authoritarian who proves exactly why my founding fathers put all the shit into the Constitution and Bill of Rights and formed our government the way he did, and Zion Don fucking hates it. Even the worst sort of people defect from him because he's solely in it for himself at the expense of everyone else, and then some asshole like the Mooch gets butthurt and surprised at the fact he got thrown under the bus too, like some dumb thot who gets abused and thrown away even knowing he did it to every other woman because "he'd never do that to me I'm special." Mattis is one of the latest people who called him out as the complete piece of shit that he really is.
No. 42836
67 kB, 720 × 400
I don't really like news and I'm pretty out of touch with what is going in my country, but I couldn't help but escape the barrage of news related to Maddie McCann.

For those unaware, she was a girl who went missing in south Portugal in 2007. It was a gigantic media case and the public conclusion up until recently was that her parents did it. Now it seems that German authorities have brought a new suspect who they believe might have done it, some kraut sex offender who lived near where she went missing at time. A lot of drama of infighting between Portuguese authorities and the British authorities, people blaming the girl's parents, people getting fired over statements over it - it was just chaotic.

I don't know what to make of it, it's been years and this seems like a never ending media show that somehow resurfaced when everyone here had forgotten about it. I can't help but be reminded of back in 2007 when the police mobilized a lot of its resources on this search and apparently still maintains an active investigation out of cooperation agreements with the British police. Even at the time, I remember some Portuguese parents with a missing kid who were upset that they weren't really getting help from the local authorities while apparently the entire nation had the fate of a British girl in mind. I can understand their frustration and why authorities would prioritize this case, but oh well.

I do hope it was the kraut and if so he must have clearly been committed such heinous crimes at the request of the German government to sour relations between the world's two oldest allies. or maybe not :DD
No. 42839
I was kinda surprised as well. I can remember it, was a teenager back then. Actually in 2007 I smoked weed for the first time.
The German was on the radar previously but few evidence lead to no further investigation. It seems not unlikely that he did it. It was also said he made money with burglary in tourist ressorts/hotel complexes, besides drugs and casual work here and there.
Seeing fotos of his 1980s VW hippie camper and an older Jaguar gave me shivers, true crime is fascinating. What life did that guy lead, the banality of evil.not sure what Arendt actually coined by this, but I always have to think about that expression when I consume true crime products
No. 42840
228 kB, 1920 × 575
>Seeing fotos of his 1980s VW hippie camper and an older Jaguar gave me shivers
I saw the same fotos but they didn't elicit any shivers from me, as those vehicles are part of the expat in Algarve starter kit. I vacationed near where Maddie went missing when I was a kid too, and always thought about the story when my parents drove us through Praia da Luz.
No. 42842
>those vehicles are part of the expat in Algarve starter kit

Yeah exactly, and he was one of those people.

>always thought about the story when my parents drove us through Praia da Luz.

Reminds of me of most of us as children will potentially have faced news of children going missing or getting killed by a pervert. Also me mum telling me to never go with a foreigner, regardless of the reasons he gives, mum having an accident etc.
No. 42849
So... is USA officially joining 2nd-3d world?
No. 42851
Hopefully, it has been in decline for a while now.
No. 42852
I'm not saying Euro-policemen are perfect. They're idiots just like their American counterparts but they don't go around shooting people or harassing citizens just for fun like they do on the other side of the pond.
Yes, there might be a few isolated cases of police brutality, but it's not widespread and it doesn't have a racial dimension to it. (Whether or not the latter is a good or a bad thing, I'll leave up to you. Personally I'm of the opinion that our criminal code got much weaker and poorer for abolishing the category of "romani crime".)

The underlying cause of policemen being brutal is psychological. Who becomes a policeman? Someone who is out to control people and dominate, but isn't smart enough to actually achieve/long for that control in other societal structures like bureaucracy, politics or in the economy.

Anyone out demonstrating right now in Europe has been tainted by American cultural imperialism. They might speak their native languages, but half their speech is English, and their thinking is that of rootless consumerist cosmopolitans.
No. 42853 Kontra
> but it's not widespread and it doesn't have a racial dimension to it.
No. 42854
124 kB, 550 × 355
1,0 MB, 949 × 720
93 kB, 474 × 603
>So... is USA officially joining 2nd-3d world?

>Anyone out demonstrating right now in Europe has been tainted by American cultural imperialism. They might speak their native languages, but half their speech is English, and their thinking is that of rootless consumerist cosmopolitans.

I'm going to plant my pet poison ivy I just cultivated from the side of the highway now :-D

You guys should too it's the newest fad :---DDDDDDD
No. 42860
>I didn’t particularly care to parse his message but I do think he was a cool outsider artist.

My sentiments exactly. I unironically love his work. The guy was a batshit insane conspiritard, but goddamn, his oeuvre was something else. It helps that the aesthetics are compelling on their own merits even if the subject matter is completely divorced from reality. There's that sincerity that makes his life's work much more powerful than it normally would be.

>I'd always assumed it was simply some kind of really weird slick yet out of touch Chinese or Russian psyops. Sometimes it's really incredibly hard to tell the difference between someone just being genuinely American and someone trying to do foreign psychological warfare or whatever. They should have known nobody is better at fucking up Americans than other Americans. Sorry it still just comes as such a shock to me that this was really just that one guy and not an organized Chinese campaign or whatever.

I recall you getting indignant with me for inquiring about the Sandy Hook conspiracies using his images.

Nope, it was just one man and his dedication to uncovering tha troof! Apparently, he used to be an illustrator for Sesame Street and various other big brand companies marketed towards children before hooking up with the conspiracy world. Here's a capture courtesy of the Wayback Machine from his old website:

Wonder what made him snap.

According to this, Dees announced back in March he had stage 4 melanoma cancer. What likely contributed to his death was declining orthodox medical treatment for his condition:
No. 42869 Kontra

Police brutality might vary from country to country in the EU, I guess nobody here really dealt with the issue, especially not how the situation is in different countries. I'm not >>42853 but the one who you are answering. Anyway, "isolated cases" is hard to say for Germany, since statistics and definition as well as policemen cover for their colleagues are hard to come by the truth actually. Since you can hear it every then and now in the news, and the news does not cover everything, quite the contrary (for every phenomenon btw). Not having a racial dimension is coupled to police brutality, ok, I don't actually know. But I do know that racial profiling is a thing with German police. It's not surprising though. Whether or not migrants or non-Germanic looking people actually commit more crimes. Issues of security are complex and not merely handled by having a few statistics at hand. Logics of prevention and such play into that. Also security can only exist with unsecurity, you can infinitley produce security issues just has to legitimate whatever kind of action. Security cannot be had because it wouldn't be an issue by then.

But you maybe answered yourself why it is structural and thus isolated cases seem less likely as you said beforehand. The police as institution in a society fosters certain behavior. That does not mean that ALL policemen are ego trippers that harrass and kill people, but that there is a structure that fosters such behavior and so it occures as "routine".

>Anyone out demonstrating right now in Europe has been tainted by American cultural imperialism.

This is overdramatic bullshit, sorry. They share a sentiment based on shared experience and/or knowledge of it, to a certain extent. Moreover you you think nationalistic, ok, explains your argument or thesis, but solidarity is not (or not only) an issue along the lines of the national. I agree the US is far worse than EU as far as I know. But denying the existence or structurality could just be your own ignorance talking here, when it comes to that topic. Just because it's not as worse as in the US you shouldn't raise your voice against police missusing their power is what you seem to imply. And I don't see why that is a valid argument.
The German word Gewalt is interesting because it makes evident the shared root between state/police violence/authority and normal violence. Gewalt is Gewalt, wether it's the state or a normal human bean. The difference is that the law puts a monopol on Gewalt/authority for itself. Police is the executer of that Gewalt/authority. But what is appropriate Gewalt/authority?

I've never had to deal with police violence, but police power tripping more than once. A guy from my school joked about beating up people in protests once he is in the police force. He had to control me one night, when I was trepassing there was no sign indicating private property why it was no deal and fault of the owner, that said I had police controls that went without issues as well.
No. 42874
Not quite the same feel as the baste Roof Koreans during the LA nigger riots, but still not too bad tbh. Maybe I can give them some business.
No. 42881

>Anyone out demonstrating right now in Europe has been tainted by American cultural imperialism. They might speak their native languages, but half their speech is English, and their thinking is that of rootless consumerist cosmopolitans.
Rootless consumerist cosmopolitanism is a universal feature of the post-nationalist, post-Christian West. You can't blame that on us, except insofar as our industrial capacity prevented the whole continent from going fascist or communist.

On a related note, I think it's more accurate to speak of American cultural osmosis. Consider how incompetent we are at actual imperialism. How plausible is it to speak of American cultural imperialism when such requires far more subtlety and finesse than military imperialism?
When Europeans copy us, it is an entirely indigenous and voluntary process. Even knee-jerk anti-Americanism is in many ways copied from our own self-hating liberals, who by their very nature are opposed to the conscious export of American culture. There is simply something deeply attractive about even our most insane cultural complexes, which leads to instinctive aping by other nations. Who knows why.
No. 42882
>When Europeans copy us, it is an entirely indigenous and voluntary process. Even knee-jerk anti-Americanism is in many ways copied from our own self-hating liberals, who by their very nature are opposed to the conscious export of American culture. There is simply something deeply attractive about even our most insane cultural complexes, which leads to instinctive aping by other nations. Who knows why.

I guarantee you Baudrillard has written about this at length.

Consider the various forms of Rock music that carried over to Europe. Even though its origins are quintessentially American, they've adapted and completely changed its arrangements so much so that we often end up imitating European Rock bands just as often, if not more so, and vice versa. What's more is the consistent political theme in many of these bands, be they Communist, Anarchist or Fascist/NS, is anti-Americanism
No. 42883
The US were indeed a fundemental "role model" and definitely a benchmark for Europe in lots of issues after WW2.
But the US don't have a monopoly on police brutality or inequality or racism. The US tend to be more extreme in that rgeard, like the US is always supersize couldn't hold back that one in everything many regards. Hence it's not adequate to speak of cultural imperialism in what is, as concepts or categories, fundamental to societes regardless of their nationality. Or is being proud of your national dishes an inherently italian imperialism?
No. 42887
51 kB, 648 × 324
46 kB, 1100 × 634
644 kB, 2121 × 1414
111 kB, 1351 × 1016
My cousin called me, celebrating that Azores is now free of COVID-19. It checked online and apparently it is true, the primitive inhabitants of those islands have somehow stopped covid-19 it. Presumably it was the babushka intelligence service that knows where everyone in the island is at all times that ensured enforcement of social distancing from known cases.
Meanwhile, Lisbon has stopped non-urgent surgeries during a second covid-19 peak to free up hospital space and I'm from a yokel land that relies on greater Lisbon region for medical support. fugg :DDD
No. 42897 Kontra
>baste Roof Koreans during the LA nigger riots,

That Korean said it was Cholos, hispanics gang members looting and not black people, sorry to burst your bubble, it's at least another minority you can pick on.
No. 42901
>hispanics gang members looting
Lol, that's outright robbery.
No. 42902 Kontra
where did I say that looting excludes robbery? Looting is theft, robbery, vandalism or destruction/burning down things. Genreally speaking forms of violence and taking goods combined.
No. 42903 Kontra
addition: looting decribes more a certain situation than certian sort of people doing it.
No. 42928
I am so confused by this
Is there some kind of black people police violence thing in other countries of which I am unaware? I was tempted to put this in the corona thread instead but I am lazy.

Somewhere between the economy reopening and the haircut protests, people started acting like the threat is over when we're still around the peak. Do these idiots just not understand the concept of a peak? It means that 50% of all infections are still ahead of you. It means that in the best case scenario you've still got to suffer everything that you just suffered, and with everyone acting like idiots globally I am now beginning to expect a new wave.

The reason this pisses me off the most is because this time we probably aren't getting shut down nor are we getting a new round of gibes, and our unemployment gibes are probably about to run out too. Nigga I ain't workin' for absolutely shit pay with no little guy or little business bailout plans in the middle of a serious epidemic. Meanwhile I've come to understand the loathsome truth that I'm working against not just clients but also customers on a routine basis and with basis starting to boom again there's no way in fucking hell I am remotely capable of sanitizing and disinfecting anything.
No. 42932
Yeah, they beat the shit out of Aboriginals all the time here. Especially up north.
No. 42933
Hm. Yeah I guess that counts even though they aren't "black". Fair enough.
No. 42939
Oh it's you. Your flag changes so much. You know what how do I go about purchasing a VPN? Out of all the damn things I could buy that's such a cheap (I think?) but critical thing and it makes me feel like the worst bydlo retard not to have one. I feel like an idiot for it. But at the same time how do I not get fucked trying to buy one? No I'm not smart enough to set one up probably.

As to the abos, why? For what purpose? I thought they were a tiny largely irrelevant group of people who mostly didn't bother anyone, nor be a threat to power for the matter.

This also doesnt explain the Asians protesting. I don't get why they're protesting violence in America. Like we don't have large demonstrations against brutality in other countries. I'm just a bit confused by all this internationally particularly in countries that don't even have a significant number of people of African ancestry. Unless it's ultimately just a general thing against cops being dickheads and people having too much time on their hands with the government putting lots of restrictions down.
...our cops have really not been helping their image either for the matter. Every day they do something incredibly stupid in the age of pervasive cameras on civilians which they'd do regardless but it's just funny having them do it when the protests are specifically about that sort of behavior, and now we've got a bunch of unidentified Green Men in Washington D.C. at least some of whom are prison guards shipped in from Texas for God knows what reason

I think it's quite rich that we just spent the last 8 years before Trump with bitching from everybody about expansion of government power and all these people talking about militias and crying about Jade Helm and Oath Keeping and all those faggots have been totally silent in all this.
No. 42940
141 kB, 1366 × 722
I just use NordVPN. Can probably find cheaper but this one was recommended to me by a computer pro workmate who knew I was a computer scrub. Simple as, you buy your subscription, install the software, log on and click on the country you want to be. The Britball isn't VPN though, I go between Romania, Vietnam and Ukraine on that front. The Britball is just my internet sometimes showing up as British for whatever reason. It's to do with the NBN (big national fibre network) since I never had this issue before getting on the NBN.

>As to the abos, why? For what purpose? I thought they were a tiny largely irrelevant group of people who mostly didn't bother anyone, nor be a threat to power for the matter.
They are a very small proportion of the population, around 2% but they're hardly irrelevant. In certain parts of the country they're the only people there, especially out in the bush where they live on their ancestral lands. The reason that they get fucked with so much is that they experience a textbook example of what people mean when they talk about systematic racism. Average person gets pissed and staggers home. They get put in the drunk tank overnight at worst. Blackfullah walk home in the same way, he gets dogpiled by cops and left in the watch house with fractures. The government attitude towards their communities is also still really colonial, and they tend to try and force them to live our way instead of letting the elders of the people there handle their own business so long as they don't hurt nobody. Shit's fucked up, and we haven't even talked about the lingering effects of overt state-sponsored racism like stolen generations, massacres and so on from the first time euros settled here. In WWII, the US troops in my area weren't segregated enough for the local authorities and we made them segregate even further, and we didn't even let aboriginals serve, those that did serve did so by faking documents if they could pass as 'white'. Hell, the constitution of Australia still doesn't recognise Aboriginals as people.

Australia does not have a great record of dealing with our indigenous people which continues into the present day.
No. 42947 Kontra
>Unless it's ultimately just a general thing

Racism and the police officers representatives of the state, executers of state authority being dicks is not an American exception and that is why people go on the streets. The Floyd incident functions as spark for what seems to be a daily routine. It's not only specifically about the situation in the US that is protested against all over the world but a general condition of racism and police being shitty for various reasons.
No. 42948
Not who you were asking but if you're just looking for one for some basic security, as it sounds, then I'd suggest looking at RiseUp's VPN. The organisation itself is a bit of a leftist hugbox (I wouldn't reccomend using it for anything you're seriously worried about some commie in the US being able to see) but for general use it's quite good. At the same time paid VPN's like Nord at just as if not more untrustworthy than RiseUp so it's not much of a loss in that department.
No. 42949
290 kB, 1297 × 862
185 kB, 1308 × 871
180 kB, 1304 × 862
204 kB, 1292 × 859
In wanting to be a part of world events, Portugal has had two separate George Floyd related protests. One in Lisbon and one in Porto.

The first that one notices is truly how this is something closer to a cosplay of America than a genuine protest. There are calls for Trump to resign and various slogans in English.

Over a thousand people joined the march and the most interesting quote I found on the news was this:
>Em declarações à Lusa, a guineense, a residir em Portugal desde criança, reconheceu que nunca foi vítima de racismo, mas disse não poder ficar “indiferente” ao que se passa.
[In her statement to Lusa, the guinea bissau citizen residing in Portugal since she was a child, recognised that she was never a victim of racism but said she couldn't remain indifferent to what is happening.]
>“O que aconteceu George Floyd, nos EUA, é uma coisa que pode acontecer comigo a todo o momento, porque há uma coisa que temos em comum, que é a cor da pele”, disse.
[What happened to George Floyd, in the USA, is something that can happen to me at any time, for there is something we have in common, that being the color of our skin]

Obviously racism exists and if anything this person's claim of never having been victim of racism in her (practically) entire life seems doubtful to me - but I suppose there wasn't an incident major enough that she'd have experienced that would cross some unclear boundary. Still, it only speaks to how much of a "foreign" protest this is. Perhaps not entirely foreign for we are all living in American cultural sphere.

The last major case of racism and "police" brutality was the murder of a 40 year old Ukrainian construction worker at Lisbon airport. I say "police" because it was SEF (Border and Foreigners Service). The poor dude got beaten to death by three agents after supposedly being uncooperative, SEF later sent his corpse to the Lisbon morgue claiming they had found him dead outside of the airport itself. This particular gruesome act happened last April but nothing really was done out of it, yet somehow the death of someone at the hands of American police was enough to mobilize a couple thousand people who seem very disconnected from their own national reality.
No. 42950
>yet somehow the death of someone at the hands of American police was enough to mobilize a couple thousand people who seem very disconnected from their own national reality.
IMO that's because racism theme is discussed so much, but no one talks about police brutality. That can be understood - no state would want protests against police, because that would mean
disobeying the state. But racism - yeah, that's a nice red herring, where the society, but not the state, can be blamed.

As an old joke says: "You also can stand on the Red Square and say that the president of the US is a fool".
No. 42951 Kontra
>last April but nothing really was done out of it

Does a video exist of him being beaten do death?
I think why the Floyd case gets so much attention in comparison to all the other incidents that did not spark such a fire - and which is lamented here and elsewhere on the internet - is the fact that a video exists. It's not rocket science to see how an actually video of an incident proverb: a pictures says more than thousand words goes viral on social media networks and affects the people watching it leads to a protest of that scope, whereas a news headline (if other incidents make it to a headline at all) without any picture does not make it "that far".
Well, might be that the US still works like burning lense for contemporary conditions under world capitalism.
No. 42952
702 kB, 2048 × 1367
89 kB, 1009 × 812
I suppose that would make sense under different national conditions, but I remember there being significant protests against police brutality specifically last year after an incident in a nightmarish ghetto area.
The video itself is a bunch of cops being called over to a disturbance in said place, someone throwing a rock at the police and then the cops arresting them with what some described as excessive force. The police itself argues that sometimes in such situations, force is the only way they can prevent the situation from escalating and limiting the scope of the incident.
There was also another case shortly after that as far as I understand was about a ghetto lady attacking a bus driver and the cops beating her severely once they got hold of her because she allegedly resister arrestalso probably did given she didnt seem to be a composed mental state, mostly notable because some cop union on facebook posted something along the lines of "the animal bit officer X, let's hope he didn't catch some disease".

>Does a video exist of him being beaten do death?
No, it doesn't. Which in my view I suppose it makes it all that much more terrifying, given that it was someone being locked in some airport interrogation room and being beaten to them without anyone else being able to see it happening.
It just seems so out of touch, our racial problems are entirely different - as are our police brutality cases. American police function on an entirely different MO, given that here a cop even discharging his firearm is surely enough to be broadcast on TV for hours. The idea that people are afraid of being murdered by PT police is absurd, while police brutality in the form of cops beating someone at 3a.m. in a shitty neighborhood over a mild offense seems entirely in the realm of reasonable possibility and worth protesting over.
Mind you, I have nothing against protesting police brutality or racism - but the cause and especially the way these protests were carried out, the messages the protestors bear and even a fugging "Trump OUT!" poster just makes it feel like a third rate rendition of the US. Even the messages of the organizers saying it "all ties into a greater fight against racism, fascism and capitalism.", it all just sounds like people being restless and anxious during this pandemic period and projecting it into the issue of the day - except in 2020 the issue of the day is something that happened in the US and is only tangentially related to our national situation because that's how things are now.
No. 42953 Kontra
>Even the messages of the organizers saying it "all ties into a greater fight against racism, fascism and capitalism.", it all just sounds like people being restless and anxious during this pandemic period and projecting it into the issue of the day - except in 2020 the issue of the day is something that happened in the US and is only tangentially related to our national situation because that's how things are now.

You said that Portugal has problems with police brutality and racism, but they are different to the US, which is an observation I cannot deny, the same applies to Germany. But then again, the organizers bring to the forefront of what this is about, not the US but something that happens all over the world, the US is taken as prime example and spark. It's not solely US politics that is in focus here, but US politics are taken as vivid expression of what racism and authoriation politics can lead to, it is a concrete and strong example of what firms abstractly under racism and unjust police violence. Given the rise of the far right or new right in the last three or four decades on all inhabited continents, these people adress issues of the day that they think are connected, and as I think they are indeed. It needs to be worked out specifically but the debates that take place in social media are not thoughtout discourse but very emotional, nothing unusual though. The situation might be different from nation to nation but the protests outside the US do not just adress the US but phenomena that can be found outside the US as well, the serves as example of concrete forms of these phenomena of racism and police brutality. Likewise Trump is a mere placeholder (a concerete example again) for authoritarian politics which seem to foster change in society to the concern of the protesters.

We could debate further why it is exactly the US that oftentimes serves as spark and then look what that might have to do with a supposed US hegemony. But beyond a US concretion there are phenomenon that do not fall under US hegemony but that exist outside the US as well, sometimes even before the US even became a nation. And these phenomena are adresse, even if that happens over the US as proxy maybe. It's shortsighted to blame the US or suspect foreign agents undermining your nations issues.
No. 42954 Kontra
Wow big lad Kadyrov looks like crap. Did he catch the coronaplague?
No. 42955
>It's shortsighted to blame the US or suspect foreign agents undermining your nations issues.
For the record, I don't think this is a question of "foreign agents" in some conspirational sense, it's more people being people and the marks of this being closer to a social media trending issue than an actual Portuguese issue. I said foreign because it is more in line with an American reality than a national one.

There were unconfirmed rumors of Kadyrov having the virus, he was even flown to Moscow once on a medical checkup but apparently he doesn't have it Sadly :DD
No. 42956
Another good question is why the video of Daniel Shaver did not spark mass rioting, nor any huge renewed calls to change. See this is why I remain skeptical about BLM, because they take this tribal mentality that I fucking hate. I saw in London a sign that said "black lives, white lives, all lives matter" see now was that just so fuckin hard? And look I'm sorry but that is the honest to god truth of the matter, which is that white people particularly in this country are more prone to being bootlicking filth, who just say "oh well," coupled with the fact that the second a white person besmirches muh black honor they flip out in collective action. I have not once heard any of BLM mention Daniel Shaver's murder, nor calls to bring that soy cop to justice, nor expressing outrage over the fact the worthless piece of shit is actually still collecting his pension.

The simple fact of the matter is that cops are and have been totally out of control in this country for a long while, and to be fair I am convinced that the neoliberal establishment goes out of its way to keep portraying this as entirely a race thing I'm offer to continue its standard policy of divide and rule. I will admit that it's entirely possible that lots of black people DID speak out about that, but that the media, politicians, and general establishment have refused to give them voice because it conflicts with their crafted narrative and creates the genuine threat of unity between whites and blacks.

All that being stated I am in no way minimizing either the genuine systemic racism, nor the fact that the absolute state of people like poltards is to see an old white man get hospitalized by cops and spread some lie like "oh well he was probably antifa so he deserved it." The response of that dirtbag outfit btw was for all those 57 cops to resign their post in protest when the guy that pushed him got felony assault charges. What this really shows you is the fact that talking about "good cops" is on some level like talking about moderate Al Qaeda or ISIS supporters. Fifty. Seven. Cops got butthurt that one of their own got in trouble for hospitalizing an old man in serious condition. It is for that reason I broadly support BLM or any other anti-cop movement, however I don't really support their messaging at all. Still it does show to what extent cops being the bad guys are entrenched in this country in a way that frankly I don't believe it to be in almost any of your other countries. They need to he defunded, have all their military toys taken away, have mass firings, and have their training modified country wide to explicitly emphasize their job involves self sacrifice and to deescalate situations, not march around like fat faggy wannabe stormtroopers who LARP as soldiers while they bully the innocent and the elderly in between murdering children and dogs.
No. 42957
Well it has become a focal point for the usual moronic red team vs blue team pointless neoliberal regime shitflinging that typifies American political life. The faggy I need a haircut protests were much the same way, and you will notice how exactly the same people supposedly protesting about MUH FREEDOMS™ are now licking the arses of the cops or just staying silent. I take grave issue with this in particular from a libertarian standpoint and is part of why I assumed they were mostly just entitled boomer faggots. Like I said the other day about us having the little green men at these protests you will notice because the establishment has so totally manipulated the narrative that people who supposedly would be screeching about muh 1776 with a controlled opposition shill like AJ havent said nor done fuck all about it and, on the off chance they did, get zero media coverage. So this whole thing gets warped into a bunch of retards using the anti-lockdown protests as a Trump rally, and the BLM getting used as an anti-Trump rally by some people. I saw a media report trying to talk about "change of political leadership" as if this had a single fucking thing to do with which oligarch figurehead is president, as opposed to the totally rotten to the core system and culture that was equally as pervasive under Obama and Clinton. We had Ruby Ridge and Waco under a Dem you know, and we had plenty of police murders of civilians throughout those 16 years.

>force is the only way they can prevent the situation from escalating and limiting the scope of the incident.
See but that's the fucking problem though. Our pigs are trained to go from zero to murder at the drop of a hat. They are specifically trained to do the opposite of a policemans job, which is conflict resolution and deescalation. They go out of their way to escalate every single minor thing. Like that poor black kid who got murdered because he was standing in the doorway holding a screwdriver
Notice how the corporate media portrays it as "killed mentally ill man holding screwdriver" as if this was somehow debatable and not outright murder. That is what cops are like here. They do not deescalte.

Moreover they certainly are not deescalating anything here but if anything even more going out of their way to create as much conflict as possible because frankly they do not feel threatened and know none of them are at any risk in the streets. I hope they all get set on fucking fire like the Greece protests. People should start whipping molotov cocktails made from styrofoam or orange juice concentrate at them. They've already murdered a bunch of people at peaceful protests and they are going out of their way to try and instigate as much conflict escalation as possible, and when that fails they infiltrate the protesters hoping to start a riot or to create a property damage or looting incident to give their buddies the excuse to start cracking skulls.
No. 42958
>trending issue

wouldn't deny it either, for some people it's a pose, or the pose is more important than what is said. But you cannot reduce it to that. I would also like to know why everything has to be a national issue? I mean surely you should look out what is happening near you, but shouldn't stop you from taking in what is going on elsewhere, we don't live in isolated times, if we ever did anyway.

>the neoliberal establishment goes out of its way to keep portraying this as entirely a race thing I'm offer to continue its standard policy of divide and rule.

Yeah, class war is veiled by race war rhetoric heat. That is why you can trash right wingers, they ignore economic issues, even speaking in its name. Talking about "lets not get divided folks" while opting for seperation, racially and economically, it's a joke. And If one thinks "red" students do not care for workers these day or back then when it was actually a thing being tried, that does not mean that an educated right winger will do. But right wingers know how to catch them these days, while the left lost tracktion, got integrated and dilated into capitalism. The working class got abandoned for liberal leftism and an acceptance of capital, which means to deny the formation of social relations through economy, a horrible turn in the aftermath of 1968.

Today I read about the rainbow coalition which might be something for you
>It seems to me that a lot of the real intense government repression didn’t happen until the Black Panthers started building coalitions. Once the party departed from the “hate whitey” trip and got serious about building real politics, we were a threat — plain and simple. The FBI were always watching us. But the Rainbow Coalition was their worst nightmare.


I'm interested in the Panthers community work, though I guess they did not invent it, but the form of their organization was impressive. I haven't read that much about it though.
No. 42959 Kontra

Also the turn of the left away from the working class meant turning away from the concept of change directly on a societal level and into green self transformation stuff that then changes society.
No. 42971
853 kB, 2182 × 2182
68 kB, 1011 × 674
>I saw a media report trying to talk about "change of political leadership" as if this had a single fucking thing to do with which oligarch figurehead is president
As an avid COPS and related shows watcher, American cops being ???ly violent and quick to turn a situation into people being gunned down for not following orders even if they aren't in a position to be a threat to anyone's life. It's wild and there are countless videos that show cops escalating force and it resulting in someone's death that could have been entirely avoided, in some it's almost as if cops actively seek out an excuse to fire their guns. Very macabre and it absolutely predates Trump.
Even just laying the blame entirely with the police forces is incomplete because it spreads deeply into people who routinely excused police brutality, something that often across racial lines leading to increased tensions in society. Americans have long cheered for politicians on "law and order" platforms and even Dirty Harry is a propaganda piece on how some damned civil rights activists care more about the rights of criminal minorities than of gettin' the job done. American society as whole holds the blame for this sort of shit, it was you who gave police and three letter agencies a waiver on your basic human rights :DD I understand it is the price of being the global superpower, something I am thankful for in my cozy NATO land.

To be fair, I can only assume that my local cops would morph into the similar dipshits if they lived in a violent hellscape like some US cities as opposed to being in a very peaceful region of a very peaceful country. As it stands, there are entire years in Portugal in which the cops don't even kill anyone, given how peaceful things are. Once again, this isn't to say there mightn't have been cases of cops firing at someone on questionable grounds but that as it stands we don't have a police brutality in any way remotely comparable to the US. Considering we're routinely fight with Iceland and New Zealand over the world's most peaceful country rank, going to Lisbon with ACAB signs and signs copied off some shit you saw in social media and "protesting" serves what purpose? I really can't think of a law or a sensible policy that we could take to improve our situation here.

This was a famous PT police brutality video and the units involved are the footie hooligan and riot fighting unit of the PSP (There are GNR - a gendarme type organization that patrols rural areas and PSP being urban area police.) The cop involved got charged with a 3 year suspended prison sentence, might seem low for an Amerigan but they're in accordance to our judicial system issuing exceptionally short sentences for most crimes. It's really hard in Portugal to achieve the high score of a 25 year max prison sentence.

Which is all just all the more shocking why nobody gives a shit about (not-police) SEF murdering some hohol while people go carry #BLM related posters in Lisbon. If these fuckwits had any sense they'd realize they absolutely glossed over and held no protest over an Ukrainian being beaten to death over several hours in a locked room until he had a fugging heart attack and got their SEF doctor to clear them of any wrong doing. I suppose that their whacky coverup failed administratively, even before public awareness should make us happy, and possibly lessen the need to protest, but it really is infuriating that none of these anti-racism groups held so much as a single protest over dead Mykola but once twitter tells them the hot new thing is some American black being murdered by their sociopath police forces, they think "shit better get in on the fun :DD woo #ACAB #BLM". It's revolting, it really is.
No. 42973
>I would also like to know why everything has to be a national issue?
Just my opinion, but surely protesting a government you not only don't live under but your own government has little to do with in terms of policy is at best purely symbolic and at worst a divider of your own people? I live in the UK and I've seen people try and claim their protests over an American man's death are justified because our government might conceivably provide riot gear or tear gas to the American government, as if that is why there is a crowd of hundreds gathered, contravening quarantine measures in the process (that, no doubt the same protesters were aggressively demanding everyone follow mere weeks ago) waving signs about police brutality and racism. To protest the potential transfer or riot gear? Hardly, I think. Rationally considering the effects of these protests, it seems laughable what they expect; our Prime Minister will go to America, slap Trump on the wrist and demand a police reform? Trade pressure, on the United States, from Britain? Not ideas I have heard floated by these protesters but I can only assume that, those acting in good faith at least, have something like these goals in mind.

However I suspect this is in fact a combination of these two things: the feeling of being cooped up during quarantine, and Americanisation of our culture. The first I think is obvious, many people have been kept inside at length with little extra to occupy the mind so it seems natural to be looking out for something to do, at all. The second worries me a lot and I was reminded of it with the news of the statue of a 17th century slave owner in Bristol being torn down, which brought memories of the statues of Confederate generals in the USA getting the same treatement. To me this is indefensible; that a historic monument that has sat there for several centuries, that surely anyone living has no quarrel with should be thrown down as if it is of yesterday's dictator is insane to me and reeks of the highly prevalent modernist mindset that is popular in "progressive" movements in America and now the rest of the Western world.

Unless it has a serious and plausible chain of effect to your own country, I really see no reason as to why everything shouldn't be a national issue, seeing as many countries are (rightfully, in my opinion) different and treating one nation's issue as a global issue will only ever lead to frustration.
No. 42975
Yes, it truly mysterious at best and counterproductive at worst. I suppose we didn't experience the slavery statues shenanigans since that would imply having to remove every statue since the 15th century to 18th :DD
If our protestors were planning to get the Portuguese government to threaten the US, then I am fully in support in their actions just out of the comedic effect of the thought of that event. I think in a way it's because a certain specific sub type of Portuguese left wing 18-25 year old person just gets its political cues from political social media dens populated by American leftists. Above all else though, it's because we want to be like the rest of the world and people want to go out in quarantine.

There was also that time we tried France themed protest cosplay.
No. 42976
Statues of slavers, pedos, and genocidal maniacs should be torn down though. Let them put it into a museum or something.
No. 42978
118 kB, 1280 × 960
40 kB, 735 × 437
No, this statue stays - it's so nice.
No. 42979
Honestly it's making me all very suspicious of what role alphabet agencies and private business interests are playing in all this. I found it incredibly suspicious that every single country was reopening their economies in concert. This makes me question whether it is in fact to deflect blame from the "business community" and onto a bunch of activists when we start getting hit with the new coronavirus wave. That, or it serves a slightly more obscure purpose for various Western glow agencies to create this shitstorm and both distract and divide people and inflame racial tensions.

I guarantee you that the moment we start hearing about a coalition between poor whites and poor blacks it will get shut down almost immediately. Hey speaking of which it is times like this I wish I had a shitter account to get in on all the fun. Every day I am more concerned about the virus wave hitting and them leaving the economy rammed open with me being forced to work full time under mid May virus conditions so maybe there's a way to move it in that direction since the sole purpose of tshitter is manipulating and botting large crowds of people towards some purpose, be it mindless consumerism or a false sense of broad political popularity. I guess it'd be a win win situation. Either they stop the virus spreading or they allow a coalition of the disenfranchised.
No. 42980
>I suppose we didn't experience the slavery statues shenanigans since that would imply having to remove every statue since the 15th century to 18th
Unfortunetely, I suspect that won't stop them from demanding it regardless.

>a certain specific sub type of Portuguese left wing 18-25 year old person
The "Portugese" is almost unnecessary to state, it's certainly still a vocal group in Britain and as far as I see the rest of the anglosphere.

Another detail that worries me is the number of signs from other European countries' protests that are in English. Of course that is expected here (lol) but if these protests are in good faith then why protest a (say) Latvian-speaking government with signs in English, if not to, essentially, brag about it to the global community online? Another reason this issue should be dealt with nationally.
No. 42989 Kontra
>brag about it to the global community online?

English is the most spoken language globally. And the message is intended to spread globally.

>Another reason this issue should be dealt with nationally.

Why and what exactly? People hold up signs and what issue should be dealth with nationally ...racism? And when dealt with racism, it should be protested against in in the official language of the country?

>protesting a government you not only don't live under

I will refer back to my explanation made in >>42953, which basically says it's not only about the US government in its concrete form and thus "national". It's a symbol. The US is a strong symbol for all kinds of things, including racism and police brutality, consumerism and political correctness.

I wouldn't expect a straight causal relation in international politics from these protests neither, that would be naive, especially when looking at history. But national or not, protests not always got their demands through and yet had its impact regardless, often not intended ones.

>seeing as many countries are (rightfully, in my opinion) different and treating one nation's issue as a global issue will only ever lead to frustration.

Yeah, countries are different, and despite the ongoing assumption that all leftists out on the street are thinking of their home country is like the US, I will argue that countries also have similarities. Let's call these affairs and phenomenon of international scope. Should these be adressed globally? Seems adequate, according to your own argumentation for the national.

I think racism and police brutality are having, quoting you
>serious and plausible chain of effect to your own country

It's not the US racism but racism, which manifests itself, thanks to the twists of media and social media virality in George Floyds death, which happened in the US. What I think is important is what Portugal said: That nobody protested, when the Ukrainian died. Media attention has an effect when it comes to this, I think, so it seems insincere.

I'm still argueing here, that the US is not only targeted as country with concrete problems but as symbol for what is a problem globally and thus targeted as such via US as proxy. It's "international solidarity" yes ofc some people will use it as excuse to loot or vandalize or getting a good picture for social media, but reducing it to that is a contraction of the situation

Also what this whole debate is missing is an understanding of the relationship of the global and local in our world in general.
No. 42993
139 kB, 905 × 576
68 kB, 615 × 409
>English is the most spoken language globally. And the message is intended to spread globally.
Exactly. It's not a protest against the government its to "send a message (to America)", a message which, in my country, is a non-issue. I have (literally) never heard of racially motivated police brutality here, barely police brutality at all. I was shown some alleged abuse of an Arabic man who died in police custody, but it transpired that, in the very article explaining it and decrying the sitation as an injustice (published by Al Jazeera) that the man in question, at the time of his death, was publicly drunk and waving a knife around (neither his family nor their lawyer deny this) which seems to me an unofrtunate tradgedy but hardly a systemic issue of abuse, as seen in America. Even worse, I live in Scotland which is massively less "racist" than the typical stereotype of the English is making this even less of an issue here.

>Why and what exactly? People hold up signs and what issue should be dealth with nationally ...racism?
Yes, racism must be dealt with nationally. Different nations have different circumstances and people, for example it would be relevant to talk about the trans-Alantic slave trade in relation to race in the USA, but very strange to bring that up in, say, Latvia or Afghanistan given it is largely irrelevant.

>And when dealt with racism, it should be protested against in in the official language of the country?
Yes. I don't know why anyone would have an objection to that, so I assume that's just an honest question and not a disagreement.

>I will refer back to my explanation made in >>42953, which basically says it's not only about the US government in its concrete form and thus "national". It's a symbol.
I absolutely don't disagree with your general point, but I take exception with the fact that you seem to be projecting your justification for these protests onto the protesters themselves. While I have no doubt some hold your position, you can simply search for these protests and discover the attatched images which are very clearly not to do with police brutality in the UK but in fact to do with racial tensions in the USA. In fact many slogans that aren't to do with race are simply typical Labour (the major left leaning party) talking points, seen here like "Jobs and homes for all". Very little to do with authoritarianism, I suspect at least partly because they know they don't have a leg to stand on in that regard.

>Let's call these affairs and phenomenon of international scope. Should these be adressed globally? Seems adequate, according to your own argumentation for the national.
As described above I don't consider these issues to be extraneously relevant in many countries (and therefore hardly international, do Turkmenistan or Finland have problems with anti-black racism?) and I would say that if they were it's interesting that the protesters have picked now to come out of the woodwork and talk about them, a fact which I think supports my argument that this is not as genuine as it may seem.

>It's not the US racism but racism, which manifests itself, thanks to the twists of media and social media virality in George Floyds death, which happened in the US. What I think is important is what Portugal said: That nobody protested, when the Ukrainian died. Media attention has an effect when it comes to this, I think, so it seems insincere.
I agree. However these people (in the UK, I have not looked for pictures of Portugese protesers nor do I follow Portugese news) are not holding signs protesting excessive law enforcement or violence in the police force, they are holding signs saying "Black lives matter" and "Justice for Floyd". These are not the signs of a group interested in the issue we are discussing, these are signs of a group interested in race and racial issues.

>Also what this whole debate is missing is an understanding of the relationship of the global and local in our world in general.
Well, I understand the global nature of anti-authoritarianism of course, but I am not quite certain as the the chain of dominos that would need to be knocked in order for Floyd's death or a racism problem in America to affect me, at least in a way that me demanding my MP do... something to attone for it would help.
No. 42996 Kontra
>As described above I don't consider these issues to be extraneously relevant in many countries (and therefore hardly international, do Turkmenistan or Finland have problems with anti-black racism?)

I'm talking about racism / "inadequate" use of violence by authorties in general in all posts, not black discrimination or US type (police) violence ala "leave house get killed".
To say it is not an issue when the migration to Europe in the last 5 years, taken as case of dealing with "foreigners", has caused much public heat and helped fostering populist movements with notably ressentiment for people of different color, not only in Germany, is an understatement. If you meant specifically anti-black racism, it might and often will be different for Scotland or whatever region. But scaling up onto the national category, I don't think GB will be much different when it comes to racial profiling from other countries in the West e.g.
Since you took Turkmenistan as exotic example, you can google up on the Rohingya for an exotic case of racism that is also a genocide. Or take arabs as racists as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism_in_the_Arab_world.
While the concretions of racism vary from country to country, in its ethnicities and forms etc, racism as a practice and concept persists and can be on this level adressed globally. Why exactly it sparked with Floyd that hard might have certain causes like the pandamic lockdown etc. legit question to ask yourself.
But I can assure you at least there have been protests against racism before this, notably on smaller scales, local or national, but often with the global in mind.

What you call me projecting might just be a different interpretation of what we see (via media just in case we forget that). You take a BLM sign for it's literal content whereas I see it as pars pro toto. Instead attributing me with a pathology, which might be even wrongly applicated, I make strong the notion of interpretation, because it's literally a sign and signification is not as definite as it seems, our discussion makes this evident I guess.
No. 42997
440 kB, 1536 × 2048
wtf is the thing mounted on top of this armored car. is that an LRAD
No. 42998
Looks like a smoke projector maybe. Likely hooked up to a remote mounting.
No. 42999
15,7 MB, 640 × 360, 2:48
4,7 MB, 640 × 360, 1:05
2,9 MB, 640 × 360, 0:21
333 kB, 500 × 873
lol yup it kinda looks like it

This shouldn't really be surprising. We're all just a bunch of sandkips to be murdered and exploited so far as the global internationalist owning class is concerned. This is what we are to the oligarchs. It's just a bunch of dumb fat white boomers and their cringey idiotic frogposting grandchildren who haven't gotten the picture yet, and partly all this is because no one in the history of man has ever achieved the tier of propaganda/psyop/and surveillance apparatus we now have. All of America is, and has been a long time now, one great big open air prison camp.

The popo has had this tech for awhile now. It's why I spent the last decade and a half being scared shitless of the level of police militarization.
No. 43000
They’re using LRADs in Orlando and Portland rn but tbh I think this answer is more likely in this case:

LRADs look more like loudspeakers
No. 43002
Dug it up, it's apparently just the remote weapon mounting with nothing on it. Basically just a rotating camera on the roof in other words.
No. 43003
Oh that makes sense. Thanks
No. 43007 Kontra
43 kB, 590 × 392
For further context so that we can see exactly what is going on, here's the same thing with the lens covers removed and an MG put in the top of it.
No. 43025
674 kB, 1536 × 2048
No. 43026
>Opinion of jRPG looser
Oh he uses this font.. European something something I forgot already. Funny
No. 43035
128 kB, 1000 × 977
The CEO of Crossfit was trying to be funny on twitter, and demonstrated that he is the most politically tone-deaf man on earth. In the ensuing apology, Glassman explained that his joke(pic) wasn't aimed at the current protestors, but rather at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Specifically, he was angry about the public health models which led to the economic shutdown over Covid-19. Now that I think about it, the gym crowd were among the first groups to protest here over that shutdown. Since Glassman is like the head gym bro, I guess he's still mad. Even so, twitter is clearly not a safe place for corporate leaders to wander unsupervised unless they're Elon Musk :D.

>Reebok has led the charge of brands and athletes cutting ties with fitness firm CrossFit, after founder and CEO Greg Glassman controversially tweeted “It’s Floyd-19” in response to a tweet about racism being a public health issue.

Reebok And Athletes Cut Ties With CrossFit Over Founder Greg Glassman’s George Floyd Tweet
No. 43036 Kontra
24 kB, 417 × 466
>I could be at home [consuming] but [I want to virtue signal]
I want sincerity to make a comeback
No. 43037 Kontra
That’s right, any kind of mass movement or political participation is virtue signaling. Marching with a sign? Virtue signaling. Looting Target? Virtue signaling. Burning a police station? You guessed it.
No. 43046
Marching with a sign is very likely to be virtue signaling, though. It's probably the most popular kind of virtue signaling nowadays: you can take some photos of yourself for social media without getting into much trouble with the police (at least in civilized countries) and then feel good about yourself because you "have sent the message" and "did something that matters". As for looting and burning, I really doubt that that belligerent SMT fan did any of those.
No. 43048
134 kB, 738 × 1056
55 kB, 733 × 490
60 kB, 874 × 464
No. 43049
29 kB, 655 × 530
>Hungary, an Axis member acting like them being thrown to Russia after the war is in any way as bad as us abandoning the Poles
No. 43053 Kontra
ITT the protests have often been embedded in a self culture kinda context, which is meant more or less by virtue signaling: the accusation of shallowness. That some people maybe just go out to protest out of moral conviction seems alien to people who would never do it themselves, aka people ITT. I have that suspicion at least, and something tells me I'm not that off. Now mind that I don't move my ass anywhere either in the last few years to protest, but I don't go on the internet to repeat the word virtue signalling. Even people who are calling themselves conservatives use this word but what they do is keeping morals out while it is actually a staple of their kind.
Long story short: I'm in line with >>43037, lazy positing is done, I know it's the political shit bin thread but that does not mean we cannot have serious discussion. yeah some people feel good about themselves, think having superior morals, but avoiding the discussion about such morals by saying "virtue signaling, cased closed" does not make you superior in exchange
No. 43057
That's quite a general statement. Look at the sign >>43025 is holding. Who is it directed at? "you", who "had to be racist"? Beats me. The issue it's protesting is "racism", not racist policies, not any specific racist, just racism because that's something you can solve by asking the governmnet or condescending to said racists, right? That isn't even to mention the flippant nature of the message "I could be at home playing video games instead" as if that's some sacrifice he's made in the name of the greater good, no, if the sign said "Justice for Floyd", "Stop racist cops!" or indeed was aimed at something concrete I would agree that callng it "virtue signalling" would be inappropriate and premature, but it doesn't. That specific sign is clearly there to say "Hey, fellow liberals, look how much I dislike racists!" AKA signalling for virtue.
It's entirely appropriate to call it virtue signalling here.
No. 43058
It's his actual speech he gave at Sátoraljaújhely on the 6th of June. (It's up on the official website of the government https://www.kormany.hu/hu/a-miniszterelnok/beszedek-publikaciok-interjuk/orban-viktor-unnepi-beszede1) (What you linked is also an official government source.)
(My favourite quote from this whole speech would be A state has borders, a nation does not. It's beautiful.)

Ever since he was elected in 2010, Orbán looked to the east. He even had a series of foreign policy decisions called "Keleti Nyitás" or "Opening towards the East" where he tried improving our economic ties with Russia and China.
So this is nothing new. Basically he gets in bed with the two to put pressure on the surrounding countries along the lines of "My dad can beat your dad".
(Not like this means that he isn't readily servicing the economic interest of Germany in the mean time.)

The thing is, you can't just tip-toe around Russia for eternity if you live around here. When the Entente dissolved Austria-Hungary it created a colossal power-vacuum that the countries that inherited its territory couldn't fill because of the proximity of Russia. Essentially it made the area into a buffer zone between East and West where the two parties clash to influence these minor states.

Another thing that's important to remember about Orbán's party is that it's an umbrella-party. The core is what you'd call Christian-conservatives, but it also has a sizeable portion of people who're a lot closer to the far right.
There is only one "major" party (the Our Homeland Movement at 3 to the right of Fidesz currently, and they're basically kept as controlled opposition by Orbán so that he looks more moderate in comparison if things get heated up.
He delivers these grand patriotic speeches and pulls these stunts to keep his nationalist voter-base to keep the far-right from gaining traction again like it did in the late 2000s.
Essentially his party monopolized every nationalist and national platform short of roma-genocide and outright revisionism.
(He's doing something similar to the left by assimilating environmentalism into the governments policies.)
No. 43059
Now that I think of it, the dude could be neither sincere nor virtue signalling, but simply ironic and self-deprecating. Maybe he's just professing his disregard for political and social issues in the form of a real-life shitpost putting serious stuff like racism in the same basket with videogames. Kinda like those funny pics agitating to vote for some candidate because he's going to make anime real.
No. 43150
>you can take some photos of yourself for social media without getting into much trouble with the police
>in civilized countries
Considering the fact he is likely an American, I'd say it's don't. The cops are spraying innocent journalists and bystanders in the face and sending scores of people to the emergency room and multiple people already got murdered by the cops. "Virtue signalling" is coming on the internet to shitpost about how royally butthurt you are that people are upset about cops openly murdering us in the FreestCountryOnEarthTM on a forum/board where everyone agrees with you rather than going out and counter protesting, which is exactly what every single poltard is and has been doing.

>crying and bitching about all this
>immediately follows by crying and bitching about the Communists
Well to be fair they did warn you exactly what was going to happen under the Capitalist West. Not the USSRs fault you guys didn't listen and thought you could have your cake and eat it too.

What even is the religion of Hungarians? Aren't they a Catholic country? What the hell does he expect to happen under the Pope?

You know I've come to learn that there's some people in life who just live to bitch about things. They will never be satisfied. You leave them alone they bitch about being ignored. You pay attention they complain you're smothering them. You give them a gift they whine about being made "dependent" and you let them carve their own path and they whine about how they're not being given support. Just don't fucking bother with people like that.

Yeah honestly that. Not even people ITT. Consider more the people most likely to fling around words like "virtue signalling" often eith zero regard what their newest favorite slogan or buzzword even means, i.e. 4kanker. These are all the most rotten, entitled, selfish, amoral, and often cowardly bruised ego twats on the planet whose literal concept of altruism or sharing is that it makes you a "cuck." They're manchildren. The very concept of self sacrifice or empathy is alien to them and considering how often they are not just literally autistic but genuinely psychopathic and it becomes obvious why they would falsely assume everyone must have some utterly self serving motive for all the things they do, and that somehow if they didn't it's because they must be a "cuck" who is "brainwashed by the media." Obviously these are also men who've never married nor fathered children, nor for that matter are they likely to have had anything like a truly successful relationship because all those things require some sense of give and take or altruism and empathy.

I just find it incredibly funny that you say this when we've probably all seen that apu pic of some Nazi frog murdering trannies or whatever saying "why did you make me do this all I wanted to do was play video games" or whatever.

> A state has borders, a nation does not.
Is that a translation issue? What the hell is that supposed to even mean?

I can't tell if he's just another cynical politician or truly an idiot who's playing an incredibly dangerous game under the expectation that he can always play a DPRK game of mostly empty threats for concessions from a spineless EU knowing that they'd never actually feed him to Russia, because clearly if they ever did then he would truly have something to be butthurt about with a supranational or other entity telling him exactly what he's going to do.

>but simply ironic and self-deprecating.
Wait a minute did you people seriously not understand this?
No. 43152
124 kB, 900 × 510
232 kB, 1200 × 800
It's probably the fact that the two words have different meanings in Hungarian.
State (Állam) is a legal entity that conducts foreign policy, has a budget and a government.
The word nation (Nemzet)is more of a cultural term, so when you're talking about "the Hungarian nation" (Magyar nemzet), you are talking about not only the 10 million Hungarians living in Hungary proper, but also the other 3-4 million people living in the Carpathian-Basin speaking Hungarian. Basically the collective of all Hungarian-speaking peoples.
The point he was trying to make is that even if the borders don't recognise it, Hungarians still form a united entity through language, history and culture.

>I can't tell if he's just another cynical politician or truly an idiot who's playing an incredibly dangerous game
It's going to sound like a meme, but I think Orbán is playing 6D chess and is incredibly smug about it.
He makes all the empty threats because it's beneficial domestically. He can play the strongman, the talentless hacks of the opposition has something to rage about and hardly anything truly "fascist" happens in actuality. The he raises pensions 1.6% to keep up with the inflation and all the babushkas vote for him.
He calls it "Illiberal Democracy".

The EU isn't going to feed any of her eastern provinces to Russia. You know how much money big companies save by migrating here? They come here, they get sick cash grants from EU funds to make infrastructure, pay peanut wages and then they syphon out all the profits and destroy the domestic competition, leaving the country entirely dependent on Franco-German megacorporations to keep the economy going.
It's a lucrative scheme.

And I don't think Orbán would be that butthurt about the country being fed to Russia anyway. He seems to be really well acquainted with Putin. They go to football games together and go on official visits often.
(Not to mention that the EU's big time screeching didn't stop him from taking out a huge loan from Russia to pay Rosatom to build the new reactor block of the Paks Nuclear Powerplant. The details of the contract have been classified for 20 years.)
(And he's also in bed with China. We took out a mega-loan to create a Budapest-Belgrade cargo-railway for a large Chinese warehouse project. And as with the Russian project, it'll be built by a Chinese company, using Chinese labour force and Chinese tools.)

>What even is the religion of Hungarians? Aren't they a Catholic country?
Majority of the population used to be protestant, but that changed when in the 18th century the Habsburgs started the re-catholisation process. The pro-habsburg elite was always catholic, the anti-habsburg nobility was mostly protestant.

Wikipedia says that 62% are Catholic, 5% are protestant (Seems absolute bullshit. It's probably at least 3 times as much.), 8% are other Christian (Jehova's witnesses and pensioners who join cults to feel less alone).
Catholics live everywhere, the Hungarian protestants live around Szeged, Debrecen and in the Tiszántúl generally.
Orbán is a protestant.
No. 43155
>It's probably the fact that the two words have different meanings in Hungarian.
English has a meaning like that as well.

>You know I've come to learn that there's some people in life who just live to bitch about things.
Such as yourself.
No. 43159
>has a meaning
I'm not sure that it does. The closest approximation would be "people" when used in a specific context as "a people." Nation and state are basically synonyms. It could have some variation of which I'm unaware in British English contexts but otherwise, no we basically don't. You'll also notice he had to translate that into multiple different things like culture. Certainly in American English it doesnt exist because no such concept actually exists, because murica.

You'll notice I specifically said people who can never be happy or satisfied with anything. I pretty routinely make entire textwalls about things making me happy as well as others where I bitch. You know, like normal people do. I mean that specific type of person who literally does nothing but bitch. As in, if I had something pissing me off, and it changed, I would no longer bitch but be happy with it. I was rather specific about the kind of person where if you change what they were bitching about, they would still bitch about it regardless of target object's status or parameters.

Well like I said if he isn't a genuine idiot then he's playing a dangerous game, and based on what you said you're making it sound like a bit of both. Taking out huge loans with the Chinese and Russians while simultaneously gutting his own country's native economy? That just sounds pants on head retarded unless like I said he just does not give a single fuck and is entirely cynical and self serving to the highest degree. Yeah, he knows the EU would always bail him out and never truly send him to hui. Sure. But it's still a really dangerous game that by the sounds of it is one that the nation of Hungary broadly may well lose dramatically with basically just Eurogibes being his only real guarantor of anything. Or maybe I'm misreading the situation. I don't know much about Hungarian internal politics or how he's playing different sides of each other beyond the superficial personal maneuvering.
No. 43160
hey schizenu

you're a faget
No. 43161
Ohhh you're the kohl schizophrenic. Pfft whatever. You can take up your drama with whatever American you're butthurt at over there.
No. 43162
>Wait a minute did you people seriously not understand this?
Yeah. Guess our assburgers got the better of us. Then again, I can expect anything of Western youth by now. No matter what stupid shit they do, I will see it as something that's meant to be taken seriously unless there is some clear indication that it's not.
No. 43167
>Wait a minute did you people seriously not understand this?
For those of us not on the hard-leftist bandwagon, it is often difficult to distinguish their true policies from fiction, my friend.

>Is that a translation issue? What the hell is that supposed to even mean?
They do have two different meanings in English, it's why the term "nation-state" exists. A nation is a historic term describing an area where a certain people(s) live (my Collins dictionary says to be a nation they should be organised into a state, but I don't think it is used this way neccessarily; Webster says the just have to be capable of forming a state), a state is government, that in the 21st century you will find often controls a nation but not necessarily. For example: Scotland a nation, and was a nation for many centuries. It was not, and might still not be depending on how specific you are about it, a state.

>You know I've come to learn that there's some people in life who just live to bitch about things. They will never be satisfied.
I'd take this more seriously if it weren't for the fact you replied to six posts and only really contributed anything constructive in two of your replies (the rest I think being accurately described as "bitching about things"). As it is, that's pretty weak.
No. 43172
Having a problem with American police routinely murdering us is not "hard left." If you're enough of a brainwashed c*ck who likes the taste of the government's boot in your mouth I can see why this would be confusing though.

>and only really contributed anything constructive in two of your replies (the rest I think being accurately described as "bitching about things")
Your partisan goggles are on so hard or you're so dumb it's probably clouding your vision speaking of which why the sudden spike in k*hl posters?

>Scotland a nation, and was a nation for many centuries
Who defines what a nation is? You said it yourself "for many centuries." This implies that it was created at some point. Britain of course is a pretty bad or good example depending what you're going for, because it has almost always been a collection of various warring tribes and different sub-ethnicities and broader ethnicities. Being invaded repeatedly and turned into an amalgamation of other people has resulted in the English themselves basically being a nation of mutts since at least what, a thousand years ago in particular? So at what point does it become its own nation? Where are its borders? Or perhaps that was your point all along, that "nation" itself is a rather hazy and nebulous concept without any real defined borders like Orban was pretty much saying. Even the French and Germans which are distinct entities as a unified collective of culture(s), language, and ethnicity etc you can see how hazy it is in different disputed territories.

What about Pakistan? We always refer to it as the nation of Pakistan, not state, in English, and they are the same people as Indians, who themselves are a collection of sub-ethnicities particularly between the north and south.
No. 43173
>Is that a translation issue? What the hell is that supposed to even mean?
It is immediately obvious, what he meant in context. Nation is used to mean a dozen different things, but when directly contrasted to state in this sentence it can only mean "the tribe/people".
No. 43174
>Having a problem with American police routinely murdering us is not "hard left."
Not what my post was referring to and you probably know that. The reason it wasn't immediatly clear it could be satire is that it is very common for leftists (and others, but it seems to me at least to be most common among leftists) to check both boxes here: the consumerist mindset (like a slogan on a novelty coffee mug "I'd rather be playing [video game]!"), and the attitude of oversimplifying issues to make your point snappier and insult anyone you disagree with("but you had to be racist"). Very difficult to interpret that as an endorsement of police killings which I do in fact condemn.

>Britain of course is a pretty bad or good example depending what you're going for, because it has almost always been a collection of various warring tribes and different sub-ethnicities and broader ethnicities.
"Britain" is not a nation, which is why I didn't use it and again I suspect you may know this since you didn't use the example you even acknowledge earlier in the same sentence of Scotland. There is no one "British" people, it refers to a group of people including the various peoples of Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales as well as the numerous other British isles than Great Britain and Ireland. "Britain" is no nation, it is however a state. do you see where I'm going with this?

>Being invaded repeatedly and turned into an amalgamation of other people has resulted in the English themselves basically being a nation of mutts
I think you're now confusing genetic purity with being a distinct people. You are correct, England is a mixture of various other European genes but that doesn't mean there are no English, the English largely consider themselves English and to my knowledge there are precious few nationalist movements in England that wouldn't label themselves as "English" nationalists. Same story with Germany or Scotland. Germany was once many nations, yes, but after a century and a half of "German" nationalism (as in first uniting the seperated German peoples and later your typical nationalism for "Germany") it's pretty safe to say "Germany" is a nation. Scotland was once many warring clans, it isn't now and hasn't been for some time. Again, you'd be hard pressed to find a Scottish nationalist who was actually a Highlander nationalist, or a MacDonald Clan nationalist etc. etc. because those distinctions have eroded over time and no longer would constitute nationalities. You could have a nation withing a nation, for example if, say, Cornwallian nationalists became very prominent in Cornwall I see no reason why they couldn't be both broadly English, feel kinship with other Englishmen and simultaneously consider themselves Corwallians.

>Or perhaps that was your point all along, that "nation" itself is a rather hazy and nebulous concept without any real defined borders like Orban was pretty much saying.
Well, something can be hazy and still be real. Where does the atmosphere end and space begin? You don't know? Woah I guess air is a myth then, huh. Where's the distinciton between "White" and "African" races? There's no exact point? Well I guess there's no racial difference between an Irishman and a Nigerian then. Obviously neither statement holds water and likewise pointing out that there's no clear and defined border for "Scottish" or "Scotland" doesn't stop Scotland from being a distinct nation to England despite both living under the same state (Westminster).

I don't know enough about Pakistan to comment but TL;DR >>43173 it's fairly obvious which meaning is to be derived here if you aren't deliberately looking for some gotcha on him.
No. 43175 Kontra
My VPN was off so the flag is different, oops
No. 43188
>Who defines what a nation is? You said it yourself "for many centuries." This implies that it was created at some point.
"Nation" in its modern sense is actually a rather young concept which came about during the age of enlightment and was first (in parts) realized during/following the French revolution with the idea of a republic of citizens with the same rights as opposed to the rule of kings and aristocrats.
No. 43190 Kontra
I'd say state is refering to a sovereign government over a territory. Nation is indeed a young concept and is coupled with a patriotic believe of a community that oftentimes equals in it's scope that of the state territory.
A state is more a legal body and a form of organization whereas a nation is an emotional referent that works as orientation for identity. A frenchman develops pride in his Republic because it seem to have a certain characteristics he can identify with. Ofc these are rather general and it's a homogenization that never works out empirically as it is dreamed of.

>The cheapest sort of pride is national pride; for if a man is proud of his own nation, it argues that he has no qualities of his own of which he can be proud; otherwise he would not have recourse to those which he shares with so many millions of his fellowmen. The man who is endowed with important personal qualities will be only too ready to see clearly in what respects his own nation falls short, since their failings will be constantly before his eyes. But every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud adopts, as a last resource, pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and glad to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.

t. Schopenhauer

>and the attitude of oversimplifying issues to make your point snappier

Do you expect somebody write an essay on his protest sign?
No. 43192
1,0 MB, 1460 × 911
Well those Germans who keep bitching about "occupation" should have something to be happy about at least
He isn't even taking that many out. He's only pulling a fraction of the military which frankly any so called liberal or leftist ought to be applauding. We waste trillions on this bullshit.

I was thinking about it while taking a break smoking today and realized that with the amount of money we waste on the military industrial complex I and everybody else could be living rent free. This is because I realized that that trillions dollar bailout that funneled $600-minus taxes (yes our unemployment gibes is taxed income btw) on UI benefits plus the $1200 check ultimately was not actually a bailout for Americans, it was a bailout to the landlords.

All of that money was basically just going to people so they could keep paying rent, in which case basically the property owners are all a middleman who doesn't really do anything.

Why shouldn't we just have the government build buildings for people to live in and then have people pay taxes for it while cutting out the middleman? It just seems from a business standpoint like a really inefficient and wasteful business model with superfluous leeching from the system.

The stock market is crashing again because
In the famous words of Lord Buckethead "it. will be. a shitshow."
No. 56358 Kontra