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No. 38325 Systemkontra
811 kB, 750 × 1084
Last one systemcontra'd
No. 38331
I had to wake up a passed out drunk this morning. Our neighbor rang the doorbell at 6AM panicked and asking for help: Apparently the old commieblock staircase doors didn't lock properly last night and the unwelcome guest got in. I was the one to shake him awake and tell him to go to hui, luck was he wasn't aggressive and left without a fuss. Gives me Russia vibes...
No. 38333
I went to work because I had shitloads to do from being sick last week. I could've done it from home but my gf's parents are visiting and staying with us and 4 people in a small one-bed london flat gets crowded.

Anyway, so my entry card doesn't work, and I know it doesn't work and I don't change it on purpose because if I change it I can no longer access my old office. Normally not a problem, because the door is open. Also not a problem in the weekends, because there's a security dude 24/7. However, when I arrived today, the guy wasn't there with a sign saying "security on patrol, in case of issues call 07somethingsomething". I did call and the number was disconnected. I waited for like 10 minutes for the guy to show up.

Then I basically babysat a GPU for 6 hours while shitposting on some third world text board. I'll go and eat steak frites with my gf and her parents now.
No. 38338
Afaik you can't do it at a for-profit establishment.
(Lest you get fucking paid for WORK, Heavens forbid!)
You have to benefit "society".
No. 38339
422 kB, 1280 × 720
454 kB, 1280 × 720
453 kB, 1280 × 720
481 kB, 1280 × 720
So ironically enough I accidentally made a mistake that cancelled out yet another one of my errors into an actual net positive. For starters I wasn't measuring the full edge of the tank from plastic rim to plastic rim apparently and just kept going with my four foot long measurements. I don't know why I made so many clearly incompetent simple mistakes in a row here. The 4 foot long measure was actually from the GLASS of the tank and not including the full length of the frame. Now if any of you know anything about lumber you'll notice that the actual measurements of something like say a 2 by 4 is actually the UNFINISHED product dimensions, with the lumber itself measuring more like 1 and a half inches rather than two. What this means for my 6×6s is that first of all I've got less than a foot width which I knew. Okay not a problem. I can just space it out.

But what I wasn't planning on was in spite of the fact I took the measures and found out my 6x6 x8ft was actually just barely going to make it would in fact not cover the full length of the tank counting the plastic rim. This meant that I was still going to end up being too short.

But in perhaps the greatest moment of irony in this project's series of basic incomptsnces is the fact that I also for some bizarre reason made my first cut using the beveled guide notch on my circular saw and not on the correct notch showing the location of my blade. I spent so much time worrying about not cutting my fingers or toes off and losing control of the saw that I didn't bother even to even notice I wasn't cutting correctly on the line to begin with and wondering why my cut was so fucked up. Jesus christ was that a hacked up looking job. I corrected my mistake but by then it was too late and I wound up with one something like 3/4 inches the wrong length.

What I didn't notice until just recently this effectively did was to give me a couple beams that are longer somehow than the other twowhich I still don't fully and will not bother trying to understand why it appears as though I've got two longer sections and two shorter sections seriously is that right wtf I did even meaning that afaik I can actually use those two as the top sections which came out to being just barely long enough to fit the entire surface of the tank provided I leave that unnerving gap between the two to fit the whole width as well as the length. I mean, it rocks a hell of a lot more than I'd like, but it's still sturdy enough to be usable and quite frankly put me more at ease than just about any other product I'd buy for even up to $150 including the hundred dollar theoretical 55g tank stand at walmart (I say theoretical because I don't trust it) or any shelving units anywhere else.

My next final concern is those were really shitty pieces of lumber so far as I'm concerned with splitting and cracking which while the cracks don't concern me I have to find a way of orienting it right so that the one part which is apparently just flat out missing a section of corner can be in position to take the full weight of the tank, followed by the last: making sure the damn thing holds its water.

See the thing is I'd never fully inspected that tank before in enough lighting and from beneath and closer to eye level to check for any problems in the silicone seal. I out a little water before while cleaning it but that's nothing compared to water weight. This makes me even more nervous because the plastic frame got cracked in multiple places that idk if it's going to compromise the structural integrity enough to bust open those silicone seals at the edges. I'm considering just super gluing it or using some other adhesive or silicone or whatever to shore up those cracks, which also makes me nervous because I don't want to damage the silicone. In short: I do not even as yet know for sure that it can hold water without springing a leak anywhere, which in the case of that amount of water pressure and overall weight and volume coupled with the cracked plastic frame is very concerning indeed. But, God willing, I am going to try and get this stupid thing set up within the next couple days, which the final location is where I also dumbly set the current tank and its bench creating a future logistical problem of having to basically test it and start running the tank immediately in preparation for receiving the fish, all of which is in my bedroom and around lots of power strips so, you know, it NEEDS to not leak or break.

But all told I think I am finally beginning to have vague satisfaction at this project. It looks nice. Not perhaps as nice or sturdy as I'd hoped at stretch goals but still nicer than I'd ever anticipated making it in spite of going through a full two half pints of polyurethane and stain sealant (I still really wish I could've just gone with cognac rather than American walnut but fuck that it wasn't even supposed to get stained, treated, or painted to begin with) and still having spots where it looks way too rough with my slop job where speed and utility was more my concern than appearances either having a bit of that hideous as shit nurgle green pressure treated lumber appearance it came out looking way nicer than was planned with the full extent of my original intention being raw wood or spray painted black at absolute best. Now all I need to do is drastically ensure that nothing fucks up and I can basically leave it where it is full of hundreds of pounds of water without fucking with it in the next year or more, with no leaks, no cracks, no structural compromise, no tip over, no nothing, just my nice little fish tank finally set in its final resting place right next to my bed. Sadly I just realized only two nights ago they got worms somehow in spite of me preemptively treating the new fish at the beginning of winter without even noticing it so I'm currently trying to battle an outbreak of the highly lethal and virulent camellanus worms at the same time as all this but whatever
No. 38340
Driving to northern Germany, seeing relatives for a long time, look at a typical road junction in the country side while eating typical Deutsche Küche food you get in German restaurants, cars swooshing by, it's raining all the time without any breaks. Wish I could have made an artsy photo of that junction from the inside, so that you get an impression of the table and the chairs. Overall the driving, the countryside and its "This is Germany" aesthetics made me very melancholic, I guess it is also due to seeing how time goes by, my cousins getting jobs or on their road to marriage, everybody gets older, members of a new generation in between.

Even if this track is also "critical" about Germany (yet it feels like their is a sense of "sweet familiarity"), the music fits the mood very well
No. 38346
Nice work, and I really like the look of that stained wood. Regarding the rocking, I wonder how much of that is being caused by the carpet, which you can't really do anything about.

I was on the road for a couple of hours last week, and a long stretch was near the water. Seeing all of the people who had gathered on beaches-young, old, families, etc-I became very aware of time passing by. Long drives seeem to be a time for melancholic feelings.
No. 38347
499 kB, 1280 × 720
I don't know but I was checking it last night and I no longer am comfortable or confident in the project as is. I've got close to a full centimeter gap on one side between the edge and the wood. I think the whole thing is just shorter and haven't been able to figure out anything to so about it but put newspapers or something under it when I wake up more to see if I can shore it up, because the alternative is either marching all the way to the hardware store and doing this bullshit yet again dragging a couple four foot long sections of 6x6 all the way up the road which will take a lot of my day and make the staining pointless, or drop it down and just use three of the four on one solid foundation which I'm going to fucking HATE aesthetically and when I have to empty it but the plastic frame itself is cracked everywhere and as is that is a huge 1.5 inch gap I'm pretty much going to have to suffer on either end which takes a lot of stability out of the equation. I hadn't realized the gap between beams would be that big. It's really just also the combination of the fact the fucking plastic frame is cracked with how much air I'm seeing around it which means it's going to have some major points along the rim taking most of the pressure and I feel like it's a disaster waiting to happen otherwise.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm not awake yet to deal with this bullshit and it's my last day off to try and fix everything. I was hoping to just silicone the thing yesterday or today at latest and be done with it but having discovered those gaps idk

God damnit ffs you know what this is rapidly costing me as much as if I'd just bought an entire goddamn new tank and stand set to begin with. Everywhere I look I'm finding some new problem. I didn't even realize it was cracked along the bottom edge when I bought it which again is not as big a deal to me except look at this shit. The full weight of that tank is going to be coming down completely unevenly because of the wood and because the plastic edge is cracked it's probably going to be too weak to take it.
No. 38348 Kontra
Okay. I need to resolve not to do this today. I need to at most get silicone and that's it because I am absolutely being forced to fix that rim anyway. It isn't even fucking adhered to the one side anymore, so that's gotta get fixed. I can't even put my new female guppies in there for another week. I don't technically have to do this today. I need to stop stressing myself out. I'm not even sure I'm healed from whatever was making me sick all week and I need my rest. I can fuck with it later in the week. I need to think about it that way. I can put this off for another week. I should put it off for another week and not rush into anything I'll regret for months. I have to think about things that way. Think positive. Go to hardware store, get silicone, seal tank, don't fuck with wood stand anymore until after payday.
fuck I actually do have to get that damn silicone and literally can't set it up today anyway

I swear on Allah by the time I get it set up if everything goes well I'm going to be thinking the same thoughts of derealization the first time I had sex or got into a fistfight like "is this me? Is this really happening? Am I really doing this?" Those exact same thoughts the moment I put fish in if nothing dies or explodes into water everywhere. Itll be the exact same "I can't believe this is really happening to me" thoughts as I just watch myself doing it in slow motion. Which with any luck btw, does not become that exact same feeling but in horrible overtones of seeing water everywhere like "did that just happen, am I really doing this..."

Must think positive thoughts. Must stop dwelling. Must think positively. How the fuck am I going to do this for the second tank well at least the frame isn't cracked...maybe I should just buy another 6x6 and cut it into a shorter section and a 50 inch section for the middle base...
No. 38350
Damn, and everything was starting to come together.

>The full weight of that tank is going to be coming down completely unevenly because of the wood
Have you considered using a different piece wood-say plywood, or maybe masonite(thick, though-not the 1/8" stuff)- as a kind of tabletop? The tank would then be resting on that instead of directly on the uneven 6x6 boards(if there are areas where there is a sizeable gap, a shim can be inserted between the 6x6 and the tabletop, but that shouldn't be necessary). If you got a couple of 2' x2' panels you would only need to use your saw to take about 11" off of one side, to eliminate the overhang. Plywood can splinter, so you would have to read a bit before attempting a cut. Actually, I know the hardware store wouldn't cut the 6x6, but maybe they'll cut wood panels for you.

>I can put this off for another week. I should put it off for another week and not rush into anything I'll regret for months.
Good idea.
>How the fuck am I going to do this for the second tank
Doing it a second time should be a lot easier. For one thing, you won't get trash bags stuck on the saw blade again, right? And you've got to be better at cutting boards by now, too.
No. 38351
Noooo not the stockerinos
No. 38361
Migraine today, can feel it thudding behind the left eye with my heartbeat.
No. 38362
Today was pretty good. My sleep quality is still superb for some reason.

Got a bunch of tests handed back. A five in maths, a five in extra history-class and a four in regular history class.

Discussed Voinovich's novel The Fur Hat a bit with my history teacher before class.
Didn't have to take notes from the textbook during class because he instead allowed me to check out this sick new bilingual edition of the Daodejing with commentaries.
See, now this is a true master-apprentice relationship worthy of a 19th century novel.

Got lightly reprimanded during extra history class. Basically they told me I should stop "bullying" the autistic kid. (As in, stop sighing loudly whenever he starts talking.)
Honestly, I'd have no problem with the guy if he didn't talk in baroque sentences that loop back into themselves. And if he didn't start every single sentence of his with Actually....
I promised to stop.

On the way home I bought a copy of Pan Tadeus. I'd say it was 1 Euro, but if we were to convert the price, it'd be closer to 90 cents with the Hungarian Forint's value going to shit during the past few months.
Fucking hell, the Central Bank told us "Don't worry comrades, it'll stabilise at 320HUF/1EUR (Already an abysmal exchange rate), but now it's getting close to 350.
Apparently they're doing nothing because it's good for the export industry and foreign capital.
It doesn't matter that I can't use 1000HUF to buy myself food at school for two days like I used to in 9th grade.
"All hail German capital, the salvation of our economy!"

When I got home I slept for a bit. Now I have to prepare for two tests tomorrow.

I've stopped drinking coffee. Stopped drinking caffeine, really. I guess the strengthened feeling of panic is from the "withdrawal" I feel.

People are a bit freaked out over the Italian coronavirus outbreak. I was talking with this girl and she asked me if she should stockpile a bit of food at home in case there is a quarantine enacted here too, and I told them, "why not? It doesn't hurt to have a few extra bottles of sunflower oil, some rice and flour at home."
The Italians are being portrayed as being incompetent again, but unlike the French, the Italians actually tested thousands of people for the virus, so they're actually taking it seriously.
No. 38363
612 kB, 1338 × 1080
I've been using one of those sleeping apps for your phone and it's bizarre how off the sonar is compared to the accelerometer. 96% of my sleep last night was deep which has to be nonsense as I'm usually 40-50% range. Last night I mostly laid in bed thinking about time travelling to California in the 1800s to set up an orange plantation using Chinese labourers.

Anyway, I've often been fascinated with the idea of time travel to fix past mistakes in my life. Only I realise now that I'd have to go so far back that I would effectively have to live my life again. Still wouldn't mind being 19 again.

>I could've done it from home but my gf's parents are visiting and staying with us and 4 people in a small one-bed london flat gets crowded

Who do you think is going to snap and kill everyone first?
No. 38367
I've still felt vaguely strangely sick and I can't figure out why. Part of me wants to blame some chemical because the closest it feels like is some low grade hangover minus the headache. What the hell is the problem? Or almost like a norovirus that just never managed to take hold but in spite of the most valiant efforts of my immune system never repelled them entirely so they're busily colonizing my colon and stomach still. Speaking of, and not to get to graphic shitposting but it smells somewhat weird and bad too. Am I somehow ingesting something different? Water fucked up? I keep feeling too hot and drenched in sweat with an odd pukey feeling. I at least thank God got to sleep in both today and yesterday although I still went out running errands both times because free time is as much a previous thing to me as money, of which I've got great amounts of neither. I think it's actually been something like a solid week now that I've been feeling pretty shitty.

I almost want to point to another subliminal or spiritual or emotional cause at this point.
No. 38369
I really shouldn't be spending my money on the stupid things I am right now tbh because I just ran out of food. I've literally got Tootsie pops, two mini pies, two tubs of ice cream, a couple eggs, couple apples, like enough bread for one sammich and a bit of cheese. I've got close to absolutely nothing in the house to eat except ice cream. I really should start stocking up too and I already told immediate family to stock up like a month ago.

What's really gonna suck dick is when this virus crashes the economy--and it will. I never had much doubt in my mind that it would. I have every faith in Man to act as stupidly as possible in a crisis, having finally exhausted all options of ignoring an easily preventable crisis until it finally cannot be stopped. So I guess on that last count humanity has surprised me with this, at least at the official level although all that really weirdly obsequious Chinese ass kissing the WHO was doing was pretty bizarre with that "don't stop tourists or trade" part too and advising against travel restrictions. The thing is, I actually DO think that the EU can handle it. Yes, even the Italians of all people. What I have no faith in whatsoever is America dealing with it. The next time we finally get hit with a pandemic it's going to be a society transforming clusterfuck of absolutely epic proportions. But all that being stated I've still been expecting this thing to spread massively and take out tens of thousands of people at minimum with a massive slowdown in world economic growth and societal panic along with people either doing absolutely the wrong thing at the wrong moment, overreacting, or doing nothing at all, or more probably doing all three in absolutely the wrong order.

The funniest bit about it is this virus isnt even really that scary unless the thing mutates, or if somehow we're being lied to about how freakishly terrible it is considering how it seems to be picking off people in their 30s and 40s alongside the elderly. I somehow wonder if it actually is 2% and not like 12%. The EU I at least expect to act competently in this matter however and not to lie to us, something I don't expect of pretty much anybody else.
No. 38370
71 kB, 299 × 222
I had assumed a tall, pale, red haired girl in one of my classes this semester was Russian but I was talking with her today and it turns out she’s Turkish.

Weird. She looks very Slavic.
No. 38372 Kontra
Btw I should clarify I thought she was Russian due to her heavy accent not on account of haploautism
No. 38373
95 kB, 921 × 960
When I read you guys problems I feel young again
No. 38374
I think I made a terrible mistake using over half a tube of silicone inside. Welp. I guess I'm just going to have to deal with my electric bill being even higher. I'm already starting to get a headache.
No. 38375
I had a drunken moment of that which I think is the sole reason I bought Quantum Break. I regret that decision and wish I could go back in time and not purchase it.

Actually tbh I wouldnt even mind wiping out the last 14 years or whatever of my life. Well maybe more like 12. I'd pump a lot of money into BTC when it first came out. Nothing notable in my life has happened since then which I would even care about erasing at this point. Which is pretty sad now that I think about it. I literally have not done one single thing in my life that I think I would even actually care enough about losing since I was like 21 years old.
No. 38376
I downloaded NieR Automata and have been playing it for 3 days straight, barely eating until I finished it.
No. 38378
>wouldn't mind being 19 again.

I'm 19 give me some advice old man
No. 38379
Get off the internet, avoid imageboards, disregard women, don't drink excessively or at all, focus on your career, and never work in kitchens.
No. 38380
Have fun before you're an actual adult. Drink piss, shag birds and stay up late while your body can actually do so. You won't get to retire the way things are going, so enjoy what time you can because once you start focusing on your career properly, you're married to it. Til death do you part. When you're still proper young like you are, work to live and not the other way around. It'll set you up with some experience but you won't become a workaholic during your best years like some wannabe boomer slobs would like you to.
t. thinks having a good time is better than being 'le responsible and incredibly dull adult'
No. 38381
I agree with this statement mostly. Try to keep a balance though to avoid sliding down a hill you can't climb back up again. Like: Don't get aids or kids, don't get fat, don't become addicted for longer periods to any substance controlled and provided by someone else in return for X, etc.
No. 38388
No. 38390
>Librarian puts up a list of overdue books from last year on the wall
>Books I've brought back last year on the list
>Confront her
>"Ernst, we clearly can't communicate, please submit your complaints in a written form"
>Lose it
>Collect the books on the list in 3 minutes
>Slam them on the desk in front of her
>"How dare you? Can't you see I'm doing something else? If you have a problem file a complaint at the principals' office"
>"I don't care. Did you just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V last year's list?"
>"If you continue acting like this, I'm going to have to file a complaint, Ernst!"
>"Do it! But you're unprofessional, and at this year you won't have a library here in 5 years!"

>Have class with vice principal
>"Excuse me ma'am, has Mrs. XY been to the office today?
>"Why yes, Ernst."
>"Did she file a complaint?"
>"Against who?"

So, today I got a complaint filed against me, so tomorrow I'm going to file a written complaint against the bitch. Living proof that you can be a moron even with a degree.
Yeah, I just destroyed 5 years worth of privileges but who cares? I rarely need anything from the library any more.
No. 38392
I can only agree: gather experience, you can work later and become miserable over working life and/or late twenties graduation. Experience will be beneficial later in working life when it comes to people e.g. and in general it's a good thing to gain. So yeah, have fun, broaden your horizons, seek pleasure, test your borders but don't be stupid, which is fairly vague and in retrospect I did lots of stupid decisions I wish I could have spared myself from, yet I never collapsed entirely.
No. 38393 Kontra
Imho, you should think about it thoroughly and basically pick one or at most two from:
- social/romantic life
- financial/career life
- creative/intellectual life
and focus on it as much as you can. Ofc also be open somewhat to other experiences, but it's probably not feasible to expect success in all three areas for most people. If you just fuck around it might be fun while it lasts but one day you might realize that you lack the skills/connections/money/... to do whatever it is you really want to do and then it'll be harder to catch up. But still there's not much use in lamenting the past.

This is useless advice of course and I'm sure I wouldn't have listened to it at that age. Most of the time people just drift along until something goes wrong, e.g. for me it was some health problems that I suddenly had with ~21 from bad nutrition that forced me to really look into fixing it by exercising & eating properly. Or e.g. just studying something at university for years and then realizing you aren't really interested in it. Ofc even then it's not so bad and you gained some experience but you always have opportunity costs and if you can at all you should try to plan for the future somewhat, though ofc that's easier said than done and mostly you'll realize your mistakes only in hindsight. So don't worry too much, but worry a bit at least. Maybe even don't take advice from imageboard dwellers too seriously ;^)
No. 38394
585 kB, 463 × 822
>Librarian puts up a list of overdue books from last year on the wall
knowledge is power guard it well x---DDD
No. 38395
Your concluding paragraph reminded me of a rap verse

>Dieses Leben ist zu kurz für die meisten seiner Einzelteile life's too short for most of its (puzzle) pieces (to experience)


For me the impression is that a work heavy life does not exclude neither romantic or creative capacities. I mean some artists fuck around, have friends (not fans or whatever) and also work a lot on their art. You can be creative and have a partner and lack money still ofc. or you can have no money, no love and little creative potential. It's a question of opportunity and organisational skills, energy etc. I guess. But in the end time is always factor.
Best is too concentrate on one thing you are right nonetheless, the other things will progress eventually, driving by here and there etc.
No. 38399
428 kB, 1000 × 563
To tell you the truth, in the past few days, I've felt like a demi-god and the biggest bastard on the face of the Earth at the same time, changing from hour to hour.
If caffeine withdrawal is like this (it's probably that), then I don't want to know that an episode of delirium tremens is like.

I think I'm going to make a strong black tea. Maybe read the Daodejing alongside said tea.

Wrote a letter of complaint. It's strict, professional and to the point. Gonna hand it in tomorrow if everything goes well.
I don't believe in complaining over e-mail. Now mail, that's another case.
You have to put in the effort to get rid of a physical piece of paper.
No. 38401
>(it's probably that)

Nah, it's quite normal I guess. Because I can, I will quote some verses again
>Frag mich nich', was mir mein Hirn zusammenhält
>Während ich im Leben steh' wie nicht geholt und abbestellt
>Plastikwelt, Plastikhelden, Plastikmenschen, Plastikgeld
>Was ist bei Euch falsch gelaufen, dass Euch das gefällt?
>Und wann hab ich so den Draht zu Euch verlor'n?
>Ich komm mir unter Euch Idioten vor wie hochwohlgebor'n
>Zu Höherem bestimmt, würde ich wirken, wie ich könnte
>Könnt ich mögen, wie ich bin, so verstörend es auch klingt
>Man kann sich selbstredend für was Besseres halten
>Und dabei selbst hassen
>Machen, schätz ich, die meisten
>Mit Überzeugung geht alles
>Doch die muss man erst mal haben
>Wenn ich trinke, werden Stichwörter zu Kamerafahrten

t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtJg6AN3OMM

t². I listened to his new album, that is why I come up with quotes from his tracks which carried me thru my early and mid twenties. By now I still like his tracks, play some of them few times a year, but books are deeper and more complex than his music, still, packing such verses is unseen in German rap. It's a clever Künstlerfigur with rhetorical finesse. Also I can feel the music, I think he is a bit lazy, philosophically stuck in a way, which I don't want to accept for myself, despite feels are known.
No. 38407
Personally I think that you should always focus first and foremost on your own financial stability and have some kind of career path, even if it's just setting up internships after/right before graduating (which is the biggest bunch of absolute fucking bullshit on earth btw working for boomers for free, giving free labor to corporations who don't even give you a job later just cycle through unpaid interns fucking modern Capitalism is cancer but I digress).

Like yeah, most people change careers. You can fix it later, technically. But you're still in for a world of hurt if you don't take this part seriously and let the pieces fall into place. Just because you focus on romance doesn't mean you're going to find the right partner to marry and have kids with, although if you're lucky you'll probably meet her as an undegrad or in grad school. I somewhat regret how much effort I focused into trying to start a family, that clearly I've not succeeded in although frankly it's wild to imagine that if birth control didn't exist I can see exactly how all my ancestors procreate and settled down just by happenstance.

If you do not have a secure financial future then either you won't meet the girl or meeting her will be irrelevant. Besides which women come and go, but finding a good profession is priceless for the man, defining even. I mean let me put it to you this way: why are you in school, officially? To start a career. Not to meet women or fuck about. Those are tangential targets that you should yes make time for ESPECIALLY IN COLLEGE but never let yourself stray off the path.

I will say however that it's a challenge and you should find that balance if you're an undergrad or early 20s. College is possibly the one time in my life where I regret nothing. None of it. I did almost all of it right, exactly as I should have, and got the most out of it, with the fatal flaw of knowing and assuming I was doomed later and struggling to find a wife which never materialized. Btw, women are pretty fucking stupid and indecisive, but they're not so stupid that they're going to date a fat bald man who's 40 years old and assistant manager at Burger King or whatever. So, just be aware if that's what you're going for that you can pick up the romantic part later after the career still, unless you fuck the career part. Then it really won't matter if you're single or married tbh because you're still going to be doing your thing regardless while being a lot more comfortable at it.

I also would discourage partying too much. I've been to one dance or club my entire life that was worth it solely because a great relationship resulted, and it was the exception that proved the rule. Like I said, you should indeed balance social life with career, romance, and have time for hobbies be it vidya or idk glass blowing or growing bonsai or iron smithing or whatever, so a healthy social life is a part of that and it indeed often feeds into creating network and career opportunities later (which is the real hidden purpose of education; you don't go to Ivy leagues to learn better you go there exclusively because you'll be forming lifelong contacts with people in major and important areas, basically a modern version of hobnobbing with the aristocracy). That being stated, don't waste your time going to stupid parties and drinking, and avoid doing anything beyond "that one time I did coke in college..." or "that one time when I was in college and I tried acid..." or whatever. Well, especially the alcohol. They are dumb loud annoying wastes of time filled with twats, losers, and future alcoholics. Sit down with a few mates over beers or get together trying wines. Avoid the dumb as shit college drinking scene.

As for caffeine yeah it's really underrated how shit it can be if you abuse it. One of the worst chemical experiences of my life I poisoned myself with too much caffeine. Caffeine withdrawal is also pretty amazingly shit for something little kids can buy. Or maybe I'm more sensitive to it idk but caffeine withdrawal sucks.
No. 38422
334 kB, 940 × 600
Started to recovering from flu or something like that. A couple of horrible days, when I don't even felt reality passed, with heat, burning throat, absolute weakness and all other bad things realted to that. This is the cost of walking duing "almost" warm wind without hood.
No. 38423
People get sick from viral infections, not from walking outside with their head exposed.
No. 38426
37 kB, 208 × 276
Yeah, but cold weather can also weaken your immune system, which makes you more likely to become sick when exposed to a virus. So, this is an instance where our mothers were actually right when they said to wear a coat and hat.
No. 38427
140 kB, 1080 × 1349
I have come to appreciate the feeling of sadness that I have.
I gave myself to it and now I'm relaxed.
No. 38429
In my anecdotal experience:
  • Being exposed to the cold for long periods of time makes your body perform with less vigor, and makes you crave warmth
  • The only sickness I've received directly from the cold is migraines

The former could have a substantial effect in catalyzing a particular spell of sickness, but is ultimately not the cause of the sickness.
In my current existence, where warmth is generally a motorvehicle or building away, moderate exposures to cold above 0F are almost a non-issue.
No. 38431
Father, who never hired me a tutor, burst out in anger (via messenger), insisting on my apologises over "shit i regularly give to him".

I legut suffer without proper mental help in country with no boundary between healthy person and disabled schizo
No. 38435
Is that a dead fox? I wasn't aware you could tame foxes...
No. 38436
Good golly, there are actually domesticated foxes... what
a nice discovery for this otherwise rather dull evening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dwjS_eI-lQ
No. 38443
I guessed everyone know that. There a lot of youtube channels of people with foxes.
No. 38446
That one in particular isn't but how could you not know this. In Russia, is very famous! Actually I forgot his name but I do know a famous Russian genetics researcher made the discovery of not only domesticating foxes but that they became more dog like in other ways such as having droopy ears, hence indicating that it wasn't any one particular gene but rather that a lot of genes involved in domestication got switched including some seemingly unrelated ones like having droopy ears tied to the behavior of domesticated animals.
No. 38448
Yeah, I've learned about that in the past hours. It was new to me and I'm fascinated. Got an exam tomorrow though and really should not be looking up foxes right now but instead go through the script again at least one more time...
No. 38450
Used to listen to him a bit but not a huge fan, this track is actually my favorite of his (besides mb Mise en abyme), it also has some really nice production as well as the Kafka-inspired lyrics. It's kinda interesting to look at rap lyrics now btw after learning some more poetry theory.
>I think he is a bit lazy, philosophically stuck in a way
100%, that's probably the reason I don't like him that much. Just listened to his new album too and seems he just can't get beyond the dystopic/misanthropic themes (tho I didn't listen too closely admittedly)

I don't listen to a lot of rap either nowadays, but I'd recommend Negroman to you, his new album is apparently inspired by Deleuze's philosophy :DD, one of the interludes is called bwo. And I gotta say he succeeded in making his lyrics even more associativerhizomatic than they already were before.

Good luck with the exam!

I have one coming up next Monday which was giving me panic attacks during the last few days of preparation. Really just made me feel retarded and consider dropping out, but today I've been somewhat relieved after meeting with some classmates and realizing most are similarily lost.
Also got three more exams later but those seem completely trivial in comparison.
No. 38452
>he just can't get beyond the dystopic/misanthropic themes

He sounds very dark and misantrophic but the new album tackles more like older tracks, less battle more mind. I think Ich soll dich schön grüßen is a good one in that regard. There is no Grund, no safety, no referent to rely on, to built a base upon. This is not necessarily a negative thing. Yet it also implies the Graben im Kanninchenbau not sure if also in Grüßen or another track from the new album which I associate with going "crazy" over the irreducibility of things/life etc.
Prezident schwebt, the texts do not spare the negative, but they also don't want to spare it. More like an integration instead of ignorance.
I could not bear watching another interview but from the comments I found out he is married and has a child now.

All that said, he pretty much moves in certain philosophemes, classic debates, some theology and all that is tied together by a postmodernist relativism in a sense, at least my impression. Since I feel that as condition myself, I can relate, yet I want to break out, it's like capitalist realism rap and nailing down the condition is done by him quite exceptionally in German rap, Sprachmächtigkeit. Yet I rather like to read books about that, sometimes book that try to tackle that condition. His art is special, yet is not a holy grail for me content wise, anymore.
No. 38454
>his new album is apparently inspired by Deleuze's philosophy :DD, one of the interludes is called bwo

is it just the bwo or did he refer to them in an interview?
I wonder what's up with that interlude
No. 38456
>capitalist realism rap and nailing down the condition
That's a fitting description I think but it's just unnecessarily depressing for me.
There's this 2x2 classification I've been finding very useful lately of tragic/comic & optimism/pessimism, and Prezident seems to be thoroughly a Tragic Pessimist, someone who isn't ignorant as the optimists are but who can't transcend the abyss and see the comic aspect of it all.
Actually going through the lyrics, he literally spells out all the gripes I have with his cynicism in the first Gulliver Gulliver track.

Still can't deny his Sprachmächtigkeit and Wortgewandheit of course.
Though just like these brutally sounding compound words he's so fond of, there's something too brutal about it, also too much directness in the way he speaks about things that imho should be hidden behind more poetry. But maybe I'm actually the one taking this too seriously :D

Yeah, he talks about it in an interview, though it sounds a bit silly tbh, especially in contrast to his lyrics:
>[...] ich kein Subjekt bin und dass das Wort Subjekt an sich schon die Unterwerfung impliziert, sondern dass man eine Vielheit ist, die sich mit anderen Vielheiten zu komplexeren Vielheiten verbindet, das hat viel mit Deleuze zu tun. Auch mein Körper ist eine Vielheit, eine Fingermaschine an einer Handmaschine und so weiter… Ja, Deleuze hat mich mad beeinflusst in den letzten zwei Jahren. Es sind auch viele Lines auf dem Album, die so den organlosen Körper anteasen, zum Beispiel die Rippe im Lungenflügel auf »Bauchredner«. Da ist es das Bild vom zerfallenden Körper, das die Ordnung des organisierten Körpers aufzulösen versucht.

from https://allgood.de/features/interviews/der-kampf-gilt-dem-patriarchat-und-dem-alten-weissen-mann/
Can't say I subcscribe to his politics tho, and actually prefer his older stuff as there he at least sometimes indulged in some punchlines.
No. 38467
No. 38477
I see we have a number of newcomers. Another kohl-tier board died or something like that?
No. 38486
59 kB, 675 × 420
If you mean me then no, I have never went on such sites. I just enjoy reading some of the informative posts here while taking a break.
Pls don't mind me.
No. 38488
I think the comical of Prezident is there, but it is a layer that is not explicit. I think the relation between the absurd and the comical is what can be found in his work.

>Negromans Deleuze

Interesting, I don't see the skit making sense... perhaps I do now tho: Perhaps it's ironic, those dialects who think/state they are born afresh, like Negroman is born afresh from reading Deleuze. But 'he' is not anymore, but many, such a statement cannot be hold by a schizophrenic whi is processual. Those people sampled off are still prisoned in their identity as closed entity, the statements bear irony which distances Negroman from those statements, it's playful maybe, a grain of truth you don't want to take to serious, because you haven't seen a real schizophrenic, it's a figure to elaborate the process, leaving the subject behind is a process (an escape process?). Deleuze it is said takes Bergsons concept of Difference and fuses it with Nietzsches eternal return, the difference is what returns eternally, the process of differentiation is at the ground of everything. This is then put at use with a machinic ontology, the assemblages that are built and rebuild constantly. I read about Gilbert Simondon and is philosophy of technology, where technology becomes a network, I have the feel that D&G built a whole ontology out of that thing, the network is constituted by the processes, desiring machines (ontology) making connections and disconnections between objects or whatever it is called.
TBH my understanding of them is still poor and I probably throw dices around to much here.

The bwo can mean more things, it's a dynamic or even cryptic concept. One possible idea is that the bwo is chaos, without organization, the subject is Ordnung, the machines come to a stop, or are stop abrupt and by force, brutally. And so on, it's not easy to talk about it. The problem I had yesterday evening is that he is quite fast (?) rapping which I often don't like, maybe the flow, dunno, I cannot listen to it atm. I like the idea of taking Deleuze, but what the outcome is might be something I have never imagined it to be.
No. 38489 Kontra
I just came to another interpretation: The people quoted are the continually reborn schizophrenic subjects, what continually emerges from the process as subjects, the third synthesis of the process. Das Durchqueren aller Zeiten, aller Rassen etc. (which comes from Nietzsche btw.)
No. 38492
I expected this week to go easy, but again, it feels like I have no ground under my feet.
Last night I had this weird sensations of rolling around aimlessly in bed and nothing made sense, it made me feel completely disoriented and dizzy.
Don't know if it's the weather but my head hurts a lot.

I've been reading a bit of Gogol. Kinda feels like I'm overdosing on Russian literature.
At least it's not Soviet.
Don't know how this happened, but everything I read this month besides Gogol was by a Soviet author. Even the fucking assigned reading is from a Soviet author. Fuck.
And I still have a Yerofeyev drama and an Okudzhava novel I want to read.

Heard some rumours today that the government is emptying entire hospital wings to serve as quarantine locations in case of an epidemic.
Honestly, I can't imagine it happening here. It could happen, it's just that Budapest just doesn't feel like that kind of place where it could happen because of the architecture. The atmosphere of Franz Josef's time resonates so strongly through the walls of these old buildings that I just can't imagine anything bad happening to the city that isn't part and parcel of living in a metropolis.
But then again, plenty of awful things happened to this city, from 1848 to 1956, so who knows.

My letter of complaint was approved today, so tomorrow I'm going to hand it in officially.
On one hand, it feels righteous and good, on the other, it makes me feel like a snitch.
But you know what? The fucking bitch deserves it. No one fucking crosses me.
No. 38508
Guys I broke the plus and minus keys on my laptop. Is there a way to map these characters to other keys? Sorry if this is a stupid question
No. 38512
You'll have to remap every key, but it takes <30 minutes. IIRC you can set up characters as the output of shift+control so you wouldn't even need to remap existing keys. Might not work though, this isn't infa 100%.
No. 38514
I spent the day worrying about how I'm going to survive the recession I warned you all about last month. This is part of why I want to rush everything being set up for myself within the next three weeks so that I'll not need to fixate on anything except paying my bills and groceries. I'm legitimately scared about how much money I may or likely may not have a month from now.
No. 38525
Every key can be remapped to every key on any decent operating system and even one some of the not-so-decent OSs. I have little experience with windows, which I assume you are using, but at the very least I want to warn you to chose a solution most native to your OS and not ever use a third-party app for something like that; mapping keys means access to every keystroke, eg. passwords, private mails, search for tags on porn sites, everything. If you're using Windows, MS will have all of that either way already so using a native solution means no additional risk.
No. 38526
The mapping app's access to the Internet can be restricted with the help of firewall, so it's not that dangerous to security.
No. 38534
611 kB, 1168 × 876
268 kB, 1168 × 876
231 kB, 1168 × 876
>Pls don't mind me
You're fine, friend (^o^)/

>On one hand, it feels righteous and good, on the other, it makes me feel like a snitch.
She issued a complaint against you, and you're simply explaining your side, right? Seems fair. Are there any concrete consequences because of her complaint, or is it just filed away and forgotten about-like our dreaded "permanent record"?

Does Ernst ever come across knives lying on the ground?
I found this today, but how it got there is a bit of a puzzle. Normally, lost items simply fall out of a pocket or bag, but this was unfolded which makes that unlikely. The blade is a little loose, so maybe the owner just tossed it away or something. Anyway, I decided to pick it up-to prevent some kid/meth head from finding it.
t. Responsible person

btw, it may look big, but the blade is only 3.5". It's legal to 'conceal carry' anything under 4", and you can open carry a knife of any size. I only found that out a few months ago. Prior to that, I figured we could conceal carry any knife-you know, because America. But no, it turns out we actually have some laws. Still, a 4" blade is a decent sized pocket knife, and I can't imagine many people would want to carry anything larger anyway. Now a hunting knife is different, so maybe they just don't want people keeping those in their backpack or something.
No. 38543
Today was okay. Got home early and did absolutely nothing besides eating some leftover French toast and playing some Doom.
I wanted to start reading Gogol's The Overcoat, but I just couldn't get in the mood to start reading it.
Not because I don't care about it, but because I'm a bit fed up with Russian stuff somehow.

I'm supposed to write an essay and send it in by midnight.
I'd rather just keep playing doom and look at almost-randomly generated memes.
Then maybe read the Daodejing late into the night after everyone else in the house went to bed.
But this is not a perfect world.

I keep having weird dreams and waking up well rested.

We have a permanent record system (they simply refer to it as "your folder"), but I don't think that it effects anything besides being able to transfer between schools, and even then, that's questionable.
No idea, really.
But I doubt I'll get anything written into my folder, because the bitch just went to the office and whined without filing a written complaint.
It's not about the complaint, it's about sending a message.

It has been a good 3 days now, and nothing happened. The best case scenario for the both of us is that the bureaucratic system just simply swallows it.
But I know for a fact that mine will not go under the radar. It'll take its toll. If not this year, then in the next. It's not just me who has issues with the librarian's attitude.
No. 38557 Kontra
365 kB, 1068 × 807
>One hour until deadline
>Not gonna get a good night's sleep
>Entire weekend ruined
No. 38560
GOD. DAMNIT. The fucking carpet is unstable and I only got one base board. FUCK. I fucking knew I should've bought a second baseboard. Now it's almost fucking dark out which means my one day to get all this shit done I can't. FUCK. The fucking carpet had so much shit under it in this one area that it's way less stable than the living room where I tested this on. If I set it up now it'd defeat the whole fucking point of everything I was doing, and I can't just buy a piece of shit particle board and throw it exactly underneath where itll be constantly getting moisture slopped on it. I'm going to have to spend the entire rest of my fucking day off cutting another base board and putting polyurethane then letting it cure over the weekend. I'm kind of mad about this. It defeats the whole fucking point of everything I was doing. It almost rocks back and forth on this corner of carpet.
No. 38562
74 kB, 348 × 343
Slowly starting to finally actually understand this Bayesian statistics stuff from the ground up. Turns out deriving some stuff by hand is actually quite helpful, we actually did it in class as well but way too fast. Seems like if I keep studying through the weekend I at least won't fail the exam.

>desiring machines (ontology) making connections and disconnections between objects or whatever it is called.
I listened to it a few times now as well, and afaict all the samples relate to desire, unfulfilled or the promise of fulfillment. Not sure what the relationship between desiring-machines & BwO would be though according to D&G
>TBH my understanding of them is still poor and I probably throw dices around to much here.
I only ended up reading about 1/5 of Anti-Ödipus, but my take away was that their stuff is so ambiguous at times that it can engender a multitude of interpretations which would in turn support their theory. Pretty sure they also contradict themselves often enough, so I think you're free to "misunderstand" them even more than usual with philosophers
>continually reborn schizophrenic subjects, what continually emerges from the process as subjects
Would also fit together with the meandering background music

>weapons start dropping randomly on the street
Just in time for the fights during the approaching Corona Crisis ;^)
No. 38566
33 kB, 444 × 331
Be glad you don't have to suffer the absolute idiocy of this country. They're trying to turn a global health crisis into more kulturkampf bullshit and as can be expected, the fat retarded boomer and his toadies at the helm are taking chemical Ali levels of denialism now partly because the global markets are in a tailspin. It's incredible. It really feels like I have third world rulers. The worst part is knowing how fundamentally unprepared my country is and how completely and utterly fucked we are in a pandemic.

On the plus side, the planet is curing itself of it's own disease: boomers. Expect this thing to spread like a forest fire throughout the spring. It's incredible. I was just reading an article where Mulvaney was telling everyone to turn off their TVs and basically ignore the problem in the same breath he talks about how we're probably about to have major school closures and transportation disruptions. Never minding the problem like I think I said before about the combination of murican muh freedoms and FEMA death camps mentality for any effort at quarantine and our infamous shitty healthcare infrastructure.

How bad is it in Europe right now? Fuck I just realized I also forgot both to stock up on food as well as buy out any masks I can see that aren't already sold yet. I'm planning to make a small fortune if I can ever remember arsing myself to getting around to purchase a bunch of respirators and face masks for when the crisis finally hits. I figure I can probably sell a $5 mask for $20 or even $50 to some completely retarded boomer or neurotypical who kept saying it's just a flu lol no worries and not reacting until the last possible minute when it's already too late and everything is either sold out or the stores are shuttered.
No. 38567
I reckon the most important life lessons are only taught by experience - regret is the best teacher. Aussie gives closest to what I'd say where you're at the age where fucking up is positively expected even if that is no excuse to.

Have lots of sex. As much as possible. If you want to be all stern moralist go read a book and then get back to it.

Picking up random weapons left in the street sounds like a great way to end up in prison for a crime you didn't commit.
No. 38575
Capping off a very average week by going to a ska gig. Feels good man.
No. 38576
Yes, I think they definitely weren't super coherent or had different things in mind than just one meaning for a concept. in a letter Deleuze writes they had different understandings of what the bwo is

>I only ended up reading about 1/5 of Anti-Ödipus

The first chapter about the desiring machines (Wunschmaschinen) is their ontological foundation I'd say.
>Alles ist Maschine first page in German and I also guess english translation
>three synthesis of the Process
>What are machines
No. 38579
My brother and his wife visited today. We had fun talking about video games, reminded me how nice it would be to have a social life. But family is the only one who puts up with my weirdness, out of guilt. I could never make friends let alone maintain a friendship, not how I am now.
No. 38581
Man. That was overall good for my self esteem but had some confusing moments too. The gig overall dragged a bit but it was fun. The opening band went on for just a bit too long for music that is both energetic and also not something that you can slam dance to. Having to actually dance for 4 hours is way harder than moshing for 4 hours.

I got lots of random compliments on my outfit, and well-meaning joges about my shitty moonstomp. Even had one lady ask for my photo. I wasn't even dressed up, I was just wearing my everyday regalia was the best bit :-DDD On the confusing side, I had a woman maybe 20-25 years my senior trying to get in my pants. She wasn't unattractive, but I came to have a good time with the music, not to get manhandled.

I wonder if this is what Chad feels like all the time.
t. apparently looks like a male adonis in bad music venue lighting
No. 38583
59 kB, 474 × 632
I know how that feels.
No. 38590
232 kB, 456 × 600
>But family is the only one who puts up with my weirdness.

Some people put up with a lot of weirdness. I don't know what you really mean by weirdness, it's broad and many things can be described as weird. But yeah, there might be neurotypicals etc. but also a lot of weird behavior going on that is tolerated depending on the persons.

>but I came to have a good time with the music, not to get manhandled.

You could have combined it :DD Come for the music, dance when the music plays and leave with a woman just by accident. Anyway, seems like you really enjoyed the evening, which reminds me that going out can be great af.
No. 38593
45 kB, 638 × 638
I wasted my entire day.
Mostly on Doom and music.
At least I managed to clean out my room.

Yesterday alongside writing the essay I had to, I tried writing prose, but as it turns out, it's just a shallow and sober copy of Moscow-Petushki where lines are copied from quotes, memes and wikipedia as my literary alter-ego is engaged in a dialogue with a meme-schopenhauer.

I should get involved in a project. Preferably one where I translate something from English/German to Hungarian, at this rate, I just wake up, perform my duties and then waste my time until I go to bed.
Maybe I should just watch anime and translate the English subs on the fly. That's really calming. When I simultaneously translate things for myself, trying to keep up with whatever I'm watching, trying to pick the correct expressions, trying to find the correct tone, now that's when I'm at my best.
No. 38596
I have noticed a paradigm shift in the self narrative of my life.
If before I thought of myself as a freak, now I think of myself as a loser. Which I will assume to be a positive change.
The difference between the narratives of being a victim of circumstance (family and mental health issues in this case) versus of being a victim of personal failures, is that the former robs one of agency, which is an unfavorable framework to operate in. Being an unsuccessful agent at least leaves room for future agency.

In other news, I still live in my own head instead of reality.
No. 38597
What happened was her and her friend come over and complimented my boots (Solovair really does do some noice rub-off) and we started having a yarn. Then when the music starts she gets all handsy. It was awkward coming from someone established more on the friend side of acquaintance, you know?

That's good. It's a pretty big step up to reclaim some agency. How'd your interior design thing go by the way?
No. 38598
Not too well.
Halfway through I realized that I couldn't make the deadline, and the client was pretty demanding, so I just canceled the whole thing instead of pulling allnighters for something that wouldn't satisfy either party.
It was one of these things that I was referred to because "you sorta know how to do this thing, right, you should go for it". I feel pressured to accept, to not appear as ungrateful or lazy, but it inevitably turns into a shitshow because I'm essentially asking money for amateur work, and that doesn't sit well with me.

I think I'll just laser focus on studying art from now on and try to make something out of that instead. I feel like given sufficient practice, it's the only thing I'll be able to do without being disingenuous, or feeling like I'm scamming people, or wasting my and other peoples' time.

What I've come to realize is that being able to do something, even being able to do something well, doesn't mean you can or should ask money for it. You can ask money for it when you can do it on time, when you can make informed decisions on behalf of the client, can consult them, etc. Given enough time, you can finish any task, and that doesn't really count for much. Basically, if you're learning basic shit as you're going along, it's probably not a good idea to ask for money. And if the best advice you can give to a client, in good conscience, is "don't hire me, you don't need this shit", there's something wrong.
I think the level of expertise at which I'd feel comfortable asking for money is when I feel like the client is not paying me to literally learn the very thing they hired me to do.
Or maybe I shouldn't have said "...Yes?" when they asked me if I could get it done in a week. But that's the thing, I didn't have enough expertise to make a call on how long it'd actually take. I also think that there's a certain level of ethical standards required of a professional, where you have to be able to pass up a client, either because you can't satisfy them, or because they simply don't even need your services, even if they think they do.

I suspect that the desperate third world poorfag scammer mentality has infected me and my family, so I feel an obligation to say "yes" to things I should say "no" to, out of a feeling of desperation. For an extreme example, if someone approached you, looking to pay you to do their taxes, and you weren't qualified, you shouldn't feel guilty for turning down that offer. But when you have the poorfag psychology, you might be tempted to say yes at the prospect of making some money. In my case, it's the temptation to validate myself as not being a leech. In my family's case, it's the desire to "help" me and get me to make something of myself.

It's hard to turn those down without disappointing myself and others, and appearing as lazy or unmotivated. I suppose it doesn't help either that they think basic computer literacy makes me some sort of genius, so attempts to explain that I really am not qualified to do this appear as defeatism.
No. 38599
I know what you mean. I had a lesson in the ethics of pay when I was pretty young from my old man, and even being a cook, knowing how crap the menu they make us feed people, and the insane markups make me feel a little bad. Only a little because the clientele is all yuppies but still. There is room to learn and get paid for it, but those are apprenticeships and are done under supervision of a qualified mentor who will correct any errors you make. That said, it's also as much on them as it is on you if you couldn't meet the deadline. They wanted to (presumably) cheap out and get an amateur to do the work for an amateur rate, then they shouldn't expect professional level work. If they want professional level work, they should just cough up for a professional since that's what the extra money is for, the finish of the final product and the speed/consistency of delivery.
No. 38611
You'll likely lose all of these by 25yo.
Interest in sports, high school/college friends, everybody partners up by then.
Going to bars/nightclubs, office politics, caring about what over people think.

So it would be wise to adjust how much time you spend on these pursuits.

You'll likely always have a use for, knowing how to cook, weird or ninche hobbies and interests, basic callisthenics.

Don't get into debt or become a narcko man.
Most people can never save so put away 10% of your salary into savings which is not easy to withdraw.
Be nice to your parents and siblings because when everyone else is gone they may still be therefore you, but not as much as you think.
If you can learn anything useful, how to fix a car/bike/house, work with your hands, it will be valuable in the future.
Cliche, but you miss a 100% of the shots you don't take, it's better to fail than to not try.
As for girls, before you try a pick-up line, make eye contact first, this will save a lot of time.
Woman's attraction to men is purely random, so don't try and force something, where men's is more physical.
No. 38614
Went to buy eggs as I've still not had any pancakes. Unfortunately I locked myself out. Now I've been waiting in the cold for an hour half for the maintenance guy to show and let me in. £125 call out charge for the mistake.

I'm cold and did all my investment stuff today where I just slammed everything into a single fund impulsively. It's not been a good week.
No. 38617
10 kB, 361 × 361
>You'll likely lose all of these by 25yo.
>Interest in sports, high school/college friends, everybody partners up by then.

I'm 22 and haven't dated anyone since I was 17

guess I'm fucked huh
No. 38618
52 kB, 396 × 385
Got let in by the qt living on the ground floor of my building and then the landlord showed. I promised I'd make her pancakes sometime :3

You're practically a lamb m8. When I was your age I went to university and even then I wasn't the oldest by a long way - I'd never even had a gf.

In general though, dating gets easier with age if you're a lad. Once you hit around 30 the dynamic is entirely reversed so long as you have your shit together.
No. 38619
Also managed to cancel my investment order because it's Sunday. Very good feels.
No. 38620
I haven't posted here in a long time Ernsts. How do you do? I didn't feel like posting a new threada for this. I traveled the world with my bike and my dogo (I built a side-car for her which I'm very proud of) but I'm back in town and with the virus it seems I'm going to have to wait before setting sails again.
No. 38622
That sounds incredible. How did your dog behave on the long trip?
No. 38626
She behaved very well although I stopped every hour and a half so she could pee and run a little
No. 38629
Which regions, UK, Euro, Asian, USA, Developing
Would have waiting 8 weeks desu, doesn't look good for equities, advice now is to invest in high yield/dividend stocks.
Plenty of stocks giving 7-9% dividends every year.
No. 38630 Kontra
How hard did you try
No. 38631
27 kB, 402 × 280
422 kB, 1280 × 720
420 kB, 1280 × 720
316 kB, 1280 × 720
So I just stockpiled a few things most of which I kind of needed or had use for anyway either now or in the future, including a bunch of canned beans. Not because I think it's actually going to be a prep situation but well, I really actually needed some more food in the house than ice cream, hot sauce, and a bunch of tootsie pops and rolls and cheese.

I'm living literally hand to mouth at this point. The move cost me a small fortune particularly because of how I am noticing I have actually nothing. All my other shit is stored in a rental and it would cost me hundreds of dollars just to move it here which is not worth it for an extra pot and various household items and whatnot. I got beans in particular because thos beans were amazingly delicious while I was homeless. I have chased that dragon like a druggy after a hit but sadly I have never once found any beans that tasted so good as thos beans when I was literally starving and emaciated and homeless some years ago with my godsend cold can of beans. It was so sweet, like caramel, it melted in my mouth and was filling as I sat under that bush. I have never tasted anything so good as thos beans.

I also actually use rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide for fish things so I grabbed some of those. All the face masks were sold out and I grabbed sole last rubbing alcohol in Walmart. Everything else was sold out. No hand sanitizers either. I grabbed a couple of 5 day vacation fish pellets because you know just in case I have to be away for a week and not have anyone to care for my fish. The automatic feeder which I really wanted cost over $13 a piece and I have multiple fish tanks so I'm like well I can't afford that what a waste of money. My hours got cut and I am still running around with three absolute fucking faggot bullshit social services who finally got me my appointment letter on a fucking friday before presidents day and set it to the day after so I know that these absolute faggot fucking cocksuckers rejected my food stamp application that I swear they deliberately set up so I couldn't change it and I had work that day. Right before their faggot ass three day weekend. And Donald fucking Trump just cut food stamps to where you have to work a minimum of 20 hours and my fucking job just cut me back to 19 each week while I'm going to have to reapply through a Walmart computer. Roaring economy my fucking goddamned ass. What a bunch of complete lies and bullshit.

I realized walking down that Walmart at getting closer to midnight that this is what has truly defined America in every single sense: Walmart. Walmart and its scooters at night. That is all of what america is and has become and is defined by and boiled down to. America is just Walmart with scooters and a bunch of poor people on food stamps all slaving away and being exploited by the same elites who are trying their hardest to get rid of us altogether.

I want you to meet Scrubby. I met him tonight and he is the epitome of the American version of the Novus Homo Sovietocus. He is at once an incredible marvel of the modern and a frighteningly dismal commentary on it and the endpoint of Capitalist humanity. We are achieving full automation here.
And this is the result of it and the appalling conditions we live under fully automated transexual not-space Capitalism. I have no idea why vidya likes to portray corporations colonizing space. They never will because there is no profit motive. There will never be a Capitalist corporation controlled spacefaring humanity. There will only be us all us neofeudal borderline slaves with just enough creature comforts and lottery tickets to not rebel, only us on a dying earth and meeting Scrubby at midnight.
No. 38633
Today I went drunk to the work. Everything feels dizzy and I want to sleep.
No. 38634
You should have sold your stuff instead of putting it in storage, wasted money.
No. 38635
I look forward to solid shits, once you get back to solid shits you feel better.
No. 38636
I remember last time I was drunk at work. It was pretty bad man. Hot kitchens dry you out on a normal day, but drunk thirstiness mixed with that was like crawling across the sahara. I must have thrown down around 3 litres an hour.
No. 38637
Figurally or literally?

How did you manage your work?
No. 38640
Literally, 3-4 days and you get back to a firm shit, good times.
Little things in life are important.
No. 38642
Nice not to be the only one.

Should have put "grating personality", I'm not fun to be around.
No. 38643
294 kB, 587 × 858
626 kB, 1141 × 1473
>cancel my investment order
Would you have been buying in, or just moving money from one investment to another? I'm curious because of how the market has been behaving. They say you shouldn't try to 'time' your entry points, but it's been a bit crazy this week.

>I stopped every hour and a half so she could pee and run a little
Good to hear. A dog needs to stretch her legs every now and then, and I suppose it gave you an opportunity to do the same. Now that I think about it, in nearly every highway rest stop I've been in, I've seen at least one person walking their dog.

Never saw one of those. It has a seat, so there was a driver once. I guess technology has liberated that guy, and he now has enough "free time" to pursue his dreams and personal ambitions. This New Yorker cover really is our future.

Florida has declared a Public Health Emergency. With all of the tourism, it was only a matter of time before Covid-19 arrived here.
No. 38645
I was on the phone with my employer for 50 minutes and got chewed on thoroughly for leaving things to the last minute. He was furious but also constructive and worked with me to make a system that it will not happen again. Chronic procrastinator gets a job and fails at it, who would've guessed. Thank god he didn't fire me on the spot.
No. 38646
95 kB, 768 × 1024
381 kB, 507 × 388
It's nothing too serious. Majority UK-US funds in sustainability technology and mining where I'm looking to hold over the long-term because I'm lazy. Looked my decisions back over last night and I wasn't as impulsive as I thought, just rejigged it slightly so the Feds can't pull my pants down.

Rather annoying that the news is now reporting that 'everyone in the UK will now die of Corona-fever according to PHE'.
No. 38648
>Rather annoying that the news is now reporting that 'everyone in the UK will now die of Corona-fever according to PHE'.

It does seem pretty serious even if the lowest estimates of CFR are true given its ability to spread from asymptomatic carriers and the long incubation period. Probably not a good idea to minimize the threat in public communications.
No. 38657
I'm not selling my magic cards anymore than I have to. I had to sell a whole bunch of them for rolling tobacco and food before when I was homeless. It took me YEARS to get over that. Literally. Fucking. Years. To stop feeling bad and butthurt about it. I had beta addition Lord of the Pits man. Beta. I mean fuck.

But anyway no I am not doing that and a relative is taking care of it at the moment although it's become yet another problem I have to manage. I am pretty fucked if the economy totally shits itself this spring and I end up with still not enough hours at work. They hired somebody else who is constantly fucking bitching about oh I only got 36 hours. BITCH I GOT 19. They are training her as manager and while I don't dislike her as a person her being there has very directly harmed me for months because the way it works is companies hire multiple part timers rather than full time employees. This vastly inflates our job growth numbers.

Trump's claims are bullshit about job growth not just because of the massive bubble that is popping now with all the market and numbers manipulation his administration has been doing but also because those numbers don't reflect the fact that most job growth has been people like me, either hired to temporary positions like a construction project, or part timers often in some area of the service industry or elsewhere that is not real hard economic growth like industrial manufacturing. Corporations and even small businesses don't want to pay or offer things like health benefits when you hit 40 hours a week so they often either cut you down to right under the 40 hour mark which my kitchen jobs routinely did alongside pulling such amazing bullshit on me like giving me literally 12 days straight of work with no days off and then splitting it across two weeks so instead of risking benefits or overtime pay for working basically a 70 hour week I got two 36 hour weeks.

Some places give you mandatory half hour breaks that are deducted from your pay but you're often expected to work through them anyway. Thank god my job has no mandatory breaks. I get no breaks at all on this one except once every about three hours a five minute cigarette break that is not deducted from my pay so a five hour shift is one and an 8 to 9 hour shift is two.

So the result of all that is exploitation of labor and that is why I posted the Walmart bot, because basically the greedy fucks running this country for whatever absurd reason are most butthurt about having to pay people.

I don't know why but the first cost they cut is employees wherever possible. They hate having to pay us anything at all. We are constantly short staffed and expected to pick up the slack where we ought to have another person. It's literally $50. They are that big tightwads they don't even want to pay that for another exploited person we desperately need. On Saturdays we are actively missing sales because we just physically cannot do the work and I've already calculated it's costing the company anywhere from $100 to $200 minimum every Saturday to not have another person on a 3 hour shift and that's literally under $40. But no. Giving even that much more employee pay is too much. They price gouge the customers like all fucking hell and keep raising prices to ridiculously absurd levels while they are doing this. It's amazing to me that anybody would actually try and say oh prices are high because employees make too much. It's fucking absurd and meanwhile these companies shift costs of business onto taxpayers wherever possible and then actively bitch because the owners are not content with their first hundred million dollars.

The reason for this is because they are not after money and material comfort, but power. Money is active power in my society and as a result billionaires will never be content; they want to be trillionaires so they can rule the world and have even more power over men. That is why I do not live in a Democratic and free society.

It has become more apparent to me because I actually have access to the numbers. I know for a fact I am directly making that company thousands of dollars every day. I work my ass off. I am on medicaid so the burden is shifted to taxpayers on my healthcare which afaik does not include dental or vision, hence why I've been wearing the same glasses for 8 years even though the prescription is clearly wrong and makes me dizzy and nauseated after long enough wearing them. I've been trying to get the cocksuckers at SNAP to give me benefits which reminds me to call them, again. I only get an answering machine that never returns my calls so I'll go to Walmart and use a computer there to apply againI do not have internet beyond phone which is too much a pain in the ass to do anything on but shitpost.

Even still, I am coming from such levels of poverty especially after being sick and then debilitated and unemployed for over a year that I feel like a rich man full of wealth still. I know both rationally that I live better than medieval royalty because I have perspective, as well as the intelligence to understand that both I and pretty much all of my countrymen could live in a free and democratic society with not one of us living in poverty if we did not have such an openly corrupt and tyrannical society run by and for modern royalty who parasitize us in literally the same manner my direct ancestors fought a revolution against. These dumb Germanic immigrants are right about immigrants but at the same time deserve ridicule because they do not have the revolutionary perspective of our ancestors either and so I literally see all of flyover states and middle America as just a bunch of dumb Mexicans with inferior to Belgium beer.

It's a damn shame because I feel like the scales have fallen from my eyes in recent months and maybe not being a drunk in many years and switching career paths is part of it. I can see very clearly the massive opulent wealth parasitized from us who work fucking hard as servants many of whom have degrees only to be looked down and spat upon. I can see very clearly the lives my countrymen should lead that is instead wasted on things like the military industrial complex and letting some boomer faggot kill our precious reservoirs so they can play golf on a lawn in Arizona.

I sincerely hope coronavirus spreads under their typical incompetent management and fucking wipes out all the boomers.
No. 38658 Kontra
With the extra 350M/week the NHS should be able to handle a potential epidemic now, innit? :^)
No. 38660
644 kB, 1280 × 720
594 kB, 1280 × 720
617 kB, 1280 × 720
337 kB, 1280 × 720
OH Fucking Shit. Is this bad?? It looks tilted to me. Is it tilted?? Is it leaning to one side?? Is it uneven or not distributing weight properly and gonna roll or collapse??? Should I be worried??? What should I do???? Should I worry??????
No. 38661
337 kB, 1280 × 720
608 kB, 1280 × 720
656 kB, 1280 × 720
541 kB, 1280 × 720
Hey guys is this...is this going to be okay? It feels to me like it might be tilted. Is it tilted? Is it gonna roll? It actually feels pretty stable but by God does it look like absolute dogshit to me in terms of balance. Bear in mind this is right next to and above my computer and a surge protector as well as my air bed.
No. 38662
It looks solid to me, and I mean really solid- like there is a near zero chance of it shifting. Adding that piece on the bottom to stabilize everything was a great idea.
No. 38663
Like he said. It should be fine. I'd have put a couple of them plate fastenings or whatever they're called on it to make sure there's no slippage since I can't see anything holding it together but gravity but that's just eliminating all the threats. Realistically speaking it should be all good.
No. 38664 Kontra
401 kB, 1280 × 720
461 kB, 1280 × 720
420 kB, 1280 × 720
450 kB, 1280 × 720
It feels like having sex. It actually does feel like I just had sex. It is amazing. I'm sitting here looking at it and wondering if all that really just happened. I'm physically exhausted after doing this shit all day. When the haze of disbelief starts to fade a quiet joi de vivre settles in.

Thanks for the help guys. It's there. It should be solid even with every detail about it I can nitpick or worry about. I have finally set up my gigantic 55 gallon/208 liter tank. I put my first fish in there to test it, a drab female I dont care about much beyond the hybrid fry she's probably carrying, to continue the few surviving members of the perished bloodlines during the winter epidemic that killed virtually all my guppies in two tanks. I wonder if this is what a god would do, if Adonai would act like this in preserving a bloodline.

Thanks guys. I feel just like getting laid for the first time. The more the disbelief at having done it fades the more I actively begin to enjoy and get excited about the possibilities. To the left is a small biocube holding fry and an injured male I have no idea why but my one beta in another tank went full Travis the chimp on him so he had to be moved, not sure if he'll make it but he is healing and to the left of that small cube is the main community tank. I've not yet figured out precisely how to escape it so I'll slowly be moving plants and decorations into the new main tank. Thanks again for the help I really appreciate it. I'm gonna finish my peanut butter cup on top of Walmart pineapple mini pie desert dinner and smoke that last Marlboro 27 that I've been saving for this very occasion.
No. 38665
Sorry for potentially being rude, but to ask what everybody is thinking: Why is your PC on the floor?
No. 38666
17 kB, 400 × 400
>tfw bought dollars high in the middle of panic
>tfw I am poor so my losses are marginal
No. 38667
I stopped really follow ut years ago but best time to buy dollars aas when they was 25.
No. 38668
Best to be self-employed if you can.
Americans can earn many multiples than Euros, not that's comfort to you.
America is still a land of opportunity.
Why'd you move for a 19hr a week job, or did they cut your hours, sometimes you have to jump, seasonally to what is paying, holiday seasons, manual labour in summer, factory work in fall.

If you shitpost on reddit they will donate you money for free shit, sort your glasses out you will feel much better, even if you only put it on the card.

All jobs are shit, but not equally shit.
Mandatory breaks unpaid breaks are standard, enforced if it can be considered manual labour, one hour lunch isn't paid in an office either.
No. 38670
249 kB, 1280 × 720
618 kB, 1280 × 720
I actually don't like sitting at desks anymore and in case my series of posts have not made it perfectly evident yet, because I am poor. Nigga why the fuck you think I just put that much time and effort into building a fish tank stand from raw lumber instead of just buying one? That bench and that stand along with the shelves on the goldfish tank and the metal shelves I just bought a couple weeks ago is literally all the furniture I actually own. But then again being fair, I've had my computer on the floor for so many years in several places I just got used to it and now probably would be uncomfortable sitting in a chair. Plus side: I can literally slav squat while playing Crossout and screaming Russian obscenities into the microphone.

So no I do not own a chair. I do not own a desk. I do not have any plans on affording one in the near future particular as I don't drive thus making it an extra $75 minimum I'd have to pay to get it here which is not worth the effort and money. I literally just picked these things out of one of the dumpsters which I sometimes check for spare anything I can make use of and was excited to find these, it was a a real treat. I just spent over a hundred dollars on lumber and wood. Any raw materials are greatly appreciated and I kind of wish I had these to work with in further consideration for my fish tank stand but well no need to overcomplicate things and over engineer it and I still have another 3 foot stand to build anyway. Besides lying on the floor to play games is comfy. You probably rage less in games too.
No. 38671
>why'd you move
Various reasons. I am far far happier where I live now, alone, with lower rent. It just cost me a small fortune because nothing was mine.
No. I still live close enough to the same one
>cut your hours
Bingo. And it is really grating hearing my one new coworker bitch about she only has 33 or 36 hours when all winter she's been soaking up our hours because they sent her to our branch for training and she's been there literally the entire winter which has absolutely fucked me hardcore and I keep getting told she will leave eventually, you will get more hours eventually. I am seriously going to bitch about this today. I was mad and pacing late all last night about this and SNAP and how to pay my rent this month. I left a message vowing to call and leave messages asking for a return call and clogging their answering machine until I get a call back. I already called and left a message three times this morning. The murican "roaring economy" is all a total illusion.
No. 38673
1,7 MB, 1936 × 2592
5,6 MB, 720 × 1280, 0:20
You're welcome. You did all the work, but I'm glad that we were able to help along the way. And I'll say this again: that stained wood is beautiful. I know it wasn't the exact kind you wanted, but it looks great.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
This guy poked his head through easily enough, but maneuvering thoses horns back underneath the barbed wire looked a little tricky.
No. 38674
Ah my mistake of not following more closely the Today Threads. The fishtank was free too right?
No. 38681 Kontra
263 kB, 986 × 678
Currently we are examining Attila József's poetry in literature class. The fact that I can't for the life of me analyse most of them without the help of some literature is really bad for my self-esteem.
Bloody nonsense.
I sit beside my tiny table, open a Babits volume, read a random poem, and I "get it". I open another volume, I read a poem by Pilinszky. I see the point.
I re-read a poem by this bipolar fuckwad and for the life of me, I don't get it and I can't come to a fucking conclusion, despite noticing most of the important elements, images and poetic forms.
>Sir, tell me, am I an idiot, or do I need 200IQ to get it?
>Both. But maybe it's just the fact that you'd need intense studying over multiple years to fully grasp it instead of two weeks.
So I'm not in the wrong, but I'm still a contrarian for not sucking Attila József's dick unconditionally for being sad.
Whatever, I have to train myself to "get it", because he's one of the most important authors for the matura.

So, my piece on Moscow-Petushki was really good. The teacher enjoyed it, though she expected me to talk more about the plot.
You can't talk about the plot of M-P. It's an experience, not a plot.

Got a haircut today. It feels weird.
But it'll grow out again so no biggie.
Also bought a flat cap. Is that a meme hat? Probably.

Our great nation has made Metamizole a prescription free drug again. Took a pill today for my headache. Much more effective than ibuprofen. Costs a fraction too.
Originally they made it prescription only because every retarded bydlo treated it like some sort of divine ambrosia that cures everything from back pain to AIDS and they took it like tic-tacs.
The second chapter of Master and Margarita that tells how Pilate has a migraine made me think just how absurd painkillers are. A hundred and twenty years ago you had no way to ease your sense of pain besides legging it or alcohol, and now, we have a hard time picking from the selection of available painkillers.
Kinda reminds me of the underground man's monologue about toothache. You can bang on the walls, scream, but nothing will ease your pain. Well, not any more!

>Save half of a summer's pay-cheque
>Inflation rate takes a sudden hike
>The currency is weaker than ever
>mfw my savings lose value just by not being spent
No. 38683
>Got a haircut today. It feels weird.

Me too and agreed. It was a bit too much cut on the top again.

Other than that I (finally) spent a few hundred bucks of my 'growing' savings (which are there because of reasons) on an ultrabook without any fans, it's still not new, but pretty new laptop tho. Anyway I just hope that thing does not start to coilwhine within the next 4 years or so, there is some noise coming from the SSD or light coilwhine, but I can only hear it, when I put my ear on that thing. Typing on those flat lightweights is not super great, I prefer lots of key travel but I have to come to terms it's either weight or loads of key travel and I just can't stand pushing another 4 kilos together with books and water to uni anymore. Nothing would be more horrible than those money spent is literally burning away, when the computer will start making annoying noises, which is the second reason why I bought it. Other laptops will make noise from fans + they can have coilwhine on top of it.

I found out my current laptop is from 2011, bought it in 2015 after refurbishment. And I will continue to use it at home for lurking etc.
No. 38685
702 kB, 917 × 1180
Humbling experience to write my first exams after ~4 years. Probably failed (or possibly worse, barely passed with a bad grade) the one yesterday, though it seemed like I wasn't the only one struggling with it, the one today was alright but I suppose I'll only get something around a B.
I'm just too monkey-brained and lazy to even aim for top grades. Usually when going over materials, I tend to skip over some topics when I already know ~80% of the stuff, knowing full well that these topics will probably be featured in the exam. And now it seems I won't have that many piss-easy courses to save my grade average. It's already paining me when I'm imagining I'll have to basically hate my life for the next 1.5+ years to finish this Master's.
I think I have to move out from home again asap so I'm not as influenced by my family in that regard, see how next semester goes and maybe change things up if it's still as bad. Maybe I need to flee into the Geisteswissenschaften after all.
No. 38687
431 kB, 1280 × 720
412 kB, 1280 × 720
459 kB, 1280 × 720
412 kB, 1280 × 720
I am honestly actually extremely happy about this and admitting such a thing makes me nervous but I prayed about it so it's okay if I trust God. All that effort has paid off at least for now. All i need to do is run to the pet store and refund the fish that died last time 8 bought some and probably not even bother with getting anybody new except possibly a honey Gourami if he can even get along with them, but doubt, especially because of their size and I want beautiful guppy fry. I've said it before but the Russian pronunciation of guppy is majorly C&A.

No. These I bought. I actually paid a hundred dollars for the four tanks which includes a 20 long, this 55, a 40, and what looks like a 20 tall as well as my biocube and a bunch of random stuff he left in them including a filter with all the pieces that actually works. The 55 alone is worth like probably $100 at retail so it was quite the steal, plus another $30 for gas money. It would've cost me hundreds of dollars otherwise, especially at retail. This was back when I was still saving up for the move and got them specifically so I could have nice tanks and give my goldfish some breathing room, which was still kind of a dick move to put them in the 55 and give him the 40 because he needs at least 75 if not ideally a 125 but whatever. It's still an upgrade and he can eventually get an even bigger tank which I've been inquiring about but atm it doesn't look like I really have the surplus funds to spend on getting another much bigger tank right now especially because the possibly shitty Walmart 55 stand would be another hundred dollars.
And that is why you should never buy a pleco, Oscar, or feeder/carnival goldfish as a pet because this is the result after an years.

The pic really doesnt do him justice. I never even found a good name for him so I just stuck with Big Guy after awhile. Tyson, Burden, I had a few others but none ever stuck because he is big and dumb and a total burden of a white elephant but I've grown too attached to having him and he's pretty placid albeit messy and they can live awhile. Like, can easily live for 20 years kind of awhile. But my god is he dumb. Different species have different intellects and personality varies as widely within the same species as it does in humans. You wouldn't think that for a fish but I've had different ones with wildly different personalities. The South American cichlids in particular are very smart and inquisitive fish almost on the same level as puffers which is my end goal as a materialist: having a giant pet puffer. Bettas can be pretty smart and inquisitive too. They recognize their owners and seem to be able to spot you from across the room. Very curious fish. I'm sad I lost my GBR pair but oh well not gonna dwell on it.

I'm also quite happy to have finally moved. It was all ultimately worth it in spite of my nonstop fire and other disaster paranoias every time I leave. It's still a huge mess but it is gradually coming together as comfy af. I worked so fucking hard for all this and it's all mine, pretty much literally every single thing here is just mine alone and my own hard work and my own personal private space where no one can fucking bother me about anything and I can just be left alone and relax with my fish and vidya and internet bullshit I hope to drop like I dropped drinking and eat my ice cream whenever I damn well please. I hate the layout but it's changeable. I'm planning in eventually getting something like a beaded curtain or maybe even just a regular window curtain and hanging it over that open doorway because you can see straight through the entire place to my bedroom, thus necessitating further curtains and breaks in line of sight.
No. 38688 Kontra
62 kB, 790 × 509
16 kB, 400 × 300
101 kB, 863 × 575
94 kB, 1280 × 720
Speaking of which, I have yet to do much with the tank as you can see but that is also going to he gradually coming together. Breaking up lines of sight is like one of the most basic things in aquascaping particularly for more aggressive fish or in the floorplan of almost any building that isn't modern architect wanking about open floor plans so I have a ton of stuff to do including trying to find cheap or uncontaminated wood/driftwood and just generally doing the underwater landscaping. I'm trying to introduce my fish more slowly both to control ths ammonia spikes while I'm shake n bake cycling it tl;dr you are actually not ever supposed to change the filter which is something apparently even supply companies don't know/lie about because you need a buildup of nitrogen bacteria to constantly breakdown the fish waste or they'll rapidly poison themselves and suffocate with chemical burns in their own faeces and it can take two weeks to a month to properly establish the bacterial colonies to breakdown ammonia into nitrites, then nitrite into nitrates, but if you already have an established one you can wipe off all the brown sludge bacteria colonies directly into the new filter and squeeze out all that delicious bacteria water so you don't have to wait as long/isn't as dangerous.It is interesting imagining space and Lovecraft and the mysteries of the universe contemplating this as you are the master and caretaker of a miniature ecosystem and whole worlds of beings you can't even see who're oblivious to you and your existence and how utterly fragile their own is and everything they know at the whims of an incomprehensible apelike god fully beyond their comprehension or any futile effort at understanding. Indeed, to them the gods would be these petty cthulhus, an unspeakable monstrosity in whose guy we may all dwell some day, and of that it is a mere prey fish, and not even an adult, but just a guppy fry as small as a pencil head whose very existence itself is reliant upon a being as much beyond their understanding as the baby guppy cthulu is beyond ours, who itself is fully oblivious to the fact this Being Beyond The Glass must constantly rescue them and move them to completely different worlds to save them from their mothers eating them. And that, my Nitrobacter and Nitrosomona friends, is the truth of reality and our frightful position therein. as well as for minimizing the risk to them in case anything should go wrong from catastrophic structural failure to some unknown toxin or pathogen or whatever issues I have learned the hard way the absolute truth of both the need for genetic diversity as well as the need for essentially backup community populations.

This is both because if we don't colonize another continent/planet/whatever then we are putting all our precious human eggs in one basket so clearly if an asteroid hits us, that's it. That's the end. It is also within species because fancy guppies are weaker than all fuck because of how massively inbred they are. This makes them incredibly weak and susceptible to disease and genetic defect so the only way to even preserve each strain at the professional level is they literally have to cross in other breeds just to keep the gene lines from not totally collapsing. At the same time, I will say that various hybrids while full of vigor are seldom as beautiful as their parents, particularly when crossed with the shitty but super healthy wild and unmodified feeder guppy strains, although I have actually seen some amazingly breathtaking fish from some of these crosses.

It has also occurred to me I could actually try crossing a lyre tail with dumbo guppies and create a totally unique strain with big elephant ear pectoral fins and wonderfully colored split horn tail fins and just keep working on it until I've actually created my own proprietary strain however this would involve massive amounts of rejected guppies which professional breeders cull aka murder and I haven't the heart for that. I particularly take issue with killing something I personally have under my dominion and that relies on me for survival like that. It is just too cruel and mentally and spiritually fucked up of a thing for me to do and the result would be more unnaturally selected out rejects and there aren't enough children in the whole city area for me to supply them all with their free bernd guppies so I'll just end up having an absolutely overloaded apartment. Shame really but I still might actually end up doing it.

In case you didn't notice yet, this is capable of being an actually super autistic hobby. Like, amazingly autistic. You should just see some of the German and Russian or Japanese sites on breeding guppies. It's pretty incredible and makes me feel dumb but I can learn. It's a good thing to be doing something that makes you feel dumb. Just the mendelian genetics of it is harder than I thought for how you are supposed to cross all kinds of different genetic lines back and forth in really incestuous ways and between specific types of relatives when you're actively selecting for different physical traits that sadly if you're selecting for that alone often leads to the rapid deterioration of the entire genetic line until you introduce the right specific kind of gene seed back into it from a similar morph, like if say you're doing something with yellow cobras you may want to consider crossing some green cobra or similar looking yellow bloodline into them which makes you have to select out those foreign traits all over again but you have to just to stabilize the line so they're not so frail, weak, and retarded that the inferior fish you're breeding don't look pretty for a few weeks before dying of diseases.

I also plainly just like seeing which things come out tbh. Life in a community fish tank is like a box of chocolates. You don't know who's shtupped who but you're just sitting there and the Being Beyond The Glass and actively rooting for this fish getting laid and cheering him on. But if you just keep a bunch of females and males together of different types you never can be sure which male successfully fertilized who and iirc the females can retain sperm from other males and self fertilize so it may not even be your champion fish who got laid being the real father iirc. You only find out as the baby fry grow up into juveniles and begin slowly attaining their colors that you can see what they'll look like when different strains cross.

In the community tank itself I worked so hard to build and finally get to enjoy it I'm pretty much creating a Muttopia. I'm actively wishing for these fish to create successive generations of muh 1/4 dumbo heritage and muh 1/8 green cobra until I can pretty much see only exactly unique guppies which may not have even existed exactly like that before and just see what happens, which is exactly what I was doing before until the pandemic wiped them out last fall. I've actually still possibly got one who's starting to look ill that in particular looks great. He's an absolutely beautiful mutt, crossed between a flame orange I forget the name atm and a cobra and it's beautiful. Actually oh shit I thought I had two of them but I could never find the one in one of my 10g tanks last night and my buddy was looking like shit last night I hope he's okay.
No. 38699
Anyone else, I just have no patience to get a haircut.
I don't mind waiting to a point.
I don't want more than three people ahead of me.
I don't want to haggle, but don't want to overpay.
I don't want to pay in advance.
I don't want to wait with overweight wimmen, children or OAPs.
I don't want an indefinite time to wait.
I don't want my hair washed by a guy.
I don't want my haircut during my lunch break.
I don't want to knock on a door or crawl under a shutter for a Kurd.
I don't want product in my hair.
I don't want to have to wait 30 minute because the barber doesn't start until 10.30am, but the three other workers can't cut my hair.
I don't want to spend more than 30s explaining what I want.
I don't want to smell BO, haha.
I don't want to listen or see a TV.
I don't want to use a supercut or be in a fishbowl.
I don't want a really cheap haircut or an expensive one.
I don't want to feel like I am intruding or making the hair-dresser stay later than closing.
I might bite the bullet and over-pay and go to a salon.
Other option is just DIY No.2 back and sides, No.4 on top??? would that work.
Still can't figure out how many mm a blade length is.
Itsn't just me right?
No. 38700
Did the enrollment at my new uni today, exmatriculated from the old one, read a bit and ate out at the cafeteria. Finally I got my gelatine capsules for the kratom. Now I have to get acquainted with a new redaction software the site I'm writing for is using and maybe write an article.
Soon I'll reduce or quite the hotel job and only live from writing, any pro tips on how to organize my work? Like theoretically I can earn as much as I want and put it on the bill at the end of the month, just depends on how many articles I write. I need to structure my working time better somehow, it's pretty chaotic yet.

It depends on where you go, obviously I don't know how things are in HK. I usually get a haircut once every 1 1/2 months or so and I usually don't have to wait at all. I pay 10-15EUR and there's no TV. There's one guy and one woman working there, if I get the guy I can just not take the washing extra though I don't really care. They already know me so I barely ever have to talk to them a lot.
No. 38701
I just no guard clip my head once a week. It isn't really a problem I've had to worry about for a while now.
No. 38702
I haven't had my hair this short since I was 15.
Feels strange now that I can't brush it with my hand.

Most of those are only offered to women.
You could try going to a barber shop instead of going to a hairdresser's.
Not like you need to get a haircut every week. Once every two months is adequate.
No. 38711
Don't experience those where I go. I've been to places with TV or older wimmin, but I never had to wait much, to me that sounds like cheap places with bad organization.
No. 38713
Well in my life time experience, barbers always have customers and are friendly.
Salons always have a spare chair and smell of chemicals.
I particularly saved up my hair :)) so when I went back to the UK I could get the Kurd....
Most barbers in the north are now Kurds or Turkish.
... to cut my hair, while he is young he is not particularly better or more skilled than any other barber, he was just the guy I went to three years ago.
:( all the barbers in my poverty town are Turks,Kurds or old skool barbers, because my old town is 25% OAP 25% Unemployed 25% Youth 25% employed, not even joking.
There was plenty og fat lasses, maybe single mothers wanting their kid's hair cut, my local, had the metal shutters half way down but was still open, the most popular barber was very busy, I abandoned the endeavour.
HK has a different kind of bullshit, but mainly wait for a geriatric to cut your hair, or pay 20+ euro at a salon, my try the salon out of desperation.
Will report back.
No. 38714 Kontra
Let me think. $130 tanks $80 filters $90 lumber $20 gloves, brushes, baseboards $20 stains/urethane $30 for additional sand and substrates $30(?) circular saw = $400 + probably $40 for a large heater so okay this whole project has cost me a total of like $440 rounding up for small other costs plus if I get a light probably another $80-$100 projected costs so I will say that this whole entire project has probably cost me about $530 spread out over an months (I think roughly 3 months?).

Here is what it would have cost me had I just done it the rich personor in my relative case, middle class way and just simply bought it all at retail
That's not even too far away from what I spent.

Actually wait holy fuck...damn. Welp I guess I actually could have done that one. I had no idea there was a sale but then again the sale is going on right now and they're out of stock. Still, you can see how at retail even if I'd just gotten the entire kit for just one 55 gallon tank that's $370 at retail. You are not going to pay less than $250 for just that one tank. And because I got 4 lights at least two of which definitely work I could in theory just say fuck it and not buy the whole 55g light and just stick with one or two of what I got for illuminstion and boom that shaves an additional $40 off bringing my total costs down to $460 which includes things like me now owning a power saw, new leather gloves, and things like leftover polyurethane+stain and brush etc. So basically I actually only spent $430 on all this $80 of which is just for buying the two huge filtersI could've been even further a cheapass and just stuck with my small ones, but nah.
Oh shit I am actually finding kits that are $175 but oh well. does that even come with a stand

but wait! There's more!
So bear in mind that what I actually got was not just the one 55gallon setup which again keeping in mind I needed a stand. Plus none of these kits actually come with substrates and for a 55 or 40 that's a good $20 just on sand and gravel.

So basically this actually was still a steal largely fueled by the cheapness of those tanks and also keeping in mind that while my original purpose was just finding a 55g for Big Guy that I also actually wanted another bigger tank for putting my good centerpiece community tank in other than my 30g he's in now. So to get just the two kits probably would've easily cost me $500. Plus I've now got the two other tanks one of which I really wanted to use and is now temporarily a QT tank (note to self find a place to set up that 20 tall and clean it so I can use that one as my QT tank instead) plus the biocube which is absolutely great and I am using as my fry tank although the ramshackle filter I set up doesn't seem to be working.

So my point is all this time and effort actually did save me lots of money. It's not quite as nice, and it's a bit more risky, but such is life poor in murica. I originally was making the point that if you ever get into the hobby this is what you can do however my numerous cost overruns and difficulty has made me question this and which one is better. My overall estimation is, it can be very much like buying a lemon. A used car that's under $1000 might seem like a good deal but it's going to cause problems and enough additional costs that it will ultimately be the same as getting a used car.

I think that my final estimation may be, just get the tank kit from a pet store or order it online if you actually have the money, now that I've spent this time doing all the cost calculations and searching a bit more online. That ~$500 can easily be dropped down in my case to $360-$400 for everything if I was even more of a tightwad because I got gravel with the tanks too I just hate it (blue gravel fucking ew). So even though it was that much effort what I actually got was way cheaper than retail. Getting everything off craigslist and used or buying raw material is totally doable and some coscosts can be even lower of you actually build the stand rather than buying massive beams, if you know what you're doing.

Kontra because sorry for being selfish with my posting
No. 38715
I went to a turkish barber for a few years in my youth and early 20s. It was cheap and the job was done without talking. Found a hairdesser/salon where mostly women work I went to an expensive barber 3-4/year the woman working there changed location and so did I, result is 5€ less for a cut, owned by a gay guy, as I suppose. The cut costs a bit of money but they know how to cut my hair as I want, when I give directions. A good haircut is worth the money.
One can just buzzcut his hair with a trimmer, if that works for you, fine, but I don't want a buzzcut every few months.
No. 38716
>The pic really doesnt do him justice.
He looks amazing, so in person he must really be something. I didn't know anything about aquascaping until you(?) posted that video a while back- the one where the guy was pricing each piece. Although I still don't know much, there are a lot more options-and it's a lot more intricate a hobby- than I had previously imagined.

I use clippers like >>38701 but with a 1/4" guard on the sides and back every 2 weeks. I used to do the top with the 1" guard, but since I prefer it at 2-3" length I learned how to use scissors, and to blend properly. It took some practice, but was worth a few bad haircuts (and a lot of sliced knuckes-haircutting scissors are very sharp. Seriously, if anyone ever decides to try this just put a bandage on your ring finger knuckle before you start. That's where you're going to get cut, and it's best to have some proactive protection) to pick up a practical-not to mention money-saving- skill.
No. 38736
There’s a substantial chance a politician in steep cognitive decline is going to be the democratic nominee and tbh I don’t mind because the debates between two senile old men are gonna rule.
No. 38747
388 kB, 426 × 240, 0:03
I can't handle "it". I don't know what "it" is, it's just that I can't handle it.
I stayed home the past two days, and I achieved practically nothing besides sorting my notes and writing two pages worth of notes.
Tell you the truth, I feel like the lowest scum on this Earth for skipping those tests.
The sense of despair is killing me.

Tomorrow I'll try making myself more useful by sitting down and reading one of the dramas for the matura I haven't read before. That, and I'll finally get to the bottom of this whole biology ordeal.

It's a Boomers' world, you're just living in it.
No. 38761
183 kB, 1280 × 720
242 kB, 1599 × 664
220 kB, 1280 × 720
Well it's quite like any nerd hobby. You can just dip your toes in but shit gets deep. Like I personally am still at pretty much the most embarrassingly amateurish and babby level, partly out of necessity due to costs and partly out of laziness (I'd frankly keep an amazing collection of fish could I afford it and solely order through online and various professional retailers than ever tolerate a big box store but like I said earlier, fish keeping is really one of those things you should never cheap out on and if you do you'll find out why the hard way I probably wasted hundreds of dollars on fucking Petsmart who at this point after losing 4 fish from last batch and they all have diseases literally every fuckjng time I go there they solely sell diseased fish I'm ranting now) as setting it up and actually taking care of all that is a fucking serious like retiree level job. I mean just as it stands it's become a huge, massive time sink for me since just changing all that water is such a hassle and you basically have to do it every day or every igher day if the tank isn't well established. Established tanks you can get away with two weeks partial water changes. This is one of the reasons I have plants, because it seriously helps control all the fish pollution and ammonia or nitrate spikes. Get enough plants growing out and you barely have to change water at all.

I wouldn't consider anything I've done aquascaping though. Like some of the stuff those guys do in the video is amazingly difficult to maintain. You have to constantly trim the plants and maintain those. Depending on the species your scape can be constantly messed with, either from catfish like I have shifting the sand a lot to cichlids rooting around or different species outright uprooting your plants or burrowing or something as big, dumb, and clumsy as goldfish which is basically a pile of rocks and some gravel is the most you can do. I'd like to do a real scape but like I said, I'm poor and this is, much like other nerd hobbies, financially intensive to do right. I'd like to find some wood is what I really want to do because good wood is expensive af but is incredibly dangerous in many ways to DIY with found objects but that's the biggest thing I'm missing. Largely what I really like to do and go for is organic which is why having a forest of plant roots for them to swim around in is so pleasing to me. Like an arboribus kind of look. Actually..I wonder if there's any trees that grow out of water other than mangroves...

Mine just looks like shit because I let it go and let the plants do their thing mostly plus I'm constantly battling hair algae due to the amount of light and excess nutrients in the water. It's made it impossible to keep my hornwort going. So next time I go to the store I'm just going to refund my poor dead fish, roll a willpower save on picking up any more fish who will invariably need to occupy another 14 day QT for exactly Wuhan virus reasoning and violating that was really my fault it got my fish killed last year as I arrogantly assumed I could just medicate my way out of any problems if they arose; I could not medicate whatever they had which I think was a haemorrhagic virus comorbid with camallanus worms, saprolegnia and/or columnaris and just do the smart thing and get my 55g heater and some damn aquatic plants for once.

Honestly partly the pothos itself was just a rare success in poor person logic. Well, that and I was sorely curious what plants can be grown in the water, which I'm testing out even now as I'm starting my Coleus Blumens, Pansies, cacti mix, Calladium bulbs, and probably some other stuff when/if I can actually afford it. Oh yay that's right I picked up potting soil today. I'm gonna go dumpster diving tonight because I saw some small plastic pots in there which I know will be useful in the immediate future, as well as a discarded door whose windows I can salvage and hope I dont get caught and bitched at later because it's probably not just trash people property but also property owner property as it's a mysteriously discarded apartment door whose discarded status I question as the windows look fine. Again, poor person logic. I see a door with unbroken windows in the dumpster. Why shouldn't I trash pick it? It may come in handy later and if it becomes a burden I can always discard it later.

So anyway I may buy their wildly overpriced aquatic plants as other than Pothos I had negligible success although to be fair my one plant I also had growing in there for years and it's the same damn size. On top of that Petsmart sells "lucky bamboo" as an aquarium plant which it absolutely is not and absolutely will die and rot in your tank if you try it. It is not even bamboo it is a species of Draecena (if you're also the plant ernst speaking of which how goes the pitchers?)
And mine which I bought for god knows why ended up dying anyway. I do ironically enough have a different species of Draecena that's still growing although it lost most of its leaves that were submerged. You can often get away with this with a number of those different species so long as you keep a large enough section of leaves above water. Anything below the waterline will die and rot eventually although it took an incredibly long amount of time to happen.

I think I'll purchase a carpeting plant and maybe some centerpiece or two (although inwijng fucking petsmart its probably covered in parasites and gifts of Nurgle anyway so I'll keep it separate for a bit and disinfect it). I'd absolutely LOVE to get another water hyacinth which I had once but never gave it enough lighting and it died. Those things are absolutely amaze, clean water like crazy (before they rot), give great cover for fish fry and smaller fish, and just generally look absolutely amazing in the tank from flower to dangling root. Fuck I miss that plant.

As I think I mentioned before (if you are the learning2greenthumb ernst) doing a paludarium could be a pretty incredibly display for you to have. It shouldn't even be too difficult to get a water pump of some sort going to create an indoor waterfall, which is something I've always wanted to do but never had the right combination of money and time. It could probably make keeping certain carnivorous plants easier by trapping in all the moisture which some of them absolutely need. Or mixing different aquatic/marginal/land plants, and you could add some shrimps or frogs if you wanted moving beings with it.

Doubt. Biden is more aggressive but he's bumbling. This is part of why I don't care about murican politics. We all know the results before it happens. We have the political freedom of Zimbabwe which we've all been told it's worth it to not have economic freedom and justice like commies promised us so we can have muh property muh voting rights and ultimately we got neither of those either. So instead it's going to be two senile pedophile oligarch boomers arguing about the finer details of how to fuck the American people even more next four years. Oh. Yay.

The only person I felt truly represents me as a poor person or as an American period is Sanders and we all knew from the beginning that since everyone from foreign powers like Israel and KSA to the banking cartels and major corporations to the "Democratic" party machinery hated him and his genuine anti-establishment policies passionately that he was gonna lose. Christ. Did you see Steyer dancing to back that azz up? Well, at least the sole nice thing about the elections is it's like a protracted Saturnalia where we get to watch the billionaire oligarchs get together and pretend to dislike each other like they're not acting in concert and embarrass themselves once every four years before they go back to actively dicking us.
No. 38775
Definitely smart to QT the plants, since you don't want tiny/microscopic critters coming along for the ride. Remember to stick to the plan in Petsmart, so you don't end up leaving there with more fish. You don't want to have to handle two simultaneous quarantines.

>(if you're also the plant ernst speaking of which how goes the pitchers?)
No, that's another ernst. Although now that you mention it, I wonder how they're doing. iirc, he wasn't sure if he should feed them over the winter or not, and decided against it.
No. 38782
What a stressful day at work, really wonder if this all is worth the paycheck.
No. 38783
Now is time to drink.
No. 38784
Technically Biden is part of the Silent Generation as he was born in '42 (Bernie at 78 years old is also a member of the Silent Generation).
No. 38785
I'm teetotal, I rather experience the suffering that is life in all it's glory. I will take a shower, read books and go to sleep early today.
No. 38787
I am so glad that I'm sober tbqh. I've made so many better life decisions and overall every single thing about my reality has improved at least somewhat since becoming ethanol free.
No. 38788
How's that working out for you?
No. 38790
I hate my life.
No. 38797
1,4 MB, 4032 × 3024
Absolutely hating the preparation for the next exam. Pretty sure I know enough to be able to pass it but I can't for the love of me get myself to study all the proofs and nitty-gritty details that would allow me to actually get a good grade.
It's like the 80-20 rulethe montenegrin work ethic is a deeply ingrained part of my character.

Anyways, I'm trying to write some applications now to find a room so I can move to the city. Also since I've quit the theater job, I feel like I've been more depressed than I'd like to admit since now I just work from home and barely meet any people at all.
No. 38801
490 kB, 569 × 1109
225 kB, 875 × 781
39 kB, 700 × 394
I just had a refreshing experience at work today that come to think of it has given me mild renewed faith in the competence of at least some of the boomers. A lady with gray hair who must've been in like her 50s came in wearing blue nitrile gloves and a nurse's mask. She explained that she was immunocompromised and I complimented her on at least someone taking it seriously but she said she still had to shop, and I of course mentioned well she really should find someone to do it for her and I forget what I said but well that really wouldnt do anything since they could still transmit it. Also yes obviously the nurse's mask isn't doing jack shit except being a wet virus mop but it at least affords some kind of protection and is probably better than nothing. Also in all fairness it's probably giving her a much, much better chance if she's throwing them out, unlike what probably a bunch of complete fucking idiots are going to be doing which is reusing their n95s and bringing them into the house and not changing their clothes so they're probably going to be more contaminated than even someone wearing those shitty 99 cent painter's masks and throwing them away after use.

Currently there are no masks absolutely anywhere but the $40-50 painter respirators which I wish to God I had more money right now but as it stands I'm at such a complete spending freeze I genuinely don't know how I'll pay for rent. I shouldn't even be buying a heater and like fuck should I be buying plants but odds are I'm going to save some money in the long run (somehow?) by running at least one of my tanks with a heater which will sure as fuck be cheaper than having my electric heat running and I figure having a warm tank full of water constantly is going to help stabilize the room temperature so the heat runs much less when I can finally actually drop it as the electric bills at this rate are just going to cost me a small fortune. I already had to pay $120 and that was without the 55g running with its light and pump or other situations being set up including my lights and QT tank not to mention most importantly I've only been here for like 2/3 of that month so the next month's bill is going to be fucking killer. Of course on the other hand it did take me over a week to figure out how to get use to the non-digital thermostat which had it roasting for a solid week and I even just left my door wide up for hours in the middle of winter just to air out the silicone vapors, so, there's that.

But yeah I kinda really wish I could afford some other things right now. At least I'm on track to getting food stamps fucking finally. That should take some serious weight off because my food bill I hadn't actually realize until the end of last year was actually fucking huge, and I mean it was an astronomical portion of my budget like literally thousands of dollars gap that I couldn't account for in all my other spending until I realized what it was and was like "fuck. Did I really spend way over two grand just on food?" Which is pretty incredibly when you factor in the fact that I eat like crap and literally buy shit like the $1 walmart bread loaf, 50 cent mini pies, $1.23 Walmart cheese, 2.68 pizza, not even acceptable Barilla but Walmart off brand pasta of all things like 82 cent pasta. I don't even know how I did it. So yeah. Taking care of my food bill that faggot Trump tried fucking me out of will be nice.

It also helped me better make the argument for keeping from going under 20 hours to my boss, which really should give you pause at what kind of a shit system we're running over here where even the fucking ability to eat has become effectively subsidized so the cost of paying your employees enough to eat has become socialized rather than the cost of business. I miss the last century when the Soviet Union was still around. People were so scared of worker peasant revolts they actually bothered to pay us and let those faggot boomers buy houses fresh out of high school and let workers have unions as something that was actually a broadly respectable thing of being a union man and blue collar worker. Now? "Lol you're poor I wish poor people would die."

But yeah so anyway that was that. I'm really curious just how precisely there's supposedly so many loud voices in complete denial who don't even know this isn't a flu but a cold I think probably that it's just a flu meme is because everyone not retarded recognizes that calling it what it actually is, a cold that kills people, would actually make these obnoxious bydlo and boomers start to scratch their noggins and question things like "wait? A cold that kills people? That's not right...that's kind of odd...CDC is actively downplaying the threat to us too and the total retard who's supposed to be in charge of our country and protecting American citizens is even a thousand times worse than CDC themselves when meanwhile everywhere I go all the rubbing alcohol is sold out, all the masks are sold out, all the hand sanitizer is sold out, lots of the gloves are starting to be sold out now that they're starting to be less and less retarded by the day in recognizing that there's fomites and wearing a shitty painters mask isn't gonna do shit if you touch everything and get funk all over your hands after grabbing the handlebar on the metro.

I've been trying to at least anticipate what people are gonna panic buy next and cause shortages on, because I'm too poor to play the stock market or do much of anything else so I picked up two packs of nitrile gloves and wasted $4. It isn't actually a total waste though because even if I cant sell them and things eventually pass they actually are things that I actively need and use because ironically enough I need those gloves as a further measure of helping to prevent cross contamination between fish tanks, dealing with potting soil, whatever that could spread a pathogen to my precious fish. Of course in retrospect, I actually could use that respirator from Lowes because I've been doing painterly type stuff and plan to do so in the future. Idk. Maybe if I can ever actually win anything by throwing away a few dollars on some lottery bullshit I can still try and grab one before the fear sets in enough that all the $50 masks are sold out even. I got a serious headache working with silicone indoors and I'd like not to repeat that.
No. 38803
1,4 MB, 299 × 299, 0:05
>weather perhaps the worst fire season in history just fine
>34 dead, entire towns wiped off the map
>le meme virus outbreak
>2 dead, 71 infections in the entire country
>national panic, fights over arsewipe in the supermarkets

Holy fuck I hate you cunts so much. My rant today has been promted by having to tell some old bitch to shut the fuck up and to bugger off because she started yelling coronavirus-related slurs at asians in the street. Not the only time I've had to do it too. If only we could get people's passion up like this about other issues in this fucking country that are killing more people than the latest fad in panicking. FOAD.
No. 38809
I know that feeling. All desinfectant sold out, same with rice, most of the pasta gone. I see some mid-40s mom with a cart full of rice, telling her son they can't go eat chinese anymore because of "the corona". Literally buying the cheapest rice (not Jasmin or Basmati, but the no-name stuff). The packaging actually doesn't say where it's produced but wikipedia suggest >50% chance it's coming from china.

These people are the real anti-socials. If I were less controlled, I might have snapped in that moment and done something regrettable.
No. 38812
They're getting more informed but they're still just way behind the curve. Be patient with their crippling lack of autism they're trying.

>one thing isn't a problem because of another problem
You're smarter than that. I don't know how you're governments are but we're liable to start experiencing lockdowns in all our countries soon. The racist bullshit yeah you're right. And yeah, you're right about a lot of aussie being dumb cunts especially about climate change, coal, and all the various other issues straya has to face right now including its independence being eroded by a certain large sick neighbor's territorial ambitions likely to fuel aforementioned racism in the future. None of these abnegates the fact we're right in the middle of the early stages of the first possiblg severe pandemic since, what a century ago? Holy fuck I just realized that was almost exactly a century ago it started in year 19.
No. 38813
Tbh, the lethality stats so far show it as weighted to a ridiculous degree towards the old and already physically weak. In other words the same demographic that the regular flu kills anyway. But sure let's panic and act like a bunch of useless slobs because it's from China. OoOoOoO .

It hasn't occurred to you that the PR could be going both ways, has it? The whole escalating trade war and dickwaving in the Pacific was happening and now we have the horrible Chinese unleashing coronaandlime on the world.

I hate the Chinese regime as much as the next guy, probably more even but I don't let it cloud my vision regarding the enemy on the home front.
No. 38820
I misunderstood me, I think this hysteria is way out of proportions. This COVID-19 is nothing compared to regular flu epidemics. The last one here in Germany was the winter of 2012/2013 with 29.000 deaths. There are 0 deaths of COVID-19 so far in Germany. Even if this new thing would kill as many as the flu, it would still be out of proportion because nobody was plundering the supermarket during the flu. This inconsistency is very easy to interpret: The Corona-Meme is a virus itself and it has a disproportionate effect on the behavior of the people.

The fact that I see racism agains germans with asian descent because of the way news outlets are spoonfeeding hysteria makes me sad.
No. 38821 Kontra
*You misunderstood me
No. 38824
A strain floating around has a 3.4% legality rate. Flu has 0.05-0.1% now imagine what would happen if it became as common as the flu, which it's now on track to doing. Do you guys seriously think every government in the world is preparing emergency measures over a cold?
No. 38827
So? My point was regarding the reaction to it in comparison to the reaction to other viruses.

And even if this thing is the doom eternal itself, there is no reason to be racist or start behaving anti-socially by snatching away all desinfectant for yourself.

It's no secret that all animals are irrational by default (which is the most basic reason to establish laws). Now various social media networks prove to be an amplifier of the hysteria; worse than the tabloid press even.

Oh well, what's the point in complaining.
No. 38829
Reported lethality. Most times lethality is likely to be lower than reported because most people with very minor symptoms just brush it off as a little cold or some shit, and that's the worst it'll be for most cases. Also as I said, if you're not over the age of 60 and already suffering from lung and heart issues, chances are that it won't kill you.

If you take the lethality for 'healthy young person' then it's going to be flu-tier. What is it now? 3 and a half thousand dead worldwide? I would put money on more people having been murdered in the same time. Where's all the panic about how everyone is a maniac out to kill you? If it's about the threat, then surely something causing more deaths in the same time should be considered a bigger threat? Instead you get everyone panicking about how they're all going to die to something less lethal.

I'm not saying to go sniffing up every cunt's sneezes but acting like the end is nigh is fucking stupid and counterproductive. Medical professionals here are running out of supplies not because of too many cases but because of people panic buying medical supplies like gloves and masks in ludicrous numbers, preventing those whose job it is to keep people healthy from doing so. Not to mention the racist bullshit that the German has posted his thoughts on.

Governments are posturing because of the panic in my opinion. Got to be seen to be doing 'something' about the trendiest new apocalypse. It's honestly a pretty good tactic too if you ask me. Stoke the fires a bit, get people scared and then offer the solution and show how much you apparently give a crap about the people.
No. 38832
Last week I worked entirely from home and ho-ly shit I got nothing done. I wouldn't normally care but the end of the tax year means annual performance assessments and I know it's going to look like I'm phoning it in because I'm leaving the role soon.

Might actually have to catch up with work on my weekend ;_;

>Do you guys seriously think every government in the world is preparing emergency measures over a cold?

Yes. Public confidence is the greatest metric governments have to operate against and something firmly built into institutional mechanisms whether that be explicit or in maintaining market confidence. Panic is a much bigger threat and, as far as I can see, began from rumours in Japan that toilet paper and masks are made of the same material or that Japan's toilet paper comes from China.


It's like that episode of Babylon 5 or the X-Files episode about killer cockroaches. Earlier you mentioned a desire to play the stock market on this but you're frankly a week late.
No. 38833
Went shopping.
Nobody was stockpiling anything.
The only thing that was out of stock is hand sanitizer. (Though truth be told, we went to Aldi and not to a big store like Tesco.)

I bought myself a small tin-can of herbal pills that are supposed to help with anxiety.
I'd much rather have herbs in my system than alcohol.

It's not necessarily because of the mortality rate that governments are freaking out, they want to prevent it from becoming endemic (as you said), and the less people catch it, less is the chance of it mutating into something more deadly or infectious.
No. 38834
108 kB, 2047 × 1215
Here are plots of CFR as a function of age for Spanish flu, seasonal flu, and SARS-2 CoV (stats collected by Bloom lab at Fred Hutch). The concern is not that you specifically as a healthy 20-something are going to die. The concern is that if the spread of the disease cannot be slowed the delivery of healthcare to the ill will fail due to the number of severe cases outstripping resources available to treat them. So no, people are not overreacting.
No. 38840
It's amazing how so few people understand exponential growth and the precautionary principle.
No. 38842
I don’t think most people misunderstand exponential growth in principle. I think they’re just exhausted and tuning out rather than really considering what the models say and what epidemiologists are forecasting.
No. 38843
This is case fatality rate, which must be seen in correspondence with basic reproduction number and infectivity to make any kind of statement. If Ebola had the infectivity and R0 of measles we'd've been wiped out long ago, but since it doesn't, it's high mortality is balanced out.

I think you are too willing to engage in the dramaturgy to see this thing with the necessary distance.
No. 38844
Various estimates of R0 exist presently. Most exceed that of the seasonal flu (~1.3). WHO stands by a conservative figure of 1.4; a recent preprint by prominent epidemiologists and statisticians from the US and China estimated R0 = 3.8 for Wuhan before intervention.

No. 38846
R0 is just a figure telling you how effectively it spreads without human intervention.
What matters is R(e), it’s effective spread in light of the quarantines and closures. If we csn push that to below 1, then everything will be fine and dandy.
No. 38848
Right, which was accomplished in Wuhan according to the manuscript linked above. However it is unlikely that the aggressive measures implemented in Wuhan will be replicated elsewhere.
No. 38849
There is now potential medication to stop the spreading of SARS-CoV-2 in the human body: https://marlin-prod.literatumonline.com/pb-assets/journals/research/cell/CELL_S0092-8674%2820%2930229-4.pdf

The medication is called TMPRSS2 and is already available for other treatment but might as well help against SARS-CoV-2.

Let's hope this can be verified and we have our reduction of R0.
No. 38850
Yes an effective therapy would be nice. However it is important to note that these results are from experiments performed on lung cell lines in vitro, and it's not yet clear whether this will translate to the drug being clinically useful for COVID-19.
No. 38869
It is still spreading fucking everywhere in Wuhan so much so that the Chinese have resorted to doing this
>infections still doubling every 4 days even after those draconian actions
>have actually resorted to going door to door and physically conducting practical anti insurgency operations against the virus
Face it we be fucked. That is in CHYNA. No one can replicate what PRC did and they're still failing to contain it even to this very day. Well, maybe in an actual semi-functional country like UK or Germany it might work, but only if you close the borders against us. Our country has barely even got a Brazilian tier response possible and it will be interesting to see what happens when they enforce quarantines and martial law in a country full of paranoid gun owners who hate the government and listen to infowars, but then again Americans are also pussies so I don't see many people actually putting up any resistance of worth just making life more difficult for cops and giving the rest of the world the occasional entertaining story as another SWAT team comes under fire after some pig gets his thumb blown off by a booby trapI'm sorry but I've seen too many videos of them murdering dogs and know full well what some asshat 24 year old bully a lot of cops are to really give a shit about this and not cheer AJs listeners on for the 1 in 1000 who do anything other than submit to anal probing. Ironically this is one of the only cases possible where America not being s free country would come really in handy but sadly it is also incompetent.

I've heard it can be as high as 6. What absolute bullshit is WHO saying now? Seriously? 1.4? Honestly this whole shitshow has made me lose all faith and respect in WHO and I think they should just be disbanded. What a fucking useless organization theyve proven themselves to have been. They're basically just acting like some shitty PR firm whose sole job is to control peoples fears and lie to them in an effort to buy local governments time to deal with it themse
Hey wait a minute is that actually what the purpose of WHO is?

I have to ask the obvious question here even if it worked: how much does it cost?
No. 38871
>The dérive (French: [de.ʁiv], "drift") is a revolutionary strategy originally put forward in the "Theory of the Dérive" (1956) by Guy Debord, a member at the time of the Letterist International.
>In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there. Chance is a less important factor in this activity than one might think: from a dérive point of view cities have psychogeographical contours, with constant currents, fixed points and vortexes that strongly discourage entry into or exit from certain zones.

What have you done to free yourself from IDEOLOGY today, Ernst? Me, I wandered off into the streets without notice, chasing the first unconscious impulse that happened to arise. You see, capitalists can't exploit your Lack(tm) if you have no discernible motive. At first I just followed some stray dogs around, because I've always wondered what they get up to when humans aren't watching. But eventually they became aggressive, growling and barking at me whenever I'd get close. I was forced to retreat, having failed at my revolutionary action.
The System was one step ahead of me once again, but the resistance lives on.

In all seriousness though, it's a pretty ebin concept. But it wasn't long after I started reading up on it that I stumbled upon hipster blogosphere articles that tried to repackage it as some kind of "self improvement" exercise meant to develop your "curiosity and creativity", complete with seminars and club memberships. I guess it's true that any anti-capitalist idea will eventually be appropriated by the system and sold as a product. The conflict between emancipated and oppressed states seems like it can be boiled down to "being" vs "being something". No action can be made for its own sake, and nothing can simply be for the sake of being, everything must have a utility, reason or purpose behind it, and a narrative or image (or Aura(tm)) surrounding it. The purpose and narrative inevitably looping back to the interests of Capital. All art must be either blatantly commercialized, or spun into a narrative of reverence, awe and status. All activities must have some kind of "value", either directly as utility, or as an assertion of status and lifestyle. And once there is a narrative, there shortly comes a product that can be bought to validate and reinforce it.

Mayn, fuck tha system.
No. 38878
I got wasted, yelled at coppers and threw up in an alley yesterday. Does that count as anti-ideology?
t. not an algoholig
No. 38900
You have not truly lived before you have cleaned up bloody puke from the floor and walls and ceiling.
No. 38911
It's funny how I brush of Corona rationally but at the same time I catch myself hoping I won't catch it, even tho I would most likely survive it. The rising numbers due to the internconnected world with its fast and enourmous travel rates make me a bit anxious yet fascinated as well. The network episteme seems to fit so well.
Anyway, rationality has the upper hand, in the end, so far.
No. 38914
>In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their relations, their work and leisure activities, and all their other usual motives for movement and action, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there
Isn't that concept inherently bourgeoise (or privileged) since it is only applicable for people who can afford it (i.e. have a safty net) or are so nihilistic they really can give up everything?

But I can see why it would be appealing to adventure seekers.
No. 38915
Went over to my grandmother's to greet her, because it's International Women's Day.
She was very happy. She's scared of the epidemic, but I don't blame her. (Let's be frank, anything could take her, the doctors said last summer that she wouldn't be celebrating another Christmas, but here we are.)
Otherwise I wasted the day browsing the interweb and playing Deus Ex.

I tried out those German herb pills. They work all right.
They kinda made me feel like time was going slower.
You know what's funny? Apparently my maternal grandfather apparently took a lot of anti-anxiety meds "to relieve the pressure". My mother said "Boy, you inherited quite the package. But so far, you're the finest specimen in the entire family."

Two weeks until I take a German exam to get a certificate.
It means an extra 14 points for university.
And it'd also open up better employment opportunities. So I'm going to read a grammar textbook on the bus instead of literature.

I also found my expensive maths textbook. It was in my sister's room. She just left it under a the beanbag chair after I lent it to her.

It's not about surviving it. Nobody wants to get sick.
Being sick sucks. You can't think straight, and you'll be behind with your chores and work when you return.
No. 38916
>Went over to my grandmother's to greet her, because it's International Women's Day.
That's lovely.
No. 38917
I don't think that marxist ideology really condones taking an identarian stance toward being working class, and treating it as a virtue, like the anglo conception of working class as a "proud slave". The goal is not to bargain with The System, but to tear it down. So the correct course of action would be to simply stop working, and not engage with the system - a revolution.
So in this context, the exercise of drifting would be an act of resistance, but on an ideological and narrative level. The argument here is that when you have a "normal" reason for traversing an environment, you are enacting your role in the capitalist narrative. "I am going to go out and have fun in the city" - > "I am going to consume a number of services and engage in consumerist activity". "I am commuting to work" - > "I am going to fulfill my role as a cog in the capitalist machine". Etc.
The act of drifting would be to drop all ideological pretense and treat the urban environment as a purely geometric landscape, and navigate it on those terms. That rests on the assumption that Ideology permeates every aspect of modern life, so any kind of narrative or "value" ascribed to an activity, in the end, comes down to exploiting a person's semi-hedonistic desires, or extracting labor out of them. For example, buying "environmentally friendly" ice cream holds the narrative of enacting some kind of positive change, when in fact, you are buying an opportunity to assert your virtue or goodness, and establish yourself as a "caring person" or something. In this case, the ice cream itself isn't the product, the product is the image of "environmental friendliness" that you purchase for money.

The idea here is that if you do something utterly pointless and useless, you are actively resisting the System's attempts at extracting value out of you. It's kind of ebin, but also funny. You can take it or leave it I guess.

I kinda get what they are going for. The times when I do things purely for their own sake, without thinking about the value, purpose, usefulness or utility out of it, is when I feel truly free. For example, drawing things just for the sake of it, vs practicing in order to become employable or be able to sell my art. The latter always feels like I'm compromising something essential, it doesn't really feel like "making art" any more.
No. 38920
>The idea here is that if you do something utterly pointless and useless, you are actively resisting the System's attempts at extracting value out of you.
But you don't damage the system either, unless you can turn such behavior into a mass movement. So I'd rather see it as a personal technique like say meditation then a revolutionary action.
No. 38921
That's a very nuanced Marxist analysis, but at the end of the day you're just describing another opiate. You can flaneur for a few hours after a day of wage slavery, but it's as meaningful a rebellion as a plantation slave cursing his master when there's no white people around.

If you can't escape, opiates are necessary, but in our shit world, the only freedom comes with money. Only when you have more resources than you need to survive do you have freedom. This has always been true and will always be true. The only difference between the capitalist world and the pre-capitalist world is that you generally need to work longer hours to support yourself. Even if we lived 500 years ago, we would still have to spend a few hours a day tilling the fields, or watching our herds to make sure they weren't stolen by some wily Kyrgyz.

But there exist niches in the modern day where you can reduce your daily work to those levels. Contract artists are able to support themselves in the USA with <8 hour days, depending on state. One of my friends does that in fact (specifically, making sprites for video games). Knowing what he was earning, you could probably work a couple hours a day and make enough to afford your own apartment, considering the cost of living on the Kazakhstan.
No. 38925
It's no different to engaging in the shadow economy. They are acts of resistance, just nonviolent ones. Like everything up to and including the strike, the power comes in class solidarity. One worker striking is easy to deal with while keeping the production moving. The entire factory sabotaging production can cripple chunks of an entire sector until demands are met. If everyone fucked off and disengaged from the system then it stops being the system in the first place and dies under a new status quo unaffiliated with utility-driven society. It is more than most socialists will do anyway. Direct action gets the goods.

Just gotta say that Anglo class pride is not so much about being a proud slave. That exists in some circles but they don't represent the idea in its distilled form. It arises from the victories of the labour movement, and how nobody gives you respect for building the joint and keeping it running, so you respect yourselves. In it's pure form it's a kind of class solidarity and self-sufficiency ideal. "We don't need you, you need us." At least that's how it feels to me.
No. 38942
>the only freedom comes with money.
This is false. That is purely the ideology trying to assert itself in everything you do and over coloring your entire perception of reality while stripping you of your real agency. I'd say the most free I ever felt in my life was when I was homeless. I had literally nothing to do, nowhere to be, no one to answer to, and I felt closest to God in the bush. I at times do miss it, in spite of all the obvious things that suck about it, while recognizing material goods tangibly strip me of both my freedom and closeness to God, save the fact I pray much more often not to not have it all burn down. The Iowa that you can't be free or have worth as a person without money is the crystallization of the very essence of what Capitalism is and its sole ethos.
No. 38945
Practically, for 99% of people, freedom lies in having enough money to do what you want without worry. You can accomplish the same end by drastically lowering your expectations for resource consumption, but most people do not want to go homeless or fuck off innawoods.
No. 38946
I'd like for the whole system to change for the better, but you can't plan around that. The freedom of the self-made aristocrat is the only freedom available to us by individual effort.
No. 38965
Today was okay.
Classes went fine. Finally got my hands on the book about the oral history exams. Basically it's 100 pages of what I need to be able to talk about for 15 minutes.
I could do the ancient-medieval-pre-modern topics myself, but I don't want to touch any of the almost-contemporary ones.
Like the one called The Changes in Hungary's Public Law System 1990-2011. That's one large can of worms, alongside with the one about the Fundamental Law of Hungary.
I mean, fuck off, that shit was in the news barely a decade ago. The people that made it are still in politics for Christ's sake!
The book is useful because then I don't have to navigate this political minefield myself.

Oh, and I also finally managed to submit my letter of complaint.
I re-read the letter with one of my group-mates, and he told me that it's a bloody fine read with all these on the colourful rhetorical elements and phrases.
>There's a writer lost inside you
>Alas, 'tis only an humble used car salesman

As soon as I get my own copy of that literary terminus technicus, I'm going to return all the books to the library and never look back. US Victory! Saigoin in communist hands, the greatest evacuation since the Alamo!

People said short hair looks really good on me. One of the girls even brushed it with her hand.

Tomorrow I'm planning on going to the city centre. I'm picking up a book, and I want to buy some tea, because I don't want to waste my supply of Yunnanese black tea on getting my caffeine-fix. A finer Earl Gray suffices for that.

Gonna write a maths test tomorrow. I think my lucky streak of 5s is ending now. I'm also supposed to finish my presentation about that poem.

Mother is making scones again.
No. 38968
>One of the girls even brushed it with her hand.

If you like her, keep her closer. Touching somebodies hair is kinda intimate.

I can't find a proper fucking thesis for my BA. Nothing concrete gets distilled from my jumpy readings. Oh well, I will read a research report on surveillance history as field of historic study tonight. Perhaps it provides me with an idea on how to carve out a thesis on the 80s autonomists who used the network as tactic/strategie against
the totalitarian German surveillance state (yep, big brother was a thing back then, Horst Herold as representative of a data hungry German police/state, computers already doing their work since the late 70s).
No. 38970
She's really hot, but sadly she has a bf.
No. 38971

But at least, people are not afraid to touch you.
No. 38984
20 kB, 243 × 360
Watching subtitled japanese voiceroid let's plays of half life 1 at 4 AM. Feels weird man. How'd I get here?
I wish I knew Japanese because it feels like the contact point between classic PC gaming and japan would be a fascinating thing to explore. It's one of those things that have such little overlap, that whatever happens to be there is bound to be interesting. It's also weird to think that something that is such a big part of video game history, is a niche interest over there, requiring foreign language skills and considerable financial investment. Not to mention having to put dedicated effort into finding the games in the first place, as they weren't even officially released over there. There must be some interesting characters in such a community.

I'm starting to think that perhaps personal ideological resistance is more important than political / economic one. There's always going to be some need to pay your dues to worldly needs and duties, but you can accept that in a dignified manner without losing your soul. Succumbing to ideological manipulation, on the other hand, will hollow you out as a person, and turn you into a mindless drone.
As long as you can appreciate the fundamental experience of simply being, whether through spiritual or philosophical means, capitalist idols and mythos will hold no power over you, and you will achieve at least internal freedom.

I don't think I agree with the notion that freedom is a material condition. There are accounts of people under horribly oppressive conditions (such as gulags and labor camps) who managed to retain their dignity and will. Sometimes through religious devotion. I think this whole idea of "financial freedom" is a capitalist spook in the first place. The ability to achieve happiness, or at least, contentment, is an internal process. It's only if you let the material dictate the conditions of your happiness that you become dependent on it. "Imagine Sisyphus happy" and all that.

Then again, I'm a depressed schizo, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

Maybe I should've just said "american" instead of anglo, because such attitudes are a lot more prominent there. But what I'm talking about is how certain people will advocate against their self interests, and against interests of people in the same social class, because having good things happen to them would threaten their "salt of the earth" identity or something. Or make them look like blue collar pansies. Or undermine their delusions of meritocratic achievements. I dunno, it's like they don't want to stop being poor because they think they have it better than they actually do. That's pure ideology right there.
No. 38986
Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a thing here too, and it's infected our labour movement pretty badly. I'm just making the point that their way of doing things is a loud misinterpretation of an older idea in our societies, especially from the 1910s and 20s (in our case https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1917_Australian_general_strike). It might be stronger in countries that maintained the more British Class Based Society model (we had the ability to tell what class you were by accent alone at least until the 40s) however. It's like we've discussed before (here or on discord, can't remember) that the increasing wealth of people, and the rise of the welfare state has destroyed class consciousness better than the robber barons could ever have hoped to do.
No. 38987
1,2 MB, 1978 × 1426
89 kB, 1000 × 641
2,2 MB, 1772 × 1106
Also a local event that is embedded in most facets of Australian labour is the Eureka Rebellion (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_Rebellion) but that's an Australia-specific thing, so it's not really a part of anything outside of here. Cool story though, and presumably not that well known outside of Australia.
No. 38989
In a repressive commie shithole, perhaps being imprisoned for sticking to your beliefs is the highest form of freedom you can attain. But that's not the kind of society we live in. You can rant and rave in the streets speaking all the truth to capital that you want, but capital won't even notice, because it knows that nobody else has the x-ray glasses that make the hellscape visible.

So what is effective rebellion, and freedom, in our system? A zen-like detachment from materialism is a good start, but if you're stuck at a shit wageslave job and would like to spend your time on creative pursuits, does that zen state free you, or just dull the chafing of the chains? You've recognized that there is no meaning to be found in the system, but you're still trapped in the system.

Well, in a system where money is power, you could get your own money, enough money so that you have enough power to be your own master. The goal is to reach the point where you can honestly say "I can do what I want, and nobody can force me to do what I don't want." If you had a million dollars in the bank (or any arbitrary amount able to support you for an extended time at a standard of independent living that you find reasonable), would you not feel more free to pursue what matters to you? Now, if you could handle it, you could literally fuck off to a mountaintop and become a Tang Dynasty scholar-hermit, but if that's not on the table, you need money - ideally, as much money as you can earn without going into a negative freedom balance (i.e. when the effort to acquire money imposes more restrictions on you than the lack of money).

Perhaps talking about freedom balances just reveals how much my thinking has been warped by the system. But I maintain that this plan is not a betrayal of one's integrity in favor of the System. Capitalism as a demonic entity places the accumulation of money and material goods as the one and only goal, an ends unto itself. But for the enlightened denizen of the capitalist world, money is simply a means to an end, and does not compromise the pursuit of that end.
No. 38991
>I'm starting to think that perhaps personal ideological resistance is more important than political / economic one.
While this might be helpful for maintaining ones mental wellbeing, I think it's a way of cheating oneself if it is considered actual resistance.
No. 38995
Interesting. Btw last years Indian general strike was the biggest general strike in world history in absolute numbers, with 150 to 200 million people participating (150 million are ~ 11 % of the Indian overall population).
It did not receive much attention in the west however.
No. 38996
Jesus fuck. It's numbers like that which really remind you how fucking retardedly massive India is population wise. Where fuck do they put them all?
No. 39001
>I'm starting to think that perhaps personal ideological resistance is more important than political / economic one.
Regarding the political/taxing/police structure, I adopted this personal perspective:
I am completely free, and so is everyone else. I have no authority to control what other people do, and so if 95% of the population decide to support a local warlord(politician/political party/Constitution), I can't tell them not to. If that warlord then decides to impose rules, I am free to defy them, but will have to then deal with the warlord's security forces-who are free to pursue me. If they decide to tax/rob/imprison me, I can't tell them not to, because they are as free as I am.
I am free, but that doesn't mean I am safe. This is the kind of freedom that doesn't end where your neighbor's nose begins, so to speak. Total freedom is the kind experienced by wild animals-they hunt, and are hunted in return. What law does an owl violate when he snatches a mouse? None, but up until that moment, the mouse was free. This means that the difference between us and the animals, is that we are given a choice to adopt certain behaviors which will keep us from being hunted. We are offered the safety of the State-and safety from the State, in exchange for following the State's rules.
Of course this doesn't mean the State can't be changed, or reformed, and it doesn't mean that people shouldn't work to do so. It's just a way to interpret the State/Citizen relationship that, to borrow a phrase from >>38989, helps dull the chafing of the chains.
No. 39004
175 kB, 916 × 675
Exam today was a cakewalk, or it really should've been had I not in my immeasurable hubristic stupidity been the first person to turn it in 30 minutes before the time was up, only to realize I fucked up one of the simplest tasks which I surely would've been able to recognize had I taken the time to look over my solutions just one more time.
Guess I'll still get an OK grade, but this just bums me out. Fuck it, I got some mac and cheese with ham in the oven, and gonna crack open a cold one!
No. 39007
Kinda Hobbesian conclusion, the understanding of freedom and the state.

>safety from the State, in exchange for following the State's rules.

The problem is when you follow the rules, apparently, but it still evolves into a tyrany from which you are not safe anymore. Rules get dismissed then and the saftey is not provided any longer. The state remains tho.

Yeah. Revolution thru self transformation. It's kinda big with the autonomists, I can at least trace that back to the french situationists (also Debord) and then italian Autonomia and even the early green party of the 1980s, or even before transfomring into a party, grass root stuff etc. It's all based upon the individual coming first and structures second, structures are what follows on individual choices etc.
But I cannot just buy into it completely. The problem remains: Structures or Individuals, which is first, chicken or egg? I mean what really is the relationship between individuals and structures in a society?
No. 39009
Before my classes begun, I took some of those valerian pills. Art class was bearable. The teacher can't piece together a sentence sometimes, and we went over the entirety of van Gogh in 25 minutes, but it was bearable.
Maths test went well. Didn't feel a thing while writing it.
Did the remaining 5 minutes of my presentation without much hassle.
Basically, I left the building in a good mood.
There is something magical about leaving a building and putting on your cap.

Went to the city. When I asked my mother in the morning to give me some cash for my little excursion, she gave me a 10k note and told me to "spend it". I almost did.
First I had lunch, then I went over to the book carts and bought a few volumes. Found a Hungarian edition of the Russian epic poem, The Song of Igor's Campaign, and a two volume edition of the Gulag Archipelago. Quite good for 5-6 euros.
Also saw a nice volume of Estonian Short Stories, but I didn't get it.
You know what's interesting about this copy of Gulag Archipelago? It had a little, hand-written card in it: "The 2000th volume of the library". Think about it. Somebody had a private library of +2000 books, they owned a copy of the GA, a then cutting edge novel, they were into books, and good books, clearly, and BAMM, they're probably dead now and their collection is being sold for pennies on the dollar.
Then I went to pick up my package, which was a book titled The Studying Years of Mihály Babits. At the store I met one of my old literature teachers, whom I do not hold in high regard, and saw a copy of a Hungarian-Hindi dictionary, which stated that it's the first of its kind. Didn't check the price, but it was probably outrageous.
After that, I went to buy a packet of Earl Gray. Still had a lot of money, and I was hesitating to buy a bottle of sake.
>Do you want a bottle of sake? Yes.
>Do you NEED a bottle of sake? No.
>Do you still want a bottle of sake? No.
So I didn't get it. On the way out of the store, I saw a small job offering stating "Our company is looking for Korean-interpreters. Competitive pay, intermediate skill suffices". Warmed my heart a bit for some reason.
I'm glad I didn't get that bottle of sake. My bag almost fell apart on the way home. The seams gave up one one side and the shoulder loop almost tore off. Had to go to the cobbler to get it fixed, since the bag is made out of this pseudo-leather material a regular tailoring machine can't puncture.
It took them 20 minutes. So instead of going home, I walked around on the local town square. I looked at every single memorial plaque and statue on the way. Didn't know the local church held masses in German too.
Or that we have a book club at the culture house. (They're discussing a Zadie Smith book, what the hell.)
Paid three euros for the repair and then I went home.

A lot of people are coughing, is what I've notices while riding public transport.
Getting kinda paranoid here, not gonna lie, lads. Half the fuckin' country might have it already, and we don't even know it.
No. 39014
635 kB, 610 × 496
>Ended up with only a 2.78% loss on last weeks investments

Monday was funny. Must've been hilarious for oil.

I get what you mean but could be worded more simply: Money = security = freedom. I think you're missing though is that you can work many hours happily if you actually have a job you enjoy doing.

>Getting kinda paranoid here, not gonna lie, lads. Half the fuckin' country might have it already, and we don't even know it.

I sneezed yesterday and thought that was going to be the end of me - then I noticed and everyone in my office was looking at me with a mixture of shock and morbid curiosity. It's interesting that I have never read an account of the plague where the author is unduly paranoid that they have it.
No. 39015 Kontra
To distract myself from actual wØrk and because German Ernst said I should give it a "try" I generated a fake lovoo account to see what is going on inside badoo needs verification, it also found my russian model instagram picture kek. I found the girl who cut my hair :DDD she attractive tho and I now know her age. But whatevs, some attractive women there but I see more of them on a daily basis in university and I at least know they study something, they have some sort of education which is not a given with dating apps and by now I believe I'm terribly boring to anybody who cannot talk certain topics. Tbh I'm just bored myself.
No. 39016
>I sneezed yesterday and thought that was going to be the end of me

Ah yes. A coworker told me she feels ill. That evening I felt sick as well and couldn't rule out corona. Talked to friends about corona after a long day outside a few days later and suddenly some of us felt ill. Amazing how the human bean is getting along.
No. 39017
33 kB, 564 × 387
[X]Brush teeth
[X][Still get cavities

I had 2 fillings done today, and the numbness has finally worn off. It was weird when the dentist was drilling-I could hear the drill, and feel the vibration, so I know it was in contact with my tooth-and I saw her look up at the dental assistant as they talked. So while drilling, she actually took her eyes off of her work for a second. That's some impressive muscle memory. Well, I hope it's impressive; I guess I'll find out when my mouth stops hurting. Took some ibuprofen ten minutes after the numbness faded.

I haven't read Hobbes, but maybe I should. Although his idea of a monarch with absolute authority will likely be where our ideas diverge.

Brilliant way to handle the sake decision.
No. 39019
>That sloppy typing

I shamefully can't into my native language at times. I'm bloody terrible over the phone.

Why not create a real one? Getting validation is nice.

Some bacteria are just absolute bastards.

t.had to get an ugly filling on one of my canines
No. 39020
103 kB, 518 × 682
It's really interesting reading plague accounts honestly, or watching all those documentaries on pandemics like I did back in October and November. I think that made me feel even more ahead of the curve and completely prepared than normal while sadly retaining my Cassandra status and wholly lacking in any resources for my foreknowledge to be meaningfully relevant. To that American ITT I'd add, yes at this point I think that Stalin was right about something. I have no ability or hope for ever having that kind of "freedom" and it's a bullshit carrot the generational oligarchs use to control the masses by dangling it in front of us. What most people seem to not realize is even if you run even faster at work you're never going to get that carrot. Literally the only way you're ever going to get that carrot is by bucking that idiot who's whipping you off your back and then you can eat the carrot. But then they'll turn you into gluebut only if it's just you doing it France, USA, and to a lesser extent Russia all proved we only need solidarity to throw them off and not having too many idiots and traitors from our own class standing in our way and those that do should be sent to gulag

I've been getting strong Siena 1347 vibes from reading the reports coming out of Italy
Like I can kind of understand people acting like this back in the mid 14th century when people didn't fucking know anything. I mean yeah, they had knowledge of other pandemics stretching back into antiquity to be aware of, but it was still pigshit ignorant peasants and arrogant, almost equally pigshit ignorant nobles. But today? I seriously have no fucking clue how people are even capable of being this absolutely pants on head retarded. Like, they KNOW what is coming they KNOW how infectious diseases work they KNOW what has already fucking happened to three other countries. Why the fuck are Europeans and North Americans from the bottom of society to the highest executive leadership level all acting like fucking morons right now?
No. 39024
I mined a ton of salt out of a 'respectable' adult today. The absolute merchant thought that I'd kowtow to their pearly middle class buttcheeks and tried big dicking someone who obviously doesn't give a shit who they were. It'd be more ebin if you knew me irl because the visual element in their retardation really drove home how stupid the whole thing was. It was also pretty feelsgood because the guy was obviously a foreman, and foremen are usually lazy cunts.
No. 39034
>But today?
It's pigshit ignorant proles and pigshit ignorant bourgeois, most of whom descent from the aforementioned pigshit ignorant peasants.
>they KNOW
It's don't. Most of them are lucky to know how to breathe and turn on their phones.
No. 39043
321 kB, 720 × 720
>State of Emergency declared
>All events cancelled until further notice
>Realise I have tickets for a Shostakovich concert in May
No. 39048
Hobbes preferred absolute monarchy because in his time it was visibly the most stable form of government. Ironically, in our modern world, the most stable and prosperous states are all liberal democracies, and dictatorships seldom last more than a generation before crumbling. I like to imagine that if Thomas Hobbes was alive today he would endorse First World republicanism, at least for as long as this pattern continues to hold.
No. 39049
131 kB, 1000 × 600
I have lost my mind. I have spent the large majority of my free time in this year trying to gain a deeper understanding of Russia and of the Russian people.

Their nature eludes me even more than when I started, and all I have to show for my efforts is a small library of books on Russian history and textbooks penned with my horrifying rendition of cursive Cyrillic.

I will get to the bottom of Russian Question, even if it costs me my sanity.
No. 39050
It's not very interesting really. Well, certanly better than shitposting about virus thing, but in reality we may be interesting just because we sometimes may feel different and have some our things. Beyond that there nothing - another third world nattion that some time in history ago gained some power. Nothing unusual on this planet
He recently did some interview to bbc if you interested
No. 39052 Kontra
So many books, so little time. Again.

Gonna start reading the last of Platos Dialoges from the compilation of his more or less famous ones.
I listened to a podcast on Deleuze & Guattaris last book they wrote together and now I eagerly want to start with A Thousand Plateaus but I should instead focus on my BA thesis. I just noted down an idea and now I need to actually read a magazine/ dwelling sources.
No. 39053
This is interesting, and I have seen this interview two weeks ago or so. I was looking for Gorby related things after finishing William Taubman's Gorbachev Biography.

>It's not very interesting really. Well, certanly better than shitposting about virus thing, but in reality we may be interesting just because we sometimes may feel different and have some our things. Beyond that there nothing - another third world nattion that some time in history ago gained some power. Nothing unusual on this planet
Russia is unique, even if it's entirely possible that Russia is unique only because Russians believed they were unique a long time ago. Its history is certainly interesting and gaining deeper insight into some periods of Russian history has been very rewarding, even if all I get is some understanding of how the nation on the other extreme of Europe came to be. I will refrain from sharing my complete thoughts on Russia's uniqueness until I have some more knowledge, given that I especially lack deep understanding of Yeltsin's Russia (My only window into fascinating period is The Invention of Russia by Arkady Ostrovsky). The closer I arrive to modern times the muddier the waters become, as political desires to rewrite history make it harder for me to fully see things for what they are.

Either way, I plan to visit this year if things go well, and I'll be able to confirm my suspicions on the nature of Russians.
No. 39055
3,5 MB, 300 × 192, 0:10
2,3 MB, 1020 × 576, 0:56
You cannot get to the bottom of it. You cannot be told what the Russia and Russian mindset is, you cannot even be shown it; you must become it.

Fair enough. I grabbed a few last minute supplies today including the very last thing on my list: eggs, more vacation fish food, and toilet paper. Seriously what the fuck. I'm looking at this scene and I can't help but just imagining people find out there's an asteroid impact imminent or zombie apocalypse and all anyone can think about is being able to wipe their own ass. It's an incredible thing for me to behold. Like what the fucking shit? Meanwhile I nicked myself some fish food because I realized that's what would be next in a few weeks, right after all the dog food and cat food goes, and some swim goggles which had been almost completely untouched. I even scored some household bleach just in case I need a backup and more due to realizing my hydrogen peroxide probably isn't even sterilizing my fish stuff properly which ironically I'm picking these things up or nitrile gloves probably because Karens never bother even looking in the hardware store and ironically it didn't even occur to me to try the household cleaner section but instead hardware. So, I guess I accidentally went to what was a secret spot for everybody else first? Then when I went through that aisle it was totally cleared out. Bleach stock is now kill.

Realistically I don't actually have to be too ga ahead of time. I just need to be slightly ahead of the curve.

>it's don't
I suppose you're right. Like one coworker actually was getting fucking angry about it just like my dad. It really reminds me of the scene from The Day After where the woman I still trying to fold the sheets and do bedding even knowing the bombs are on their way. I guess it's some kind of weird survival mechanism or something that afflicts emotional beings.
Wait oh right
>denial is the first stage of grief
Yeah I totally forgot about that and the fact people are completely unreliable for anything except being retards and basket cases at absolute best in a crisis. Jesus. You know I really should've just fucking positioned myself in a place of power or leadership. Like, I knew people were dumb, but never could I have imagined the magnitude of incompetence I've seen over the last decade.

>it's not even as dangerous as the flu!
The worst thing is that I know for a fact a majority of people are getting this from POTUS and both they and he are too stupid to actually catch the error and will promptly forget about it. He doesn't deserve forgiveness for this one, and I suspect a lot of people won't anyway. What perplexes me is the bougie idiots though. Like where in the fuck is my dad getting this from? Where in the fuck are leftists and liberals getting this moronic shit from? What's worse is their mental faculties are so utterly corroded by Capitalist media and propaganda they no longer have any capacity to think rationally, or of what little they had as basically uplifted peasants at best. Things like "hey this thing is super infectious and even at only 1% and even if flu had 0.1% then wouldnt that be saying logically that the best case is ten times worse than the worst flu and maybe the only reason flu is bad is so many are getting it?" They just don't have any capacity to think rationally or use basic predictive logic.

Of course what's actually the biggest problem here is the fact that we've had a catastrophic failure at leadership both politically on both sides of the aisle as well as medically from WHO. I think they got so much more wrapped up in not causing panic they completely forgot to tell people about any dangers at all. It's also entirely clear to me that while Trump is the worst offender that he's not alone in trying to enforce a total media blackout in not showing anybody what's really happening because people would absolutely fucking lose their minds if they did. It's supposed to be neuroinvasive and for one thing there's nothing quite so dramatic as watching a person seize out, nor as horrific as explaining to people that the medical system will collapse and how all these people are literally drowning in their own lungs and being left to die.

Actually come to think of it I'm really wondering right now how much the executive is going to seize what's basically normally nuclear exchange level emergency powers to totally block everybody online from sharing photos and videos of what's really going to be going on inside our own hospitals, also because "to not cause a panic."

I think we should take a moment for the dead and dying up to present and in the future and to remind ourselves that we must always remember, must not ever forget to actively hunt down and torture and murder every single banker and politician who stole a precious ICU bed from a child to extend their decrepit vampire lives and who tried to save themselves at the expense of the people and the nation and to not ever lose that anger as betrayed peoples for when this is all over
No. 39056
Left early because of a test. Why do I fucking have to identify nouns and verbs and adverbs and so on in fucking 12th grade. Bullshit.
Couldn't take it, went home, drank a shot, had some scones, played Deus Ex.
This hurts. Staying would've hurt too, but that would have been at least honourable.

Valerian is a really useful plant. It sucks ass for sleeping though. I took it before sleep, and each time I did, it made me have terrible nightmares, and it felt like as if my mind was stuck in a loop. Really good for relieving anxiety in the middle of the day though.

I met with the media teacher today. She'll assign me a movie to review. Told her to not assign anything American.
So I'll get a Russian movie. Asked me how old the movie could be, and I told her, that if she "assigns Battleship Potemkin, then I'm watching Battleship Potemkin". Whatever. I'm kind of interested actually.
Thinking about Russian movie names, I actually realised that etymologically, the Hungarian slang
"bratyó" probably comes from the Russian/Slavic word "brat". Very interesting.
Made sure to barge into the living room and tell everyone, before exiting, I also mentioned that "oh wow, Gorbachev is still alive".
What an amazing day. Had a similar realisation in the morning when I read the Italian phrase "Tutti in Casa" "Everyone into the house", and I realised Tutti frutti just means "allfruit" roughly, because it tastes like every fruit at the same time.
You just have revelations like that sometimes.

Listening to jazz and reading about Babits.
Total Weltschmerz, man. Sometimes I think I'm just not fit for life, no matter how lofty my goals are. Why have all these noble goals and ideas when I can't even function like every other student?
I'm starting to think I might have some serious underlying issues I might not be aware of. I wonder what made me so prone to anxiety.

>So many books, so little time
Tell me about it. I've only read a sixth of the collection I piled up in the past 5 years. Can't wait for the new bookshelf. I'm going to be able to set up thematic shelves again.
No. 39057
>Why have all these noble goals and ideas when I can't even function like every other student?
Because without lofty and noble goals you would just be a dysfunctional student. It takes some degree of neurological divergence to achieve extraordinary objectives, whatever they may be.
Take heart, Magyar friend, for anxiety is just a feeling.
No. 39067
I'd wanted say it's not best time travel to russia but remembering whole our history I think there was not really great time travel here at all :---DDD
Where you want to go here in particular?
No. 39068
Have fun with the visa. The Russian embassy's website for Australia is not at all helpful. It's not in runglish but it's edited runglish so it makes perfect sense while not actually explaining anything properly. I want to start booking my trip soon, (Pidorsburg to Almaty by train via Moscow and Volgograd) but I can't afford to throw money down without fully understanding what the fuck I need to do.

I'd love for Russia to have a similar visa policy to Brickistan. If you are from a state that isn't considered an active threat, you are welcome for 30 days visa free. Australia is one of those countries. Instead you get conflicting information in the same set of instructions (still can't figure out if I need documents from each motel, or just one, and if I also need to provide a full itinerary if so or what).

Tbh, if it weren't less than half the price to travel via Russia, I'd just go do Kazakhstan.
No. 39069
I'm feeling very torn right now. I poured so much money and effort into the fish. Yet right now I cant help but ask myself, if I couldn't just find someone for the fish and if I should get infected and survive unscathed whether my time would just be better spent abandoning all my material goods and wandering the countryside ministering to people. No one deserves to die alone without someone holding their hand at the end.
No. 39072
I need be good with Math because I have some college admittance exams in November, but I'm desperate since I hate Math and never was good with it. I don't know what to do because I need study other stuff for the exams too. Halp.
No. 39073
I (hopefully) be in St. Pitersburg in 2nd part of April. Be funny if I'll met Portugalian or Australian Ernst.
No. 39075
Nah, my plan is for end of year. Doubt I'll see anyone from EC other than brick, since we're probably going on a new years boozer if our old pseudo plans from a few years back hold up. I know one Russian is from Murmansk? and I dunno about the others. I suppose it'd be plausible to bump into a Russian ernst but I doubt it'll happen tbh.
No. 39076
Yes, I russian from murmansk. Hope meet some of you guys just for interest, but I dobt anyone come to my city. We don't even have ernsts from northen Norway.
No. 39077
P*dorburk or Moscow, I'd be happy to visit either. Maybe visit both if things go well, maybe visit neither if things don't go well.

I ended up not going to Russia last year, and instead went to Ukraine out of visa issues. These however can be blamed on my lack of planning, but alas.
The Russian embassy website actually calls Portugal "The Federal Republic of Portugal", which sounds like the name of a renegade yokel independence group.

My plans are also for later into the year, but would be happy to meet up with some EC Russians.
No. 39080
I'll see how I run for time, and how autistic your gubmint is about visa shit, but if I have time and ability, I might dip up there for a day or two. Might be cool to take a stickybeak around. Presumably there's some interesting shit about the Arctic Convoys about, and there's an icebreaker museum ship there too if I recall correctly.
No. 39081
Woke up in the middle of the night after a pretty strange dream. I was actually reading Faust before bed and fell asleep just after reading the scene where Mephistopheles summons a choir of ghosts that put Faust to sleep, and wishes him sweet dreams as he escapes.
Also made me realize I haven't had any vivid dreams in a very long time, whereas few years ago I used to have them quite regularly and always jotted down what I could remember right after waking up. Did it this time too, but I'll spare you the private details, maybe one prophesy based on it I can make would be that people will be forced to work together in the near future.
Also makes me wonder if I had that dream because I did a hefty pushup workout yesterday for the first time in a while, and the corresponding neural connections were going wild due to that.

>instead went to Ukraine
How'd you like it? Any recommendations? I was thinking of going there this year, though I also have roots there.

There's lots of good vids on yootube for math that explain stuff in simple terms, but you really need to also sit down and solve some example questions to really get it. Though I don't know how advanced the stuff you'd need is.
No. 39083
>How'd you like it? Any recommendations? I was thinking of going there this year, though I also have roots there.
I stayed in Kiev and it was nice. I suppose I don't really have any recommendations, as I was with a slav sherpa who showed me interesting places. Podol is nice though.
I should also say that your experience may vary given I enjoy looking at bizarre eastern european city layouts and other esoteric things.
No. 39088
Today was another okay day.
I kept reading the Babits book. The chapter about his high school life is really interesting. When I read that by the time he did his matura exams he translated two entire Heine cycles, I got a bit jealous and sad. Then I remembered that I translated a novel before my matura exams.

During history class my history teacher gave me another book. It's an essay collection about Babits. A bit rugged, but it's an ex-library book, so it's a given that it's in a bad condition.
It's very interesting because it includes every photo the Petőfi Literary Museum had of the author as an appendix.
The title page states that this is "A joint publication of the Petőfi Literary Museum and the Propaganda Bureau for People's Education". Just found that funny.
It's always strange to come across these small bits that remind you of how different things were just 30 years ago.
Despite this, every essay was written by a respectable literati or academic, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the author's birth.

Bought a small pocket Babits volume on the way home. It has a selection of short stories, a novel fragment, a novella and two novels in it, both of which I already own.
Got it mainly because of the short stories and the novella. Not a bad bargain for less than a euro.
At this rate, I'll have to dedicate an entire shelf to a single author.

I got a batch of my translations printed out today. Tomorrow I'm going to get my poems printed. Completely forgot about those. Had six of them lying around on my hard drive unprinted.
Now that I think of it, I didn't get my essay on Yerofeyev back. Dammit. I was actually proud of that one. It was a really good piece, even if a bit pseudo-intellectual and melodramatic.

Literature class was absolute ass today. We had to write up useful figures of speech for essays. Basically formulate general, useful, pre-made sentences. She said that they're called chunks in English. The teacher has a terrible accent.
Anyway, told her that it's useless. Formulating pre-made sentences is useless if you can't twist and turn pseudo-academic and academic jargon to fit your needs in the given essay. You either know these chunks from learning literature, or you don't.
Tell you the truth, whenever I use academic jargon or say something that could be a direct quotation from a textbook, I feel a crushing sense of irony. I can't say it out aloud without a smirk on my face for some reason. It's like a inside jokes I have with myself.

The Ministry of Human Resources explicitly forbade the closure of schools, and only the government can order them to be closed down. (So the principals have no say in the matter)
They don't plan to close down any, because "children usually don't catch it and they don't develop severe symptoms if they do".
105IQ move.

There's been a run on supplies again. This time it's harsher. My mother couldn't buy bread when she went to the store.
Heard some pensioners talk about conspiracy theories regarding the virus.
Some people think this new state of emergency is the first step to dictatorship.
[muffled Deus Ex theme song plays in the background]
No. 39090
>Some people think this new state of emergency is the first step to dictatorship

I'm casually looking at a webpage that relinks autonomist and anarchist blog posts, one of these too saw the state of emergency in italy as taste of what is to come, corona used as an excuse to shut down entire regions etc and forbid people to leave their house, it was very much "my freedoom!" And tbh it sounded very stupid. I see their point but then again what would be an autonomist answer to this virus? It comes on top of normal influenza and roaming around freely in a region where it's spreading because my freedom is pretty much an asshole move against older and ill (weak immune system) people. So yeah, I see the point of the state taking meassure that beg for it being called a control regime etc. but saying oh yeah lets just go wherever we want to go because I need freedom is pretty much ignorant and shows a romantic stupidity that lacks any awareness for people who are actually in danger because of that virus.
No. 39094
2,4 MB, 2976 × 3968
They shut down the schools, creches and universities today in Ireland and the panic buying began, seen an old woman with a trolley full of bog roll coming out of Lidl, and in Aldi and Tesco about 60% of the shelves were empty. The cops even had to be called to a Dunnes in my town because of people fighting over toilet paper (the fuck?).

Anyway, I spent like 80 euro on a load of canned goods, canned fruits, supplements, water and vegetables about 2 weeks ago so I'm glad I was ahead of the panic. Now we gotta get the chimney cleaned and the stove fixed in case we have to cook on the stove if the electricity goes out, which I'm sure it won't.
No. 39100
6,2 MB, 4800 × 3200
122 kB, 899 × 599
Today I found out about tokamaks and that China is planning to step up their testing this year. Pretty impressive.
No. 39104
1023 kB, 504 × 340, 0:04
Fuck that noise. I've seen the bootlickers call for a general 24-hour curfew here, and you can practically hear the powers that be licking their lips in anticipation of it spreading enough to justify it. If you are in such a bad state that you don't want to or can't risk catching it, stay inside and let the rest of us live our damn lives. They call it, I'm going to go walkabout and let the gestapo decide if they really want to lock someone up for going outside. Plus, I'm not a fan of the 24-hour curfew becoming normalised like that. Our government is bad enough when the people are just used to them being fundie cunts. I don't need to see what they become when outright fascist shit becomes kosher (heh).

Same thing has happened here. It's fucking retarded. The supermarkets had to put on buy limits on arsewipe because people were buying out entire stocks of it.
No. 39111
> If you are in such a bad state that you don't want to or can't risk catching it, stay inside and let the rest of us live our damn lives.

Or maybe you could show some solidarity with nurses, doctors, the old and the frail by trying your best not to serve as a plague vector and voluntarily adhering to social distancing recommendations.
No. 39112
You see, I'm all with you when you say that there is a worrying tendency of cutting liberal citizens rights and militarizing police which is laying the roots for some fucked up harsher version of class society and all, but this corona outbreak in times of globalisation and big travel is a serious (yet maybe overhyped) medical emergency situation, not some test run of the ruling class for dystopian governmental measures.
No. 39115
Tbh, all of those demographics are the kinds of people who practically spit on me any other time, and show no solidarity when people like me get fucked over by people in their social class. Hell, they're the demographic that is the core tory voter base. I mean, I can't even afford to have a curfew. They implement it, and I end up on the street because unlike them in their cushy six figure jobs with lots of paid leave, or their pensions that they got when everything was still within the means of a normal person, I get paid by the hour, and don't even get paid sick leave, let alone 'oh I can't come in today because curfew' leave. They always want something from us but never want to give us squat. I say fuck em all.

Don't matter if it's intentional or not. Either way it's going to have the same effect of legitimising jackboots on everyone's throats. It's not going to fly with me, and I'm not going to make it easy on them if they decide to try it.
No. 39116
Ok, fuck nurses and doctors, but that's only half of it. You still have to make your case for eliminating the old and frail.
No. 39117
>fuck nurses
Now we are entering black metal teenager levels of edgyness.
No. 39118
I'm conceding the point to see how far he will go.
No. 39119
I don't say I want to eliminate them. Just don't think that I have any real obligation to lay down and take the man's dick in my arse for them. No real desire to neither since they don't do shit for us when we need it. Same thing though, the olds are the demographic that weighs heavily towards the tories. They're the ones who got the good times economically and get to retire when economic times turn bad. The rest of us work for peanuts, and often fall below living wages (haven't been able to afford rent or food without going into savings for the past month, and for the forseeable future, in a weak job economy to boot so finding more work is easier said than done) and won't get to retire. Do they offer any support whatsoever for the struggle? Nuh. It's all about how we're not giving them enough of a pension despite barely being able to feed ourselves. They all act like we're serfs whose only purpose is to provide for their every whim and not have any lives of our own.

I don't really have beef with nurses in general, but if they're going to be enemies of free people and be complicit in enacting a general curfew, then they can get fucked. It's not edginess, it's having a line where you're either a bootlicker or not, and if you want to lick boots then I say fuck you. That kind of tyranny is a genie that can't be put back in the bottle.
No. 39120
You're falling for the trick where you are made to fight amongst your own kind instead of the real enemy.
No. 39121
And my allies would want to put a yoke around my neck? Doubtful.
No. 39122
Out of all the handling it like total ass things I've seen thus far, by far the absolute worst was them putting more time and effort into downplaying it all in an effort to contain the panic and make themselves sound in charge.
>do you feel in charge
See the thing is, the actual asshole move theyve been doing is spreading this "it's only a flu" nonsense, which doesnt even make any sense because they're still gonna have to deal with it one way or the other before elections. Franky I think that they're all just completely clueless on what to do and don't want to admit that fact, along with muh precious stock monies.

The result of all this bullshit is everybody thinks like you that it's just a harmless cold that only causes problems for the old and frail. Do you really think every government would take such extreme measures if that were the case? Or how about more importantly, the neoliberals are fucking their own economies with these measures. That is the absolute last thing any of them wanted to do and why so many dragged their feet for so long. I'm not saying it's ebola but the situation is far, far worse than what everybody's being told and yes that includes even young people having to be put on ventilators. We are not immune. Some are asymptomatic and some manage to skirt by with just a really horrific illness that lasts two weeks, as if you or me actually wants to be fucking bedridden with both flu and cold symptoms at the same time for two weeks. Others get pneumonia. You should see that British guy who had it and had a "mild" case. He had pneumonia and it fucking sucked. That was "mild". The rest of people start having trouble breathing and it's neuroinvasive on top of fuck knows how long it stays in our bodies or if it ever even lives, like getting herpes. Plus the reinfection is just downright spooky and it sounds like that's what's causing people to have cytokine storms the most. We're talking about like half of all people getting it being hospitalized in some cases.

So, no, it isn't just about staying indoors so grandma with cancer and grandpa with his triple bypass don't get sick. Frankly I'm amazed that we already aren't having the hospitals clogged and speaking of which does anybody have lots of good videos smuggled out of hospitals?

There's also https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/woman-in-italy-posts-coronavirus-warning-soon-you-will-not-have-a-choice/ar-BB113Iau I really want to watch this video but I'm not on shitbook and they didn't link it so I have no clue how to find it.

The other interesting thing to note here is that apparently both Donald Trump and Bolsanaro got exposed to it through some PR aid. So it should be interesting seeing the political instability that could result also and whatever the Fallout of that may be.

Like I've been trying to explain to people for weeks now it's just frankly a problem that a lot of low IQ people and NTs fail to appreciate about the gravity of the situation which is cascade failures throughout the system. It's not just about any one person getting sick. It's not just about you getting sick but others who you will get sick, and likewise it's not about the country getting sick but the cascade failures as a result of that. Christ I really should've just been a local politician or something even though I knew I'd never make it because I'm not a billionaire or jerking off in a coffin or both. I was gonna try and become a Mason but between going broke and some others things that's been on hiatus for quite awhile and I'm probably one of the few people who actually thought of joining just for the charity work and to hang out with people and maybe pick up a new esoteric thing or two.
No. 39123
241 kB, 1059 × 349
What we need is at least queuing. I haven't yet figured out how to go about it but at the very least what we're going to need is some way to structure when everybody can go out for a resupply like maybe a lottery like the Vietnam draft or something. And maybe the government could say, offer you $100 deposit into your bank account if you voluntarily stay home that week/fortnight/month extra or whenever it's your turn. Actually you know what that's my best plan yet. We can afford to spend billions of dollars on senseless bullshit and spend literally trillions of dollars on fucking deficit spending for the military. We can afford to offer everyone a few hundred million dollars collectively to just stay the fuck home. Knowing Americans I'm sure massive numbers of people would jump at the chance for that. Fuck if I know I would. It would enable everybody who really actually needs it to go out while keeping virtually everybody else the fuck inside where they can't keep contaminating everybody in crowds.

What I am talking about now is the long term solutions to this problem because it isn't gonna go away anytime soon. What we need to do is start planning how to placate people and preventing the large crowds from forming. That's way better and way easier to do than any stupid lottery or other form of queuing so nobody is going out all at once which will spread it like literally the plague. Which also sadly is going to be fucking everybody because I know for a fact these dumbasses had no time to plan and prepare thanks to their own stupidity and ignorance being reinforced by in particular my asshat government and all governments generally. The more we can keep this infection from spreading the more we can prevent the beginning of increasing severity of knock on effects and other cascade failures throughout this. And plus well free money. We're already sunk in the hole what the fuck is it now, like 24 trillion dollars? Even more? And we sure as shit aren't exiting it in no matter what without trillions more especially thanks to that assheads stupid plan to cut trillions in taxes for the wealthy and corporations without any spending cuts or any saving and setting aside for a rainy day.

I mean fuck. I still just can't even wrap my mind around that. If I wanted to kill this country the best thing I couldve done would be to do nothing at all and let the people in charge do even more damage because no matter what I did it would at least offer some chance they'd take another option than what they just did.

I cannot emphasize enough the severity of keeping people this misinformed. There are hundreds of millions of dumb angry Americans right now who're gonna be building toilet paper forts with no ibuprofen or peanut butter or cat food in two weeks time. This will happen because rather than stretching it out of many weeks time with plenty of added time to rationally think and plan and prepare and be in the shitter suddenly having the epiphany "oh fuck I probably will need that this month won't I" they're given next to no official notice or warning and told not to bother worrying at all which is going to be an incredible force multiplier for this crisis.

You other countries, let us be a stark warning to you all as you watch us suffer. Did I buy the draino? While I sit on my toilet and leave a massive shit clogged with toilet paper did I buy the Draino or something to unclog
Oh. Fuck. Actually I DID forget something. Holy shit I completely forgot about getting my toilet bowl plunger. Well see now there you go. And while I did have to just restart from scratch thus leaving everything needing to be gotten I did also at least have a solid two months awareness and solid month of prep time which gave me all that length of planning ahead these people don't have and I absolutely guarantee you the vast majority of people will have the toilet bowl cleaner moments in their arsewipe hoard. It's fucking incredible to me. I still just can't wrap my mind around this. Even to this very fucking day I see those goddamn idiots in their little red hats wandering around Walmart clueless and the only reason they're even going to be aware anything is wrong at all is because the stock market shit itself and Trump closed the air border with Europe. Why he didn't kill our links with UK I don't know but it was once again another stupid thoughtless oversight of his like sticking Iran on the "Muslim ban" but leaving the Saudis out, who btw just recently had a Saudi soldier stage a terrorist attack literally inside one of our military bases on our own soil. Fuck he's clueless.

This is all just going to make the ensuing chaos that much worse in a culture already poised to become a complete dumpster fire. It will be the perfect storm here. These people are gonna be stuck in their houses when the quarantine comes down and they're not even going to know what's going on. Ffs they probably hoarded antibiotics to treat this virus for all I know. This all but guarantees there's going to be nothing but absolutely mass panic here in two weeks.
No. 39125
So going full gestapo and demanding a valid reason to leave your damn house is totally fine and totally not going to bite us in the arse in the long run? I'm looking beyond the immediate situation here, and considering what the fuck these people who have not acted in good faith ever, are going to do with these new emergency powers in the future. Who cares about surviving the virus if all you get to look forward to is an even more tyrannical system? I actually believe in liberty enough to not throw it away the second that a scary virus shows up. Too much blood and toil has been already given to get us what we've got for that shit.
No. 39130
Haven't left my house for a month and I still manage to get sick somehow. My keyboard is probably full of ancient germs, it's the only vector I can think of.
No. 39138
Asian countries that aren't China have had great success in limiting the spread, without going full nazi. They've done it with:
  1. Intensive and free testing.
  2. Rapid response to quarantine specifically those who have had contact with confirmed cases, and...
  3. A general collective spirit which makes people more likely to overcome their libertarian instincts, and just stay the fuck inside for the sake of the common good.
We lack all of that here, so it's going to be bad. This reinforces my belief that the best societies are those with free institutions, but a highly collective culture.
No. 39139
179 kB, 720 × 1840
>fuck nurses
As if
No. 39141
I will shortcut the whole discussion I could participate in even tho I initally gave the post that made it roll.
I see the normilization of control heavy governance justified via emergency states, I have problems with that. Yet what I critized was not the critic of that process but some autonomists who don't think far enough and think it's fine to go whereever they want, he/she did not even mention what would be done, when he/she catches the virus him/herself. I mean I don't want to see my niece of newphew die because some fucktard think it's fine to into public spreading corona. And what's even more is his/her lack of answers how to deal with such a virus. Your answer would be to just let them all stay inside, all kids, all elderly just locked down, their parents and children on distance, since they have to buckle for the money, or how will it all work out? I don't expect a "constructive critique of capitaism" but how autonomists can manage a virus outbreak in complex societies that are "connected" via worldwide travel movements. I see their point, but if they cannor provide a different realization (an idea at first ofc) on how to deal with it, it's kinda useless in the end. You see I fancy autonomia somehow and yet I've never seen a good answer on how to manage complex societies in that regard, I don't want to back to anarcho primitivism, so how can it be doen otherwise? You have to cutoff people and monitor illness in one way or another, dont you? The problem is that of monitoring and meassurements concering viral spread.
No. 39148
I agree with the general thrust of your post (anarchists are retarded animals), but I would like to point out that as of right now it seems that the 0-9 age range rarely develop severe illness from SARS-CoV-2 infection, so concern for children per se may be misplaced.
No. 39153
I think I'm actually starting to panic.
It feels so surreal to turn on the news. This shouldn't be happening, but it's happening. I don't think I'm prepared for this mentally.
There is talk that they want to introduce internal border-checks at the borders of Budapest and Pest-county using the army.
Though the government said that this is fake news.
They're rethinking the closing of schools.

Some teachers already announced that they'd hold classes online if the schools were to close.
>Sir, what platform are you going to use, Facebook?
>I'm going to use a little software called "discord".
Fucking memes.

I'm also starting to feel the economic impact of the epidemic. I was told to conserve money by my mother.
Picked up my package today and I don't think I'll order anything for a while now.
The thought of having to cut corners and be really conscious of money makes me really anxious. I don't waste money, but damn, I don't want to think about every single forint I spend.
I have a feeling that the cancellation of that concert I booked a few months ago is going to be the least of my problems.
At least they didn't cancel the German exam. I want to get that certificate.

I shared some of my commute with a friend again. We discussed Vaporwave extensively, switched recommendations.
Dialogues like these really lift my spirit. Not only because I get to discuss things with people, but also because I can see the disgust on the face of onlookers as we say the words "American capitalism".
It's the best feeling.
Also lent him a book he needs to read for the matura exam. He's doing the advanced level course. What a lad.

A girl told me that short hair "suits me".
No. 39161
>anarchists are retarded animals

Why? Which ones are you referring to? Anarchism is a vast school of thought, so to hear such a sweeping generalization is a bit surprising coming from you. Are we talking Proudhon? Kropotkin? Bakunin? Stirner? Tucker? Novatore? Camus? Goldman? Zerzan? Black? Kaczynski?

Help me out here.
No. 39164
I read that in Italy small children died, perhaps they had other illnesses as well. But yeah that is why I mentioned my niece and nephew.

Schools closed down here already. Universities will constrain their institutional role. Semester start will be delayed and the uni take individual meassurements.

I to get a bit nervous tbh, because if you really slow down the usual daily routines that much you can get problems with logictics and hence food in the end.

>A girl told me that short hair "suits me".

I had to think about this guy running around in dreads, he was around 18 at that time after he cut them and grew normal hair, people told him how different he looked, more serious and adult and such. Generally I would say you either have long(er) and nice hair that is styled or grows well or you look like a slob bum that signals he does not care about his appearance. There is a mix, you can have (longer) slob hair but it fits and you don't look like a person you cannot take seriously. Looking at older photos of myself I often let it grew out to the point it looked really shit than got a 5-10mm-cut. Today I actually give more nuanced directions of what I want to be done with my hair. One need to feel comfortable with his/her hair. Books about hair and culture will proof me right I guess, hair and it's meaning within human cultures will definitely provide material for a dozen books at least. Already in antiquiaty I guess. Hair as fertility symbol I think. Facial hair, pubic hair, top hair, legs etc.
No. 39171
You have a cool teacher. A lame teacher, if s/he would stream at all, would just go with facebook, and fuck you if you don't want uncle Zuck spying on you.
I don't really like discord (I don't really like any chat), but it's way better than facebook or skype.
No. 39172
I took care of my hair when it was long. I washed it and brushed it regularly. It's a bit curly and wavy, so it got a bit disorganised from time to time, but I never went anywhere with greasy, unkempt hair.

>I to get a bit nervous tbh
The PM just announced that all schools will be closed, and if possible, continue teaching digitally.
This probably entails that most of my classes will be cancelled, and I'll probably have the extra history classes, the extra literature classes and the regular lit classes held digitally through whatever software the teacher picks.
Can't believe it.

The other who said that she'll hold classes online picked facebook.
I'm hoping that everyone picks a different software, so I'll need to make many accounts.
No. 39173
>and if possible, continue teaching digitally.

Since I don't follow the German discussion... but I wonder if that was even an option in Germany. We are truly behind when it comes to this I imagine.
No. 39174
It's don't. Even Orbán admitted that "The digital infrastructure of lower education hasn't been built up properly" in his speech.
"It'll be a bit bumpy, but it's still better than not teaching at all."

It'll turn into a disaster in short order imho.
You can't do this with an understaffed school system where even the remaining teachers are rapidly ageing.
I guess most teachers will just send you handouts every day or two to fill, and that'll constitute as "teaching". But they haven't even sent out the how-to manuals to the teachers yet.
No. 39188
I'm actually feeling pretty cozy. I live at the outskirts of a small town, a supermarket right across the street, and I work remotely anyways.
Another exam on Monday, that I'm free to not attend if I don't want to, though I think I will. And also use that occasion to stock up on some foodstuffs that's not available locally.
Schools are closed, so my brother is staying home too, my mom's working from home most of the time, my dad's work doesn't involve a lot of contact with people so I think we're good unless it gets really bad.
University's supposed to resume in a month, we'll see how that plays out. But now I don't even have to feel too bad about just staying home that whole time, so there's that.
Been pretty depressed and aimless lately, I think I'll try translating that Natan Dubovitsky/Vladislav Surkov novella, and I'll start working out again.
No. 39191
In regards to the previous posts, the way COVID-19 is playing out in my life is mostly by my sister, who was pretty sad today after her Erasmus trip got cancelled. She had been studying German for a while and was eager to go, but she might have lost her opportunity to Erasmus before completing her degree.

In my end, income was lower.
No. 39193
Currently residing at my family's home at my hometown. It's pretty cozy, in a 4k souls smalltown with forest and mountains around you and the next bigger city being 70km away you already feel much safer than in a metropolis - the last days I just spent getting high and not leaving my room, using public transport was getting me really paranoid every timr and everything seemed really surreal. The overall atmosphere of my life was just bleak and it already got much better just by seeing my family again while last week I've only seen other people at one evening of the week.
In comparison to that cesspool I live in (which already is pretty corona'd and will probably get fugged hard in the following week) my home town feels like a safe haven.
Tomirrow I'll do comfy stuff like take a long walk and visit the local supermarket, everytime I do that I see a few familiar faces.
Took a lot of books with me and preparing myself to spend the whole month here until my studies start (20th april, the beginning got delayed by a month).
Maybe I'll re-visit the city I live in for two nightshifts at the hotel again (if by then it isn't closed down yet) but afterwards I plan to stay here, relax, read books I wanted to read for a long time, go hiking and write a lot of articles so I can start into the new semester with a decent amount of money.
Also a school friend of mine is around town as well but these days we don't really have much in common anymore, especially as I'm in a phase of abstinence at the moment and he's basically just living from one party to another. Maybe we'll go to a restaurant or something like that though, because hanging out with my family 24/7 can get on my nerves as well.

My brother is visiting the 10th class of a Gymnasium and he laughed his ass off at the very imagination that his teachers could use discord to give lessons, when I told him that there are such teachers in Hungary. That should say enough.
No. 39195
Hello fellow RLP-ernst, I hope you enjoy the prolonged Semesterferien just as I am.

Really looking for that exam that's supposed to happen in around 10 days. I'm actually well prepared considering the time I've left and I'd like to get this thing done, but I have my doubts I'll be allowed to go to uni anytime soon. I'm especially not fond of being registered at the entrance with name and ID. The state isn't known to handle such power with grace...

In any case, my routine has not changed much: I barely see other people anyway, do my early morning walks in the fields and woods when nobody else is awake, go shopping when the store opens in the morning and nobody else is around and otherwise stay at home.

Really, I'm feeling quite good recently. Ever since I've stopped following any kind of news my mental state skyrocketed.
No. 39204
Mum did the shopping. Nothing unusual. We usually have extra packets of flour and sugar at home. Not to mention sunflower oil and potatoes.
I'm amazed that some people don't just buy 30kgs of potatoes to keep in their basement until next year's potato harvest.

Personally, I only need two things for the upcoming we'reallgoingtodie apocalypse/panic, which is a few packets of ink for my fountain pen, and another tin of valerian.
(Maybe a cheeky bottle of alcohol too.)
Though I found a large packet of cheap black ink I bought a few years ago.
>use a ballpoint pen

Since classes were cancelled, I don't have to go to the city. I bought the tea I needed last week, so everything should be all right. Worst case scenario is that I'll have to walk to the store to buy something, which isn't that much of a "threat" in a town of just 30k people.

Well, it's only for the extra literature classes that are taught by a guy in his early 30s.
Most of the class already feels like a voicechat with the constant banter we're having.
But it's a makeshift method. The gubmint said that there's an e-learning infrastructure, but it "isn't ready", as in, it has no materials uploaded and the teachers weren't trained to use it. They wanted to introduce it next year.
It probably doesn't have server capacity either.
Honestly, I don't know how this'll work out.
No. 39211
I'll just go out and drink, alcohol kills viruses right?
No. 39212
Neighborhood mechanic advised me to consume artisanal spirits in order to prevent a coronavirus infection.
This form of self-made spirit where I live is often called "Bug Killer" (Mata-bicho ou mat'ó-bicho, literally 'kills the bug'). This name refers to an old timey belief that ingesting a small dose of spirits on an empty stomach will give you a boosted immune system.
No. 39219
2 days of not sleeping well, I dread going to work and to the grocery store to stock up. I don't mind being infected myself, but I am afraid for my boomer parents, they mean the world to me.

An option would be to go back to my old flatmate in another city, wait until the worst is over there. But parents need someone to get them food and medicine. I want to minimize the the possibility of infecting them while not panicking/stressing them out. If either of them dies because of me, I'm quite literally ready to jump off a cruise ship in the dead of night, the guilt would be too much.

With an anxiety disorder uncertain times like this are a nightmare, even the normies are losing their minds.
No. 39223
No. 39231
I watched the S01E08 of ST:Picard. It did go full magic destiny retard. I not sure if the show runners even know what scifi is. It is now reached the world workings level of Lost, with the difference that Lost was at least excellent for two or three seasons.

It is really sad and makes me even a little miserable.
No. 39237
On the bright side, they will not die of Covid-19.
No. 39242
How you can made this far? I did it for like 15 minutes of discovery, and first episode of picard. It was dumb beyond repair.
No. 39244
My only motivation to watch this shit, on Monday at work I can complain about how shit it is with my colleagues.
No. 39245
These fucking boomers and nopreppers wiped out all my goddamn sugar! There wasn't any granulated sugar in the fucking store! How the fuck am I supposed to make a proper koolaid if I haven't got any sugar? Well at least they left a handful of powdered sugar for whatever reason so I can just make do with that. I totally forgot I was just about out of it until after these people totally stripped the store. I think it's actually a bit of an interesting commentary on America too on exactly which things are all totally sold out. I was at least hoping that it would stop but I guess everybody who wasn't packed in there yesterday spent the whole day today running around the various supermarkets stripping everything else out. I was at least hoping Walmart resupplied something.

This fills me with a bit of foreboding about just what's gonna happen when I have to deal with these people later when actual high profile figures start dropping like flies. I know they don't give a shit if it's Chinese people or think it's just old people but holy hell there's gonna be another panic buying wave if Forest Gump dies or something. Maybe I'll finally start eating and planting my pet pineapple tomorrow. And balancing my books, finally. I think the only thing stopping people from panicking further is because of the way our medical privacy laws work they still do not realize anybody is being hospitalized. I'm starting to see ambulances. Like, more than usual. I've also noticed flowers seem to be getting sold a bit more.
No. 39246
My brain's complete mush tbh, might just decide to skip the exam on Monday as I didn't prepare today at all, just played Dota and got drunk.
And there's another project we're supposed to turn in on Monday, my partner sent me what he's done so far saying that he's stuck but I've way less of a clue than he does so I guess we're fucked. It's not a mandatory project, but feels bad to drag him down like this since I asked to partner up. Well, we'll skype and maybe figure sth out tomorrow.

I've discovered an online course on Contemporary Russian Literature which gave me a momentary injection of brain power, but not sure that'll be enough. I hope I'll be able to recover after Monday, regardless how things go. All these uncertainties are wearing me down.

>These fucking boomers and nopreppers wiped out all my goddamn sugar!
Flour and sugar are pretty cost effective, so can't blame ppo for stocking up on that stuff. It tends to sell out here quickly as well afaik. I went shopping just before the supermarket was closing and was thinking about stocking up a bit as well, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It must be my contrarian instinct acting up. I feel like even if it should actually turn into a situation where I'd have to admit that I should've prepped, I'd rather just starve for a while, purely to enact my hunger artist performance.
No. 39247
You better hope you're fat and have some multivitamins. It looks like shit's kicking off now in all our countries around the same place Italy was a couple weeks ago tops. I am aware Spain and France shut down and didn't Germany as well?

In terms of caloric intake I actually got a few brownie mixes with butter just because it's so incredibly calorie dense on top of being delicious. It just sucks I can't have any of my koolaide now this soon into the happening.
No. 39249
I think France asked their people to stay inside, no curfew.

I went to the grocery store as well yesterday evening and had to grin when I saw YumYum Noodles decimated, ordinary Noodles, frozen food etc. I just bought what I need until next week. Hell, the supplies won't run out until next week, I mean many people will have to go to work on Monday as usual, all the people who can do their work from home don't produce supplies anyway.
I'm aware of the exponential curve, but perhaps it really slows down a bit. But numbers will rise ofc.
No. 39251
32 kB, 900 × 500
>Maybe I'll finally start eating and planting my pet pineapple tomorrow
>pet pineapple

I'm so confused.
No. 39256
>Trying to negotiate
>Maybe it will slow down
People told you. You called them tinfoil-hats. Days ago, you laughed about them. Ran out of TP yet? Soon, you'll beg and starve. Actions or in-actions have consequences. Some people understand this. People like you learn the hard way, because you're dumb.
No. 39257
>You better hope you're fat and have some multivitamins. It looks like shit's kicking off now in all our countries around the same place Italy was a couple weeks ago tops. I am aware Spain and France shut down and didn't Germany as well?
Yep, Europeon shitholes are shutting down en masse, and the Germs of Germ-Many will be next. Most of them aren't prepared at all, and millions will die. Germlings haven't grasped it yet, but they are totally ducked. Good!

If course, after it's over, they'll find excuses why they were hit 10x harder than the US it Germany, excuses is what they are best at.
>Me? I didn't know anything about them ovens!
No. 39258
5,0 MB, 4608 × 3456
201 kB, 1280 × 720
141 kB, 1280 × 720
Went for a walk in the moor.
No. 39265
>Millions will die

Afaik it's ravanging in China for months now and so far a few thousand people have did.

You can brag about your TP all day long, in the end I can shit without ass wipping, real skills that those dumb masses who are less intelligent and clear headed than me won't be able to, because they lost all their skills and cannot think for themselves. I told you so like I always do, when I think the apocalypse is near. My life resolves around preaching the end and when it really happens I will be able to feel better once in my life.
I don't reflective how I think but tbh I have enough TP.


It's interesting that you don't even consider the economy as the bigger problem, smart prepper and apocalpyse obessed people would go for that.

It's allright that people consider a failure of a complex system but why get so mad at others, behave or get lost. Don't you have a bubble to succumb to in agreement?
No. 39266
How much germany have big chunks of nature where you can escape from civilisation? I thought it's very populated, but looking at your pics feels cozy.
No. 39267
Vodka kill radiation and can protect you from warp.
No. 39268 Kontra
1,7 MB, 4608 × 3456
P.S.: I also saw some cranes, but couldn't take a good picture with my mobile.
Reminder, that Летят журавли/When the Cranes are flying is an incredibliy good movie and you should watch it if you haven't yet
No. 39269
Depends on your definition of "big". Compared to Russia it's dense here, but you can usually retreat to nature fast, unless you want total wilderness where you won't even meet someone walking a dog.
No. 39270
There is no nature in Germany. Our forests are basically wood-plantations. Often, there are less than 2 km between 2 villages. Germany is very densely populated, and fishing/hunting without a permit is illegal. Pollution is pretty bad. Even in places where you wouldn't think of it, you'll find leftover ruins of old industries, like remnants of an old gravel-mining site in the middle of a forest. There is a lake near my hometown that most people think is natural. Wrong! It's an old travertine-mine that was water-proofed with concrete. The water is poisonous, but some fools swim there. We have a massive problem with pollutants from old landfills that authorities are reluctant to admit. Up until the 1970s, the local mayor would just pick some valley or hollow to fill up with garbage, and everything was dumped there, even residues from the surrounding companies, all kinds of chemicals and shit, electronics, everything. We call those Bürgermeisterkippen, mayor-dumps.

Those dumps are now often forgotten and overgrown, but water runs through them into asides aquifers and is then pumped straight to the tap. I'm certain that in some places in Germany, drinking water is laden with PCB and heavy metals, but the authorities refuse to properly test it.

Germany should be one big hazmat-cleanup-site, but nobody is honest enough to admit it.
No. 39272
Are you the prepper guy as well?

Anyway, I've worked for the cities ecology department and all known landfills are registered and watched and often have been secured, so that they don't leak. On Top of that: Where waste leaks or some aciddent happened and groundwater is in danger, usually wells drain that water and it gets cleaned.
It does not mean that it's not a problem any longer. Landfills can leak againm, the waste stays where it was dumped and the chemical reactions inside are not known in total, metan gas is produced etc. Perhaps it's an exception. But to say authorities don't care is bullshit. And besides, pollution is not comparable to what was going on in the 1970s. I don't say pollution does not happen, but in comparsion to the postwar decades it has been reduced signfificantly.
No. 39273
66 kB, 634 × 549
I think this is definitely one of the best ways to understand the bydlo, along with people in general. When I look at this I come to see a pattern in why there's still so much angry denialism and now a lot of people are starting to reach that stage of "itll all blow over soon" but there's still lots and lots of angry retards out here. At least Germany can probably maintain proper ordnung in a crisis, like to the extent I can imagine German families actually starving to death if the authorities told them to. It will be sheer bedlam here in a couple of weeks.
No. 39274
3,1 MB, 3712 × 1712
>unless you want total wilderness where you won't even meet someone walking a dog.
Well, place where you can meet person walk a dog we call "city park", by this standart my city is just "groups of random city blocks in wilderness" lol.

I meant more like you go on car by old abadoned military road some 30 km into forest, then from road find some open place and do little picknick, or pick mushrooms and berries or something like that.

Ye, this is how I imagening things. Very over-populated place. And not today. Germany civilized and over populated places for centuries - everywhere cities, villages, factories, fields etc. I like german culture and civilisation, I look at awesome buildings from 2nd reich, look how better you live than this 3rd world place and how cozy everything, but I feel so much claustrophobic looking at life in europe, espessialy in places like Germany. I dunno if it's kind of mental issue, but I already feel uncomfortable in central russia with all this villages nearby and ukraine. I don't imagine
No. 39278
I slept well. Had a cup of apple pálinka before bed. Maybe that did the trick, because I woke up well rested, despite sleeping only seven hours.
Didn't do much today. I was on the lookout for any government info about school and I also read a bit of that Babits biography I started reading.
It made me feel a lot better about myself. Though maybe I should treat the life of a prominent author as a coping mechanism for my own shortcomings.

This whole "state of emergency" thing makes me really anxious. I'm more concerned about Savage. He's relocated to Vandenberg. the possible economic impact this whole ordeal will have on the family. Just thinking about it makes me feel awful. I can't fucking take this.
At least there is no chance of a food shortage. Turns out not only my mother bough some more flour, we already had packets lying around unbeknownst to us. Same goes for sugar.

Tomorrow I'm getting briefed on how they'll conduct the "digital education".
I don't expect much.

The Doctor's Chamber is urging the government to order a complete curfew and closure of all establishments to tackle the epidemic. Including food stores.
First death was announced today. A 75 year old man. The case number keeps climbing. 32 now. Number of tests is around ~1200, so we've done less tests per million than the US or any other major country.
I better buy a few things I need, like blue ink, valerian pills, and maybe a bottle of vodka, depending on the development of the economic situation at my mother's workplace.

>I can imagine German families actually starving to death if the authorities told them to
Nobody is that retarded, except maybe for the Japanese.
No. 39279
Haven't really done anything today. Spent the weekend at gf's place. I managed to get her to watch TNG. We had some chili and overate on sweets.
Tomorrow work starts again. Almost everything is closed down, but we still have to work... I now have all the time to write some reports I have to finish until end of March, but I really have no mind to write them atm. I don't even know why, it's just like my brain is simply refusing to do anything meaningful. I spent today playing Call of the Wild, eating lots of chocolate, some Handkäs mit Musik and drinking Obstler. I feel like having a wet sponge on my brain, but the sponge is full of crude oil and it seeps into every single nook and cranny of my brain.
Tomorrow I try to write at least a single page; I also want to get into R. And I plan on buying some Slivovitz and flour, if they have.
No. 39283
Don't trust this guy, he is a bullshitter.

There are a few natural forests in germany, most widely known the black forest and the large forests of the Thüringen' mountains.
The most densely populated area in Germany (and also in all of Europe) is the Rhurgebiet. There, you can walk from city to city without seein much nature. But in most other places in Germany there are larger streaks of forests or mountains or grasslands between cities where you can go hiking without meeting people for hours. It's usually just the city-folk who don't know this.

Naturally, there is no comparison to countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia or Canada where human settlements are just tiny dots in large and vast natural landscapes. But there is still enough nature here to find places where you can ride the bike for hours without meeting another person and we have some wildlife like wolves that require these human-free zones to survive (though mostly in eastern Bavaria and along the border to Poland).
No. 39285
Third flu this season.
My immune system is crap. I would not have survived in the olden times.
Well, I'm also horrible out of shape, so that's probably a factor too.

They canceled school and shut down public places like malls, gyms, internet cafes, etc. Sounds like cargo cult tbh.

The weather is amazing these days. I wish there was a place in the world where it's permanent early spring. The only time of the year when looking out the window actually gives me good feels.
No. 39287
Stocked up for two weeks instead of one this time. I can work from home, so it is more the case of minimizing trips to the store.
Turns out I didn't even consider paper towels, as I buy them only every few months, and just realized I am completely out. But I can live without that. I also didn't buy more booze, but it is as good as a time as ever to drink less.

So far, the only inconvenience I've experienced from pandemic procedures has been the cancellation of a caving grotto I was planning to attend this week, which required taking PTO. Always wanted to explore caves. But that's much less of an inconvenience than what many have already experienced, and there's always next month.

For me, the ideal time is when it is consistently over 13C at night and everything has become richly green. Mainly because I work nights and I love jogging at night anyway, and a lack of greenery truly does bum me out. By the time November rolls around, I'm already waiting for the latter half of April to roll in.

Though one thing I do appreciate about early Spring is the constantly cloudy weather. Never was a fan of sunny days, though I appreciate them more now.
No. 39289
855 kB, 562 × 853
Well, I left the house. The stores aren't empty, but nobody is standing in lines or fighting over the last package of toiler rolls.
I went to DM to buy Vitamin C and valerian pills, but they were out of valerian, so I went to the Chemist's, and there was no line at all.
I bought everything and then went to the local grocery store to buy a bottle of vodka. I picked out a 0.2L zubrowka.
The woman that was watching over the self-checkout remarked that "Now that's a good vitamin (supplement)!".

The only things out of stock are masks and hand sanitizer. The they explicitly state that with a plaque on the door. Don't even ask about it.

They revealed the school's internal "digital workplan". These people are pants-on-head retarded if they think I'm gonna fill out a handout or a questionnaire daily by 15:00. I do most of my work in the evening.
Or that I'm going to take a test digitally every two weeks.
They're going to broadcast classes for HS and elementary school students on the state channel M5.
No. 39290
If you don't test anyone, then no-one has the virus right.
Believing their are no new cases in China, well stupid do as stupid is.
Data suggests cases in increasing 9% everyday, so doubling roughly every seven days.
Takes 14-24 days to die, based on this 6% fatality rate, but could be as high as 10%
This will have a knock-on effect as other patients can't get treatment.
Just over running the medical facilities will result in deaths.
Am I worried, not particularly.
Would I be worried if I was over 50, smoker or had under lying medical problems, I sure would.
No. 39292

It's amazing how far German companies can reach. I never knew!
Broadcasting school lessons via state TV sounds like a bad joke from an 1980s novel.
No. 39295
>It's amazing how far German companies can reach. I never knew!
The Mitteleuropa idea is alive and well :D
Though I wouldn't call Hungary "far". We're almost right at your border. Two and a half hours and I could be in Vienna if it wasn't for the total lock down.
>Broadcasting school lessons via state TV sounds like a bad joke from an 1980s novel.
Told people in the class groupchat that we are truly living in the future now. The future of the 60s, but the future none the less.
At least I don't actually have to turn on the TV, I can just use the phone app. Would be absolute madness if I had to sit in front of the TV to watch it.
No. 39296
Lidl is all over the continent as well. Good marker for Germany being the most hegemonial power of the EU. (Not a good thing, if you ask me.)
No. 39297 Kontra
Afaik they also have Tesco in Hungary, I'm sure Hunagryball mentioned quite often since the establishment of this board.
No. 39298 Kontra
We have Tesco, Auchan, Lidl, Aldi and Spar besides the local chain CBA. (We also used to have Kaiser's and some other chains that left the market.)
It's pretty weird if you think about it.
No. 39299
Every day dealing with the general public becomes just a little more grating. People blowing their fucking noses in the store and touching everything. I am surrounded by complete barbarians. Every single adult I have to assume has the sensibility of a 2 year old who hasn't figured out yet not to shake hands after wiping his own arse without washing his hands.
No. 39300
69 kB, 364 × 486
Chainstore imperialism :DDD well yeah, it's indeed strange. Did they came after they iron curtain went and wectern european companies smelled new markets? Or is it a development within the last one or two decades?


I got a pdf copy of The Whole Earth - California and the Disappearance of the Outside
So far I read two essays which were really good. One about cybernetics, counterculture and capitalism (Triple C lel) and how it's a symbiosis that is exclusionary but covered by the rhetorics of immanence and integration on a planetary scale via systemic thought(ideology). The integration, the whole (world) as system mask and denies an outside to it. The Outside here also understood as minorities and other things that are not universally to be grasped but that insist to be particular and thus not to be succumbed to the universal logic and its rhetorics.
The other essay depthens that analysis by scrutinzing the discourses and practices of communalism and consciousness of the white cyber-hippies (e.g Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, whch understood itself as tool and network for self transformation).
I wonder if it is possible to copple cybernetics/technology with more "red" and inclusive politics.

Defnitely interesting as source for how our world is shaped by cybernetic imagination even today. People how are overly offended by minor PC already should skip tho I guess. Since the theme (The Outside [of something]) is connected to minorities and its political resistance. The supposed integration is a thin layer that is not actually realized as the argument goes.
No. 39301 Kontra
419 kB, 1280 × 1281
Forgot: The "Blue Marbel" shot by NASA plays a special role, since it delivers the visuals for the whole immannce and integration on a planetary scale. We are one etc.
It was the first time humankind was able to have a "divine" view on itself.
No. 39302 Kontra
Tesco came to Hungary in '94 if wikipedia is to be trusted. Auchan in '98. Spar in '90 (It bought out Billa in 2002).
The small German discount stores like Aldi and Lidl came with the EU though.
No. 39303
Hope situation with nature will be better in future. We all, humans, need lower our population a bit to have more room for themselfs and animals to live in conmfort.

Funny thing that Spar recently leaved russia. Or if not compleatly, most stores are closed.
No. 39304 Kontra
I just realize how much Drexciya, their aliases and the music attached to it have and had (know the music for 10 years now) perhaps an impact on me and the topics that interest me "intellectually": the sea, technology, complexity and science (and fiction)
No. 39305
>Funny thing that Spar recently leaved russia.
That's not true - there were two different Spars.
No. 39306
1,9 MB, 360 × 213, 0:03
I think I moaned about this before - I didn't want to do leaving drinks at my job because I hate the attention. Eventually I was badgered into organising something and booked somewhere cool at a £125 deposit because I'm bad at not caring.
>Now cancelled and refunded because plague :^)

Unfortunately some genius will organise a teleconference for my leaving presentation where everyone says goodbye and speeches etc.

>Chainstore imperialism :DDD

No. 39308
26 kB, 640 × 477
Got a mail yesterday evening that exams got cancelled, so I could focus on finishing the project work today. All according to keikaku.
Picked up Disco Elysium and proceeded to get drunk while playing it, to get into character so to say. Excited how exactly I'll manage to waste the next month.
No. 39323
59 kB, 975 × 720
>Realise that I don't have to take the test I've been postponing for months
>Realise that the path to redemption is now closed and I'll forever have anxiety whenever I think about this
No. 57074 Kontra