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No. 38352
48 kB, 474 × 316
What do you objectively think of Isis ?
I don't mean as good or bad but rather an objective criticism.
No. 38353
Disclaimer: I am not an Isis member nor do I condone what they did or plan on joining any similar groups in the future. That said I hope I don't end up Ina list I just want an objective view on Isis because all I hear about them is edgy teenagers vilifying them and some other cursing them.
No. 38357
Pleasant music, not a fan of the gore and orange jump suit music videos.
Are they still around or did the CIA stop funding them.
8.5/10 for creativity, 6/10 for the execution.
I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was in Syria where, uh, Obama's presence became more apparent. I think mass executions were the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. Christy, take off your robe. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Banks, Obama and NATO. You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument. Sabrina, remove your dress. In terms of lyrical craftsmanship, the sheer songwriting, this jihad hits a new peak of professionalism. Sabrina, why don't you, uh, dance a little. Take the lyrics to Land of Confusion. In this song, Obama addresses the problems of abusive political authority. In Too Deep is the most moving pop song of the 1980s, about monogamy and commitment. The Russian involvement is extremely uplifting. Their lyrics are as positive and affirmative as, uh, anything I've heard in rock. Christy, get down on your knees so Sabrina can see your ass. Obama's solo career seems to be more commercial and therefore more satisfying, in a narrower way.
No. 38377
I got the impression that they were more inspired by western (anti-western) rhetorics than by islamic stuff. At least when comparing them with Taliban in Afghanistan. I got the impression that Taliban are really a bunch of farmers, head of families, fighting for their land and their medieval lifestyle and medieval Islam. Meanwhile IS was a shitshow trying to make as much propaganda as possible, their idea was to be as bombastic and showy as possible. They made massive use of modern media, just trying to cause a strong impression on whoever watched it, their point was to shock. People think that they behaved violently because they didn't really have a plan, but I think it's also because they were playing for a western audience (or a westernized muslim audience) more so than a traditional muslim audience, because they were mostly modernized/westernized muslims themselves.
No. 38396
ISIS is the living example of what happens when medieval savages get hold of modern technology. Islam is not only un-modern, it's actively regressive. And Isis is basically the islam equivalent of preppers. Young dudes with no perspective in life. Become an incel, right wing idiot or islamist. The only difference is the eagerness of activity and thinking having an AK in your hands makes you a warrior and that your god will make everything great.
I remember the story about that guy who went there and became a sex slave and that wog who complained about the arabs not behaving like he was used to in England. Delusional faggots, like NPD who would have been sent to the camps right away back then.
No. 38415
>I remember the story about that guy who went there and became a sex slave and that wog who complained about the arabs not behaving like he was used to in England

No. 38417
It's pretty much this just being honest, but being even more brutally honest it is actually exactly that in every war ever. The only difference is that every great war tends to have a bunch of manipulative psychopathic piece of shit elders basically enforcing an outward explosion of controlled chaos using these men. Wars are themselves the expenditure of that useless, hopeless, alienated, angsty young male energy. Every single war is basically just some absolute twat cajoling a bunch of would be ISIS members and incel right wing terrorists into going and looting the countryside outside of their territories. They pump them up and give them meaning, massively inflate and massage their egos, and give them just enough of the barest structure to not actively go around doing nothing but getting drunk while burning down villages and raping the women.

I don't think it's entirely fair to say that ISIS is medieval even. I mean sure they are, but they are much more technical and modern. The type of society they wish to enforce is indeed a perversion of basically every man's native anarcho primitivist instincts, to sneer upon the modern world and hold up the great values of raising a family and doing nothing but wood working while also incidentally using hacked playstation parts to drive Ork impromptu armored vehicles and drop grenades from drones while utilizing modern propaganda techniques.

I do however think that the one thing which actually made ISIS unique was that regardless of its members being composed of basically unemployable incel hooligans that they did manage to be a genuine apocalyptic death cult and not necessarily a rational actor in the common sense of the term. To this day I am actually rather surprised on just how poorly our military and political and even intelligence leadership appreciated what they were dealing with and were woefully inadequate at understanding this group and its aims. I swear I couldve personally oversaw the operations against them in the beginning and done a much better job, but well that's what happens when your high command is composed of a bunch of lawyer businessmen and boomer carreerists.

Regardless I think it is easy to see and understand both the instincts of ISIS as well as its methodology, its technique, its tactics in recruiting and propagandizing. I think the one other thing people fail to comprehend is first of all it was deliberately provocative. They made those execution videos specifically because they were goading the Americans and Westerners into yet another invasion, and were frustrated by the lack of boots and the ground and constant dronings and air strikes. I think that again it wasnt a traditional rational actor but rather one genuinely driven by ideology, capable of being both fanatical as well as logical and analytical and that that is what made them so deadly and such a dangerous foe to deal with because they knew what they were doing.

I think lastly that it is an important yet routinely overlooked by our corporate media element the way they used those orange prisoner jumpsuits. That was completely understandable to me because of how clear and pointed a message it was: I'm going to hurt you the way that I do. I want you to see what you did to us, to my people, and I want you to hurt like I do. Those jumpsuits happened because of all the blacksites. Some of these men were tortured for months, years, in CIA monitored torture chambers and nightmares like Abu Ghraib. In that respect I cannot objectively blame them. They simply did not control the young men through anything but barbarian war booty including rape which is part of why they failed to materialize as a state in spite of actively promoting an alternative to all the things that even we Westerners hate.

I think that a large number of people are vulnerable to this in a modern society and I think that at least in America trumptards are indicative of that. It is all the same politics in essence and a failure to enfranchise large segments of the population who are now suspicious of, alienated, or outright in conflict with the global neoliberal establishment. The difference is whether you have slimy old men tricking them into enriching themselves, of the neoliberal establishment conning people into coming back into the fold while pretending to be an alternative like Trump did, or barbarians overtly attacking that establishment.

Regardless, I would say that the one thing ISIS was most indicative of was the broad global assault against the great neoliberal citadel and the sheer volume of humanity in all countries now actively opposing it and crying out for an alternative. I think it is a very good moment for us to engage in reflection of why that is.
No. 43315
Holding and governing territory was impressive and gained them a high profile but also allowed them to be destroyed more quickly and decisively than otherwise would have been possible.

Their greatest successes were against low-morale Iraqi soldiers who were quick to abandon their equipment and flee. ISIS encountered more determined resistance from Shiite militias, Kurdish militias, and the Syrian Arab Army. Ultimately the campaign was decided by air power. ISIS was decisively defeated in every battle in which the USA or Russia performed air strikes in support of anti-ISIS ground forces.
No. 43316
69 kB, 640 × 585
This, also funded by the USA and most of its commanders are Israelis. Useful idiots destroying their own civilization under the command of Israelis with American moneys.
No. 43318
52 kB, 740 × 675
42 kB, 512 × 384
>I remember the story about that guy who went there and became a sex slave

You mean the super fat guy in pic related? I heard he was fucked and i really hope it's true because of how 8.9iq he sounded when talking in that interview.
No. 43320
This is literally a book in blog-post form, but very worth reading if you want a deep overview of the problems facing the whole Middle East right now, including ISIS.

One important point is that ISIS is a result of the death of the old Middle East. The uneasy convivencia of Ottoman times is impossible in the era of nation states and uprooted social lives and communities. And ISIS may be gone for now, but millions of young dumb listless Sunni men are going to watch the humiliating last days of the Caliphate, all caught on video, and feel pangs of shame at seeing men who actually believed in something (something that placed THEM at the center of the universe) crushed so utterly while they did nothing. And when the next great crisis happens and ISIS 2.0 appears, it'll be more powerful than before.
No. 43321
No. 43334
The ISIS is funded the CIA/Mossad is a meme. All their American equipment was captured from incompetent Iraqis.

Extremely brave, highly motivated soldiers. Much braver than any modern state military.

Their use of SVBIEDs as a poor man's airstrikes was effective and imaginative. I expect we'll see other, non-Salafist insurgents use them in the future.

Attacking every other faction in Iraq and Syria was ultimately a poor move. I also think terror tactics hurt them more that helped them.
No. 43357
Honestly I always thought that was like looking into a spooky mirror, like what honestly I could imagine someone like me ending up being like had they had their own house bombed out and instead of the Gospel having a lot of repetitive bullshit drilled into their head by the local Imam about some warlord. The thing about all that is, it's actually partly what made ISIS so effective against at least us because they were not a totally unintelligent or irrational actor in the typical sense, who truly had that capacity for being smart and careful analysis, but who at the same time were also extremely not a rational actor in that classic sense. See that is the thing that I have seen my country's political and military leadership routinely in a place where I know I could run circles around these damn fools. It was like it seriously never even occurred to any of them that you could not negotiate with somebody like ISIS or that these people did not in fact want a kind of state in the way that an actual political actor normally would, and that is why they spailed so fucking spectacularly to engage them.

What ISIS was was a fanatical death cult and I could have at least respected them for that. I actually also think that it was incredibly telling about how few actual devoutly religious people we have anywhere in positions of real power in this country because if you were then both ISIS' demands and some of their tactics were entirely sensible. It was a problem of the secular kafir world speaking its foreign too at this people. The internal mental landscape and the very neurological composition, the linguistics, it's all so totally different in much the same way that I have thought for years and years now speaking a different language is totally irrelevant if you cannot engage the different entirely mental and emotional language other personality topologies use, because no matter where you go a right wing reactionary is going to be the same, a bydlo the same, a professional soldier the same, the assburger the same. It transcends national and linguistic boundaries and it was clear to me that fucking nobody in our positions of influence spoke it or perhaps most critically even knew they had no clue how they were speaking a totally different language to these people.

What Daesh was fundamentally is a more akin to a doomsday cult except that it was one that wanted to build something. There is no sense or concept for negotiations. This is much, much different from the traditional approach to even radical Islam in a sense because I think that the most fanatical would legitimately not mind you killing their family for any reason except the few that are "weak" and more concerned with soul saving before that, but I'm sure plenty more would think well either they're kafir and deserve to die or they're faithful so let us celebrate the American bombs sending them to Jannah and martyrs.

It's hard for me to explain it accurate but I do believe there's actually a fundamental difference between the fundamentalist, the church going agnostic (the fundamentalist themselves may be agnostic though in the sense that the social mechanism is what they value, and not God or any overriding philosphy), the mystic, and the actual fanatic, as opposed to frankly what I think ISIS was which is not the same thing as a fanatic in the sense that a fanatic actually gives a shit about personal purity a bit more but without it merely being the hypocrisy of the fundamentalist. I think the better term might be the ideologue. They are the most dangerous of the three (or more) because unlike the rest their eyes are partially unclouded by some of the mystical and their actions unhindered by the ethical and moral roadblocks of other fanatics, but while having none of the morale problems of the otherwise agnostic or puritanical.

They are in essence somebody that is chiefly concerned with drawing down the other world out of the sky and onto the earth by any means necessary and they are totally uncompromising. The curious thing is I suspect many of this typology would be fully committed and willing to even casting themselves into Hell if they truly believed they can serve Allah's will by doing so, and are thusly more concerned about achieving their objectives. It is a sense of the psychopathic married to the mystical. I think that there are few in the entire neoliberal secular West who even have a capacity to understand how to enter into a dialogue with people like that and it is a Totalist view. You're a factor in the ideological equation whether you like it or not. It is the active principal of being the instrumentation for God's Will. I think that this marriage of the mystical with the militantly political is what confused people, and probably confuses people even more in Christendom because Islam as a whole does not distinguish between the two whereas we have the queer notion of secular and the mundane as being ruled by two separate principles, which itself might be a sort of, not Manicheaism not sure the word I'm looking for.