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No. 38409
61 kB, 700 × 420
How come hollyjew movies like Romper Stomper, American History X, Combat Girls were right about far right groups? They're nothing but self-eating, purity spiraling, cancerous places full of absolute losers and spazzes, and those movies showed this perfectly. I should have listened. I have not once heard of a successful far righter that created something other than pumping his ego about muh heritage. Not once. But I've seen plenty of retards who were ignorant, on the dole/welfare, and unaccomplished. Identifying as far right is basically a cope and larp just like Black Hebrew Israelites. I used to actually think Nazis were cool before coming to imageboards, but my experience with imageboard users has been so negative that I actually retch every time I hear a Nazi military march, or even the German language. Congratulations. 8 years ago I would have never thought of watching anti-Nazi jew revenge porn like Inglorious Basterds, now I think I will with great satisfaction. Also, name some more movies like the above.
No. 38413 Kontra
This has been my experience with poltards particularly and watching them ruin a nice place like KC. It's basically a way for human trash to find someone, anyone, to look down on in order to feel better about themselves without the burden of actually having to accomplish anything not least of which is personal or intellectual growth or refinement of character. IBs have completely alienated me from the far right in a way I don't think anything else ever could have.

None of which excuses you acting like a real shitposting piece of shit to one of our quality posters, you jackass.
No. 38414
No. 38430
Depends. Do you want retarded exploitative schlock that still manages to be fun and entertaining or do you want a film whose narrative seriously comments on society?

"Skinheads: the Second Coming of Hate" and "Surf Nazis Must Die" both fulfill the first category.

"Made in Britain" (1982) definitely fulfills the latter category. I highly recommend this film:

Be prepared. Lots of bollocks and wankers:
No. 38434
If you're talking about NatSoc-larpers of today, you're mostly right.
Even though the spectrum you witness on imageboards is mostly mentally ill. Quite similiar to those on tumblr and reddit who think of themselves in a hundredfold of different pronouns and sexual identifications.
When it comes to real life though and if you don't equate far right with national socialism (which makes sense, because especially antisemitism is not something inherently reactionary, but rather a modernist view) you will find decent, often intellectual people with families, homes, jobs etc. But yeah, here we go with the need to talk about who or what is far right.
Would someone who's against liberalism and democracy be seen as far right? Probably. Does it mean he must as well be someone who enforces racial superiority and antisemitism? Not at all. Maybe I'm rather talking about the phenomenon of the nouvelle droite though, which is portrayed as a neo-nazi movement by certain medias, though it technically and truly is not.
No. 38438
I have to agree with all of you guys to be honest. Far right tend to be people who tend to compensate their inferiority complex.
No. 38440
In general there 2 groups of people who deeply involved in politics:
1.politics themselfs for personal goals, it's their profession manipulate people in given system/shape system for themselfs if possible.
2.dumb people.

People who talk about politics over internet most usually from 2nd category.
No. 38442
The general pattern with any given community is that more intelligent users with better prospects in life find more productive things to do with their time. Obviously, shitposting doesn't pay, so you're going to need to dedicate your life to a career or something that'll keep you on top of your living expenses. As more people with more promise flee a given site, they leave behind frustrated, unsuccessful individuals with a tenuous grip on reality. Imageboards also change because of the next generation of edgy teenagers arrive and displace the ones who matured and moved on. Keep in mind this phenomenon is far from unprecedented. People have been bitching about the state of the internet since Usenet, hence the ominous phrase "Eternal September". There really isn't a single explanation for why every imageboard is so radically different now than they were then, but let me run this by you.

Imagine you're at the movies with your friends. You have some in-jokes and you rib each other for fun. Then, someone approaches your group with the Encyclopedia Yourfriendsica (or Encyclopedia Dramatica). This complete stranger claims to have studied the banter, pretending to be one of your crew all along. No matter how hard you try to tell him otherwise, there he stands, using all your in-jokes, often incorrectly. When someone makes a joke, this guy corrects him with the textbook definition of your in-joke and all you can do is stare at him funny. Eventually, more of them join your group and start to displace others who could've continued the spirit of your core group. Disgusted and defeated, your friends leave, and the group becomes a group of people impersonating your group of friends. The cycle continues indefinitely until the theater goes out of business because nobody wants to associate with these losers.

This is precisely why Encyclopedia Dramatica was very controversial between 2007 - 2009. That site was singlehandedly blamed for creating newfags who in turn spread their cancer just about everywhere until the moderators pushed back by banning them. Despite their best efforts, the damage had already been done. By the time sites like Know Your Meme and the like cropped up, the mainstreaming of imageboard culture was complete, and ED looked underground by comparison. Hell, bitching about newfags became tiring even among those who hated them with a passion because such conversations were decidedly unproductive.

As someone who was posting on imageboards since 2006 (Gurochan was my first IB; Death Metal loving edgelord), the old ethos was greatly shaped by the 2000s culture wars under Bush. In general, users were left-leaning liberals or right libertarian but contemptuous of any kind of liberal puritanism or progressive piety. If you complained too much about racism, sexism, muh soggy knees, et cetera, you were promptly told to fuck off. Conversely, there were a few genuine Nazis, but they were <10% of the board's population and told to fuck off back to their respective echo chambers if they got too vocal.

Then the Obama years came and the culture wars shifted dramatically. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the rise of the SJWs (who really just took progressive ideas and followed them to their logical conclusion much to the chagrin of older liberals) also influenced this new generation of users. The big black hope turned out to be little more than Bush with a fetish for insurance companies. Instead of hope and change, people got more the same. And then, the shooting of Trayvon Martin happened, and race relations take a dive, plunging to depths unseen since the 1992 Los Angeles race riots.

There was also the Libertarian-to-Alt-Right-pipeline happening with the Ron Paul voterbase, but that's a whole other can of worms.

My own theory for the Alt-Right explosion:
- A significant swath of the imageboard population are a) socially awkward, b) unsuccessful with women, c) white, d) instinctively opposed to mainstream pious liberalism, e) isolated enough from mainstream society that conventional social pressures and taboos have no effect on them. Almost all are male.
- As they get older, they grow bitter over their social failures, especially with women. This gradually turns into deep-seated misogyny and contempt for liberalism which exalts women while letting others mock socially awkward white male virgins as the last acceptable punching bag. Couple this with figures in legacy media openly shitting on people (especially men) simply for being white and you've churned up some deep-seated resentments based on identity.
- Actual Nazis appear on /new/ and /pol/. In real life, these voices are immediately shut down, but you can't be banned on imageboards for anything but illegal content, and the main demographic of 4chan is isolated from social conditioning. They're primed to accept reactionary politics: they hate women, casually use racial slurs almost daily, instinctively hate liberal society and have entered the stage of their life where men start looking for a cause to champion. They believe their disenfranchisement is a stain upon the natural order of the universe and they deserve more by virtue of being white and male.
- They're now confident and spread to other places with lax moderation. These Nazis can now hold their own when told to leave by resident liberals and even embarrass those unprepared to respond to them. At this rate, the non-Nazis leave as the percentage of Nazis grows.
- The 2016 election causes /pol/ to explode, and a whole new generation of edgy teens flock to 4chan, typically through /pol/, a link to which now appears next to the main site if you just google "4chan". They immediately adopt the /pol/ ethos, even if for most it runs no deeper as an ideology than the vague anarcho-libertarianism of 2003 4chan did among its users, but a huge swath become dedicated Nazis, and the rest at least remain open to it because it's been steadfastly normalized.

There is no single theory, but this is a good summary as to what happened between 2003 to today.
No. 38449
>As more people with more promise flee a given site, they leave behind frustrated, unsuccessful individuals with a tenuous grip on reality.

So which category do you fit in if you're still here?
No. 38459
what far right groups have you gotten involved with op?
No. 38460
96 kB, 655 × 482
Made in Britain is one of those scary films that gets a pass for falling into the usual 'skinhead as nazi' stereotype because it feels accurate. It really captures how the ones that went the wrong way were really a change of interpretation away from the mainline. Lots of the contradictions are expressed there.

Tbh, This is England does it really well too, and captures the actual threat that the fuckwit nazi wannabes pose instead of being morality porn to make us feel good about ourselves. They're charismatic and use half-truths and emotions to trick someone into agreeing to the more ludicrous conclusions. The ones that just look at the finished product, no matter how good will never express the danger in quite the same way.
No. 38464 Kontra
Also, while the sequel miniseries (This is England '86 and This is England '90) aren't as good, they're still very entertaining and worth a watch. Especially if you liked the characters. There's apparently a film set in 2000 to finish off the series in the works which is something to look forward to as well :-DDD
No. 38483
Politics is a relevant topic so I do not see how it is dumb to be involved in it.
No. 38485 Kontra
he said it's not dumb to be involved, but that many dumb people are involved in it. The first category mentioned in his post I guess governs or aims to govern the people of the second category.
No. 38497
This is England 86 was fine, the other one felt too much like some soap opera.
At least that's how i remember it, it was years ago that i watched it.
No. 38499
90 was definitely the weakest. It was held up solely by the 'oh shit, well that just happened' moment towards the end with Milky and Combo. The rest was very forgettable.
No. 38501
No. 38503
Actually had to look it up on youtube because i alrady forgot but yeah, now it's back and that scene was actually pretty surprising and well made.
No. 38509
I also forgot about TiE '88, but that one was genuinely just a drama that didn't really explore a particular period like the others (Skins, Mods, Raves). It can really be skipped over without missing much. It sets the stage for '90 some more but it's hardly necessary.