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No. 38421
1,1 MB, 962 × 642
Share Scary stories that you personally experienced or heared about.
No. 38425
Once on KC /b/ 10 years or so ago, it was a dark and windy night, i was posting about a former work place of mine.

Suddenly someone answered and it turned out the other person was.... a former colleague of mine. Shit was scary.
No. 38433
My uncle once found a dead man while picking berries in the forest surrounding his town. It was this early sunny morning deep in the quiet forest. He was going from one blueberry tuffet(?) to another, completely engrossed in the activity, it was a good blueberry year after all. He was halfway filling his 10 liter bucket while he was inching around this big old spruce tree. Then he looked up and noticed something odd above him, a pair of rubber boots hanging in the air. Next he saw the unknown man the boots belonged to, he had hanged himself from the thickest branch of the tree. The hanged man had a peaceful expression.
No. 38441
Verdammt aals ob
No. 38444
21 kB, 560 × 548
No. 38445 Kontra
Good story but you really should've left out the first sentence.
No. 38451
Well it's true and not just a story, I'm a bad storyteller.
No. 38487
I wonder what I'd do in such situation. I believe it's near impossible to predict.
No. 38490
1,6 MB, 434 × 250, 0:03
255 kB, 2220 × 1248
>I wonder what I'd do in such situation.
One of the things I'm afraid of is accidently discovering a dead body while walking in an isolated area. I don't know how I would react emotionally, but I know that I would have to report it to the police. After that, I could easily be dragged into an investigation. At first I would be a suspect, because the police would need to consider every possibility, and then after I was cleared (because I swear I didn't do it :DD) I would still be a witness. I might even be summoned to testify in court, and could be cross examined by defense attorneys etc. That's my idea of a true nightmare.
No. 38510
A long time ago, like 2005 or something I was working in a multi-storey car park under a large apartment building and it was late on a Sunday night. Now the car park had motion sensors all over the place so any time someone moved in there the lights would come on, but like on many Sundays the lights were off because the place was dead quiet.

This was like 12:30 at night, extremely quiet and the lights all off and all of a sudden I hear this little girl on the levels above me singing a real haunting lullaby, like an old one that hadn't been sung in 50 years. So knowing where the motions sensors were and being able to avoid them, I sneaked my way up through the levels very careful not to trigger the light sensors.

Each time I went up a level the singing seemed to be coming from the level above me, and each time I went up the ramps the singing moved up higher, until I got to the very top of the car park and the singing abruptly cut out. I ran in front of a sensor and the lights came on, and I ran to get a good view of the entire top level and the level below it and there was nobody. All the doors were also locked except for the main gates down by my office.

Never figured it out.
No. 38511
Last month I thought I saw glowing orbs moving impossibly fast through the sky at night while I was walking my dog but they turned out to just be the rotating beams of spotlights from a nearby show hitting the clouds.
No. 38520
A very similar thing happened to me when I was a child.
My mother and I went hiking on a trail through a wooded area. While we were walking, I heard a male voice singing in an operatic style.
My mother heard it as well. As we walked, the singing got louder. I remember being very spooked by this, and asked her to turn back as we were walking in the direction of singing. She acquiesced and we walked back the way we came.
Even now this experience gives me the heebie-jeebies, as we both heard the singing, and so the event can't just be chalked up to childhood imagination or biased individual interpretation.
I am still unsure if it really was some guy practicing opera in the middle of the woods, teenagers playing a prank, or, as I would curiously research after the event, a skinwalker.
No. 38521
I'll tell you a similar story and other stories tomorrow if I'm reminded by it but not right now. I dont want to let them in.
No. 38572
Could be just a man practicing.
Now my turn:
Once the brother of my grandpa was going toget wood, this was at a time the village was really small like most old Lebanese villages, and he was passing through an open field when it starts raining heavily, he starts to rush but he stops for a bit after seeing a small sheep under the rain, sympathizing with it he takes the sheep and puts it under his jacket(the sheep is pretty young so fits easily), and he continues running, when he starts hearing the following voice coming from his Jacket: "I'm here under (his name) jacket, come take me".
The man stops in his trace, drops the sheep and never looked back again.
No. 38573
Okay so yeah on that note one of the scariest things most similar to your story was I was working some late one night closing down the kitchen. I heard people chatting in the dining room which was through swinging wooden doors. So I spent the last like 20 to 30 minutes cleaning and when I was just about done went to tell the women I was just about done, as it sounded like two or possibly several women talking so I assumed it must've been the wait staff and maybe a bartender. As I swung the doors open almost in mid sentence right as I was about to tell them I'm pretty much done they swung open into completely black void. No one was in there and all the lights were off. I opened the doors to just blackness expecting to see the lights on with like two or three people talking. It spooked the shit out of me. I fucking hated that town. It was one of those shitty rural New England towns thatd been there since before the civil war. I, in particular, fucking hated that area of town right up near the forest. I swear to God the entire location was haunted but there was something just wrong about that forest in particular. Fuck I hated that place. I am so glad to have nothing to do with it anymore.

Apparently some similar things happened to other people who'd been there. It was up on a huge hill in the middle of the woods up a dirt road. I mean even just thinking about it a part of ke is getting this kind of nostalgia or euphoria I haven't felt in, jeez years, but at the same time it was also pretty shit regardless of any fleeting good times. So bear in mind that to get there and back I had to walk a dirt road for 15 minutes through the middle of a forest in the middle of God's ass nowhere with no streetlights in the pitch black of night. I literally always carried a hunting knife back then because speaking of bears, we had them. It fucking terrified me being there. But then again everything there scared me or made me vaguely uneasy.

At a completely separate restaurant in the same time some years before while I was taking the trash outside I saw this little red light in mid air. This was in an alleyway going behind the restaurant but at least this time there was s light on above the back door. As I'm standing there looking down the alleyway trying to comprehend what I'm seeing this red dot or light suddenly shifts into two. It is at that moment that I suddenly began to comprehend what I was looking at and I also should mention realizing it looked almost like this black, I don't want to say shadow, it was more like a void of light. Like it was not even blackness, it was just void. And I'm standing there and this thing suddenly has two red dots, and it was at that moment the one dot started moving and disappeared that I realized these two lights were something's fucking eyes staring at me. It had literally just been standing or floating there and I couldn't even comprehend what I was looking at for a little while and then it turned its head for lack of a better word and the one dot disappeared then as in the same motion the void sank forward and into the ground.

I've had many spoopy encounters but your one tale in particular reminded me of that one, which in turn reminded me of the other one. Both buildings are and were haunted and rank among the top ten most spooky and provable supernatural happenings I've had and encountered.

Like I'm pretty sure I've mentioned elsewhere I seal my portals now. Usually windows too if I'm feeling particularly threatened
Fuck brb

Okay I'm done talking about this. Sorry just realized I had to seal my mirror closed. Done talking about this.
No. 38574
Sorry anon if I caused you trouble.
My advice would be to lucid dream the situation again to get rid of the terror it still possesses.
No. 38601
No no you don't understand. The memory itself doesn't bother me. Like, at all. Not in the slightest.

The problem is that when I start to talk about them I can tell they hear it somehow and the longer I go on at night the more I can feel them pushing against the membranes of reality, if that makes any sense. This is solely why I was do loathe to discuss Djinn with Kuwait late at night because I could tell they were, I'm not even quite sure how to explain because "hear" is also not the right word but basically it just felt like the more and more I started talking about certain topics the more I began to shine as a beacon in the darkness to them. I've never quite fully comprehended why but I suspect some people just do or are like that to begin with.

Secondly while this all may sound like crazy horseshit to you it all actually makes perfect sense if you natively understand some things about how the spiritual realm operates.

Like for example the Ouija board. Of course it is a piece of bullshit plastic mass produced by some Chinese factory that a Western corporation called Parker Brothers then massively skims off the top. The whole point of it is in the action itself and not the Ouija board. This is why things like the Midnight Game can work and why you can literally just do this with only a single lit candle or a mirror or anything at all really, and it works because they can't do anything unless you invite them in and give them the permission to do so. I just realized you're Lebanese. Well, idk if you're aware of this but Wecterns would at least understand the concept based on the vampire myth of "invite me in." Which means that it's basically the cornerstone also behind why things like chaos magicks would theoretically even be capable of working in that context, because ultimately all your bullshit like plastic board game planchettes and candles merely serve as foci, a sort of way for channeling your will and concentrating and focusing your thoughts. What's important is the belief and the action itself.

And so there is also the problem I might add in how it's much easier to open a doorway than to close it again, and how come to think of it I think that they actually find some way of marking you or being able to see and interact with you in a better way. Words are escaping me but I keep coming up with drug addiction metaphors. It's hard to explain but I think they either find it more easy to make trouble for you later on, or you're more easily tempted to fall under their sway, or they always somehow have some kind of an anchor point in you, or something.

But at the same time in my own private life I tend to solely gravitate towards spiritual sensitives. These are exclusively the people that I date and largely the only kinds of people that I actually even bother with in my personal life. So, there's also a reason for that.

I should add that I had an imaginary friend as a child whose real identity I never fully distinguished, but who somehow came back from the void or ether and contacted me I believe. Not sure why it left, if it truly did, but I've had strange experiences all my life until in more recent years being more freaked out by them and turning the doors closed shut as fully I could. I think they have also reacted with a great deal of hostility the more openly Christian and sympathetic I am across the scope of my life. Not sure how to distinguish all them or if it's just one being under different guises. I'd also like to add that I'm pretty sure most people are highly spiritually attuned when they're first born and many become that way right as they're about to go, at either end of the wheel of their lives, and that basically being attuned and "hearing" it, The Vision and the Voice, is in essence similar to how as a youngin you can hear much higher tonal ranges than adults and how with age you become deaf with such amazing predictability that you can actually accurately estimate a person's exact age based solely on the tonal range they are capable of hearing. So it's quite like that, except I think some of us are born with better overall hearing than others, and I have mercifully gone rather deaf over the past 6-8 years however I am still highly aware of the fact my mere discussion and turning my thoughts upon them can even still shine out across the darkness like a beacon and draw them nearer.
I wish to avoid this.

Actually you know what I will mention this because why tf not but interestingly enough I think that the Satanic presences have been attempting to enter my life through my dreams and sleep over the last several years having largely failed to do so against my conscious waking mind. More than once I have had this happen and woken up to the distinct Satanic presence in my room. Also for reasons I'm not entirely clear on they're more active at night, and around 3:00am I'm sometimes woken up to the terror, or worse, stayed up that late at which point I typically refuse to shut my lights out and go back to sleep until around 4 or 5:00 in the morning at earliest. I am well aware that my sleep disorder is merely a mask I wear to help hide this fact from mundanes.
No. 38602 Kontra
Oh and you know what why not, if you are reading this Russia that American you thought was on acid because he was actively scanning you about the crazy Finnish girl and her Ana "friend" back on Casey? Yeah that was also me.

There is a completely alien and sometimes hostile realm that exists alongside ours of which most of us for most our lives are we mercifully blind.
No. 38703
I never experienced anything supernatural. A few times I was in places typically considered scary, like abandoned buildings, abandoned hospital, abandoned graveyard, but still there was nothing out of place.
The only story I can tell is what my grandmother told me, that she has seen a ghost as a child. She told that one winter night she went out of the house, and she heared that the dogs were barking everywhere around. And then she saw a figure going down the road, but it seemed like hovering, rather than walking, it was very tall, about 3 m, and I don't exacly remember what she told about it's appearence, something like a cloak, with a long tail following. She also told that the next morning she checked the road and saw no traces in the snow. Traffic was very scarce around there, the snow cover was intact.

My other grandparents once made some superstitius people scared shitless, unintentionally. Not long after a funeral, the family crypt caved in, and had to be repaired. The coffins were removed and they climbed down to mortar the walls and whatever else needed to be done. So, my grandfather climbed out for something, and there came two women nearby. What they saw was somebody climbing out of a grave. They ran away as fast as they could.
No. 38706
I don't know about Lebanon, but around here this myth doesn't exist, that spirits can only do harm if you invite them, or let them in. And AFAIK this belief must not be widespread in Wect either, otherwise you should have no fear of haunted places: they can't even be haunted sincs you did not invite the ghosts.
This thing, that you have to let the vampire in your house, must originate from some fiction, just like the whole vampire myth, that originates from the Balkans, has spread in the Wect trough fiction stories. Also note that in Dracula, the first vampire fiction, the vampire invites his potential victims and not the other way around.
And that Midnight Game is just a creepypasta.
The problem Ouija board and table dancing and pendulum and similar stuff these objects never move on their own. You have your hand on the board, your theighs under the tabletop, you swing the pendulum...
No. 38708
*The problem WITH Ouija board...
No. 38746
I agree.
Here people don't believe in ghosts really, but a creature called Jin which is basically another race that lives with us on earth but we are not able to see them.
they shape our culture a bit like not throwing hot water from high places so that you don't harm the jinn, or not making loud noises at night to not wake them up.
Their are many stories about people interacting with Jinns.
The house opposite to my grandfather is a very old house with no one lives in for 30 years, often people will see lights coming from it at random and hear some voices.
When the owner of the house was still living in it and she was an old woman she would often be heared screaming "put that down or don't break that" even tho she lived alone, many people count seeing lights go on and off in her house and her screaming at "them" without fearing them.
Now it's like a hunted house.
No. 38749
>not throwing hot water from high places so that you don't harm the jinn, or not making loud noises at night to not wake them up.
Then this is a good myth. If people don't care about harming os waking up their fellows, let's make them care about the jinn.
No. 38750
Thank God we moved beyond such superstitions and there is now nothing to keep the psychopathic proles in line.
No. 38751
The limp and the hunchback are having a conversation. The hunchback says:
- You won't belive what happened to me! Last night I went trough the graveyard, and at midnight a ghost came. It said:
"Huuuuuuuu! What is on your back?"
"A hunch."
"Give it to me!"
And it took my hunch away. Look I can now straighten up!
- That's amaizing! - says the limp - I shall visit that cemetery too!
So, next night the limp goes to the cemetery. At midnight the ghost comes.
- Huuuuuuuuu! What is on your back?
- Nothing.
- Here, take this hunch!
No. 38752
When I got bored and let myself get caught some decades ago, I told the shrinks from the psych ward that contrary to what the jury believed I actually never strictly murdered anyone, but only “transfigured” them in locations “not to be found on any map of the world.” And that's the place from were I'm posting this now, still with them, or at least the ones that have not completely dissolved.
No. 38755
I've had the opposite happen, where a new coworker just so happened to be an imageboard mod and someone I used to talk with on IRC.
Without going into details, not a single person on here would've suspected they were such, and they were just as shocked to find someone who browsed the same niche imageboard.
No. 38758 Kontra
346 kB, 1280 × 720
I am aware of how Ouija boards work mechanically. What I am talking about is why they work spiritually and why they can cause an active case of haunting or having to deal with an entity following your around. I am also aware it is creepypasta. I am pointing out why all these things no matter how idiotic seeming can and do work. Do note: that acting in disbelief and doing it from a place of unwillingness and skepticism does not have much of a chance at working for the aforementioned reasons but it can still happen.

As for actual haunted places like an asylum or house of murder the problem is twofold but primarily the latter, as for starters it can have already had someone or something invite it there (I mean, it's a psych ward), and secondly, it's imprinting. I'll explain later if anyone cares but spiritual energy across the 4th dimension is like writing on a page. Sharp, deep, or repeated strokes can eventually imprint across the pages, so even though the event is no more its presence and spiritual energy lingers, like the way no words are written on the next page but you can still see the impression. A certain event or place of horrors like in particular a Victorian era or 1970s nuthouse can press itself so deep into the fabric of reality that you still sense its echoes even though there is nothing there. Well actually I just did explain it nvm.

I asked Kuwait about this and I never fully understood what Jinn is, because at one time it also sounds very much like fallen angels of a sort (I think we all understand exactly to what smokeless fire is referring, of those spiritual energies of God and the heavenly realms) while also sounding almost exactly like the Irish and European stories of creatures or entities like the fae aka Sidhe (which is also where banshee comes from, like bad Sidhe or a Ban-Sidhe Sidhe is pronounced shee
Oh fuck
Okay its just duct tape they fell before

Fuck it the light is changing in my room I'm out they hear me
No. 38818
I don't quite get what a jinn is as well, it's just a mythical creature that existed pre-Islam that got absorbed into Islamic mythology.
No. 38831
I live in Russia and probably will never have the ability to leave it
No. 38862
32 kB, 600 × 451
Living in Russia seems comfy tbh.
Do you not like it anon?
No. 38864
I hope I can escape it but most probably not very far ;__;
But it's not "scary" story. It's suffering and grimdark more. Good source for festival movies.
No. 38868
Speaking honestly, would you actually rather live on the USA knowing what you know now?

Is Jinn a physical earthly being you just can't see for some reason? I seem to vaguely recall some euro folklore had some kind of things you left out porridge and food for so they didn't make mischief in their house but I forget what they're called or even what country it's from. I somehow seem to think this is a German one.
No. 38872
That's a Kobold from germanic folklore; with derivatives in irish folklore in the form of Leprechauns.

Jinn/Dschinn were spirits of the desert, taking various forms. The disney-version is widely popular from the Aladdin film, but it's only referencing one of many aspects of Jinn folklore.
No. 38873
The way my muslim uncle explained is that Jinns are beings that live parallel to us, and are another "sentient slave" project by Allah. Interactions between humans and Jinns are strictly forbidden, but if you invite them, they can possess you. They are also given free choice like humans, so some of them worship God, others do not. They're not "devils", just a sentient creature that lives in a parallel reality, but they can be dangerous. Mostly they're used as a generalized term for any supernatural creature.
I think Iblis is the only fallen angel / devil Islamic tradition.

There's also the persian Peri, who are are basically elves/fairies. Actually, it's the same word. They're said to be noble and beautiful creatures who rarely interact with humanity, but respect them as God's Chosen (tm).

Interesting enough, in kazakh, the words for angel and peri share the same root, so there's some intermingling of pagan and islamic concepts, with the idea that fairies are divine creatures or God's servants. The arabic word for angel, "malak" is nowhere to be found. Kazakhs used to have a really paganistic interpretation of Islam in general, complete with charms, prayers to spirits, etc. Astafurallah how haram and heretical : - DDDD.
No. 38875
I love that insight, thanks for your answer.
No. 38886
>Speaking honestly, would you actually rather live on the USA knowing what you know now?
I think yes.
No. 38978
Hungarian folklore has "lidérc", as a vaugly defined misterious creature. Generally malicious but can also be enslaved and then it serves it's master. Nightmare (sleep paralysis) is also called "lidércnyomás" ("lidérc pressing").
No. 38990
Sup pidor
No. 38992
No, I'm not Putriot, you mistaken me.
No. 38993 Kontra
No. 39047
Ernstchan flag is cute.
No. 39054
>Nightmare (sleep paralysis) is also called "lidércnyomás" ("lidérc pressing")
it's called alp, alb, nachtalp, mahr or nachtmahr in german and said to be a small black creature which might enter the house at night. it then rides on the chest/throat of sleepers causing bad dreams, delirium, a sense of pressure or heart pain, breathlessness or even death.
No. 39063
21 kB, 620 × 350
I had sleep paralysis once, or at least I had a dream that I did. I don't know.
I was lying on my bed, and thought that I was awake, but couldn't move. At the same time, there was a black smoke/cloud/spectre floating above me and laughing. In that moment I knew beyond a doubt that this thing was what was holding me down. I struggled, frozen, hearing that evil laughter. And then, after 15-20 seconds, I snapped fully awake and could move, and the black smoke-thing was gone.
Normally I'd say that it was just a dream, but my dreams are always remembered from a 3rd peson point of view, and there is also a clear shift in location upon waking. This was experienced from my direct POV-lying on the bed and looking up at the ceiling. And when it ended, my POV was exactly the same, looking up at the ceiling in the exact same way and seeing all the same details of the room.
So it was either a very realistic nightmare, or sleep paralysis combined with me being half-awake and half-dreaming, and seeing something that wasn't there.
No. 39064
I had this last year with a smokey demonic mask hoovering in front of me which I "knew" was sent by satan to suck my soul in. I don't even believe in such things, but super scary. One of the worst nightmares I've ever had.
No. 39065
I've particularly over the past like two to three years had an extremely peculiarly frequent amount of demonic assaults at night, which I am convinced is due to the fact I've just generally fortified my waking conscious mind against the emanations and temptations of Satan and so it keeps trying to infiltrate me through my sleep. Which is bullshit quite frankly and afaik severely skirts the line of consent and freewill, unless I simply misunderstand a basic premise about your conscious Will during sleep.
No. 39082
971 kB, 1172 × 1417
>sleep paralysis
I also had it a couple of times, chiefly when I was trying out some sleep supplements. I think it was due to GABA pills, which would make sense because it's an inhibitory neurotransmitter.
Really spooky stuff, for me the usual hallucination was that a distorted version of someone I know would come into my room and try to talk to me while I was unable to respond or move, only look around a bit. But the other person would just carry on as if nothing was wrong, then lash out at me whereupon I'd wake up with a really high pulse.
I think it also depends on how much light is in the room at the time, IIRC the apparition was much more demon-like when it was in a dark room with closed blinds.
No. 39085
I did not yet experience sleep paralysis, but I have a kind of scary, or rather sad and rage-inducing story about someone who has. At least I'm 99% certain that it was sleep paralyisis, even though the media and the authorities presented and treated it as real. But it was so surreal and shows so typical signs of nightmare, that I'm sure it wasn't.

So, here is the story: it happened some 6-7 years ago. In a freshmen's camp a girl drank too much one night (happenes all the time), and probably did drugs too (she said her drink was laced - yeah, right, I'd say that too). Then she went to sleep in her room, and here is what she told about what happened next: she woke up in the night, could not move, was very scared, and a man sat on her, masturbating. She could not see his face (but could see his dick?). The man said some stuff about what he's going to do with her, that made her even more scared. Then later she was able to move and get him off of herself, after wich he ran away.
That's the story. He did not rape her, nor did he cum on her, otherwise she had some solid (or rather liquid) proof of the events, wich she didn't have.
What happened after is that in the morning she hysterically ran to the camp staff, accusing the first man she saw, then the second when the first guy had a rock solid alibi. And later she hysterically ran to the media, wich gladly bited at the story becouse it was perfect for pushing their feminist agenda.
The aftermath is that the camp stuff got fired, the poor accused guy who didn't have good alibi got into legal trouble (I don't know what became of him), this story, along with another that at least really happened, was a pretext to do away with freshmen's camps, and the media to this very day pushes this story, literally a crazy bitch's nightmare, as a talking point for their agenda of "rape culture". It became part of the feminist legendarium.
No. 39086
i've suffered of sleep paralysis a couple times, but never felt any sense of pressure on the chest. it was basically all nightmares involving getting trapped and being unable to move in front of an immediate threat or danger. i don't remember details except one time i experienced something that's called "lucid dream". while dreaming i was running away from something, got somehow trapped in and couldn't move. then it occured to me that the situation wasn't reality but a dream. i concluded that it must be a lucid dream. it is said that inside lucid dreams one can actually command what happens by just thinking e.g. it's possible to get "superpowers" in dreams or resolve a problem using the mind only. i wanted to be able to move my legs/arms again, but woke up instead. since sleep paralysis is actually a protective function that keeps the limbs from moving in reality while dreaming i must have triggered an emergency function that prevented my dreaming consciousness from unlocking the function "move physical limbs in sync with virtual dream limbs", causing me to wake up (with full functioning limbs).
No. 39087
>which I "knew" was sent by satan to suck my soul in
That's what made it so terrifying for me, too. It wasn't just that I saw something and couldn't move-but I could also sense a real "presence"- and an evil intention. That doesn't happen to me in ordinary dreams. It's interesting that even though your conscious mind doesn't believe in those things, the religious narrative still occupies a part of you're unconscious mind. I think we all have some instictive awareness of the "unseen world" as children. and gradually learn to frame that awareness in common religious/cultural terms. Even if those terms aren't completely accurate, they're still how we try to understand these experiences, and how we later describe them.

>your conscious Will during sleep
Yeah, I don't think you could be corrupted, or make a bargain with/surrender to an evil spirit while you were asleep. You would need to be fully aware for that.

That sounds terrifying, ernst.

I'm not sure what to make of this. My first thought was that she was drugged with something that would leave her awake, but immobile-but if that happened then how did she eventually gain the abilty to move? Sleep paralysis would seem to fit that detail, with her being caught between waking and sleeping, but then was there someone there or not? To me it seems either sad(if it was real), or rage-inducing(if it wasn't).
No. 39132
This story is more disgusting than scary.
My first ever sleep paralysis it felt like someone was raping me.
Now whenever I have sleep paralysis I'm able to control a big part of the hallucinations.
No. 39133
I am not sure if I had a lucid dream before or if I dreamt that I had a lucid dream.