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No. 3844 Systemkontra
155 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 3850 Kontra
I stopped when he talked about the positive discrimination in china, too much cringe.

I don't know what it is like in SA, but whites and chinese still lead corps that expolit africa for ressources, ofc by working together with black african elites in a way. People below the elite circles have a reason to be still angry about that and/or they move to europe for a better life. these people risk their lifes as well for a better one, just like this guy in the video even tho I guess his journey was way less risky. and he is treated like some superman and he likes how people look up to whites there, yeah maybe it is just curiosity.
When he talks about how whites are seen in china it makes me disgusted because he sounds so full of himself
No. 3853 Kontra
Didn't we have the same exact thread on old EC?
No. 3914
the video is less than a week old, both of them are getting death threats from chinese vatniks
No. 3916
71 kB, 780 × 439
(Press button for subtitles)
No. 3920
316 kB, 900 × 900
too much cringe. I gave up before the 5 min mark.
No. 3922
12 kB, 480 × 360
>that face on the OP picture
Awful, even for Bri'un
No. 3923
No. 3925 Kontra
Please, ameriball, stop creating 100 useless thredas per day.
You may fit it into news thread or today threda
No. 3961
Here again.

I spend my mild hangover sunday watching a couple of things, after I found out he lived there for pretty much a decade by now.

I have to admit he gives some insights into china today which is interesting but yet I don't like vlogging that much and he still has this kinda superior attitude even tho he somehow tries to deny it. So yeah you can watch it but he sometimes is annoying with his opinions

Also is wife saying in the beginning of a video
>here is another video

or whatever that phrase is, makes me cringe of male white asian female relationship memes in one video he summed up is US trip and his fans had this kind of relations as well
No. 3968
Not to defend OP with his shitty low-effort post but:

>whites and chinese still lead corps that expolit africa for ressources, ofc by working together with black african elites in a way

So, are you trying to excuse systematic discrimination because multinationals are run by people of the wrong skin colour or merely suggesting that South Africa's problems aren't directly related to South African politics being based upon relative degrees of theft?

It is shitty opinions like this that are far worse than anything /pol/ ever brings up regarding Africa. Not only does it absolve all blame for the problems of Africa but it continues a victim complex used to prop up horrific regimes that would collapse if they couldn't blame all their problems on whitey or get guilt money from naive idiots in the west.

>People below the elite circles have a reason to be still angry about that and/or they move to europe for a better life. these people risk their lifes as well for a better one, just like this guy in the video

He did it legally and is wanted having worked hard in school and after in setting up a business.
No. 3970
>blaming me for a victim complex africa and its not the regimes fault?!!!

  1. I said I don't know how it is in SA because I know it differs from other african countries
  2. I mentioned the elites which are black in many cases but who work together with whites who have no interested in a stable and sovereign africa as long as resources come in cheap by that. The problem is that you fuck up that countries in return and so people come to europe because we need there resources and think exploitation on that levels goes on and on and the bill is just what we give them for their resources. And yeah the elites in african play big part and THEY ARE BLACK, I know that is everything you want to hear
>He did it legally and is wanted having worked hard in school and after in setting up a business.

Yeah nothing was gifted to him ever I know. Unlike black people who get pumped shit up their ass that is why they all need to go to europe. It's not their fault that their regime takes most of it for themselves

What does it even matter if he went there legal or illegally - he was in danger, no?

also you are throwing words around like structural racism that he was a victim of but in the same moment deny structural power in economics/trade and nation states power abilities on a level of international relations
No. 3975
South Africa actually doesn't differ as much as people think. What sets the country apart is the size of the white settler population and the relative youth of the regime but [X] group owning all the land and receiving historical preference is the story across the continent which is precisely why the EFF rhetoric worries people.

And no, there is no white conspiracy to destabilise Africa. If anything you can see the actions of actors like France as positively system sustaining to the point of irrationality when it comes to nations like Chad while multinationals, especially in the technology industry, have over the past 2 decades done everything possible to clean up their supply chains. Stop believing the propaganda fed by people who would rather you hand over cash while they skin their population alive behind closed doors.

>And yeah the elites in african play big part and THEY ARE BLACK, I know that is everything you want to hear

You seem confused. This is EC not Kohl, I'm mad because I know about the conditions in Africa while you seem content to mouth off at some youtuber without having a fucking clue what you're talking about.
No. 3979
>I'm mad because I know about the conditions in Africa while you seem content to mouth off at some youtuber without having a fucking clue what you're talking about.

And you say I confuse EC with Hohlchan

>Multinationals did nothing wrong

You are some white dindu, fam. I don't have white guilt. But I not so diluded to think we are the white oh lord knights of africa now

I think you need some Tom Burgis on your radar.
No. 3996 Kontra
I think whiteys have done more good than bad to Africa. Worst thing they did was to decolonize it, but it's the liberal/communist politicians who were behind that, not the "evil" companies.

Same with the Chinese. They're rebuilding the decaying infrastructure that the Africans couldn't maintain after the whiteys left. It's a good thing, not a bad thing. This idea that multinational companies are exploiting and stealing black man's resources is kind of stupid.

The biggest problem Africa as a continent has is the African people. They're the source of most trouble in Africa, especially in South Africa.
No. 4031 Kontra
Wow, ignore everything ITT and just shit it up with /pol/ thesis.

Where is all that kohl shit coming from lately?
No. 4128
No. 4134
5,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:59
No. 4138
898 kB, 204 × 360, 0:13
So, it's because Americans watch too much Judge Dredd and Robocop?
No. 4141
why the fuck is he aiming at the driver? aim at the tires like you've learned.

so, the cop in jail now?

>average white american.webm
that's called "white" now?
saved it as "avarage american.webm"
No. 4142
>aim at the tires

The car owner might sue him if he does.
No. 4143
officer may pull out his gun when he needs to use deadly force. it isnt some power tool you use for various tasks or parlor tricks, its an firearm strictly used in pacifying the suspect. that vehicle clearly needs to be stopped to avoid collateral damage and the fastest and the safest way to do so is to incapacitate the driver not the vehicle. you saw how he had to reload when disembarking. had he been aiming at the wheels the suspect, lets assume armed healthy suspect, would had had a drop on him and quite easily could had killed the officer.
No. 4144 Kontra

Mods, please, maybe merege?
No. 4146
Maybe he does it to make you mad? If yes then i fully support him.
Keep going OP.
No. 4147 Kontra
What? He just shitposting on ec, just not with porn. It is just sort of spam
No. 4149
No I didn't. I've been following this thread since your first ignorant comment. Though somehow I'm not surprised at all that you just started to yell "pol, pol, pol!" like a retard even though I've never lurked that place.

This idea that evil multinational companies are exploiting and stealing from Africa is just not true or it is a half-truth at best.
No. 4171
It's multinationals and black elites.

Sorry, but why should multinationals and black elites be interested in stable africa? it means higher prices and more costs for the firms and less power for elites / rebel groups / war lords.

why deny structural problems? because niggers are niggers? yeah, not a pol argument at all.
You don't need to lurk that place, their cancer has spread everywhere, even EC it seems.
No. 4172
and yes china builts infrastructure but with a priority for resource exploitation, because china needs them.
And skyscrapers in african capitals can be more or less symbolism and places for elites.

I don't deny a middle class in africa, it got its share in global capital. But you also have farmers getting bankrupt because europe exports their chicken trash for a cheaper price to africa, same with textiles from china

I just expect some, hurr durr thats how capitalism works answer and alas so we come back to infrastructures that are denied in the first place, what now, huh?
No. 4174 Kontra
You're overestimating the negative effects of the multinationals and the "black elites". You honestly believe that those multinationals who are doing business there want an instable environment to do business? You honestly believe that the black elites who are trying to manage the damn country they live in wouldn't rather have a stable Africa instead of a fucking dump?

Now, I'm not saying that those elites are all good people. However, if you ask me, the black lower classes of Africa are way bigger problem than the multinationals and the black elites. You don't need to agree with that, but if you think that the poor lower class are innocent and that it's all the fault of the elites then your brain might be high on Marxism.
No. 4175
>want an instable environment to do business?

Buying copper from some rebel controlled mines works just fine

I suggest you read Tom Burgis who got in touch or tried to get in touch with different people from africa, the west and china with the aim to find out why that continent is more or less a shithole

I don't know how the lower classes could possibly do anything when they have not much to eat, little education and no power really.

The european lower class from the 19th. is not comparable with the african one from today btw.
No. 4179
Those lower classes are a problem too and you don't fix these generational problems so soon. China has the same problem. The Chinese peasants are such unbelievable barbaric shit you wouldn't believe. Not even the worst Africans are as bad as Chinese peasants. I'm not even talking a about dog boiling. Even simple shit like spitting on supermarket floors. "Don't spit on floor of strangers" doesn't even occur to them. There is a reason for that video of a guy attacking someone on a train with a hammer in China for discarding seed hulls. The more educated and middle class Chinese are also sick of it.

Westerners and some people like the Japanese have just had long enough to be taught better even in the lowest class so as to act more civilized.
No. 4200
1,7 MB, 25 pages
>I think you need some Tom Burgis on your radar.

And I think you need to spend an hour reading up on the foundational texts of IR theory in Africa rather than creating absurd strawmen to attack. Jackson and Rosberg detailed very clearly the emergence of this fantasy you project and the morality that comes with it that allows flawed states to exploit the 'global north' for wealth and legitimacy.

Your "oh but White and Chinese multinational are so evil!" rhetoric is a flimsy premise to excuse the rampant incompetence, corruption and violence seen in South Africa and one that plays into the hands of obvious villains such as Zuma. Take your meds and stop sucking off meme writers.
No. 4216
>some 1980s paper before china went into global markets and computer technology was just beginning to be used for private means and world population was still smaller than today

>By enforcing juridical statehood, international society is in some cases also sustaining and perpetuating incompetent and corrupt government

I think I said that the elites, who are in control of jurisdiction, play a big part in it.
Likewise you can sent a million tractors, and the north did after decolonization, if petrol is missing or knowledge to repair the tractors, it is useless. So many technocratic papers from that time saying how you can lead africa out of its misery and yet it failed. We always have the best knowledge.

This paper does not even mention or tries to include the role of multinational organisation, nor does it go on the level of resource interests in IR.

It's just some political analysis which is rather stale but even includes points I was stating before and that have been denied ITT

Your paper has less authority than Burgis book tbh
No. 4217 Kontra
Besides, Burgis has traveled the continent whereas these paper guys perhaps never did.
No. 4219
> to exploit the 'global north' for wealth and legitimacy.

Where did I say this has to be done or is right?
Africa does not need money gifts from europe, it needs corps and overly corrupt elites out of the way.

They should probably
No. 4591
Interesting read. Also interesting when they said that the brits were more inclined to follow local ethnical divisions when making the partition of their colonial empire for administrative purposes. I noticed that former french colonies tend to be among the poorest states in the world, and this is usually followed also by having weak states and internal strife. Poorest BR states are former french colonies, poorest murkan states are also former french colonies, poorest american country is also a former french colony, poorest african countries are also former french colonies, and former french colonies in Asia are also among the poorest countries. I always wondered why such pattern, and maybe it has to do with this kind of bad division. Up to this day France babysits its former african colonies, so they can enjoy strong international support while being a complete wreck on the inside.
No. 4691
22 kB, 700 × 600
No. 5421
>but whites and chinese still lead corps that expolit africa for ressources
That's EC-Antifa in an essence.

I get the poltards are mostly stupid, but blacks being 69iq is literally the ONLY reason why SA and whole Africa is so shitty.