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No. 38722
122 kB, 776 × 600
If there was a non-religious confession box as a service: would you personally try it after you did something stupid or shameful and do you think it would be helpful to people to cope?
No. 38723 Kontra
Any (semi) anonymous digital communication (platform) can basically and has often enough played out this function.

Not sure if I ever "confessed" to the internet since I cannot remember what stuff I wrote to imageboards etc. during all the years, probably some people would classify something of it as confession.
No. 38725 Kontra
I thought of that as well, but don't you think it makes a big difference to do it IRL rather than on the internet?
No. 38728
>don't you think it makes a big difference to do it IRL rather than on the internet?
Yeah, I think it would make a difference, but only if there was also a real conversation with the person you were confessing to.
For example, if it were totally anonymous and you just sat down, said your mistakes or whatever, and then left, then that would be very similar to an online confession. What would make an irl confession more meaningful would be looking at another person, and hearing that person's reaction or sympathy, or guidance. So I think the value of confession-in the absence of religion- isn't just saying something out loud, or typing it on a keyboard and then leaving. The value would be in having an honest exchange with another person, where you were free to discuss things you wouldn't want to discuss with the people in your daily life. Sort of like professional counseling, but without names.
Of course this type of value can also be created online, so long as the direct and honest exchange were a part of it, but meeting face-to-face will always have more impact imo.

To answer OP's question: The service would probably help some people, but I wouldn't use it myself.
No. 38729
Sounds like we invented a psychologist.
No. 38730 Kontra
>non-religious confession box
It's don't. Without God, you're just talking to a random person who runs his confession service as a business. Essentially you're giving away sensitive information to someone without the added/perceived spiritual benefit.
No. 38733
Yeah, that was my immediate thought from the OP as well.

I'm not too familiar with confession boxes, but if the other person doesn't engage in personal discussion with you, it removes the most important role of a psychologist/therapist: to give empathy, sympathy, and hopefully a degree of validation to your personal struggles. However, imbuing a human connection is also the most intensive and difficult part of the process, which is why it is a paid profession, and most people end up paying for therapy services.

t. currently looking for a pyschologist to schedule an initial appointment
No. 38737
Yeah well, the thing is a psychologist usually goes deeper than what this would offerand deals with bigger issuee and it also can be hard getting an appointment not too far in the future. This would be more like telephone counceling maybe.

Business not necessarily, it could be provided non-commercially. Non-religous because I thought maybe it's a good way to handle things, even if they don't concern christian concepts of sin and such.
No. 38739
Would I personally? Fuck no. Got forced to do that shit enough in primary school. Teacher would make you go in, and priest wouldn't let you go back to class until you at least made some bullshit up.
No. 38743
> without the added/perceived spiritual benefit.

Maybe not spiritually, but getting things of your chest because conscience. But I guess guilt is a deeply religious concept that went into our veines so to speak, it became more secular/everday but still it's rooted in religion, some people might claim it's a natural thing..perhaps it is.

Well reading the thread I came up with something. The internet confession is less of a ritual, don't know if a non-religious confession box would have a ritualistic dimension since history and contexts are missing. But a ritual oftentimes is about transcendence in the meaning of exceeding a line. So that could be a difference, a ritual means crossing a border or a threshold which is not the same I hope I translated Grenze und Schwelle adequately, you come out different after it. Not sure if an online confession has the same effect, maybe the impact would be/is less intense because a physical presence is missing.
No. 38744
>The internet confession is less of a ritual, don't know if a non-religious confession box would have a ritualistic dimension since history and contexts are missing. But a ritual oftentimes is about transcendence in the meaning of exceeding a line.
This is somewhat was I was going for, because I think that rituals are to some degree rooted in humans but with secularisation have changed in character and are in a way less obvious.
No. 38759
Hell no absolutely fucking NOT
God what garbage. Well I pretty much view therapists the same way and look down on it for those very reasons. I tried it. I used to just think it, but now I am convinced of it. It is stupid and completely fucking useless and the real scandal of bullshit like Scientology is that their retarded blackmail confessionals are no more or less anti-scientific or useless than "real" therapy.
>b-but my therapist
Yeah, and you probably could have benefited just as much by going to a retarded cult and holding those cans.

I similarly look upon it with such suspicion that so far as I'm concerned they are nothing but blackmail file generators to begin with, with the added audacity of robbing me blind for the privilege of being in the room with them sitting on their fat asses. It is for people who only know and hang out with dumb people and various spray tan bleached hair level bydlo whose friends are all as shallow and useless as they are retarded, or who have no friends at all (like my parents). In that case it is more indicative of an overall structural failure of society as a whole of what's been produced by the modern Capitalist system, and more than likely, was equally true of the Soviet Communist system as well. It is the result of modern alienation and cosmopolitanism and a certain layer of pitiful I feel bad just saying the word pathetic to describe it. I mean fuck, if you joined a cult at least you might make some actual friends ffs. A therapist is just the stranger beside you of course, I am probably paranoid PD or schizoid PD level of touchy about anybody getting to know me without my explicit permission or getting close to me, touching me, or most of all probing my spiritual and mental insides so the very concept of this is probably far more revolting to me than on average.

I have personally always gone to friends when I have a problem, and unlike these categorically unqualified quacks talking to my close friends actually helped--because they actually knew me and gave a shit and were insightful people. Of course the fact that I frequently hung around with psych student types is probably some kind of a commentary on something but I'm not sure in which direction.