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No. 38851 Systemkontra
41 kB, 430 × 619
Why all your threads are just 4kanal tier generals without original topics?

t. kohlchanian tourist
No. 38852
Low site traffic

t. question answerer
No. 38853
i used to browse some small imageboards, all of them(except this one) had just average threads
No. 38854
We have many 1 topic threads but usually it's only the 4 or 5 threads on the front page that are kept on top and threads about watches or esports go down because this isn't really a good place for niche interests.

t. maker of watch and esports threads
No. 38855
Idk I guess we're just losers then. You can check out the bird thread if you want: I think that one is nice.
No. 38856
Yeah, the bird thread is a great one, go ahead and give it a look.
t.Different American
No. 38859
It's not "imageboard" but more turbo assburger forum for people who left KC on imageboard engine.
No. 38867 Kontra
With the exception of generals which is just to organize things rather than making a new thread for everything EC is literally the exact same sort of place as KC was back when it existed. If you only discovered it as a 4kanker immigrant from 2014 or later I understand your confusion. Ernstchan is quite literally what krautchan was like in every single way back in 2009. It is a comfy place for oldfags that has a few younger good posters like Hungary. We have generals because the one big exception is even early KC wasn't as slow as this place so there isnt even any point to making a new thread when you can have six or seven replies and that's already at least half the entire userbase, and you're probably not even going to get those replies in less than 12 if not 24 hours.
No. 38874
But you literally have 0 funny threads. Your generals remind me nordic arab threads because he had a very similar pattern of thread creation
No. 38876 Kontra
Define "funny". No, please, don't

If it seems to you that none of the content here is funny, then maybe that's okay - or even exactly the way a local majority prefers it.
No. 38877
Do you have a platinum account.
No. 38929 Kontra
>EC is literally the exact same sort of place as KC was back when it existed
this is false. EC is way more autistic
No. 38981
how so
No. 39005 Kontra
bc absolutely no fun allowed, duh...
EC really is autistic whereas kohl is just shit throwing with autistic splinters
No. 41424
Because apparently it's what works for this board, it's slow and the posters seem to be disciplined, there is no point of making multiple similar threads that get few or no replies (one of kohl's problems) and you'd know that if you lurked for at least 20 minutes you hohol retard.

And let's be completely honest, even in the old days kayse was not that good, and after vierkanker copied /int/ everything went to fucking shit. Did you forget the ungodly amount of shitposting old KC had? How many posters there were annoying as shit just for the sake of riling people up? The loss of the spirit of kasey is fucking terrible but then again kc at its best didn't last for long. If you want a metaphor, kc was like a nice local pub, but after 2012 or so the retards started flooding in en masse after the reputation of it being good spread, said new retards rather than behaving and integrating started pissing and shitting on the floor and the cuckmods only made thing worse. I'm positive that there is a lot of diaspora on vierkanker /int/ and /pol/ that has no intention of coming back either. And picture this: the fucking cesspit that is vierkanal /int/ still has a few interesting threads once in a while that are much more interesting than the average shit you find on kohl. Take that as you will.

This. Which is shit to some extent but still better than having a traditional forum. And fuck the poster map, the concept is good, deanonymizing to the extent it does is not.