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No. 394
0 Bytes, 632 × 1420
File deleted
0 Bytes, 625 × 415
File deleted
Kohl is an deds
No. 395
karachan is ded
No. 397
what the fuckkk is going on
No. 398 Kontra
175 kB, 435 × 578
No. 399
Chans are finally dying.
No. 400
111 kB, 500 × 500
EU vs Chans?
No. 401
We are seeing a paradigm change. Chans are a thing of the past.
No. 402
44 kB, 630 × 421
I'm still eagerly awaiting the day when 4chan dies.
No. 403
Not unless 4chan dies too.
No. 404
98 kB, 600 × 500
No. 405
You joking. 4chan is not more than anonymous reddit.
No. 406
It works for me now btw.
No. 407
I'm just sad that German chans have such a hard time staying alive.
No. 408
still I can't make a threda
can you post on kohl?
No. 410
No. Strange.
No. 411
29 kB, 340 × 340
Admin say: It is a Serverupgrade. Wait a few minutes.
No. 412
Nice, it was time. Now they need to improve the board software to have embeds, spoilers and direct links.
No. 413
4 kB, 200 × 150
O thank you for informing.
No. 414
Thank Dog.
No. 415
I hope it. Its strange for me, too.
No. 417 Kontra
25 kB, 620 × 372
>le Kohlchan.png
No. 418
fuck, I hoped Kohlshit died as well
No. 420
156 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 421
Kohlchan is just as terrible as late Casey, if not worse
No. 422
I want to cry like why the FUCK does this keep happening
No. 423
Not saying you are wrong, just that you are a fag.
No. 424
And where do you think kohl fugees will go after Kohl dies?
Links to this site have been posted on kohl multiple times.
No. 426
For better or worse Kohlchan really is the direct succesor of Krautchan, if this KC dies, then KC will die for real.
No. 430 Kontra
10 kB, 284 × 237
So sophisticated logging mechanics are finally implemented. Federal money spent well.
No. 431
KC has been decaying for years, maybe it's time to pull the plug then
No. 432
76 kB, 240 × 233
>Wait a few minutes.
Realy, it is: wait a few hours.
No. 433
Nooo I want to go back to talking about that swissbernadette's feet
No. 435
Wait for a few weeks maybe?
No. 436
Please behave and enjoy your stay.
No. 437
(answear from the height thread)

>I'm as white as you
(how does he know)

>confirmed for being at risk for melanoma
Wtf? That's serious, be careful with that shit
Tbh, just come to where the sun doesn't shine, Lisbon is no place for sane man (even tough it's the easiest place in Portugal to score women)
No. 438
But where would KC go? It killed old EC.
No. 440
There is always a possibility that people will start giving up on chans and finally get a life and stuff.
No. 442
>(how does he know)
holy shit, a coy celt!
That's funny, I don't want to go to Porto because I have a past with too many women from there. And I can't really afford going elsewhere, right now.
No. 443
849 kB, 1920 × 1080, 0:07
Or better, ascend to a higher level of being.
No. 445
1,7 MB, 300 × 225, 0:04
All you had to do just to behave.
No. 446
back to 4chan
No. 447
to hui
No. 448
Lol, do you think i live in the south or what?
Sorry kiddo comes out clapping from the darkness but i live way more up north than that

>I have a past with too many women from there.
Look at this fuckin chad
No. 449
On a Friday Night? Cruel Bastards.
No. 450
Kohl is back up.
No. 451
> comes out clapping from the darkness
wow, you deleted your previous post to add this

and I'm not a chad, I'm just lucky enough to not fumble through words sometimes, and got a big enough cock for the women to be come back for more.
No. 453
I delete, edit, post and i add whatever i want, got it buddy?
No. 3148
271 kB, 1021 × 1967
well shite :-DDDD it seems were stuck here again
No. 3153 Kontra
Goto krautchan.co/int/ if you want to shitpost.
No. 3155 Kontra
It's not down

Would you like for us to kill your shithole?
No. 8795
44 kB, 620 × 465
No. 8796
No. 8798 Kontra
220 kB, 570 × 379
>Sir, I won't repeat myself. Stop funposting and engage in serious discussions or else I have to take measure.
No. 8799
13 kB, 650 × 650
What you gonna do, ban me?
No. 8800
18 kB, 600 × 238
I don't knw what to do now.
No. 8803
I guess it never ends.
No. 8806
32 kB, 450 × 305
EC mods, please be alert in these next few days. If Kohl is down for good this time around, we're gonna get a lot of low-quality threads by low iq posters. Please get them permabanned this time around so that the situation that happened with the old EC doesn't happen here.
No. 8807
This. Ban all new kohl posters permanetly or we will die. This cancer are really dangerous
No. 8808
This is not an invasion. We just ask for asyl. We are simple refugees from KC. Do you have something against refugees or what?
No. 8809
534 kB, 1033 × 900
Große Fäden
will pfostieren
No. 8811 Kontra
>We just ask for asyl.
Find it somewhere else, please. This is not KC
No. 8812
ECmod already said refugees can stay if they behave
No. 8813
2,5 MB, 1985 × 4333
Let us take a minute to remember our other dead friend, EC 1.0.
No. 8816
40 kB, 348 × 291
If Helmut would get a decent server, this would stop happening.
No. 8817
406 kB, 776 × 1084
407 kB, 776 × 1084
261 kB, 776 × 1084
404 kB, 776 × 1084
No. 8818
187 kB, 1356 × 720
You Kohl guys have a backup board on 8chan just in case you didn't know it.
No. 8819
Fuck off, you are not even a Bernd/Ernst.
Ernstchan is the only backup board.
No. 8825
137 kB, 960 × 960
Ernst doesn't want Kohl refugees, and you know it.
No. 8828
What the fug happened to Kohl?
No. 8829
Too much traffic for the tiny server to handle
No. 8830
No. 8835
I have seen too many boards die in my life

I dislike Kohl, but it gives me what I want so I hope it'll be back
No. 8837
A Guide to Anonymous Boards
>This is an ANONYMOUS board. The point is to be unidentifiable so others can focus on your interesting and humorous story about your girlfriend and not relate posts to your name.
No. 8839
10 kB, 329 × 281
So qcball = name ?
How is he identifiable otherwise? It's a nu kc icon.
No. 8840
this thread is still up, how depressing.
No. 8844
I literally don't know what to do with my life.
No. 8846
Kommando Sarah Rambatz hat wieder zugeschlagen.
No. 8847
KC personae may proceed further. EC is not a place for igors.
No. 8850
Awn shit is that his gf?
No. 8851
He's been banned from 8chan and Kotchan too.

Noone wants poor Igor
No. 8852
cute lookmatch
No. 8853
wtf she actually looks like him
No. 8854
Do you think they fugg :-DDDDD?
No. 8857
How would that even work?
Can't penetrate the 5cm Vorfotze with a tiny 5cm Drachen dick
No. 8859
Will he stream again? Could somebody please tell him that she looks just like him?
No. 8863
Wieso geht Kohlficka punkt net nicht >:(((
No. 8864
yeah, also he is erectyle dysfunctional
No. 8866
Would he ban me if I told him his gf looks like him? No offense.
No. 8867 Kontra
Same happened back when KCancer killed old EC. I don't want same to happen with this EC, I don't want this site die every time when other cancer board off. There nothing good can go from kohl.
No. 8868
401 kB, 1024 × 1377
You are too prejudiced.
There are good and bad posters on every board.
Bigger boards like Kohl have more shitposters, but there are decent people there as well

t. occasional poster here and there
No. 8869
Erectile dysfunction is an early warning sign of a future heart attack incoming, seriously. If your blood stream is unable to make your dick hard any longer, your heart is weakened severely already
No. 8870 Kontra
Sadly EC too small comunity to handle any other waves of posters. We already regulary dealing with this crazy pol american. If there be more people like him with this KC-Kohl style of posting, EC will just die same way as it did already once.
No. 8876
Perhaps it's some relative we don't know anything know yet, like his aunt or something. The visual reminiscence to Rainer can't be pure coincidence.
No. 8884
You learn something new every day.

Why is the KC dead again?
Is it the EU laws, or just shitty servers?
No. 8886
186 kB, 831 × 1080
No. 8887
That being said, such people may post on EC if they don't bring attention to their personae.
tl;dr: Lurk more.
No. 8890
Asked on their IRC.
There was a network failure and the old post should be back up by circa Monday.
No. 8891
1,3 MB, 180 × 180, 0:05
A "network failure" that takes three days to be resolved?
No. 8892
28 kB, 487 × 423
No. 8893
42 kB, 300 × 342
Monday?!?!? Three days without?
Anyway thanks for the information.
No. 8894
Server is kaputt too probably.
The files need to be backed up.
No. 8895
thank you very much for the Info. I will just hope, that it will be back soon!
No. 8896
Pls don't act like refugees and wreck this place, ok?
No. 8897
21 kB, 354 × 512

(User was banned for this post)

No. 8898
You knew where you came.
No. 8899
13 kB, 370 × 279
It's happening again.
No. 8900
To a place ran by antifa cucks?

(User was banned for this post)

No. 8902
My thank for the refuge.
No. 8908
Do we get new upload filters built in in our KC?
No. 8909
does xyz allow negative comments directed towards the trans gommunity?
No. 8910
111 kB, 500 × 333
No. 8911 Kontra
>ECmod already said refugees can stay if they behave

Learned nothing apparently.
No. 8912
133 kB, 1074 × 716
Didn't the old kaycee disappear after """server maintenance""" as well?
No. 8913 Kontra

Only the american way of handling things shot without warnings and asking or explaining can help us of unwanted misery. We just direct refugees to the destination they really desire and are most fitting: 4chan or some other kankerhole.
No. 8914
277 kB, 1080 × 1263
287 kB, 690 × 847
1,3 MB, 1600 × 900
Come to magyarchan.net/i
we have anime, and you can be KC tire
No. 8916
But I don't like Animu
No. 8917
anime is for fags
No. 8918 Kontra
How about fucking no?
No. 8919
241 kB, 1038 × 923
Why do y'all hate anime so much?
No. 8920
imageboards were founded by anime lovers, they're an inextricable part of weeaboo culture. get over it.
No. 8923
12 kB, 430 × 103
46 kB, 640 × 360
Animuernst has built up EC! Without Animuernst we wouldn't be posting here!
Look that's Erna in the background. An anime-style mascot.
No. 8924
I know you guys value your precious virginity a lot, but weebs are a minority on image boards nowadays (thank Bog)

(User was banned for this post)

No. 8926
go back to 4chan
No. 8927
117 kB, 392 × 469
That's a loss.
No. 8928
891 kB, 1280 × 717
>site disabled in noscript
>all fine
>enable it to upload multiple images, darknedgy theme comes on
>it fucking breaks, the whole css
>try to refresh, doesn't work
>disable ernst in noscript
>works again
No. 8929 Kontra
This. Untill kohl is down just permban them all and make redirection to other place. This is not emergency camp for KCancer
No. 8930
No way and this over that one weekend where every plan failed and my secret plan was to lurk it away. Now there goes my contigency
No. 8932
118 kB, 640 × 424
58 kB, 321 × 306
I don't like anime on aesthetic grounds.

It's probably the single most commercialized medium of all, even Hollywood film.

Seeing anime gives me a similar feeling as walking into a third world print shop. The sheer lack of any kind of artistic merit, taste or value is soul sucking. Candy wrappers more artistic thought put into it than tv anime.

Imagine the boredom of sitting in an empty room, doing nothing for hours. That's baseline boredom. Well, watching anime bores me even more than that. It somehow creates negative boredom, where I'd rather sit in an empty room than be exposed to it. It's like sitting on a bus next to an obnoxious small child. Torturous.

I love manga, though.
No. 8933
65 kB, 640 × 360
I worded it poorly.
You can post other kc tier things than anime on magyarchan international, and you won't get banned for it
No. 8934 Kontra
203 kB, 848 × 464
Some anime is good, when japan manage to do non-japan style, but more to ones of regular cartoon or try to do something interesting, but there very little amount of such quality production and most of it is like 40 years old already.

99% of anime and culture of it I can't understand and for me it feels retarded. And not about that I "can't understand asian culture" - I just found anime absoluetly dumb, terrible and souless and there nothing great about it. Same I may say about Japanise videogames and other media
No. 8935
22 kB, 500 × 500
All refugees who are not welcome here should reconvene at their spiritual home of
No. 8936
244 kB, 2048 × 1152
You know what, I've extracted more intellectual value out of those creepy randomly generated youtube cartoons than out of any serial tv anime.

They were so morbidly anti-virtue that it was fascinating to see what the opposite of art would look like.

Anime, on the other hand, is just... boringly not art.
No. 8938
6,1 MB, 2651 × 3300

A Zsíros Molnár nem lájvozik véletlenül?
No. 8940 Kontra
This theme about randomley generated art is creepy indeed. I thought all of that already banned or something like this.
Btw, did Kazahstan currenly have animation studios? I'd be interested to see modern kazah cartoons.
No. 8946
285 kB, 1000 × 1461
620 kB, 1589 × 2353
I personally enjoy quite a bit of japanese media.
Already mentioned manga, but japanese printmaking is interesting to me. I look at it's cool how compositionally modern it looks even if it's hundreds of years old. It's no surprise, though, considering that japanese print influenced western art to the point of redefining it completely. Modern graphic design was pretty much born from japanese print.

I think everything bad about japan is actually US influence. From disney influenced manga to pop music.
No. 8947
I'm pretty sure 99% of it is government funded pseudo-patriotic crap with no value.
There's probably some good indie projects (I saw some on TV once), but I can't reference them.

Our top talent actually gets sucked into the west. Many of my art teacher's best students now work for blizzard and Hollywood as concept artists.
No. 8948
No. 8949
59 kB, 633 × 758
>it will be down for just a few minutes i promise
No. 8950
is it time to revive poorchan yet
No. 8951
4 kB, 470 × 127
Well that's what they said. I'm not sure if onionlings can be trusted.
No. 8952
I remember what happened when old KC died... at least 10 alternatives popped up quite instantaneously within 2 weeks, and all of them were pure cancer in the beginning.

Kohlchan as the first one with the best admin and worst server ultimately prevailed.

Original Ernstchan only served as an emergency board, but wasn't appreciated by the Bernds, since its Stasi administration happened to be actual Antifas (some Bernds actually managed to nudify them) and played their little "I suddenly occured power" games, literally banning everyone, worse than on Twitter.
No. 8953
By the way, does this ernst chan still bans the n-word? Does it have hidden word-filter?
No. 8954 Kontra
Thing is that non old ec, non this ine is KC. We there don't like KC and don't want your shitposting. Nobidy had problems with old EC mods whoever they was and all bad things happened only when invasion turned ec into kc.
This thread already shows that you all should be permbanned with your dumb empty shitposting.
No. 8955
I enjoyed serious discussions and comfy on original EC for something like a year until you faggots showed up and killed it.

It's not that ECmods were particularly political insofar as moderating the board, it's just that 99% of shitposts on imageboards happen to be political, and happen to be on the right. Shitposters get banned.
This isn't KC.

(also, is EC also having ans problems, what the hell's up with sql errors)
No. 8956
I have my doubts
No. 8957
Would you kindly shut the fuck up, niger? Nobody asked your opinion.
No. 8958
Kohl is moderated by a butthurt 16 year old who bans posters he disagrees with politically, accusing them of being some proxying boogeyman only he knows about, so I don't think kholfaggots have any leg to stand on when it comes to moderation.

I sincerely hope your pedoboard comes back up as soon as possible.
No. 8959
49 kB, 500 × 500
All my favorite Bernd did post on old EC ;_;
No. 8960
10 kB, 461 × 400

I have literally never seen CP on there and I've lurked since since day one.
No. 8961 Kontra
Also testing to see if wacist images are bannable here.
No. 8963 Kontra
pol trash like you are bannable. If you start your posting with cancer, I hope you will be banned as fast as possible or this site will die
No. 8964
Rich defending a board that used to have same kind of mods.
The difference I saw there was purely political. Kohl does it's best to clean nog and left spam. And not nearly as effective as they should. This one cleaned n-word replies and imploded when exposed. Nobody really got why. But we all see the mod replies to the turk on irc.

I see you hypocritical ersntducks have not changed one bit. Sad!

(User was banned for this post)

No. 8965
Just because I posted an image of a black man doesn't mean to say I'm 'cancer'. Frankly it's very illiberal and even discriminatory for you to assume that anybody from Kohlchan is inherently 'cancerous', and for that you ought to be banned.
No. 8966
20 kB, 341 × 431
I have.
No. 8967
And I see it does have word filter by the way.
No. 8968 Kontra
No. 8969 Kontra
>16 year old thinks he's funny

I remember being edgy once.
No. 8970 Kontra
You cacer because you started posting from this, because you making one-liner dumb posts, start "meming" and "ironic shitposting" about "haha n*ggers that feel butthurt". This is cancer, with all your style of "disscution". Or learn to be part of this community and forget all this KC trash, or just go on other place where you belong. This is place only for quality talks in patient atmosphere, not for dumb chatting.
No. 8972 Kontra
Oh, so they're fine. You see what discrimination we non-blacks have to face on a daily basis?

(User was banned for this post)

No. 8973
That's the report thread >>>/meta/102

It's interesting that EC still doesn't have a report button.
No. 8977
>Kohl does not have such random bans
Its does
No. 8978
Not really. But we'll have to discuss it somewhere else.
For now, I'll play along.
No. 8980
>Criticizing the board is a bannable offence

No. 8981 Kontra
If I started shitposting aggressively about some innocuous topic such as eggs and got banned, I bet you wouldn't chalk it up to mods being anti-egg or pro-egg.
No. 8983 Kontra
This. There banned non political views, non other positions. There banned for low quality and low effort of posting. People there are freely disscus politics and history, but indeed not in this dumb manner as KC do.
Newcomers can look into old and current history threads to see how it is works here.
No. 8984
Es lebe KC!
KC is online again.
No. 8985
Actually they would. Because innocuous topic does not warrant ban. It would seem odd if it happens.
No. 8986 Kontra
99 kB, 305 × 382
Thank god
No. 8989
Still ISDN speed >.<
And I'm no nostalgic fag. I want all the advantage of degenerated 2010's, even if it's only the internets.
No. 8991
Lel, it looks like down again. Well let it lie, I take a holiday from KC. Dog knows, it can be tiring.
Let's just hope EC wont keep it's cold reception for all our stay.
No. 8992 Kontra
It depends on your quality of posting
No. 8993
I like it, since it makes it even more obvious who the rule-cucks are.
No. 8996
More likely it depends on the temperature of your ass and the moon weather. I now fully expect you to run around snitching to /meta/ every other post.
No. 8997
Prepare for le red text of death.
No. 8998 Kontra
cabbagechan actually had a policy of banning anyone for criticizing Trump. It was literally rthedonald faggots. Anyone mods should ban these people. These are the people who killed KC and then deliberately killed EC before. Why the fuck shouldn't we permaban them?
No. 8999 Kontra
I'll will do it. I don't want lost EC second time to trash like you.
No. 9000
>cabbagechan actually had a policy of banning anyone for criticizing Trump
No. 9013
For all newcomers and temporary visitors: lurk more.
Explaining anything to people who deliberately come to complain how Ernst is awful is futile (Matthew 7:6), so don't get surprised if you are banned.
If you want to criticize moderation, you are welcome to do it in /meta/. Not the way you are used to post, calling everyone niggers, cucks and so on. If you do, well, you were warned.
No. 9018
I would like to clarify that I didn't call local mods mean words, but the local populace actually, which is more than deserve berating.
And those were responses to already, let's call them "unfriendly" posts, in the much the same spirit as mine.
So you would do well to check next time, or you might lose context.
No. 9019
And close this thread again, plox. This will circumvent things for the better.
No. 9023
The thread is opened for people to monitor the situation around Kohlchan.
All other posts are undesireable.
No. 9024
Fair enough.
No. 9072
4 kB, 325 × 262
If we had any doubt that Kohlchan was nothing but demented human trash, they nearly destroyed EC and 8ch.net/kc/ and 8ch.net/kohl/ within 1 hour of kohl going down.
No. 9073
614 kB, 1024 × 768
Is it better to be have the favor of the God of Israel or have many chariots?
No. 9075 Kontra
The problem is the mods sometimes act like pussies or are absent, which was exactly the problem with KC and why it eventually went completely to hell to its final doom this year. We at least actually have moderation here, but sometimes I fear our mods are just going to tolerate it and pretend like these are decent civilized human beings who at least can be tamed into discussion. Experience has proven that's impossible. The moment they say "cuck" or post a Wyatt Mann picture they should be banned at least for a month.
No. 9080 Kontra
>and 8ch.net/kohl/
lol how? What happened there?
No. 9087 Kontra
I don't understand why Kolhlcancer thinks Ernst has to be tolerant of its shitposting. We are not tolerant, just like you.
No. 9106
159 kB, 1127 × 630
>and 8ch.net/kohl/

That was supposed to be an empty, unused back up board, set up by a Brazil Bernd in case Kohl went down.
No. 9107
21 kB, 650 × 478
They don't seem to be causing much trouble. I think I've seen one or two pointless threads made but that's just autistic people in a new environment. No need to aggravate our bitter sectarian conflict.
No. 9124
a lot things deleted already
No. 9126 Kontra
It took them literally an hour to shit up the board and I'm not even >>9072
There was also that one Brit who got banned repeatedly for shitposting, mainly in this thread thankfully. They killed two sites. They killed our EC which is why we are hosted here now. It is not "sectarian" they simply are not us nor are most of them bernds. The majority of cabbage posters are 20 year old kids from 4chan and their presence here should not be tolerated. If you stand out as being from there and refuse to conform to a higher posting standard you should be removed with extreme prejudice.

NEVER FORGET the last time we tolerated this shit they literally killed our site. They are not "sectarian" they are the enemy.
No. 9143
I don't think there will be a problem, so long as their board is up, and it appears that it's back now.
Hopefully the BO (Helmut) will be able to resolve the technical problems that keep bringing it down all the time
No. 11761
34 kB, 359 × 517
i think kohlchan just died or hacked
No. 11763
34 kB, 600 × 316
Yes, I cant reach the site any more
No. 11765
The security certificate is gone, endless refresh without https.
No. 11769
Number of german imageboards that have vanished in 2018: 3
No. 11770 Kontra
Please don't come here and shit up our board. Do you remember the old vierkanal wisdom of "lurk moar" before you post? Yeah. Do that. Just stop fucking post for one damn day and lurk the board without coming here to shit up the place like some roving band of e-rapefugees.

I don't know why your shitty cabbage site is often down nor do I care although it wouldn't surprise me if we eventually have to deal with these idiots whenever their pedos finally kill the site.
No. 11771 Kontra
And this is our home and we don't want you here for exactly that reason.
No. 11774 Kontra
It's a DDoS-Prevention measure.
No. 11777 Kontra
8 kB, 226 × 223
Fuck kohlchan
No. 13507
Please use the existing thread for kohl-related issues.
No. 13509
889 kB, 320 × 240, 0:10
i demand proof that kc is kill and forever
No. 13510 Kontra
16 kB, 240 × 106
No. 13511
it's not
No. 13512
cruel lies
No. 13513
kohl is not working help
No. 13515
It got raided and shut down just like krautchan.
No. 13518
22 kB, 400 × 400
i'm gonna destroy this whores life
No. 13519 Kontra
>Bogdan calling out a gypsy for living on welfare abroad
Pot calling a kettle black
No. 13520 Kontra
563 kB, 736 × 981
136 kB, 991 × 542
KC has surrendered.
No. 13521
407 kB, 932 × 1030
Where do we go from here?
No. 13522

We insidiously infiltrate and transform.
No. 13525 Kontra
All kohl shitposting will be banned.
No. 13526
"Insidiously infiltrate and transform" is just the name of a new tabletop RPG that all the cool kids are playing.
No. 13530 Kontra
Asked on IRC and it's apparently a proxy issue of some sorts.
No. 13535 Kontra
24 kB, 427 × 384
You are not fooling anybody with that proxy.
No. 13542
No. 13543 Kontra
Anyway, the Kohlpros said that it should be fixed after Helmut wakes up.
The administration is fast asleep over there.
No. 13546 Kontra
You are not a very polite person
No. 13549 Kontra
Don't fret it. It's quite funny.

Of course I'm going to tell you, after you've been so rude and called me a subhuman, it's only natural that I'd be such a cuck to do that.
And I doubt you don't know about KC's IRC channel, since you used to spam on it, you IQ89 gyppo
No. 13551
does this ulanovsky trump fag lurk on kohl /int/? if so he's probably that one incredibly annoying ukrainian shitposter who would shit every thread up with /pol/ drivel on old kc /int/. hope he never finds his way here.
No. 13554 Kontra
I never did such a thing, you seem to confuse me with someone else.
I better leave this place until the flood of edgy 15 year olds is gone again, good day.
No. 13555 Kontra
2,7 MB, 800 × 450, 0:22
I don't think this discussion is going anywhere bogdan, and I'm not one to waste my time.
Have a nice day, Kohl should be up sometime today.
No. 13557 Kontra