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No. 40150
287 kB, 486 × 278, 0:01
What was the best moment of your life ?
No. 40152 Kontra
No idea, I was sleeping at the time.
No. 40153
I'm not sure if it's the absolute best, but one memory which comes to mind occured on a road trip. I was driving across the desert at night, with a lightning storm visible in the distance, while Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" played on repeat. That was a pretty good moment.
No. 40158
2,1 MB, 1440 × 1494
Probably when i met a girl i really liked and she liked me too.
Wasn't really a moment but a few happy weeks i still think of 13 or 14 years later ;_;
No. 40209
432 kB, 1500 × 1381
It's funny how we often think of such moments of pure beauty perhaps mixed with a light touch of poignancy always stands out as those few moments that made our lives worth living.

For me I definitely have several although now that I think about it there was one moment of pure haunting beauty I just remembered that stands out and gets mixed with several actually beautiful moments.

Truth be told I find it incredibly difficult to differentiate between certain forms of beauty and terror or sadness, and between attractiveness and danger. I don't know why. I often confuse the look in a woman's eye with predation for example, and thus only fuels my voluntary celibacy as I instantly regard potential allies as threats. Meanwhile certain obvious threats and dangers attract me. Like ooooo poison and sharp things yay. So come to think of it a good many of my moments are mixed up. Wait how did OP phrase this specifically
>the best moment of your life ?
>the best
>not happiest
>not most satisfying, fulfilling, beautiful
Interesting though how my brain apparently colored in with synonyms so I literally thought you asked either beautiful or happiest moment. Well, the best. I wouldnt call them best but a couple shots I made curling were kinda neat. A few things I did to anonymously have a huge impact on the world were kinda neat but ultimately trivial, thought it was fun.

Honestly my mind keeps reflecting back to a moment swimming naked with an ex. It was under moonlight and I loved her, and it was cold at the edge of the pond. It wasn't even my best moment with her. But that entire relationship I was patently aware of my existential mortality and sought to hide ourselves as far away from God and the acknowledgment of any intelligence as I could, and cherished each and every moment knowing exactly what would happen. And it did happen. And while I've moved on since many many years ago when I'm not paying attention to anything in particular my mind still drifts back to her. It's still kinda spooky the ease with which I consciously deleted every trace of what she looked like topless in my memory. It was thorough. And it was easy and instantaneous causing me to question how much I may have done that beforehand and who or how I learned such a thing.

Yeah I ain't got much else. Most of my childhood was incredibly unhappy as was my teenage years. I basically only even had a narrow window of my life that was cool, and I spent the bulk of that stressed out and having mental breakdowns. I suppose if I did have a best moment I wouldn't even reveal it to myself consciously so that I could guard it and nothing could take it from me then.