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No. 40505 Systemkontra
395 kB, 1200 × 1536
Post your artwork, discuss, give critique in this thread.

Useful books and resources:

Anatomy and construction:
Michael Hampton - Figure Drawing - Design and Invention
Richard Schmidt - Alla Prima; Everything I Know About Painting
Joseph D'Amelio - Perspective Drawing Handbook
No. 40506 Kontra
336 kB, 1062 × 1500
OP pic could use more polish, but I underestimated the amount of work yet again, and it seemed rude to leave the old thread systemkontra'd on the second page any longer.

Also, while making this I kept thinking about how when you replace the characters with an anime girl and a furry creature, the composition of "American Gothic" becomes weirdly similar to the cover art of "My Neighbor Totoro" :-D

maybe next thread
No. 40509
Are the visible brushstrokes a feature of the format, or a stylistic choice? They're something I've always liked in your paintings. They give it movement.
No. 40512
672 kB, 1200 × 960
161 kB, 1000 × 1133
217 kB, 1500 × 1500
415 kB, 1560 × 800
I think you should have posted a link to our previous thread

Here's my first colored painting + my values study of a woman. I think the 2nd one ended up being a giant turd but it's not that bad given my experience.

Right now I am working on a really huge challenge inside of the art community where people try to draw each day, I am supposed to draw a storyboard for a music video (something along the lines of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z7YWIshHtE ), I drew panels for the first 0:40 sec out of the required 5:30, I will drop it by the end of the challenge, 1st June. I would like to show you some of the sketches for that video but it will spoil the fun, so I can drop you only my gestures
No. 40515
It's actually much easer in mine oinion. Ye, you need to get used for tablet, but overall you has infinity numper of layers, options to eraise anything anytime you want or get back your action, you has no any problem with materials like paper, and everything can be done just using PC and tablet without any other instruments in any place you want.

Thank you for creating new thread and art!

Wow you actually awesome. You actually studing unlike me who just casual pretender.
No. 40543
Wow impressive work. Second pic reminds me of a Sri Lankan woman I know.
No. 40611
312 kB, 1200 × 900
>ernstchan gothic.jpg
I don't post much on /int/, but I love this drawing!
Can I have it without the text, please?
No. 40623
8,4 MB, 2266 × 2900
199 kB, 1280 × 854
180 kB, 678 × 1600
Sure, I'll even give you the full uncompressed version. What's 8 megs between friends, right. It sort of looks bad at full res, because I sorta count on the downsampling to smooth out some of the wrinkly stuff you can see on full res, but I suppose you can resize it yourself if you want.

Sort of intentional, in that I don't consciously think about them, but they are a consequence of a workflow where I try to convey as much information with as few brush strokes as I can, and only polish stuff where I feel it is necessary. I think that sort of "stating as much as is needed to convey an idea but not more" is important to create a strong impression, so I try to aim for that if possible. It's sort of like a signal to noise ratio thing. Transmitting maximum information with minimum data. Which means that if I don't polish parts of an image where it is not strictly necessary, the brushstrokes are left in, creating visual interest.
To be honest, on this particular image, I violated this principle in quite a few places by destroying brush strokes that could have been preserved, or, on the contrary, not conveying enough information and leaving parts of the image too ambiguous. But in cases where I have to portray something specific, like certain characters in a certain environment, I don't have enough skill to hit that perfect point of "just enough brushstrokes, and no a single more". So I inevitably fall back on polishing stuff until it looks like it needs to be, which destroys the brush strokes.
In my mind, I want my painting to look something like a Leyendecker piece (not in the exact style, but in principle). He would rehearse his brush strokes to create paintings that were almost mosaics of brush strokes, where in addition to the "literal content" of the painting itself, the brushstrokes themselves were also arranged in a composition. But I ain't no Leyendecker, so it doesn't really turn out that way. Neither am I Miyamoto Musashi, who applied his philosophy to ink paintings, using the fewest number of brush strokes to depict exactly what is needed. Notice how he describes the texture, gesture and shape of a tree branch in a single brush stroke, because he knew exactly how his brush behaved. Now that's mastery.
To me, beauty, or at least the "effectiveness" of a work is strongly related to this principle of maximizing the amount of information for the amount of data that carries it. It's what makes you viscerally experience a work, rather than simply "reading" it. It's the closest thing a piece of art can be to the "platonic solid" of itself. That doesn't necessarily mean every painting has to be minimalist to be beautiful, rather that every individual element of a painting, down to its smallest "unit" of expression, has to carry some kind of compositional meaning. It gets exponentially more difficult to balance those elements the more complex a piece is, but the effect and sense of awe you experience when seeing it also gets stronger.

>That sounds like your process puts you in the zone (as Betty Edwards puts it) and the switching of context towards digital helper tools might make you snap out of it and thus reduce your productivity. Here productivity can well be a result of motivation and fun.
That is certainly the case, the context switch from painting to fiddling with the interface breaks my flow. But I also do get into the zone while doing pure image manipulation stuff, so I think it's possible to develop a combined workflow that keeps me in the zone.
But for me, the more important reason for not liking image manipulation is that doing it sort of destroys the "temporal history" of the artist's brushstrokes and marks, making the image less interesting (in addition to polishing stuff too much, like I mentioned in my reply to Romania ball). Brush strokes can be thought of a language unto themselves, or another dimension of expression. It's a way to communicate not only the ideas of the painting itself, but the artist's intent, thought process, and how the image came to be in time. When you do image manipulation, you treat the painting as a mere 2D surface, where each individual shape is disjointed and interchangeable, and destroy this information about how each shape relates to others, and how the image came to be. It's sort of like looking at a timelapse of a painting, all condensed in a single moment, and that is a very potent effect. It's also part of the reason, in my opinion, that paintings don't look as impressive on a digital screen as they do in real life, unless you have a very high resolution photo, on a large display or something.
Like this Van Gogh painting, for example. I enjoy looking at it zoomed in way more than I do seeing the whole painting at once. I imagine it would be even more enjoyable to look at if I had the opportunity to see it IRL.
Of course, you couldn't achieve something like this through image manipulation, distorting, warping, cutting and pasting, etc., as it would destroy the brush strokes.
No. 40637
Man, art theory always blows my mind. I see neat texturing using bristles, but to the trained eye there is a huge amount of depth and theory to it. Thanks for the insights.
No. 40639
Well, funny thing is that most of the time this stuff happens sub-consciously and during the process, a lot times the artist isn't thinking about any of this, but simply going with the flow. It can be the case than an artist is producing intricate pieces that theorists write lengthy essays about, but the most that's going through the artist's mind while actually painting is "haha brushtroke go brrr". There's a stereotype about artists being pretty dumb even if talented. At least visual artists and musical performers. In my case, maybe such autistic analysis is even detrimental, in that thinking about it too much is paralyzing.

There's an idea that art largely "makes itself", in that there is a fundamental "most beautiful state" a particular piece can be, which is decided by the laws of the Universe, or universal "truth", or platonic ideals, or something like that. And the artist is discovering the beauty rather than inventing it, in the same way a mathematician discovers truths rather than "invents" them. Art could be a way for the Universe to express some kind of Truth, and the artist is simply a conduit through which it does so. And mastery is the skill of letting it speak through you most clearly and with fewest obstacles.

An example that is on the more physical level. When you train your hand to do accurate strokes and lines, you are trying to eliminate the conscious control and awareness of your hand, so that you never have to think about your hand, because when you start consciously thinking about your hand, you're making inaccurate marks. You're trying to eliminate your hand from the equation so that it's a non-factor. You're trying to get everything out of the way in the path between your mind and the canvas, so that the art can travel through without obstacles or "signal degradation". Same with tools. The best tools are the ones that you never think about. And same probably applies in some way on the more abstract level, where the path "art" takes is from the Universe into your mind. In this framework, mastery of art could be thought of as a process of self-negation. You are trying to rearrange your body and mind in such a way that they become vacant "vessels" or "conduits" for the art to manifest through. It's probably no coincidence that being "in the zone" or in "flow state" is a lot like a meditative, thought-free state where it feels like your body is simply performing actions in an automatic way as if hypnotized. Maybe it is what people in the olden times thought of as spiritual/demonic possession, or being blessed by a muse. But there is this common understanding of the artist not being in control while performing, and of something else guiding them.

Anyway, I'm sleep deprived and this probably comes off as a load of incoherent horseshit, but I hope you get what I mean.
No. 40640
I get you. Probably not as vividly as you get it in your mind, but that's more to do with the fact that you know art while I had (and slept through) compulsory art class for a year in high school :-DDD
No. 40641
129 kB, 1280 × 960
Thank you, stay safe!
No. 40652
What you said about the temporal history of an artist's brushstrokes reminded me of something a teacher once said about Jackson Pollock. Pollock created his signature art by standing over the canvas, and moving wildly while guiding paint with a stick. Those paintings, as the teacher explained, were not art. The art was actually the frantic motion of Pollock himself- his dance, if you will. The paintings were simply a physical record of that creative act. The dripping colors captured those moments, and recorded them on a canvas. When you see one, you're seeing a brief fragment of Pollock's life, frozen in time.
Now it's possible that this was just an attempt to impose philosophical depth where none existed, but it was this interpretation that allowed me to see Pollock's work in a new light. I don't care for most abstract art, and prior to that class had actively disliked Pollack's work in particular. But that's not the case anymore. It also helped that later on I was able to see one of Pollock's paintings in person. He's still not on my list of favorite artists, as his work lacks the technique that I admire in figurative art, but with their immense scale and visible depth, they're impressive in a way that photographs can't convey.

Also, great work on the OP. You've created my new favorite Ernstwurf.
No. 40663
251 kB, 800 × 1050
Proceed to the nearest rape center to let comrade Bukharin explain you how exploitation of the proletariat happens.
I am incredibly happy with the result, I am leapfrogging my progresss in painting and growing stronger every day
No. 40704
134 kB, 800 × 597
124 kB, 800 × 577
No. 40718
51 kB, 400 × 400
Nice work.
No. 40745
1,8 MB, 400 × 214, 0:04
Gorgeous! Always impressed with the amount of skill that is present here.
No. 40754
4 kB, 233 × 157
1 kB, 136 × 87
4 kB, 248 × 247
11 kB, 206 × 247
Cool and cute
No. 41023
812 kB, 1400 × 1540
434 kB, 1080 × 1440
148 kB, 1050 × 1400
1,3 MB, 3000 × 4200
So, I was reading my Twitter and suddenly I see a video where Trump proposes his supporters to drink bleach to save themselves from Corona. Made a quick sketch on this topic + made some progress during the previous weeks
No. 41026
508 kB, 665 × 1017
4,7 MB, 430 × 215, 0:08
>1st pic
Reading this headline has never made laugh the exact same way as in this gif. That is exactly what my slowly building reaction was just trying to comprehend what I was seeing.
>Lysol, EPA warn against injecting cleaning products after Trump’s remarks

>are you not entertained?! Are you not entertained?!?!
No. 41042
94 kB, 1371 × 320
I'm terribly sorry, but is that you?
No. 41044
Question, what is the difference between dvach, sosach, and 2ch? Why does everybody shit on that site? It looks like it has real promise. I'm tempted to try to learn Russian there but I have a feeling that if that was the site to teach me Russian fluency every single Slav would immediately think I'm retarded the minute I open my mouth. Still, I think it could work.
No. 41046
>Question, what is the difference between dvach, sosach, and 2ch?
Original 2ch died, then it was re-established by different people and changed domen name multiple times. sosach because 2ch.so was one of it's primary domens after tirech.

>Why does everybody shit on that site?
There is decent thematics there and there. /b and /po and other fast popular places obviosly be same as on every fast imageboard, thought I'd say it was always better than most of 4chan in my personal opinion, and defenetly better than kohlchan or something like that. Never visited /int or shit like /news and never wanted to.
No. 41048
Their /int/ doesn't look too bad although it seems slow as shit and is afflicted by der ewige kanadian posting.
No. 41050
Well I can advice.. I don't know, /spc - space and austronomy. /sf - science fiction. Maybe /sci - science and /hi - history be interesting a bit for you, thought I honestely rarely visit all this nowdays.
No. 41054
531 kB, 1200 × 1560
Yes, I created a provocative thread on purpose although I stopped posting on /po/ years ago. I have 0 followers on online galleries, so I had to come up with some way to increase the spread of my works (even if the people won't subscribe to me) given that I have zero influence on social media. I am planning on drawing for a fandom in the future because quality of your work doesn't really matter when you are a noname that draws his original content and thus attracts no followers, I am talking about advertisement with that American artist https://twitter.com/chompwell
He is incredibly skilled, period, and many can only dream of his level, he is also obscure, because he put much less effort into spread of his fame than polishing his skills. There are artists with even worse skills than me who, nonethless, are well known and rich by Eastern European standards

Here's my new sketch, some people on a Ukrainian imageboard requested me to draw them a dickgirl, so I drew two out of my head. It's hard to draw without references, of course. If somebody else really (I have limited time and desire to draw) wants a rough sketch, I can do it for free

I believe that 2ch is much better than 4chan, especially when it comes to small subboards. /diy/ was my favorite board for quite a while because this is the only place on all imageboards where you can find an assembly of collectors of coins that actually know shit and have interesting examples. I am myself an owner of rare complect of WW2 medals + badges, I am curious about collecting of orders and medals but I spent my free time on /diy/ when I was younger and liked coins more. 2ch's /hi/ is much better than 4chan's /his/ as well, it's could be unusual for a foreigner but Ukrainians and their history are treated better on a Russian board than on English /his/. Plus Russian posters there are not afraid of typing longposts, while it's incredibly hard to meet people who put some actual effort on 4chan in general.
>Slav would immediately think I'm retarded the minute I open my mouth
Every Slav will think so no matter what you read, it's because Russian is hard to master and many foreigners just don't bother learning all the cases. McFaul, former American ambassador to Russia, spent years living in Russia and studying it even before he became an official, he teaches kids in Stanford but he speaks very wonky and no one shames him because Russian is not popular, Russians are happy that a guy from prestigious country actually put some effort learning their language. You are an exotic good to them.
No. 41058
143 kB, 940 × 522
381 kB, 1462 × 1235
514 kB, 680 × 748
>I'm tempted to try to learn Russian
For what purpose? Learn a useful language like Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc.
Russian will take too long for any possible use you get out of it to be worth learning.
No. 41067
502 kB, 1836 × 3264
62 kB, 479 × 960
144 kB, 1135 × 988
1,6 MB, 885 × 5126
> French, Portuguese
What in the absoltue fucking shit, how the hell are either of these languages supposed to be useful? At least Spanish is spoken by a lot of people. What the fuck am I supposed to do, go to Haiti? Insult Igor in his native tongue? Become a Brazilian businessman? Those languages are almost as useless as Dutch and Danish.
No. 41077
French is pretty widely spoken too. It's not a Spanish tier behemoth but it's no slouch. 65 million speakers in France, plus a considerable amount of speakers in their former empire and tbh, France is a pretty major economy so it wouldn't be a total bust.
No. 41081
Meh the number of Russians alone is close to double that and when you count their belter colonies and the fact it can be a bridge language it's still more useful.

Also I never actually gave a reason and just realized I probably came across as rude due to my general overuse of foul language. To answer, it is because unlike all those cultures Russia is one of the only countries that has produced large volumes of literature and other art I would be interested in reading in its language (the other being German but I'm not particularly interested in learning the language itself) plus on top of that unlike any of those other countries me being a Russian language speaker could be a legitimately useful skill to have. Like most people that speak those other languages like say a French Pharmaceutical rep are probably going to be at least somewhat conversant in English, and none of them are rivals, not to mention we have extradition treaties with all of them. So if I learn Russian I can actually more easily get things like a government job doing something I'd actually be good at or give a shit about, it would be genuinely useful for dealing with the Russians in a business sphere "a Russian may be many things but a fluent English speaker isn't one of them" or however the saying goes, I actually find things admirable about Russia and happen to respect their country in a way I really dont with just about every other country sorry but no offense it's hard for me to actually respect Spain, Mexico, Germany, or maybe even France in a way that I do with the Russians and unlike the Chinese they aren't just a rival filled with everything awful I dislike but one that was worthy of our respect for those 50 years, not a bunch of bat munching cheats, thieves and liars devoid of empathy or any higher principles and yeah I just happen to have a very mild case of Slavbooism that I'm certain can only be cured by actually living there at some point. The fact I could even in theory have the additional latitude of having another large power to flee to in case I manage to piss one of them off enough is also a nice bonus on top. Of course, I have little interest remaining in this country for long and plan to be able to flee it the moment opportunity arises to do so. The main drawback to this is I'm pretty sure I'm destined to piss off the Russian government and her bydlo way faster and harder than my own.
No. 41082
Russian is useful in one area though, while French is more widely distributed. If you account for French as a second language, you also go much higher. In fact, French is the 5th most commonly spoken language in the world if you include second language speakers, while Russian is 8th. That doesn't just include people learning it for fun too, but places like Vietnam where it's a fairly common second language for the professional sectors, and in parts of Africa.
No. 41094
As a person who is learning Russian, I am afraid that it'll come as bad news once you realize how useless knowing Russian is. Spanish And my own Spanish dialect are more widely spoken and more relevant languages if you want to learn a language for the sake of increasing your professional skills or just gaining the ability to speak to more people.

If you carry this mentality that learning Russian will do you any good, I can only assume you'll drop it soon. With the same effort, you could learn French AND Spanish and be far better off.

Learning Russian is a pointless endeavor filled with suffering that has no reason to be undertaken unless you actually are a slavboo.
No. 41095
>Russia is one of the only countries that has produced large volumes of literature and other art I would be interested in reading in its language
It would take way too long for you to reach that level. What media would you consume in the meantime? Some other hard languages like Japanese has media that is often used by beginners to learn. What beginner/intermediate level Russian media interests you? The shows that they specifically make for language learners are always incredibly boring. For example, I use Gothic to help me learn German.

>I just happen to have a very mild case of Slavbooism
>very mild

>I have little interest remaining in this country for long and plan to be able to flee it the moment opportunity arises to do so.
I'm sure that one of our Russian friends here would very happily switch places with you in a heart beat.

Are you ethnically Russian? If not, then I wouldn't bother learning Russian.
I'm certain that we've had a vaguely similar conversation like this in the past.
No. 41099
120 kB, 500 × 511
>Learning Russian is a pointless endeavor filled with suffering that has no reason to be undertaken
Surely then my method will allow me to become the perfect deep cover agent of the State Department or CIA :--DDD

How else can I suffer pointlessly to lernu2S-O-U-L :----DDDDD

I don't think we've discussed this before(?) but probably even just seeing something like. STALKER. Or maybe starting with Russian children's shows. The gravest difficulty in learning a new language however would be steeping myself in it. I never learned Spanish at all even taking it for years because we just had the one class and also learning a new language in the 8th grade or whatever is a terrible time to start speaking languages. I chose this because it was easy and out of the available languages to study it seemed the most plausible useful. It is not, it was not. I would moreover like to point out that in a language like Spanish I have zero interest in actually engaging people who speak in natively or in consuming their media.

Meanwhile thanks to /int/ I have spent a lot of time being exposed to it and finding reasons to bother speaking it, both professionally and leisurely. Even to this day I find myself encountering it and its speakers wherever I go online.

Out of any language I could consider learning it has proven itself the most plausibly useful. The other languages are all ultimately hobby languages like Hebrew or Latin, whose utility is debatable at best.
>scientific or legal theory
Yeah and I don't actually have to properly conjugate verbs and understand Latin grammar to know that.
No. 41101
Eeeh. Thread go very off-topic. I think it's my fault to degree

I don't really think about advertising or fame. I never hope to become popular or even to degree skilled to actually start account or something serious and quality like artstation. So I mostly dumping some my stuff on furaffinity just because.
No. 41254
331 kB, 725 × 806
Back on topic, kind of
No. 41255
Dhads a benis :-D
No. 41328
9 kB, 303 × 319
5 kB, 404 × 248
2 kB, 127 × 119
3 kB, 254 × 166
It's been a while since I've come to this board last. It's easy to get lost in altchans
No. 41830
It's not the same without Stein.
No. 41845
Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have experience with or learning-resources for technical drawings as preparatory step to creating artworks of machines of any kind.
For example if I want to draw some sort of sci-fi motor cycle as one of the foreground elements and I first want to develop an understanding of the object instead of just drawing away intuitively. Or I want to create a 3D model of a small space ship or other futuristic vehicle. Starting without any plan will result in non-sensical design at best, most likely the thing will never be completed because at every step I run into the problem of not knowing how such an object is supposed to look or function.

Now, the general solution is to simply know the things you want to draw/model. Drawing humans you are well advised to study figures and anatomy. But with creatures or machines that you invent for your art you can't know the thing, obviously. I figure that technical drawings as used by engineers, but also plans used by architects should be a great help to develop an idea of your object before you start drawing/modeling.

What's your take on this?
No. 41860
I have just the right helping of autism for you. I recommend Scott Robertson's How to Draw ( http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=D8DD0D108D3A01969009EA39FF0DCC50 ) if you want to learn something that is similar to technical drawing, but more geared towards illustration than engineering. It goes through the fundamentals of construction, perspective, etc. It feels very tedious drawing construction grids to rotate something in 3D, when normally you would instead construct the general shape out of primitives and eyeball the finer proportions, but the point of these exercises is to teach you to think in construction, and generate a mental model. It's sort of like copying gypsum casts 1:1 when you just start drawing, it's a grind meant to build neural pathways in your brain.
Another good book is Peter Han's drawing handbook ( http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=FCDC6C06C90CE5EBF9660636FC91271E http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=1CFCB3DBBF1F518F8B656C177DCF15D0 ). It's much more terse and teaches a simpler (it's less of a book and more a sketchbook full of examples and diagrams), more general approach to drawing things (not just tech), and is good for sketching and studying objects in terms of their proportions, gestures, shape language, etc.

Now, that's to answer your direct question of "how do do technical-like drawings". But from your post it seems like what you really want is to be able to design things. Design is a lot more abstract, in that it's similar to composition in art. The actual representation of the subject is irrelevant, what you want is to use shapes, lines, colors, silhouettes, proportions, etc. as a "language" to express certain "feels" themes, and ideas. Although there's lots of books on the philosophy of art and composition, that deal with the subject of visual art in these fundamental terms, and many on graphics design, I don't know whether there's something similar for the broad subject of "product design", mostly because I don't live in that world. The few resources I've seen seem to take a heuristic approach, rather than, uh, academic(?). By heuristic I mean something like "what do these designs mean culturally, what were they inspired from, what functional constraints are there that inform this design". It's still helpful, though, so here's a video where a concept artist goes through a process of breaking down and making variations on some existing designs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YrPpraXkBY . His entire channel is a pretty good resource on practical concept design.

What I've posted, of course, is a subset of the whole discipline of "design" as applied to video games. There's a whole world out there, of real world product design, automotive design, architecture, etc., so if you were looking for something more concrete, research in those areas might be more useful to you, but I don't know much about these, so I can't help.
No. 41873
Thanks. Man, downloading larger stuff from libgen has that cozy 2000s feel of waiting for a download to finnish. Haven't had that in a long time.

While waiting for the books I've started with the video and the guy immediately talks about the very thing I did: Jumping from general idea to sketching and experimenting. And again with what he sais about "play pretend" hits right home. So yeah, I was planning to work on something else when I woke up but this has given me confidence just now and I'll change my plans for today.
No. 41874 Kontra
217 kB, 1152 × 864
5 kB, 300 × 200
34 kB, 640 × 480
890 kB, 1800 × 859
Heh, so this episode is about the ship design in Cowboy Bebop and the original Star Wars... the thing I was trying to do yesterday was come up with a ship design that has the feel of a construction tool: As simple as possible while fulfilling a specific function and built to last. You know, the difference between some cheap drill from the retailer (fancy package, polished surface, buzzwords and features) and the drill you see someone use at a construction site (dirty, uncomfortably heavy, ugly from a "design perspective" but you immediately know that this thing will not break).
And the two things I thought of were
1) The weapons in the original Unreal Tournament
2) The ships in Cowboy Bebop

For illustrative purpose see the original design of two weapons from UT compared to modern iterations from later games. The old one is what I'm going for.
No. 42007
80 kB, 1300 × 375
Experimenting with a very loose, minimalist style. It goes against all of my instincts-that is, to use lines and draw a lot of details. Still, this approach conveys the necessary visual elements well enough.
No. 43274
131 kB, 1280 × 719
Most of my recent drawing time has been spent working on something for the zine, but I decided to have some fun playing with one of those images. I layered a few gradients over this, and used a the 'brightness' blending effect to try and simulate the light from a screen. I have one layer over his snout, another layer over his glasses, and then a third layer over the background to create a shadow. Oh, I had the character and background on different layers so the light on Ernstwurf's face doesn't spill over onto the bookshelf, and vice versa.
No. 43283
This image is really nice, there's something captivating about it. I think that if you cleaned it up a little more and added a bit more shading it'd be my favorite Ernst image.
No. 43284
I can second that, the image really has an attractive quality.
No. 43285
I think I can clean up the lines a bit; and you're right, a little more shading would be a good idea, too. Not too much more, or I'll lose the "washed out" lighting effect. Adding deeper shadows under the glasses and cap, and maybe the chin, should do the trick. Areas where the screen glow wouldn't hit as sharply. We'll see how it goes; whenever I try to make small adjustments I tend to go crazy and overdo it :D.
No. 43289
Your pic is awesome. You know, people with talent and feel often even without super-duper ultra skill makes pics that really atttracts for some reason. Sadly, I lacking this ability and talent.
No. 43333
Thank you, I appreciate that.

>people with talent and feel often even without super-duper ultra skill makes pics that really atttracts for some reason.
I was listening to a podcast yesterday (I think it was "Comics Are Great", but it may have been "Make It Then Tell Everybody". I listened to a few of them and the information sort of runs together in my brain :D), and the guest actually talked about something similar. He said that to be successful at cartooning, you had to be a good artist, but also a little NOT good. He meant that you had to know when to leave details out of your drawings, and when to include them. You have to know when to show-off and draw something perfectly, and when to leave a lot of empty space to create just the right feeling on a page. Sometimes a few properly placed lines can convey information to a reader more effectivly than a fully rendered image. I guess the hard part is knowing what lines those are :D.
I've always thought that to be a good cartoonist a person has be able to draw a lot better than what shows up in their work. To that end, I try to practice realistic drawing-anatomy, buildings, etc- as a way to improve my very simple cartooning style.
No. 43431
529 kB, 975 × 1050
848 kB, 1500 × 900
929 kB, 1000 × 875
660 kB, 800 × 1100
I wanted to paint the 1st one but only made suicide look like a real possibility. I also discovered that the most viral political event of 2020 brings you 0 followers on Twitter, DA and Tumblr if you draw on it, so I guess I am gonna start with fandoms and cute girls instead...
No. 43433
Not bad. Proportions in image 3: The breasts are too high. Try to mark the ribcage and sternum, then count the ribs to figure our where the breasts should start and stop. It's much lower than you intuitively think even for small, firm breasts. I don't have any pictures with me that I can upload but it's easy to find anatomy references on the web where you see ribs and breasts.
No. 43435
Man, I really dig your first one. I dunno if it was intentional, or just a matter of the kind of stuff you're exposed to, but it has a really "eastern bloc" look to it, like some rad as hell stalinist aesthetic shit going on, minus the terrible tankie messages.
No. 43440
53 kB, 600 × 450
118 kB, 1440 × 1000
I stole the idea from the 2nd pic but just discovered that there was something similar in my political folder (the 1st picture), I was inspired by Soviet political propaganda years ago and my desire to draw on politics was one of the reasons why I started drawing. It's a pity that there's no demand for political agitation in art nowadays, YouTub vloggers and various politicaly active celebrities took that share in the market. Even major and wealthy American newspapers don't make political cartoons anymore. 2d porn is the new low bar for newbies
No. 43493
Man, were I a twitter kind of person, I'd totally follow a motherfucker posting cool agitating sketches. Weird that there's no market for it, or maybe you just need one of them fancy blue ticks that you see on accounts. Dunno what they are, but they seem important from the menes and stereotypes I pick up. Is there some small magazine/newspaper that might publish political stuff in your area? Maybe hit them up. Around here, the big student '''socialist''' group (social democratic, really, worked with one of their writers once who claimed to be a 'Revolutionary Socialist', but was against people being allowed to own firearms which they could use to actually have said revolution) has their national rag that eats political cartoons up, especially if they're tailored towards the current hotness and not just to long-term trends and ideas.

I mean, yeah you're going to have to deal with a bunch of dickheads when you go within a hundred paces of something like that, but it can't be worse than the kind of slob you'll encounter doing porn or fandom crap.
No. 43501
284 kB, 845 × 1200
317 kB, 852 × 1200
188 kB, 839 × 1200
246 kB, 839 × 1200
memes are cheap since lots of ppl do them for free.

Pics: these posters are excellent but... How much did they cost to the state? From a Western POV from the 21st Century, such talent costs a fortune
No. 43516
Average monthly salary after taxes in Ukraine is $400 (it doesn't take into account inequality though, you need median wage for that), even if there was a job like that I won't humiliate myself for those pennies. I am 99% sure though they wouldn't pay more than $250, it's absolutely ridicilous, I saw state job offers that require higher education but pay fucking $200 a month (6000 hryvien'). Moreover, I almost never leave my flat, so porn is the only solution. I find genuine pleasure in doing requests, it's not that bad. Better than being treated like a replaceable slave by boss or being obliged to show up at the office every 8:00 5 days a week to earn my peanuts.
No. 43519
17 kB, 400 × 326
1,2 MB, 1280 × 900
I finished my another crap, in attempts at learn something in paiting. It's my usual stuff so it's under spoiler so it will not embarrass anyone accidently.
No. 43520
1,2 MB, 1280 × 900
Version 2 that addes a bunch of fog effects so my shitty background did not melt with foreground because I have IQ89 and don't plan whole pic from start to finish before actually making details on them.
No. 43526
Nice work, particularly on the muscles and anatomy. The fog effect was a nice trick to get those characters to pop a bit more. I also understand not planning out the whole canvas before you start, because I do the same thing. I just draw a few lines and then see what develops, making it up as I go along.
No. 43539
You are getting better. But you should use models, copy whatever you need from photos because trying to learn painting without references is pure hell. Even the famous ancient masters were always using real models for their "great" paintings
No. 43551
102 kB, 1000 × 800
45 kB, 608 × 512
9 kB, 584 × 353
46 kB, 400 × 300
I still kind of suck at drawing :^)
No. 43554
4,3 MB, 3120 × 4208
I want to pick up drawing again.
Maybe I'll even get a cheapo tablet again :)
But for now, ballpoint pen it is.

I'm currently practising faces. I would live to learn that one technique that you always see online where the face is divided up into polygons.
No. 43567
178 kB, 1160 × 1160
On an old painting I did of Ernstwurf, I had trouble with the light and shadow on his face I suck at painting :D. I ended up drawing a basic polygon model to help me visualize the different planes and angles. That's not too difficult when drawing an anthropomorphic mole, but those detailed polygon portraits look a lot harder. If you practice enough, I'm sure you can figure it out, though.
No. 43577
Thank you. I'll try to use proper refferences and make overall structure and scene of picture before getting in detail. I know pro painters don't even use lineart as basis and just start from "spot".

Small planet idea is awesome concept to try skills at perspective and things like that.
want to become furry artist? :--DDD
No. 43975
49 kB, 945 × 497
Some drawings for an Ernst.
No. 43981
No. 43990
Cool ernstleaf cap. I've drawn that thing a hundred times, but still manage to screw it up. If you ever see a decent cap from me, you can be assured it was not my first attempt. Or my second. or third...:D
No. 44024
295 kB, 900 × 1400
Tried do something quick in "comic style". Well, at least to degree I can replicate it. Dunno if it will go anywhere beyond that.
No. 44055
286 kB, 1524 × 834
Nice work; I love the detail you were able to get into his face, and your shadows are excellent.

>Dunno if it will go anywhere beyond that.
It never hurts to build a pile of random characters and styles. If you don't use it now, maybe he'll fit into a later project. In the Today thread there was an ernst who was building a searchable database of information that he could use for writing. It occured to me that, for artists, our sketchbooks serve a similar purpose. They're filled with half-finished characters and visual concepts that have little value now, but might come in handy someday.

Still working on a better version of this >>43274. I swear I'm not that slow, I just decided to finish the zine project first. Here's what the drawing looks like now, with the lines cleaned up, but without color or lighting effects.
No. 44086
137 kB, 793 × 850
1,2 MB, 600 × 1200
1,2 MB, 1000 × 2375
315 kB, 1050 × 825
Drew a portrait of gf as a gift for her birthday today, the girl was ecstatic. I know that the portrait is muddy because I still struggle with brushwork and use too soft brushes.
No. 44320
762 kB, 1120 × 1034
I drew Helltaker porn fanart (it's a very short puzzle/bullet hell game where you assemble a harem full of demon girls, you can download it for free on Steam) and got a couple of people curious whether I will make more Helltaker stuff, which I was going to make anyway because Helltaker is the biggest albeit declining trend in the West right now. I also colored it using ONLY lasso and gradient tool, which is a bit surprising for me, I did not know you can make coloring this good and fast with simple gradients. It was the most useful day of my life because I also learned how to make the character's full white eyes shine and I now know that with Gaussian blur the quality of your line art will reach the heavens.
No. 44328
2,4 MB, 5000 × 4300
I don't know how you did it, but I like the result of your technique here. I've only used gradients to create lighting effects, but never tried coloring with them like this.
Your use of Gassian blur reminded me of a neat trick that I discovered last year. I wanted to edit an image from Tom & Jerry, but whenever I moved a character they didn't blend properly back into their new background. They stood out too much. Eventually I figured out that the solution was to use a Gaussian blur. That created just enough distortion that any seams between the original picture and my changes would virtually disappear. I made this picture to show what I did. (Sorry about the size, but I work large and reducing the image would make it difficult to see the subtle changes).
Also, I never actually finished editting this image, so the only thing that came out of the project was this one trick. But now I know that I can blur a layer to help it blend in, so I would say it was time well spent.
No. 44331
192 kB, 846 × 1200
This threda makes me miss drawing ;_;

I even picked up a used wacom tablet lately for 15 euros. And I was quite good in finnign, lineart, and all the jazz.

Still, I couldn't do nice clean comic style linearts, although I was practising all the time.

Even a few weeks ago I made the resolution to draw a pic a day (on paper) and, guess what, didn't pull through with it.

Drawing is my peak depression marker. A nice activity that costs nothing, is centering, and results in objectively good things, but I do them half-assedly or not at all, then I'm sad about missed opportunities, and crash down.

Music is similar, but at least I have enough leftover still that I can sit and play a small tune and be happy with it. But drawing? Crumpled paper.

That being said, thanks for reading my ramblings, and I would like to quicksketch some requests from Ernsts on my Tablet and Krita, which I recently downloaded. I want to see if I can draw something if I try, or if I'd be better off just shoving the whole attempt into the trash.

So, what should I do? I always apply creativity in scenery/topic design as additional hurdle to my creative attempts, so just stfu'ing that and drawing external input might help.
No. 44334
>quicksketch some requests from Ernsts
How about a man looking at the stars through a telescope?
No. 44348
238 kB, 1000 × 1000
for the first time I played around with ambient light colors
No. 44362
I love it, ernst, thank you!
I know depression can interfere with drawing, but I hope you find a way to work through it somehow.
No. 44418
54 kB, 564 × 704
Reminds me of implementation of lights and shadows in style of like picrelated, I like it. I need to learn shapes and lights more.
No. 44476
258 kB, 900 × 1050
542 kB, 1000 × 1167
645 kB, 1000 × 1167
Drew something new on Helltaker. You can check out the results of my lessons about Gaussian blur. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of effort on this and the previous drawing but the result was... lackluster. I used DeviantArt, Tumblr, Pixiv, Twitter, Instagram and tons of tags on each platform, it didn't attract me many likes nor followers. It's depressing when you waste hours drawing something, it brings you 2-3 likes (not even retweets or followers) and then you look up at the weaker artists getting lots of attention.

Copy references and your favorite artists' pictures. No matter what you learn, references will make you study better, drawing without references is akin to reinventing a wheel, very painful and long process that won't make you superior to somebody who simply used the existing construct.
No. 44562
493 kB, 1920 × 894
It's really crazy reading a little bit about the Arab astronomers from their medieval age. These guys didn't even have telescopes and they were making all these great finds.

I have come to believe that there is truly no more religious experience than to be standing in awe under quite literally the banner of the heavens. I think that insofar as caring for the widow and the orphan and remaining unblemished from the world is real religion in the ethical and moral sense, that S-P-A-C-E and the heavens themselves is real religion to us in the mystical and scientific sense in a way that is truly immortal and timeless.

The more I think about 40K the more I realize that while it's pretty much just a way over the top shitty fantasy game setting IN SPACE that it's actually got a way more impressive and finely grained nuance about it. I mean just taking the warp for instance, it's become increasingly difficult for me to tease through the difference between what is just 40K inspired nonsense, and what occult matters inspired 40K, and what even is the difference, because so far as I have seen you can actually glean a hell of a lot of real occult material from IRL out of a bunch of different fantasy kind of settings. Whether people like Spare and whatshisname ripped some material from there or more likely the authors of 40K errata pulled their knowledge from chaos magicks, it's impeccably bridged.

I get the same feeling whenever I read White Wolf material. A lot of it is crap, a lot is just good storytelling, but there's an awful lot of kernals of truths hidden right in plain site. It makes me think about people like Alan Moore, who himself probably treaded a fine line between just trolling and delving deeply. Springmeier made an interesting observation about the occult in one of his Illuminati books that while I think it partly missed the point also was accurate regarding the kinds of blinders and thinking that goes into occultism.

But really it's not just about that, but rather the fact that taken for what 40K is, I grow increasingly suspicious that those bits of lore and that universe was way ahead of its time. I think it showed a certain fundamental understanding about human nature that's sadly lost on all the people who only make a meta point about it when they go full-MUH GOD EMPRAH and take the 40K universe at face value, unwittingly being examplars of the problem the Empreor had to begin with.

Perhaps the real question would be about what happens when the whole stellar frontier is itself reduced to the point of banality like everything else, and then what else will man mythologize and turn to for his sense of mysticism?
No. 44577
658 kB, 963 × 1188
Well, for now I trying to work in general like you know, this sort of comic-book ink style art, so I trying to look at artists who do similar stuff.
No. 44633
216 kB, 850 × 819
I love to use the Bucket tool to fill large areas, but I've discovered this weird error that happens now and then. If I touch the screen right at the edge of a comic panel, sometimes it decides to follow that edge all the way around. The tool treats the seperate border layer as an area to fill, and creates a color outline that is almost perfectly concealed beneath that black line. I can usually tell when this happens, because there is a slight lag between the time I touch the screen, and the time any color appears. If I don't catch it while I'm working, then I can spot it by making the border layer invisible. Pic related.
Anyway, I find it comforting that the machine still needs my eye to proof read its work :D
No. 44754
658 kB, 2040 × 1102
I finished the latest version of this drawing. There are 16 visible layers, mixing different blending effects and opacity levels. The original version only had 9, so yeah, I went a little crazy as I was playing with the details :D.
Well, a couple of those layers were really necessary to get the shadows dark enough. Those shadows were washed out by by the light over his snout, so I had to move them to a new layer which is sitting on top of the brightest gradient-but below a slightly darker gradient. It got a bit confusing at times, tbh, which is why I like to add a letter of the alphabet to the name of each layer. That letter makes sure I always keep the layers in the correct order.
No. 44938
950 kB, 1280 × 1280
I'd advise you not play TOO MUCH with all effects and 9000 layers. It's nice and this how modern pros are doing, but focusing yourself to work with less tools and less layers can imitate actual work on paper and undesrting of it more closely. Nice work on stylisation, still.

I continue my jorney into this sort of style.
No. 44984
130 kB, 910 × 1211
I really like this style you're using.

>focusing yourself to work with less tools and less layers can imitate actual work on paper and undesrting of it more closely.
I appreciate the advice. I ultimately want my digital work to match what I do on paper, and vice versa, but have been dedicating much more time to the digital side lately. By relying on these tools and shortcuts(to cover the gap in my skill)I'm not doing myself any favors.
I actually started something new on paper yesterday, and immediatly drew a character too low on the page. If this were digital I would simply drag it up higher, or change the canvas size. Since that's not an option, I have to either erase and redraw it higher, or just leave it where it is and reorganize my composition. Right now I'm leaving it, and hoping that this obstacle will spark spark some new creativity as I work. Maybe I'll end up with something better than my original idea.
Have a bad picture of a bad drawing of a cow :D
No. 45207
327 kB, 720 × 1440
424 kB, 1200 × 880
Made something. It was a request, and I'm not a fan of requests. Years ago, I was eager to complete all the requests in the art threads, but over time I realized how poorly people asking for requests appreciate the time of artists. Are you ready to spend a few hours chopping wood /making soup for a stranger? I got the feeling that many people who request something treat their own requests as if they themselves don't really need it, and they just """help""" artists with their ideas. As result, I came to the conclusion that commissions reflect interest much better than requests. If a person needs something so much that he already wants to pay, then certainly this is not an ordinary desire to get free stuff just because you can. The fulfillment of requests helps to create a mentality where drawings are worthless, like the time of the enslaved artists.
No. 45297
1,7 MB, 2500 × 3600
2,0 MB, 2500 × 3600
2,4 MB, 2500 × 3600
1,8 MB, 2500 × 3600
I want to thank the UK ernst who made the zine threads. Without that motivation I never would have finished this. You know what I learned? When facing a large project, if you keep moving forward eventually you reach the end :D. 60 panels is just 3 panels a day for 20 days. That's not too hard, right?

Overall, I'm happy with the individual panel compositions, but am less pleased with my page layouts. I don't have a lot of experience with that, and while I tried to be creative with my decisions(what to show, how to arrange the sequence of images), the results were mixed. Some good, some...meh. Also, selecting a color for each detail was overwhelming, and to make my decisions easier I chose a very limited brown/grey palette at the beginning(found online, ofc). In retrospect, I think that was a mistake. It helped to narrow down my choices, but created an unnecesary hurdle when I needed to color something and none of the options were quite right. There were only 30 colors in that palette, and I ended up adding a few to it(skin tones, 2 blues, EC colors, Ernstwurf shades, etc). Anyway, you get the idea. The palette was too small, I won't hamstring myself like that again.

My initial version of this comic actually had small bits of dialog but, as I continued to work on it, I realized that the story worked better without any words at all. You know when I figured that out? At the exact moment when I discovered that I really hated reading, and re-reading, the dialog I wrote. Total coincidence :D. So to alleviate that deep insecurity over my writing, I simply removed it all and the comic turned out better for it.
Oh, the image of Ernstwurf looking at a screen which I used earlier in this thread is on page five here, but he's not wearing a cap now. I noticed a continuity error, where I had drawn him with a cap in some panels, and without it in others. Had to fix that. I should really pay better attention when I'm drawing :D.
No. 45299
1,2 MB, 2500 × 3600
1,6 MB, 2500 × 3600
No. 45300
Good stuff.
No. 45301
You know what if I ever get rich I'll hire you as an illustrator for the companie(s). like thatll ever happen thoughI seriously need to break out of my millionaire-in-waiting mentality that afflicts so many of us neoserfs

Actually what I really need to do rather soon is figure out what kind of video and photo editing programs I wish to run. In addition to that what I'd really like to do is produce my own music someday. I can't remember what it's called but there's this really awesome electronic music machine which looks just like magic. It's seriously like a Clark's Law type of thing for making music in the future. MSpaint is such garbage and I really need to get an image pad and a stylus like I'm sure you have.
No. 45303
31 kB, 299 × 600
Man, bravo.
Very professional. Flows very good. I've seen your previous output and that practice has paid well. Really. The expressions are very nice, very humane in the good sense of the word.

A question: does the starring go to the reunion in a taxi? I'm demodé and is he getting and Uber or...?
No. 45304
473 kB, 440 × 350, 0:01
Ebin, great work!
No. 45305
Very cute work! You very patient to draw actual comic, awesome

Well, it's good opprtunity to prepear yourself for commisions if you plan do them
No. 45308
Thank you, ernsts.

>millionaire-in-waiting mentality that afflicts so many of us neoserfs
I have to count myself among the afflicted. Someday we'll all have piles of money. Right now we're just living through the dramatic backstory, which will make our eventual triumph even more heroic :D.

>an image pad and a stylus like I'm sure you have.
Yeah, I made this on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S pen. I've found using that is more intuitive for me than drawing on my graphic tablet, since I'm able to directly see the line as I work instead of looking up at a monitor. I lose some functionality and processing power by using mobile apps, but so far that hasn't been a big problem.

>does the starring go to the reunion in a taxi? I'm demodé and is he getting and Uber or...?
I was originally going to draw the car as a taxi, and even collected some nice reference photos, but then decided to make it a simple Uber. So, visually it's just a normal car, except Ernstwurf is sitting in the back seat instead of the front. Now that I think about it, drawing a taxi, with specific taxi details, would have been a better decision.

patience is the perfect way to describe my process. Since I couldn't finish this comic in a day, or a week, I just set a schedule and patiently moved through the steps until it was finished. Now that I've done this once, I'm hoping to repeat the process on other stories. Even with all of the problems I encountered, it was incredibly fun to make and I enjoyed having a large project to focus my attention on. Plus, with this finally done, I have to find something to do with my free time :D.
No. 45309
83 kB, 570 × 744
>I was originally going to draw the car as a taxi, and even collected some nice reference photos, but then decided to make it a simple Uber. So, visually it's just a normal car, except Ernstwurf is sitting in the back seat instead of the front.

ah don't worry at all, this part is perfectly clear

>Now that I think about it, drawing a taxi, with specific taxi details, would have been a better decision.

It has been interesting for me, it's something new that you chose an Uber. I think it's a more contemporary experience.

I don't know what is your current situation in USA but here there has been a full blown out legal and activism war from taxi drivers against Uber. I root for the taxi drivers big time.
No. 45321
>I don't know what is your current situation in USA but here there has been a full blown out legal and activism war from taxi drivers against Uber. I root for the taxi drivers big time.
I would say it depends on the state or just general area. Conventional taxis in some cities were already pretty rare if not non-existent due to relativy low population densities and suburban sprawl, so Uber came in with no competition. Public transportation in flyover country can get pretty unreliable too.
No. 45323 Kontra
Off, but I wish our legislators raped AirBnB to death instead of über.
No. 45334
Pretty much this but I do not know exactly why Uber is supposedly so bad only that there's some kind of controversy around it with cabbies being particularly vocal. I don't really feel one way or the other on the issue tbh nor am I properly informed.
No. 45610
1,5 MB, 700 × 595, 0:03
Lambdadelta goes to the only place that has not been corrupted by capitalism... SPACE! I am IMPROOOOVING and I am happy with results, I struck some golden nuggets and managed to earn followers and 50 retweets for this work versus the old 0-2 per post. Now I just have to prove the people that I can make more stuff like that. I wish I could afford Spine, which is impossible to pirate and the permanent license costs around $300... I am animating in Live2D and I am not very satisfied with the programm.
No. 45783
1,6 MB, 2604 × 3673
I actually I think forgot myself how to work with pencil. It was too long time ago when I did something with it. So, since I'm on vacation in village, I decided to do and try something, starting from quick study sketches.

I wish to get into animation. But different one - not bone-attached, too counter-intuitive fore me. Want to get into more traditional animation where you draw frame after frame. But with my current 1440x900 monitor most animation programs like krita just take all space on my screen.
No. 45808
Oh god I have no idea what any of this means
I am not actually considering getting one of these things right now but I'm curious what drawing ernsts uses and how to make sense of any of these things or what makes one of these $80 drawing tablets so inferior to a like $1200 one.
No. 45820
Were you turning that man into an antelope? :D
Enjoy your vacation, ernst.

>what makes one of these $80 drawing tablets so inferior to a like $1200 one.
I blame market forces. The highest end Wacom tablets are targetted at professionals, which justifies the insane price. A hobbyist isn't going to drop 1k+, but if the device is for your career then that's a different matter. Mine(mentioned here >>45308) seems to work just fine though, and except for the larger active drawing area, the other specs on expensive models don't seem like a significant upgrade. I'd really have to try out a pro model to see what the big deal is. Like riding a standard department store bicycle seems okay to me, but I've never been on a Local Bike Store bike, so I don't know what I'm missing out on.
No. 45865
61 kB, 555 × 502
6 kB, 262 × 237
29 kB, 800 × 425
12 kB, 440 × 490
More MS Paint drawing
No. 46131
2,0 MB, 4624 × 2084
886 kB, 4624 × 2084
>Were you turning that man into an antelope? :D
Well, you know things I generally like so something like this :---DD
No. 46166
First one is awesome, looks like it was drawn with ball pen.
Though all drawings are bretty fine.
No. 46167
Last one was.. strange for me ubtill I found out it's scabdinavia. But even after that...
No. 46522
I really like clerk.jpg
No. 46686
1,5 MB, 2700 × 2700
This comic could have been divided into 2 pages, but after experimenting with various layouts I decided to go with this format. I just couldn't figure out a good spot to insert a page turn. The idea is also fairly basic and I didn't want to drag it out. 17 panels is a lot to squeeze onto a single page, but the flow between them feels smooth (to me), so I'm happy about that. I think I mentioned before that I wanted to work on my page layouts, and that was my main focus on this comic. An added bonus was the opportunity to build some confidence in my lettering. The sound effects were critical to the story, and I didn't want to rely on a font for them. So one day I just put my head down and drew 35 R's :D.
No. 46750
1,6 MB, 1280 × 1280
I'm not personally fan of bubble people, but your comics objectively become more and more good. I like how you learning a lot of actual progression of panels, it do look professional-y. Same as lines. It do really look like actual professional strip from some artist in this 90s cartoony style, you might actually become published author if you create something big with it, like long story.

I... well... ugh... drawing different type of comics after vacation.
No. 46759
390 kB, 2500 × 850
Thank you, ernst. It's funny that you mentioned the style looks like an old comic strip because I thought the same thing. I didn't really decide to draw it that way, but comic strips have been so influential that it just sort of happened :D.
Oh, you know that 6 page Ernstwurf Smile story posted earlier in the thread? Believe it or not, I almost turned that into a series of comic strips. After finishing most of the drawing, I decided to experiment with the panels. I made some test strips to see how the story would look if it were told as a sequence of daily comics. Here is one I saved. Some parts of the story worked well, but things like page 5 were just impossible to squeeze into the smaller format so I abandoned the idea.

>if you create something big with it, like long story.

>Spoiler image
Wow. Looking at how you put everything together-the character lines and expressions, the composition of each panel, some really good coloring- I think this is your best work yet.
No. 46895
945 kB, 1280 × 1280
Yea, daily comic strips format is very restrictive, you can't fit traditional story there and should think out of the box. Most times good daily comics strips is some clevel visual absurd jokes or very small observation of author or something like that.

Yea, of cource I seen and remember your comic above :З I think you have this patience to make big long stories in visual format, create some core idea, that might be interesting for audience you choose and you may make something big with it already, or start specific Twitter or something like that with comic-posting and maybe you'll find some popularity. Comic artist and storyteller is awesome profession, espessialy when it's something like what you creating and not generic capeshit.

Speaking of comic art, tried to do something more stylised for one of specific comic artstyles.
No. 47014
912 kB, 1280 × 1280
After some pictures in attempts at "comic style", I decided to go back to my lame looser attempts at learning painting.
No. 47018
3,4 MB, 2500 × 3600
I did my first sketch of this idea about a year ago, and after starting and stopping a few times, finally decided to finish it. I spent a lot of time on the coloring, and think that part turned out well. Almost everything in the background is brown, and that was a real challenge. To create some variety, I used a lot of tints and shades. I just nudged my color slider up and down as I painted different parts of each bookshelf.

Ratchet and Clank, nice. And once again, you've done a great job with the colors.

I appreciate the encouragement. If I reach a point where I'm making regular comics-like on a long project that I could update weekly- then I would probably end up using Twitter or something. I haven't really thought about that.

It looks like you're getting better painting light and shadow. Maybe you could make his right shoulder and upper back a little darker, since his hair would cast a shadow there.
No. 47020
11 kB, 459 × 349
22 kB, 342 × 706
16 kB, 683 × 394
6 kB, 241 × 169
Been drawing a lot of self-indulgence and otherwise sleeping but these are from a rare state not between either of these.
No. 47021
>not between either of these
*between these two, pardon
No. 47120
257 kB, 500 × 372
132 kB, 500 × 372
>We could possibly have an Erna version of this

Erna Simpson :D.

After drawing Erna, I thought my lines were too sharp and didn't blend properly with the original Simpson's frame. 2nd pic was my solution. I enlarged embiggened the lines layer, and then reduced it to create a bit of fuzziness. Another method to do the same thing uses a Gaussian blur, but even the lowest setting on that was too strong in this case.
Anyway, the difference is subtle, but a definite improvement imo.

I don't know why, but I can hear him saying "Let me tell you about your country" :D
No. 47132
1,8 MB, 1400 × 1400
It always better just make just new lineart, than somehow try to re-use some raster jpg file, I guess.
Also was never really huge fan of simpson-style humans, but picture a bit cute, yea.

I get back and finished my old art.
No. 47133
Yea I have this constant mistake of self-learning artists of paiting everything in ambient light from all sides.
You may start twitter, yea. Or tumbler but it not that much popular anymore if I not mistaken.
No. 47150 Kontra
400 kB, 612 × 708
>Erna Simpson.png
Fucking based, saved!
No. 47383
397 kB, 2500 × 850
Drawing a man walking was more difficult than expected. One image is easy enough, but to properly indicate motion I needed three. I found a decent tutorial which showed the distinct poses of a stepping motion, and supplemented that with Eadweard Muybridge's classic photographs of human locomotion. I know, that's way too much effort for such a simple drawing, but I wanted to get it right. Or at least close to right.

I was glad to see you finished this drawing. It looks great.

>Also was never really huge fan of simpson-style humans, but picture a bit cute, yea.

Thank you.
No. 47396
But it was on purpose that he looks like he consideres to stop in the last frame and slows down therefore? It puts him in a pose that makes it hard to tell if he will turn around and check after the dog any moment or if he will just accept what happened and walk on.

I don't like the second frame somehow though. Maybe you can tell why because I can't put my finger on.
No. 47397
>But it was on purpose that he looks like he consideres to stop in the last frame and slows down therefore?
Yes, I wanted it to look like he froze after hearing a dog crash into the fence. He's in a brief moment of surprise/hesitation, which you described. So it looks like I got that pose correct :D.

>I don't like the second frame somehow though. Maybe you can tell why because I can't put my finger on.
I have two self-critiques for the second panel. First, it's a little too crowded, with the character pinched between background bushes and sound effects. There is no 'breathing room' for a viewer's eye to move through the scene. On top of that, his hips are also slightly off-they appear to sway upward more than they should in a casual stride.
There may be more wrong, ofc, but that's what I notice.
No. 47488
Looks very nice. Your line art is significantly better than paintings
No. 47498
921 kB, 925 × 900
Thank you.
I know that my painting skills are garbage, this why I really want to learn how to do it properly, but currently more struggling with it, than advancing.
No. 48086
415 kB, 410 × 615
770 kB, 1000 × 1488
going to be drawing more from now on.
study thing from a ref.
No. 48087
Great! Post more in the thread!
No. 48090
297 kB, 801 × 948
I've been working on a six page comic. I finished the page layout and thumbnail sketches, so I know exactly what I have to draw, but am currently stuck trying to design the main character. I probably should have done that part first :D. That character is a 5 year old playing 'superhero', with a towel around his neck and swim goggles. This is what he looks like now, but I may still change some details.

The goggles are tricky, because they make it difficult to convey emotion and facial expressions. I'm thinking about changing their shape so that they match his eyes-wide for surprise, narrow for anger etc. The only other character is a bee, so that part won't be too difficult. Then I just have to draw a lot of grass and flowers. Should be finished by 2021, or 2022 at the latest :D.
No. 48129
Made me giggle, thank you. And I hope to see the comic soon.
No. 48146
Looks very cute
No. 48374
173 kB, 630 × 1002
Drew a stylized portrait of my Italian friend as a gift for her borthday. Yes, she is black. It seems people don't like the faces of my characters which always troubled me because I never experience any problems with them. I can't look at my works without shame, not even because I dislike them but because I know what some people think and I am embarrassed of that. This time again, the people complimented me only on background and composition. The girl was incredibly happy but it would be hard to expect any other reaction, there's a saying in Russian that you don't check out the teeth of a horse gifted to you.
No. 48396
I'm pretty sure that's an English saying?
>you don't look a gift horse in the mouth
No. 48397
Дарёному коню в зубы не смотрят.
It would be pretty hard to figure where does it come from. Probably Latin or Greek, since it's common for both Eastern and Western languages.

Breddy gud, if I would describe it, I'd say that it is some sort of a minimalistic Alphonse Mucha.
No. 48399
Thanks, you are right, have not heard of him earlier but know his works, didn't try to imitate them though. Well, now given that I am already looking like his discounted knock off, I can attempt to study him on purpose and adopt his style.
No. 48402
236 kB, 508 × 1000
165 kB, 504 × 1000
186 kB, 507 × 1000
221 kB, 508 × 1000
>adopt his style
Sounds like a plan. Personally, if I ever wanted to draw, I would be aiming for someone like Duerer (let's be frank, he's pretty much the God of Graphics), but Mucha is really cool, IMO. I like that he just goes all out on whatever he draws, be it a poster for some show or a design for a pack of biscuits.
No. 48453
I didn't know that Dogisaga has her own web site http://dogisaga.org/index.html
No. 48487
29 kB, 2016 × 1512
If I may make a request, does anybody feel like making pic related into some kind of still life/landscape/cityscape painting? I was thinking about one of those cheap prints you can buy at the supermarket with some Toscana house or some expressionist style scenery.
No. 48488
Hmm, I may be mistaken, but isn't it is the MAP01?
No. 48490 Kontra
Yes. It also says so in the filename.

For a finished painting I would choose something like

"Pondering imminent ripping and tearing", though.
No. 48499
280 kB, 1920 × 1080
861 kB, 1920 × 1080
666 kB, 1920 × 1080
788 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 48501
Glow from fallout?
No. 48502
No. 48507
391 kB, 1374 × 808
No. 48557
1018 kB, 2016 × 1512
>does anybody feel like making pic related into some kind of still life/landscape/cityscape painting?
I kicked the concept around a bit, and came up with this. It's a rough sketch, but you get the idea: A Tuscan courtyard, with ivy covered columns and stone pavers. The problem is that I'm awful at painting. I could do some black and white linework, cleaning up what you see here and adding detail, but not much more ;_;.

No. 48558
Hey man that still looks pretty cool. Are you also able to colorize it or would it stay as that sketch?
No. 48567
>Are you also able to colorize it
Yeah, I could do that, as long as I have the lines as a framework to lean on. So not exactly a painting, but more like an illustration. Now, I've never colored anything this complex before, so be warned: It might suck :DD.
No. 48721
1,0 MB, 2016 × 1512
Update on >>48557
I'm almost finished with the lines, and then I just have to figure out how to properly add color. That part will likely take longer, since I have no idea what I'm doing :D.
No. 48810
15 kB, 288 × 288
lol I know what is this stuff you are painting. Its fans will applaud any approach like that
No. 49097
393 kB, 1140 × 990
A caricature of the US and Russia fighting over Ukraine. I am surprised that I was downovoted for it on Ukrainian Reddit of all places, I struggle to understand why. Not pro-Ukrainian enough?
No. 49098
It certainly looks nice! Well done!
No. 49099 Kontra
Reddit is shit. If it doesn't give upvotes, you might as well not post it.

The only reddit I can bear is the Tekken one.
No. 49100

>I struggle to understand why. Not pro-Ukrainian enough?
It's hard to tell what will anger people about politics. Maybe your caricature portrayed Ukraine as too weak, sitting humbly while other nations seemed to control the outcome of events.
If you drew Ukraine standing, arms extended and holding the US and Russia apart, you could see a different response.
No. 49102
Imo he looks rather defiantly than humbly. Like thinking
>fuck off with your shit, I will keep my calm
No. 49124
16 kB, 890 × 172
105 kB, 1033 × 778
134 kB, 750 × 750
240 kB, 1000 × 1360
That picture earned me permanent ban in the Ukrainian subreddit. No warnings, never posted anything offensive before, etc. Should have I just said in the picture "THOSE FAGGOTS ARE THE BADDIES"? Then people whine why political caricatures are not subtle enough.

I have something cooler in my backlog though, I remade my old Beatrice sketch and was working on its painted and animated version the last week. It's supposed to look like an upgraded version of my Lambdadelta gif. The 3rd picture is study of Ilya Kuvshinov's draeing. The 4th is Hitler and Eva Braun in hypothetical Japanese dating simulator
No. 49137
I got downvoted, humiliated, insulted and banned on the Ukrainian subreddit for my picture without a warning, then I posted it on another Russian language web site and got downvoted there as well, plus I was called an idiot by an illiterate Ukrainian who doesn't know how to spell "Россия" in Russian (with double "с"). I didn't expect that I would get this treatment. Anime artists CAN'T get shit on for drawing the "wrong" girl but political caricaturists can eat a load of crap from angry people because they don't push someone else's agenda. I received 19 comments and 0 likes (the likes were countered by dislikes) on the Russian forum. I am sure it will be worse by the evening.

I believe I know enough stuff about politics and the fact that a barely literate monkey was throwing shit at me for not representing her view is surely offending. In their view I didn't portray Russia evil enough. I dislike Russia immensely but I was going for the somewhat neutral comic on purpose, I thought the Russian aggression was the utterly wrong reaction to the American mistreatment of Russia since 91.

What's even the point of drawing on politics in the 21st century? You turn into a slave to the people, you have to cater to your target audience and the second you express the wrong view you get canceled. It is easier now to understand what it feels like being a popular person where you can't say "shit" without getting your ass beaten in public.
No. 49139
627 kB, 654 × 478
To me it makes sense that equating Russia with the US would make everyone involved upset. I think the only use for an artist to dabble in political art would be to make controversial posts that would gain him some notoriety.
I am sucker for the Great Game so I naturally liked your image, even if I will defend western imperialism to my death bed.
No. 49146
875 kB, 850 × 1280
No. 49151
Do things they agree with and you can exploit them financially. I've already been thinking about making an absolute piece of garbage sidescroller or some trash with RPG maker and adding just enough stupid internet memes I can get these simps to buy it by the truckload.
No. 49176
142 kB, 657 × 527
God i wish i had some kind of creative talent or ability in something. Anything.
No. 49177
387 kB, 1090 × 1127
It's okay.
Some people say that talent trumps hard work any day, and they're 100% right. But the mistake they make is that the level of awe-inspiring, amazing output that talent really produces is much higher than what they think of as "talent". It's literally once in a generation thing.
So when people go around calling people "talented" left and right, and use it as an excuse to not get into it themselves, the people they point towards aren't even really talented. They probably don't even work all that hard.
It just takes consistency, and, most of all, time. You don't have to be amazing to be a good artist (good as in you can make nice looking stuff), you just have to be competent. And competency is achieved by setting a side an hour or two to draw every day. Every single day.

And never, ever wait until you're "good enough" to do something. Just do it, regardless of your skill level. If you keep waiting until you can do the "real stuff", you will only demotivate yourself. Your understanding of how good art can be, is always ahead of your actual ability. As in, you will always be worse than what you imagine "good enough" is. If you keep postponing your ambitions to that elusive point of "good enough", you'll wait longer than your lifetime. Just make things. Skill is secondary. Skill will come as you make things. Also, actually making things is a more effective way to get better than practicing arbitrarily. Because making real things is a skill on its own, that practice won't give you.
"Am I good enough?" is a gay mentality. True chads just do it, and worry about consequences later

I mean, if you take any other skill as an analogy, then a self defeating, "talent"-centric mentality reveals itself as absurd. Say, jogging. You don't quit because you aren't genetically gifted like an Olympic sprinter. You don't quit jogging because you can't run 5k in 25m. That's absurd. You just jog, because it feels good and it gives you other benefits. The arbitrary skill level goal is simply something you look forward to, while understanding that it takes time. So why would you give up (before you even start) on any other skill, because you can't do X? Just practice it as a habit, and eventually you will get to your desired skill level. And when you reach it, you will have another, even higher skill level to look forward to. It always happens. And it's okay.

btw, do as the imam says, not as he does
t. imam in this case
No. 49178 Kontra
So you have already tried music, writing, painting, sculpting? You built plastic models and painted them? Painted minifigs? Modded some game? Made a fucking macro or two? And all of those were absolute shit?
No. 49179
95 kB, 500 × 511
>As in, you will always be worse than what you imagine "good enough" is
>The arbitrary skill level goal is simply something you look forward
Seconded. I want to add something which I learned from imageboards. Over the years I watched people create quite diverse content, like shoops, audio art, videos, poems and games. I found these things very interesting and always wanted to take part in creations like this, so I did. Obviously, my first tries were ridiculuosly bad. But I always learned some new skills while doing them. And that helps me today in creating stuff I come up with. I can only encourage everyone to try out their own ideas in as many fields as possible, even if the results are horrible. Maybe your next 10 attempts will also be horrible. But you will always learn something from it, and at some point you will have assembled a skill set that enables you to create whatever you come up with. And then, other people will look at your stuff and think "man, I wish I knew how to do that" and will start creating stuff as well.

>And all of those were absolute shit?
Even if they were, this is literally being shit is a necessary step to becoming good.
No. 49224
> Even if they were, this is literally being shit is a necessary step to becoming good.
It is very true, from my own experience the ability to get better at something depends a lot on how tolerant one can be from producing shit or performing like shit for a long time. I can deal easily with going nowhere with musical experiments or regularly failing a meal, and still grow skillful from those failures, but can't stand failing even a doddle and have a hard time hitting plateau at some sport, hence I'll never be a good drawer and probably stay a mediocre athlete because of that
No. 49254
1,6 MB, 2016 × 1512
1,2 MB, 2016 × 1512
Another update on >>48557:
Progress has been made. Still not finished, but getting closer. The linework is done. My door was off-center at the top of the steps, which I somehow didn't notice before. Corrected that. I tried painting with watercolor. Failed. Then tried an airbrush. Failed. Finally I retreated to my comfort zone: flat colors with gradients.
Ok, now we're getting somewhere...

Two pics: 1st is the color process as it stands now. 2nd is a monochrome version I made while tinkering with settings. I'm still not sure how saturated I want the final colors to be. I usually figure that out last.

>Its fans will applaud any approach like that
Thanks. I should finish it soon, and hopefully that final version will do justice to the original concept >>48487 proposed.

>from my own experience the ability to get better at something depends a lot on how tolerant one can be from producing shit or performing like shit for a long time.
You have a good point here, and imo it is this ability-tolerance for being bad- which is often confused with talent. It's a personality trait, something innate which eventually leads to making competant art, or competent anything really, but it's not the same as having a unique insight or natural technical ability. It's just a desire to improve in a given area, coupled with the stubborness to endure failure.
No. 49272
Cool thread. I’ve been getting back into art myself after a long hiatus. I’m pretty decent at freehand ink renderings of small objects drawn from life, but I’m jumping into figure drawing now (which I’ve always avoided) and it’s kicking my ass a bit. Will probably pick up a physical copy of Loomis’ book on the subject soon.
No. 49297
81 kB, 640 × 411
I'm sorry man, sad to read. It's very easy to offend people nowadays. They can super fuck off big time.
No. 49299
Nice figure drawing. Sorry about reddit
No. 49327
3,0 MB, 712 × 900, 0:03
I painted my Beatrice sketch and animated it. Took me dozens of hours. You can see the initial sketch here >>49124

Sorry for shilling, it just that in art you either have to draw anime porn/erotic 24/7 or lots of cute girls, I try to polish my pieces instead and it is a very bad strategy. It makes more sense to spend 20 hours on 5 medocire pieces than on 1 great and detailed work like this gif. I have to adapt aggressive promotion style and constantly shill mysel or start making short sketches of sexy girls with primitive coloring and no animation, which I totally don't want to do.
Draw with references. Don't be afraid of pain. I want to make a memey-webm later where I compare my 8 months old Beatrice painting that was so bad that I didn't show it to anyone and my new Beatrice work, you will witness the pain and humiliation that you will have to go through as well. Don't compare your work to others, better compare your own old and new works to witness the progress.
No. 49328 Kontra
19 kB, 331 × 429
Great work, man. Even a clueless person like me can see that this is beautifully crafted.
No. 49329
35 kB, 266 × 689
how cool the animations and the Mucha tone, damn good job
No. 49330
65 kB, 296 × 550
this Beatrice girl is angry, who is she? Her face is original, it's not the usual manga bore, damn it keep going on
No. 49332
Ebin. You sure do draw marvelous.
No. 49351
2,7 MB, 3024 × 3884
>Draw with references.

Yeah what I’ve been doing is drawing an 8cm scale bar to help me map out landmarks on the body (shoulders, navel, crotch, knees, etc.); this way I can be sure my characters have the ideal proportions Loomis sets out (8 heads tall). I also use photos of nude models since I don’t really know anatomy that well yet.

>Don't be afraid of pain. I want to make a memey-webm later where I compare my 8 months old Beatrice painting that was so bad that I didn't show it to anyone and my new Beatrice work, you will witness the pain and humiliation that you will have to go through as well. Don't compare your work to others, better compare your own old and new works to witness the progress.

Yeah this is all excellent advice. I think drawing is primarily about tolerating shitty results for a long time until you can produce something satisfying.

Here’s a sketch I did recently for a Minotaur linocut I want to do someday.
No. 49352
Fookin nice. Looks like something my mom would hang on the wall. And I mean that in a good way.
No. 49353 Kontra
Anyway there are of course loads of problems with this sketch and my figure drawing in general (don’t know hands, don’t know feet, don’t know faces, boring pose, no perspective, anatomy fundamentals bad, etc.) but I’ll try not to bore you guys with my self-criticism. I also don’t want to appear as if I’m fishing for compliments or anything since this certainly is not my intention.
No. 49354
don't worry, keep doing what pleases you, I liked your style in pic reminded me of artists of old, like early 20th century or kinda medieval. Unusual. A privilege to be here and being shown interesting stuff
No. 49363
Thank you. I’d say the artists I’m most interested in right now are renaissance woodcut designers like Cranach and Dürer, so that tracks.
No. 49364
647 kB, 706 × 1080, 0:02
Thanks, that gratification keeps me going because results on social media are mediocre. I just checked the Russian "Reddit" which is also known as Pikabu and discovered that my political sketch got 150~ downovtes and 294 (!!!) comments. I didn't participate in discussion. I sure like attention but I don't think this is what I was looking for. I don't know why the Russian web is so anti-Russian, Putin has at least 40% support even according to the independent pollsters.
It's Beatrice from When The Seagulls Cry/Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I redesigned her dress a bit because I like puffy big clothes + I made semi-realistic face instead of ususal anime because the anime market is oversaturated.

The artists from 4can liked my gif strongly enough to make it the main picture of a thread dedicated to the web site where artists post their daily scribbles https://boards.4chan.org/ic/thread/5052829
I received a lot of compliments but the desired effect on social media never materialized. I expected no less than 50 Retweets, like with my old Lambdadelta painting, and in the end I couldn't even break the 10 mark. The situation is not as bleak on Tumblr where I got 50 notes within the first day vs Lambda's 70~ in total. Initially, I thought I will get 100 given that the quality significantly improved since the last gif. It seems I have no choice but to draw what is popular and not what I want, I love Umineko but the community is too small. On the other hand, I could land a job in the industry if I keep improving and pumping out pieces like that one, the companies care more about your skills than popularity.
Doesn't look bad to me.
No. 49365
Thanks. I know I’ve got a long road ahead of me but I plan to mix fun stuff with fundamental exercises so I won’t burn out as quickly.

Social media is tricky. I think the best way to maximize reach on something like Twitter is to use it as a personal account also (post jokes, anecdotes, etc.)
No. 49366
Incredible! The hours you put in paid off. I absolutely love your attention to detail.

>Looks like something my mom would hang on the wall. And I mean that in a good way.
Thanks, and I'm glad you clarified that :D. Although there is probably a good market for mom art. Pleasant landscapes, farmhouses with cats strategically placed in tiny nooks, stuff like that.

Almost done with the image, btw. I just need to go over it one last time (I swear, just one last thing, maybe two tiny things...ok, 3...) to fix some small mistakes in the lighting.

Your pose looks good, particularly the numerous subtle curves which define his muscles.

>don't know hands
Ugh...those are impossible. That's why I draw cartoons :D.
No. 49404
1,8 MB, 2016 × 1512

Finished, and it only took....17 days. Eh, that's not too long. Decided to go with the original color scheme after all. No saturating or desaturating. I also took a cue from Doom and had the interior of the building emit a strong light. That made for much more interesting shadows.
No. 49405
That looks pretty cool man. Now I want to make a toscana themed Doom map.
No. 49413
337 kB, 1024 × 768
This reminds me of a thing my art instructor told me back in uni. He said it's something that haunted him.
An old painter, whom he respected greatly, was giving a talk about his life and art. At the end, he said something, while staring into space, but in the general direction of my art instructor, as if he was looking at him, but not really, and said something along the lines of "paint goodness" or "spread goodness". it stuck with him.

After he told me this story, I started thinking that maybe, the real purpose of art, when you strip away the intellectual wankery, the social climbing, the pretentiousness, the lofty ideals, and so on, is very simple: give joy to people who look at your art.
In the context of how empty, painful, and meaningless life can seem if you're an average person, giving people at least a few seconds of joy, beauty and marvel, I think, is a Good of gargantuan proportions.

Too bad that my personal ambition is to spread my internal rot and misery, and my personal art hero is Francis Bacon.
No. 49439
288 kB, 1200 × 895

>I started thinking that maybe, the real purpose of art, when you strip away the intellectual wankery, the social climbing, the pretentiousness, the lofty ideals, and so on, is very simple: give joy to people who look at your art

Are you familiar with Thomas Kinkade? A quote from him "[My paintings] beckon you into this world that provides an alternative to your nightly news broadcast. People are reminded that it’s not all ugliness in the world.” He made a fortune giving people what they want: Competent but soulless paintings of landscapes and cottages. Pure kitsch, the stuff you see in Hallmark greeting cards and reproduced on holiday cookie tins. His fans-mostly Christians who appreciate the idealized scenes- loved him. The art world hated him, of course, but I was surprised to hear an instructor defend his work.

Now this guy was just a grad student teaching Drawing for non-art Majors, but said that Kinkade had done what the majority of real artists fail to do-continue making art throughout his life. That mattered more than respect, or meaning. This grad student cited a statistic that the majority of art students were no longer making art 10 years after graduating. But Kinkade-the joke that serious artists laughed at- was. He found an audience who appreciated his style, made them happy, and earned a living doing what he loved. Not too bad.

Now, Kinkade has been described as an artist for regular people, for the millions of folks who never set foot inside a gallery or museum, but imo cartoons are the true art form of the masses. They have no pretense, no greater purpose, but Mickey Mouse, Heavy Metal, Dragonball, Superman, Calvin & Hobbes? People love that stuff. I just wish there was more money in it :D.
No. 49443
237 kB, 1024 × 768
42 kB, 1131 × 707
Well, my general point is that you don't have to be kitsch in order to bring joy to the general viewer.
This idea that abstract art, or expressionism, are purely in the realm of lofty "high culture" or some esoteric sub-cultures, in my view, are pure ideology.
I think that works of Jackson Pollock, or Piet Mondrian, etc., are, in fact, MORE accessible than common examples of classical representational art. Simply because they appeal to a sort of subconscious, fundamental principles of visual design that all humans have access too, rather than things dependent on cultural artifacts, like most artworks depicting biblical scenes or other historical or cultural phenomena. If you do not know the bible, you do not fully understand such paintings. But abstract works do not have that restriction. If you can understand shapes, colors and visual rhythms, you get the full experience.

The word "meaning" in particular irritates me. When people try to attribute "meaning" to a work of art, what they usually mean is an "explanation", in a linguistic sense. Like, a linguistical formulation of what the artwork "stands for". To me, that is wrong. Works of art are not transferable between mediums. You can not explain with language what one feels when looking at a picture.

So, works of art that do not rely on cultural phenomena, or history, do no need "explanations". They speak for themselves, in the purest sense. That's why it confuses me so much when abstract art is treated as elitist and inaccessible. It is literally the closest thing we have to a universal, ground level of artistic expression.

This is why I like impressionism a lot. The paintings, in themselves, might be depicting "scenes" or events or cultures, but that's not the point of the artwork. The point is the pleasant interplay between shapes and color. And anyone can understand and experience that.

And that's what I try to aim for. The subject of a painting is an "excuse", a "setting" a sub-medium in which to deliver the real message: colors, shapes, lines and compositions that are enjoyable to look at.
No. 49606
66 kB, 415 × 258
For the last month I was working on this >>48090
but not making any real progress. So I changed my approach. Before I had each page saved as its own file, and within each file every panel was made of at least two layers, sometimes three(character, background, lettering). A lot of layers, in a lot of places. Now I have all 6 pages in the same file, and every page is only two layers-one for the border, one for everything else. Results? In a week I went from thumbnail sketches- and a hundred decisions I couldn't seem to make- to three finished pages. Finally getting somewhere.

I think my old arrangement was too fractured. I couldn't really see the project as a whole, and this led to a lot of aimless drawing. Tinkering with one detail before jumping to a completely different page fifteen minutes later. Everything was temporary, subject to being moved, resized, erased at any moment. It felt like I was stuck in the ideas phase, rather than the making phase.

Merging my layers and files broke through that mental block, and made it easier to stay focused. Psychologically it also feels closer to drawing on paper. No more moving parts, nudging a character over in a panel, rotating a background 5°-stuff like that. Just drawing.

Thank you for reading my art blog.
No. 49697
23,2 MB, 932 × 1092, 1:52
2,7 MB, 932 × 1092, 0:03
Meri Kuristmasu to our Catholic friends. Orthodox celebrate it on 7th January instead and Christmas is not a big deal there, the New Year is the greatest holiday for us and even the president himself, in Russia and in Ukraine, addresses ALL citizens on every TV channel a couple of minutes before the coming of New Year. On the night of 31 December Yeltsin announced his own resignation during one of those New Year addresses, so you can imagine it was quite a beautiful gift to many ordinary Russians.
No. 49825
917 kB, 1500 × 2000
Excellent work, again. The quality of your gifs is a lot higher than what was produced by the stand-alone gif app I was using. The next time I'm inspired to animate I'll have to step up to Krita or Live2D.

I transformed one of my old Ernstwurf drawings into a snowy Christmas scene.
No. 49831
2,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
some freehand fabric practice I did before wörk
No. 49886
2,1 MB, 3024 × 3471
Life drawing of pillow corner
No. 49896 Kontra
123 kB, 1024 × 1024
Noice, I didn't get that this was OC when I first looked at it. Great job, and fucking saved!

Ernsts drawing skills impressive as usual.
No. 50043
2,4 MB, 816 × 904, 0:03
2,6 MB, 816 × 904, 0:03
467 kB, 1024 × 638
Made Aphrodite NSFW and SFW character animation of Aphrodite + sketched something for an art thread. The girl in the portrait looks like a perfect copy of my first love, the one that promised to love me, went to study in South Korea and wanted me to wait for her. Later she will ban me on media without a word, sleep with 2 other men and I will become a cuckold in the traditional sense of word. I became suicidally depressed and stopped drawing for 2 years thanks to that entitled selfish bitch. Never again felt half as much love towards anybody else in my life.
Live2D left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I downloaded Adobe After Effects and want to start learning it after this work because Live2D is not good enough for me anymore. It has somewhat good videoguides though, the devs hired some Japanese girl with a boring robotic voice to narrate the videos. They are informative if you can stand the irritating voice devoid of any emotion. Learning Live2D could take you up to a week, the first experiences is the hardest. I also can animate stuff for you if you provide me with PSD extensions for that.
No. 50129 Kontra
144 kB, 800 × 600
Once again: Great work.
>promised to love me, went to study in South Korea and wanted me to wait for her. Later she will ban me on media without a word, sleep with 2 other men
She probably even meant it when she said it. It's just that humans tend to overestimate the durability of their emotions, and underestimate the power of time. Of cousre that's not an excuse for ghosting you.
No. 50251
Very clever with the SFW vs NSFW animation.

>I also can animate stuff for you if you provide me with PSD extensions for that.
Thanks, I appreciate the offer and will keep it in mind. I started tinkering with Live2D, but it's too soon to tell how well my efforts will go. I already learned you need to divide your drawing into parts and not just load a single layer image. So that's progress. Going to try using this series of tutorials:

[Official] Live2D Cubism 3.0 Tutorial 01 "Texture material"

Oh, I'm running the free version, since I don't want to see advanced features which will vanish after the trial period ends. It's not like I need more options at this point anyway.
No. 50252
LOL. They don't have emotions.
No, it's just whore riding the cock carousel. They try to get as many good cocks into their hole as they can before they hit the wall and settle for a beta pay-cuck.
"Women" are all whores. Pump&dump.
No. 50255 Kontra
What do you mean by no emotions ? Are you just making a joge ?

I’m tempted to advise you to go back to k*hl, but I’m not here since long enough to know the median opinion of Ernsts about women.
No. 50259
2,9 MB, 4032 × 3024
ballpoint doodle of a mourning dove I drew at wörk
No. 50260
Nice figure! Smooth animations also
No. 50289
You can download cracked 4.0.2 version on a Chinese forum. https://bbs.itzmx.com/thread-94350-1-1.html
I downloaded the Chinese cracked version, you can't change language in the menu because the Japanese devs are a bunch of retards but you can change it via Notepad if you open the "CubismEditor4.bat" located in /Program Files/Live2D Cubism 4.0 and change the "user.language=zh" line to "user.language=en". The password to the rar extension is "www.itzmx.com." Also, there could be problems if you import animation made in newer versions into the old versions (the last "free" version is 4.0.6) of the program. The cracked version is legit and gives you access to infinite PRO Trial version. Can't say whether there are viruses, my Kaspersky was running full PC check for 2 days and found nothing suspicious.
No. 50291
194 kB, 482 × 687
Great linework. You're raising the bar for all the 'work doodlers' out there. Any comments from coworkers? I once worked with a guy who drew a portrait of Gandhi on the side of a CoKe cup and it blew my mind.

No. 50294
Thank you! Your coworkers sketch sounds very impressive, wish I’d seen it. Unfortunately mine aren’t very interested in drawing.

Your comics are very cute, always happy to see them here
No. 50405
2,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
Experimenting with printmaking. It’s pretty hard to get the level of detail I want. I think I will get real linoleum next time. Here’s a Mughal dagger I made
No. 50408
>Unfortunately mine aren’t very interested in drawing.
Philistines! :DD Well, I hope they're good coworkers otherwise.

>Your comics are very cute, always happy to see them here
Good to hear. I'm close to finishing my 6 page comic with that character. The drawing is done, but I need to clean up my lines and lettering. This is the boring stage, but I got a bit sloppy with my pen this past month and now I have to pay the price. ¯\(ツ)

No. 50411
Cool, glad to hear it. Do you draw your comics digitally or do traditional first -> photoshop for color and tweaking? Asking because my illustrator friend will often mix it up like that.
No. 50413
I draw these comics digital, from start to finish. I have done a few drawings like you described- using a pencil for the lines and then inking and coloring digitally. Here is an example >>39725.

That was actually a lot of fun, since I'm much more comfortable with a pencil than I am with a stylus. Not to mention I really love the drag of graphite on paper. That slight resistance gives me a lot more control over my lines. So there are definitely advantages to mixing traditional and digital tools.
No. 50422
Very cool, neat perspective in that panel. For digital stuff are you using one of those tablets without a screen (eg intuos)? Or have you got one with a screen?
No. 50423
3,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
I wanted to do something with the other side so I made an anchovy
No. 50432
Thanks. I'm happy with how that drawing turned out.

>For digital stuff are you using one of those tablets without a screen
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with S pen. With that I can draw directly on the screen. I have a small Intous tablet as well, but rarely use it. I prefer drawing when I can see my line directly, rather than looking at a monitor and away from my pen. I never put in the time to develop that kind of hand eye coordination.

It looks like you've improved your fine lines. Are you close to attempting something like the Minotaur, or is that still a ways off?
No. 50433
Yeah I can imagine the coordination required for a screenless tablet is not something you pick up overnight. Don’t think I would do well with one.

I don’t think I’m quite ready for figurative or complicated compositions in lino. I’m learning more about carving though. You vary the line width by applying less pressure, just like line weight with a pen.
No. 50627
443 kB, 975 × 975
I'm working on the lettering for this comic. For this step I decided to break my 'single layer' drawing rule, and added a seperate lettering layer. This was my good decision for the week. Following that, my judgement became considerably more...dubious. You see, I dislike lettering- and honestly am not very good at it- but I had an idea. It would save time, and ensure cosistency, if I drew model letters and then used them to form my sound effects. This would be like using a font, but with letters that reflected my personal linework.

First thing: After three pages I was certain this was not saving time. Since the letter shapes were inflexible, that made positioning them incedibly tedious work. Second thing: I reached page four and needed to show a buzzing sound rise from the grass. To do this, the letters had to warp. Okay, I was definitely not going to individually warp a dozen Z's. So that meant I was right back to the very thing I wanted to avoid- hand lettering.

Lesson learned for the umpteenth time: Don't look for short-cuts to avoid your weaknesses. Draw through them. Pic is a detail from page 4. You can see how the curved Z's are important for my page composition.
No. 50790
2,7 MB, 4032 × 3024
just hand :DDD
No. 50812
78 kB, 800 × 800
And you said you couldn't draw hands :D. I will now retract my previous statement: Ugh...those are impossible.
No. 50814
165 kB, 1024 × 610
Thanks! I’ve still got a long way to go though. For example here’s Dürer on tone paper from 1506.

Neat layout, I like how the bees overlap the panels on the left
No. 50859
232 kB, 1396 × 1797
I'm new to this drawing thing, but glad I can finally participate! I hope to learn from you talented Ernsts
No. 50860
292 kB, 1536 × 2048
Sketch for an elf ranger

No. 50872
1,8 MB, 4032 × 3024
Attempting to do Renaissance style chiaroscuro pen drawings. Pretty hard
No. 50887
529 kB, 1000 × 1414
420 kB, 1000 × 1414
425 kB, 1000 × 1414
446 kB, 1000 × 1414
Believe it or not, I actually finished this comic. Well, it's finished-ish. Even though I balanced the blacks and whites so that it wouldn't need color, I'll probably go back and add some later. But for now, I'm going to call it done.

The first page is my favorite, so if you're pressed for time then you can just look at that one and ignore the rest :D. When I started, that was actually the only page I was going to draw. At the time I had some brief notes for a story idea, and a visual concept for the opening, but not much else. Then, much to my surprise, I was happy with it. Weird. So I decided to just dive into the project to see where it would lead. And it led to this.

>I like how the bees overlap the panels on the left
Thanks. I want to improve my page compositions, to ensure they read properly and are visually interesting. To that end, I was trying all kinds of tricks. Most didn't work, but a few did.

Looks good. What are you using for the white lines?
No. 50888
456 kB, 1000 × 1414
457 kB, 1000 × 1414
No. 51203
2,7 MB, 855 × 870, 0:03
YES-YES, I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO USE ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS, this is my first work done entirely only in Clip Studio Paint + After Effects. AE wastly surpasses Live2D and offers good opportunities but it's also incredibly complex and shocked even me in its difficulty, although I had plenty of experience in similar Live2D, I can't imagine how noobs would handle the programm. The moving lava and the shining background couldn't have been done in Live2D because that software is a crippled joke of an animation program. Also, the ash changes its direction during the movement, which is something that could have been done thanks to AE. Earlier I did falling snow already >>49697 but you can notice that it was railroaded and didn't change its direction (because Live2D is a pile of shit).
Welcome. Surprised to see East Asians here.
No. 51216
Excellent! Your other animations were good, but this one is a clear step up.
No. 51323
790 kB, 1000 × 1280
My cuteness is augmented.
No. 51342
750 kB, 3150 × 1000
An Ernstwurf comic strip.

Cute, and also well meme'd.
No. 51366
1,1 MB, 1024 × 1536
>Cute, and also well meme'd.
I think I could've done better. Feel like I stagnating.

Speaking of comics, looking at your success, I finally had some motivation to finish one panel of one page of what sitting on my desk for ages. Probably will do 2nd and 3rd one next year with my current speed.
No. 51371
What type of TIE is that? It looks kinda weird. The finished panel is really cool though, especially that Star Destroyer.
No. 51372 Kontra
Nvm, found it, it's a TIE Scout. Should've read the text in the lower panel first, yeah.
No. 51373
Yea, it is my take on Victory-I class STD (it is one of the "confused EU designs" Idea is that it was based on one of the ANH concept arts, so its design varies across different sources a lot, I tried to make something I think is the most logical, combining multiple designs into something, what actually might be if it was officially in episode 4, also Tartan-class patrol cruiser and yea, unfinished drawings of TIE Scouts.

Thank you.
No. 51384

>Probably will do 2nd and 3rd one next year with my current speed.
I know that feel, it's like Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray" in reverse. You get older, but the drawing stays the same. I heard a cartoonist use that analogy to decsribe his slow progress, and since he was a pro(can't recall his name; he was a guest on a podcast), then there's hope for the rest of us slow guys.
No. 52159
1,4 MB, 1830 × 1830
A collection of random character drawings. I used a photo reference for each.
No. 52293
268 Bytes, 17 × 17
The eyes in 6 and 7 are kinda strange but the drawing flows right, thanks for posting mate.

There was a Japanese author from the 90s which made drawings similar as yours, but I like more yours, they are more humane. As I told you before, you have flow.
No. 52622
592 kB, 1830 × 615
A few more.

Thanks. And, you're right about the eyes. In number 6 it looks like I was being lazy/sloppy. I didn't refine the shape at all, just threw it down and moved on. Must have been focused on the other costume details. Number 7, they're too long. The ovals should be cut off by her cheek bones. Also her pupils are too big.

Eh. I was never good at drawing eyes, and used to avoid it. I just had everyone squint. Squinting eyes are easy. Two or three lines, and they don't even have to match or be symetrical.
No. 52624
319 kB, 689 × 648
Thanks :) I always recall Dave Gibbons which told that Rorschach was his favourite to draw because drawing his face was really easy.

your #1 reminded me of Otomo style, something dry that levitates in a human universe. Sorry for the rambling, I really like your stuff.
No. 52627
Really liking that, well done.
No. 53776
1,1 MB, 2950 × 900
965 kB, 2950 × 900
I drew the background to this comic strip two ways. The original was loose and sketchy, and in the second version I used rigid, ruled lines. I like the original better. Seems to have more...I don't know, energy, or character.

Thank you, ernsts.

For those drawings I was looking towards Jamie Hewlett and Skottie Young for inspiration. Trying to find a way to create accurate, flexible anatomy, while still using a cartoon-like style.
No. 53795
392 kB, 1247 × 1600
Ah yes Hewlett. The other one...



Dunno actually I like more your stuff because Hewlett in Tank Girl (early and more modern) was annoying to me. This other one you mention, from what I am watching, hm. Your stuff reminds me sometimes of the guy that made Little Nemo, don't ask me why. At least you are way more gracious than Hewlett. Something similar to Hewlett that for me is better and has a nice nice colour sense is Kevin O'Neil. But don't ask me about anatomy because he fucked it up from time to time even in Marshal Law, go figure. But he made lots of good collabs with magnificent writers. Man I love him.
No. 53796
126 kB, 367 × 596
Crappy self portrait, I guess
No. 53827 Kontra
I also like the first one better
No. 53962
156 kB, 1000 × 1000
Decided to draw my own crappy self-portrait.

>This other one you mention...
Skottie Young's style is more cartoonish than most other comic book artists. He's probably most known for his 'variant' covers:


Those are done in the chibi style, like his Little Avengers/X-Men books. I love the page layouts and colors in those books, but they're no help when working on anatomy. For that, I was looking at Young's work on Rocket Racoon, and I Hate Fairyland. It's a loose, humorous style.

>Kevin O'Neil
I wasn't familiar with his art, but looked into it. Marshall Law is a great book, seems like a cross between Watchman and The Tick(I read "The Hateful Dead", and "Super Babylon"). I see what you mean about his anatomy, he can go a little wild with that.

Appreciate the feedback.
No. 53991
721 kB, 1200 × 1949
Looking at your nice pic, I was ashamed of my crap so decided to re-draw it a bit
No. 54317
13,2 MB, 3444 × 3205
Doing experiments into sort of "styling" crap onto the 80s-90s western cartoons.
No. 54348
216 kB, 2500 × 850
Very cool, ernst. I see that cartoon style most mornings when I watch old G.I.Joe reruns.
No. 54355
Wow, that's really pretty.
No. 55009
2,0 MB, 1600 × 1200
Thank you

I always tend to try to do some certain style I like, but I guess Cam Kennedy is way beyond my abilities.
No. 55030
Sort of reminds me of that Soviet cartoon with the KGB agent with red hair. At least I think it was a Soviet one.
No. 55043
40 kB, 450 × 300
Pronin is a satiric parody cartoon on older soviet stuff but in more modern humor, but already from Russia, after the fall of the USSR and its censorship. Pronin is Militia luitenant, not a KGB officer tho. But the idea to make this series have its roots in one USSR "comedy" propaganda cartoon from soviet times about KGB.
No. 55052
I only remember an clip from an episode where he meets James Bond so I assumed he was KGB because that is what Russians in Bond movies are. But it is meant to look old then. That explains why I thought it was old then.
No. 55054
126 kB, 400 × 296
Looks good, strange art style but good.
No. 55056
Well, Pronin is combination of jokes on old soviet propoganda, with actual irony on how west viewed ussr (movies like Red Heat) plus our 90s humor and new vision of the west - when everything west becomes good and popular, but we yet don't understand anything except the basics of pop culture which were fresh as fuck after fall of su.

Well our typical 90s stuff. Imagine it like "beavis and butthead" style art from other side of the ocean :---DD
No. 55057
204 kB, 800 × 800
A character sketch. I used the watercolor brush instead of my usual base/highlight coloring style.

I like your colors on this one.
No. 55059
325 kB, 1171 × 693
78 kB, 468 × 700
curious you mention Cam Kennedy. There was an artist which I don't remember but he was described as "uglist", but not in a despective term. It was part of his style, like... Enki Bilal, that draws persons that have something in common, I guess. Kennedy was an uglist in the 80s too. I recall fondly "Sunday Night Fever" and a Rogue Tropper episode where Rogue kills some Nort generals. Uglist indeed. But original and with personality. Good stuff. And kind of similar to Mike McMahon from that period. Usually I mismatch [sic] them
No. 55064
533 kB, 1536 × 2048
112 kB, 658 × 763
500 kB, 1200 × 1875
741 kB, 809 × 1250
I love him, as well as some other British comic artists from this time period. His art and style and feel of things are very inspirational for me. I have never seen him as "ugly", more like, "dark cinematographic" with a great sense of composition and balance. And one day I want to "catch" this somehow.
No. 55065
>I like your colors on this one.
Thank you, I wish I should use it better in the scene lol.
Good luck with your watercolor too!
No. 55079
50 kB, 470 × 618
22 kB, 1000 × 564
236 kB, 1056 × 1417
90 kB, 400 × 640
wow thanks for the selection. He has more of a finesse now, which is usual in professionals, really good, thanks.

> I have never seen him as "ugly",
well I was thinking about the faces of the people he drew.
Well perhaps he did not have the chance of drawing more beautiful scenarios :D I mean Rogue Trooper and Dredd worlds... You know... Or dunno if he never had to draw Judge Anderson, which is a relief :D

BTW, keep drawing, you do good stuff, in your panel I felt that connections with Kennedy, although the fact that you mentioned him was the thing that incited me to comment.

I love that 2000AD authors too. They were original to no end. The same for the writers.
No. 55677
I have a rather stupid question:
I recently got a drawing tablet, but I have no idea about the technical side of it.
Like, what programs do people like >>40704 and >>53962 use? I like to draw cartoony stuff like that, but have no idea where to start. I have only used GIMP in the past and apart from that have never really done any digital illustration save for some really small pixel stuffs.
No. 55680
Paint tool SAI and manga studio/clip studio paint are most popular raster drawing programs nowadays.
No. 55691
248 kB, 1200 × 1920
I use Medibang Paint for everything. It has a simple interface, which doesn't overwhelm you with options, but contains enough tools and brushes to create just about anything. There is a desktop version, as well as mobile, and you can use cloud storage to share files between the two. That's great because the mobile version has limited fonts, but the desktop version can use anything you have installed. (That saved my a** on more than one EC banner). The mobile can crash if the file size gets too big. For me that happens around 20-30mb, but it might vary depending on the hardware(I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, with S pen). File sizes only get that large when importing a lot of photograph layers, but it's something to keep in mind. Just to give you an idea of the file sizes, this one with only linework and flat color ended up 250kb. There are basic line tools, but you can't create vector lines, or even live trace over raster like Photoshop, so if you need to do that then Medibang won't be the program for you.

Anyway, it's really easy to learn, so if you download it you'll know in minutes if you need to keep looking. It's free, ofc, with ads. You can pay to remove them, but I didn't.
No. 55756 Kontra
Sorry to intrude, I'm not an artist. But in case you intend to do
>really small pixel stuffs
then you might want to look at https://mtpaint.sourceforge.net running on GNU/Linux and Windows, as it seems to be designed for making pixel art. Other than that, I can't say what's good or bad about it or how well it would work with your drawing tablet. A minor inconvenience is that I have to open every image from within the program as it won't open them when summoned from the file manager. Everyone, thank you for sharing your original art here.
No. 55905
4 kB, 287 × 286
Thanks for the suggestions.

I am slowly getting the hang of it, though I am still overwhelmed by all the brushes and settings and whatnot. IRL I just grab another pen, but in digital it's more complicated.
Anyway, here's something I made; left is a sprite (upscaled) and right is an actual drawing version. I still have problems with shading, but I noticed I really suck at making faces that aren't animu style.
No. 55987
896 kB, 1500 × 1000
174 kB, 1224 × 1632
Don't look too closely at this one. The thumbnail is fine, but at full size my poor watercolor skills are laid bare. I'm happy with the composition, though.

2nd pic is my Norris digital pencil this morning. I tilted it to start drawing, and the eletronic "guts" separated from the wood casing. Need to find a way to fix that. That black tube slides back in if I turn the pen upright, but then out again when flipped downward. Not an urgent problem, since I have another pen gifted me last Christmas. This one is ~3 years old, with countless miles of use.

Are you getting used to drawing on smooth glass/plastic instead of a traditional surface? That was the part that I struggled with when transitioning to digital art.
No. 55998
I didn't struggle per se, however, the first few days I really used the pen like I would use a real pen and pushed a little bit too hard, so the tip is already pretty worn down. It feels a bit weird only having to really barely touch the surface.
No. 56000
176 kB, 1474 × 256
I think I made a post about pixel art programs in the last draw thread, let me find it.
Here it is:

Also, the https://pixeljoint.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=11299
Basically the go-to pixel art tutorial.
Hope it's helpful.

Can't wait to get back into art this summer.
I think I've matured a bit. There's no reason to feel insecure about my art. I have tasted the value of money. I want to make that bread. I wanna hustle.
Whenever people complimented my art before, I thought "lmao, they're such plebs, there's like a hundred mistakes in that painting that I see, but they don't". Now I think "hm, he seems to like my art despite the mistakes, I wonder how much he'll pay for it".

Moving out has been good for me. Being independent puts the value of money into perspective.
No. 56666
1,1 MB, 1620 × 2000
So I ordered a picture of Erna and how it went.
No. 56668
Huh, weird, I didn't catch your post. Thanks for the advice and the link, looks useful.
No. 56669 Kontra
34 kB, 413 × 395
44 kB, 640 × 480
172 kB, 1004 × 825
109 kB, 700 × 477
Nice Job, saved! Have some recent lazy shoops of mine in return.
No. 56680
Good pic
No. 57612
5,1 MB, 2251 × 2403
Did drawing of my bf
No. 57615
I want to get back into drawing, but my lazy ass needs external motivation.
Give me a request and I'll try to draw it to the best of my abilities. Quality not guaranteed.
No. 57617
Draw yourself, hungarian and one of the americans sitting on a table having a serious discussion. Topic: A world without imageboards
No. 57620
He should draw a jerryrigged pile of gears and wires coming out the back of a pair of robots wearing the masks of an American and a Hungarian while asking the two Turing machines "what does it mean to have a soul?"
No. 57621
lmao excellent
No. 57625 Kontra
Am I really this awful?
No. 57639
47 kB, 400 × 400
Nice. What was his reaction?

I've been stuck in a period of indecision myself, unsure where to direct my next artistic attempt. All I have to show for this past month is a shallow stack of unfocused and unfinished sketches. That, and this Ernstwurf I drew today.

Think it was a compliment. No one would think to draw yours truly in deep conversation. I lack the requisite history of exposition.
No. 57640
I can't speak for the american, but I suggested you for example because your ramblings are as recognizable as the brick's and because he made an AI post of you recently, as well as of the american. I didn't mean to be mean to you or anything, though I really hope you're not actually taking some comment by an anonymous mook on a german niche spinoff of a laotian crocodile breedin forum seriously.
No. 57641
He was happy. And was happy I to finnaly draw something after 2.5 months of not drawing anything
No. 57654
34 kB, 890 × 985
We actually have an old EC era picture on that theme :-DDD
No. 57661
No, it's just that it was funny how the Kazakhs AI chatbot really did sound like us although the American was very ideologically incoherentwhich I guess would be true if you just fed all four or whatever of us through an AI text algorithmor I guess if you fed it any random couple of Americans to see what incoherent babbling fatposting mess it could have to opine about women, race, Qanon, vaccination, or whatever babbling mess a random group of us arguing tends to generate.

Really I think it had more to do with being relatively predictable on your part is why brick fed you to the AI, which he did with himself and his drunken shitposts and you could readily do with Australia talking wargames, the German discussing technology and society, or hell any of us going on long tangents. Actually I think it'd be most funny if he fed it Russia to see how it could interpret reproducing Runglish discussions on the vidya.
No. 57662 Kontra
Those were more than one of us lad
No. 57667
Your description of various EC posters makes me think there should be an EC sitcom.

Or an R63 EC dating sim
EC EC shitpost club :-DDD
No. 57670
I don't think so. You're one american blob, the great Satan, a hivemind contradictions trying to breed discord among the people of the EC and lead them away from Allah. But by Allah, you all will be smitten, inshallah!
No. 57674 Kontra
57 kB, 1200 × 675
Masha'Allah brother, wallahi.
No. 57675
I have very conflicting feelings about this

The thing is that I just feel self conscious about being repetitive.
I know I can’t have an exciting adventure every day, but I’m aware that my days are kind of samey because of how I live my life.
Didn’t take it as an attack on my personality it’s just that it’s different when someone else points out a kind of shortcoming like this.
No. 57676
146 kB, 1300 × 866
It's not being repetitive, it's being reliable
No. 57685
150 kB, 703 × 717
You all look like one person on different levels of insanity, so you could be one poster who irregularly takes meds.
Sorry for making fun of you, that was impolite, but I like you all anyway and always glad to see your posts.
No. 57686
>police checked my ID, society literally collapsed
That was me :--DDD
a few of the maximum fatposts are mine too, not bitching about pop music thoughthat's uncannily accurate too depending how much kratom I took half an hour before the particular moment:---DDDDDDD

It really depends more on what one talks about and you often talk about yourself. I seldom mention my own goings onaside from watching American civilization imolode as a copper checks my ID thus destroying the concept of FREEDOMS but like you will notice we have that one German who likes to talk about technology, or the Iberian who talks about Russian history. I doubt many of us do anything more interesting than tea and studying. Well except Kazakhstan. Getting drunk in public bathrooms is more interesting than my life at the moment
No. 57688 Kontra
Ebin, saved
No. 57689
64 kB, 512 × 326
I once got drugged in city park and started harassing people including one boy (but he was really feminine and later started HRT so NO HOMO). Then police officer appeared and checked my ID (society literally collapsed!). It's a miracle I managed to pretend to be sober and didn't got a bad trip.
Ah, roofless period of my life.
No. 57691 Kontra
>I doubt many of us do anything more interesting than tea and studying

I slowly came to terms with me being obsessed with studying. My life literally revolves around it pretty much by now and I feel like I get more boring to people every day. Even my druggie past doesn't help that much anymore.
Read that full-blown academics are just loners obsessed with details and thus socially inept to make academia a pleasant experience. Yet I don't know what else I should pursue and the description seems to fit already :DDD.

On a side note: you can talk about anything and tell it in an interesting way, the repetition of daily life makes a great poetic theme!

t. German obsessed with technology, media and science history
No. 57692
>Read that full-blown academics are just loners obsessed with details and thus socially inept to make academia a pleasant experience.
That's only if you acquire boring knowledge. I, having a degree in the field of partying down, can still talk to people with my intimate knowledge of how alcoholic fermentation works and what happens in your body when you kiss or touch, from the sensory perception on the skin down to the hormones being secreted, or how different drugs work.
That said, most academics I know like to drink and party and will go wild.
The only caveat is that one can't really Abhitlern, even ironically, because they all watch ZDF Neo and laugh about Carolin Kebekus and listen to Casper and such. That is where I feel detached from other people.
No. 57693
Don't harras feminine boys!
No. 57719
What's wrong with The Last of Us 2?
No. 58452
31 kB, 400 × 400
No. 58461 Kontra
Sweet, saved!
No. 59612
2,4 MB, 2048 × 1536
(coming out from hibernation)
Yay, finally had time to finish the first page. Hope the second one will be quicker than 2 years of 3 lines per month. Here it is compared to the sketch
(going back into hibernation)
No. 59619
330 kB, 1280 × 920
Great lines, colors, layout- looks amazing. Can't wait for the next update in Drawing Thread #7 :DDD.

Working on this at the moment. Nothing special. There seems to be a trend in my comic strips: Stable scenes with small character or background changes. Think I'm just getting lazy :D.
No. 60139
71 kB, 214 × 317
1,2 MB, 950 × 1080
Looks like nobody besides us posting in the drawing thread now :---DDDD
Tho I not posting on EC at all nowadays myself
Post your final result on comic! It'll be interesting to compare. My final results tend to differ from original dreafts.
No. 60183
>Post your final result on comic!
Will do. It will probably be another week before it's finished because I'm not just lazy, I'm also slow :D.
The original idea is actually a year old, and related to >>47383. I wrote a series of strips based around a man walking and different things happening, but just haven't drawn them yet.
No. 60496
935 kB, 1000 × 1080
No. 60502
77 kB, 600 × 421
> gay poster and retrocomputing poster are same person
I'll write it down in my dossier.
No. 60505
I stopped posting on EC somewhere at your arrival, because bored from imageboards. It was never a "secret", I was here from the start of EC int.
No. 60515
Ah that explains lack of Russian vidya posting. Shame. Sosachers became too much? Or just bored?I try limit coming here like once a day max and wean myself off these terrible places
No. 60522
Mostly bored out of imageboards. EC was the last one I actively posted on and still visit it from time to time, but it feels like imageboards themselves are now very outdated format, like web 1.0 forums.
EC is quiet place in general and I has nothing bad to say about it, but I moved to more modern places with active, but niche communities where I can chat with similar assburgers about my niche interests and not annoy anyone.
No. 60753
882 kB, 675 × 990
No. 60767
This is unironically a very cool drawing. I like it very much.
No. 60769
One of your best for sure. You seem to be developing quite a cozy, unique style of your own.
I'm envious.
No. 60774
664 kB, 660 × 980
Thank you!

Dunno if I can say it is unique since it comes from me looking at another artist and trying to understand his logic. Often I just sit and draw with the face of this dog from the meme "I don't know what I'm doing". Thank you for your kind words, tho I don't think anybody should be envious of me, a person who achieved nothing in life yet lmao
No. 60775
Also, thread systemcontra'd, make a new one! (:
No. 60777 Kontra
I think the hazy yet saturated coloring makes an interesting contrast with the classic comic book inking. Reminds me of the color work in The Killing Joke a bit, very evocative. I think comic books should either be black and white, or super colorful, period.
I'll do one tomorrow.