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No. 40605
11 kB, 500 × 300
Seeing the current thread, I'll try again.
All you need to do is send me any drawings or articles.
1.Can be on anything you want.
2.Soft submission deadline is July 1. Hard submission deadline will be two weeks after. Three months. We'll have quarterly issues. Keep sending even after deadline, will go in next issue.
3.Send to ec_zine@protonmail.com along with a suggestion for zine name.
That's all.
No. 40607 Kontra
Wouldn't it be better to at least have somewhat of an overall topic for every issue?
No. 40608
No, because there was zero submissions last time. I will receive anything for the first issue. Depending on how that goes, we can discuss themes for later issues.
No. 40610
I hope you have success.
No. 40614
I'm sceptical but could be intrigued if it gets interest. I'd say a thread for long-form posts would be enough but, as the military logistics Aussie found out many years ago, its a good deal of effort for something that might not ever be read.

Come to think of it, we don't really share any core interests either. My understanding is that these things should follow a core-theme.
No. 40616
I'm not even entirely sure what would be the difference between making an autistically long post on some topic tbh
No. 40620
Do you want any advice? Don't think about the structure. Every part of the chain has to like what he's doing or at least feel compelled to do said thing. Doesn't matter if you are the only ones who read it or the what the actual structure is, just go with the flow and try to find what works best when you have some experience under the belt.
No. 40642
You could name a few articles you would like to receive.

Are you trying to crash his phone or something? :D
No. 40649
99 kB, 598 × 601
Anybody interested in reading further? it's part of the introduction of a paper I ran it through deepL translator and made some adjustments, it will take some time to translate but I'm rather concerned if it is of interest at first.

>If one thinks of Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno, it becomes difficult not to associate at least the latter with an elitist gesture. Wasn't it Adorno who attacked jazz and called the amusement of Hollywood films a 'steel bath'? Doesn't Adorno begrudge the working masses this amusement that has become a commodity, even though it is one of the last pleasures that the masses will have? Adorno's texts, and among them the 'Dialectic of Enlightenment', which he wrote together with Horkheimer, do not skimp on judgments about and criticism of bourgeois-capitalist society; judgments that one in mind perceives from a pulpit. Where does this supposed elitism come from? The accusation, directed primarily at Adorno, is fed by the concept of the masses. Like many cultural critics before, Adorno and Horkheimer also used it. With the distinction between mindless mass and conscious individual, a majority of society is denied its status as autonomous individuals. That status, it seems, is reserved for people like Adorno and Horkheimer. The 'Dialectic of the Enlightenment', especially the famous chapter on the culture industry, judges a society in which individuals no longer seem to be capable of thinking, but are instead urged to conform and thus mature into a threatening mass that suffocates all thinking and differentiating activity.
In the work of Adorno and Horkheimer, the term mass functions as a representation of society. For them, the mass is a structural feature, if not society in its totality in general. Adorno and Horkheimer do not accept the mass as a given, but describe a history of civilization, at whose end the mass appears as the product of a blinded (non-reflective, purely pragmatic) Enlightenment. A society as a totality that has gained independence from its constituting individuals and in turn forms the individuals, who perceive society as second nature and submit to its dictate of reproducing social and economic conditions.

It's about the concept of the mass in history and in the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School, it is based on readings of the Dialetic of Enlightement and an article Adorno wrote and titled Society


Also who will do the layout and design?
No. 40651
13 kB, 300 × 300
Reminds me that this band exists :-DDD
No. 40654
I'm in for creating comics. I have a few already, which only need a bit of polish and color. Wait, is color okay? If not, I can paint in greys, or just do an ink wash.

>I'm not even entirely sure what would be the difference between making an autistically long post on some topic tbh
From my perspective, a post is usually part of a longer conversation, while an essay/article would be a stand-alone product. So maybe the difference would be in framing the post, with an opening paragraph/argument, and finishing with some sort of conclusion.

>Anybody interested in reading further?
I am.
No. 40655
>From my perspective, a post is usually part of a longer conversation, while an essay/article would be a stand-alone product. So maybe the difference would be in framing the post, with an opening paragraph/argument, and finishing with some sort of conclusion.


>I am.

Ok, I guess I can handle the time the translation will take.

What about translation that are going on in the literature thread? These could be content as well.
No. 40656 Kontra
They seem like old grown punks :D

Funnily, they did a collab with Degenhardt, one of my favorite German rappers he comes from a punk/metal background an not primarily hiphop

Degenhardt is a representative of the social outcast.> my social and sexual behavior: paralympics, Tbh reality and fiction mix heavily here. I was drawn to him because he was talking about psychotic trips, helping me a lot back then.
No. 40683
You just made my fucking day, mate. Not the biggest fan of Adorno myself but I know his school enough to apreciate this.
No. 40726
I believe you made me download a few Harmonie Hurensohn tapes quite some years ago.
No. 40738
>quite some years ago.

I did advertise him on ye olde KC as well. I hope you liked it as much as I did. He is somebody you can come back to when the feels hit.
No. 40864
A weekly bump for submissions.
No. 40865 Kontra
I will send you an article next weekend.
How long would you want them to be? What will happen to the not used articles? Is there a way to publish them in some different way so the work wouldn't be for nothing?

Also: I could make some space on ernst.bplaced.net for magazine related things.
No. 40873 Kontra
Looking at my paper that I wanted to translate I get cold feet tbh. It's quite difficult to make an adequate english expression of academical German and deepL is honestly not super helpful in the end, or let's say even with deepL it consumes a lot of time finding the right words.
No. 41119
I will think of a good topic and write an article sometime in the next week or two.
No. 41121
tbh English ist just too good for papers.
I prefer to hand out any reports and internal papers in english because it makes things just so much easier.

If I read German papers it just sounds posh or cute (especially Einstein about brownian motion sounds super cute).

I would also find it nearly too hard. It's a lot of effort.
No. 41124
My english is not sufficent enough to punch out academia quality sentences easily. In German I'm on a good way tho. The academic style gets more and more normed, even in Germany. At least in the humanities and social sciences the difference in normal paper output is not big. Maybe I'm just getting better at reading such papers though. You can still make it full of jargon. Oftentimes it's due to not being confident with the terminology and concepts that are getting employed or refered too. I don't know what STEM papers in German read like btw.

Might write something else for the mag.
Still a question: Who is doing the design and layout? Who decides the name?