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No. 40622
18 kB, 400 × 309
what the fuck is this board even and how it's different from kacey, kacey-2 and 4keks?
No i wont go back, fuck you
No. 40624
KC is filled with trannies, fags, low iq individuals, trollers, incels from r9k obsessed with women
Ernst has none of those things
No. 40625
53 kB, 487 × 599
No. 40627 Kontra
> No i wont go back, fuck you
>and they have the NERVE to wonder why they're so universally despised
I'll be nice to you solely because you're Russian and the Slavs played a much lesser role in utterly destroying everything than Wecterners with the exception of Ukraine happenings, although you still sound like a cancerous sosach/k*hl tier but anyway

EC is basically KC when it first began and is pretty russophilic, devoid of the aforementioned groups as well as pedos and Canadians, and maximum autism. It is a slow and more intellectual oriented board with a handful of regulars. Well thought out posts are welcomed and more often than not the norm. Shitposting is massively discouraged. The main difference other than cultural attitudes is that you're probably going to be told "X goes in X thread." In other words don't spam the front page with threads about movies or the latest news item or whatever.

The main thing I struggle with is trying not to be a rude asshole to people and unlearning a decade worth of chan poisoning my heart and soul, particularly KC 2015-17 when it was nothing but stupidity and hate. In retrospect I feel like this board helped play some role in ke rebuilding myself and getting into different hobbies and generally being a more productive person than the pathetic useless alcoholic wasting every second online like I once was but some habits are hard to break like wasting time online right now but at least it's not as debased as KC2017.

The only real drawback is we're so unpopulous that making an IWO is kind of hard to do but we've got for example a great ongoing bird thread (I'm not one of the birding Americans but maybe that helped push me subconsciously to build a bird box). I still remember Peru's IWO and that was ages ago. I think you just need closer to a small village worth of like 50-100 people to have a proper IWO rather than the dozen of us or whatever there is now but I'm hoping that British lad makes it to the bridge over the Thames to show us what it looks like in plague times.
No. 41428
A bunker. Older than kohl.

Comparatively speaking, 4chan is a chain pub. You can act like a retard, but if you do it too much you'll get thrown out. There are plenty of people to talk to, but most will be uninteresting.
This is a small local pub. There are few people and rarely shit gets flung. Discussions are at least bearable. And the people that come here seem to have learned their lesson.
Kohl is a shit pub where all the retards flock to because, to be brief, it has the reputationof being the new Krautchan (which in turn had the reputation of being friggin ebin, and that's one of the reasons why it became putrid shite since all the cool kids wanted to post there), it allows the retards to shit and piss on the floor, it allows the retards to smoke inside, and it also allows them to use the tables to sniff lines.
No. 41777
nu-kc is older than nu-ec
No. 41789
I still don't think the "general" threads work, at least for people who aren't the 5-6 regular posters who can stop by every day. It's antithetical to the logical organization of imageboards via specific topics... in a general thread it turns into winding sub-discussions that no one in the end follows especially if enough time (i.e. 2-3 days) passed since the last update on the said sub-topic, only traceable by post numbers/quotes.
No. 41827
It's so we don't have a dozen threads on the same shit with two to three replies each clogging the catalogue
No. 41989
thats an interesting comparison, thanks
No. 42519
2,4 MB, 2340 × 4160
1,7 MB, 4160 × 3120
I just simply can force myself to post here.
I used to post a lot on Krautchan.
I know you guys have very wholesome threads. And i hate Kohlchan. But this place is slow. TOO slow. I dont think i can wait for a reply an entire day. Because the next day the thread where i posted wont be interesting for me anymore. Also the idea of generals has always been a no-no for me, because it turns imageboards into dull, repetitive conversations. Imageboards are supose to be spontaneous. And a good thread shouldnt last anymore than a day. And we move on to the next one.
Hope you guys have fun here -which i doubt- but this is no place for me. Good luck.
No. 42520
>the next day the thread where i posted wont be interesting for me anymore.

Here in the west parents give their children medication against that sort of problem.
No. 42522
4,0 MB, 2340 × 4160

>Here in the west parents give their children medication against that sort of problem.

My country in fact is more at the west than yours if you take Europe as the center.
If you think that discussing a thread that was originally posted over a month ago is still relevant as a discussion sadly you have very low standars of what is interesting. Generals are the biggest cancer for any imageboard.
No. 42523 Kontra
>very low standars

I'd call it consistent standards.
No. 42526 Kontra
Then why come to a place that does things differently in a way you concider "low standard"?

I wouldn't go to Kohl and try to treat it as if it were EC, that would just be silly.
No. 42527
I wouldn't relate attention issues with discomfort caused by slowness of EC.
Posting and lurking on KC was pretty fast, you received your replies very fast - that caused yoir brain pumpin dopamine earlier and more often. So your dopamine level on average was pretty high.
And, if we take what's written in Wikipedia,
>and many addictive drugs increase dopamine release or block its reuptake into neurons following release.
KC was helluva drug. And everyone decides for himself how to deal with the issue of the lack of dopamine.
So I can't really blame him for being unattentive.
No. 42532 Kontra
You're bitching about all this while bumping a lone k*hl thread for whatever reason. Maybe the problem isn't the thread, but you my friend. Have you considered trying to engage in any of the other threads going back 25 pages instead of a cabbage tier shitposting thread?

As for the board itself it's a good way to start weaning yourself off internet addiction. I am perpetually embarrassed at how severely I have wasted my life on the dumb shithole that was KC. Anything after like 2014 was complete garbage yet I stuck around for years because you can hit refresh. If you want to see what that garbage leads us you can check out wherever the cabbagetard pedo network moved these days or 4kanker. I'm sure either will be brilliantly edifying and not filled with sick fucks and sad retards.

If anything it has shown me how pathetic IBs not are, not become, but always were. I wasted the better part of my youth on this trash and pity anyone who wasnt at least dating girls or going out to bars like I was, or building careers. I'd imagine anyone who didn't even have that would be fertile grounds for implanting any moronic ideology whatsoever provided it made them feel good or a pretend sense of belonging that's totally fake and based on flimsy pretenses while feeding them nonstop misinformation, hate, and envy.

What's sad about this is the entire internet is on a level of trash right now I don't have words to describe it. I'm waiting for the West to largely implode of it's own stupidity and triviality. YouTube is nonstop garbage holy fuck. I mean the stupidest shit imaginable shows up in my recommended time after time I don't even know how it gets there like "Noah's ark found" how does shit that dumb end up on my feed after watching animal videos, plague documentaries, and video game reviews. I can't even find many really great docs and even the ones on there are often those tainted loud American XXXTReme ones.

What I do regret is not having found a better safe haven because the masses of these morons, these ideological zombies, will overrun here someday and I do not know of any other site filled with like students and people who have their Masters or scientists and stuff like that. It has begun filling me with a bottomless loathing for the commoner that matches only my loathing for the dumbass elites we have telling people to go out and get sick for Mammon and drink bleach. The average person is clearly incapable of doing anything but utterly destroying any forum or imageboard and likely the only ones that haven't been or won't get ruined I won't ever know about, for it if I do, it is likely the retards would find out and flock to it soon after.

Maybe I should lurk forums for aircraft controllers and pilots or something.
No. 42717 Kontra
> As for the board itself it's a good way to start weaning yourself off internet addiction.

Funny that you mention this because I currently try to do this.
With all that free time now I came to the realization that I have no hobbys nor friends.
The past 10 years my hobby was internet and my friend was anon.
Now I struggle to fill me with purpose and stuff I actually enjoy.

Kontra for myself because blog post.
I guess I simply had to get this off my chest the very moment I saw this statement.
No. 44258 Kontra
I still struggle greatly tbh and it's actually gotten so incredibly depressingly bad that my addiction is even interfering with me playing video games.