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No. 40784 Systemkontra
39 kB, 576 × 423
73 kB, 630 × 1200
32 kB, 440 × 342
81 kB, 600 × 450
First with a ref to John Ford because I did not like very much this picture I saw right now. Problem is that is too feminine in the bad sense, the film. It's very nice if you like paintings, but you know, cinema is something else.

The rest of pictures are in my collection of cinema-tv pics but I don't have the slightest idea of which film do they come from.

"Ford was highly intelligent, erudite, sensitive and sentimental, but to protect himself in the cutthroat atmosphere of Hollywood he cultivated the image of a "tough, two-fisted, hard-drinking Irish sonofabitch".[71] One famous event, witnessed by Ford's friend actor Frank Baker, strikingly illustrates the tension between the public persona and the private man. During the Depression, Ford—by then a very wealthy man—was accosted outside his office by a former Universal actor who was destitute and needed $200 for an operation for his wife. As the man related his misfortunes, Ford appeared to become enraged and then, to the horror of onlookers, he launched himself at the man, knocked him to the floor and shouted "How dare you come here like this? Who do think you are to talk to me this way?" before storming out of the room. However, as the shaken old man left the building, Frank Baker saw Ford's business manager Fred Totman meet him at the door, where he handed the man a cheque for $1,000 and instructed Ford's chauffeur to drive him home. There, an ambulance was waiting to take the man's wife to the hospital where a specialist, flown in from San Francisco at Ford's expense, performed the operation. Sometime later, Ford purchased a house for the couple and pensioned them for life. When Baker related the story to Francis Ford, he declared it the key to his brother's personality: "
No. 40785
42 kB, 500 × 334
66 kB, 1033 × 753
906 kB, 1280 × 1181
48 kB, 640 × 480
"The rest of pictures are in my collection of cinema-tv pics but I don't have the slightest idea of which film do they come from."
No. 40786
998 kB, 1200 × 862
77 kB, 1024 × 768
24 kB, 320 × 246
38 kB, 320 × 457
No. 40788
22 kB, 259 × 383
20 kB, 471 × 396
159 kB, 576 × 432
This is probably the best movie I've ever seen. If it wasn't for my dry eyes, I'd have cried.
Not only is the story of a sickly, young priest struggling with his health, faith and parish really gripping, the acting is also superb. The main character acts just like someone who has problems with his stomach and barely eats to get away from the pain. A thing I sadly know from experience.

I like this movie immensely because of how every line in it carries immense weight, how no scene is superfluous and how it's so aesthetically cohesive. As a layman, I boldly proclaim that this is what a masterpiece looks like.
No. 40790
86 kB, 535 × 701
Ah I was curious about the "another terrible night" picture you posted before. Thank you for the reference. I'm sorry about your stomach pains. You made me remember Padre Pio, Padre Pio had lots of bad health.
No. 40794
First is from Starship Troopers, a Paul Veerhoeven film adaptation of a novel by Robert Heinlein. Fun stuff, though it's one of those rare cases where the adaptation changes almost everything because it hates the source material. They're almost apples and oranges.
Third, I have no clue but I know it's from Kamen Rider, but that's had a lot of series. Looks like an early one, dunno.
No. 40810
384 kB, 1581 × 886
thank you! I renamed the pics you mentioned with your info

what about this one? :D
No. 40811
Kamen Rider Black or Black RX.
t. was a tokufag some years ago
No. 40812
63 kB, 640 × 352
54 kB, 720 × 400
51 kB, 624 × 336
37 kB, 720 × 368
Guess I'll post a couple of random screencaps as well, '00s Japanese Movies Edition

Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket:
No. 40816
101 kB, 700 × 728
The last pic is not from the movie but from the Russian comedy show called Kalambur. That particular pic is from its funniest (or the only funny one?) segment called The Village of Fools.
No. 40817
No. 40818
458 kB, 1080 × 1480
I watched Youth today. While dramaturgically and in the way it was filmed and cut this is like a solid Hollywood movie, but it's the setting which makes it really interesting. It's a 2017 Chinese coming of age drama/war movie about a dance/art troupe in the People's Army during the 70ies cultural revolution period. So we follow the young protagonists through their early phase of life with their troubles and then expierience how they are dragged into the Sino-Vietnamnese war and afterwards get a short vision into struggle with the changes brought upon by Deng.
Very recommendable. It's on youtube with English subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v11pI5fTJDE
No. 40823
Oh right, it is. It's only a Russian-language show, not actually Russian.
No. 40824
97 kB, 1280 × 720

in case anybody wonder, it's all on youtube. I don't think you need to know language to understand it.
No. 40825
Oh forgot second "season"
Dunno if all episodes tho.
No. 40829
31 kB, 385 × 283
36 kB, 500 × 388
I was convinced it was a dystopian film!
No. 40832
>third pic
Is that Anno?
No. 40837
Yep, it's from Funky Forest: the First Contact. Weird as fuck movie, but I kinda liked it.
No. 40841
119 kB, 1024 × 612
108 kB, 1024 × 612
88 kB, 1024 × 612
70 kB, 1024 × 612
Pretty decent comedy horror. There is not much plot, and what little plot there is it's mostly surreal, but there are quite a few funny moments. It's about a cemetery man Francesco Dellamorte who in addition to his regular job also has to kill zombies that resurrect in seven days after being buried. One day he meets a beautiful widow and falls in love with her, but she dies too. Afterwards he meets her again, but as another woman (or not?) and then once more, so he gets progressively confused and lost in a bizarre entanglement of Love and Death.
No. 40920
5,2 MB, 1920 × 977
Yay, was announced new Смешарики episodes and they be in 2D again
No. 40946
Looking forward to it.
IMHO, 2D animation looks better in overall.
No. 41182
420 kB, 1920 × 1080
196 kB, 1920 × 1080
365 kB, 1920 × 1080
287 kB, 1920 × 1080
There's been a bit of hype lately about this documentary lately, it just came out yesterday or so on Am*zon. It follows a couple of depressed channers, or rather somewhat prominent Twitter (ex-)channer guys. I guess you could call them "incels" to use a contemporary term.
Nothing much happens, they just talk about their life and walk around some scenery for the most part, and then there's a bit of a follow up, two years or so later, about what changed in their lives.
It's decently shot and edited, but overall rather mediocre, just doesn't really go anywhere much. Had something like that come out a few years earlier, it might've been more impressive, in fact there's the Gothic King Cobra doc which I found a lot more interesting, it also follows an outcast character, even if a somewhat different one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvhchxHUCA0
But I gotta admit the fat cowboy guy kinda cracks me up, the fact that he just walks around Texas dressed like that makes me happy, and you can tell the camera man or director really tried hard to get some nice shots with him (and they did). I could imagine a Midnight Cowboy reimagining starring that guy.
No. 41189
224 kB, 1000 × 1426
Watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for maybe the 10th time. That movie is fucken kino. If you have even a passing interest in pulp tropes, do yourself a favour and watch it. It's glorious.
t. pulp fan
No. 41210
1,1 MB, 1966 × 2908
169 kB, 663 × 1200
49 kB, 300 × 431
  1. Irregular but nice! Has that B-film aroma, too, and is experimental in certain moments.
  2. nice! You can watch it here. My DVD copy looked better. It's a film from the POV of a general, it's nice!

3. Ehhh I thought this film would be sordid and the like, but not, it's a spiritual film, nice, good film. I wanna watch more films from Bergman, it seems the one I watched years before sucked.
No. 41211
64 kB, 400 × 400
P.S. fuck I should have watched Fortress in 2017, not now. For 2020 I have an anime, but I've seen first chapter and it's ok butttt
No. 41212
37 kB, 679 × 439
tell me about your definition of "pulp"

I'm more of a "B-film" concept, me "pulp" ignorant
No. 41213
Pulp is the literary equivalent of B-film. It's the cheap genre fiction of the mid 20th century, those little WW2 comics that you'd read as a kid (dunno if they're a thing in spain) and so on. They get the name from being printed on low-quality pulp paper.
No. 41260
54 kB, 400 × 292
42 kB, 689 × 1000
I understand. WW2 comics from that period from here have been always treated with respect. I think it might be because Spain is a poor country and in that times it was considered the "Cinema for the poor". I get your idea but my problem is that I usually have in better consideration B-flims than A-films.


Now for the film: it's interesting because I always say a Western is a kind of film that has more chances of producing good films. Why? Because they show lots of nature! And the same case with Christian films. Why? Because they can be radical and beautiful at the same time! Eat that, Yukio Mishima!

P.S. the actor appears in Aliens vs Predator, glorious
P.P.S. the actress that plays Santa Clara is so beautiful that it hurts
No. 41265
90 kB, 500 × 661
Man, old war comics from Spain must be weird. Are the allies the bad guys in them? :-DDD
No. 41267
196 kB, 518 × 523
the fascists won the war in Spain, and their legacy lives on. But since they did not want to provoke the allies it went that way:

Russians vs. Germans: the Germans are the good ones
USA vs. Japan: USA are the good ones.

anyway this comment is a fast sketch, I can't give you any exact data. As an example, in 1941 much probably any comic made in Spain depicted the Germans as the good ones.
No. 41268
25 kB, 274 × 184
>hazañas bélicas

Good stuff
No. 41300 Kontra
Truly Spaniards have nothing but hate in their hearts. What a lowly people.
They're hermanos, even if they're a bunch of goofballs.
No. 41444
178 kB, 500 × 711
Spain must be stopped from harming the world

Film: a bit boring, but it's OK
No. 41446
215 kB, 858 × 1231
28 kB, 764 × 561
Now this is a beautiful film. You can watch it here. Pic is my DVD copy. Watched it in original or original with subtitles. I don't like to tell it but I don't like dubs. I always recall this:

"In Italy, dubbing is systematic, with a tradition going back to the 1930s in Rome, Milan, Florence and Turin. In Mussolini's fascist Italy, release of movies in foreign languages was banned for political reasons" Wikipedia

No. 41473
378 kB, 1031 × 1500
128 kB, 1440 × 1080
41 kB, 748 × 576
55 kB, 748 × 576
I've watched The Tchekist by Rogozhkin, pretty solid movie - 8/10 would recommend.

>The film is set during the Russian Civil War in the period of the Red Terror. In a provincial Cheka (the All-Russian Emergency Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage) office in an unnamed small town, a routine bureaucratic work is taking place. Every day, a Cheka troika tribunal made of director Srubov and his assistants Pepel and Katz reads out a long list of all kinds of real and perceived counter-revolutionaries and class enemies. Those arrested are always immediately found guilty and the sentence, regardless of the accusation, gender and age of the person, is the same - to be shot.

>The terrible conveyor of death operates in the basement, overseen by Srubov: the prisoners are systematically taken out of their cell, ordered to undress, placed against the wall in fives, and shot, usually in the back of the head. Following the secret killings, the naked corpses are then dragged by feet through a special window in the cellar, loaded into a truck, and taken away, to forever disappear without a trace.

At some point, the repeated images of naked bodies being disposed of becomes somewhat tiring.

The monologues in which the characters try to justify their actions or explain why they're necessary are great. Cinematography is solid. And it really tickles my USSR autism.

I also like that the characters seem real and aren't overly vilified. At least some effort is placed into showing how people who would otherwise be normal can be instruments of terror.

Another nice touch is that the movie does start and ends in a short period of time, starting and ending with a series of executions. No effort is placed in explaining how things ended up as they are, or how the characters ended up in such situations. The world beyond the Cheka executions being carried out in a dingy basement isn't really shown - whatever scenes exist of the outside world are limited to the main character being shown doing different things in his day to day life in the hours he isn't overseeing a firing squad. There is also a nice dichotomy shown of the early soviet revolutionary project and the grim reality that is required (at least in the minds of the participants) to bring it into place.
No. 41474
>I don't like to tell it but I don't like dubs.
Finally, the only sane Spaniard. It really seems like Spanish audiences are really used to dubbing. Noteworthy that I associate certain cartoons with the Spanish language since Doraemon and a handful of others were broadcast here in your language.
Which also makes Spanish people sound like Doraemon
No. 41488
594 kB, 1873 × 892
133 kB, 400 × 492
31 kB, 272 × 365
Thank you for the review, seems really interesting
I'm Catalan. Someone has to stop Spain. Pic 1 is Spain. I don't want to end up like this. Pic 2 is a reason why it is the way that it is. But Spain has been cursed for centuries.

Now for the film: I don't understand why this documentary won so many prizes. It's a normal documentary. It's a nice one but nothing spectacular.
No. 41495
309 kB, 1000 × 1539
698 kB, 640 × 480
838 kB, 640 × 480
139 kB, 1440 × 1080
I've watched White Sun of the Desert, 7.5/10 would recommend if you're interested in watching a western set in the Caspian Sea.

>Russian filmmaker Vladimir Motyl directs the popular action-adventure Beloye Solntse Pustyni (White Sun of the Desert), written by Valentin Yezhov and Rustam Ibragimbekov. During the Russian Civil War, a soldier named Sukhov (Anatoly Kuznetsov) wants to return home to his wife.

The best thing this movie is really the theme, being set in the outskirts of the Soviet Union just as the civil war ends. Otherwise it's just a western, not a bad one but it's certainly full of wacky cartoonish things. The movie's hero is comrade Sukhov, who is forced to stay in what are basically colonial holdings in order to prevent tragedies from unfolding. He just wants to go home but his white Russian burden forces him to stay. The movie has humorous scenes and lines, a bunch of them being adopted into popular Russian culture and apparently it's watched by cosmonauts before most space launches as a good luck ceremony.

>But Spain has been cursed for centuries.
This is truer than reducing it to Franquismo, t. alternate timeline Spain
No. 41497
Interesting, you watiching late 80s-early90s movie. Movies from this period often very dark and started touching themes that before was forbidden. Not seen Chekist, but there was some movies based on bulgakov, also things like Беспредел... well better I link you here http://lurkmore.to/%D0%9F%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B5%D1%81%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B5%D1%87%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B5_%D0%BA%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%BE there is sub-articles that have lists of movies from metioned period and thematic.

Funny thing, that Russia is super depended on dub. Movies, games, TV series everything Dub here for the most part. Interestingly I belive japan had something like too, because I noted interesting feature: in japanise games often narrator voicing title of game in menu, it's same as often in Russian dub narrators do with movies always up to recent time when often actual logo translated. I interested, if Japanise also had this and now accept as normal that title always should be voice-overed.

Interesting thing, I didn't watched this also. It's like "Ирония Судьбы или с Лёгким Паром" that for like 40 years shown everywhere on New Year, but I watched only parts of it. What russian/soviet movies you watched already?
No. 41498
23 kB, 256 × 389
65 kB, 660 × 495
41 kB, 300 × 450
403 kB, 1807 × 1000
Thanks to link, I haven't watched Беспредел but I have seen The Green Elephant. I've thought about watching Беспредел since 2013 Thanks to runet immigraniada to the infamous KC but I never actually did. I'll probably check it soon. Likewise with suggestions in the link, however my ability to do so will be limited by the availability of English subs. At least until I can actually understand a movie in Russian.

I've watched a few more half a dozen Russian movies. Brat was 10/10 and so was Leviathan, which I'd say is the best Russian movie I've watched. I've seen Теснота, which was pretty good too, 8/10. On my list of Russian movies I've seen are Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession and Alexander Nevsky, both suggestions of a Russian on this board.
No. 41503
28 kB, 200 × 300
952 kB, 1200 × 1714
232 kB, 300 × 417
>On my list of Russian movies I've seen are Ivan Vasilievich Changes Profession and Alexander Nevsky, both suggestions of a Russian on this board.
Oh it was me
You may try watch Дурак or Географ Глобус Пропил. Also, on note of Чекист, maybe it is not super similar but stil a bit related - Место встречи изменить нельзя - 5 episode movie-series about post-WW2 Moscow anti-banditism group.
No. 41518
275 kB, 900 × 1350
I've been getting caught up with Better Call Saul and am at the end of Season 3. The show has been mentioned here before, so you don't need me to tell you it's good, but I'll do so anyway: It's really good.
The show focuses on character development over action, and it does this brilliantly. Even scenes in which very little happens are engaging. The actors are great, but just as important, they are given room to work. In one scene a character is walking away from a conversation, and stops multiple times to look back without saying a word. But how he exits matters, and the director took the time to show that. I think that's the best way to describe how Saul handles storytelling: the show takes it's time. Whether it's a slow exterior shot to establish setting and mood, or a scene which runs an extra 20 seconds-showing just one more frustrating phone call, or one more rifle shot into the air-Saul commits time to these details.
If you don't mind a leisurely pace, this one is worth watching.
Now on to season 4...

>Now this is a beautiful film
Agreed. I loved the exterior shots of Malta.
No. 41519
675 kB, 2560 × 1441
I like how it slowly turns more and more into Breaking Bad. Can't wait for the 6th (and probably last) season.
No. 41521
Season 6 is confirmed to be the last one. I really like the show but that one action scene is simply embarrassing, I expected more from the creators of one of the best shows on television.
No. 41523
I keep meaning to watch Durak
No. 41525
168 kB, 1280 × 720
64 kB, 1920 × 806
140 kB, 1920 × 806
82 kB, 1920 × 806
As per in-threda suggestion, I finish Durak.

It's a nice movie, enjoyable. I guess it has some things I didn't really care for - mostly how hamfisted the exposing of the different levels of corruption is. It really doesn't leave much to the imagination.

I haven't read Dostoevsky's Idiot so literary comparisons will be limited in this review. The story of the movie itself is about a good hearted even if quixotic plumber who sees it as his obligation to save the residents of a crumbling commieblock and in doing so, the weakness and vile nature of the administration of the hellhole he lives in Russia is neglectful, corrupt and willing to sacrifice everyone besides their immediate selves to keep their position secure.

One ends up feeling empathy and even cheering our heroic Дурак on as he tries to save his fellow man and improve the world around him. A world that in his view is created by people not caring about others. This views of his is vindicated by how other characters in the movie behave, notably the administration who sees the commieblock dwellers as subhuman who would make the world better by disappearing.

Whatever bigger issues I'd have with the movie's seemingly black and white morality is solved in the final scenes.

>Oh it was me
Noice :DD Sooner or later I'll watch more of these movies you've recommended.
No. 41527
8 kB, 149 × 216
465 kB, 1000 × 688
This documentary about the Mayor of Barcelona during Francoism is a pile of trash. It's badly directed. I spit on their grave.
No. 41560
>that one action scene is simply embarrassing

Which one? The one in the desert or the end of season 5? I found both pretty noice.
No. 41564
With Дурак I guess story a bit more relatable inside russia because problem of "nobody care about anyone" is one of the most big ones, same as also actual life in collapsing building. Espessialy it was on edge with all this recent "moscow renovation" story that happened couple of years ago.
No. 41565
45 kB, 544 × 400
61 kB, 510 × 365
72 kB, 1024 × 412
49 kB, 600 × 450
>Noice :DD Sooner or later I'll watch more of these movies you've recommended.
It's awesome to hear foreign person opinion, because it's very rare when someone outside post-USSR watching all this movies :D
No. 41570
Watched The Jesus Rolls. Thought it'd be a fun movie because of the tie-in to The Big Lebowski, but it's an incoheisve, charmless mess of a movie.
No. 41575
Added Кин-дза-дза! to my letterboxd watchlist, thx.
No. 41581
202 kB, 1000 × 717
It a nice movie. Classic, a bit of cult thing even.
No. 41635
470 kB, 960 × 1440
I've never seen a film with overdub. Perhaps is nice, at least you can listen to the stuff below.

In the Henry VHS dub I watched, it was OK but it felt so... So monotone...

Pic is a nice film I watched some time ago
No. 41649
The second one. If you think about everything everyone did just for a second you will realise how incredibly dumb it is on multiple levels.
No. 41674
952 kB, 1200 × 1714
173 kB, 1920 × 810
130 kB, 1920 × 810
114 kB, 1920 × 810
Finished Географ Глобус Пропил. 9/10, a pretty solid movie. It's quintessentially Russian, even featuring a self flagellation scene.

I don't even want to write much about it, since spoiling how the plot goes would sort of ruin it. But, it is a pretty interesting window into Russian fatalism soul and the scenery of Ural rivers is noice.
No. 41735
165 kB, 1200 × 627
306 kB, 1106 × 1547
867 kB, 419 × 220, 0:02
My parents got a netflix trial so I've been mindlessly watching Mad Men, sometimes just letting it run in the background while I do something else. That's really a first for me, I used to look down on people who do this since I watched stuff with full concentration, taking screen caps etc., not sure how to feel about this. The way Netflix works with automatically starting the next episode does kind of force you into that sort of behavior I guess.
The series itself is pretty decent, although there tends to be a bit too much relationship drama. Unsurprisingly as some of the same makers are involved, it reminds me of The Sopranos.
Also the Netflix movie selection is even worse than I expected it to be, so far I've only watched Gantz O, which is an okay 3D animated adaptation of the Gantz manga, but doesn't really work as a standalone movie, it only adapts one arc of the manga, but it's too short and doesn't provide the necessary context if you haven't read the manga, so I can't really recommend it. Btw, I suppose it could make a pretty good setting for a video game.

This looks really good, will put this on my watchlist. Since you seem to be into Russian movies, I can recommend DMB/Demobbed (2000), it's a surreal comedy about the compulsory draft in Russia, really fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0EMeT1MDn0

What's your @ if you don't mind me adding you?
No. 41754
4 kB, 220 × 165
26 kB, 263 × 475
1,3 MB, 1021 × 775
I've heard very good things about Granada TV* documentary series on the Spanish Civil War. I'm watching the first episode now.

Good style and cinematography, but that's all I can say so far. It's all on Youtube, btw:

*What a weird name for a British studio. Even weirder to see it tagged "from the north"
No. 41797
68 kB, 547 × 531
How is Babylon 5? I heard it's good but that it's like DS9 where it gets better in the later seasons. Has it aged well?
No. 41806
604 kB, 1000 × 1481
277 kB, 716 × 361
More good stuff.

BTW I'm watching Coffee and Cigarrettes... And... Do I have to finish it? Because it's an immense bore. What is the purpose, really? What the fuck is fascinating with people making kinda inane conversations? And the coffee looks like shit!
No. 41810
I only watched a small part of C&C, couldn't keep an as well, dunno, I liked some Jarmusch movies. Stranger Than Paradise and Broken Flowers especially, Limits of Control has nice cinematography but I did not "get" it.
No. 41811
27 kB, 600 × 400
Glad you liked it. I like sometimes personality of Константин Хабенский, even thought his overall movie career mostly include mediocre stuff - in many ways because most of what made today in russia is mediocre at best but still.
No. 41812
643 kB, 735 × 611
>*What a weird name for a British studio. Even weirder to see it tagged "from the north"

Don't worry, lad. You'll be watching Corrie in no time.

It captures that 90s sci-fi charm perfectly so I would recommend it. The CGI will even remind you of cut-scenes from 90s computer games.

True that it starts slow as it needs to set up all the pieces but there's still good early episodes. Give it till the end of season 2 at least.
No. 41813
62 kB, 630 × 1200
873 kB, 768 × 576
155 kB, 1381 × 1080
267 kB, 597 × 402
Watched Bespredel, 7/10. I was expecting a goofy meme Russian movie, but it was actually nice. Very enjoyable movie about Russian prison life, with undertones about revolution and the inevitability of social stratification. There was something missing from the movie, I'm not sure what though. A lot of the characters do seem to blend together into an amorphous mass, but I assume that was part of the idea. I guess it's due to how short the movie feels, but I'm not sure. I guess it would have been portrayed as a mini-series, a lot of subplots seem to be rushed through.

The subtitles I watched it with had a bunch of *Translator note's, to explain what different prison slang terms meant but I already knew half of them due to runet influences in a previous imageboard which shall not be named.

>in many ways because most of what made today in russia is mediocre at best but still
At least it isn't Portuguese :DD
No. 41814
84 kB, 783 × 600
Well, Беспредел main focus was how perestroika and general changes of society in late 80s affected soviet prison life. How old rules crumbles into this type of anarchy. In many ways it's also allegory on happenings in society in general, since it's now hard to imagine Russia in general as metaphorical prison.

Also, there was Сергей Гармаш's small benis :----DDDDD

You can try watch much older, early 70s Джентльмены Удачи for compleatly different, naive representation of prison and it's inhabits combined with general comedy-adventure plot.
No. 41816
I'm gonna watch Брат 2 next, since that has been waiting for too long. After this, I'll check out that anti-banditism mini-series you linked.
Thanks for your suggestions, in time I will get to all.
No. 42026
138 kB, 736 × 1120
63 kB, 418 × 619
  1. Watched when a child, didn't remember almost anything but I watch it now and I thought it'd look more dated. I laughed many times. A pleasant surprise.
  2. Too much "muh democracy" but I liked it. Curious to hear how there's a bit of echo in the sound.
No. 42028
83 kB, 1024 × 544
87 kB, 1024 × 544
90 kB, 1024 × 544
60 kB, 1024 × 544
Very ebin fantasy/action about immortal swordsmen fighting it out battle royale style in 80s NY. Surprisingly good cinematography & really memorable cast.
Somehow it felt very anime-ish, and lo and behold there's apparently an anime adaptation as well. Also I'm pretty sure it was one of the main inspirations behind the whole Fate VN/anime franchise, and surprisingly I didn't find anybody making this connection before, unless there's some common influence for both I'm missing.
oot in the works for several years, but it seems to be stuck in prodcution hell. Well, it would probably turn out inferior anyways.
No. 42031
Chaplin's films aged well. They tended to go with such 'pure' concepts that are quite timeless, and the lack of dialogue in most of them means that the humour itself is also largely limited to slapstick which is again pretty timeless.
No. 42043
35 kB, 483 × 452
Yeah but some of the slapstick elements had a kind of particular dynamism that I found very alive and precise. Perhaps it's the type of video, I don't know. I'm not an expert
No. 42044
5 kB, 608 × 284
(actually I wanted to upload a picture with the name "nerd", when talking about me. I lost the rhythm)
No. 42052
55 kB, 442 × 600

But nice acting.

Moral of the story? HK police is corrupt!

BTW there is a white British IRL which is boss of HK riot police. Apply him the Lord Haw Haw treatment
No. 42069
40 kB, 317 × 500
32 kB, 600 × 430
144 kB, 599 × 600
Watched 3 movies that was united by it's director, Terrence Vance Gilliam into "trilogy" about fantasies and world of imagenation vs. reality. Well, reality itself was twisted in one way or another in all of this movies. While first movie lacked a budget there and there - all others really had money they needed. I bet that everbody seen them and I should not write a wall of text about any of them, but in case if you not I can strongly recommend. They can be described as "psyhological adventures" if this description makes any sence for you.
No. 42071 Kontra
I remember watching that one as teen, same impression. It has one good scene but I cannot remember it atm.
No. 42101
293 kB, 1000 × 1869
Another masterpiece.

Man what a collection I did while buying ultra cheap DVD for charity
No. 42105
Having finished the series, I can highly recommend it if you have no significant knowledge of the Spanish Civil War. The best parts are the interviews with survivors of the war - the documentary was made in the 70s, so most participants were still alive.

If I can fault it for anything, it tries too hard to paint a picture of the Republicans as the good guys. It acknowledges up-front that massive atrocities were committed by both sides, but every time a Republican atrocity is brought up, it's usually with an asterisk and an explanation that tries to make it seem like an unfortunate exception, rather than part of a regular pattern.

Another example: Nationalists can't say that they were genuinely motivated by horror at church burnings without the narrator popping in to say that, in fact, many devout Basques backed the Republicans, so the Nationalists are hypocrites to call the war a crusade. But actual communists are allowed to prattle on about the glorious revolution and their righteous cause without any snide editing about the violent purges of their fellow leftists, or the fact that many Falangists believed deeply in workers rights and land reform...

Cases like this aren't a huge part of the series, and are easy to overlook. But I really don't like it when series producers push an agenda, however slight, when they sell their work on its fairness and impartiality.
No. 42123
46 kB, 760 × 380
197 kB, 1024 × 768
Listening to Henry soundtrack

Was talking the other day about the issue focusing about Frederic Escofet.

In Catalonia President Companys committed very important errors


No. 42134
94 kB, 474 × 405
It's curious.

I had a friend which was obsessed with OST. He listened to some of them over and over and over. I did not like the idea.

Years later I realize it's my case, too. Today I've listened "Henry: portrait of a serial Killer" OST like four times.

Other OST I've listened to many times? Yes, indeed. I have listened to many OST like 30 times each, at a bare minimum. I can't play a single time more the Apocalypse Now soundtrack, which is the absolute record. It's charred in my brain. This one I might have listened to during my life like 200 times minimum.
No. 42162
58 kB, 584 × 438
268 kB, 684 × 1024
88 kB, 630 × 1200
It's passable but I like Max Von Sydow. Without wanting it, I came across a Max Von Sydow trio: The Norwegian film, the Bergman one, and this one. This is the worst. But It's not a bad film: it's a normal one.
No. 42165 Kontra
>like Max Von Sydow
You should watch Flash Gordon
No. 42166
1980 remake is awesome movie, one of personal favorites.
No. 42168
It is isn't it.
No. 42171
And why
No. 42194
267 kB, 1500 × 1282
Don't remember, I'll watch it again one day. I recall it being poppy.


pic is another Flash Gordon, from the 30s. Dated :|
No. 42195
114 kB, 390 × 572
Well this other one. As you can see from previous post, Henry keeps chasing me.
No. 42196
It's awesome nod to classic 1930s pulp stuff created with more modern tech and a bit of irony, however quite nice "wierd" techfantasy on it's own. Prehaps, it's don't liked by people what wanted "serious science fiction" and when they seen this absurd world in etheric space they driven off from it. I love this type of fantasy stuff, good refreshment from "hard science fiction" and another generic fantasy with elves and shit.
No. 42216
26 kB, 400 × 400
777 kB, 1202 × 1600
Yeah I completely understand. I tend to think in a similar way, because graphism and innovation are essential to me.

It's curious how nowadays there's a cyberpunk trend which seems quite the rehash of the old cyberpunk. Perhaps the new Blade Runner had something kinda new in the visual section, but I haven't watched the film.

P.S. fuck elves and dragons
No. 42218
>It's curious how nowadays there's a cyberpunk trend which seems quite the rehash of the old cyberpunk. Perhaps the new Blade Runner had something kinda new in the visual section, but I haven't watched the film.
Well, it is just splash of 1-2 adverised products, no more.

>P.S. fuck elves and dragons
I'd love to fuck elf or a dragon
There nothing bad in classic high fantasy and science fiction, I more poiting at people who not accept anything beyond known clishe, looking at some new concept, saying "it's wierd" or "it's dumb" and claiming it "bad".
No. 42223
265 kB, 1055 × 704

Now another film. Well, repetitive, sometimes ridiculous, nice cheap analog synth OST, nice visuals, nice acting. 1976. Veredict: will sell or give to charity.
No. 42290
53 kB, 720 × 304
39 kB, 720 × 304
62 kB, 720 × 304
45 kB, 720 × 304
Well, I expected better, to be honest. Despite what critics and the like say, the movie wasn't "intelligent" much, just a mediocre cosmic horror story (the plot is basically Lovecraft's "The Colour Out of Space") desperately trying and failing to be a Tarkovsky film, and the deepest question that it raised is "OMG, why are we humans so self-destructive?". The only things I liked are visuals (they appeal to me for some reason) and maybe the soundtrack in the culmination of the movie (spooky electronics, reminded me a bit of Autechre in Aronofsky's Pi). Also, the positive thing of the movie putting up a pretense that it's smarter than it really is is that the horror is subdued and not consisted of jumpscares and gore (although both are present), but instead works by creating an unnerving atmosphere (how successful it is is another question, though). Overall, nice entertainment for a couple of hours, but nothing more.
No. 42293
On one hand I like how not everything is explained. On the other I was disappointed. The end was better then I expected though even if it was disappointing. I'm not a fan of "magic" in science fiction but then it probably wasn't a sci-fi movie either.
No. 42294
I've only read the book it's based on but it was pretty bad, the author was going for some feeling of deep mystery but he didn't have the skill to pull it off. Unless he was going for an obvious metaphor of cancer in which case it's even worse.
No. 42296
12 kB, 258 × 387
306 kB, 1920 × 1080
139 kB, 1720 × 968
224 kB, 1678 × 944
I finished Brat 2 and it really isn't all that good. Don't get me wrong it's an enjoyable movie and I liked watching but it's just so goofy at some many points.

The plot is that Danila find himself having to go to America to deal with an evil American who does evil things (including but not limited to: filming snuff and rape videos in Russia and selling them in the US). Most of the movie is about his hijinks in America and dealing with being in this bizarre land. The movie has a weird theme in which it tries to bring across what it means to love one's country and how America isn't so great.

I'm not even sure what the message one is really meant to take home but it seems to be that money and wealth don't make a country great and that people who are lured with the promise of the American dream end in suffering.

In his adventures to track down the evil American, Danila befriends a prostitute who is bullied by her pimp and then Danila kills said pimp - freeing the girl and in the end bringing her back to Russia. His given reason for doing this is because she's a Russian and Russians don't abandon each other.

He also fucks a Russian pop star early on, but that doesn't really fit into the plot and I'm not sure why it was even added. There are lot of superfluous elements that I don't really understand. I guess the central point is that Russians shouldn't idolize America, I think.

Overall it is pretty fun to watch but it's sadly really not like the first one that had a far more serious tone. This one is a very silly spinoff. It feels like a "America may have money -- but Russian have soul!" message marketed for Russians.
No. 42300
886 kB, 4000 × 2254
205 kB, 780 × 435
82 kB, 1200 × 677
216 kB, 1024 × 577
Last and First Men, a black/white artsy SF film by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. Based on a 1930s sci-fi novel called Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future
According to wiki "A work of unprecedented scale in the genre, it describes the history of humanity from the present onwards across two billion years and eighteen distinct human species, of which our own is the first(...)"

The film is narrated by Tilda Swinton speaking to us from 2,000,000,000 A.D and features many more or less forgotten brutalist monuments and sculptures built in former socialist Yugoslavia.
No. 42301
I'll have to watch it. Honestly I think that being an American would probably make this movie either interesting or more likely unintentionally hilarious to watch, like probably they think when watching movies or video games of the Evil Russian in them, although sometimes like C&C it is intentionally tongue in cheek and meant to be over the top not taken seriously the way this so sounds like.
>with an evil American who does evil things (including but not limited to: filming snuff and rape videos in Russia and selling them in the US)
Ehh there's probably a hell of a lot more truth to this than you realize but they left out one crucial thing: it is usually the Russians themselves who are selling these kinds of things to us. Or however many percent of modern Russian organized crime is actually ethnic Rus as opposed to Jews and Armenians.

Really I think that if Russia wants to talk about this stuff they should start by dealing with their own intelligence network and its ties to their own organized crime that is producing and selling CP to Wecterners. It's not exactly a secret that this is happening and has been happening for quite awhile and it wouldnt surprise me if Trump is compromised somehow by it, or that many of our and other politicians are similarly compromised by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD or whichever other glowing networks.
No. 42305
Based on the book by Olaf Stapledon? Didn't like the book much, its concept was interesting, but the realization wasn't to my taste. It just felt that the author had lots of cool ideas and wanted to shove as much of them into the book as possible, but then he figured that it would be too damn long, so he shortened it considerably leaving only several of those ideas which he liked the most.

It's curious that they've decided to make a movie based on it, though. I believed that the book is pretty much unadaptable to the screen due to its structure. I'm guessing that they did it kinda like a documentary?
No. 42306
Never watched not first one, not second. Brat, Bumer, Brigada, I don't like all this "criminal dramma" with criminals as main heroes, Russia already live by prison laws as country, and I see in hell when this bydlo gopnik trash glorified.
No. 42310
412 kB, 698 × 960
Bummer doesn't glorify criminals at all and I don't think the first Brat does either. The second certainly does. I didn't watch Brigada past the second episode due to not finding a good version with subtitles but still. Just because bydlo like something doesn't mean it's bad
No. 42312
8,6 MB, 720 × 576, 3:12
54 kB, 604 × 453
Well, it's more and more glorified criminal way of life from already affected by it young people in early 00s. Even if there messages about how shit this life to live, people with not long minds accepting this as "right" way to live. To this day goverment, police, buisness, god chunk of simple citisents thinks that this "laws of prison" is unspoken laws of existance in gussia. And this become portrait of russia and even slaws in general. One of reasons we can't have nice things.
No. 42313
Also well if you want content like this, there was TV show "Criminal russia" that told about real stuff, horrible crimes and investigation. Watch some episodes from 90s, they full of hard shit inclyding slavery, rape and abuse, mass murders, child drug addiction etc.
Here is full playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa2uCo05y2ZeYNhz-U3lNZYBPBqqV-D1Z
After Putin conquered and destroyed old NTV in 00s it become kind of less hard, but still, can be entertaining.

Basicly 90s russia theme song
No. 42314
Call me an idiot, but I'm actually enjoying a TV show called Community quite a bit. It's stupid, absurd and sometimes grotesque, but the amount of stupidity rarely exceeds critical levels, and sometimes the writers actually come up with something subtle and clever, at least by the standards of the sitcom genre. The genre deconstruction/parodies are probably the best episodes.

I was never a fan of comedy, especially this type, but during the quarantine I suppose I got into it. Also, Alison Brie used to be very cute.
No. 42315
>Based on the book by Olaf Stapledon?

>the book is pretty much unadaptable to the screen due to its structure. I'm guessing that they did it kinda like a documentary?

It's not anything conventional I would know a name for, it's just the narrating voice reading written text (passages from the book I assume) and a series of barely moving camera perspectives showing details of mentioned sculptures/monuments and landscapes in b/w.

I think it could also be called "Reflections on human life" or "Meditations on Brittleness of Being" or something like that, if it wasn't named after te book. It shows that the director is a composer imho.
No. 42316
It's kind of all this "students" TV shows? Like... Big Bang Theor and Универ
Never watched any of them.
No. 42317
Will watch this once my Russian becomes better. Russophillia is a cruel mistress.
No. 42318
>Big Bang Theor
Eh, I watched a couple episodes many years ago, I found it stupid as hell and the laugh track put me off completely.
Never watched it.

So, not really I suppose? It's not The Wire, that's for sure.
No. 42319
48 kB, 480 × 659

Well, not a good film. It could have been. But it wasn't. Much better the newer one
No. 42387
260 kB, 1038 × 1500
89 kB, 1777 × 999
157 kB, 1777 × 620
Tobe Hooper, ppl


what else... It's not a great film but has many virtues. The lightning is a disaster, varied acting, non-existent development, but it's nice! Ah, the soundtrack a must! Nightmare!
No. 42388
oops sorry the name of the film is "Eaten Alive". Normally I get pics of the original release but it's that I like the DVD producers:

https://lacasadelcineparatodos.com/ You can go to their shop and buy the whole collection. Insane deals in their physical shop. Three films for 5 euros. The Fulci one, the zombies one with Dolph Lundgren or Jean Claude Van Damme don't remember and this one for five euros, ppl

(tired of using google) https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=Travessera%20de%20Gr%C3%A0cia%2C%20162-172%2C%2008012%20Barcelona#map=19/41.40137/2.15769

spoilerama following courtesy of Cristian Farias and Mortician ->
No. 42419
127 kB, 686 × 954
I thought this had to be a parody edit at first but apparently it’s real
No. 42427
143 kB, 350 × 520
Nice but ends up being kinda soulless. Veredict: get the fuck of my house, DVD!
No. 42428
God people are fucking idiots.
>durr hurr the protoganist is a woman I don't like an incredibly violent movie about social overthrow, war, and politics anymore
Well at least the male bydlo somewhat surprised me but I always thought Das Boot was a little overrated.
No. 42431
1,1 MB, 675 × 1000
Slow in the beginning, interesting in the middle, and quite disappointing at the end. Mental illness is a difficult topic for a lot of films and I feel like the writers didn't pull it off at all. But the main actress did an amazing job, her portrayal of the character felt very real to me. Perhaps she should stick with acting and not writing, though.

Alison Brie is still extremely cute at the age of 37
No. 42436
Take your PMS meds, Ernestine.
No. 42444
k*hl tier
No. 42450
124 kB, 470 × 246
I don't trust IMDB ratings in certain aspects. I refuse to believe there is such a difference in Paths of Glory and the Western one.
No. 42465
So, I found out that you can easily stream video via discord.

Would any Ernsts be interested in having a movie night? Suggestions for the movie are welcome.
No. 42468
I guess it kind of makes sense. When was the last time you heard a woman talk about Das Boot, anyway? But yeah it does appear very cartoonish.
No. 42469
I have literally never used discord. I don't have to sign up for a stream do I? I remember movie nights with ernst being fun.
No. 42473
It's not tied to anything else, you just make a discord account.
No. 42474
I'm not opposed to the idea but how does that work? Do people just watch the film at the same time and sometimes type in chat?
No. 42499
102 kB, 388 × 504
No, I agree with Das Boot, is a male film I guess. But Westerns? A woman cannot give a bad score to a Western lol

Now for the film: "The American Way" with Dennis Hooper! Hey it's a subversive film with a beautiful premise, which is a Psyop team from the Vietnam war gets rogue and terrorizes the TV network with its content! The film is good! Yay victory!
No. 42500
Wow a u from 2009

Without jokes tho, Discord is like Skype or MSN but bettr, more modern with more functions. You can create group here, have hell lot of text and voice channels, also stream videos, yes. It can replace whole EC technically
No. 42501
>also stream videos
I heard people have streamed some video over radio, why not use that?
No. 42502
53 kB, 630 × 630
but it's gayer and YOBA

very YOBA

Weyland Yutani Internet Services
No. 42503
>It can replace whole EC technically
Talks about Discord must be halted lest we end with a dead imageboard and an hyperactive cesspool of Discord shitposting. What a horrifying thought.
No. 42504
I can testify that this prognosis is correct based on what happened to magyarchan thanks to its IRC channel.
No. 42508
I know what Discord is, my friends and I use it when we play videogames together and for general chat. I just wasn't sure about the concept of watching a film together on the internet. Like, do we use voicechat and just be awkwardly silent for most of it?
No. 42511
We can use synchtube or whatever the synchtube alternative is these days.
No. 42512
I have literally zero reason to use discord. Why on earth would I ever use it?
No. 42535
Well you can still sit in IRC but discord is just more usefull tool instead of old forums and most imageboards. I spend there more time than in regular internet since there most of activity from specific groups I interested in - like ScummVM devemopment, Morrowind Modding community and project tamriel/tamriel rebuilt/opnTESArena projects etc., projects of different emulators, might and magic groups etc - small but realively active communities in quite comofortable format. I'm shure you'll find something for yourself too - currently eberything have Discord group.

Well, usually when people watch moves like that yea, it's kind of like watching stream, if you know what I mean. People watching, typing in chat. Instead of discord you may try synchtube - it have ability to play stuff from google drive for example, however it requre separate script for it in browser.

Nah, I was joking more or less. I don't think theoretical EC group will end like shitposting, but EC is good as it is, it's quite unique place in internet.
No. 42542
I shied away from Synchtube because I wasn't too keen on installing the third party script. Seemed suspicious to me.

But if everyone is OK with it, it'd be better than Discord. I'm also wary of establishing a parallel EC community.
No. 42555
>installing 3rd party script
u wot m8, channels don't require 3rd party scripts by default
No. 42556
You need script to watch something from google drive, and it requre skript that requres greasemonkey for your browser, and he kind of scared of things like that.
No. 42557
Eh, I usually use online available videos.
>but you can't watch movies
No you can :DDDDDDDD
Just use some mp4 link from online-cinemas.
No. 42558
Oh you can do that? Funny
No. 42559
2,0 MB, 1455 × 2048
148 kB, 1920 × 1080
197 kB, 1920 × 1080
214 kB, 1920 × 1080
I finished How I Ended Last Summer, the movie is about an experienced meteorologist and a summer intern in an arctic weather station. Their relationship worsens and things start becoming more chaotic.

The one downside to this movie is really how many slow and empty scenes there are, like the arctic itself :DD I understand they are necessary to convey a specific feeling but my God are they are just mind numbing at some point - after the 5th scene of a solid 30 second still footage of someone walking in a frozen waste it becomes pretty tiring.

Didn't quite like it, but the movie was beautiful in its own way.
No. 42560
>Как я провёл этим летом
Как я закончил это лето? maybe..? Dunno how to best translate meaning, but "Как я провёл этим летом" is direct translation from english construction, which here asks for additional word
No. 42561
68 kB, 464 × 451
..oh shit it's official translated title, crap, lol. God bless our localisators
No. 42622
68 kB, 720 × 480
69 kB, 720 × 480
176 kB, 1920 × 1080
351 kB, 1920 × 1080
Got kinda tired of Japanese cartoons, so I decided to give Murrican ones a go instead, in particular classic Disney and Warner Bros. ones. While I was more or less familiar with Disney oldies (I remember watching shorts on a rented cassette about Goofy trying different sports; there was also Skeleton Dance on that cassette, and it really spooked me at first (I was about five years old then), but then it became one of my favorites), Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies passed me by for some reason, although I knew about it through its spin-off of sorts Tiny Toon (both animated series and videogames on NES and Megadrive). Now I watched some of them and they're fucking awesome! They aren't really children cartoons: there is some dark humor, culture references and quite a lot of violence (bloodless one of course, like in Tom and Jerry) and no educational/moralizing bullshit. And in my opinion the best kind of cartoons is the ones that you can enjoy regardless of your age.

There is a problem though. There are tons of them, and I don't think that I'm gonna download them all (the torrents for Looney Tunes are about 500 Gb or so). Perhaps Ernst has some favorite classic short cartoons that he can recommend? Not necessary from WB, other studios like Disney and MGM are fine as well (except Tom and Jerry — it's probably my favorite cartoon ever and I watched the ones from Hannah-Barbera era like a thousand times, so I don't think that you can recommend me something that I don't already know and love).
No. 42628
For some reason WB cartoons always felt very rude and angry for me. Maybe I some "pussy" but they all felt unnececcery aggresive for some reason and annoying. After some looney tunes stuff I decided to turn on something different
Nu-looney tunes from early 10s was fine tho IIRC
No. 42636
I was all about Road Runner when I was younger. Probably had something to do with my childhood street being Highway 1 :-DDD
No. 42637
>For some reason WB cartoons always felt very rude and angry for me

For me, too.
No. 42643
54 kB, 696 × 503
>Nu-looney tunes from early 10s
Ah, the Looney Tunes Show, I liked that one. While the main character is Bugs Bunny, Daffy steals the show. The premise is that all the Looney Tunes characters are neighbors in suburbia, and Daffy is Bugs' slacker roommate. As such, he gets to do the fun stuff that really drives the comedy. That clip is one of the best.
Now another new one was called New Looney Tunes, and I didn't like those. Unlike the half hour Looney Tunes Show episodes, these were a collection of new shorts. They weren't necessarily bad, but they paled in comparison to the old shorts they were imitating.

>Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies
These are my all time favorites, surpassing even Tom and Jerry.
Have you seen Animaniacs? 11/10. Also Disney has some modern Mickey Mouse shorts that are really good. They're probably the closest thing I've seen to the innocence of the classic cartoon era.

Cable Car Chaos-A Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Oh, I also like the old Popeye cartoons:

Popeye The Sailor Man Classic Collection
No. 42644
I kinda feel bad for Wile E. Coyote. Sure, he's supposed to be the bad guy, but I can't help but root for him despite knowing that he'll never win. It's the same for Tom and Jerry: my favorite character is Tom and I sympathize with him more than with Jerry. In fact, I've never met anyone who liked Jerry more than Tom. Guess people just don't like characters that are being created for the sole purpose of being the goodie good protagonist.

They aired it on TV in the late nineties here, but I never got into it for some reason. Maybe I thought that it was too much of a kiddie cartoon, you know, like children are often obsessed with being adults ("Cartoons? Pfft, I'm big already, I read books and newspapers!"), while actual adults are aware that being an adult kinda sucks, so they don't mind being children once in a while. Now that I'm a proud and wholesome manchild, I can watch this show without any worries. XDDDDDDDD
No. 42660
They were aimed at adults.
No. 42662
66 kB, 549 × 828
I stopped watching "Il Gattopardo" because man, 180 minutes, this means I'd be only watching that film for like four days, no way

Now this one in pic: it's nice, but I don't know why the damn speech in the end. Veredict: "Goodbye, Mr. Washington!". nice acting though
No. 42667
72 kB, 374 × 529
So I finally watched Leviathan after hearing about it for years, and I can't say that I'm blown away. The "main" premise of a man fighting against the corrupt local government machine gripped me for a while, the film did a great job conveying the hopelessness of that experience, but this story had fizzled out and transformed into something completely different. I liked the portrayal of completely morally bankrupt officials who fancy themselves pious, and the church members who indulge them for their own gains, that was very true to life. The performances were generally good, although there were a couple of instances that the tone of the actors would clash with that of the scene. The cinematography was also amazing, with the film managing to perfectly capture the contrast between nature the magnificent and some dilapidated town in the Russian North.

What I didn't like is on-the-nose symbolism, like accentuating the "leviathans" throughout the movie, and actually namedropping the title at the end, as well as allusions to the story of Job, which also had to be mentioned directly. i have a couple of problems with the story itself but I don't want to get into major spoilers here.

Overall, a good film, if pretty depressing, but if you want to watch Zvyagintsev I would recommend Loveless over that one.
No. 42676
For some reason you reciew feels kind of as somethibg familiar in style. If there was in the end something like.. "and I give it 7 ot of ten it closer to 8 than a 6" lol

WB cartoons? More at kids or everyone. I'm not agains adult themes in general and children cartoons. Show of death, unplesant moments and more adult narrative. But I don't know how intentionally constant annoying anger and aggresive rudness is "adult".
No. 42681
Huh, I've seen some YMS review but to be honest he didn't seem like a smart man to me unlike his wrestler friend, but still, maybe I've picked up the style or whatever. After all, English is not my native language and the way native speakers do things inevitably influences my own style of writing and speaking.
No. 42684
I often not agree with him, he have different taste and perspective, but generally he is nice, from many and many movie reviewers he is one that visiting hell lot of movie festivals, following academy awards and nominations, often even in quick reqview trying to metion cinematography, acting, perfomances, production etc. more "professional" stuff. And if he assburger about something it's upsets him, he making many hours review on topic. Not da best one, but I'd not call him stupid, there are cleary far more dumb people than him.
No. 42689
I'm sure he isn't dumb, it's just from what I've seen he seemed to miss pretty apparent details and subtext and sometimes tends - in my opinion, at least - to misinterpret things. Also, I don't watch a lot of films, so I don't really know any reviewers to compare him to.

In any case, my opinion on Leviathan is not based on anything anyone else said about the film, just what I saw in it.
No. 42691
It's such a nice movie and I did like the conversation he had with the priest on Job, especially given it changed nothing to little in the character's view on things. The scenerie is so nice too, a very beautiful place but also sad :DD

It is nice how things for Job Kolya just go from bad to worse and there really seems to no redemption or uplifting notions. Everything is just going to end up horribly no matter what, very fatalistic and Russian.
The only question I have is WHY EVERYBODY FUCK KOLYA?!
No. 42728
29 kB, 512 × 374
>Perhaps Ernst has some favorite classic short cartoons that he can recommend?
I'll expand on my earlier reply with this list of specific cartoon shorts. Digging through my memory, these are the ones which really stand out, and that I would call "must-see" for any fan of Warner Bros. cartoons. I'm sure that I'm forgetting something that will come to me later, but this is a good start. And I didn't remember the titles, of course, but by googling things like "that cartoon with a dog named Marc Anthony" I was able to find them.
Oh, if you only see one of these, make it "What's Opera, Doc." That cartoon is a national treasure.

Jeepers Creepers(1939)
Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk(1943)
Scaredy Cat(1948)
Bunny Hugged(1951)
Bugs and Thugs(1954)
From A to Z-Z-Z-Z(1954)
Duck Dodgers in the 24th & ½ Century(1952)
Feed the Kitty(1952)
Little Boy Boo(1954)
What's Opera, Doc(1957)
Hare-Way to the Stars(1958)
Knighty Knight Bugs(1958)
Robin Hood Daffy(1958)
A Witch's Tangled Hare(1959)

While I'm at it, here is some interesting Bugs Bunny trivia. His conflict with Elmer Fudd actually created a new definition for the word 'Nimrod':

>Bugs constantly outwits and insults Elmer, and one of his favorites put-downs is calling the hapless hunter a “nimrod.” Which, as we all know, means idiot.
>Except until Bugs Bunny came along, it didn’t.
>In the long span of human history before Bugs, Nimrod—a biblical figure—was a hunter. He was king of Shinar, son of Cush, and great-grandson of Noah.
>Nimrod was about as far as you could get from Elmer Fudd— which is why Bugs always sarcastically called Elmer exactly that. And while kids watching the cartoons may not have understood the Biblical reference, they did understand Bugs’s tone.
>Because of Bugs’s popularity, the bunny’s use of nimrod became, over time, the predominant version of the word—so much so that, today, few people even know it is actually a Biblical reference.

The Secret Origin of One of Bugs Bunny’s Best Insults

>I kinda feel bad for Wile E. Coyote
Same. In those scenes where something painful is about to happen, and he looks at the camera, I can't help but feel some small sympathy for Wile E. He knows the boulder is about to fall on his head-again-, but he's powerless to stop it. We've all been there, right :D
No. 42731
"Nice" is probably not the word I would've used, but it is masterfully shot. Have you seen Loveless? Personally I think it's better, even though the scenery there isn't beautiful at all, it serves the purpose very well.
No. 42766
No, I not said you "stealed" review in any way of cource lol, just structure of it felt a bit similar.
I also don't wantch movie reviews mostly, exept yes, him and RLM and both for entertaiment purposes, not for "opinion" or something like that.
No. 42772
24 kB, 300 × 421
Silly but does not take itself seriously and it's entertaining.
No. 42807
90 kB, 339 × 480
87 kB, 1920 × 800
81 kB, 1920 × 800
985 kB, 1920 × 800
As per >>42667 recommendation as someone who really enjoyed Leviathan, I watched Loveless.

The story is about a slavling who suffers in a shitty household going missing. Prior to this he cries a lot, is hated by his parents and seems to really have nothing going for him. Besides this, not much is shown about the kid except in a later scene in which they find his "base" in a derelict building and even as the movie progresses, not much is explained about the kid, leaving to viewer to learn about him as the story progresses, as his parents learn about their unwanted neglected kid during the search. The title loveless is a succinct way of describing his family life - a word which is only mentioned as a state in which one cannot live.

The parents are unequivocally shitty people who initially see their boy disappearing as an unnecessary drama and initially want to ignore it. Prior to the boy's disappearance, they mention they're planning to just send him to a boarding school or the military. The grandmother, the best character, is also a shitty person who described as Stalin-in-skirts by the dad.

It was a solid movie with a good use of symbolic scenery. It even references Portugal which is a happy place where it's always summer where the daughter of a secondary character escaped to. I could tell where she was :DD t. small country It's a pretty depressing movie, way more so than Leviathan. I think I still liked Leviathan more, in this one the political references which are shown through snippets between scenes somehow feel too disconnected from the story and just tacked on.
No. 42812
The old ones were aimed at adults. Even Disney's short ones. They were show at cinemas before the main film among other things. If you look at them they have very adult themes. Bugs Bunny dressing up as a woman to trick Elmer. Goofy's "Road Hog", I think it is called, deals with drivers. Donald Duck spanking his nephews when they are misbehaving. The way they are told it is very much aimed at an adult audience.
No. 42820
164 kB, 794 × 1200
87 kB, 803 × 1000
352 kB, 1298 × 1600
Thighs! White man's feats! Hammer Film Productions! Corruption! Christopher Lee! Somewhat silly but entertaining again, lucky of me. Ah, the film is colour! Nice colour!
No. 42829
>in this one the political references which are shown through snippets between scenes somehow feel too disconnected from the story and just tacked on
Maybe it's because I'm Russian and I've actually lived through these events but the references seemed to serve a pretty important role in the setting of the background of the main story, although maybe they were also used to mock the nature of minute worries and crazes of the society that get forgotten instantly.
No. 42838
77 kB, 1920 × 800
The Россия 1 Ukrainian trouble segment by the movie's ending was nice, if for no other reason that this line :DD
There was another part in which Boris Nemtsov was mentioned but it seemed pointless, I don't think it was at random because this movie really had a lot of care with every scene and I doubt such things were just accidental or a common cultural reference. It just felt out of place in the movie, especially since how macabre the main plot is. The movie itself has the scene in which the cop dismisses the missing case due to lack of funding and recommends those volunteers which was the closest the movie got to a real political scene, but even then it doesn't seem to mesh with the other references found in the background since such things happen all over the world, even in the land where it's summer all the time.
No. 42841
Do the Russians even have someone who can run the country other than Putin? I am not an idiot. I am a realist. I fully understand that part of the task in running that country is dealing with the coalition of oligarchs and the military and the gangsters and the churkas and trying to hold it all together by making certain concessions to some unseemly powers. My question is that is there anybody who can actually take power and run Russia who is neither a starry eyed idiot idealist, nor a fool like Yeltsin and that one guy I forget his name I think some mystic retard, nor a corrupt to the core asshole? Is Russia even capable of wise leadership in such manner that it is not a shithole nor evil nor on it's way to a failed state under weak leadership?
No. 42843
>Do the Russians even have someone who can run the country other than Putin?
In same regime - absoluetly anybody who can be placed by oligarhs. Putim himself was nobody and was placed very quickly out of nowhere. "Who is mister Putin". Same for some time was figure was placed Medvedev. This year with get new prime minister out of nowhere absoluetly too. With enouth PR and preparations they can place anyone.

If outside regime... Navalny, probably. I don't like him one bit but if we imagine that he is not actually working on regime also - kind of valid candidate.
No. 42844
82 kB, 1920 × 806
873 kB, 768 × 576
Can another Russian be in charge of Russia besides Putin? Absolutely, despite the commonplace and mistaken idea that Putin is a mastermind who has kept oligarch evil at bay to an "acceptable" level and that without him things will just return to 90s.
>Is Russia even capable of wise leadership in such manner that it is not a shithole nor evil nor on it's way to a failed state under weak leadership?
Putin himself is a character conjured by their corrupt leadership, things can be better and there isn't a curse on Russia that they must suffer. As per political change from the current system to one with more diversified institutions, it can definitely happen if Russians lose their post soviet PTSD.

I wanted to watch Простые вещи, but couldn't find subtitles. Is it gud?
No. 42845
Dunno, first time hear about it, sorry. If you want drama, you may try Иди и смотри, maybe Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих - it's kind of famous movies if you not seen them yet.
No. 42846
73 kB, 742 × 476
>Иди и смотри
Thank you! I had this recommended earlier but I had forgotten t. retard
No. 42904
189 kB, 814 × 1500
A nice although a bit too long Christian film with Gregory Peck, real story it says. Seems pretty accurate.

A question is... Are there VHS collectors? I search for a pic, I go to Amazon

>DVD version: 7 euros
>VHS: 75!

No. 42966
I just rewatched both Brat and Brat 2, and I gotta agree with
>This one is a very silly spinoff.
Reminds me a bit of A Better Tomorrow and it's similarily silly sequel by John Woo

Anyways, I actually watched it on Russian TV and at the end when Danila and Marylin leave USA on the plane they actually segued into a collage of the looting and burning during the current protests in the USA. I guess it's not too surprising, but I was taken aback for a moment at how blatant it was.

Anyways, like most people I suppose, I just like the movie for Sergei Bodrov and the awesome soundtrack.

Just stumbled upon this btw, ebin mashup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dKfabq0_tv4
No. 42977
The event of her throwing her expired visa as a symbol of haha fk u america)) im not coming back))) was one of the silliest scenes. The first has such a nice atmosphere and I find myself needing to divorce the two to have the first not seen tainted by the silliness.
No. 42981
I really want to see this scene. Have you got a link?
No. 42982
6 kB, 415 × 416
such coincidences

well, it's Balabanov's death anniversary, as I understand so he Brat is in the air.

What I meant was that I saw Brat II today with my mother as well. Was cool. Listening to the soundtrack now, and well, the music isn't particulary good, the movie as well actually, it's not Tarkovski, but it still carries this certain mood that makes it so appealing to me. Melancholic rock that spun off from Kino, stretched knit-wear and soft-hearted gangsters that somehow just have to make-do. It's all stupid really. The way gangsters are romanticized in Russian popular culture. Oeh, reaching my limits now. Anyway Brat films are cool :thumbsup:
No. 42983 Kontra
uh, what I meant is Bodrov
No. 42984 Kontra
oh it's not!

I probably lied to.
No. 42985
For some registered I registered that in my mind as her throwing it, but I guess the symbol remains the same.
No. 42986 Kontra
*was probably lied to

No. 42987
79 kB, 500 × 500
145 kB, 1920 × 1080
161 kB, 1920 × 1080
I've watched almost 5 seasons of House, and I've lost interest at this point.
The first two seasons are brilliant. The cases feel interesting and puzzle-like and the episodes are centred around solving the medical mysteries. It has that criminal investigation-show feel to it.
It's also very satisfying to watch the main character be constantly proven right. House is an absolute jerk, but seeing a jerk constantly win is a very satisfying thing. (Initially I expected Hugh Laurie to speak with a British accent to max out the witty-jerk-metre, but his acting was very good despite this.)
Though he makes the rest of his team look like med-students instead of experienced doctors.

Season three takes a slight dip in quality and it all falls apart by season 4 when House gets rid of the original team. After that, it's less about the interesting patients than who's dick went where every episode. It becomes a drama with bits of medicine thrown in there, and it's asinine. Drama you can get in every shitty TV show, but the diagnostics part was actually really fun and I don't remember seeing anything like that in any other series.

Generally I'd say the medical process and the witty dialogue on the main characters' part is the only reason to really give a damn about the series as a whole.
Also I never new that pic related was from this series.

I'm surprised something this American pulled me in so much. The whole show has a pleasant feel to it that screams USA. The more level-headed educated, middle class USA.
Maybe I'm just nostalgic for the flip-phones and other old tech they use professionally.
No. 43001
176 kB, 640 × 937
64 kB, 1291 × 944
204 kB, 1478 × 1080
75 kB, 1478 × 1080
Finished Come and See, it's a very solid movie 9/10 - recommended viewing.

The story is about a Belarusian kid in some village in 1943 and he is horribly traumatized and over and over again and making the most horrifying faces time and time again. The movie has these trippy surrealist themes, which then just give way to more and more scenes of destruction. It's macabre.

Watching this movie is quite the experience, although I can't help but think that the final scene with the gitler painting felt out of place. All aspects of the movie are great, Im still not sure what the FW189 was meant to be exactly
No. 43011
Oh man, I remember watching this show as the episode came out, one of the gems of the bygone era of tv procedurals. It is unfortunate that they kept it going long past what was needed.
No. 43012
Have you seen "В бой идут одни старики"?
This is probably my favourite war movie, gets me tear-eyed in the 3rd act every time I watch it.


By the way, can you recommend any good Portugese movies? I don't think I ever saw one.
No. 43013
103 kB, 1000 × 541
Should've added a pic for reference.
No. 43023
26 kB, 290 × 373
126 kB, 1200 × 672
210 kB, 1084 × 610
Maybe you've never seen a good Portuguese movie because they don't exist.

I'd recommend Non, ou a Vã Glória de Mandar (No, or the Vain Glory of Command). It's a movie about Portuguese history - mostly the history of how we were unfairly treated by the world around us God. The plot is about some squad in Ultramar (Portuguese Colonial War, 1961-1975) and their sargeant tells them stories of Portuguese history seemingly as a way to convey sense into the strange war they find themselves in.

It's a long movie, it has some really poorly made scenes but I did like it. I've recommended this movie to an Ukrainian friend and he seemed to enjoy it - so I leave it here as well.
No. 43027
Pic 3 looks like Oblivion conversation lol

Everybody when it was new only talked about how great it was and I watched Scrubs
No. 43032
I honestly don't know if it still holds up, nowadays there are more quality shows around to compare it to, but back in the day it was one of the best available.
No. 43047
That's some weird lizard in pic 2. Most Portuguese stuff I've seen is a lot more vibrant (and I've personally owned some in the past). It looks almost greyscale in that picture.
No. 43051
376 kB, 1280 × 1811
>Maybe you've never seen a good Portuguese movie because they don't exist.
A Fábrica de Nada from 2017 is a very good movie imho.
No. 43075
It's just from this particular screencap.

Never seen this movie, might check it soon.
No. 43166
505 kB, 1311 × 2000
Cisco Pike, Kris Kristofferson's first film lead role. A former drug dealer and folk singer song writer who had some success in the past tries to get back on track as a musician while he is blackmailed by a corrupt sherrif into dealing drugs for him. Watching felt somewhat nostalgic because of the good old times vibes, even if that wasn't the intention of the film of course nor was I even alive at the time the movie was shot. Soundtrack consists of several songs by Kris Kristofferson.

trailers, snippets and some songs from the soundtrack are on youtube

No. 43223
45 kB, 1280 × 720
Oh hey guys did you know that there's a new season of Rick and Morty? And you can watch it for F-R-E-E?
I only even found out about it because there were news links analyzing some vat of acid episode. I'm not entirely sure why that was newsworthy nor do I care but okay at least it notified me that a fourth season has existed for months now.
No. 43224
90 kB, 725 × 537
The new season is so bad that it feels like it was written by women.
No. 43228
A couple of years ago I tried watching that show but I thought that the jokes were pretty stale and dumb, and it had nothing else besides those jokes. The parts where the actors were apparently improvising were the worst.
No. 43229
Rick and Morty is one of the things that clearly show some of the worst parts of modern pop culture.
No. 43276
3,2 MB, 1920 × 804
Alita: Battle Angel was about what I expected, but fortunately most of the things I hate about anime weren't present. The CGI was pretty good, the action scenes ridiculous, and the story... Well, it was done in an absolutely safe manner, with plot twists on cue, and pretty much every none of the action film tropes left unused. But it was still done with enough skill to make me feel what I was supposed to feel for the heroes at the right times and I think they succeeded with their admittedly fairly cheap trick of making the main character cute and oblivious to the world around her.

Overall, watch it if you literally have nothing better to do.
No. 43277
I was recomended to read manga
No. 43278
I'm sure it's better, but I just can't bring myself to read any sort of comic book or "graphic novel", Japanese or Western. I guess I'm just prejudiced.
No. 43279
79 kB, 369 × 512
2,2 MB, 2160 × 3243
I really wonder how come for me the original posters end up feeling way more dated than the films themselves. Is it because I have been less exposed to them? Pics? Great films both.

I watched like ten seconds of it and I thought it was really uninspired. I figure the success is because it appeals to younger ppl?

The comic IMHO degraded real fast. I read it when I was a teen and the first chapter had lots of poetry, but then... It sinks fast fast.
No. 43282
34 kB, 412 × 412
121 kB, 800 × 646
There is something interesting about movie "posters" that are actually drawn by some local instead of being delivered by the production company. I read an article about it some while back about some Russian who would draw movie posters for his local kino. I don't know what to make of this information but perhaps it might be interesting to other Ernsts. jajaja catalan cinefilo salu2
No. 43291
77 kB, 1280 × 534
136 kB, 1280 × 534
122 kB, 1280 × 534
42 kB, 1280 × 534
Great "Gambit Pileup" (a la e.g. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels) action movie centered around an orphan boxer and a runaway prostitute, as well as a stolen drug shipment. Starts out slowly but then, as more and more characters get involved, it delivers lots of Miike-style whackiness for some quite memorable scenes, but also some delicately done romance/drama elements.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XBBGjUf63E
No. 43313
4,0 MB, 1920 × 960
I also finished watching GLOW last week, mostly because I think Alison Brie is pretty. It's a silly comedy-drama about a struggling actress who found her way into a female wrestling show, which is set in LA in the 80s. I enjoyed the way they showed the time period, the performances were mostly good, especially the lead actress, and in general the cast really made the mediocre story seem better than it is. The dramatic stuff, however, was vastly better than the comedy, which I often had to fastforward. Unfortunately, in typical Netflix fashion, the latest season brough a lot of heavy handed social commentary and allusion to modern American "problems" which seemed very out of place. Some of the episodes were badly directed as well, I guess being a good actress doesn't mean you can direct.

Overall, a nice bit of entertainment, watch it if you want to see good acting and I suppose a fairly accurate depiction of the period.
No. 43331
67 kB, 522 × 741
22 kB, 462 × 324
99 kB, 652 × 1000
yeah, painting a movie poster for the facade of the cinema was made here, too. Going back to Russia, I recall the memes when AVATAP (Avatar) in Russia and its posters. It's nice, I love popular art. Actually if I was versed in the Catalan or Spanish Internet movie geek scene, I'm sure I'd be able to get some goodies from there fast. Example of such sites below:


Now for the film: look this film is so famous that I won't say much about it with the exception of Gian Maria Volonté which plays the very nasty villain in both films, and dies like a dog in both films. And he does it very good. IMHO no actor accepts this. Deepest respects.

:DDDD Portuguese Russophile Europe needs you I like the Russians too cheers :DDD
No. 43471
47 kB, 500 × 382
I watched Playtime. It is a criticism of modernism but also it is quite outstanding in its unique use of cinetography.
No. 43489
House should have ended when he went to the asylum. It would have been a good ending to the series. Or maybe when he got out. But somewhere around that time would be good.
No. 43499
2 kB, 256 × 192
It's very original but I found it boring. I appreciated more Mon Oncle

No. 43513
282 kB, 1920 × 1080
299 kB, 1920 × 1080
263 kB, 1920 × 1080
407 kB, 1920 × 1080
Watched Kaidan. It's a horror anthology based on the stories from Japanese folklore. It consists of four parts:

Black Hair.
An impoverished samurai leaves his wife to seek fortune. He marries a noble's daughter to gain some stance in the world, but he is unhappy with his new life, and he keeps remembering his former wife and how devoted she was to him. He finally decides to get back to her, but the reunion doesn't exactly go as he envisioned.

The Woman of the Snow.
A young woodcutter gets lost in the forest in winter during a severe blizzard. He seeks shelter in a small hut, where he encounters a mysterious woman, and he strikes a bargain with her in order to save his life.

Hoichi the Earless.
A young blind monk gets taken to a noble's manor every night to recite poetry about the confrontation of Genji and Heike clans that happened 700 years ago. He is told to keep it a secret, but he gets found out eventually, and it turns out that the noble's court aren't really what they seem to be.

In a Cup of Tea.
A samurai keeps seeing the reflection of a strange man in the cup of water. Neither pouring the water out nor breaking the cup didn't make the reflection go away, so in the end he decides to just drink the water. Later that night he gets to meet the man from the reflection in person.

The movie is very slow-paced, so if you have a short attention span, you'll get bored with it fast, the endings are often predictable, and it's not too scary, but I liked it anyway. Also it's among the most beautiful movies I've ever seen, and the best-looking horror movie in my opinion at the very least.
No. 43523
659 kB, 1133 × 1600
171 kB, 1742 × 944
150 kB, 900 × 601
Yesterday I watched The Death of Stalin. It's a fun comedy and the decision to put Buscemi playing Khrushchev really works. I think some of the drama and greater moral questions that the film could touch upon become unattainable given its a comedy and there was a very sympathetic writing for a lot of characters that seem portrayed in a very positive light. Beria is portrayed as the particularly evil figure whereas the others are seemingly nice people - There is only one short scene in which Beria claims he has papers on all of them, one which is somewhat brushed aside as them being forced to follow tough orders under Stalin. Some things in the movie were inaccurate, but I understand the need to sacrifice some historical realism in order to create a more entertaining narrative. I liked it a lot and would recommend.
No. 43544
1,3 MB, 1944 × 2982
ah yeah I watched Kaidan too. It's nice. The story of the earless guy is kinda approached by Suehiro Maruo IIRC.

Now for mai film:

When they go outside the city and it's in the snowed mountains it's beautiful, and the music is nice nice. The girl plays it nice, too. The rest is bland, a pity

"Produced by RKO!"
No. 43586
406 kB, 1659 × 2500
I randomly watched The Mask on the telly and it was a weird experience.
Carrey is a really good actor. He was perfect for the role. He made those exaggerated, cartoony movements feel natural, which is quite the accomplishment imho.

The CGI didn't age too badly, and it didn't fall into the uncanny-valley at all, they managed to utilize their resources well enough to create the best 3D version of western cartoon-tropes for the time.
And they integrated it well with the costumes and the real actors.
Basically, it was cheesy as hell, but to its credit, it was good, honest fun.

My main issue with the film was that despite being feature length, it felt really, really short. The whole plot feels small.
The film begins, the main character has some fun with his newly acquired powers, and then the conflict abruptly happens and gets resolved. It feels more like a long pilot for a TV series than a feature length movie.
No. 43616
877 kB, 2467 × 1939
The nicest thing about this movie is that has a double flashback. It could have been more powerful but hey I'm sure I'd made it worse
No. 43628
260 kB, 1500 × 1060
I stopped giving a fuck about the film 30 minutes into it. Zero appeal.
No. 43633
5,5 MB, 720 × 304, 0:49
Sicario and Sicario 2 are so good. So much soul.

It's better than I expected for a movie with an all-female cast. Usually those movies are tryhard garbage
No. 43634
You reminded me that I never saw Sicario 2, thanks. I liked the first film quite a bit.
No. 43660
I heard the second one got shatted all over because they took the original complexity and moral darkness of its realpolitik and basically made it into an action movie. I fucking hated "World War Z" which I'll henceforth just call Zombie War for exactly that among other reasons. Of course it was going to do this anyway but it was quite blatant how Zombie War perverted the situation into basically blaming Palestinians for causing the zombies to get riled up against the noble Israelis when the book itself took jabs at Israel, and that perversion was the only political statement I can think of from the movie. The review I heard of Sicario 2 made it sound like something similar happened where suddenly it's now a braindead action movie with black and white good guys and bad guys which I thought was hilarious considering the last one ended with the ex-cartel guy murdering small children in front of their father with American backing.

The first was really good though and like Sons of Anarchy has broadcast what's pretty much an open secret that the CIA chose one cartel to back against the others, although I've seldom seen it touched on how much using it as a lever for the destabilization and control of Mexico and indirect influence over Pemex among other things, nor the fact that Los Zetas were trained by literally the exact same people who funded, armed, and trained various other right wing death squads, mercs, armies, and other notorious groups throughout Latin America
Honestly I think that Sicario really downplayed the magnitude of awful shit and cynically tried punting the responsibility onto end consumers
>until people stop putting that shit under their noses
which is incredibly sad that even that obvious statement of truth would be considered radical to even admit here. It makes it sound like the CIA is some beleaguered group of glowgentlemen who must begrudgingly do morally gray things because Americans are forcing them to, as opposed to actively being a group of evil stooges fucking over innocent people in other countries at the behest of a rich and powerful clique. It's also quite funny when you remember that it was the CIA themselves who were literally caught smuggling and selling cocaine because they wanted to raise funds for buying weapons without it being under the federal budget and thus ultimately subjected to congressional oversight.

So in short yeah it was those glowgentlemen deliberately pushing coke on people to fund their secret wars without having to actually tell America's already weak as shit political representation anything about what they were really doing and flooding America's streets with cocaine in the first place.
No. 43662
67 kB, 535 × 420
someone that will tell you things about the movie is this mister: http://www.noiroftheweek.com/2006/05/criss-cross-1949.html

Me? It's a nice film, better than the Bogart one, starts so-so and builds... Even the actress that plays the nurse in the hospital is nice! Gut stuf.
No. 43667
2nd one is top notch too but no Emily Blunt in it
>World War Z
the book was great, but I also liked the film a lot
>The review I heard of Sicario 2 made it sound like something similar happened where suddenly it's now a braindead action movie
I didn't think so, I thought it was just as good
No. 43691
564 kB, 1200 × 1600
26 kB, 780 × 439
>Only «Old Men» Are Going Into Battle (Russian: В бой идут одни «старики», romanized: V boy idut odni "stariki"; one of the meanings of the Russian idiom «old man» is «most experienced person») is an iconic 1973 Soviet war drama black-and-white film produced in the Ukrainian SSR about World War II fighter pilots, written and directed by Leonid Bykov, who also played the lead role as the squadron commander.

I had expected an over the top patriotic soviet movie, but instead I got something that was more about music, death and romance with the war serving as more of scenario than the point of the movie itself. I really liked it. It somehow does a good job of combining silly comedic scenes with genuinely sad scenes that somehow can overcome the absurdity of other parts of the movie. In one scene that serves no clear purpose to the plot of the movie or even minimal character development, the group's leader - Maestro, a heroic Ukrainian fighting ace who also signs and conducts the squadron orchestra because war is temporary, but music is forever joins the communist party.

Would recommend!
No. 43808
28 kB, 262 × 475
2,2 MB, 2505 × 1910
Hey Portugal you can play bingo with this image I had :D

nao for the film: it features Anthony Perkins in London. It's nice, it was a TV mini series. What I completely love about films is that they are a time machine. Ohh London 1984
No. 43814
167 kB, 1280 × 720
121 kB, 1280 × 720
98 kB, 1280 × 720
86 kB, 1280 × 720
From the director of Zardoz, John Boorman, comes this epic adaptation of the King Arthur legend. I only knew about the Excalibur myth vaguely beforehand, so I was a bit surprised how good the story actually is, and this is a stellar adaptation. It's oozing with all style and perfectly delivers the symbolism. Some really epic scenes suing classical music such as Orff's Carmina Burana as soundtrack, all around very memorable.
No. 43818
>Soviet movies
I'd like to point out that there's an another popular adaptation of The Twelve Chairs. The one on the pic is by Mark Zakharov, with Andrei Mironov as Bender and Anatoly Papanov as Kisa; it's full of songs 'n' stuff (breddy gud songs, I gotta say), so it's close to a musical. Another adaptation is by Leonid Gaidai, with Archil Gomiashvili as Bender and Sergei Filippov as Kisa, and it's more conventional. There are some disputes sometimes turning into small-scale holy wars over the question which adaptation is better. I'm in Gaidai's camp, so I'd recommend his film over Zakharov's, but both are really great. Actually, I'd recommend reading the book which is among the best Russian-language humor/satire books ever written, but it's the wrong threda.
No. 43823
51 kB, 720 × 480
22 kB, 400 × 200
I can also say about gaidai one. It's more.. light movie? Closer to "feel" you may experience reading book even thought gaidai movie using anachronisms there and there. And for me Гомиашви́ли was ideal as Bender

Also can metion soviet Sherlock Holmes movies :---DDDD
No. 43824
>Гомиашви́ли was ideal as Bender
Yep, his Caucasian looks fit the "son of a Turkish citizen" better than Mironov's soft features, IMO. Mironov is undoubtedly a great actor, but he doesn't quite pull off that role. Still better than Menshikov, though.
No. 43832 Kontra
51 kB, 640 × 1136
>And for me Гомиашви́ли was ideal as Bender

Bite my shiny metal жопа!
No. 43842
58 kB, 830 × 500
I've saved this image and will complete it some day. If God doesn't kill me with the bat flu
No. 43853
51 kB, 528 × 648
nice and all that, but the time machine concept I told before... Look I don't wanna go 15 years ago.

Moral of the story: look CIA fug iu and your brilliant analysis

ah no you have to play bingo with the picture
No. 43898
27 kB, 300 × 418
46 kB, 720 × 405
52 kB, 1023 × 621
50 kB, 512 × 341
Belgian black comedy film. It's shot as if it were a documentary about a serial killer made by some film students. You learn about the serial killer's daily life, his acquaintances and his relationship with the film crew. It was filmed in the Wallonian city of Namur, the director's birthplace, whom also acts as one of the film crew. Strongly recommend it, it's really funny, has some interesting scenes, the dialogue is excellent. A must-watch!

This is my first post, I must say I really enjoyed the thread. I watched Come and See (Иди и смотри) recently and I was completely stunned! I've been meaning to watch The Cranes are Flying (Летят журавли) and I was wondering if you'd recommend it.
No. 43899
>I've been meaning to watch The Cranes are Flying (Летят журавли) and I was wondering if you'd recommend it.
Yes, it's a great movie.
No. 44091
276 kB, 500 × 500
1,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
264 kB, 1480 × 1080
678 kB, 637 × 489
>At Home among Strangers (Russian: Свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих; Svoy sredi chuzhikh, chuzhoy sredi svoikh) is a 1974 Soviet film starring Yuri Bogatyryov and Anatoly Solonitsyn and directed by Nikita Mikhalkov. Produced mainly in colour, some scenes are shot in black and white.[2] The setting is post-Russian Civil War, during the reconstruction of the young Soviet republic. During the war, Shilov, Sarichev, Kungorov, Zabelin and Lipyagin had become great friends.

It's a western set in a post civil-war steppe, it has a bunch of interesting themes. The motif and propaganda elements of the movie are nicer than the plot between the characters, which I didn't like much but the movie remains true to its western aura. It manages to do a good job at placing a western story line about a train heist gone wrong, featuring bandits, several gun duels and an local helpful Indian In this case some sort of central asian character who had some sort of cognitive mental disorder and placing it all in a post civil war scenario, in this case a white/bandit-red skirmish in the outskirts of the new revolutionary society.

It has some interesting directing choices and the movie doesn't feel as dated as one would think. But I didn't really find myself being that engaged in the interpersonal drama. Would recommend if you like westerners, old soviet movies or both.

Of the pictured I have only seen 6 movies Soon, ALL!
No. 44093 Kontra
I wish I could help, but I haven't seen this movie. Welcome Chileño, sage because forgot to add this reply to my previous post.
No. 44125
2,5 MB, 1500 × 2242
kind of ominous film (1998)

kept for historical importance
No. 44229
2,2 MB, 1957 × 2937
lovely moments. Not the 1st time I watch it. Prolly won't be the last
No. 44231
251 kB, 469 × 1024
Watched the Spicediver fan edit of Dune today and enjoyed it a lot. It makes the movie a lot more coherent but I don't think it saves it completely. The movie is still carried by its excellent soundtrack, unique aesthetics, and fantastic casting. It's on youtube (might need a proxy) and tpb (search for Dune Redux) if you're interested.

No. 44242
Did a Firefly & Serenity marathon today, ate up most of the day but worth. Tbh though, I'm kind of glad it died in a way. Serenity underperformed despite being great, which pretty much guarantees that the series will remain unblemished by hackjob sequels decades after the fact. Seriously, if you haven't watched this shit, do yourself a favour and watch it already. God damn it's good.
No. 44243
81 kB, 900 × 591

I wanna watch this, but there is no stream available, not even one to pay for, or I'm just to dumb to find it.

It's about the story of the Brabant Killers, three/four people who murdered 28 people and injured many more during the years from 1982-1985 in the Bruxelle region, oftentimes carried out in the stores of the chain Delhaize. Unsolved to this day and soon to be barred.
No. 44254
56 kB, 608 × 474
No. 44338
157 kB, 678 × 1024
Super good. Poster makes zero justice... Because it's a pretty brutal film. If you dig that punches in the face vibe that feature many 70's films, it's a must. Ah, and good acting, there's a famous actor, and he is good. Everyone is good in the film.


0.33 € in a charity shop
No. 44407
942 kB, 1614 × 2370

not really

sorry but no

It's ok but no
No. 44430
51 kB, 640 × 480
37 kB, 640 × 480
32 kB, 640 × 480
30 kB, 640 × 480
Watched (actually rewatched, but the first and the only time I watched it I was about six years old, so I don't remember much and possibly didn't understand a lot of things back then) Seventeen Moments of Spring. Should've done it sooner, it was really great. It's a spy mini-series (like about actual spies, not the ones who wear flashy suits (although Stierlitz — the protagonist — does look dashing in his cool black uniform), drink fancy drinks (Stierlitz either drinks brandy or coffee, that's it) and have tons of women wanting to jump on their dicks (it should be noted that at least some women did express interest in Stierlitz, like Gabi Nabel, Barbara Krein and the funny drunk mathematician girl in the bar, but Stierlitz is a married man and he's loyal to his wife)) set in the last days of the war against Nazi Germany. Maksim Isayev, Soviet intelligence officer known in Germany as Standartenführer Max Otto von Stierlitz, receives new mission directives from the command: he's to find out whether the negotiations between Nazi top command and Western allies for a separate peace treaty are happening, and if they are, then who initiated them. Stierlitz sets out to complete the mission, all the while trying not to blow his cover and survive amidst rivalry between different cliques in Nazi command, particularly between SD and Gestapo.

There is no action whatsoever, very few shooting, no fistfights, only interesting dialogues and tense moments (usually when Stierlitz ends up dangerously close to being find out). The plot is engaging and keeps you intrigued. The acting is very good, both for main and supporting characters, which is no wonder, because the cast is full of great Soviet actors like Yevgeni Yevstigneyev and Rostislav Plyatt, and Vyacheslav Tikhonov really fits the Stierlitz's role. My favorite performances are probably by Oleg Tabakov who played Walther Schellenberg (Stierlitz's boss) and by Leonid Bronevoy who played Gestapo chief and main antagonist Heinrich Müller, and who, despite not looking like real-life Müller at all, has managed to create a very memorable character.

The depiction of Germans is also worth noting. Usually in Soviet movies about WWII Germans are either devoid of any personality and shown as some sort of soulless force, some living background for the tragedy of Soviet people, or as outright murderous psychopaths. In Seventeen Moments of Spring Germans are shown simply as humans. Sure, there are some characters that are made to be despicable (how do they call them, "hate sinks", I think?), like Klaus, Rolf and Barbara (thankfully, each one of them got what they deserved), but there are a lot of very likeable ones, like staunch humanist pastor Schlag, professor Pleischner, intelligentsia member who seems out of place both in the war and in spy games, and a very sympathetic war veteran Helmut. Even Nazi leaders like Himmler and Bormann aren't simply shown as mindless monsters, but as smart and fairly reasonable people.

There are some not very significant flaws, of course. The series is not very historically accurate, although it's probably not that important for spy fiction. There is some Soviet propaganda like cherrypicking nasty hateful quotes by Göbbels, Göring, Himmler and Bormann (yeah, I know very well that these guys are assholes, no need to remind me of that), praising commies like Ernst Thälmann, and showing Americans (Allen Dulles in particular) as nothing but bad guys scheming behind USSR's backs. And despite that I praised the acting, there are some performances that are clearly lacking, like Vasily Lanovoy's, who played a quite important for the plot character of Obergruppenführer Karl Wolff (honestly, I think that Lanovoy is a really crappy actor and he got cast only because of his manly face features).

Overall, I highly recommend it. Oh, and you if you want to check it, avoid the 2009 colorized version. I don't know what was the point of colorizing it and who the hell thought it would be a good idea.
No. 44431
I only know this series because of the Stirlitz-jokes some Russian posted on KC.
No. 44432 Kontra
2,2 MB, 2505 × 1910
Also, decided to check how many of this list I've watched. Turns out not that many, except for comedies, and some of those I saw I need to rewatch because I barely remember them. I also have several of them in PTW, and I wait for the right mood to check them.
No. 44433
Yeah, those jokes are a huge part of Soviet folklore, along with Chapayev jokes. Too bad that a lot of them are untranslatable because they are often based on wordplay.
No. 44434
Sometimes I feel like I miss out on stuff for not having read soviet classics like that.
No. 44437
Nobody reads the book though, and as far as I know it's kinda meh and I wouldn't count it among "classics". Memes and jokes about Chapayev started mostly thanks to the movie, but then again few people nowadays have seen the movie (myself included), but they still know about characters of Chapayev, Petka, Anka and understand the jokes. Chapayev turned into a folk hero and his legend now exists independently from the original.
No. 44700
1,5 MB, 1440 × 1080
2,3 MB, 1440 × 1080
2,2 MB, 1440 × 1080
For the last three weeks I've been watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Now, first of all, it is a cartoon for kids, or at least, primarily so, and of course that means several things, like:
  1. There cannot be any killings on screen (at least not explicitly), even though there's a war going on.
  2. The characters and their motivations must be relatively straightforward and understandable to the audience of all ages.
  3. Pretty much everything has to be spelled out, nothing left unsaid or left to interpretation. Well, this one rule sometimes gets broken or worked around by the writers, who do that in a fairly clever fashion.
Despite these constraints, I would say the show is well worth a watch even if you're an old fart like me, the animation quality is very good, even though sometimes they go full anime, which I sort of detest, the voice actors did an amazing job, the story, whilst seemingly simple, is still interesting and not without good qualities, the characters are somewhat one-dimensional but as the show goes on they acquire a surprising amount of depth, I suppose the writers took into account the fact that the kids would grow up as the show progressed over the years. Although the way they comment on the character development (everything HAS to be spelled out) is pretty clumsy, the fact that this development takes place is good on its own, it's not a 'procedural' after all. I must say, every season, or 'book' (there's only 3, but still) gets better than the previous one, and after getting through the first one I was a bit surprised to find myself truly caring for the characters and really interested in their stories. But maybe I'm just a manchild, who knows. In any case, I would definitely recommend it to anyone, except maybe people in their late teens who would resent the kiddy stuff.
No. 44701
One of my all time favourite series. Very few shows have as much substance, across all genres. I mean, it's about a monk whose entire culture and ethnic has been genocided by Nazi-Maoists and he has to bring that empire to a fall without committing murder because this would contradict his beliefs.

I think this series has helped me dig myself out of a depression a few years ago, which is always hard to tell in hindsight, of course, but I would say that it helped me.

I can also recommend the follow up series. Korra is different, but not worse or better. Some aspects are much weaker than in Avatar while others have much more depth. Maybe wait a few weeks before staring with it, though.
No. 44702
I've heard some really bad things about Korra, not sure I want to mar my experience by watching a much worse show. I assume it's targeted at a bit more 'mature' audience, right? And in any case, I'm not gonna watch another cartoon for awhile.
No. 44703
It's targeted at a slightly older audience, yes. I can tell you right away what's bothering most people: The characters aren't as likeable as the kids in Avatar because they start to have problems that kids simply don't have. There is a relationship thing in the first season that everybody hated but the creators got the message and nothing like that happens in any later season.

The big strength of Korra is the villains. They are very well done, especially Amon and Zaheer. Also the animation and directing is even better than in Avatar.
I've had my issues with Korra during the first 2 seasons, but in the end I am glad I continued to watch all four. I can recommend the series despite the fact that I still don't like most of the main characters that much (though it improves a LOT in season 3 and 4).
No. 44706
I also liked avatar. My favorite moment for some reson was place where "this uniform of fire nation is 100 years old! Nobody will belive you nowdays" - for some reason I like such worldbuilding moments. I started watching series after it but it was ultra meh.
No. 44715
I don't think I didn't liked because older audience or something like that. I think that balance and narrative immideatly changed into kind of wrong direction loosing what made original simple, but quite enjoyable. It felt a little bit more anime in bqd way and like bad teenager stuff like this divergent and other crap in a way.
No. 44719
Thank you for the recommendation.
I really liked the writers poking fun at themselves during the theatre play episode.
No. 44735
305 kB, 907 × 801
92 kB, 580 × 878
148 kB, 515 × 589
144 kB, 240 × 338
impressive thx

now for mine: 1st: impressive too! wow what magnificent speeches! applicable to nowadays!

2nd: marie Louise! Good film! Yes indeed! Swiss! If you know German it's here:

last film: U-571 submarine movie. BOOOO. Nah nah
No. 44736
320 kB, 1280 × 768
My favorite moment was when Aang and Appa were finally reunited after being separated. That particular storyline had a lot of emotion for a children's cartoon, and it stretched out over multiple episodes. That increased the tension, and created a real need for me to see it resolved.
I still have this screencap I took of an Avatar episode in 2007. Look at the title: Book 3 Episode 01 [2/3]. Youtube videos were always 10 minutes back then, and so TV shows had to be uploaded in 3 parts :D. iirc, I saved these by opening the Explorer 'temporary files' folder, and then I would copy/paste the .flv files before clearing my history. There was probably a more efficient way, but I felt like a hackerman for knowing this method :D.
No. 44778
89 kB, 748 × 600
A sensible film, very nice.
No. 44798
260 kB, 974 × 1400
I watched Sutjetska yesterday and liked it quite a lot. Very recommendable war movie about the most important battle of world war II for the balcan. It's a mix of constant brutality of the war and the nazis being depicted and little so to speak episodes being embedded in the overall story. It's obviously also a propaganda movie but I think that in the way it shows the nazis it is actually more realistic because of that.
Tito himself is being said to have like how he was played.
No. 44903
220 kB, 1280 × 975
207 kB, 1515 × 2103
Pic is one of the most beautiful moments of the film. But I hated it. It's style over substance mixed with despair.
No. 45006
27 kB, 592 × 428
23 kB, 300 × 297

"Regan optioned the book for $2,000 and assured O’Brien that the movie wouldn’t become an up-with-people tale about 12-step salvation"

what a fucking waste I tell you. The film is passable. 2nd time I watch it. I liked it way more the 1st time. I'm getting more pic 2 the older I get I guess.
No. 45007
I always think of this site as a place for educated people with imagination, but let me clarity what I meant in the picture:

No. 45180
45 kB, 720 × 480
48 kB, 720 × 480
316 kB, 1920 × 1040
213 kB, 1920 × 1040
Watched a couple of great movies recently.

Assa (1987)
Somewhat surreal Russian movie set in Yalta(Krim) about a love triangle between a young nonconformist musician, a young girl and her older criminal lover. Ends tragically ofc, but it's quite fun also, and features lots of the Russian underground rock bands from that era, most famously probably the cameo of Viktor Tsoi/Kino at the end.

Manila in the Claws of Light
It's about a young guy looking for his girlfriend who went to Manila for the promise of work but then disappeared. Actually it's kind of a love triangle also, but even more tragic I suppose. Really captivating & beautifully filmed, and I think it's great at capturing the divide between rural and urban areas during industrialization.
No. 45181
66 kB, 720 × 540
44 kB, 720 × 540
481 kB, 854 × 470
491 kB, 854 × 470
Early Summer (1951)
Great family drama by Yasujiro Ozu, he seems to be a master of the genre since I'm usually not a fan of it. It's centered around a family that is looking to marry their daughter who's already in her late 20s. Apparently women over 25 are called "Christmas cake" in Japan since they go on discount after after Dec. 25th But the movie is great at developing all the characters and their struggles. For the most part it's rather light-hearted but there's still some subtle sadness, e.g. when they talk about the effects of the war.

Overgames (2015)
A documentary/video essay by Lutz Dammbeck investigating how game shows were possibly used for social programming in Germany after WW2. It seems like a rather bold thesis, but considering the psychological effects of watching TV in general, it doesn't seem too far fetched. But even if that's debatable there's some very interesting historical connections made in the docu btw different scientists & their indirect political influence through their theories.
This one's on YT with english subs, also another great docu of his on the Unabomber and the influence of technology on our culture, called "Das Netz"(The Net)
No. 45194
>Overgames (2015)

If it's on YT, I will watch it. Dammbecks Netz was nicely done, albeit the conclusion are a bit too conspiratorial. I mean he clearly is on the side of Ted and expect (cybernetic) technology to be the tool to make the cybernetic totalitarianism come true. Dieter Mersch is close to this. I mean we should keep it in mind, but I wonder if we can flat out only have it this way. But you are right, he presents a history to us that is quite unknown even though super important. I'm pretty sure it's borders the topcsi I will continue to follow in the coming years, I'm already digging deeper, I need to concentrate on a certain area if I ever want to write a dissertation.
I mean Dammbeck really digged up something for the German-speaking sphere, these days that history is not a nomansland for historians and this started already in the 90s. I really like the postwar history so much, social science and social engineering, new organisational forms like networks, spun by military, academia and anarchic hippies. Consumerism and new cultural trends that basically are the humus for today etc, it is the ground for our present. Currently reading a book Kultur der Digitalität even though it is quite tame, quite academic, it covers many important strands of what went on after WW2. I can only recommend it to you, I'm sure you will find it interesting. I think the concept of Digitality is not evry well thought out and I wonder what the last (third) chapter will be, as it is politics of our era. But chapter one, a historical sketch and chapter two which deals with the dmoninat cultural forms of our present: referentiality (memes would be a perfect example), a staple property of postmodernism, community (note: not society interestingly) and algorithmicity (algorithms making intelligeble to us the astronomous amounts of data). In any case I will present it in the literature thread and can provide an excerpt where every subchapter will have a few sentences of content and/or other remarks.
No. 45195
Christmas cakes are my fetish, and I thank the Japanese every day for coming up with a term for this concept.
No. 45208

Thanks for the recommendation. I've searched and found, so you don't have to:

The Net (English):

Overgames (German, apparently no subs or auto-captions in english, sorry):
No. 45351
57 kB, 720 × 300
69 kB, 720 × 300
43 kB, 712 × 424
48 kB, 712 × 424
Donbass (2018)
Somehow I thought this would be a documentary, maybe since the director, Sergei Loznitsa, mostly does documentaries, and in hindsight maybe it basically is a documentary. The movie consists of a couple of vignettes displaying the brazen corruption and absurdity of the conflict. Subtitles are needed to clarify the location for each vignette, since otherwise one'd be often hard pressed to tell the difference.

Zabriskie Point (1970)
Kind of a counter-culture movie, but really it's more like counter-America. The story is somewhat ambiguous but it can be described as the short life of someone who rebels against the system, the impossibility of escape from it, except only for some moments.
It's very stylish and the storytelling is very visual, Antonioni has a quite distinct style in that regard.

Btw the lead actor, Mark Frechette, got scouted for the role as an amateur, was a member of the so-called Mel Lyman commune (whom he gave all his earnings to). Later he ended up attempting to rob a bank and then died a few years later in prison. Wild stuff, but it's somehow also exemplary of the failures of American "counterculture". Here's a pretty decent analysis of the movie giving some historical context etc. if anyone's interested: https://cultantics.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/zabriskie-point/

>Kultur der Digitalität even though it is quite tame, quite academic, it covers many important strands of what went on after WW2. I can only recommend it to you, I'm sure you will find it interesting.
Not a huge fan of academic lit, but I'm curious to see how it compares to the views one reads online, I'll try to pick it up when I go to the bib next time

Haha, well you should check out the movie then, there are some scenes that are basically Cute Christmas Cakes Doing Cute Things

You're welcome. Here's the version with EN subs btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzPlu25XR_U
No. 45360
25 kB, 317 × 445
The Good the Bad and the Ugly fuck yea. It's a films that seems YOBA but left me with a feel of depth... Yes.

And this one in pic...

Mmmmm...meh. Sexy Tea Lioni [sic]
No. 45372
I watched Goodbye Lenin and it was indeed pretty good. It's rather interesting watching interviews of Germans old enough to have remembered GDR life clearly and the transition, and how a lot of them say it was quite shit but at the same time you can tell it's not just ostalgie but that there were real benefits to living in that time and place. I think it's rather ironic that it seems like such a more traditional and conservative society than the West too despite allegedly being more progressivist.
No. 45384
>Not a huge fan of academic lit

I think the read is fairly easy, when you are the bavarian ball who also has or had the reading list and was able to understand the stuff from these more academic books you will be fine, otherwise I could give you an excerpt from the stuff I've read so far, abot the half.

I watched the Dammbeck doc until two hours in, tbh it's also interesting to see what he digs up, and he presents it nice but also very dramatic. Academic literature has covered the various topics already quite a bit. The doc did not went without a reading of Focault, I advice you to read Governmentality by Foucault in the compilation called The Focault Effect from 1991. There he depicst a form of sovereignity, power: Menschenführung, Selbstführung, Verwaltung. What can be governed and how, this needs knowledge, data gets gathered, interperted, knowledge gets produced in order to govern, the upcoming humanities, later on social sciences and implicit in it social engineering, the idea of pedagogy, cybernetics and psychology it's all covered by Foucault, history of the Enlightenment, Scientification of the social etc. These took of in since the 18th/19th century. The USA was and still is I guess a major player regarding social science, since the 1920s it boomed, also in Europe but the US where bigger. Dammbeck presents a small run of this whole complex. And while academia presents this rather sober, Dammbeck is too dramatic, I understand the uncomfy feel of being governed and seeing how one governs themselves, these ideas have been part of human history since antiquuity at least.

So Focaults lecture, 20 pages in that book I mentiioned, or Ulrich Bröcklings Gute Hirten führen sanft from 2018 or so get across what is a stable of our present and has been so with modifications at least since the 19th century, but as idea even longer, Dammbeck shows this as well, but the field is bigger than that. Still, it would be a good starter to suck people into the more textheavy work that has been done for decades now and so these things are not new to me, the are many many books from the academic field that cover these histories, it is nothing that gets hidden from the public really.
No. 45468
I've been reading up a bit on issues on communist states. A lot of the time it feels like the culture determines more on how they'll feel about "progressive" attitudes rather than Marxist notions of equality.
No. 45471
Honestly one of the most mindblowing things to me was the revelation that not only not all Communist states weren't as directly under Kremlin control as I thought (regardless if they'd remove or install someone to power) but that they weren't even remotely ran the same way. Like I am not even sure to what extent China itself can be considered a Socialist or Communist state. It really does make me question how much of Russia's horror had as much if not more to do with being Russian and their particular set of unique circumstances at the time, and in what manner full on Socialism would get expressed in a country like here. Well, on some fundamental level I am kind of feeling like the current admin is giving us a pretty good idea of it.

But then again I'm really not anywhere near educated enough on these matters to have any strong or valid opinions one way or the other. I do wonder what Trotskyism really looks like though, because that guy had some ridiculous crazy eyes but sadly I really can't say I know much about it. It is a rather interesting and incredibly sad thing though to actually confront the reality that the commies had a lot of really nice shit that I could only dream of, like trying to achieve not just zero unemployment but no homelessness, free education and healthcare, never having to worry about my living space, having roughly equivalent police state settis sorry but this is seriously true we're on virtually the same level at this point, and I think that perhaps most of all what I've come to envy about them is that very real sense of hope for the future and sense of actually building something worthwhile. I literally cannot even remember once in my lifetime working a job or doing things in this country that really felt like that with one sole exception that ultimately had little to do with promoting Americanism.

But then again maybe that's also precisely what killed Communism: people stopped believing. But at least they believed. I know that we did too, but I really never feel like anything happens in this country for any purpose beyond making rich people more money and everyone scrambling to get as much for themselves as they can.
No. 45473 Kontra
Must you make the same clueless shitpost on every thread? Please, stop.
No. 45489
Considering you didn't even bother to point out what you regarded as clueless or a shitpost I'm just gonna go ahead and blithely disregard your shitpost. I know you're interested in Russian history so coming from that perspective but I'm talking about contrasting Ostalgie with the things liberalization brought and all the things people complain about. For example in Goodbye Lenin the one girl leaves her degree to literally work for Burger King. It is worth pointing out that ostalgie exists for a reason and that it is not simply German boomers sighing about "how it was back in my day" but the actual advantages the system brought people in addition to the repression which again is hard to even find as notable in comparison to the dysfunctional society in which I live when comparing with 1980s and 1970s USSR as opposed to 1930s or 1950s USSR where NKVD/other permutations of the state apparatus were systematically having people shot.

Did you even watch that movie? It's really good. I think it helps create a better portrayal of the kinds of upheaval going on in the GDR to post GDR period as not necessarily good or bad, just different with a different set of circumstances, opportunities, and drawbacks.
No. 45549
1,1 MB, 781 × 783
35 kB, 1200 × 500
I watched Gook, it's a movie about a Korean store owner during the LA Riots. The riots themselves aren't really at the forefront of the story and serve more as setting to the plot as opposed to the central theme. It's directed sorta artsy, all black and white and with some 2deep4u scenes but I enjoyed it. I think that the movie featuring no white characters frees it from racial clichés or a generic storyline. The movie also doesn't really seem to have an obvious ideological slant that one would expect from a movie about American racial conflicts.
Would recommend, I liked it even though I thought I wouldn't like an artsy movie about race in 90s LA.

My post was more of a burst after seeing some fairly inaccurate posts of your own and them being sort of all over the chan and them genuinely being very much the same post in different permutations and me not replying to a topic I'm interested in out of fear of derailing threads into pointlessness, but I do apologize for being excessively rude.
No. 45597
Push it. Because I want to be reminded of perhaps finally watching a movie again.
No. 45643
19 kB, 704 × 304
31 kB, 704 × 304
32 kB, 704 × 304
31 kB, 704 × 304
Southland Tales (2009)
>During a three-day heat wave just before a huge 4th of July celebration, an action star stricken with amnesia meets up with a porn star who is developing her own reality TV project, and a policeman who holds the key to a vast conspiracy.

Convoluted "pynchonesque" story of apocalypse, utterly red-blooded American characters, full of references & small details that are really enjoyable. I quite like these sorts of movies that manage to combine certain trashiness & mainstream appeal with high artistic ambitions.


Watched this in terrible quality since I wanted to see the longer "Cannes Cut", but apparently it's actually been remastered recently though it's not out yet.

>I advice you to read Governmentality by Foucault in the compilation called The Focault Effect from 1991
I checked it out, "governmentality" is a snappy term for sure. The development from Middle Ages to modern times he describes makes sense, but the text leaves me wanting for a deeper connection/comparison to other times & places in history

>these ideas have been part of human history since antiquuity at least.
For sure, though I think the difference now is that the way in which one is governed is more obfuscated through propaganda, "ideology" and so on, or rather there's a dialectic going on.

Btw I recently read Sloterdijk's "Regeln für den Menschenpark", also quite interesting text on related topic:
I suppose what he dubs "anthropotechnics" is more or less a global extension of Foucault's "governmentality"
No. 45646
>but the text leaves me wanting for a deeper connection/comparison to other times & places in history

It's one lecture of a series he gave in 1977/78 https://www.suhrkamp.de/buecher/sicherheit_territorium_bevoelkerung_geschichte_der_gouvernementalitaet_i_29408.html

Afaik he says that the people opting for a new mode of power, opting for govermentality write against the people who favor Machiavelli, so Machiaveli would have been an alternate understanfing of political power before governmentality. The stuff Foucault wrote about the self/the subject and its self government (you can govern states, selfs etc) takes from antiquity and refers to philosophers like Epicurus and self care or something like that.

>the way in which one is governed is more obfuscated through propaganda, "ideology"

governance in that sense works with "propaganda", governance implies often times morals. So a neoliberal governance e.g. works with a certain anthropology, the homo economicus e.g. It's an assumption that via theories ends in a normative imperative (we are homo economicus, hence do this or that). Governance is invocation of the individual. The best German example I know of is Ulrich Bröcklings study about the enterpreneurial self as concept of subject. And you can read articles or speeches and books by conservative politicians of that time who actively promote and moralize the individual to do this and that (to be flexible, to step back from social security of the state and care for yourself because that is moraly the right thing to do (everything else is being a parasite argument basically). So take all the risks on your own, just like an enterpreneur! You are a market partipicant, so why don't you behave like one and maximize your chances und use them for success, if you fail, that is your fault and deal with it. you don't make friends, you make contacts to maximize your profit, you invest in your beauty to be loved by others and to get that job, you invest in your social skills to be preppare for this and that, if you don't somebody else will and you are the loser and nobody wants to be a loser in such a society, needless to say that many people loose the game, welp their fault, we don't live in a society, their is no way you have been the victim of a policy or the structuration of the educational system, you can do everything archive everything, you just have to do it and work hard enough, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and don't forget to rest, optimize your rest so you can push even harder, stressed by not being relaxed enough? The enterpreneurial self is contradictory and not by accident, it cannot be lived really, it's like southparks heroin hero game
No. 46064
133 kB, 640 × 911
1,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
862 kB, 1920 × 1080
929 kB, 1920 × 1080
Watched The Cremator, a Czechoslovak film from the sixties, the time of the relative liberalism and famous "Czechoslovak New Wave".

This black-and-white film explores the themes of "dutiful, nice and hardworking" people's role in the great crimes of the history, the power of the complete obsession by some idea (liberating the human beings from the burden of the material existence in this case), hypocrisy and some other interesting things the brainlet like me missed.

The picture (based on the Czech novel with the same name) is set in 30s Czechoslovakia right before, during and after it's occupation by the Nazis. The protagonist is a nice, dutiful and hardworking operator of the crematorium. He is an exemplary family man whose visits to the brothel are perfectly scheduled and calculated. He really loves his work and he is deeply interested in the topic of the death — "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" is his favorite piece of literature. And he quickly jumps at the opportunity of making his life better by serving the Germans and their wonderful vision of the future. He has a problem though: his wife and children are of Jewish origin, so he must somehow deal with it.

Audiovisual experience is nice, the fast-paced (sometimes too fast-paced) montage builds up the atmosphere greatly, especially in the later part of the film. This work is considered a comedy by a lot of people — the humor is present in the film and most of the time it's quite "dark". This work is considered a horror by a lot of people too — the kind of horror someone would name "social horror", but the depiction of the madness isn't very bright and happy too.

I am quite interested in the Eastern European films of the communist period. I watched "Ashes and Diamonds" and enjoyed it greatly. Probably I will watch some other works made by the creators of the aforementioned "Czechoslovak New Wave".
No. 46263
211 kB, 1920 × 1080
180 kB, 1920 × 1080
157 kB, 1920 × 1080
152 kB, 1920 × 1080
That was kinda meh. Visuals are pretty cool, but there's nothing much in there apart from visuals. The story about a drug dealer and his sister is skeletal and not interesting at all, and lots of stuff in the movie doesn't even relate to it. There's lots of sex and sexual subtext, and tons of fetishes are used: incest, older women, lesbian sex, gay sex — and close to the end of the movie there's a long scene of nothing but people fucking. Also, the movie tries too hard to be as trippy and psychedelic as possible, and by the end (getting to which is a real achievement: the movie is almost three hours long) it becomes annoying. Not worth its time, IMO.
No. 46494
149 kB, 1056 × 572
110 kB, 1056 × 572
47 kB, 720 × 432
54 kB, 720 × 432
Apocalypto (2006)

I've been fascinated by the Aztec/Mayan/etc. culture lately, and it's one of the few movies that attempts visualizing it.
Directed by Mel Gibson, so I didn't expect much, but it was a surprisingly good action movie. The story is a bit too straightforward, but visually it's quite great except for some of the CG.

Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

Decided to watch this one since it's been named as a major inspiration for the Kelly's Southland Tales. Little did I know it's apparently one of the most influential noir movies, especially seen as a stylstic precursor of the French New Wave, but also being referenced in e.g. Tarantino's Pulp Fiction & Repo Man.
Definitely seems quite ahead of its time, very suspenseful right until the horrifying end.

Looks very interesting, been meaning to watch it for a while

I think it's an enjoyable movie if you're an adolescent with a good supply of drugs to imbibe on while watching, otherwise you're probably right :D
No. 46497 Kontra
111 kB, 1024 × 436
99 kB, 1024 × 436
104 kB, 1152 × 488
90 kB, 1152 × 488
The Deer Hunter (1978)

This movie absolutely wrecked me emotionally. Probably the most gruesome Vietnam War movie I've seen so far, just displaying the complete absurdity of it, and by extension of American culture in general.
The story is about a group of working class friends from a Russian Orthodox background, some of whom decide to go to Vietnam and return completely changed after they're captured and forced to play Russian roulette against each other.
It's a great American epic, the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous, the soundtrack is banging (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPaYTZp4bUc) and it has an absolute all-star cast (young Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, etc.).

First Blood (1982)

This was a bit of a Vietnam War chaser to The Deer Hunter, but unfortunately it paled a bit in comparison to it. It's definitely still a very solid action movie and the ending scene in particular is great, but I just expected a bit more depth after seeing it praised as "not your typical action movie" in several places.
Btw it was interesting to see how Rambo and the colonel inspired Snake and the Colonel in MGS.
No. 46498
147 kB, 1920 × 1080
150 kB, 1920 × 1080
146 kB, 1920 × 1080
137 kB, 1920 × 1080
Watched Nine Days of One Year. It was really great. It follows a nuclear physicist Dmitry Gusev who got a non-lethal dose of radiation during an experiment (unlike his mentor, who got a lethal one, but who is absolutely content with it, because he managed to complete his whole life's work) and has to watch himself from now on, because the next accident might be the last for him. Nevertheless, he continues working, since he doesn't know how to live in any other way. There are a lot of themes explored in this movie: scientific ethics and responsibilities (in particular, the moral consequences of the invention of the atom bomb and the relationship between science and military complex), balance between work and personal relationship (in the form of the love triangle between Dmitry, his wife Lyolya and his best friend and fellow scientist Ilya), meaning of success and failure in science and, ultimately, optimism and pessimism (despite quite the somber mood throughout the story and the implication of a tragic end for Dmitry, the film is decidedly optimistic). The movie is not as science-heavy as it may seem, the so-called techno-babble is absent, and there is only as much info given about scientific work as to make it believable, so even not technically-inclined people won't be bored. The dialogues are enjoyable and the acting is great (which is to be expected, because two male leads are played by Aleksey Batalov and Innokenty Smoktunovsky, who eventually became legends of Soviet cinema, plus ever so great Yevgeni Yevstigneyev in an episodic role). Definitely recommend it.
No. 46501 Kontra
104 kB, 720 × 400
70 kB, 720 × 400
37 kB, 720 × 384
60 kB, 720 × 384
Dampfnudelblues (2013) & Winterkartoffelknödel (2014)

Now for something more lighthearted, watched these two "Dorfkrimis" (common German genre of crime comedy set in small rural towns). Not much to say about the story, it's mainly just there to keep up the suspense between various gags involving the many whacky characters, some interesting cinematography, just solid entertainment all around.
The 2nd one was a bit more tedious but I'll probably still watch the sequels whenever I'm in the mood for some good fun.
No. 46511
>The Deer Hunter
Watched it not so long ago and thought of discussing it here, but then figured that I cannot say much about it. It is a really good movie, but the premise is a bit ridiculous: I think that war itself inflicts both emotional and physical torture aplenty, so there's no need to introduce questionable elements like Russian roulette to stress how traumatized the characters are. When it comes to Vietnam flicks, personally I would rank Platoon, Full Metal Jacket or not-so-Vietnam Apocalypse Now higher. Oh, and while it was nice to see the normal civilian lives of characters, but I don't really get the point of making them Russian immigrants. Just why? Now I'm convinced that whenever Murricans depict Russians in their movies, there is no question if they will fuck up majorly, there is only question when. It started fairly decently, they even got some actors who can speak Russian without a heavy accent, but it all went to shit during the wedding, with regular stupidity like the "na zdorovye" toast (seriously, I think that the end of the world will come sooner than westerners will stop using it), stereotypical Russian music (the song "Katyusha" on a wedding? Because, y'know, Russians? And nevermind that it was written in the USSR right before the WWII, so it's highly unlikely that Russian immigrants in the US (who probably left right after the revolution or around that time) would use it), and really weird names (okay, "Pushkov" is a real name, "Vronsky" is passable and shows a bit of familiarity with classics of Russian literature, but it's actually Polish, and Stosh is Polish too (Russians would shorten the name "Stanislav" to "Stas" instead), but then there are abominations like "Nikanor Chevotarevich" ("Nikanor" is a fairly rare and oldish name: not impossible for an immigrant to have since they live in a different culture than regular Russians, but it would be better for him to be called "Nikolay" the closest Russian name to English "Nick"; "Chevotarevich", on the other hand, is idiotic and is probably a mangled form of "Chebotaryov"; it really cracked me up when Walken's character got asked in the hospital whether his name is Russian, and he replied that it's American, because it really is American: it's a kind of a name that Americans think that Russians have XDDDDDD) and whatever the name that the bride had (it's completely unpronounceable for a native Russian speaker). So yeah, if you want to show an ethnic minority in your movie, it's better to stick with one that you are at least somewhat familiar with (like, I dunno, Italians for Michael Cimino?).

>First Blood
It's the only Rambo that I wholeheartedly consider good. Rambo II and IV (or whatever they are called) are entertaining action flicks, but it's all they are, and Rambo III is absolutely awful and dumb, while First Blood is tense, suspenseful and atmospheric. And yes, it's definitely not "your typical action movie", because it's actually a psychological thriller, and Rambo really acts like a special forces soldier proficient in guerilla warfare in it, relying more on stealth and traps rather than spraying everything with a machine gun and blowing stuff up with his fancy explosive arrows.
No. 46529
I didn't think it was as good as it is commonly alleged to be in my country particularly by boomers but that's also probably partly because it was right around the first time that anybody actually started talking about PTSD in my country or even acknowledging that it was a real thing. Prior to Vietnam we pretty much didn't even know it existed and thus there was zero real emotional support for veterans. Other than some meme scene like the Russian roulette nobody actually cares about that movie as a war movie. We only think about The Deer Hunter here as a movie about the veterans coming home and having to deal with PTSD on top of the alienation from American life because you have to keep in mind that what was really compounding the trauma of that war for these guys was the fact on the one hand you had all these cringey Hollywood liberal types screaming baby killer at them and then all the very same faggots on the right who sent them there to begin with suddenly started acting like they were cowards and losers and should be ashamed for losing the war. So this became a real deal for us back in the mid to late 1970s which is where you get things like these guys joining together to form brotherhoods of biker gangs and things like that and them openly flouting the norms of society and despising people on both sides.

In a very real sense our nam vet bikers are the purest Americans that there are in this country.
No. 46571
71 kB, 1024 × 436
133 kB, 1024 × 436
141 kB, 1024 × 436
127 kB, 1024 × 436
> no need to introduce questionable elements like Russian roulette to stress how traumatized the characters are
It just goes together with the whole "one shot" theme that is mentioned at the beginning when they go hunting. Also when Mike and Nick are forced to play against each other and Mike keeps telling Nick to pull the trigger is when he starts suspecting Mike of wanting to kill him and that's what actually leads to his trauma. It probabaly could've been done some different way, but I don't think it's that arbitrary.

>I would rank Platoon, Full Metal Jacket or not-so-Vietnam Apocalypse Now
I've yet to see Platoon, both FMJ and Apocalypse Now are great movies, but they are very stylized and at times too comedic which leads to a detachment from all the terrible stuff that happens, frankly they're too fun to watch, whereas The Deer Hunter is much more realist and had a much bigger emotional impact on me.
I just really enjoyed the whole epic three act structure & the breadth of characters with their own destinies.

>I don't really get the point of making them Russian immigrants
I'm not sure but I think it's to highlight the absurdity of them going to war, since they're "Americans" only for a few generations and still decide to fight for "their" country. The USSR being involved in the Vietnam War on the other side also adds a bit of irony. And also all the rituals & traditions around the Orthodox church (even if clumsily executed) add a certain gravity and highlight the sense of community. It probably wouldn't work the same way with e.g. Italian immigrants whose culture (or maybe rather how it is perceived in media, e.g. The Godfather) is quite different.
It's funny when you dissect all the mistakes like that, they did strike me as odd but I didn't really mind them tbh. As you say with the example of Nick saying that his name is actually American, one might interpret these "mistakes" as the community losing their roots and becoming "Americanized", even if that's maybe not intentional.

>We only think about The Deer Hunter here as a movie about the veterans coming home and having to deal with PTSD on top of the alienation from American life because you have to keep in mind that what was really compounding the trauma of that war for these guys was the fact on the one hand you had all these cringey Hollywood liberal types screaming baby killer at them
I mean that description fits better with Rambo tbh, Deer Hunter has much broader themes about friendship, working class life etc.
No. 46892
252 kB, 1920 × 1080
204 kB, 1920 × 1080
230 kB, 1920 × 1080
196 kB, 1920 × 1080
Trailer w/ subs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlfIylxfdbw

About an old school working class macho taxi driver and a libertine saxophonist who develop an odd love-hate relationship after the latter skips out on the bill for his taxi ride, set during the times of perestroika.
Really great movie, it's all there, phenomenal acting, beautiful cinematography (thank god it's been remastered, it kinda looks like shit in the trailer above), awesome jazz soundtrack too. Very underrated movie IMO, or rather it's not as well known as it should be.

There's definitely some (mostly visual, but also a bit thematic) inspiration going on w/ regard to Taxi Driver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shpihYx803o
But still the movie very well stands on its own.
No. 46987
1,6 MB, 1480 × 1080
2,0 MB, 1480 × 1080
1,2 MB, 1480 × 1080
1,2 MB, 1480 × 1080
Rewatched Stalker yesterday, it's a phenomenal movie ofc, it's just that personally I find it ever so slightly too indulgent in its solemnity.
No. 47176
290 kB, 704 × 384
259 kB, 704 × 384
24 kB, 704 × 384
24 kB, 704 × 384
A bunch of characters from Japanese history led by Shiro Amakusa get resurrected after striking a deal with the devil so they can achieve something that they regretted not being able to do in life. If that sounds familiar, this movie (or the book it's based on) were an inspiration for the Fate anime/VN series.
There's some pretty cool costumes & fighting scenes, however I just couldn't care for the story, the movie failed to build up any interest/suspense.
No. 47177
159 kB, 1024 × 616
121 kB, 1024 × 616
132 kB, 1024 × 616
122 kB, 1024 × 616
A tragicomedy about two zoologist brothers dealing with the loss of their wives in a freak accident. Extremely visually striking, some very sardonic & funny dialogue, timelapse scenes of decaying animals set to an upbeat Michael Nyman soundtrack, interlaced with excerpts from David Attenborough documentaries.
Very bizarre movie, quite fun to watch but ultimately leaves you feeling empty.
No. 47249
373 kB, 1200 × 793
Good stuff great thread

Now for the film recently watched: it's a pile of trash.
No. 47262
That would be interesting, I guess
No. 47283
119 kB, 300 × 300
301 kB, 640 × 457
After a long break following episode 5, Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal is back. Watched episode 6; it was great, as expected.
No. 47302
Holy Cow, thank you for mentioning it. Loved the first five episodes.
No. 47308
53 kB, 899 × 384
You're welcome.
Fun Fact: Adult Swim aired a surprise episode of Primal on April Fool's Day. That was Plague of Madness-which is episode 7, and skipped over the cliffhanger ending which we saw at the end of episode 5. So I'm glad I missed seeing that one early(it airs tonight). Better to watch in order.
No. 47402
253 kB, 1600 × 900
553 kB, 3000 × 1688
Recently I watched the entirety of Xavier: Renegade Angel, it's really great. Definitely one of the best things I've watched.

It has a nice PS2 looking animation to the series and it follows the attempts of a narcissistic self-styled seeker of the truth to uncover meaning to life and helping people along the way. In practice, he ruins the lives of everyone around him as he rambles on in a philosophical word salad. The show is pretty chaotic, scenes are fairly disconnected and it seems to operate almost entirely on some form of 'dream logic'. Overall, 10/10. I can also easily understand why someone would hate this retarded show.

Here's a scene which really shows the quality of the show: Xavier fighting himself after being unable to accept that he murdered his parents
No. 47405
42 kB, 720 × 304
36 kB, 720 × 304
35 kB, 720 × 304
67 kB, 720 × 304
One of the best post-2000 horror movies I've seen, especially of fairly low budget ones. Quite original & genuinely thrilling.
Thanks to the Ernst who recommended it (quite a while ago I think).

Since it's that time of the year again, what are your favorite horror movies?

Good shit, I never got around to finish it, tho I had some good laughs for sure.
This is my favorite scene (probably one of the most popular in general): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn7QvnhJgeA
No. 47407
I've never gotten why anybody liked that show or tried turning it into yet another overused 4kanker meme although I'd just generally suspected they were either retarded or enjoyers of sponge bob, which I'd never let my kids watch. You liking it makes me wonder more rather than dismissing it as retardation
If anyone here actually likes sponge bob I'll not take it back. It's literally the stupidest show I ever tried subjecting myself to and think it's the deliberate or unintentional plot to make everyone in my country even stupider than they already are.children should watch nature documentaries like I did

Stylistically this somehow reminds me that I need to get around to seeing Eraserhead which itself reminds me to watch Spider at some point although I'd imagine the latter might be too "real" for some people here. Possibly myself included. I got 15 minutes in and it's very uncomfortable.
No. 47414
>favorite horror movies
Probably Jacob's Ladder, Night of the Living Dead, the aforementioned Eraserhead, The Shining, Alien (the first one, the second is considerably more action-y, although still really good, the rest is meh), Hellraiser (again, the first one; although there are some more decent movies in the series, there are also lots of incredibly shitty ones, like the third movie which is dumb as fuck, and the one where Lance Henriksen kills teenagers, which is probably the worst), Nightmare on Elm Street (the first and the third; the third one also had a kickass theme by Dokken). Favorite comedy horrors are Evil Dead (the whole series, but the second movie I probably like the most) and Return of the Living Dead. Those all are from the top of my head, there were probably more that I liked but forgot about them.

For better or for worse, Pontypool has nothing in common with Eraserhead stylistically. The last screenshot (which I assume made you think of Eraserhead) in >>47405 is from its credits, which have little to do with the movie itself.
No. 47468
Brother! Absolutely loved this show.
No. 47503
I'm kinda a Cronemberg [sic] fan but Spider is kinda meh.

Romero Romero Romero Romero Romero
Fulci Fulci
Vincent Price yay!
Lon Chaney Jr neat
No. 47609
114 kB, 1132 × 612
95 kB, 1132 × 612
132 kB, 1132 × 612
105 kB, 1132 × 612
Watched this adaptation by Werner Herzog of the classic vampire story. It's very gorgeous to look at, every frame a painting as they say. Kinski and Adjani are phenomenal. Only drawback is that some of Bruno Ganz's and the minor role acting appears a bit silly in it's honesty and the pace is very slow, more haunting (thanks to the soundtrack as well) than actually scary, the ending is great tho.

Good stuff, think I've seen most of those, Jacob's Ladder upon your recommendation probably.
I didn't really enjoy Evil Dead (or the 2nd one for that matter) all that much, mb I'll watch the 3rd one tho, it looked pretty ebin from what was teased at the end of the 2nd one.

Maybe I'll need to give it a bit more but I've had a hard time getting into these older horror movies so far
No. 47614
I've only seen her in two movies: Phantom der Nacht and Possession — but both times she was absolutely awesome. Definitely one of the underappreciated actresses.

I assume that you've seen the original Nosferatu already (if you haven't, go watch it immediately). There is another comedy (kinda; I consider it a comedy, but it's up for interpretation) horror that I enjoyed a lot: Shadow of the Vampire. It's about filming the original Nosferatu, and it features John Malkovich as F.W. Murnau and Willem Dafoe as Max Schreck. Paradoxically enough, Dafoe looks less creepy in a vampire geddup than he usually does in other movies XDDDDDDD. Anyway, it's a really nice flick, check it out.

Concerning Evil Dead: Army of Darkness (the third one) is almost pure comedy, and it's much less scary than both the first and the second film, so be warned.

Concerning Jacob's Ladder: it has a fairly original twist for its time: Carnival of Souls and the Sixth Sense — and it also influenced the best horror vidya gaem series ever in my opinion: Silent Hill. If you liked any of those, it's pretty likely that you will like Jacob's Ladder too.
No. 47619
33 kB, 300 × 452
26 kB, 220 × 332
111 kB, 630 × 1023
140 kB, 889 × 990

1: this one rules.
2, 3: my faves from Price. Mask of the Red Death too.
4: Old homage to 3
No. 47621
158 kB, 802 × 585
>Non-Slavs know about Ива-а-а-а-н!
Well I'll be damned.
No. 47624
did you like the comic? I loved Russian memes so I made that homage. Old KC, you know.
No. 47626
It's okay, but it's a bit weird seeing Ivan being an office worker, not a dyachok. A lot of humor in the Ivaaaaan comics was derived from Ivan working in a church, that is, being a part of one of the most archaic establishments in Russia and letting his overactive, pop-culture saturated imagination make him see whatever he does from a modern perspective.
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Possum (2018)

surreal horror movie from the UK
highly recommended
No. 47665
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Thank you very much for the insight. Being from Western Europe I figure I didn't have the guts to make a full adaptation so I changed the placement.