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No. 40819
259 kB, 640 × 480
36 kB, 450 × 338
3,9 MB, 3108 × 1916
156 kB, 720 × 405
No. 40821
I don't want play BFG2 yet. Not generally fan of new millenium lore stuff honestely. Maybe I'll try DOW3 just out of curiosity.
>too old
Nah, I don't think it's issue nowdays. People who actually invest themselfs in games not playing just "most new stuff only". And I say it's pretty known and often recommended if you ask about "warhammer vidja list". At least how it is from mine perspective.
No. 40828
i wish i could run bannerlord
No. 40831
I really don't know what Israel and other's problem is with Pathfinder Kingmaker. I have been enjoying the hell out of that game with the sole exceptione being that it gets super annoying with some kinds of random encounters (which is just me being old and crotchety af because it's the same kind of thing as Fallout 1&2) and that only probably bothers me because of the second thing which is difficulty, which shouldn't because I can tone down not just the overall difficulty at any point I feel like it but more importantly I can fine tune it. They weren't kidding when they said not to play at even normal difficulty your first playthrough. This game is hard as balls. Yet somehow, and for reasons I cannot remotely understand, it doesn't bother me in the same way Pillars of Eternity did. I really havent got the slightest clue why. Even the characters I actually generally find enjoyable with the sole exception of Amiri the barbarian, who is the stereotypical strong womyn on top of being an annoying dumber than fuck barbarian. I'd say maybe it's just me being at a different place in life but I just finished White March not even all that long ago and it rapidly reminded me of why I ended up hating PoE so damn much.

It's not even something I can explain or find rational reason for. I'm simply having a really good time playing Pathfinder. It is super super autistic though, or "crunchier". Maybe I just couldn't fucking stand the PoE ruleset while I can easily deal with the DnD or more specifically Pathfinder ruleset. Maybe it's something to do with the writing too I really don't know and havent been able to figure it out but it's a genuinely enjoyable game for me so far and I'm about to hit level 3. To be fair though a significant part of it was PoE had bugs, long load times, and was tedious as all shit because I guess I started that game on hard. I can easily see this game pissing me off if I stupidly tried playing on hard and had to reload thirty times an encounter and every time it took me two and a half minutes of load screens to do anything.
No. 40833
889 kB, 1366 × 768

Oi so if any of you lot have a flight stick and are curieux, DCS has a pretty great little thing happening at the moment. All modules save campaigns are free to try, and most of them are on sale in some capacity, 50% off save for a few exceptions. While the newer modules are more expensive, still more than some B-grade video games at full price, they're also an exceptionally niche product that doesn't really have an competitor. The older ones are still totally servicable though. Flaming Cliffs 3 is the survey sim with lots of good flight model, no systems model aircraft, free for now, $25 on sale. They're probably the best for a newcomer. A-10C is fucking amazing but it's also a module that really rewards having a stick with plenty of hat switches because one of the main upgrades for the simulated variant was the HOTAS system that lets you do basically everything you need to find and engage a target with PGMs without taking your hands off the controls.

F-5E is another good beginner aircraft because of its simplicity and forgiving flight characteristics. Honestly, if any of the aircraft interest you, they're free so all you're losing is the time to install them. If Ernst decides to go for a spin and wants to fly together, I'm quite happy to plink targets in a multiplayer server, even if there is a little bit of lag.
No. 40834
7,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:31
46 kB, 400 × 191
I'm really enjoying Surviving Mars, the only downsides to it are the lack of endgame (Banished had this problem too, but that's something you'll get in all city builders) and I'm not a big fan of the DLC, I don't enjoy the terraforming gameplay and the other DLC stuff is nothing really useful except for a large wind farm turbine for generating electricity

Apart from those minor gripes, I'd give it a solid 9/10, each faction or country has different strengths, you can pick a custom commander to give you bonuses for each playthrough, it has wonders like the Artificial Sun in the webm I made that not only produces massive amounts of power but also lights up solar panels nearby. There's also a 'mystery' or short story for each playthrough, be it alien contact or multinational drama back on earth.

It also has a few nice references to sci fi movies and books in it, like the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. One of my domes when playing as the USA was called Boone #1

One of the nicest things about it is the breakthroughs system, each playthrough you'll get various breakthroughs that can be complete game-changers and will make each time you play different, some of these I've only gotten once in 6 games, others I've got 3 times etc.

When you start getting into the stage where you've thousands of colonists, it kinda loses its fun though with all the micro.
No. 40835
Oh wow your computer looks fast and what the fucking shit why does it look so cell shaded right there

Only loosely related to thread but what the fuck nationality is ssethtzeentach? Because he seems to really enjoy making fun of Germans, has this weird as shit pronunciation of various English words, and has seemingly a childhood obsession with HoMM games which I've come to understand is the greatest telltale sign of a Slavor a Germansame difference. I think we actually talked about this before but I can't remember.
No. 40838 Kontra
Seth speaks russian as a first language. His career is/was in the medical field. I don't remember what his ethnicity is. He used to work in Denmark, but now lives in the UK. I might be misremembering stuff, I'll have to ask. I don't want to use the "friend of a friend" line, but it is true. A friend of a friend found out his information and blackmailed him, threatening to dox him.
No. 40839 Kontra
When I mean "found out his information" I mean full name, place of birth, work history, etc.
No. 40858
72 kB, 1364 × 768
112 kB, 1364 × 768
I didn't know that the original X-com had mountain maps. Played this game at least ten times, but I never shot down a UFO over a mountain range like the Alps or Tibet(PRC).
It even has caves.

Open X-com is another marvel of gaming that I'm incredibly glad for. It's so easy to mod and said mods add so much flavour to the game with the extra guns and aliens you can get.
The only problem is that if the forums go down, all the mods will be lost forever.
No. 40866
23 kB, 330 × 318
Completed Red Dead 2 yesterday. The entire game is an exercise in frustration. The world is so beautiful and well crafted that it kept pulling me in, but the gameplay is so bland, shallow, and formulaic that it just felt like a chore to play much of the time. The missions are so linear that I got flashbacks to those old on-rails FMV games I played in the 1990s (e.g. Star Wars: Rebel Assault and Deadly Tide).
No. 40868
This weekend I started playing Dark Souls for the first time. It's fun running into those black knight things that can 1v1 you if you're not careful, less so any low-level enemy spamming block that you have to fight multiple times.

Maybe I just want a fencing simulator. That would be neat, play a mercenary in Bologna and get bonus money for flair.
No. 40869
29 kB, 480 × 360
I find latest R* titles very meh for some reason. This games has no that feel that make you play a lot of them. I not really someone who can get easely bored, but GTA5 was probably my most boring experience of all GTA games. It's only game in series exept some things I not played like GTA Advanced that I dropped on like... half or 1/3... twise. I feel no interest not in story, not in city. There so many work was put into this, but it's feels so bland and forgettable.

Never was interesred in Red Dead series, maybe will try RDR2 but there high chance that I'll drop it after few hours, same as most of modern vidja.

>Star Wars: Rebel Assault
You made me remember, never tried first one. Need try. Console Star Wars games always was meh and "movie rollecoaster" but 2nd game was fine.
No. 40876
its literally the same shit as warband, dont bother

bannerlord is a buggy unfinished mess
No. 40886
48 kB, 492 × 449
I wish I could run Warband...
No. 40895
That sounds like a cargo cult version of me
No. 40911
28 kB, 500 × 349
the ps4 i ordered will arrive next week
a little late to the party, yes, but whatever

i'm compiling a list of good games to play on it. anything i should add or remove?

it doesnt have to be ps4 exclusive, as i dont like playing games on pc because no matter the specs or the game settings there's ALWAYS some micro stuttering from time to time due to the system not being optimized that rustles my jimmies

Ghost of Tsushima
Shadow of the Colossus Remake
God of War
God of War III Remastered
The Last of Us Remastered
Final Fantasy VII Remake
InFamous Second Son
Death Stranding
Persona 5 Royal
Persona 5 Scramble
Yakuza 6
Ratchet & Clank
Uncharted Remastered Collection
Uncharted 4
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
The Last Guardian
Horizon Zero Dawn
Days Gone
Gravity Rush
Gravity Rush 2
Ni no Kuni
Ni no Kuni 2
No. 40914
The Witness
The Witcher 3

If you are interested in Bloodborne and Tsushima you might also want to look at Sekiro.

And for the future: The Last of Us II
No. 40927
So I guess that apparently being on the clock was way different than I had assumed and the "open world" of Pathologic is totally deceiving. Mandalore lied to me. Walking all over the plus really isn't actually that bad and I find the game not just kind of neat to explore around but it even reminds me of VTMB somehow, except that I actually have so little time that I just died on my first playthrough. I don't think I even finished a single day yet and I'm not even sure at this point how many saves back I'd have to go just to salvage that game because I didn't realize the drinking water exhaustion thing so now I'm probably so far back in terms of a save without lots of exhaustion even after sleeping that I might as well just do the entire first day again. Still a pretty neat seeming game though but it really is more like a first person puzzle game and survival that's masquerading as an open world RPG.

Meanwhile I for whatever reason somehow ended up with my second game also being on a timer I usually tend to pick a couple of games or three to focus on and switch through. I am finding it incredibly difficult just to focus on my gaming though. I can't imagine how I sat down in front of a computer and wrote hundreds of pages of papers before.

I've got so many half finished or barely started vidya projects it's incredible. I'm barely even into Witcher 2 and it took me a long ass time just to get past the very starting sequence because I started on a ridiculously high setting so it was damn near impossible for me to even finish it. I kept wondering what I did wrong and finally occurring to me I can't possibly be that retarded and instead realizing I started a new game on max difficulty for whatever reason. Once I turned it down it was fine but then I eventually got stock on that really shitty squid boss fight in the swamp and promptly lost interest in playing it for awhile.

I'm definitely minimally interested in most kinds of gameplay. It's just like porn in that sense. I have to find a way to actively pull my conscious focus off what shit I am actually looking at and engaging in or it's just boring or a disgusting waste of my time. Like I'll be sitting there and it isn't even about a worthy challenge at that point it just becomes "really? Is this actually how I am wasting my free time and the last moments of my youth?" I only end up seeing most of these things as a roadblock between myself and having an interesting experience or discovering some cool story. None of the decisions in fighting a monster are terribly interesting and out of all the different kinds of fights the typical static prescripted console monster bullshit is by far the absolute worst turnoff.

I really should try and get back into that game at some point and just figure out how to cheese my way through that crappy boss encounter.
>use the ard sign!
Pffft. Like at least while I am playing Pathfinder and in a really irritating as shit encounter I get a vague sense of accomplishment having finally gotten past it. This is maybe because I actually have to think my way through the problem on some level.

Meanwhile I am getting so horribly distractible that already I'm mentally starting to go inside what other games are there to play and thought about Mechanicus, Deus Ex MD, and Prey, but that's also just because I am really disinterested in anything remotely medieval. Well then again there is also E.Y.E. which is kind of cool and blends a few different things in spite of basically just being a shooter and HL2 mod. I need some more cyberpunk and space stuff and both Pathfinder and Pathologic are too far removed though at least Pathologic has cool spooky vibes. Why am I getting deja vu
No. 40932
already played the witcher 3 on pc when it came out
great game, but i feel it will take at least another 5 years until i can play it again

didnt it get cancelled or delayed so bad it'll probably be a PS5 title?

>the witness
i'll check it out

tried it on pc, didnt like it
it feels very unfair and i dont like the level design
No. 40938
2,0 MB, 1552 × 873
I've actually played such a little amount of this game it's f'ing crazy--but at the same time, I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

The problem is that I was never terribly adept at DnD to begin with, and this rule set is exposing my woeful inadequacies in terms of competency and knowledge. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and I cannot actually anticipate any later level class builds. I never felt this way roleplaying with friends in college or whatever nor when playing Planescape or anything else.

I think it just comes down to the sheer amount of autistic choices that I can make. Like what exactly can I be with all this multiclassing? I don't even actually know just what the fuck a Slayer even is and meanwhile I'm looking at this thing like, I fucking hate barbarians. I have ALWAYS fucking hated barbarians and Amiri is the sole character in the entire game I feel is subpar written and just as a character annoying on top of my least favorite class, however I'm already now seeing how much she can be salvaged. Like why don't I just multi class her into being a fighter instead? Or maybe I can actually make a semi useful rogue or ranger or slayer with her somehow? There's just so many autistic little choices I can make with this game and I keep feeling super lost every single time I open up that character screen I don't even know why.

But the strangest thing is how much I'm enjoying it. I played probably a good hour of combat this week and countless hours talking, reading, looking at screens, and just distracting myself after trying to look things up. I will say that it is one of the most faithful representations of the crunchiness of dealing with an actual PnP system I've ever seen on a screen. This feels at times much less like a videogame adaptation of a roleplaying game and more like a direct copy of PnP rpgs to a computer. Keyword--adaptation.

See now I can actually understand how this game was so unpopular with so many people, because while it is still basically a digitized RPG when you've got something like Fallout, or Planescape, or Numenera, or VTMB, or any of these countless other adaptation games, what they have actually been is an adaptation of group session pen and paper game onto a single player videogame and that transition is often easy to forget.

This does not feel like it has been adapted. This really feels like setting up an actual roleplaying session to have with your mates. It almost feels like you're troubleshooting the DMs campaign actually and I kind of love it for that. But I can also see why some people would hate it. I'm surprised it didn't get stronger reactions in fact.

I've seen certain games like Blackguards get called crunchy but that is simply untrue; I felt that way then and I feel so now that Blackguards was nowhere near complex. It was super simple and made for kids, and super easy to get into if you knew nothing of The Dark Eye.

This is not like that. I think that if you're an ernst there's a good chance you're going to love the shit out of this game. But again, even if you are EC tier you may not. If you've never actually played something like DnD I'd almost be tempted to say don't bother, or only play it on story mode. It's not super hard gamewise, at least with difficulty tuned, but this is very much not easy navigating. Each class of which there are like two dozen has multiple separate subclasses and specializations which puts you at a great disadvantage if you don't already have lots of builds and later abilities/feats/spells memorized for everything.

As easy as gameplay is, I think this is officially it.
This is the most autistic rpg I've ever played.
I love it.
No. 40939
From what I heard, The Last of Us 2 is almost complete but has been delayed indefinitely because the devs saw the shit-storm on the horizon and wanted to wait it out. Best not release an exceediingly brutal game about human behaviour during a pandemic during an actual pandemic.
No. 40940
I dunno how much it includes of their rules, but here's where to look if you want a complete instruction manual.


That said, I kind of loathe the system so I can't do much other than point to the pdfs for advice. The more experience I've gained over the years, the less I enjoy games that try and cover all the gaps. I also have much love for PC RPGs that do away with sacred cow tabletop mechanics. There are times when the sacred cows are good, but I feel like they're hamfisted into PC games sometimes just because they're 'what an RPG does'.
No. 40941
It's actually best to release it during these times. Why not keep any art as relevant as possible, but yeah crybabys will cry.
No. 40945
I tend to agree but imagine this: You're the writer/director/dev of the game and you are convinced that your research and resulting art is so genuine and effective that it will inspire people. This is cool if the topic and perspective are mostly about positive behavior.
On the other hand, there are cases of people identifying something as "art" that insipires them to copy aspects, for example copy cats of serial killers.

If I'd be Neil Druckmann, writer of LoU2, I'd actually have trouble with the decision to release the game now. If it depicts situations of violence in a currently relevant setting (eg. not enough $resource for both of us (anything from food to toilet paper)) and it does so well enough to inspire audience behavior, I would have trouble brushing that off as "my art never explicitly told anyone to do that themselves".

And I am not talking about the bogus paradigm of "violence in video games make players violent", which has been debunked enough that even some politicians got the memo.
I'm talking about giving people ideas. "Oh, I never thought about this but it makes sense to me that people would do X in a situation like Y... shit I need to Z before this happens to me too."

I've never been in a situation where I had to live with regret over anything terrible happening and it really feels unintuitive or even impossible to happen to me. But rationally I know that this can happen to people and my intuition is simply not equipped with enough reference to be a good guide here.

So... I don't know if I'd release the game if I had to live with the decision. Maybe, maybe not.
No. 40968
67 kB, 1364 × 768
25 kB, 1364 × 768
>Top tier squad members get wounded for two months
>Start new campaign
>Only encountered two UFOs so far
>But about to go on the third fucking terror mission
Though at least I no longer worry at all about casualties. If they die, they fucking die. The only thing I lose is the armour.
No. 40971
>Pic 1

What level of Theme Hospital is this?
No. 40992
36 kB, 176 × 208, 0:00
11 kB, 176 × 208
11 kB, 176 × 208
11 kB, 176 × 208
I was always facinated not only by 3d J2ME games, but Nokia's Symbian OS and related products, like N-Gage. They really tried hard to make "mobile gaming" serious thing in mid-00s, sad that they mostly failed in this. And games it had - interesting ports and unique titles and spinoffs mostly forgotten

What game I discovered recently is https://youtu.be/yruJnnJDoww this. Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood, it's absoluetly awesome for mobile phone, and I absoluetly love this software rendered 3d graphics, it's truley reminded me about best things from PS1 like Silent Hill.
No. 41007
"Obtained" Stellaris a couple of days ago and have been been playing it for a bit. I'm running a military dictatorship of humans who rebuilt earth after a nuclear apocalypse. Ran into some other humans who fled the war on colony ships and have their own little Commonwealth of Man not far from my sector of space. They were a highly xenophobic bunch even to their long-lost bros and they didn't like us OG humans at first, but I sent some envoys to them to improve relations, and after a while they invited us earthers to form a federation called the Cosmic Defence Axis. I accepted out of human solidarity, plus they were apparently more technologically advanced and had a far more powerful military. Couldn't hurt to have that kind of ally.

Shortly after the federation was formed, another federation calling themselves the Free Information Sphere, led by a powerful race of plantoids and aided by a race of machine beings, declared war. We sued for peace after a major battle where the Commonwealth of Man lost most of its fleet. This resulted in it losing some of its zeal for war and its culture gradually shifted to being pacifistic.

These plantoid niggers have now started another war and us humans are getting our shit pushed in. We've lost a tonne of territory and are probably gonna lose a whole lot more before we reach a ceasefire. I've been maintaining good relations with a neighbouring empire of reptilians that's just as, if not more powerful than the plantoids, so the plan now is to invite them into the Cosmic Defence Axis when the war ends. I wanted to maintain human purity in the federation, but we do what we must to survive.

Very ebin game.
No. 41010
860 kB, 2559 × 1441
31 kB, 451 × 423
Time to prepare for mass planticide.
No. 41018
1,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
797 kB, 1920 × 1080
Fuck it, I'm done with this game, I can't take it anymore.

I couldn't install it back when it only came out (those pirated discs often were shit, yeah), but it has been praised by my friends and by vidya journos alike, so I decided to give it a try now. Turns out that I didn't lose much, because it fucking sucks.

Let's just start with controls. They're not really horrible, but they feel really awkward: basic combo doesn't seem to hit anything because of Rayne doing that fancy-shmancy acrobatics of hers (good D-g, girl, couldn't you just stand still and hit the baddies with your blades or something?), there is no target focus so Rayne just shoots whatever is closest to her, grappling is kinda useless because it misses constantly and is assigned to the same button as feeding which causes even more confusion, and the jumping is only barely bearable without the air control. I wouldn't care so much about the controls if the developers wouldn't put any jumping puzzles into the game, but they did, and those "puzzles" really piss me off. Sometimes it felt that I was just just exploiting flaws in level design to solve them, but I don't really feel bad about it because otherwise they would be a real chore.

Graphics, design and style. It's kinda okayish for 2002, but it just looks really boring. The game basically consists of three parts: boring Louisiana swamps, a boring Nazi base in Argentina and a boring castle in Germany. I guess Nazis are mostly associated with the grey color due to their uniforms and early tank camouflage, but it's a bit too much of boring grey for one game. And to enhance the wonderful experience of wandering through grey levels you are often required to backtrack or roam a bit to find a battery for an elevator (why the hell do elevators even need batteries? The lighting seems to be supplied by the regular power grid, why couldn't elevators be the same?) or explosives with a detonator to cleat a path. The characters don't look good either, they are all full of pointy polygon bits and for some reason are quite fond of facial hair (I kinda wonder how acceptable it was in Wehrmacht and SS, because in Soviet army it was really frowned upon for soldiers but okay for officers). Rayne herself looks very derpy compared to herself in cutscenes (there is less difference in the second game, fortunately) and I have a thing for green-eyed redheads, so I was willing to just ignore it, but I couldn't. Funny thing is that all the female characters in the game are subjects to boob physics (there are three female characters: Rayne herself, her mentor Mynce and a Nazi chick with an ultra-cringy name Bathory Mengele), despite that their boobs are triangle-shaped (well, actually pyramid-shaped, but whatever). They sure got their priorities right.

Gameplay and bosses. Hoo boy, do they suck. Most of the time you just kill the same enemies over and over again without breaking a sweat, and the bosses and minibosses are usually defeated by activating Blood Rage and spamming the melee attack. The best way of dispatching the regular enemies is just pouncing on them and sucking them dry. The only boss that is somewhat different is the priest called von Blut (his name sounds like a gaming alias a twelve-years-old kid would come up with), but even he is defeated by abusing slo-mo and guns. Guns are boring too, by the way, they all behave the same except the special ones like the rifle which is just ridiculous because it dismembers the enemies left and right. People used to shit on BloodRayne 2 for abandoning all those weapons in favor of blood pistols, but I don't think that it was justified since the weapons here are boring anyway.

Overall, it's kind of a crappy slasher without any redeeming qualities. Devil May Cry came out the same year and it's much more awesome, and on PC there was SW Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, which is basically the same game but million times better, with nicer graphics, better level design and fluent controls. And I remember people shitting on BloodRayne 2 for being "more popular", "pandering to general audience" and just being lamer than the first game, but I actually remember (not sure about it though, the last time I played it was in high school) it being much better, at least controls and graphics-wise.
No. 41035
112 kB, 800 × 600
I also missed BloodRayne. I remember it was talked a lot around "GAYMER" community. I guess because it had "naughty girl" as protagonist or something. But this was game that always was disscused in video game magazines and shows and like never in real life, at least around circle of people I knew. Tbh while console magazines gived it high score, PC ones gived it mediocre score. And back then it was really easy to miss such game since in early 00s was more mediacore shooters than today indy games... well, maybe not but still. In 2002 from shooters I was happy playing Jedi Outcast and No One Lives Forever 2, and if you wanted to be bored by mediocre.. well, there always was Soldier of Fortune 2 and Command & Conquer: Renegade.

Also, speaking about "over sexulised main charater woman" I also never played Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2 so if I wanted something in this style, I better start from Heavy Metal games.
No. 41038
49 kB, 512 × 384
So finnaly downloaded PCSX2 emulator so I can finnaly use my gamepad on 100% with sticks and things like that, since before I played some old Sonic games and a bit of oldest console JRPGs out of curiosity... and PS1 games where sticks or don't needed or they have mouse support anyway.

So... briefly tried some things a bit. Shadow of Collosus - it's turn out to be more like platformer. I'm not good with this things yet and not very interested that much honestely, maybe for future. God of War - eeh, it's like slasher but don't know. Dropped on part where you need to balance on thin bridge it was crappy, reminded me max payne 1 dream bloodlines on phone touch screens. So I decided to play something I was a bit interested like 15 years ago already.

Call of Duty 3 - when I a bit cared about this crap I was curious why this game was never ported to PC. It's not like spin-off or something. Original CoD was actually fine game - a bit more "cinematography" but for it's time closer to FPS games idtech3 engine, more similar to discussed above than just brainless shooting gallery it become later. Addon for first is also nice, CoD2 was okay - it's already more console stuff with regeneration but if you bored first half of it in eastern front leningrad/stalingrad and in africa desert was kind fresh for the time and entertaining. USA campaighn in 2 was absoluetly boring shit where you repeat same like 3-4 maps of "normandy" in style of dark green emptiness with dark grey frensh farms and it's got tired very fast, but it feels like longest part of game. Call of Duty World at War was nice. It's already full-console-doritos experience but it at least have some sort of style, that, while far from realistic, keeped that game fresh from all previous repeating same normandy shit. Japanise campaign, soviet campaighn, all in overly dark-ish grotesk-y tone with actualy great score - this is only game from this cursed franchise where I actually remember music and actually listented if detached from game.

So.. CoD3 was from same devs as World at War and ye, since I never had console I was really curious about this game. And... there 2, not 3 things I should talks about.
Thing 1:
I never ever played first person game without any aim assist on gamepad with sticks. And well, at first it was misorable expereince, later on I learned but you still feel like disabeled person. It's not impossible and you kind of can play but it feels akward. But at least it make me feel gamepad better when I'll play other games.
Thing 2:
There was 2 versions of Cod3 - for older generation PS2 and for never like PS3 and Xbox360. Version on PS3 I guess was better and looked like World at War and was on same engine... version on PS2 looks almost like CoD2. Of cource I played PS2 version, I don't know how emulation of PS3 currently but I suspect far from ideal.
Thing 3:
I guess version on PS2 was secondary and with older graphics game actually loosing any meaning in many ways, since it focuses on "before paris" battle in france and it's fucking looks exeacly like USA campaign in CoD2 but more boring in a way. You go.. fight "gormans" in same french cities and that's it. All attempts at "heroic WW2 plot" pathetic of cource, I can't resist but imagine fat USA kid eating moutin dew and doritos in USA t-shirt who is target audience of this lol. Only really interesting "things" was that you need do a bit of QTE thing when plant a bomb and when you aim mortair or artilery you need rotate sticks - kind of clever. Same as there parts where you drive car and some meh QTE where you "in handfight with german". Interestingly, both handfights and driving sections was in recent CoD WW2 now I know from where they are. There was one Tank sections for Poles who fight on Shermans in france and it was like tank section in Cod WaW, but more crude and lame (maybe it's only applying to PS2 port) and there was a bit cutscenes, but no more poles exept for background in one mission.

Overall: Ultra-generic WW2 game. Only thing why it's fresh for me because controls, ye. I think I'll move to some other PS2 and PS1 games.
No. 41040
Every time I play Stellaris I end up creating an extremely isolationist empire with very few planets highly developed planets. Seeing other species living on my precious planets fills me with disgust for some reason, every time I try to change my playstyle I revert to the old ways sooner or later. To add to that, the only races I have fun with are the ones that look human or elf-like. I'm not even a racist IRL, but I guess I am in videogames.
No. 41041
81 kB, 244 × 313
Not played Stellaris (thought know about game in general) but looks like there a good list of portraits, including different mushrooms and robots. Ye, they all look more on clichse-space opera fantasy side, but well, why not. Some species are cute.
No. 41045
Personally I found Stellaris extremely boring when I played it for a few hours.
Paradox games are good because they let you get invested in the history of the family or nation you're in control of.
Stalleris' random empires and planets just don't have the same personality for me.
No. 41079
160 kB, 1920 × 1080
After some 5 years playing off and on, finished my first Dark Souls playthrough yesterday.
It's hard to pinpoint what makes it so great, I just started Darks Souls II, and it doesn't quite feel the same.
No. 41080
There's actually quite a few games on sale for pretty cheap right now however I cannot really recommend anybody giving steam their money. What I've actually found to be pretty incredibly disappointing is just how few games there are on GOG. It seems to me that rather than each being a competitor it is more like Steam is for buying lots of new or only somewhat older releases for super cheap (even though they often share sales they do not always) as opposed to GOG which is for mostly very old games which often cannot even be found on pirate sites anymore and which unlike Steam actually fucking work. I think the last time I tried buying something was Disciples II which was a totally broken piece of shit that I demanded my money back. In retrospect, that was right around the time I'd become considerably less pleased with Valve overall for their numerous aspects of shittiness.

Blackguards is among the things on sale right now for $1.50; it is easily worth $10-20. I actually forget what I saw but I remembered seeing a bunch of good games I already had.

I still wish I could just switch to GOG entirely though. I finally got around to purchasing Beautiful Desolation and much to my surprise my bank actually processed that transaction immediately. I also just picked up Alien Isolation for $2.00

Gonna get me Disco Elysium probably this weekend and I picked up the new XCOM thing. Actually what I've discovered is that both Valve and GOG still demand a massive 30% cut of sales (like what the absolute fucking shit??) which also makes me question how any game devs can afford to put up with this kind of bullshit on top of sales, leading me to further question just how overworked and completely fucked over the game devs and various useful staff at studios actually are in contrast to their completely fucking useless staff (marketing and PR, various executives, the people who don't actually work and don't actually produce anything while giving themselves massive shares of the wealth created by workers and content producers). What I personally would prefer to do at this point is just buy everything from Humble Bundle or directly from the devs themselves but I couldn't find anything anywhere to pay these Estonians directly for Disco and a vast majority of games I may be interested in couldn't find off of Humble.

Hey actually this gives me an idea maybe I should just figure out how to contact these guys or somebody working at the studio and try and figure out a way to just buy a steam key off them. Oh. Wait this made more sense in my head before. No wait it still just might depending how Steam currency conversion and gifting works.
No. 41083
The cut is high because it's not traditional distribution. In physical distribution you give them X copies of your product and they sell that on for a profit, and if a distributor doesn't see a profit in your product, they won't carry it (this is how tabletop giants dominate physical spaces so easily, the distributors just don't stock much of the small fry). How digital distribution works is that they keep it on their servers and you set the retail price yourself, no recommending it to storefronts. Essentially what that 30% covers is the equivalent of a company doing its own distribution, and paying for its own warehousing of product, the distribution division's own profit margin, as well as buying access to an established brand/shopfront with an existing market. It's a high percentage, but in terms of what it's doing in the physical equivalent, it's not beyond understanding, and I'd wager that for some very small dev teams, what it'd cost in Valve's cut would be far lower than the cost of having to market the game to get the same number of sales without that cut.
No. 41084
Forgot to say that the reason it being there regardless of sales is relevant is because it takes up space that could be used for something else, and with lots of poorly-selling games meaning that their servers have to be bigger, better and more expensive to run, they need to have some way of offsetting that cost.

It also wouldn't surprise me if they negotiated with guaranteed bestselling games for a lower rate because they're going to make a shitload off of it even with a lower rate, while games that are not as hot will get the standard 30%
No. 41090
167 kB, 1344 × 704, 0:01
You have triggered my PTSD. Thanks a bunch.

>I just started Darks Souls II, and it doesn't quite feel the same.
I dunno, I loved all the three games. IIRC, DSII was criticized mostly by tryhard online players for changing PvP mechanics and some other things like poise. But I'm mostly into single-player anyway, so I didn't care about that stuff. And what I like the most about Dark Souls is their worlds that are so beautiful and interesting to explore. Yeah, they are probably not very realistic (why would they construct buildings that tall in a medieval town that will become Undead Burg? Or who would need a fortification so full of deadly traps like Sen's Fortress?), but they appeal to me nonetheless, possibly because their impracticality makes them slightly surreal. And so, my favorite part in the third game (which is considered by many a game that got the series back on track; they still didn't bring poise, heh) was not the new weapons, gameplay mechanics, enemies, bosses or whatever, but the moment when you exit Catacombs of Carthus and you are treated to an absolutely gorgeous view of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. I got killed by a huge doggie-thingy when I tried to venture there almost immediately because I didn't have a proper key, but it's okay, it's totally normal for Dark Souls. XDDDDDD
No. 41091
DS2 was critisised for its nonsensical and immersion shattering level design, as well as the incredibly linear structure. Pretty sure the trend started with this Matthewmatosis' video back in 2014.
No. 41093
123 kB, 2726 × 764
Finally finished my X-com campaign. The early game is fun when you can sacrifice troops and equipment, but by the mid to late game the game becomes frustrating because of the psionic aliens mind-controlling troops and your equipment becoming too expensive to sacrifice it in suicide attacks. (Not to mention it's a pain in the ass to assault bigger UFO's.)

Lose a rookie in the first month, it's 40k USD +-5K for his equipment. Lose a sergeant mid game, you lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment alone, not including the time that went into training the guy and the rare materials and time it takes to manufacture new, high-tech equipment for the new recruit.

The last mission is always fun though. There you don't have to worry about casualties, equipment or the consequences of your action. You bust the doors doom-style and shoot up the place, using explosives casually.
The Blaster Launcher is probably my favourite rocket launcher in any video game. It's so fun to use.

It's the one where a UFO lands in Tehran and you have to lead an international task-force to repel them.
Which is to say, it's an X-com map and not a Theme Hospital one.
No. 41098
Oh crap there actually more legacy to BloodRayne. It's actually action game that become like this just because original developers wanted make sequel for their horror game but never managed to because of the publishers.
No. 41100
1,4 MB, 1440 × 900
1,3 MB, 1440 × 900
1,4 MB, 1440 × 900
1,0 MB, 1440 × 900
Soo.. umm.. well.. for some goddamned reason I played other CoD on PS2 because was even more curious about. Call of Duty World at War Final Fronts. Yes, they continue makeing PS2 ports and game versions untill early 10s, and it was wierd time when they tried to squish very recut verison of the game that tried to give at least "taste" of what game suposed to be but often with unique content and unique apperance since it's impossible translate one game directly. For example PSP version of Star Wars Force Unleashed I played not long ago (I suspect PS2 version is same as PSP one). What I can compare this fenomena is to J2ME mobile phone games of the time - not THAT radical but still.

Now I starting to think that CoD3 on PS3 also might be better than PS2 version, because World at War suffered.. significant changes and also become much less complex and interesting game on all fronts, cutting all scale and complex moments from game. More than that, Final Fronts is actually have not that much in common with original WaW. It built on same engine as PS2 CoD3 (so more likely slightly altered CoD2 engine) and have same interface and hell lot of models. It add/remove some features to kind of mimic CoD5 gameplay - like sprint option, charging japanise, no QTE when placing bomb and no visual time of it etc. but that's it.

Game contain two main campaigns - one is made from scratch but loosely based on Pacific one from original game (you can notice some similarities in it's progression if you familiar with both) and Compleatly new winter 1945 campaign on western front replacing soviet one. Original campaign slightly better and I say this game is better than CoD3 on PS2 - much less boring and at least trying into different environments and situations. And welp, this game is really trying hard in places for PlayStation2. Of cource, there a lot of potato graphics since this game was not made PS2 in mind from scratch but rather like "how we can fucking fir World at War at PS2".
No. 41102
Well that would make the newer XCOMs pretty true to form though because its progression is literally exactly the same way.

I've never played the original games but typically what happens in EU/2 is that you're almost definitely going to lose a soldier or two or even a few in the early game which can be a super bad pain in the balls particularly when it bumps off your only trained non-rookies thus losing not just the extra hitpoint but more importantly the specialized roles, but it is incredibly easy to come back from. Meanwhile you're pretty much going to get a breather after which you're going to get a noticeable difficulty spike in mid game which is always exactly where my campaigns would become totally unsalvageable since losing even one or two well trained soldiers and their gear behind weakens me so substantially that I end up having a pretty good chance of losing somebody else on the next mission and it's all just downhill from there. Meanwhile if you can actually manage to survive the mid game then by late game it becomes incredibly easy and even if you lose somebody on that off chance it's easy to make it through to the last mission where it really doesn't matter mechanically whether you end up getting just about everybody killed, and the sole reason the mid to late game gets so hard is because they start spamming mind control on your troops but by then at least in EU you're going to have loads of your own troops who can do it right back.

Actually two of the things I traditionally did particularly in EU was to have at least three fully trained squads by late game. I always tried to have at least one full squad capable of moment notice mobilization, another backup of bench warmers when they get injured, and a third backup for in case of squad wipes--which rarely happened btw but it became kind of reflexive after playing for hundreds of hours and seeing what happens when one stupid mistake or unlikely move gets me pinned down with half the squad dead or incapacitated and all the rest severely injured right before having another random bullshit to do leaving me with virtually no one left to deploy or serious gaps. This became particularly true for XCOM2 when I had those insufferable extraction missions thereby losing a well trained guy or two behind for no other reason than I miscalculated the distance between them and the evac point even when I had somehow getting pinned down, or having somebody panicked at the last minute, or get mind controlled or whatever dumb shit happened forcing me to leave people behind and thus have gaps in my troop composition.

The other thing I completely stopped in 2 but routinely did to cheese my way through EU was psionics. Because of it being a separate class and wasting more of my time, space, and resources I never found it particularly necessary to train anybody as psionics in 2, all the more so because of how progression works. You have to train them as a separate class starting from rookie and only two at a time which takes absolutely fucking forever to fully train starting in the mid game so it's really just totally pointless to cheese your way through particularly because it doesn't even feel like it fits thematically in the grimdark cyberpunk of 2. Meanwhile in EU it always amuses me to train as many people as I possibly can just so that I can have at least one full death squad clad in all black of normal troop composition. Because it tended to feel like I put up with that bullshit more it was always immensely satisfying to just clear a whole level by mind controlling everything in my path and using them as suicide commando shock troops ahead of me before finally reaching the Elder and having him kill himself.
No. 41118
Wait they actually released different content cuts for different consoles? Really? Was this at all common?
No. 41122
Well, it was most common practice in times when we have different archetectures. In 80s and 90s you may find hell lot of games that may have like lliteraly around 10-20 versions of them on different computer and console systems and for different countries. Sometimes there little changes, sometimes dramatic, sometimes it was compleatly different games at all. It's actually over time, when number of different systems decreases and difference between existed ones becomes less and less. Late PS2 and PSP probably one of last examples of such thing.
Less popular versions of games I know, different spin-offs on different systems and unique content in them is my hobby, this why I lurking around things like J2ME, PS1 and PS2 and not even metion all before when there was litteraly dosens of systems and it was common practice. I thought it's common knowlege tbh.
No. 41135
Why have I never heard about this before? I was aware of certain graphical dissimilarities between different ancient consoles but I had no idea a much newer console like the PS2 actually had completely different maps and storylines and whatnot than the version for XBOX or whatever.

Also are you guys experiencing internet or power outages in your countries today and yesterday?
No. 41137
In EU you operated with a squad of 4-6 people, and even losing one troop in the early-mid game could prove to be disastrous.
Here you operate with squads of 8-14 (Depending on how many heavy weapons platforms you take with you) and the game gives you a much bigger leeway in losing people, especially how psionic aliens make your low-psi troops essentially worthless and you have to form a largely new, 100% psionic squad in the late game to even stand a chance against late-game aliens like Ethereals that mind-control the shit out of your squad.

After a while in EU it was vital to replay missions until NOBODY died. Here you can afford some casualties, it's just that the rate of acceptable losses decreases as the game progresses because of how scarce the resources are.
(While in EU you can't lose troops because of their valuable training, which arguably makes troops harder to replace, because your squads are so small.)

So yes, ultimately both games force you to play it more safe by the end-game, but for different reasons.
Though I felt a lot more constrained while playing EU.
Didn't play XC2 yet.
No. 41138
22 kB, 240 × 320
29 kB, 176 × 208
86 kB, 244 × 324
Well, I from time to time post about different versions of older CRPGs but most probably nobody interested in them. Or things like J2ME version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
No. 41154
144 kB, 1280 × 720
So I've finally gotten around to playing Beautiful Desolation and it's fantastic. I also ordered some CBD hemp and smoked a hand rolled cigarette of it and it's amazing how much tension I keep in myself just at baseline. Like I don't even notice it but my entire body is like it's tense 24/7. But anyway the combination of that was perfect for this relaxing strange game. Wow every muscle in my body is relaxing. Am I like this all the time?

So perhaps that has also hope set the tone as the game so far seems like it may be way more introspective than I was expecting. I'm just barely into it and the only thing I think to say on this game is it's the first time I've actually felt this way about a game since Tides of Numenera and prior to that Planescape in terms of the sheer delight of exploring a fictional strange and totally alien world. I have played no other games which match this level.

I have also discovered adventure games can be really neat. I used to think I absolutely hated them but The Brotherhood puts out some really great stuff. It had a weird aura of Tides or Planescape mixed with Fallout but is gameplay wise pretty much just a much more open world with actual semi-rpgish dialogue options whose true function I do not know. I cannot even tell yet whether it even matters which things I am saying in dialogue or whether anything will actually affect the ending or things happening like it would in a crpg. It's also the first time in quite awhile I truly do not even know what to expect in terms of how to play. It's making me realize just how much I default to familiarity and for once it's interfacing with something where I truly do not know what to expect at all, but so far it is marvelous. It's sadly a rarer thing that a team of devs can come up with fleshing out a truly compelling and strange virtual world like a canvas to explore painted in existentialism rather than the usual contrivances of vidya games.

I don't think ACG did it justice and sadly it doesn't seem to have been reviewed by anyone else I recognize yet. What best I can say is ACG did a good review but did not go far enough in explaining how this utterly compelling worked just starts pulling you in and wanting to find out more about this world and explore it.
No. 41164
2,6 MB, 3840 × 2160
So ja I saw a review of this game that said he liked it because of his interest in the war in South Africa and some very autistic sounding level of interest in that very particular time that somehow reminded me of Australia talking about things that makes me think some here might like it, and it's a very strange and unique experience I think partly because I've only met two South Africans in my life and don't really know anything about the country. They're often speaking in what sounds like some kind of Dutch pidgin English and some other kind of African pidgin English, and South African English which basically sounds like Australian and probably most people can't hear the difference between SA accent and Australian one (if you've never met anyone from there it sounds like Australian to American ears but the difference is there, it's just subtle). I'm finding it hard to describe this game's setting. I'm actually pretty sure now though that one reason why I'm liking it so much is because it very much has the late 90s game feel to it.

If you've played STASIS it's like that bot tonally different and where STASIS vastly succeeded at capturing real horror somehow on a level of Dead Space or SOMA despite being a point and click adventure/puzzle game basically, this one also is thus far succeeding at being a Planescape/Numenera set in tribal punk worn future South Africa as puzzle/adventure game. The sound design truly is great and come to think of it I think Mark Morgan himself might've actually been the guy who designed the soundscape for both Stasis and Beautiful Desolation. Not sure how they got him but it's very polished. In fact everything these guys sell seems to be really well polished. Not sure why a small team/couple of brothers can do better than large teams of people. It seems like theyve been ramping up to sort of doing their own fully fleshed out thing as this has crpg esque features like dialogue and being able to travel around a world map and each of those areas has different locations
No. 41183
That gif looks nice, definitely looking forward to DS3.

I'll make sure to watch this once I'm finished, I liked his vid on DS1.

For me DS2 so far just feels slightly watered down, in just about all ways. I'm still enjoying it, especially since I can go in blind for once, as I had watched so many streams & speedruns of DS1 that there wasn't all that much for me to discover by myself.

Oh, I remember I loved playing the Sims game for N-Gage, I only played it at a stand in a mall for a few hours as my parents went shopping during that time. Later, I asked my dad to get me some Sims games for PC, but I ended up being rather disappointed since those didn't really have quests like the N-Gage game did.
No. 41185
128 kB, 600 × 679
Still playing Stellaris. After many moons spent researching the psychic abilities of a dead civilisation, all humans are now psychic. Eventually my faction leader ventured into the psychic realms and returned as an immortal being who is now worshipped as the God-Emperor of Mankind. My civilisation started out as a military dictatorship with elections upon death so having a God-Emperor is a pretty natural progression.
No. 41186
1,8 MB, 204 × 335, 0:06
>South African English which basically sounds like Australian and probably most people can't hear the difference between SA accent and Australian one
Nod really. They sound breddy different tbh, especially when you account for the ways that they phrase things. Rhyming slang is present in both languages as a Cockney remnant, but while in Australia it's really died down, it became a lot more ingrained in popular slang in SA. Great example is the China/Mate split. Most Australians will know what someone means if they call someone China, but it's not often used in Australia (anymore, used to be more common in the early 20th century). Their mannerisms are far more different and the mixup more egregious than the usual Australian and NZ accent mixup that foreigners always have.
No. 41187
Well I said to American ears at least. They sound very similar. It probably sounds way different to you because you live there.
No. 41188
Helpful hint: Saffas sound like they're talking from the back of their throat, while Australian sounds more mouthy. The tonal similarities are superficial.
No. 41197
Ha ha and I thought I was only one who cared about this shit lol. Always thought HECU is cool.
No. 41198
Like I said I know the difference of what you guys sound like but that's only because I hung around with a couple of them and also have been around Aussies IRL. It's something I wouldnt expect most Americans to immediately pick up on and if they did, well it's Americans so they'd probably be confused and think he's British if not Aus. It's similar to how I wouldnt expect foreigners to immediately pick up on our different Southern accents if they hadn't been around American southerners before.
No. 41202
I played Disco Elysium for like 20 minutes today and the writing seems fantastic. I can finally go back to being a drunk communist at least in the world of videogames.
No. 41203
444 kB, 1920 × 1080
539 kB, 1920 × 1080
I talked about dungeon keeper style games a few months before, and how I'd like to see a game in that genre with tighter gameplay and better pacing. Well, recently I discovered a game called Dungeon Warfare II, and seeing it made some wires cross in my brain. A "good" version of a dungeon keeper game is just tower defense. The base building, management, and other tedious stuff is abstracted away into the currency and upgrade system, while the fun part: laying traps for enemy invaders, is the main focus of the game.

As far as tower defense games go, this one is pretty good. There's an upgrade system, skill tree, map progression, item/crafting system, and so on. All of them are a bit shallow, but it's decent variety to keep you occupied for a while. The core gameplay itself isn't as tight as the best TD mods for WC3, but not being confined to the downloadable map format allows the game to have a great variety of maps, which opens up another dimension of gameplay, that being level design. Layout and geography of different levels add a lot of strategic depth and replayability.

It made me think how I always wanted DoTA style games to be a more general "hero based strategy game" genre with a wide variety of maps, objectives and game modes, rather than having a single map. I think level design is an important part of video games, and DoTA games miss out on that. I wonder why nobody bothered to try and do it. I'd say the closest example is actually World of Warcraft battlegrounds, even then there's like less than 10 of them. Imagine hero based team strategy game with the same variety of maps as an arena shooter, would be cool.

Anyway, here's some screenshots if you're interested. It's me doing a couple "endless mode" maps where you just play forever until you die. I seem to be a "depth first" sort of person, I prefer 100% completing existing content before moving on to the next, and perfectly fine playing a single map / playstyle / class until I exhaust it completely. It is probably a bad thing now that I think about it. Almost every practical human endeavor is a "breadth first" sort of deal, where you finish something first, and only then start ratholing on specific problems. Oh well. We can't all be winners. Some of us are destined to autistically do the same thing over and over again without ever accomplishing anything.
No. 41205
No. 41208
No. 41215
40 kB, 400 × 268
49 kB, 288 × 219
Despite the fact I have literally zero time left for gaming anymore, I always nostalgia over Vector TD and Ghost Hacker.

Strangely, most of my gaming carreer I thought learning build orders and the like was lame and the way to ruin the gaming experience (thing WoW, A Shaman must level this and that quickly in order to be a good PVP addition, instead of just going with the story flow nicely), but then I remembered I even had walkthroughs/guides when I started gaming as a kid, and those are the games that are still fun now (Mario 64 for instance).

I also remember always having trouble with Starcraft, and then recently revisiting it with the most basic build orders in mind, and suddenly almost breezing through the entire campaign. (Except Protoss 9 in that interior mission; basically grinded to a halt there)

Maybe I should just muscle up some build orders in Vector TD and then start tackling the higher difficulties and have some actual fun?
No. 41239
46 kB, 657 × 532
While I was 3/4 asleep at 2am this morning and saw light reflecting off my favourite tea mug in two splotches. It looked like the eyes of a dark soul creature so I instinctively punched it off the table and it shattered on the floor. Now I'm using my backup mug for guests and it's terrible.

At least I now know that a straight punch is my R1 action.
No. 41242
Should've started the battle with dodging. Always start your battles with dodging just in case.
No. 41282
4,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
Apparently the people who voiced the Aliens in Xcom Chimera Squad were never told they'd be voicing aliens, so your fucking Viper sounds like a Stacy and your Sectoid sounds like a Salarian from Mass Effect
No. 41299
Well, it isn't too bad.
A reasonable compromise imho. If you think about it, you're going to listen to them making quips throughout the campaign, so it was a much safer route to make them sound human instead of risking the creation of an alien sounding but annoying voice.
No. 41301
Yeah this. I heard about it beforeI sometimes lurk other /v/diya boards and reviews and such. I mean quite frankly I have always fucking hated the snakes. They are a holdover from the 90s when most games had some sort of incredibly cheesy as shit 1950s monster movie bullshit like lobster men or whatever. I have ranted about this at length in muh 4x games. Master of Orion 1 and later 2 was one of the worst offenders in that regard but it was literally almost all of them back then. Like Wasteland 1 just had mutated bunnies.

Every single thing was like some 1950s b movie with some dude dressing up in a lizard costume for monster night and this has tainted a good deal of vidya even to this day and typically affecting the ones built on nostalgia the most like XCOM and various CRPGs.

Naturally I fucking hated it in XCOM2 but at the very minimum the enemy itself was mechanically interesting and I soon forget I was fighting some dumb shit earthling snake with tits. When I saw that out of all the fucking enemies they could have chosen for Chimera they went with the stupid snake I was incredibly disappointed and outright wary of this game but I bought it anyway. Knowing that they chose not to go with something even more stupid like sssomeone ssssspeaking in thissss most retarded manner at least eased some of my worries, although it would make more sense thematically for them to, you know, be actually alien.

Of course the SJWcertain colorful manner of the cover art and subject matter also did not ease my worries.

You know part of the reason I played XCOM2 to almost Irish tier amounts of time was because it was darker and edgier in all ways including subject matter and it gave me the future aesthetic I actually liked and wanted, not whatever this Slaaneshi looking bullshit is but oh well it's still XCOM and at least I won't be continually bothered by some annoying as shit cloying voice and instead go with something so vanilla and banal that it won't break my focus on how irritating something is.
No. 41303
399 kB, 819 × 1024
Rubber suit monsters are kino though femme. You really underestimate how ebin cheesy shit played straight is. I've used unironic greys and gill-men in my games alongside cribbed aspects of movies like Teenagers from Outer Space, a movie where teenagers with rayguns try to farm giant lobsters on earth.

t. Was born in the camp, molded by it
No. 41304
84 kB, 760 × 409
12 kB, 320 × 200
Snakes in Nu-com are a holdover from the original games where they were arguably the shittiest enemies to fight against because of the terror units they were associated with. (Chryssalids are the shittiest enemies in any video game. Period.)
The fact that it's not an original franchise but a reboot makes the enemy pool a bit constrained and they have to rely on recycling older concepts. The fact that most concept-art and design documents were lost after the production of the original game makes their job a lot harder too. (Like 2-3 tables of cut sprites survive.)
No. 41311
149 kB, 334 × 236
745 kB, 1115 × 564
595 kB, 1013 × 1500
130 kB, 960 × 540
I'm aware of it. That's precisely why I said what I said. That was the exact meaning behind "stupid shit such as lobstermen"

But you know the fact of the matter is, it is not even entirely a remake, but rather like you said a reboot. Like you don't get these huge squads of expendable soldiers for example. You get all of these interesting and sometimes unique new enemies and regardless they could have chosen all kinds of other shit than snakemen. I mean just look at this shit for an example
It wasn't like they didn't have anything actually to go with. They had plenty of good starting material mixed in with the shit.

Meh most of it is painfully derivative. I like b movie stuff and kitsch in very limited quantity and select circumstances. Like a terror mission I am supposed to be taking that kind of shit seriously. A game like XCOM EU I can deal with the Snakemen bs because at least that game had a somewhat cartoonish aesthetic to it and it very much had its own amount of 1950s b movie so snake enemies could have actually gone well with it.

But then there's XCOM2. That game was extremely specific in its shift to a more graphic, realistic, and brutal portrayal of things. It was an intensely sober minded game built around darkness and sharp edges. I think that the shift to XCOM2 sectopods vs the EU ones exemplifies that entire tonal shift which makes the Snakemen stand out like a goddamn sore thumb. It just does not work in that game and I wish they killed that enemy off for anything but turning XCOM back into its homages to cheesy 1950s stuff and mutilated cows in a farm level with cartoony graphics like Enemy Unknown did.It makes it very difficult for me not to use the term furfag when discussing it.

tl;dr thematically it doesn't work and clashes terribly with the rest of XCOM2 in a way it never would in EU
No. 41312
17 kB, 640 × 400
16 kB, 640 × 400
25 kB, 640 × 400
Yes but why not run the voice through a filter to make it sound inhuman a little bit? Why does your viper sound like some chain smoking single mom from Florida?

>Chryssalids are the shittiest enemies in any video game. Period
Have you met the tentaculat from TFTD?

Yeah I really liked Gilmen, Greys, Lobstermen etc. from the old Xcom games they were creepy as fuck. And I don't know if I'd prefer them these days in sci-fi movies and stuff but today all Aliens feel just as cheap with the shitty CGI everywhere. Last movie I can think of that didn't use CGI for their monsters was Dog Soldiers and the warewolves in that looked kino
No. 41313
I'm too much of bitchboy to actually try TFTD, since I have a relatively hard time completing the original on the easiest difficulty with OP mods like the Gauss Weapon pack.

Gollop didn't have much to do with Terror From the Deep. It was basically "designed" (Reskinned) by committee in a year and a half to cash in on the first game, and the cheesy monsters make a lot of sense because of the deep-sea setting.
The original game had a relatively interesting set of aliens if you don't count sectoids. And they were all terrifying. Even the snakes that functioned more like large, tanky predatorsnails instead of the nimble sex-symbol that they included in XC2.
No. 41317
42 kB, 1920 × 1080
440 kB, 680 × 680
78 kB, 586 × 1070
6,2 MB, 328 × 162, 1:19
Jedi Outcast, Dark Forces, Darkest Dungeon, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Blackguards, Blackguards 2, The Long Journey Home, and Deus Ex GOTY edition are all on sale for $1-3 on GOG right now and Deus Ex Mankind Divided is on sale for less than $5 just an FYI
and also Asscreed, Sunless Skies, Evil Within 2, Pathologic 2, Star Wars Empire at War, both KOTORS (but who the fuck wants to give Disney money) are all on sale for 50-67% off on Steam

Also Little Nightmares and all of everything XCOM except the new Chimera thing are all on sale for up to 90% off on Steam, which sadly I cannot say the same for GOG atm.

I am listing pretty much every single thing that I would strongly recommend. There's other games that are like $3 such as Sanctum 2 and Defense Grid 2 that I liked but I'm not sure how much you guys are going to be into that kind of thing. I would strongly recommend all of these games except Asscreed I haven't played and DX:MD because I haven't played yet and Deus Ex GOTY because frankly I thought it kind of sucked despite all the hype and Dark Forces I do not share it's love with Russia. So yes you got a few extra quid? Go out and buy em.

I most particularly recommend XCOM2 and TLJH is actually pretty great. I am thankful for browsing some people's wishlists because every once in awhile you catch onto an obscure game you aren't completely sure about and then you get it because some guy like Ireland was keeping an eye and you find out it's awesome. It's especially funny because I ended up playing and liking a whole bunch of games from genres I absolutely fucking hated like roguelites and adventure games.
No. 41319
191 kB, 640 × 300
>but who the fuck wants to give Disney money
Tbh playing not first Jedi Knight, and this is asesome games that in many ways uniuqe, ahead of it's time and have much more interesting concepts than I remember it have been. It was thing where LucasArts put hell lot of effort and in many ways shaped future of linear plot shooters and based it's plot mainly for EU-assubrgers of the time. This game actually probably the least norime-acceptable Star Wars game ever created actually, but not posting much since doubt much people be interested.
No. 41326
No. 41337
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
1,6 MB, 1600 × 900
I'm gonna 100% Surviving Mars because it's scratched my Banished itch like nothing else
>first picture
starting a new game as Brazil, definitely gonna stick to that barrel dome as my starter dome from now on, so much more room to build early on inside it
>second picture
my previous playthrough I completely terraformed Mars to the point I could take down the dome shields since the air was breathable

Well they're basically chryssalids that can fly, and they like hiding in the dark
>The Long Journey Home
I'm gonna install this, since I've not played it yet. One of those games I bought and forgot I had like blackguards
No. 41338
Surviving Mars is very easy.
No. 41345
4,5 MB, 2104 × 1116
Has anyone played ancestors:the humankind odyssey already?

Thematically this game really seems to be interesting.
No. 41354
No, but thank you for pointing me to it, it looks really fascinating.
No. 41357
I finished up a day in Disco Elysium now, so far it seems like Planescape Torment with drug withdrawal
No. 41362
Watched a couple of videos on it, seems like a letdown. What an interesting concept though.
No. 41364
Except Planescape: Torment actually had combat,and, you know, actual gameplay.
No. 41366
Welp, I haven't even played that much, and have already found a degenerate strategy that maximizes efficiency to the detriment of the gameplay experience. I've basically obsoleted the rest of the game and deprived myself of dozens of hours of enjoyment. I don't know why my first compulsion when playing such games is to break them. It's like that card game where I found an RNG exploit that let me build a deck that can do enough damage in a single turn to defeat the final boss several times over.
But maybe if you recontextualize the gameplay as "solving the system", it's the fault of the game's design that the optimal solution is achievable too easily. There certainly are games where the task of finding the optimal solution takes months if not years. Or games where the best solution requires immense technical skill that needs to be cultivated over thousands of hours.

Actually kinda related, I never really read guids or strategies for games where you're "supposed" to do that. The process of learning the game system and the best series of actions IS the gameplay for me. Once that's figured out, either the game loses all interest (in case of bad games), or you gain the skills necessary to make strategic decisions in unexpected or novel situations (in case of good games). Either way I don't want to deprive myself of that "discovery" phase. It sometimes causes problems in multiplayer games, though, like me getting kicked out of WoW guilds because I didn't want to read about raid mechanics and spoil the raid for myself :-DD
No. 41367
But Planescape already is very story-heavy, is this game even more?
No. 41368
Yes, the game consists of reading through the story, picking dialogue option, and a lot of skill checks with dice rolls. I suppose at least your choices do matter at least, unlike in many other "story driven" games.

I think I've said it before, but I really liked the world Disco Elysium is set in, I just wish the game wasn't quite as devoid of gameplay.
No. 41370
177 kB, 1280 × 720
783 kB, 1920 × 1079
323 kB, 600 × 340

this could be the rpg i always wanted: a real time baldur's gate style isometric rpg situated in the dark eye (das schwarze auge) universe.
graphics look really nice for my taste and the finnish dev seems to be concerned about being canonical to rules and lore of table top dsa as well. reviews critisize that it doesn't contain a big and epic linear quest but consists of a lot of smaller adventures of varying difficulty instead, but i'm still really excited.

(mostly in german, the interview with the dev is in english)
No. 41372
>it doesn't contain a big and epic linear quest but consists of a lot of smaller adventures of varying difficulty instead
Kino campaign structure. Reviewers are full of shit.
No. 41374
TDE is not bribing the reviers so much as other companies. Every TDE is getting some 'funny' reviews. It has always been like that.

oh, this pleases me greatly. Another TDE game. That is great.
No. 41375
oh it is Mrs. Stritter. hrgnhrgnn :3
No. 41378
But referring to the announcement that they want to publish it second quarter of 2020, game progress isn't far.
And I also don't like that they aren't DSA-player. They preferred to have a D&D license, but didn't get one as small Finnish developers. Hence they decided to go for another license.
No. 41385
5,2 MB, 4608 × 2592
release is delayed to late 2020 for some reason. mháire apparently was given a finished tutorial mission and another mission to play for review, so i doubt the game is in need of substantial changes. let's hope the devs and publishers just put more variety in, improve some details and don't run into financial trouble, because i really like what i've seen so far. i also don't have a problem with dsa only being second choice after dnd for the dev. at the end of the day he must make ends meets financially while dsa is fairly niche compared with the large international dnd audience, so i'm glad that he gives dsa a try and actually seems committed to it now. also, i'm sure there's a number of capable coders within the dsa pen&paper community, but nobody bothered to make such an effort so far. again, i really like baldur's gate and pillars of eternity, it almost seems unreal to me after all those years that there's an isometric bg-like dsa rpg in the making and about to be released :3
No. 41407
What you just described is called gameplay
No. 41408
Well, gameplay of adventure game. I think what he meant is that game actually has nothing besides classic adventure with some attached RPG stats to it. I not played game but I suspect something among this lines
No. 41451
1011 kB, 1440 × 900
924 kB, 1440 × 900
710 kB, 1440 × 900
1,0 MB, 1440 × 900
So finnaly I did something proper on PS2 instead of crappy CoD ports and spin-offs that I playing just from academic interest. And I tried Ratchet and Clank.
And this was long, big and constantly exciting experience of pure aracady action-adventure awesomnes. Sadly, I still not played previous games from developer on PS1 - most notably Spyro series, however if they like this, I'm on board.

It's hard to describe all of my thoughts in single post and I don't want make it wall of text, but idea that you travel around on different planets with your robot. Upgrading robot with gadgets, upgrading your ecqipment. Buying new weapons, collecting secrets and so on. You know, best game I can compare it is Mass Defect actually, I guess this pseudo-RPG abomination is more trying to copy this type of game like R&C but difference is that R&C more fun, have beter core design of it and I care about it's characters more.

Game constantly trying introduce new mechanics - walking as robot alone and control mini bots, walking as giant godzilla-size robot and destroy everything, flying on jet fighter and space fighter both in more arcady-lienar and free flight fashion, walking on magnetic boots on metalic surfaces, sliding on rails, searching stashes with metal detector, racing on hoverboard. Each planet have it's own unique look and gimmik, enemies or have different apperance or features - different attacks and abilities. I don't think this game, being much longer than I estimated, is ever get to become really repeative.

Plot of corse not an oscar, but it is and characters.. really likable? It's enjoyable to watch, there and there some funny moments. Game also have its.. early 00s "wacky future" style and ost that hard to describe but you'll get after game intro what I meant if you was born more early than year 2000 at least. Sadly, only realised that playing from emulator, I can make higer resolution, so most of the game I did on original PS2 480i... well, there is re-edition of original trilogy games on PS3 in hd but dunno how PS3 emulation now going. Not touched PS4 remake or watched carton tho, I heard they are mediocre. On other hand, I decided to play it after watching Zero Punctuation review on remaking where all he did is doing some ramble about "oh another animal character or why you need 3d platformer blah blah" and well, after playing this I may say that his trash opinion compleatly discarded, game is 10/10, Ratchet is cutie. Can't wait to play it's sequel. Maybe I'll start it right now but it's already 5am here so maybe no.
No. 41452
531 kB, 754 × 1228
>is ever get to become really repeative.
No. 41458
I disagree with the notion that reading, clicking dialogue option and rolling dice constitutes gameplay.
No. 41462
14 kB, 1280 × 720
I just got done reading this wondering how a Russian was able to use "an" perfectly fluently while still sounding very Russian and then I read this
> >is ever get to become really repeative.
I'm sorry but I laughed irl
No. 41464
That's basicallyit is literally exactly the same thing that you are doing for Baldur's Gate and KOTOR with the exception that those games have lots of flashy animations and shiny graphical models showing the outcomes of your dice rolls.

Brick described it best which is that there are two main types or "over genres" of gameplay and that is logic puzzles and spatial and reaction games. In fact I would even go so far as to say that most bydlo are into the spatial/reaction ones and the more EC tiers can predictably be found inhabiting the logic based ones. These include games like XCOM, 4x/gag, various types of RPGs, puzzle games, and so on where the outcome of the game has more to do with your logical and analytical ability, whereas a spatial game such as Mario, racing games, shooters, and hack n slash all are more premised on your ability to react to vectors in real time. I'm probably explaining it more poorly than Kazakhstan did.

Like in Planescape Torment the combat was notoriously bad but I bet you're still going to call that gameplay because it has combat, in spite of the fact that positioning really didnt matter much and that every combat encounter could easily be broken down into a card game, turn based or with nothing but dice rolls because that's what it is in essence: a digitized tabletop rpg.

XCOM is the same shit. Those CtH percentages are all dice rolls. It gives you flashy graphics but that's literally all the entire game is, is a series of tile positions for dice rolls. That's it. Stripped bare it is nothing more than that. But I bet you wouldnt say XCOM 2 does not have gameplay would you, because you see some flashy graphics and mistake it for what gameplay should look like because you apparently don't see the difference between presentation and substance.

If you are just having branching dialogue options with no combat and dice rolls for different actions based on stats then yeah that is called gameplay. As a matter of fact it's a more pure and unvarnished form of what every tabletop RPG session actually is and feels like, since combat itself is nothing but more actions and dice rolls.
No. 41465
Me and russia ernst hold semantically different philosophies regarding that.
I think his thesis is that what separates action games vs rpg style games is that one requires your own skills as a player, while the other one is played by proxy through the imaginary skills of the character, and you assume the role of a sort of controller or conductor. So what makes an rpg different from an action rpg is that in an action game, how good you are at shooting bad guys depends on your reaction skills, while in an RPG, it depends on your character's "reaction time", and your role as a player is more as a strategist.

I do prefer a decent tactical game over a "decent" action game, mainly because the standards for what makes a "decent" action game are incredibly low. But I like it most when games incorporate both, but in a meaningful fashion. I like good strategy that still has an element of execution skill to it. Like arcadey fps games, certain types of real time strategy, tactical games with dynamic game state, etc.
Problem with purely strategic games is that given an infinite amount of time per turn, there is a deterministic best solution to every situation, and not much real time decision making. When you figure out that optimal solution, the actual process of executing it is a drawn out equivalent of pressing "I win". There are of course some games where the difficulty is limited exclusively by your brain capacity, but those are rare.

In an actually deep action game, this "decision making flowchart" is constantly shifting in real time, and you have to learn the whole system's behavior, rather than a single path through the graph. And it's a real joy when you know the system to such a degree that you start being able to predict it, and stay three step ahead of the enemy at all times. I get this feeling sometimes when playing a really good TF2 match, where I can make decisions based on my predictions of what other players in the game are doing right now, getting it right and making a good counter-play that leaves the enemy confused. It's enjoy that.
No. 41466
Ahm, he who said that this game has no gameplay other russian ernst, to avoid confusion. I'm playing Ratchet and clank and not played this game
t.CRPG russian
No. 41467
40 kB, 648 × 409
Also I not against games of any generes. What my issues often is that games called whatever marketing whats and people instead of following certain criteria that difine genre just "feel" it. From this comes confusion where genre name means nothing - under "RPG" label you can get pretty much anything from fighiting game with rising stats or some point and click adventure.

I not played Disco Elysium, thus I asked about this game from russian ernst who played it more >>41367 .
What can I say about from perspective about what I thought it is - it's more adventure game, like classic not point and click adventure but something among lines of Veil of Darkness. Post-SSI isometric RPGs breaked this tin line where heavy plot beome not just still addition to game core, but core itself. And from what I hear about Disco Elysium, it's gone even more far, towards territory of games like Sanitarium (ye, all my examples is DreamForge games in this post, ha).

People who saying "CRPGs are playing role and plot" I have same attitude as for people who calling games like "Witcher 3" CRPG. Both of them go into foggy territory loosing track of what genre is, just one people playing classic adventures with RPG elements, other playing action adventure and shooters with some RPG elements. Don't saying that Disco Elysium don't have gameplay personally - well, at first because I don't know game, but even if it's like I thought, well, games like Myst and interactive novels also games, just different than action or tactics.
No. 41468
>I'm sorry but I laughed irl
Why? ):
No. 41469
43 kB, 474 × 476
80 kB, 840 × 443
Because you said one of the only words in that sentence that actually worked and then fix'd the wrong thing.

>I don't think that this game, being much longer than I estimated, is ever going to become really repetative.
>I think that this game, being much longer than I estimated, is never going to become repetitive.
I'm sorry it was just seeing the fix at the end of it which itself was wrong
>instead of fixed or fix'd
Just made it incredibly funny to me. I'm not laughing at you it was just really funny in that moment. I think it was especially funny because most of the rest of that post was pretty fluent.
No. 41470
Enlish logic somtimes kind of hard, sorry.
No. 41471
350 kB, 13 pages
2,2 MB, 31 pages
Tbh, the fixation on die rolls as such an important part of RPGs is misplaced. RPGs in non-digital forms use them as a randomiser for events where the outcome isn't known. A PC doesn't need a simple way of doing that in the same way. Random number generation, perhaps, but I'd say that the optimal way for a computer to do an RPG is to either simulate it directly (a-la action RPG) or to simulate it indirectly (such as in CMANO where there are an absurd amount of modifiers that go into a percentile chance calculation). Just aping paper systems is taking on all their limitations (like needing to be playable with human brains at a table and simple enough to not suck the fun out of the game), adding some more of your own, and then refusing to make use of the advantages that your chosen platform has.

Also, player skill is considered more important than character skill in RPG design of the older period, and its revisiting in the OSR. How that translates into play is not relevant because it works in tandem with other cornerstones like rulings over rules, but it remains pretty important if you want to consider 'what is an RPG' from a theoretical standpoint. Here's a couple of primers on it that might have some surprising insights into how the oldest forms of RPG are thought of. You'll note that dice are considered secondary to the skill of the player. Don't dismiss this as 'paper freedom' because it isn't emphasised in a lot of modern design thought.

I think that this part of Brick's above post,
>you assume the role of a sort of controller or conductor
is correct. You are indeed controlling a character (or in most old school cases, characters thanks to hirelings still being a relevant thing) and directing their actions, but I'd say that it's more of a melding of player and character skill instead of them being separate concepts. Character skill represents how well they can do something, not necessarily what they can do. The what they can do is where player skill comes in. Again, this is design theory rather than video game practice but if we're going to be having an inquisition about what is and isn't an RPG, I think we'd best go back to the roots of the concept.
No. 41472
Thing is, original tabletop RPGs in computer world most probably be most close to action-adventure games with classic adventure elements. I think I did a couple of posts back then about how actually tabletop RPGs not really relate to CRPGs classic at all even thought they using same base systems, but idea here not even abut that.

Idea that I'm potential customer looking for specific genre of videogame. Looking I most probably for it's specific features I like. And problem comes when specific genre of computer video game start meaning basicly anything. "RPG videogame" means absoluetly nothing. This is giant big pile of philosophers that trying to ask questions about "what is tabletop RPG on computer" with their foggy descriptions, marketing that advertise their game as RPG if it have some stats or even orse, dialogue and open world since nowdays this als "RPG crieria", japanise with their cargo-cult remnats of some 80s CRPG mechanics mixed with primitive simple anime visual novels etc. etc.

So here I, customer or player, looking for game. What telling me when someone saying game is "RPG"? Absoluetly nothing. Goal of names and genres highlight specific features so people can navigate and understand features of product better. But RPG useless in this regard. So well, for me there is "CRPG", "CARPG", Action adventure, Classic adventure, Action adventure with RPG elements etc. in video games. Saying just "RPG" is synonym for "it's video game".
No. 41475
It's not about the animations it's about the player involvement, let's take tactical combat games like XCOM. You say it's essentially dice rolling, but in fact the player makes a thousand of impactful decisions every mission in order to minimise the risk for themselves and maximise it for the opponent. As for Diablo style hack and slash games, yeah, it is simply click the enemy until the die, which means very little player involvement = very little gameplay, and when this involvement consists of choosing the dialogue options and reading through the story, well, why not read an actual story instead? There are lot of much better ones out there.
No. 41476
1,2 MB, 1440 × 816
1,4 MB, 1440 × 815
1,2 MB, 1440 × 816
1,6 MB, 1440 × 814
Oh well.. yep, I'm continue trying this console call of duty spinoffs. This time it's Roads to Victory from PSP. Of cource I playing it on higer resolution, original PSP had 480 x 272 so on screenshots picture much larger than you can see on original device. I guess from here comes all obvious sometimes terrible lack of detalisation - some parts of game detalised more or less, other is really empty with tiny poorly tiled textures. Models and textures is all over the place with quality but it's clear that PSP in palces had more limited specs than PS2 and that this port is not really trying to milk every bit of power from it. So in places this almost feels like old cellphone game... even thought it's obviously not and PSP of cource was 10 times more powerfull system than any cellphone or PDA.
Different feel comes from this things: much more limited closed levels with less objects, simpler objectives, less detalisation and minimal scale. Limited amount of different assets - like there was 3 skins of geman soldiers and like 1 or 2 for american one. And controls. Answer me, why PSP had only one stick? It's wierd. Like it's not something system is really can't hold or something that dramaticly add cost. So controls like that - stick movment, L button aim, R button shoot, figure buttons is rotating view, up geneda, down croach, left reload, right change weapon or use something.
Difference is game using auto aim - enemies you close to is auto-locking and you can shoot them. If they locking and you turn on iron sites they automaticly locking on enemy. Rifles and submachine guns had different range of aiming. Sniping done that when you aim it slowely aims for target and then if you wait too long starting loosing it. And you can't jump. All of it is very simple, very really simplified. But hell, I say it's works for the most part. Why?

Well at first this game don't really need to justify itself why it's exist since it for handheld console, it's something portative you can play in bus, so it's dont really need to be absolute port of original game or something or it's need to be really unique. You have cod in your pocket - what do you need more? It's most powerfull games you can run on portable small device like that back in the day anyway. I also think that for controls it's have it's kind of works, and overall game feels a bit more fresh than CoD3 and WaW on PS2 that was just crappy PS2 ports of same game with worse controls. It's also kind of trying to be more fresh overall -trying sniper missions, airplane missions something that previous console CoD games really lacked.

Sometimes I wish I had PSP back in day. I really wanted. Spin-off battlefronts,GTA spin-offs, other big games. I remeber when I was for 2 month in village without internet only with my Nokia 6300 with 2,5 J2ME games I played complealy after first day. And then there was other boy, some very distant brother or something, that also was here for a week and had PSP, and I was so envy looking at him playing Vice City stories. He never gived me a try, he was quite asshole actually. I think he is died already or something so who cares.
No. 41477
>As for Diablo style hack and slash games, yeah, it is simply click the enemy until the die, which means very little player involvement = very little gameplay,
Well, it have action side of gameplay. You actually need doing things in real time, this game have action and some RPG gameplay. It's very simple, but still, you need to move and click, character will not do it for you. And ability to hit or cast spells is also attached to character abilites, player direct character, just in real time. Thus it's an Action RPG.

>and when this involvement consists of choosing the dialogue options and reading through the story, well, why not read an actual story instead? There are lot of much better ones out there.
Well, why would anyone play adventure game? Text adventure game? It's fun for many people to be involved in story. And if game uses RPG elements for adventure stuff - why not. It's actual gameplay - evolving your stats, so you can do impact on story.
No. 41478
>It's very simple, but still, you need to move and click
Sounds like you're agreeing with me. I'm not saying it's literally not a game, it's just got very little gameplay.
>It's fun for many people to be involved in story
Exactly, player involvement is paramount to any game, except in these types of games your involvement is bordering on inconsequential.
No. 41480
190 kB, 1200 × 675
Yeesh I take back what I said about Chimera Squad. I shouldn't have said that before being fully subjected to the game.

It isn't that the voice actors themselves are bad per se, it's that the lines themselves are completely fucking terrible and so is the presentation.

I should've known better based just on the cover art. It's that typical smug tumblr retard look with the absolute faggy smug appearance of the sector hybrid and color scheme where I already did know better, but hadn't yet seen Firaxis drop the ball hard so I left my expectations up.

It is even worse than I expected.

All dialogue is in the form of phoneshit static cartoon panels which makes it look like the worst sort of phoneshit cashgrab garbage imaginable. I could tolerate this. I could also tolerate the graphic novel presentation which itself is poorly done. I can also tolerate the subject matter, which I already knew was going in a cringeworthy af direction and should've expected that given WotC. But Christ it's just unbearable. I ended up just turning off voice acting altogether. I'm not even sure at this point if putting it in a shitty ssssnake voice might've made it better at this point because then I could at least laugh at some B movie shit rather than what's clearly taking itself seriously. On the downside, that means I could not turn off voices altogether to keep it from annoying the shit out of me as much.

I'm probably going back to Beautiful Desolation.
No. 41481
> it's just got very little gameplay.
Simple or less complex don't really mean little. You still need always control your character and smash buttons, it's not like you watching movie or something and diablo-like games I'd say pretty intence actually.
>Exactly, player involvement is paramount to any game, except in these types of games your involvement is bordering on inconsequential.
There si interactive stories where you interact with the story and there is games where story was just added to justify gameplay. In majority of games you can make everything same and replace story compleatly, just make it fit gameplay and nothing will change really. In classic adventure games story is subject itself.
No. 41484
Same with RPG in the paper world. It covers the run of games from Rolemaster (infamously rules heavy and autistic) to something like Knave which has the entire game including equipment lists for into 7 pages. It also goes from OD&D with its extreme lethality to games like Exalted where you play as minor gods.

The thing is that RPG is not a descriptive term, it's a broad method of gaming, so if computer games ever used it otherwise, then they were using it incorrectly. Like anything with broad playing fields, you just got to do your research. I mean, I can't just type wargame and expect to find good hex and counter games, but it doesn't mean that those others should not be considered wargames when fitting in because another style used the name first.
No. 41494
I don't compare RPG to Wargame even, I'd compare it to "immersive Sim". It's other non-existing genre that means opposite things. Like Immerisve sim maybe interior-openworld action with RPG elements, or it might be level-based stels action game or it might be any game developed by Warren Spector. Or I seen some (presumebly 4cancer pics) where Doom3 and TES Oblivion was Immersive sims, lol.
No. 41507
12,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:49
it's pretty damn hard on 500% difficulty, which is required for a few of the achievements. The Dust storms can be really brutal, they can last for 3 or 4 days where you better pray you've stocked up on enough water and oxygen to see your dudes through that before they start to asphyxiate

In fairness, it's a 10 dolla asset flip, it was never going to be amazing. I'm enjoying the gameplay somewhat but 4/5ths of the 'abilities' are lifted out of Xcom 2012 or Xcom2, and the few that aren't are poorly worded so you've not got a great idea what the fuck they do.

Also a lot of abilities are not turn ending so you gotta figure out by trial and error which are and which are not.

mods will fix it
No. 41510
I was saying that as a similar supergenre that in itself describes very little.

That said, RPGs and wargames are super connected. OD&D only has an alternative combat system with it being intended as an expansion for Chainmail, a tactical wargame.

As for Sims, even that is a broad genre that doesn't necessarily mean you'll like the construction of everything in it. I like military aviation simulation but am not really into Train simulator, and don't really mind Silent Hunter one way or the other (being a harpoon grog instead). Never really got into infantry sims like ARMA neither.

So like RPGs as a description, I need to refine it to suit my tastes instead of trying to oust them from the simulator market because those other sims are doing things that I might not be interested in.

The names serve as a useful shorthand, but the actual extents of the supergenres is a lot bigger than what those shorthand uses imply.
No. 41512
Eh I'm still of the opinion that if you need mods to fix a game to enough of a degree you are no longer buying a game, you're buying a game engine and downloading assets for it. If I actually have to justify getting a game because it has mods then by definition I don't actually want the game itself and so there's no reason to pay for it.

I'm just going to say how painfully wrong I was about voices. I'm too tired and have work tomorrow but suffice to say every single thing wrong with it was already telegraphed to me via that shitty cover art. Every. Last. Thing.

That being stated my bitchjng was over overblown. I mean, it is XCOM. I could be rolling turds back and forth with clowns in it and I'd still be playing it. It's just incredibly disappointing that I have to have the entire game without any voice or dialogue which pretty much ruins a substantial portion of the experience. You really don't realize how important Bradford's random things are until there's nothing there. I've got a weird bug tok which I hope to fucking God never gets fixed where having voice down to nothing leaves very muted voices talking like they're coming through a, idk what to call it but it sounds very electronic and almost distorted like a radio broadcast which works for this game hearing the news reports and cops talking. I would not fucking play this at all if I had to suffer through the abrasively cringey drawings and dialogue for everything. I couldn't believe that Firaxis made this. I thought it was some third party tumblr tranny. It seeps into every pore of the game including the basic plot and everything else which could be good subject matter of how do you keep a city from not descending into anarchy with multiple alien species or human hybrids instead of this absolutely cringe tranny SJW bullshit with the same bad voice actors annoying the shit out of me with their fakeness and how vanilla and cardboard they are. Fuck I hate it. Like just by even making the sectoid look more Salaraian and trying to make everyone sound and look like milquetoast suburban uptight straightlaced white people from Ohio with totally inoffensive macbook in some expensive coffee shop flat voice jackasses to emphasize sameness instead of difference does nothing but distract me from finding it believable and instead taking it as the tacit admission that that kind of "diversity" wouldn't work end that the city would immediately plunge into violence and chaos and massacres after a war. Seriously why the fuck do they do this. I bitched about the same type of tranny shit with Shadowrun. If you're going to write that kind of story you make them all different but emphasize how even aliens with alien thinking can still work together and have peace. Doing otherwise is one them subconsciously saying I'm some gated community sheltered white kid who thinks everything can only work if they're just like me. It reminds me how these people can so quickly switch to the opposite and become poltards. This game just oozes with it and its frustrating as all fucking hell because buried beneath all the layers of garbage is a wonderful concept and a fantastic premise upon which to build a story and they absolutely shat on it and they're dragging me through that pastel colored mud with them.

But all that being stated I've ended up switching from Beautiful Desolation to this game and I've played the shit out of XCOM Chimera lately. The gameplay is still pretty solid and they did the right thing switching up with individual turn order except for breaching. There's a lot to like about it tactically although not having as much infirmary time and stripping out wound mechanics isn't so great and really it ends up just feeling like a dumbed down version of XCOM for tablet or something. Still a good game despite its glaring flaws and it's fun. I just wish it wasn't working so hard making me actively want to side with criminals. The story and setting just had so much promise and it's a tragedy of art seeing it wasted in such a repugnant and ekel erregand manner. It is a solid game painted over in pastel obscenity.
No. 41528
13 kB, 300 × 168
>It's not even something I can explain or find rational reason for. I'm simply having a really good time playing Pathfinder. It is super super autistic though, or "crunchier".
I picked up Kingmaker because the premise sounded like what I've wanted since playing Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. Basically, a full-fledged RPG with interesting kingdom management.

But I can't get past character creation. It just feels like the worst kind of autism. I've been through this same process several times:
  1. Come up with an interesting idea for a build based on what I see in-game.
  2. Get confused about what a particular skill means, look it up.
  3. Find out that my build idea is actually shit/only works if I follow a very specific and unintuitive set of restrictions that I would never be able to figure out organically.
  4. Lose all interest in that build because the entirety of character creation has been reduced to following THE Sabre Magus build, any deviations from which are simple and significant downgrades
It seems like this whole system is designed exclusively for metagaming autists who derive most of their joy in life from getting 100 hours into a campaign, and then being able to smugly smile at how they're the only ones in the party with a functional character build. Also, why the hell are half the meta-game builds based around hidden dragon bloodlines? This is all confirming my worst suspicions about tabletop RPGs.
No. 41529
>I wish I could run Warband...
Wait, what? How can you not run Warband? I've been using a series of shitty old half-broken laptops over the last 10 years, and every single one has been able to run Warband. As long as you aren't getting a literal netbook, I don't think it's actually possible to buy a new computer these days that can't run Warband.

Exactly what kind of PC are you using? I always figured you only posted >20 year old retro games as a weird hipster thing, not out of necessity.
No. 41530
If you don't understand why Pathfinder exists as a system, then it doesn't make much sense at all. It exists as a reaction to the transition from 3.5 to 4e, with Pathfinder emerging as a 3.5 clone that would retain support by one of the big 3.5e third party creators (Paizo). The big thing that defined 3.5 was options. The OGL (which I've discussed in the past) meant that lots of third party content was available and in the first place even the official content was plentiful.

So what you have is a system clone for a system whose main pull was its ridiculous range of builds. It was pretty badly balanced, quadratic mages and such, but if you understand that those who were particularly venomous about the edition change to begin with (more moved back after 4e turned out to be meh) were the grogs who had a lot of system mastery, then you start to understand why Pathfinder continued the tradition of rewarding said system mastery.

There's also some history with the 90s scene as to why 3/3.5 came as such a success but it's beyond the scope of this post.
No. 41533
Well yes like I said it's pretty much the most super autismal rpg I've ever played. Don't feel bad it took me too like 2 hours just sitting there looking through the character creation screen, and then I ended up just settling on a sorcerer and gnome which turned out once again to have been the most basic bitch thing I could have chose. Although I will also say that I've put pretty much zero concentration into meta gaming or anything like that so I'm half expecting reaching a point in the game where I realize not just my but multiple companions ended up with character builds so thoroughly shitty and broken that I can't even finish the campaign without changing the difficulty into story mode.
Yes this stupid shit bugs me too. They have so much dumb shit around that it just came across as like this one really obsessive guy about dragons getting his material in. I've seen this shit happen in lots of situations where someone just doesnt let go of their pet idea. But then again I also don't know too much about why there's so many draconic bloodlines and builds tied to it regardless.

It's still a pretty fun game with just the right kind of atmosphere and everything else for me. And much like that brit said there's some changes that happened in different DnD editions just like with 40K and some of the oldfags/grognards/autists not wanting to deal with changes. It's just something I happen to like and have been coming to appreciate Pathfinder but that's just because I'm the sort of middle management accountant goon who gets a sexual thrill out of making a stack of paper have 90 degree angles so
No. 41536
175 kB, 1680 × 1120
>They have so much dumb shit around
Pathfinder's setting is dumb as hell. It'd actually be pretty interesting to adventure in if everything wasn't so high powered. It's kitchen sink as fuck ranging from generic medieval Europe to Conan vs Space Robots gonzo.

The River Kingdoms represents only one very small part of the world you're in, not dissimilar to how Ferelden is a muddy backwater kingdom in Dragon Age, and much of the rest of the world is a lot more grand. You can draw incorrect conclusions if you don't acknowledge that you're looking at a small sliver.
No. 41538
7,5 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:25
>If I actually have to justify getting a game because it has mods then by definition I don't actually want the game itself and so there's no reason to pay for it.
Yeah but 1) it's Xcom and 2) it was a tenner

>You really don't realize how important Bradford's random things are until there's nothing there
I switched off bradford after about 100 hours, I really got sick of
>commander some blah blah
>commander you forgot some stupid shit
>commander I love you commander
>commander listen to me
>commander please love me back
>Fuck I hate it. Like just by even making the sectoid look more Salaraian
you know I had to look on imdb to see if was the same voice actor as that fella from mass effect 2, because he sounds the same
>The gameplay is still pretty solid
what I'm enjoying the most is the new reflex trigger that lets you shoot twice per turn, the rest of the game is reskin of xcom2
No. 41544
1,9 MB, 1366 × 768
That feel when a weaker kingdom tries war decs you and you end up with most of their nobility in your dungeon :-DDD
No. 41551
I just want my mind flayers, beholders, and aboleth tho
No. 41554
It's why I did not finish it.
Please don't ask me to ride somewhere for 20 minutes to have 5 minutes dialogue and 30 seconds gunplay.
No. 41555
924 kB, 2560 × 1440
They will break out in a few minutes.

Mechanics-wise it is a clever move to allways let them run.
You gain fame and they come back with low level troops (=free XP) before you gain more fame.
No. 41556
120 kB, 1280 × 720
57 kB, 1334 × 750
71 kB, 432 × 800
24 kB, 499 × 399
I have actually ranted at length about this probably, most especially after having first encountered that sort of bullshit within just the last two years or something. The sheer faggotry of the AAA industry was blowing my mind after trying to play more mainstream bydlo approved titles like even Witcher 2, or Quantum Break and later on Vampyr. It's fucking nothing but an exceptionally tightly controlled on rails shitshow with bad cinematics.

You know I actually first remembered encountering real good cinematics from Blizzard and to this day things like StarCraft remain my idea of what a good cinematic actually looks like. I mean fuck. That is what, 22 years old now? And even to this day StarCraft's cinematics particularly Brood War remain some of the best and most memorable cinematics I've ever seen. Then in comes this triple A fucking. BULLSHIT. Where all you fucking do is just look at the character models doing what you, the player, ought rightfully be choosing to do yourself, even right down to climbing the fucking ladders which has a X button to engage cinematic rather than climbing the fucking ladder which you could do back in the mid 1990s, and watch these faggots doing their faggy things for five minutes in textures and modeling that often looks poor compared to even mid 2000s standards after being promised shiny things at E3. It's such a joke now that fucking nobody even takes the false advertising of E3 seriously anymore.

So in summation, yes, while I've not played these games I sadly have been subjected to that kind of horseshit and now know precisely what you are talking about. And then I'll see something like Vampyr on sale, and still keep it on my wishlist for God knows what reason, and almost want to buy it and then right at that crucial moment knowing once again how it made me feel trying to suffer through it.

This also actually is a pretty good reminder why I am thankful to no longer be a drunk, because I am quite certain I would've wasted hundreds and hundreds of dollars clicking that button only to be horrifically disappointed with my purchase later on because all markets are now geared solely towards giving a great first impression while selling you complete garbage Chinese merchant style, and vidya is one of the grossest examples of this. It has gotten to the point where I don't even take "but it's popular!" seriously and even titles like Sekiro and Nioh I eye with greatest suspicion of them turning out to be exactly that kind of unadulterated bullshit.

The worst part of all this is that all these stupid fucking kids these days probably don't even remember things like Planescape, Fallout, VTMB, MoOII, Half Life, StarCraft 1, etc so they aren't even aware of the fact they're being sold complete fucking garbage and thus they actively expect nothing but trash and base all their expectations on "that really good game I played when I was 12" being also pure trash.
No. 41558
210 kB, 432 × 800
74 kB, 550 × 715
No. 41561
The funniest thing is you actually just proved my point. You have all those stats and elements of character creation in the late 90s and 2000s or whatever, just not the dialogue. Even the FPS thing you had to just shrink the map down to appear smaller because it's plainly obvious at full scale they're pretty much the same, if not the older FPS map being bigger. On top of that you just know that the 2019 shitshow is going to be an on the rails corridor fight.
No. 41568
99 kB, 640 × 400
>just not the dialogue
Like CRPG need them.

>>You have all those stats and elements of character creation
And it was what made CRPGs - CRPGs.

>in the late 90s and 2000s or whatever,
Funny that you don't even know when your favorite games appeared and any clue about timeline in general. Late 90s and 2000s it was actually time of nu-style RPGs where ones or started merge with action adventure, or with classic text adventure, giving birth to games where most important core is just some plot and dialogues, like in some sort text adventure game, just with some RPG elements that often works like ass. And this games most prised by ""RPG"" fans and they really suprised why, ""RPGs"" continue this route and ended being movies and arcade adventures.

>just not the dialogue
And this is false, text and plot heavy games existed from begining of computer era. And CRPGs too. But they still was CRPGs first, not talking simulator where classic RPG mechanics was abadoned in favor of pseudo-roleplaying "choose answer X".

And about FPS games - it's actually Ion Maiden map on picture. Joke about this Doom map, while there was truley confusing labyrinths in some game, this specific example is lame, since showing really quite simple level, just on doom map you can see edges of every sector - and in doom engine you need unique sector if you wat change height of floor or celling, have different texture or lights and there marked every fucking weapon pick up making it's look like some "giant mysterious maze" when this I belive is.. E1M6?
No. 41572 Kontra
42 kB, 512 × 512
Don't know what games you play but for me, friberg is the King
No. 41585
Sorry for being a bit harsh, I'm an asshole
No. 41596
31 kB
376 kB, 1920 × 1080
391 kB, 1920 × 1080
365 kB, 1920 × 1080
I spent way too many hours modding Bannerlord, but the vanilla troop tree designs are shit, so I had to make my own. I'm quite pleased with the results of my autism. It's on the Nexus, but on the EC I can just upload the .7z

The goal was to make each faction more thematically and mechanically distinct, similar to how armies were in Warband. Tier 5 units tend to be restricted to the unit type that a faction specializes in. Among other things, Battania is more heavily focused on infantry with good damage but light armor, and Sturgia is a heavy infantry powerhouse with Slavic aesthetics.

I would appreciate criticism and feedback. For some reason, I can already picture Australia berating me for making the Khuzaits 100% cavalry, despite them being a complex society - with large urban and sedentary populations - that would not field an army like c.1200 deep Mongolia. I must pre-emptively state that even if the troop tree composition isn't really realistic, getting the same all-cav armies that the Khergits had in Warband serves to keep them distinct. Besides, as soon as they conquer land outside of the steppe, they'll start to use more plausibly mixed armies.

I do however want to add a proper infantry line, once I figure out how to restrict the recruitment to cities and specific villages.
No. 41597
73 kB, 1280 × 720
Not really, they're an amalgamation of Turko-Mongolic tribes instead of trying to be historical so who gives a fug. I miss mounted recruits from Warband though, shit was so cash, so noice.

If you do want to go full autism though, Sart populations existed but they were for the most part rural and still for the most part mounted, except in defensive positions (from my reading, the term ayl is used, presumably similar in origin to aul, being a fortified village in the caucasus. So essentially a siege but on a village scale) that aren't really represented in-game. Infantry in this period in general is a formation thing, and formations of infantry just don't do well in open ground when attacked by mounted warriors who can just kite you all day and swoop in when you're exhausted. How I'd do it based on existing slots would be to change the noble's son tree from elite horse archers into infantry, removing the infantry tree (culminating in elite heavy infantry who are basically dismounted lancers) from the main troop tree.

That said, the base Bannerlord tree is actually pretty pleasing. A suitable amount of metalworking instead of 'le savage nomads who only wear furs and leather'. I mean, it's a cool aesthetic but a little demeaning considering the amount of metalwork in the physical record, especially silver, those motherfuckers really loved silver, and lancers featuring prominently (lancers and wrestlers show up as the idealised warrior as much as archers in the epics) is also nice.

I'm currently training up a massive blob of reverse mamelukes, i.e. a turkic yoke for the arab neck since I suddenly fell into a small windfall of land around Qasira in the central area of Aserai territory.
No. 41600
204 kB, 640 × 480
>I miss mounted recruits from Warband though, shit was so cash, so noice.
They weren't actually mounted at T1. Maybe some were, actually, but I know you still had to train them up to get a full cav stack going. Might give recruits horses in the mod though, come to think of it.

It's a shame there are no horses in game like proper Mongolian ones. I want recruits to have that I-just-stopped-herding-my-sheep feeling, but the fuggin steppe horses don't feel like they're from the steppe.
No. 41601 Kontra
>How I'd do it based on existing slots would be to change the noble's son tree from elite horse archers into infantry, removing the infantry tree (culminating in elite heavy infantry who are basically dismounted lancers) from the main troop tree.
I considered doing that, but in the end cavalry are just mounted infantry. If I can dismount normal lancers, why recruit them in a dismounted state and never be able to put them on a horse?

What I want to do with townsmen units is base them off of Persians or Armenians. If Khuzaitistan is so visually distinct despite having been conquered off the Empire in only the last few generations, it probably had a distinct regional culture before and during the Imperial period as well, and that culture has probably remained more-or-less intact outside of the deep steppe zone. And in not-Eurasia geographical terms, Khuzaitistan is about where Armenia and/or Persia would be, although I know there is an actual not-Persia somewhere further east off the map.

I figure I could use some mix of Imperial, Aserai, and Khuzait assets to try and approximate a northern Near East look, but it's pointless outside of Khuzait militia units that you only see in sieges.
No. 41603
Fair choice. I mentioned making them infantry so as to make them the 'home guard' type of unit. As infantry, they slow your army down, but can be more powerful mano a mano for the same tier, with the disadvantage of not being mounted for speed and extra survivability. What that does is encourage that Sart tree to remain posted in defensive positions, or give the player an option to create suboptimal armies of infantry instead.

Your option sounds good too though. Chaikand is pretty obviously ragging on Samarkand, so you could definitely do a mixed region there with a great deal of success. Turkicised P*rsoids and Iranicised Turks.
No. 41605
171 kB, 691 × 681
Oh, and Steppe Horses in Bannerlord are based on Turkmen genealogies which are much more conventional looking. That said, Dzungarian Horses are a best. I like their sick-ass mohawks.
No. 41664
614 kB, 1440 × 900
1,8 MB, 3264 × 1836
Oh well, I'm ultra-crappy pilot. Even simplest dogfight becomes kind of hard because I have slow reaction when something else starting to happen - like I can engage and intercept enemy fighter or bomber, but when get someone on tail it's very hard to change configuration on engine and try to drop on enemy's tail, espessialy when I intercepting and matching speed slow bomber and have fast fighter chargin on me. I always sucked at 3d-flying stuff honestely and it was always hard for me, even arcade stuff.

Also ye, this is 1998 version, I tried it since I have gamepad and it accept it as joystick (you can't play XvT and all games after it in series with mouse). They really break interactive menus compleatly, not only because 3d rendeds - but because they feel like ultra lazy unfinished menus with TimesNewRoman font and crappy upscaled characters from original art inserted in them, music is totaly static and boring stuff from original movies that don't feels at place here at all. But ye, higher resolution and textued models.
No. 41677
Right, so I hadn't meant to start a long shitstorm but conceptually I think things parallelling tabletop gaming, i.e. decisions with dice throws is as much gameplay as having a combat sequence where you click on various things. Spoilers after this stop reading if you haven't played; I thought the one and only combat sequence in the game played out much like a turn based one - yet pre-orchestrated.

Now that I've finished it, it's a fantastic piece of art and everyone should play it, but - I'll agree with the "is it a game" skepticism from another angle - consider what a movie is to a book. To me, a good (rpg) game is that to a "pick your own adventure" book.

This game, while excellent, was more a novel than a pick your own adventure book. I'll probably play it again in a few years, but definitely not now. I also played it like my boring self now rather than a true alcoholic communist so there should be some replayability there.
No. 41679
>Planescape Torment with drug withdrawal
And I really should stop doing this... You know how you start making fun of a concept and repeating it x many times it becomes a part of your repertoire even if it's no longer funny?

This is originally the typical idiotic VC pitch of "uber for housecleaners" or "airbnb for tents" or whatever. Talk shit about that a dozen times and after a while you find yourself describing Edge of Tomorrow as "Groundhog Day with powersuits"
No. 41715
433 kB, 1600 × 900
Cleared another town of Russian trouble makers, installing law and order.

It's amazing how this f2p ancient FPS is still so much fun.
No. 41720
I remember playing that with Bernd at least 5 years ago.
Good times.
No. 41723
8 kB, 190 × 265
One thing that just weirded the fuck out of me is the skill "Inland Empire" for hunches and whatnot. Nothing to do with the game content, just the name.

I'd called the same sort of weird gut feelings, nonsensically, and only to myself I don't want to look like a lunatic, the "Grand Empire". Well. Guess it wasn't that weird.
No. 41727
>Inland Empire
It's the title of a Lynch movie, which is probably where the devs got the name from, but googling it now I learned that it's actually the name of an area in California, after which the movie is named.

Reminds me I want to finish it as well, I'm about 20 hours in. That part where Kim walks out for the rest of the day after Harry calls him a monkeyfucker due to a failed (easy) roll kinda took the momentum out of my playthrough. It's not really the kind of game where I'd want to savescum, but just going ahead with the way it played out bummed me out too.

Instead I've been playing some retarded mobile gacha tower defense all day lately, feels like my brain is turning into mush. I'll quit soon, just one more roll, I swear ;^)
No. 41731
96 kB, 1200 × 675
Been playing baba is you.
The first third or so was pretty enjoyable and at times easy, I felt like I was at the top of my game solving clever puzzles and thinking outside the box, feeling superior to people who got stuck on those parts.

Now I'm in the second third and the more difficult puzzles of an area leave me completely stumped. It goes like easy - easy - brick wall. Usually, I can figure out the puzzle by simply inferring what the winning configuration of blocks on the board would look like, and figuring out how to get there. But those later puzzles, I don't even know what the win state would even look like, and my method fails. Being an autistic completionist, I can't move on to a new area until I have solved the hardest puzzle of the current area, so I've put it away for a while.

Maybe I'll my IQ just naturally oscillated back to 89 after a period of lucidity, and those puzzles will look easy when I try them later. But the later puzzles do feel kind of arbitrary and not as clever or interesting as the first half. Sometimes it feels like the entire premise of the puzzle hinges on some weird side effect mechanic or programming quirk, rather than the rules of the game at face value. So maybe that's the problem. We'll see.
No. 41743
692 kB, 1600 × 900
1,0 MB, 1600 × 900
993 kB, 1600 × 900
You should play Thea the Awakening, yes I'm talking to YOU
No. 41749
Is it substantially different from Age of Wonders 3? That game got boring very quickly for me.
No. 41751
I have Thea 2 wishlisted and the demo of it was so good it convinced me to just up and buy Thea I'm fucking retarded like that I'll end up buying the first in a series just because continuity autism even knowing the second in a game series is often the best and basing getting the second is so fucktarded when it isnt even a story game like Mass Effect however I've got such a huge backlog now it's incredible. Hell right now I'm working on three games alone and right after that I've got to play Kentucky Route Zero which a certain cube gifted me.

Speaking of which I cant remember if I commented on it yet but I do take back some of what I said about Chimera. It's just so infuriating seeing wasted potential. Here is a game with a fantastic premise if it's part of an ongoing plan to bring back the Elders for XCOM3 and eventually show us what the Elders were afraid of but instead I get such pure schlock. I will say however that there's truly something to be said for gameplay like>>41731 is saying. Yeah I know, a great story is supposedly just cosmetic to the nuts and bolts of games. I still somewhat disagree, but truly it is what matters. Beautiful Desolation is fantastic but its gameplay is so lacking that I keep stepping away from it. Pathfinder I keep getting distracted from. Meanwhile Chimera has that addicting gameplay that brings me back and keeps me playing for 8 hours even if I've completely ignored ALL the dialogue this whole time. I mean Jesus Christ it's fucking bad.

I guess that for some reason I engaged in some pretty extreme hoarding behavior. When I bought all those games over the summer I was acting like what if I suddenly have all this free time and ran out of money. It just seemed so incredibly stupid at the time because I was constantly busy with work but lo and behold 6 months later and I'm staring down the barrel of running out of money and a solid week of no work at all and nothing to do and nowhere to go.

I just have to force myself to not use the fucking internet during this time. I watched all of Season 5 of Better Call Saul in like one day and have been sitting around smoking so much CBD hemp I think it's starting to fuck up my memory. But on that note perhaps I could just go and play Gothic after I'm done with these games because by fucking God am I going to actually finish at least two of them even if I finally have to resort to a walkthrough for Beautiful Desolation. Chimera is probably going to be the second one because it's straightforward and easy to play to finish. CRPGs are so difficult for me to actually finish partly because I'll spend like a hundred hours exploring every nook and cranny until eventually I get lost and lose track of even what I'm doing. Or occasionally hit a roadblock like I did in ATOM RPG. Jesus I need to finish these games.
No. 41752
816 kB, 1366 × 768
971 kB, 1600 × 900
674 kB, 1600 × 900
865 kB, 1600 × 900
Never played AoW3
I spent like 200 hours in Thea but so far Thea 2 hasn't pulled me in, I hear they made some unpopular design decisions for Thea 2 involving island hopping with subsequent islands giving you higher tier resources, whereas in Thea 1 it's all there, and you can get lucky or unlucky with resources.
No. 41756
739 kB, 1465 × 1139
lol that was great

I just laid here looking at that picture in awe and yelling out loud that "that. is the comfiest fucking thing. I have ever seen. in my entire life"

Holy fucking SHIT it is. By God, could you even imagine such a thing? Cruising around the stars in your own semi-Japanese style sort of garden home, like some EC tier Noah's ark? Could you imagine just touching down on some planet somewhere to throw out garbage, and you're just seeding life in a path across the stars from bacteria and kickstarting evolution on barren worlds? But my god does that look comfy.
No. 41757
827 kB, 1600 × 900
696 kB, 1600 × 900
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
111 kB, 1600 × 900
I would just like to declare for posterity's sake that I was one of the inventors of Russian Butthurt as a plage inc. disease. Let it be known!

Prey inc is ebin and that huge arboretum is a great level design for sure in the game. But you can also play Surviving Mars for that Dome-with-a-garden feel
No. 41762
333 kB, 1364 × 768
199 kB, 1364 × 768
280 kB, 1364 × 768
277 kB, 1364 × 768
Doing a Battalion-sized engagement between US and Waffen SS forces. The fighting didn't even move beyond potshots for maybe 30 turns because the terrain is so built up that there are lots of ways to break line of sight and advance under concealment. Dog, this game is so rewarding to play.
No. 41764 Kontra
382 kB, 1364 × 768
Also, between the better part of a company strength formation of 75mm Shermans and M8 HMCs, I have all the low-velocity HE-chuckers that I could ever want. Well, I'd prefer 105mm Shermans but for the point value, having a platoon of mobile pack howitzers with protection from small arms is better than a loose pair of 105s.
No. 41795
7,9 MB, 640 × 480, 0:22
How to be shattered into pieces in 22 seconds
No. 41801
Oh shit. Aurora C# version finally dropped in under my nose.

No. 41803
11,2 MB, 1092 × 614, 1:10
Fug. That turn rate makes me dizzy :-DDD

t. posting cosiness
Yeah, takeoff was wobbly. Haven't flown that thing in ages and it isn't a plane that really loves flying in the first place so sue me.
No. 41804
15,8 MB, 720 × 405, 3:47
is that tie fighter? I named my eve online character after a thing in that game and was stuck with the name for 15 years

Was the missile boat bugged in that game or was it supposed to be extremely difficult to fly on purpose?
No. 41805
Unfortunately, demonstrating more in-depth cosiness is not feasible. My video-making skills are pretty poor, and to get the cosy experience of PGM employment from a high altitude station, you need a good 10 minutes minimum.
No. 41809
16,4 MB, 640 × 480, 1:21
Sorry, I lowering framrate and birate for videos to post them, maybe this is because why it so.

Yes, it is.

I remembered you asked me this before, but sadly still had no time to properly re-play campaign of TF to place where it appears. Maybe should try in training missions. Do you remember which version of game you played? Floppy, CD or Windows95? I know physics and characteristics differs in them a bit.
No. 41818
Pretty sure it was 3.5'' floppy and on DOS. The missile boat was my favourite but the Y axis was all fucked up, I could go left/right and up no problem but when I would push the mouse forward to dive it would dive at twice the speed of all other axis movements.
No. 41826
Lol you say it that way it sounds like a flight simulator with star wars graphics strapped on to it at the last minute.
No. 41829
I quicky tested it in DOS CD version and it was ok for me with mouse.

Series originates in WW2 flight simulators, but this was really big and polished games, one of the biggest star wars games, and not just slap of assets. Besides TIE Fighter was already sequel to X-Wing. It's probably wierd bug of early version of Defender of empire floppy version addon or somethnig like that.
No. 41831
18,6 MB, 1092 × 614, 1:29
Nah, it's just the batshit insane turn authority.

Still haven't bothered setting up head tracking because I'm lazy, so forgive the jerky looking around, but here's some cosy A-10C engagement in the mountains of then Khasab Enclave of Oman.
No. 41832
14,0 MB, 1092 × 614, 0:51
Also, since I know you all want it now. Sorry for the bad gunnery, again not been flying the hog much lately.
No. 41867
686 kB, 1920 × 1080
495 kB, 1920 × 1080
508 kB, 1920 × 1080
One thing Shogun 2 has over total war games I've previously played is the sieges.
Sieges are just simply more fun with these mechanics.
I don't have to construct siege equipment, I can just storm the walls instantly.
But defence is also still viable. So it's great.

One thing I absolutely abhor about the game is the religion mechanic. It's bullshit. The AI had one Catholic missionary and with that, he basically converted all my agents on first try, no matter the type and no matter if they were stationed with an army or in a fortress. The smug bastard just walks up to an enemy force of 1400 men and converts your spymaster to Christianity, removing him from the game.
I haven't had a single successful action with any agent in this game so far. My ninjas don't kill anybody, my spymasters don't do anything and my Buddhist monks fail to convert anyone.

And even if I get rid of the fucking enemy missionary, the enemy could just instantly buy a new one for 500 gold. It's bullshit, it's not fun, it's not interesting, it's just retarded and irritating.
Christians seem to be nothing more than a pain in the ass.

On the battlefield, Cavalry seems to be less valuable so far than in other TW games. Maybe it's because I don't have mounted samurai yet, and I've only been using light cavalry.
Basically everything is decided by who has the better equipped units (as in, who can amass a larger number of properly trained and equipped samurai instead of relying on peasants with spears that run away as soon as the enemy general sneezes.)
Peasant infantry isn't that bad, but the difference is noticeable. Basically, you want these guys to be cannon fodder. They're the ones that scale the walls and die trying to get in, while the samurai torch the gates and go through there alongside the cavalry.

I conquered Kyushu in my first campaign. The game says that the Shogun will soon come after me. Don't know if that means that all of Japan will attack me at once to fuck my shit up or just the Shogun sending in two-three deathstacks to wipe me out.
No. 41869
>The game says that the Shogun will soon come after me.
It's a dumb as fuck mechanic where the game punishes you for doing well, so instead of letting you have a nice satisfying period where you can relax a bit and build yourself up for the coming challenges, it just has the rest of the game declare war on you.
No. 41870
804 kB, 1600 × 900
1,2 MB, 1600 × 900
774 kB, 1600 × 900
Honestly, sounds better than Rome 2's mechanic where if you did well, and didn't play this fucking stupid ass minigame of family trees your empire would split into pieces and you'd find yourself fighting your own armies. I turned that shit off with mods immediately
No. 41872
I'll never understand devs who think punishing good play is a fun mechanic. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Good play should be rewarded. Like when I play War in the West and I pull off a well executed Baytown/Avalanche/Slapstick that comes out of the gates fast and hard, letting me trap a good deal of the German forces in Southern Italy and wipe them out. Instead of reeeing about me not playing the 'intended' way, it just says gg and lets me take thousands of prisoners and remove an entire SS division and an infantry corps or two from the game.
No. 41886
It depends on what your metric for being rewarded happens to be, which in the case of a good many people would be no reward at all but rather a letdown. Most people like to feel challenged at some level I imagine. What's the really tricky part to designing a game is how to make it just difficult enough to be engaging and thus also a real reward when I finally accomplished what you were intending, versus it becoming too easy and thus a letdown or too difficult and thus frustrating if not outright infuriating, which I might add they found in studies that aggression in/from playing games had nothing to do with the level of violence and entirely based on difficulty. This is correct in my experience including in board games as I'm sure anyone who has ever played them IRL has found theres always that one person who's an especially sore loser and willing to flip the board. So avoiding that aggravation while still making the game engaging enough is probably difficult.

I mean I personally just find myself starting to get bored in a certain game like say XCOM where I'm finally well over the hump and now I'm pretty much just dragging the game out forever to accomplish some stupid pointless invented objective because I've already effectively beat the game. In fact this is one of the biggest issues with 4X games themselves because you'll get to a point where you've clearly won and then have another hundred turns just having to tediously mop up the opposition, so while i haven't played Rome or any Total War games I'd imagine there is some element of that to certain people which a mechanic like that is probably trying to avoid--it just sounds like it's done in a painfully sloppy and aggravating manner.

It's interesting what ways devs come up with to deal with that challenge. There's only so far difficulty settings can take you which in many cases does fucking nothing for any real difficulty while solely just nerfing different stats or damage output or hitpoints or wahtever, than actually increasing difficulty. Pillars of Eternity, Doom, whatever. Making your research times and resource costs increase and the other empires decrease. I would say those kinds of things are not rewarding but just frustrating. Like if the enemy itself is a piece of shit then drawing it out into some tedious ten minute long bullshit because he has 10,000 hitpoints is not rewarding at all and I have never technically beaten Ember solely for that reason because I'm not wasting another ten minutes of my life trying to whittle down an endgame boss.

So at the very least it sounds to me like they tried taking a more inventive route, which is something even if it is mechanically only a rubberband AI special event. I mean in any strategy game I would love it if more opportunities arose for well political opportunists, sabotage, and civil wars among other things that you have to deal with once your empire has gotten big enough. MoO and GalCiv both did this but I guess reinforcing your point that was more a punishment because of you fucking up rather than playing too well.

I guess the other thing is you just have to make it believable. I always like to say people will forgive you for absolutely anything so long as it's told well. Even the best premise, if told poorly, will still be no more forgiven than if it was the worst. XCOM Chimera is a great example of where you actually have to force yourself to stop and think to even think about the premise being cool anymore because they have failed so utterly to do it well that you've completely forgotten the premise itself isn't shit. So to me the real problem is, can it be believable? Because no human empire is going to become so much more likely to fragment apart when it is doing well. People don't tend to riot in the streets when the streets are paved with gold. So to me the real problem would be how it's being presented, and if it's done in such a hamfisted manner that the immersion itself is broken rather than you going along with the story of what's happening and why it is happening.
No. 41890
354 kB, 648 × 864
The reward is the game being easier in some way because you overcame the challenges effectively. Using the same game as an example, that big encirclement can speed up an Italian Campaign by 3-6 months, saving you a lot of replacements and supply. They can be redirected into a more aggressive tac air campaign in Northern Europe, the generally trickier nut to crack. The ability to absorb more losses without significantly damaging your war effort is drawn entirely from your own good play and so even though the difficulty hasn't scaled in a linear fashion, it feels good instead of uneven. You also don't have the same late game drag issues in wargames because of troops-as-assigned rather than 'build unto infinity' or 'generate another force out of nowhere'. The game remains an exercise the whole way through or you score enough of a decisive victory that the game is over quickly. Only thing that gets 'tedious' is if an enemy brigade or division slips through the cracks and keep fucking up your rail network. That's the point of rear-area troops though, so if that's actually hampering your campaigning due to siphoning from your reserves then it's the game punishing you for playing badly.

>There's only so far difficulty settings can take you which in many cases does fucking nothing for any real difficulty while solely just nerfing different stats or damage output or hitpoints or wahtever, than actually increasing difficulty.

Halo Legendary difficulty does damage ramp and enemy buffs but remains rewarding as fug. That said, it's also not intended to be played as hard mode, but almost as its own game type. The level design in the series is essentially a linear set of fairly open arenas that you traverse. Not always, but open spaces feature heavily. What Legendary does is turn it into a bunch of arenas where (and I quote the game)you are punished for the slightest error with instant death, again and again. The nature of the game goes from just getting through the level, to optimising your path through each arena. Each time you die, you learn something about how the arena is constructed, how the AI behaves, what equipment is in the area, where the good camping sites are and so on. It's incredibly rewarding despite being the classic 'AI damage up, player damage down' thing.
No. 41900
598 kB, 1600 × 900
682 kB, 1600 × 900
I can safely say Thea 2 isn't as good as the first game after a few hours in it. It's got some neat things in it but it's lost that magic spark that the first game had.
>first pic
gave this child a warhammer and sent her on an expedition for the laff
>second pic

>Because no human empire is going to become so much more likely to fragment apart when it is doing well
Well the Roman empire did fragment effectively around that time, with Mark Anthony, Augustus Ceasar and Lepidus each taking a chunk of it effectively. That's what the game is trying to portray because there's a whole part where you manage family trees and each general has a loyalty to his family first if there's a split.
No. 41901
1016 kB, 1440 × 900
Korolev, fuck you, you peace of junk
No. 41904
1,1 MB, 1440 × 900
Oh, c'mon, lol. I tried tactic to destroy first bomber group by torpedos, throwing all power to engines and then head back to other hyperspace jump poin to destroy second group and then go dogfight with fighters.
I thought I was winned but looks like my teammatets destroyed nothing and fighters destroyed single shuttle somewhere in process so it's failure since all group should did and korolev also.
No. 41909
13,7 MB, 1092 × 614, 0:45
Got back into multiplayer DCS today MiG-21 in Iraqi livery while playing Baathist music :-DDD. Flying an interceptor as a ground attack aircraft like a true third world air force is comfy.. That feel when not enough Ernsts with flight sticks to form a squadron with.
No. 41911
598 kB, 1600 × 900
838 kB, 1600 × 900
606 kB, 1600 × 900
That kid I sent off to war with the big hammer? She grew up into a badass hunter, then she had a kid herself which I will now similarly traumatise

That baathist music reminded me of German marching music at the start until I realised it wasn't German. Pretty comfy
>That feel when not enough Ernsts with flight sticks to form a squadron with.
Have Ernsts ever played anything other than CS:GO with each other? Are there Ernsts who play War Thunder, World of Tanks or World of Warships?
No. 41912
7,1 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:45
6,4 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:45
5,0 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:45
3,6 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:45
I wanted to see how far down I could compress that file before it started to lose quality, 3.6 megs was about as low as I'd go which isn't bad
No. 41914
78 kB, 1000 × 650
55 kB, 1000 × 704
There was one of those old internet timewaster empire-building games that a bunch of /b/ Ernsts played together. Dunno if they still do.

>Pretty comfy
It really is. There's just something special about the third world air force experience.

Also just saw these and while I really wish that the dev teams would focus on what's on their plate before starting new things, these two pictures made me metaphorically erect. This is unexpected and right off of my list of aircraft that I want to see accurate sims of but never thought I would. Only thing more exciting that's in development right now is the MiG-23. Once it's complete, we have a holy trinity of Third World flight simulation in game: the MiG-19, MiG-21 and MiG-23, missing only the MiG-17 to have the whole damn failed state pantheon.
No. 41915
I got no idea how to do that shit, so thanks femme.
No. 41916
I have literally none of those games. I don't even have CSGO installed because I don't give a shit about CSGO and that's the only game you listed I actually have.

Most of my games are actually singleplayer, in many cases singleplayer only. A good portion of the ones with multiplayer functionality I've got serious doubts as to their feasibility in playing with somebody, like for example Endless Space. I doubt anybody would want to do an entire 4x session, which ironically come to think of it now is exactly one of the few times in world history we could do that because there's no scheduling conflicts and everyone is inside instead of going to work or being out with friends or whatever.

In fact I just realized I don't even know if Chimera has multiplayer functionality. I'm so used to not even bothering with MP that I didn't even check or notice whether it has that button or not. I have always wanted to play XCOM2 though. It is one of the sole games I have ever wanted to play online. The only other two games I have ever played online in like the last 5 years has been Helldivers and Crossout, and I partly only even got it because a friend recommended who I've never even played it with him so I'm just like, why in the fuck should I ever even consider mp functionality? I have no interest in playing games with most others anyway. Secret World Legends was like VTMB with the occasional retard rudely intruding on my session. The only games I have ever made a habit of playing with people are all console games and I don't own a console.

I suppose I could try certain things but like I said, I'm not even aware of all the games that have that functionality in my library and you'd have to find people who all play those games too. I've got Deadspace 2 whose multiplayer I've always wanted but I bought it so late, like close to a decade late, that multiplayer doesnt even exist for it anymore afaik. I do know that D:OS2 has some sort of MP I don't understand but I havent even played that one yet. I can't even remember if I actually bought Natural Selection 2 or not. I might have?

So yeah tl;dr you'd have to find games that we all played. Of the games you mentioned I own zero of them and I bet those are the more popular ones too. Does Thea have MP?
No. 41917
Why the fug don't 4x devs use PBEM? It's not exactly a new technology and it's the only really good way to do turn-based games where people are going to take different amounts of time. Trying to do it real time just has people sitting around waiting for the slowest/biggest player to finish.
No. 41918
6,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:25
6,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
6,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
>I don't even have CSGO installed because I don't give a shit about CSGO
Yeah I never played it either, absolutely no interest in it

>I have always wanted to play XCOM2 though. It is one of the sole games I have ever wanted to play online
I played a few games with a bro to get the achievements, I beat him so bad he's still salty about it because I used codex on him

>Does Thea have MP?
Yeah Thea 1 and 2 have it, I'd actually like to play Thea 1 MP some day, but none of my friends want to play it

>So yeah tl;dr you'd have to find games that we all played
Well I'll list a few I'd play
>Darkest Dungeon
it's about to get a pvp dlc in a few weeks, I'd play that for sure
extremely comfy truck game, played it MP a few times and it was nice and chill
>Company of Heroes 2
I have like 500 hours in this playing with friends vs bots, great fun
>Endless Space 2
I'd play MP but I heard it's unreliable and a disaster sometimes to play online because of bugs and desyncs
>Left 4 Dead 2
Always good fun
>Total War Warhammer 2
Played a few MP battles with friends, good fun too but I wouldn't play a co-op campaign, each campaign is like 100+ hours
>Sins of a Solar Empire
played it online a few times, found it boring
>Eve Online
I've 2 really high end chars in that game but it's shit these days and the pvp is woeful now
>Payday 2
been wanting to play this again, it's like left 4 dead but bank heists
>Vermintide 2
see above, but warhammer
>project zomboid
very good MP game, very detailed and lots to do but I never got to play it MP yet
No. 41921
What's PBEM?

I have only
>Darkest Dungeon
>Endless serieslike literally every single Amplitude game and DLC at this point except the dungeon one iirc FUCk do I like Amplitude
>Company of Heroes series
>XCOM except Within that I should still..hey wait a minute did I actually get it why do I never see it on sale hahaha oh wait holy shit I actually DO have that now when tf did I buy it
Shit I purchased a lot of games and even still you see what I mean? Which means we haven't actually got a whole lot of overlap apparently.

But as for Darkest Dungeon yeah that'd be pretty rad. I'd love to play that game with ernsts which still is an unfinished venture for me SP.

XCOM2 well, you know. I have no idea why someone would get butthurt by having to deal with a codex. Like right now I'm procrastinating a huge supply run I'm absolutely going to have to do today or tomorrow and I really just want to sit here and play Chimera instead. Which is still incredibly painfully sad to me to see such wasted potential. It's not garbage. The ideas aren't garbage. It's just done in such a phoneshit tumblr faggot way that I completely forget beneath the surface is a really great thing full of really great ideas utterly trashed by the people doing it. Even the voice acting is fucking TERRIBLE. I'd wonder if this was just half finished shit pushed out the door after quarantines were it not for the fact you'd still have the shitty phonetrash dialogue. I am every day convinced more and more that what console crap didn't ruin, phoneshit will bury the entire industry. It's just so sad. If they did it right with good voice actors, good dialogue, and not those annoying still frame phoneshit cartoon pop ups it could be an interesting story. But instead, this only proves my opinion on the importance of storytelling in games because I'm like why the fuck am I doing this or playing this. It gets all so tiresome doing the same missions over and over with no idea who those characters are because you turned off voice and skip over everything possible and ignore everybody. The whiny nasally I'm-about-to-sell-you-car-insurance-and-tell-you-why-trannies-are-achually-female voices only compound the problem /rant

Oh actually there is overlap didn't see SoaSE. I also have Sins of a Solar Empire and played it a bit. I've got some total conversion mod floating around somewhere too for Star Trek I think I may've installed it actually, plus iirc a Star Wars total conversion floating around somewhere because I needed to clear HDD space.
No. 41922
Oh fuck yeah that's right and I also have Thea, idk what's up with my brain today. I somehow mentally categorized the rest in the bunch as a different topic and responded to that so
>Thea 1
>Endless Space, Endless Space 2, Endless Legend
>Darkest Dungeon
>Company of Heroes 1 & 2 +DLC
>XCOM EU, Within, XCOM 2, WOTC etc
Well I suppose I should go back through my games library to check for overlap with some people although Valve has fucked up their shit so totally that it's a disaster just trying to browse anything in my own goddamn library. I'll just hide this bitching They added virtually no useful new features at all like a list of which games you and friends have in common and added this horrendous as shit fucking bloatware I never need and Do Not Fucking Want. It's bad enough that I've been switching to trying only to buy games through GOG instead now unless it's DLC. I haven't bought Disco Elysium yet solely for this reason because I fucking refuse to have to put up with Steam's bullshit anymore and I have to have that piece of garbage running to play my Valve games through GOG Galaxy. I want to find a way to strip all Valve DRM off these things so I don't need the steam launcher running. If I were rich I'd harass Gaben like all hell over this.

But anyways yeah so I actually got Thea and I haven't played it yet. I'll try to keep you in mind I've got a lot of game things I'm mentally juggling right now. I was actually somewhat heartened to hear that you liked Thea 2 a lot less because I was wondering if maybe it was actually a bad thing for me to buy the first game instead of just skipping to the second, whose demo I tried and which I actually liked greatly for what little I saw of it.

At some point I'll have to install it and play a little bit so whenever I play with you I'm not wasting so much time just trying to figure out what everything does or how to do anything in the game. Idk anymore why even I thought it was good just that Thea 2's demo left a pretty strong impression on me of "holy crap Ireland is right this actually is a pretty sweet looking game series."
No. 41925
Play by email. Essentially the digital version of this which uses locked save files that only let you access your turns.

No. 41926
Ehhh that may work for some games but trying to play most 4x games which I've played would take absolutely fucking forever that way. It's not really fixing the real issue with 4x in multiplayer but rather exacerbating it which is that genre is the most notoriously long in quite possibly any existing genre. The problem really isnt so much that you're sitting around waiting for the other guy to be finished playing but that it takes so damn long to finish even just one single game thus making it impossible to ever wrap things up in one session probably even if you don't sleep for an entire weekend depending on the game and parameters, so in that regard yeah you'd have to have a save file in lots of them but adding manually emailing people save files is just tedious. It would add an extra step that wouldn't fix the issue at all where I'm then sitting there waiting for the game to get emailed to me and checking refresh constantly because at the same time no turn actually takes long enough to justify it.

Afaik it takes just enough time for you to take a turn that it'd be annoying to other players but not long enough to play by a system like that. I mean even if it did start to drag out that long you can always do things like get up to go make some pasta or something, which is something I'm already very much in the habit of doing with my games anyway so I can't imagine it being that much of a bother unless you're screwing around and become the player everyone else is waiting on.

Sorry I just realized I don't know if I sound like a total dick through text. It's not intended to come across that way.

In terms of a game like XCOM I think the reason it doesn't totally quite work is because there's just fucking nothing else to look at or do thus making the whole experience aggravating. At least on a 4x I can always find something else to do or look at if someone is taking too long. Actually you know what? I think that to help fix this problem you could add more lore and texts to 4x games the way it exists in crpgs. In a crpg it's basically just added fluff to waste your time or add character/S-O-U-L to the game depending how you look at it but usually with zero functionality. If you actually gave someone something to do in the meantime with a game that had long turns I think that could fix the issue because the real problem is impatience, waiting, and feeling like your time is being wasted by another person. Just watching XCOM2 matches can be kind of aggravating because of this and those are short turns, but I think it's also because XCOM is capable of being a fast paced game with just enough of a window that the pause in the action while someone else is taking their time can get annoying, and that's even with the 60 second turn limits on some level.

Of course I am saying all this while I've never actually played ES2 and Galciv or whathaveyou online. It's probably an even bigger issue than I'm realizing but again, I'll routinely get up and go make something to eat or have a smoke after playing those games for a couple turns so it's a modus operandi I'm pretty used to even in singleplayer. Having a notification system and global chat to hurry the fuck up would also be helpful.

Oh and speaking of XCOMish games have any of you played Fallout Tactics? I watched my friend play it and borrowed his copy forever ago and I always wanted to play that game against people but by the time I finally was an adult who had some free time and could buy whatever the fuck I want I was already over a decade too late to the party to find any online matches. I'd love to play something like that or classic Starcraft or something with ernst too.
No. 41930
319 kB, 1364 × 768
Play by Email is used for games that make 4x lengths look ADHD tier. There's an ongoing PBEM of War in the Pacific on youtube, where one player has uploaded his full turn plays. They're 90 turns in out of over 1200 and he has about in the ballpark of 400 hours or so. Just saying, game length isn't a factor in its viability. It's also not intended to be played at synchronously, so you're not really waiting around for it, but doing other stuff and then playing the turn when it comes in.

Fallout Tactics is fun, but not really my cup of tea. Section level tactics don't really do it for me unless it's something 'on the ground' like in a tactical shooter or something. Platoon is fun, but my favourite is the Company to Battalion scale for tactics. You've got enough goodies to have a decent fight and absorb some losses unlike a lot of 'tactics' games on the section level, and it's the level where different doctrines start to actually rear their head.
No. 41957
220 kB, 1920 × 1080
158 kB, 1920 × 1080
281 kB, 1920 × 1080
Terraria got its final update (yes, this time it's final, says re-logic after releasing a final update for the 3rd time)

I haven't looked at the changelog to get surprised. I'm sure that most of the content is post-endgame like usual.
The thing is, Terraria is a patchwork of tiers because of how it was developed.

Originally it had 3 bosses and stuff, and then that got enlarged with the 1.1 update, essentially doubling the game and turning the old "endgame" into the early game. Then it kept getting updated to the point where you can easily complete the original part of the game in a couple of hours if you really want to, because of all the new items that aid progression.

Though usually the new stuff that gets added into the early game is novel, but ultimately useless.
Wow, a stepping stool. What a useful item it is. It allows you to become marginally taller. Can't fathom a situation where this would be useful.

They added a bunch of new graphics and effects, like wind blowing the grass, new flowers and vines. The critter-roster seems to be enlarged too with dragonflies flying above a new "oasis" biome.
Too bad I don't give a shit about the fishing mechanic in the game.
I just wish there was a way to buy bait instead of having to farm it yourself manually. You're a god by the midgame, but you have to go and catch fucking bugs to be able to fish.
(Though afaik it's useful, because with gear from fishing, you can basically skip right to the second portion of the game, but what's the fun in having to explore extra deadly caves with equipment that's only useful when you want to cheese bosses.)

I'm eager to see what the end-game will look like now. Can't imagine you can get any more OP than the post-moonlord weapons you get.
It's amazing how far this game has came in the past 10 or so years. From a 2D Minecraft clone into a frantic, pseudo-rougelike boss-battle game.
And despite the "layers" of content, the progression still feels fluid.

Though I don't know if it'll manage to get another 60 hours of grinding out of me to min-max a mage-class equipment.
(It probably will.)
No. 41965
1011 kB, 1440 × 900
1012 kB, 1440 × 900
16,0 MB, 640 × 480, 0:35
All right after this PAINFUL mission later it feels relatively easy. In mission 5 you need to destroy supply convoy that moving towards STD Invinceble. 3 freighters that covered by CR-90 and squadrons of TIEs. Idea that you need to bring TIE attention, while Y-wings destroying cargo. I managed to destory most of fighters, then fired my all torpedos that is enough to destroy one freighter. Same time Y-wings destroyed other one and we finished last one. Since whole was quick, Interceptors from Invincible never managed to even get close to battle, they was like 48 klicks away when we launched into hyperspce. Mission is easy since you need to destroy all freighters and you'll not lost if Y-wings or your X-wing wingman will be destroyed. PRO players send wingman and Y-wings home from start and destroying everying on map themselfs lol.

Next mission there is disabled transport with R2 units that alliance really need. You fly A-wing and need to cover shuttle that making boarding operation. Same time pirates attack on Y-wings that also want capture it. Nothing hard, Y-wings can annihilate you in direct attack but they slow as ass... but then more tough than shildless TIEs and you have just 2-linked blasters. Then after you finishing boarding operation, pirates starting to send 2nd wave of Y-wings and DX-9 Transports that easy to destroy with torpedos.

But next mission is reverse one. When R2 units that had Trojan viruses from empire was attached to X-Wings and pilots started repulsors, R2 captured controls and immideatly moved to imperials hyperjamping to Invinceble... you flying Y-wing and need to disable X-wings and then protecting while chuttles replacing R2 units because Invinceble will start to send waves of Interceptors. Here is some moments on video from mission - disableing X-wing, lucky shot on Interceptor that was on attack vector, flying around calamari cruser.
No. 41977
You may also enjoy this game since you've been playing space combat games again lately. Really cool game that has a dynamic campaign where there are a limited amount of aircraft in the theatre of operations, a limited amount of ships and so on and has permadeath for those units so a dead ship stays dead for the whole campaign. As you rank up you move from fighters and bombers to destroyers, then cruisers and eventually you command the carrier group as a whole and can play the campaign as a game of issuing commands in real time from the carrier.

It's kind of jank at times but there isn't really another game quite like it.

No. 41998
216 kB, 1920 × 1080
281 kB, 1920 × 1080
142 kB, 1920 × 1080
Well, they rewamped the housing system. The NPC-s now have likes and dislikes, so unless you want to pay extra for their services, you can't shove them all into a series of khrushchevkas and be done with it.
Basically the entire system depends on the biome and the NPCs that cohabitate with them.
I don't know how to feel about this mechanic.
On one hand, it's elaborate, but on the other, it's basically just busywork that prevents you from having a central hub because of how the NPCs dislike high density areas and have preferences for different biomes.
(It'll probably

They also added a foxgirl NPC. During the full moon event she turns into a fullblown furry. She cute.

The game feels a lot easier now. Maybe it's because I've gotten gud, but I haven't made any armour during the first few hours besides a pair of goggles and I only died once when I killed myself with a grenade I threw at a bat.

The new music tracks and the new graphics are really good. They make the game feel more "complete". Having a proper boss health-bar during the fight at the bottom of the screen is something they should've added into the game a long time ago. Now it feels like a polished commercial release. (Not that it was janky or anything before.)

Early-game pickaxes are really shit, so I'm maining explosives. It's kinda expensive, but it's much faster to blow a tunnel to Hell than to manually strip-mine one.
No. 42030
Looks interesting. I playing X-Wing/TF for reasons more that just space sim experience, but more for combination of things I love - best parts of old Star Wars EU, quality big projects of LucasArts in it's best days etc. etc. But we will see, maybe "ill give it a shot. Thought, I still have all Wing commanders to replay properly, same as X-wing Alliance and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighte Balance of Power singleplayer campaighn so quite a list of games to play already.
No. 42032
Tbh the most interesting thing about it is that the game's logic runs on a simplified version of modern CVBG tactics instead of weird Jutland-esque battle lines. It's got a very different feeling when you compare it to your usual space opera because of that. It's less 'epic' and can sometimes feel quite disjointed because you are usually striking each other with fighters and bombers from well beyond sensor range of fleets, and because ships taking damage can't be repaired, let alone the swing of losing a few ships, they tend to keep away from ship to ship combat unless there's a massive advantage. Most ship combat happens either when two destroyers cross paths while on picket, or during a big fleet action that's trying to sweep the last few enemy ships off the map.
No. 42033
57 kB, 739 × 415
If I may shill this game,
Starsector is also a great space RTS.
You can pilot your own ships, heavily customize them (You can turn a freighter ship into a military defense ship, a fuel ship into a suicide bomber, etc), run drugs, battle space pirates and space jihadis (or sell them guns and ship designs and watch them wreck hell on the civilized galaxy. You can also colonize your own planets and assign AI to do the governing for you. (Which make anti-AI jihadis and Fun police mad at you)
No. 42054
It sounds a lot like that Russian game Space Rangers actually. Well, somewhat from what I understand I forget if you've got fleet customization type deal.

In other news I finished both games Beautiful Desolation and XCOM Chimera this weekend and while I greatly enjoyed both of them they also both had oddly the weirdest letdown endings. Meh. Would still highly recommend BD just don't bother with the final cut scene. I'll probably play Pathfinder more and maybe start Kentucky Route Zero this week before work. I am absolutely dreading the fuck out of my schedule going back to some bullshit where I can't collect unemployment because of getting these shit 3 hour shifts and more likely than not people acting like reckless idiots with the economy reopening.
No. 42056
Kind of, however that game was all over the place, you had like 4 different games shoehorned into one. This one is strictly space combat.

It's 15 bucks and it's still on development with a new version coming out every once in a while.
Plus you have mods which completely brings the universe alive.
Worth it.

No. 42057
111 kB, 630 × 809
71 kB, 474 × 452
325 kB, 930 × 1211
How come there aren't any Spelljammer vidya games?
No. 42059
My 2c? Because it's a novelty setting. D&D is a game about dungeon diving, and Spelljammer at most offers a new method of overland travel that you really get a few different outcomes from. You end up fighting yet more illithid pirates, you go to a dungeon on an asteroid or something, or you travel to another plane, and delve in another dungeon.

It can be done well, sure, but most of the setting is window dressing rather than something that really changes gameplay fundamentally imo. Regular sci-fi settings have assumptions baked in regarding gadgets that change the way a dungeon is traversed but Spelljammer was never developed enough to really do the same.
No. 42060 Kontra
Addendum: I like spelljammer for what it is, even though I prefer my interplanar adventures to feel a lot more special and find Planescape and Spelljammer's take on it to feel cheap and tacky.

That said, I really want to emphasise the "underdeveloped" part of my post. The fact it is largely window dressing for existing mechanics is fine. Interesting tweaks in flavour can be fun. A good GM can make a pretty rad game out Spelljammer, but they need to rework or make up a lot of stuff, and with licensing the game's name, there would likely be very little deviation from the really average and underdeveloped written material, so you lose a lot of the ability to really take it and make it great.
No. 42062
66 kB, 443 × 332
There is an old MS DOS game about spelljammer
No. 42063
Yeah I know that's where I took the one picture from--Spelljammer Pirates something or other--but that was from like 1992. That was 28 years ago. Can you imagine? 28 years ago. So we're talking about like a whole 28 years the entire span of a golden age, the entire 90s almost, right through the large industry development mid to late 90s, straight through the 2000s and up to present where it's a huge and varied industry with plenty enough time to pick it up. It just feels odd to me.

That's a pretty decent explanation but I've still heard some sort of similar arguments as to why Paranoia could not be done and there's a game of that coming out, and you could arguably have made a similar case for Planescape and that's also been out for over 20 years. It's just such a huge span of time and it's not like Spelljammer ever was some super obscure setting that nobody talked about. I mean hell Planescape might have been argued to be less talked about before Obsidian or whoever it was made Torment and Dark Sun is probably a lot more obscure than either, although yeah come to think of it there isn't any Dark Sun games either.
No. 42064
There were 2 Dark Sun games in the 90s, and there's also the question of "Which Dark Sun?" because the 2e version and the 4e version are pretty different. I have thoughts on that setting too. It's one of those settings that I think is better on paper than in play. The engine it's designed for is balanced around a relatively widespread amount of magic. Two of the original 3 classes (Cleric and Magic User) had magic. Dark Sun took that engine and made it about a setting where there was far less magic, and that which did exist had significant drawbacks. It has some cool ideas but it fights against itself by being D&D, but if you were going to do it in another engine, you might as well rewrite it to get rid of things that are less than great (drop psionics, ignore metaplot) at which point you don't really have Dark Sun anymore.

YMMV there, but I'm someone who focuses heavily on how 'gameable' something is rather than just how cool its gimmick is. If you can have that cool gimmick and also make the world easy to use and get the fuck out of the way of a GM trying to write content for his game, all the better.

The Paranoia PC game is something I'm interested in academically. It will play nothing like the actual game (probably a good thing if you ask me) because it relies heavily on arbitrary fiat and the setting is nothing to write home about (tongue-in-cheek 1984). I have real questions about what they are hoping to achieve with it.
No. 42066
Yor first pic is lliteraly game cover art with big SSI logo on it.
No. 42067
172 kB, 800 × 901
119 kB, 649 × 838
145 kB, 800 × 1218
220 kB, 800 × 1228
>Yeah I know that's where I took the one picture from--Spelljammer Pirates something or other--but that was from like 1992. That was 28 years ago. Can you imagine? 28 years ago. So we're talking about like a whole 28 years the entire span of a golden age, the entire 90s almost, right through the large industry development mid to late 90s, straight through the 2000s and up to present where it's a huge and varied industry with plenty enough time to pick it up. It just feels odd to me.

1992 is not long ago and it's right in the middle of golden age of CRPGs. And it was time when SSI produced everything DnD related and most of it was not super, but decent things. And of cource, both Dark Sun games was their things. All DnD games from late 80s to late 90s was or made by SSI or published by them since they had almost exclusive rights for DnD videogames. And without SSI, there never be your favorite isometric games since all of them are descendants from SSI titles and concepts.
No. 42079
314 kB, 1520 × 640
504 kB, 2064 × 784
914 kB, 1744 × 1312
I actually like the new town mechanics. The few small towns feel quite comfy, and there's no downside to having everything decentralised because of the pylon system they introduced. (Basically fast travel points between NPC hubs. It makes travel faster in general.)

Apparently there's now an esoteric luck system in the game, where if you place the wrong type of torch in a biome, then your drop rates get decreased. It also fucks with your damage. With the luck system, you get two rolls for every attack, and the lower one gets applied if your luck is below zero, and the higher if above zero.
Pretty fucked.
The problem is that if you place a normal torch (the most basic bitch item in the game) down in any biome that isn't the regular caverns, the jungle or the forest, your luck immediately becomes -0.5, which let's face it, not very good. (Though the AoE is about 16 blocks)

The problem is that there's no item that tells you your current luck in a given area, only an NPC tells you your luck factor, but he is only accessible after you reach mid-game, and he can't tell you your exact luck on your farming spot, because he lives in a town. Even then, you get no exact numerical value.
Wouldn't be much of an issue imho if normal torches didn't decrease your luck factor.

(But I have no idea how big of an impact all this has, since I haven't started grinding for items yet. Though I've noticed the RNG fucking me over more in one particular biome. 4kanker's Terraria general on /vg/ has been losing its shit over this.)

It's still a fun game. I've cleaned up the commieblocks I've built and replaced most of them with normal housing. (Not like it has any impact, it's just cosmetics. You can build the most basics shacks and you'd lose nothing.)
No. 42080
You know what I really don't rationally comprehend why I like KOTOR so much. I'm watching court videos and I'll get like these weird flashbacks to it. The closest approximation I have for this is the way you get these millisecond long emotional flashbacks to an ex and it'll just come out of nowhere. I have not yet found anything anywhere close to this with just about every other game and I'm only now realizing all this consciously.

In game terms the early 90s is like going back to the fall of Rome if not the siege of Troy in human terms, with early arcade games like Pac Man being ancient Egypt and Pong probably being around Gidi Tepek or what's it called. 28 years is an awful lot of time to not revisit a setting.

I'm aware. That's why I used it which I already addressed in an above post. It is the sole digital game in any format using Spelljammer.
No. 42083
>You know what I really don't rationally comprehend why I like KOTOR so much. I'm watching court videos and I'll get like these weird flashbacks to it. The closest approximation I have for this is the way you get these millisecond long emotional flashbacks to an ex and it'll just come out of nowhere. I have not yet found anything anywhere close to this with just about every other game and I'm only now realizing all this consciously.

VTMB? I remember rolling my eyes quite heavily while playing KOTOR but it does strangely seem like one of those games that sticks with you. Probably because you can tell from the gameplay itself that it was made with love for the product.
No. 42095
After Disco Elysium, what >>41202 a month ago? I finished MGS: Peace Walker

It's kind of fun being knockoff Che Guevara even though Kojima is repeating himself at this point. The comic book style cutscenes were good too, the gameplay is meh though - rather understandably since it was a PSP game and the levels are tiny as a result (played the HD edition). The enemy AI is a bit cringeworthy too after having played MGS V. Will probably finish that next.
No. 42107
God this game is such a chore to play sometimes. It's weird. Like it is just so thrilling and cozily enjoyable for me to play in weirdly a way that PoE never was in spite of being virtually identical superficially but god the mechanics are just so daunting. I routinely find myself looking things up only to end up getting distracted and wasting more of my life on the internet, and I am making mistakes about basic shit. Like for example oh yeah this is Pathfinder btw for example not realizing how useless my INT stat is as a sorcerer. I pretty much default to high INT/WIS/CHA or PER/persuasion in any game I play like that but I looked back and realized how much of my character build has INT high which idk even if it was necessary for dialogue checks, which I don't believe it was, nor likely has perception however I did end up turning off different things in the menu because showing things like alignment shifts from a dialogue option is really retarded metagaming at best. Well anyway I'm rambling because I'm exhausted by now but yeah I can see why it's such a huge turnoff to some people, both the game and the Pathfinder system itself. It's been awhile since I played anything straight DnD come to think of it but it really does just feel less straightforward and more autistic in a sense, with the whole system seemingly geared towards minmaxing and power gaming as I think that Brit said earlier.

This is kind of annoying because I also want to multi class but there really doesnt seem to be any point in this system and meanwhile for reasons I can't fathom one of your companions is a rogue wizard. She does seem to be scoring sneak attacks with spells at least?

Like the american ernst said yeah I probably spend the bulk of my time in menus and I'm lvl4 by now, so to that lad I say you shouldn't feel bad it literally took me probably an hour of screwing around in the menus before setting the game aside for months before coming back to it and spending a couple more hours on character creation, followed by me spending ungodly amounts of time not even straightforward playing the game but just looking things up and trying to figure things out for the trajectory of my characters. you know what it really has been a long ass time I just realized I think the last time I even dealt with normal DnD was Planescape a few years ago and then not for some years prior IRL. By now it's blurring together and my instincts are all wrong and fucked up from Pillars of Eternity too. Or maybe I'm just getting old and more easily confused and retarded.
No. 42108
840 kB, 1600 × 900
641 kB, 1600 × 900
520 kB, 1600 × 900
699 kB, 1600 × 900
So remember this post >>41911
>first pic
Little Lubomira had the soul ripped from her body during a ceremony where she attempted to become a wise woman (zerca) during a right of passage, but she returned to us and served as an undead warden
>second pic
She somehow had a child with the village's house demon, which was born an undead corpse, which ''grew up'' to be a guardian and gatherer for the village
>third pic
said undead corpse somehow had 2 fucking normal kids with a local goblin smithy who settled in our village
>fourth pic
One kid grew up to become a very skilled medic and healer, and the other kid, Olenna grew up to be a badass soldier

>XCOM2 well, you know. I have no idea why someone would get butthurt by having to deal with a codex
it's just my bro, he's like that. Any game that is too hard for him is objectively a bad game, any game he loses at is shit and unbalanced

>Which is still incredibly painfully sad to me to see such wasted potential. It's not garbage. The ideas aren't garbage. It's just done in such a phoneshit tumblr faggot way that I completely forget beneath the surface is a really great thing full of really great ideas utterly trashed by the people doing it
Yeah but it was a tenner asset flip, while the writing and voice acting is abysmal I'm still glad to play it

>I also have Sins of a Solar Empire and played it a bit
not gonna lie, last time I played that I actually fell asleep in front of the PC

>Company of Heroes 1 & 2 +DLC
Have you played that? it's a great game for MP skirmishes

>But anyways yeah so I actually got Thea and I haven't played it yet
I want to play it again, I reckon it might be better than Thea 2, certainly has more soul. One of those games I'd love to discover again for the first time
No. 42111
That story would've been so much funnier if you just continued being utterly abysmal at watching after your people and things kept descending into chaos becoming like the origin of an undead faction rather than...having living kids? What
No. 42112
859 kB, 1600 × 900
Things like that can happen, especially if you start out as non-human. Hell, there's even an achievement for starting out as a rat and completing your divine quest for your chosen God
No. 42113
>I was an orphan to be found in a cabbage field by a goblin and an undead corpse

Sounds like the fucking messiah to me
No. 42119
So, would you recommend Thea 1 or 2 for a newcomer to play?
No. 42121
1,0 MB, 1600 × 900
932 kB, 1600 × 900
612 kB, 1600 × 900
826 kB, 1600 × 900
I would definitely say start with Thea 1
No. 42128
Wait so there's euphemisms for people having sex to such a degree it uses storks and cabbage patches, but it still shows tits? What?
No. 42132
>In game terms the early 90s is like going back to the fall of Rome if not the siege of Troy in human terms, with early arcade games like Pac Man being ancient Egypt and Pong probably being around Gidi Tepek or what's it called. 28 years is an awful lot of time to not revisit a setting.
Ehh I'd not compare video game history to real life one. Generally our society only increase in speed of progress, while games now in kind of stagnation stage more or less last 15 years. Post-1988 CRPGs are fine today as they was fine back than, not that you'll find analogues for many of them after 1995.
No. 42145
725 kB, 1600 × 900
716 kB, 1600 × 900
It's not a euphemism because it's afraid to touch the subject, it's just part of the fantasy world Thea is based in. The cabbage field is a building in your village the produces vegetables but also on rare occasions throws out a kid.

The stork is a euphemism for a couple having a kid, or it has to be there because sometimes couples of different races produce a child together or as you saw an undead warrior and a goblina. Or maybe it's easier to say a stork brought the child than ''these two people fucking banged and now there's a kid''. On some occasions 2 people can get married and a child is born too so it's obvious there that there's sex.

There's also actually parts in the game where if you've an attractive female in your group and you get cornered by bandits you can pay the toll with some pussy, which is something I've not seen in many games (fallout 2 is the only other one I can think of) because usually people would be in uproar about it, but this is a small Polish studio we're talking about and they don't give a shit about political correctness as much.
No. 42148
That murrican perspective :DDD

No offense, my friend, it's just entirely foreign to me. I didn't even consider this image as particularly sexual.
No. 42150
Well I mean, why would it show a bare chested woman but act like it's Puritan regarding babies coming from sex, which was explained by Ireland. It struck me at first as maybe they were doing that because they were marketing to kids with the storks and whatnot, which itself was really weird to me at first.
No. 42151
Stylistic choices. The description says you play as a god, so having symbolism and myth playing a more overt role than legit biology makes sense.
No. 42276
6,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:24
Playing a bit of WoT again lately, but I'm only playing my bullshit OP premium tanks. Think I've given up on grinding tech tree tanks for a while. I'm liking playing this M4 Rev because of its insane shell velocity, lets me wallop wheelies reliably

Me neither, that's a leshy, a forest demon. I mean she does have nice tits and all but she's a forest creatura look at her hands
They're not acting puritan though, it's all about the fantasy setting
No. 42283
43 kB, 500 × 464
410 kB, 1093 × 584
>leshy, a forest demon
That chick with wings and titties is supposed to be a leshy? That is an alternative character design on the level of a Japanese cartoon.
No. 42328
156 kB, 1364 × 768
287 kB, 1364 × 768
196 kB, 1364 × 768
Played some CMSF2 today. AKA, terrorist simulator 2018. I'm probably on a watchlist for playing this fucking game but such cases.

The Unconventional Forces faction is just so fucking rewarding because you get chewed up by even Syrian reservists if you try and fight them properly, but you also have some of the highest density of heavy weapons in the game, so find a good place to set up, and then funnel the enemy to you and you can do very nasty things to them when they are surrounded on all sides by le angry balaclava men.

The other factions are fun too. Doing third world counter-rebel actions as Syria is ebin, and the high tech NATO armies are costed so that you aren't just curbstomping, but are often really outnumbered and can struggle against an inferior force that can successfully attrit you. It's a nice contrast to Black Sea where it's a modern war but a conventional one.
No. 42335
I'm absolutely impressed by the fact that other people than me know Combat Mission.

I haven't recently played it but I did buy CMBN and I have all it's expansions.

Unfortunately I don't have CMSF, I used to, back in 2008 or so when it came out, I literally owned a physical copy.
No. 42336
I got into it with SF1 too. Only recently got the Game Engine 4 upgrade though (SF2). It's way better. I always liked that they were basically Close Combat with more eye candy and simulated verticality. That said, if you like CC as well as CM, check out Armored Brigade. It's fucking great. Are they that unknown though? They've been around forever, and have something of a reputation I thought.

BN is noice, easily the most content but I prefer CMFB for my Wectern Front stuff. It's not as varied (yet, I've heard through the grapevine that there's an expansion in the works) but the Siegfried Line is ebin. I mean, hedgerow fighting is kino itself, but there's a certain charm to getting pasted by a King Tiger hiding behind a conveniently placed patch of thick forest and then needing to pray for accurate artillery because you got nothing on hand that can actually kill the fucken thing. I should really get BN at some point, I remember the demo being fun.
No. 42359
I played the FB demo and was fun I'm just not a Battle of the Bulge guy.

I actually got into the CM series with Barbarossa to Berlin and I remember how excited I was when CMSF came around and every soldier was it's individual person.
No. 42373
The Aachen Campaign in FB is fucking amazing. A US reinforced Battalion attacking the city, starting on the outskirts and moving slowly deeper and deeper, with persistent losses.

That's the bit that captures the imagination for me. The advance into Germany where the fighting was at its most bitter. I'm hoping that the expansion is either Operation Varsity or at the very least, something that will include Volkssturm. I've liked what I've seen when watching Fortress Italy gameplay too, which recently got its expansion to take it to the end of the war. Maybe when I do pick up CMBN we can have a PBEM game?
No. 42408
That feel when reprogamming your headtracking after a long period of not having it set up. Feels good but also bad man.
No. 42437
>Got back into multiplayer DCS today

What's it like? How populated are the servers? Is there PVP or is it mostly co-op?

I've got the Ka-50 and Huey modules but I never put many hours into them.
No. 42438
Depends on your region. In Australia it's all PvE, usually TTI or Snowfox based. It's not hard, or particularly exciting but there's a certain quality to just flying about plinking targets.

I know that the US and Europe had a fairly active PVP scene a couple of years ago but I dunno how it is now, but it should be a lot healthier than it was now that there's more viable aircraft than F-15C and Su-27.
No. 42439 Kontra
Oh, and regarding population, on a weekend night, you can usually get 15-20 people on an Australian server, but that's it. On most nights it'll be 10-15. So enough for a server to exist but not super populated. I know that the US has lots more than we do, and presumably so does europe thanks to population density.

I have Ka-50 and Huey too, but I don't fly them that often. I like them, but having to control yaw with a thumb axis (I ain't got the dough for pedals at the moment) is a little frustrating.
No. 42453
So the one really nice thing I liked so much about P:K really is its downfall, which is that every time I sit down to play without fail I end up spending the next half hour or more looking things up and eventually forgetting what I came to do in the first place and wind up just dicking around online again.

Am I just misremembering something about Dungeons and Dragons? Each time I try to place this game it makes me feel like I have never known how to play DnD at all. Each level up feels like such a bunch of insanely autistic decisions that invariably gets me lost again. Well at least I may finally drop Linzi who I like as a character but I fucking hate bards and it comes a point at which you've got to figure out whether you want to change your whole party composition or who to stick with and whether you should just drop a character either because you find them too annoying but useful, or keep a character because you like them as characters but they're fucking useless otherwise.

Oh well maybe I should just try playing this game a little closer to reality and actually allowing my characters to die and have to roll them up and replace them. It just feels weirdly though like on the one hand they are so specialized but on the other so many spells are shared that they all blur together and feel generic to the point where even caring about what I am doing is sheer autism, and then I find out about people way more autistic than I could ever be talking about how critically important some leveling decision is because you want to get to level 20 in this and blah blah blah.

Tedious. That's just the word that I can use here. It is autistic and in a tedious manner that I think you really have to have a certain kind of mindset and personality to get probably into Pathfinder in general and Kingmacher in particular. It all just gets so tiresome. I can start to see now why some people just didn't bother with this game or didn't get very far. It asks so many decisions of you that makes it feel like you can't coast through this game in a smooth experience.

The other end is because I know if I specialize too much it can fuck me because I'm really starting to see mixing up alignments and probably pissing off evil characters or getting pissed at them. I just don't know. It somehow can just feel like tedium after awhile or maybe that's just me. Probably is me. Just because every game I try to predict what decision I don't want to make earlier on that will annoy the piss out of me for the next 20 hours if I make the wrong choice and only realize 2 hours in when I don't feel like changing it. Maybe I'm being too rigid or over thinking things and that's just a broader reflection of today thread tier pontificating.