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No. 42154
798 kB, 1920 × 1074
New one.
No. 42156
today i did nothing but shitpost on discord
lord have mercy on my soul
No. 42157
3,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
I went to the north today. Pic related: It's the Douro river.

It's a shame I'll now die of COVID-19 because every northerner has it.
No. 42159
85 kB, 614 × 768
>Pic related: It's the Douro river.
Beautiful. Totally worth it, ernst :DD
No. 42160
122 kB, 703 × 937
92 kB, 666 × 888
116 kB, 666 × 888
Decided to drop out of my Master's project, which for all practical purposes means that I'm dropping out of the whole course.
I feel a bit uneasy because I know some of my family will disapprove, and I'm not really sure what I'm going to do now, but I suppose it's better to do it now rather than force myself through this agony for another 1.5 years, or likely longer considering my track record.
I've been considering trades, but none of them really entice me. I have a friend who dropped out of uni and started an apprenticeship last year as chimney sweeper, he seems to be enjoying it (well, he works in Berlin, I'm sure that's not unimportant), but I'm not sure I could do something like that.
Well, I still have my minijob at the uni until October, so there's that at least.

On a more positive note, I realized I've accumulated 200€ in my wallet since I haven't been spending paper money as I usually only do so when I'm out and about.
Also finished another Gunpla, it's a bit of an undewhelming model except for the fabulous hair. This time I also did some panel lining, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

>Nu Gundam
It does look cool, maybe I'll even get an MG of it.
But for now I still have a couple more HG models already lying around.

Looks nice, makes me want to visit the north of Portugal maybe rather just a bike trip to the local river for now :D
No. 42161
Nah, nothing will happen. It's flu of old farts who will die anyway.[\spoiler] Cool pic. Northen Portugal is one of places I want to visit in western europe one day.
No. 42167
How come? What were you studying and how did you come up with the courage to drop out? I'm one of those who take forever with uni I love it and can't imagine quitting - so I'm kind of on the opposite side from you.
No. 42170
I wouldn't leave uni until you have a job secured and a plan. Academia is shit but you can't leave a job unfinished and...we're in the middle of a global pandemic with predictions of a long and painful recession. The fuck are you going to do besides sit at home on the dole with no identity? What kind of apprenticeship do you think you'll get if you just flaked uni and tell them you don't have any interest in any career?
No. 42172
388 kB, 426 × 240, 0:03
>Teachers messages that she corrected the exam
>I panic
>I ask for the results while in panic
>No reply
>I keep panicking
She said that the best result was 92%, the worst was 52%. So mine could be anything between the two.
I had a beer, but it didn't help at all with the anxiety.

Today I read from the Gulag Archipelago. I like it. Generally speaking, I like books that are loose strings of historical anecdotes centred around a common topic.
It feels like that Shostakovich's Testimony is a perfect companion volume to it.
No. 42173
74 kB, 1280 × 720
Well I got the fucking results. 92 fucking percent lads.
Can't fuckin' believe it.
Nerdy girls my suck my dick. This is the power of true intelligence and being well read.
Fuck you and your better test results. I can actually apply what I read you dirtyh whores.

Woke up mum and dad and shared a shot of kräuterlikör with them. Even drank the half shot that was at the bottom of the bottle. Then I drank the vodka I poured while I was waiting for the message to come.
All in all, I had 1.5 shots of 56% kräuterlikör, a shot of 37% vodka and a fucking beer. I'm so fucking drunk I'm singing fucking bozhe tsarya khrani. Or rather, the three lines in russian I know. That, or whistling Mahler.

92 fucking percent. Still the worst Matura I ever wrote, right behind my 93% in German from two years ago.
I'm going to uni. I can't believe it. I'm going to be attending a fucking university.
No. 42174
Why should you get the exams results in advance of others because of an email? Or don't you have an official day? We were all going one by one through the principals office and got them told in person.

Also don't worry, or are you attending an elite uni?
No. 42175 Kontra
Looks like I'm slow >>42174
No. 42176
It's an intermediate abitur exam, so the teacher that corrected the exam sheets knows me and can tell me the results ahead of schedule. You just have to ask.
She told us that we can ask, so why the fuck not. Official date to go in and review the test is the 29th.
No. 42177
I wonder if we were able to review it.
Anyway, congrats!
Not until July-August that I will know if I will change university and city.
No. 42178
14 kB, 353 × 351
Congrats, lad. I still remember very vividly when I passed the key test for my degree, which basically meant that I'd be able to finish the whole thing. Got drunk very quickly that day, so enjoy it.
No. 42179
I just bought and finally received an entire key of kratom and although I've been getting mailing difficulties as a result I am probably also going to get damn near an ounce of CBD cannabis at around the same time and now I'm just going to lie around on my bed in pajamas all day watching pet and nature videos and some weird documentaries while getting paid unemployment for it r8
Just kidding. Who gives a fuck I r8 this maximum awesome just because I don't have to go anywhere or do anything at all not even tomorrow fingers crossed which means it literally doesnt matter what I do today and I can sit around doing anything I want in my apartment with no one to answer to right now. At least this very one moment is finally something where it's actually worth me not dying for the first time in years and years.

By the way if you have a high baseline of anxiety I also finally figured out the trick to it. You have to buy the shit from what looks like basically a head shop for potheads. There's all kinds of things I'm starting to see which I don't even understand what they are like shatter. Wtf is shatter? It looks like some tarry caramel colored concoction of Mr. White and Jesse. Well anyways I figured out the trick to it here is you actually have to buy the buds themselves. The shit they sell on those dippy new age sites for middle age women do nothing and the skin creams are probably even more fucking useless. The stuff they sell in gas stations is also equally worthless overpriced garbage that does nothing however when you get the gummies or the flower itself the stuff works great.

The only downside to it is it really does feel similar to weed which makes you completely fucking useless to anybody and retarded and forgetful like stoners so use with caution. Otherwise I have found it to be a great adjunct to my anxiety med regimen which lately has been more kratom based. All in all pretty good though. This is truly the age of the NEET. What are some good documentaries to watch? I found this one really weird one called Kink which apparently James Franco made about that website which led to another one called Graphic Sexual Horror. Apparently the Patriot Act shut that site down and I guess nobody could tell if it was real or dark web tier back then. I'm still not quite sure why to stand on porn honestly but all our mass consumption of it and starring it to get by is probably just an indication this system has made whores of us all and they just happen to be more honest about it.

I might download one of those when I'm in the mood. Probably at least one of them is the whole "sex positivism" thing which i guess could contrast interestingly against that British documentary I watched that was negative but really I'm not in the mood to do much but nature docs atm. I'm super scared of jinxing it by even talking about work but man if I could keep my schedule clear and #StayHome™ that would be super awesome. There's all these documentaries out there on such knowledge and yet I waste so much of my time on nothing, and judging by YT everyone else is way worse. It takes on average one play next before it becomes the most incredibly asinine insipid click baity bullshit it's incredible. YT is such horrific trash now I can't even believe it and meanwhile it's been getting harder and harder for me to find nice documentaries.

Why shouldn't research papers and documentaries all be provided as free knowledge? Why is such an amazing age of knowledge and understanding bogged down in celebrity bullshit and attention whoring while the product of artists and intellectuals and locked up like obscure products?
No. 42181
Well, the review thing here means that you can go in, scan it, and then lodge an official complaint in the next two days if you feel like something was incorrectly graded by the teacher. (Since here even a single point can mean a lot.)
Then they'll review your complaint by asking a third opinion of another teacher who teaches that subject and they either decided in your favour or your teacher's favour.

I'm still waiting for the results of the Advanced History exam and the intermediate Mathematics exam. There's no way I'm going to get those beforehand like I I did with the literature exam, because I don't have a cordial relationship with my maths teacher and the history exam is corrected by a teacher at a different school because it's advanced level and not intermediate.

>elite uni?
I marked ELTE (Lóránd Eötvös University of Sciences) as the first place on my application spot. It's not the hardest uni to get into (That would be the Semmelweis Univesity of Medicine), but it's the oldest and one of the most prestigious in the country, mainly its humanities faculty.
So yes, the expectations are kinda high, but the the Faculty of Eastern Studies isn't hopelessly hard to get accepted to.
No. 42187
I studied "Cognitive Science".
>How come?
I guess, to put it short, the sort of questions and research topics that are prevalent in this field simply don't interest me.
I have no connections to any of the profs, and I don't like them very much, so I'd again have trouble with the thesis as I did during my Bachelor's. It's a rather small tight-knit course, and most of the students are from a younger cohort since I took longer with my bachelor, and I have almost no connections to them either so I feel a bit like a pariah.

I suppose reading this post by a guy who was already deep into academia when he decided to quit was also a bit of an influence: https://write.as/formerly-known-as-a-philosopher/confession-of-an-ex-philosopher
Though it's not like I decided to do it just because I read a post :D, it's been on my mind basically already before I started it but I had some hopes I might find interest in it again since there was a new prof who seemed like his approach might be different. But it wasn't, his focus on theory makes me gag even more than the handwaving approach of the other main prof of the course. These endless discussions about miniscule points from people who just want to hear themselves talk, gaaaa...

I guess I could go on with the negative venting, but I'm not against universities per se despite all the bullshit produced there - it's not like industry is any better, but maybe that's not really the right dichotomy. I'm happy it works out for you, but I guess it's just not for me.

I mean I have some job for now, and I haven't fully dropped out yet. Also I still got my Bachelor's degree (tho I guess that doesn't mean shit nowadays) and at least some work experience to boot, so I don't think I'm that badly off. Now that I think about it, I could also just stay enrolled for another year or so until I get my foot in the door somewhere as a working student if I decide to go that route.
I don't want to underestimate it, but it doesn't seem to be such a big problem to get into an apprenticeship since my m8 who dropped out of 3 (or more?) university programs or so without finishing any degree managed to do it.
No. 42191
Thanks for posting. You see, someone close to me is in a situation similar to what you describe (except studying MINT) and I would like the help them. They are a bit further in, struggling with their MSc thesis after having dreaded everything since the years-long torture of writing their BSc thesis (yes, the thesis alone took years). They have a job at uni that they would like to replace with something, anything outside the MINT (eng. STEM) field.
The situation of our educational world is tainted by a very bitter taste once you see someone in that place. It's extremely hard to find a job in another field (at least if your field is MINT/STEM) but everything within that field is so narrow in focus that it's nigh impossible to find something that differs enough from the things you've grown to dislike.

Now my problem is that I'm happy within that very field, so my perspective on how to do something outside is skewed and mostly useless. Still, endless chats about it fill both our lives with dread on a regular basis. Doesn't help that parents get older and stop giving money.

I've read partly through the blog post and am sure to pass it on, it seems to have some genuine thoughts worth reading.
No. 42200
Whenever I shave and cut my hair on the same day, I end up looking like a guy who had to clean himself up for court. Being well-groomed just seems a little unnatural for me.

You've heard this a lot by now, but I'm sure one more couldn't hurt: Congratulations, mate. After seeing your posts over these last couple of years, I know it's been a hell of a journey, but you made it.

>I r8 this maximum awesome
Seems like an accurate rating to me :D
Sadly my documentary game is weak, so I'm coming up empty there.
No. 42201
>the Faculty of Eastern Studies isn't hopelessly hard to get accepted to.
As I understand it from your posts, in Hungary admission to different programs is capped and limited to the best scoring applicants. Is that just for some programs? Is there a retard university for all the dumbasses who want to go to college but can't get into competitive programs?

Over here, as much as 20% or more of the student body at any university can be psychology majors alone, and once you add in gender studies and English and history other other useless limited-applicability spheres of knowledge, more than half of our college students are wasting 4 years of their lives and 10s of thousands of dollars for knowledge that is worthless for 99% of people.

Of course we need history and English teachers, and some people to continue scholarship for its own sake. But the supply of these degrees vastly surpasses the demand for people to use them. I really wish we limited study in these fields only to the most intelligent and dedicated people who showed interest. I was terrified upon graduation to see that the psych majors outnumbered my own department* by a factor of perhaps 100.

*We linguists were relegated to the basement of one of the smaller buildings on campus, and had at most a few dozen graduates each year. This was a rare case of a department's size perfectly matching up with its usefulness.
No. 42203
Basically there are "free" spots where the government pays your tuition and there are "paid" spots where you pay each semester for your education. Every citizen is entitled to 10 semesters' worth of tuition, no matter the degree.
The acceptance procedure uses a system where every student can earn a maximum of 500 points.
(100 from the average if your five matura exam results, 100 extra points for taking advanced exams or having language certificate, 100 for your marks in grade 11 and 12 and the remaining 200 is from two maturas of your choice. You can get 10-15 extra points for a disability or taking part in national or international competitions.)

You upload your results and they calculate the best result for you. The universities get these results and they rank the applicants in a descending order.
If there's 50 government spots for a given course, then the 50th applicant's results will be the cut-off point for application.
There's a legal minimum for points you have to earn to go to university. They cannot legally set a course to have a point requirement below 280.

There's two kinds of institutions of higher learning in Hungary. Universities ("Egyetem") and "Capital Schools" ("Főiskola"). These offer more "practical courses" and aren't really prestigious. They also have lower point requirements, since they aren't bound by the law that makes the minimum 280.
That's where the shitters go.
Though a lot of universities are főiskola tier.
The Prestigious places are ELTE (Where I applied to. The go-to place for humanitiesfags. Oldest uni in the country.), the Budapest University of Technology (for STEM students that want to get torn a new one), the Semmelweis University of Medicine, Pécs University of Sciences, Debrecen University of Sciences and the Corvinus University of Economics (this is where a lot of our elite studied. It used to be called "Karl Marx University of Economics".)

Though recently they started experimenting with the funding. Some universities don't have government funded spots, but rather they have a fund that gets money from the industry that places orders for "courses" to have specialists trained.
Quite worrying if you ask me.

>After seeing your posts over these last couple of years
Oh D-g, has it already been a couple of years now?
How terrifying.
Thank you.
No. 42204
You are aware if the fact that historians don't work in museums or archives only, right? They go into PR or culture shit as well. Likewise people who study psychology won't all be therapists but HR or in some corporates where they need knowledge about the human psyche, were stuff is designed etc. These are not necessarily productive jobs in that sense, it's service commodification. You pay someone with knowledge to do something for you you can't do yourself but you need for whatever reasons. That is why many work is also project based I think, because you have customers (enterprises) who need a special service only for a limited amount of time etc.
The son of my parents friends whom I played with many many years ago got a masters in geoengineering, he was quite good I guess, went abroad to GB, at least when we were young I always had the impression he is quite smart. Anyway, he now works for some furniture company in a shitty job as far as I remember. Guess no jobs available for him. Maybe just the place he moved to.
These days it's not all about applicating STEM knowledge into new technology that will help humans, "solving problems" if you want to make it more abstract. All kinds of services can be bought. Teaching people like engineers how to lead a group, you know that weekend seminar your boss sends you to because you should do the job and you will get taught/trained stuff by psychologists or whatever, that kind of stuff.
Though ofc I understand your resentiment, I sometimes wonder as well what all of my peer students will do one day. I got excellent marks, since I'm a math loser on the other side I'm not able to read correctly the grade spread from all BAs which got registred, but if I got that right, less than 5% have a better grade than me...either that or less than 5% got that grade, the month I got my and hope to find a job that has to do with publishing books or something like that. A job in the end, that you can't do without being well read basically. And I know that many peers don't read that much or many online things like newspaper etc. but rarely any books, except for uni. Some drop out I guess, some read books more often.
There exist people who hold lectures in a less academic fashion to boomers who like to educate themselves and pay for an evening that is both entertaining but also "the more you know..." I can't blame them, being confronted with an interesting history is nice. The satisfaction of the aha moment.
No. 42221
1,3 MB, 1055 × 1485
I'm lazy and don't feel like reading. I sent an email with an exposé and supposed table of content to the professor that might be my BA tutor then. My thesis is not very clear and I feel like too much topics mix and I have to reduce further, but I'm getting closer and have singled out a source that works in more than one direction apparently. So my energy that went into this stuff drained me for today.
No. 42224
Why are the plots of mecha manga/animes so hard to follow? I thought this was unique to Neon Genesis Evangelion (haven’t seen it but I know it has a reputation for being convoluted), but now I’m reading Knights of Sidonia and I feel like I never know what’s going on.
No. 42225
It's a bank holiday only I get an extra day off because of privilege day. Essentially, many years ago civil servants are granted an extra day off by the Queen for her birthday, there used to be many more such perks but only this one remains as it's explicitly granted by the Crown. It would arguably be treason to work on such a day.

No idea what I'm going to do with 4 days off. Not that I'm complaining but I'm easily going to waste it outside of baking a cake and going for walks.

>I don't want to underestimate it, but it doesn't seem to be such a big problem to get into an apprenticeship since my m8 who dropped out of 3 (or more?) university programs or so without finishing any degree managed to do it.

Eh, I wouldn't discount sheer luck on this. People make noise online about trades being easy but I've known fair number of people I went to school with go into things like plumbing and carpentry only to end up shafted by the last recession.

Obviously you should go be a civil servant. Growth industry with job security and interesting work, nothing to sneeze at. Plus the bullshit like security clearance can take months so you can still change your mind if you fancy finishing your Masters.

>Some universities don't have government funded spots, but rather they have a fund that gets money from the industry that places orders for "courses" to have specialists trained.
Quite worrying if you ask me.

Honestly when you get into the figures for this it becomes logical. Many high-skill industries are screaming for people (for example nuclear) and can offer a good job. That, sadly, is important for working class people who don't feel secure enough to go into philosophy or whatever so talent is put to use that is otherwise wasted. Still fucked but I like to think that at least their children will have the security to study what they want.

Fair play, emails take the piss. I feel that society in general could be much more productive if people were more inclined to pick up the phone like the older generation still do.
No. 42226
Private Sector history is actually a big deal. Lots of building projects hire one or more to make sure that they are in the clear for building. It looks really bad if you dig out the foundation and discover that the place used to be a graveyard (which happened here, but was averted by historians having a plan for preserving the site and transporting what needed to be moved in a respectful manner.)

Plus there is just contract work that is more common than you might think, just boring as fuck.

>Growth industry
I interpreted that as a big government joke and it made me smile :-DDDDD
No. 42227
Watch 0079, Gundam, Dougram and VOTOMS. Occasionally confusing but way better too.
t. former /m/anchild
No. 42228 Kontra
72 kB, 500 × 387
It's also 16 degrees Celsius today.
No. 42229
I've been going like this for awhile now and only recently it looks like things are picking back up and I'm probably going to be back to at least 3 day work weeks. I'm actually already well aware of the fact that it's going to be a real rough transition to servitude to a company which fully broke its trust with me after lazing about all day for weeks on end.

Really I should just get back to my projects and go more straight edge because I swear this CHD is making me a lazy useless fuck who's dumb and forgetful but on the other hand it was the first time all that tension just melted away. If I can ever afford it I need to pay for a good back massage. That has got to be one of the nicest things about being wealthy. My muscles are like rope every day for no good reason.
No. 42231
Thanks for the recommendations. I watched the first two episodes of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series and it was cool. Unfortunately it looks like the only way to watch the rest is to download 40 GB with two seeders lol
No. 42233
228 kB, 1148 × 956
28C on the Kazakhstan, I hate it already
No. 42234
That's 0079. It's worth. Should be other torrents around. Second one was meant to be Z Gundam but phone deleted the Z. Don't watch it without the first because while it's self-contained, it's a lot better if you've seen the previous one. Don't bother with ZZ or Victory unless you are a UC grog. They aren't particularly good, and are only really interesting if you follow the background information since they show distinct periods of in-universe UC design philosophy.
No. 42235
Fug. Tbh, at least here it goes from hot to cool and not hot to nut-freezing like it does on the Kazakhstan.
No. 42237
We did enjoy a few weeks of cold weather, rains, etc. But it seems the fun's over now. Although, our "hot" is nothing compared to straya, though. And the sun doesn't scorch us with unfiltered, deathly cancer beams. On the almaty at least. The central steppe regions might come closer.

If I were walthy, I'd just have 4 homes all around the world and move to whichever's having the chilliest weather :-D.

The insides of my PC and keyboard are absolutely disgusting. I need to diassemble and clean them. But that's at least a day of them being out of commission and drying (I wash my PC parts in the bathtub :-D).

nvm, bathtub is occupied by carpet, next time I guess.
No. 42241
742 kB, 1280 × 1972
There is +10 ultra hot like second day. I was not prepeared, even snow still not fully melted. Now I need to suffer untill it ends to normal again.
No. 42242
Hah, it's been 30+C here for several days and today it has finally cooled off to an acceptable 16C.

That's a very cool image, is this concept art of JK2?
No. 42243
79 kB, 600 × 600
>Fair play, emails take the piss. I feel that society in general could be much more productive if people were more inclined to pick up the phone like the older generation still do.

The problem is that it was late and a text is likely to be more coherent than talking at this point. You really pin down thoughts that way, even though I realized there is still a real thread missing on which to go along, to many threads intertwine atm and it does not make any sense to follow various threads in one BA thesis and risking to scrap various surfaces only instead of going deeper for one or two only.
And the table of contents is better to be had visually. I had like three face2face talks with him in his office before corona swept the world, so count me in on the importance of non-text-based communication.
No. 42247
54 kB, 768 × 512
Ebin :DDD Yes, worth it.

Sintra > North
t. unbiased Sintra Ernst
No. 42248
692 kB, 1280 × 1987
741 kB, 1280 × 1986
730 kB, 1280 × 1995
761 kB, 1280 × 1995
It's illustrations for books for first Jedi Knight, Dark Forces 2.
No. 42249
Well, if I ever go to portugal I'll probably visit all places I can anyway. But I more towards "nature" person, however musems are cool too.
No. 42250
North Portugal is maximum cozy, along with the north coast of Spain.

Definitely want to see Porto one day.
No. 42252
Exactly, buying knowledge and competence you don't have but which is in the end a benefit to whatever you are doing and building said knowledge and competence by yourself or in your corporation is uneconomical. It's more flexible, buying time contracted work is more efficient, less fix costs, easy to abandon once it becomes "a burden" to your book keeping.
I also think psychologists might be streamliners of society because they are employed in various fields which is why I have developed an aversion towards psychologists tbh, they seem to me like damage controllers and stokers of the status quo alike. I googled Führungskräftetraining executive/manager/leader training and alas there exist enterprises whose whole existence is based on provoding knowledge in order to "properly" manage underlings to people who don't know enough or nothing about it. This is done by psychological knowledge for sure, I've never been to such a training obviously.

What is the boring contract work you mentioned?
No. 42254
>I would like a history on my house where nothing interesting happened in the less than 150 years it's existed.

You also get the usual family research people, and let's face it, 99% of people are fucking boring. There's the odd occasion where you'll get something interesting, like I knew some guys who worked with a convent to make a little museum using their archives, but in general you're not doing anything remotely neat. It's not a booming industry by any means, but it does exist which is bigger than most people think it is.
No. 42258
Damn now I’m looking at gunpla kits online. Something wrong with me
No. 42260
>usual family research people, and let's face it, 99% of people are fucking boring.

People want to position themselves within history and want to know "where they come from". Surely these histories are not that interesting, but diaries etc could be good source for historical research nonetheless.
No. 42264
919 kB, 750 × 1053
tfw no giant alien girlfriend
No. 42266
I've been feeling a lot better during the past few days.
I'm actually able to read now, and my chest no longer feels weird, despite the funky weather.

I've read an essay that accompanies Lu Yu's The Classic of Tea. It was about the history of tea in China, and the history of writings on tea. It's interesting how we drink tea without thinking much about it, but a mere 400 years ago Matteo Ricci described it as a completely alien custom.
Also continued reading from the Gulag Archipelago. Fascinating book.
No. 42270
Looks cute.
No. 42271
37 kB, 450 × 320
Getting tired of social isolation, since it really adds a strain to my already limited social settis. I just played videogames all day and got drunk into the evening, I think I just want to talk to someone.
No. 42273
496 kB, 750 × 1014
420 kB, 750 × 1038
No. 42274
3,3 MB, 2564 × 3200
I just unfucked my wlan by changing the channel/ghz or whatever it exactly was. Now that my wlan does not seem to disconnect every 5min or when getting challenged I consider streaming some music on the radio in the future again.
This time not techno or electro but I'm dreaming of soviet soulmusic, driving post punk only.
No. 42278
It's interesting if you actually have to do anything with it, but with family research you are typically just looking at names and dates with important events labelled. Nobody wants a real in-depth study of those people like you'd give if you were doing research for a personal project. The diaries can be interesting, but I often find things like that more interesting if I have some kind of interest in the thing, be it I know them or the subject material.

Take it with a grain of salt though. My professional specialty is in development of rifled firearms in the 1840s through 1860s as well as some forays into the New Mexico Campaign of 1862, and my amateur specialty is the Kazakh Khanate. Social history of random people from my city doesn't strike me as particularly fascinating, but I know that some people eat that shit up.
No. 42279
there was a funny russian meme I saw on KC years ago making fun of dungeon synth. can't remember any details though. does anyone know what I'm talking about?
No. 42280
Shifting yor sexual preferences from humans? :p
No. 42282
>you are typically just looking at names and dates with important events labelled.

That is ofc quite boring.

Other than that, yeah, every historian has its favored period with a topic attached. Though I never really concentrated on one totally in depth, meaning reading a wide array of literature to that and the contexts it's imbedded in. The last months I've read many things about post 1970 history but there are many things missing in "the picture".
No. 42284
There's an app on fdroid that lets you set up a local FTP server on your phone and connect to it on your desktop. I can now transfer music from my PC to my phone without fiddling with USB cables. I feel like a tech wizard right now.

t. retard
No. 42285
1,4 MB, 3200 × 2190
That case when you are not a tech wizard.

t. fiddling with usb on a weekly basis
No. 42291
Tomorrow is the big day, we will start moving our stuff to a new apartment. Have barely slept 6 hours a night for the past week. within in a few days my parents will be safe and cozy in their home, and I will spend the summer there helping before going back to uni when fall comes.

Maybe life can be good sometimes, that things actually get better without everything turning shittier with time. Maybe good things happen.
No. 42299
86 kB, 700 × 394
1,0 MB, 1000 × 671
41 kB, 1020 × 632
Today Dunbar popped into my head. A seaside town 30 miles from Edinburgh that's best known for making business travellers think about getting off and starting a new life. Year round sunshine, crystal clear waters and lots of nature nearby (including some breathtaking cliffs and surfing).

I could probably do it easily. Base my job in Edinburgh but mostly work from home and I could get a massive house for less than a small flat in London. Maybe I will. There's probably some catches involved like it all being old people but I can wait a year until the housing market shits the bed. It seems so easy.

I'm glad everything worked out alright. How much of a bother was the whole thing with coronavirus? I imagine that logistically it must be difficult but still a renters market atm.
No. 42303
shit brehs
I just figured out how to do line art. this whole time I was like "how tf do you make accurate lines, how tf do you make line drawings, I can only paint fuck this tablet", and it turns out, the answer is, you just paint the fugging lines. it's like, "just zoom in nibba, just make the canvas bigger lmao". sheeiiiiiiit.
coming from a traditional background, I just took it as a given that you should have the whole image in your view when drawing, and zooming in would throw me off. But it turns out, you get used to it. ANd you can have a real time preview in a corner of the screen.
my monitor is still small and annoying, but shit, I can deal with this. this changes everything.
No. 42307
There special pens in programs, same as stabilisation option that make you pen more stablised for clear lineart. What program are you using?
No. 42322
353 kB, 1024 × 532
Hard to believe a place that beautiful is anywhere near a city. It seems so isolated, but just a few trips over that horizon and....people.

It won't be long before you're so used to digital drawing that you actually reach for the undo button while using a pencil in a sketchpad :DD.

I love the line stabilisation function; it makes a huge difference when you want to draw long smooth pen strokes.
No. 42323
Tonight I went out for a walk around the city around 2am. Thankfully I remembered not to cross Neva and didn't get stranded on the other side of the river, and for the first time in my life I got to see the bridges going up with only 2 or 3 other people present. The dawn looked beautiful as well, although this time of year it's hard to tell when the dusk ends and dawn begins. Overall, it made me feel better about my shitty life, I might do it again tomorrow. Maybe if I'm lucky I will be able to sleep for 8 hours or more.
No. 42324
If an ernst ever say won the lotto, and offered to somehow sponsor a bunch of people, would Ernst even hang out together IRL or get along? Or even want to? I feel almost like this is a riddle or philosophical question. It just dawned on me that would we actually even want to be around each other, or is this all ultimately just passing the time while we are alone in our rooms?
No. 42329
322 kB, 377 × 750
>I got to see the bridges going up with only 2 or 3 other people present.
Cool. I've only seen a bridge go up once in my life, but was surrounded by noisy beach traffic at the time, so I couldn't enjoy it.

>would Ernst even hang out together IRL or get along? Or even want to?
Get along? I think so, yeah. I'll use an analogy to explain my reasoning. Within a sports stadium, most people get on well because the stadium is a venue for a certain type of interaction. By choosing to attend, each person in the crowd has been filtered from the general population based on a specific interest. IBs act in a simlar way, drawing visitors based on a set of interests, and also temperment. By coming to EC, we have each demostrated a baseline compatibility. Ofc beyond that, I imagine we would also have to sort through small irritations and idiosyncracies which don't present in an online interaction, but I don't see that as a major problem(pic related might be a deal-breaker :D). The only issue I'm not sure about (well, I guess I'm not sure about any of this, as it is conjecture) is the effort and energy irl relationships require. While I believe we would all get along well enough if we met in a pub/park/etc, maintaining a consistent physical presence over time is a different level of commitment. This is the "Would we want to?" question. Speaking for myself, that is the part I would struggle with. On some days, sure I would like to head out and do whatever, but on other days I wouldn't.

Also: Did you just win the lottery? My bitcoin wallet is :^DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
No. 42330
Oh, you still have dawns? Here sun already always on sky, I meting ;__;
No. 42333
I've met up with Proto-Ernsts back in the day, and it was pretty enjoyable. 5/5 - Would repeat.
No. 42338
I'm using krita.
I'd use pirated photoshop, but it doesn't have a color picker by default, so I can't. Unless I figure out how to write my own addon for it, which seems like a waste of time.

I don't really use stabilization, maybe I should, but the delay in detecting the stokes triggers the same frustration in my brain as lag in video games does. But I do have a tendency to be spastic and draw lines too quick, so maybe I should turn it on to force myself to be more deliberate :-D

Same for undo, actually. I should disable it and stop relying on it, right now I press undo like 5 times before I commit to a stroke :-D
No. 42340
It's more of a 'white nights' kind of deal, we're not that far north as to get actual polar days.
No. 42341
No it's just something I have thought about. I considered the same back in KC days and part of why I stopped going there was I eventually realized I wanted fucking nothing to do with many and then most and then finally almost all of these people.
No. 42343
I'd liked meet you and kazah ernst
No. 42344
I'd go for a pint because Ernsts seems pretty chill but let's see how that goes. Imageboards tend to attract shitty people and I don't want to get doxxed (or otherwise have my secret garden exposed) because I put a premium privacy.
No. 42345
27 kB, 313 × 349
Sames. I'll go to Russia when I have the chance, so if you're the Peterburg Ernst I'd be totally up for a meeting. no homo :DD
No. 42346
50 kB, 443 × 750
>ib attract shitty people
>posting from imageboard

Well, Well Mr. Ernst, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Dunno if I would, but I somehow believe that the appearence we make in real life might be different and force unconscious judgements. I always wonder how people imagine me to look like on the basis of my postings. My friends look very different from me style wise e.g. and I wasn't always that concerned about being posh. But I don't have a problem drinking a beer with people who don't waste thoughts on clothing, as long as we can talk.
No. 42347
No, I'm Murmansk

Of cource no homo, I have bf.
No. 42348
dunno about that.
I'm hesitant to meet people I interact with online, because discovering what a pathetic existence I lead might color the perception of my posts from that point on. You might give some benefit of the doubt to someone's pseudo-authoritative rants if you don't know that he looks and acts like human vermin IRL, lol. That's kind of the appeal of imageboards.

Another factor is being in control of your engagement schedule. The probability of someone's schedule aligning with the days when I'm energetic enough to go out and meet people is pretty low. I can also come in and reply to a day old post, and conversations can go on for months, which is I think an advantage compared to IRL communication.

such cases.
No. 42349
Sure, mate, let us know if you're ever going to visit, I don't mind showing you around the city.
t. St. Petersburg Ernst
No. 42350
Why do people like so much to dabble into other's troubles? Why do they even care? Even if it doesn't concern them?

Most of the time in my life, except when I was a cokehead in highschool - lasted 6 mo. max - I never cared about what people had to say. Even then I had to fake it like I cared. And that's probably why I do not have any friends now. Only people who leech off of me until I've run out of whatever they are leeching. At least they do not fucking piss me off - apart from family but that's the reason family exists, right?

I am cutting everyone off. I'm only going to leave the people I work with - job-related. Since they seem to be the only ones I can truly relate to in any level. Not relating as in friendship or anything like that since I haven't had that in a long time but at least I'm doing something productive and cooperating with them. It seems meaningless to pursue the relationships I have had the past 5 years or so. It is either that or an hero.
No. 42351 Kontra
>except when I was a cokehead in highschool

You cared about what other people say only when you did coke? The opposite is the case in 99.9%

>It seems meaningless to pursue the relationships I have had the past 5 years or so

Why exactly? So far I only got tahat you don't care about other people because they only get on your nerves, leech on you or are boring to you.
No. 42352
Manga pros,

How do you find a manga to read after you finish the manga you are reading?
No. 42353
go to bato.to, *click on random manga, take a look, if good proceed reading, else go to *
No. 42354
59 kB, 1256 × 762
No. 42358
96 kB, 1000 × 1000
Oh no not again
No. 42360
It's just prescheduled maintenance
No. 42362
Don't know.
They said it would have been down for few minutes, and so it was this afternoon. After that the notice of the scheduled maintenance was removed.
But likely it has something to do with that.
No. 42364
ok, it's maintenance.
No. 42365
Where can i take refugee? I know from 2018 that kc is not welcome here.
No. 42367
In Rome do as the Romans do.
Just don't be KC tier, this place is nice in its own way.
No. 42368
They had a maintenance notice on the Onion domain. But not on clearnet which only had the Error 502 page.
No. 42381
5 years after graduating, I think I want to go back to school to get a real degree that isn't some social science BS. Ideally agriculture science or botany - running a small farm or doing agri-related work for the government sounds like the perfect job for an autist who likes the outdoors.

Unfortunately, on the America this will be ridiculously expensive, especially if I go for a second bachelor's instead of a master's (which would require self-study up to the level of a bachelor's to apply for it).
No. 42382
Don't Worry. I'm also not very social person and we all understand.
No. 42384
I think the last depressive cycle has caused me to go through personal growth. I good and bad drawing days. Good days are rare, but on on those days, I feel on top of my game and the process goes smoothly, I produce something decent at the end (albeit unfinished). And on bad days, I struggle with the basics and everything I do turns out like crap. I used to get pretty upset when trying to draw on those bad days, and couldn't stand to look at the ugly crap I created (in fact, the previous depressive cycle was partially caused by this inadequacy). I'd soon quit, and wait for the good day. But now I don't get upset. I just draw, and let myself zone out and meditate on the process, without expecting results. I think I just accepted that the good days are simply outliers, and the "bad days" are the norm. They're my actual skill level, without the good moods propping me up. I'm actually bad at art normally. Upper beginner level. And that's okay. I can draw simply for the satisfaction of it. And I'll just have to get so good, that I'm good even on my bad days. And when I reach that, I'll be even better on my good days. I see nothing but positives.
And the funny thing is, after sticking with it for 3 hours or more, something half-decent does come out at the end. Something simple, like a decently shaded head, or one good figure. Far from the wild and awesome things I would like to draw, but that's okay to. It's better than nothing, which is what I used to produce when I'd quit without even starting.

Thanks bro, I appreciate it.
No. 42386
Yesterday I went to the bookstore. Most people still wear masks, which is a relief.
The book I picked up was Sándor Márai's Memoir of Hungary 1944-1948. Because I couldn't sleep, I read a third of it. It's a very good book. Part one deals with how he first encounters Soviet troops during 1945 in a village where he went into hiding.

The weather has been rather eclectic during the past few days. Storms changing into sunshine and vice versa.
It's killing me. Kinda feels like I have a slight swelling on the left side of my head.
There's also a weird red mark there.
Maybe it's an allergy. But haven't touched or eaten anything strange or unusual.
At least besides this and a sense of sugary-sweet disgust in my mouth, nothing feels off.

Almost done with my Terraria playtrough. I always get sick of it by the last third of the game, because by then you're relying one 1-2% drops to progress effectively in the game instead of sucking massive dick with the more common items.
At least for the mage-class.
No. 42392
1,3 MB, 614 × 922
Getting my sources and literature together more and more, reading parts of it everyday. In small steps my BA thesis comes together. One last thing is in my way though and it is the decision on what to focus if it cannot be linked in a neat twist that is still hidden to me: technology or new stategies of subjectivation (the moralization of economics and social politics). The source that I hoped to concentrate on links both things toegther in a way, technology is the motor of change, a change that has to be tackled with a new (moral) culture, a new attitude of the subjects (the populus which contains of individuals). What might be the neat twist is that the technology carries the "spirit" of the new subject form as well. Maybe that is what is depicted: the compliance between new (information and communication) technology and the new subject (that is necessary). And evolutionary adaption.

...Alright that could be something... The source has evolutionary rhetorics employed more than one time.
Kind of a relieve but I really have quite an amount to read tbh. But if I can get it straight until June I should be fine and finsiied up until correction and polishment in mid september.
No. 42393
Apparently the Chilean author Bolano wrote a novel about an alcoholic who gets really into wargaming. Haven't read a novel in a while so I might buy it.
No. 42394
I had a dream I was trying to organize efforts between 6 different Russian security agencies to solve a crime in a village close to Pskov, in some sort of kafkaesque literal nightmare. I really am losing my mind on this Russophillia kick.
No. 42395
No problem. I would say if you're already at the point where you need to write the thesis you should grit your teeth and pull through, unless you have a really good idea what you'd do otherwise. Though ofc that's easy to say.
I took years for my BSc thesis as well, had everything else done in the regular 3 years, but then struggled to find a suitable topic, started researching one but then got pissed at it and dropped the topic because it was actually the sort of stuff that >>42252 describes as:
>they seem to me like damage controllers and stokers of the status quo alike
Then I had to look for wörk so I basically took a break from uni for a year to save up, then finally finished it last year.
Anyways, good luck to your friend!

>Eh, I wouldn't discount sheer luck on this.
I mean for sure, but he also did a lot of internships etc., and actually he was supposed to start in carpentry but that fell through last minute. So it'S definitely not an easy thing. I also doubt I'm down to earth enough to get along with people working in trades.

>civil servant
I've thought about it, but it actually requires a Master's on the Germany afaik.
I'm thinking whether I can pivot into another Master's after all without wasting too many credits. I actually mostly did compsci courses this last semester so these should actually be transferable to many other courses.

Keep an extensive backlist with mangas from authors you enjoy, "Recommendations"/"Similar to" functions on MAL or smilar sites, and other recommendations you stumble upon (or search out actively)
That's the way I do it with movies, books etc. too.

t. doesn't even read a lot of manga but has ~100 on his backlist

Stumbled upon this documentary today (on Geert Lovink's twitter, no less), thought it might be interesting for you since it's about the failure of the digitalization in Germany: https://www.daserste.de/information/reportage-dokumentation/geschichte-im-ersten/videos/digitale-verlustzone-video-100.html
Though it's not particularly deep by any means, but touches on some interesting aspects I e.g. didn't know about, such as CDU lobbying for investments in TV infrastructure to allow private TV channels to compete with the mostly left aligned public broadcasts
No. 42397
>Though it's not particularly deep by any means, but touches on some interesting aspects I e.g. didn't know about, such as CDU lobbying for investments in TV infrastructure to allow private TV channels to compete with the mostly left aligned public broadcasts

Thanks, will have a look. Might be good to get an overview. I've read sources of people who possed technological advantage already. Also just today I read a chapter on the "geistig-moralische Wende" of the 1980s and it had the info in it to. I mean I already knew that we got private TV channels in 1984 but I was surprised that it was also thought as counter weight to the "critical" public broadcasting, besides establishing a new industry that would create new jobs.
No. 42402
I watched the documentary and it touched many subjects of the pre 1990s era which I encountered during my stroll through the history of the "old BRD": Schwarz-Schilling and the "Verkabelung von Deutschland", I've read a phamplet of the Anti-Kabelgruppe Berlin, one of many actors that were against new technologies. I thought about writing about the Internet on TV: Bildschirmtext(Btx), not mentiomed as failure in the doc, a service by the German Post, which failed big time, the price was often named as a reason. But reading Spiegel articles on it, it seems like many also did not know what to do with it. I also read a short article in the marxist-left-alternative magazine Wechselwirkung from 1983 or so, where the author writes about his Bilschrimtext experience:
>everything is so fast, a headline becomes meaningless

But also the design was horrible tbh. The French MiniTel was basically the same and it went well in France, thanks to subsidies. I think it is als a reason why french philosophers pondered about the microeletronic revolution and new media.
The Volkszählung and home computers etc, were Spiegel headlines, the question in one article I read was similar to the one in the doc, what happened between this paranoid fear of the technocratic 1984 state and people giving away their information willingly and without much consideration?
The CCC and pirating games are also mentioned in historic literature.
They took some footage about home computing from a 1984 WDR documentary btw, you can watch it on youtube. It's quite fun.

I think the documentary has its point. BUT:
I was a bit confused about MetaGer, because minutes before that the OSI was damned as fruitless solo action and then they lament about not having a German Google. Otherwise we have problems in infrastructure indeed, but I think that it's not so bad that we lack behind everywhere. SAP was mentioned as big player, but I would be more interested in what the Mittelstand has to offer. I think it was already seen as very important by Lothar Späth and indeed the funding issues was tackled afaik, Start-Ups were a thing in the 1980s and discussed in Germany, ofc politicians wanted to copy the Silicon Valley. So maybe the German software and electronic industry does not look that bad, they aren't big players or hyper visible perhaps, but I don't know the facts for the present. And btw. back in the late 1970s and 1980s, there was a talk of the "Technologische Lücke", Germany is falling beyond etc. So I would be careful in how to situate this documentary historically and if something is missing here that could proof that Germany still is in the game when it comes new technology. We don't do consumer electronics, we don't do internet monopolies, but perhaps we do well in products for industry or software that is not visible as a brand to the typical end-consumer. It's a guess though and not based on research.
No. 42403 Kontra
I forgot one thing. The alternative milieu was not universally against technology. There existed the buzzword of alternative technologies, from solar energy to different use of computers, it is all subsumed under that terminology. Oftentimes the use of technology is a political issue and not just a technical one. And I think that idea should be followed today.

Another interesting thing in that regard are the magazines like Scientists for the People, Undercurrents and Wechselwirkung US, UK, Germany, all of them existed from 1960s-1990s, not all of them all years but all in that time frame. They deal with a critical perspective on science, but the authors studied STEM subjects and weren't just lefty humanities students with anti civilizational bias. All of them are archived online I think. At least Scientists for the People and Wechselwirkung are.
No. 42405
I don't see why you can't do agri-work for the government with a social science degree. At worst they might offer an apprenticeship* or you can start in policy and edge over.

*keep in mind I have no idea what I'm talking about

If you want something in economics to pick into then you can't go wrong with The Entrepreneurial State by Mariana Mazzucato. Mostly because it focuses on the R&D side and what the state should do but there's angles about socialisation of risk (bailouts) but a lack of socialisation of returns. I have a feeling that over the next year it will be the new black.

I'd agree that Germany does well in specialised areas of a product (as you can imagine, manufacturing). You don't see 'Made in Deutschland', you see components made in Germany and robotic arms. There's also a shitton of money being thrown around and alliances made over Quantum computing for the German future in tech. I'm sceptical of how that will go given quantum isn't magic and we don't have enough detail on applications but there you go.

The above book makes the point though that the focus on Mittelstand doesn't actually guarantee innovation and real growth comes from integrated industries focused on consistent R&D with ambition to follow through. That's typically not new start-ups but companies that have been in business for a few years and are capable of growth (family firms with one overall manager lack capacity). Also Silicon Valley obviously blossomed from government doing all the hard work and shepherding markets to the internet.
No. 42406
1,1 MB, 2000 × 1500
962 kB, 1896 × 1376
1,5 MB, 2000 × 1500
1,3 MB, 2000 × 1500
My insomnia doesn't let up and that night I felt awful with no particular reason, so I decided to start my daily (or nightly for now) walks again. Additional benefits of this is almost zero people on the streets, since the quarantine is in full effect, and, sometimes, a great view. Unfortunately, my phone camera is absolute ass and my hands are seemingly shaky, so all you guys get are these shitty pictures. I still wanted to share them with you, seeing stuff like this can lift my spirits up a bit even when I'm in the darkest mood.
No. 42407
these pictures are nice Ernst. thanks for sharing them
No. 42409
So I ordered a new patch for my jacket on ebay and the seller cancelled and refunded me the next day for no given reason. Okay, sure, if you don't want to go to the post office or whatever because it's presently a pain in the arse, that's cool. Take yer damn listing down instead of wasting my time.

t. rant pro
No. 42412
I will have a look at The Entrepreneurial Self: Fabricating a New Type of Subject by Ulrich Bröckling, It's a classic of the last decade more or less. I' more interested in the subject than the state. The latter is more a foil. In the 1980s, Kohl and its government did not go rampant like Thatcher and Reagan, the real deal restructuration came only with red-green government in the early 2000s. The 1980s paved the way with a moralization, more discursive construction than actual government action taking place in that time.
The Mittelstand/start up as innovator might be a myth, but in the 1980s, Lothar Späth, the technology maniac of the CDU, did push exactly for the Mittelstand. It fits the narrative of the uneconomic and financially charged state. Industry is doing best when funded by the state and having less adminstrative restrictions. Free market will fix it, but the state has to provide :DDD
I think Siemens and the likes still got and get funded, private public joint ventures etc. Or just Siemens funding a unversity research.
I remember reading on platforms and Siemens was onto something (not social platforming but another type of platform, like server farms or other infrastructure), you usually don't hear about it in ordinary news, maybe in the economy section, which I usually don't read.
No. 42413
7,1 MB, 264 pages
I don't want to pile you on with books, so feel free to ignore it, but I thought I'd share this just in case, since it cites Bröckling quite a few times as well and is very recent. I've only skimmed it a bit, but might be related IDK.
The title is certainly quite memorable and expressive though, Entreprecariat (by Silvio Lorusso).
No. 42414
384 kB, 499 × 309
>Trying out store bough pre-made hamburger meat
>It tastes funky
>mfw it turns out it was beef mixed with pork
God will punish Tesco one day for this treachery of common sense and fine taste.
No. 42415
I'm already piled indeed. But yeah, Bröckling is a central figure when it comes to subject theory and I guess citing the classic book will be enough. I was surprised to find out that his book was really released in English in 2015. The tile sounds like a fusion or linkage that is made between the theory of the enterpreneurial self and the precariat and both suggests itself to be close or linked.
No. 42423
75 kB, 1280 × 720
>Spent the entire day watching a medical drama about a smug British man being right and being smug about being right
They weren't kidding when they said it all goes downhill once you hit your 20s.
No. 42424
Why are you so old when finally graduating from school?
No. 42425
Well, two things. I got one extra year of kindergarten, where I got "preschooling", because red-shirting (I believe that's the term) was the hip and cool thing in the early 2000s among the parents.
Then when I enrolled in HS, I spent one extra year where I took part in a standard language program where they taught me basically nothing but German for a whole year. (It's called "Grade Zero". A grade between the 8th and the 9th.)
The German-program was cool and useful, I'd consider redshirting to be a total waste of time.
No. 42426
92 kB, 720 × 720
A work related client is being extremely shitty to me and they seem to be testing me and trying to see how far they can push me in regards. Some drama kicked off and now I'm being bullied over a measly sum of money, while having the prospect of a future contract waved in my face like a carrot, openly stating that I should solve this drama (which I blame on their own actions) and take the loss lest I lose the future contract.

I am not even a particularly greedy person and under normal conditions I'd just let this slide and attribute the whole thing to a failure in communication and take the loss. But these fucks have been repeatedly shitty towards me and I am nearly certain they hold 90+% of the blame for this bullshit incident and are just using it as a way to test me.

I guess their logic is that I'm a reasonable person who will be pushed to take this reasonable loss, dust off and move on. They don't expect I am autistic enough to slam the brakes on the entire thing over this and that I'll just submit to their bullshit. But I am very much the kind of retard who will.

Tomorrow and in the coming days, I'll see if my gambit pays off and they back down and start acting reasonable. I'll tell them that we should indeed cancel everything and maybe they'll stop fucking with me like this. Or they won't, and will just agree to cancel everything which I don't want. The only consoling thought I have is that even if this does happen, it's probably preferable to never be dealing with this sort of bullshit again - especially at a higher scale. It certainly isn't worth the neurotic nervous typhoon I find myself in.
No. 42430
No. 42432
40 kB, 500 × 694
Nah it's actually quite fine in your 20s mostly. Teenage years fucking SUCKED usually and one part of that is being close to young adult but having none of the freedoms or experience to hold your shit together and so on. The only nice thing about being a teenager is not getting charged as an adult.

The first half of your 20s are the best part of life. You're most likely to have a real lover around this time, often before the the point by years or decades of becoming bitter and jaded, you have real freedom and all the energy and youth and a few resources to do something about it with none of the crushing responsibilities of real adulthood.

It's basically around age 25-27 that everything begins to go to shit. Here be responsibilities and burdens, and this will likely be the first time in your life you have noticed not bouncing back after a night on the town, or feeling sick from chain smoking, or beginning to show certain health problems, and for a good number of men this is when your first stealth hair follicles fall out before shit gets fucked up in your 30s. It's when your metabolism vaguely begins slowing down and you start to notice not having the energy to do things, nor the enthusiasm frankly, and that you can't just eat whole pizza pies or tubs of ice cream without worrying about losing it quickly. Basically this is when full adulthood begins setting in and it's complete shit. You'll likely be stuck in something you absolutely fucking hate, or with a woman you're starting to lose a bit of zest for as changing diapers begins draining you.

The whole process is a shitshow and frankly everybody who checked out and joined the 27 Club was probably right to do so. I can think of so many things that made not killing myself before age 20 worthwhile. I can think of a great many things that made me feel the same about age 25. By age 27, eh less so not really. After that there's really no relevance to staying alive if you havent got a family or some kind of fortune allowing you to publicly act like a total cunt, or have a conquering army beneath your helm. No one is trying to remove Ghoulash? Trapped in a society that frowns upon starting a war for no damn good reason at all? Well then either singularly devote yourself to some passion you enjoy and either a profession you do too or some soulsucking exploitation that at least bankrolls that passion, or raise a family, or give up on life. Pic related +5 years.
No. 42434
This post takes the cake for being the whiniest pile of wank I've ever read.
No. 42435
I am increasingly really curious why the Germans keep swiping our wildlife and various other animals for us and it's causing me an uncomfortable amount of positivity towards the German people
Or at least I think that's a German accent. It sounds that way with my AC on although they look kinda French which confuses me. Could they also just be Belgians or Swiss or some form of, uh I forget the French border regions name.
No. 42440
I was 20 when I graduaded as well and it's just because of the cutoff day for elementary school. My brother was enrolled in school with 6 or so and my mum had the impression that it was too early so I got enrolled with 7. Then usual 13 years and that makes 20 or let's say 19 because technically it happened before my birthday that year.
No. 42441
Sorry for disappointing you. Those family's roots lie judged from their accent in Italy or Spain.
The mother has the strongest accent.
You can also hear her say:'Querido'... so they are most likely from Spain

>some form of, uh I forget the French border regions name.
No. 42443 Kontra
>click through amateur porn accounts
>outdoor fuggings video
>that forest looks oddly german
>read the description that states they went to Germany for hiking

A real patriot knows his country :DDDD
No. 42445
I've been increasingly noticing shipping problems. I'm kind of suspecting that there's been some lag time with USPS and various businesses getting overwhelmed.
No. 42446
Transport companies have been dealing with backed up orders since the pandemic kicked off. It should stabilize soon.
No. 42452
The guy who lives above me is an old salt who works in maritime navigation, balding with a big grey beard and likes his ales. Basically a friendly pirate you can have a chuckle with.

Only he has a tradition where as soon as the clock strikes 1600 on a Thursday he will blast Billie Eilish's Bad Guy. So I'll be there in my last meeting of the day and as it starts to turn into Friday people start hearing bum-ba-du-dum over the line. It took me a good while to understand what I was hearing.

I don't know where you're getting this from, as I get older everything seems to get easier and less stressful for me. It's not just that I'm materially better off or that I think real good, people in their 20s can't handle stress while simultaneously going through all sorts of stressful bullshit.

What the fuck. Did you still get to play contact-sport and floor the young'uns?

I don't understand how you're profiting from this. They'll just cancel down the line and you will have put work in for nothing.
No. 42455
>Did you still get to play contact-sport and floor the young'uns?

I don't get what you want to say.

I can explain my age quite simply. When I enrolled in school the longest possible school trajectory ahead was 13 years. As me mum was able to keep me in kindergarten for another year I went with 7 instead of 6 or 5 which is more common, I was the oldest pretty much all the time, only two people who were born one day before me were older :DDD.
And the longest years you have to go to school was set to 12 years some time agowhich means 6+12=18, finishing school with 18 or seventeen being able to attend university is/was normal, I dunno it's different from federal state to federal state, I think, some went back to 13 years. Dunno really since I don't care about school no more for nearly 10 years now.
No. 42458
18 kB, 480 × 539
I've already made money with them and after today it seems I will continue to do so. The people I am dealing with, at least on a lower level are just complete shitheads and they're nonstop testing to see where they can save a tiny profit here or a little something there by seeing how far they can push me.

Today I told them we should indeed just cancel everything and make a full return on their money and they said no, and fully paid the smaller sum they were haggling over. By now I already know this particular client simply behaves like this due to being used to having the power to push people into taking small losses for the tiniest of benefit. They're somehow both loaded with cash and willing to spend an absurd amount of time arguing over paltry sums that a first worlder wouldn't. I've had to send three e-mails over an afternoon because they kept going variations of "We'd accept, but we want a better price" which peaked in haggling over if they could get a price reduction of 30.00€ (Thirty euros and zero cents). They've just been constantly testing for the past months to see how much a profit they can eat off my work, but they'll suddenly become reasonable when you repeat "no" enough times and appear ready to walk out.

It's really some shitty behavior, but I suppose it's part and parcel of dealing with people, especially those who are used to having power over smaller businesses. They aren't even productive in any way when they trying to pull this shit, but they do it anyways like a fly repeatedly trying to pass through a closed window.
No. 42460
I mean that as you were older than everyone you were physically bigger by a long-way when you started. I'm not sure this happens in Britain, instead September-November are common times for people to have children because it gives them a big edge in the early years of school.

It doesn't mean much now but a year makes a big difference to children in terms of size and development. So much so that it shows that summer-children statistically perform worse in life.

Why not increase your prices and then give them a discount each time they ask back to the original price. Flow like water :DDDD
No. 42464
If you don't desperately need the money, your dignity is more important. Furthermore, if you don't establish yourself as someone with limits to how bad you can be treated, you will keep being treated like shit. Apparently self-destructive standards of dignity can actually pay off in the long-run.
No. 42466
I'm 6ft or little above but a lanky one, so my physical appearence did not so much I think.
But yeah, a year of difference can be crucial, my mom saw how it went with my brother in school and alas I'm finishing with a very good bachelor and will attend a master, I was bad in high school, good in elemnetary school and I got the Abitur unlike my brother. And I'm a summer child :DDD since I was stalled in kindergarden for another year I have the biggest advantage :DDD
No. 42467
Tomorrow I'll get the results. I'm freaking out.
Though I haven't been feeling this well in days.

Well, I haven't noticed much difference. There were plenty of other redshirted kids, and by the time HS came, it hardly mattered.
I'm not exactly a man of strong stature, so I never really commanded respect just by looking at someone.
No. 42476
Can any sysadmin / webdev pros recommend me some cheap VPS / cloud (whatever that means) hosting providers? I want to play around with it, make some chat bots and "apps", host some files, route my traffic through there, etc. And just in general learn how to run a server (even if a virtual one).
I have a few providers already picked out, but maybe the local eggsperts have some personal recommendations.

also, not sure which distro to use, probably something that doesn't need much ram, I don't wanna rent 2 gigs to run a python script that shits out text into a chat room, lol.

also, it's quite disgusting how much more expensive hosting is here compared to europe/usa, they're fleecing the local population who don't know any better.
No. 42477
366 kB, 564 × 600
I got the results.
>Mathematics - 55%
>Advanced History - 83%

I couldn't care less about mathematics, but the history result is nice. I get 50 extra points for taking the advanced exam, so basically it's net gain of ~30 points, which according to the official calculator puts my score in the 460s out of 500.
Hopefully that's enough to get accepted to a government funded spot. Last year the lowest score accepted was ~340.
This year the number of applicants has been record low, so I don't know how that'll influence the acceptance rates.

I'm tired.
No. 42478
Check out uberspace.de, it's somewhat limited but has a pay-what-you-want model and the staff is very friendly and helpful indeed.
No. 42482
Shit, that sounds perfect. I was about to shell out 5-10 bucks a month with only a hazy understanding of what I actually need or want. Here, it's like a "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" deal. Hail gommunismus :-D

Although, I'm sure they're turning a decent profit, considering most people will be paying $5 to run a couple scripts and maybe a blog.
No. 42483
245 kB, 935 × 658
10 kB, 763 × 891
I had a Virgin Mobile cell phone which was on a "pay by the minute" plan(no contract, no names-Saul Goodman would approve :D) It was the cheapest option, since I never make or recieve calls, and only needed to add $20 every 90 days. So, $7 a month, not bad. Well, Virgin recently sold their cell phone business to Boost Mobile, who just zeroed out my existing balance(it "expired"). It was almost $400, since I had the phone for years, and as I said, I never used it for calls or internet, and the money couldn't be used for anything else. So while I haven't really been harmed by losing that balance, I still don't like that Virgin/Boost got to keep the money without providing a service. Maybe I should have called a random hotline number and just put the phone down for a few hours.

>It doesn't mean much now but a year makes a big difference to children in terms of size and development. So much so that it shows that summer-children statistically perform worse in life.
I recall reading about the importance of your birth month. For athletes, Jan-Apr was the sweet spot. The first chapter of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell decribes the "Matthew Effect"(something sociologists had observed, and named after the bible verse Matt 25:29 “For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him”). To summarize, as student athletes are grouped by their age, arbitrary "cut-off" dates result in children who are 10 years old and 1 day(December births, for example) competing against children who are 10 years old and 11 months(January births). The older/larger children perform better, and recieve more attention, which compounds their early advantage. Pic 2 is the end result.
I was a late year birth, and due to our school calender I started kindergarten when I was 4. At least I grew early, so I was the same size as the other kids.
No. 42484
Went on spring cleaning. Moved all of the furniture in my room, swept and mopped the floors everywhere, wiped every surface, disassembled PC, washed the components in a dishwasher (2 days ago), threw out old garbage, etc. Feels good man. The air is noticeably fresher.
Only problem is that after rebuilding PC I think something's shorting out slightly in my PC because there's buzzing sounds (maybe pinched wire, but no averse effects so far), and also now that I'm in a clean room, slightest presence of dust is giving me autismus, and I'm qute distressed by how quickly dust accumulates day to day. I need a small handheld vacuum cleaner so I can sweep the floors and table with it a couple times a day.
No. 42487
All TelComs should be nationalized along with our prisons and hospitals.
No. 42488
Why not have both?
Maybe there's place for a sort of "meta-competitive market". As in, competition not only between private enterprises, but competition between private and public sector as well. Competition from public sector will prevent private entities from fleecing the public. Availability of private alternatives will prevent the public entities from becoming corrupt.
Of course, the public service offerings will always be "bare minimum" and of "lower quality", and private sector will be able to optimize and provide "premium" service, and detractors will say "well what's the point of having nationalized services when they're so low quality", but the whole point of them is that they're always available, which means private entities won't be able to charge premium prices for bare minimum services. What's worse than bad healthcare? Good healthcare you can't afford, etc.
There's this picture floating around the internet that compares "innovation in public vs private sector", with examples such as blackboard vs iphone, bus vs sports car, etc., which I always found funny in how misguided it is.
No. 42492
26 kB, 713 × 611
Superior option: abolishment of state and company interests. The market consists of free association of industrial unions.

Say no to drugs market centralisation, kids.
No. 42495
302 kB, 878 × 960
8 kB, 200 × 133
The surviving unions largely got corrupted by the mob which is arguably one of the most Capitalistic business associations in the country. It's a nice dream though. It would be nice if we had something like mutualism or more coops.

The funniest thing though is this crisis in particular has shown me painfully clearly how utterly inefficient and fucking retarded but moreover destined to self destruction American Capitalism really is. There's going to come a time at which the nation's critical resources and industries are all owned by the Chinese and foreign multinationals. Only then will a few people begin to realize what a shit system it always was when the people doing the exploiting are all yellow and brown and living in other countries. In fact that's already been happening here and I understand Australia and Canada are among the worst affected by it for some reason.
No. 42496
>There's going to come a time at which the nation's critical resources and industries are all owned by the Chinese and foreign multinationals
This is how dialectic works

t. authoritarian Commie forced to live like a socdem at best
No. 42498
297 kB, 600 × 596
the mosquitoes have borned
No. 42505
Yes. I've woken up three nights in a row after being sure I had killed all mosquitos prior to going to bed.
Tuesday night, two mosquitos had entered my room and I neutralized both mid-air via the shaolin clap. I went to sleep only to two hours later being brought back to consciousness by the mosquito's melodic vuvuzela like sound. I killed the fugger and turned off the lights... and I could hear a faint zzzt somewhere.

I know where they're laying eggs - a small pond and I've really, really felt the urge to go there a dump fucking poison into it. But I can't, because It'd seep into some aquifer and giving everyone in the area sänser :DD
No. 42506

It worked and everything went okay. Some people really are hell to deal with and should be assigned a social worker.
No. 42507
Industrial Unions and solidarity not Trade Unions and organised oppression okay, praise Joe Hill.
No. 42513
So uh yeah does anyone know if SARS the boogaloo is transmissible by blood and survive mosquito guts? Because wouldnt that ensure this is endemic everywhere and that all our own bats will start getting it? not that you'd ever want to touch a fucking bat of all things those things carry rabies which is more terrifying to me than just about anything

I like you :---DDDDDDD
No. 42518
protip: Dust assembles visibly only on smooth and glossy surfaces because there it can move around and form larger structures. On rough surfaces like a carpet most dust particles remain where they are and thus distribute as they fall, eg. with gaussian distribution. I've only recently understood this and when the time comes I will replace the smooth floor with actual wood that has a rough surface.

Of course, the source of dust is anything moving fabric and tissue, so having carpets around will increase the dust on smooth surfaces.

In its core principle the relationship of smooth surfaces and the existence of vac-cleaners pretty much fits the design of a torture device.
No. 42539
That is a very interesting observation indeed.
But one problem with rough surfaces is that even if their dust accumulation is less noticeable, they have the problem of gunk accumulation. You know, oils, organic matter, anything sticky. And while getting rid of dust is relatively easy, getting rid of gunk requires more serious effort.

Then again, there's an idea that having a few hot spots of problems (in anything in general) is better than having the same amount but distributed evenly, since there's less entropy. I'll have to think about that.

My problem right now is that my walls are painted with matte paint, it literally soaks up oils and dirt, and it's impossible to wash it off, only paint over again. Walls painted with glossy paint would not have this issue.
No. 42551
>Matte paint
I have the same, but what's even worse, my walls have this "orange peel" texture, which you can't just wipe clean. Or, at least when you do, it still looks dirty. I once talked to a painter, and he said the reason they rarely use glossy paint-and the reason they apply textures-was to hide flaws in the construction. Surface imperfections are more apparent on a glossy surface, and so most places use matte paint. Beyond that, adding texture makes flaws nearly impossible to spot. Instead of seeing small bulges over nail heads and fixed holes, or a clear line at the joints, your eye is distracted by the thousands of tiny raised particles that they spray onto the wall prior to painting. I don't like that kind of applied texture, because it feels dishonest, as though they're trying to create the illusion of a perfectly constructed wall. It's the same thing with "popcorn texture" on ceilings. Now, I don't mind seeing nail heads, or joint tape-they're part of the building, and if they end up visible, then they're visible. They're necessary and, therefore, honest. Texture is unnecessary, and therefore adding it strikes me as an intentional attempt to deceive :D.
No. 42564
Had the fuckers last week practically eating me alive. Ended up buying some repellent but I think they settle down after a time.

Next will come the flying ants.

You can't get coronavirus from Mosquitoes. Only some specialised tropical illnesses are possible which is why mozzies are just annoying for most of the world and we can dare to drink alcohol.