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No. 42356
53 kB, 400 × 580
Hello cousins
Kohlchan is down.
Let's make a KC general here.
Go go go
No. 42361 Kontra
27 kB, 248 × 236
No. 42363
Sup, do you visit the pedo board still?

t. Swede curious about other swedes
No. 42366
I'm posting here because making a thread for it would be excessive.
I've looked at the threads , and EC seems much more relaxed and informal than a couple of years ago.
Is Ernst finally taking it a bit easy?
No. 42370 Kontra
Don't shit up the place or be a pedo and try to think before you post.
No. 42372
No. 42380
Yeah, it's pretty chill and nice here. Just don't actively shitpost and you're fine.
No. 44108
Kaysee down again
No. 46550
And it's down again.
No. 46552
Gott sei Dank
No. 46555
True fuck this pedo shithole.
No. 46567
Come home, Bernd:

No. 50336 Kontra