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for Russian immigrants

Average American neighbor harassment:
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Put this in some pre-existing thread.
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>land of hypocrisy, suspicion, and backwardness
You forgot about the covert lol overt hostility, you faggot
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So let's excange our citizenships
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go on.
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I got quite funny recommendations for this video. Seems like russian immigrants are pretty shocked about how less Americans walk. There is one channel where with every video guy moves away from his home because "neighbours said they gonna call the police if they see me walking again", then "wallmart employee said not to walk near them".
My guess now is that the cold war was over russians casually walking everywhere making Americans uncomfortable.
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only Al Qaeda walk. Brits say the same thing about American car culture, when Top Gear came to America to film the police nearly shot "the stig" because he was walking with a white helmet over his head.

I've given people (drug addicts and homeless) a ride because if you walk you can get arrested for no reason. And bus routes are shit
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>if you walk you can get arrested for no reason

truly a dystopian nightmare
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It's actually an insidious population control tactic.
You ever hear car owners talk about how tethered they feel to their cars? They always have to look out for their car and keep it around.

That's like having a giant ID card that you can't leave anywhere. Perfect for tracking citizens.

Also, it helps with tracking lower class people who are more likely to be criminals. Since poor people can't afford cars, and mugging people requires being on foot, a walking man is an instant target of suspicion.

It's quite brilliant.
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Actually the primary purpose is:

a) To dehumanize the american people, which is the loyal servant of israel. Walking connects you to earth and builds new brain cells, driving increases stress and obesity.

b) Burn more oil, make more money for Chevron and deplete the nature of the world to bring it closer to ww3

It isn't crime which there is plenty of in cars and there are enough patterns thanks to the hip hop media. Chrysler 300m = black drug dealer or pimp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwj_E3Fygms
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Yes, yes
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Walking when everyone in America drives can bereasonable suspicion, which
>can result from a combination of facts, each of which by itself innocuous
I've been Terry Stopped a couple of times for just walking. I imagine the combination of facts was probably walking while dirty to close to New York City. I got the "Where are you walking" questions, and even "Do you have a car?". I'm never walking anywhere, but I just like to get outside-it helps clear my head and such, like the image in >>4287

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when I first read that I thought you were talking about Terry the crazy guy
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The image that put in my head made me laugh, thanks.
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If Americans could count to the Fourth Amendment it would do a lot more for protecting our rights and freedoms than the 2nd ever could.
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I'm jealous of the lucky youths who got to attend this Russian youth camp in Crimea


t. wish I was still a teen
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This guy worked on Russia Today, worked as a journalist in Donbas and he is pro-Rebel Brit speaking Russian and constantly shilling for Putin. Igor Plotnisky, the head of LNR, awarded him the Medal of Merit. Why would you trust his videos? And I'm sure that Artek is worse than thousands of other summer camps in America. Godammit, you're citizen of the Western country, you/your parents could afford to send you to literally any non-1st world camp that you wanted.
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I don't know what you mean America stopped doing that stuff after the 80s when students started being ghetto. Summer camp is a rare experience now. Maybe people here have money for it, to send kids abroad, but we don't have awareness. I've never seen foreign camps advertised when I was in school.

We have juvenile rehabilitation centers many of which are overseas so they don't have to follow American child-abuse law. But only extremely wealthy families can afford to send their spoiled teenagers off to get tortured by fat Samoans in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
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Please translate this "We Dindu Nuffins" episode!

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>I don't know what you mean America stopped doing that stuff after the 80s when students started being ghetto. Summer camp is a rare experience now.

Oddly enough working at American summer camps seems to be popular with university students in the UK. Not as popular as Oz but I know Camp Arrowhead does active recruiting where people end up living in and becoming part of American families.

Feels kinda third world.
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Comparing something to India is the ultimate insult.

Make sure you have the auto-script (Eng subs button enabled)

BTW this is the wealthiest region in Russia according to statistics
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I'd say "fuck off Nebraska" but at least the video redeems itself, not the post

P.S. they are Africans, not American blacks. Which was the funniest thing about Obama is he wasn't an "African American", he was an actual American with African relatives and Africans especially the more educated ones tend to look down on American blacks.
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African football fans in Moscow got scammed by the taxi drivers for $400, they lived two weeks at the railway station and the guy decided to help them. I'm not going to translate the whole 35 minutes.
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