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No. 42709
50 kB, 750 × 455
Are there any words or sayings that sound funny or weird when translated literally into english?

Some German examples:

When literally translated the German word for bicycle means drive wheel.
The word for manslaughter would mean death punch.
Television would mean far seer/far viewer.
No. 42712
19 kB, 320 × 303
'In culo alla balena' lit. In the whales arse (good luck). Like in 'in bocca al lupo' (wolves mouth*) it functions like break a leg in English. Thespians for you.

'Al verde' lit. to the green (broke). Candles in Italy had a green base that was revealed as you burnt them down. To the green meant you were burning your candles to their last.

'Avere le braccine corte' lit. to have short arms (stingy). The mental image is of someone who can't reach their own pocket.

*You must respond 'may the wolf die'
No. 42726
I'm sure there's a lot of expressions, phrases, and idioms in English that sound weird as fuck in other languages but obviously I can't think of them because they're all normal to me. Probably a lot of them have to do with things like pissing in the wind, don't piss on my leg, things like that. I still think that probably my favorite Russian phrases are either God's forgotten village or basically something to do with proofstering "yes yes Russia put shit in your ass" to put shit in my pants.
No. 42729
>obviously I can't think of them because they're all normal to me

Ah never mind, can I bum a fag?
No. 42734
601 kB, 640 × 480
Reckon I can bludge a durry mate?