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No. 4314
1,0 MB, 1920 × 1036
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1036
1,2 MB, 1920 × 1036
I guess speed is fine enough to keep the thread afloat for considerable time.

Let's play some Minecraft on our /int/ server:
hub.dev-urandom.eu:25565 (version: [current version here])

Wiki with more information: http://dev-urandom.eu/doku.php/
Overview map: http://map.dev-urandom.eu/map/
IRC: irc.dev-urandom.eu - channels: #chat (ingame chat), #int
Pirate-friendly client: http://mc.dev-urandom.eu/MC_Open_Launcher-1.1.1.jar

Basic commands:
/spawn - Teleports you to the spawn.
/home - Teleports you to your home (set with /sethome or by sleeping in a bed).

Don't grief and don't be an asshole (obviously). Basically, you can build anywhere, although there are some limitations. There is enough space for everyone! Don't get discouraged by the autism of the server, things will get easier for you later. Also, mods, admins and other players can help you.

Join us now and share your autism, you'll be free, players, you'll be free!

Note: If you are affected by an automatic DNSBL ban, post your nickname here or join IRC, so we can take care of that.
No. 4338
Does Ernst also play other Voxelgames?
No. 4339
Last times I played minecraft when it was 1.1 or 1.4 version I don't remember.
And only time I played online I played with mine friend only
No. 4340
Detlta Force and Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun
No. 4589
1,3 MB, 1000 × 1000
These are probable locations of stations of Circumspawn line.
No. 4590
1,6 MB, 1000 × 1000
And there are the other three stations.
No. 4918
Is this server still online?

No. 4943
Maybe some Bernd diaspora has survived there, we should advertise :3
No. 4963
Maybe we should organize an expedition into the wild lands in search of long lost tribes.
No. 5069
I meant more Voxelgames, like blocky games similar to minecraft. There are some fps shooters like that afaik
No. 6221
No. 6256
had the thread opened in a separate tab. didn't find time to join, yet. much busy lately.
No. 6412
Me too just bumping so people will see.
No. 7194
63 kB, 925 × 1025
Hello form xcont :3
No. 7361
173 kB, 1366 × 724
This is the map of the surroundings around the First Spawn. The lowest scale, 1 pixel = 1 block.
No. 7374
898 kB, 903 × 515
Some plans of some railroad
No. 7978
No. 12405
Server was updated to the 1.13.2 version.
No. 12425
So how many people actually play on the server these days? I'm thinking about donloading the game and giving it a go.
No. 12430
79 kB, 2308 × 998
No. 14783
server about to die if no admin is found. see dev-urandom.eu.
No. 15032
>On January 1st, 2019 feliin will take over the server.
Everything is okay by now, I guess.
No. 16673
No. 20015
Server is alive. Alle is welcome.
No. 20243
Strange seeing it's still up. I remember playing there quite excessively during my university years in 2011 under the moniker 'Bernard'. I fondly remember building a massive tower near spawn. I named Katyn fortress. I have a feeling if I would get online there were new people, a new map, everything as distant as my life now seems in retrospect. I think those days are gone, never to return.
No. 20468
571 kB, 854 × 480
Are you talking about this tower?
No. 20471
No. Is this from the old map?
No. 20483
>Pirate-friendly client: http://mc.dev-urandom.eu/MC_Open_Launcher-1.1.1.jar

Link seems to be broken