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No. 43269
387 kB, 1920 × 1080
115 kB, 782 × 465
186 kB, 640 × 480
612 kB, 1920 × 1074
Old video games systemkontra
No. 43271
Oh and when did you got VGA monitor?
No. 43287
I found an actually new game that I like a lot, West of Dead. It's set to release on the 18th but it has a free pre-release demo/beta to try, and it is FUN. It's a dungeon crawler rogue"lite" with amazing combat, like Sublevel Zero, Furi, and Nuclear Throne had some wild west atmosphere sprinkled on them and went BLANDA UPP.
No. 43288
Are there any turn based RPGs with online co-op for 3+ people besides Divinity:OS2? My friends and I enjoyed that game a lot, but we didn't manage to find anything else like this.
No. 43295
7,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:37
I'm thinking of going back to Dishonored 1 and 2 to 100% them on steam, I have most of the hardest achievements got at this stage. Think I need only 1 more playthrough of Dishonored 2 to 100% it

Why the tigers at the bottom right of that screenshot look smaller than the others?
No. 43297
Well if you say it's good maybe I'll ultimately keep an eye on it. It just looked so much like your bog standard triple AAA console game on the surface that I'd completely ignored it even with you mentioning it here a few times. Kinda ironic. I know lots of people probably look at an indie title and immediately gloss over it but the moment I see some this_is_YOBA_tier warning sign I bail.

I've actually got Styx in my cart for seemingly the same reason as you play that game and am probably gonna hit the purchase button in a few minutes. I was just looking at reviews from this to see if it's worth the bother
because I like that style of game and would enjoy playing the usual "bad guys" like bugs fending off a human invasion but I'm increasingly skeptical watching this let's play.

Also speaking of which how come there's so few like terrorism simulators? Almost every game on the market is just US soldiers doing their typical America invading third world countries thing. It's boring af and in the case of calladooty full of propagandistic fabrications or outright lies like this
I also found it really fucking weird about how DS3 not only got morphed into that complete mess but it eerily stood out to me how after EA's bullshit it had this

Like what the absolute fucking shit? I mean, it's one thing having it as some strange one off thing but it is way, way, waaay creepier when taken in the context of what that company and Activision are actively pushing out which is basically a recruitment campaign for burger soldiers. No really

Sorry it's kind of a total sidetrack but I guess my point is the heavy bias in gaming towards almost solely playing the burger cops and military which when it comes to EA and Activision takes on sinister undertones.

So I guess my point is where can I play a game as the Norks or terrorists or Iraqis or Soviets I know I can play as Nazis and criminals or evil bugs or whoever? I want to play as a Viet private Joker. I want to be the first kid on my rice paddy to get a confirmed kill. Or at least know it's possible for the same reason I want it to at least be possible to shoot kids like in Fallout. It takes a lot out of the game when you can't hit innocents and need to check your fire and not spray across the courtyard because you don't want to engage civvies and wing some children playing hopscotch
No. 43300
9,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:55
The Dishonored series is as far from YOBA as you can get imho, it's made by Arkane who made Prey and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. I reckon Arkane are one of the best studios out there, ahead of Amplitude, they've never made a shit game from what I can tell.

>I've actually got Styx in my cart for seemingly the same reason as you play that game and am probably gonna hit the purchase button in a few minutes. I was just looking at reviews from this to see if it's worth the bother
It's not if you ask me, I didn't really enjoy Styx but I only played it for 3 hours, I just didn't think it had SOUL
No. 43301
Do they look smaller? Unless you mean the one partially cut off but I'm pretty sure that's a Panther.
No. 43302
66 kB, 664 × 534
>So I guess my point is where can I play a game as the Norks or terrorists or Iraqis or Soviets
You could play C&C Generals as the GLA, or Company of Heroes 2 as the USSR. The campaign in that game made its ratings really poor because of all the butthurt Russians leaving negative reviews because the red army was shown as implementing a scorched earth policy, burning fields and villages, sacrificing its own infantry, killing allies etc.

>I want it to at least be possible to shoot kids like in Fallout
Fug I remember getting a copy of the American version of Fallout 2 which had kids in it (the EU version didn't) and during some random encounter I let loose with a minigun and blew some kiddo into bits but didn't realise, then hours later I couldn't figure out why nobody would trade with me, or even talk to me until someone made mention of me being a child-killer, and sure enough I had a the perk called Child Killer that basically made me a pariah for the rest of the game. I think even companions left my company and shit. The don't make them like that anymore.

the bottom right Tiger looks smaller to me, unless I'm going blind (not the Panther)
No. 43304
564 kB, 1024 × 567
645 kB, 1024 × 819
I think it might be an illusion based on it sitting back a tiny bit compared to the one next to it. The difference is small enough that your brain compares them and thinks the lower one is shorter and thus smaller. Could be wrong.

RE: Terrorist simulators
Shock Force does it as well. I posted about it in the last thread, and the Hungarian used to play as well. It's actually a pretty good one too because it's not a balanced game, so you have to be clever with your ambushes and IEDs.
No. 43305 Kontra
You can also play as Syria and try the 3rd world army experience. Black Sea does 2014 Russia if you wanted that. There's also a Graviteam game set in the Angolan Bush War iirc. Armored Brigade has USSR, GDR and Yugoslavia and Warsaw Pact Poland as playable nations too for the REDFOR Fulda game.

That's also not going into wargames without unit graphics, which expands the list further. There are plenty of games that let you play the subjects of deep goncern if you dig around tbh.
No. 43306
Oh yeah right I remember you mentioning that.

Well it's just sixbux so I'll probably just hit that button. I mean, I've wasted extraordinary amounts of money on stupid things over the years and often find it ridiculous of myself just how penny pinching I end up being with games especially when knowing full well that when it comes to things like films, music, and games, that bargain bin with $1 titles is always going to end up being more of a waste of your money buying 20 or 40 than for the same cost of just getting the one or two and finding out you didnt like one of them as much as you thought you might. It's always saddening to see just how much trash you can spend money on and it's not like I have as huge a problem spending like five or six bucks on a couple of energy drinks or whatever nonsense.

I'll just have to keep an eye on dishonored then. I keep forgetting that I actually like the stealth mechanics of sneaking around and doing shit in RPGs and survival horror to the extent that I often prefer it as a playstyle even when I can just barge into a room and run n gun. I think I just hate it because a lot of stealth games often end up making it tedious as shit which infuriates me when I am forced to do the same encounter over and over rather than just say fuck it and switch to guns. So idk. I remember your whale clip. I know nothing about this game but it looks cool except for I'd rather not be forced to kill a bunch of innocent people that I don't have to.

Really I'm just whining at this point about not feeling like I have enough options in lots of games.

Eh I guess what I mean is I should've been more specific, like getting to play as the Cubans in the Bay of Pigs type scenario. Come to think of it I often can play Soviets for some odd reason, maybe partly because the Cold War and WWII were so long ago and we won those so it won't cause the kind of uproar and intense butthurt that a game letting you gun down American soldiers in Vietnam or stringing up IEDs in Bhagdad would. It often feels anywhere from cheap to me to full on dystopian brainwashing to have all these Battlefront or Modern War kinds of games where realistically you're just gunning down lots of innocent or desperate people. Like why the fuck would I want to drone some building in Iraq?

And it's all the same copypasted feeling shit too. Same exact tactics, often the same exact gear, usually the same exact aesthetic, same nebulous Them who I'm supposed to be fighting because they're bad and because FREEDOMStm. I dunno. I guess I just didn't drink the same koolaid or something or maybe I'm not bydlo enough. I overheard an old boomer talking about how much he loved Halo 3 the other day and that guy had to have been sixty and then he's chatting up this fifty year old about the vidya they like to play. Which is cool I guess but then I start to think what person exactly is on the other line.

I don't know. It's all just so tiresome to me. Like if I got to choose between playing some Iraqi Mujahedeen with full on ISIS nasheed playing, or a Syrian army soldier, or some murica backed ModerateRebelTM, or some Turk, or playing as Kurdish fighter, now that would be interesting as shit to be playing. Especially if I could have some type of strategy game shifting alliances or RPG mechanics. Hell I'd play American army in that one. It's just that when it's exactly the same fucking bullshit in every single game and knowing full well that IRL our soldiers are hitting hospitals and schools and invading countries that had nothing to do with anything it just becomes wtf for why.

I think that is a major component of why I don't play modern war type games to begin with. I'm not terribly interested in the setting and its invariably the same hoo-rah press F respects shit every single time. Playing the Viet Cong could actually be interesting. I could have a trap making skill. Having some asymmetric warfare thing.

You know what it feels like? It feels like every single fucking game I'm stuck with playing the Terrans and each and every single time it's nothing but different iterations of StarCraft clones where I fight the evil Zerg and the Protoss terrorists and I'm kind of sick of it. It's just this very post that I'm realizing this may be a major component as to why I often avoid certain themes and settings entirely in games. Like I played C&C as a kid but it bored the shit out of me and as I got older I gradually started realizing what if Nod also had a point and I'm just playing whitewashed propaganda published by the GDI victors to hide their own crimes. What if everything is just shades of grey.
No. 43308
300 kB, 1364 × 768
358 kB, 1364 × 768
You better not be casting shade on Halo 3 my man. That game is fucking awesome.

Also, tbh if you think that the modern theatre of combat is boring and samey, then you don't know as much about it as you think you do. When represented even in the flawed way that Combat Mission does, it's infinitely more interesting than XCOM.
No. 43309
Ernst plays Fallout:NV at the moment.
Tried playing it ~5 years ago, but was overwhelmed by all the factions and the need to choose a side.
My autism dictates that I play laawful neutral help helper character on first playthorugh and this was simply too hard for me, so I dropeed the game.

Now I killed House, shat bricks when I really saw him and installed yes man. Still trying to please everybody, which is kinda hard.
No. 43312
>trying to please everybody
Fiends are utter shit, though, worse than the Legion, so there's no point in helping them. Powder Gangers are also kinda assholes, apart from those in Vault 19, but they are not exactly Powder Gangers.
No. 43327
40 kB, 1207 × 595
Funny Blast from the past thing. While searching for release date of Terminator Future Shock, looking at different archives of messages, old forums etc. I found this - first post is person saying in 13 december 1995 that FS is out in stores. Look at first responde
Dude said that Terminator Future Shock is shit and super outdated because it have strafe on side buttons and not turning around like in Doom. Like, he don't even know concept of what is strafe. He thought that it's "your character turning around some other point". And he said that you should not waste your money and wait for Duke Nukem 3d and Quake. (Full version of quake will come more than half year later, DN3D also like in late February or something). And he even only quesses that "maybe it's better play on Joystick". Yea, on Fucking Joystick, his only guess.

Terminator Future Shock probably first FPS with modern controls of WASD+compleatly free mouse. And this is how some people reacted lol. More than that, it has customisable controls, he also probably not guessed concept of it.
No. 43330
Just completed Metro Exodus. I ended up getting the 'bad' ending because those pioneers and pirates in the forest were annoying as fuck to deal with on ranger hardcore mode, so I said to hell to with non-violence and killed them when necessary. Having Alyosha end up in a wheelchair and Artyom dying at the end is more fitting anyway.

Overall I really enjoyed the 30 or so hours I put into it. A very solid open world(ish) FPS that felt more like a survival horror game on ranger hardcore mode, where you're far more vulnerable and can't savescum. The open world aspect made it better than the previous two Metros because it felt far less "on rails". Highlight of the game for me was definitely the Caspian sea.
No. 43370
So just what the fuck exactly is the point of buying an SSD instead of a flash drive? All I could notice as the difference was the one had USB 3.1 which tbqh I'm not even sure if my own plugs are 2.0 or 3.0, none of which seems like it'd make a lick of difference when I have an HDD and my bandwith is being throttled thanks for supporting the death of Net Neutrality you faggot fucking retards I'm literally watching my game download being throttled right now and I'm sure as hell not in the mood for trying to figure out how to boot from thumbdrive into Ubuntu or some kind of silly shit way over my expertise.

This makes it so basically today I pretty much had a choice between getting a ~250gb flash drive for a bit over thirty bucks or an SSD external hard drive with the exact same capacity, with the primary differences being that the one claimed speeds up to 450mb/s and my flash drive getting 100mb/s. Oh, and supposedly the one having some kind of warranty, which would've still cost me an additional nine dollars or whatever it was. Yes, I'm still being just that fucking cheap in spite of the fact that I could well afford to drop a hundred dollars on a new hard drive right now just because I've already well exceeded my games capacity on my second shittier HDD even with clearing out practically all my other crap with the exception of my useless file junk drawer of basically gay sea images.

To be fair I would actually much rather have the hard drive as something actually big and bulky and more confidence inspiring about not having failures but I'm also primarily intending on using it to load games from so who fucking cares. I actually may very well end up getting yet another HDD for like sixty bucks anyway which would be some shitty ass 2tb external but I was just not in the mood for fucking with it today because I was too tired and rundown feeling lately so I just grabbed the flash drive for half the price of the shittiest HDD they had because even with newer game acquisitions quite frankly that ~233gb of extra storage on top my other "32gb" flash drive I got should provide me with plenty enough room for now. I already seem to be able to run games directly off this thumb drive so that's really all I wanted any of this for at this point unless I wanted to waste "tons" of money on just buying more senseless unneccessary crap for the sole reason of downloading every single game that I "own" rather than having to routinely clear out bigger unused games or games I beat to make room. Actually come to think of it I probably could fill up an entire terabyte drive just on all the crap I don't have installed right now, or some ridiculous amount.

"" is kinda my mood right now. I hate inaccuracy particularly in language although I probably do it all the damn time, likely with added Americanisms or anglospeak I wouldn't notice. Just seeing that 233 it feels like a robbery. It just makes me feel like where did my other 4gb go on my "32gb" drive? It's the same obnoxious feeling I get when I think about some states taxing you and it'll be some vapid bullshit like "only 2.99!+tax" and it's like listen cunt first of all it's three fucking dollars. I know that you're only using 99.95 pounds because you know the psychological trickery of fooling people into thinking something is cheaper than it is, which is manipulative like all propaganda and behavior modifying psychological techniques only instead of "to build Communism" it's "to make our shareholders richer."

This only serves to fucking annoy me when balancing my books because while a penny here and there may not matter seeing retarded unclean things done to integers it all adds up eventually or creates more tedium so I have to chronically lowball myself. Then just imagining that is infuriating. Can you even imagine? A nice clean wholesome number like "two dollars" for a pizza getting mutilated into 1.99, and then further defiled into some stupid shit like 2.09 because of sales taxes. Thus all manner of chicanery is introduced into what should be a clean transaction of two monetary units into decimal points flying all over the place. At least my new thumb drive still has a nice enough number. 233. That's okay by me. Not something I have to physically be sickened by like 28.4 or whatever silly shit.
No. 43381
How about internal SSD though?
No. 43382
I can advise good SSD internal instead of HDD. Takes much less space, more quite, less moving parts etc. etc. Using small SSD for secondary computer. It's obviously future hard drive standart.
What to choose externaly I don't know. I have only external HDDs still, well, now one of them - one died long ago, another was ultra slow and slowely degradated. And flesh sticks, I have like one of them very old 4GB one from times when 4GB was a lot just to pass some document or some minor thing. I know that nowdays 128GB flash sticks is something very commom.
Gigabytes become "small" indeed.
No. 43383
Eye of the Beholder trilogy free on GoG if anybody needs it.
No. 43387

You know you could've googled the point in the time that took you to write that post fam

Anyways after restarting vidya, having stopped in 2015, and finishing up:
>Disco Elysium
>MGS: Peace Walker
I've gone full Boomer and I'm now playing Anachronox - I had stopped halfway in 2003 or whenever it came out. I actually like the amount of expressions they could fit in to faces with so few pixels. I've set the battles to easy because I remember them being tedious as fuck. It's brilliant otherwise though.
No. 43388
42 kB, 669 × 629
SSD's are great as your main drive, I could never go back to a mechanical. Everything loads so nice and smooth on SSD. My one is even 4 or 5 years old now at this point and zero issues with it.

Thanks, I haven't played them in years (only recently installed the GoG storefront too)
No. 43389
153 kB, 270 × 300
41 kB, 1600 × 1200
btw did you like any other more recent dungeon crawlers?
>Legend of Grimrock
>Legend of Grimrock 2
>The Quest
I didn't like ANY of them, the only good ones I remember were Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore.
No. 43392
25 kB, 640 × 400
34 kB, 320 × 210
39 kB, 320 × 200
92 kB, 710 × 443
The Quest is very meh, guy has no any experience in CRPG gamedev at all and from start did huge amount of baby mistakes. Played it like 15 minutes.
Legend of Grimrock is Dungeon Master clone like EoB that does nothing new that there was not in original dungeon master in 1987. It's funny how game that came out in 2010 can feel "outdated" from like 1995 perspective.

Eye of the Beholder itself actually clones of Dungeon Master where was adopted base ADnD2 rules. You can try original Dungeon Master or it's addon that came on Amiga and Atari ST - Chaos Strikes Back. There was a sequel, Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep. All very similar games to EoB. Other notable DM clone is Black Cryprt. It's first game of famous Raven Software, but already of more than decent quality. It was made for Amiga in 1992, on DOS only demo version came out. Dungeon Hack is interesting game - it's made by DreamForge on Eye of the Beholder 3 and also as all DnD games published by SSI, you control one character instead of party, but dungeon randomley generated every time you play. There a decent amount of customisation option for it and it's really decent made "infinity eye of the beholder-like generator".

Lands of Lore is awesome game. It's not very complicated, it easy actually, but it's of the finest looking, souding, voice acted and quality made PC game from VGA era. After Eye of the Beholder 2, Westwood breaked off relationship with SSI and go making more fresh games instead of making 10 clones of same concept like SSI loved to. And they proved to be for a time with Lands of Lore 1 and Legend of Kyrandia trilogy that they more than can be "little local Lucas Arts". It's interesting that in LoL1 they used simplified system alike to original Dungeon Master and in advertising did a lot of remarks that "game is not connected with EoB or dungeons and dragons". Similar to Lands of Lore 1 there was other "evolution of Dungeon master concept" games, most notable Anvil of Dawn. Again, made by other "slaves of SSI", ones who did Dungeon Hack, DreamForge, but Anvil of Dawn while be more budget title, trying to be LoL1 like - voice acted adventure with cutscenes and number of set protagonists you choose from. AoD is probably last "mainstream" first person tile based game.

I can't say any of this game is in my "ultra-top favorite list" (I still like all of them a lot) because I much more fan of first person tile-based games (I don't call them dungeoncrawlers since there a number of openworld and semi-openworld games using same movment system) that have turn based or tactical combat. Real time is fun and all, but they all have same limitations of lacking any deep tactical combat and using same abuses like "circle dance" to defeat foes. I love real time when it also packaged with free movment, and 90s free movment CRPGs is my shit, but I kind of a minority here.
No. 43393
Man, I really liked Starcrawlers. Especially after the hack update. What was it you didn't like? If it was to do with class balance, I totally get it. Hacker was basically mandatory and Engineer was a handicap choice, but I thought it was quite a bit of fun. Could have done with a few more tilesets to make the random dungeons less samey too I supppose, but maybe that's budget. For what I paid, I got plenty of fun for my buck though tbh.

They kind of ruined it with the recent graphical update because the lighting stopped being as soft but that can be disabled so not really an issue. Dunno what their next game is, but it's apparently in development.
No. 43462
159 kB, 1280 × 720
I feel bad bumping this because scitech thread is more important but whatever.

So I have a great deal more game now much of which I've come to realize I havent even been playing. It goes into the same vicious circles. I'll hit some bump, try looking it up, not find it, wind up back on some totally irrelevant internet bullshit.

My love for Insomnia the Ark has been continually diminishing. It still is nice but like an infatuation fading to routine I increasingly notice its irksome quirks and flaws, among which are things I already got warned about including the lack of weapons. There's only like a handful of guns which barely even work, are insanely expensive, and which I could vaguely tolerate were it not also for the fact you die so easily and can't pick up theirs. Like what the fucking hell? I hate that shit. I am increasingly noticing this otherwise really beautiful game being marred by a few horrific consolebydlo design flaws, among which is not jumping and now not even being able to pan up to aim. I am awaiting the day when you cannot even glance side to side now in games and just let the game railroad you through guided encounters that points the camera at what you're supposed to be aiming/looking/shooting at. It's honestly a bit of a mystery to me why that is.

Nearest I can tell this is some sort of really weird way on them saving space for things like texture work, which would make a lot more sense were it not for the fact these are some of the most expensive and wide open spaces with massive verticality I've seen since E.Y.E. Seriously you'll be walking along a bridge that overlooks the street two stories below and you literally can't move the mouse to look up or down.

As you can imagine this makes aiming a total pain in the ass, all of which adds up to a big pot of annoyances when I reload multiple times and finally get stuck with RNG loot of shit and no guns or swords even though they're lying there by their dead bodies. No, this is not acceptable as part of the worn/broken weapon mechanic when it's nothing but a sharpened piece of metal. Even a broken gun I could accept but nope, no weapons period. If it's to prevent my snowballing it is positively stupid as shit and in top of that it has a hunger and thirst mechanic which pops up constantly that I would normally like except it bugs in a way that can't be fixed with a reload that's super visually annoying and the food/water is semi-rare and expensive as all shit. 400 credits for a single water canteen. That includes at the army base. Why am I supposed to pay my own military base 400 credits for a sip of water to make the strobing trailing red THIRST in my upper right go away?

I still like the game don't get me wrong but it has come to show me lots of PoS moments like that which is all the more infuriating because like I often say, there's nothing worse than wasted potential. Had these Slavs simply gotten a bigger budget with more time idk if I'd be looking at some real shiny triple A shit right now. I also love exploring the place but you guessed it, that thirst/hunger makes your stamina drop rapidly which makes it a pain in the ass when you actually have got shit to do and can't find anything. I'm starting to question the origin of what I've come to understanding is a very Russified view on gaming to not ever give anybody quest markers because it treats you like children or evil Politburo telling Freeman what he should do like Pathologic devs say or some similar shit. Now normally all these things I would be okay with but taken together it just makes things a decidedly user unfriendly complete pain in the ass seemingly driven towards making me suffer when I've got a strobing red pulse for seemingly the third time in 25 minutes on my screen while I run like a chainsmoking old man across the entire level only to realize the guy I'm looking for is not there, thus forcing me to run back to the other half in fits and starts.

It all just starts adding up which if it is part of some kind of queer notion on design philosophy would be nice if they fixed part of their shit. Like, it compounds problem directly into other problems. I can deal with any one of these annoyances but not altogether. The gun thing is really starting to piss me off particularly because they're not just rare and expensive but the fucking things break fast and can't hit the side of a barn, meanwhile I've got some guy with a not-MG42 unloading on me. It's been effectively forcing me to cheese my way through situations like I was IRL including shit like ducking behind barrels and waiting for him to unload on me and then have to change ammo before charging and him with a hammer like a wrathful stun locking John Henry. Then I get there and he has no ammo and no gun while I'm looking at the stupid thing.

I think that if these guys really wanted to tout it as "old school rpg like Fallout" they should've not went with so many weird YOBA design choices like that. Iirc whatever the fuck you were getting shot with, you could loot. My memory could be wrong and iirc not everything Fallout was like this but really now it should be basic sense that if a guy shoots you with a revolver, his body has a revolver. If the player having access to that unbalanced the game the problem is with your game.

Meanwhile I come here and make yet another tedious post all because I am trying and failing to find things on another game which I have been enjoying thus far but I can already tell the snarky narrator will wear on me. Huh wait why is...oh shit
No. 43465 Kontra
973 kB, 2500 × 1365
164 kB, 1024 × 576
Okay so that could be why the third pic for "universim" is in potato runes.
>Crytivo members Alexander Koshelkov - Founder, Creative Director, Game Designer Nick Moutsios - Lead Programmer George Kravas - Programmer Aleksandr Kuzmin - Programmer Lucas Norr - Programmer Kyle Lautenbach - Copywriter Braunson Yager - Web Developer Maria Rubel - Composer Michail Korobov - Sound Engineer ...
Well idk the game has not so far had weird English like Insomnia does which I don't mind although it's quite funny when I'll be reading an item description for a book and for the first time last night I ran into a face full of cyrillic rather unexpectedly. I really don't mind translation errors or odd phrasing or the occasional "whoops we forgot to localize that item" moment I think that if anything it gives it some added charm.

But so anyways I just flirted to trying out yet another game and it is captivating. I am really, really, REALLY glad that they decided not to go with that horrific godawful fucking art style for phoneshit games like Rise of Industry etc. They seemed to originally and I was disappointed because I am at this point blacklisting any game with it. It's not about low poly or no textures and looking awful it's just a meme for phone garbage used to hide either laziness or a complete lack of talent on the part of the devs which in turn makes me suspicious of everything else about the game, and it would've been saddening here because I was excited to finally see a new God game in dev which so far has shown a real amount of talent and fun. It's just a downright fun game to play. I've been enjoying myself with it so far although the UI is a bit tiny I normally don't give a shit about that though and you're really not given a whole lot of instruction.

If this is indeed a Russian game I am noticing a distinct almost proverb level aversion to handholding. Like at this point I am genuinely expecting to find there is some kind of Russian aphorism about "whoever tries to teach the dura is durov with him and both go to dick together" or some kind of similar thing along the lines of why you're not supposed to smile for no reason or you're a retard. I'm dead serious at this point. Crytivo could just not be Russian, or I am generalizing, or it is part of some hip new indiedev thing to take peoples complaints against handholding seriously but sometimes it's just like goddamn.

So in other words I just wasted considerable portion of my day trying to figure out something about how to use God powers and coming here instead. To be fair Universim does have a bit of a tutorial with tooltips but it gets frustrating when I can't figure out if I am supposed to click ability then click person, have person selected+click ability or what. I could also just be retarded. I've been feeling really weird and run down or tired over the last week. Maybe I'm not eating right.

But anyways yes Universim is something that if you guys have a fondness for any kind of godsim or city or other CMS type simulators you should keep an eye out for it. It's still in development and out of all the games I purchased in the last month this had the lowest sale at 15% and I do not regret it. It's a really neat lighthearted little game so far without veering into silliness that I guess is going to allow you to take a tech tree from the stone age all the way up to the space age where presumably you can colonize other planets. It reminds me a lot of Imagine Earth except that game is more of a tile based global warming and Capitalism simulator rather than a god game.

There's another god game I'm really interested that's sadly only available on Steam whose name I'm forgetting that you guys might be interested in called Crest which sadly is only on Steam for $10. What makes that one interesting is that it's basically more a lawfag or linguist nerd type scenario where you come up with parts of phrases and put them together as commandments to try and indirectly get your people to do things like move to a more fertile area, hunt lamb, procreate etc.
No. 43475
4,1 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:37
>Lands of Lore is awesome game. It's not very complicated, it easy actually, but it's of the finest looking, souding, voice acted and quality made PC game from VGA era
Was it open world? I haven't played it in 20 years but it did feel open world from what I remember.
I found the camera angles and camera controls to be a bit nausea causing, there's an option to smooth camera movement but it was also weird to me. I also thought the ships were way too big, but then again I only played it for like 7-8 hours so I didn't get really into it.
No. 43478
646 kB, 1920 × 1080
Fair enough. I think you could turn off free camera which may help with that, though I could be wrong since I haven't played in a while. The game did get better as you went on, but I wouldn't say it got so much better that if you weren't impressed by the first contact, you weren't going to be brought over by the rest. I liked some of its design twists on the format and I'll say without shame that I've ripped off some of those design elements for tabletop gaming because they add a lot of flavour that makes a dungeon feel like a sci-fi/cyberpunk dungeon and not just a dungeon reskinned to be sci-fi/cyberpunk.

I wish they'd done more with the factions too. Faction play had a lot of potential but was largely irrelevant. Simple system though, probably ripping it off for the upcoming tabletop game since it's easy to do but has a lot of emergent depth when you can start plugging its values into other parts of the game (such as you can as a GM).

I've been looking at that Conglomerate 451 game too. It seems pretty neato. Grid-based crawler with xcom style team management. Interesting idea at least.
No. 43481
29 kB, 320 × 200
48 kB, 640 × 512
22 kB, 320 × 200
23 kB, 320 × 200
>Was it open world? I haven't played it in 20 years but it did feel open world from what I remember.
Not fully. Same as EoB is set of connected between each other floors, LoL1 is set of interconnected separate locations, some of which on open air (EoB1 and EoB2 also had open sky locations).

Also speaking about "open sky locations" and DM clones, how I forgot about Silmaris' Crystals of Arborea/Ishar series?
No. 43483
1,3 MB, 1366 × 770
256 kB, 1366 × 768
Couple of screenshots from my recent gamenings. First is just a cosy return to carrier in DCS Hornet. The other is a batshit insane infantry section in my last game of Red Thunder that actually succeeded in charging a tank that was breaching our line and taking it out with hand grenades.
No. 43491 Kontra
21 kB, 320 × 200
>(EoB1 and EoB2 also had open sky locations
EoB2 and EoB3
No. 43509
4,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:15
I'm doing a WoT marathon at the moment for a free premium tank, a tier 6 Sherman Thunderbolt. Thankfully I have a bunch of tier 9 bullshit tanks that can do stupid shit and earn me lots of good-boy points for the marathon. The Italian autoreloaders and stupid OP and the Swedish tier 9 tank destroyer is insanely good.

>Fair enough. I think you could turn off free camera which may help with that, though I could be wrong since I haven't played in a while. The game did get better as you went on, but I wouldn't say it got so much better that if you weren't impressed by the first contact
In fairness, I didn't put it in my trash category and it is one of those games I'll go back to some time when I'm bored. I did only actually spend 4 hours in it and I wouldn't call it a bad game, it just didn't grip me at the time.
I remember those forest sections in EoB, I remember thinking they were the coolest thing ever as a kid, and I remember vividly in LoL getting to some town after traversing a forest and getting two unique halberds called Yvel and something else and thinking they were the coolest weapons ever.
No. 43512
LoL1 Opinwood forest music is one of the my favorite MIDI tracks ||and I love hell lot of MIDI music so it's have big competition here :D||

What exploded my mind in case of LoL1 when I first time tried it, CD version of cource, your character commented everything you click on by voice.
No. 43524
233 kB, 1024 × 576
430 kB, 584 × 457
After an Ernst posted about this game, I decided to buy it and play it for a while.
It's fun, but I can't really enjoy it due to how poorly it runs. It keeps crashing, stuttering like mad and it makes it very uncomfortable to play. Maybe I'll get back to it after I upgrade my computer.
No. 43537
It is really surprisingly hard to find any good political sims although frankly on some fundamental level it's all so farcical when you've got things that try to render it down to American elections basically. I saw one that was basically that and it looked like total ass, as if the political were merely high school popularity contests aided by whoever is given enough money by wealthy elite concerns to make their figurehead seem to be kissing ass of constituents which in it's own right I seldom see in those types of things.

I will say however that Krisis in the Kremlin, while being woefully simplistic, is a rather nice game. The main alternatives seem to be things like map painting simulators and I've never managed to get into any Paradox games.

More on topic I saw a Gettysburg Civil War game that looked like it might be good.
No. 43555
1,2 MB, 1260 × 886
883 kB, 1260 × 888
AGEOD's engine is not super well optimised, and has a lot of shit running under the hood. I did say this at the time in my defense.

What one? If it's Gettysburg the Tide Turns, it's not bad. Pretty good even. It's no John Tiller's Gettysburg (new or old) but the former is also approachable if you aren't already balls deep in computer wargaming. I can also say that Ultimate General Gettysburg holds up well, and in some ways is superior to its sequel and it also is a very approachable game with a lot more depth than is first apparent. Awesome AI system too where you choose your difficulty based on two axes, skill and aggression. Ultimate General Civil War is more gamey but still lots of fun, I have 204 hours logged on steam and a lot more than that if I consider my offline hours with it.
No. 43569
703 kB, 1366 × 724
770 kB, 1366 × 724
Yesterday's post made me want to play some vintage John Tiller again. Mid 90s Talonsoft goodness right here. One day I'll pick up some of the newer John Tiller Software versions because they look better, run better, and are more authentic, but still, the old Battleground Series aged well. I'm currently just starting to pull back from Seminary Ridge to form the fish hook line from Culp's Hill up Cemetery Hill, down Cemetery Ridge, finishing around the Round Tops and Rose's Wood.

I don't know if I'm going to contest the Peach Orchard. It doesn't offer much to me. It's a good artillery position in theory since it's one of the few commanding positions between Cemetery Ridge and Warfield Ridge but that's offset by it being fairly hard to withdraw from due to being so open and not a really tenable position because it sits quite close to Warfield Ridge. That gives you good lines of fire, sure but at short ranges and Warfield Ridge provides enough concealment for the Rebs that you still can't put down fire on them while they advance to battle position.

Rose's Wood is a solid Infantry position though I think. I can fight them when they come over the lip of Emmitsburg Road and then disappear deeper into the woods to break LOS to retreat to the Devil's Den and Round Tops as secondary positions. I don't know how much fight I'm going to put up on the Wheat Field also, it's not an amazing spot for them, and while it serves as somewhere to put smoothbore artillery for me, it only provides a narrow arc of fire up the Wheatfield Road to the Peach Orchard, relying on the Rebels taking the inferior route of attack, which I don't want to do.

Little Round Top is probably going to be my main artillery battery. Big Round Top is higher but has too many trees to be an effective battle position, while also not granting any real tactical benefit like Rose's Woods does. Little Round Top is lower but has better arcs of fire thanks to the cleared NW face. Worst comes to worst, I can use my reserves further towards Cemetery Hill to reinforce the Little Round Top and prevent them from rolling up my line.
No. 43573
All these posts make me want to code a battle simulator. But I haven't even played one since Rome:TW
No. 43624
14 kB, 198 × 238
85 kB, 649 × 410
61 kB, 508 × 291
9 kB, 307 × 132
I've been playing Crisis in the Kremlin. Finished my second save today, I managed to survive as Gorby until 1990. I got coup'd by hardliners after food shortages and a full blown environmental collapse due to another Chernobyl type event in '89.
I tried rallying the people around the cause of freedom and democracy but none came to the rescue. Now they will be ruled neo-Brezhnevites. Sad!
In the last two years I kept getting heatenings whenever the KGB wanted to talk to me :DD
No. 43625
61 kB, 642 × 351
I just tried it too, and I managed to lose power within 2 minutes of starting the game by reinstituting state control over the media, armed forces, the labour market, medical services and the industry :D
No. 43641
54 kB, 640 × 480
43 kB, 640 × 480
Fuck this game is depressing. It's like trying to stop a high-speed train from crashing but no matter how you press on the breaks, it's fucked.

Make a compromise, it's useless. Send in the tanks, it's useless.
Though I did make it until the next election with relatively liberal policies when it comes to the market. Actually followed through with Glasnoty and Perestroika without the hardliners fucking me up, but it didn't solve the food crisis or the collapsing Eastern Block.

This is a cool game. Thank you for shoving it Portuernst.
No. 43642
236 kB, 625 × 275
>It's like trying to stop a high-speed train from crashing but no matter how you press on the breaks, it's fucked.
What a great description of this game. I must give the American Ernst credit for the game suggestion.
I still haven't made it through 1991, I guess I'll have to play it until I can beat Gorby's irl score :DD
No. 43643
48 kB, 608 × 657
r8 my future purchases in the steam summer sale
No. 43644
I got to 1992 on my first serious try. The only downside is that in the process I lost all of Eastern Europe ( Ilet Poland go, intervened in Romania but they left too), the Ukraine, the Baltics (despite declaring martial law and sending in the tanks), the Stans and Georgia.
I'm also in the process of losing Mongolia, and I failed to resolve the crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan, despite trying to send in the tanks and the second time trying to resolve the conflict through negotiation.
Sending in the tanks basically does nothing and is a waste of time, money and a ruin to diplomatic relations. (Just like how supporting Iraq is.)

No idea how to solve the food crisis. I liberalized the economy, gave the peasants land and spent the money the ministers asked me to spend on agriculture, but the situation never improved.

The thing is, I'm in 1992, still have most of the republics, but the game is in a losing trajectory and it's just a question of time before I either get dragged unto the streets by the muzhiks because they have no food and I regulated alcohol consumption or end up in Gulag because I stepped on the hard-liners' dicks too hard. (I'd probably last until 1993 or so.)

Though I just tried it with Yeltsin and I failed a month after drafting the budget. Turns out the hard-liners don't like it when you slash the military budget from ~450 to 200 to spend it on agriculture instead.

I think the three factions are three difficulties essentially.
No. 43645
I played the Pirates remake as a kid. It's fun. Sort of like mount and blade. Never could enjoy it to its full potential.
No. 43648
131 kB, 664 × 417
>No idea how to solve the food crisis. I liberalized the economy, gave the peasants land and spent the money the ministers asked me to spend on agriculture, but the situation never improved.
The American called it a simplistic game, but really i's realistic portrayal of Soviet economy is downright uncanny. This could have been an entry in Gorby's diary.
10/10 game
No. 43652
3,7 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:17
2,5 MB, 960 × 540, 0:09
412 kB, 1920 × 1080
Does anybody here play or has played real time tactics games? I am talking about commandolikes.

I enjoyed Desperados back in the day (and recently reinstalled), got Shadow Tactics because it was the first game of that type we got in 15 years and it was great, and today I beat Desperados 3. I have no experience with Commandos or Robin Hood, though.

Desperados 1 is really unforgiving, but since you have infinite bullets, it can be cheesed. I had such a situation where I had to shoot my way out. Took some tries, though. I also like that the new versions have the Demo level included. I played that shit for WEEKS and never managed to actually finish it. Just two weeks ago I did. 12 year old me was a dumbass indeed.

Shadow Tactics is basically the same game set in feudal Japan with some modernizations and ugly 3D graphics. I had a blast playing it, but fuck the last level's beginning. I spent about 4 hours on the last level. I played with japanese dubbing for extra immersion (they actually hired real japanese voice actors). However, I only recently took it up after an at least two year hiatus, which was not that good of an idea, since I had it almost finished back then. It has a major twist that really hit me back then and for some reason I stopped playing, I think because I got stuck at the level? And when I took it up again, I cleared that level in about half an hour. What a difference a day makes.

Desperados 3 came out just two weeks ago or so. I played the demo, liked it and since I don't really have to take care of money I just bought it digital for 50€ on GOG. At least I got an offline installer. Anyhow, as for the game, it plays almost like Shadow Tactics, with some changes, some improvements and some really annoying features like the cursor locking to specific things and thus fucking up my movement, but those are nitpicks. Story-wise it's a prequel to Desperados 1 and while someone who is new to that genre might not get much out of it, I really enjoyed seeing the gang again and how they met and such.
It is a bit easier than Shadow Tactics, especially since the guns are more viable, but it's still challenging.

Thanks for reading my blog. webms attached are from Desperados 1, a scene showcasing showdown mode in Desperados 3 and the spoiler shows how I solved the game.
No. 43653 Kontra
2,6 MB, 960 × 540, 0:26
Damn forgot to post the last webm for hilarious exploits
No. 43654
2 kB, 288 × 224
534 kB, 3004 × 2000
I will like that post to infinity and beyond, no doubt my favourite childhood game! I still have profound (yet 400 years outdated and pixelized) knowledge about the caribbean.
No. 43657
You're a gentleman and a scholar :D
No. 43658
I actually only recognize three of them. Pharma I thought could be fun but I'm not sure if I'd like it. Not sure Far is my style. Frostpunk I do strongly r8. It's the only one of those I've actually played.

There's a few games I might get on Steam but really it's just because they don't exist on GOG yet for whatever reason, and because I already "own" i.e. am renting from Valve things like CK2 that I've never even gotten into so that's like $25 worth of DLC after sale that I'm planning on getting to make it more playable. Sseth makes PDx games look more interesting than they probably are.

I'm not even sure I'm going to bother with anything from Steam this year other than the DLC and Crest. And well Beckett is $1.50, although Elite Dangerous had been on my list for ages but I'm not sure I even want to waste all that much more money just to get the basically mandatory DLC for what should be core gameplay mechanic of landing on planets. I've had Spacehulk Deathwing and Inquistor Martyr wishlisted for awhile now that along with DoW3 is not on GOG although honestly I've never even been a huge 40k fan and if I were it sure as shit isn't to play imperium forces. If tyranids or chaos isn't involved I usually ignore it.
No. 43666
The reason I bought Pirates! is because my kids like watching me play the pirated copy I have and they love doing the dancing parts where you dance with the governor's daughters
why? It's moba garbage, absolutely soulless. I wouldn't even take a free copy when somebody tried to gift it to me.

Dow2 is good though, as is Dow1 if you've someone to play with.
No. 43669
Man, I've read about the Deperados games in magazines back in the day and always wanted to play them but never actually did. I think it's time I do that now. Still got 3 other games to finish first, but they are now officially on my list and the track record shows that games on my list are actually played nowadays.
No. 43670
I wouldn't say that I'm a fan of the genre, but I like it, and I played Commandos II a lot back in middle school (as I recall, it was the very first PC game I bought myself; probably still have those three CDs lying around somewhere), and even got to the last mission (I think it was last, it was in Paris), but for some reason never completed it. Still, I enjoyed it immensely (feeding japs to crocodiles was hilarious as fuck), and if I would make a list of Bestest Gayms Evar, I'd definitely include Commandos II. Although a buddy of mine who was more into these tactics games than myself preferred the first game to the second (I think he claimed that the second game was too easy). I didn't play the third game, but from what I've heard it became too actionized and generally considered inferior to the first two.

You might also wanna check out a somewhat old and obscure game called Cold Zero. It's quite different from the likes of Commandos and Desperados since you only control one dude and you also have an experience system, but the gameplay is more or less similar to real-time tactics. I've played the demo back in the days and it seemed pretty decent to me.
No. 43698
1,5 MB, 720 × 480, 0:27
575 kB, 695 × 462
801 kB, 720 × 480, 0:16
SKALD: Against the Black Priory
One of the interesting things I following for some time. It's kind of wierd mix of goldbox games, some ultima stuff and bits of a small bits of something more advanced, like Betrayel at Krondor. Made in EGA-ish 16 color style. Looks really decent. I don't like a bit japan-style idle animations when character constantly "dancing" on place, but overall looks decent. Of cource I'll not support it on kikstarter and things like this, but when and if it come out, I'd try it.
No. 43717
532 kB, 1920 × 1080
I still can't figure out if this game is worth it or not, but I've got forty bucks I was going to drop on Steam that I'm not in the mood to waste all of it on Paradox DLC and don't think Inquistor Martyr is my jam, but it also comes with some major cons:
>requires Steam to play
>also requires some faggy third party launcher bullshit on top of that
>always online
>Tencent has bought out a significant chunk of the company
>judging by some video reviews I've seen, the community is maximum reddit fedora cringelords
And probably a couple of others I'm missing. Oh, and charging us out the ass for what should be a basic component to the game of landing on planets. This last one irks me with the gaming industry as a whole though I mean just imagine if you got sold a base state car and buying a paint job, windshield wipers, drive tram, muffler, and radio all cost you a lot extra and some of which wasnt even guaranteed to ever be developed. I maintain that the gaming industry is probably one of the best instances to make you utterly jaded with unbridled Capitalism and longing for a Socialist counterbalance to keep them on their toes but sadly all we got is the even shittier pseudocapitalist state of China which is going to ruin what's left of gaming

I don't know. Maybe I should just not bother with that game. Every time I look at it I get wowed by the sleek exterior and the concept of just flying around the galaxy exploring new systems on my own but rapidly become reminded of all the shittier things about it and invariably come to the conclusion that odds are if I even bought it I wouldn't get around to playing it for ages and by the time I do their servers might be shutting down so I'd have a license for a nonfunctional pile of garbage, and that even if I did play it immediately that I'm soon going to regret it as I come face to face with the abysmal grindfest and boring as shit procedurally generated universe where everything is ultimately just cookie cutter the same and that I had to spend 15 minutes flying through the empty void to find that out.

Is there anything truly redeeming about the game? Ironically this one guy's review where he goes on and on about how "cerebral" the game is put me off it more than anything else.

But at the same time, I do remember how much fun I had driving around planets in Mass Effect I have no fucking idea why they took that out and replaced it with the absolute pure shit that was 2's tedious waste of time scanning minigame but then I remember how much even that grew tiresome as each planet was just the exact same map copy pasted. Am I wrong? Or is this game really the No Man's Sky everyone wanted that's fun to explore? I should probably point out that no I really don't give a shit about the combat at all.
No. 43776
I dunno. What do you guys think?
Elite: Dangerous? Or Inquisitor Martyr? Or even should I consider something else instead like Element: Space or the new Spacehulk Deathwing?

I just don't want to get shafted and in two years the servers are all unplugged or have mind splitting rage about some stupid petty shit piling up like third party launchers.

Speaking of which do you guys ever wonder the full extent to which Chinese owned gaming is a national security threat?
No. 43796
1,2 MB, 2560 × 1440
146 kB, 1200 × 675
573 kB, 1920 × 1080
722 kB, 1000 × 563
Sorry to be clogging the vidya thread but just to let you guys know Aven Colony is pretty great if you're into that sort of thing, which mechanically reminds me a bit of a more advanced Planetbase, or like Cliff Empire. It's generally super easy until you're starting to run a huge enough over 1k pop colony and end up having to manage the unwieldy logistics of resource conversion mostly because all your storages get full and so the storage cap can leave you in a deadly cycle of thousands of tons of useless junk like water or inedible precursors while running out of food. I'm not sure why those city management and building sims are so soothing and addictive to me.

I've also just tried Age of Wonders Planetfall and it's every bit as ebin as I was expecting. It actually mechanically kinda reminds me a lot of when I was a kid and trying to devise much more advanced, complex, time consuming games like converting a RISK board with handmade clay tokens into signifying 10 life per army and different weird abilities or whatever to turning each battle into a Magic card game, which needless to say would make an entire RISK game take weeks to fully finish. It's basically like that in feeling except much more streamlined and where each battle on the map is an entire mini encounter in XCOM2. Like, it is quite literally playing a game of XCOM every time you have a battle with what's looking to be an ungodly amount of abilities in game.

This is definitely a much meatier 4x game. I'm feeling pretty blase about the campaign itself I just started but who cares I'm not past the first mission anyway. I just wish that it had much more to do on the colony overview Civ type map though because quite clearly this game is oriented towards basically just having lots of those XCOM tier tactical battles with skeleton thin colony building, which I guess isn't much shallower than typical Civ style games but it just feels like that part is emptier in comparison. Otherwise this is looking like a super dense game with tons and tons of stuff to do and keep track of outside of the actual minimalist colony building element.

I'm also glad I got WH40K Gladius although wish I had also gotten the Tau and Chaos add ons while I was at it. I guess I was just figuring well might as well be sure I like the game before pissing away that much more money on DLCs. There's no diplomacy period (it's 40K afterall duh) which is fine and I think it in general feels like a much more streamlined game, as in, I'm pretty sure I could actually finish an entire game of Gladius in a day if I tried hard enough as compared to most games in its genre which can take ages to complete.

I'd also recommend you guys keep an eye out for Carrion being released. I'm not a fan of pixelated indie shit but this is a really cool one. Try the free demo. You're a horrible tentacle monster eating people. It's pretty much a Hatred tier stress relief valve if Hatred wasn't such a comedically banal edgelord fest.

As for this Steam summer sale I got E:D but am already pissed just going back there. I can tell they're making the client even worse bloatware abomination and I realized today I've not had one single game crash since switching to blessed GOG. I want to nab the full Inquisitor Martyr too I mean I'm not rich but for once in my life money doesn't feel like a problem in the immediate future so lord knows buying a couple hundred dollars worth of vidya on sale this year isn't actually risking hurting me for oncein materialist terms at least I can already feel like I'm fueling horrible neckbeard heroin levels of addiction to arguably an activity revolving around kids toys regardless how "mature" or complex the story or mechanic of this leisure activity but I'm far more horrified at the possibility of adding yet another game to my Steam library if it could come out on GOG this year when I'm actively trying to avoid steam. It feels like approaching a cat litter box that can't ever be cleaned. A messy mold filled room I'd rather just ignore because I'd need to tear up the flooring. That's how dealing with Steam feels to me now. If Valve would just fix their fucking shit for once or let me play games without launching their bloatware it'd be fine but that client just gives me more and more problems and GOG Galaxy is such a relief to deal with. But otherwise I do want to pick up Inquisitor Martyr I just wish I could get it in GOG instead.

Everything else I'd pick up there is solely DLC with a stray game or too that doesn't compel me enough to have to deal with Valve, with the sole exception of Crest. The sad thing is how much of it is Paradox with the exception of getting alle Frostpunk DLC, which also is just such a wonderful game and that I immediately fucked up not understanding how to turn on the generator first deep freeze and then when I did not knowing how to deal with half the colony's corpses so everyone got sick. It was maximum Victorian England run in Holodomor mode tier. I'm not sure why I'd even bother and it's kind of annoying that CK2 itself is now free, after I've basically paid for but not played it, and where now I pretty much have to buy $30+ worth of DLC even after sales to make it interesting enough. I'm not even going to bother with Europa Universalis IV, HoI III, or Vicky II or whichever it is DLCs and just focus on that one, and probably pick up the Snow DLC for Cities Skylines which is the only thing Collosal Order offers where I'm not astounded by the sheer fucking audacity of these people charging that kind of money for literally one new low poly, drab, barely textured pos building. I give PDX lots of shit(and C:S is published by them) but in this one case that dev in particular deserves being shit on. They achieved close to the maximum endpoint of being a greedy useless wannabe digital hipster Silicon Valley capitalist making shoddy garbage as a moneymaking scheme. You just look at the DLC for Skylines and get the overwhelming impression what manner of pseudo-woke twitter addicted faggots some of those people are but hey, I do want my snowplanes and winter even if it's not worth $6.74 to get it. Which is an added shame because I can't even seem to get that game's cities above 200k before the game freezes most likely because of my CPU being at the hard limit.

I'd also really like to get Battlefleet Gothic 2 which iirc I did get to run but same issue of CPU. Damn shame. All I remember is briefly playing a tyranid fleet and it working on my machine but running so ass poor graphically that BF:GA1 actually looked better and ran better because I had to have everything turned down to minimum. I'm tempted to pirate it just to double check if I can get it to run which I know it did but how well I can't remember. I just wish there was some way to like run off a second CPU because my mainboard is so old at this point I can't even upgrade it. I'm amazed it lasted this long and I'm worried in the back of my head that I'm going to have to replace it someday. Really that's what I should be doing instead, is saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars for when I inevitably need to buy a new machine someday.
No. 43844
Space Hulk Deathwing (even Enhanced Edition) was very much a letdown, I do not recommend purchasing it; the aesthetic is on point but the gameplay is sluggish and the weapons deal infuriatingly little damage in contrast to their sizes and sounds. It honestly made me believe that EYE Divine Cybermancy was a flash in the pan.
No. 43874
3,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:27
Anyone got an ideas for this computer problem?

PC locks up when playing games, it's like a softlock and the mouse pointer can still move around and changes from a busy pointer to a null pointer depending on what monitor it's on.

Only way to get the PC back up and running is hold the power button and then restart 30 seconds later. Even manager shows nothing but an unclean restart.

It only crashes on games that are on the SSD, (WoT and Wh2) and while under graphical load (I've moved them all to the mechanical now to see if that solves it)

I reinstalled 40+ drivers lately to freshen up all the drivers on the PC, still crashes. I've also removed all programs not needed like spotify, and did a virus scan and a CCleaner cleanup - still crashes

Is it hardware? might be SSD dying on me or even worse, the mobo
No. 43881
55 kB, 1600 × 1000
3,1 MB, 3840 × 2090
Funny, for Daggerfall bethesda artists done really cool hand drawn animated sprite artwork for different transperant Wraiths and Ghosts, but looks like they not properly figured out transperancy in original engine so they looked like just black shades - and I always thought this was how they was intended, but in realitty they meant to look something like pic2 - how now they will look in recent update of unity port.
No. 43888
Hey guys sorry but this has been bugging the shit out of me for MONTHS do you guys have any clue what game had the 40K trailer in the format of an apocalyptic log? It is some guy talking into a camera making a journal about him being stranded and it ends with him saying something about hearing voices and saying "but the thing is...there's nobody here" or something to that effect.

I can't find it anywhere or figure out what to search for and it's been driving me crazy.

Sorry mate I have no clue. I actually at first thought you were trying to ask about a gameplay problem you were stuck on. I thought Alien Isolation had low minimum specs?
No. 43912
95 kB, 800 × 1114
701 kB, 1920 × 2697
112 kB, 711 × 999
70 kB, 534 × 750
Oh no they anounsed Fallout TV series from amazon

On actually interesting news https://youtu.be/D-ESWgB88C8 I get more and more interested with King's Bounty II looking at recent development diaries. The way thaey want to do it more tactical and less abstract, more abadoning rules of of 90s KB and Heroes games in favor or more complex battle system. I still not shure about third person exploring, but we will see how it goes.

Another interestin thing I discovered is Ultima VII fan cover art. As you most probably know, final cover art of original Unltima VII was just back box with title - trying to be mysterious and symbolising that box is black gate itself. But someone made actual art in style of U6. You know, same as Ultima 4 with character back with enlightment theme changed to ultima 5 concept of character back with dark theme, same Ultima 6 heroic bright art here is transformed in more dark scene, in my opinion perfectly representing game itself.
There also a couple of sketeches in style of Ultima 5, with character back. I also loved Ultima much more when it tried to be that "avatar is actually you" instead "create you good looking hero dude", but final poster artist made actually better represent content of actual game, thought I'd don't mind if he finished one of concepts. I still have space on wall near my big Ultima 5 poster.
No. 43913
Why'd they announce a TV series for a video game that had its last proper instalment released more than two decades ago?
Stop trolling, Ivan.
No. 43914
Without jokes, I'd liked to see Fallout series set in pre-war chaos with style of tech how Adamovich did on it's concepts for Fallout 3. But in Fallout 4 they fucked it up and made bland and boring as hell, also compleatly killing spirit of wasteland. And being Amazon.. ehh, I suspect it'd be mid budget or cheap normie crap, same as now what Elder Scrolls also become.
Todd howard said it was in some plans for 10 years or something lol.
No. 43916
It's kind of funny OOO YES I HEARD THUNDER unrelated sorry but anyway that even if you pretended Fallout New Vegas was a real Fallout game that that game is old as shit also. Because of various reasons I still kinda mentally and internally process things like E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy and Fallout 3 as being pretty newish games. Maybe not Bethesda 3 so much but I still somewhat process it as new games. To me an actually reasonably oldish game now is something like Half Life 2 or VTMB which even then I don't actually consider to be an old game. Like Starcraft 2 I still consider to be a brand new game pretty much.

It's sad. I think this just must be what getting older feels like for most people. I just can't process the fact that these games are not new anymore. They all happened around or shortly after my brain pretty much stopped growing and jellified. I don't actually consider any game to be truly old except the real Fallouts and I cannot accept any game as being especially old or "ancient gamer" tier that did not boot into DoS and was not run off one of those huge ass floppies.

God. The internet is shit today. Christ it is just f'ing BAD all around and boy oh boy I sure just can't wait to see what gaming looks like once the trash from Big Brother mobileshit phones becomes accepted as standardized for what gaming is supposed to be.

I will say this about computers which is that ironically enough the cross platform compatibility is what's been killing it consistently more than anything else and this is right down to the operating system level. I was looking at computers the other day for in case mine poops out and first of all while it's considerably cheaper than I expected the lack of some basic things is just laughable which is irrelevant because of knowing how horrible it must be for me to actually take the time to do a full system wipe which wouldn't kill any software suits these days as a result, but it would still be a complete pain in the ass for me to try and sanitize that hard drive of every trace of Windows10 that I can.

I am old and grumpy and there hasn't been truly golden gaming since 1996.
No. 43922
>Half Life 2 or VTMB
because after Doom3-HL2-Far Cry generation that added dynamic lights, ragdoll physics, a lot of modern effects there was any revolution. There was evolution of same concepts, but ALL GAMES MADE UP TO THIS DAY WITH SLIGHT DOWNGRADE IN GRAPHICS CAN BE MADE IN 2004.

This is was not case with earler games where even some concepts was unaccesable due to hardware limitations.
No. 43926
I'd temper that with hypothetically. Some games that exist today have some very simplistic graphics but have a lot going on under the hood and would run like shit on 2004 hardware, example C:MO.

Minimum dual-core, recommended quad-core

DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 128MB+ VRAM

Minimum 4GB, recommended 8GB

Minimum 20GB
This space might increase with the download of Satellite Map images
No. 43940
4,2 MB, 1600 × 900, 0:16
>Sorry mate I have no clue. I actually at first thought you were trying to ask about a gameplay problem you were stuck on. I thought Alien Isolation had low minimum specs?

Yeah it does have relatively low specs from what I hear.

Regardless seems I've found the cause of the lockups and blue screens. Google Chrome.
No. 43966
Most of power requrements comes from needs of more detalisation and more modern post-effects. Same here goes unpackaged assets and other things that take memory space. It can be fit in 2004 hardware standarts without any damage to gameplay or concept of game.
No. 43972
373 kB, 1366 × 768
Somehow I doubt it's about graphics. The game in question has most of its requirements come from the fact that doing lots of detailed sensor models simultaneously (it tracks air-carried sensors through complex terrain accurate to the actual real world geography, while also doing waterborne sensors both active and passive as well as the effects of the thermocline on those). You could do similar, but the amount of detail would make it run like shit on a 2004 era home computer.
No. 43999
Hey so not entirely but maybe yes entirely related, why does Cities:Skylines keep crashing and freezing on me after I get to a certain level of population?

Also as for your allegations Russia, please explain to me how Cities:Skylines could not be innovative back in 2004. I'm not just talking about the cims being simulated which indeed probably could work on system architecture back then but rather I am talking about the water physics, which is part of the biggest drain on system resources from that game. I can't find an article on it right now but if I recall correctly it was considered very innovative and advanced at the time of its release, which afaik is not something that a 2004 machine could be capable of dealing with and was certainly not something where the technology was there and "no advances in technology since 90s" is disputed.
No. 44003

Water level changes and calculations of obsticals for speed vector is something of cource what can be done back than. I not saying that everything was done back then, rather than - it could been done.
And what can't like Ray tracing for light and reflections - is things that not affecting gameplay and not really dramaticly change visuals. At least, not as dramatic if you compare game from 2003 to 2004 - there was real dramatic changes.
No. 44022
I'd like to repeat your initial comment

Which in the case of the Command games is patently false. You can get good simulations of this type in 2004 (Harpoon 3) but they aren't quite as complex as what is achieved in a more modern (late 2019) envisioning due to hardware limitations in making lots of simultaneous simulations happen, i.e. that shit being memory hungry.

This is for the PE, but its features are typically drip fed into the commercial version, and pretty much everything in that video is currently in the commercial version apart from industry-relevant bits like distributed input (simulated war-room capability) that don't really have a reason to be in something for a home computer. PE recently got multiplayer, so my body is very ready for that to come to commercial.

No. 44058
>Which in the case of the Command games is patently false. You can get good simulations of this type in 2004 (Harpoon 3) but they aren't quite as complex as what is achieved in a more modern (late 2019) envisioning due to hardware limitations in making lots of simultaneous simulations happen, i.e. that shit being memory hungry.

I can't imagine simple terrain obsticle movment simulation needs more than 1gb of ram or super CPU unless it's made like it's addresing CPU every tik or something. Sadly, I'm not pro programmer and don't played this type of games, so you know better.
No. 44059
Like I said, it's not just terrain obstruction. It's that plus all it's other factors like how it's emissions are sent out. What data is being used and so on. Plus there's volume. Let's say you have a CVBG (6 ships) and 50 aircraft. You are looking at close to 200 sensor simulations running simultaneously which all have to not only account for obstruction but ground clutter, sensor filters, curvature of the earth, weather, movement speed and noise generation for ships which in turn is affected by water depth and temperature. It's a legitimate simulation of the signals situation and not just a gamified model of sensors.
No. 44060
It's also being done in real time. So there's the refresh rate too. Not a turn based game.
No. 44063
Are there any good modpacks for Morrowind in the foul year of our lord 2020? I had a dream about Morrowind and now I want to replay it. Last time I played it was a couple of years ago with the MGSO 3 overhaul.
No. 44065
2,0 MB, 1680 × 1050
John Tiller Software is having a little sale. They aren't the kind of discounts that you see on steam sales, more like 5-10 bucks off, with everything currently being $30. Highly recommend his stuff if you're curious about wargaming, he even does pretty decent demos if you want to see whether you like the gameplay before jumping in, the Panzer Battles one is 25 scenarios of average single-session length. There may be easier games to learn and ones that look prettier but John Tiller games are just rock solid, and there's something for everyone. From small unit tactics to painstakingly detailed renditions of entire fronts, from the 16th Century through to the modern day, though mostly 20th century historical and hypothetical conflicts (Operation Downfall, USSR v NATO in Germany). For $30, you're getting a similar price to a Gary Grigsby monster when it's on a big sale, and a pretty similar amount of content.



Also, an EC Wargaming club to go with the EC Gang rpg group would be noice.
No. 44073
What you specificly need? Modpacks mostly crap, espessialy now when new quality stuff come out every day and with new OpenMW versions.
No. 44080
3,8 MB, 852 × 480, 0:31
617 kB, 1039 × 516
Completed a play-through of Being a Dik - an adult game where you go play as an American college student. Not interested in the adult stuff at all tbh, I just ended up hanging out with my frat-bros and trying to bridge things between the tribes (fuck the jocks though).

Characters were quite recognisable for collage age kids - you get elitist nerds, the narcissist do-gooder chick, Stacey is actually an okay person. Should've done away with the adult content and just made an American college simulator.

The Renaissance looks interesting. How much time does it take to learn to play properly? Is it historically accurate or do I have to deal with weirdness?
No. 44081
92 kB, 693 × 724
Been playing a lot of 7.62. what an absolute gem.
No. 44082
I'm playing through it but it feels empty. I guess there is some people that gang up and play it togheter, but playing alone feels like a huge grind.

The visuals are gorgeous on VR though.
No. 44084
7,6 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:35
Been playing this real stupid game where you sit at the end of a hall with a machinegun and mow down aliens.

Actually pretty good for the 3 euro it was on sale for
No. 44090
been playing through deus ex human revolution recently, i really like it it feels like the first time i played the first deus ex again
No. 44096
Well I ended up getting it anyway and getting a whole bunch of other crap to play. I guess I'll gave go just opt to buy a VR thingy except that the one Rick and Morty game looks at first pretty funny but after a solid let's play it seems like a soulless cash grab. I may still get the human NPC goggles anyway just for that one game though, it's just that I can tell there's probably some major unknown difference between the $20-40 shit I see at the shartinthemart and some $200 goggles which I'm absolutely not even considering to get particularly just for that one game, but I still got ED anyway among a new spending spree.

That includes Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 which is what I originally wanted to get to play not BFGA1 because of my CPU bottleneck so I'm going to try it again because it seems I actually managed to make it run for two hours on a free weekend I vaguely recalling playing a tyranid fleet and it actually running for some reason speaking of which while I discovered I cannot boot most games well off a micro SD I can however play most games pretty well off a USB 3.0 thumbstick which is pretty much just like having a miniature lower performing SSD.

That being stated I discovered today that holy Jesus, Inquisitr Martyr is 75gb per game. Holy shit. It's just a top down Diablo-esque shooter. How the fucking shit can they manage to get that thing so senselessly big? How the fuck, do people just not optimize games at all anymore?? I should point out that it's per game as in Prophecy is not an add-on but it's own separate game which makes them 150gb combined. Nigga I ain't got that kind of fucking space I'm booting off multiple flash drives right now and I'm already up to installation folders Vav and Zayin. I probably might as well just get a fourth or whatever it's up to now hard drive one of them is solely a backup of shit like pictures and my music and saves etc I otherwise don't use it's just that my computer is so freakin old that I somehow doubt I'm going to take full advantage of that alleged 450gb/s data transfer rate that will be massively bottlenecked by my throttled internet connection anywaybeing anti-Net Neutrality is another of many reasons I've grown to loathe a certain group of people I've actually watched my DLs get throttled after NN was thrown out so I really just dont see the point to spending an extra amount of money to buy a same capacity hard drive as a USB3.0 thumb drive.

Oh and I've finally gotten around to buying and playing Stygian which so far is pretty enchanting in its own way however the mediocre to poor combat I can see why it got mixed reviews. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing however which reminds me strongly of certain Fallout tones and other great audio design, and the gameplay outside combat is otherwise really good so far.

Idk why it's so hard for me to focus and just play games these days though. I end up wasting much of my free day running errands, doing chores, and taking care of various things in between pissing my life away strategically window shopping at plausible future purchases trying to find the best and most reliable deal for shit I frankly often don't even need.
No. 44097
Learning to play is pretty easy and they are usually pretty accurate albeit they are based on tabletop wargame concepts just turned up to not viable for tabletop levels.

Learning to play well is another thing entirely. They have a great deal of depth and especially if you have someone to play against, there are a ridiculous amount of moves to take in any given situation.

They all sort of run in similar-ish ways if you hit up the demo page and try the Napoleonic Battles one. I haven't played The Renaissance but the Pike & Musket system seems based on his usual close order infantry system, just adjusted to represent the lower tech level better. That system is pretty intuitive though, with the main thing to remember being that since tactical mobility is so low, surveying the battlefield for the best terrain and fighting over it is your main strategy. The line between tactics and grand tactics is blurred in these kinds of combat.
No. 44100
Is Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire worth playing through? I want that style of RPG, and it's only $20 on Steam right now. But I heard bad things about PoE1, and Tyranny was a massive shitshow.
No. 44102
596 kB, 1366 × 728
Decided to continue the game I started at the beginning of the month. I think I've won at this point. There is still most of the day to go, but my positions are pretty strong, I've beaten back attacks from seasoned troops in multiple sectors and even when the exhausted troops at routing during attacks, I've got the entire VI Corps in reserve to plug gaps with fresh men.

Coincidentally, this is one of the old Civil War games that I talked about above. They hold up surprisingly well. Well enough to make me not feel the need to buy the new versions despite some significant improvements in usability and realism.
No. 44103 Kontra
Huh, that's weird. I'm a burger, not Japanese.
No. 44104
75 kB, 500 × 525
Well which things did you want to know? Bear in mind though that I haven't actually played it because
> But I heard bad things about PoE1
oh you are not Japanese. What did you forget to turn your VPN off or something? Well anyway I am hoping that those "bad things" came from other sources than just me, because I do know that I have what's been described as "erratic" or I forget what Ireland called it tastes. There's a few widely liked games I didn't like or outright hated and a few ones that got shat on which I loved

I think that the other thing that you should note is I actually greatly appreciated Tyranny, though mainly because of the combat and magic systems. Spellcrafting in that game was fantastic imo, in fact possibly the best out of any game I've ever played.

Is some of the voice acting grating? Was the story itself a bit of a letdown? Could the ending use ME3 tier work? Certainly sure. Did I think that it was a bit of a letdown how completely barren the landscape was, rather than the much more idk colorful or detailed world I thought from steam? Sure. But it wasn't actually a bad game. I liked it. Would I waste my time playing it again? Eh, probably at some point but I'm not rarin to go anytime soon.

So with that being stated, I hated PoE. Maybe not hated, too strong a word, but I've definitely used that game as my whipping post for crpgs and how to totally fuck up with backers, which is also a stunning example of why backers are generally faggots and shit who should be ignored because the result is that game polished their balls more than any I've ever seen and as a result got upvoted to undeserved recognition while said ass licking totally invaded the entire game and utterly broke the immersion, including the infamous godlike spam (godlikes are supposed to be extremely rare and a third of all backer NPCs were godlikes). Supposedly this is one of the things fixed in Deadfire.

But well I'm not going to go on another tirade about that or backers however suffice it to say I liked Tyranny way better than PoE, and they stripped out some of the things I actually liked about the first one. That included killing Durance who was one of the only characters I genuinely liked in the whole game. Come to think of it I can't even remember most of the PoE NPC characters. Of my comrades Durance is the only one I liked, and one of only about two or three who didn't generally irritate the shit out of me, but fortunately they kept one of the other two or three acceptable/likeable ones, Pellagina.

By far the most obnoxious voiced character was Kana Rua, who voiced Barik in Tyranny. OHH strike that they got rid of Kana Rua.

Well in short I don't know dick about Deadfire, but I've similarly heard it was worse than the first and I disliked a good number of things about it.

A better question to ask you is why you hated Tyranny?

If you haven't played the first I can't really tell you to try playing it, because firstly the idea that you should always play the first game in a series is a false one as often as not, and secondly because of said aforementioned backer arse licking which often unduly sways the rating of a game depending on how much the developers focused on their appeasement or how butthurt they are leading to spastic autistically furious thumbing down of a game, so both the positive of PoE1 and negatives of PoE2 are likely exaggerated.

It depends on the kind of game you're looking for and what aspects of it you are into and perhaps more importantly what games you actually liked instead. I probably own/have played/am at least aware of just about all of them and at least tried getting into the greater bulk of them.

If you have any questions concerning which isometric crpgs are for you this sale, please go ahead ranting at length about why you hated some things or which things you adored so much to consider Deadfire to begin with.
No. 44105
10 kB, 336 × 358
I ended up winning but I think that was more on the AI than anything. Looking at the map in the postgame, they had the mass for a general assault on my Left and would have broken it in half with ease. Once that happened, they could have rolled up Cemetery Ridge and sandwiched me between that force and the cavalry building up inside the town.
No. 44111
>A better question to ask you is why you hated Tyranny?
The game was too short, which would be alright if it didn't stop abruptly with a sequel-bait ending. They knew this was a side project for their studio that was never guaranteed a sequel, so how the fuck can they justify that?

I got inordinately triggered when I realized that one of my choices locked me out of the Burning Library. The decision was presented in a way that sounded like "do you want to do X or Y first?" but was actually "pick which of these two areas you want to do during this playthrough". There was no hint given that it was that kind of decision, and moreover, there was no reason WHY I had to make that decision... other than the devs trying to force replayability in their short and rushed video game.

The characters were shit. The only companion that I found interesting as well as likable was the teenage Archon, and the old man to an extent. Most of the others were boring, but I viscerally despised the psychopath girl and how she was handled.
>teehee I just enjoy killing people, it's so fun! I even mutilated a cow when I was a kid for shits and giggles! But I feew sad because my psychopath sisters all got killed while we were trying to kill people! I-it's not like I wan't you to comfort me or anything, baka
Fuck that character, and fuck the idiots who wrote her. I've seen this problem in other games, where writers want to humanize characters with experiences way outside of the human norm, but don't take into account how someone who had those experiences would actually act, or how they should be treated by normal people.
A good example is Serana from Skyrim's vampire DLC. She's part of a millennia-old vampire murder cult which is run by her parents. It's never explicitly stated, but you can be 100% sure that she's taken part in bloody cannibal feasts on kidnapped peasant children, as has her mother. But the whole storyline around her is how her father has been reawwy reawwy mean to her and her mother, and even imprisoned them! How could her own father do that to her? And I'm supposed to care, even though they're all complicit in the same crimes that dwarf their stupid intrafamilial BS.

Big Western studios just don't have good writers anymore. Even people that I know can write really well (like the old Troika guys who did Arcanum and VTMB) put werewolf romance authors in charge of writing their new projects (literally what happened with the Outer Worlds).

...anyway, back to Tyranny. The combat was shit, too. The spell system was kind of interesting, but I didn't find much challenge or interest in combat as a whole. Along with the failed story and characters, and the way that they failed, the game is just a hideous mess. The fact that I could see how the game very easily could have been good makes it all the worse.
No. 44178
Well going back to what's ultimately my main question, what kind of game do you want to get? Parsing through this it seems what you want is good combat with a well written story. In that regard you may not like half of the Tides experience, because T:ToN has literally only two mandatory fights throughout the entire game and while I don't mind it and found it a mild improvement over Planescape, many, many other people panned it as bad. There are only like 11 different fights in the entire game and you really have to go out of your way to get some of them. I found the world building and writing rather enchanting though, albeit with shades of purple. I didn't play Disco Elysium yet although I'm sure you've heard people raving about it.

>The game was too short, which would be alright if it didn't stop abruptly with a sequel-bait ending
Well like I said there was the problem with the ending and what the narrative arc came to which I thought was pretty bad but not so bad it ruined the game for me if I pretend that ass pull didn't happen.
>Fuck that character, and fuck the idiots who wrote her. I've seen this problem in other games, where writers want to humanize characters with experiences way out
>Big Western studios just don't have good writers anymore. Even people that I know can write really well (like the old Troika guys who did Arcanum and VTMB) put werewolf romance authors in charge of writing their new projects
Trust me I share your pain, and if you mean the edgelord woman she's one of the only ones who didn't annoy me. That little girl and the she-beast both did. Barik not so much as a character but god I can't fucking stand that voice actor.

If you've been here long at all you've probably seen me repeatedly bring up FNV. The thing is that's not even so far out of the ordinary, the rape thing. It's not like no one on the team could've known anyone or found anyone to talk to for writing that raped NCR soldier quest. It's adding an extreme experience for "depth" or "emotional gravity" while not only having no fucking clue how to write it, but transparently having no genuine interest in writing it well to begin with and like you said I've seen this shit happen countless times. The family melodrama of Mass Effect 2 stands out as one of the most grating experiences I've had in gaming but at least they seem to have tried to write it well.

Maybe this is the result of having cushy insulated lives I don't know, but it is one of the reasons I've kept gravitating more strongly towards Eastern European games. Like when I play Darkwood it's a pretty amazing experience and there isn't even that much writing in it but it's just good, and then you compare to contemporary Western writing and it's just painful.

I also haven't even tried this one but I've likewise heard good things about Divinity: Original Sin 2 which somehow given your named titles and what you focused on might be worth looking into particularly if your complaint about Tyranny is it being short. D:OS2 is epically long. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is also rather long although it should be noted both games may be a bit more lighthearted, which I normally consider a big drawback but P:K is somehow just refreshing. Idk if you're the ernst who already tried that and got fed up with the unspeakably granular character creation and leveling though.

A surprising one is Shadowrun Hong Kong. It's actually both a bit lengthy and not terribly written for a Hairbrained Schemes game, although those really annoying esjay moments happen occasionally. I can't remember anymore if Richter was in that or a different one which I found their approach to psychopaths wanting but at least they tried to take it in an interest direction. I otherwise found it fun, interesting, mostly well put together, and much, much darker with far better writing and characters than the other two.

If you haven't played it yet the one game I can definitely strongly recommend is Wasteland 2. I havent played the original yet so this is based off the Directors Cut which changed a few things but that game is solidly of the calibre of old Western games. It is basically the Fallout 3 we deserved. Turn based isometric, not super crunchy or hard to learn, has pretty good Fallout 1 style combat, great atmosphere, good writing, I beat it twice and it takes about 40 hours to finish.

Another game that you may be interested in given listing some not isometric rpgs is Secret World Legends. I found it a pretty similar feeling experience to VTMB only in more MMO style, but with no need for playing with people. I did maybe two dungeon raids. They're not necessary. The writing generally didn't wow me but it's not bad either and I found it an overall fun experience. Its main drawbacks are being very linear, not lots of multiple choice dialogue options or any branching stories, and the faction you choose is totally irrelevant to anything except some fluff with my understanding that the Illuminati is most entertaining. It's really more just an adventure game set in an MMO tbh.

If for some strange reason you haven't tried it yet, play Knights of the Old Republic 2. Sorry kinda tired hard to think.
No. 44180
I really just care about story and characters. I should really try out Planescape and ToN.

>but it is one of the reasons I've kept gravitating more strongly towards Eastern European games
For me it's been Japan. For all the problems of their culture, they're the last spark of humane creativity left in the world. Slavs can make some good stuff, but it's always depressing existentialist/nihilist shit. The creative souls of Japan still carry some of that naive hope and love for the world that America forced on them, back when we still had it ourselves.

>Disco Elysium
Really good from the two hours I played of it. But it got too depressingly real for me to enjoy, and from what I've heard it ends up pushing literal communism as the solution to the world's problems (the fact that the devs loved Chapo Trap House enough to give them voiceover cameos is enough corroboration for me). Not that a commie can't tell a good story, but given the depth that the game seemed to be operating at, it'd be damned disappointing if they end up at "tRuE coMmUNisM HaS nEvEr bEeN trIeD".

>Divinity: Original Sin 2
Played through the start too many times with friends. I'm so sick of it that I can't sit through it on my own, and every group run devolves into hilarious shenanigans and shitposting that ends up losing all sight of the goal. Still haven't made it off the fucking starter island. could actually be a fun MP experience with Ernst

Yes, I'm that same Ernst. If the story and characters are good though, I'll put up with the BS and repurchase it while it's still on sale.

>Wasteland 2
Will get, thanks for the recommendation.

Noted, but looking for something less dark at the moment.

>Another game that you may be interested in given listing some not isometric rpgs is Secret World Legends. I found it a pretty similar feeling experience to VTMB only in more MMO style, but with no need for playing with people
I've heard good things about Secret World before, and the way you describe it perfectly matches how Final Fantasy XIV works, actually. I have a feeling that it's the last thing you would ever normally consider playing, but it's provided me with more uplifting enjoyment over the past two years than anything else in life. It's like a morality tale for old humanistic American values (there's even the good ol' fashioned disdain for kings and nobility!) but told with excellent craft and art, especially for an MMO or Square Enix project. If our youth grew up and were nourished on games like it, and on shows like Fist of the North Star or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I don't think our country and culture would be in such a sorry state. And I say all this as someone who was a staunch anti-weeb for most of my life.
No. 44182
>just story and characters
Maybe you should watch movie, or play adventure game?
No. 44185
No. 44188
So, what are you missing in sanitarium, for example?
No. 44193
Disco Elysium isn't a commie game. The game criticises all ideologies fairly evenly and you can mould your character's political proclivities as you see fit. My character ended up being a fascist supercop and didn't suffer at all for it. Definitely agree about it being depressingly real, but that's what makes the game so powerful.

I didn't find Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Hong Kong dark at all. They have some dark moments but overall they're fun cyberpunk-fantasy romps with hilarious dialogue.
No. 44194
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1200
>What you specificly need? Modpacks mostly crap, espessialy now when new quality stuff come out every day and with new OpenMW versions.

I like the convenience of having 100+ mods wrapped up in one package. I mainly just want to pretty up the textures, models, and UI. MGE made Morrowind look pretty gorgeous.
No. 44196
2,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
1000 texture mods from 900 people who did this in different photoshop filters and MGE is kind of past decade. There now vanilla friendly upscaled textures pack, original model fixes and improvments, multiple normal map packs that making everything "better" without be compleatly different. Same time as you now have OpenMW, which in latest builds have everything old MGE had right out of packgae without hacking of original .exe and trying to rape original 2002 outdated game engine to have something. I can build pack for latest OMW build, like I did for ukrainian poster with latest fan patches on content and all this different script stuff OMW supports - night windows light, weapons on character etc.
No. 44197
Gimme your mod list my man.
No. 44198
I'll quicly assemble separate mod folder (OMW supports that) with discrpition of what I installed and small instruction how to install OMW.
No. 44199
450 kB, 1600 × 900
585 kB, 1600 × 900
503 kB, 1600 × 900
661 kB, 1600 × 900
>I didn't find Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Hong Kong dark at all. They have some dark moments but overall they're fun cyberpunk-fantasy romps with hilarious dialogue.

They certainly had their flaws, but all 3 of those games had some of the best character building I've ever seen in a game. Especially Hong Kong, Racter was just the best
No. 44206
I remember I downloaded them on my phone and played them during boring skype meetings.

They removed it from the google play store a couple of years ago, with no explanation, no refunds.
No. 44210
OK, that's good to know. I still question the intellect and character of anyone who likes Chapo Trap House enough to put them in their video game, but I'll finish the game at some point.

m8, how many hours have you put into Morrowind, and you're going off on me for not caring about gameplay?
No. 44218
22 kB, 1000 × 1000
9 kB, 713 × 619
6 kB, 568 × 159
60 kB, 1382 × 613
Okay here you go


Phase 1[\b]
Here is archive with 2 folders. One is super-clear install of Morrowind without anything exept game itself, tribunal and bloodmoon addons. Second is Mod folder. Do not mix them! They separate for a reason.
List of mods I installed in this mod folder:
1.Fan patched version of Morrowind official plugins. Official small mods that came for MW merged in single .esp and fixed.
2.Expansions delayed - Logically inserts addons into original game. Originally, they was inserted as is - everybody know about solstheim, from second you came out assasins can attack you immideatly and bullshit like this. This fixes this issue - only after some levels and logical mainquest progres you will be presented with opportunities to start them when you already be ready.
3.Patch for Purists. Most up-to-date all in one morrowind fan patch on content side (obviously, OMW don't need engine-side patches and fixes like MCP and MGE). It's fixes basicly 9000 small and annoying issues bethesda did while creating their world. Typos, wrong item placements and rotations, wrong numbers in descriptions, some crappy id issues, problems with character spawn etc.
4.Morrowind Optimisation Patch - fixes for 3d models. They was done in crappy way, mostly to fit original CD size and with 3ds max from like 1999, this optimising same models increasing overall perfomance. Not that recent OMW versions really need it, but still
5.Animation compilation and best races animations - original bethesda characters animations is kind of crappy, this is the best animation replacer yet from what I know. Edit skeletons and animations in MW still pain in da ass.
6.Vanilla style body replacer - don't trying to insert some "sexxy cool new bodies hentai" - original bodies, with Mer (elves) have slightly different atonomy, just trying maximum improve original bodies with more modern smooth models with better textures and it's usage.
7.Weapon Sheathing. Now weapons appear on your character and NPCs backs and belts instead of vanquish into nowhere like in original game.
8.Better font - same font, but more high resolution.
9.A lot of misc cut stuff: Restored unused voice files, for vivek and Yagrum Barum, Restored some things like cut loading screens, cut lapm models on some strider ports, sound effect for "sound" spell, things like that - misc stuff bethesda accidentaly "lost" while assembled game.
10.Animated containers and graphics herbalism. Bascets and boxes have sounds and open animations, you pick plants actually by picking them and they dissapear after like in more modern games.
11.Intelligent textures - best upscale texture pack for everything in game, to that I added smaller bits that better - facelift - more detail to original faces, fix of wierd bethesda issues with faces like wrong polygons, wrong UVs etc make them look much better and some lysol's normall mapped texture packs that really cool - for velothi cantons, for hlaalu building set, for imperial forts and towns. They all in original style but high res and artistic-way bumpmapped, you'll see what I mean.
12.Glow in the Dhark is night time window glow, also light effects inside interior during day.

Okay now to OpenMW installation. It's easy. From here grab latest nightly build - last builds of 0.47 version https://forum.openmw.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1808 - to download links in first post, for regular and x64 windows (I assume of cource, you have X64 like everybody now who has more than 4gb+ of RAM). Install it and then run not from OpenMW.exe but from OpenMW-launcher.exe in same folder. It'll advice you start instalation wizzard - do it. You'll need to point where your morrowind instalation (data fildes folder inside it) manualy if it's not detect it in list. Then it's port values from ini, nothing major since it's just default installation. Now you in launcher which works in a way regular launcher of bethesda games. First go to ADVANCED tab and make all like I here. You may read descreptions of some of opotional fixes, but I recommend like that. Some of them requred by mods obviously - weapon sheating and shields on characters need their options activated (you don't need mod for shields it'll run as is since it don't need additional models). Next go to Graphics tab. Here is your regular resolution, anti-aliasing etc. Also separate tab for dynamic shadows.

Now in plugins tab you can see that there no mod folder. So now close launcher, go to OpenMW.cfg. File located in documents-my games-OpenMW. Open it by text editor and like here, under first data, add second like where is your Morrowind Mods folder located (pic 3). In other file here, ssetings.cfg add this for shaders stuff to work, also you may add camera options and play with FOV and view distance. If you have distant land enabled here in this file, you may also play seting high view distant options. FOV ssetings also avalible from in-game option screens. Now run launcher again, check all plugins and make shure all of them below tribunal and bloodmoon (you can drag them by mouse). In game check all graphics and controls options you want. Play with water shaders, draw distance, AI distance as you want. If you want MORE MODS - ask me, but here I tried to build everything to improve game, not add new content out of nowhere and something that damage original aesthetic.
No. 44220 Kontra
Oops well "followers attack on sight" better turn off
No. 44228
26 kB, 405 × 348
Noiiiiiice. Downloading now.
No. 44230
i just finished it, the ending was so weird, the last "boss" "battle" was just afking in a spot and by at the end i had like 10 emp grenades and a bunch of stuff left because i thought the game would last longer cuz the first deus ex i spent 24 hours to finish, but i still liked it i guess
No. 44232
1,2 MB, 1600 × 900
875 kB, 1600 × 900
1,1 MB, 1600 × 900
I really liked it tbh, and the director's cut lets you deal with the boss battles without killing them if that's your thing.

I know Mankind Divided got shit reviews and probably rightly so for trying to sell consumables in a single player game, but it was also one of the best looking games I ever played.
No. 44233
It's amazing how badly Square Enix fucked up the release and sabotaged any chance there was for a third game to conclude the prequel trilogy.

I avoided it on principle because of the conusmables fiasco, plus there was tonnes of brouhaha over the game being too short and feeling unfinished. I played it a few years after its release and enjoyed the fuck out of the 50 or so hours I spent playing it.
No. 44236
This is a real shame how much this happens where seemingly Western companies in particular try to squeeze that last shilling out of a rock and in so doing result in the end product itself not being judged on its own merits and getting trashed. Like Mass Effect 3 was not actually garbage. Sure the ending was dumb but part of what made that ending so fucking dumb is the fact that it specifically was written to keep a sequel in mind. I cringed when you see Shepherd's hand in the rubble and hear him gasp at the end. It was put there for no other reason than to leave it open for making EA more money. Yeah, I'm not even going to focus on the bullshit microtransactions or how it clearly did not have a great ending, but frankly I had a lot of fun with it and it felt like the inverse of ME1 where I thought it was a pretty mediocre and at times downright boring game overall but had a fantastic ending. A work of art should be judged on its own merits. Luckily I often buy games years after release so I feel like I can usually look past all the hype and bitching if I'm even aware of it at all and in ME3's case as well as Dead Space 2 and many other games I never even started playing it when unlocks would be noticeable.

Really there's no reason to get a game at release unless you want to support the company or just want the multiplayer.
No. 44237
>ME1 where I thought it was a pretty mediocre and at times downright boring game overall but had a fantastic ending
Wot? Mass Effect got worse as it went along tbh. It being rogue agents, council politics, and corporations with the backdrop of ancient mysteries littered across the details of the galaxy map was way cooler than 'le ebul robots who are 2smart to understand'. The payoff was really not worth the buildup. The only interesting time that they used a reaper was the dead one in ME2 where it was a relic whose corpse was enough to inspire awe and fuck with the researchers. It was atmospheric instead of cheapening the concept.

Tbh, the series would have been a hundred times better if it was episodic. Lair of the Shadow Broker made into a full-length game with all sorts of twists and turns would have been better than ME2 as it existed. Tbh, ME3 was underwhelming. The first third maybe was crazy, and is one of my go-to examples of elevating a scene through good sound design, but in the episodic format, some sort of plotline involving the Harbingers would have been cool. It'd tie back to the first game and explain some things, while also being fresh instead of 'da reepars' for the third time in a row.

Haven't played Andromeda so can't talk for execution but putting a reset on the setting so that they don't have all the baggage that they saddled themselves with was a pretty smart idea.
No. 44247
260 kB, 1280 × 720
>m8, how many hours have you put into Morrowind, and you're going off on me for not caring about gameplay?
Wut? Morrowind have gameplay and I care about it. I asking you, why you search for RPGs when you obviously need an adventure game?
No. 44248
I really did not care two shits about the harbingers and cringed fucking hard at their inclusion of giant wasps in ME2 along with a human skeleton boss fight. Mass Effect two was one of the worst games I have ever played in my entire life.

ME3 had some really stupid annoying shit like the sims house party or whatever the fuck that was, and the end reveal was stupid plus I question the wisdom of putting the makers of the Reapers in there but whatever it at least was entertaining and got that epic feel right. It really felt to me like what everything was building up towards which in my case was the ruthless pursuit of destroying the reapers and protecting the galaxy. I didnt give a shit about the Geth not just because they're robots but so far as I'm concerned theyve already proven they can be attacked and I don't want to suddenly get attacked from behind while I'm advancing. I knew I should've killed the Raknos or whatever they're called but ultimately felt like keeping them alive might serve the same higher purpose in spite of thinking maybe I should reload and kill the queen. It was very unlike my character to let it live.

I'm sorry but the payoff was just great to me right until near the very end. They returned a lot of combat and gameplay mechanics that the awful bottom barrel shooter ME2 stripped out and vaguely made into an RPG again somewhat.

Like I indicated earlier people have a problem with being objective about a game based on the ending. The ending of ME1 was enough for you to forget how much that game dragged on and on. It was subpar most of the way through but salvaged by a really great ending whereas everyone likes to hate ME3 just because they didn't like the ending. It was the nonstop galaxywide battle that I had been waiting for and trying to strategize how best to unite the galaxy into working together for their defeat without hesitation or pity. There was some DLC I must not have played but I didn't care because whatever the canon was is close enough to what I would have chosen, which is strategically sacrificing the Batarians if they cannot be made to work together.

I dunno m8 I just thought what it was going for it did mostly well. The galaxy is under attack and the Reapers are finally here. Not whatever that contrived nonsense was about the space terrorist Illuminati trying to raid a bunch of stereotypical bug aliens. I'm not sure what to tell you. It was not a bad game at all, it was fun, it had fulfilled a great setup with the sole exception being that stupid shit at the end with three "choices" and the "reveal" of the reapers in real nonsensical ways.
No. 44253
House parties and making Shepherd get wasted until he pukes was the best part of all three games.
No. 44255
Where are my 7.62 Hard Life niggas at?
this game is a pile of shit, badly translated, buggy as hell, but it's so fun. I really liked the RTS system they put togheter.

AI is a bit dumb but it is triggered by sound so moving around and adopting guerilla tactics is a good strategy and very rewarding.

I'm now smuggling alcohol to the guerilla and doing missions here and there to be able to afford some new mercs.

I really want a sapper guy to help me explore all the bomb crafting this game has to offer
No. 44256
Honestly that bit really annoyed me. On one hand I found the friendship simulator really sad and fake, but then again I'm also a person who both appreciates the genuine and wasn't hanging out with any friends irl at the time. So yeah it was probably as much personal reflection with an added dash of dislike for the brodude and playing games like that specifically because I didnt want to deal with anybody irl.

What part I actually found really good in particular was how you're eating dinner and then out of nowhere it becomes a chase scene with assassins after you when you weren't expecting it at all.
No. 44269
If ME2 is one of the worst you've played then you're doing alright tbh. It was shallow but I wouldn't put it anywhere near the worst I've ever played. Again, the thing I least liked about ME1 was the final stretch, while I thought that Noveria was rad as hell.

Also, consider the following, if ME1 was such a major victory, then why did it then take them a decade or two at most to travel from outside the galaxy? The whole setup of ME3 cheapens whatever buildup they had. Harbingers at least had the whole fallen from greatness because of (actually well earned) hubris thing going on.

Hell, reapers would be better if they were instead doing cyclical grudge matches against the galaxy to try and smoke out what's left of their creators, challenge their pride over their slave races being killed in their domain. It's a lot better than 'we protect organics by genociding them'.

Philosophically I agree. Embedding the PC in the fiction is good stuff. Taking a breather from the game to do something silly like the party was a fun diversion that in theory makes the setup more believable, since you are shown to have a life with your frens outside of shootan ayylmaos.

Execution could be better but such cases.
No. 44273
I'm with you, and I think we like ME1 for different reasons than the other American. My favorite part was exploring the galaxy - I even loved the rover sections that everyone else apparently hated. The shifts in scope from ship to rover to getting out of the rover to entering an underground research lab really added to the sense of being a daring little speck lost in the vastness of the cosmos, despite the actual maps being fucking tiny.

The ending of ME1 was alright, but it didn't especially stand out to me. Other games have done heroic finales better, but none have managed to capture the same feeling that I got exploring the galaxy in ME1.

Morrowind's gameplay is "hit button to roll a dice". Nobody plays it for the gripping combat mechanics, and I doubt that you would ever have spent more than 5 minutes with it if the game had to stand on its gameplay alone.

"I really just care about the story and characters" is embedded in the context of a conversation in which I criticize combat mechanics for not being fun enough. Somehow you derive from that the idea that I only want to play adventure games.

In fact, I don't generally enjoy adventure games. I play games for the holistic experience of being lost in another world, and although a well-written story and cast of characters are the most essential parts of the formula for me, some kind of gameplay is essential to immersion unless the context of the game is one where the protagonist really would work through problems like in an adventure game (e.g. Disco Elysium).

Morrowind's combat is shit, but the game would be less without it, because exploring dungeons and Dwemer ruins would be an incomplete experience without some form of combat. And so even if the combat is DnD dicerolls behind the scene that run whenever your weapon or spell makes contact, it enhances the game.
No. 44274
368 kB, 721 × 515
Tbh, there's a real problem in D&D and D&D clones (in paper too, it annoys me at my irl table) based on a misunderstanding of what an attack action actually represents. An attack does not really mean any particular attack, merely the intent to attack. I believe 2e moved to 6 second rounds from the 1 minute rounds of 1e but the design is the same. The action represents the result of the actions that take place in that span of time. It's where my personal dislike for Morrowind's combat comes from. It's not abstracting anything significant like several actions leading to a result (good or bad), and nor is it intuitively giving outputs consistent with the player inputs (put a spear through someone's face and they don't even blink because RNG). You get the worst of both worlds where you actually have to maneuver and work for your hits, but then the game arbitrarily decides that it's going to swap over to abstraction when it comes to determining whether you actually hit. It feels cheap sometimes.
No. 44275
Well this is quite retarded post.
At first "Gameplay" is not only action smashing buttons. "Roll a dice" is dumb description of actual RPG system where you and your enemies have stats that you as player should manage to be able to win fights. Morrowind from action have free real time movment in 3d world but it's really don't need anymore, since it's ARPG not action adventure. "Not fun" is also quite dump description. From what time your personal feelings become some sort of technical characteristic of the game?
Morrowind is not interactive book. It's openworld game with shitton of mechanics. It have hell lot of character stats and abilities to play with for player - magic system, alchemy, speechcraft system, etc. etc. etc. It also have huge adventure elemnts of navigation in this world and often think to resolve problems. And all of this - gameplay and I playing it for it. Same as all other games where no "fun action cool combo combat system".

You said that you care only about story and characters. And never answered properly why you searching for "RPGs" specificly. And majority of games you metioning is actualy adventures, action adventures or adventures with crpg elements or in the end, crpgs with ultra heavy rpg elements. On question why you not consider playing sanitarium instead or something like Veil of Darkness idk you answered that morrowind has no gameplay.
No. 44277
Problem is that because morrowind in famous series and still interested new people, it's only classic action RPG they played. Thdy expecting it behave like witcher or skyrim or some other "action adventure with some stats" while it's just one of the last big CARPGs.
No. 44280
156 kB, 1600 × 900
68 kB, 1600 × 900
130 kB, 1600 × 900
73 kB, 1600 × 900
>I played it a few years after its release and enjoyed the fuck out of the 50 or so hours I spent playing it.
Yeah I mean I got it for like 4 euro on sale because the price of it just plummeted rapidly after release and I loved it, but I think I also gave it a negative review because of the greedy shit they tried to pull

Sometimes I think I'm the only person who enjoyed all three Mass Effect games, probably because I pirated them all with all the DLC years after ME3 was released, so when I played it, it had all the endings fixed 'n shit. I thought the leviathan DLC was great too.

The only truly shit parts of the games were anything to do with Kasumi the weeb-fap-bait-ninja and Jacob with the massive lips who I always sent into the pipes at the end of Me2 to die, because his mere existence offended me
No. 44281
187 kB, 525 × 349
Sure, but my issue is that the mechanics feel disjointed. It wants to utilise real time spatial interaction which it gets from its then modern engine, while also heavily abstracting said interaction and the result is playable but to me at least, the weirdness of it detracts from its enjoyability. I reckon fucking around with stamina mechanics would have been a more interesting way of handling it. Higher skill means you tire yourself out less with those weapons, and the more tired you are, the more important skill gets to not get bodied, so while player skill is more highly rewarded, a character with poor abilities will still have limitations even with skilled play, while a skilled character can keep up with a skilled player, which incentivises the gameplay loop in a similar way.

Then again, I sit firmly in the 'player character as a game piece' school of RPG design, so ymmv.
No. 44282
I get some people have issues that "it's 3d and you move like real time but it's not behave like real life but using layer of abstraction where it's don't need it and it's wierd" but I have no issues with it. Same as most people who played in 2002 and was familiar with other action crpgs from this decades.
I say that I love games like that and that they actually have different gameplay and mechanics approach. I love action adventure but they can't replace old action RPGs for me. Only bad thing I can say about MW combat is that it have less combat skills than daggerfall, like no backstabbing and stuff like that and also controls of type of attack kind of meh and seriously there no reason to use any attack exept most effective one since there no real speed and range difference of them. I also like daggerfall aproach to stamina where it recarges only while rest and wait and you can get uncontious with low stamina. But this all minor details of RPG system, not actual concept of combat itself.
Official DnD and DnD-like real time games from era also used same stuff where double attacks was just 2 dice rolls.
No. 44283 Kontra
Also, I understand its origins perfectly well, but the way that the mechanics are implemented are fairly suspect, and always have been with those kinds of implementation. They want you to do all the work of getting into position to attack, and then say you only have a chance of it mattering, and on the flip side, poor play is rewarded with there being only a chance of being actually punished. If devs want dice roll combat, then they should implement it in a way that is mechanically coherent. In fact, the existing system could have been largely fixed by simply having the enemy get an automatic block if you aimed true but rolled bad. It raises fewer eyebrows when a shield or whatever comes up and you get an impact sound but no hit than it does when the sword obviously cuts through someone and you get a whoosh sound but nothing else. The mathematical side of the mechanic remains identical, but it makes more sense and feels less arbitrary. Morrowind is a fine game, but it is nowhere near to being above reproach.