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No. 4386
17 kB, 400 × 400
1,9 MB, 1063 × 797
47 kB, 440 × 440
I lately got caught up in a circlejerk of right wingers.

They went on raving about how our beautiful culture is replaced by immigrants.

One got all riled up that everything is full of kebab vendors nowadays and how he would never decide to eat a kebab.

"No", he said, "I would rather have nice traditional cevapcici".

It completely escaped him that these two were literally the exact same thing and concept.
No. 4387
The guy's a bit of an idiot perhaps, but kebab shops are a microcosm of the larger problem. When entire highstreets are comprised of halal butchers, kebab shops, Polski skleps, Caribbean grocers and so on, the natives can hardly be blamed for criticizing immigration.
No. 4391
It's not the same thing but. Maybe if you have minced meat döner.

Either way both are not traditional austrian dish, are they? I think you both must be kind of stupid.
Tho german Imbiss food can be quite good, most of them have closed down, yet some that are really good still exists in my town and have a well running business because people don't want to eat döner, dürum, pizza, gyros or lamacun all the time.
No. 4392
Why not open up a "cevapcici shop" and charge double the price? You could even set up a patreon so people from around the world can give you free money.

Well what else are you expecting to find on the high-street? It can't all be hairdressers and Tesco Express.
No. 4393
Cevapcici ist considered traditional austrians dish because of Danube monarchy.
No. 4397
Look at many streets of inner London and you'll see more Hijab shops, Halal grocers and other such immigrant businesses than anything else. What it represents is a swing in demographics which puts natives in the minority- in the capital of their own country! This could be said of most large Western cities.
No. 4398
Is that dry cabbage? Looks breddy tasty either way tbh. There's a stall in the city once or twice a week that sells German sausage on a bun with sauerkraut and mustard. Breddy tasty too.

Langos absolutely slay the rest of the stalls though. Hungarians know how to eat all right.
No. 4399 Kontra
>I lately got caught up in a circlejerk of right wingers.

Is someone cares about that shit besides pol?
No. 4402
It looks like my dinner.
No. 4404
>muh k.u.k heritage

you really wonder how those people think culture is some kind of container but in the same moment they root in some trans-cultural heritage
No. 4415
92 kB, 500 × 566
I literally do not know that last feel, because I know the former feel. What it mostly looks to me is like you guys just got Americanized. Many of our cities have entire districts full of ethnics, most famously Chinatown and Little Italy in NYC but a lot of the major urban centers are like this as well as any area that caters to large numbers of students.

See the thing is I actually originally found KC to begin with about a decade ago because I enjoyed the international banter and multiculturalism of the internet. I had no interest whatsoever in a circlejerk of a bunch of retarded assholes from Germany and Finland who frankly still acted like dumb American bydlo and still often posted dumb American bs news sites and forums. But then again KC back then was also actually a novelty because it was also the only right leaning chan. Which has only proven to me right wingers are indeed way dumber and way more annoying and way less interesting posters and usually the exact same type of person who if born a female would be a fat annoying tumblrina ranting about how guys only fuck STD riddled whores and how she deserves a 10/10 (which is literally what the wizchan tiers did as if they're all entitled to models).

Honestly Anglo countries in general are the reason for this because of being the worst of both worlds, still having utterly shit food without having a true culture of their own but rather some bizarre microcosm of imperialist culture mixing even on their own island which dates back to Roman times followed by numerous conquests. It's why black hair and brown eyes, red hair and green eyes, or blue eyes and blond hair can all be found within the same island with Welsh and Gaelic eventually being pushed out by Anglo-Saxon language (in a sense the British don't even speak their own damn native language).

At the very least people like Austria >>4395 have their own culinary and genetic uniqueness who we have added to our own

>you'll see more Hijab shops, Halal grocers
M8 that's your problem not ours. The biggest problem Europeans have is some stupid idea that other cultures do not need to assimilate to your own. You're the ones who are allowing this sort of behavior with hordes of people blocking traffic. That kind of shit would not be tolerated here and they'd all be hosed down. The problem is a generally weaker mentality imo.
No. 4426
Looks great. Just like I'd eat.
I think it's genius idea make fastfood from usual dishes of old peasant's meals.
No. 4428
Curry is considered traditional English dish because of the British Empire.
No. 4431
191 kB, 1500 × 842
Cevape are made from minced meat, they are more similar to your Fleischpflanzerl than to Kebab (without breadcrumbs, though).
No. 4461
you often get minced meat kebap these days, or a mix from normal meat and minced on the skewer
No. 4471
>It completely escaped him that these two were literally the exact same thing and concept.
Yes, right-wingers are so stupid. If they weren't stupid, they wouldn't be right wingers. If stupid people weren't allowed to vote, all those new European nazi-parties would dissappear instantly.
No. 4481
There are no nazi parties in Europe. Not even this dumpster-fire has a nazi party. At least on that matters. Your media might call Fidesz or Jobbik right-wing but Fidesz is essentially just gibs4votes and Jobbik has been totally de-fanged in the last 6 or so years.
No. 4483 Kontra
Did you get that one from some witty mainstream-antifascist facebook page? Or do you like to watch heute-show frequently?
I see that you need to fight for your side but ernstchan is not the right battleground for those kind of generalizations and there is something quite repulsive about this kind of constant shit-flinging.
No. 4488
Your dumpster fire of a banana republic is arguably ruled by an antisemite acting as a king.

But that really is not the worst part. The worst part is your mentality.
  • You can't keep to rules or standards for the love of god. Hungarians think a job during which you broke as many rules as possible.
  • When asked to do something in a specific way, you'll do it the opposite way, just out of spite.
  • You ask trick-questions and twist the words of answers, then apply some creative interpretation, just to later pretend you thought you were authorized to do some complete and utter bullshit.
  • You will never own up to the bullshit you did and just deny and avoid.
  • instead of working in a team, you work against your colleagues, just to make things a little harder for everyone else.
  • When there's a limited number of recourses available, instead of sharing them efficiently like sane people would, you fucking hog them. The common good be damned, at least you have the resource availale at all times.

All in all, you act like spoilt little children. When I behaved that way as a child, my father beat me. I imagine Hungarian parents reward this behaviour with special treats, there's no other explanation.

I know your wages are only half of German wages, but your general assholery easily makes up for that. You know the movie empire of dust, where the chink tries to get some African niggers to built a road? Yeah, that's how I feel when I have to deal with the Hungarian staff.
No. 4490
Why antisemite? Orban could be an corrupt authoritarian crook using Soros as a scapegoat for 89iq voters, but I don't remember any antisemitic rhetoric. Hungary even greatly improved its relations with Israel, the other right-wing ethnic nationalist country. Now, the more I think about it, the more it reminds me of Trump's identical policy of improving relations with Israel and Russia at the expense of Western Europe, which is somewhat irrational considering that Western European countries have a much greater economic weight.
No. 4491 Kontra
48 kB, 403 × 403
You keep using that word, but King Gypsy isn't anti-Semitic at all. He just sponsored a new synagogue in Serbia and visited Israel.
The king part, I get, but he is more like a typical benevolent dictator. He built a public image for himself where he is comparable to János Kádár and his goulash communism, where "everything was for the people." He promises cheaper bills (Decreasing gas prices by X% while the actual price of gas goes down by X times 2%) and he also gives out around 30 Euros to old people on "foodstaps" I think every year. Buying votes essentially.

The other things can be explained by 40 years of communism and bydlo breeding. 40 years of cunnery and assholery where you only got ahead through fucking others over and kissing ass. Kissing upwards, punching downwards.
You think that cultivates a healthy Nationalgeist? No it fucking doesn't. This nation fails to learn from its past mistakes and is on an evolutionary dead end, particularly because how lenient the dictatorship was after 56, giving free bread and circus just so people would forget.
This country is dead. It has no political future. No demographic future. We still have ex-communist sitting in the National assembly instead of jail.

But still, I don't appreciate how you are playing the "Allmighty Hans" who is doing everything for us, balkanite serfs, somehow bellow animals.
Yes, the +40 proles are like that. They drink on the job too.
But we do have an educated, almost western layer of society who is honest and upstanding. One day we'll recover from the spiritual and instinctual damages of socialism. Not everyone is Bydlo here, even if we've been tainted by this spiritual disease.
At least tell me, which industry?
No. 4492
Ah, the Soros thing. That isn't really about Soros's "Jewishness", but rather about smashing the NGOs he and the Norwegians and the Finns sponsor.
Soros himself is just a convenient "mascot" for the whole thing.
Perfect for the lower class voter to hate on. Sorry for the cliché literary reference, but he is our Emanuel Goldstein, with the so called "Soros Plan" being Goldstein's book.
Not even the Israeli government had a problem with it, and the local Jews were assured it's not meant to harm them. Pure coincidence.
The anti-Semitic elements are all in the new Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland or Unser Heimat) movement or independently in groups like Betyársereg and other minor farther than far right movements that aren't really in the public eye.
No. 4493
185 kB, 420 × 363
Also, Germanbernd, your words cut into my soul like blades, since they are valid criticisms in the end.
I actually feel sad now.
No. 4494
>ruled by an antisemite acting as a king

No. 4496
Israel is willing to collaborate with groups harboring antisemitic tendencies abroad, especially when it is pragmatic to do so, because in effect this encourages emigration to Israel, bolstering Jewish demographics domestically.
No. 4499
That doesn’t change the fact that Fidesz has no anti-Semitic core values, nor does it pursues an anti-Semitic domestic or foreign policy.
The Hungarian government supports Israel and defends local Jews.
No. 4512
So besides calling them "stupid" and I suppose "ignorant, close minded" etc can one of you guys blame right winged ideas? You love the fact that UK is muslim? That we're weak and "tolerate" other cultures because we can't fight back? That we're more and more soulless and materialistic? etc. Because I'd love to see one single serious argument about that. And no, "drumpf" doesn't count
No. 4519
>that UK is muslim

Only 5% of the UK is Muslim and even that's pretty high for Europe.
No. 4524
If Europe was actually muslim we wouldn't have to face the degeneracy we see here every day. No LGBTQI marches, no massive rate of divorces and broken families all across the country, no women working in fields of public relevance etc. Leftists and classic liberals as to be seen in the AfD or other european right wing parties will obviously defend this pile of shit as the pinnacle of western civilization and see the danger in Islam when our own way of living is the true reason of suffering. This is were european right wingers are hilariously wrong, they will play the defender of europe against le ottomam herds but still let themselves be governed by women and cry because Islam is a reactionary ideology. I can't quite understand why european leftists think of those weak-minded liberalists like AfD as some kind of nazis. I guess they're as good in lying as their counterparts are, one side screeches about the rise of fascism while the other whines about the red menace being on the rise again together with islamic radicalism.
No. 4525
European countries aren't weak, your whole post is retarded and this phrase
>other cultures because we can't fight back
even made me laugh.
People can resist and begin genocide of their neighbors at any moment if they want to do it, but they choosed not to. This is probably news for you, but people voluntarily decided that dying because of your hate to tribe X isn't a very smart choise, and it's much more profitable to just trade with the tribe.
The people tolerate other cultures because its A) profitable B) centuries of pointless wars proved to many people that you will not solve the problem just with brute force. The fact that you are living right now and speak Italian is the result of the tolerance of the people who won over your ancestors, shItalians could have been wiped out and Italy repopulated with French, Greeks or Germans if those people wanted to do it. It's in the interests of the weak to be tolerated, and if you are indeed living with the weak people, then why you are propagating intolerance and the enslavement of your kind?
One of the most soulful and unmaterialistic persons currently living in the world, the head of the church loved by /pol/tards, the man who is known as the Pope, tells you to tolerate others. Why don't you listen to him? When did imageboard dwellers, the people laughing at the weak and jerking off to gore, men with dicks and cartoons, acquired more soul than ordinary people? Is hating other cultures the only requirement in your list to not be "soulless"?
No. 4526
>If Europe was actually muslim we wouldn't have to face the degeneracy
Cause europe would be degenerate already.
>No LGBTQI marches, no massive rate of divorces and broken families all across the country, no women working in fields of public relevance etc
You don't know what you wish for. Germany has lgbt and massive rate of divorces because it was successful before. And because you lost the war.
You would have been polish or russian colony if Germany was a Muslim country.
No. 4527
I can't even think of where to begin replying these. The contradictions and the mess you guys must have in your head must be painful to say the least. You see things distorted, I'll just say this. Was honestly looking for serious discussion but I guess I'm "weak"...says the ucranian! Lemme just say that you can't blame the right for the degeneracy and everything that is so fucking obviously to the left, that's a classic left thing to do, lie when reality isn't convenient. The hordes invading and the degeneracy are the right's fault now, oh lol.
As for the Ucrainan post as a whole, I've only met people from that country who where severely mentally deranged, fuck the more I read it the more I remember the absolutely convoluted thinking.
No. 4528
>So besides calling them "stupid" and I suppose "ignorant, close minded" etc can one of you guys blame right winged ideas?
Are you braindamaged, friendo? These are your words.
No. 4530 Kontra
Politics should be banned from this board.
So sorry you had to see this.
No. 4531
You just throw some buzzwords around against an argument, stop being fishy and vague. It's EC

And because its EC, this should be a general rule

I lately notice how political threads are on the rise. Must have been that american ball with his news threads
No. 4535
Obviously the solution is Catholicism where sex is forbidden except when married, so everyone pretty much gets married, and then contraception is also forbidden so every woman has eight kids and is gone from the workforce, and those who manage to stay inside are mentally capable enough to remain celibate.

It really needs extremist Catholic fundamentalism for a proper running state, but Bernd will whine about that too because "muh freedom" to watch Japanese porn or whatever, that's apparently more important hand a functional society.
No. 4546
lol that sounds just like me at a job I hate/people I hate. Since I cannot actively destroy them for whatever reason passive aggressive sabotage is fine too.
No. 4548 Kontra
98 kB, 612 × 491
>You know the movie empire of dust, where the chink tries to get some African niggers to built a road? Yeah, that's how I feel when I have to deal with the Hungarian staff.

But it was Lao Yang who was at fault for refusing to adapt to Congolese ways of doing things and generally acting like a stereotypical Chinese businessman. Eddy not only got shit done but also fixed his bosses problems while serving as his effective carer and wrangler.
No. 4551
Kebab is one of the few good things Turks brought to Western Europe.
No. 4556
>Congolese way of doing things
>Congolese way
>of doing things
Pissing away your wage on booze, ruining the equipment without getting anything done, ever, is not a way of doing things.
No. 4557
I think he meant something along the lines of how the Chinese leader failed to adapt to the challenges the Congolese environment posed him. He wanted to act like an overlord. you could argue that he sort of was, but despite coming from a "superior" culture and having better education and prospect, he couldn't get the job done because he'd stubbornly refuse to adapt or even just yield a bit from his Chinese methods that clearly don't work there.
If you have a bunch of monkey (No racism intended), then you'll have to give them monkey orders in a monkey language, because the cultural barrier will prevent you otherwise.
No. 4564
56 kB, 620 × 800
He also wasn't very good at his own country's wisdoms either. This is probably because China secretly (or not so secretly) dreams itself emulating, becoming, and surpassing elements of the West which also owned them hard in the colonial era as well. Except that clearly Africa didn't benefit all that much from European colonialism despite what this guy is trying to say.

The other major problem is empires tend not just to drain resources but also brains and talent. It does not help if in addition to the foreign power providing all the specialists they also keep taking away from your country all the people who could be trained to become specialists as well.

Of course, it also doesn't help when your trained specialists return to act like this guy

Honestly I foresee both the Chinese and Christian influenced parts of Africa developing into great modern societies by the end of the 21st century. Chinese ones, maybe not so much, depending on how much the PRC just loots the shit out of them, and I think they may find out the hard way that no matter how bad Europe was, rule under Chinese is probably going to be even worse.

The Islamic ruled parts I have no hopes for them modernizing at all whatsoever. The only person in North Africa/Islamized Africa who had any hope of doing this was murdered by the French and their terrorists.
No. 4565
>This is probably because China secretly (or not so secretly) dreams itself emulating, becoming, and surpassing elements of the West
Because at heart the Chinese civilization is about constant learning and then maximizing the effects of that learning. And in this quest for maximalization they are ruthless. They don't lack compassion completely, it's just that they can get pretty obsessed with stuff, but that goes for Japan too.
No. 4580
I'm talking about the way business links are maintained. In China businesses tends to be cutthroat* but in Africa the focus is instead on maintaining trust and long-term relationships in the absence of law-bound written contracts. Think of it in the same fashion as how important honour was to people in old American westerns.

You see it throughout the film when, for example, he deals with farmers supplying food with constant accusations of them selling him sick animals (the documentary is a comedy remember). The ending saga especially makes this clear when Yang must get supply chain information from his gravel contact which he is reluctant to provide for fear that Yang is trying to fuck him. Only Eddy is able to save the day by giving his word that they aren't out to cut him from his business.

The ending scene then has Yang, after securing a big contract for stone, deciding to measure the shipment on site being convinced the guy is cheating him. Even after they mend his lorry. Nevermind Africa, if you did that nonsense in Britain the guy would tell you to fuck off and I've seen that happen with builders when investors decide to get involved.

*They are after all regarded as the "Jews of Asia" especially in areas with a large expat community like Malaysia.

It was kc-tier and it was on the ec.

Yang was a low-level manager in way over his head and unwilling to learn. That isn't some grand civilization battle, the core plot of the story is something older than history.
No. 4587
69 kB, 1325 × 388
99 kB, 1282 × 502
91 kB, 1271 × 466
98 kB, 1281 × 546
I was actually just thinking this last night after watching crime videos, that thing often isn't so much why would somehow think to accuse you of a thing, but rather why it even occurs to the accuser that is a thing to do to begin with. I particularly see this with for example a certain cancerous board's shitposters who are well known for loosely flinging accusations around when a lot of the time they themselves are guilty of that very thing.

So just the fact that this guy is so paranoid they are trying to cheat him already indicates at the very minimum he comes from a culture where corner cutting, lies, and cheating are rampant and normal, if not that he himself would think to do such a thing. And it is in particularly poor judgment as well as poor taste because it makes people start to think in the back of their mind "no of course I am not trying to cheat you...wait why, are you thinking of cheating me?" I'm trying to remember the exact phrase but something along the lines that one of the first things a con artist does is making some talk about being afraid people are trying to con him. You treat people how you expect to be treated and largely model others on an internal model of yourself and your own motivations. This creates that "I'd have done the same to you/you'd have done the same to me" mentality which fundamentally undercuts a certain sense of trust outside of extremely high risk high margin activity like the black market, which is also more likely to involve people who will straight up kill you even over something comparatively petty so you plan accordingly. Meanwhile bringing a gun to a contract negotiation in Western business would be absurd, and much more likely to look like you're trying to threaten them rather than you feeling threatened.

All of which just further paints the Chinese as absolutely unscrupulous cheats and swindlers regardless of this guy's intentions. So yeah I wouldn't feel like doing jack shit for someone like that and not just from feeling insulted.

It also reminds me of my favorite screencap story I saw posted to KC awhile ago. And literally anybody who's dealt with the Chinese in any way ever can confirm this. It got to the point where I would deliberately go out of my way to make absolutely certain nothing I was buying on eBay was ever getting shipped from China and preferably never made by Chinese either. Not out of nationalism but because I would rather deal with literal African bushman than actually having to put up with dealing with the Chinese. One of the more hilariously fucked things I got was a "flashlight" that was in fact a multicolor blinking LED Christmas light thing.
No. 4602
>And literally anybody who's dealt with the Chinese in any way ever can confirm this.

I don't entirely agree with it. There's a specific way of dealing with Chinese manufacturers, it involves repeatedly asking the same questions over and over again. They'll often try to hide an answer in Chinglish, and they'll know what they're doing. Generally they wont specifically lie, but they'll try to imply things that aren't true.
t. deals with chinks and problems usually aren't
No. 5375
It's different because of who made it.