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No. 44 Systemkontra
599 kB, 1613 × 1080
364 kB, 1365 × 2048
Let's carry on with our traditionally films and TV series related discussions.

One series that is rarely mentioned in these kind of threads but I enjoy to watch most of the time is Animal Kingdom. It's about a criminal family clan embedded in the Californian surfer subculture.
No. 46
At first I wanted to share my pain how bad another d*sney star wars movies but audience already shittend on last one enough and it don't get monies so whatever.
No. 47
I only liked the first three Star Wars movies.
All the others I tried to watch seemed utterly retarded, more like some sort of spectacle movie for children or so.
No. 48
The latest episode of The Expanse airs in about 5 hours. I'm pretty hyped, this season has been amazing so far.
No. 50
67 kB, 1280 × 720
Prequel trilogy have a lot hidden god things. Basicly it was mostly based and lucas mostly stealed a lot expanded universe things. But was horrible as director and had mostly bad actors and was much worse than scenarists of eu stuff he wanted to steal so happened what happened.

Also episode 6 already was kinda weak for example in many many ways because by that time as lukas said he "tired" of star wads. And only after he comoleatly failed as director everywhere and spoted that some assburgers revived his forgotten universe in early 90s decided to go back and try do what guys who revived universe done. Well at least he tried and maded something real different from original trilogy. And if you actual fan and know shit some if moments will be 10/10 - like that face of palpatine when he tell story about darth plagues that was not some "random old sith" and this was not "random legend" but it was HIS story - how HE killed his teacher. And when he said about that moment actor made this face - fuck this is BEST ACTOR MASTERY I EVER SEEN OSCAR/10. And yes Tartakovsky's cartoon making right for prequels to exist.

Disney stuff is just most lol lewel comic book movie tier crap for most dumb audience and it get's worse every time.
No. 53
See here's the thing that people forget: George Lucas was ALWAYS a big fat fucking sellout. Us American children had endless parades of nonstop Star Wars garbage and today it is no different. It is why Disney bought them out to begin with. Immediately following the success of Star Wars in the late 70s/early 80s they began a long chain of consumer whoredom. People back in the day complained about ewoks. Well, I never minded the ewoks, they had their place and frankly no film specifically designed to be child friendly would have this for example would not have been included https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14HRo_eTUgg

But what happened was George Lucas then cashed out and made the whole thing into a kids thing including the ewoks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfMWlAF5RW0 not to mention this monstrosity the Star Wars Christmas Special https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3a5j8PgQxg

The reason why there is so much shit, most of it genuinely being absolute shit, is because Lucas turned the franchise into a blatant cash grab. Star Wars toys, legos, books, games, lightsaber pens, Halloween costumes, the man is absurdly rich because of this. His main market ended up being kids, and that is why we got the abortions that were Episode I, the Clone Wars cgi shit, everything.

But what people often forget is, is that a good amount of what they like about Star Wars wasn't even Lucas himself, but Lucas Arts. That game studio did a lot more to keep the franchise running than anything else outside of movies.

As for the films themselves, I frankly thought Episode III was pretty good. As for the new stuff, Rogue One was surprisingly not bad at all but I haven't seen anything else.
No. 56
177 kB, 1280 × 546
>not lucas
Of cource this, original trilogy had it's own directors and most of stuff was dond by other people - like ralph mcquarrie and ILM studio - without them star wars be just garbage. You can also read in form of comic some older and original lucas scripts that was compleatly different than final version.

As I said, in episode 6 he already tired and more you think about it movie more meh it is. I may share thoughts why and how it actually needed to be but I guess nobody interested in it.

Also - most realivant star wars stuff is not movies but - Tom Veich's and Kevin J Anderson's Dark Empire and Tales of the Jedi and TIE Fighter 1995 video game and Tartakovsky's 2003 clone wars. Only because Veich who running around with his assburger iseas in late 80s early 90s star wars not died after episode 6.

Rogue One of pile of shit - it is "how try to steal expanded universe but make it much worse so overall movie plot is one big black hole". But I have to say that if you compare it to other d*sney star wars movies this is not that bad.
No. 79
I just started watching seasons 1 and 2. I was up for about 24 hours straight and decided to check out the first episode and ended up staying up another 5 hours watching them. Then woke up and immediately started watching again. It is quite good. Has some corny-ness to it, but it's sort of self-aware like how someone says something cheesy then Amos will give them a death stare then chuckle.
No. 81
69 kB, 592 × 841
Animal Kingdom is not bad at all for entertainment, you are right. Season 3 just startet in the end of last month, or?

Did you watch pic related?
I found the series not only exciting but also interesting to follow the transition of the main character "Alex". To not spoil too much, i was in the beginning convinced that Alex was genuine about his intentions, but throughout the progress of the story you could see another side of him and in the final scene i have to say i am not so sure about him anymore, on which side he really is.
I am really excited about season 2, which was recently greenlighted, but yeah, BBC was always kind of good regarding Drama Shows.

[b]Trailer:[/b] https://youtu.be/OfU0a-b6Iqs
No. 83
42 kB, 600 × 337
221 kB, 760 × 380
112 kB, 920 × 603
286 kB, 2880 × 1620
It's hard for me to find shows i like.
I liked pic related, what do you think i should watch?
No. 85
120 kB, 691 × 1024
331 kB, 972 × 1321
Did you watch
Ozark: https://youtu.be/6Y7kHHxylps
Billions: https://youtu.be/cDpWdeOfsF8 yet?
If not, maybe they could be a worth a try for you.
No. 86
74 kB, 520 × 736
65 kB, 300 × 501
Congratulations, Ernst, for setting up a new place for yourselves.
I'm gonna share an older film experience, if you haven't already then watch Dersu Uzala by Aikra Kurosawa. It's a co-production with Russians and plays in the times of the conquest of the wild east. Lots of nature shots, some outdoors and animist lore, bretty comfy.
No. 87

I think you'd really enjoy Mad Dogs (The US version). I've heard good things about the original UK version but I've never seen it so I can't vouch for it personally.

My extrapolation:

  • Regular guys loosening their morals out of necessity a la Better Call Saul and Fargo
  • cosy jungles and crime in Latin America a la Narcos
No. 88
I went to high school with the little brother of the swarthy girl from ash vs evil dead. She might have been a senior my first year, but I think she was a year older than that.
No. 90
She's hot.
No. 94
218 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 110
Yep for 3rd season AK, nope for McMafia, but I'll follow your recommendation and look into it.
No. 117
It would be nice to hear, how you perceived / enjoyed it, if that is a request i may ask.
No. 147 Kontra
will do after I have found a decent torrent
No. 203
Ok, I watched the first 2 episodes and am watching 3rd one right now. So far I find it a bit tiresome to follow the plot tbh. Probably because I don't find the setting (rich Russian oligarch and filthy Arabs in endless dialogues and discussing affaires on their mobilphones) too appealing. So for me it's something like 5-6/10.
No. 213
Yes, in the beginning it is kind of tenacious to watch, but when everything falls into place and the relations are clear, it gets really interesting (well, at least for me that was).
No. 242
55 kB, 579 × 397
263 kB, 1600 × 1476
164 kB, 800 × 660

Original battlestar galactica so great! Awesome series. 70s sci-fi cheap tv series but with enthusiasm and with help of famous ILM studio and Ralph Mcquarri did so awesome job on style, desighn and look - this all loks like high budget movie of that times, and I love late70s science fiction style. This series always happy and entertaining like you watchjng long long but epic movie like classic star wars. I can not even compare it to modern remake which I turned off after 2-3 extremely boring episodes.
No. 250
I'm binge watching now and also skipped some smaller parts of the drama, right now I'm at episode 8 and it even features Zagreb/Croatia shortly after the son escaped from Moscow...

What can i say, you were right it gets a bit better towards the later episodes.
No. 252
Well, episode 8, so you are near the end.
I am looking forward to your review of the last scene, what you think about it.
No. 253 Kontra
611 kB, 476 × 846
548 kB, 479 × 749
263 kB, 478 × 423
Oh shit, I looked it up and it's probably a dozen scenes or more that were made in Croatia. Shame on me for only realizing it in episode 8.
No. 254
That is quite interesting!
I didn't watch the "behind the scenes" or editors notes. I thought those things were mostly filmed in moscow.
No. 260
18 kB, 225 × 299
I tried to start expanse but it was so... cheap and ugly-dark I dunno. I dropped it.

It kinda reminded me good movie Outland with Sean Connery, I recommemd
No. 262
1,1 MB, 1600 × 882
1,2 MB, 1600 × 888
1,3 MB, 1600 × 882
1,2 MB, 1600 × 896
Last scene is somehow unclear, is he meeting with fucking Putin himself? I liked how he could not answer the phone indicated what Vadim predicted before, he had to leave his most loved behind.

Some more pics from Moscow, Tel Aviv, Prague etc. all filmed in Croatia
No. 263
1,2 MB, 1600 × 900
78 kB, 898 × 701
1008 kB, 1600 × 879
1,1 MB, 1600 × 825
No. 264
In my opinion he is going to leave his old (family) life behind and go full business mode in season 2
No. 265

Makes sense considering how the plot developes in season 1
No. 266
It will be interesting what challanges he will face, since he also fucked over the mexican cartel
No. 269
1,1 MB, 1600 × 879

Yeah, we'll see what's going to happen, I give the series a 7/10 now because it got better towards the end.
No. 272
That is a solid rating!
So to say, it wasn't for you a waste of time after all, i hope.
No. 276
No,no, not exactly. It was too hot to do anything constructive anyway. It was a bit much episodes for the plot, though. the same could have been shown in let's say 5 or 6 episodes, too.
No. 354
Has someone watched "Sons of Anarchy"? I was deeply disappointed be the last season, kind of left a bad impression for the whole series that i actually enjoyed before.

I guess there are other shows too that start or delevop very decent but turn to shit towards the end LOST. If you have watched such a show, please add a warning about it to this thread.
No. 355
>Sons of Anarchy
I gave up after 2,5 seasons.
No. 762
1,3 MB, 3510 × 1980
Best TV series of all time?
No. 763
Not for me.
Sopranoes is generally regarded as the best.

I enjoy comedic series like Kenny Powers, with a dark sense of humour.

Watching the Americans now, no idea why I am still watching but it lets me switch off my brain.
The magic Negro she fucks in the first episode is dead, however very jewy morals and unrealistic.
More infidelity and promiscuity.
If this was made in UK, the sound track would be much better and retro.
I might re watch Life on Mars.

Well that's enough garbage typed, this is a good real crime documentary 75th prestinct, about two corrupt cops 10/10 would recommend.
No. 764
Ash vs evil dead is great, enjoyed Fargo.
Couldn’t get into Narcos.
Liked better call Saul, good taste.

Taboo, is a recent series about a man(Tom Hardy) coming back to Victorian London.
No. 765
83 kB, 736 × 828
>Couldn’t get into Narcos.

You should try it again, it's really great.
If you don't like the whole story around Pablo Escobar you can also try to start with the 3rd season which starts out a bit faster paced.
No. 776
I liked the first season of Westworld a lot, but I dropped the second one two episode in. Maybe I'll get back into it one day.
While watching it however I can't get rid of the feeling that they embrace racial and feminist empowerment (Black woman humiliating the white male cowards, Dolores suddenly being some sort of messiah of the oppressed, soul less murdering anti-AI corporate fascists etc.) way too blatantly. Not in the hyperbole revenge kind of way Tarantino may do, where there is still a layer of irony, but rather in a way that takes itself totally serious.
But not having finished the show yet I don't want to judge it yet as it might as well be part of the plot and there is still a chance to subvert to viewers expectations.
If it stays on a shallow "robots are humans too" level however, it might just annoy the hell out of me to continue watching it.
No. 777
I currently watched 8th episode of 2nd season and it get's worse and worse.
If you liked first season - not watch 2nd.
No. 796
just bought the book, thanks!
No. 906
450 kB, 1359 × 2014
Just watched the whole series of "Caught".
I expected more twists and turns in the story, but i liked the 70s setting. I give this series a 5-6/10.
Trailer: https://youtu.be/l3XJayjTtYY
No. 907
>70s setting
Interesting, how accurate was it?
Because everytime they film about 70s/80s/90s, setting feels wrong here and there.
No. 908
I didn't live in the 70s in the USA, so i can't tell, but one scene, there was newspaper on a window of a industrial hall and the pictures were coloured. I don't know how far it was common to have coloured pictures in newspaper back then.
No. 909
Well, sometimes I see fonts clearly made in post-computer era.
I don't like when they try to represent some time period with things that didn't clearly exist back then.
No. 910
Me neither. I sometimes think, wait a second, that thing wasn't invented to that time period in what that show supposed to take place.
What i also do is, looking for some reflections off surfaces to try to see the camerateam.
No. 924
55 kB, 630 × 630
I don't watch a lot of comedy but picrelated is without doubt one of the greatest contemporary satirical I know so far.
The show's basic premise is that Nathan Fielder helps small business in a bizarre way while viciously parodying marketing tactics and reality show.
For example once he organized an underground sleeper cell to get bad ratings for Uber and recruited taxi drivers to help them compete against the company. Another time he payed a guy to change his name and created a ghostwritten newspaper (because in the USA you have to announce your name changing for 4 weeks in newspaoer or something like that), just so a restaurant could post a fake celebrity bill online. He helped a coffee shop by rebranding it as "Dumb Starbucks", basically a real life parody of starbucks and attracted lots of customers. Another great episode was when he helped a moving company by advertizing it as a new fitness program. One of my favorite episodes though is when he helped a young NEET by attempting to make him into a hero by taking over his personality for a week or so (including a face mask, make up, behavioural studies etc.), set up a line walking event to get attention for breastcancer, got him GF, went to a news show and after everything was done they changed personality again and the NEET walked past the cheering crowd with his new GF in his arms.
And there's much more of that, really great television.
No. 945
He's a big Nathan.
No. 947
Never heard of it, maybe i give it a try, even i am not really a fan of described format, but sounds interesting.
No. 957
Where do you watch that?
No. 979

You can watch the third season for free here, other than that there are some episodes uploaded to dailymotion and a lot of cut clips from the show on youtube or you'll have to look on some streaming sites.
No. 1508

Extremely cosy and warm French animation, every scene is like a storybook with a winter setting. You can watch in the original French but I found Forest Whitaker dub perfectly casted in this.
No. 1515
Oh man, thank you for reminding me of this film. Honestly, thanks <3
No. 2627
21 kB, 520 × 170
>Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing

Two old mates and famous comedians go fishing across Britain and have a laugh idly chatting about nothing. The show was created after Mortimer had major heart surgery a few years back and Whitehouse who also suffers heart disease decided to teach him how to fish to get him out the house.

It's heartwarming and comfy af.
No. 2725

I just want to advertise this animated short once again, this is the greatest animation that I have ever seen. This is incredibly high qiality painting which is put in motion and this isn't rotoscopy, this work deserves to be considered magnificent and unique.
This thing was made only by one animator, it didn't get support from the big companies, so average viewer would never know about this work. Although the overwhelming majority of the viewers who have seen it would admit that this is a beatiful piece of art, a very small number of people know about the existence of this thing.

No. 2727
>This thing was made only by one animator, it didn't get support from the big companies
You know why?
This thing wouldn't be going to make money for big companies.
No. 2729
Won't watch the whole thing as the story is familiar but I checked it out. Quality work, he would deserve more attention.
No. 2733
Would Ernst be interested in a short film thread? I've enjoyed a fair few over the years but never found anywhere suitable to share them.
No. 2735
Don't ask - share!
No. 2741
It's beautiful Ernst, thank you.
No. 3023
73 kB, 700 × 334
Home comes it have so high rating on critics and ligher then medium score when it is like one of the worst things I ever seen - comined bad in terms of how it respects previous series and movies and awfull even if we think about it as something separate? Like I never seen or heared person who can enjoy it, it is dumb, ugly, terrible actors and plots.
No. 3024
Because combination of dumb bydlo with reviewers/journalists/critics all being paid off. Same reason why that piece of shit Mass Effect 2 has anything higher than 4/10 ratings which is objectively what it deserves.
No. 3026
Well, for me mass effect 2 was kinda same as I expected - YOBA console FPS with some dialogues without variaty of answers, at least they removed that boring MAKO missions about IVISTEGATE SQUARE OF FLAT LAND when game lame way pretended to be some sort of "serious open world exploration". But I guess this is talk for different thread.

There it was kinda... I expected Abrams films be shit what they is since it "BIG SCREEN SOFT REBOOT ACTION" etc sort of crap, but when I heared that CBS announced new CANNONICAL TREK IN PRIME UNIVERSE I expected it... not to be neccecery good, previously Trek had a lot meh movies and episodes, but be entertaining, faithfull to canonical visuals and lore, and keeping basic views of Roddenbery on future and philosophy.

But this is like the opposite - it not care about lore, about logic and visuals, it all seems like very bad Abrams movies rip-off with terrible cast and degenerate plot ideas.
No. 3028
It ticks the right boxes as far as I can tell. I'm not entirely sure reviewers still fully watch and digest the content they watch these days so herd mentality easily takes hold once a few people are showered with gifts. Maybe there is something in there about the decline of media reporting budgets. Big newspaper reviewers are certainly a dead race.

The franchise is in real trouble though and that is plain to see. They're on their third show-runner with season 2 still being filmed and despite this all kinds of crazy rumours are circling about spin-offs and the movies are still coming along under different rights (http://www.digitalspy.com/tv/star-trek-discovery/feature/a860248/star-trek-discovery-franchise-movies/). I'll give the show another season to sort itself out but given the legacy of ENT when it comes to studio interference I don't know if lessons will be learned.

>But this is like the opposite - it not care about lore, about logic and visuals, it all seems like very bad Abrams movies rip-off with terrible cast and degenerate plot ideas.

I think that studios just don't make bright episodic shows anymore and a big part of that is down to formatting. Shows are instead designed for binge-watching so episode resets no longer apply and they often end on dark notes to keep people watching. This was actually alluded to a few years ago in South Park where they decided to follow modern rules and have things not work out for Stan by the end of an episode: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You%27re_Getting_Old

Maybe it is a more mature way of treating television where everything doesn't always work out and cynicism reigns but it's not what people want from Star Trek which is why Orville has had such an overwhelmingly positive public response compared to professional reviews. Lighting and camera angle fuckery is also a big thing to hide poor cgi and because modern audiences have sharper televisions and darker rooms (I remember watching TNG at ~5pm with the curtains open, try doing that now).

The result is that self-contained Trek stories can no longer happen which used to be the bread and butter of the show while bigger arcs are made dark and morally gray. Yes, I can hear you screaming about DS9 and I agree it can be sometimes good but the balance is off and things suffer for it.
No. 3029
I seen first episode of Orville
Yeah TNG-style decorations everywhere and some good stuff but terrible jokes and some ideas ruined it. Funny that if he made serious ST-clone he maded like tons of monies. But if remember who responsoble for it... no surprise.

I don't think continuation plot thought episodes is somehow related to fact that this series is terrible. It is not problem - for fucks sake 2-3-4 movies is direct continuations of each other and 5 almost too. And like this style of storrytelling is not cause of fact that creators of STD is absoluetly not care about anything.
No. 3062
Keep with it.
It is not a serious drama, but very enjoyable.
No. 3095
506 kB, 1720 × 1289
I actually watched more 3 episodes. Problem with it... THAT THIS IS SERIOUS DRAMA and POOPOO-PEEPEE jokes attached by blue tape. Like if he removed this kind of jokes... this series not something new and inventive, it repeating alredy created stuff but maded it in core much better. Like for example last episode I seen about generations ship - by decorations quality and plowise it much more polished version of such classic scenario. Same time there a lot very hided and clever micro-jokes that will undersrand only peeson who seen all star trek twise or trice.
And this "jokes" are something just not belongs there. If seth actualy will remove them in future it will be very nice series, much better than discovery that breaked whole idea of Trek in core.
No. 3104
>If seth actualy will remove them in future it will be very nice series

Good News: The next season will have less gags, more sci-fi and be condensed to avoid filler.

Also there are still some very good episodes later in the season like the critique of majority rule and the (intended) Halloween episode.
No. 3133
This is indeed good news. While this guy has no super knowlege and good skills, he at least know what he doing. At least we get out TNG2.0
No. 3147
50 kB, 555 × 374
In celebration of the 242nd birthday of the USA, I recommend watching this historical series if you haven't already. It's about the 2nd president of the USA, John Adams, a complex and controversial figure who also became an important part of this country's history. Very underrated show, I highly recommend it for anyone interested in US history.

No. 3655
1,3 MB, 1080 × 540
Is Seinfeld worth watching?

t. have seen gifs with Costanza
No. 3661
If you like 90s sitcoms, then it's one of the better ones.
However i despise the Seinfeld character/actor, he's such an arrogant prick. His sidekicks Constanza and Kramer are the real showrunners imho
No. 3665
The series finale noted this though, with all the people from the other episodes coming to give testimony to what jerks all the characters are.
No. 3666
I think Seinfeld and the Simpson's might be the only 2 90's sitcoms I still regularly watch in reruns. If you decide to watch,the later seasons are better than the early ones.
No. 3676
2,0 MB, 808 × 1118
Watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm first and see if you like the style of humour. It is good but I agree with >>3661 that Jerry Seinfeld is grating.

I do like some of his comedy skits though. It's just how snide and sarcastic he is in interactions with other people.

No Frasier?
No. 3677
I actually watched Frasier when it was in primetime, but never really got into the syndicated reruns. The same thing happened with Friends. I saw every episode, but was never really pulled back into watching them again.
No. 3706
Wrong, later seasons have a noticeable dip in quality.
No. 3717
I don't know about Seinfeld, but if you like anything after the Simpsons S11 (Okay, maybe S16), you happen to be IQ89 and could rather enjoy Family Guy (I actually like Family Guy)

t. angry simpsons fan child
No. 3718
The Simpson became good after Season 20, everything before that was shit.
Season 28 is the best one yet.
No. 3724
Pop culture references, unfunny satire and special celebrity experiences.
Simpsons has not been great since maybe s7-s8
It was not good ten years ago, I can't watch that garbage.
Watch Archer, heck even family guy less cancer than Simpsons.
No. 3733
65 kB, 358 × 303
Are you familiar with Dead Homer Society? It's a blog for everyone who loved early simpsons but hates the later stuff.
Up until season ten or so it was great,but then it went from every episode being good,to maybe one or two good shows a season. I recorded those early seasons on VHS, and would rewatch them over and over during the week. I stopped that at probably season 13. It wasnt worth it anymore. Too many guest stars and too many visual gags and situational humor (Homer works here this week etc.)in place of the early storytelling and satire. A good cut off point would generally be the loss of Phil Hartman.
Archer is pretty good, but I haven't watched the dreamlandseason yet.
No. 3735
>The blog considers itself a home for those who dislike the current seasons of The Simpsons.
Sometimes it's amazing what can unite people.
I don't say I hate later stuff, but early Simpsons surely have something special. Maybe it's called quality.
I agree that later Simpsons may have worsened, you can't not run out of ideas during such big time.
No. 3744
It's impossible to do 29 seasons and maintain the same quality. And I think early on the writers didn't really have a playbook. They were doing silly cartoon shorts, and then Fox decided to try them out in one of their many empty primetime slots. The show was allowed to break new ground, and try out new ideas. Kind of like a comedian testing out jokes in small clubs, trying to see what works. And the show grew a lot from Seasons 1-3, like it was finding its footing. But Fox as a network was growing too, and when the early writers rotated out, it wasn't just the different people creating the Simpsons, the show itself had become a brand. They weren't as free to go out on a limb. The show had a history, and became aware of itself in a way. I think this led to a lot of safe comedy, the physical bits And guest stars I mentioned.
And you're right about what people are willing to get together and fight over. Like Star Trek vs. Star Trek:The Next Generation.Which is better? The correct answer is Star Trek:Deep Space 9.
No. 3745
16 kB, 220 × 288
>It's impossible to do 29 seasons and maintain the same quality.

Bullshit. Stopped reading. Picrel is at fault.
No. 3746 Kontra
Rereading that, I hate the buzzword way I used break new ground. What I mean is the way the show could kind of get away with things because they were animated. Like having Sideshow Bob try to kill Bart, or having Selma repeatedly marry and divorce, or having Homer go to work for Scorpio who turns out to be a super-villian. These were really creative stories that wouldn't work in a standard sitcom but did work for The Simpsons.
End of edit.
No. 3748
Thanks for reminding me. He spent 20 years trying to be as inoffensive as possible, and then it all blows up in his face over Apu.
No. 3750 Kontra
Please help, I don't see connection
No. 3755
Al Jean was one of the early Simpsons writers. He left to do other projects, and came back in season 13 as the showrunner, a position he still holds. So basically he has been in charge of the Simpsons for the last 20 years. If the quality dropped, it's his fault for letting it happen.
No. 3770
35 kB, 1014 × 987
Why don't they fire him? I mean it's not like everyone but a hand full of internet neckbeards likes the new Seasons, the amount of people who watch it gets smaller from episode to episode.
No. 3773
211 kB, 921 × 653
Not fired after that ratings slide? The only explanation is blackmail.
No. 3782
I really like this video as some sorts of obituary to The Simpsons

No. 3787
S29 is not viewed by Neckbeards but by (pre)teens who are even too stupid for HIMYM.

Al Jean is the scum of the earth [autistic screeching]
No. 3800
Ocean's 8
Got forced to see this, and while it is not a bad film, it is not a good film.
The pacing is good, soundtrack is unnoticeable, which I guess is good, at least one funny moment.
As far as characters and suspense/action, there isn't any, none of the characters have any depth and there is not one likeable character, there is no motive such as revenge or being threatened like in Fast and the Furious.
Lots of screen time for old hags, no likeable characters, overdone Irish accent.
Do not expect a bank robbery or a casino heist, our heros :^), get a jewelry company to lend out a diamond, which they hope to sell on the black market for $100m, although there is no buyer.
Then the plan is to use a fugly Asian pickpocket to steal this off an actress and plant it on someone, while swapping it with a 3d printed necklace while bypassing the high tech security which a special magnet allen key.

I still have 30m left, it is a shame as I can not criticize it, yes the plot is ludicrous but there is a competency about the film, It just fails on having redeemable characters.
No. 3803
It gets worse.
How about being told in the last five minutes, they hired the nip from the first movie to steal five other necklaces, and you see this in a flash back and he swaps they with 3-d printed copies.
They tag on a revenge story about an ex-bf, the supposed actress is actually smart so they recruit her and everyone gets $38m, because successful actresses just love crime.
Yes there is lots of diversity, a fat brit and a bad white male who gets framed for a crime he doesn't commit and a pussy loser white male who has a facebook which tells us he loves dogs and that is why they are able to 'hack' the security system.
No. 3833
Dersu Uzala is an extremely underrated film. Good tastes.
No. 3835
390 kB, 800 × 1170
36 kB, 430 × 602
Here are some good /int/ tier movies.

Tampopo and Barking Dogs Never Bite.
No. 4360
The new STD trailer is out.


They've clearly looked at Orville to learn lessons about what went wrong with S1 but after doing so only copied the excessive humour viewers and critics unanimously didn't like. Now there is some weird plot with Spock and red matter to a dumb soundtrack because fuck it all.

I blame social media for this. It seems like showrunners these days just look to twitter echo-chambers when making decisions much as our politicians do and in doing so fail to grasp that the audience they're interacting with are morons. They probably saw some Orville memes and decided that is the audience engagement they wanted.

I've been slowly working my way through this. Just finished the episode where he is elected vice president.

So far I've found it quite decent although it tends to jump all over the place both in quality and the story. Independence was by far the best episode but for a HBO series so much seems to have been cut from the story that would've challenged the audience - like debates over natural and positive law along with the impact of the English Civil War. Maybe it was a mistake to follow the source material over John Adams life instead of the greater story or maybe it is just because it was never intended for an international audience.

My prediction is that this "revolution" will never pan out. They will all be in French and Spanish chains by the end of the series thanks to their bandit politics and perfidious alliances.
No. 4370
765 kB, 1000 × 500
46 kB, 336 × 445
In this context (American revolution) these two series are worth mentioning, too I guess.
No. 4376
181 kB, 1200 × 675
64 kB, 620 × 379
Posted this earlier, but it really is good TV, going to watch Luther after I finish these 2 series.

It is a about a bobby :^), who get hit by are car and wakes up as a cop in the 70s.
It has drama and is pretty fun.
Smoking, drinking, 70s clothes and cars.
Pretty interesting and some episodes are excellent.

No. 4394
189 kB, 720 × 540
>They probably saw some Orville memes and decided that is the audience engagement they wanted.

And it will happen same time Orvill removed this memes in 2nd season and finnaly start become proper star trek, when DIS will become complete opposite of it.

Hell, Disocvery is one of the worst things I ever saw, probably the worst - I will not fear that words - worse than d*sney star wars. And they can't fix it because people who making it not only not understand what star trek is and probably never seen it properly, but also bad writers and actors and directors as they is. This series is cringy terrible and this new trailer confirms that.
No. 4416
>worse than d*sney star wars
Bold words. D*sney is even worse than Albanians.
No. 4429
Neat, I'll definitely check this out. The last soviet movie I watched was White Sun of the Desert
No. 4434
169 kB, 1920 × 1080
93 kB, 669 × 618
1,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
87 kB, 760 × 551
Watch this if you like T-I-G-E-R-S
No. 4436
102 kB, 1131 × 707
68 kB, 1280 × 720
102 kB, 800 × 600
212 kB, 720 × 540
What disney done to star wars is horrible, and as fan of old EU it makes me feel horrible, but I can understand a little bit why they do so and that most of people not aware of best things from Expanded Universe. So disney just do horrible shitty action movies because originals was actions movies too, just very good ones.

Discovery if different case, however. Start trek, even it have a lot cheezy moments, oftent it cheap and have sometimes bad episodes, is baiscly cultural fenomena and all people familiar with that. It is not some sort of comics or books like star wars EU, but one of the most famous science fiction and also one of the one most favorite and still popular set of tv series and movies. generations of people watched adventures of Kirk and Picard and even Sisko and Archer.

Star Trek maybe recived obvious moral lessons, but it one of rare cases when some sort of TV and science fiction that focused about relationships between people, proposed a lot moral dillemas and propogand everything good that can be in mankind, focusing on true optimism and belive in bright future. When I watching today politics, when I see modern right, left, sjw, cancer, when I see all dumb degenerates around I sometimes want that humans will never exist... but then I remember star trek and think that well... we will grow from ourselfs, such words as equality, freedom and tolerance can't be harmed just because people from 21st centually don't understand what it means and don't understand true value of human life. I know that in future we will learn, and sometime in future our planet and our race become wise and will prosper

Even in worst startrek media like fifth movie, there a lot of touching moments and talks with a lot of soul. I never forget moment when McCoy killed his father by turn off medical computers because he suffer from pain that can't be healed but week after it cure from it desease was founded and still, all his life Doctor felt guilty for it. And most notably - because all series so long and so many movies, they not just characters for you - they become your family, and moments when thy become old, or die, or any other sad moment you feel so personally.

Another things is continuity - series and movies run from 1966 to 2005 but they do anything they can to show that all movies and all episodes are same universe, faithfull to all previous lore they created. Even thought sometimes it is not too science it still try to explain what happening and try to be logical. And same time have incredable and unicue atmosphere that you will remember forever. Any time I watching star Trek I feel better after it. Like... become more human.

Abramsville was just dumb action movies like disney star wars, but they at least tried to explain that this is different universe. Discovery is.. it is pure hate, this series full of hate and pain and consist of it. It feels like pure evil, created by devil itself. This was made by most stereotypical dumb evil pesants... I cant' describe it more correct, but when I think about who was done it whole discovery and their creators feels like post-atomic era court of mid XXI centuary that we can see in the next generation. This is worst thing I seen in my life and discovery is worst crime against mankind.
No. 4474
Orville 2d season trailer
No. 4477
533 kB, 1920 × 1080
Better Call Saul continues in 2 weeks, i'm hyped.

No. 4486
I spent the whole day watching "the mechanism" about brazilian operation car wash. Kinda wish this could have happen in my country. Brazilian police even needs a evidence to convict someone. Other than that i like how Jose Padilha can portray things from different perspectives. "Tropa de elite" was about necessity of police brutality in broken societies and in "mechanism" he starts his story from denouncing this.
I liked this show. The ending and meaning of the story was predictable, especially for third-worlders. Funny how they portrayed that oligarch who was the richest guy in brazil(or not him, they changed all names), one of the main bad guys, while in reality he went bankrupt on himself.
No. 4542
713 kB, 500 × 304, 0:00
No. 4545
The series actually is good though. It just starts out slow af in the first season.
No. 4677
292 kB, 1063 × 1671
36 kB, 474 × 771
I've been watching Yes Prime Minister after having finished Yes Minister. Very enjoyable series.

The episodes generally follow some type of conflict over a certain crisis between the elected government and the civil service.

One of my favourites involves the British government attempting to build a chemical plant that is implied to be toxic to the surrounding area and its attempts to cover-up its toxicity. Halfway through the episode, the government (The Minister for the Interior) decides to gain popularity by speaking against the building of the chemical plant. The chemical is then found to be non-toxic. At which point the government attempts to make it appear like a toxic chemical by putting pressure on the researcher.

It is a sitcom, while audience laughter was originally annoying, I've grown to accept it
No. 4679
Good series, I would stop at Yes PM, it doesn't get better.

Strange, this series was based on the current time, but is more relevant today than any other series political or not.
No. 4698
I love that series. My dad was a civil servant back in the 80s/90s and by his account the whole operation was far more inept than Yes Minister would suggest.
No. 4730
There was a brief exchange the creators wrote shortly after Brexit if you're inclined. It's pretty lame but short:
No. 4732
>My dad was a civil servant back in the 80s/90s and by his account the whole operation was far more inept than Yes Minister would suggest.


Not a bad read, thanks for sharing.
No. 5112
55 kB, 368 × 538
Just watched The Breadwinner[1]. Very different from The Secret of Kells and
Song of the Sea in terms of atmosphere and feel, but the same anttention to
detail both in story and animation.
The style of animation is different in technique, though not too different in
intention, as far as I can tell.

To be frank, I liked the film a lot, but for different reasons than The Secret
of Kells (sense of wonder) or Song of the Sea (coziness). The Breadwinner was
just interesting throughout.

And I'm glad they didn't chose the current conflict surrounding ISIS to embed
the story in but a past situation with the Taliban. It allows people today to
gain more access to the film for it won't trigger as many knee-jerk

[1] https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3901826/
No. 5151
243 kB, 1000 × 1500
Mary and the Witch's Flower (2017)

Nice anime in a Studio Ghibli style.
No. 5443
466 kB, 954 × 679
One-track lover
No. 5554
43 kB, 500 × 500
what are some good films about the horrors of war like Come and See or Waltz with Bashir?
No. 5558
The Human Condition


Also: Does anyone know good movies with a similar style as The Plague Dogs or Watership Down?
No. 5579
Under the Flag of the Rising Sun is superb war drama
I don't see any significant similarities, these are just grim movies.
No. 5723
Better call Saul is back...
No. 5840
9,9 MB, 360 × 196, 4:26
No. 5963
86 kB, 511 × 755
This is an amazingly good political thriller with almost no action. I don't like when people say that some movie is "smart", "isn't for everyone" and I think that Lynch is a hack but this time I would say that it's kinda hard to watch Syriana, this film would be boring for 90% of viewers and you need to use your brain to understand anything. I can't imagine the frustration of American viewers who watched this in theaters in 2005, they probably fell asleep or left the cinema after the first hour of the film. The release of this anti-American movie shortly after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq wasn't a commercially smart move.

Check out Traffic, this is another good movie with the script by the same writer.
No. 5973
Seen both and both are good.
No. 6038
99 kB, 416 × 640
596 kB, 507 × 718
Ivan's childhood?

  1. Fantastic. Damn Abel Ferrara. It has everything.
  2. Late Mr. Romero made a choral film: he changed style again. I salute him for that.
No. 6046
Seriously underappreciated film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlvKrzInK7w
No. 6071
I watched it twice in the theaters in 2005, both times it was half-full, virtually all men, mostly boomer conservative types who listen to Rush Limbaugh, and nobody walked out. The film had very high production quality so even if the story was 2deep4you for most people they stayed in their seats, and like I said average people didn't go see it only those interested in the middle east wars. But when I watched Babel everyone was grovelling and a few couples walked out because it had subtitles and showed female pubic hair.
No. 6097
707 kB, 2000 × 3000
>Your Name (君の名は)

An anime about a Japanese boy and girl who start switching places a few times a week when they go to sleep without knowing why. Despite the romantic Freaky Friday plot it's very fun, engaging and a good date movie (that you can also enjoy alone).

I didn't know if I should even mention it as it seems to be quite popular but it is all well deserved popularity.

Note on the subs: There seems to be some complaints about the subtitles being wrong but it comes down to how certain words and phrases are translated. I watched the dub with subs on and I think the problem is that the subtitles are translated direct from Japanese while the dub is it's own interpretation with words like 'Jackass' used as it's familiar with an American audience. You need to have subs on as they leave notes to each other but it's perfectly ignorable.
No. 6100
>that you can also enjoy alone
Sure I can ;_;
No. 6127
1,9 MB, 1240 × 1683
31 kB, 624 × 351
watched La Trêve/The Break on netflix yesterday. it's a crime thriller series set in the ardenne mountains. if you liked "true detective" you will like this. it's beautifully shot, story is unpredictable to the last episode and i think the actors all did a really great job, the main character in particular. i ended up binge watching the whole season.
No. 6145
Death Wish, pretty good film, good torrent.
Standard Bruce Willis film, pretty satisfying and 10/10 would recommend it as a 7/10 film, as a 2018 film it is a 9/10.
Appreciate the humour thrown in at the end.
Only minor negatives, is where they tried to use main actor to give an emotional speech, not his strong point and scene was quickly cut so had no depth, so about 20 seconds, I agree with the editing.
This is a short film by today’s standards 1hr46m, but the build up could have been shortened, however was entertaining throughout.
Sound track was unnoticeable.
Muh Diversity actors, including I think some stoner black guy as a doctor.

No worries this is a quality film.
No. 6194
I have seen this too. People were talking about it as some kind of another Miyadzaki.
It's pretty weird. It starts as good romantic comedy, but then this twist out of nowhere and it becomes too Japanese. Godzilla as twist would fit much better and that would be less Japanese.
You reminded me that I saw wolf brigade(Jin-Roh) recently. Because of gits I expected more from Mamoru Oshii. I get that the story is about inhumanity and it's drama, but it's so unrealistic and stupid. Oshii probably just took all his nerd dreams about army and war and inserted it into the story. The hero that suffers from ptsd, in love with his victim, still follows orders and wears this cool nazi exosuit. This is just as ridiculous and childish as it can be, again its very japanese. I have a thought that this anime explains why japs sucks at war pretty well.
Great visuals and if I know ernsts well, many of you will actually like it.
Here's the trailers for anime and upcoming movie
No. 6205
Jin-Roh makes perfect sense, but it is the third film in a trilogy and just going into it without the assumed knowledge is asking for misunderstanding. It's not so surprising that a member of that unit would do that kind of thing, it's the same unit that ended up getting disbanded after beating a guy to death for a dine and dash and even then they holed up and fought a siege against the army for several days. The arc in the manga that Jin-Roh is based on explains it better though, but the story is also different the girl shoots him when he starts showing weakness, the implication being that he is a 'stray dog' who can either be with his own kind or put down. and Jin-Roh just explains the same plot point in a different way.
No. 6214
>It's not so surprising that a member of that unit would do that kind of thing, it's the same unit that ended up getting disbanded after beating a guy to death for a dine and dash and even then they holed up and fought a siege against the army for several days
That's exactly what I meant. They are cool guys in a nice cool uniform. So cool that they are deprived from their humanity by suffering just to understand that they are like cool military dogs. Rambo 3 makes more sense as drama, while it's pure stupid action.
No. 6217
Well the events surrounding said siege are core to the entire story and show a different picture to just faceless soldiers. At its core, its about the bonds those really fucked up people can form. The film series tells a story that needs to be viewed as a whole. The Red Spectacles is about guilt and alienation, Stray Dogs is about the connection between those who experienced the things they did, and how those bonds were stronger than things that might tear them apart because they have nowhere else to go. Jin-Roh, and the original manga goes back further and looks at the kind of environment that forged those bonds. The entirety of Jin-Roh is really showing that he can't relate to those outside his unit anymore, not meaningfully anyway and when his pack demands it, he's going to act as they say because they're his family. There is also a lot of shots and designs intended to dehumanise them to drive home that they're not like the rest of the population, they're extremely damaged individuals and there are nasty consequences to that.
No. 6266
453 kB, 960 × 1440
Beri nais
No. 6291
Watched Maps to the Stars (2014) yesterday.

It's a darkish satire of Hollywood by David Croneberg, which some of you might know. He is known for is earlier work even tho I just saw Videodrome as a teen once.
MTTS definitely has that weird edge to it which comes by the death drive of some protagonists and the main protagonists behavior in general. But it also makes the movie quite good.

I will try to watch Cosmopolis tonight which is another newer Croneberg
No. 6295
50 kB, 672 × 372
177 kB, 1920 × 1080
Initial thoughts on Billions

  • Wags is the best character
  • Paul Giamatti is an overrated actor with limited range
  • It has moments of excellent writing ('ATM' scene), but it's too often content with cliche and triteness ('Who actually talks like that?!' I found myself wondering, because the writers are awful at dialogue)
  • The plot has yet to become completely derailed (like House of Cards), although I've only watched the first series
  • Phoned-in generic TV photography. Oh well :(
No. 6300
50 kB, 851 × 567
>David Croneberg
ooh, i used to adore Cronenberg. "The Fly" is i think his most iconic movie, my favorite was "Naked Lunch" though, for its absolute absurd and ironic plot. He used to really go for heavy oldschool horror/fx usage, so when i watched his "newer" film work like "A History Of Violence", i was disappointed how it was more like a "normal" movie.
But after your recommendation, maybe i should still follow up with his more recent work.
No. 6311
He can't really take credit for Naked Lunch. That was a William Burroughs novel, who was a heroin addict and major drug user. That guy also temporarily popularized Ibogaine as a potential heroin treatment.
No. 6313
I've heard that the movie have little to do with original book. I've read the book, and it seemed impossible to adapt for screen, just like most other stuff by Burroughs.
No. 6315
Oh yeah, I forgot I watched Naked Lunch some years ago.

But then beware Maps to the Stars is also just a "normal" movie compared to Naked Lunch. It's really just a dark satire on Hollywood. A "weird" protagonist in the sense that she is psychotic, everybody in that movie seems to be damaged by their life style. Yet you can have a laugh at some scenes. So it's a satire but also a drama I'd say.
No. 6483
25 kB, 213 × 686
I like Cronemberg but that film was unbearable
No. 6485
46 kB, 510 × 510
124 kB, 360 × 540
Never seen single of that exept The Fly.
At some short moment I readed Videodrome and The Dead Zone as The Video Dead, but I bet nobody seen this movie exept my father and me lol
Speaking of which, I want to re-watch romero classics and return of the Living dead soon
No. 6488
71 kB, 720 × 960
102 kB, 600 × 800
75 kB, 730 × 1115
Hey, the plot of this film looks good.

The other day I watched again Dawn 78 with a friend. Third time, I think.

Pic is my version :D Bought for 4 € some years ago.

Other pics are things I found while searching for
the pic
No. 6490
339 kB, 500 × 742
30 kB, 230 × 362
This films in soustern europe still called "zombi" like in times when Lucio Fulci made his famous Zombi 2 and then other guys (as I know Fulchi leaved project or something) did infamous Zombi 3?
No. 6491
29 kB, 468 × 252
103 kB, 567 × 826
24 kB, 348 × 348
Let's see:

Zombi = Dawn of the Dead 1978.


Because Argento coproduced the film but in the deal he had the rights for European edit and distribution.

Argento titled it "Zombi".

Since it was a big success, "Zombie" films unrelated to Romero or Argento exploited it.

There were more cases, like the pic I post here: film partially filmed here, Goblin sountrack completely ripped off.

I'd like to take a look to its locations. :)

I know the case of a person who went to the DVD shop I go to and bought the film. He was an extra, there :) Pic 2 is the DVD. Yes,

Apocalipsis Canibal = Zombie Creeping Flesh = Hell of the Living Dead


P.S. Zombi 2 is a good film, that's for sure
No. 6500
I know story with Zombie, just thought it nowdays not used as name.

I really tired from modern RELISTIC ZOMBI VIRUS FAST ZOMBIES type of things. Not a surprise all fashion on that crap died too because I guess people a bored too - after hell lot of movies and videogames exploiting this idea

Sometimes it is so nice to rewatch Return of the living dead where creepy ghoul from barrel attack people screaming BRAINS! with meme practical effects.
No. 6501

Also, aren't this is the best zombie movie ending ever?
No. 6502
12 kB, 587 × 773
TFW nobody cared
No. 6514
You should definitely watch eXistenZ and The Fly. They capture the essence of Cronenberg very well but in quite different ways.
eXistenZ has the same theme of paranoia and mixes sexuality into every human interaction as does Videodrome, but I'd recommend eXistenZ over Videodrome because the characters are portaid much better and offer more insight into what is happening.
No. 6682
289 kB, 1150 × 1600
54 kB, 854 × 854
>I know story with Zombie, just thought it nowdays not used as name.

Oh I see you are a connoisseur :)

The remake was titled as "Amanecer de los Muertos", not "Zombi", if it serves your purpose.

I liked that film, it was a game changer and it was fucking nightmare fuel, jet fuel.

Is it from "Return..."? Haven't seen the film yet, I wait for a special moment to watch it.

BTW a question: this sample in the beginning of the song... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxjE55Q6ssE From which film is it?
No. 6683
181 kB, 896 × 1239
62 kB, 780 × 439
56 kB, 955 × 566
13 kB, 480 × 360
While we're talking about zombie movise, any opinions on this one?
I really love it but i can understand everyone who doesn't.

Return of the living dead is one of the best zombie comedies i've seen, part 2 and even 3 are pretty good as well.
No. 6684

Haven't seen it but it looks good!

>based on a 1991 novel by Tiziano Sclavi. Sclavi is also the author of the comic Dylan Dog, w

Dylan Dog is very famous in Italy
No. 6685
81 kB, 630 × 1200
I'm a fan of the 70s "in a near future..." films, which usually contain apocalypse, social message and all that. Battlestar Galactica is more of the Star Wars genre, right?
No. 6695
132 kB, 1038 × 576
Three Days of the Condor

Classic conspiracy thriller from 1975 about a naive guy working for the CIA as a bookworm getting caught in a conspiracy.

Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway as lead characters, nice historic NYC
footage, some interesting scenes with high-grade information and network technology from the era, basically where all the today's automated surveillance madness commenced operations.
Nice and calm watch overall, especially compared to the hysterical and shallow style of so many modern movies.

free and legal stream:

No. 6759
No. 7932
When will end era of capeshit in cinema? I so tired of this. It's so dumb and it's everywhere. It feels like whole cinematography suffering from very massive shitpost
No. 7933
Just ignore it. There are thousands of good old movies to keep you entertained for a lifetime.
No. 7950
cheers is better than Frasier over all, at least until coach died.

In the later seasons of Seinfeld I've heard that Seinfeld and Larry David thought it was becoming too hard to write and wanted to quit. They decided to just come up with ridiculous situations that would be the end of the episode and work backwards, so the later episodes all seem a lot more cohesive.

The detective season was so bad I will not watch it again. They brought me back with the Archer Vice one, basically saved the show only to murder it again.

New season of Venture Bros. started a few weeks ago. Completely forgot about it as usual, and got scared when Wikipedia only had 5 episodes listed but it looks now like they're doing ~10-12 so I'm pretty excited, the first four were pretty good.

15 years....7 seasons, and one or two were really short iirc. The gang's all together, more or less, there was a lot of exposition revealed in the first couple episodes via flashbacks and what not. The amount of fucking story in that world is ludicrous given that it's started off as just a sophomoric parody of Johnny Quest.
No. 7985
They making really bad cringy remakes/reboots/sequels to classic movies and I not feel very good
And nowdays it like feel that like 10 times less decent movies per year tht was even 20 years ago. All theathres filled with thousand of comicbook shitty dumb movies, like american cheap 80s cartoons
No. 7986
As said before, just ignore it. Start with Vertigo. Go all the way back to Metropolis (What a great complete edition which released recently) and after that, why not give Lynch a chance and some Coppola too?

I feel like mainstream cinema is pretty much dead but it's not a problem.
No. 7987
Birdman and Whiplash are two tremendously good recent films for example. Maybe there are more recent examples.
No. 7989
53 kB, 512 × 320
89 kB, 640 × 261
Are we in Clouds of Xeen? X---DDD
Sorry can't resist le joke

I seen hell lot of lcassics from all times, and have in list a lot other good and.. not very good movies indeed.

Just kinda owrried for cinematography as it is

Well Logan was allright even it's meh and capeshit, it feels more like early movies about comicbooks that not feels like shitty comicbooks at all - like Blade or Contantine. I liked Split, even if it's not 10/10 was pretty okay to watch. But from like science fiction movies...Edge of Tomorrow is dumb, boring and shit. Interstellar dumb, boring and have more plot holes than black holes in our galaxy (anothe terrible joge yeah X---DDD). Gravity or how it was called was allright if you watch it once and not think much about what happening. Life (2017) was bad remake of first alien. I don't liked this movie but can't even remember why. New robocop was bland and meh as fuck, terminator 5 - terrible. Valerian and the city of a thousand planets... I not seen, I not very familiar of original comic not I fan of Besson and french-style science fiction that much, but my firend who like thins things said that movie "meh". Warcraft movie.. was not warcraft but was capeshit for asian WoW players and one of the worst movies I can imagine about it. Star Wars - I want disney and all disney star wars burn in deepest hell hole I can imagine. What else? I still not seen The Shape of Water and started A Cure for Wellness was back ago but never managed to finish however it already felt okay, but cliche as fuck. First Player Ready is maximum concentration of cringest capeshit I can imagine. Basicly apotheosus of capeshit that has no plots insted shitton of REFFERENCES for """"nerds"""" and basicly this movie can be described as "wall of greentext". New alien movie is shit, I even prefere Aliens vs Predator movies more than this, fuck Alien Covenant. I think same will happen with this new Predator REMAKE SOFT REBOOT nobody asked for. New ghostbusters - nuffsaid as anything sony do now. They making Sonic the hedgehog and from what known it be as terrible as any other recent sony movies like emoji movie, or pixels or any other movies that even bydlo degenerate majority counted as "bad". Oh and yeah, we already seen from first screen what terminator 6 will look like. Fuck, why making fucking 6, make terminator die already. Last interesting thing was TV series that was closed on 2nd season on most epin moment. They killed everything - star wars, star gate, star trek, terminator, warcraft - basicly everything that I liked they did as bad and childinsh as possible. And what I remained? Playing 90s vieogames, read old books, watch 50s monster movies and look on old obscure crazy comics from 30s like that about superhero who lived on sun, that comic that was drawed by drunker with mental issues, I forgot it's name...
No. 8631
120 kB, 707 × 1000
Fusi/Virgin mountain. Nice one-hour long soul-crushing drama about 40 yo virgin working for pennies and living with his mother, main character is extremely relatable to imageboard dwellers. I like dramas showing miserable personalities living in poverty, I knew that I would love this movie already in the second minute of the film when the protagonist enters his apartment and spots his mother with /// spoilers ///
No. 8750
Someday. It won't be profitable forever.
No. 8810

Birdman was shit
No. 8842
it will be profitable among chinks for ages to come, that's the primary capeshit market for the time being. westerners will just have to keep on suffering.
No. 8904
American Horrorstory 8th season has started, this season is themed around the apocalypse. So far it seems rather meh.
No. 9001
38 kB, 471 × 640
Great movie. Love it so much!

No. 9009
What you can tell about it? Genre? Plot? Actors?
This is name of file, you recommend concretic release of this movie?
No. 9035

Twister was a perpetual classic on TNT for the next decade after it was released. I swear I saw this movie and Independence Day on more often than not, and I consider them as part of that nostalgic set of 1990's films that I enjoy for the visual qualities of the setting alone.

Twister also inspired cheesy made-for-TV tornado films that year such as Night of the Twisters and Tornado! starring Bruce Campbell. There is a scene from Night of the Twisters that I recall where a family in a house about to be struck by a tornado runs around opening all of their windows to equalize the pressure in the house. This is entirely useless to do, and makes me wonder if anyone watched it on television and died opening their windows instead of hiding.
No. 9069
51 kB, 678 × 380
Daddy Long Legs 1955

It's about an old millionaire that falls in love with a 18 year old girl who studies at another country.
Good funny musical.
No. 9637
563 kB, 1827 × 2560
The movie's age is noticeable and the camera work wouldn't impress you, but the film still evokes the audience's emotions and by the end of it you can notice tears on your cheeks. Just another piece of misery porn is going into my collection.
No. 9638
I wouldn't call it a "classic" in any sense. It was just another cheesy disaster movie out of however many dozens back in the day. I still remember Arachnaphobia as being a bit more the classic cheesy 90s movie that was on all the time.
No. 9639
I did not realize that this happened.
Is The Death of Stalin good? Did any ernsts see it?
No. 9645
Neorealism is a breddy cool genre. Italians are very good at cinema tbh.
No. 9650
Yes, it's a good comedy although there are some problems with historical acuraccy. The film caused a shitstorm on Russian imageboards and was banned in Russia, 'cause many Russians still love Stalin and the USSR.
No. 9689
It's pretty good, I'd right it higher than In the Loop. I think Iannucci made the right choice in choosing a historical setting on the logic that political-comedy doesn't work today but don't expect total accuracy.

Also try and find one with the deleted scenes.
No. 9930
188 kB, 1917 × 1080
37 kB, 800 × 400
I was introduced Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby recently. It's pretty ebin and I'm amazed they managed to get all this past the censors. And also annoyed because a show like this would be incredibly popular here but we're not allowed.

Also watched A Place Further than the Universe and the penultimate episode had me crying from both eyes despite the bad animation.
No. 9955
32 kB, 220 × 321
I just watched an old Clint Eastwood movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales. I enjoyed it a lot, and the character seemed like an obvious inspiration for the heroes of fantasy writer David Gemmell's books.
No. 9958
Why did this give Russians a butthurt?
No. 9965
>Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation: “Many people of the older generation, and not only, will perceive it as an insulting mockery of the entire Soviet past, of the country that defeated fascism, of the Soviet army and of ordinary people and even the victims of Stalinism."
No. 9966
11,2 MB, 640 × 360, 3:28
No. 9973
>Whoever does not miss the Soviet Union has no heart, whoever wants it back has no brain
It's like Putin says I supposed. I don't know much about life in the Soviet Union but I imagine a lot of people had hellish lives before and came from various areas of conflict to the Soviet Union. No place like home you know. People have their own memories to look back on, their songs, their personal memories and tragedies.
Joking about something is one thing but if went so far as to make life seem like a farce or deride the people I could understand their being outrage over it.
No. 10051
Ofc Putin said that, and why wouldn't he? Putin became the wealthiest Russian and one of the most powerful leaders in the world thanks to the collapse of the USSR. Now all of his friends have lavish lifestyles and his daughter lives in the Netherlands and enjoys western life thanks to her father's blood money, he guaranteed a carefree life to many future generations of his family.
No. 10105
This movie was really good I unintentionally sat down and watched from start to finish.

Was the entire Central Committee a bunch of clinical psychopaths? It also reminds me of the behavior of both Nazis (with Hitler playing Stalin and Himmler playing Beria) as well as contemporary personalities like Trump and Kushner and co. or various tyrants like in North Korea.
No. 10109
>Was the entire Central Committee a bunch of clinical psychopaths?

Pretty much.
No. 10159
Any good movies on S-P-A-C-E? Scifi movies? I haven't been paying attention to most of pop culture for years so idk if even anything decent came out in the last few years. Not sure what I'm in the mood for but not brainless action shit. What does Ernst recommend? Should I watch Eraserhead?
No. 10161
The new blade runner isn't that bad. Also altered carbon is decent, but it's not cinema. It's fast food.
No. 10163
I don't really think that the old blade runner was any good and atop of it's times capeshit.

It had good ideas. But that's all and not enough by far.
No. 10167
Did you watch the directors cut? For me it was a very amazing watch, full of hidden symbolism and double meanings. I almost shouted to myself "He's crying!!!" at the end.
No. 10168
That sounds like a good idea since cinema cuts used to be the outmost shit.

I will when I feel like watching BR in the future.
No. 10216
The original BR was in fact quite profound. I'd say I've successfully failed to grasp the full picture the first couple of times I've seen it. Only as I have matured with age and grown many extra layers of sophistication and complexity to my core could I follow the plot's nuances accurately enough to claim I've understood it. For example, Deckard's relationship with Rachel can only be narrated with precision when you understand that during the movie Deckard develops an immense respect and empathy for the replicants. As he is dealing with them, he starts seeing them as better, deeper human beings, superior in every sense. It's quite complex.

The soundtrack is a classic as well. Very moody.
No. 10241
Just finished watching "Bodyguard", a BBC terrorism drama. In this series, they made everyone powerful they could a female. They also had the main guy be shown to be a loser for not being able to "handle a woman with power" like many other men apparently. Was rather cringe but it could be put aside. They also went for the "get help for mental health" meme.

There was also a little plot hole that only autists would notice, but it could have been fixed easily.
No. 10289
40 kB, 620 × 376
102 kB, 459 × 372
319 kB, 1306 × 980
I'm sorry for the Chinese then.


I watched again Rollerball from 1975. In a VHS version I had. Oh pleasure. A great film. I love that films. Great looks.


Pure love.
No. 10292
Some of the good scenes are on youtube, spoilers obviously.
No. 10589
I finished this recently due to your post and found it ok. The family drama gets a bit tedious as the croat said. Nicely filmed, interesting enough characters, plot and setting, pace is a bit slow but ok. 6.5/10
No. 10613
I finally finished Sopranos. It's got such a weird way of editing to me that I often had difficulty filling in some gaps of what was supposed to be happening or why. I'd also already heard something about the ending supposedly being ambiguous whether the whole episode was him dreaming or the afterlife so that totally threw me off guard for how it ended. It was so abrupt and seemingly senseless that I think it was kind of brilliant. Although the one thing is, I don't get how people can come to sympathize so much with characters that are all complete monsters. Sons of Anarchy took such a cavalier attitude to death and murder I burned out on its fakeness, which at least Sopranos didn't do. Pretty good show.
No. 10620
>that totally threw me off guard for how it ended

Yeah, i needed days to decide if i hated or liked the ending.

>I don't get how people can come to sympathize so much with characters that are all complete monsters

The idea actually was that people hate them, David Chase said in an interview that he was shocked when the viewers started to like Tony Soprano.
No. 10626
I read that Chase was actually surprised and a little bit appalled by how people seemed to by vicariously living through fantasies of robbing, pillaging, killing etc. and to then condemn Tony and cry for his blood. Which to be fair, is a major societal mechanism of a drama. Do you know the Judaic idea of the scape goat? It was the idea that you can put all the sins of your people onto a sacrificial goat and have him carry those sins away from the people into the wildnerness. I don't think a majority of American Christians even make that connection with Christ and the context, but whatever. Idea being it's a sort of tribal psychotherapeutic mechanism whereby a people purges themselves. This is the kindest way I can interpret that behavior, since it really does remind me of the typical disgusting peasant showing up to jeer for an execution. I think what it did do quite expertly though was show sort of the general malevolence, lack of trust, betrayal, selfishness, and hypocrisy of a great many people only taken into overdrive. I get the impression this is simply what your average suburbanite wishes they could behave. But what the comment I saw on TOW seemed to intimate was that Chase was more disgusted by people crying out for Tony's blood.
No. 10654
>condemn Tony and cry for his blood

I'm sure many did but most people were on his side when someone tried to kill him or when he had one of his panic attacks. I have to admit that this might be in part because of the great use of music, the screenplay and the talented actors that can influence the viewer a lot.
For example this scene, don't tell me you wanted Tony to die here. No one wanted.

But i also think you can simply dump it down to "America loves gangsters".
The Sopranos wasn't the first time people cheered for the bad guys, there are enough extremely successful gangster movies. People like the "i don't give a fuck" mentality.

I just woke up so i lost myself a bit in this text, i hope something of what i wrote makes some sense.
No. 10655
>But i also think you can simply dump it down to "America loves gangsters".

I completely disagree. In the entire series, the viewer is made to like Tony and to empathize with him. He is the most fleshed out character, and everything about the show make you gain empathy for him. He is the character whose motivations and actions and more present to the viewer, so it is only natural you will gain empathy for him.

It's a good show, I enjoyed it.
No. 10656
863 kB, 1280 × 720
47 kB, 1280 × 720
32 kB, 1280 × 720
Most characters have some likable features but they're still shown as the bad guys.
People like Tony Soprano just like they like Vito Corleone or Tony Montana.
No. 10661
Yeah, and it's conscious because they tend to build antipathy for characters right before they kill them off. Only notable exception I can think of being Adriana, since other than her everyone else kills somebody right before they get killed off and usually someone innocent, like Bobby, Vito, Sil and Chris
No. 10914
77 kB, 219 × 617
BTW it's 2018


-lots of violence
-no mega corporation ruling over states. Many corporations ruling but not over everything (apparently)

Happy 2018
No. 10917
67 kB, 400 × 585
nother one:

Irregular but captivating. Good film, I understand why Fulci has a following, he creates moments of heavy atmosphere
No. 10918
75 kB, 620 × 417
I figure it's because they might be the main characters.

I detest mafia films because they glorify them.

Anyway it'd be a good idea to watch Godfather because of Caan
No. 10972
I just watched Wind River. It was a very good film. I highly recommend it to anyone, especially to everyone who is tired of how action is done wrong in modern films. Besides that, this film puts pretty muche very block buster that I had the misfortune of watching in the last decade to shame when it comes to pacing. A thriller with high tension despite the fact that barely a gun is fired. Think of the first Bourne compared to the others.

And bonus points from me because I love the setting. Not enough films are set in icy mountains.
No. 11374
27 kB, 250 × 330
51 kB, 350 × 498
  1. Crude, regular rhythm, neat, neat
  2. It's pedestrian but it can be fun. It's the 2nd time I watch it because it was filmed here!
No. 11381
331 kB, 800 × 1155
What a great movie. Dunno if that much people outside of post ussr and france familiar with it, but this is (and whole trilogy if we count it) one of the best french movies. Comedy, but without much short jokes (there is thought but they mostly about commissre) and more like is it whole movie just one satiric joke and james bond and other anerican spy movies. But same time in moments it serious and film often not takes itself silly, but when you look at it as whole this is really funny. Good example of high-comedy but same time light-heart, without toilet or black humor.
No. 11383
77 kB, 622 × 347
What did you think of 120 Days of Sodom? Personally I felt more like it was a willful exercise in obscenity for the sake of being obscene on film rather than the actually more nuanced criticism of fascism it attempted to portray itself as
No. 11385
141 kB, 900 × 1596
99 kB, 874 × 699
46 kB, 506 × 612
198 kB, 630 × 1200
I read 120 days of Sodom before watching the film. I was very thrilled at the idea of watching the film.

Personally I think the completely opposite of you. "120 Days" the book is not about politics, and Passolini made it reek of politics.

But your opinion is completely normal! I would have thought the same, fug

Ah! I watched Logan's Run again :) Yay I love that films

Yay I need to make a PC home cinema shit to...
No. 11387
299 kB, 1600 × 1000
... To watch all the "in a not so distant future..." 70s films!


Ah Russia! I watched The Video Dead! Thanks!
No. 11676
27 kB, 422 × 236
117 kB, 600 × 600
Kidnapped in Iraq with a female Turk journalist:

Episode "Locked Up Abroad: Iraq"

Background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Taylor_(journalist)
No. 11698
31 kB, 544 × 288
41 kB, 544 × 288
45 kB, 544 × 288
Watched "Rebels of the Neon God" a few days ago, quite liked it

Slow, moody, not a lot of dialogue, authentically portrays the aesthetics of an Asian metropolis(Taipei iirc)

Interesting thought I had is that there are many scenes inside arcades and a scene in a telephone dating café, and the poeple already seem quite alienated, sitting at machines, or in separated booths, but still in public. But nowadays these behaviors are even more private, with people playing video games at home or using dating apps on their phones.

The soundtrack consists of only one song, which is super lo-fi, but actually it's rather catchy and transmits well the melancholy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvCky_Xl8A8
No. 11699
27 kB, 544 × 288
31 kB, 544 × 288
47 kB, 544 × 288
Few more screenshots
No. 11709
161 kB, 750 × 1334
25 kB, 798 × 420
75 kB, 1000 × 563
1,3 MB, 1024 × 768
>Ah Russia! I watched The Video Dead! Thanks!
And how it was? :D For me it was very unortodox thng at time when I watched it as kid.

Logan's Run as really brilliant movie, and exept part with robot it not that much aged. But for some reason I just really love this mid-70 science fiction style as fuck. This why from Star Wars movies my favorite is Episode 4.

I seen Mandy. It was really interesting experience. Probably, one of the best movies of 2018 (because there was not actual movies in this year probably)
I expected... I don't know what I expected, people often said that "this is movie without plot but good visuals", but on other hand there was Nicolas cage and as fan of actor I can't avoid it. So I go in small cinema on other side of city because it was last place where it run and was on the liast time it was showed in mine city.

I'd say in short: there is plot. Plot in a nutshell. Imagine was taked most standart holy wood plot, then fragmented to scenes, and then each scene was altered with some element of style and psyhodelic where in on edge where you can recognise intial scene. I think, main expereminent was with this and sadly most people don't get it and name that "this has no plot". I don't know should I spoiler anything, but director played with each scene and with each part of plot altering them slightly different way but keeping idea that they should be on edge of recognision - I think this was one of two - or director picked this most generic REVEGNE plot to find how much you can reomve from it and alter it but when it still be recogisabele, or director intentionaly picked this generic plot so movie can be recognised. Because if it had complex plot that will be altered same way - I think this movie would be absoluetly not understandable.

Way some scenes altered is brilliant, Like generic part when main hero "suffering mentaly" from fact that he lost wife and decided to go revenge is basicly Nicolas in his classic fashion on edge of sence screaming on toiled from pain and chaoticly drinking vodka and screaming again. Absolute minimum but you still get it.
Or near-ending conclusion with main villian which very reminds me end of first season of true detective but when in detective you seen edge between crazy that actualy belive in this mystics and have from their perspecive kind of vision where on some time you may actually belive in this mystics, but there was also ration side and rational conclusion. In this movie it was tow sides of absolute brain melting - but there was some surprising like 2 seconds of senety and it is really interesting thing - where director intermixed different elements of all used cliches (even one metaphoric ones like "hero already died and all of this his dream/he in hell" have their momnets) and it awesome to see how different people will guess their theories about it.
Visually of cource it brilliant, epessialy parts where Nicolas horror dreams that was kinda in syle of "Heavy Metal" shifted to reality and Color filters+motian locations+heavy metal cartoon created some sort of something that looked like Outland from WoW Burning crusade and it was really artisticly awesome done. Bikers also by design really looked like Cenobites from hellriser. There also was some other really great scenes, like "ending" which cuted without actually anything and any morale because morale builded upon more developed and deep sides of plot, and this movie as I said is "plot in a nutshell" so there best conclusion is just no conclusion and screaming Nicolas, but I will not spoiler more, better see it yourself.

In conclusion - between 8,5 and 9,5 I can not decide yet more concreticly.
No. 11710 Kontra
Also forgot to say that this movie recommended for people who in deep interesting in artistic movies, fans of nicolas cage and in general for people who like experements in cinema.
No. 11778
4,0 MB, 640 × 480, 0:13
4,0 MB, 640 × 360, 0:45
9,1 MB, 640 × 360, 2:05
4,2 MB, 672 × 432, 0:30
Thanks I haven't even heard of this film before will check it out. Have some Bespredel edits. Have you seen Enter the Void? Is it good?
No. 11788
15 kB, 200 × 281
The thing I like the most is the raw zombies when they are being aired in the TV. The direction is correct, there is tension, it has no pretensions and it's humourous but merciless too. I bought it in DVD for 2 €. The fact that lots of people are all in Netflix nowadays help the price, I think.

Radis and getumen, the whole film here (with Greek subs)

I love that kind of films you mention too, although Star Wars is too much fantasy for me, I prefer dread and a bleak future I guess. I completely agree with the robot part, it's 100% avoidable, I'd cut it.

In two nights I rewatched "Deadly Harvest" (1977). Ecological apocalypse. Correct. If you are a fan of this it's a must obviously.

Phul philm here:

(my DVD copy was much redder. I figure I bought it for one Euro)

Thanks for the Cage film review.
No. 11789
>I agree with the robot part, it's 100% avoidable, I'd cut it.
*in Logan's Run
No. 11793
3,6 MB, 2400 × 1608
105 kB, 1280 × 720
107 kB, 665 × 375
128 kB, 360 × 514
>I bought it in DVD for 2 €.
Holy shit, you can unironically find this old forgotten b-movie crap in sotores? And you in europe legitemetly buy them instead of download it or watch free or whatever who cares?

>The thing I like the most is the raw zombies when they are being aired in the TV.
You know, I had a funny story about this movie. My dad was a sailor in late 80s-late90s and he basicly was in south america many times, so even at times of USSR and 90s he had acces to many video tapes with all movies you can buy in capitalist country and they regulary watch them with crew with spanish translation (he kinda into languages, at least was, such was his work) and this was one of movies. And since back then it was hard to get specific copies of some movies (there was no legal distribution stories untill like mid 00s same as internet in our family) so you go on local market or other piracy and half licensed shit store and trying to find something you like of cource choises was limited, so about some movies for years I heared only from dad memories.
And in particular, when I was a kid he once in evening told me a story about it, like he likes, in short described plot - "there was a couple, they lived alone in house kinda near not very dence forest. Once they recived a package - with strage TV. They turned it on and on screen was autumn forest... and thought this forest slowely walked dead. And after some minutes they relised - this is forest near their house! And it happens now! And there already thie house on TV!".
For fucks sake, I swear to god, I can't get sleep this day. This story that from his words was more like you know, a children "Creepy story" so freaked me out, I remember this to this day. When I got internet I of cource watched this movie together with dad, we run thought many 70-80s b-category scary movies, it was really nice experience.

>I love that kind of films you mention too, although Star Wars is too much fantasy for me,
Well, after spending whole my life on already old and "uncanon" Expanded Universe I can't take star wars as fantasy, espessialy after TIE Fighter game where it all, since science fantasy, presented in so dedicated descriptions, how fleet and mechanisms work, how new fighters developed, how it hard to manage things on outer reaches of galaxy, how fleet to which you belong always have limited suplies, techincal problems, always you need protect support and repair ships, how even cargo containers divided on classes and manufature types... but most of this stuff follow more general style of Episode 5-6 in little details for most part if we follow movies era, so I go to Episode 4, to it's kinda unpolished nature but something that after knowing so much lore feels so natural and alive, yet unique in it's style. Hairstyles, narrative, colors - I so much love this movie it always spessial pleasure to watch for me.
I can actually recommend battlestar galactica 1978 TV series for something similar but yet different and Silent Running from 1972

>I agree with the robot part, it's 100% avoidable, I'd cut it.
Nah it is really fun scene reviled that most people who escaped from city was freezed here. Problem is just even when movie not very expensive, it looked really imperssive for it's days, but this robot design and costume soo poorly done it looks like from 50s b-movie. If they had better robot costume I'd be perfectly fine with it.

From where you have this shitty sosach webms? Anyway exept memes and overall movie atmosphere of late-post ussr russian prisons which was okay I guess I remember how they showed benis of Sergey Garmash. And not Garmash is very old, appearing at ads of some retirement payments bank and on some posters he looks kinda creepy because he become even more old. Just look at picture 4! I don't think is it alive person or something from Romero zombie movie!
I not seen "Enter the Void" but I seen "Oddysey 1989" and some Baskova movies including infamous meme-generator Green Elephant. I not that big fan of "black depression" movies tbh.
No. 11796
The last webm is from the movie ДМБ ("DMB", "Demobbed"). If you haven't seen it, you should: it is one of the rare post-Soviet Russian comedies which doesn't suck.
No. 11799
I concur regarding Silent Running; everyone who likes sci-fi should watch that. It's a classic and at the same time it has been mostly forgotten. There are several parts of that film that newer films, even from 30 years ago, fail to deliver.
No. 11801
Not every "classic" SF movie is worth watching. Yeah, there are absolutely ebin films like Metropolis or 2001, but something like Forbidden Planet or The Day the Earth Stood Still is actually very meh and should only be sat through because of the academic interest.
No. 11813
>The show follows the character of John Luther, a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind cannot always save him from the strength of his passions. Creator Neil Cross stated that Luther contains influences from both Sherlock Holmes and Columbo, as the character of Luther's intelligence when it comes to solving crimes is comparable to Holmes' and the show makes use of the "inverted detective format" wherein the audience is aware of the criminal but not of how they will be caught, as opposed to the conventional idea of the audience discovering the criminal as the characters do [1].

I have downloaded and just watched the first series 6x 1hr, of Luther.
It is fucking great, even on a re-watch, the later series have even fewer episodes.
The red head makes me fucking diamonds.
Anyone watched this before it is great
Pretty sure they tried to make it into films, not sure.
Iris Elba, the nigga, career blew up and he took the big pile of hollywood cash, but series just screams quality throughout.
You might have known him as the smart nigga in The Wire.
No. 11830
939 kB, 1951 × 2956
2,6 MB, 1349 × 1056
He said must watch for people who love science fiction, and this was important movies for genre. But I not watched them even thought I know about them a lot lol There a movies that great by itself even today, there also movies that was iconic and was ultra awesome when the come out but nowdays tha for general audience be honestely not that great, like Psycho - exept idea of chinging main plot on half of movie this has not much to affer that may really surprise modern audience, and there was a moves that "meh" at all regards but even them are interesting for people who searching thought movies and interested in gener or cinematography as itself. As historical, Forbidden Planet and The Day the Earth Stood Still is defenetly recommended for watching for sci-fi and historical cinematography fans and they honestely not that bad.

From 50s movies I can really recommed When Worlds Collide - this is fir its time really epin movie. Great special effects (well, he won oscar for it!), catastrophy movie, have some drama. I seen it quite long time ago but there was memorable scene where they showed russians on like 10 seconds and it was pretty damned realistic russians - with all details, no errors in language and it is really impersive for 1951, fuck, stalin was alive still, and like for rest of XX centuary in holywood movies russians are mostly clowns who live with mammonts and drink vodka.
Plot is kinda like that - near Earth fly other planet and effect of her passing by destroying earth (yeah, not something you will call HARD SCIENCE FICTION nowdays but whatever) and some peole want to escape earth and they builded rocket/plane kinda thing and escaped it. As I know there was book on which it based and in 2nd part on this planet lended not only heroes but russians, europeans and others and there again started wars and conflicts between people and it'd be really interesting to watch honestely but movie ends on happy ending that heroes escaped.

But there also movies like Thing From Another World which is very lame adoption of original story "Who Goes There?" with most basic 50s cliches and not very smart scenes even by it's time, with absoluetly boring "thing" monster which is in this adoption not actualy thing but kinda plant-man who goes slowely and in cheap costume and there nothing about this movie that worth metion exept that one of the fronts from this movie and part of title will be re-used in John Carpenter's famous The Thing which is obvious masterpice which everybody know and who don't know should immideatly watch and after actual 1982 move this 50s film is kinda "eeeh..." - only worth watching if you gone throught all not-that-terrible 50s science fiction movies.
No. 11864
10 kB, 880 × 300
27 kB, 612 × 462
> Holy shit, you can unironically find this old forgotten b-movie crap in sotores? And you in europe legitemetly buy them instead of download it or watch free or whatever who cares?

Of course. I have bought many films from this fantastic distributor located in
Barcelona, which provides cheap films with a good edition. Subtitles, good
layout, etc.

La notte del terrore,
Two early Cronemberg films
Zombie 3
Zombie (Fulci)
Manhattan Baby
Paura en la città di morti vivanti


I support our companies. Even more if their products are so cheap.

background music: trumpet playing low in the distance

No. 11902
262 kB, 838 × 995
>"there was a couple, they lived alone in house kinda near not very dence forest. Once they recived a package - with strage TV. They turned it on and on screen was autumn forest... and thought this forest slowely walked dead. And after some minutes they relised - this is forest near their house! And it happens now! And there already thie house on TV!".

I dig a lot the pure chill of a child in front of things he does not know they can be real or not. It's something nuclear.
No. 12075
1,5 MB, 2949 × 2201
92 kB, 516 × 709
51 kB, 400 × 600
110 kB, 795 × 1005
There is a moment when it fucks it up in terms of immersion but I don't care at all. I love that films. Period.

>Forbidden Planet or The Day the Earth Stood Still
They are very nice films, iconic and entertaining. Heathen.

>Nah it is really fun scene reviled that most people who escaped from city was freezed here.
I'd say it causes problems with the flow of the film. This, or I haven't understood why is it so important that people gets frozen when leaving the city.

Films I watched recently!
╚> Pic 2: rude! Correct but won't watch again!
╚> 3: good but I think Burton overdoes it too much! It's not obligatory to be this exaggerated when directing actors! IMVHO!!
╚> 4: it pisses me off that with in such a expensive work of art that is cinema scripts can be so weak! Total waste of money! tsk
No. 12089
25 kB, 212 × 325
17 kB, 257 × 388
>iconic and entertaining
Iconic? Definitely. Entertaining? Not so much. Their plots are silly, their characters are unlikable and the "science" part of "science fiction" is pretty much nonexistent. Sure, you can regard them as "important milestones" for the science fiction genre in cinema, but as standalone movies they are really bad.

By the way, have you seen The Andromeda Strain? I remember seeing it as a kid, and I liked it, so I thought you might be interested, too. Oh, and there is also Dark Star; it is kinda stupid, but in a funny way, you should check it out, if you haven't already.
No. 12094
460 kB, 800 × 1203
84 kB, 540 × 780
I saw many bad reviews but i really liked the movie
No. 12098
>The Andromeda Strain

This is my go-to movie when I have the flu. It's very comfy in an assburger kind of way as it explains all the decontamination precautions and there isn't really a villain. Shame that an updated version seems impossible to make well.
No. 12113
I just watched the first episode of the second season of Castlevania. The first season was only a test run, sometimes visibly so, but the second season seems much better so far. The writing is more structured, the voice acting is more consistent and the visuals at at least as good if not more impressive.

Take the following with a grain of salt since I have only seen one episode so far:
It's still not a very good show, but the atmosphere is great and where else can you lose yourself in a stylish depiction of 1400s Wallachia?

Oh and I also like how true they are to some aspects of the games, namely the depiction of the church. I feared that where the Japanese know absolutely no holding back, an american produced show might censor itself when talking about christiandom. To my delight the church is still 100% evil while the vampires are about 75% evil and the general populus is a mix of racist bigots, naive victims and poverished drunkards.

Well, much text to simply say: Watch it if you want to enjoy some stylish blood fest in a beautifully drawn Wallachia. I, for one, can thoroughly enjoy it.
No. 12125
Why would it be so hard to update? I remember seeing it as a kid. Pretty decent idk why anyone would call it a B movie. Although I also thought Contagion was pretty good. They actually at least tried to have the scientific background in that one.
No. 12126 Kontra
lol oh fuck because different thread nb

Are there even any good new shows out? There probably is I'm just not aware of it. I think the last show I watched other than GoT was Better Call Saul and that's just a Breaking Bad spinoff. I'm not really aware of what's in theaters either.
No. 12135

First episode of The Litlle Drummer Girl seems promising, filmed after a Le Carre book, cold war setting, spies, terrorists etc. :

No. 12179
33 kB, 365 × 362
225 kB, 300 × 450
> but as standalone movies they are really bad.


ui what he has said

>By the way, have you seen The Andromeda Strain? I

Ui ah no Belarus, now I'm in Murder Genocide mode.

he told that pictures were bad

No I haven't seen them but I knew them, thanks for reminding me

And now I thought about pic 2
No. 12184
Thanks for pointing it out! So far every cineastic adaptation of Le Carre I've seen was at least very good, the peak being The Constant Gardener. If it wasn't for the shaky cam this film would be in my top 15.
No. 12185 Kontra
Good golly and it's by Park Chan Wook even. Now I definitely have to watch it.
No. 12279
401 kB, 1000 × 562
Great soundtrack but the film is quite terrible, too much incoherent towards the end. The rest is ok but man...
No. 12321
Yesterday I've seen Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters (1985), it was pretty good

It's a highly stylized mix of Yukio Mishima's life and excerpts of some of his works

The trailer has a rather obnoxious voiceover but at least it shows some of the visuals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzaXtBr5210
No. 12636

Moonshine Highway. Totally correct
No. 12646
Re-watched Rocky I to VI
Have to say Rocky III is my favourite.
No. 12659
Looks(!) nice.
Have you seen The Duellists? Also a tremendously nice looking film. But I didn't really get the in depht plot. Felt like the screenplay writer cut the book hard.
Still big fun.
No. 12663
119 kB, 716 × 1075
>They Shall Not Grow Old

You'll have to find it online or on iPlayer as a special for the 100th Year Remembrance. It's a recount of the war by Peter Jackson using archive footage and recollections of the Great War made in memory of his Grandfather.
No. 12706
Is it already relised?
No. 12711
Yeah, should be easy enough to find online now.
No. 12712
There was already similar project - "world war 1 in color" if you remember this series
No. 12724
Can't not recommend this enough.

Wonder if it is banned in Germany.
No. 12726
Why would it be banned?
Remarque is a celebrated writer even today, and a champion of pacifism.
Fits well into today's Germany's cultural landscape.
Now Jünger...
Was Storm of Steel ever turned into a movie?
No. 12729
13 kB, 1136 × 137
>Wonder if it is banned in Germany.
No. 12730
Of course not, it was only banned during Nazi time.
No. 12733
Youtube shows:
Video nicht verfügbar
Dieses Video enthält Content von Tele München Fernseh GmbH + Co. Produktionsgesellschaft VOD. Dieser Partner hat das Video in deinem Land aus urheberrechtlichen Gründen gesperrt.

Had a good laugh.
No. 12737
if it wouldn't have been IP blocked, i prolly wouldn't have bothered watching a 2,5h movie :3
it's a good movie, but i didn't find anything "special" in it. your typical anti-war war-movie. prolly watched too many of that kind to be amazed. (e.g. waltz with bashir)

it somehow reminded me of a docu which actually is banned (can't remember the name, thou. maybe someone can help me out?). The docu focuses on the time directly after ww2; how the americans and soviets treated the german soldiers after germany surrendered. i think it was banned because of "nazi propaganda" or something.
No. 12740
>how the americans and soviets treated the german soldiers after germany surrendered

So how did the film present it? I suppose the burgers were depicted as cruel, arrogant and condescending whereas the soviets were depicted as outright barbarians?
No. 12745
Massive doubts.
>arrogant and condescending
I hope so. Nothing is funnier to me than any group of people being arrogant and condescending to a bunch of Germans of all people. Should also be rude and demand they eat substandard pasta.
No. 12764
I forgot to mention there is the original screenplay adaption, aka the first film made out of the book, from the 30s.
No. 12891
10,4 MB, 474 × 360, 3:39
Where can I watch Season 4 in HD? It's still airing on tv (AMC) so it's not on Netflix yet
No. 13031
88 kB, 474 × 728
Greatest thing on tv in the last decade, urge you to watch even if you haven't seen Breaking Bad

Have pop-up blocker on:


No. 13038
83 kB, 650 × 919
162 kB, 1160 × 652
91 kB, 500 × 750
137 kB, 900 × 450
I don't know, there were a few extremely great shows in the last few years that i would recommend.

Of course Better Call Saul is one of them, but still...
No. 13047
I watched The Andromeda Strain a few days ago, it was pretty cozy as >>12098 said. Really nice retrofutristic set designs, analog editing/effects & good tension build-up.
It seems funny now how the scientists are portrayed a bit like rockstars, I think nowadays they've lost a lot of prestige, which is IMO one of the reasons a remake wouldn't work
No. 13307
407 kB, 800 × 1184
It's kind of like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" except that the whole movie is a fucking horror trip

"A film about injecting bug powder, accidentally shooting your wife in the head, drinking Mugwump "jism" out of your alien head typewriter, totally not being gay and more"

Probably my least favorite Cronenberg movie, it's a bit too fucked up and drug-focused. Also I'm not sure how to feel about that Burroughs fella who actually shot his wife in the head
No. 13378
104 kB, 560 × 830
this one I watched recently is much better.

Shivers and this one is the best Cronemberg I know
No. 13382
558 kB, 1604 × 2030
Haven't seen either of those yet, looks a bit too splattery for my taste. Is it?

My favorite of his is probably eXistenZ, it seriously fucked with my head. By the end of it I had a genuine feeling as if it would blend reality and fiction, kind of similar to Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness

I always put off watching it because of the poster, I never looked too closely at the gun so it always looked like some crappy action movies with the usual crappy romance stuff. Also all this sepia, I don't know, it's nothing like the movie at all
No. 13392
eXistenZ and The Fly are my favourites. Though Eastern Promises is also a damn good film, just an entirely different category.
No. 13411
Nah, it's bizarre and that's it IMHO

It's Cronremberg, you know, "body horror"

Existenz is nice but... Too modern for me I guess.
No. 13469
633 kB, 700 × 700
just watched Searching(2018).
cringe as fuck; do not recommend.

story is meh, but the style of story telling is "what the fuck?". just webcam, screen capture and every now and than other forms of surveillance. fells like you are watching from a creep's and~~/or~~ agent's POV.

oh, story is "girl missing, follow dad around trying to find her".
No. 13497
>too modern

Also for some strange reason it vaguely reminds me of the 13th Floor
No. 13637
217 kB, 736 × 1199
Dunno. The subject, the fact that I'm an involuntary fan of the 70s aesthetics and...

The fact that I found Existenz somewhat plain...

Dunno, a table is nice to...

1970          	 Crimes of the Future  ?
1977 Rabid Beri nais
1979 Fast Company ?
111 The Brood ?
1981 Scanners Boooooring
1983 Videodrome Somewhat "huh"?
1111 The Dead Zone Meh
1986 The Fly Meh
1988 Dead Ringers Fucked up in the heda, nice although problems with rhythm
1991 Naked Lunch OK, curious
1993 M. Butterfly Correct
1996 Crash Meh but fucked up in the heda big time
1998 I'm Losing You ?
1999 eXistenZ What I said
2002 Spider Dunno man, unimpressed
2005 A History of Violence Correct
2007 Eastern Promises Don't remember
2011 A Dangerous Method ?
2014 Maps to the Stars ?

Meh means in general "problems with rhythm"
No. 13679
eXistenZ, Matrix and 13th Floor all came out in the same year dealing with essentially the same topic, but all being vastly different in their approach. Matrix clearly won the popularity contest, which is fair; but sadly it did so to the effect that barely anybody knows the other two.
No. 13680
>Eastern Promises Don't remember

You have got to be kidding me.
No. 13685
110 kB, 620 × 368
133 kB, 1200 × 1200
216 kB, 1024 × 730
I mix it up with a James Bond movie and the one from a History of Violence and another one which I don't remember if...

BTW did I tell that Shivers is a masterpiece?
No. 13694
ayyy it's online

I would also highly recommend this movie
No. 13744
187 kB, 840 × 1000
fuging enjoy

It's very curious that my fave film from a director is his first film
No. 13812
4,9 MB, 854 × 480, 0:56
No. 13895
66 kB, 826 × 978
No. 14169
41 kB, 400 × 402
I can understand English films but I had lots of trouble with this one.

Really cool BTW

"Ice cold in Alex"[andria]
No. 14342
So with the ongoing news cycle on the CRISPR babies I got around to watch Gattaca (1997) today. I remember seeing a screenshot of it printed in an English school book in 9th grade or so. At that point I already thought it might not be a good movie, and I wasn't too wrong in that regard.
It was very cheesy and while I'm not one to complain about plot holes this movie did trigger me somewhat in that regard. Nonetheless some scenes were quite well done(e.g. the swimming contest and the street crossing without contact lenses) and Jude Law played a great role. Overall the movie felt very shallow though.

Also the poster design is absolutely awful once again
No. 14365
Is this thread already systemkontra or is something wrong here?
No. 14369
491 kB, 1920 × 1080
Ooari was mentioned.
No. 14409
419 kB, 1013 × 1500
New series for the friends of Science Fiction (and/or fans of George R. R. Martin).
No. 14575
68 kB, 1280 × 720
79 kB, 1280 × 540
I was expecting some trashy horror but somehow this movie about Sexy Psychic Vampire Vixens From Outer Space Destroying London turned out to be actually good. Really nice acting and cool special effects. The plot was definitely not a masterpiece of writing but it was somewhat unique and by far not as cheesy as one would expect. I like how it started out slowly and they saved most of the action for the last 20-30 minutes or so.

Also you can see plenty of that thicc bihh's boobies, the scene of her walking out reminded me a bit of the beginning of the Elfen Lied anime though by far not as gory.


Note to self: need to set up a wireless keyboard so I can take my own screenshots while watching from bed.
No. 14579
Holy shit mang, I've searched for the name of this film for at least 7 years...
Watched it around 2000 and can only remember bits and pieces of it, but just couldn't find it again.
Thank you.
No. 14580
222 kB, 1200 × 1600
Just watched the Clovehitch Killer. Really great movie, and it has that American Despair vibe that our brick was talking about.
No. 14585
I had similar feelings about Corman's Galaxy of Terror. I was expecting dumb gorefest/exploitation but it turned out to be a pretty decent SF horror/suspense with Lovecraftian overtones, nothing too special, but definitely worth its time. And it had boobies, too.

On the other hand, I had high hopes for Cameron's The Abyss, but I was really disappointed. It was mediocre, boring and cliched, the only good thing about it was the crazy Navy SEAL Kyle Reese.

Dude, it's literally the first link if you google "naked vampire from space".
No. 14588
I didn't remember - or never associated it with - vampires. The things I remember are minute details like the sarcophagii in space, the lightning, the landing on the asteroid and the naked lady.
No. 14665
161 kB, 800 × 1158
117 kB, 905 × 1192
>the 13th Floor
Just watched this and it was hella BAD. Looked like absolute ass, crappy generic music trying to make up for the lack of cinematography and mediocre acting to top it off. I wouldn't have minded the generic plot overall if it would have been well executed but combined with the bad casting and acting it really wasn't fun to watch. The ending just finished me, it was super stupid


The only thing salvaging the movie was the funny accent (and decent acting) of the old guy. I could imagine him playing C.G. Jung maybe
No. 14679
>Doesn't know Armin Mueller-Stahl

Take a look at the list of films he's played in, there is a lot to chose from if you want to see him again.

>generic plot
Okay stop. I can name two other films with a similar plot: eXistenZ and Matrix. If you really think the plot is generic, please name more films with the same or a similar plot.
No. 14680
It's actually a trope older than Rome.
See also: Plato's "The Cave"
No. 14688
>I can name two other films with a similar plot: eXistenZ and Matrix. If you really think the plot is generic, please name more films with the same or a similar plot.

Haven't seen 13th floor, but if it has something to do with the people being unaware that there are more layers to their reality, then Dark City fits (and it's a superior movie to Matrix, IMO, although the ending is kinda silly). In literature, Philip K. Dick often used plots like that, so adaptations of his books may touch them, too. There's also that anime, Serial Experiments Lain, and I've also heard that Dennou Coil could qualify, but I haven't seen it myself yet, so I'm not sure.

All in all, these kinda plots are quickly becoming very cliched, probably because they allow to pull off a more or less logical twist ending effortlessly and put on some pretense of originality this way.
No. 14706
No, Platos cave allegory does not fit. The three films mentioned deal specifically with virtual realities crafted and moving between the layers. It's a very specific take on the topic while Platos allegory is a general framework about perception of reality.

>All in all, these kinda plots are quickly becoming very cliched, probably because they allow to pull off a more or less logical twist ending effortlessly and put on some pretense of originality this way.

Good observation. This does apply to 13th Floor more than to Matrix or eXistenZ, I would say.
No. 14714
>Take a look at the list of films he's played in, there is a lot to chose from if you want to see him again.

I will, actually already have a few of them on my watchlist. Gonna watch Eastern Promises next I think

>If you really think the plot is generic, please name more films with the same or a similar plot.


Knock yourself out. Honestly it's been done to death, with Westworld there's even a super mainstream series about it.

The really worst thing about The Thirteenth Floor's plot was that at the end there turned out to be a totally really real layer and that was it, happy end! Even Total Recall (1990) with fucking Arnie is more subversive than that.
No. 14738
>and it's a superior movie to Matrix, IMO, although the ending is kinda silly

This is a flawless opinion.

I'd add that what I like about this whole genre (if you can call it that) is how it seems to speak of a period of time itself. The 90s and early 00s especially were golden years for questioning reality and I think that says something about the security people once felt in the West. It's like the optimism found in retro-futurism.
No. 14751
What the hell

It was part of a deeply rooted fear and cynicism against the takeover of technology too. Terminator was especially true of that but I think lost of identity even as organic beings was another issue explored in them. Keep in mind this is also around the popularization of the internet and all those free AOL discs. eXistenz seemed to explore more the concept of linking organics with information technology and entertainment, but there was also things like the Lawnmower Man movies. A generally running theme seemed to be "are our bodies ready for this? Will this new technology enslave us?" I think that while it all may have approached the issue with more gumption there was an overarching fear and pessimism. I mean this was also the time of things like Fight Club being made into a movie which also dealt with that sense of loss of self within the corporate urban environment and often felt more like a quasi nihilistic paeon to anarcho primitivism than anything else.
No. 14812
No. 14844
109 kB, 450 × 665
65 kB, 504 × 574
69 kB, 620 × 696
on Breaking Bad Robert Forster recommended Walter White this movie

Jason Bateman
Dustin Hoffman
Natalie Portman

>A pay-per-view version of this movie appeared in Brüno (2009). Brüno (Sacha Baron Cohen) was telling the hotel management that he refused to pay for "Mr. Magorium's Wonderba Emporium", which was the result of an errant fart onto the hotel remote.
No. 14895
64 kB, 1008 × 544
Great cast & memorable performances, very stylish thriller by Cronenberg about the Russian mafia in London
The fight scene in the bath house was really something else, very intense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEEfBLmK3Pw

My gripes are with the story not being fleshed out, to the point the movie feels unfinished. I wouldn't have minded if the movie would have gone on for another hour or so. Another thing is that the Russian the actors talk didn't feel particularly authentic since they all talked with accent, but also the vocabulary they used felt a bit limited. And when they spoke English with intentional Russian accent it felt a bit over the top.


Pretty fucked up for a christmas movie
No. 14919

Highly recommended. Seriously, see this movie. Gosling once again stars in the movie of the year, second time in a row. Way above the filler flicks marketed as A-movies nowadays. Buy a DVD or a blu-ray and keep it in your collection, even.
No. 15044
178 kB, 621 × 346
28 kB, 245 × 300
Penny Marshall, sitcom star and hitmaking director of ‘A League of Their Own,’ dies at 75
No. 15453
81 kB, 719 × 960
Correct but it did not make my dick hard