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No. 44162
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
3,7 MB, 1366 × 1804

-The protestant war lasted 11 years and had a total of 4.6 million military casualties, I dismantled the Holy Roman Empire during the war.
-I focused most of my development in Konigsberg and Danzig, Berlin is just some irrelevant provincial shithole.
-Moscow collapsed in the most horrible way possible, a big chunk of their former regions have been converted to islam, orthodoxy seems doomed.
-I released an AI kiev a while back from lithuania and gave them a 6/6/6 ruler, they seem to be doing well in pushing back the tatars.
-Protestant Toulouse,
-Burgundy alive and well in the Netherlands
-The UK owned Normandy, Northern Brittany and Gascony for a hell of a long time, only recently did France manage to push them out.
-The Danish-Swedish union alive and well, they might unite into Scandinavia soon.
-The turks ended up bordering me, so I pushed them back and released Nitra and Transylvania.
-Albania somehow managed to join the (now dismantled) HRE, and have thus survived the turks. Austria revoked their guarantee so they're about to get boned.
No. 44164
So rather quick but stupid question which I'm sure requires a massively detailed explanation:
How do you play these games?

I got four of em and after attempting to play HoI III I quickly lost any interest. Fast forward a few years and ssethtzeentach makes a review which actually makes it look fun for once but that being said it's become abundantly clear to me that I do need the DLCs just to have a good game and get what ought to be some pretty basic core features, which is one of the reasons I didn't like Stellaris at all (there were many reasons but it's just a bland Sins of a Solar Empire clone which feels like the bad side of an indie game).

So I finally tried to get Crusader II dlcs but so far as I can tell it's still a huge time sink for nothing but being a map painting simulator and one that isn't even very fun nor apparently responsive.

Am I missing something here? It basically just feels like I do nothing but sit there and watch the time go by. It doesn't feel like I can actually do anything or make any choices and the game makes them for me seemingly at times completely at random. How exactly am I supposed to play these games? I'm pretty sure I've got four but I forget the fourth one; it might be Vicky II. The others are HoI 3 and Europa Universalis IV.
No. 44166
If you don't enjoy staring at maps, these games aren't for you.
No. 44169
I actually do. That's the thing though. In fact I specifically play a cultural expansionist basically burger empire civilization every time I've got that option just because I'm so legitimately asperger symptom tier about it. I have wasted countless hours playing Starcraft leaving damaged buildings on life support for no other reason than to infest the whole map and watch my creep grow. I have specifically enjoyed playing Russia in Rise of Nations because not only I need more clay but it's gratifying watching all I touch get russified and decay.
I specifically play Galactic Civilizations in such manner as to grow my influence borders and swallow entire star systems whole.

That is part of why I point this out. Either I'm stupid or there's just something wrong with it in the way they're going about it. I've likewise not actually found any kind of decent guide on how to play them so far for whatever reason. I strongly suspect I am also doing something wrong but still.
No. 44171
Ever since they released MEIOU&Taxes 2.0 (I think it was in 2017) I can't enjoy vanilla EU4, it feels like an arcade-y map painter and nothing more. It's amazing what the mod developers can do, and they're working on a new version with even better population and land mechanics.
No. 44202
MEIOU&Taxes relies too much on government (player) intervention and allows you to accumulate ungodly amount of wealth in any region of the world, with millions of urban pops in each tiny province. You can make the Netherlands get 2mln urban pops in each tiny province it owns and make it produce more goods than all the other countries in the world combined. Very far from realism and economy spirals out of control by mid game
No. 44204
Though it's still better than vanila where you can use mana and make the Netherlands more developed in absolute numbers than the entire China, which is ridicolous. In MEIOU pops actually allow poor but big countries like China, India or Russia to be great powers til the end of game. China is basically guaranteed to be number one great power thanks to its massive population without player's manipulation
No. 44211
I tried to mod this for myself by reducing the urban gravity modifiers. Didn't end up working, the spaghetti code is too difficult to navigate given the amount of time I was willing to devote to it.

The urban pop figures aren't actually that bad in M&T, they're only off by about a factor of 2 in the worst case scenarios. Then again, I don't play in money-flushed regions, so maybe you can make it absolutely ridiculously OP. But IRL the Netherlands had about 50% of its population in cities at some point, so heavy urbanization of small countries like that should be possible.
No. 44214
It's not really viable unless you start in a very fertile region and completely devastate the rest of the subcontinent. Of course, it's not a real simulation, but you've got to admire what the did using EU4 as the base, and, as I have already mentioned, they're working on an overhaul of the population and building systems which should make it more realistic.
No. 45074
1,4 MB, 1366 × 768
1,7 MB, 1366 × 768
Meme idea for a run but whatever, had fun nonetheless. Started off as a custom nation in the Azores, Palaiologos dynasty.
I'll probably convert this to Vic2 and make the Greek provinces in the balkans 95% turk to simulate a mass Greek migration to the Americas.

-Red outline marks former British colonies, Britain declared war on me twice in a bid to expand, I took all their North American colonies in the process
-declared war on New Spain to expand further west

On a side note, I never understood why they had to remove the colonist slider on game setup present in EU3, seeing the Pacific coast colonised all the way up to Alaska by 1700 is retarded, they should at least give you the option to make colonising slower.
No. 48617
its bretty good... but you are going to form germany right ernst?

in my eu4 games i play england and go full anglo and just accumulate wealth. kinda off of eu4 now though. 1000 hours of my life spent on that game is way too much.
No. 48626
63 kB, 680 × 565
I can never make it past the 1600s for EU4. I lose interest and swap to another country but keep repeating this process.
No. 48640
I have that with CIV games and the modern period. The most exciting for me is the beginning at the brink of the agricultural revolution.
No. 48966
I think I have an addiction problem with grand strategy games. I try to do every achievements in EUIV. Sometimes, I finish a campain in one sleepless night.
Same problem. I must have played more than a hundred hours in my life, but ended 3 or four campains only.
No. 48967
That's not a lot tbqh. 4X games can easily sap several hundred hours per title.
No. 48975
See the thing like this. I play 4k games for more than 12 years and finished only four campains.
I remember the time when first I discovered Civ games. Some friend of mine had it on his family pc. I was coming to his house only to play it. A point was reached when my friend lost interest in the Game and I continued playing it alone on his family computer while he played in his garden.
No. 48977
I have sames, but the first couple of hours are the most exciting, that's a problem of these games. Those are the hours in which it is decided if you will dominate your enemies or not. After a certain point it's just grinding your opponents out in wars or fast-teching to technological/diplomatic or whatever victory.
No. 48978
If you play with friends the endgame can be funny with the alliance game and different ways of winning. Given you have enough time and patience to play with people till that point.

Once I was playing Civ V and my friend was about 15-20 turn from a diplomatic victory. I declared a war on him where I was prepared and him not, nuked his capital to death, and did a scientific victory (the easiest). I'm still ashamed to this day but the game was fun as hell.