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Please make this into a webm

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No. 4459 Kontra
I wasted 2 minutes of my life on nothing. You should stop creating new threads every time when you see some entertaining garbage. This is not /b/.
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-russia is isolated pariah!
-the west will strip Russia of the world cup!
-they will never build the stadiums in time!
-no world leaders will show up, they'll be humiliated!
-it'll be the worst world cup ever!
-we'll bomb the bridge before it's built!
-good they built crimea bridge, it'll be for us!
-they will lose in the group stage!
No. 4463 Kontra
This. Stop shitting up the board you retard.
No. 4473 Kontra
Agree. You shit quality poster, your threads are shit
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>Today you won, but tomorrow you'll need to exert yourself
Bet russians will think he insults them. Also Kolya hides again
t. Typical belarussian commenter
No. 4523 Kontra
Stop posting the same garbage over and over again.