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The world cup ended 1 days ago and the stadium is already falling into the Volga river.

Volgograd (Stalingrad) gets rains which cause flooding: https://youtu.be/9UHNm5Vl0O0?t=768

There were some during the England game but the rains stopped in time and tourists didn't see the water level rise that far.
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Russian quality construction
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The old stadium was demolished and the new stadium was built on top of it but is much bigger. Before they started building they uncovered 350 munitions from WW2. Maybe the rains activated one of those unexploded German bombs they missed?
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>pootine maded this games to steal monies
Oh no, what a news! Are you discovered it today?
Stop making useless thredas every fucking day, pol shitposter or kill yourself
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