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No. 45435
352 kB, 1800 × 1800
Hello, I am new here, so I'm not sure whether my post is going to be appropriate or not. Someone sent me here when I asked if there was any imageboard with less racism and rudeness.

I have been very depressed over a single disturbing idea for the past four years, and I need some advice regarding how I can overcome this. I am a twenty-two-year-old Indian man living in India (in case you didn't recognise the flag). When I was about eighteen years old, I started browsing online imageboard communities such as 4chan and Krautchan. Now, a lot of people in such websites have racist and White supremacist leanings. They are generally very impolite to brown/Black people such as myself. Moreover, they justify their racism by citing an ideology known as "race realism".

The idea behind race realism is that darker-skinned races are inherently intellectually inferior to lighter-skinned races, and are hence less evolved in terms of cognitive ability. According to studies conducted by a certain number of IQ researchers, the average IQ of India is around 82, while the average IQ of Sub-Saharan African is in the range 60 to 75. The threshold for intellectual disability in Western countries is supposed to be around 85. Hence the average Indian or African is intellectually disabled by Western standards. This explains why countries with darker-skinned people are poor, and why there has been very little contribution to academic fields from these countries.

I have gone through the papers written on the subject of race and IQ, and I find this theory very difficult to disprove. I want to believe that this apparent lack of intelligence is simply a reflection of lack of nutrition and education, and can be fixed by providing better living standards. But apparently it is largely genetic. This is because lighter-skinned people have evolved to have larger brains due to more challenging environmental conditions (cold climate).

I have wasted a lot of time arguing with people on imageboards about this, but it has only made things worse, especially because of the rudeness and hostility that those people treated me with. They keep using words like "shitskin", "subhuman", "animal" etc. to refer to me and my people. Just reading replies like these makes me feel like I'm inferior to White people.

This ideology has caused me enormous pain and sadness for the last four years, and I've been unable to do anything productive all this while. I've underperformed greatly in my studies, and my head hurts all the time from mental exhaustion. I see a psychiatrist once a month, but it hasn't helped me at all. All she does is ask the same questions all the time, and changes the dosage of the SSRIs I'm supposed to take.

I have considered suicide a few times, but obviously I can't get myself to do anything so drastic. I spent nearly all the time when I'm awake performing mental gymnastics about how to cope with these disturbing ideas in my mind. Many people online have advised me to start thinking of it this way: "Your race may be inferior, but you are not inferior". This does not solve the problem. It's not that I consider myself to be inferior, rather I am worried about the fate of my people. I want to believe that all human beings are born equal. This belief may seem unreasonable to some, but the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha are in agreement with it. I really want to believe that, but I can't find sufficient evidence to prove this to myself.

One of the ways I have tried to logically disprove race realism is by observing the historical patterns regarding which racial groups have been more economically successful and technologically advanced than others. Until the age of industrialisation began, I don't believe that Europe was significantly better off than the Middle East or South Asia. I'm not sure if any part of Sub-Saharan Africa was ever at par with Europe in terms of sophistication at any time in history, but it is noteworthy that agriculture began independently in East Africa and Papua, but not in Europe. Could these observations mean that which races are more successful than others is not set in stone? There was a point of time as recent as in the late twentieth century that China was poorer than India, and Poland was poorer than Jamaica. Could this mean that maybe a thousand years in the future, the income gap between the first world and the third world would not be so prominent? According a certain economic study, in the eighteenth century, what is now the third world was slightly wealthier than the first world.


I'm sorry that you had to read through this lengthy rant, but I am really desperate for some help.
No. 45436
Eh, we could have a discussion about human development and the ways inherent physical characteristics of certain populations affect it, but from where I am it seems like you have more of a personal problem. Somehow the ideology of random people halfway across the globe manages to directly affect your life to the point of almost ruining it, and the obvious solution to this is stop using imageboards altogether and instead focus on personal growth. Because, realistically speaking, what the hell racial superiority or inferiority matter to you? If it's grown to the point of obsession you might consider professional help, if it is available.
No. 45437
I see a psychiatrist and take three different SSRIs, but it isn't helping at all.
No. 45438
>Someone sent me here when I asked if there was any imageboard with less racism and rudeness.
We are kind of famous I see. Mostly, there ignored political shiposting and things like that. If you just want to talk about daily things, write blogpost or anything in Today thread Ernstchan more or less equal place for anyone.
No. 45441
82 kB, 985 × 797
Your people have a great history, the greatest in the world, and you will likewise have a great future. Even if there is an immutable IQ gap at population level, there are still tens of millions of superbly gifted people in India as a whole and they will be able to lead the whole nation into greatness.

Personally, I think the low IQ of Indians is most of all due to environmental toxins, widespread intestinal parasites and poor nutrition, which deprive children of essential brain nutrients growing up. Widespread vegetarianism is a big part of this, since red meat is an important source of many nutrients that the brain needs such as taurine, tyrosine iron etc. I don't think that studies comparing Westerners' IQ's to those of Indian-born Indians are able to control for this.
No. 45442
The first thing you have to know about is:

Then you realize that a lot of image board dwellers think they are the absolute elite.

Then you put two and two together.

Problem solved.
No. 45444
Have you ever considered these tests are politically and culturally not neutral?

Race Realism probably just racist scientism or so. Scientism is not uncommon with imageboard dwellers. I mean these people immeersve themselves in this shit, does not make it right. But it is not your task to prove them all wrong. Just do it like them socially, feel superior, asthey have fallen for shit.
Just keep in mind many of these people live with their parents and never get anything done in their life while millions of Indians study at home and abroad and finish their studies and actually do something with it.I heard India is good at and famous for biotechnology.


No. 45445 Kontra
Note: People who have low IQ explain the world by IQ.
No. 45446 Kontra
>I see a psychiatrist and take three different SSRIs

There's your problem. Those pills are chemical placebos at best and lobotomies at worst.
No. 45447
>I have gone through the papers written on the subject of race and IQ, and I find this theory very difficult to disprove.

Maybe read papers against it and critiques instead of doing it all on your own do have the "right" scientific background to evaluate these papers properly?
No. 45449 Kontra
Well, for a starter I'd say that proper education ads roughly 5-10-15 IQ points depending on how gifted someone is, the same goes for proper nutrition.
But genetics play a large factor and there's no denying that.
It's just the way things are.

Before the 18th century the "third world" had a significantly higher population than Europe, not to mention that the third world is larger, which means that it had more resources. Of course it's easy to be more productive than Europe even on a per capita basis.
And even then, a lot of Europe's development came down to a weird hybridization of Oriental traditions and Classical thought. (Not to mention the material conditions, especially those in England during the 1600s.)

Also remember that you're living in a world that uses the West as a model. So of course you hear a lot about the west being the best. But in fact, the west wasn't the first to do a ton of useful things.
Compasses, the printing press (both block and movable type), gunpowder, rifles, cannons, examination based bureaucracy and astronomy were all developed in the Orient before we either developed them independently or learned it through trade.
The west wasn't the only part of the world that sent out explorers. China was also at one point in its history interested in the outside world and sent out fleets that reached Madagascar and Ethiopia, establishing long lasting Chinese communities in Indonesia and the rest of Asia.
It's just that China was never pressured by economic necessity to go out and search for raw materials or human capital. (This is also why the British started selling opium, to create and artificial demand for a product the Chinese would have to pay in silver, so that the flow of precious metals would change.)

>I want to believe that all human beings are born equal
They aren't. We all have the same human rights, but we don't have the same genetic heritage (with their boons and banes)
You don't have to love every race. But not loving everyone doesn't mean hating everyone.
I for example have nothing but scorn for our biggest minority (romani), wish them nothing but harm, but that doesn't mean I can't admire the cultures of other races in a respectful manner.

The biggest point is: Race shouldn't take up most of your time. Same goes for politics. There's not reason to be hung up on the topic all the time. Just do what every normal person does, get a bit mad when you see some good for nothing trash and then forget about it 5 minutes later.
A lot of "racial behaviour" comes down to culture and class. What I hate in a romani or a black I hate in my own countrymen too, because it's shit tier prole behaviour, even if you're 2 metres tall with blonde hair and blue eyes.
You should be wary of someone's culture and behaviour instead of race first and foremost. (Of course I'm not saying there's no correlation, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, you hate them not because they're a few shades, darker, but because they act like unbearable retards who deserve a beating.)
No. 45450 Kontra
Also look at a fucking GDP or HDI map of India.
The Dravidian parts are the most highly developed, despite them being the darkest, and they were also the ones who established the Indus Valley civilization before the Aryan-migration pushed them to the south.
The existence of this group immediately invalidates the "brown=dumb hypothesis".
No. 45452
>This is because lighter-skinned people have evolved to have larger brains due to more challenging environmental conditions (cold climate).
If this was true then Inuits would be 9000IQ masterminds. But they are not. Also, most innovations in Europe came from Mediterranean region which is famous for it's mild climate, you can't call those conditions challenging by any measure.
No. 45455
The most famous paper about IQ and "race" from which "race realists" spread an infographic all around the internet is a) written by two right-wing scientists b) very poor in scientific quality.
The term "race" as a biological concept for humans is also outdated, sure there are black people, white people, brown people etc. but those can genetically differ way more inside of their "race" than outside of it.
Sure, there is a kind of materialistic limitation to how someone can potentially perform intellectually to each individual, but it's not actually linked to the skin color. Instead, as you noticed, it is very import how does someone grow up, what education does s/he get, what is society around her/him like, how rich/poor are his/her parents, what technological level is the country on etc.
You should think of it as a vector.

Anyway, besides that I think >>45436 has a point: you put yourself in a very toxic place and you need to get out of there and find something better and non-toxic to do which you properly enjoy. Or for a start maybe just detox yourself and avoid those parts of the internet and take walks instead without looking at your phone, read a book without checking for something every few seconds or maybe listen to music, do sports.
No. 45456
>The term "race" as a biological concept for humans is also outdated, sure there are black people, white people, brown people etc. but those can genetically differ way more inside of their "race" than outside of it.
People are pretty xenophobic en masse. You can divide people not only by skin color.
But the best OP can do is put himself out of the environment of his discomfort, indeed.
No. 45457
If you ever want to flatly disprove that spend a lot of time around American white people. I am routinely if not nearly daily astounded by the amount of stupidity and fucking incompetence of some of these people. Even people here I might otherwise suspect could be not-retarded end up doing somethint to prove me in error for giving the benefit of the doubt.

Also that was a lot of words for what can be summed up as
>[citations needed]
If you want to understand how fucking stupid the cold weather hypothesis is btw contrast that with harsh desert climates and the jungle. Yeah, the jungle. People think that jungles are these rich paradises but in fact deep jungle is not only utterly fucking terrifying if you're some random group of people in loinclothes trying to survive but also that it's actually a nutrient desert. So just trying to survive in the depths of a jungle is pretty much trying to survive Catachan.

I think that it's also quite rich a lot of the people most interested in propagating those ideas are totally emasculated young men still living with their parents munching on tendies and it furthermore really disproves the point when the people most centrally interested in promoting them are the dumbest motherfuckers on the internet people I personally actually do consider my utter inferiors and it's not hard to think that after dealing with them. Because I deal with some people like that irl I also know they legitimately are a bunch of complete assholes in addition to being morons so it's not just their brains that are defective but also their character and morals. If we had real social darwinism like they wanted they'd be among the first to have their genes wiped out, creating the rather amusing irony that it is the very standards of ethics and morality propagated by their enemies which ensures progressives and liberals must suffer them.

The only reason they care so much is because they know theyre inferior and need someone else they think they can bully, rather than working on themselves. It is a refuge of useless scum who've literally never done a single thing to be proud of in their life and that is why they think they can ride the coattails of other famous white people throughout history most of whom would despise them including many of their heroes.
No. 45461
Other users have given their responses in much more detail than I could give at the moment, but rest assured, the opinions of spiteful anonymous losers usually have much less clout in real life than online. As >>45457 pointed out (although I do find his framing a bit dubious, but whatever), these people who are aggressively racist towards you likely haven't had much going on in their lives and lash out at others they blame for their inadequacies. Should you lose sleep over it? Of course not.

In terms of race and intelligence, I think it's neither here nor there. IQ tests determine the ability for persons to discern patterns in data and assimilate these things into meaningful structures. It doesn't tell us much else other than that people with extremely low IQs tend encounter terrible difficulties in adapting to modern society. If the past few months have shown us, that society could unravel at any moment, so all that IQ means jackshit if it doesn't lead us towards producing a better society that can resolve complicated problems.

I am certain that Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Mark Zuckerberg or some Chinese grad student at Harvard or MIT all have exponentially higher IQs than did Tutankhamun, Alexander the Great, Jesus of Nazareth, Julius Caesar, William the Conqueror, Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon, Mozart, Beethoven or Prophet Muhammad. I am equally certain no man would lay down his life for Bill Gates (the prospect should make you laugh) or that Mark Zuckerberg will write a brilliant symphony or that a Chinese engineering student will build anything half as awe-inspiring as the Parthenon anytime soon.

"IQ" is what rationalist, commerce-driven liberal cultures have crafted to replace virtue.

By the way, are you religious or irreligious? American of Pakistani-descent here. Raised Muslim; now agnostic.
No. 45465 Kontra
For fuck's sake OP, first grow a pair and stop whining, then leave the chans forever and do something worthwhile with your life. Back in my day 4chan /b/ posting was called "pissing in a sea of piss", and the userbase has not become smarter since then.
No. 45467
The attitude depends on the community. Obviously you were referred here so you kind of know what to expect, a place like 4krebs is pretty big and most boards don't have any kind of flag, so any experience there will vary drastically. KC, unfortunately, has turned into a /pol/ bydlo colony so it's more or less best ignored. Other imageboards are a bit of a crapshoot since their cultures vary drastically, especially since certain topics are more likely to attract the most braindead of people.
No. 45477
169 kB, 1024 × 827
Blame yourself for listening to failtures like obese north american 56%ers or german disabled like the pedophile Pius. I enjoyed university your age, one of the girls who drank piss and gave me a rimjob was Indian. You fall for the racejew while I enjoyed puss. Fuck your Hindu inferioriry, India lost it's soul since it became nationalist.
No. 45483
36 kB, 800 × 498
This post feels very rude and kind of pol-trady in other way.

Overall, well, I'd say - avoide any kind of normie places. Modern mass society is very infantile, same as political beliefs that drive them. I don't think this place ideal also or some iq4000 superhumans, including me, but generally step above regular social places you can visit both irl and in web.
No. 45484 Kontra
"degenerates" can be "intelligent" this is also a question of manners.

Anyway, yeah swissball is giving these vibes in nearl all posts I think.
No. 45497 Kontra
He doesn't seem to be an adult to say the least.
No. 45904
Stop using Internet /b/ro.

You own your brain not for measuring with others,
you own it for making the world brighter for everyone.
All places in the Internet are filled With people who shit in the same corner of ideas and ideals.

Written from my garden, by night.

P.s. im a Huge fan of your elephant god.

P.p.s. your ancestor are so fucking intelligent that they invented stone Tempels who make sounds out oft one stone piece. Go out and change the world.

Go out and help people educate.

There is no IQ. There is only you.

Two dimensions cant measure a human Brain.

All you need is love.
No. 46010
Richard Lynn's work is not worth two cents. It's creative data collection at best.
No. 46028
107 kB, 750 × 1000
9 kB, 226 × 246
Debunking imperialist pseudoscience is all well and good, but I'd like to approach the issue from another angle.
In that, whatever the argument for the inferiority of race/group/culture/ethnicity/identity X might be, why would you accept the premise of the argument? All statements rely on presuppositions of truth, axioms if you will. And in 100% of cases those presuppositions are pulled straight out of someone's ass. That's sort of the caveat of rational thought: there is no ultimate axiom - axiom have to be set by human beings, with all the bullshit that entails.
More to the point, suppose it is 100% true that certain races/ethnicities are more intelligent than others or whatever. So what? Who says intelligence is a fundamental virtue? Last I checked, being smart doesn't prevent anyone from being an asshole. Quite the contrary indeed. It takes a certain amount of intelligence to be cruel, and to subvert morality, rather than being merely oblivious to morality, like something unintelligent would be. I've also known plenty of thick as pigshite people who were top blokes.
And that applies to all things people hold virtuous. All ideologies, belief systems, worldviews, political systems, religions, and generally all products of human mental excretions rely on baseless assumptions of "x being such". Things that are allegedly "self evident". Or ordained by God, or nature, or whatever authority you want. And the final redpill is that you just don't have to subscribe to such assumptions at all. In the end, none of it is meaningfully distinguishable from mythology. And that's all it is, some anglo-westoid mythos that became codified as sacred, but this time on the authority of "reason" and "muh science", rather than God.
All ideologies, belief systems, politics, histories, religions, scriptures, worldviews and frameworks are written by humans in the end, fallible humans just like you and me. Read: assholes. Their word is not that of God.
Sure they will dress their mythos in lofty sounding words like "civilization" or "reason" or whatever, but those are simply meant to project authority and validity. Not to sound like Louis Cachet, but personally I don't see an inherent value in the notion of "civilization". It's merely a process. I see no reason to hold it in higher regard than any natural process, like single cell organisms assembling into more complex formations for example. In fact, the projection of loftiness is merely one of the survival strategies by which the memetic belief systems proliferate.

The OP, as a non-westoid, should actually be the most well armed against such ideological spooks. Having the perspective of someone observing from the outside. The greatest trick that the wectoids have pulled is having convinced the world that their particular brand of mythology is universal and objective. The only correct response to a wectoid trying to evangelize his zeitgeist upon you is "what the fuck are you talking about you retard". Pre-modern tribal thinking is actually valuable here. No pretense of objectivity, just various cultures and their personal mythologizes, which you simply do not have to take seriously at all. You have to learn to have the balls to reject spooks outright without engaging in their local notions of truth. You are always free to choose your own values and virtues. Do not let others define them for you.

It must be noted that none of what I'm saying here is trying to argue against the validity of the empiric method. It is, precisely my point that the empiric method does not, and is in fact incapable of making conclusions. It is solely concerned with raw data. The moment you start interpreting the data, making conclusions, and assigning values to the data points, you are in the realm of Opinion, and thus on equal footing with everyone else, with no pretense to ultimate Truth. It is actually the oldest trick in the book to interpret empiric data, and use the perceived authority and infallibility of the empiric method to add validity to your own ideology. Nevermind that the moment the data is interpreted, it is no longer in the realm of empiric knowledge.

So the correct response to an imperialist wectoid telling you amazing stories about such and such ethnicity having lower intelligence or an "inferior" civilization is not to argue with them on their own grounds, or to try and prove the "worthiness" of oneself according to THEIR value system, *that just reeks of insecurity), The correct response is "so what retard". Because who is superior or inferior according to their value system is irrelevant, because their value system itself is irrelevant.

sorry for being incoherent, I wanted to ignore this whole thread, but being intoxicated lowered my inhibition
No. 46029
30 kB, 607 × 615
One thing I'm trying to hone into is how surreal and ridiculous it feels to engage with the westoid zeitgeist and its claims to universality as someone who comes from a culture completely outside of the west.

There is something undeniably ridiculous about a european missionary evangelizing a semitic religion to a tundra asian who never even heard of any of that shit.

Engaging with the western zeitgeist feels like that from the outside. This weirdo-amalgam of some thousands year old pagan empire and a desert religion + germanic neurosis presented to you as the "Narrative of reality". I can't think of a more appropriate response than "who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you talking about you schizo retard".

To put you in my shoes, recall that feeling of alienation and bafflement you experienced when learning about some isolated primitive tribe's idea of how reality works, their mythology and their religion, some nonsense about a God-Stallion impregnating the Eearth-mare and the material world sprouting from its belly or whatever. That's exactly what it feels like to interact with westoids from the outside. Plus a dash of indignant self assuredness through the authority of lofty pseudo-rational justifications.
fuck all'yall tbh.
No. 46142 Kontra
Simple there's proofs on this very board
If that weren't enough see the Anglo response: no masks in schools, clustering kids together, full reopening, country led by Boris Johnson.
No. 47824
This thread is old, but if you are still reading it, here I go.

You believe these things because you are always online and browsing imageboards. You consider these strangers to be your friends as a result, which makes you actually believe in them.

If you really want to have change in your life you need to create self discipline and go outside. Start taking walks, then go running, then get actual hobbies. You don't have to be good at your hobbies, you only have to enjoy them. If you want to lift weights that's great, you don't have to be the best body builder. If you want to go fishing that's great, you don't have to catch fish all the time.

I don't have so much experience with SSRIs. I took one for smoking cessation years ago and it gave me lethargy and numbness. Multiple SSRIs seems serious. Consider finding a new therapist because the one you have is shit. If you need to take a break from school do so. I think Indian higher education is miserable, highly stratified, and cruel.

India has problems due to disparities in education, mediocre social mobility, and awful governance. Nothing due to race or genetics.

I am part Indian and have a doctoral degree in biophysics FYI. "Imageboard Race Science" along with "Imageboard Virology" is the bane of my existence. People who don't know how to do a t-test or make a primer are suddenly experts in human genetics, anthropology and biochemistry? "Northern Europeans evolved to have bigger brains because of cold climates" is a new one, and supremely retarded.
No. 47828
8,7 MB, 1280 × 542, 2:30
>You believe these things because you are always online and browsing imageboards. You consider these strangers to be your friends as a result, which makes you actually believe in them.
There's a lot to be said for how imageboards warp peoples perceptions. So many people are (and I know they will be offended to read this) GULLIBLE AS FUCK and believe the stupid shit they read here

That goes for /pol/ who believe a great many stupid things - but I will also add that /pol/ is often right about certain ... demographics. Too bad they have been corrupted into useful idiots and now talk about nothing else but their interracial fantasies and their fatmaster political circus about douche vs turd

That goes for /r9k/ which is a hunting grounds for tranny discord predators, and a grooming ground for gullible dumbasses who think because they didn't have sex by the age of 20 they must now take hormones and become a future suicide statistic

That goes for kohl who somehow think they are internet elite despite being a bastardisation of r9k and pol, and 80% of the shit on that board is copy-pasted from those two 4chan boards

If Indian Ernst is still here, you should disregard everything you've read on an imageboard, it is not reality
No. 47861
Imagine being partly homeschooled and having to confront this shit on a daily basis but they're all your neighbors. I started completely disassociating myself from them a decade ago but sadly fell into the /int/ trap since it was marginally higher IQ and quality long long ago. I felt this way when I first went to public school for several years and that feeling never went away. Because they are fish in water they will never realize this and be forever damaged by it, which is exactly how it was planned and why that system exists to begin with. America cannot and will not be saved until the current school system is destroyed and society itself structurally reformed which sadly is so deeply interwoven with the entire Wect it'll just pull them down with it. Case in point: there are no mask protests throughout Europe at this point, being egged on no doubt by Russia and China.

If you ever have the ill advised misfortune to drunkenly think a certain containent board on a certain cancerous site would be interesting to visit, you will understand the magnitude of the problem with their cretinism in full proud display.
No. 48282 Kontra
That movie really does encapsulate how I've began feeling about my job
No. 48619
>The most famous paper about IQ and "race" from which "race realists" spread an infographic all around the internet is a) written by two right-wing scientists b) very poor in scientific quality.
Why do you do this? You talk about things not being scientific but your first point is an accusation of author bias. All scientists are biased, that's why the end up their chosen specialisation. It is completely inconsequential to the work that the do. "Is the work biased, i.e., does it ignore competing evidence that goes against their argument?", that's the question to ask. Instead you take the utterly insane position that because the authors are personally biased towards X that their word should never have any currency.
People like you are the problem in the modern world, without question. Your intolerance of your political opponents in ALL fields is leading to a mind meltingly stupid decay in Western intellectualism.
No. 48863
No, you're wrong about what you say. Modern human science tries his best not to be biased. From a scientific perspective this natural to denounce the bias of your peers. Moreover, for certain countries like Kenya, I think, they made pass the test to less than five people. Your writing about the fall of the west won't change shit to the scientific value of the map.
No. 48877 Kontra

There are rules and ways to test results and challenge them. Trying is good but that does not exclude a heap of problems. Either way implict in any scientific endeavor are selections that are not spoken about but that guide the research nonetheless. If a test is made for western cultural sphere but applied to others and makes them look stupid, that is western stupidity or better say blind spots of (western) sciencentific endeavor, certain (unquestioned) presuppositions that have an impact on the outcome of the scientific results. It calls into question epistemological grounds in western science. I guess you get butthurt about western science not being as waterproof in all regards as it likes to present itself sometimes. It is an heir of the enlightement, that (western) science and its epistemological potential is to be questioned ongoingly, to be critical of what you are doing. Sadly some people are just arrogant pricks when it comes to this.

There is an example, in the early 1930s Uzbek peasants where exposed to logical questions:
>In the Far North, where there is snow, all bears are white. Novaya Zemlya is in the Far North. What color are bears there?

>After one or two years of formal education, the Uzbeks found this
problem trivial. But when unschooled peasants were interviewed, the vast
majority seemed at a loss, providing answers such as, “There are different
sorts of bears” or “I don’t know; I’ve seen a black bear—I’ve never seen any others.”
No. 48880 Kontra
Thank you for that.
No. 48884 Kontra
I'm not sure if you want to be ironic here, but I pointed out that it is biased (but the level of bias can be exposed and dealt with and thus science can move "forward" so to speak) contrary to your believe.
No. 48892 Kontra
I'm not ironic. And yes, you made me learn something. You're probably more of a scientist than me.
No. 51843
No. 51845
310 kB, 2150 × 3035
Much of this can be attributed to nutrition and education(yes I know you said you doubt this). India, is a poor and not very healthy country and they don't eat much red meat, the average height is fairly low as well. Japan was like this too as they did not eat red meat for religious reasons either, so the average height used to be 5 foot tall. However, once they started eating red meat their height improved. Not only that but I would say their intelligence did too, of course we don't have IQ tests from before they started eating red meat but certainly they do well for themselves in this regard now. Another thing to note about western Europe is that they on average ate far more meat than other nations did, even the peasants regularly ate red meat.

Japan would indeed be a good comparison to make with India. Japan didn't actually achieve much or develop much for a very long time, until they became westernised. In fact India achieved more than they had. The IQ test is just a test and tests can be trained for and education can be tailored to suit certain tests, western schooling does this. China had better nutrition but it was still not good enough nor was their education so they lagged behind the west as well(but again, western education has brought them back up).

India is quite large and development is an issue, however we know that smart Indians exist, there are plenty of them. But because India is so large many people are being left behind, yes there are smart Indians but they are from the richer class that are able to afford better nutrition and better education, most of the nation is being left behind so of course the average IQ will be quite low. India can reach the level of the west but it requires foreign companies to invest heavily into India like they have done with China, even then there is the risk India may fall into the middle income trap(as China is). Speaking of the middle income trap, this is another reason why modern western nations do so well in regards to development, we broke through first and were able to become global first glass citizens on the backs of nations like China, Japan managed fairly early too once it westernised. We are now service economies yet nations like China are going to find that hard to follow, let alone India who has to follow the west AND China.

It's all about development basically.
No. 51865
Just find other things to do and think about.
No. 51898 Kontra
This is your brain on red meat.
No. 51915 Kontra

By your logic Hispanic people (big consumers of beef, and biggest in Europe) would be the tallest and chaddest, while Orthodox nations like Russians that abstain from meat and dairy for religious reasons for half the year would be short and weak, yet this is not the case.
No. 52485 Kontra
No. 52842
you're trying too hard to sound smart
No. 52849
I'm Not sure where you got where they were the biggest consumers of meat in Europe from, my brief search came up with Luxembourg, followed By Austria, the Netherlands and then Spain. But still, they do eat a lot of meat. Like anything of this nature, it's a contributing factor(but an important one none the less). The Body is quite complex and numerous factors can impact it, so while yes, red meat has many health benefits it doesn't neceserally mean that the more red meat you eat the taller you get. One would assume that there would be an amount that the body would function best on for it and then any beyond that would be superfluous. And also part of it is generational, so the Spaniards would have had to have been the largest meat eaters now and generations past as well(you would not go from 5 foot tall to 7 foot tall in one generation just from eating meat). But maybe they were, I don't know.

I'm flattered that you think I put that much effort into my posts.
No. 52866 Kontra
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Don't let them affect you and don't get affected by such terms they use, anyway

And don't take it so seriously, look at this post, it's comedic as fuck, bravo >>45477

Pic because thx Omsk, this was a real necrobump, dunno if it was you, have a nice day everyone
No. 53140
Just ignore them. You should pay attention to yourself before your history and your race. If you are living a successful life and have good social interaction the rest doesn't really matter. Just by being a good influence to others and help your people in the long run. At some point nations that are now powerful were very weak and nations that are weak now used to be superpowers. Things change as time goes
No. 53141
We have a visitor from Ethiopia! Awesome! Welcome, friend
No. 53146 Kontra
It's clearly a proxy from k*hl. You can tell because there's usually a cluster of shitposts and shit threads getting bumped up top.
No. 53690 Kontra
I don't understand why, from looking at the literature, you would conclude white superiority. East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews routinely outperform Whites by a significant margin in IQ tests.
Idk feels like a troll post? Why would you not even mention this?