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No. 45702
377 kB, 354 × 518
Which is the most abundant animal species on earth? Is there any way to estimate what rank humans hold in terms of total number of individuals when compared to other animal species?
No. 45704
93 kB, 1024 × 683
Maybe the domesticated chicken? There are 23 billion of those on earth. Humans may have dominated the planet, but any species which we've chosen to eat has multiplied as well. Sadly, our industrialized food production doesn't provide those animals a very good life.
No. 45706
It's incredibly frealing low. We only have about 7+ billion distinct human individuals within the species at present. It is highly likely however that if it is not ants then it is some extremely small ocean life, something small enough that it's the main diet of things like jellyfish and baby fish fry, likely outnumbering the hundreds or thousands of trillions of ants that likely exist.
No. 45744
this image makes me ultra sad pls delet
No. 45750
It made me sad too. I should have put a spoiler on it.
No. 45761
Truth is often very ugly. Often the only way to rectify that ugliness is in active opposition to it rather than turning your head while the rot deepens.
No. 45776
74 kB, 922 × 551
That's true and the most pronounced part of my diet is that I'm not consuming young animals while caring a bit for animal well-being. But it's grotesque how hard that can be in everyday life.
No. 45780
Uh, not to be a smart ass, but not eating young animals doesn't mean the ones you eat were treated properly when they were young.

If you want to avoid this kind of stuff the only way is not to buy any animal product produced in these kinds of meat farms. That means not touching any cheap meat, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. Either become vegan or start paying 2-3x the money.

For what it's worth, I know how much mental effort it is to make this decision rather than just buying whatever because that's what you've always done. It took me a loooong time to get from "I actually don't like to support this kind of animal treatment" to "I'm actually not supporting it anymore".
No. 45789
I forget why or when I'd finally gotten to that point but for years now I've pretty much refused to get anything other than cheese and it's solely because I can't easily drop all dairy from my diet but nothing is available in my area like it either. I'm used to eating actually good eggs as a kid though so in terms of quality the quality is such complete shite it's not so hard for me to justify spending the extra $4 on a carton of eggs that has the orange firmer yolk that generally tastes closer to what I'm used to eating as a kid. I hadn't realized what a luxury it was to get farmers market eggs where those cannabilistic murderous gang rapists aka chickens can prance about freely on some old hippys lawn or backwoods real rustic real American getting exercise and eating bugs all day. I kind of suspect that dairy cows would be the same way.

It just gets to a point honestly where you become so disgusted with yourself you can't bear to do it anymore. You can literally feel the pig grease oozing through your skin from eating lots of chorizo and salami and it's unhealthy as all fuck too which may not be as immediate a consideration but starts to become one as you get older too. It's really hard not to when you're a drunk though. If you are hammered a lot of the time then yeah some super greasy bacon or chorizo in the morning or just drunkenly grabbing whatever in the evening becomes the norm and sin feeds upon sin I guess. Honestly I just cannot even imagine going back at this point. Dead animal smells and tastes fucking terrible now and the mere thought of it is repulsive in oddly similar manner to how cigarette smoke tastes, feels, and smells if youve not smoked in awhile. Even roast chicken just smells absolutely vile to me now. The sole exceptions are things so heavily processed that it could barely be termed meat like fried chicken or Chinese chicken, or oddly enough fresh sushi.

My entire mentality had also become that I should pretty much just be a megapredator and operate like the movie Predator. There was no honor in picking off a defenseless cow, and far less honor in me having the genuine indecency to have some Mexican suffer in hell doing the murdering away from my virginal imageboard eyes and then having them all prepare it for me. I always thought it was hysterical and an absurdity that these fat beer bellied boomers tried making it into something "manly" that they're sitting and eating animals they had no part in killing, gutting, processing, or often even cooking and kinda saw these red meat eaters as being the most effeminate inferiors imaginable for it who were so weak as men they couldn't even be bothered to have and adhere to real moral codes and scruples. This is a bit distinct from hunters who still annoy me but for other reasons because I grew up around real hunters as well as fuds and they're basically just extra lazy ambush predators. Bow hunting is much more manly than using a rifle at least but whatever.

So it really came down to the fact that I was being one of these morally weak and effeminate people not following my own consistent code and being disgusted by myself combined with drinking less, and the fact that I had no reason to target any of these animals that weren't chickens or themselves big enough predators I wouldn't dishonor myself by eating them. Rattlesnake is just okay and only because it's still capable of being a dangerous predator to me. I'd eat shark and have eaten gator like any good ol boy should, and were they not endangered I'd probably not have a big problem with eating lion or tiger. I can't eat bear because I like bears. Well maybe I'd eat a polar bear. I really do disdain people who kill bears and pick off wolves or trophy hunting, partly because they're not eating them and like I said I actively look down on these people and am super judgmental a out the kinds of Eric Trump jackasses who pay someone to flush out an animal for them to shoot at. That is not hunting. You should eat what you kill and kill what you eat.
before someone jumps on me for my word choose that was entirely deliberate and conscious on my part to devalue these weak men and the extent to which I do not respect them and consider them inferiors. Either follow a code or kill what you eat until then you're just another middle age woman wandering around Tesco to me, you retarded burger munching American boomers
No. 46070
Ants or some sort of flatworms.
No. 46102
e.coli bacteria
No. 46103
151 kB, 817 × 1000
your conception of life is too human-centric. distinction between species and even individual members of aspecies is an ape-brain illusion.
the biosphere is a collection of independent discrete parts and a unified whole at the same time.

just like your penis and testicles saw fit to evolve legs and a brain to make itself more efficient and finding vaginas, so did bacteria evolve complex organisms to act as a comfortable environment for them.

I even maintain that the evolution of the mind was a misstep by the balls and dick, as it had unwittingly created an antenna that connects to the spirit realm (the pineal gland), allowing the Holy Ghost to possess it like a virus and hijack the organism, making it actually less efficient at finding vaginas

t. full of shit
No. 46105
So it is the Holy Ghost that orders me to masturbate? And the ejaculation is basically catharsis? Makes sense in a weird kind of way. Also, I'm totally gonna call my porn stash Holy Scriptures from now on, and my fap sessions Spiritual Enlightenment, and no one can stop me.
No. 46107
It's more that the holy ghost gives you agency to express both sin and virtue, whatever that might mean to you, while animals are incapable of either. Or the capacity to do anything really, that is outside your testicles' agenda.

But the more ebin idea i guess is that your mind is merely a navigation computer for your testicles to locate vaginas, that got a bit too sophisticated for its own good and tricked itself into thinking that the body exists for its benefit, rather than the other way around. After all, bodies predate minds
No. 46110
Reminds me of Watts' Blindsight. There was a similar idea that conscience (not intelligence) might actually be detrimental for the success of a species. I like to play around with it a bit whenever I'm in some drunk company, like claiming that neither love nor beauty existed before the advent of humankind, because animals who are not self-aware are uncapable of comprehending either. Makes for a really entertaining conversation, especially if overly sentimental people are present. XDDDDD
No. 46112
Are e. coli bacteria an animal species?
No. 46124
76 kB, 800 × 600
97 kB, 604 × 340
85 kB, 768 × 359
140 kB, 800 × 531
no, they're prokaryotes, animals are eukaryotes. the most abundant animal species can probably be found within the class of insecta and the family of formicidae e.g. ants or within the class of hexanauplia and the copepoda subclass.
the most noumerous mammal species is homo sapiens.
No. 46165
8 kB, 375 × 240
No. 46171
iirc most abundant metazoans are not thought to be any family of insects (or even arthropods) but rather a different group of ecdysozoans, the nematodes
No. 46172 Kontra
I think OP is asking about the most numerically abundant animal, not the group with greatest diversity (number of species)
No. 46178
Well, such thoughts still don't stop me from being sentimental because I have layers upon layers of mental gymnastics to justify an idea, discredit it, then validate it again through another means. Truly, the human mind is the most entertaining toy one could possess.
Which recently lead me to the thought that another reason why intelligence is not a virtue besides ethics/morals is that intellect is concerned purely with the computation of relationships between relationships of relationships of relatively simple things, resulting in conclusions that are not useful at all.
Kind of how for hundreds and hundreds of years, big brain IQ160 theologians spent considerable mental effort on resolving contradictions and elaborating ambiguities in the christian religion that honestly are not of any importance, value or utility at all, and amount to nothing but mental masturbation. "Bro, did Christ really die on the cross, or did he ascend before death, leaving behind an illusion? Or was it not an illusion, but a body deprived of holy spirit? Bro, what if he died but what died on the cross was not Christ himself, but his purely material aspect? Bro, what about that immaculate conception bro, how does it work?". A bunch of bullshit honestly.

It can be the case that considerable mental processing power is spent for the sake of nothing valuable at all, if intellect has no wisdom to guide it.
No. 46209
This is insane when you think about it.
22% beetles
1% anything with a spine.