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No. 45731
466 kB, 4123 × 2680
Posting ITT requires wearing a mask.
No. 45734
500 kB, 700 × 525
No. 45735
108 kB, 1100 × 619
Nice try Mr. Gates
No. 45736

Yesterday I googled the symbolic dimension of face masks in the west. The health issues I guess really are minor with these, it is more about not seeing ones face as this is key in western society and about getting shut up We can hear you with masks very well. In Japan or other Asian countries people wear them for being polite, Wectern people fear not catching the freedom bug anymore.

also this really is meant to be the corona thread #3 but I guess this already was too much funposting for me :DDDD
No. 45745
44 kB, 1488 × 783
German Ernst, what's the matter with that corona thingy as of today?

Isn't the time right to go back to normality but have travel restrictions regarding how bad it is in other countries?

Especially with such low mortality I don't get the fuzz while I indeed understand that in Feb and Mar we had to be sceptic since it could have been super deadly.
No. 45746
It seems like the second wave is beginning to hit in the western Europe, we'll feel the consequences in a month or so as well.
No. 45753
255 kB, 759 × 1024
I haven't thought of the cultural implications of mask wearing, though I guess that's why people thought I was a weirdo for wearing them constantly, pre-corona.
Then again not having to see (or make) creepy forced smiles is good. Maybe some of them miss that.
If I could go to work with a gas mask I would, just to really go for apocalypse chic.
No. 45754
I wear a gas mask outside of work when I absolutely have to run an errand and I wear a flat cap and squat while I smoke so I always have the almost uncontrollable urge to blurt out CHEEKI BREEKI STAWKEAR through the mask at passers by but then I remember next to none of them would get the joke.
No. 45755

Meanwhile in Norway. Swedes who have lived there for years are getting bullied. Great work there government of Norway. We will remember this next time you have a shortage of butter.
No. 45756
>Maybe some of them miss that.

You can bet. I remember when the first corona demonstrations went off here and interviewed people said things like "nobody is smiling anymore/ people get so distanced/ we want love etc" I don't think it's a coincidence, that some protesters were also active in the peace movement of the 1980s already. Green peace mindset but not necessarily left in a classic sense or even pc left.
No. 45757
Are you actually doing it properly or are you just doing retarded meme nonsense. Because if you aren't figuring out filtered substance density and airflow over time, then you may as well be wearing a scarf over your face because filters have a lifespan based on those factors, and chances are that your filter reacts to more than just coronavirus. You'd look like less of a faggot for the same utility.
No. 45758
The man is probably not only at increased risk, but should he get infected himself and go around in public with his cheeki breeki gas mask, sweet corona droplets exit out of his check valve and spray whatever supermarket he's in with viral goodiness.
No. 45759
11 kB, 236 × 236
It's a p100 rated fine particulate mask and of course I'm wearing it properly and have a surgical mask strip taped over the exhalation valve. You jackasses can bitch and whine about it all you want you don't live here and don't take public transit in America during the 2020 pandemic. Make with the dealings. If you have problems with it go out and protest mask wearing then like all the other retards or waltz around the crowded metro with a bandana hastily slapped on your face.
No. 45766
So do you have a timeline for filter replacement? Or are you just winging it? Or not worried about it?

If you're not thinking about filter lifespan (density of ALL filtered particles*rate of air flow), then you're not wearing it properly, no matter what else you do, and if you're winging it you're running the significant chance of wasting filters that aren't needed yet, or on using a spent filter that isn't actually doing anything. The lifespans are actually not as long as people think. In the high end of stressing them (combat conditions in a chemical cloud), a CBRN-graded filter will last less than an hour. One you're using to go to the shops will be longer but still it's not something negligible. In your case, it's also going to be filtering smog, pollen and all that stuff too, so you need to account for it as well as any viral contamination, so if you aren't factoring for those, then you might as well use a decent mask and a face shield.
No. 45768
>nobody is smiling anymore/ people get so distanced/ we want love etc
Protesting for smiles, that's a new concept. I heard a lot of people here were upset by the idea of social distancing because they wanted to be close to their families and loved ones. I found this confusing at first since those sharing a household are supposed to be sort of safe, but then I remembered how extroverts have generally suffered from being under lockdown.
That said, I imagine the dehumanizing effect of masks (which I personally enjoy) plus US social tensions might create a very alien atmosphere. Miserable, faceless people roaming everywhere and you think they're brainwashed, that might be how they see it. There's a movie like this, I believe.
No. 45784
>might as well use a decent mask

I think you are also forgetting the massive amount of PPE shortage in this country in particular and the world generally. I only this month got KN95s and only this last month started seeing a significant increase in others wearing something beyond surgical masks and tshirts strapped to their faces, so I wonder how much of it is either a shady diversion onto the free market by profiteers or is non-FDA approved surplus getting unloaded because doctors and nurses have actual N95s now.

You want to talk about efficacy but again you haven't got the luxury to just talk about life in America under these conditions. Will it be 100% over time? No of course not and I know that, but even as it starts to get clogged and degrades it's still better than wearing a cut apart tshirt.

I'm sorry but after all this I've become extraordinarily touchy about my God given right to wear PPE in this country as enumerated in the Bill of Rights and you'll take my face mask from my cold dead hands.
No. 45794
I'm not saying to not wear PPE. I'm saying that you should use what you've got properly. Again, there's a pretty major difference between acknowledging that it will eventually fail, and keeping on top of it so that it maintains effectiveness. If you don't want to do that work, then use one of the other options which are the way they are because they don't require that extra work to be effective.

It's a bit like a firearm actually. You can say "I understand that eventually it'll get dirty inside and stop working properly, then I'll fix it" but that's not the way it's meant to be done, and most shooters will actually clean based on how many shots of what kinds powder charge they put through it. They'll be less likely to let it lie if they're shooting particularly corrosive ammo (lots of cheap surplus for example) so that it stays in good nick, while the person who just waits until it fails to take it apart is going to have an absolutely trashed piece of equipment.
No. 45798
159 kB, 508 × 278
lol you've really got to love and admire the Germans sometimes
I personally would have used an actual cold coronavirus or rhinovirus though to have made the experiment as maximally realistic as possible, which is also precisely what our biological warfare division did back in the cold war
No. 45814
>Back in the cold war.
They never stopped terrorizing the public with their weapons.
No. 45815
I actually looked through this website that claims the (swiss(?)) Secret Services are running a Nazi genocidal program on civillians.
One of the videos they had up was too good not to share here:
>At 8:00 see a insanely violent shot to the face with a Directed Energy Weapon firing a Pulsed Energy Projectile! See full contents below. Dr. Katherine Horton recorded the non-stop machine-gunning of her body INSIDE her reinforced metal-shielded bunker between 2:30 and 4:30am on 17th March 2018. This summary is evidence for crimes against humanity committed by the Swiss Secret Service, NDB, in conjunction with MI6 (SIS) in the UK. Dr. Horton is one of many victims of the global holocaust that is being committed by the Western Secret Services.
Pretty cool stuff.
No. 45878
I heard of Katherine Horton before, but damn she's crazy.
Btw I can't find any publications from her CERN my ass. The vita makes the story pretty cool though.
No. 45879
Ha so I guess our instincts as a race of man were right afterall
We simply didn't understand how it worked or why you could get infected by the bad air, just that we somehow instinctively knew that it was some kind of miasma hovering around us.

Interestingly to me a great deal of our modern precautions were basically replicated by more educated men in centuries past, albeit in more the manner of a superstitious occultist who believes his techniques do work for changing reality but he hasn't got a clue why anything could work or what is fueling it, left only guessing and grasping for thr flimsiest explanations as to why X did Y.

I spent October watching a great deal about plagues and one interesting thing that struck me alongside how dangerously retarded a lot of the bydlo were and the lethal incompetence of rulers and administrators was the degree to which their precautions may have worked. Keep in kind that plague had two primary forms, a bubonic sepsis inducing form and a much more dangerous pneumonic form, and that as a result you could get the much deadlier version of plague in similar manner to how you can catch the 2020 bat SARS without ever having encountered a flee.

This included them doing stuff like sanitizing all economic transactions by soaking in vinegar (and likely alcohol containing) solutions, heating letters over candles, setting roaring hot fires inside their homes, and wearing those now infamous plague doctor getups. The funniest thing to me about the plague doctor outfit was the fact that while probably not airtight and done for wildly differing reasons, having a large tube absolutely packed with sweet smelling herbs and other potions to breathe through while maybe not disinfecting the air of dangerous foul smelling miasma and converting it to clean poison free air as they thought likely would have been one of the most effective forms of medieval gas mask provided it was packed deep and long enough to catch the much larger than viruses microbes and general effluvia from people coughing and talking.

So I guess that's that then. We actually do have miasma and bad poisoned air, except it's not really rotting garbage producing foul smells so much as infected people being the generators of the miasma which is invisible virus laden psrticulate matter, although also interestingly enough you really could catch the virus from a miasma. Walking by a stinking dead animal the other day I wondered precisely the mechanism behind how we evolved that aversion to bad odors and concluded we must have been warned away from dirty bacterial and other pathogen hives in corpses, fecal material, vomit etc. but wondered the extent to which a rotting corpse could release infectious material into the air such that simply being near it and breathing in the foul vapors for long enough could infect you (and they certainly would have had you kicked and sufficiently disturbed the corpse to release those vapors into the air). I remark upon this because an infectious person farting or taking a dump is a known route of transmission because a lot of pathogens can ride that particulate matter in the air so if you smelt it, you probably got dealt it. I deliberately avoid public restrooms now for that exact reason.
No. 45880 Kontra
Her researchgate is major bullshit allready. What a shame, would have been a thrilling tale with just minimum credibility.
No. 46127
69 kB, 640 × 962
>A ~2 weeks ago we were below a 1000 active cases
>Now we have close to 2000 active cases with +300 daily new infections
>Schools just reopened for the new school year
No. 46134
Nurgle requires more followers. The disease must disperse to all who it can touch!
No. 46137
3,2 MB, 1959 × 3423
This whole year has been so meme worthy
No. 46220
23 kB, 489 × 348
17 kB, 763 × 488
>Orbán: "We're waiting for the second wave Armed to the teeth"
>Today: 459 new cases (yesterday it was 309)
I don't know m8, this seems like a second wave to me, especially considering how this is double of the "record high" infections we had before summer.
No. 46615
Yesterday we had the country's first Anti-masker rally.
The conspiratards managed to mobilise a whooping 100 people to take the fight for Normalcy to the streets and show the government what we don't need no God damn masks!

We're getting close to 1k cases per day now. They diagnosed 916 new cases today. We do around 10k tests a day, so that makes the positivity rate 9%. That's without effective contact-tracing I might add.
They're just testing people at random/who have serious symptoms.

Apparently this time we're going for keeping the economy running and the Orbán announced that this time success will not be measured through the number of infections, but through the number of recoveries.
No. 46616
Let us not talk about the bad things like the globalist Venice merchants want, but instead focus on the positive. A full two thirds of our population survived the plague after all and that's a success story if I ever heard one!
No. 46619
But to be able to recover you need to get sick first. So for maximum success everyone will need to get infected?
No. 46620
269 kB, 620 × 279
Do not question the Cool One
No. 46621
My mother has been feeling under the weather recently, symptoms include elevated body temperature and joint pain. I am extremely worried, she's in her 60s and a smoker. What a mess.
No. 46623
No. 46784
Worries for the worry Dog!
No. 46785
94 kB, 325 × 244, 0:03
The High School defence-strategy here is +200IQ.
Basically the students wear masks at all times, except when there's a class (of 20-25 people in one room) or they're eating (usually in the hallway during breaks when all the students are out and about).

I have this feeling that at this rate I'll never get to that Shostakovich concert...
No. 46786
I was supposed to have lunch at my dad's, but this morning he called me and told me he and his wife both were feeling sick in the stomach (nothing else though). They attended a birthday party last night.
No. 46787
But face masks are magical, albeit common, items. As long as you have it in your inventory the effect is a positive buff to all your stats. Equipped in your face slot it gives different buffs depending on the situation. You should have it check with your local wizard to see what the effects are. Just beware that some have this cheap Chinese spells on them.
No. 46799
I am to this day mystified by how masks became thought of as part of the globalist agenda who...also want to track us 24/7. I like going into banks and gas stations with my identity concealed.
No. 46804
The usual claim I hear is that the elites are "testing the waters" to see what arbitrary shit they can push on the populace.
No. 46807
Phones, credit cards, and social media seem like a more through and successful attempt at that. Which most of the protesters almost certainly use.
It's strange how politicized the issue of facial cloths got. Like if there was a political movement to stop people from wiping their asses.
No. 46828
Well, for what it's worth, she had the symptoms for a couple days and then felt a bit weak for a couple more, for the last week she's been feeling fine. So, most likely it wasn't corona.
No. 46831
It isn't really. It is just the opposite. Here the right wing is saying we should lock everyone up and wear masks everywhere. But that turned out to be the wrong strategy so now they are back blaming the government for crime and migration. That works better for them.
No. 47250
123 kB, 996 × 698
A video of president Trump talking about his Covid-19 treatment has been remixed into a retro TV ad for the drug Regeneron. It was made by The Lincoln Project, which is an anti-Trump group, but this spot is more humorous than overtly political.I know, laughing at political opponents is still political-but whatever.


>Regeneron’s treatment is a cocktail of two powerful antibodies that are believed to boost the immune response to the virus. Early results seem promising. In a press release, the company has said the cocktail lowered virus levels particularly in people who had not made their own antibodies, but the company has not yet released detailed data to back up its claim. Clinical trials are not yet complete

Regeneron Asks F.D.A. for Emergency Approval for Drug That Trump Claimed Cured Him

No. 47264
There actually were some pretty hilarious or ebin videos those guys did. Regarding that whole thing though I kept thinking what kind of a retarded partisan hack you can be to keep thinking Trump faked being sick to get out of the debates but now I'm not so sure. People who get this thing will be sick for literally weeks. It's not unusual to be fucked up for close to a month, or at a minimum be feeling like shit for a couple weeks, and now he's allegedly fine? I dunno. The fact Trump pussied out of the debate makes me wonder if anyone claiming he was faking being ill had a point.

At least I got my CBD. I've no clue if this will be effective but I'm not a rich establishment elite like Trump so I'll make do with whatever's available. I'm hoping to not get hospitalized this fall tbh.
No. 47269
After hearing the president was infected, I was in the "no way he survives" camp. I clearly underestimated what the best doctors are capable of. I mean, they saved Reagan from a gunshot so ofc they were going to save Trump, right? I should have had more faith in modern medicine. As far as faking it, I have trouble believing Trump would publicly admit weakness by pretending to be sick. It goes against his character; he lies to make himself look better, not worse.
Anyway, I'm curious how his medical exam is going to go on Fox News. It's a ridiculous stunt, but how they pull it off should be interesting. Or embarassing. We'll see.
No. 47270
No. 47287
56 kB, 650 × 331
Wtf what part? It's at the point now where you have the president trying to convince people he's no longer contagious, which is just sad, and recently the feds busted a cell of terrorists who had been planning to kidnap a governor and try to overthrow the democratically elected government of Michigan by violence. If you actually read the story it's good for a laugh. Those terrorists had a hidden passageway under a carpet and one of the terrorists in that cell lived in the storage basement under a vacuum cleaner store
While thankfully all these terrorists got identified and thwarted and now they're going to a maximum security jail for a long long time, it does give one pause to consider how many other terrorists there are roaming around the country who've not been caught yet.
No. 47296
I know that it's satire but still. But then again I'm not watching that much news involving Donald of Orange.

The kidnapping plan isn't that surprising considering how many loonies there are out there. But you got to admire their optimism. Think positive.
No. 47297
Something tells me that people who think that a plan to kidnap a governor and assault cops will end well aren't smart enough to pull off clandestine activities.
Specially if they constantly post dumb shit on their own social media pages.
No. 47312
Yeah that these idiots also decided to discuss it on literally Facebook is just that much more hilarious. I have no idea why the fuck it gets thought about or promoted anywhere by anyone to do shit involving twitter or shitbook beyond it being a literal arm of the intelligence-police-industrial complex. They did seem to have rather elaborate planning though it's just they were stupid enough to talk about it publicly on data farms and so they got picked up almost immediately.

We also have nonstop poltard car jihadis running over protesters at this point too.
No. 47533
Midwest including particularly the Dakotas and Utah are absolutely exploding with the coof and running out of ICU beds. I'll need to continue stocking up for the winter. Don't feel like it rest of today though too tired. Fauci is now traveling around with bodyguards because these absolute IQ69 right wing retards keep threatening to kill him after Trump keeps doubling down on his equally IQ69 stupidity about the virus.

I'm so amazed by how he's gaslighting these people and they don't even notice he talks to them like he thinks they're idiots that I really do think I should just code some shovelware games where you fight the media or whoever and they'll buy it. These people are suckers and I can easily get rich off them. Even now it's considered "political" and "controversial" here to wear a fucking mask meanwhile for whatever reason we're on the rising side of what's looking to be an absolutely massive wave and outside areas in the upper midwest we haven't even hit the frost yet in most of the country.

How's it faring with you against this winter's second great coof?
No. 47544
Huh, so I just checked the statistics for the first time in months because it felt like the danger has been over for some time now. So far there have been less than 10.000 deaths in Germany (83M citizens) but the rate of infection seems to be increasing again slightly.

Then I saw the global stats, according to wikipedia, with over 2.4M new infections this week, the highest recorded week since the beginning. And the US in particular isn't looking too comfy right now. Stark contrast to my intuition based on daily life here in Germany.

I wish you luck and I'm sorry that you have to deal with the fallout of other peoples idiocy.
No. 47545
127 kB, 1005 × 712
89 kB, 1280 × 793
Yeah, pic related was going around on Twitter a couple of days ago, Germany seems to be doing pretty fine.
Though yeah, cases are somewhat rising, but I don't feel particularly alarmed yet tbh, tho apparently there have been some toilet paper raids again...
No. 47546
>toilet paper raids again

What? why? some people...

I'm from a risk area and I just went shopping. I noticed the streets were definitely emptier on the weekend. But yeah, I don't see a noticeable difference for my own daily routine atm. But mind you I leave the house just for shopping, talking a walk at night/evening and seeing friends occasionally.
No. 47549 Kontra
419 kB, 894 × 987
>cases are somewhat rising
they are fucking exploding! but nobody is giving a shit, including self-proclaimed "alternative" media. there should have been a short but total lockdown in september already when infections increased again, but the god damn capitalists pressured and lobbied so hard for copying swedish retardness that nobody dares to call for a second lockdown.
No. 47550
19 kB, 703 × 413
No. 47553 Kontra
216 kB, 837 × 777
Yeah, I suppose it's looking worse now, actually not entirely sure about the correctness of that previous map
No. 47554
133 kB, 1008 × 827
Florida has been steady, but this past week we've been trending upward in both daily cases and in the percentage of positive tests(positive tests÷total tests; so either too much corona, or not enough testing). Regarding that denominator, I recently noticed my local CVS offers drive-thru testing. A bunch of new signs in their lot. So if I need a test, which I hope never happens, at least it will be convenient :D
Hm. this report doesn't fill me with confidence:

>In Florida, the state website updates daily with the total number of COVID-19 cases, deaths, and hospitalizations.
>But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is considering no longer releasing coronavirus numbers daily.
>[His press secretary] did not provide details about when a decision might be made — or if the state will start reporting cases on a weekly basis.
>The only states that do not release COVID-19 data each day are Kansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

Florida considers not releasing daily COVID-19 case numbers to the public

Well, he hasn't done it yet, so maybe the Governor will back down from this idea.

Wow. Is that increase connected to the new school year? Seems to line up.
No. 47558
No. That increase is connected to the end of the measures that were introduced to curb the spread. (The new school year didn't help either, but the increase started weeks before schools reopened because of the end of the summer break.)
No. 47559 Kontra
And I'd like to also add that we're producing these numbers without any effective contact tracing and with a limited testing capacity.
No. 47560
notice how all counties in bavaria and saxony that border bohemia are high risk areas now. i'm in one of those counties and i suspect that it's due to czech commuter workers as well as people who border hop for cheap shopping in bohemia. the border is still open despite czechia having some of the highest infection rates in whole europe right now. it's almost like the likes of kretschmer want infections to explode, because they do literally absolutely nothing to combat the pandemic. it's unbelievable. fucking cdu.
No. 47565
114 kB, 640 × 820
Not that Ernst but in case anyone doesn't know Florida has been notorious throughout this entire epidemic for being particularly dodgy about their numbers reporting and DeSantis is a fucking idiot. Man thank fuck I don't live in Florida. In fact the only really surprising thing about this is them being transparent enough to say "we don't really want to report our numbers anymore." They've been trying to find ways of hiding their real caseload and death toll this whole entire time and have purportedly resorted to China-tier bullshit in an effort to hide it
They've been pulling this shit since April and May.

In the beginning it was because Karens were flipping out about not being able to wipe their own arse and vag with anything but DownieSoftTM but now it's actually going to be because people remember that and hence because they perceive the value, act on the perception, and thereby create the value and shortages. Kinda like the stunt nVidia is allegedly pulling now with their memePUs.

Value is where menand Karens perceive there to be value. This is human economics 101 and I guarantee you what was sold out then, will be sold out now.
>but why
Fuck if I know but my own mom acted exactly the same way right before Y2K. I don't think we ran out of TP for like three months. Food? Munitions? Medications? Fuck no she hoarded a carload of family size 24 packs of ass wipery and and a couple dozen flashlights with tons of D cell and AA batteries.

Meanwhile as inept as the women are the men (not in mine for Y2k, but a pandemic ffs) rather than going out and buying masks and masking material or baked beans decided to go out and buy two thousand dollar meme rifles, although the sad fact is that it's actually going to be useful this time around. I may check out the gun store this week and see if I can pick up anything although frankly I don't expect law to breakdown so bad in November that I'd need it and even if I did it's more likely I'd have to put up with either swarms of BLM looters or trumptards trying to gangpress me into their faggy LARP militia neither of which I'm going to effectively defend against with just a filed down AR or whatever. If it's just one man I don't think anything less than a BAR and good tactical defense would suffice.
>but will it get that bad
I fully expect cringey faggots like the Proud Boys to engage in sporadic bursts of lone wolf terrorism or small groups staging terrorist attacks.

Fuck, if I knew a mobster I'd place bets on someone torching a Dominos because they thought the assistant manger said something in librul pedo code.
>but what about antifa if Biden loses
I don't fear antifa because I'm not a business owner or cop and don't consider them terrorists nor any kind of credible threat to me. I'm more worried about getting hit by some retard shooting up an area with brown people I pass through than getting jumped by some git witey retards at this point and because I don't wear MAGA shit or advertise political affiliation am not worried about getting sucker punched but I do see that happening a lot in a Trump win.

In either case I expect social upheaval like you haven't seen in decades.

I'll try to think of it as a game with very unlifelike and terribly programmed NPCs doing bydlo things while trying to survive resource shortages, raiders, and an invisible sand plague.

Thankfully I managed to nab 3 bottles of iso, one large 91% one that can be diluted and 2 smaller 70% ones so I have enough rubbing alcohol to last me until Thanksgiving atm. I am also hoping we can get some shutdowns going so they cut my fucking hours to something sane because right now I've got too much to get gibes but not enough to do more than subsistence survive on at best and I still owe the state money because they overpaid me. I've never had this much trouble trying to pay a debt back in my life.
All I want to do is sit inside and shitpost and play vidya and sip hot cocoa as the world burns outside like some spardo gif rather than get pozzed by maskless angry bydlo is that really too much to ask ;_;
No. 47566
Man this really should be some kind of special disaster event in Tropico 6
No. 47567 Kontra
I don't understand what the fat guy is trying to say
No. 47569
>copying swedish retardness
To think that anyone could copy it is retarded in its own way. "Hurr durr sweden is open and goes about business as usual." No we don't, and that is what people don't get.

There was an interview with German tourist on TV and he was all "I can walk around here without a mask and it is totally free and I don't have to wear a mask". So basically he had no business here other then to not wear a mask and he shouldn't and that is what people like him don't understand.
No. 47571
Power, like value, lays where men think it does.
No. 47593
97 kB, 655 × 558
Portugal has around 11 million people.
Today we hit 3270 cases, there are 1365 people hospitalized with COVID-19, 200 in ICU. There are currently 47.000 active cases.

In the coming weeks, hospital will be overfilled with infected and triage of patients will begin. If the Spanish example is anything to go by, older people will increasingly be left to die as the limited medical equipment will have to rationed.

Things are fucked, the government is limited in its ability to perform meaningful action, they've declared a 4 day ban on people travelling outside of their "province" - in an attempt to limit infection during the all-saints festivities which will no doubt have a few brave and idiotic souls celebrating.

Nobody talks about this here, but it's obvious that it's just a matter of time until banks start imploding. We were overdue an economic crisis to hit some time around 2021 and with these new conditions I'm sure something impressive will happen and we will see a new rise in misery and poverty.
No. 47594
Oh fuck. Shit. That's right. I'd half counted on that second stimulus check clearing by now so that I could "invest" it in a brick of silver and some nuggets of gold. It's truly a terrible thing to have forewarning and be able to do nothing about it particularly due to lack of resources and connection while those who have it, squander it, and as though they know not. I'm concerned about which thing can be the tipping point to cause another domino effect like 2008. Motherfucker I'm not even close to 40 and I've had nonstop bullshit making it harder to ever get ahead because our generation is fucked from the mishandlings of retarded boomers.

On the plus side you at least do not have a civil war brewing.
No. 47885
So I guess this is the most pertinent thread. I just stocked up on a bunch more supplies today. I've been gathering up all week long and I've already blown through well over three hundred dollars just this week alone, mostly on food but some other things also. Everyone is stocking up on ammo. The virus has accelerated itself quite rapidly in my area. I swung by my local shartmart to pick up some extra Halloween candy for the kids but no one came. I'm not sure why I expected that they did; they didn't come last year either. No one seems to celebrate it anymore except black children. Not here. I swung back today and picked up even more candy on discount and it looks like barely any even sold this year. The election is now two days off. It feels like calm before the storm. It feels like I did walking the mart about 9 months ago, before anyone else in the country realized what was happening and about to happen, that sense of eerie calm, except now it is saddened. The paranoia, suspicion, and general sadness of everybody around me is incredibly palpable right now. It's in the air, like a lingering mildewy sweat.

I suppose that should have to be my last run. I could pick up just a couple of other things later maybe but I'm getting exhausted from it. We're at quadruple the daily case count we were a month ago and I'm just trying to get enough stuff packed in to not go anywhere until Thanksgiving or hopefully December if not later, and my money is finally actually starting to run out.

I'm listening to the songs of my youth now, played on the speed of sadness

Whether I'll get past this winter I don't even know. My vision has gone black again, just like it did back in 2008. I caught a brief glimmer of the future and saw it because I could not change anything about it. Or maybe I saw it only because I could. And either way my vision went black yet again. I don't even know if my family won't be dead by then, that everyone will still be there. We're going to lose another quarter of a million people over the next few months. I suppose I should not leave anything left unsaid. The existence of my beans is finally secured, but I do not know if I can deal with the walking human hazards about me. It will be a trying time regardless. Any plans I had or could have are going to have to be on hold now, as the society locks down into a new and much darker phase of our American history.
No. 47890 Kontra
My aunt sent me this
Christ, that is the most bourgeois "disaster preparedness" list I've ever seen. Curiously it does not contain things like ammo for example, although to be fair in the event of a real disaster if you live in a major enough urban zone you're pretty much fucked anyway. I just think it's funny. The bottom part where it's an actual list
>Disposable dishes and utensils
Just like...what the actual fuck? Do they make PC building videos for the Verge or something? Well anyway at least they are trying and I can appreciate that. Some of the other things are not actually that far off anyway. In certain types of disasters like plague outbreaks you really do want to make sure to get and stockpile basic things you may not normally think about, like extra socksVery important! Especially in winter! Good footwear cannot be overstated, extra feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons, shaving cream, contact lenses or a spare pair of glasses, batteries, drano and a toilet plunger, just basic every day or even less than every week items that are easy to overlook. Fire extinguisher is a good addition I keep forgetting to buy myself a better secondary one.
No. 47912 Kontra
So, you're about to have a full-scale civil war or what?
I swung by /k/ a few minutes ago and they're already in full boog mode. I mean, we all know they're larping basement dwellers, but apparently there are enough violent retards on both sides.
I mean on the one hand I am morbidly curious how a modern day civil war in a non-muslim country would look like, especially without (much) foreign meddling, but then again I am anxious about the implications. I am at a point in my life where I can start a family and I don't want to raise my children in a postapocalyptic wasteland.
No. 47916 Kontra
I'm not sure how, but I guess this bears mentioning. Our local chimpouts this year had warnings from the police and government, including the barricading of government buildings in advance.
So far tonight nothing, the streets are about as normal as they can be in a pandemic. They don't see throngs of MAGApedes or more rabid Dems as a risk tonight at least.
No. 47967 Kontra
To append this, my own area remains the same as ever though I've heard of Trump's fan club in other states going after polling stations. But it seems the police are responding to them first.
No. 48052
It has been confirmed that my best friend has the coronavirus, he said he lost his sense of smell today, his wife doesn't have any symptoms yet. Feeling pretty down right now, and tomorrow I will have to commute to work by bus once again, endangering myself.
No. 48053 Kontra
Another superpower will gladly take the leading role, maybe it will be something different from US imperialism afterall, the Russians are not capable of it, only China comes to my mind.
No. 48058 Kontra
It's not looking likely in my estimation tbqh however considering probably as high as 80% of trumptards are still in full-on denial and coping mode it makes me worried what sporadic violence these dangerous retards are going to do once they fully hit the anger stage of coping with loss. I say this considering one of these said dangerous retards who accepted it is a police chief whose ass just got canned because of writing a bunch of shitposts encouraging violence against people and which should give you a very crystal clear picture of what the actual problem is in America with police and why people who lick their boots are either retards or disgusting
>he actually calls the FBI and CIA "Marxist organizations"
I mean like can you even fucking imagine? Who in their right mind in what despotic shithole calls the fucking CIA and FBI "Marxists"? These people have never known loss or oppression in their entire lives so a part of me would be quite gleeful at them actually getting out of their scooters to get their shit stomped in by the full weight of the government for once.
No. 48059 Kontra
>These people have never known loss or oppression in their entire lives so a part of me would be quite gleeful at them actually getting out of their scooters to get their shit stomped in by the full weight of the government for once.
In case of a Second American Civil war most units would be classified as "Motorised Divisions" because of the mobility scooters.
No. 48060
321 kB, 600 × 714
Well, apparently we're getting another soft-lockdown after 110k cases.
>General curfew from 8PM to 5AM
>Lower Education to be digital past 8th grade
>Higher Education to go completely digital
>Restaurants to close (Take-out is still allowed)
>State will pay 50% of wages for restaurant workers
>Restaurant owners will not have to pay taxes after their workers for 30 months
>Theatres, Cinemas, the Opera to close
>Teachers, Kindergarten workers to be tested weekly (Not with PCR tests)
>Hotels to close
>Hotels will get reimbursed for 80 of the booked rooms if they don't lay down their workers
>These measures will be in effect for 30 days from Tuesday

Thus spake Orbán.
The government seems really optimistic and keeps saying that a vaccine is "within arms reach" or how "a vaccine is just a few weeks away".
(Interestingly enough we're negotiating with China and Russia for their vaccines, not with Britain or their western manufacturers.)

Anyway, I wanted to ask, does your country have a corona-slogan?
Like how the UK uses the
>Stay home, rotect the NHS, Save lives!
Here, the government uses "Let's take care of each other! Together we can succeed again!" (Again, as in, like during the first wave.)
Generally every official letter I came across related to the pandemic uses "Protect/Take care of ourselves, protect/take care of each other!".
No. 48061
There are some "We're in this together" slogans floating around but I don't recall anything specific.
No. 48066
255 kB, 851 × 851
>by bus
Wear a mask and cross your fingers, Ernst. Sorry to hear about your friend.

>does your country have a corona-slogan?
While it's not an official slogan, I've seen "Stay Home, Stay Safe" a lot. I miss "Flatten the Curve", which was used in the early days before this thing grew out of control.
No. 48067
733 kB, 1002 × 571
Joge was already made

"Stop the spread" seems to be the most common one. Americans are dumbasses so flatten the curve is way too complex.
>riding public transit
I've tried stocking up as much as possible but my tobacco stockpiles are running dangerously low and will probably be exhausted by sometime next week. This is why I own and wear a gas mask. I can keep 1.5 Finns between myself and others many other places beyond checkout lines but public transit is very much gas mask time.
>why do you have such negative view
Nine months. I've been dealing with this bullshit nine fucking months. People licking their fingertips to count out money even now in November. Wheezing boomers coofing all over the place while chinmasking. I've had it with these retards. I hope no election rigging goes on and the next guy clamps down with national mask mandates and fines the fuckers a thousand dollars for being retards. It's also spooky how many legit boomers I'll hear on the bus talking about playing videogames. I always expected 13 year olds to be polluting multiplayer this is probably one of the reasons I basically don't play MP at all but I never expected some 65 year old boomer to be doing it.
>at least you share common interest
Luckily I don't because mostly what they seem to play is the usual bydlo AAA crap. Man. I can't even imagine how fucked the vidya industry got by this but at least there's gonna be huge demand this winter coupled with indie devs who can just work from home in at most small teams, because the way things are going I'd imagine us to also be heading back into full lockdowns within the months except that unlike yurop we'll be waiting until "This Is Fine" mode before trying to do it way beyond the point where it'll do any good.
No. 48224
We are probably facing more countrywide shutdowns now with multiple cities and areas already going into shutdown mode. How's it in your areas?
No. 48249 Kontra
80 kB, 1280 × 720
196 kB, 840 × 630
73 kB, 666 × 374
411 kB, 900 × 600
Some people may not find this as amusing as I did, but Morgan Freeman narrates the first 5/6ths of 2020
You should bear it in mind we've still got a bit less than two months left to go of this year so a lot of really dumb dark shit can and probably will have happened since then. Christ. Doesn't anyone remember that? How the year literally began with locusts like some kind of a dark omen? At least they didn't have stingers and the faces of men I guess.

But anyway just so you know apparently the stocks here are totally wiped out on some shelves with people once again, you guessed it, hoarding TP
No. 48262
I actually swung here just to say this
You have no idea the depths or degree to how cold blooded I am towards these dumb cunts right now. That fat disgusting boomer thing in the white shirt. All the major business owners. They should fucking hang. You have no idea the magnitude of the growing suffering in this country right now. They should be brutally and violently put in their fucking place if need be at this point.
>there's no cases in Wyoming!
No. 48333
No. 48335
Calm down schizo.
No. 48340
Pretty sure the schizos are the ones saying it's a hoax by Bill Gates m8
No. 48963
I think I'm just going to have to start calling people. I deliberately cut myself off from everybody but I'm getting increasingly worried. Every day I check the counter and our county is up X number of new cases and is now hitting the point where I check it and deaths are ticking off. I have no idea who's dying or if anyone I know has got it and gotten messed up from it beyond family.
No. 49050 Kontra
I think it's best to become completely and utterly detached from social relationships. It will only being toi grief. The few relationships that were okay are not worth it.
No. 49051 Kontra
I don't believe Bill Gates invented the virus and I don't believe the virus is that serious. I do believe Bill Gates is trying to use the scare to further monitor and control people by putting little bots that monitor peoples heart rate and possibly control it into vaccines. The Government is already insituting social control over daily life by instituting restrictions such as maso covers and Monopolies took advantage of the control of government to insitute hegmony in America to eliminate competition.
I cant seem to find a answer to this inreased control of the pharmaceutical cartels and retail and silicon valley gangs on our daily life. In Australia they made it illegal to not give your child HRT if the drug cartel deem your child to be the sex they are not assigned with at birth. You also can't refuse to buy the hormones either. In that country they also banned no game no life and sex toys from japan. Things are just going to heu worst in the Anglosphere and I don't know the way out.
No. 49054
68 kB, 750 × 698
No. 49077
I literally spent the entire summer comparing us to the Soviet Union and Chernobyl, so, good call on that lad I guess?

I had to look up what that was
and I find it quite rich and very telling that you had to find a way to shoehorn in whining about trannies to a pandemic discussion while at the same time complaining about Australia banning pedo anime. It's even funnier to consider the very people whining about "muh freedoms" usually are the same people who had no problem with this
They don't give any fucks about freedom, either. It's several orders of magnitude less offensive than being told no shirt, no shoes, no service, yet I don't see anyone protesting being told to put a shirt on.
No. 49253
There are no extra direct payment checks coming. It's all been whittled down to more gibes for the major corporations, on top of their normal gibes. I'm tired of this system. The Democrats are as fucking useless for real Americans as the Republicans and while at least it's gratifying seeing the GOP fully destroying itself I hope to god that the woketards and leftists go full cytokine storm against the DNC corporatists. They're going to pass, at best, an extra $300 weekly stipend to unemployment which is not enough because all the states are starting to shut down again and when they say "help for 'small' businesses" what they mean by a "small" business is a tri-state area or regional corporation. This is going to completely fuck everyone with a small restaurant or salon and I hold the senate responsible for it. Meanwhile all the scumbag elites are doing the usual things and letting the serfs die in the fields just like every other pandemic. I hope that this experience causes a dramatic shift in my society and discredits neoliberalism and globalism, populism and reactionaries, and drives severe hate against the wealthy elites. At least on the plus side none of my immediate family members some of whom have real serious risk factors are working bydlo jobs or associating with bydlo and so their risks of getting pozzed this December are pretty low compared to other people working restuarants, walmart, cashiers, or whatever but I'm still moderately worried about them getting it.
No. 49279
>The first report cards of the school year are arriving with many more Fs than usual in a dismal sign of the struggles students are experiencing with distance learning.

>Educators see a number of factors at play: Students learning from home skip assignments — or school altogether. Internet access is limited or inconsistent, making it difficult to complete and upload assignments. And teachers who don’t see their students in person have fewer ways to pick up on who is falling behind, especially with many keeping their cameras off during Zoom sessions.

>The increase in failing grades has been seen in districts of all sizes around the country.

Schools confront ‘off the rails’ numbers of failing grades

Not really surprising. Poor performing/special needs students are doing worse, and high performing students are doing better. I know another ernst has expressed his hope that this home schooling experiment may lead to more independant thinking. Maybe it could, and for a subset of kids it almost certainly will, but for others we need a better solution than what we're seeing.
Well, I guess it's too late for any real changes since we'll get back to normal next year anyway.
No. 49287
Yeah, I understand that we need a lot more than just a new pedagogy, and yeah, I am highly aware of the fact we need much better than a one-size-fits all approach to education--in fact that's part of the exact point
but regardless I am very hopeful and grades are irrelevant to me but then again, I am definitely of that horrible Soviet bureaucrat tier "sometimes you need to break eggs to make omelettes" tier mindset. It's more important to me that we have that transitional phase of breaking the training and indoctrination than getting good grades, in fact I fully expected that to be a temporary side effect. And that's not a bad thing.

The entire grading system is bullshit regardless but a lot of those special needs kids would fall behind and get segregated into "special" classes anyway, and it'll only highlight the fact that a one-size-fits-all approach has been harming our kids for generations now as the smart kids grow listless and also fall behind along with the special cases falling behind, because the real purpose of school is to push towards that middle segment. Any of the smart kids have two pathways and that is either to becoming a useful mindless cog like everybody else only with at best a higher paygrade, or the pathway to private schools to become the real managerial class whose glass ceiling is becoming the personal assistants to the elites as investors, lawyers, personal doctors etc. Michael Cohen was part of that class. Upper management is that class. For whatever reason I didn't go that way along with other family members so when I talk about this I'm talking about going to a soccer game for a relative who attended the same prep school Bush and Kerry did, and also going to a shitty public school but unfortunately being smart enough to understand what was going on. My guidance counselor even kept pushing me to going to some shitty community college for I don't know why but due to my parents I got pushed towards private colleges and I got in one and got a BA rather than associate degree to stay stuck with the bydlo.

Yes, I want to see this system utterly destroyed and discredited. The problem is everyone got trained to talk about education all wrong. They are meant to never question the basic premise:
>we need every kid to go to school and be given good grades
It's never questioned. And I want that system utterly ruined beyond all recognition until these kids learn to be independent and think critically and question things around them and learn to be real humans again. Having been homeschooled also my only real concerns are firstly, kids from broken homes I can see this being awful for them and we need to find a way to deal with that (who would be failing their classes and drifting to criminality even with schools more often than not even if not always), and secondly, that it can make people lopsided. Like I never got really good at math and probably would be worse at math today had I been homeschooled until graduation. That's a problem, and that requires certain programs to provide those core things, even though so far as I can tell the vast majority of the country overwhelmingly does not know how to do math and has forgotten pretty much everything they learned in school and that's partly because grading and tests is useless bullshit that does not teach them any real world skills.
No. 49288
153 kB, 803 × 605
439 kB, 598 × 598
57 kB, 700 × 520

I think that what we need to do is provide a core set of skills including logic and rhetoric classes and critical thinking skills (this is absolute cancer to this system and will always be lowkey opposed by them so it has to be violently rammed through the system), alongside a foreign language and creative arts classes, basic skills in the scientific method (that is barely taught in school more like just a bunch more quizzes from rote memory), literature and history etc. The added problem is it already is lopsided because people like me and other ernsts can outperform our real abilities with no effort by being walking books of trivia, rather than the goal of a Renaissance man who can fix your car, recite Plato verbatim, understand Aristotelian philosophy, write a not-shit poem, and opine about the geopolitical situation, rather than being either a trivia book and/or unquestioningly obedient worker who identifies tribally with his Nikes or Carhart clothes and accepts whatever "redpills" or woketard bullshit he gets fed by the tribe.

I think that after teaching those core skills and methods of thinking and operating that we should create those satellite programs. Like an actual arts and crafts school that can install sculptures in local parks, and people doing more than field trips but actually something like a semester long internship at a national park or wildlife refuge which additionally can provide them with future employment opportunities on top of providing real world skills, and things like that should be an education. Do you know where I once went on a field trip to? McDONALDS. They fucking took me on a fieldtrip to McDonald's. I still do not understand the point of that one. I mean fuck sake even if they took us into the "kitchen" it's not like we'd even be taught how to cook, which could be another satellite program. At least I also went to an art museum once.

I'd also like to add that I resent the CHUD slur from retards at leftychans because it implicitly states you should go to the garbage bydlo factories, as if that were fine, in the same way we get redditards talking about "science" as if it were an ideology and not method, of which they understand nothing, while being soft-nihilist fedora illiterates. That is likewise as by design as social tribes being formed around whether you shop at Hot Topic or Hollister, all of which is artificial, and more hilarious that these tankies would be pushing labelling in favor of the same corporatist power structure they say they oppose. I will also say however that it is right, that it will provide many opportunities for YECreationist retards to indoctrinate their kids to Brooklyn Orthodox Jew or Wahhabi level of ignorant useless retard. That is indeed sadly a problem in this country, a considerably big one, and another reason why we need all those satellite programs.

However after those programs I think that what we should do is similar to higher education and that will provide a smooth, seamless transition to secondary schools should they choose to do so by providing a sort of focus at the third stage that they can do by choice as a program but that is tailored to their own native skills. Like I am not going to ask for the round peg athlete with massively high kinesthetic intelligence to get hammered and slammed through that square peg of engineering. Not everyone has got the same native abilities because we were not made equal in that respect and should not all be held to the same standards and that is why we (allegedly) have a meritocracy instead, where those with the ability should do so and those that are useless as tits on a boar should not be given the position to lead purely because of who they know or how much money they have. I think that while they should be rounded out by the first two stages that their own method of learning should be targeted and identified for how they should be taught and that targeted learning should allow them the pathway to nurture and refine their native talents and abilities, and that that is one of the big problems I have with the system because it drives future Olympians and composers into whoring themselves to some corporation as office drones.

Sorry for the longer post than usual but this is one of the things I feel passionately about and as far as I'm concerned it has been one of the subtle gifts of 2020, to help break or loosen the system's hold and some of its fundamental assumptions that are false. The only fear I have is that the enemy will use this as an opportunity to double down on the structural indoctrination to make these brick prisons become their whole lives and make "schooling" itself overtake their lives to compensate for the hours lost to them of training children in reflexive obedience and suspensions for "insubordination."
No. 49320
287 kB, 1440 × 1080
>Sorry for the longer post than usual
I appreciated your expanded thoughts.

My thinking parallels yours with the exception of breaking some eggs :D . As I see it (and as your first link emphasized) the educational system serves its own end, creating in each generation what it needs, rather than serving students. And it needs compliance, first and foremost, after that the primary goal is socialization. Finally there is just enough wiggle room to allow some people to find their niche. An area they enjoy and are naturally good at.
Funny how it only takes a sliver of light, just the possibility of escape, to keep any system stable. That ensures any effort will be towards reform, widening those slivers, rather than a complete overhaul.

As an aside, I wonder how many ib dwellers have some home-schooling in their background. At least two here.
No. 50543
I remember that guy somewhere trying to say "hospitals are empty" and other low IQ things like disputing that triage was happening
In LA county you're no longer getting taken to the hospital for resuscitation in the event of things like a heart attack and it's only going to get worse. They'll eventually stop responding to certain calls entirely since it's only getting worse here and the vaccine rollout in America is way slower, and on top of that you have black swan events like that one guy who intentionally destroyed hundreds of vaccines because he "didn't think they were safe" probably for anti-vaxxer reasons.
No. 50590 Kontra
Would you just kill yourself already you unemployed alarmist schizo?

(User was banned for this post)

No. 50825
95 kB, 956 × 539
Well that's unfortunate
>Bankhead-Kendall, an assistant professor of surgery with Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, has treated thousands of patients since the pandemic began in March.

>Lubbock, Texas trauma surgeon Dr. Brittany Bankhead-Kendall. CBS Dallas

>She says patients who've had COVID-19 symptoms show a severe chest X-ray every time, and those who were asymptomatic show a severe chest X-ray 70% to 80% of the time.
>and those who were asymptomatic show a severe chest X-ray 70% to 80% of the time.
>and those who were asymptomatic show a severe chest X-ray 70% to 80% of the time.
The hell? It's actually that high? I figured it'd be much lower rates of organ damage. I've felt, not sure how to put it but off since the summer. I need to take a Chantix. I need to smoke less.

(Nurgle cultist has been purged from premises)
No. 50843
644 kB, 785 × 414
I hope to get my vaxx soon.
No. 50846
They're giving priority to seniors and health care workers here. There's also no residency requirement, so snowbirds- the elderly non-residents who flock to Florida every winter- are also eligible. That means we're going to vaccinate quite a few Canadians before we're done.

Canada’s Flawed Vaccine Plan Sends Snowbirds to U.S. for Jab

That headline is misleading. The story is about Canadians already in Florida, not Canadians travelling just for the vaccine. I think Bloomberg's editor was just taking a swipe at Canada's healthcare system.
No. 50847
Yeah I actually saw something about that and the absolute outrage some of them had for all of these goddamn carpetbaggers from as far away as Florida stealing their Floridian vaccines, which some had plates from places like New Jersey and New York alongside Canada. They interviewed an elderly Florida couple about that. I have no idea how she managed to keep her rage bottled. I'd be fucking furious.

But it was still his turn! tier shitpost. This poster is a very good example why my beautiful country is suffering sub-third world tier levels of death and suffering.
No. 50861
>I have no idea how she managed to keep her rage bottled.

Old folks aren't known to filter their language, so they probably editted out the swearing :D.

No residency rule: Some full-time Floridians upset snowbirds, visitors can get vaccinated in Sunshine State

>“I hate to say that we deserve that priority, but we do. We are the ones paying the taxes, we are here when it is 120 degrees in the summertime"
>120 degrees in the summertime

I understand accomodating snowbirds, since they spend months here every year, and often maintain local homes etc. They're part of the Florida community. But the vaccine tourism is a different issue. "Single day" visitors are being discouraged, but that amounts to little more than a tsk-tsk from the governor, since vaccination sites aren't going to turn them away.

‘It’s just not fair.’ Florida sends mixed signals to foreigners getting COVID vaccines.

From a public health standpoint they just want a needle in as many arms as possible, as quickly as possible. Every shot is another potential life saved, regardless of where they live. Of course that's easy to say when I'm not one of the people trying to book an appointment and finding all the slots taken.
No. 50863
39 kB, 960 × 760
>but that amounts to little more than a tsk-tsk from the governor,
What the fuck, I'd think with how astoundingly shitty DeSantis is as a leader and a person that at least the one damn thing such a guy could reliably do is protect your interests against carpetbaggers from up north during a national crisis. If DeSantis is more useless than one tit on a boar why the hell do you even let him stay as the governor? What kind of idiot re-employs a guy like that?

>From a public health standpoint they just want a needle in as many arms as possible, as quickly as possible
Well yeah that is true but maybe given such a limited supply and with more people demanding them you can afford to just give them to people within the state particularly given that your population is so elderly?

I also just found out today that apparently Alex Azar is a fucking liar and there never was any such "national stockpile being kept in reserve" which confused me to begin with because why would you keep such a massive stockpile of vaccines needed much more right now and that can both easily go bad if not kept deeply frozen as well as be of incresingly likited utility as time goes on and this thing mutates further? Speaking of which that's going to be the real worry sooner than later because the disease is both globally endemic as well as rapidly mutating which means, just like with seasonal flu, all of those vaccines are eventually going to become useless.

I'm absolutely astounded by the magnitude of stupidity and incompetence all damn year. I'm speechless. Just imagine if this happened with something as deadly as like MERS, Nipah, or smallpox instead. It could've been a global civilization ending event almost on same order of magnitude as a nuclear exchange. People were still coming and going freely and my real worry is what should happen if this thing mutates into some kind of a super lethal strain while air traffic is being allowed.
>but it would spread less
Mutations are random and if it happens to be capable of transmitting itself while in prodromal phase and simply becomes 20% lethal a couple weeks after exposure it absolutely can spread everywhere. Its cousins have got lethality rates in the 10-40% death toll range which means at least we got stuck with this but at the same time what we've seen is that death rates spike every time the hospital systems get overwhelmed, and the UK variant has already been detected in 14 different states so far.
No. 50867
>If DeSantis is more useless than one tit on a boar why the hell do you even let him stay as the governor? What kind of idiot re-employs a guy like that?
What can I say? Donald Trump put his arm around the guy in 2018, and the rest is history. DeSantis' owes his political rise to the president- which helps explain why he was so loyal to the federal "let them all get sick" Covid plan. Florida is Trump country and the governor isn't going to bite the hand that feeds him.

>UK variant has already been detected in 14 different states so far.
Looks like that's going to be our predominant strain by March:


I see annual Covid vaccines in our future.
No. 51026
61 kB, 750 × 936
We are the first country in the EU to approve the Russian vaccine for use. We are also going to fast track one of the sinopharm vaccines.
1 million doses of Sputnik V and 1 million doses of the sinopharm vaccine was ordered.
No. 51078
No. 51079 Kontra
No. 51080 Kontra
6 kB, 223 × 226
This obviously isn't propaganda from someone who knows fuck-all about vaccines and I'm going to trust it.
No. 51081 Kontra
They don't know vaccines but they know china. So enjoy.
No. 51082 Kontra
I don't care about butthurt sexpat "china experts" on youtube.
No. 51083 Kontra
Then don't and enjoy Winnie Puh's magical concoction.
No. 51119
553 kB, 1000 × 367
Please be considerate of EC culture sir. The sole reason I didn't close it immediately is because I know who laowhy86 and serpentza are, despite the fact I'm also aware poltards caught onto them. It doesn't help just posting random youtube videos. Again had I not known who this guy is I'd have said the same thing.

[tile painting intensifies]
Sir this is a gentleman's club for serious discussions, not shitposting like it's vierkanal.

It's the "I'm American here's my Chinese wife" guy who married a native Chinese woman and lived in China for awhile before getting butthurt about China.

I ain't watching it but to your point

It's still ultimately just some butthurt vlogger but I'd take this guy more seriously for his "foreigner living in China" take on things
He actually did put out a couple good videos at the start of the pandemic about that. I'd still take it with a grain of salt though.

Fuck it's also setting in real hard now the actual bad situation in my country because we have no vaccines. We're out. There never was a stockpile and we literally ran out of all vaccines, and the virus is still mutating.

Fortunately President Biden just dropped a bunch of air travel restrictions again
oh wow AMLO is positive now too
No. 51130 Kontra
>was told appointments are being booked into April
>check site
>there are no vaccines within 200 miles of me
That's the most shitty and useless administration we ever had. We basically don't have any vaccines.
No. 51135 Kontra
Sorry. I thought people on suspicious sits like this knew about them. Also that jayoe guy you posted got interviewed on Chinese state TV so he can be trusted 100%.
No. 51276
183 kB, 1484 × 1086
>1 million doses of Sputnik-V
>1 million doses of one of the Western vaccines
>Orbán decided to order 6 million doses of the Sinopharm shot and announces that he'll be taking the Chinese vaccine because he trusts that one the most
I did not see this one coming 2bh.
No. 51850
How is this thing so infectious across so many species? Isn't it kind of abnormal how much it was able to jump multiple species like that?
No. 51853
>The Sun
That said, there is a german saying "Was lange gärt wird endlich gut".
Who knows how long the virus could develop into the form it eventually took to take the world by storm? I imagine it wasn't just bats.
Maybe it's something all mammals have in common. Or have birds also died from it?
No. 51874
Flu-like viruses attack lung cells, so it can theoretically hop to every animal with a lung, the cells are not that different.
No. 51876
The immune systems are very different, though.
No. 51879
Cross species jumps are typically incredibly rare, and even in the off chance that it happens typically don't actually become infectious and pass between members of the same species. This makes a few viral families which can hop between a variety of species like influenza rather unique.

...all of which is now making me question whether there's any other kind of universal mathematic constants and if you can apply something like the Drake Equation to viruses to come up with what are the odds of things passing by each level of great filter to solve the Fermi paradox. Highly unlikely, but I suspect the adage "as above, so below" holds true for certain mathemical patterns throughout the universe as they're essentially predicated on the same original set of physical laws.

Regardless in the case of viruses in order for it to randomly bang around inside your body, hijack cellular machinery, and keep replicating without destruction by your immune system is the kind of jump WHO and CDC monitors. Nipah for example is non-transmissable. You are bombarded by an incredibly wide variety of viruses and other organisms on a daily basis but very few of them ever manage to take hold. They require rather specific and narrow parameters in order to take hold, reproduce, and transmit, and propagating that signal requires successfully completing a wide array of steps. Bacteriophages are thought to be one of the most common biological materials on the planet but each variant tends to target only one specific species of bacteria, which is why engineered bacteriophages is often considered to be the next step in antimicrobial medicine after all our typically fungal poison based antiobiotics continue to fail. It is largely considered to be "safe" for similar reasons as to why it's perfectly safe to handle garden plants getting wiped out by a plant specific viral I'll infection.
No. 52165
Well, maybe not a constant in itself, but I'm pretty sure there a statistics theorems that give you a certain number to reach a threshold which are applicable to biology and physics or sociology, like critical mass
No. 52187
I am really hoping we aren't still in mask mode by 2022. This pandemic just keeps dragging on and on.
No. 52188
I haven't even worn a mask this entire time yet. Only the convict sates had too.
No. 52202
I still do not understand how this became a thing. Like I get it happening here due to combination of ponerization and the conformity principle in the trumptard Qcult (though why precisely he did that and they believed it is a mystery to me) but I don't get how it could possibly infect people in other countries. It's not that there aren't really stupid gullible people in other countries, but that there's zero context for it. It spread here because Trump wanted to pretend something that made him look bad wasn't happening rather than working to fis it so he tried gaslighting his followers by couching in it in very American terms about "muh liberty muh freedom of choice" (even though it had nothing to do with that and never made a shred of sense for example you can get kicked out of stores for not wearing a shirt or shoes and banks and certain stores could do the same for wearing masks and hats and sunglasses inside) but that I can at least see the progression of how people within this society got manipulated into something so deranged and low IQ within the specific contexts. There are none of those contexts in the UK, Australia, Germany etc. I can't see any dots to connect on how progression went from points A to Z in other lands.
No. 52203
Not him but you assume that these other countries aren't also run by retards. IIRC it's more than half of our cabinet that goes to the same fundie megachurch for example, and some ridiculous percentage of media here is owned by Murdoch, leaving us with some of the worst variety of journalism in the developed world. Our neocons are also increasinly styling themselves off of the American right after seeing its successes. We even have an emerging anti-vax sector to go with our 'religious freedom means freedom to impose my religion on you' types.

Then we were never really hit /that/ hard in most of the country anyway. We have had fewer than 1500 cases, and only 6 deaths during the entire thing in my state for example. The only time there have even been mask mandates is when some new outbreak occurs and the authorities are contact tracing. Once that is done, and things clear over again, you're free to go. So in almost any given moment, the post above is more likely to be "help, other people are voluntarily wearing masks, I'm being oppressed" than any actual point about mandated mask wearing.
t. australien
No. 52206 Kontra
>only six deaths
>whole state
Oh. We've had close to two hundred deaths in my town in the last year (about one in a thousand here got killed by it). Somehow we still have people acting like retards.
>amazing success
That is a profoundly low IQ way to look at it. This was the most spectacular political failure and implosion I've seen in my entire lifetime. I know these people are low IQ, but just...Jesus. This is the first time in almost thirty years that an incumbent president lost the election, and not only did he lose, not only did he go down in scandal and humiliating disgrace, not only did he take the whole party down with him, but he also managed to plunge the party into an internal civil war in the process. How on earth anyone could conclude from all this that's the right way to go or "successful" is beyond me. But then again a large swath of the right has become so mentally unhinged they're fully detached from reality at this point so I guess it shouldn't surprise me as much as it does this is becoming the case globally. I know they developed this bizarre cheerleader mentality about

Now that I think of it, it's literally a brainwashed charismatic cultist mindset of thought control they developed where any negative thought is considered evil, or accepting criticism or failure could be true. I forget the term for it but Heavens Gate and certain political cults like Stalin and Mao seemed to develop it where accepting the existence of a flaw or that their group/goals/leader is not perfect and divinely inspired automatically makes you a "traitor" or "evil" and part of the out-group and thus an enemy.

I guess it just surprises me because while certainly everyone is full of retards it's a very particular American thing happening here and becoming that detached from reality you simply hit Qtard levels of "all the traitors are executed and 'Biden' is actually Trump wearing Biden's face, Trump is still president and we won against the derp state" is not something I expected to have resonance with anybody outside the States, particularly when they not just failed spectacularly with policy or things they can try to spin or do whataboutism, but when their political failure is also plain as day. I am sure however that if they're dumb enough not to realize this approach resulted in historic political defeat, they also are too high on their fumes in some echochamber to realize when they say "but we radicalized so many to our side!" that they likewise fail to appreciate magnitude how hard they solidified and radicalized opposition against them.
No. 52207
59 kB, 600 × 600
Still ruminating whether its a smart move to remain in the NZ as a minimum wage slave and transition to a study visa to ensure I don't have to go back to Canada. Canada is slowly starting to encroach on dangerous inflationary territory.
Travelling, especially international travel seems like a dead in the water endorsement in the near future and there's no certainty when third world countries will regress back to normal operative measures to host poor wretches like myself.
The porblem of remaining in NZ would be finding housing (impossible) or getting a new license (arduous). Maybe I'll just smack together a cabin in the woods in case the world engulfs into flames as I'm waiting patiently for borders to reopen.
Restarting my life here doesn't seem preferable and beginning an in demand trade while being overtaxed isn't totally appealing, as I'll be stuck living in a van (once I buy one) and working three years until the work to residency visa clears and I'm a naturalized kiwi. If I ever reach this stage I would reckon hopping over to Australia would be a far easier environment to live in and begin a business.
No. 52218
That same movement exists here. My cousin, brother and uncle are all Trump supporters. My uncle was dead set on driving through the state capital with a MAGA flag when Pence refused to accept Biden and when that didn't happen he and my cousin called him a traitor and my cousin said the Capitol riot was an antifa false flag attack, they live in a different world(not to say the left don't either, this is the problem, they both do). The MAGA movement is nowhere near as large but it still exists. However, I don't think that was the cause here really, I think it was just ethnics, quarantine mistakes and some people not caring.

Much of that media is Sky news and news papers, Sky news is not even on commercial TV(though I see it on Youtube now). I don't think they are that influential really. Probably only a few old people see it.
No. 52222
News Corp owns news.com.au, which usually hovers around 9-10 million unique users per month (that's what, ~35-40% of the country's population, higher if you just include adults). They also have non-negligible holdings in Fairfax. Also, consider that a lot of those regional newspapers that they own are the main way that you get local news in those places. State newspapers don't cover the news in every regional centre, so those small papers have a lot of local reach, even if their national importance is pretty low.

And yeah, the whole importation of MAGA to Australia is fucken wild to me. It's absurd how something that's written entirely around 'America' finds fertile soil here with no real changes to the presentation.
No. 52232 Kontra
>My cousin, brother and uncle are all Trump supporters. My uncle was dead set on driving through the state capital with a MAGA flag when Pence refused
Like what the actual fuck? And here I was always thinking it was particularly sad and pathetic to see a bunch of Canadians "cucking" for a foreign nationalist leader and shilling for the leader of another country all the time. At least they share a border with us and linked economies and some sort of shared continental history. The fuck is even the point of that? It's just so much fucking crazier to me when you've got a guy who's an alleged right wing nationalist pretty much directly saying "yeah! Your country first!" It'd be like watching a bunch of people cheering on Borat and singing along with him "...and allll other countries, is ran by lit-tle girlsss"

Really I think that this is why any lofty ideology or movement or system is prone to inevitable failure because its dreamers routinely fail to account for the magnitude of stupidity of the bydlo. This is also why I started calling them NPCs on KC, which much like our feels they simply stole and ran into the ground until it was a dead meme, but even back then when I called 4kanker immigrants NPCs I wouldn't have imagined them dumb enough for all the anti-mask MAGA shit in other countries. I no longer see people like that as Agents. I cannot fathom a person having their own agency and then spouting things that level of absurd, and it makes me realize the ease with which you can brainwash hundreds of millions around the globe with some shitty LARP. For that matter I'd always been convinced thag flat eartherism was just a shitty troll to mock people, but much like the thing about gentlemen pretending to be stupid inviting actual idiots to mistakenly believe they're in good company, it was taken at face value.

Really though a big part of it is a total collapse of faith in our Western institutions, which is I've considered for a couple years now with everything people kept telling me about how one thing which went wrong with Soviet Russia was nobody believing in it anymore. Perhaps it's because all social institutions are truly suspended by belief and pixie dust, and that no longing suspending disbelief is a core component to bringing any civilization crashing down to far greater degree than I'd assumed, which before was the assumption that they simply got too big and unwieldy to sufficiently execute the systems anymore, or that the system had inbuilt problems and inefficiencies, or that it simply had a lack of competent enough people to operate those systems, or some other component that looked too much at the system and not enough at people and belief itself.

The big problem here potentially being, that it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy like triggering a run on the banks, which on the wect is coming from right and left right now. Like I personally don't believe in the system at all nor many of its myths anymore at having lived through 2020 America. It was wild. I think that while you can contextualize and intellectualize something like the fall of an empire, you really just can't fully appreciate it or understand it without having directly witnessed the sacking by the Visigoths, the plagues and the superstitions, the cowardice of your merchant guild leaders and open negligence of your "let them eat cake" senators and the sort of mass madness that seizes a society. It changes you and the way you think too, like even now I realized I came to relate to people in my country differently now because any wrong thing said can get you killed, and my worst private realization which is the game theory we saw with say the Church schism and how any failure of society makes negotiators, peacemakers, and skeptics the least likely to survive as the most vocally partisan and deranged pull in opposite directions to where saying anything remotely critical of one camp even if you agree otherwise makes you labelled a traitor and enemy. I just rewatched The Good Shepherd too though, which also shows the extent to which being seen as a turncoat simply makes both sides hate you and so therefore it disincentivizes anyone to break rank even when their camp is being wrong, stupid, or evil. The point this has largely gotten across to me is the wisest thing would probably be to flee the country, because if we have civil war within 10 years neither side would be worth fighting for.
No. 52233 Kontra
But I also think it's really just an extrapolation ultimately of the profound mental illness of people like Stalin, Turkmenbashi, Saddam Hussein, Marshall Applewhite, Mao, Trump, and others like them, that once it cascades through society ponerizes enough of society to change it. Like right now as I said I feel less free in a sense than I'd probably feel under Brezhnev. Everyone here feels like an informant in waiting, until you start noticing in yourself that same willingness because you know they'd do the same to you. It makes you feel like a spy surrounded by strangers, who themselves are all spies and counterspies, and not even your family is trustworthy, and surveillance is throughout everyone's home so the smarter ones watch what they say to whom online, their phones, or worse the morons that actually paid for Big Brother being in there and bought an Alexa. If I had any opportunity to be on TV one of the first things I'd try to do is say Alexa buy hitachi vibrator or something along those lines, and ironically I could make fuckloads of money off it too as a pump and dump by buying stock in company X before working a phrase into the interview to get Alexa to buy pointless shit to troll everybody. The technological infrastructure is profoundly dystopian, and I think we're partly shielded by most people being not as smart as me, at least as lazy, unimaginative etc or just plain distracted like I typically am by leisure to realize and seize the immense power concentrated into every individual's hands, probably coupled with the average bydlo being too tired after work to do anything about it.

Yet the end result of all this technology has been that knowledge exponentially increased, but people know even less. It's easy to forget these are sons of millenia of peasants, and that the societal superstructure is suspended on very precarious things, things that leave us to the whims of ignorant superstitious barbarians when the fragile structure is compromised. Corona 2020 very much answered my question of what it would be like to live through a medieval plague as someone not a monarch. Even with all that knowledge, it's pearls before swine because it simply never occurs to them to access it. I've realized the extent to which those interviews picking on "the ignorant American are true" and how much they recognize someone from The Bachelor or whatever but have no clue who William Barr was for example. I'll sit here watching Kimmel and just be dumbfounded by what these people could possibly think about it, what they fill their time and heads with. It's also made me clearly alien to them because I likewise have no clue who any of these sports players or pop culture figures are, and just typing that out reminds me of Fate of Empires by Glubb.

I suppose the problem now is like you implied one of scope. It's no longer America, but simply the Wect. I guess it likewise boils down to what NT bydlo are, which is driven entirely by emotions and social contexts, to where simply because Trump made them feel something, they internally verified the feeling as being true, and therefore any fact that contradicted what they felt was not true. It adequately explains why their feefees fly in the face of any logic or common sense despite how clearly wrong they are about everything. I guess the question becomes what confluence of social rot created those conditions to where facts and thoughts are irrelevant, and feelings are all that matters now. It's just as true of Qtards as it is of liberalism that prioritizes feefees to call a mentally ill eunuch a woman, just as there are Australian MAGAtards who think Trumptardism was politically successful. Certainly the echo chamber effect of parts of the internet is amplifying that, but it's also clearly to me not causative.
No. 53564
What is the situation doing to your mental health? Or unhealth.

There aren't almost any things I look for in the future now so I just work and live for the moment most of the time and it feels like there is not even a real future as of now. The future went missing.
No. 53570
635 kB, 1620 × 1814
The pandemic has been exceptionally good for my mental health actually, thanks. I think a big part of it has to do with the fact I just don't have to deal with people and have an excuse for it, though I suspect I have deeper brain damage than I know about which probably hit my amygdala or something. These days I'm a loner and quite happy with that, plus on top of it I got more free time to do ultimately life affirming projects for myself. This included building my first gaming and multimedia station PC.

It should be noted though that because I've gotten huge piles of plague gibes I really don't have to give a shit about anything and thus worries free hermit existence including the most satisfying feel a man can feel, which is ultimately not giving a shit about your job or allowing your job to own you because you know you can survive for months on end without an income if it came right down to that. I am however massively pissed at my cable company gouging the shit out of me now for $75 a month internet only and so I'm going to need to switch. Seriously fuck those cocksuckers.

In short, my year's been better than ever. Most of my family has been vaccinated now so I no longer worry about the coof with them thanks to a competent vaccine rollout though we still don't have enough. I personally haven't gotten it yet though and may have to wait over a month still despite having qualified over a month ago. So as such, I am indeed a bit more stressed out because having to deal with retards. The pandemic has really changed the way I view other people, particularly my countrymen. I'm now totally divorced from my former conservativism. I'm still uptight about lots of things but it got to the point last summer where those red hats were a mark of chaos and I avoided them, quite literally, like the plague, unlike with their equals the chin masker black people from the hood. So in that regard I was stressed out but I wore a p100 mask during the pandemic because of them.

Even so, I did not go out much. I got to be as much of a hermit as I pleased and raked into thousands of dollars extra I never imagined having. I got kicked off work just enough for jobless gibes. I now have money to invest and a sense of a future. So in return for my constant anxiety about having hospital bills for rolling the dice on stupid prizes, I got enough to work towards a future and erase my anxiety of having no job, no income, no ability to pay bills, which I'm not sure how so many had that problem though I also haven't got a family to support. It should also be noted I watched plague documentaries right before the pandemic and so I was already keyed in on the fact pandemics historically are times of great shifts including big losers and winners and so it's as much a time of opportunity and threat. Some people made big gains from the stock market as much as some had their assets wiped out.

What about you guys? A big deal is made in the oldmedia about mental health but I'd imagine ernsts being largely unaffected unless it worsened anyone's underlying anxiety, which it mostly did not for me except being more on edge with Joe public. One would think particularly Western ernsts had a good time unless they lost someone.
No. 53572
73 kB, 736 × 1080
>Like right now as I said I feel less free in a sense than I'd probably feel under Brezhnev.
Maybe you are right and mental illness does cascade down society.
No. 53576 Kontra
I hardly find any motivation, my last years as a student in another town are going down the drain, my last chance to lead the student life and it's a pandemic crossing it.
Also I feel lonley but given the situation the future of being not lonely looks very bleak. I want to install a dating app but it feels like all dates will be boring and tiresome. I'm not in a good mood and thus I'm not relaxed really when it comes to dates. Perhaps another calm person won't find this problematic, but yeah... well, will have to give it a chance god damn.
No. 53613 Kontra
It's a clichéd old saying, but: You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Besides, what do you have to lose?
No. 53726
This, however while true I would also like to add that it isn't just the opportunity cost which you are paying in most of these transactions. Like yes, the worst that can happen when you ask out a girl is she'll say no and maybe your ego will take a brief hit seriously not even le chad maymay gets even close to a 90% hit rate, even those guys can fail with particular, picky, or otherwise fickle single women they got gud long ago which is adding to that success rate by oozing confidence for one thing but you will pay a cost on other areas.

Sorry to go full Hungarian "yes this is true and good, but even so" on you, but I just felt the cliche needed to be point out that you're totally right and I massively agree with you but need to nitpick. Namely, the problem with say an investment is because duh, you can lose your money. It's a gambler's fallacy I see all the time where people get this mentality "you can't win if you don't play." Well yes, but if you are gambling or taking other risks with real costs for instance you also are going to lose your money over time. Taking out a business loan to start up a company matters more than "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

If it's hitting on women though provided you don't have something like a work or inappropriate professional client/provider relationship or somesuch then you really haven't got anything to lose. The thing to keep in mind is whether you're convincing yourself you have something to lose when you don't, and being mature enough to discern when you need to take sensible approaches to things without going YOLO.
No. 53737
Not him, but: I think you miss the point in a way, which is: motivation. You need energy to get anything started. You need some confidence, a "model" of what success will be like, and a true desire to get there.

I, for my part, know nothing but misery, when it comes to relationships. Love is something otherworldly to me. Feeling good is something I somehow am ruled out of. There are things that I can do well, but that doesn't give me any confidence. When people praise me for good work, or show affection, then I feel like an impostor or I prefer to think they actually talk about somebody else. I've been staging a functioning adult for decades, and I don't want anybody to look behind the mask.
No. 53738 Kontra
Okay, so tell us about your lack of motivation, then.
The way you presented your issue in your post was that you feel drained, but also lonely. And the last words of your post were, quite literally,
>well, will have to give it a chance god damn.
Now the question you should ask yourself is: What is worse? Lack of energy or lack of human companionship, or, as I would say in German:

Offensichtlich ist der Leidensdruck noch nicht groß genug, sonst würdest du die Motivation durchaus finden.

Which means that either you're not lonely enough yet or you're too much of a lazy cunt/coward to even get started. To me it seems the latter one, because you describe the problem and hint at the solution, but instantly deliver a number of reasons why it wouldn't work because apparently you don't want it to work.
But in the end, it's all up to you. You think you're missing out on student life? Then do something. Complaining won't help. Or are you a woman who just wants to "get it out of the system"?
No. 53740 Kontra
He did not post it but I did.
The thing is I'm tired, I have no motivation to go on a date even though it's basically the only way to get a chance of intimacy at the moment. So while I'm pressed by lonliness and hornyness, I also lack any motivation to go on a date, because I have nothing to tell, I just don't feel like saying anything to a stranger. Perhaps I could do well by just listening, but you know I'm afraid a lot of bad dates because I go there and I lack motivation to lead a conversation, because I'm so fucking tired (depressed). I know this could totally change.
Anyway, I was asked for my number not long ago, but the girl asked me for money beforehand :D I'm not sure if she is really homeless, she said she moved here recently, maybe she is from the psyciatry or she just does this for fun. I did not gave her my number even though she was attractive, I should have asked her why she asked me for money and why she moved here, at least talking to her was somehow nice, she was quite open in that sense. But we all know it's kinda red flag, that's why I did not gave her my number even though my horny ass asked my why minutes later. I have another meet up next week perhaps, but I don't see it going anywhere. I might make a photo and ask a girl who likes me (she has bf though) what she thinks of it, so that I don't upload trash. I'm not ugly btw. but I'm boring for many people is my impression.
No. 53741 Kontra
Well shit I totally missed the "not him".
Anyhow, the way you are describing it makes it sound like you simply lack the practice. In fact, if a woman is attracted to you, it almost doesn't matter what you are talking about. But you should take the opportunity and just get some practice. See what sticks and what not. Love can't be forced, so I wouldn't expect to find my mate for life from one of those dates anyway. They go in there just for having fun and so should you. Your goal shouldn't be anything but having a good time.
No. 53743 Kontra
I know this, I'm not really afraid of talking to girls. I've met up with two in the last month. But it was rather calm. I'm depressed and mostly think about issues that are not that easy to follow if you don't have read about it yourself, at least so I think, but depending on what the other person is interested in I can also say something ofc to that. So having a good time really depends on the other person in that case, because a lively person will perhaps make my depressive state go away, I have this with my roomate who moved for a few months, she was lively enough so I could laugh and make jokes again. I hardly make any jokes when with girls anymore, bad sign. But it's also because I felt like I need to carry the conversation and make it lively because the other person was not really doing it, at least so I felt at times. Maybe it's just depression clouding it all.
I will get an app soon I guess, summer is coming, I need to take a chance, but I want a new haircut before I take any photos. So maybe this week I will get one.
No. 53744
42 kB, 600 × 400
127 kB, 1280 × 549
Another perspective from someone who is already through this online dating thing:

I engaged in online dating about 8 years ago mainly for the reason that I feared I would regret it if I didn't try. Chatting up women online wasn't much of an issue, but I always felt that my online impression was better than my real world impression, despite everything I was showing and telling about me was honest. But this first catch for me with online dating was that due to my bad RL communication skills I couldn't keep up the impression I made while chatting (where I have lots of time to think about my words) to the point we were actually meeting in person. I was able with some effort to get a good amount of dates with surprisingly beautiful and (mostly) reasonable women, yet for one exception nothing ever developed from it - because it seems I can be charming when writing, but not when talking.

Getting to the point of dating and having the dates itself means investing a lot of time and at least some money to get into a situation I frankly am not really comfortable in. I recognized that the girls are in a similar situation, going into blind dates with guys surely takes some guts, since they must be prepared to run into psychos and perverts from time to time, so that kinda eased my mind a little. Still, while most dates were pleasant and most of the times I wanted to meet the girls again, they refused, with the reason mostly being something along the lines of "yeah it was all nice and stuff, but there was no spark whatsoever". Of course that might have been a lie because they didn't want to hurt my feelings, but given how the dates went I think it was credible.

Of course I thought about that and why it turns out that way. I think the main reason for this is that you meet outside your social circle, so no one of you is able to observe the "normal" behaviour of the other. While on blind dates it is only reasonable to act a little cautious to avoid blunders and you know who you are dealing with, and that leads to an atmosphere which is less likely to result in any kind of bonding, like an ordinary date, where you already know who you're meeting up with. This I fear is especially true for socially awkward people like me - and when I say socially awkward then in this context just think about someone who has no problem whatsoever doing small talk or talk to women in general, but flirting is basically moonspeak to me. Maybe this can be learned to a degree, but it would still only be an emulation of what comes naturally for most other people.

That said: It actually worked out once and I got me a girlfriend - for a few weeks, until we broke up again for reasons I already saw coming before we got together, but since she was cute and nice (and yes, I was desperate) I thought I'd try anyway. That girl proactively showed inteerst in me, which means that all the women I ever got (and that weren't many) showed interest in me first, while the counter of women I got that I was interested in first firmly stands at zero. I confirmend that also in online dating not all women are the same. In fact the differences are huge, and that I'm not always able to spot those differences before they hit me in the face (the differences, not the women).

Summary: Can't say if it was worth it, that would hugely depend on your definition of what is worth something in life. If you just count in the times I actually got laid, it probably wasn't worth the effort. If one also considers what I learnt along the way, then I don't know, maybe yes, maybe no. Since everyone is different and thus wull react differently to the situations I experienced, everyone who considers online dating will have to make their own experiences anyway and see if it contributes something to your life.
No. 53745
>because it seems I can be charming when writing, but not when talking.

When writing I am Oscar Wilde, when meeting in person I am the hairy peasant I actually am. I blame that on a lack of actual talking throughout my formative years. My ex was the opposite. She HATED silence and had to fill it somehow, even if it was just inane chattering (which it was most of the time). But since she had so much practice talking she could just talk me into the ground, despite clearly being not as smart as me. That's what you get for being an assburger. I remember a situation when we met her best friend. I felt like in an episode of Gilmore Girls, it was just blablabl-blublubulb-balablabla back and forth at an insane speed. Whenever I thought I could add something to the conversation, they were already three topics beyond that before I was even able to form a single sound. So I just sat there and concentrated on keeping my head from exploding.

However, what I noticed when talking to women - and that is something people might not want to hear because it's also colported by pickup artists - is that being a loudmouth is a GOOD thing. Not being belligerent, but if you believably present yourself as a hotshot, women will buy into that. Even better if you can actually deliver on what you promise. Couple that with "negging" - again, not belligerently - and they will at least not consider you a bore.

Coming back to the talking/writing thing, some years ago I was visiting a friend and had a nice chat with a girl friend of his. She even asked him for my number. What followed was like half a year of VERY steamy SMS (yes, it's been that long) and eventually we agreed to meet. I took a train and my blue balls crossing the republic. In the evening we met, almost instantly after I left the train. Of course I wasn't really fresh from the travel, with a flannel shirt and beanie and my huge backpack. She wore a rather tight dress. The plan was to meet up again the next evening. The day after I got a message "something something my best friend got dumped I have to console her blablabal". Of course it was bullshit, but being the betachad I was I replied something like "No worry I can take of your both ;)", but she declined that too. I spend the evening with my friend watching some Stallone movie and drinking and the next day I drove home and never heard of her ever since. The moral of the story: Don't drive 600km just for sex. So viel ist keine Frau wert. monarch.gif
No. 53747
This said, it feels like people are forced into switching to online seduction mannerisms which is nothing less than a psychological strategy meant to offer both validation and attention to the parties involved (ie initiator and recipient).

Why not be blunt about one's interests and actively pursue the things one yearns for? It is not an issue with Ernst, it's just that they get stuck in a loop of overthinking when women conceive the simplest of strategies and engage in a shameless vendetta with other members of the same sex, all the while perpetuating a set of generic, socially-accepted norms and showcasing their ephemeral goods.

Is it the ephemeral goods they're already letting you know they are up for exchanging or a seriously derp conversation what you want?
No. 53748
910 kB, 576 × 1024, 0:05

Writing is different then meeting and I saw a video that said, don't text too long, you get attached to a persons writing and shit, not RL behavior so to speak.
I think you don't need to mark the bigshot, some women will laugh about it secretly. I mean I follow girls on twitter that I think I'd like to date, they are funny and politically as well as socioeconomic status quite same. These girls voice their dating experience as well and it's interesting too see how they make fun of bigshots or guys that think they are special, but they just play the guitar and play a cringey song for the girl. I think it isn't easy to say if you are compatible with a girl or not. Yet I'd say you still need the laughter at least. Something that makes you feel good.

In other news, I just met a girl I only know from online class and I crushed on her, oh my god. Her voice and her articulation just made me fall in love a bit. So she noticed me first and smiled and I was confused at first, but then got that its her and I said oh hey while we were passing each other and I turned a bit round, saw her smile and saying a rather quite hey. That was it....fuck fuck fuck fuck, why? Why did I not say something else, like, hey its you X, isn't it? Something, just something.

That way I might have saved the fucking dating app, fuck, it's nearly always the same, I've let slip so many chances, people will cry out loud when the hear it.
No. 53749
I would also prefer if it was as easy and quick as "hey babe u want sum fuk?", but there are certain societal expectations blablabla your average woman will adhere to.
You could be that blunt with a smart one that also wants sex, but not with your average retard.

Remember that those are a very small subset. And being attentionwhores I would take their statement with a grain of salt "yeah I totally dumped that guy because he was a showoff and he didn't dump me because I'm a boring hole with no interesting qualities, I swear!". It's the kind of woman who complains about the guy being bad in bed, but one person can't make good sex, so she's at fault, too.
I got two girlfriends just with my big mouth. And remember that I said "believably". Claiming you're in a band and then play Wonderwall is not believable, but showing her your demo on youtube is. Claiming you're a ninja warrior participant and doing backflips is just rudely showing off (though maybe showing presenting your sixpack will help). These are shitty examples, but maybe I was a bit too uncouth in my words and you know what I mean.
I never claim anything I can't do, but I know a few common quotes by classical authors and have at least a modicum of knowledge in all kinds of topics, save for art history and whatever gossip bullshit is there right now, so I can at least appear as someone who can keep up a conversation. I never CLAIM I can do anything, I just ACT like it. And when I claim something I am prepared to keep up on my promise and that certainly makes a good impression if it's in good humor. You're there to have fun, not for a job interview.
The third point is wisely choosing your fights. I like assertive women who can communicate, keep up a conversation on their own, whom I can have a proper discussion with, who have wit. Most women aren't like that, they are boring, without any actual interests (or some pretentious superficialities to appear cultivated) and you can rather easily find that out already when chatting. Always replying with a single word or something like that is already a red flag. If she's hot enough you might try to pursue further, but hot also doesn't mean good at sex, remember that.
No. 53751 Kontra
Well I guess these women are bored by certain types of men, just like you and I are bored of certain types of women, whatever these are. I also like assertive women who carry a conversation, yet my ex was not assertive, we had energy between us quite fast nonetheless. Showing off by doing what you do anyway is not showing off to me.
I think that what they complain about is the same thing I would complain about, you met people but there is no spark, because it's a typical process most of the times with online dating. But what we want is something that really stings us, a spark. It's a bad thing that people don't give second chances when there as been no big spark the first time, yet I'm the same, I want an itch, a reminder, a feel that goes beyond: ok the person is ok, but we had nothing special, no movement.
Keep in mind these women have certain habitus, if they meet up with guys who do not share it, it's not their fault, there is no reason to hate these woman. But I understand them in a way, as I imagine I would be bored most of the times, yet I would bore many people as well. No judgements, it's just tiring to find a person that hits you really. Most of the times you realize how clicheed a date is and that is the uncomfortable feel disturbing it. Also maybe you showing off is what these people have seen so often they are not interested, an you shouldn't take that as a personal attack btw.
No. 53752 Kontra
>it's just tiring to find a person that hits you really
See, and that's the main mistake lots of people make. As written earlier, you can't force it. I mean there are like what, four billion women on this planet? And you have access to a subset of a few million? Statistically speaking you are bound to never meet "the one" unless you really meet A LOT of women. That is why I say to just enjoy the ride and have fun. If you meet someone you want to stay with for longer, you BOTH have to make it work anyway. But until then, just trying and testing is the best strategy one can take.
No. 53755 Kontra
I'm not waiting for "the one", there are many tbh. But yeah you stil need to meet them between all the others. And yeah there is nothing else to do then going for the probabilities route and meet as many as possible :DDD well it depends on where you fish though, a pond with bydlo women won't help in increasing chances.
No. 54764
No. 54765
You know I realize now after thinking how many of you post about women like you are late teenagers maybe you actually are 19 year olds or 22 year olds or something. I kinda just automatically assume everybody else here must be a 30 year old or something instead. Fuck. Is me and that lad the only two people left here older than 30?

Jesus Christ I'm back from wörkenings and just not in the mood right now for these cross contaminating bydlo. I take one look at that headline and already know it is 95% probability happening here, 65% probability about Germany/Germans also. I'll read it in a bit when I'm already aggravated by something.
No. 54773
88 kB, 887 × 1024
I went for my first physio session today for my spinal injury and the physiotherapist was in full hazmat gear and 2+ metres away from me at all times. I felt like a right fucking tool doing squats at the opposite side of this empty public health building with this bitch in full hazmat at the other side.

I even had to beg and plead for this, they wanted to do all this shit over the phone and I had to twist their arms to show me in person. How fucking silly
No. 54777
>dat pic
I doubt you're that retarded to take something like that seriously. I've reached the point where I just don't want to deal with contaminated bydlo at all anymore. It's not that it just rolls the dice on winning the grand stupid prize i.e. death. You get consolation stupid prizes like lung damage, kidney failure, months of brain problems etc. I have more of an urge to go hazmat tier around bydlo though, namely people who post shit like that on /pol/. I don't need to get pozzed my dude. Might be a different situation in Ireland though since iirc you guys managed to keep the problem more contained.
No. 54785
Wojak is well over 30 now and he still never had a gf
It happens
No. 57929 Kontra
So this thread was bumped so you could gloat over the death of a complete nobody?

No. 57933
You mean, am I willing to gloat over yet another Newsmax/OAN/other woke right idiot Darwin Awarding himself after telling everyone not to wear masks, I'm a strong hwite man who don't need no vaccine, Fauci is the devil for contradicting the fat Zionist and so on while the pandemic is still raging because of the 40% of the country that thinks masks are some librul conspiracy or something?

Quick question which do you think will work better for the peasants, listening to their local witch doctors or epidemiologists?
>all the local witch doctors are dead along with a bunch of villagers
>finally surviving villagers seek outside expert medical help afterward
Huh who could have possibly guessed this how shockingly unexepcted a turn of events.

Yes at this point you deserve to be openly ridiculed and laughed at for using a public platform to continue spreading medieval peasant tier bullshit about shit we've been doing for over a hundred years now like vaccination and masks during a global pandemic.

Please see above alternative thread title. These idiots are incubating more virulent strains like delta and it's not only killing them but these Corona Janes are now setting the stage for new variants arising and making us into a third world country.
No. 57934
Reminds me of American poster who calls corona plague unironically and says that real numbers are much higher than official ones.
No. 57935 Kontra

Honestly, talking with you is like talking to some pathetic screenhead who just repeats whatever appeals to his vain, narcissistic notion of feeling smart and important. There isn't a point having a conversation with you because you, just like the other side, have decided to make this entire discussion a partisan battle. Bear in mind I believe COVID is real, but the response to it has been an utter disaster and nobody is to be trusted.

For the record, I never heard of that guy you linked to and couldn't tell you a thing about him, but because he died of COVID, you took it as a W for your side and are bumping this thread solely to mock his misfortune. We still don't know the side-effects of these vaccines being aggressively pushed yet everyone is pretending it's okay to get the jab.

But go ahead. Never waste a moment to shit on the rubes just because your side gets a W.
No. 57939
146 kB, 1200 × 902
It's definitely interesting how Americans have turned the pandemic into just another vector of political shit flinging. I wonder if there's anything they can't insert and adapt to their culture wars reality show.
Luckily we are spared from this here, political fighting seems to limit itself to opposing or supporting specific aspects of the government's management of the pandemic. Different national souls, I guess.

Strange to come to terms with this new reality, it's been a year and a half now. Felt like it was just going to be a short period, a small break from normality but here we are.
No. 57940
I think the press simply lied too much and no one takes it seriously anymore when it cries wolf. Journalists became lying entertainers and propagandist parasites lower than dirt. Freedom of the press? No thanks! Those snakes and dogs should be quiet for once.

I'm vaccinated btw :3
No. 57942
> Freedom of the press? No thanks!
Let me guess, you see yourself as "the guy who decides what is allowed to be published"?
No. 57943
>that real numbers are much higher than official ones.
Literally no one has ever said that here, American or otherwise, unless it was a discussion a long ass time ago about Chyna hiding its numbers. IIRC it was a Scandinavian or Russian who was saying something like that more recently regarding China's assertion it had fixed its own pandemic.
No. 57951
115 kB, 656 × 574
So let it be me. I have encountered numerous doctors working up to date to deal with the pandemic, mainly involved in testing for the virus on the spot. All of them are monotonous on how they have scarce time and resources to respond to each message they receive, so there's some certainty in whom they shall test the first: old people up in their 60s and those who have to be hospitalised with a high fever. I highly doubt there's any change to how the west react as they have faced essentially the same problem - not enough administrative resourses to cover all the cases.
Moreover, I was positively diagnosed with covid only and after only my granny had come to a clinic as she had her lungs stuffed and felt geniounly utter shit. Needless to say, they asked her whether she lived with anybody and that's how they reached me. Although, a week before, I run over the clinic for them to get them to test me, but I was politely refused for I was a system error in epidemiological surveillance as I had no fever and was young. There's these methodogical fallacies that yield people like me being unchecked unless they have a granny nearby.

It is not me who is being edgy, it is me who is seeing all the debates and concern on the virus as some shitty sitcom that, after a couple of years, everyone will forget about, even though it takes a huge amount of time to be in touch.
No. 57953
Yes. Journalists should go to jail for posting libel, harassing people or lying.
No. 57956
Thank god Norway has you as ultimate source of truth to tell what is lie and libel and what is not.
No. 57960
Thankfully you can listen to your journo aristocracy for the truth™, you dumb drunk slav.
No. 57962
Thankfully in my country libel in punishable.
Some dirty journo writes that our Based And Redpilled Leader Vladimir Putin has palace built on stolen money? No problem, judge appointed by Putin will gulag him for spreading misinformation.
That's why journos in Russia publish truth and only truth.
No. 57969
The reason so many people are cheering his death on is because he used a public platform to directly tell people not to wear a mask, vaccine is poison durr durr. This was already legally tested as you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater so honestly I have no idea how this is even legal according to our laws.

As to should a journalist, radio host whatever get hit with fines and maybe civil or criminal charges for doing that? Yes probably. Basically he's doing the same thing as if a gay man got a radio show in 1988 and told everyone HIV is a hoax, you shouldn't wear condoms, "literally nobody ever died of HIV they <always> die of other causes many years later," you can live with AIDS for ten years and be fine etc.

The difference is, HIV pozzed gay men would mostly be a problem for themselves. These people are a problem for literally everybody in the country having to breath air pozzed by kung pow lung AIDS. That is why everybody is so mad at them. Having to deal with them screeching IRL made everyone madder. So, yes, telling people on TV or radio in effect to basically die and infect others during a pandemic everyone is sick of and wants to be over already is clearly making people butthurt and in theory could be legally prosecuted.

I think the interesting thing here is legally you probably could claim free speech if it could be proven you sincerely believed in it like he did, but probably would leave people like the Trumps and Tucker Carlson lots of legal exposure because they got vaccinated and therefore clearly and provably do not hold a sincere belief and are therefore yelling fire in a crowded theater.

I'm no expert on legal theory but free speech at least in this country is not limitless and has byzantine legal arguments. For example, pornography and money donated by corporations to politicians are both protected under free speech law such as the infamous ruling that a corpo is a legal person and that money counts as speech. However, we also have numerous things like terrorism laws and some obscenity laws still iirc which could easily make more legitimate seeming free speech issues in fact illegal.

Sorry it's just an interesting question ultimately. Morally and ethically it is clearly wrong, it is all but ensuring we'll remain India and Brazil tier, it's getting tons of people killed, however it could still be entirely legal and the court argument would be interesting to read perhaps.

Well at least in Florida and Texas in particular our med staff are burnt out right now. They're exhausted and there's not nowhere near enough workers to cover it, which you can't just whip out of thin air because even RNs require years of schooling and training so they've had to pull old ladies out of retirement instead, some of whom also already died.

Presently the pediatric ICUs are getting overloaded, at least in our pro-virus states because surprise Desantis is a scumbag and an idiot. Also, Florida. But right now Austin Texas is thinking about shipping their ICU pts to other cities and states. Pretty sure New York did something like that when NYC got hit, where the city shipped new yawkers out to other states or upstate.

There's basically no more room for sick people in Florida and Texas. Texas just had an emergency broadcast announcement about that. It's a lot worse down south this summer than last or last winter, and lots of cities already are overloaded.
No. 57976 Kontra
>The reason so many people are cheering his death on is because he used a public platform to directly tell people not to wear a mask, vaccine is poison durr durr. This was already legally tested as you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater so honestly I have no idea how this is even legal according to our laws.

Who? Extremely online social media users? Literally nobody except Newsmax watchers (of which I know not a soul) heard of this guy. He's not remotely significant yet you're acting as if he had the reach of Rush Limbaugh.

Your comparison to yelling fire in a crowded theater doesn't work. If that were apt, then "new age medicine", "alternative medicine" and other such quackery would be subject to harsh penalties along with every "vaccines cause autism" nitwit prominent a few years back, yet they all get away peddling odious bullshit year round. Even libel in this country, while illegal, is only actionable if you can prove damages. Sure, you can take someone to court over it and cause them grief, but it'll only be an expense to yourself unless you have documentation you suffered as a result of defamation.

>the difference is, HIV pozzed gay men would mostly be a problem for themselves.

"MOSTLY", but in reality, the AIDS crisis affected potentially everybody. When AIDS first a problem, nobody knew what the hell was going on which is why you had tainted blood winding up in blood banks and hospitals leading to the deaths of people like Ryan White and Eve van Grafhorst. It didn't just stay contained within fags and junkies. Obviously, much has changed since then as screening has significantly improved as has knowledge of AIDS transmission, but that still doesn't explain away the toxically perverse gift givers/POZ pigs and other such shitbirds who deliberately spread the disease to each other. God only knows what sort of costs to the healthcare system those people could cause. Hell, fucking California and Illinois have both decriminalized failing to disclose HIV status to partners when having unprotected sex.
No. 57992
imagine believing the disease matters, in spite of its lack of severity for the vast majority of people, while your overlords push you to tyrannical dystopian bullshit that only helps (((Americans))) and their masters. Anyone posting that this disease is the worst "plague" is probably a bot.
No. 57996
I'd heard of him. He along with people like Greene were known as among the most vocally absurd idiots cheering on bug chasing.

>Your comparison to yelling fire in a crowded theater doesn't work. If that were apt, then "new age medicine", "alternative medicine" and other such quackery would be subject to harsh penalties along with ever
They, you idiot. What do you think those legally mandated "not intended to treat or cure any disease" are for? Same way you can get in deep shit for practicing medicine without a license. All those things you mentioned are tightly regulated, it's just that most of them get around it by doing things like for example claiming it as a spiritual practice not medicine and therefore not under purview of the FDA etc., with the added bonus of their "donations" not being under IRS purview either.

In a lot of senses new age quackery is pretty much bath salts, except that bath salts actually work. For those that don't know a lot of unregulated narcotics get sold as things like "incense" "bath salts" "pool cleaner" and so on, complete with warnings "do NOT ingest! This is a deadly poison and not for human consumption" with a wink and a nod so that neither DEA nor FDA nor anybody else can come down on them for basically selling crystal meth legally, or rather something like it.

There are in fact numerous legal cases where such quackery had the hammer come down on them because they weren't slick enough.

>lack of awareness in whole rest of that post
I really hope your point was more that AIDS epidemic was a big deal even outside third world countries like Zimbabwe and Russia, not that AIDS is somehow worse and it's just a fluing this. Really want to emphasize
>the toxically perverse gift givers/POZ pigs and other such shitbirds who deliberately spread the disease to each other.
That's exactly how a whole fuckton of us see these people now, on this board, IRL and elsewhere. Of course again, that's a subset of homosexuals in their own community. The toxic gift giver pozpigs without masks who oppose vaccines are trying to poz literally everybody.
No. 57998 Kontra
Neither of us are going to agree on much, but I will leave you and all other interested parties with this take from John Michael Greer:

That's all I have to say.
No. 57999 Kontra
184 kB, 1552 × 622
wad de fugg is this shit XDDD
No. 58003 Kontra
The dude's into some loopy shit (he is a Freemason, after all) that I'm not familiar with. I'm not into secret societies or occultism, but he wrote a well-worded hypothesis that resonated with me, so I thought it was worth sharing:
No. 58011 Kontra
That isn't how viruses work the way he describes. No virus is going to go from highly deadly to like a cold in less than many years or decades, let alone within a couple months. They mutate into something more virulent but less lethal for emphasis over time. A global society with overnight air travel wildly dampens that effect in the short term, and makes it irrelevant to the long term. I had a discussion with me mum about this yesterday how somehow in spite of anyone being able to research basic shit on the internet like levels of different mask protection somehow it is such an unimaginable clusterfuck now that Florida is now worse than any other time in the pandemic and I have no clue whether to wear a mask or not because every store has different policy on the same street.
No. 58468
33 kB, 800 × 534
I feel almost disappointed I didn't see this one coming. Another powerful post from the antivaxx gang.
No. 58477 Kontra
Republican voters are Finkelthinked retards. News at 11.
No. 58478 Kontra
>Republican voters
These people are all European.
No. 58482 Kontra
If so my deepest condolensces on it being exported there. It's gotten absolutely insane now. There was some kind of a demo in LA where they started stabbing people, punching teachers and sending them to the hospital and so on. Really amazes me they're somehow dumb enough they vent their anger most on people like nurses and teachers right now.

It's basically an IQ test at this point. I wouldn't even care if we got separate shit like that. I want my own stall and another one for dumb bydlo.
No. 58506 Kontra
So what's the joge?
No. 58538
405 kB, 702 × 1199
I think I'll join the nothingburger team ITT.
1. In 3-rd world no measures are taken against spread of the virus except a theater of security. In 21-th century, with all the trains and planes and high population density if the corona is really so dangerous as some say, it would already spread everywhere and eliminate significant part of population after 2 years.
2. Same people who tell us about danger of corona used to say how it's nothingburger until 2019 summer and how people shouldn't wear masks and closing borders in not needed. Yeah, it's a new virus, and it's normal to update recommendations as some new researches are done. But still it's hard to trust them afterwards.
3. This "scary virus" thing is a very useful tool to control population. You know, corona doesn't spread at activities organized by establishment, but on anti-establishment meetings it's especially dangerous.

On the other hand,
1. It was fun to see normies suffering without their IRL activities. Until you realise that you are somewhat normie too
2. Remote work finally became normalized.

"Gas the Jews for inventing vaccines, but also please let me go to restaurant, because it's literally holocaust".
t. typical antivaxxer
No. 58539
47 kB, 500 × 498
Their optics are a little different, in their narrative - the elites are nazis and they are the new Jews and heroic fighters against the nazi world order. I think maybe antisemitism could take hold in such a movement if Bill Gates was Jewish, but so far I haven't found any antisemitism.
No. 58553
These dumb dirty bydlo are and have been shrieking comparison between themselves and apartheid South Africa, American racial segregation, and Nazis and the Holocaust because privately owned stores are telling them to hippity hoppity get the fuck off my private property if you're not going to wear a mask. It's a much smaller percentage of living ameribear memes who everyone else in the country actively hates and despises now.

Mostly the type of people wearing W anon shirts and thinking Trump will be reinstated anyday now pushing this bullshit. The irony is hilariously lost on them that Hillary supporters screeching were not even a tenth as memeworthy after they fairly lost the election and they at least had the sense to most shut the fuck up eventually. This is by far the dumbest thing I've ever seen in this country and basically it's because they think the virus is a hoax invented by the media to make Trump look dumb, so anything ewlated to the pandemic they solely see through a political lens as a political problem. This is going to be used to smear Conservatives for a generation here.
No. 58557 Kontra
>This is going to be used to smear Conservatives for a generation here.

Honestly, good. Conservatives, especially Neocons, are worse than worthless.
No. 58572 Kontra
44 kB, 474 × 474
No, this is not good, because on top of these contaminated bydlo spreading their pox everywhere and thus wrecking my country and ensuring this bullshit never ends, there needs to be some kind of counterbalance to the insanities of Progressivism's worst excesses. The problem here is that in response rather than pick apart their opposition's idiocy, they somehow managed to go so full retard that even the worst tranny enabler is nowhere near the shear psychotic insanity that of nomask Qtardism, thus thoroughly discrediting any counterbalance and maniacially attacking any efforts of that counterbalance's growth. Even the Afghan issue somehow Ingraham and Tucker turned an easy criticism of Biden into "we owe them nothing fuck em" thus leaving literally not one single thing, not one single reason to ever align with the radical imbecilism of whatever's left to pass off as American conaervativism. It is symptomatic of a dying empire at this point.

Seriously is it that fucking hard to manage a reasonable and functional society
No. 58574
2,7 MB, 300 × 177
So from speedreading this thread I've deduced the following

>Ernsts are all goodboys and fully vaccinated
>Conservatives deserve to die and are stupid
>Taking the experimental gene therapy with zero liability makes you high IQ
>ctrl f Trump and 28 results
>stripping people of their rights is fine because they're low IQ republicans anyway

It's interesting how Americans manage to inject their political baggage into everything
No. 58575
It's all so tiring, isn't it?
No. 58577
If you're unironically opposed to getting vaccinated or wearing masks in a pandemic yes you pretty much crossed the 90IQ threshold
>experimental gene therapy
Case in point. Also the only reason it's politicized to begin with is because the last president decided to because he thought a pandemic would hurt the stock market and make him look bad so he started gaslighting everybody. It's not our fault a bunch of total retards decided this needed to be treated like some dumbass culture wars.

So in other words you're basically saying Trump is trying to poison us with bad vaccines his administration made in record time and China did nothing wrong, right?
No. 58578
21,8 MB, 640 × 640, 0:06
>It's interesting how Americans manage to inject their political baggage into everything

>So in other words you're basically saying Trump is trying to poison us with bad vaccines his administration made in record time and China did nothing wrong, right?
No. 58579 Kontra
>So in other words you're basically saying Trump is trying to poison us with bad vaccines his administration made in record time and China did nothing wrong, right?

Are you so high on your own ego or blindered to see how patently stupid that statement is?

Shut the fuck up.
No. 58581
>Ernsts are all goodboys and fully vaccinated
Can't speak for all, but I am, on the basis of collective defense and mutual aid.

>Conservatives deserve to die and are stupid
P. much tbh

>Taking the experimental gene therapy with zero liability makes you high IQ
It's not a gene therapy. DNA and RNA don't stick to each other. Functionally it does the same thing as 'normal' vaccines, just using a different method of training the immune system. Coronaviruses were actively researched since SARS and MERS jacked shit up, so COVID had some foundational work done. It wasn't done from zero.

>ctrl f Trump and 28 results
A man who botched the virus response in one of the world's superpower hegemons is discussed in a thread on the subject of the virus? What a suprise.

>stripping people of their rights is fine because they're low IQ republicans anyway
Tbh, I agree that there's overstep. I still think you should be doing something similar to lockdowns without coercion though because people should be working to protect themselves and their communities, especially the most vulnerable to the virus. Of course, you wouldn't do that because you don't consider those peoples' right to life as important as your desire to not wear a mask. If people actually acted in solidarity, we wouldn't have lockdowns and curfews and mask mandates being in place. So, simple solution there if you actually give a shit about coercion. I won't hold my breath on that though, because it's not about rights, it's about being inconvenienced.
No. 58582 Kontra
>P. much tbh

And so do all leftists.
No. 58583
340 kB, 2048 × 2048
It's a scripted response from an AI, imageboards, twatter, facebook etc. are a battleground and a huge chunk of the content that appears on them all is literal AI responses designed to shape opinions

>P. much tbh
useful idiot doesn't understand that equality under the law and personal liberty are the founding principles of western civilisation
Oh, nevermind

>Coronaviruses were actively researched since SARS and MERS jacked shit up, so COVID had some foundational work done. It wasn't done from zero.
you should do some research into what happened to the test animals in said coronavirus research and mRNA therapies

hint: they all died

>Of course, you wouldn't do that because you don't consider those peoples' right to life as important as your desire to not wear a mask
I never elaborated on my behaviour in public or position, nice strawman though
No. 58584

It's the Australian druggie behind 7000 proxies.
No. 58586
>useful idiot doesn't understand that equality under the law and personal liberty are the founding principles of western civilisation
>Conservative dipshit doesn't recognise sarcasm even when it's presented in a deliberately offhanded manner compared to the rest of the post.

>I never elaborated on my behaviour in public or position, nice strawman though
Tbh, you aren't in a position to complain about strawmen, Mr. "everyone ITT with wants conservatives to die" etc.

At least I'm not American lmao, I'd probably kys myself if I had that misfortune
No. 58588
I'll never Australian and I'm absolutely fine with that:
No. 58590 Kontra
>you should do some research into what happened to the test animals in said coronavirus research and mRNA therapies
>hint: they all died

Do you have only hints or actual links?
No. 58600
You did not refute anything. So you in other words agree that vaccines developed under Trump are fine and it's good to take them because it was the liberal media that started gaslighting us about how "they could be rushed and dangerous" because "muh Trump" and "muh getting reelected"

In case you haven't noticed I don't put up with completely contradictory internal logical statements. Either same of what you believe logically is false or is true. Insistence that it was the Trump vaccine and he should take credit for it not Biden while also saying it is poison cannot be any more true than saying a penis is male genitalia and a person with a penis is female. It's that simple.

>shut the fuck up
Wonderful debating ability. Just trust the plan right?

First of all EVERY test animal dies at the end of any research because they get exterminated, so aside from offering no proofs to that statement if there was proofs it wouldn't surprise me if basically some scientific illiterate asked somebody at a research institute where the animals are all now and some researcher without thinking said some variation on them all being euthanized, which some fat retard decided meant it killed them. Otherwise the very early ones did harm at least some of the animals before further research and testing.

See this is what I mean about it being a very basic IQ test. You guys are huffing some ameribear's farts about worrying "what are the longterm effects WeJustDontKnow" meanwhile nobody knows the longterm effects of the virus yet either, but already we know a ton of survivors have lifelong crippling lung damage, heart problems, kidney problems, and most spookily brain problems. People for months after recovery from even a "mild" case were having depression, inability to concentrate, brain fog, couldn't remember shit, in fact the neurological syndrome sounded a lot like untreated Lyme disease and fuck that. I'm not interested getting pozzed by some Chinese virus whose longterm effects are totally unknown.

Does anyone remember how this was discussed early on? Because I sure do. Poltard discussion was dominated by claims that the Chinese government was hiding their real death toll under fictitious claims of kidney disease, heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and so on. I find it hilarious that basically what happened was it went from a great American propaganda opportunity against the CCP to within a matter of months the USA mishandling it in such embarassing and spectacular manner that all these same Ameribears started using literal CCP tactics to deflect from the virus and our handling of it.

Moreover, it's not only serving CCP propaganda or other interests to claim it's no big deal, but is actively ensuring self imposed biological warfare gets waged on us and the chinks are more than happy to stoke that as much as possible and get it to spread

So far as I'm concerned these people are all useful idiots working for the chinks and the virus at this point. I don't care what flag shorts they're sharting in. They're effectively enemy assets at this point. I am convinced that fully half the retarded antimask shit is originating from a Chinese propaganda campaign at this point. They stole all our masks at the beginning of the pandemic, coughed on our vegetables, convinced a bunch of literal retards to get themselves pozzed, and then sold the useful idiots truckloads of fake vaccination cards to ensure we stay a disease infested third world hellhole rather than recover and take them to task for releasing Wuhan virus and not stopping it due to corruption and idiocy on their end to begin with.

In short, it doesn't surprise me at all the same low IQs burning masks right now also are way too low IQ to see the bigger scope villains of China and Chinese originated contagions because they're too busy punching out teachers over their "right" to spread Nurgles rot everywhere.
No. 58616
No. 58624 Kontra
I'd just like to add to this after seeing someone get wheeled away that if you live in a hotzone your family better not plan on getting heart attacks, stroke, car accidents etc. because they'll have no beds. I'm sure tons of people already lost relatives from otherwise fixable problems because there's no ambulances, no staff, and no ICU beds available to treat them.
No. 58636
14,0 MB, 854 × 480, 8:01
You could watch these two videos, if you care to


No matter how much you rant about China or call people names, I'm still not taking the vaccine. You would think a Shart would be okay with other people's personal liberty especially considering the ''vaccine'' doesn't even prevent transmission but eh, some people cannot think critically.

Funny because I was in a car accident a few months ago and spent a week in hospital, there was no sign of anyone with covid and there was no problems at all and plenty of beds. Maybe covid patients are isolated off in their own wing?

Why are you so intent on spreading fear and demoralising people?
No. 58637
I'll just share this:

The meat of the matter starts at 4:50.

Bottom line: the mortality rate is <1%
No. 58640
>You could watch these two videos, if you care to

I was more thinking about research results.
Why not point me to the statement in that video that gives arguments for what you stated before, namely that all test animals for MRN vaccination died. I'm sure it must be Zelenko making that claim, I'm sure you can look that up then.
No. 58641
765 kB, 500 × 365, 0:02
Ok, I looked it lazily and apparently somebody dug up a 2012 research paper...
No. 58644
>isolated in their own wing
They are, but
Lad, you're not from Florida or Texas or Alabama right now.
No. 58646 Kontra
>that intro
Yeah closed. If this is where you're getting your info I can't take you seriously.

What Germany said. I am not a moron either so I expect research papers and medical journals, not whatever the hell that is
No. 58649 Kontra
>Yeah closed. If this is where you're getting your info I can't take you seriously.

I never took you seriously from the outset of this thread either. You'd have a point if he made it up whole cloth, but he actually cited news sources (mainstream ones at that) which had a far more cogent explanation for why the mortality rate is much lower than what's been reported by others in the media. But don't let that get in the way of your fearmongering and owning the cons.

Yeah, the dude's otherwise incredibly lame especially now, but something something stopped clocks something something
No. 58661 Kontra
You know, SPEAKING of AIDS...

What’s especially horrifying about the completely unnecessary deaths from tainted blood is that as early as 1982 “medical experts” with more than two functioning brain cells had strong reasons to believe AIDS was a bloodborne pathogen. Despite warnings from epidemiologists, the blood products industry and health ministers failed to take action:

The main objection is something that should ring familiar to anyone tuned into current controversies surrounding COVID and COVID vaccines: There was no strong scientific evidence that the blood supply had been compromised, which somehow became transmogrified into proof that said blood supply couldn't be contaminated. Fears were downplayed and the official narrative was consciously juggled to allay all reasonable suspicions in order to serve political and financial goals. If critical thinking was actually taught in education, everyone would immediately recognize an Argument From Ignorance when they saw it. For obvious reasons exercising this level of intellectual autonomy is strictly discouraged and tens of thousands died unnecessarily from HIV acquired in contaminated blood products.

The pharmaceutical industry engaged in legendarily wicked practices during the 1980s and beyond, such as transferring contaminated blood products into foreign markets, failing to adequately test blood donations, rejecting the very idea of screening for high-risk sexual activities, and pretending that gays raising objections about discrimination were a serious roadblock. Needless to say, all these deadlocks and logjams were ultimately motivated more by pure, unadulterated corporate greed than anything even faintly resembling the public interest. Blood products were lucrative and destroying them or implementing rigorous testing was going to deeply cut into the profit margin of their manufacturers:

Fast forward into the 1990s, and even as people like Kevin Peter Hall were still dying of contaminated blood transfusions, a new dangerous pharmaceutical product was being developed by Purdue Pharma. In 1996 Oxycontin was unleashed like a great white death on the United States, kicking off an unprecedented tidal wave of destruction that has by now killed close to a million people. Once again, a lethal pharmaceutical product was allowed to wreak havoc because shoddy, easily debunked “scientific” claims or non-claims were accepted as reliable proof. Small studies or studies with obvious methodological problems were leveraged in the service of a for-profit medical industry and an ever escalating death-toll resulted:

Today we are in the midst of another public health crisis, and as usual, the medical establishment, the CDC and the government are scampering around like a dozen monkeys all trying to fuck the same football. First the initial pandemic and entirely reasonable precautions about it were downplayed as a “-very, very low risk to the United States,” with mask-wearing actively discouraged. Full blown panic mode soon ensued with mandatory face-masking becoming the new American normal, followed by an arms race between rival pharmaceutical firms to develop novel vaccine products using mRNA technology. Once numerous vaccines were in full circulation, the CDC relaxed mask requirements for the vaxxed demographic before flip-flopping again to demand everyone batten down their face-holes. At the time of this writing, exasperated “experts” are currently talking about a “multimodal response” as new outbreaks of Covid spread through heavily vaccinated populations like wildfire. Old goalposts centered around the idea of vaccinating 70 % of the country to achieve herd immunity have gone completely out the window. The sheer contradictory chaos of the Centers for Disease Control over the last year and a half is staggering. The CDC is clearly beholden more to vested political interests and corporate influence than anything remotely approximating “science”:
No. 58662 Kontra
Just as epidemiologist Don Francis discovered when he met with the captains of industry in blood products during the AIDS outbreak, it’s impossible to arrive at hard thresholds for when a systemic response to a growing concern is warranted. There is no fixed number, no set point, not even a purely arbitrary benchmark for when any given crisis merits an across the board response because each player involved is trying to maximize their own financial gains. In fact, the best way to predict how the United States responds during any widespread medical emergency is to just examine the commercial interests involved instead of looking at “the science”. At present, one has to openly wonder whether anything recommended by the “experts” has achieved even the slightest benefit for the average citizen.

The null hypothesis in these situations has to take into account that the United States is generally abysmal at responding to pandemics. When a virus rages through America or threatens turn the country into an open-air morgue, it’s a fucking coin toss as to how government institutions will respond. The US scores a solid F- on the 1918 Flu Pandemic, the 1976 Flu Pandemic That Never Happened, the 1980s AIDS epidemic and now Covid 19. As the Delta variant tears through the populace, it’s worthwhile to look at the surge and decline of Covid in India. Despite a vaccination rate somewhere around 11 %, the dreaded delta coof sharply ebbed away without the intervention of experimental mRNA vaccine technology. And why wasn’t India able to utilize this miracle blessing from the choir of angels at Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna Inc? Because western pharmaceutical companies all demand that they are indemnified from any lawsuits resulting from the use of their products. At best, they’re justifiably concerned their vaccines will fail to perform (as seen in Israel and other places), and at worst the threat of unforeseen side-effects looms heavy on the horizon. Meanwhile back in America healthcare providers are literally fired for not getting vaccinated, most likely because their real role in medicine is to be a brand ambassador for Pfizer. Can’t very well have your top influencers refusing to “get the jab”, now can you? Given the visible trending in infection rates, it doesn’t make one much of a cynic to conclude that government policies and vaccinations amount to nothing more than a brief squirt of piss in the wind against nature’s viral hurricanes. Given this sobering, humbling conclusion, only one question remains: Do you uncritically accept the policy recommendations of corrupt government officials responding to the corporate interests of modern snake-oil salesmen, or do you demand they prove that their interventions will have more than a marginal effect on outcomes?
No. 58664 Kontra
This is why I don't usually jump into these retarded shartpostfests. I scrolled past and actually bothered to click you link after making some point to Ireland and actually bothered to click your video, which I immediately regretted. If you can't even understand why some random dude with an intro like that isn't going to get taken seriously I don't see the point in bothering with this fatpost.
No. 58710
> botched the virus response
No. 58725 Kontra
39 kB, 960 × 760
33 kB, 444 × 331
>goading more cancer onto this board
I guess it was inevitable for this topic.

Basically he spent the pandemic blowing smoke up our asses rather than leveling with the American people, and he did this because rather than having a series of accomplishments to fall back on he spent the presidency shitposting on twitter and foolishly tied his reelection chances to the stock market against all advice to the contrary. The result of this is to this day we have idiotic chimpouts and shitposting over masks and the vaccines his own Operation Warp Speed produced in record time so now America is very literally a third world country alongside India and Brazil when it comes to the pandemic. Rather than just tell us the truth, force the states, federal government, and private sector to coordinate so we could quickly bounce back, he spent his time mocking masks and ultimately feeding the same liberal media who tried gaslighting us into thinking the vaccine could be dangerous because orange man rushed it to get reelected or something like that, and staging lots of Trump rallies and gaslighting us about a virus he knew full well was bad news back in January and February.

I think a big part of the reason he acted that way is because he spent his whole life just paying "some very smart people" to make problems disappear for him so he could then take the credit. I don't think he ever understood that this wasn't a problem he could just easily make go away by throwing money at it. He saw it as something rattling the economy and thus his reelection and on top of that early on it was blue states which it's been widely alleged his whole admin particularly Kushner took the attitude "the didn't vote for me so fuck em" seemingly not realizing the gravity of the problem and how hard it was going to hit people that did vote for him.

The entire response was an unbelievable clusterfuck here. Due to the nature of our system it always was going to be which is why I warned both EC and my family at the end of January 2020 to stock up, but sadly Trump became a force multiplier for the virus by pushing nonsense until something as basic and obvious as wearing a mask during a pandemic became politicized. I hated the media parroting that word "unprecedented" because like hell it was unprecedented. The word means without precedent. It did happen before. We had masks during the Spanish flu.

What's even more ridiculous to me is had Trump told the truth and focused on fixing the pandemic he would've gotten reelected. Even liberals would be forced to grudgingly admit how well we're doing and we would've bounced back quickly. Instead the economy got fucked, we lost over 600k and counting, and every time they said it'd go away by April, or some idiot like Ted Cruz insisted no one would take about it after the election, or they said some nonsense blowing smoke up our ass how "if only 100,000 die I'd say we did a great job" after telling us only a few people would die, and well basically it became the thing that ensured we'd be dragging out the recovery.

I'd say his biggest mistake overall was blowing smoke up our ass personally, and that he consistently tried downplaying it and acting like it would magically disappeae instead of get worse. The stimulus packages passed by Senate and Congress is all that saved us from economic implosion really. We got 18 months of retarded half measures that hurt the middleclass and far more dead Americans than we lost in all WWII, and to this day like 30-40% of the country either thinks the virus doesn't exist or that it's less dangerous than the flu and millions of Americans are going to have a long, expensive, organ damaged recovery who survived it not to mention well over half a million deaths and even people on EC of all places turning a world health crisis into American political shitposting and refusing to take the very vaccines his own administration helped to develop.

Hell he even just got booed at his own rally for suggesting people take the very vaccines his admin helped create.

I'd say it's very hard to explain all this concisely especially to a Russian on how his administration bungled the response considering Russia itself is basically a cold India or Brazil with butin in charge. What he should've done is let the stock market take a hit and let liberals keep screeching about "racism" or some dumb shit as he reacted to stopping its spread and telling people the truth that it'll be a little difficult for awhile but to wear a mask, wash our hands, not congregate, and just make petty small sacrifices for the good of America while Trump WH makes us a cure. We would've been fine mostly. Instead the stock market crashed anyway because he can't bullshit the market and now red states are world hotzones. It should've been his Pearl Harbor and something to win an easy reelection but instead he acted like an idiot the whole way through and lost bigly.

There was total lack of coordination at all levels of society for successfully combating the epidemic at institutional levels sure, but way I see it his biggest failure simply was ultimately that he lied to us. If Trump said to take it seriously but stay calm, do not panic, we will be stronger afterward and so forth we'd likely not be in this level of shittiness. Kushner was an absolute fucking retard the whole time too. The pandemic itself simply wasn't their priority most of the time, and when it was they often got in their own way or just relied on trying to PR spin a contagion as if it was a political problem.
No. 58737
36 kB, 800 × 535
It's fascinating to see how americans praise their advanced separation of powers yet they fail to come up with something similar when it boils down to "the enemy of democracy" which is one person that was mostly sugarcoating americans instead of telling them to wear masks as I understood from the post.
Clearly, the cold war mentality has caused the irreversible consequences to your society.
No offense, but it's like animal farm when Snowball was pushed away.
I'd rather be a cold india than a tool like that.
No. 58746
You mistake is that you take American's word as ground truth. But you should take into account that they are divided into two partisan tribes mortally hating each other.
The narrative of one of which is that Orange Man ruined everything, and Fauci, all the health ministry, democratic governors and so forth are merely victims of almighty dictator Trump who couldn't even make Twitter unban him.

> he knew full well was bad news back in January and February.
I thought that it was HABBENING in winter and spring of 2020, so I was curious and followed the situation. As I remember, everyone except imageboard dwellers thought that it's not a big deal.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja1lL_f846o - for example, WHO said that it's nothingburger
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLNBw7XCM4Q - Fauci said that wearing masks does not make sense
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNMdg4morQs - liberals were owning Trump by hugging Chinese. I recall how he was criticized even for mentioning closing border with China for "racism", "cynophobia", "cold-war rhetoric" and so on.
Russian TV also used to say "if Corona is CIA trick, then they failed, because corona is not transmitted by air".
So no, it wasn't obvious back then.
No. 58747
95 kB, 602 × 602
> they are divided into two partisan tribes mortally hating each other.
That's the point. You can sell any idea as long as it's anti-them. You can ditch any notion as long as it's not ours.
"Trotskists are up against our 5 year plan!". And then a swarm of proletarian is storming out their homes to screw a nut.
"Trump is against common sense! He's refused to wear a mask" And then a swarm of proletarian is storming out their homes wearing a bunch of slick masks.
I just wonder how this behaviour has crawled up here.
No. 58748
>I just wonder how this behaviour has crawled up here.

Because USA is bluntly a dead country in a state of decay.
No. 58755 Kontra
Yes and they were wrong and WHO got roasted for it. CDC, the media, and a lot of other people were wrong in the beginning which is when everybody but imageboard dwellers thought it was business as usual. Those people got proven wrong.
No. 58762
403 kB, 581 × 812
97 kB, 625 × 846
There is a funny thing with this pandemic. One would expect conservatives to demand full lockdown, home arrest for everyone, police checkouts for masks and lick cops' boots in other ways possible (to fight corona, of course). Also they would reject usual election procedure in favor of mail "voting" or electronic "voting". Meanwhile lefties (except hardcore tankies) and liberals would stand against this.
But in West it happens completely the opposite way. Foucault wrote a lot about oppressiveness of medical system https://monoskop.org/images/9/92/Foucault_Michel_The_Birth_of_the_Clinic_1976.pdf and willingly contracted HIV due to ideological reasons. Now in journals named in his name people praise administrative control of all aspects of human lives because of the virus.

And it's not just about corona. Western lefties are usually boring "no fun allowed" life-hating types.
Man dressed up like Indian Native American at Halloween? No-no-no, that's cultural appropriation. Cancel, forbid, not allow.
Woman gets money for posting nudes on Onlyfans? No, that's exploitation, please ban this horror so she'll better work as janitor.
People are celebrating birthday in restaurants? No, they should stay home and shake in fear of corona under the bed like I do.
Links to the Takimag journal are often posted on EC. Basically, every their article is "I spent 200k$ on humanities education and all I learned is to write angry essays about people who actually do something".

Also let's not forget about bending before hierarchy and authorities. You should trust "experts", get news from "acknowledged, approved and factchecked sources". And if you suppose that powerful people have hidden motives and non-public agreements with each other, you must be tinfoil-hat science-denier.

Very interesting to see how this situation will develop in future.

I wrote a long post with ramblings about politics mostly unrelated to the topic. Will Americans accept me as one of their kind and give me the Green Card?
No. 58772 Kontra
>Now in journals named in his name people praise administrative control of all aspects of human lives because of the virus.

They do?

>Also let's not forget about bending before hierarchy and authorities. You should trust "experts", get news from "acknowledged, approved and factchecked sources".

Your attempt in understanding the left after getting hooked by discussions with me and others I suppose is quite marvelous. You still need to catch up and learn it seems.

People on the left are not per se anti-hierarchy and you don't need to cherish Stalin to see use in hierarchical management. You then confuse id politics with the left as a whole. And last but least your quoted paragraph is funny. First of all, you think that all people in academia are raging leftists, second you attack scientific processes as leftist, you confuse many things.
Did you know that ultra economic liberalism has no interest in a state managing things? The suspicion of states cracking down on peoples freedums is fueled by usually rightwing or libertarian annotated people, at least here in Germany. They built completely on peoples sense for super liberal individualism and it seems to work. The radical left that usually consists of autonomists these days got nothing done.
And if you think leftists praise administrative control you completely missed out of heaps and heaps of literature that critique the control paradigm that established itself as mode of governing over the last 70 years, pushed by technological advances. You talk about the humanities but you don't know much about the ongoings in the field it seems. I'm sorry these people hurt your feelings.

>And if you suppose that powerful people have hidden motives and non-public agreements with each other, you must be tinfoil-hat science-denier.

Ach, how much more simple do you want to paint your world? I think nobody is denying hidden motives and non-public agreements (have your ever heard of the G30 or Group of thirty?), especially not serious Marxists will shy away from that super general statement. After all theories of ideology deal with the interests of people. The crux is in the details, in how it is done, the arguments etc.
No. 58774
>Woman gets money for posting nudes on Onlyfans? No, that's exploitation, please ban this horror so she'll better work as janitor.

No idea where you're getting that from. Most women appear to be indifferent towards porn, and even those that find it distasteful or even exploitative aren't necessarily in favor of banning it. Antifa-tier lefties have a huge presence as "sex workers" on OnlyFans and Twitter, hence the plaintive cry "SEX WORK IS REAL WORK". Thus far, the only people who have a bug up their ass about porn are, sadly, much of the dissident right. Once that site "Your Brain On Porn" got popular, a consensus towards banning porn was wholly manufactured and became a cause célèbre for much of the online right. It's a bit funny seeing this development because, in years past, they probably would've been fine with porn as Libertarians. A decent swath are probably coomers or fetishists in secret but wont' be open about it. Not that I necessarily favor publicizing what turns you on, especially now that potential enemies can exploit that to your own peril

I'm not going to pretend porn is healthy for you nor would it be a career I would encourage for my potential children, but trying to ban it could only lead to vastly negative consequences. And what are we going to do with guys who send their friends / gfs dick picks or girls who send titty / vadge shots to their bfs? Are we going to treat them as severely as professional pornographers?

If we have to ban porn, then prostitution should be legalized as a compromise. Honestly, I support legalization of both.

>Links to the Takimag journal

For God's sake, WHERE?! I'd know a Takimag link when I saw one, and never once, did I ever post a link to that site here knowing it might trigger a heated political discussion. Only recently have I decided to say "FUCK IT" and post political articles because this country is beyond saving at this point.
No. 58793 Kontra
>Takimag link when I saw one

Never heard of it, apparently, to their self-description it is a libertarian magazine. What the fuck that got to do with humanities or leftism?

Wiki says
>Taki's Magazine, called Takimag for short, is an online magazine of politics and culture published by the Greek paleoconservative[1] journalist and socialite Taki Theodoracopulos and edited by his daughter Mandolyna Theodoracopulos.
No. 58795 Kontra
>hence the plaintive cry "SEX WORK IS REAL WORK".

That is only a certain type, there also leftists that despise all sex work as wrong. Because of the commodification of women's bodies.
What is very dumb and irritating of the Russian is his sentence that he put in these peoples mouth by saying women should work as janitors instead. He jumps to conclusions the people wouldn't make at all. Probably because he doesn't know shit. also why does he think selling your body to strangers is more fun and rewarding than cleaning?[/spoiler9
No. 58797
>Never heard of it, apparently, to their self-description it is a libertarian magazine. What the fuck that got to do with humanities or leftism?

Absolutely nothing. It's a Paleoconservative/Paleolibertarian commentary site. It has as much to do with leftist humanism as vegan offerings at a steakhouse.
No. 58798
I agree, I don't know anything, I need to catch up and my feelings were hurt.

> You then confuse id politics with the left as a whole.
Those things are strongly correlated. The more liberal (in western meaning of this word) likes woke shit, the more he/she/xi leans economically left-wing. I know, lefties love to complain about idpol, but it takes a strange form for them. Like "you shouldn't criticize middle eastern fanatics for beating women without hijab with stones, that's idpol and cultural imperialism". However blackface is still a huge crime. Some "queers for Palestine" tier shit.

> First of all, you think that all people in academia are raging leftists
Not all, but many of them. Am I wrong in this?

> second you attack scientific processes as leftist
The most leftist parts of academia like sociology are the farthest from scientific processes.

> No idea where you're getting that from.
From personal experience, first of all. I know couple of Zizek-fans IRL, and they have puritan mindset. Also I've seen a lot of lefties in internet, and they are like that as well.
Also from blog of Russian-Jewish mathematician who fled from bottling to Brazil =DDDDD. As many of professors he used to be leftie and he worked in West in 90-s so he saw how the movement developed into such sad state.

> Antifa-tier lefties have a huge presence as "sex workers" on OnlyFans and Twitter, hence the plaintive cry "SEX WORK IS REAL WORK".
You don't bellyfeel Ingsoc. Women can do whatever they want, but also such work is so exploitative that it must be banned. This is called Swedish model as I remember (although this term is rather about prostitution than pornography).
No. 58799
Thanks for correction, it's called reallifemag. Yes, takimag is something which also exists.
No. 58803
>but my feefees was hurt
I don't know why, but if it was because of people talking shit about Russia or Russians in the context of this thread it's obviously because Russia, America, and Brazil all ran their corona responses like absolute shit and are filled with retards which is why theirs ran dramatically out of control. In Russia's case it's probably because combination of Putin and generally apathy and incompetence that gets called Russian fatalism, i.e. "yes I may die alone after suffocating on ventilator for three weeks, and so?"

Also I don't know what the fuck the above rambling shit about idpol has to do with much but calling a thing Western "leftism" is like talking about "rightism." I assume it all looks like some blob about homosexualism to a Russian but it's a pretty wide range of viewpoints including people that hate that woke shit just like right wingers may go unironically muh Israel because of retarded Evangelical doctrines as much as "today I'd like to talk to you about ZOG."

In context of the pandemic they're all retards. Like the Russian or whoever posting about retards calling Chinese travel bans racist, yes that is retarded. Having circlejerk virtue signalling mask burnings in Idaho which didn't even have a mask mandate also is retarded.
Holy shit this thread is a mess
I agree. Pretty much this.

I know we rightly get made fun of for society collapsed memes, but it really is true at this point. Sanitation, public health, a non-working electrical grid, these are all the kinds of things which you see in a failed state. Africa is filled with disease partly out of societal dysfunction. Point being no, we are not Liberia, but at this point society has become so dysfunctional there's frightening similarities between truly failed states and America which at this point basically acts like a failed state that's got a huge military and lots of money because it's petro-negroes like Russia.

Yes it is just some blog I came across so don't take it seriously like I am trying to present some anthropology scholar's cited works, but that really describes a lot of our issues. America's culture war bullshit is just symptomatic of that imperial decay, as is the society literally collapsed moments some butthurt tendies muncher may talk about, because the elites are pretty much divide and ruling now. People are ignorant, scared and confused, and directionlessly angry as our society falls deeper into entropy.

Corona as a whole here was a massively retarded clusterfuck from both left and right. Crying about one side being retarded doesn't excuse you from being a retard. Yes Italians virtue signalled by hugging Chinese for God knows what reason and weeks later it was Italy 2020 time. The media, politicians, CDC, WHO, governors, Trump, and general public among others all handled it badly and acted like general retards, it is known. I think it happening that way is indicative of the broader imperial decay which is likewise seen from Michigan water supplies to Texas' failing electrical grid. The society as a whole is paralyzed by dysfunction, idiocy, malice, and general ineptitude has seized the day and allowed deadly diseases to flourish. The fact Russians in particular think everything is fine also does not bode well for us, considering their Africa tier AIDS rates which they also seemingly act as though it's fine. Sorry couldn't resist.
No. 58808 Kontra
>Those things are strongly correlated. The more liberal (in western meaning of this word) likes woke shit, the more he/she/xi leans economically left-wing

No, while id pol in that way is counted as left, many people are not economically left. People stay liberals most of the time, they just adopt chunks of ID pol.

For your anecdote: Ok, and? There are many people calling themselves left with dumb takes. I wonder if this really happened or if you made this up.

>Am I wrong in this?

Yes, because most are not raging leftists. Most tend to have (some) left views but certainly, they are more democratic liberal than left.

>The most leftist parts of academia like sociology are the farthest from scientific processes.

This statement is based on you favoring internalism, scientific purity and autonomy mostly found in analytic philosophies of science. What you described is a process though that all sciences, in the end, adhere to, not just STEM, namely an
>ideal of explanation and understanding, every science searches for inferential connections between facts in the section of reality for which the science is responsible.

This is done badly in many conspiracist views. Just take the Ireland take from a few posts above. His sources for what the reality is are some bitchute videos. You can go and look at the actual scientific papers and then trace this paper and its dialog with the scientific community, the author of that paper etc etc. Has this been done, or is that paper just taken out of context? Hm, well I think it's crucial to answer these questions in order to found out what is real.
And btw. sociology is heavily based on math (statistical method) these days.

You also did not give any proofs to back up your overly general statement, that people in the humanities or in a journal at least praise the control of all aspects of life which Foucault.
No. 58809
streaks through your serious ass threda
At least I'm waearing a mask!
No. 58810
657 kB, 2500 × 1839
Seriously tho, I always had a shitload of the N95 masks stocked up by the boxes because that is just wat I do.
I also jave a dozen of those old Ruskie gas masks and an Israeli one with a sippi straw.
I gave just about everyone in my fam, immediate and extended relatives (parents, sisters, aunts, unlcles, cousins, cousins first removed... Etc) one of my N95 masks and I still have a few boxes full.
Doesn't mean I wear it all the tiem.
Is just that I don't always wear a mask, but when I do, it's not made of pathetic cloth.
No. 58811
Also, I think it is important to note that I stocked up on these masks WAAAAAY before any of this bullshit.
No. 58812
Hell, I'm read for nuclear war as I have the suits and pills.
I also have a fireman (fireproof) suit and a few moar specialized suits I shant not bother you with.
I am kindof a prepper.
No. 58813
I even have enough plastic and duct tape stored in every room to cover the windows at any given notice.
Point is, I may be some paranoid freak but even I don't buy this mask BS.
No. 58814
Mu immune system is healthy enough as is thank you very much.
Oh, wat is that? You have a coof?
Coof in my direction just a litttle so I can build a natural immunity.
Fucking pussies.
Reminds me of a George Carleton skit where he talks about how everyone is sick now a days because we are so damned sterile.
No. 58815
I'm sorry, Ernst, I will learn to condense my many poasts into one, some day, Ernst willing.
No. 58817 Kontra
174 kB, 768 × 899
Here we go.
No. 58828
So you are a bug chaser who likes getting pozzed ok
No. 58829
Enjoy your monthly booster shot, seeing as how you just killed it.
No. 58832
You're unbelievably retarded. It doesn't surprise me you both got banned from cabbagechan and also plan to go back there, as well as being too retarded to figure out how to proxy.
No. 58835 Kontra
No. 58872
>You're unbelievably retarded
No need to be so rude.
I stated my stance and will leave it at that.
Also, I never claimed to be smart.

>It doesn't surprise me you both got banned from cabbagechan
If it means anything, this is the first tiem I have been b& on new/int/.
Even on old /int/ I was only b& twice.

>and also plan to go back there
Yes, because that is my home.
I am a guest here, I am sorry if I seemed rude before but this is no way to treat a guest.

>as well as being too retarded to figure out how to proxy
Why would I?
Number one, I can into free vpns but am not That stupid, number two, I have not need to pay to hide anything I poast as I am a self described shitpoaster.
Number three, I will respect the b& and not evade.
I was banned and even pushed the mods buttons so that is that, no need for me to evade, I deserved it and will do my tiem.

Also, I don't really care if you vax or wear a fucking mask, that is your choice.
If you had presented a creditable argument towards anything that I had poasted, I would respect your poast but you chose to simply call me stupid.
Great job, you just showed me how smart you are.
Take my advice, when someone announces that they are a simple guest, don't shit on them.
No. 58874
720 kB, 888 × 518
8,7 MB, 720 × 900, 2:01
1,4 MB, 426 × 426, 0:59
Seriously why do people on the internet get their knickers in a twist when I tell them I'm not taking the untested gene therapies with no liability that are being peddled the last year?

You're vaccinated and protected right? The risk is entirely my own to take and affects you in no way really.

Taking the Vaxx does not stop YOU spreading the virus, so whether we take it or not it spreads at the same speed, the only difference is the severity of infection, and since I'm a dumb antivaxxer with an IQ of 75 in your opinion anyway why do you want me to take it? don't I deserve to get covid and die on a ventilator like the dumb antivaxxer that I probably am in most Amerishart's eyes?

I don't get it. The only two reason I can think of that people are getting so upset over others not taking the gene therapies is that:

(1) they're super duper concerned for hospital overflow and the poor nurses who won't have time to make dance videos on tik tok if they're looking after patients
(2) they're paid shills inhabiting imageboards trying to socially engineer everyone to take the gene therapy
No. 58875
55 kB, 500 × 420
> the untested gene therapies

Saying things like this particularly when I've seen sharts talk about it "scrambling your DNA" is part of why. Anyway the whole idea is to keep hospitals from overflowing and stop it before it mutates into something super dangerous. Delta is just more infectious and slightly more deadly afaik.

Viruses often do indeed become less dangerous over time, but that takes decades or centuries, mountains of corpses, and being somewhat contained geographically. This means it can randomly mutate into something SARS 1.0 levels of lethal. Also they probably want to blame you for enabling it to spread and prolonging this lockdown or whatever pandemic bullshit we're all collectively sick of.

My advice? If for Lord knows what reason you want to argue with people online about it, try not to sound like you're sharting in the mart or that it's somehow political to you. Problem is
>gene therapies
It's just an RNA vaccine. It's not doing weird shit to your DNA. My arm was sore for like a day and I was fine. I didn't even have any side effects. I'd be more worried about the unknown longterm complications of a new bat SARS which sounds like a lot of people end up with Lyme-like neuro problems, lung damage, physical therapy, some hospital stays etc. I'm an American. I ain't payin for that shit when I've got a free vaccine.
No. 58878
Pls apologize for being so rude to a guest.
No. 58879
He has absolutely zero capability of empathy.
Pure psychopath.
No. 58882
83 kB, 1216 × 608
That's why he likes to pierce people in the first place.
So no wonder.
No. 58900 Kontra
German-tier joge
No. 58904 Kontra
Who was I being rude to? I like Ireland so I responded to him.

See this is exactly the reason why I tend to ignore these kind of discussions and almost always ignore American posters having them. It's funny you say that for some unknown reason because I was going to add something about empathy and not wanting more people to die as why some people push vaccines but realized I didn't want to waste another second bothering to edit my post.

However it is correct if you want my personal attitude toward vaccination which is I got mine and so did my parents so unless my elderly folks need a hospital bed for old people conditions it's not my problem.
No. 58959
>Who was I being rude to?

My bad, I thought you were this >>58832 dipshit who coupd only call me names instead of giving valid points.
I just wanted to brag about my preps and state that the masks that the "surgical" masks that 90% of the population wears is no moar effective than a rag.

Sorry, again, I thought you were >>58832, just trying to make yourself look better.
Nao I look liek the dipshit.

t. >>58817 and both you replied to
No. 58981 Kontra
I unlike apparently all our governors and everybody else looked this up right when the pandemic was beginning with articles such as
at the beginning of the pandemic. You can look through other citations and scholar type databases. I was stunned to hear CDC itself give some ridiculous statement that only infected persons should wear them, and even WH health advisors gave contradictory tweets like "please stop buying masks they don't work and our healthcare workers need them." Pic related. I think one of the reasons why they did this is because of Plan Orange tier logic during the mask shortage that people will be retards and not wear them properly, and that it's more important to divert it to healthcare workers. Let's nevermind the fact we had Chinese here buying them wholesale and shipping them to China to sell them there at profit. Let us also ignore WHO being stupid.

Listen my dude everyone fucked up. Do your own research. I went ahead back in February and January to look this up and the gist was shitty tshirt type masks and other non-n95 tiers are considered ineffective because 50-70% is FDA or CDC or whomever considered insufficient protection to label as effective. Obviously, if you have ineffective 10 AC armor that's not good at blocking piercing damage it's not ideal but it's better than wearing robes, let me put it that way. I'd rather 50% protection than none. n95 is called that because it's considered 95% effective at blocking transmission. I got a p100 respirator at start of the pandemic before the last ones were sold out, bought two even to offer backup to family though my family never wanted it, had as backup financial asset to sell at profit in case things got rough, and then donated my unopened spare to local hospital end of last summer before the winter surge I knew would be coming.

You do what you want just so long as you are informed. People are giving you shit because you are not.

Some other idiots during mass confusion tried to say it did not work because the virus was small enough to get through. Infectious material is generally carried in much larger droplets. You often are not inhaling the naked virus but micro droplets that catch in the mask. I mean seriously, do you think all doctors wear surgical masks as some kind of fashion statement?

I do not believe in vaccine mandates. I hear ITT or somewhere people saying masks are worse than vaccines. That is retarded. From a libertarian standpoint there is little reason to be pissed about masks in a pandemic, whereas mandates for forced medical anything is fucking dangerous. That we have every right to be concerned about, of course that being stated you literally cannot enroll your child in a school without proofs of vaccination so it is not new. Moreover a store can ban you from entry because it's their private property. Disney or Carnival has legal right to tell you go to hui for not being vaccinated particularly when it impacts how they make money and destinations like Bahamas ban you from entry without the jab. The obvious solution to all this is if you don't like it, don't get on their cruise, don't go to those restaurants, and homeschool your kids.

The mask thing is dumb though. I agree with everyone saying so ITT. If a store can so "no shirt no shoes no service" they have even more right to say "no mask no service." I do not know how it impacts anyone's freedom. I think there is an aspect to it being a weak degenerated generation in a decadent society who refuses to sacrifice anything for their country. It's just a really retarded hill to die on.

I even have this as my icon now, partly because I think it's funny walking around with vidya memes IRL. What it really comes down to is most people against it thinking it's a hoax. The whole argument is driven by people believing this is just crisis actors or something. I think the bigger thing is it proving how not in control and incompetent the global elites are, which is what happens every pandemic, and the worse the pandemic the more people lose faith in the Church and its priests or the kings and queens of the land who clearly do not know what to do.

Really what you should be doing is protecting yourself and your loved ones. It's that simple.

Actually you know I was thinking about this yesterday while smoking a cigarette outside and maybe I'll get to posting about it today. I don't like getting involved in these discussions, hate political shitposting, hate that everything now surrounded by political shitposting from vidya to global medical crisis, and hate talking about myself or anything personal, but let me smoke and think how to say this about smoking and drinking and I'll come back.
No. 58982
>You do what you want just so long as you are informed. People are giving you shit because you are not
>because you are not
I hope that was a typo.

>Really what you should be doing is protecting yourself and your loved ones. It's that simple
See >>58810
>I gave just about everyone in my fam, immediate and extended relatives (parents, sisters, aunts, unlcles, cousins, cousins first removed... Etc) one of my N95 masks

I really don't want to get too deep into this discussion as it triggers Everyone, no matter where you stand.
Lets just agree that anything under N95 is uneffective and even moar harmful than nothing at all.
No. 58983 Kontra
92 kB, 818 × 466
I want to preface this by saying I have no interest getting involved with your guys' political shitflinging. It ruined and eventually killed KC. It killed ernstchan too until we got this refuge set up. Nobody is going to change their views because of your political shitposting and I have no interest in arguing with the leftists and right wingers on this board, and it probably was a mistake even admitting my growing disillusion with Capitalist neoliberalism over the last few years due to my vidya basically. I don't care.

So I've made no secret of the fact I'm a heavy smoker and many years ago I used to be a heavy alcoholic too. I've thought long about certain things I did as I reached my mid 30s including certain mistakes I think I got very lucky on avoiding.

I do not take issue with the fact if I light up in a bar I will get kicked out. I still remember how irritating it was being in a car with my parents inhaling their secondhand smoke as a kid, and this was back when you still had smoking sections in restaurants and airlines. I don't see a problem with them banning it, so long as you have time to get outside and back in during a layover which is challenging.

Whenever I am smoking outside on the sidewalk, if I see a kid, I hide my cigarette, and I try to stand downwind from anybody else who is not smoking. I do not have to do this. There is no law regarding it. So why do I do it? Because I don't want to be a cunt. Because I know standing right next to somebody with my smoke blowing in their face is a real cuntish thing to do, and because it's my choice not theirs. I don't want children to see me smoking because I don't want to influence them to making my same bad decisions later on in their life, just like my parents ultimately did with me whether they wanted to or not. I know it is bad for me; I've quit a few times. I always relapsed into chainsmoking cigarettes again even though I know it's going to get me killed someday if I don't stop, but that is my decision to quit or not. It is not however their decision to have some asshole blowing disgusting secondhand smoke in their face for half an hour.

Likewise I have finally made the decision to stop drinking permanently, influenced also by an illness I got that fucked me up so I stopped telling myself it was okay to only have a few or only get drunk a few times a month. I see it like this.

Nobody is telling me that I can't drink; nobody is depriving me of my freedoms to drive if I so choose. No one is telling me I can't go to a bar and get shithoused or sit around my home getting blackout drunk or telling me that I cannot buy that handle of vodka. What they are telling me however is that I cannot both get totally drunk and then get in a car and drive, because if I do I will go to jail.

I've thought long about this last one. A couple times in my life I was driving drunk. I knew it was the wrong thing to do at the time, and I did so in part because of something with a friend. I did not disagree with the DWI laws, I simply disobeyed them. It was a real scumbag move on my part.

It took me a great many years before realizing how much I was a complete scumbag for doing that. Yes it was my right to drink, and yes I thought I needed or wanted to be the driver at that time and that it would be okay, and those times it was, however I was being not just stupid but also incredibly scummy and an asshole. I've watched a bunch of youtube videos of people getting sentenced to ten years in jail, six years in jail, a bad public defender getting them fifteen years imprisonment, crying. I've seen these people destroy their lives with dead friends or dead strangers for no particular good reason at all.

Yes, it is my freedom to drive, and my freedom to drink, however I do not have any right at all to get out there and put other people at risk for no good reason beyond I'm a complete asshole. I could have easily gotten a criminal charge, but more importantly I could have hit some family driving home late. I could have easily t-boned some poor guy or girl, I could have left somebody's grandpa dead, I could've killed some child, and that is not something I could ever take back. There's nothing I could ever do to change or make up for that fact, and as a result I could have permanently ruined not just my life but theirs, and been sent to prison for the rest of my young life.

I think about things like masks in the same way. It's just disrespectful at this point, and I have no reason to act like some rude stupid bydlo about it. When I enter a store I am disrespecting those people in that store, and I am acting like a drunk driver. No one is telling me I need to sit around at home vaccinated and in a mask. Nobody is telling me that I cannot shop or ride the metro. What they are telling me is I cannot do both, because I am now putting people at risk for stupid reasons because it's no longer just my health and sovereignty, but also theirs. To put it shortly, I think it's basically just a violation of the NAP at this point and to act like an asshole.
No. 58984 Kontra
96 kB, 705 × 504
241 kB, 976 × 700
Earlier this or maybe it was end of last year I had to go to a clinic for some unrelated reason and the one guy was absolutely insisting I get tested for covid which I didn't feel was necessary at the time for some reason. This guy had worked in the hospital and dealt with this shit all year and I distinctly remember him telling me how he just had a guy die who was around my age not too long ago. Guy was apparently 36 years old, fairly healthyI'm a heavy smoker with high BP so I already know if I got put in the ICU the same jackasses telling me I'm young and healthy with nothing to worry about would then say "oh well he is heavy smoker with high BP he had pre-existing conditions" and he's dead. I could tell that the guy was trying to be medical professional tier clinical but he was trying to hide how upset he was about it. These guys also have the stressful job of being trapped in there in this alternate horrible nightmare reality that's hidden away from most people so they don't think it exists.

So yes, sitting there smoking outside thinking about things a few days ago I thought about how I saw it in that context. Masks are a lot like drinking and driving. If I am out in public I don't see the problem people telling me to wear one.then society gollapsed :-DD I've had to hide how drunk I am to not get thrown out of places before, and been thrown out before. If you are acting like some Karen there's a reason people are mocking you and that is because you're acting like an asshole. I don't think any of these people realize that yeah, you're the one acting like an asshole.

Wearing a mask for ten minutes is not the end of the world and has nothing to do with freedom, it works, and the clusterfuck that was our response and the general cancer of American politics is why it's even an issue, all of which I ignored since the start, and ignored both the retardslike on /pol/who were saying either it's just a flu or the retards insisting it would reinfect us until humanity was extinct. I followed it and I took my own precautions. I ignored whatever the hell CDC or Trump or Pelosi or WHO or China was saying, did my own research, and concluded that the mask shortage was partly why they were trying to stop us from hoarding them. I wondered if the vaccine shortage also was why they had something to lie about so they made a bunch of us believe not to take them, or had some retarded political reason, and then I went to a mass-vax site for middleclass people and got the Pfizer because I thought the other vaccines were for poor people. I wore a mask, and in densely packed areas a p100 respirator. I don't like getting the flu or a cold either, and had neither since 2019 afaik.

So you guys can go back to your pointless political shitposting but no, it's like smoking and drunk driver far as I see it. There's no reason for me to be coughing around a bunch of kids and old people or blowing cigarette smoke at them, or drinking and driving like a complete retard, all of which I know could kill me too. Beyond that, I am not willing to blow a month's rent on an ambulance bill that insurance doesn't cover, or getting hospitalized a couple nights because that is fucking expensive, and I already know what having a non-lethal but debilitating illness feels like too and I'm having none of that. If you guys want to act like retards and put yourselves at risk to a virus whose longterm effects frankly none of us knows about that is your business. You may think a mask is pointless, or a vaccine will turn you into a mutant, you're wrong, but that is your business.

What you do not have the right to do however is act like an asshole in public and be the kind of rude bydlo to people that spawns memes, and if you do, you should not be surprised people are act like assholes back to you. As to vaccines, no the government does not have the right to tell us that per se, I'm not sure how to feel about enforced polio or measles vaccines on kids, but exterminating smallpox was the right thing to do regardless of methods. With masks it's like smoking and drinking and driving, do it at home, just not around families, but ultimately you're just being plebeian and superstitious peasants about it all as usual in my opinion. Just trying to make this into some cancerous political thing is also a really stupid hill to die on out of all the other valid things to get upset about. So that is my view on all this.

>and even moar harmful than nothing at all.
What? You're right. Everything you say is right. I don't have an interest in arguing, just giving my view on it. Not really my problem right now.
No. 58985
That sure is a lot ofwords to say you want everyone to weara diaper on theirface.
Unless it is an N95 or above and you dispose ofit on the reg, itmeans NOTHING.
Also, don't goto a bar if you don't want to be exposedto smonk, asshole.
No. 58988 Kontra
>diaper on their face
Are you a boomer or something? Yes yes it is only some fashion statement by medical professionals. Nothing to worry about. Agree on all points.
>don't go to a bar
Like I said, these people are just flat out being assholes at this point, and part of being a complete asshole is not knowing you're an asshole. I acted that way a ton when I quit a few times and feel bad for the friends who had patience and empathy to deal with me despite my conviction how right I was in being angry until weeks later realized it was the nicotine withdrawal happening, or me being an alcobydlo.

I'm not interested in arguing with you or anyone else here about this. Just giving my own views, for good or ill considering the shitposting the topic itself stupidly inspires now. I got my pfizer shot and I can hide my identity while paying with cash in stores and honestly it makes me feel even freerbolice dond ask me ID :-DDD society didn gollapse :-DDD I will explicitly say though my point was that you're basically telling people "if you don't like being around me driving while drunk just stay off the roads asshole" in case you're not smart enough to figure out the point I was making.

My point was that it took me years to realize how much my behavior back then made me a complete scumbag and that I was incredibly lucky maybe by the grace of God that I didn't hit someone and injure and kill them or myself or wind up in jail. The obvious objective of anybody is to avoid being in jail, dead, or in a hospital, unless they're crazy, retarded, or some type of junkie.
No. 58990
Holy shit!!1
I can't wait until my b& is over.
You are completely insufferable.
Not even gonna read all pf that shit untill I wake up in the middle of the night, even then, not ganna care.
No fucks given.
Suck my motherfucking dick you nerd.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 58991
Point being, I am done with this discussion.
Tiem for me to move on.
No. 58993 Kontra
Imagine actually coming onto EC and typing this post with a straight face in all self seriousness
No. 58995
Where did I go wrong?
I was trying to be nice and all.
You know Bernd is not as smart as Ernst or at leasthas the leave me alone type of mentality.
Fuck you for dissining Bernd.
No. 58996
Also,fuck mods there for trying to turn a Brndfest into anything else.
I am Bernd, HearMe Roar!!1
No. 58997 Kontra
Sorry you have to deal with trash liek me.
No. 59001 Kontra
oh lord this is funny for a second but then the second-hand embarrassment is so strong it kills me, are you drunk or underage?
No. 59012 Kontra
Well he was definitely shitposting but I wouldn't have straight up banned him for that. Well or being a cunt for the matter. Reading that really I just felt pity when I realized there was a chance he was serious. It was a glimpse into what two years of kohltardation does to a human mind.

I wanted to ask if he was drunk, or the anime pregnancy spammer, or underage, but yeah thing is he clearly either has liek in his autocorrect as a phoneposter or has to be doing it on purpose. It almost looked like how I imagine some pudgy middle age fed thinks he needs to talk to fit in with those imageboard kids. Then again I also routinely imagine people way smarter than they often are so who knows maybe he was being serious.
No. 59044 Kontra
I usually wear the N95 masks most places indoors. The cloth masks or even "medical masks" (the masks that most people use are medical only in a cosmetic sense) are largely security theater (particularly if you don't have covid, if you do have covid it will decrease the spread somewhat). I have not gotten the (mRNA) vaccine. I heard different things, read various studies, and I'm not entirely sure what to think. I have not studied biology, immunology, virology, etc., so I cannot accurately assess these studies based on understanding. That is to say, I cannot look at flaws or good points in a given study and corroborate them with my own understanding of processes, feedback loops, and systems in biological fields.

When a system is designed by humans, it is easy to predict what it will do well i.e. what it is designed for. Obviously, humans do not introduce innovations to harm or disadvantage people. However, it is difficult to predict side effects or possible side effects as a result of future changes as side effects largely cannot be inferred by deduction in the same way that the initial benefit from the design can. You cannot infer side effects through deduction as the number of premises is infinite; you cannot calculate all the possible consequences of an action. You do not design for side effects. Side effects are usually found experimentally, and then much work is done to understand them through deduction.
Therefore to me best solution is to "wait and see". Generally, a clearer picture can be formed over time as people start caring less and get less heated about things.
I am young, healthy, live alone, and do not go out much, so I am not particularly at risk to get COVID or develop severe symptoms at all. I do not know if I ever got COVID19 or any of the variants, or if I got it but didn't notice.

For my evaluation, I think that in the long term coronavirus and various variants should be treated like chicken pox currently is (even though the virus is certainly very different, I think that our behavior towards it should be similar). That is, older people are encouraged to get vaccines as they are particularly vulnerable to it, while for children it is not necessary as the symptoms are far less severe and they will gain natural immunity. Actually looking at the US apparently it's required for children, but I did not get the varicella vaccine as a child/toddler as it was unnecessary and not recommended where I grew up (I remember actually getting chicken pox as a child). The NHS does not recommend it though, as they say it reduces the immunity in adults as they are less exposed to it from children. I agree with them here. I think that US medical doctors encourage completely unnecessary practices, such as teeth straightening, wisdom tooth removal (I did not remove my wisdom teeth), circumcision, overprescription of opioids, etc, because the US population at large is vain and fears their own mortality (as well as the US medical system being profit-based).
I think that it is quite silly how much extremely young people (children and teenagers) are and will be encouraged to get the vaccines. Especially because they get less effective with new variants.

I have never posted on these sorts of threads because they seem incredibly stupid. This person is stupid, therefore anything even remotely associated with them is stupid. Or rather, I disagree with this person, so I must become the total opposite of this person i.e. I must become their enemy. I want to say that it is just the nature of online (anonymous) communication, but unfortunately this is not case. Even in real life people behave like this. Thankfully, my family is quite reasonable and we have no issue (they got the vaccine for work, while my work is remote), but some people I've talked to (not close friends thankfully, which is funny because my closest friends are not Americans - same as myself) will behave tribalistically and assume perspectives I do not hold.


No. 59047 Kontra
To clarify what I wrote in case someone misinterprets it:
>(the masks that most people use are medical only in a cosmetic sense)
Most people do not use surgical masks or anything that is regulated as such. If they look like surgical masks, they tend to be disposable (non-medical) protective masks instead that are not tested for fluid resistance and are not cleared for use in medical settings. The masks that my parents have are like these and when I tried wearing one the string broke off of my ear.
No. 59053 Kontra
Bravo, Ernst! Bravo!

Finally, someone with a brain in this thread rather than some hair-on-fire alarmist.
No. 59834
49 kB, 960 × 640
Portugal has reached over 80% of vaccination rate. We might be #1 in the world, certainly #1 in Europe. Didn't expect it to pan out this way, but I guess we are just sheep a calm and collected nation.
No. 59862
>lol those stupid sheep they should do their own research instead of gullibly believing stupid shit people say
>so you read the research?
>well no but I heard it from my uncle on Facebook that vaccines kill you and track you with microchips
>so he did the research?
>well no but he said his friend read some research showing itsjustaflu
>do you're saying these people should stop being sheep, not mindlessly follow what all their friends do, but to be clear, you did not do your own research
>but people shouldn't mindlessly follow others and do their own research

These people are unbelievably stupid and ignorant and EC ought to know better. Anyone who did research on their own without blindly following the last president, or CDC, or WHO, already figured out we should've shut all our borders and started masking up from the start. If they did their research they would've seen one of the bigger problems is permanent lung damage, long hauler SARS-CoV-2 problems, and various other types of organ damage and other very expensive problems.

I am not saying you in particular are stupid Portugal, but really now. I have never seen a bigger display of retarded sheep than this.

In case it hasn't been said enough, it was Fox tiers that politicized it and chose it as their hill to very literally die on. This is because from the start they solely viewed it as a political problem, and made a retarded gamble on it because they are morally bankrupt and have no policy platform at this point. DeSantis is a great example of amoral stupidity gets you.


Imagine unironically getting hospitalized just to virtue signal. Utah, Florida, Alabama, all the Southern states are fucked from this wave and they're just letting people with heart attacks die because they're actively triaging right now.
No. 59864
You're somehow not stupid enough to fully be one of these people but sound like you still hold conservative or right wing ideas. You're so close man. Then again you're sitting here on the sidelines trying not to get political while crying about videogames and it's fucking pathetic, just the kind of people soft minded or willed enough for rightard propaganda to work on.

Or maybe that's not the problem. Maybe conservatives in this country are stuck in the position of shrieking hysterical retards punching waitresses in diners over masks, and liberals who they disagree with. I bet the last few sane Republicans if there is such a thing got very quiet because they don't want to be attacked by their own death cult.

I last want to say it's so on the nose what a trumptard boomer would say part of me almost wonders if particularly immoral, vicious, sociopathic leftists had enough and astroturfed you from their discords into believing this stupid shit about
>wearing diapers
or taking antiparasite medication as a troll or to get you to run off a cliff together like retards. Every week is the stupidity parade. There is no reason to ever believe a farm med for worms would work on a virus. Then again these are the most medically incompetent people on earth.
No. 59865 Kontra
For the record, I'm vaxxed to the max. I do believe that the vaccination rate is partially because we really are a tame people of gentle ways.
No. 59866 Kontra
Holy shit, you're all fucking terrible. With the exception of the Irishman and this American >>59044, every post here is absolutely awful.

Just to cleanse my eyes and perhaps change the tone, here's something far more rational than anything in this thread:
No. 59867
I'll take "shit that doesn't affect me in real life" for 500, Alex.

You all have internet induced psychosis. Normal disease precaution protocols aren't a globohomo ploy for world domination. Neither is the virus the end of the world.

Nibbas be getting surrogate life experiences through internet turf wars.
No. 59870
Think about bureaucrat making a decision:
A. If virus requires taking measures, and he takes measures, then he's very good boy, and his ministry will get sweet budget money.
B. If virus is nothingburger, and he does nothing, then he's fine.
C. If virus is serious, and he does nothing, then he's in deep shit.
D. If virus is nothingburger, and he takes measures, then his boss and people think "he is fool but diligent one", which is not so bad.
So officials tend to overreact to threats. Same as with theater of security in airports and railway stations.

Thank dog that Russian state is too dysfunctional for enforcing any strict measures so we lived almost usual life those 1.5 years. And we are fine.

> all the Southern states are fucked from this wave
Do you know this from fear-mongering media or from your personal experience?
No. 59871
>the establishment
>wuhan coof
Great sauce. But no, you are not a sheep because you found some guy's blog. I feel 10 IQ points dumber having skimmed that. Like his first sentence
>the Wuhan death virums
is trying to sound smart but sounding like an idiot right off the bat. His mask section is priceless. So in other words the former president's office had a lie told to keep us from hoarding masks. I agree. It's indicative of how bigly he fucked up when the president before him had an entire monitoring system and emergency plan for pandemics he gutted out of spite and sold what little masks we had to Israel because if it's one thing he was known for it was having his priorities straight.

This is just a long winded poltard shitpost basically, for example
>everyone insisting it was worse than the Black Death
Who did? I have never once seen a single person imply that. Who? Did someone shitpost on p*l avout it?

Fact is I ignored all that retardation and did the research myself which is why I was wearing one long before CDC recommended them officially and I bet plenty of ernsts were smart enough to do the same. Fact is it is a debilitating disease and the reason sheep like you hate it is because it's a visible display of the colossal failure of the last administration which is why he lost and why you had to cope for the last year and throw seditionist chimpouts when he was fired from office over it. It also remains a visual symbol how you got tricked and lied to and that you were scammed by the last admin and they still are scamming you with horse dewormers while dems just keep smugly smiling about their neverending victory.

Remember how everybody at Fox, Cruz, DeSantis and all those other idiots said it would magically disappear after Biden got in? About that. Fact is you live in some online fantasy world totally divorced from reality and it also wouldn't surprise me if this was a conscious political decision on part of some GOP jackals to get a whole bunch of you idiots killed in a political gamble to extend the pandemic as much as possible to make Biden look bad or some equally stupid shit like that. The alternative is they all really are that craven and stupid.

It should be pointed out if half this happened under a Dem you would be screeching about the Hillary Virus and saying how she should be tried, convicted, and executed for the negligent homicides of over 600,000 Americans and counting.

You made a series of stupid decisions, and we will see if your egos lead you to five digit medical bills or being stored in a tractor trailer out by the dumpsters behind a hospital. Somehow you don't even have the basic sense of disgust and survivalism to not want a destructive foreign virus in your airways.
No. 59872
442 kB, 3840 × 2160
Pic related for that retard crying about his blinky lights. I know you already are realizing your mistakes with the free market and hiding from politics but politics will find you. When good men do nothing and things like that. Now the cons are shown what shitposters they are so go ahead and try to hide. The real penalty for turning a blind eye to that level of stupidity is it gets people killed.

Maybe that is how the dysfunctional Russian state works but not here. Bureaucrats are always afraid of making a decision because of the immediate blowback. With the chimpouts over something as trivial as being asked not to breath your contagion on the elderly imagine their response to a bureaucrat actually fucking up. Instead it is
>who could possibly have foreseen this
>was foreseen months ago
Afghanistan is a good example of that at work.

People are dying of lots of other treatable causes because they are maxed out from unvaccinated people contaminated with the delta strain. We knew this could happen since ages ago when the very first delta patients were detevted here and everyone was rushing to vaccinate as many people as possible.

I am simply amazed by the lack of awareness of that wordpress shitposter. We had mask and vaccine shortages. We wanted to target first the people deemed most important, like frontline workers, as well as politicians and anyone rich enough or throwing balls around to get prioritized for testing, vaccines, and masks. These idiots basically eliminated one third to half the entire economic-medical demand. Now we have plenty to go around.

Are red states a total disaster? Yes they are. If you have heart problems or cancer don't expect to be seen soon. All the resources are tied up fighting the rona and because it got turned into a partisan issue your viral load is equivalent to your trumptard load on a state by state basis. This is mostly why some states are at 40% and asking for federal aid and more desd fatmaster storage in the form of refrigerated trucks while deep blue states have up to 80% vax rates and basically isn't a big problem anymore in the places like Vermont.
No. 59877
>sheep like you

The only sheep in this thread is you, buddy. You've already assumed:
  1. I watch Fox News (I don't)
  2. I'm a GOP operative (I'm not)
  3. I wasn't initially cautious about COVID (I was)
  4. I voted in 2020 (I didn't)
  5. I went to the Capitol or supported people who did (I didn't)
  6. I still give a shit about Trump (I don't)
  7. I'm butthurt about Biden (I'm not)
Trump's presidency was a complete and utter failure for a host of reasons that had nothing to do with COVID, so I wasn't going to bat for a man who had effectively conned his base. I literally don't care a doddering fool like Biden is in the Oval Office because he's the most obvious placeholder to be Commander in Chief. That guy doesn't bum my high in the least.

You've sucked up all the air in this thread with your hair-on-fire hysterics and are now just swinging wildly with assumptions when presented with opposing information. Instead of taking time to respond cogently, you just strawman the shit out of anyone who challenges your tired talking points.

>Fact is you live in some online fantasy world

No. 59879 Kontra
And by the way, that article has a very active comments section. If you're so confident he's wrong in every way, why don't you respond in kind?
No. 59880
Schizenu just owned drumpkins again guise
No. 59887
403 kB, 926 × 1024
1014 kB, 1242 × 1422
296 kB, 997 × 852
41 kB, 600 × 626
Good post

still not taking the vaxx, I just got tested in fact and after not wearing a mask for the last year and refusing all vaccinations I am still not infected despite a massive recent outbreak in my 90% vaccinated town.
No. 59888
The funny thing about pandemics is that people who love to complain about police state, big pharma and ebil corporations suddenly forget about it when it comes to vaccines.

"Consume the product or be second-class citizen". This sounds controversial even to such a neoliberal bootlicker like me.

BTW I recently learned that you are supposed to take a vaccine every semester. And I even know a person who vaccinated 2-nd time (3-rd and 4-th actually). Lol really?
No. 59906 Kontra
Define "massive" because I get the impression your whole country doesn't hit the positivity rate of just my city.

To me it's like wearing a rubber. Just because I got no one pregnant or caught an STD doesn't make me less retarded but I already said my piece on civility.

Holy shit this thread is a dumpsterfire. All I'm going to say is it really made the zombie shows and games I play come into a different light where I thought how unrealistic they are for saying a slow zombie apocalypse could happen. America would definitely be among the first to fall even with our guns.
No. 59935
41 kB, 549 × 1050
>Define "massive" because I get the impression your whole country doesn't hit the positivity rate of just my city.

Ireland is 90% vaccinated, the highest in Europe. My village is basically so small it is one maine street, 2 shops and 2 pubs, the outbreak here has been so big that everything has been shut down for 2-3 weeks.

My workplace is closed for 3 weeks, all childrens' activities have been suspended for 3 weeks (camogie, hurling, soccer and gaelic) and the only things left open in my village is the 2 shops and the chipper.

I'd also like to point out that while this nonsense has been going on for the last year, suicide has become an epidemic in Ireland. People killing themselves left right and centre.

>All I'm going to say is it really made the zombie shows and games I play come into a different light where I thought how unrealistic they are for saying a slow zombie apocalypse could happen. America would definitely be among the first to fall even with our guns.

It reminds me of that book I read, One Second After about the apocalypse, shit collapsed so fast in that book I did not believe it and I thought it was nonsense, I thought it was strictly an American thing that society could fall apart that fast and I still do. I don't think things would fall apart as fast across the rest of the world, I think the American continent in general is cursed
No. 59936
171 kB, 1000 × 1000
People have become slaves to convenience and fear

The same people who were ranting to me 10 years ago about the Lisbon treaty stripping us of our rights and the New World Order and the global pedo elite society gladly took the vaxx no questions asked. It's as if they lost their will to fight back and just caved in and wanted only convenience.

Maybe they were just afraid, maybe they had just been beaten into compliance through the media campaigns and fearmongering

I've been beaten by all these things too but the difference is I believe that when in doubt the best course of action is do to nothing and ride it out rather than accept the ((truth)) from people you know to be liars and get experimental gene therapies injected into you

If I die from Covid then I'll accept it, my life is in God's hands and I can only do what I feel is the right thing.
No. 59953
284 kB, 1000 × 1083
337 kB, 1000 × 1195
Would you take a vaccine made by people who work for 180$ per month? (400$ for senior researcher)
I'm sure that they hire only the most competent specialists.
No. 60444 Kontra
Nearly third of all new deaths happened in Texas and Florida. Spookier thing to me is longterm complications from getting the virus. Heard about us hitting the 700k dead burgers mark but the bigger problem is going to be millions of people with enduring health issues.

Well the vaccine was made with God's permission inshallah so it's really up to you just like it's your choice to accept Christ or not etc. Polite kontra.