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No. 45898 Systemkontra
686 kB, 2250 × 1741
Adventure time!
No. 45899 Kontra
1,3 MB, 1055 × 1485
Managed to write 5000 characters for the thesis, might finish reading a chapter and taking some notes to make a paragraph out of it that then can be compared to the source and how that is similar.If everything goes super well I might have a finished but not polished or streamlined thesis by 1st September and having about 10000 characters more than necessary, I nearly hit the required amount of characters today and I still need to write a small chapter and 3-4 pages of introduction and a summery. The general idea would be down on paper then if I get it done. I just hope it works that way, came home and have been doing nothing besides going to the grocery store, I feel queasy. Might have to do with seeing my coworker today, we were quite reserved. On the weekend she wrote me she fears I would delete her number once I get out of town. We both limited ourselfs, I told her I don't want to write anymore and she said don't touch me anymore. It's just that we majorly fucked up by getting so close and then she blows it all off, well understandable but still feels shit. I still fucking like her and always like talking to her but there now is this uneasy feel that I can't have her which makes me avoid her. I know that I can feel the same for other women that can be easily, if they make me feel that comfortable around her, but atm there is none but her. Fucking shit.
No. 45900
1,0 MB, 426 × 426, 0:29
I keep seeing ads for this telescope, probably because I made the mistake of clicking on it once. Not going to buy, ofc(poor, also I'm wary of purchasing from random links), but the vid was cool.
Additional info: the link to purchase keeps changing. I've noted three different store names so far. Things like that only reinforce my suspicious nature :D.

I wonder if the university enrollment procedure is what triggered the review of your diploma. If the University contacted the HS to exchange files or whatever, and an unexpected detail came up. Doesn't matter, I guess, since there were no problems. Still, it had to be a nervous wait on your end.
No. 45905
I honestly doubt it.
The degree itself is just a paper you use to prove to your employer that you have a degree (or used to when this paper got you employment a 70-80 years ago as some sort of ink-licking, paper-pushing Chinovnik), what counts is the results it contains.
Those results are entered into a national databank, and then the digital enrolment system gets the data from there, unless your degree is from before 2006.
The universities get the data from the Ministry of Human resources who assigns and orders the examinees for enrolment based on their scores, their method of funding (state-grant or having to pay tuition) and available capacity the university has.
Then after the examinees have been ordered and assigned to a university (from a list of courses the examinee assembled), then the institution establishes contact with them and completes the enrolment procedure.
The only time the university saw my degree is when I handed them a photocopy and the original for double checking the actual results it contains.

I know for a fact that they didn't fuck up the percentages of the exam results, since I saw the corrected exam papers myself and they were the same.
Truth be told, I have no idea what type of error was in play, but honestly, it doesn't even matter, at least for me, since my papers were correct.

It just feels weird that I've narrowly avoided some sort of disaster while in complete ignorance of it looming above me. And I'll never fucking know what the potential problem was.
No. 45919
Had a dream about kysing myself against. Pussied out at the end and woke up as usual. Even in my own dreams I'm a bitch lol
No. 45922
Thanks to some journalists who understand the basics of information theory better than the chinese censorship aparatus we now know the location and size of almost all their concentration camps:


People talk about how the chinese have concentration camps for the Uyghurs (and others) similar to what the Nazis had for the Jews (and others) and it feels surreal and absurd that something considered the most gruesome chapter of recent human history is being repeated right now without significant consequences.

Look at all the things Germany does in the name of reparations, look at all the films produced in Hollywood and elsewhere about the crimes of the Nazis and look at all the political development that happened in Europe and the US after WW2.

Now show me one country today that actually upholds the agreed upon values and boycots trade with China because of their human rights violations.

None. Boycots and sanctions happen due to economic motivations or bullshit opinion-politics, but not because of moral or ethical values.

Couldn't we just openly admit that the humanist agenda is just busywork next to the economy as main protagonist? Can we stop all the tropes and copypastas about 'love', 'being free', 'knowing whats true in our hearts' etc that fill our movies, books and songs? Why carry around all that obligatory nonsense for 300 years if it isn't actualized when needed?

Sure, I'm avoiding chinese products for years and I occasionally point that out to people, but none of them have changed their behaviour. The absurdist in me is occasionally crippled with laughter when confronted with people who honestly believe that the west is the one in control of the "free market" just because it admits to being capitalist - in contrast to the "communist" China.

Sorry for textwalling, I should actually be studying for an exam and got sidetracked.
No. 45926
Business interests might rule, but not all people have solely business interests, that is why you got cultural products around it. One day their might be movies and such about this chapter. Besides, it's not the only genocide but maybe another modern one that really has an industrial and planned character to it.
So just because one interest seems to rule it does not mean that other interests or passions have gone lost.
No. 45928 Kontra
137 kB, 1170 × 1582
Ah yes, another article based on the claims of Adrian Zenz, the "Xinjiang expert" who speaks no Mandarin or Uyghur and is a Christian fundamentalist who claims to be on a "God given mission to destroy Communism".
The only reason this is a topic at all, is because the US wants to de-stabilize Western-China to cripple the shipping lines of the Belt and Road Initiative.

There's no Uyghur genocide taking place, it's just that Americans find it impossible that you can end terrorism through poverty-alleviation and vocational training to keep purposeless people from radicalizing. (Essentially showcasing the War on Terror to be the money-sink it actually is.)
They still have their Mosques, their schools, and were exempt from the one-child policy from the get-go.
No. 45929
Are you rusing here or have you legit choked down China's cock that far? Real question. Sarcasm don't come through text.
No. 45933 Kontra
The trouble is, I don't even know myself, and I've definitely started falling down some sort of slope during the past few months.
No. 45935
67 kB, 634 × 941
Fun fact but in the 50s Tibetans were so adamant in their opposition that it spooked even our spooks because they started requesting things like a nuclear weapon to smuggle into Beijing
Eh fuck it
I can't find it right now and I've already wasted enough time on looking for this but basically in the early 1950s and 1960s era of the USA once again arming and training our religious fanatic FreedomFightersTM against China some of them had even started requesting that the CIA equip them with atomic weaponry so they could somehow smuggle it into Beijing to destroy the Chinese.

Now just to make it clear I find the Han dominated PRC thoroughly loathsome. There is no love lost here and every time I see wildly inflated Chinese goods as Trump did something right for once and economically retaliated against those fucking people for ruining a peer to peer platform like ebay and crapflooding everyone's legitimate products off with cheap Chinese megacorp manufactured garbage, and I look and see their cheap garbage now costing hundreds of dollars and knowing they're being economcially ruined, it makes me smile.

So with all that being stated I have actually seen the Dalai Lama in person and I've never trusted thr guy but I couldn't figure out why. There was always something extraordinarily fake if not outright sinister about the guy and I happen to consider myself not a bad judge of character but it took me years to understand what I was seeing through him and why he was so offputting. While I do not trust the Chinese propaganda version of events I have little reason to believe that the Chinese probably didn't have a point in their destruction of the Lamas as some sort of extra shitty Buddhist version of rule by divine right medieval feudalism, and while many of their concerns were likewise valid (this is the Chinese afterall) I cannot but help to think that the fat Lamas exploiting the Tibetan serfs are eternally butthurted by the fact their shitty reign was forcefully at its end and I likewise have little reason to believe that in spite of the fact the forcible Sinocization of Uighurs is tyrannical bullshit that at the same time we really don't need yet another fucking group of Jihadists as if spreading them around even into Phillipines and Indonesia was not enough and that had this happened in Russia or America or Germany, France, or England we'd all be loudly cheering them on for brutally cracking down on yet another shitty fucking Shariah zone being established somewhere in fact a fuckton of ISIS fighters came out of Uighurstan.

So in short I hope that for all negative I have to say about the Han and their craptastic PRC rule that they do at least dissolve the extra shitty fanatical Shariah state that my government is yet again trying to set up there in an effort to destabilize Beijing because they literally don't care if the blowback results in thousands more dead Americans later when they inevitably take their training and weapons and unleash them on the West.
No. 45936
I really feel the need to note this and you, as a German, should both know the difference as well as indeed what it could lead to, and that is the fact that a KZ is not a death camp. All a konzentrationslager is is a massive prison camp for civilians basically. We already literally have concentration camps here in America for South and Central Americans and all the Zionists in this country can eat my fucking dick for their butthurt at it yeah they're concentration camps you're not special idgaf about your whining. A KZ may lead to the establishment of a death camp but a KZ is not in and of itself a death camp.

What is most likely the Chinese are doing is exactly the same program we and Canada did to the Native Americans, which was forcibly round up Indian kids and prohibit them to speak their own language and practice their own beliefs. Obviously because this is Turkic Muslims we are talking about the mere hint of that last part is equivalent to the holocaust so far as they care. Because China does not give one iota of a fuck about human rights they're responding without any restraint towards the radicalism and terrorism festering among the Uighurs so they've instead decided to just round everybody up, force a good number of them into labor camps, institute NSA/CIA/MI6 tier tracking and identification programs with complete biometric databases (that being the scariest part to me), and forcibly assimilating them into the Han Chinese superstate.

See the thing is, and this is the sad fact of history, most empires began with a forced assimilation program like this, and China is building an empire. Another terrible but fun fact is most empires began with slave labor. That includes the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks iirc, and yes even us Americans. America itself was built on the backs of slaves. I am not justifying it at all every slave state deserves to be abolished or destroyed, simply pointing out this does not make the truth of China unique and to better understand what they are probably actually doing.

The West itself doesn't give a fuck what happens to the Uighurs. It's just a really convenient talking point to hammer the Chinese on with one hand, while radicalizing and smuggling weapons to the same people with the other. Do I support the creation of yet another Taliban? Of course fucking no.
No. 45941
>I see wildly inflated Chinese goods as Trump did something right for once and economically retaliated against those fucking people for ruining a peer to peer platform like ebay and crapflooding everyone's legitimate products off with cheap Chinese megacorp manufactured garbage, and I look and see their cheap garbage now costing hundreds of dollars and knowing they're being economcially ruined, it makes me smile.
Do you believe the 'saving are jerbs' line or do you just hate the Chinese so much that you want the government to slash your purchasing power as a means of harming the PRC?
No. 45943
Just remember that it can always get worse, and there's no reason to believe that the Communist Party of China will be any less evil than the US government. The new order will only be better in terms of order and strategic stability (no randomly invading countries because of Israelboos and oil opportunists).

Would the CPC be willing to do this shit to the Uyghurs and other Muslims? Yes. These are literal Stalinists who think that the big mistake of the Soviet Union was rejecting Koba. Would the supposed policies against Uyghurs and other Muslims help to assimilate them in the long run, reducing any risk they pose to the safety and stability of China? Yes. Given that, why is it so hard to believe that this is happening? Even if all this shit about what's being done to Uyghurs is true, we would expect the worst US shills to propagandize it to all hell.

I'll link it if I can find it, but there's a great piece by a Russian expat living in China who went on a tourist trip to the big cities of Xinjiang. It's about the closest to an unbiased source I can think of that's been on the ground. As a legitimate tourist he didn't get to go to the areas where supposed concentration camps are. But the police state bullshit was jumped up to 11 all over the province, with cheesy propaganda everywhere, police booths on every block, and do-it-yourself riot shields and batons in every restaurant so that Chinese citizens could defend themselves against potential knife attackers.

There was also a disturbing lack of young men on the streets doing young man shit. An entire demographic completely absent.

It provided little direct evidence for the conventional story, but fit perfectly in line with it. And considering that there's motive, opportunity, and circumstantial evidence, I'm more likely to believe the worst claims about what's happening to the Uyghurs than not. It's 100% what I would do to solve the Islam problem if I were a Stalinist, and TBH it sounds remarkably like what you want to do with gypsies, so I don't know what's so unbelievable about it.
No. 45945 Kontra
Not him, but there is legitimate reason to want to recover national industry from China. Economic efficiency isn't everything, and I'd rather pay more for cheap shit than I would my country not be able to produce its own fucking medicine in the case of an embargo by China.

They literally did terk our jerbs and inderstry, and the Chinese are 100% all-in on nationalist state capitalism - as every intelligent large country has been in history. It's only morons and traitors who thought it was OK to completely disestablish our industrial base so that we could buy cheaper plastic barbies from Chengdu.
No. 45951 Kontra
The preparedness of a state for a national emergency is an important aspect of its role. There are rational reasons to want to maintain some degree of autonomy in regards to essential items, especially in the context of two great powers that are increasingly butting heads.

>It's only morons and traitors who thought it was OK to completely disestablish our industrial base so that we could buy cheaper plastic barbies from Chengdu.

In this point though, your vitriol towards orientals shows itself - more so with references to the traitors who betrayed glorious industry. Gains in purchasing power aren't limited to 'cheap barbies', as I'm sure you know. Trying to pump money into a rust belt via tariffs on imports, subsidies to key corporations and ultimately fucking over everyone, save for those lucky enough to score either a union gig at US Steel that costs your nation more than he gets in his paycheck or the class of people in administrative jobs in companies like GM - those sorts that know full well that no matter what happens, someone will bail them out. That someone is you!
I think the most notable example of this is really US Steel, they managed to be one of the companies that cost the American people fortunes, in footing the bill for what are in essence universal import taxes, while managing to save under 30.000 jerbs. Don't think this rotten system is something propped up to save America from those evil red Chinese, unless you also think the taxes on Canadian steel are also a threat that seeks to undermine glorious American industry. Ultimately you're being baited by populist politicians with a 'muh jerbs!' routine and having fortunes disappear in keeping these companies alive, fortunes that could very well allow for every American steel worker to be paid his wage and for everyone else to enjoy a better living standard.
No. 45961
171 kB, 1000 × 743
>nationalist state capitalism
Isn't that basically just Communism minus the whole worker solidarity PR? Anyway the problem with the Chinese lol "the" as if there's just one problem with China as they operate includes the fact it's still basically the shittier aspects of both a Socialist state and a Capitalist society. I haven't been there and don't speak Mandarin so can't personally tell although apparently they're all homeowners to the extent that you literally can't even get a wife without great property because their women actually somehow managed to find a way to be even worse than ours and Russia's when it comes to materialism. Hell I wouldn't even be as irritated by it if they were just on some idealistic revulutionary kick whose outline I can recognize as an American but instead it looks like a much uglier thing I recognize as an American which is unbridled greed and siphoning off wealth for a few ultra wealthy Chinese.

I think you partly misunderstand me.

CHEAP garbage. As in I have to look with a fine tooth comb to make sure the Chinese are not cheating me and cheap as in shoddy, not that it was super cheap before the tariffs. Moreover it is directly a form of economic warfare like everything else they're doing which is frankly similar to what I'd be doing were I in their position and if I was in charge of this country I'd punish the everloving shit out of them for it. It may not be as obvious to the random person because I've come to realize as certain aspects of human emotional relations mystify me so too do things like enlarging national spheres and waging covert indirect warfare or pandemics apparently mystify those people so whatever. Point being it is plainly obvious what they are doing. They see us as their rivals and an empire they wish to bury and I'm sure they likewise had little private care about us dying in droves from fentanyl analogues because they doubtless remember their own history. I do not even necessarily blame them for any of that. This does not mean we shouldn't retaliate against it and prop up our own industry again to make the kind of well made goods I haven't seen in ages and I massively fault our oligarchs and our system for that and it's proven to me that the worst rulers by fucking far are a merchant class.

But here is the most important particular that I think you missed ebay is a fucking peer to peer network for arranging sales between generally ordinary people trying to offload things secondhand. That was ghe explicit purpose and design of it, NOT as yet another avenue for chinese megacorps to simply bury everyone through sheer brute force. Have you ever tried finding a dremel on ebay in the last however many years? And they are such unscrupulous lying fucking rats about all it too. I have never encountered an honest Chinese businessman. Not even the ordinary scummy Anglo tier of deception, I mean just straight up lying about everything.
>but reviews
They'll switch up accounts so frequently the only way to track it is they'll routinely reuse the same price and stock photo and description again and again when the shoddiness gets exposed. That is why you'll see so many different sites that have a million copies of the same listing with none of them having reviews because it takes effort to find those buried 1 star reviews if they still left the listing up.

I've likely ranted about this before but if they were just fucking American conglomerates I wouldn't have such a problem but they are actively fucking the average small person both at the individual seller and buyer level and small businesses. If you think this is just about outsourcing you're wrong. They're systematically trashing the little guy here and that includes spamming negative reviews against some mom and pop outfit because their cheap defective garbage can't compete.

Am I willing to eat dirt for a little while if it makes the Chinese eat shit? YES

Besides which the real repercussion of what this actually is doing is making it cheaper to buy from American businesses. I might be willing to pay the extra ten dollars but not everyone is paying attention and winds up with crap shipped here from Chengdu. So instead of me buying a $60 unit with everyone having $50 crapfloods to blindly buy now those $50 units all cost $100 plus a month shipping. GOOD.

Buying all our masks and sending them back to China IN BULK during the pandemic for no other reason than to resell them at massive markups and price gouge other Chinese through their decidedly unsocialist hoarding then sending us back millions of defective masks and useless tests only ensured that I fucking hated the Chinese even more this year. Let them try and get more small businesses closed here by their crapfloods of defective trash at 300% tariffed markups. Tell them I'm glad that Trump is a better Socialist than they are. You just wait until they own litereally everything including your real estate and Steam.
No. 45962
(You're talking to more than one of us btw) US Steel is actually a case study of where Trump has failed and they ended up losing lots of jobs. Your key points are all valid and it is because the two empires are not butting heads so much as the shitheads ruling them both are, nevertheless every single thing has deteriorated in quality here I likewise hold those dirtbags accountable for it who are running our major companies. I am the person saying what's pissed me off about the Chinese is the way they are ultimately fucking over the little guys while doing very little to our own oligarchs, and that makes them at least as much if not more our enemies than our own oligarchs. The soaring cost of housing in Vancouver due to Chinese buying up property speaking of Canada is another dimension to this because like I said, Chinese women are even worse money grubbing gold diggers than Russians and Americans combined and what better property to own than to say you own some poor shitheads apartment complex in North America?

They've been trying to fuck us by adopting aspects of the free market so let us try to fuck them back by adopting aspects of Socialism and nationalism our key industries. We should outright ban the sale or transfer of certain asset classes and types of property to foreign nationals entirely and we should go back to making quality goods, the kind of goods that once made people green with envy with someone could say "yes, American made." This is not just about a few vital industries though but about how they've adopted an entire national strategy of predatory international Capitalism in a way that's completely fucking everyone except the largest American megacorps who themselves would rather see all domestic competitors and upstarts dying off.

The Chinese have in turn tarrifd our large agricultural concerns who are likewise now completely fed up with Trump over the trade war and to that I say, so what? Many of them are also massive concerns who've been raking in untold billions in subsidies anyway because it's not like the small farmer is selling his goods to China although we should protect those industries too just so we can maintain an edge in case of the next food crises around the globe and be the planet's bread basket, not that this will help the average person any at least not directly.

>having fortunes disappear in keeping these companies alive, fortunes that could very well allow for every American steel worker to be paid his wage and for everyone else to enjoy a better living standard.
Like I said and will do so again, the biggest problem is how it is fucking us over as regular people and that includes their cheap garbage. Who do you think is benefiting from this? Us? Fucking LOLNO. When Walmart sells us pajama pants that still cost $14 and we maybe save a few dollars but the pants absolutely disintegrate within a couple months and we have to go out and buy a new pair, who do you think is benefiting? Us? Hell fucking no. It just ensures that the people both overseas and at home are financially exploiting us as well as the underpaid Chinese workers. Would it be better if we could decapitate our leaders in both countries? Probably. But this is not an ideal world and forcing pieces of shit like Walmart to pay comoletely out the ass for shoddy Chinese goods and thus being forced to buy domestically made quality pants is a good thing and besides which they're still price gouging the everloving shit out of us with outrageous markups on those goods to begin with.

I understand exactly what you are trying to say but your logic is flawed. We're getting fucked out of both ends without those tariffs and I'd rather have to make a small sacrifice of even outright shortages right now or first world problem tier price hikes that are nothing like what my grandparents had to put up with so we can rebuild the country and get back on track.

The problem is our captain is a self interested malicious moron who I don't trust one whit to do anything but line his own pockets at our expense at every given opportunity and that included the toothless tariffs before while he was praising them and sucking their dick and I want more hardcore tariffs and protectionism.

I will admit though that I'm at a bit of a loss what to do about it now that we're even more deeply into debt and economically fucked like we haven't been in a century or the full scale or wisdom of tariffs impacting us thanks to the criminally negligent incompetence at handling the pandemic. But should we keep printing money in the short term for financing homegrown infrastructure and start creating actual wealth again rather than letting foreign and domesticate oligarchs parasitize what dwindling wealth we have left? Probably.
No. 45966
>In this point though, your vitriol towards orientals shows itself
A. Different Ernst.
B. I'm actually an Asian supremacist.

Saving one steel company doesn't do much, but when you add up all of the industries that packed up and moved overseas over the last few decades, it's a huge blow to our national self-sufficiency as well as our pool of decent jobs.

I don't think the gains in purchasing power outweigh the negatives.
No. 45971
>fortunes that could very well allow for every American steel worker to be paid his wage and for everyone else to enjoy a better living standard.
I feel there's an important point to make here.

The free-trade utilitarian is right that more value is created than lost, even in America. But when you lose an entire sector of well-paying jobs for common people, the reality is a distribution of wealth upwards from common people to the wealthy. Do you think executives and shareholders are going to give a dime to the poor bastards that get laid off?

The only way to socialize the fortunes made from downsizing and offshoring is to, well, socialize them. But as those trends continue, maintaining the old standard of living for the middle and working class would require massive levels of taxation and redistribution - this is exactly what Andrew Yang was trying to get at with his push for UBI. But the chances of that passing in this country are about the same as the chances of Andrew Yang becoming president.
No. 45974
>Isn't that basically just Communism minus the whole worker solidarity PR?

Can't be arsed to read the whole discussion as I just woke up and just wanted to take a quick glance before reading a book but:
national state capitalism in China afaik is party people having high ranking positions in private companies. It's really capitalism with government having a shadowy saying in what will be done more or less. At least I read that in an academic journal article from 2015 or so, it is German journal about the "Far East"
No. 46015
I find it pretty ironic that actually just about literally every single thing they always warned me about with the terrors of Socialism and poverty and lack of muh freedoms is what we're being given in overdrive via the current mode of Capitalism. Like, what the complete fuck? I mean, it's gotten to the point where they're literally trying to take our chairs and desks away from us at work and forcing us to stand as another cost cutting measure to maximize profits while they waste billions on stupid shit.

I actually once saw a guy talking about one of those typical "Capitalism is doomed anyday now increasingly nervous pinko says for the xth time" videos but this guy actually explained it really well about how basically the entire system is eventually going to doom itself to fail because it has to continually squeeze out more profits while paying people less but in order to do so requires people keep buying shit, and how tf exactly are you supposed to even run such a shit economy when the middle and lower classes cannot afford to buy anything anymore? And according to him the solution was credit.

I'm really not doing these explanations just but basically what he was saying was that the only way to forestall the model's collapse is by relying on greater and greater amounts of usury until you can barely even afford to keep making payments on the outstanding principle itself while being forced to take on more debt, and that in order to do so you'll eventually have to have it collapse from the other end to where nobody is actually even managing to buy or truly own anything anymore because you now have got to switch to an economy of everything-as-a-service towards the very bitter end before the entire economic model simply implodes in on itself in spectacular fashion after having to resorted to cannabilizing itself towards the bitter end with a totally unmanageable national and personal debt.

Honestly the whole description of it kind of reminded me of the whole burning out of stars and how while everything may appear in giant glowing brilliance at first that it's got a short supergiant superpower lifespan that's just going to be forced to resorting to fuse heavier and heavier elements until the cycle speeds itself up and self destructs in spectacular fashion right at the end.

The fact of the matter is the system is doomed because it cannot run on giving everybody fair wages all the time and having people doing things like actually making valuable goods that will last you long enough to pass down to the grandkids and I think that this entire planned obsolete throwaway landfilled culture will be regarding by future peoples as one of the most spectacularly fucking retarded blunders in the history of our species. It even makes running a caricuture of Aztec society built around a human sacrifice economy begin to look reasonable because at least you're not also trashing the entire planet for the survivors.
>but Tlopec this is the best system we have
>the human sacrifice economy creates jobs
>wealthiest empire in human history, Tlopec
>a few hundred thousand people is da brice of snake gods not eating the sun :-DDDD snek dog be with you Tlopec now give me your heart
No. 46019
286 kB, 1200 × 628
>Like I said and will do so again, the biggest problem is how it is fucking us over as regular people and that includes their cheap garbage. Who do you think is benefiting from this? Us? Fucking LOLNO. When Walmart sells us pajama pants that still cost $14 and we maybe save a few dollars but the pants absolutely disintegrate within a couple months and we have to go out and buy a new pair, who do you think is benefiting? Us? Hell fucking no.
If you limit the observable scope of the byproducts of international trade between the US and China to your increased frustrations in dealing with bottom of the barrel chink products on Walmart and how they ruined your ebay experience (which holy fug did you just want to rant about it?), you're justified in your defending your government's policies.
>Tell them I'm glad that Trump is a better Socialist than they are. You just wait until they own litereally everything including your real estate and Steam.
I've especially tried to make extra sense out of this sentence. What do you mean 'Socialist'? Do you think any of these policies are 'socialist? and am I supposed to shiver in fear of the Chinese owning substantial parts of our economy Which they already do :DD and STEAM?!? These aren't even the reasonable fears that should jump to one's eyes with China's ascendancy into economical powerhouse.
>I will admit though that I'm at a bit of a loss what to do about it now that we're even more deeply into debt and economically fucked like we haven't been in a century or the full scale or wisdom of tariffs impacting us thanks to the criminally negligent incompetence at handling the pandemic.
This problem goes far beyond the pandemic or Trump, the policies of subsidizing large swathes of American industry that would have otherwise died out or been greatly scaled back is a problem that reaches back greatly. Even thinking this is even a remarkable shift in US policy and not just increased efforts at propagandizing policies, taken to coddle a series of corrupt industries, is a mistake because this sort of thing has been going on for decades. In some cases, it even impacts markers that you'd think wouldn't be directly related to said policies, such as farm subsidies being a key factor in Americans consuming a lot more High-fructose corn syrup than their European counter parts. Then these interests groups that survive from a combination of subsidies and tariffs needing these policies in place and then lobbying for them in higher government, often justified to the degree that if the federal authorities choose to shut down these programs - entire communities will be kicked into poverty, joblessness and all the social ills that follow. As more money flows from the treasury (in the form of payments or lost income) to companies that have significant political and economical power, as more and more people become employed by protected industries and thus more communities rely on jobs that aren't economically viable - the problem of phasing out industries that simply aren't competitive becomes more and more of a leviathan.
>We're getting fucked out of both ends without those tariffs and I'd rather have to make a small sacrifice of even outright shortages right now or first world problem tier price hikes that are nothing like what my grandparents had to put up with so we can rebuild the country and get back on track.
If you really believe this is what's gonna rebuild your country and turn America to the good old days, then there's nothing I can say.

>But when you lose an entire sector of well-paying jobs for common people, the reality is a distribution of wealth upwards from common people to the wealthy. Do you think executives and shareholders are going to give a dime to the poor bastards that get laid off?
I have no problem with an universal basic income or at least some form of welfare and government spending in areas that had industries die out.
>But as those trends continue, maintaining the old standard of living for the middle and working class would require massive levels of taxation and redistribution
Absolutely and it should be noted that the amount of people that depend on industries that ultimately aren't economically viable is actually increased by things like the recent round of sanctions, as industries that run on ineffective models succeed in hiring more and more people. More and more people are given a form of wealth redistribution via this draconian system that has the government paying out billions of dollars ($30 billion in farm programs every year in a country with 3m farmers) and not even mentioning the increased prices that consumers then have to face.
In the end, Americans are faced with a crumbling infrastructure, a larger rust belt, crumbling healthcare and money that could have otherwise been spent on a sensible universal welfare system being 'distributed' off via tariffs, pork barrel bills and subsidies in the hopes that communities depending on these industries maintain a decent standard of living. Which really isn't working all that well :DD It's not like the ideal of a direct payment welfare system is revolutionary in American politics.
No. 46025
This is my last "free" night, tomorrow starts the semester and I'm a student again. A 30-something student, but student still. Fortunately everything is distance-learning now, but I dread meeting my coursemates when normal life continues.

Shovel seems to be a good app for scheduling, we did not have fancy apps like that back when I started college.
No. 46030
I would just like to say that I'm rather impressed by how tasty vegetarian fake meat stuff is. I just had a griller original burger with gouda on a ciabata roll and some habenero curry whatever, kurrywurst? German frankfurter sauce. and it was fantastic. Followed with chimichangas. I've been sampling a bunch of vegetarian fake meat stuff and it's mostly great. I don't know wtf that alleged chorizo sloppy joe in a plastic tube was supposed to be but otherwise I'm sated. Morningstar in particular makes convincingly good stuff. I want to try the impossible burger at some point.
No. 46033
Sisters friend stayed over for two days. I don't hate them, they're fine people, we even drank once, but it really shows that instead of just four, you have 9-10 people around the house.
I'm terribly out of touch with what people even 3-4 years younger than me like.

In retrospect I'm really glad my parents didn't get me a proper smartphone until I was around 15.
One thing that'll define the coming generation is their need for constant stimulation. I've observed that my sister always has earbuds in. Music is a must. And when they're together, they sing, but the TV is also on and they're talking about something.
They also drink a lot of energy drinks for some reason.

Whatever. I spent some of yesterday outside, reading. I decided to re-read the Daodejing for the 4th time, since I've had this fancy editions sitting on my shelf for a while.
The most interesting part is reading the commentary where it goes relatively deep into what the individual characters mean and what the major text-versions differ in.

The highlight of the day was when I discovered that we had fresh Kaisersemmel at home, so I immediately set out to make a second breakfast. A sandwich with salami, butter, some sweet pepper slices and an espresso.
Put them on a tray and took it outside.
Had a nice breakfast in the garden.

Today was more of the same. Woke up late, had breakfast and then apparently I had a 2 hour long monologue about something as I talked with one of my sister's friends.
I felt really tired.
Halfway done with the Daodejing now.

I'm trying to plan my schedule using the digital administrative system and I have no idea how I should do it.
This seems awfully complex and the issue is that all my older friends went to different universities (mainly in STEM).
On the first there will be an online consultation and I hope they'll clear up some things.

Yes, they have political commissars at companies above a certain size, so most of the economy is still planned by the central committee of the CPC in 5 year stages. (It's also the reason why billionaires who don't comply with the orders get their shares tanked before a black car pulls up before their mansions and are never seen again.)

Honestly, there's two types of politician in the US who's for re-industrialisation. One is the populist type you described who preaches it to get more votes.
There's also a small minority of people who're playing 6D chess and are afraid that if the trade war ramps up between the two parties, then the US would be unable to meet its own manufacturing needs when it comes to simple consumer products and high-tech electronics because not only is the infrastructure long gone, but there's also a lack of manpower to restart it because nobody is trained to do it at such a scale on such short notice. (It's essentially lost knowledge.)

But the clock is ticking for China too. They're beyond the point where they could reap the benefits of an endless workforce and their aims are to become an economy based on R&D and high-tech manufacturing before it's too late. (Essentially they're pushing very hard to escape the middle-income trap a lot of developing countries fall into.)
No. 46038
I typically have my headphones on 24/7 when I am home and not at work, unless I am running errands in 2020 solely because it's too much a bitch to decontaminate them now because theyre over the ear ones and I almost never have them on.

After realizing how much I'm doing this it's starting to make me feel like I'm looking like I have genuinely autistic traits if anyone knew nothing was ever playing through them.
No. 46047
1,3 MB, 750 × 1074
Found these fossil tabulate and horn corals on a beach in west Cape May, NJ, along the Delaware bay. What’s kind of odd is the sediments in that part of the Atlantic coastal plain were all deposited during the Cretaceous or earlier yet both of these orders are Paleozoic, having gone extinct at the Permian-Triassic boundary. I think it’s possible they were carried there by a glacier.
No. 46048 Kontra
773 kB, 750 × 859
Looks like the horn coral pic did not attach
No. 46062 Kontra
583 kB, 525 × 704
I postpone working on my thesis and I want an affair, over and out!
No. 46065
I studied 3 hours today with only 5 hours of sleep last night. But at least I stuck to the schedule!
No. 46066
701 kB, 3000 × 2688
That's really good! I slept about 4-5h and haven't done shit so far but postponing. I need a quick nap I think. I have a day off tomorrow but will meet up with a friend, also another day off on friday and then I quit the job. Did I mentioned I'm still looking for a room in the new town? It will all work out I hope, my thesis can be finished in 20 days, if I manage to work a few hours on it at least everyday. Doing that would mean finishing within two weeks I think, I really do less then 3h/day, most days I do rarely anything. But I read heaps the months before so I have a lot of knowledge that swirls around waiting to be superly connected, but I'm not a professional academic (yet), so the thesis seems a bit incoherent and unbalanced, it opens to many gateways and can't bring them together properly.
For my older papers I was more straight forward, sitting in the library for 3-5h at some days, some a bit less, but most days I did work on the papers for some hours at least.
No. 46067
Got an exam tomorrow, spent most of the day learning and have been studying for the past 2 weeks somewhat half-arsed. I don't feel prepared, but I'm also unable to care about that…
No. 46071
345 kB, 1574 × 886
>One thing that'll define the coming generation is their need for constant stimulation. I've observed that my sister always has earbuds in.
I suffer from this. I often have a TV on-with the volume too low to hear- some music playing, and then earbuds with a podcast going. God knows how my brain sorts all of this input, but the thing is, I've found that my best creative ideas come when two or more different thoughts collide. A lyric from a song may be heard while looking at a movie, and sometimes that sets my brain off on an interesting path. Not that my ideas matter for much, because I never do anything with them other than fill journal pages :D.

Very cool; I would have stepped by those fossils and never realized what they were. Now I know.
No. 46075 Kontra
It's really interesting how a day or a few days can turn everything into shit, nut it just took me a few hours to get down the barrel quite some inch today.
Can't get if off the chest, just have to type out that it's shit and that life likes to hit your face without warning and wakes you up.
No. 46078
I'm a bit of a nervous wreck because of the uni-start.
I think I managed to mark all the necessary classes in the diary-system. Or at least I hope so.
Apparently I only have to pick a minor at the end of the first year.

Tomorrow's orientation day and then 2-4th is freshman days, which I'll attend. Then On the 7th, classes start I think.
I'll also have to get a student ID made.
I fucking hate how most information is hidden behind a web of Facebook-posts. Turns out I missed the first freshman get-together.

Really, the stress is wearing me out. It gives me that unique sense of anxiety where I feel that I would've been better off if someone clubbed me to death three days ago. (But of course, I'd be offended if someone else said this or actually tried it.)
Probably this is why Dostoevsky resonates with me so much.

In actuality, I just want my urge to throw up go away. Same with the nauseous hunger-pains.

At least I finished the first part of the Daodejing today and had time to work out. Really, I missed being able to do pull-ups.
(I can't fucking work out if there are guests in the house, that'd make me look stupid.)
No. 46079
Good luck with the thesis, Ernst. Which field btw? I was a chronic procrastinator in my youth, all-nighters were my legitimate study method.

The 3 hours were 30% studying and 70% looking blankly at nothing, hoping for more efficiency tomorrow.
No. 46080

Well, the efficiency could be better, but I think when I sit down for 4-5h, I guess 2h are lost with small breaks and blank starring.

A Reminder: You will not be the only nervous person there, even when the first get together has passed.
No. 46081
Oh that's good if you manage to write/research 3 hours out of 5, isn't it? For a STEM student the problem sets are either a breeze or they take DAYS. And, worst case, after a week you are forced to overcome your social phobia and ask the course assistant for help: very humbling and painful experience.
No. 46082
You have a diary habit iirc, but remember to take pics too. The freshman weeks are over fast with barely any memories due to the overwhelming quality of it all.
No. 46083
Let's say 2.5, it mostly consists of reading and taking notes that then are prepared as full text. But I was hasty and lazy while note taking and that takes a revenge on me now and makes work tiring. I like the topic, I think my ideas are valid but making a good text out of it seems a task to big for me, I strive for mre than I'm able to do I think and it's a bit shattering to realize I can't meet my goals.

I think STEMS really have to get a lot of stuff in their head very precisely, formulas, certain models, laws, and other methods to do the work, when and what. In the humanities you have handbooks as well e.g. but these give an overview and don't help so much in detailed work, they just give orientation. There are few handy formulas but lot of text, you can destilled key points from that and it makes operating easier, it's quite a mess.
No. 46084
I can't do this shit because it'll distract me too much. I even deliberately moved my computer to the opposite side of the room from my fish tanks because I couldn't figure out why I never was able to start playing any games until midnight shortly before bed until I figured out that it was because I turned the fish tank lights off around that time and having a fish swimming even just barely out of the corner of my eye was enough to totally ruin any gaming experience. I hadn't realized that before I had my fish tank behind me just enough in the old place that I couldn't actually see them and the tank was also low enough then that I didn't have fluorescent glare. I love white noise though. I have shit like air conditioning, dehumidifiers, the stony brook sound of water constantly to the point it drowns out my PC fans but good god I cannot handle or deal with any kind of an intelligible voice or visual distraction. But then again I still remember when getting a 56k modem as a teenager was a pretty big deal sooo
No. 46090
In my epxerience the major difference between STEM and the humanities is the elitism. So many cources in STEM are geared towards "being the best at all costs" with no acceptance of people who aren't invested 100% in the field and are willing to do literally 70 hour weeks to get through the exams.

And a lot of STEM students and profs are looking down upon faculties like the humanities because of "how easy" they are because "we could do that in half the time" and "we work harder".

Source: I'm in STEM and I've grown oh-so-tired of the competitive mentality. I've had many situation where people would confuse my attitude towards "being the best" with me just not being smart enough. Luckily I'm in the position to shut them up because I actually do trump most other students when it comes to skill, but that is honestly just luck and not a justification.
No. 46091
Woke up very early this morning. Feels weird that after God knows how many years in lower education I don't have to go to school on the first of September. (Schools are open though.)
I'm excited.
Wonder what this orientation will be like. Gonna attend two online ones, one for my major, and one for my potential minor, which will most likely be Hungarian as a Foreign Language.

That doesn't help. I'm anxious by nature.
No. 46092
Humanities don't have much of competition between students. There are few exams but more written papers and some presentations.
In the Humanities you can get through with less hours invested I think, but delivering good work takes time, especially because you have to read much and I guess the biggest problem for me is the eloquent and precise and high information density in texts from people who are in this field for 10years+. I know there is training in how to write but this really is a skill that needs time I think.
I once met a biology student (the lowest STEM afaik :DD) who said humanities are useless and Laberfach, I was a bit offended but also just sad about such a statement.
I don't see STEM as useless, but it just does not cover the social and it does not have much to do with the concept of history that humans come up with and deal with for hundreds of years and even more, so what it is and what it does with us cannot be explained via STEM. Not everything can be reduced to it even though economists and such tried to model the social into formulas and use(d) mathematics for it, the world hasen't gotten a better place, the understanding isn't there and the model is a model for adaption and not a representation of reality.

>Hungarian as a Foreign Language.

Afaik these are for people who want to teach the Hungarian language to foreigners. Does not sound the like the most promising field tbh. I would contemplate if you can take another language like German/ Germanistik or just plain literature classes or history
No. 46093
443 kB, 894 × 1280
I began writing a journal to keep track of my mood, time spent in key activities that I want to devote my spare time to (Exercising, Russian learning, studying the USSR) and to grade myself on work efforts.
I find that my view on myself and how well I'm doing in life greatly varies depending on my mood, so I'm hoping that by writing it down I'll have some concrete 'data' on my life. Plus, it might shame me into devoting more hours into my topics of choice.
No. 46094
Aye, to me the divide between humanities and STEM is a rediculous notion that needs to be reduced a lot. Both can benefit significantly from each other, but only if there is some form of communication and not just prejudice.

Luckily, it was possible for me to take classes in psychology and art-history and add the points to my BSc in CS. I took a class in historical masterpieces of art, focussing on Caravaggio for example, that opened entirely new perspectives for me and has proven valuable years after completing that class.
Also, introductory courses in cognitive psychology has sparked a personal interested of mine in psychology that eventually lead to bridging psychology to CS/AI via neurology and I've taken courses in medical CS because of that interest. Which, again, lead to me learning about the physics of MRT and CT devices.

If I had studied pure CS I'd be so much poorer in knowledge alround and the extra knowledge of different fields has improved my programming skills in unexpected ways... which is very hard to explain to non-programmers sadly. The other direction should work similarly, in that a writer of fiction can greatly benefit from understanding mathematical principles and technological developments in detail rather than just from their historical implications observed at distance.
No. 46095
64 kB, 590 × 787
I agree, I mean there is a history to the bridging of STEM and humanities, the notion of the two cultures (I think it was GB) and also a forerunner of interdisciplinarity also in the context of cybernetics.
I wish I could learn mathematics and enigneering or programming in order to understand it better, because I'm deeply interested in the relationship of humans and technology. But I will be one that can only focus on social and cultural implications, maybe with time I get a better understanding of it, but it will always be second hand. I don't see myself learning STEM any time soon and I always was bad in it at school, sadly. Today I want to be skilled in everything but that is impossible anyway.
No. 46097
I know, but I heard it's sort of in-demand and it could be very powerful if paired with my Chinese-degree.
Though now that I'm through with the first part of the orientation, I'm not so sure, because I have two options.
One is picking a minor and the other is picking a specialisation for my Bachelor's, and having a "Chinese Interpreter and Translator" qualification sounds more enticing.
(Though they said it's hard to get into the program, especially if you are starting from zero. But thankfully they only look at the grades you get for Modern Chinese and nothing is impossible if you work hard enough.)

Anyway, I added Greek to my schedule and I'll attend the minor orientation for the Hungarian one.
All things considered, I'm shooting for the translator specialisation, then the Hungarian one, and if all else fails, I'll take Greek. (And even then, I'd have taken it anyway, because I need 10 free credits to graduate, so it wouldn't be in vain.)

Everything feels a lot clearer now.
No. 46099
Yeah, I would definitely advice you to go for things that point to the field of translation. Chances are you will have to do a master programm anyway, since a humanities bachelor is not much, at least in Germany, I know people can land jobs with it but still.
Yet, speaking two languages like Chinese and German might get you translation jobs for that as well, but dunno, I guess there are many Germans or Chinese that speak German and Chinese so well they can translate.

I'm surprised that Hungarian as foreign language is in demand tbh :D It is only spoken in Hungary, isn't it?
No. 46114
Every class has been booked and now I'm just praying that someone with a higher point won't book the same Chinese course because then I'd have to pick another one where it would clash with other lectures since I'm the last one in line.
I don't want to think about it.

Well, it's just that you need really good grades for that specialisation (AND the sympathy of the lecturers).
I'd like to say that I'm good at garnering sympathy for myself, but I'm always anxious about the amassing the necessary knowledge part to the point where I overwork myself needlessly.
No. 46115
In case, you could ask the lecturerer of that course via email, if you can still participate since you really want to do that course and alternatives clash with your schedule. Since you are enrolled for that major it might work, we limited participants as well here sometimes. I tried french once and people came in who haven't gotten the legitimation but usually some people leave a course after 1-4 weeks and never come back, I think hungarian universities will work quite the same way as German universities do on that regard.

>I'm good at garnering sympathy for myself

If you participate in class with verbal takes and maybe even ask the lecturerer after the course because you have question you will be known to them, it does not happen that often, I attended many seminars where the majority is rather silent (BA) and lecturer like to talk about academia and the topics they are deep into. It does not happen that often one lecturer told me after I wrote to him a question and also added if it would be ok to ask such questions and he was glad about it, since yeah it does not happen often.

The knowledge lack is known to me, but you are a bachelor student, if you put in some time and understand what you are doing and how humanities work: the theories and people who developed it, the methods and their relation, you are able to spot them. Being good in academia entails knowing the meta stuff and not just the "content" of the seminar, e.g. medival food culture, you just need to find out how academia talks about that topic (which methods and theories, which references in the end, are made) and not just that German peasants ate salted herring while it was delicacy in Italy and represented also x which as consequenced for y. You should know this too, but that can be read, but you must also know how thsi stuff is found out and why it is done like that any introduction to a book or article will point these things out, it's made for orientation
No. 46116 Kontra
also don't stress on it, it took me at least two semester after I got a feel for this workings and I found it out on my own more or less.
No. 46117 Kontra
7 kB, 183 × 275
I tried to create a Tinder account with a fake phone numbers, but there arrives no code in any of those.
Fucking data hungry low key security proofed tech, I don't want to give away my number just to see how the service and platform is like.
No. 46118
I think the Chinese are just registering dozens of fake companies here at this point and fraudulently claiming it ships from US to evade the tariffs. The problem is it's like whack a mole and I have seen this same behavior across a bunch of different unrelated sites for a wide variety of different products everything from seeds to bb guns to tools to electronics. That's why you'll see the same thing with same price and exact same stock image with no reviews. I'm kind of assuming they also simply close down those listings and phoney companies the minute they start getting bad reviews.

Meanwhile I am trying to navigate life anonymously in this age and it is hideous. You literally have to give them not just your real street address and phone number but also your fucking social security number for reloadable prepaid debit cards which is horrendous because they can't even be used for purchases outside the US and that obviously includes GOG so what is the fucking point? So while I can spoof the others I can't do it with an SS number or other ID that probably would be some kind of easily caught fraud. But not with one time gift cards! Or so it's alleged in the fine print.

So now I've got my prepaid gift card that I forked over six bux for and can't pull the money off it or reload it and I've now got my burner phone too, both of which combined with a fake email I'm hoping to essentially use like privilege escalation to carve out an entire small ecosystem of bugmenot.

The hilarious thing is this probably looks wildly suspicious to these servants of the antichrist but literally all I'm trying to do is order some new shoes and maybe buy shit off of Amazon or set up legit looking emails so I can do things like watch youtube without giving them my home number. This is especially true of the fact that the places I want to get my shoes literally supply the feds, popo, government agents and other aforementioned servants of the dark one and so naturally I don't want to give them my fucking shoe size and telephone number on top of the email address, physical home address, and personal financial info. Like seriously I need new shoes why is this so fucking hard.
No. 46121
6 kB, 219 × 271
>Have this urge to throw up for two days
>Sometimes gag
>No idea what to do
>Mum bakes a pizza and says that if I want to drink cola then there's one hidden in the cupboard
>Cola takes away the urge to throw up
Dog bless Ameriga :DD
And Goga-gola :-DDDD

Also just found out that you had to register for the Freshman-events because of the 'rona and all the openings have been booked 1-2 weeks ago. God, I fucking love that everything his hidden behind different retarded tabs on Facebook. May God strike down Zuckerberg for this insolence!
I'm fucking done.

>If you participate in class with verbal takes and maybe even ask the lecturerer after the course because you have question you will be known to them
That was the battle plan for high school and it worked rather well in my experience.
The fact that I have a weird name also helps. (I think my life would have turned out rather differently if I were to bear a name like Kovács or Nagy)
But it only works if you have a good work ethic so that your persona of an interested and hard-working student is backed up by facts.

I have a lot of seminars and only three classes where attendance is mandatory, but I'll try attending all of them, since none of my classes clash with one another.
I was surprised that Introduction to Literary Theory is a second semester subject and not a first semester one.
No. 46122
If you really are interested, you usally are invested as well. I mean I'm interested in many things including the ones I dug deeper. As I said, when you do your verbal takes and chat with these people, they will remember you. There are lecturers I wrote papers for and some were I just did my verbal takes because I was interested in the topic but no paper needed only small credit tasks. And I still greet them after a few semesters when we met, they know me and this is not a concidence, maybe I radiate a certain (academically fueled) energy or whatever. Just an example, I write my thesis under the guide (lel we met up once, I will have some questions for him though the next weeks) of a lecturer for whom I once wrote a paper with the second best grade that one can get here. We talked for 2 hours and definitely not just about the thesis, back then with the paper it was an hour or so. It's just that it's academic shitchat a lot, also a bit showing off of what you know, what you have read etc.

Attend the classes, I rarely missed one even though there is no attendance rule here. I mean some are quite boring because of the lecturer rendering it so, and the more semesters I studied the more I skipped classes that weren't that important or when I had my credits I quit it. But seminars with discussions are the best and shouldn't be missed, also you can ask questions, even though I rarely did it, it is a cool option tbh. Never underestimate the power of questions to clear up things in the humanities and in general.
No. 46125
Just did some arithmetic and discovered that I'd only have to fulfill one or two commissions a day to make more than the national average. That's like a few hours of work.
I'm retarded, should have taken freelance more seriously rather than trying to find a shitty office job.

Feels good to have mental clarity like this. I should visit my relatives more often, it's good for my psyche
No. 46126
I went to one of the best universities in the country, and all I had to do to impress my professors was show up to office hours once and ask one or two intelligent questions about the field. Bonus points if you ask about their work, and for recommendations on more advanced reading (especially if you come back later having read it).

That alone got me a glowing recommendation to attend my field's biannual month-long conference extravaganza, all expenses paid. Pretty much every linguistics figure of note in the country was there, and a lot of them were teaching classes where you could attend alongside grad students (and even some professors). Noam Chomsky was even there to give the keynote address.

And I got to experience all of that because I came to one professor's office hours like, 2-3 times, and asked a few intelligent questions. Most people are stupid, even college students at elite universities, and there is a very low bar to impress your professors. Basically all you need to do is show that you're smart and engaged with the material, and you'll become one of their stars.
No. 46147
396 kB, 429 × 520
>Wake up
>Moved one place forward in the ranking for the class
>Go to the store
>Come back half an hour later
>Class-size was increased from 20 to 26
Through wuwei, everything is possible.

I was finally able to concentrate on things, so I played some video games while periodically checking the digital diary.
Also took my time and read these small 1-2 page instructions for the classes they had, which not only tell what the class will be about, but also lists the required reading for each one.

Philosophy class will be 500 pages worth of excerpts from Plato and Aristotle.
For the Chinese stuff, there was a surprising amount of new books, while some I heard about and a lot of them I already own. (Though some I don't own because they're out of print and rather expensive to get used because of the small printing.)

I might not get into Greek class sadly.
Though I think if I don't get the Chinese-specialisation then I'll go for a minor in Culture Studies, because that has choosable module that pertains to translation, which includes practice classes and such. (And it has no entry-requirements, but I marked a lecture to see what the backbone of the class is about. It has Adorno and such as mandatory reading.)

Finally I know what textbook we'll be using. They told us through e-mail to print out a copy ourselves.

That's nice to hear, though I'm not exactly sure what will happen.
I heard from people that emotionally the whole thing is much more Spartan than any other level of education is, so I'm interested in seeing how far the tried and tested tactics will take me.
No. 46157
>but also lists the required reading for each one.

I think you will have gotten it right, but at my uni, the course description usually has a reading list containing books, that just suit the topic and is oftentimes quite long. The mandatory reading is per week and for print/pdf mostly (20-40p really is the number for every course I had) and not listed in the description but is distribute within an extra digital space (but that is different from uni to uni I guess). So if these lists contain only books it might not be the mandatory reading but only a list as overview for the topic to dive into.

>textbook for print out

I guess this might apply for your uni too: use the uni printers, they are way more faster commercial machines and usually very much cheaper than doing it at home, just in case you thought about it.

>the whole thing is much more Spartan

The other German talked about competitiveness in STEM, in humanities you might have just other people in class that think they are more clever than you. Otherwise you just read way more and write way more than in school. Having 6 courses or so a week makes about ~120-180p of reading/week e.g. if it is philsophy, history, literature or sociology, can't say what you do in linguistics.
If it is too much at one point, you skip those texts that are not important because you don't need to do an exam/paper in that course e.g.
Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you will do fine in the courses, I was the complete opposite in school to you, when I started back then for the first time, I encountered people that I'm pretty sure were like you in school and who did well whereas I had to leace uni for 3 years :DDDD At least I came back stronger than ever.
No. 46168
Take this with a grain of salt, as you should any attempt of foresight, but I would shy away from a career in translation. I've had glimpses into the next generation of machine translation and it's not looking good for human translators regardless of language. The results of recent publications in natural language processing due to GANs are mind boggling. Not just translation of sentences from one language to another, but actual creation of entire essays or summaries of texts with natural language as input and output in a variety of different languages is now possible. I would assume that within the next year we will see successful translation of entire books by artificial neural networks. It will take decades for this research to be used in the publishing industry, sure, but the moment it's shown possible will be here soon and it will be irreversible.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that "machines can't translate the emotion of good authors properly" or something along those lines.

I strongly suggest to go in a more general direction of cultural studies that will allow you to shift your focus within the field.

I'm writing this because I've seen time and time again that people outside of the tech sector get surprised by the developments of the past decade.
No. 46170
59 kB, 975 × 720
Only an hour left from rank-based course-subscription and the only thing I have to re-book is the History of Philosophy one because I'm 152th in the ranking and only the first 150 get accepted.
Sadly the only other option is a lecturer who has political references in his course description and expects you to write commentaries to his lectures.
It probably won't be that bad.
(And it's not like it fucking matters because I should be studying eastern authors, it's just that that lecturer is unavailable this year for some fucking reason, so I have to read the five books and four classics alone at home if I want to have a solid philosophical foundation.)
I guess I'll just wait and see if they increase the number of openings by 5-10 spots. If not then I'll just take the other course, which has fucking 770 spots for some fucking reason.

I have no appetite at all, and I had a nightmare during my little siesta.
Getting those two boxes of peach juice was a really good idea in hindsight.
My left palm hurts like hell for some reason.

>Guy in groupchat saying he's HSK6
If he isn't an adjunct or a helper, but a first year, then the world just became a lot more unfriendly.

We'll see. I'm frantic and all that but it'll probably be a lot less exciting once things are actually in motion.
It's still a week until classes actually start.
Uni being more spartan is what I heard from my teachers as I went through the grades right until now.

I'll be mostly devoting myself to language learning. Apparently it'll only take one semester to go through the first book of the New Practical Chinese Reader.

>might not be mandatory
The courses for Chinese history and Chinese art actually list entire books that are to be read. Philosophy class only has 30-40 page excerpts from larger works but recommend you read them all (the larger works themselves I mean).
No. 46173
70 kB, 302 × 470
440 kB, 1280 × 850
I guess it's too complicated but how does AI know how to decide the nuances that are to be conveyed in literature e.g?


My world feels like it is collapsing, maybe because I'm also moving soon, how will it continue? If I find a room at all. I don't know anymore, I don't feel like living with people atm. Maybe one can read it, or I'm just the Eigenbrötler that I am really and it's obvious from my writings, not that I'm not able to be social but... don't even want to type further, the void is definitely there again, falling a bit.
No. 46175
>Guy in groupchat saying he's HSK6
HSK6 is 2k words/characters, and Chinese grammar is braindead simple. If he spent all of high school studying Chinese like others do German/English, it's perfectly reasonable.
No. 46176
But you forget that every new technology that supersedes an art form (or any case of an art form dying) creates a new artistic counter-reaction.
When ML translation becomes conventionally good, you will see a movement in translation that aims to be unconventionally good. Probably a lot of post-modern-esque free flowing though dumps that aim to capture something about the original that isn't literally there.

But such movements arise some decades after the previous art form being obsolete, so probably not a viable career path anyway. If you give 20 years for ML to obsolete translation, and another 20 years for a new movement to arise, 40 years is a long time to wait :-DDD
No. 46179
458 kB, 1280 × 960
Indolence kills the mind and I've been indolent for too long. While I feel that there are entire years I've wasted on nothing of consequence, I can't help but think it was all part of a formative experience and these years can be justified retroactively. I've been doing my utmost at justifying my existence to myself, now I set goals and I achieve them. There's something very rewarding about ticking off orders you placed on yourself.
For better or for worse, I am my own taskmaster. I now fully realize that fulfillment can only come from within and there are countless forces around oneself that seek to sap you of your will but they only have as much power as you let them. Getting rid of luxuries out of your own volition is the best way to gain freedom from the world around you. There is still so much to do, entire mountains of tasks and garbage I can check out of my life, however this is also greatly liberating. If I had only a spec of things to complete, I would have no reason to exist.
No. 46181
>I've been indolent for too long. While I feel that there are entire years I've wasted on nothing of consequence, I can't help but think it was all part of a formative experience and these years can be justified retroactively.

Know that feel and yes being indolent always was a burden on my mind and still is, but has been worse.

>tasks, goals

Makes me thing of the enterpreneurial self as subject form. Meaning: Thinking in projects, self governance and solving tasks by setting goals and inspecting the steps to solve it and then work on it. It's efficient but has its downsides, e.g. never ending number of projects, many (self) projects at the same time etc. also life dissolves into working somehow (including regenerating energy)
Anyway, did not want to make you down but make you aware of it as I spot it with you in a sense imo. I cater to it as well.
No. 46183
239 kB, 1156 × 1600
How can alcohol be bad if it makes sad songs abut lovin' so much better sounding than sober? By making me enjoy music more, the greatest of human art forms, alcohol literally makes me more human.

On another note, I am grateful that 90% of my shitposts on abstract topics have been wiped off the face of the earth by the volatile nature of imageboards where messages get deleted with certain regularity. Imagine if I was some philosopher in the 19th century whose shitposts got immortalized for all time through letters and publishings. It's interesting how many incredibly smart men fell prey to various biases and cruel ideas, that they later renounced in their later years. That's why I'm a proponent of compassion and second chances. Just like i do not believe in the notion of a holistic "self" in general, due to the fractured nature of the human condition, I do not believe in a strong continuity between a person and the same person at different points in time. We're all volatile beings, morphing and metamorphosing moment to moment, never quite holding on to the common thread of a unified being. And even though it sounds depressing that we die and are reborn every second, never to be anything but an ongoing process, I think the message of such statement is more hopeful than it is sad. It's not too late for any of us, whatever the issue may be. There is redemption through change.

It is probably the #1 reason I like imageboards compared to traditional message boards. They implicitly acknowledge the volatility of man, leaving room for growth and personal change by not tying our in-the-moment thoughts to our identities. I would be a much worse person today if I felt pressured to ossify my thoughts due to them being bound to an "identity" of some kind.
No. 46186 Kontra
>my thoughts due to them being bound to an "identity" of some kind.

Yeah, the anonymity makes it more abstract, like voices without bodies and faces, no markers of recognition of identity in that sense, ofc your flag and writing will attach some sort of identity to you (ah that voice).
I really like this alien processes thing, but it does not help with constructivist point of view, people play the game while we participate a bit like engineers that can't do much to the base material.

I can't put my finger on it, but the self as foreigner or other. Wildly putting it together... but is that one side of the subject-object problem? I, the subject, treat me as object so that I force the gap and distance and this making me a foreigner, an other?

kontra because I write too much these days
No. 46192
While I think that he has a point really it's more like dissecting a butterfly and saying see aha nothing but dead mechanical parts. It is reductivist and refuses to see the greater holistic whole as a system that becomes more than its own parts. Of course this would be made by a rather fragmented modern society where all your roles are separated and compartmentalized. I distinctively remember having 4 identities in HS due to various things I was doing none of which were socially or otherwise tied to each other and how uncomfortable, alien, and artificial it made me feel. I'd say that by and large humans living in a tribe are whole beings, and the weird cyberpunkish dystopia in which we are living is unnatural. It is like electrons being excited out of their shell; it doesn't make it the natural state of that atom.

I would say though that the internet or rather the old school internet has always roped in a particular type, and that those of us who practically grew up here tended not to be the sorts who would value those sorts of things very much to begin with, and that is why so many of us are endlessly frustrated by NTs polluting our airspace with their seemingly pointless social relational drivel. They are of a different typology and are never going to be any more like us than us to them so I just tend to avoid anywhere that broods the formation of social cliques entirely which is by and large the signifier for identity to begin with alongside your roles and particular capacities via personal agency like if you were "an artist" or whatever, namely, identity being premised largely on who you've known and what you've done.
No. 46194
I think he's actually getting at the Buddhist concept of non-self (or the same concept reached through a different route).

Although based on his other posts, I think Kazakh's views are closer to Advaita monism, which is that in a meaningful sense all consciousness is a manifestation of the same universal consciousness, which is the only true "self" that there is. So you at point A and point B would still be the same being, but at the deepest level only in the same sense that you and I and the president of Turkmenistan are the same being.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, Kazakh.
No. 46195
>How can alcohol be bad if it makes sad songs abut lovin' so much better sounding than sober? By making me enjoy music more, the greatest of human art forms, alcohol literally makes me more human.
For me, it removes the constant background-level anxiety that defines my life. I never feel more clear-headed about life than when I'm mildly buzzed.

But a blanket ban on alcohol probably produces more good for society than ill, even if alcohol can be good for some people. Humans are instinctively expert rules-lawyers, so all commandments have to be shorn of nuance in order to be of any worth. However, a deeper level of the law exists for the enlightened*.

*Note: claims to enlightenment may be ascended rule-lawyering
No. 46214
I was thinking of systemic processes and not a mechanistic worldview. The self becomes processual, whereas NT think there is some kind of core and true self but it is just variable processes, certain functions and such.

Which also can point to >>46194 and the monism, somehow, I can't explain it though, as I'm missing the actual link.
One substance (monsim) that can diverge and form nearly infinite modalities (flowers, rocks, humans and their different states, normal life of human bean is just an ongoing casacade of states following one another). Perhaps it is the states, what makes me think of systemics in the first place. Maybe there is a link maybe there is not and I'm just seeing patterns.
No. 46218
545 kB, 1356 × 1017
Its +35C again
No. 46226
I think the german ernst basically got it right.
In that I see reality as a grand combinatorics process, where individual entities are comprised of immutable, abstract, metaphysical building blocks. I want to call them "ideas", or "concepts", but that doesn't quite convey the meaning. They're more like axioms and constants of reality. First causes. Divine sparks, whatever.

And even if a particular arrangement of those building blocks is unique, there is no unique, inherent "core" to anything that is built in such a way. There is no corresponding metaphysical "concept" for each and every living individual, rather individuals are a combination of such concepts. Individuality is an ape-brain illusion. Our soul is an eidolon which rests in a chaotic information network like an eddy in a stream

Now the more practical benefit of having such a framework of personhood is that it prevents me from being judgmental, writing off people because of their flaws and becoming blind to their virtues. It allows me to appreciate the good parts of a person separately from their flaws, by deconstructing them into arrangements of properties. Again, dehumanizing for some, optimistic for me.
gotta learn to forgive man, turn the other cheek and shit.
No. 46227
For me, the main benefit is that it slows down my ADHD spastic brain and lets me pace myself better. Dampening your own thoughts is good when your main problem is that your brain is constantly in hyperdrive mode, and you move on to a new thought/idea before you can properly act upon or digest the previous one.

The downside is that it makes me dumber, but honestly I'd gladly trade 20 IQ points to no longer be an ADHD retard. I'd trade another 20 for a non-dysfunctional family. Intelligence is overrated, it just gives you more brainpower to worry about stuff harder than normal people do.
No. 46229
159 kB, 769 × 1024
I finished the last chapter of my thesis, now I can either write and introduction and an ending, or I streamline the main text first and then write the other two. Also if I don't streamline much I might exceed the limit of characters if counting foot notes in.
No. 46230 Kontra
Also I listend to depressive music the last two or three days and YT recommends me a rare interview of Marylin Monroe where she voiced that she is depressed.
No. 46231
1,5 MB, 397 × 307, 0:01
3,2 MB, 4032 × 3024
3,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
>Ranking-based class admittance is closed
>First-come-first-serve class admittance started at 8 in the morning
>Log on at 8:01
>Check if the philosophy class I want had the quota extended
>It did
>Rebook it as 151th
>I'm now guaranteed to be in the class
Today was a very good day.

Went to a print shop to get my textbooks printed, and it was relatively simple. They didn't bat an eye that I was printing copyrighted material essentially.
I don't go to that part of the city usually. It was near Kálmán Széll Square, a large piazza most people still call Moszkva Square. It was called Kálmán Széll Square before the second world war but it was renamed to Moscow Square after the war. Funny thing is, it wasn't renamed in the 1990s, but in 2011.
Sometimes people jokingly say that it must be a pretty awkward topic whenever there's an Orbán-Putin meeting, the joke usually closes with the line Hey, Viktor, who the fuck is Kálmán Széll?, said in a stereotypical Russian accent.

Took a few photos of the square and a building overlooking it. It's called the Posta Palota, or Post Palace, which was the first office building in the city, and also the old headquarters for the state postal service. It's currently being renovated.

On the way home I bought a frozen pizza and two boxes of peach juice. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up two books and get a better reusable mask than the one they handed out at the enrolment. And hopefully I can also get a burger to eat.

The only bad thing that happened today is that while I was laying in bed I fell asleep again on accident.
No. 46240
A few days ago I blocked reddit and youtube in the DNS resolver I'm using in my LAN (unbound, if anyone cares) due to a request by a flat mate wanting some external limit on procrastrination.
The reddit block did not affect me, but putting youtube on the blacklist does. It's still a weird moment when I see the 'server unreacheable' in the browser, but it honestly did help me as well. After about 3 days a certain feeling of independence started to emerge and I am now stopping myself from typing a yt search even before I see the error page.

Can honestly recommend doing this; it's somehow good for my brain in more than the obvious, expected way.

I have nothing to add, just want to note that I can connect with what you wrote and that I understand your point.
No. 46265
Caffeine is my go to stint nowadays. It's a clean high, often keeping my agitated heart working double time, pumping the sedentary misery I live, faster throughout my collapsing thoughts.
An acquaintance of mine asked me to busk, as we've normally done during the past few weeks, to practice and get better on our respective instruments. Sure I've hit a bit of a wall playing my harmonica, disavowing song learning, seeing as my creativity may suffice and fill in any gaps I'm reluctantly stunting. Any so we were sitting in an abandoned businesses small cubbyhole, when a drunkard from another night came over. The prick last time tried to grab my acquaintance's guitar out of my hands while I was playing. I swiftly told the cunt to ask politely next time. There was no luck. It entered one ear, and quickly left the other, if it at all had received entry into his ear canal. This time he came up, telling me to hand over the guitar whenever he demands it and that he's always right. Hey no problem, I'm an easy guy, and not wanting a fight with a drunkard who can likely knock me out, so I just assumed the position of a lesser and replied yes, he's right, that I'll respect him. Upon hearing my quick defeat, he got irritated, telling me he can school at me at the harmonica any day of the week, since, in his words, he's been around longer. I prodded him, demanding he get his harmonica and show me how it's done. Nah, he's feeling tired, he'll show me tomorrow. I won't share my harmonica since many of these alcohols pick up cigarettes off the ground and while I've done the greasy act a few times, I refuse to accost any germs or harbor any saliva in my lovely new suzuki harmonica or risk them damaging my reeds. Then I told him to show me a song on the guitar of my acquaintance. Nah, he's still too tired. A nuisance of a man who's never matured past his shoe's size, and now masks his problems with alcohol to deal with an insipid mouth he can't shut.
Unexpectedly he extends his hand, and says he's willing to make amends. Sure, I shake his hand telling him there was never an issue to begin with.

So I fuck off from here, seeing that there's only going to be a division and no busking between me and my acquaintance who'll now slowly grow into an irritating thorn in my side. Upstairs I went, I saw a woman who helped me out the other day when I brought to my hostel some 14 year olds who ran away from home two days priors. The little liars had told me they'd only left earlier that day, but squealed a different tale when the woman threatened to take them to the bolice.

So on the balcony I talked to the easy going gang. These guys are bros, and she's the top hen in the area. Upon sitting down at the table with a crack using Australian woman celebrating her birthday with excess amounts of alcohol, she swaps chairs and sits beside me. Flattering me, telling me over and over what a good deed I did, I brushed it off, thinking nothing much of it. The kids were in a bad situation and I didn't care to get in trouble at my hostel. I even bought the hooligans some food and energy drinks, which I think helped grease the wheel a bit more to help them out. She unwrapped another tale from her drive back to their aunty's place and then I went inside to grab some tea. She followed me, we chatted a bit more and I innocently asked her where the loo is located. After filling my cup of tea with a new batch of scalding water I spilled on my hand, she showed me the way and walked me to the female toilet. "But this is the lady's toilet!" I said. She looked at me with bedroom eyes and I fucked off to the men's toilet, emptying my bladder at the thought of what had happened and wondering when I could hop onto the downstairs computer to play more tetris.

Strange times, my friends. Strange times. Today I'm gonna visit a Hare Krishna temple and maybe donate some moni as a will of good faith.
No. 46421
I do not know how to do this. The bigger problem is how much time I end up wasting and not even remembering what I set out to search for to begin with.
No. 46426
Honestly hearing you describe this almost makes me miss certain things, about myself and my past, and makes me reconsider what kind of a Satanic devil machine I am really peering into and typing on, and the degree to which it becomes so easy to be what looks on this end like a godly man in that situation. It feels like leading a closer to bourgeois life makes me feel even more alienated from man and hence cut off from God.
No. 46461
When you come home slightly drunk but there are no midnight snacks like chips and chocolate because you started to live healthy again.
I only have cereals but don't want them as I had some today already. I was contemplating making those dutch meat sticks but they have been in the freezer while being open in the carton for 4 weeks or so and there is lots of water that crystalized around the meat. Could eat it with some spinach or is there anything I need to worry about that meat?
I cut myself a piece of italian hard cheese as snack. Could eat the whole cheese but that is not what I want rn, a greasy veal Döner with some good sauce would be great now.

I have nothing of relevance to answer, but it's interesting to read your post.
No. 46470
>I guess it's too complicated but how does AI know how to decide the nuances that are to be conveyed in literature e.g?

Sorry for the late answer, I had family over for a visit and neglected the EC (:

It's not going to be a satisfying answer anyway, though a curious one: We don't know. That's the thing about statistical models and neural networks: We do not know what they've actually learned, we can only see the results of their learning when we give them tasks.
Think of it like a newborn baby that you can gift 5 million books at birth and 50 years later you come back and ask that 50yo person a question. Assume that all they've learned was from the 5 million books, including how to read books, with only a supervisor giving them treats whenever they do make progress. Now you ask them a question and you get an answer, from a real person to a real person. You can understand the answer but you have no way of knowing how their brain came up with it, similarly to how you can't figure out how your own brain comes up with anything on a neuron by neuron scope. You know that what they say must be based on some things withing those 5 million books and 50 years of learning, the details will forever remain a blackbox.

Some people, especially people in IT, find this hard to accept because we can look at all the numbers of all the artificial neurons. It may seem unintuitive that cannot really know what goes on inside even though we can see every part of it, but that's the complexity of complexity in a nutshell.

The state of the art is called GPT-3, here is the research (all done in the open):


>Finally, we find that GPT-3 can generate samples of news articles which human evaluators have difficulty distinguishing from articles written by humans.
No. 46505
Took me a while to buy all the furniture and set up my room but I'm finally more or less settled now after sleeping on a mattress between carboard boxes for a couple of days.
Only thing that's bothering me now is that there seems to be a mouse living in the wall :D
Not sure how to get rid of it since there's not really any room to set up a trap or anything but the rattling is annoying me at night.

>My world feels like it is collapsing, maybe because I'm also moving soon, how will it continue? If I find a room at all.

I definitely also felt quite nervous for the first few days now after moving, but I think people just need some time to adjust to such relatively big changes. I'm sure it'll work out for you. You can always just put headphones on and chill in your room once you're there, but I guess you have to put in at least some effort at being sociable to get a room...
Btw it might be worth setting up a "Gesuch" profile on wg-gesucht if you haven't already. It takes some effort to tailor it properly, but especially if you can make yourself sound interesting & have some good pictures of yourself, you can get a couple invitations that are more likely to lead to something than just writing people.
No. 46510
>might be worth setting up a "Gesuch" profile on wg-gesucht if you haven't already. It takes some effort to tailor it properly, but especially if you can make yourself sound interesting & have some good pictures of yourself, you can get a couple invitations that are more likely to lead to something than just writing people.

Thanks, do you speak from experience? Dunno what do I write when I'm less likely to engage in things like watching a movie together, going to the bar etc. I like to talk to people about things and I like cooking with people, I would also do some other things, but I oftentimes like retreating with a book. I really don't want people that get pissed when I opt out of a big chunk of normie wg activities that are not cooking and sitting together talking, be it inside or outside.
No. 46512
Thanks for the explanation. Don't now what to say but
>the details will forever remain a blackbox.

triggers me as this calls up systemic thinking, it's input-output. I know that humans are treated as systems as well and in cognitive science the notion of a (computer) system is not totally lost, or am I mistaken? I always torn between science and the epistemological question that might be polluted by non-scientific believes.
No. 46514
The reason this will remain a mystery is not because it cannot be understood but because it's too complex. There are lots of problems that can't be solved not because they are unsolveable but because of the limits imposed by information theory. If you want to know more about this I can recommend a book that does a very good job of summarizing how a new approach to this limit was discovered in the 70s and 80s: "Chaos" by James Gleick.

Though I have to admit that there is always a tiny portion of remaining doubt and the fact that I find the problem fascinating likely means I have not given up on learning new things about it. As I said, it's to be taken with a grain of salt.
No. 46520
Since I come from the humanities my point cannot be if what said is true or not, but what this kind of knowledge implies or people think it implies for other fields etc.

first of all: mathematics, cybenetics, system theory, information theory, evolutionism, complexity, chaos theory are connected and I want to find out how exactly because it is important for organisation and concepts of order. They have and are booming after WW2. I ask myself why that is (scientific progress is the obvious answer here) and what it implies for other fields than science itself. What does it entail when we model humans/the mind as cybernetic organisms and what does it mean when we organize groups after cybernetic principles, when scientification of group behavior takes place? What is a model? What is problematic about models and how they are treated and used for argumentations (outside of science)?

The book title, popular science genre, reminds me of John Brockman and the books he puts out on the market for decades now. Brockman was interview by Lutz Dammbeck in The Net btw.

https://www.edge.org/library?page=52 look what else came from him and the authors he refered to publishers around 1987 and check it all up to now and you can see what he is interested in, it's kinda silcon valley, it's politics and ethics via science somehow (I have a german articles that deals with this kind of books and Brockman from a historian), is it scientism? I don't know yet. That is what I'm interested in when it comes to this as I did not study STEM and can thus not say much about scientific pitfalls. Tho I'm interested in what science has to say and what it can make possible, I'm always a bit sceptic since you can historcize science and by that I don't mean the typical story of great innovators and their lifes that "changed" the world, but what effects scientific knowledge/discoveries had. It's a question of epistemology and power e.g. and that maybe scientific methods and science as praxis is "polluted" by non-scientific parameters that have an impact on research etc.

I'm interested in knowledge (scientific or mythical) and what impact knowledge has for the courses of history and thus societies down to individual actors. So what does the whole realm of systemic thinking imply for societies and what is going on. E.g. the New Age movement took hold of that systemic/complexity knowledge, albeit it was modified, but that is to be a "destiny" of knowledge and makes it relevant for the impact it has on societies so to speak.

So yeah, I'm interested in scientific discovery but my education makes me aware of consequences that STEM usually lacks. There are people in humanities that think science is super problematic and it is in a way, since it lacks self awareness in certain areas, yet to put it aside as evil instrumentalism and what not does not help either.

In the field of history a new generation of German scholars I know of take up how that understanding of knowledge got popular in the 1980s in the field of history and how that has to be historiczed as well and also checks on how that relates to other changes during that years in other fields. E.g. the developtment of micro histories (small scaled histories, Alltagsgeschichte) and upcoming micro economics, which also focuses on "smaller elements".
No. 46524
>I'm less likely to engage in things like watching a movie together, going to the bar etc. I like to talk to people about things and I like cooking with people, I would also do some other things, but I oftentimes like retreating with a book. I really don't want people that get pissed when I opt out of a big chunk of normie wg activities that are not cooking and sitting together talking, be it inside or outside.
Write exactly this. My flatmate and I would have taken you in and I bet there are more people like us. Or look for Werktätigen/Zweck-WG.
No. 46525 Kontra
>I bet there are more people like us

I had one guy who would have taken me but he prefered somebody who would travel to see the place.
Anyway, I would like a female part as I enjoy the difference, but in the end I could live with male only flat as long as I get a room at least.
There are barely any Zweck-WGs sadly, the town is not that big, specifically compared with my hometown.
No. 46534
Tomorrow's my first class. It'll be online, like most of my classes. (Except for the Chinese and the Greek ones.)
I'm kinda hyped for those classes. The lecturer for Ancient-Greek is the author of one of the only textbooks, so I think I'm in good hands.
(I guess this is one of the perks of getting into a really good uni.)

By the looks of it, the library of the Far Eastern Institute is still closed for the time being, which is kinda sad.
But it hardly matters since I own most of the recommended reading anyway. (And apparently we have access to digital copies of some of the books.)

My sleep schedule is a mess, and it makes me feel really tired. Though today I managed to avoid falling asleep during the day.

Printing and binding things is surprisingly cheap. So I think I'll probably print out a few more things and bind them if I have the time.
Though tomorrow's programme is already cut out for me. I have to go to the local government office and start my application procedure for a student ID. The only reason this is important is because it allows me to buy a cheaper bus pass.
Otherwise I only encountered one store that gives out student-discount.
No. 46548
117 kB, 774 × 146
>Thanks, do you speak from experience?

Somewhat, I didn't land a room that way, but at least I got an invitation that sounded promising, though I ended up not going there since I had already found a room at that point. I also remember some friends who would check these profiles when they were looking for a new roommate.
It sounds fine what you want to write, but I would make sure to mention like one thing that makes you stand out a bit, also try to put things in some way that makes it sound that they'd benefit from having you as their roommate, e.g. that you'd like to cook for them, though there's a fine line there so you don't sound like a bootlicker.
> I really don't want people that get pissed when I opt out of a big chunk of normie wg activities that are not cooking and sitting together talking, be it inside or outside.
I think it's really not a big deal, most WGs exaggerate the amount of socializing they actually do in the description.
Also that's probably something to worry about after you get invited and get to know the people somewhat

>I know that humans are treated as systems as well and in cognitive science the notion of a (computer) system is not totally lost, or am I mistaken?
The central dogma of cognitive science is precisely that the mind is an information processor (i.e. computer system if you will). Well, at least of "classical" cogsci, there's also "connectionist" cogsci which is less systematic I suppose but can be argued to have been more successful lately with all the NN stuff as mentioned.
Not sure what triggers you about the blackbox thing though.
No. 46549
2,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
So today I set foot at the campus to attend a lecture for the first time.
I didn't get lost at all. The layout is pretty simple and I was able to navigate without any trouble.
First class was Ancient Greek, and as I was waiting with sandy eyes in the hall for the teacher to come at 8 in the morning, I was kinda wondering whether or not I deserved to spend the mornings for the next couple months in this beautifully decorated building that's older than any family member I know the name of.

Greek Class was pretty cool. The lecturer handed out the textbooks and then immediately started talking about the language and not only the language itself, but the why of it and it was very interesting.
We went over the alphabet, the tones and the long and short vowels.
Basically by the middle of the textbook we will be reading excerpts from Lucian's satirical dialogues. (Hence the name of the textbook, Theon Dialogos)
It fills me with hope for some reason.

Then I had Chinese. If I were a student of Japanese, I'd have stayed in building B, but instead I had to go over to building F where the rest of the Far Eastern Institute is.
Anyway, I got there on time and looked around a bit.
The thing about these buildings is that they're old. Well maintained but still old, and they have this weird aura with an over 100 years old marble staircase clashing with the brand new posters and such. They also feel a bit cramped in my opinion.

The class itself was fine. I knew most of the characters they showed us. My pronunciation was a bit wonky because I didn't try pronouncing words at all when I learned on my own, but I remembered the stroke orders, the tones and also how the characters themselves are constructed.
Though I also learned plenty of new things, like pronunciation, how the tones interact and so on.
Contrary to the Greek class, the teacher didn't try to give us a philosophical or a cultural background to the language. I'm not saying it as a criticism, because Greek is a minor subject overall that has to suffice on its own, and Chinese Language has other subjects augmenting it like Chinese Art History and Chinese History.

Judging by today's class, we will be learning at breakneck-speed. Which means I'll have to pay close attention.
The teacher said that it'll be hard and to quote the Hungarian idiom, "You started chopping a large tree with an axe of yours".
It was kinda comical to hear a younger teacher say that Back when I started learning Chinese, roughly 20 years ago, we had to look up characters based on the number of strokes it had. Use your phones.

The campus is near the National Museum and Kálvin Square. Basically It's right across from the Antiquary Row. Bought a few cheap books because I found the book-carts open.
Got a small volume of Lermontov's poetry, two volumes of Chekhov short stories and novellas, a bilingual edition of Goethe's Iphigenia and a copy of Aischylos' complete dramas.
No. 46553
Might make a profil with a picture, hate selling myself like that, not that I'm doing it while applying for a room, but it is different somehow.

Wrote to a girl today, she sounded nice and apparently we like the same odd movie, so yeah that is something, she studies something interesting etc. But the flat is shitshitshit, but I'm tempted somehow if I would know the cost for heating won't explode, but that cannot be said, fucking old heating technology and greedy shareholder driven landlord coorporations.

>Not sure what triggers you about the blackbox

Me being triggered just meant that black box indicates behavorist and systemic thinking, you pointed out the "dogma" and I'm interested in these "dogmas" as in what consequences they have for culture and society etc. that is meant by being a historian of science/knowledge somehow.
No. 46556
it's almost harvesting season
No. 46561
This job wears on me. Stimulus ain't coming. Thank God I planned around it not happening rather than banking entirely on that extra $1200. Damn shame though. I got this crazy idea into my head that if I could have that additional money maybe I could build a computer and sell it, and maybe grab some of those real cheap parts I sometimes see on ebay and build a gaming pc. One guy was selling an GTX 1070, RX 570, and 5700XT for a little over $500. That could give me a test card and two separate quality cards to use in a couple builds to try and make money off of.
No. 46563
2,4 MB, 2462 × 1683
9th September! Every Ernst knows the sound of the 909, its has also been in commecial songs. But to this day (coming into being as machine 35 years) its sounds are the staples of techno, especially the kick and the cymbals.

No. 46564
26 kB, 500 × 388
When there is a cool room ad but it was taken down while you wrote a small text... They got boomed with so many messages just less then 60min after putting it online wtf.
Looks like I have to wait for another few days to get my chance at a decent ad.
No. 46565
26 kB, 255 × 200
The electronics store actually sent a replacement drive free of charge after an months's I submitted the kaputt-HDD that failed because of the bad power-supply.
Now I just need a docker/cable to use it.

Digital lectures are really awkward. The lecturer asks a question, and 20 people try to reply, turning into a shouting match to see who can last the longest.
So we ran out of lecture time because the teacher asked too many questions and the freshmen were eager to try and verbally outmanoeuvre one another.

I'm gonna be real for a second and say that I do not feel any more of an adult than I felt before university started.
No. 46566
33 kB, 630 × 420
>I do not feel any more of an adult than I felt before university started.

:DDDD what dids u expects?

>digital lectures

I had just one seminar and I quitted it, but it was similar. I read there is a function to putting a hand up digitally and the lecturer can unmute the person then instead of digitally delayed akwardness. Hate it, I want presence, so guess the first semester will be shit for me as well, let's just hope corona is over until next April.
No. 46568
Yeah, MS teams has a function for that, but the lecturer wasn't planning on using MS teams and only switched to it because his choice only accommodated 100 people.

>what dids u expects?
No idea. Probably immediate access to some sort of near-divine knowledge through the lectures.
Though I only had three classes so far.
No. 46569 Kontra
Heard it's possible for Zoom as well.

The educational niveau and the contents in university quickly exceed school level by far, yet understanding comes only with time, I will finish my BA in a month and I just know I know not so much. I see what I learned and it is quite a bit but it's not much in comparison to what can be accumulated in 10 or even 20 years or longer being involved in such topics on an academic level.
No. 46570
I see, I have a text that's maybe interesting for you then, though it deals with cogsci only indirectly:
>This is about the harm done by ideologically-distorted concepts of rationality. I wrote it in 1988. My main example came from nutrition. However, the actual subject, by satirical analogy, was cognitive “science,” which I discussed only briefly at the end.

>I'm interested in these "dogmas" as in what consequences they have for culture and society etc. that is meant by being a historian of science/knowledge somehow.
Yeah, I find this quite interesting too, but what disillusions me somewhat is that the scientists are rarely interested in criticism, and especially not from someone outside their discipline.

>60min after putting it online wtf.
Haha, I actually heard from some acquaintances who basically spawn-camped for weeks wg-gesucht & immobilienscout etc. with readymade texts to send right after a new ad appeared when they were looking for a flat in Berlin :DD
No. 46573
>the scientists are rarely interested in criticism

Which is sad.

Also thanks for the text, I have some book here about Cold War rationality, about rules and patterns and analytical philosophy, engineering, military-academic-industrial-government complex and the figure of the problem solver. It deals with rationality and scientification during the Cold War period. I fucking love this field, I fucking love how for about at least 100 years the western world is deeply running on scientification of things, be it sociality or whatever. Science and knowledge as base for running things, organising, governing, solving problems etc. There are many disciplines and they even take from one another too, they are interdisciplinary, this was fostered by the government and military e.g. the military, academic-government complex of the Cold War was not only by accident but they put their bets on interdisciplinarity, even the forunners of BigTech, they cyberhippies, the communards of California went over this shit and had contacts making between academia and miliary and artists.
But this solutionism is not open for criticism that is outside their box I guess.


It's not that bad here but it surprised me still, I also save the text as template, but it's not coming back and this one was a goody, I mean people writing they are interested in "Zeitgeschehen", you usually don't read that, best base for talking, and not that sports and other activity bullshit you read over and over again. 🤮 🤮 🤮 :)
No. 46576
I found college completely underwhelming, except for a few great lecturers. For most subjects, it's far from the optimal environment for learning, and the only real utility is networking and accreditation.

College aside, you will gradually come to realize that there is no great divide between adults and children.
No. 46577
633 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:03
>realize that there is no great divide between adults and children.

I agree, adults are not really adults, I was never really able to put my finger in the difference though, but there is a difference nonetheless. Being accountable and having a certain (self)responsibility. Best answer would be adults cannot hold the status they are prescribed to hold for a long time, or they never reach that ideal of an adult, being an adult is also vanishing point that is never reached by people that are usually called adults.

I had this discussion very often with different kinds of people and we often could agree on that there is a notable difference yet we all know how childish and non-adult adults can behave and do behave. Maybe it is the "freedom" to do so? But I don't think people are that selfaware that they decide in every situation.
No. 46578
1,8 MB, 3264 × 2448
1,8 MB, 3264 × 2448
Behold, my mighty pineapple plant!
Grown from the top of a store-bought pineapple, this thing looked dead for about a month or so, but then simply exploded. I had to transplant it into a larger container this morning. In the pics you can easily distinguish the shorter dark green leaves of that original top, from the brighter colored new growth.
I just looked up how long it takes before this will produce a new pineapple : 2 years. Wow, that's... a long time. To wait. For a single piece of fruit.
No. 46583
The lecture with the native-speaker was very cool. Pronunciation isn't that hard after all.
Considering what the lecturers said, I'm basically learning anti-Hungarian. The grammar is strangely simple. No plural, no tenses, no suffixes and so on.

She asked everyone "why they're here". Basically what I gathered from this is that my reason isn't the most outlandish and retarded.
There are people who chose this as their major because they like Chinese TV shows.
Basically we all share the same interest, we just don't share the same roots that interest grew out of.

Apparently I did well when I switched philosophy courses, because people immediately started complaining about the lecturer for the one I had to pick initially.
Based on the short excerpt I've seen of their call is that the guy is an old guard intellectual. Probably knows a lot, but isn't very good at transmitting it and he lives in is own world where his words make sense to us mere mortals.

Tomorrow I only have one lecture I have to attend in person in the morning. Then I can go home.
Kinda bummed about the library of the institute being closed. Apparently it'll be open next Monday onwards, so I'll swing by on Tuesday to check it out.

Makes me recall how once as a little kid I saw a chart of formulas at my Godmother's house her son made in HS for physics class, and I asked him in ave "You understand this?" and he said "No, but gets me A's".
Basically the change is gradual, and there's no big revelation that makes or breaks things.
My anxiety will probably pass after the first exam-period (which is probably the first rite of passage that makes or brakes uni for most people.)
No. 46584
Oh you just reminded me that's one thing ive been meaning to do is transfer my pineapple top ive been trying to root in a cup of water for like three months now into soil
No. 46585
187 kB, 1024 × 724
If I can make one recommendation based on my experience of uni, go out of your way to take one-off classes that exist outside of your inertial path.

The best series of courses I took in uni was a back-to-back on Hindu mythology and the Hindu epics. If you see any courses on the Mahabharata and/or Ramayana, you should do the same. They're so long and tangent-y (especially the Mahabharata) that it's probably the best way for an uninitiated Westerner to get a proper appreciation for them. Especially if you're interested in epics, it's a part of human culture that you shouldn't miss out on.
No. 46588
>Apparently I did well when I switched philosophy courses, because people immediately started complaining about the lecturer for the one I had to pick initially
You dodged a bullet there. The one piece of advice I would give to any University student is to keep your ear to the ground, and when you hear multiple people hating the same teacher, then avoid those classes like the plague. Also pay attention when people compliment a certain professor. Remember those names for your upcoming semesters, when you should have more flexibility in setting your schedule. Is that how it works there? Or is it based entirely on student rankings? Where I went, the returning students all got to register for classes before the incoming freshmen. Obviously this didn't matter for classes within a Major, since a Sophomore or Junior would take higher level courses, but it also meant they got the first pick for elective classes. Freshmen got what was left over.

Has it sprouted roots? I put mine directly into soil, which is a method I've tried in the past with no success. I think the difference this time was the soil. It was some of that Miracle Grow stuff, which has fertilizer in it.
No. 46590
It's had virtually no light all summer because I kept forgetting to bring it outside which is just as well it might've dried it up but yes eventually I could tell the difference between the usual fibrous materials and budding roots. At least in a cup inside though the thing grows fucking SLOW. My general suggestion would've been to get it to root in a cup in the light and then transfer it to a pot after about a couple of months because I tried growing it in soil before and immediately failed due to rot but got it to stick around my first try with the cup. Also ironically enough I failed multiple times getting a store bought avacado pit to root in a cup but nailed it my first try by burying it in soil inside a prescription pill jar.
No. 46593
956 kB, 1536 × 2048
I love Greek-class. It's more comfy than Chinese, probably because of the lower number of attendees and the fact that the cultural part is more integrated. Compared to the other classes, this one is my little secret I share none of the people in my Chinese group.
I'm on track to getting on the good side of the lecturer. It's not that hard when half the fucking group can't guess what ethnicity the word Perses denotes or what's the difference between Tyrannis and Basileia.

Tomorrow I'm going to practice the hanzis and the phrases we learned this week.
People are posting images of Mao in the group chat.

The only subject I still have no idea about is the one called Basic Digital Humanities Competencies. This will either be a cakewalk, or a colossal amount of painful bullshit. I'm banking on the former.
Apparently it was introduced this year, so I'm one of the first people taking this class that's mandatory for every student at the Faculty of Humanities. (Some 1500 students by the looks. That's like 2-3 highschools' worth of students.)

They wrote that we will have weekly assignments, but no word on what these assignments will actually be. They're only putting up the FAQ on the 14th. (The same day they're posting the first assignment.)
It probably shouldn't be that horrific. You can't make every single student go through an academic bloodbath.

Today was one of those unusual days when I was the only one up at 6 o' clock in the morning. Usually mum wakes up very early, makes some tea and something for breakfast, but because today was her day off and my sister has been ordered to study from home and father doesn't wake up before 9 anyways, I was the only one who had to go somewhere today.
Pretty unusual. Had to brew my tea myself and such.
Then of course I was home before 11. For a second I was confused and thought it was Saturday during the afternoon.

Here returning students can register in advance. Then there's the period where everyone registers based on ranking (you get assigned a score based on whether or not you need the class for your major or minor, are you a first year or is this class recommended for this semester for you), after the ranking period comes the last registration period where people can register for the remaining openings based on their speed.
Though afaik some unis only have speed-based application.

I knew the guy wasn't the best option because I actually checked his ratings online and everyone complained. (And his lectures don't focus on ancient philosophy either.)
Basically if this was dodging the bullet, then I was Neo at the end of the Matrix :D
No. 46594
3,2 MB, 2400 × 1608
You will get the chinese culture I'm sure, modules and seminars can only focus on certain things

>digital humanities

I heard about it, not a big deal in my Major or minor, it's about using digital technology and computing power to advance scholarship or at least think about how it can enhance it.

>Digital humanities (DH) is an area of scholarly activity at the intersection of computing or digital technologies and the disciplines of the humanities. It includes the systematic use of digital resources in the humanities, as well as the analysis of their application.[1][2] DH can be defined as new ways of doing scholarship that involve collaborative, transdisciplinary, and computationally engaged research, teaching, and publishing.[3] It brings digital tools and methods to the study of the humanities with the recognition that the printed word is no longer the main medium for knowledge production and distribution

Today I formated most of the footnotes correctly and made the inventory of it. I have about 45 titles, which makes a good aca-d(em)ick (newspaper articles, journal articles, articles from compendiums, some books (from which mostly I read only parts ofc)).
I still have to streamline the text and write a small passage as opener for the last big chapter. The conclsuion needs finetuning as well, wrote it yesterday without giving a seconf glance more or less.
No. 46633
Had a nice bonding session with one of my cousins. She seems like the only one of my dozen cousins who is not autistic and actually has interest in stuff, and wants to learn about computer things.

Gave her some python tutorials and a book on how to use Photoshop. Maybe something will come out of it, who knows.

Visiting my cousins disables my nihilism and makes me want to live again, and achieve success so I can one day support and help them. Should do this more often.
No. 46636
143 kB, 920 × 1226
399 kB, 1370 × 2454
1,4 MB, 2534 × 7511
481 kB, 2519 × 7434
That is seriously all I ever wanted out of my personal life these latter years. I still have an incredible inner impulse to conceal my smile even alone but truly I am happy about this. It was achieved, that cannot be taken away even if the finished project itself should die. I have finally achieved a UFO ranking. Pics related shows the basic evolution of my gaming over the past year and if you go to the year previous to that I can't imagine not having all read for my tree trunk because it still had got new 2x4gb of RAM in it and a new 4gb Radeon 550 GPU over its former iteration that I've been using since like the first Obama term with just 8gb DDR3 (1600? iirc?) and a 1gb HD Radeon 7500 something. That's the GPU I used to beat XCOM2 so many times. The stuttering was so awful even on mid settings that to this day a part of me is kinda uncomfortable with how unnatural and alien looking over 30-40fps in all games looks to me now

My only problem is now figuring out how to undervolt the GPU and how exactly I should get it to perform stably because this thing does indeed run hot af straight out of the box and with OC mode on just benching it on Ashes of the Singularity the first time caused a few weird graphical issues like ghostly artifact images of unit models, a couple of screen tears, couple second black screen, and a screen flicker, as well as my audio getting a weird crackling sound the rest of the bench, followed by the screen going black and losing audio and then the PC itself locking up, crashing, and restarting.

I am not sure what would have caused this because theoretically the drivers should be up to date (I didn't uninstall the previous card's drivers first though? IIRC?) and I only pulled 230w of power but man did it start to get hot. Within 30 seconds of starting the Ashes test it was venting hot air out of the case. Did I not update my drivers or update properly? Was overheating a cause for the crash? I dunno. Maybe I should just keep it in Silent mode vBIOS rather than XXXtra large XTReme overclocking it. Looks absolutely beautiful inside my case though. I don't get why AotS is such a performance hogging game either which is ridiculous for how above average the units look even at release which was in 2016 but whatever.

At any rate that is going to be my finale for tinkering with this project today and probably tomorrow if I cannot get everything perfect today, followed by a couple Ron Swanson approved endeavors before it gets too cold it. Idk why NTs bitch about nothing to do no sports to watch etc. I've been perfectly happy keeping myself preoccupied with different positively life enriching hobbies and projects.

This is the kind of thing where I think like I can die happy now. I just maybe need to get that chipmunk to feed from my handand not let myself be upset if/when he dies and fix this PC and maybe a couple other things. On a personal level I mean. I have finally gotten a UFO tier computer reading according to UBM.
No. 46643 Kontra
106 kB, 2540 × 1356
61 kB, 2540 × 1356
1,6 MB, 1059 × 1783
1,6 MB, 1537 × 1062
Actually you know what I'm wondering right now is if anything was because of me switching to using the audio jack on my monitor and routing that data through HDMI which tbh was a total fluke I even knew about that which was because I lost sound after installing the GPU and couldn't figure out why since neither my normal front panel nor the back was working and in sound control panel it listed my monitor as the audio output. After thinking wtf decided to check out the back and found an audio jack I didn't even know I had and switched to that because I think it's way higher fidelity? and cleaner too. Although I like the flip door for the front panel it does look and feel pretty godawful with a headphone jack and worse with keyboard and mouse. you know what I should probably put my USB ghetto SSDs into my front panel and such rather than heating up the back I/O panel.

Hmm not sure if it could have been related to data through HDMI compounding whatever probable out of the box driver issues and overheating, is this overvolted too? I dunno just that undervolting and running silent mode is alleged to fix all issues, which is a shame really because part of the selling feature is overclocking the shit out of it. It's not noisy either. I'm also super self conscious talking about having nice things in front of or to others which is one of several reasons I stopped posting awhile ago about this. I think it's an ingrained poor person mentalityYes, I said poor person. I literally would never have had this had the pandemic not happened ironically enough. It's actually pretty awesome otherwise though. I just have to tweak that beastly graphics card.

It's also quite nice just because I got to fully and autistically customize it to the finest detail to such an extent had I the money I could easily see myself getting into building and selling computers for a living/side job but no access to capital etc. One of these features is getting to burn any format I want and cloning discs which I already just did to my original Starcraft CD as a stopgap measure in case of final degradation due to age. No, having a modded copy from GOG is not good enough. I need to clone my Homeworld Cataclysm CD too.

I used to hate RGB but you know what I get it now. It is quite nice and fun and can see how people with more money than sense could blow hundreds on fans to sync with their games. The Coolermaster Halos don't work as well as the cheaper fans for the effect (two light bursts instead of one like oldschool emergency lights) but I think that whenever I get around to playing Alien Isolation I'm probably going to set the color to that orangish yellow that the caution lights had in Ripley's mech suit in Alien and have that scan across my room. Should be ebin.

Obviously I am increasingly loathe to deal with the outer world. It is an unfixable dumpster fire which is all but guaranteed to only get worse both socially and epidemically into the winter and I am already preparing every last conceivable thing I can think of doing or getting before the first frosts and the winter sets in in full. Having a comfy PC build as the country shrouded in orange and green mists burns itself down is an absolute must. I may even use its multimedia functions to chronicle the second half of the epidemic on something instead of toilet paper like an actual modern Samuel of Pepys.
No. 46664
47 kB, 482 × 493
I like to get drunk and watch porn, because alcohol disables me horniness impulse, and I can observe sex for what it is: a pair of bald, sweaty monkeys making repetitive rhythmic motions while panting like dogs and grunting like retards.
Pelvic thrusting into a smelly flesh hole, the man desperate to get a handful of a swaying titty,the woman pretending to be aroused through fake vocalizations, because for her, it is just a job, and she couldn't care less about the roided out norwood 3 balding middle aged idiot whose penis is numb from all the sex supplements he takes to "perform" better.
Hilarious. almost as fun as having a mirror next to your computer and taking a glance from time to time at the reflection yourself tugging on your own dick while looking at a box full of colorful shiny lightbulbs, that trick your retard ape brain into becoming sexually aroused because it's too fucking stupid to tell illusion from reality.

No. 46666 Kontra
>a smelly flesh hole

it does not small bad when it's clean though. Giving a second thought it is ofc funny & absurd, that I get exicted putting my finger in and around a soft tissue area on a woman for instance.

Zizek ones pointed out that sex for humans is a phantasy thing, humans need phantasy to have sex, somewhere along the lines I guess, but I think you get what I'm pointing out is that it couldn't be otherwise as you observed it.
No. 46669
Actually, foreplay is another interesting phenomenon.
In essence, it is about you receiving pleasure by proxy through empathically mirroring the pleasure you might be giving to the woman. Same kind of impulse as feeling second hand pain, cringe, embarassment, or something innocent like feeling good for someone's happiness.

Now the weird thing is that you everything you observe is in fact a model of that thing inside your own mind, so the satisfaction you feel from pleasing a woman is in fact a satisfaction your own mind inflicts upon a different part of your mind. Question is, is it gay if you feel good about pleasing a female/vagina, while being male, because essentially you are just pleasing yourself through the proxy of a vagina that is all inside your mind?

great mysteries of the universe.
No. 46671
Had my fist comparative religion class today. It was actually pretty enjoyable.
Most people were complaining that it was pretty boring over the group chat, but the lecturer said interesting things and he actually has a large lexical knowledge of multiple subjects judging by the sprawling references he made.

I've done my Greek and Chinese homeworks.
This is actually kinda time consuming. Every language I've learnt so far used the same alphabet as Hungarian.
Even the most simple of tasks consume a lot of time. (Like transcribing things into the Greek Alphabet. You have to write out each letter instead of using some form of cursive, so it's kinda painstaking.)
Tomorrow I'm taking the first two tests this semester.

Went to the town hall to get some paperwork done. Didn't take long. The civil servant seemed a bit tired and angry.
No. 46676 Kontra
the universe and its evolutionary logic on planet earth created mastubatory minds and to oberserve itself. The universe creates mastubatory observers
wonder how that fits the systemic vocabulary of cognitive science

But tbh you could also say it's reciprocal. I make my gf happy because she can pleases me, she makes me happy because I can please her. But yeah that is the phantasy part, maybe there are women were I couldn't care less if she is satisfied and pleased and I just nut in her for my own pleasure only. I think that might exist as well. Not with a real partner and love, I guess.
No. 46677
1,9 MB, 2132 × 2400
I looked into the courses for my master programm and I'm happy tbh. But there is a segment largley consisting of english language courses and they have super interesting topics there, but most of them require a presentation to be given and I'm shitting myself imagining giving a presentation in English about topics that are the opposite of easy going. I mean I can read English texts and I can write with Ernst but giving a presentation I immediatly hear my crippled English while desperately searching for the right words to leave my mouth.
No. 46678
382 kB, 712 × 1039
Today at work I kept thinking about my new GPU, and I smiled, a subtle but sincere smile, and then I remembered that I had my mask on. I realized that no one anywhere could see me even if they were looking straight at me, with one American asking my ethnicity because he said he couldn't guess the eyes. It occurred to me to start wearing my mask more while I am alone in my room, and I came back home and looked upon my GPU and smiled again. I will wear a mask alone inside so that I can hide my smile from God.
No. 46681 Kontra
Yesterday I had a strong psychosis. My mother told me "she hasn't seen that smile since 14 years", yet I fail to grasp if she was honest. Either it's me crazy or her.
No. 46688
Feces stories compilation for current day:

My friend entered his commieblock and there was a human poop at the corridor.
My other friend was sitting at the bench in the park but suddenly a huge pile of bird's poop has fallen from the skies in front of him.
Me was at home watching garbage cleaning worker pooping near the garden of my neighbour.
No. 46689
I think I did well on the tests.

The Chinese ones will be really hardcore in the future. The lecturer said that she'll only give out As and Fs. Nothing in-between.
You're still allowed to make mistakes, but if you make too many, then it's an F automatically.

After class I walked around on campus a bit. Visited the library of the Far Eastern Institute because I had the time.
The librarian was accommodating if a bit annoyed, asking me how can she be of service to me, and I told her that I require no services this time, since I'm just on a "pilgrimage" and wanted to see the place for myself.

Signed up for a library membership. They take rules very seriously. You have to deposit your student ID upon entry and such.
My biggest disappointment was when I learned that you can't just browse the entire collection to find interesting stuff.
Most of it is "in storage" and has to be requested. The worst part of is that these "storage shelves" are in the same room. You can see them behind the browsable shelves if you look through the gap between the shelves and the neoclassical pillars.
I saw a shelf that said Chinese Literature, it's very long and only a few metres away, but I can't access it to look at it simply because it's off-limits.

Though the 8-9 shelves that are available for in-library use are still very rich. Like a third of it is dedicated to Chinese. Multi-volume, thousand-page histories, encyclopedias in multiple languages, dictionaries for languages I've never thought I'd see a dictionary for. (There was this enormous German-Sanskrit dictionary that's probably the biggest book I've seen in my life. And that's the kürzerer Fassung.
An enormous breath on Chinese literature in multiple languages, anthologies of poems I've never even heard of by publishers I didn't know existed.
Also saw the "New" Chinese-Hungarian dictionary that was assembled and edited by the University's Chinese faculty. It's beautiful. Two volumes, nice binding, nice paper, nicely edited. A lot better than my 20 year old first edition that has like 8000 words in it. (This one has 78 thousand, not including the example sentences and so on.)
Though with its 90 euro price, it's enormously expensive too, and a paper-dictionary in this age is probably more of a prestige-item than something functional.

It's just that I currently cannot utilize it because I lack the qualifications and framework for it.

I checked out the book-outlet I used to visit from time to time before the 'rona. It's a 5 minute trip from campus. Same goes for most antiquaries.
That's what's so great about the campus. It's right across the books-tore row.
Picked up a few books, a volume of essays on 20th century Russian literature, a small volume of anecdotes about living in Japan as a foreigner and volume 2 of the anthology of the now defunct journal Holmi.
The Russian thing I picked up simply because it has essays on both Dovlatov and Yerofeyev.

I've read the volume of anecdotes and they were funny. Some of them are worthy of translation, so I'll probably try getting a few of them translated during the weekend. Also read the introductory essay in the Russian-lit book, and it talked about the general state of books in Russia and the USSR, but I find it hard to believe that classic books were in short supply and you had to sign up for a waiting list to get a volume of Dostoevsky like you did for a Lada or a Moskvich.

The three together was 5 euros.
Saw a selection of Márai's diary-volumes, but those were kinda pricey.
No. 46690
Got knocked out of a good looking job at stage 3 of applications. Had hope for that one man. Feels bad.
No. 46697
Ernst has so much spare time outside of work that he only uses for jerking off, videogames and other lazy stuff. I decided to look for some volunteer work that i can do once a week for a few hours but holy shit. The times they expect you to put into this make it close to impossible to have a real job.
No. 46698
34 kB, 860 × 900
sometimes I think that it's probably not normal for someone to feel so physically ill, nauseous and have headaches as often as I do, but I can't do anything about it, so I do nothing.
No. 46701
12,5 MB, 640 × 360, 5:02
I spent a few hours the other night messing with webm creation and made this in a bunch of different compressions

I actually got rejected for volunteer work, this is in addition to me applying to 100s of jobs and attending dozens over interviews over the last few years for actual jobs. I can't even give my time away for free. Yet every woman I know is able to walk in and out of jobs as they please with complete fluidity. I don't fucking know how.

The housing crisis is so bad here now you have multiple interview processes for a rental, like a job

I think you're overthinking things you madlad
No. 46706
43 kB, 680 × 480
What's the fun of life if you don't overthink it? It feels like THOOONKING about stuff is the only legitimate source of fulfillment I have in this life. It's the only thing I genuinely enjoy doing without feeling guilty about it.

That's the funny bit, though. Under the model I took as the premise of my post, the existence of the GF is irrelevant, as her "true" being is unknowable and thus beyond consideration. What matters is the model of her being that your mind reconstructs from external inputs. So that "reciprocal" pleasure is actually one part of your mind pleasing another part of your mind, thus completely selfish. Whenever you empathize with someone, you're not experiencing THEIR pleasure or pain, you're literally just synthesizing pleasure or pain in your own mind, and assigning it to the model of that person in your own mind.
But what follows from that is that whenever you hurt someone, you're actually hurting yourself, and whenever you cause joy to someone, you're causing joy to yourself. And at the same time, you're not, because there's no such thing as the "self". The "self" is part of the rest of the world, just like the rest of "your" mind is. All is one and one is all.
So that means that people who dehumanize others like in your example of treating someone as a fucktoy, are not only missing out on this extra bit of reciprocal pleasure, they're actually dehumanizing themselves, and causing harm to themselves (which is also not really themselves).
But the ultimate point here is not that being altruistic equals being selfish, therefore it is good. The ultimate point here is that you are the gardener of your own reality which is also your mind. You are a God of this realm you call your mind. So you don't really want to shit where you eat, where you eat being the world but also your mind because your mind is a mirror of the world but also kind of the world.

Taking something that is optimistic in the worldly sense, deconstructing it into something seemingly nihilistic, and then bringing it back to sentimental humanism is one of my consistently entertaining pastimes.
No. 46707 Kontra
That image really was me, what dark times. I pray that I'll never return to mental masturbation escapism.
No. 46708
Lol, this is picture about me. Exept that I still learning new, trying to open for myself more things so I can think about them and I don't need to have imaginery gf's... and I'm not 19 anymore! Sad!
I can't listen "just music" that I has no connection with. All music I listen is from something I know and like - video games and music. I can't get into just music as music.
And after I started relationship, I stopped re-thinking my life. My life is meh, but I don't want other where I don't have my bf.
No. 46709
I got super lucky by finding my job.
They literally took me because my resume was so bad :DDDD

In what field are you looking for a job?
No. 46710
63 kB, 700 × 655
I've been thinking that it's probably wrong to try and find things that make me tolerate doing things that I don't care about or even hate, just to get rid of this guilt and shame that I have. But what other option do I have?
There is no demand for something that I enjoy being the most: a professional retard and a demagogue. And even the things I am "good" at, other people, much smarter and hard working than me, have done better hundreds and even thousands of years before me.
"Hobby" is a code word for "surrogate meaning". When you can't get meaning in the real world, you engage in hobbies that give you a feeling of accomplishment or achievement, but in reality mean nothing at all. tfw a hobbyist.
No. 46713
I haven't listend too hard as I was working, but it sounds a bit like what this Josha Bach said, at least the first part about the mind and another Ernst was posting somewhere in a thread here. Maybe it is epistemologically a radical constructivist perspective: people who thought much of systems theory are known for this kind of epistemology.

I wonder if these people are physicalists or what are they? I don't know what labels as to give. But I guess no, they must be some kind of idealist as well????

But all is one sounds like monism and and panpsychism which brings us to the processes, Deleuze was also a panpsychist some people say and I really liked him, it was my first thrilling contact with process philosophy, all substances and true cores have been abandoned until this day for me

No. 46714
Professional Retard reminds me of those 'Chief Expert' jobs we were talking about last night tbh. Same kind of weird construction.
No. 46715 Kontra
21 kB, 280 × 220
Also, a fresh meme, hot off the EC Gang presses.
No. 46718
217 kB, 800 × 800
I veered off of the sidewalk to give oncoming pedestrian traffic plenty of room, because corona, and brushed up against a low bush. No problem, except that bush was concealing a patch of hitchhiker weeds (those plants which spread their seed by clinging to anything unlucky enough to come into contact with them). I spent the next 5 minutes pulling a hundred small burrs from my leg and shorts. The worst part is I flung those burrs into the grass, which is exactly what that evil weed wanted.
No. 46720
2,5 MB, 2080 × 2773
51 kB, 600 × 600
Doesn't look too bad.
We have these evil cunts here.
No. 46721
It's nice to know my minor troubles could always be worse :D. I encountered something like your first pic a few times as a child playing in fields; by comparison these suburb thorns aren't so bad. Of course they make up for those small teeth with overwhelming numbers, hiding a battalion behind every blade of grass waiting to ambush every trespassing sock :D
No. 46740
>This oriental art history won't be that hard
>I've attached a selection of oriental art
>Use Panofsky's three-step method: describe the object in detail, try to discern what it tries to represent and then try to guess which culture it belongs to
>This oriental art history won't be that hard
>Look at the slides
>44 pieces of art

This seems like a lot of tedious work.
The professor was strangely considerate though. She asked us to write down our short biographies and the reason we're studying what we're studying. Then she asked us about or preconceptions and knowledge on Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian and Tibetan art.

Chinese classes are going better. Turns out it really adds to the enjoyment when you actually prepare for the next class adequately.
Apparently we got lucky with our native-instructor, because some of the others don't even speak English, so the students have a hard time guessing what she wants.
I think my pronunciation is getting better too. (Though j-q-r are a bitch because these are sounds I've never encountered before in my life. Honestly, trying to pronounce "ri" makes me want to throw up a bit.)
And the chinese teacher is actually able to pronounce my given name. Which is good. Puts me on the map.
The textbook listed a number of occupations to address people. It was kind of amusing. Worker, Teacher, Peasant, Lawyer and Cadre.
Especially the last one. The teacher even said
>Knowing the characters for this right now is unimportant. It's just for practiving the pronounciation.

Another thing I've discovered that the fact that the antiquary-row is right across the street will lead to short term bankruptcy.
Today I bought a two volume set of Plutarch's Lives and an ancient Greek reader from the 30s in good condition.
Also picked up a pocked edition of Hölderlin's poems in German and a copy of Zinovyev's Homo Sovieticus.

When my mother got home I said that I have to talk with her, and she said:
>I guess this is going to be an urgent meeting of the monetary council
Basically she said ged a job fugger :---DD

I'm very tired. Currently struggling with Greek conjugation. I might drink a coffee before leaving for class.
Yet another lesson from this new situation. Time management is everything.
Is it healthy to treat yourself like a planned economy, or is that 'tism?

Whatever, I can't wait to come home and sleep for 8 hours tomorrow and then write the required descriptions for those art pieces.
No. 46741
528 kB, 3052 × 2871
Actually, now that I think about it, smaller thorns are probably way nastier.
The nastiest thorns I've ever been shanked by were the fuzz from this fucker, a cactus we used to have when I was a kid.
fuck these things.
No. 46743
We got fucken bindiis. Invasive weeds with small seeds that are spiky. They turn some lawns into fucken minefields if you're barefoot. It's a common dilemma in Australia during backyard cricket, make the catch or stay the tuck out of the bindii patch.

Thanks South America for the wonderful export.
No. 46745
492 kB, 355 × 255, 0:04
I'm growing a beard and it's fucking ITCHY
No. 46746
>Though j-q-r are a bitch
It's curious that you find a problem with j, q, AND r, actually, because Chinese "r" patterns with the zh-ch-sh, not j-q-x. j-q-x is the series more like the general European j-ch-sh (dzs-cz-s?) sounds, while zh-ch-sh-r are the weirder retroflexes (though Russian and Polish have the same sounds, so they aren't that weird).

You should check out the Wikipedia page on Chinese phonology. You may not get some of the terminology at first, but Wikipedia has astoundingly good phonological overviews for every major language, and it will give you a much clearer explanation than most language teachers will.
No. 46752
Yesterday I stayed up late to complete the digital humanities course online. They said we have a week, but in practice this meant that we had 4 days, because the deadline was Friday noon for some fucking reason.
Then I did parts of my Greek homework and went to bed because I was ready to drop dead.

Went to Greek class. Got the previous test handed back and it was flawless. Also got handed back the first homework sheet. The lecturer said that my writing looks very energetic.
I think this is the first time since I started writing that anyone said something positive about my handwriting.

Sadly only half of the two hour lecture was held, because there was an interdepartmental emergency meeting the lecturer had to attend.

On my way out of the subway station I took a copy of a free newspaper. It's probably government funded. I just wanted to see if it has Garfield in it. (It has Garfield in it.)
On my way home, I saw that the company operating the metro was handing out free surgical masks, so I took one.

I slept a good 6-7 hours after coming home.

With zh-ch-sh is relatively easy because I can approximate based on sounds I already know, and pronouncing a light dzs, cs or s isn't that taxing on my vocal chords.
On the other hand, j-q and r are rather foreign sounding. (r is the easier of the bunch, because it's almost like our zs, but the sound itself is articulated differently so it's not exactly the same.
I understand the general concept behind the sounds, it's just hard to put them into practice because my tongue is not used to it.

I kinda realised after the second class that the common Hungarian transcription for most Chinese names that we used for the better half of the 20th century until pinyin came about is kinda brutish at best. (Though some publications still use it for some reason. Haven't seen the English or the Americans using Wade-Giles in recent memory for example, but we still use our own transcription system.)
It transcribes j as k, x as hs (instead of xsh) and zh-ch-q all became cs (ch in English).
In essence, it's useless, and now I realize why I had so much trouble looking up things and converting it to pinyin when I had to.
(Though thankfully we don't use it, it was cast into the lake of fire in academic circles once pinyin came about.)
No. 46753
>With zh-ch-sh is relatively easy because I can approximate based on sounds I already know, and pronouncing a light dzs, cs or s isn't that taxing on my vocal chords.
>On the other hand, j-q and r are rather foreign sounding.
You see, that's what confuses me. j-q-x are more like "light" versions of dzs-cs-s; they're formed almost identically, and have similar acoustic profiles.

Whereas the retroflexes (Chinese zh-ch-sh-r) are pronounced totally different, with the tip of the tongue curled back. They're also generally perceived as rougher sounds. I don't think you would make such a simple mistake, but it seems like you've mixed up the two pinyin series.
No. 46761
I tried out having a soul patch during freshman year in college. That phase lasted for a week before it became irritating.
In hindsight it also looked awful.
No. 46763
I started wearing a goatee with moustache several years ago. It was only itching while it was still short, after some time it stopped (or maybe I simply stopped noticing it, I dunno). I'm not really sure how good does it look. Female relatives of mine said that it really suited me, although they might have just being nice, one dude from my work nicknamed me d'Artagnan for it, and right now when I'm looking in the mirror, the goatee combined with my unkempt greasy metal hair (it's weekend, so I don't have to go outside and therefore don't have to wash it; hail Nurgle :-DDDDDDDDDDD) makes me look like some sort of bum Jesus. I don't think of shaving it off yet though, I kinda got used to it.
No. 46764
>On my way home, I saw that the company operating the metro was handing out free surgical masks, so I took one.
Is the metro completely privatized in Hungary? I see the benefits both of having a completely state owned and completely privatized metro but the monstrosity called "Deutsche Bahm" sadly is neither nor (it was privatized only partly), so it basically has a monopoly on the market while still being able to make profit for itself. So for instance the Deutsche Bahn is making business somewhere on the other side of the planet without any use for us while the train stations here are basically rotting. It's disgusting.
I was just wondering because those greedy fucks from DB would never ever give out free masks or anything.
No. 46766
4,8 MB, 2980 × 3676
No, it's completely nationalised through multiple state-owned companies that are closed to investment.
(Budapest is served by the Budapest Centre for Transport that employs the people and Budapest Transport Company that owns the infrastructure and the vehicles.)
The agglomeration is jointly serviced by the two Budapest companies and Volánbusz. The countryside and major cities all have their regional companies that are mostly long distance bus services.
Same goes for trains, where it's owned and operated by the Hungarian State Railways (essentially the same company since Austro-hungarian times, the only difference is that it was renamed from Royal Hungarian State Railways during the socialist era.)

The only reason why they haven't privatised the shit out of it, is because Budapest transport, while enormous, doesn't produce any profit and has never done so. And people expect it to be affordable.
There'd be a public outcry, just like how there'd be one if they privatised schools or healthcare. (People in post-soc countries have weird expectations like that.)
Essentially the commuters are subsidised via taxpayer money, because it's still worth it overall to have a workforce that's able to actually afford to get to work. (For example, my monthly student pass+agglomeration pass costs 11 euros)

Though for metros we usually buy carts from foreign companies, because it's cheaper than funding the infrastructure necessary to produce them.
Metro Line 4 has French carts, Metro Line 1 has custom made Danish carts, because it was made before tunnel sizes were standardized, and Metro Line 2 and 3 have Soviet and refurbished Russian carts respectively.
Some of the buses are domestically made or purchased from Germany.

They're handing out masks because it's now mandatory to wear them not only on the buses, trams and metros, but also while waiting at the stops. (If you don't they'll kick you off and you get a fine ranging from 22 to 140 euros. Same goes for stores and malls, with the added penalty that the shopkeeper gets fined for failing to enforce the rule, and repeat offenders have their shops closed up by the government.)(This also goes for gigabrainlets wearing their masks under their nose.)
The masks themselves aren't much to write home about, they're basic surgical masks that cost 70 cents, but it's still a nice gesture and ultimately useful.

Mine stopped being itchy once it grew a bit longer than a stubble. No Idea if I look stupid or not, because I wear a mask whenever I'm out, but it's somewhere between a goatee and a van Dyke. (Basically pic related but a bit longer.)
No. 46768
Public transport is socialism. Only people too poor or too leftist to afford a car squeeze into narrow spaces full of niggers and lower-class scum. Of course, leftist-green parties of Germ-Many spent ever increasing amounts of taxes on public transport for socialist reasons. Simultaneously, they work hard to increase the cost of owning a car.

Socialists hate wealth, and they work hard to create artificial poverty by policy. Everyone but themselves being too poor to own a car or a house is what socialists dream of. That's why they hate cars and love bicycles and public transport. FUCK all the soy-eating gay open-mouthed cyclists!
No. 46769
We have same settis here. It's fucking terrible. Especially since there's taxpayer funded infrastructure that goes into things like bus roads which only benefit the monopolised private bus provider. I've not really been using the trains much because the service is awkward from where I live but they're also expensive like the buses are.

I think it cost me about ~AU$20-25 week to get to and from work by bus for example and it was an hour long trip one way because I'm not near an express line.
No. 46770 Kontra
Is this post satire?
No. 46774 Kontra
Most European cities aren't suited for the one car per person retardation the USA practices.
You fucking need public transport if you want the labour force to get from the agglomeration to the city centre efficiently, not because muh socialism but because the economy needs it and otherwise you'd have colossal traffic jams.
No. 46781 Kontra
11 kB, 500 × 320
I went to Cologne by train with a friend for an evening event and stayed the night with other people living there and are people my friend knows. Met a woman in that group who reminded me of my ex, similar face, only bigger eyes, similar hair and about same height and slimness. I was a bit love drunk, she was better dressed than my ex and reads the better books and is interested in politics. Ach, that is life I guess, I will probably never see her again and even if I do, what does it matter.
No. 46794
1,6 MB, 1440 × 1583
Overheard a conversation at the store where a lady was talking about how she opened a veggie shop, and she and the other lady she was talking to both agreed that it'd be good to buy produce from a kazakh shop owner than from "those dunghans". The dunghans have had a veggie shop in the area for years and they're basically part of the community in their role.

Would I be a bigot if I said I don't really feel very offended or concerned over that? The reason being is that regular joe kazakhs in this country feel as marginalized and oppressed by their own government as any minority might. Despite being a technical majority. And the peculiar fact is that the people in the government oppressing the common kazakhs are also kazakh. There's really no way to construct this narrative of "powerful status quo majority ethnicity oppressing the minorities", or "political power is about ethnic preference" when it is so blatantly self evident, living in this country, that ethnic identity plays almost no part in systematic economical or political injustice. There is no kazakh equivalent to the "white man", or other form of ethnic oppression today. Sure, there was, at some point (if you choose to frame it that way), when russians wielded the political power, but the russians have since left or became irrelevant, replaced by kazakh politicians, but the oppression somehow remained almost exactly the same in mechanism and character. So the western conception/Mythos of political zeitgeist as they describe doesn't apply at all here, but wectoids of the liberal disposition still act like their views have a total universality, that they are merely describing reality as it is, rather than being interpreters of it like everyone else.

What kicked off this train of thought is that I watched some youtube think tank political "essayists" or whatever, and the experience left me dejected. Because even though I find them agreeable in their overall conclusions, the basic premise or axioms they hold as "true", or as the basis of the reality they hold as given, are so different from mine that I can't help but feel alienated. And the whole ethnic character of oppression in wect vs kazakhsan was just one example, it's not the extent of my disagreements. Another one is their view of Art as a sort of cultural and political tool or utility, that only holds meaning or importance in the context of culture or politics, rather than having meaning inherent to itself. I find that idea deeply offensive. To me, the totality of human condition is so much larger than some narrative or culture or period in a subset of human history, that the idea that an act that is meant to reflect on this condition is merely a subset of this narrow band of history and region we call "culture" is just outright wrong, and wrong in a moral sense rather than being merely incorrect.

I went out looking for allies and ended up feeling alienated. And regarding the whole "youtube political essay" phenomenon. Another thing that irks me is the lack of conception of "truth" as a metaphysical entity. But it's not like they crusade against "truth" like some post modern marxist strawman caricature, it's just that their overall behavior sort of betrays a view of "truth" as an incidental, situational characteristic, rather than something wholly meaningful. In that, they believe that someone who presents the better case, or is better argued, or more eloquent, or more researched, or more knowledgeable in a given context or group, is "right" in the sense of what they are saying being "true", rather than being merely More or less correct, eloquent, etc, than their opponents. Are they really trying to "find truth", or are they one-upping each other through intellectual competition? Which leads me to the question: is being the least stupid person in a sea of midwit dumbasses (how I tend to view social media, including youtube, and especially the right wing """thinkers""" that those essayists love to debunk) worthwhile at all? It just feels like by watching their content, I wasted a bunch of my time, but didn't learn anything fundamentally valuable. I only found out who won the special olympics.

And it's not like those people aren't well read or knowledgeable or anything, they cite resources and seem to have a good and well reasoned understanding of the topics they've read about. And the lack of value I see in their work leads me to two equally disappointing conclusions. That either being "well read" or "educated" is a total meme and most "intellectual" literature is a bunch of midwits sharing banalities with each other and patting each other in the back with ideas that someone sufficiently intelligent could simply infer rather than reading about, or that I'm a weirdo mentally ill retard with a fundamentally erroneous conception of the world itself, and that the true source of my alienation is that I live in my private faux-reality that nobody else shares.

Overall, a weird and unpleasant experience, and I don't want to engage in this stuff any more. Then again, I am a believer that arbitrary shifts in mood are what color our experiences, rather than the other way around, so maybe this dismal interpretation is just a result of my recent bad mood.
No. 46798
Oligopoly is oligopoly. The oligarchs here spookfeed idpol into the gullible masses so that their only real argument ends up becoming whether it is bad that the alleged powerful small clique of white people is Jewish or not. That single sentence entirely describes the retardation of our politics: is the problem that we are run by rich white men, or those rich white men happen to be Jews?

The premise is ridiculous of course and it is a garbage system whether they are ethnically Han, speak Hindi at home, eat kebab, or are some other group of Kazakhs or Russians or whomever. The left of course is almost entirely nonexistent here and the coupling of nonstop corporate media brainwashing with concerted efforts of the secret police like the FBI has seen to that that the principle public discourse centered around the myth of WASPs who haven't even been the majority of our oligarchs in so long it's like, what, you think this is the late 19th century or something?

Of course it is a structural problem, but even just to recognize this would shatter not only that idiotic diatribe against common sense they utilize with idpol but furthermore shatter a great number of other assumptions. Of course our even more brainwashed and idiotic rednecks simply fall back on their own version of da kosher man be keepin me down.

Quite frankly what we need at this point is a third position utilizing technology. Human nature never changes. It is a constant, and we will always have powerful self serving cliques but what we can do is things like mandating personality tests and utilization of neuropsychology and technical means to ensure that none of those people are psychopaths and that structurally the power is distributed.

The genius of the American system was the political but it contained the absolutely fatal flaw of not addressing the economical, thus ensuring the same outcome that the Soviets did by trying to figure out how to democratize the economical while failing spectacularly at political democracy, both of which end up in nothing but a bunch of brainless apparatchiki and equally brainless pseudo-apparatchiki critics like the Wectern liberal.

Considering that Kazakhstan seems to have inherited both the political of Soviet times and increasingly aspects of the economical from unipolar post-CW Americanism I honestly cannot even imagine what garbage that system would produce that would probably make me want to drink myself to death simply by sight of it. I'd imagine that eventually everythjng degenerates into familial associated cliques of scam artists trying to race to the bottom in who can do a better job at passing off some utterly haphazard ramshackle piece of poorly constructed garbage on the other before either disappearing entirely under a new llc name or using so many layers of incomprehensible bureacratic EULAs and fine print bullshit contractual agreements that not even Ayaulym Cochran could successfully litigate the case.

>That either being "well read" or "educated" is a total meme and most "intellectual" literature is a bunch of midwits sharing banalities with each other and patting each other in the back with ideas that someone sufficiently intelligent could simply infer rather than reading abou
No this is really what the Wectern intellectual tradition has deteriorated into more often than not because logic and rhetoric or the finer arts of discourse have not at all been introduced neither in primary nor in secondary because such a thing is utterly corrosive to our toxic national architecture, partly because it is based on advertising, marketing, corporatism, and that while logic and rhetoric and being taught how to be rstional and reason things out was taught to my parent's generation, possibly in efforts to counter "communist indoctrination" it is no longer needed and thus would only wake people up to seeing through their own national indoctrination. This had led ultimately to every manner of bizarre and patently stupid doctrine being bandied about here the bulk of which is reliant upon the flimsiest of sophistries.

They are in essence taught the opposite of the science of knowing and of rationality, but rather taught the science of un-knowing things. Like when I was in school and they tried to teach that gender and sex are different it was immediately clear to me as an 18 year old that this was merely to decouple the two and teach the once concept as being a mental or social construct and then to erroneously link it to biological status and then using that ipso facto to imply that therefore something as beyond common sense like "males have testes" is now somehow wrong and debateable.

The real objective I have always suspected was to turn their minds to such mush that they are willing to believe any amount of absurdity or doublethink and that it was important to the oligarchy to inculcate this in one of their greatest threats, the intelligentsia, and to thus neuter them into likewise irrelevancy in similar manner as to how they created the idea that only legal protests are valid, that you need a permit to protest, and to link coercion into "not being nonviolent protest" which likewise neutered any active measure political resistances from activists.

I really wish to emphasize here that (and I am sorry for you catching some blowback) this is entirely true of red team and blue team, albeit with blueteam still being mildly less retarded and useless in some areas even now if only just barely. The anti-maskers becoming a thing outside America is evidence of the malign influence of the transnational oligarchy. The idea that a multigenerational east coast elite from NYC whose daughter converted to Orthodox Judaism would "save us from the globohomo jews and fight pizza pedos" is the kind of thing as transparently retarded as trannyism but like I said, they are taught not to think, to be Orwellian citizens.

If it had anything to do with Americans don't bother. The country has historically long held stands of anti-intellectualism here but it is now so bad that there really isn't any intellectualism or intellectual movement to speak of, hence part of why I hide out on international forums instead to escape these accursed halfwits. Between post modernism and the idea of scientism as doctrinal rather than a process, you'll find little of worth sadly.
No. 46803
>being "well read" or "educated" is a total meme and most "intellectual" literature is a bunch of midwits sharing banalities with each other and patting each other in the back with ideas that someone sufficiently intelligent could simply infer rather than reading about
100% this. It isn't exactly a revolutionary conclusion, either.

It makes sense when you consider that higher intelligence was probably evolved to handle social posturing. Reasoning to prove to others that you're right is adaptive. Reasoning to probe the fundamental nature of reality is not. Thankfully, some of us are able to take part in the latter, even if it's not the natural use of intelligence for the average human.
No. 46805
What you refer to is classism? That is usually missing from wectern liberals that jerk off about non-white minorities.
The thing might be and you overlook that, ethnical minorities might be confronted with more than just classists oppression and marginalization because of their socio-economic status and political stances and danger. They suffer under the same regime but while regular kazakhs might get a job, the minority one does not get it because he/she is of THAT ethnicity and therefore not suited because x etc etc.
Also marginalization and oppression in that context are not the same but you treat it as such.
Sure, the government can opress the people as whole, but gays are still marginalized, the suffer the same common political oppression by the government but on top of that they are not allowed to express their sexuality or live in danger if they do so, while kazakh joe can brag how he fucked his wife without any problems.

>inherent to itself

And I thought there is no identity possible to you, why does have a piece of art inherent meaning, which means substance/identity, while the self has not?

The referentiality comes from insights like the one that an enitity is constituted via its difference to others and does nit get it by some metaphysical magic.
I don't think art is just a tool, but it affects and that it is a bodily and mindly sensation, meaning yeah, but that is not all there is to art.

>I live in my private faux-reality that nobody else shares.

You want the ground of it all, given that nobody delivered a satisfying answer so far. Many people retreatded from that task and perspectivism is strong these days:
>For perspectivism, the following applies: "One thing is always the other at the same time", which makes it impossible to make a valid statement about descriptions, depictions and characterizations of people, things or circumstances, It is "only rudimentarily binding"; "the principle of pure contingency prevails"; what is present can also be different. Inherent in perspectivism is "the moment of indecisiveness, of unsharpness, of undecidability: in the end one does not know whether it does not in fact compose differently than it seems to be. Whoever accepts perspectivism for himself accepts "the fundamental unrecognizability of truth. Accordingly, truth as a singular goal of knowledge, as truth, is a chimera.

Nietzsche was a perspectivist (a form of relativism btw), and he like others around the time became sceptic of language, in a famous essay: Nietzsche says that the word "thunder" is just a methaphor for the thing that happens in nature, it does not actually entail thunder, it's just an arbitrary signifier for a concept that we have of this thing happening. The insight around 1900 is: Language does not refer to the outside world anymore but is a game of referentiality within language.
No. 46806 Kontra
632 kB, 188 pages
No. 46814
20 kB, 243 × 360
Well, the established situation here is that ethnic minorities band into sort of clique networks and familial ties (this includes russians btw), and that also applies to kazakhs overall, but the kazakh ethnic group is too large for "merely being kazakh" to be valuable, so closer familial ties are more important. And that's... bad, I guess? But people here accept it as a given, rather than a deep, cruel injustice. They sort of accept that at the end of the day, when shit goes down, there's a gradient of people from the closest to furthest from you, and the magnitude of the shit going down determines the line on that gradient where you start throwing people to the wolves. You could say it is bad in a general sense, but is it a "problem", when everyone in a society, including the minorities, is okay with a certain social behavior, and accepts it as given? Problems are usually obstructions to a goal, and if there's no agreed upon goal, is there a problem at all? Like, should I feel bad about all this evil in-group preference, the way some western liberal would want people to feel about it, if literally nobody cares? And it's not like a western liberal would object to a minority having in-group preference, only the "powerful status quo majority", or at least they claim so when talking about whites. So, as a kazakh, being on the lower rungs of global social hierarchy, and unmistakably a "minority" should I move to a western country, but being a majority in my own country, where does that leave me? Should I be not okay with in-group preference while I live here, and then immediately become ok with it the moment I immigrate or become a minority? Or are the questions I'm asking don't make any sense because the argument about in-group preference being bad was only formulated with whites in mind, and isn't meant to serve a general function outside of white countries? If that's their methodology, creating models or ideas that only apply in their specific situations, then that robs their ideology of any kind of validity as an egalitarian sort of universal, "multi-cultural" framework they wish to present it as.
Which, in my mind, lowers it to a level of mythos. Western white liberal mythos about how the world works, similar to how primitive tribes create models and explanations about why thunder and lightning happens, but their explanations do not create a generalized model, but something that only makes sense or is useful in "their world". That's fine I guess, but then they should drop their pretenses, and especially reverence of "objectivity" and "rationality" that they wield more as authority than virtue.
I think there's an attempt in western liberal thought to reconcile the respect they have (and also the perceived authority it gives) for objectivity, rationalism, the empiric method, and the deeply sentimental, guilt-based morality they have, which seems descendant from christian morality in how it sort of runs on pity towards the weak and marginalized. I think this fundamental conflict causes their belief system to be incoherent, lacking in larger applicability, and operating primarily on a case by case basis, or within their own narrow cultural-historic context. So then, why should it apply to me? I mean, I don't want to be a raging ethno-nationalist bigot, but it's just that the liberal ideology hasn't presented me with a coherent argument for why I SHOULDN'T be. Only why THEY (specifically White Man(tm)) shouldn't be. For an ideology that claims to be abut diversity, inclusion, egalitarianism, etc., it seems strangely white/west centered. It's like the white man stopped being the "protagonist of history", and is now the antagonist, but the story is still "about" him, and stops making sense if you take them out of the picture. It's like the one thing they don't want to give up, the self importance. Their ideology can't apply to all possible worlds and cultures, only to those where the white man is the most powerful and significant. Yeah, ok, way to flatter yourself, white man, lmao.
No. 46815
506 kB, 1500 × 2711
130 kB, 500 × 735
re: sexual minorities. yeah, the situation with their image and treatment here is not very good, and it's a real problem. but it's not like I was disagreeing with that. as I said, the conclusions they come to are agreeable, it's the method by which they arrive to them that I have a problem with. here is another way I live in a situation where their supposedly "inclusive" ideological framework stops making any sense the moment you actually include a foreign culture into it. Being from a muslim majority country. How do you reconcile the desire to "accept different cultures" with "respect the human rights of sexual minorities", when that different culture has an unambiguously negative view of sexual minorities? Either you change the culture to not be bigoted, which is exactly the opposite of "accepting" it, and is more a type of cultural imperialism, or you let them keep their culture, and give up the human rights of sexual minorities. Which would be terrible. In the west, this irreconcilable conflict is sort of swept under the rug because muslims are not a large enough cultural group to affect the larger cultural narrative or policy, politics, etc., but it stops working the moment you're in a country of majority muslims. Their thought system about "acceptance" RELIES on a cultural/religious group being marginalized and having no political power to work in the first place, which is incredibly funny.

What happened to "not tolerating intolerance"? Is it ok when it's a "minority" doing it? (btw "minority" is a completely meaningless concept also, doesn't work outside the wect). Reminds me of one interpretation of the story of garden of eden, in which before they ate the apple of knowledge of good and evil, they were essentially animals, and that the "punishment" God dealt for eating the apple wasn't really a punishment, but a consequence of eating it: they became mortal and started experiencing suffering, merely because they gained the capacity to understand their mortality and suffering, rather than anything actually changing about their condition. Well, when those liberals decide to selectively not apply their lofty moral standards on "minorities", it feels like a type of dehumanization. You know, only western people and white people culture can be morally transgressive, only western people can be judged harshly for being homophobic or bigoted or whatever, "minorities", they can't be judged you see, they are beyond good and evil, incapable of sin, not to be morally judged for "their culture", like how you can't judge a dog for eating its own shit.

Feeling kind of left out of the discussion here lads. Excluded maybe? Marginalized? Why does it feel like western wokeness is just white exceptionalism and white man's burden with a new coat of paint? And those concerns I have are not even acknowledged, let alone brought up or debated. Deliberately avoided maybe? It seems like western sociopolitical discourse is just one group of whites arguing with another group of whites about how to best treat their herd of minority cattle. Makes sense I suppose, you don't invite a cow to an argument about veganism.

Kinda disheartening that the mainstream "least bad" option as far as societal frameworks go is so useless. Here I am, consulting the most advanced civilization that has ever existed on how to navigate and deal with this society I find myself in, and they give me this heap of dysfunctional garbage. Classic westoid folly of presupposing their own historical narrative as a given, and then applying the conclusions to a completely different context, while imagining themselves as unbiased and objective. Reminds me of those russian colonial ethnographers who'd come around to study the local population, but for some reason never consult the population itself, and only gather information from other russians and tertiary sources, then go back thinking they've gleaned valuable insight into a foreign culture. Or how the soviets applied their agricultural mindset to a completely different environment and way of life, causing a famine of a magnitude never before seen in the region. Epic.
No. 46816
34 kB, 378 × 264
>And I thought there is no identity possible to you, why does have a piece of art inherent meaning, which means substance/identity, while the self has not?
"Inherent to itself" was a bit of a mis-statement in my attempt to cram the idea into a sentence as part of a larger argument, so I guess elaboration is in order. I don't think that a piece of art itself, as in its physical body, or even it's "description", as in what it appears as in consciousness, has any "identity" or inherent characteristics to it. It's merely matter, or thought, the "clay" of reality. But I do see them as special objects that act as sort of a materialized symbol or a multi-faceted crystal through which you can peek the the "true" object it is trying to represent. A portal into the world of "true" objects, if you will. (in the same way you could assert that humans have a "soul" that is a unique arrangement of symbols that represent some higher concepts, but that's far from the conventional idea of "identity". nothing's really unique about a particular human, only a particular arrangement. similarly I wouldn't say any piece of art is totally unique, rather unique takes and arrangements on a theme, commonly in a movement or style of art. they all refer to the same objects, each in different ways, but there's no unique object per work of art)
In my view, this property of art being a conduit to a higher concept is the reason for why an accurate reproduction of a painting still evokes an authentic experience despite not being "the thing", or why printmaking doesn't destroy the "essence" of the art, and a quality of it remains despite there not even being an intended "original" body of the art. And I do believe (or choose to believe) that things can be appreciated without context, that something worthwhile remains even if context is ripped out. If I were to accept that such is not the case, and there really isn't anything behind the "window", that would have quite disturbing implications for me. Possibly a loss of interest in art in general. Because the physical body of the art, the frame of the "window" doesn't interest me, it is a clump of matter as anything else. If the "meaning" of the art lies not behind this "barrier" between the "divine" and worldly, but here, in our space, meat space or thought space, and emerges depending on context (the particular arrangement of things in our space) that makes art less interesting to me as well. Because then, I could get anything that art could give me out of any other arrangements of things that create a context. Art loses its special purpose and distinction from things that are non-art. Why would I look at art then, rather than anything else? You could say art would still have value as a set of curated aesthetics arranged into a context, but that is less valuable to me than revealing something that is otherwise inaccessible. And if there's no "truth" in art, not inherent but at least emergent from the constitution of its part into a particular arrangement that is a "code" for a particular concept, then doesn't that mean nothing really coheres into a whole and everything is just a collection of discrete parts? And if the only "meaning" of a piece is contained in the context rather than being emergent from the thing itself, wouldn't two people looking at the same piece see not the piece, but their respective contexts, therefore making art itself an irrelevant middleman in the act of observing context? That would sort of mean that nothing new can be gleaned or shared through art, and when people look at art, they're really just staring at themselves, and could in fact use any other conduit through which to stare at themselves, rather than the "hollow" art piece. What, then is the difference between one art piece to another? If a thing is not even similar to itself, how can it be different from another? It is all, then, just static or void unto which we project something else, or from which we extract something we already had, like pareidolia. Then looking at art, in essence, is no different than staring at a wall or tv static and hallucinating.
No. 46817
191 kB, 2020 × 739
On that note, the existence of truth in reality. Tbh, I don't make a distinction between art and "real" reality, so a lot of the same things would apply. The idea that there is no unifying entity we'd call "truth", "axiom", or even "God", to our experiences of reality, or reality itself, and that as such, we're not having a shared experience at all, is something I've thought about and suspected as being the case, but decided to postpone considering too deeply because to me, the implications of that are quite disturbing. I suspect the reason I became interested in monism, idealism, neoplatonism and all that crap is due to my frequent experiences of derealization a few years back. The experience felt like everything fell apart into its constituent part but failed to cohere into a whole. Seeing images, hearing sounds, etc., felt like arbitrary stimuli, like watching a movie, but the Kuleshov effect suddenly does not work any more. A sequence of frames that is not tied together with anything, images and events that tell no story. And I always had this creeping suspicion that this is what the authentic experience of reality is really like, without all the spooks. But I thought, maybe even if "meaning" can't be gained from inherent properties of things, through emotions, etc., there is a way to arrive at something resembling "meaning" through reasoning and contemplation. Hence the neoplatonic stuff.

But maybe I do live in a completely private reality and there is no unifying thread that runs through all reality, or a common god-concept shared between everything. Well, that would mean a couple things. First, that I am completely metaphysically alienated, not merely lonely, but completely alien to every single entity in the universe, including myself. There's no commonality between anything, all things are categorically different. Which would mean that me and another person are as categorically different from each other as a cat is to a dog. So I'd have to accept that I'll be living in the world as a sort of wraith, disconnected from everything, a mere observer of phenomena that never arrange into patterns or form a coherent whole. Which I already feel like to an extent sometimes tbh. Another disturbing implication is that even if there is some commonality between things, but a non-universal one, the categorical difference between things that are crucially unlike still holds. Which would mean that, for example, people within a certain bracket of intelligence, due to their ability to "decypher" more of the world, live in a completely different reality than people who are less intelligent, who live in a world consisting of less "things", limited by things they can understand. That would mean dumber people literally have less of a "soul". And that an IQ160 is as different from an IQ89 as, again a cat is from a dog. Pretty unnerving. You could extend that to cultures, nations, anything you want. There's no actual "human condition" within this framework, just isolated conditions of categorically different "things" that only incidentally happen to all be "human". I never really engage or interact with "other human beings", but only with various types of categorically different objects with certain characteristics. Interacting with a trash can has the same character to it as interacting with your parents. There's no such thing as "human rights" (no such thing as "humans"), or "morals". Those things are whatever I decide to be true and assert upon my own reality. As exciting as it is to imagine yourself as an invictus citing free agent god of your own reality, it seems like a pretty dismal existence to me.

this post got less and less coherent as it went on, but I got tired, so apologies. I still have a couple more posts to respond to, but I'll have to take a break.
No. 46819
80 kB, 500 × 500
Happy birthday to me!

As always, I spent my birthday going out to a steakhouse and ordered a juicy thick prime au poivre; nothing in the world quite like it.
No. 46820
Happy birthday
No. 46822 Kontra
Happy birthday, glad you enjoyed it
No. 46826
26 kB, 350 × 320
Happy Birthday, Ernst.
No. 46827
Happy Birthday, glad you enjoyed such a delicious steak!
No. 46829 Kontra
95 kB, 610 × 343
Happy Birthday m8. You are making me hungry! I will have some frozen pizza for the evening.

After having a good and fairly long conversation with a potential roommate, I collapsed engergetically (I only had some fruits and raw veggies as breakfast) and went sad to the grocery store, where a cut cashier girl is working on mondays, welp the low energy sad sack I am wasnt able to talk loudly enough even. And tbh she might be around 20, though being attractive I often think if that isn't too far away already. But I guess I'm of some interest to her, perhaps, we dress in a certain direction, I can see it by her jewelery and hair cut. I mean I won't ask her out anway, joges on me, I waste energy by thinking about it, but the lonliness is strong again. I wonder if it is my fucked up nutrition or if my mental health is already out of plumb again. Don't even feel like bumping the threda.
No. 46832
267 kB, 1024 × 781
I think the biggiest issue I have with uni so far is that I feel like a fish out of water.
I was part of a community for five years and now that community is no more. It's a bit like an identity-crisis. (I have no idea about my relationships to this community or if I'm even a part of it.)
Generally speaking, I feel kind of depressed.

Went to work today to earn some money. I've decided in favour of buying the Chinese-Hungarian dictionary, since it's 25% off.
(Still hella expensive, but who cares.)
I like physical dictionaries.
Nothing interesting happened at work.
I felt really tired throughout the day because I stayed up late to complete copying the Chinese characters for Tuesday's class.
(Actually copied a good few of them a second time, because when I was outside on Saturday, writing, I went inside to pour some tea and by the time I got back a bird shat on it.)

I'm on a crunch to finish stuff. Managed to finish the Greek homework I failed to do for last class, and also did the homework for tomorrow's class.
My only task for tomorrow is to write the 44 art-analyses for oriental art history class.

Happy birthday.
No. 46833
College is where you shift from a social life defined by involuntary cohorts, to a social life defined by strictly voluntary association.

Clubs are a great way to meet people if your natural inclination is to be a hiki-intellectual. Every other Hungarian of similar age and interests is doing the same thing you are right now, and a good percentage of them will be at your university. You'll meet a lot of interesting people if you go out of your way to do it.
No. 46834
550 kB, 1365 × 2047
Generally one might say in university nobody cares about you. You are pretty much anonym. I mean I saw people again and again, from courses or just by accident in the same hallway or whatever it is, and this while thousands of students on campus etc. Best is to speak to people who seem like-minded, especially in the beginning, the American pointed one way. I went eating with people sometimes after a course because we were talking but it did not happen often in 5 years, I sometimes drank a coffee with a girl I met pretty late, well about 2 years ago during a weeklong student workshop, I have friends and wasn't interested in making new really, I still made a few acquaintanceships at least for the time being and one person who remained something like a friend, so we often only talk about "intellectual stuff" but we also talked about relationships and life in general for instance. Not sure if my coworker is still my friend when I will write to her again, she is a student as well.
No. 46836
I honestly ultimately had little to do with people from my own field(s)it's not uncommon to switch majors at least once btw although I often find it difficult to fathom anymore why or how I began associating. It often becomes associates of associates. Knew people of wildly varying interests. Some from classes, though mostly others from our orientation first week group and then people that became associated with us, which ended up forming a core clique of sorts tbh.

My advice is don't be afraid to meet people and force yourself out of your comfort zone. You'll find people with similar interests but do extracurricular activities. These are very important. Between that, class, and the occasional pointless party you'll find plenty of likeminded individuals.
No. 46841
After more than a year of being unemployed and loving every minute of it tomorrow I will be starting on my new job. It's not very interesting and I'm overqualified for it but at least it pays okay-ish.
No. 46842
75 kB, 750 × 831

They play a new version of this on the radio right now.
1) I'm getting old
2) It sounds like shit, the typical, stripped of any special groove, cheap electro bum tz bum tz bum tz beat you can hear on the radio these days
3) I wonder if people felt the same when in the early 2000s all the older disco and funk classics of the 1970s and 1980s got remade as electro track, e.g. Vinylshakers - One Night in Bangkok
4) Was this track a thing in the US or is it a Yuropoor hit?
No. 46844
489 kB, 1280 × 856
I am alone, very alone. It became interesting to see how long I'd last in relative isolation until I began genuinely hurting, turns out the answer is right about 6 months. As a more introverted type, I knew I could hold out longer than the average person but I hadn't realized just how necessary at least having the possibility of going out and socializing on any given night was. Now that I feel alone during a pandemic, there isn't much I can do to solve this. I installed tinder for the first time and had it running for a little under 24h, managed to match 4 girls but it just gave me a horrible feeling of alienation and I ended up getting rid of it. I even managed to mix up two of the girls I was talking to, something I take no responsibility for, because they all look the exact same.

The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I am dealing with this far better than my peers.
No. 46845
35 kB, 640 × 747
How old are you? I'd imagine it harder in your 20s. For me personally because I've had work this whole time more or lesssometimes hell of a lot less I got dropped down to working 40 hours a month or less at one point I've cherished every minute of alone time. Of course I also took the deliberate course of action of wiping out all my former associations and not talking to or dealing with people anymore before this all started and had chosen some time ago not to drink anymorethe two are intrinsically related it's also probably made it easier on me.

I can't necessarily say that I am happy in the way I was at various other points but I am also no longer in crises after crises or pointless drama sapping my emotional energy. Life has become a bit prosaic. Prozac-like. But at the same time I really chose living this way and so I could easily go another solid month of not having a job at all and not being bothered by it whatsoever in fact had I no financial worries I could be laid off right now and be mentally and emotionally go until Thanksgiving without dealing with anyone. It'd give me more time to work on a couple projects and tune down my backlog.
>what level of introversion are you at
>like 5, 6 months my dude
>you are like a little babby here watch this
No. 46849 Kontra
Mid 20s, mind you I still work 40h/w but I do it alone.
No. 46854 Kontra
Had another online meeting regarding a room. One roommate only came to Germany some years ago and his German was broken. I hesitated to ask him, what brought him to Germany, not because the broken German was not understandable but because the connection was rather bad and I did not want to appear rude because of connection issues and asking all the time. I think in either case, not asking, or asking and having problems to understand because of connection issues. I told them I'd like talking not via internet stream but in person. My hesitation made me probably appear rude or uninterested, fuck. They seem like chill people afterall.
No. 46855 Kontra
Given second thoughts, it might not have been that bad, maybe he did not expect it, maybe he escaped a regime for differnt reasons that are not easily talked about and way to direct to ask. I'm pretty sure to know which country he is from, so not a cool regime at all to express yourself.
No. 46867
I'm sorry I must've missed a few posts in the chain of your happenings so I'm now perfectly clueless wtf you're talking about. I've seen you talk about meetings before. What meetings? For work? Regime?
No. 46869 Kontra
Oh and also today I discovered that the stain whose tone I thought I'd cherish it really is a great fucking color let me tell you, that cognac stain is the absolute best I've seen sold anywhere around here it's the absolute most perfect color balance, warmth, darkness, it just looks great is apparently fucking oil based for one, and two I hadn't realized that I can't just slap it on and was supposed to use some kind of a damp rag to wipe away the excess so the wood can shine through. The result of this is that while I really do like the color it's pretty much totally obscured everything about the wood itself and you can barely see anything about the grain itself in the board now. It's still drying but last I checked I couldn't even see the knots. That kind of sucks because I bought that ten dollar plank thinking how great the knots and grain would look with the right finish. Oh well whatever. At least I'm only using the thing for now to rest my computer on because it's sunk into the carpet and I think it's starting to block my intake fan so really it's only to put a PC for the time being.
No. 46870 Kontra
I havent been home since January.
I booked 3 flights over last week, to go home, and see my loved ones. All flights got cancelled one after another.

If I could choke the living breath out of each peson who've been stoking up covid hysteria over most of this year, I would. You are afraid of the coronavirus? Hey, tough luck. I will strangle you now. Sorry, nothing personal, it's just you are too much of a burden.
No. 46875
I'm looking for a room in a shared flat. So far I have no luck, because I'm an Ernst. Here in Germany at least it is called "WG-Casting" WG is Wohngemeinschaft which means shared apartment/living community and it entails writing to people on the most used platform in use for classifieds and they will invite you to come over, but if the distance is too big and/or in times of corona, people usually resort to online meetings.

I thought all Germans we usually have here, are natives.
No. 46876
270 kB, 721 × 985
Monday and Tuesday weren't the catastrophes I expected them to be.
Chinese test went well and apparently only a few characters had errors on my practice-sheet, I did fine in Greek-class. Turns out I know a lot more historical anecdotes than I'd have thought otherwise.
Actually had the chance to ask a few questions to the Chinese tutor on Tuesday, and I took the opportunity.
Now I finally know why the Hungarian transcription of Chinese names is fucked.
She also talked about how the switching from one transcription system to the other impacted her work as a translator.
Of course then I mentioned how I've seen some of her translations in an anthology of short stories.
Basically the information itself was valuable, and it also helped with my positioning.
Mum said I should keep managing myself like this.

I had to stay up late to finish the assignment (yeah, it's an assignment now, Kyle, we're no longer in HS!!) for art history class.
The issue with that one was that I know fuck all about Asian art history and it's not really fun to make completely clueless guesses. (Because that's what was asked of us.)
There was also the fact that we had to describe the works given to us in detail. The problem with that is that it's not 10-15 works, but 44 different paintings, statues and object we had to describe in detail and then guess where it's from, which, if you think about it is completely pointless, because you don't have a clue and probably half the shit you just wrote down is wrong.
But I did it, without cheating or anything. Ok, I needed a small sip of vodka to stop stressing about it, but otherwise it wasn't too bad aside from the fact that describing in detail 10 fucking Buddha statues kinda makes you lose the will to live.

But at least I got a good night's sleep after it.
The cold weather is coming, and it'll only make sleeping sweeter.
Finally put the fan away and the room feels a bit more spacious.

Yesterday the copy of the Chinese-Hungarian dictionary I ordered arrived. It's very pretty and by the looks of it a lot of work went into it.
Basically I'm looking forward to using it.
Mum was generous and said that she'd co-finance the acquisition.

This week has been a bit straining because of my awful time management, but I'm certain that today I'll be able to turn it around.
Then next week I'll get some proper sleep and can start reading the required literature for the classes.
Two weeks from now we'll be writing a quarter-semester exam from Chinese. It's probably to eliminate those from the group that don't or can't keep up with the rest.

Well, the voluntary socialisation is probably what makes it the hardest.
I really should look into different clubs if there are any.
(Rona makes this stuff a bit hard and complicated on top of me not being very social.)
I'm just kind of scared that I'll die alone and unloved
No. 46878
Welcome to the world of the enterpreneurial self, where individuals think they must manage themselves like they are particpiating as enterprise and likewise product on a market. This form of subjectivation is not uncommon and I think I already said I spot this shit with myself. But here is a tip before you stress out totally over the assignments. Put more effort in those that have a saying in our grade, the ones that are just mandatory but have no influence on the grade should be treated with minor importance, which means invest less time in them. These musn't be perfect or very good, the assignemnts and exams that are relevant for the grade should get most of the time you can invest. Ofc you should deliver a good piece just to learn by doing so and get a routine in writing texts, translating or whatever it is that is wanted. I'm sure those art assignment can be short cut because, with 44 pieces to examine, a smaller paragraph with all points adressed as demanded would be enough, maybe even less.
On the weekend I was meeting up with people and we talked about bullshitting through university. It's not like you know nothing and you will gradually gain insights, but nobody in academia likes to ackknowledge he or she knows less than somebody else. So certain forms of presenting yourself as well educated and familiar with knowledge about x,y and z is going on.

There is a book in German that is very good
>Erfolgreich im Studium ist nur, wer den Habitus beherrscht. Das zumindest sagt der Sozialwissenschaftler Wolf Wagner. Wagner war viele Jahre lang Dozent und später Uni-Professor, er hat ein Buch über die akademische Welt geschrieben: Uni-Angst und Uni-Bluff. Wie man im Seminar spricht und in Hausarbeiten schreibt, wie man geschickt große Namen fallen lässt und deren Werke zitiert (auch solche, die man nicht gelesen hat), wie man also andere einschüchtert und sich selbst klüger erscheinen lässt, als man ist, das nennt Wagner den "Uni-Bluff". Wer den beherrscht, bekommt gute Noten, sagt Wagner. Wer beim Bluffen hingegen nicht mithält, verliert.
>Die erste Fassung seines Buches erschien 1977 – und wurde ein großer Erfolg. Es folgten weitere Auflagen und Aktualisierungen, zum 30-jährigen Jubiläum noch mal eine ganz neue Fassung. Im Laufe der Jahre ist Wolf Wagner nicht milder, sondern radikaler geworden: "In der Urfassung war ich noch der Auffassung, es gehe auch ohne Bluff", schreibt er. "Jetzt denke ich, es geht gar nicht ohne."

And even with corona, try to find a way, I know very well what is can feel like, is moving out an option btw?
No. 46879 Kontra
I might add that ofc when you really don't know what you are talking about, your bullshit will be spotted. I'm fairly sure my long literature list for my thesis will impress the examiners, but I did read them all or the parts out of a publication that was relevant. I had to leave out stuff and my language is not precise enough to be informationlly and argumentatively super dense, and my overall argument could be more comprehensive and clever, but for reading into a topic only a few months I think it is allright and more than some people are able to do. In my major I belong to the best 5% of people graduating, and that is not because I was talking of my ass but reading and thinking a lot in order to get a grip on all that topics. Showing off by namedroping works well in presenting yourself, but you should somehow know your stuff to a certain extent, talking about a theory while not having an idea is risky. And I guess lecturers know about name dropping phenomenon anyway, you can just not always tell how much people have actually read and that is the crucial point. Either somebody is bluffing or not, but in order to tell that you have to ask and if you don't know because you haven't read it yourself you don't want to appear as less well read. And that is not cool, Brick pointed to the illnesses which "intellectuals" and their community suffer from not long ago, albeit he was not adressing it in this way.
No. 46882
828 kB, 1936 × 1296
275 kB, 2048 × 1536
I don't know who might interested in this, in it's hardly today thread material since the only relevance to today is that I remembered past events with insight that allowed me to see things differently.

I went to a public shitty middle school in a rural area that looked somewhat alike the one in the second picture, but without the gardens and looking significantly more weathered - nowadays it looks like the one in the picture but it has a hideous color scheme. . Being a kid, the world just appears before you and you're unable to make any sense of why some changes are brought to institutions but you don't really question it because you're under-equipped to cogitate such matters.
Our school has an issue in that it had a portion of the its students (I'd estimate it at about 5-10%) be chronic fuck ups from poor broken homes, or just lacking a proper form of parental oversight. This school went from the 5th to the 9th grade and in theory by 15 you'd be graduating, otherwise you couldn't leave the school without either completing the 9th grade or being 18. In extreme cases, this caused some classes of 14 year olds to have a 17 year old classmate who was waiting out the time for his sentence to end.

A solution had to be proposed to this issue that harmed every student and that prompted the school administration to be shaken into action, presumably by some oversight committee in reviewing their dogshit graduation numbers compared to other schools in the area. They created a tile painting "professional degree" and training aimed to teach pre-schoolers or infants which seemed less retarded. In practice, this really was just penning all the problematic kids into their own classes - making them paint tiles for a year and giving them a graduation sticker so they could fuck off. It severely limited their ability to enter a highschool, but I guess they were more concerned with getting these kids off their hands and most of these kids were gonna end up semi-unemployable deadbeats or working with their yokel parents anyway.

At some point they began inviting kids to this tile painting class that hadn't even failed a single year but had bad grades and thus drove the school's average down. They'd ask 13 year old kids who were having problems with school but hardly salvageable cases if they'd want to join this class and all the cool kids were there :DD and they told u they just fucked around all day :DDDD sounds ebin :DDD, if these kids had parents that weren't interested in their education - they'd just allow it. I knew some kid who ended up the proud owner of a professional tile painter certificate, he's an unemployed alky now. Particularly sad because I remember him being a nice goodhearted dude from a bad family background.
No. 46888
Haha holy shit I read that whole post and just automatically assumed it was some American from California or Arizona who wrote that judging by the school pic. I hadn't even realized it was until I scrolled back up to click reply. I also could've swore I some some American here talking about how his class was fucked up because they slotted way older kids to stay in elementary school.

Well anyways I can easily see "tile painter" being used as an insult XD in fact I hereby propose the poor taste move of introducing that to the EC lexicon.

It does sound strikingly similar to what we have here. There's something about even the concept of like I saw in the paper today the phrase "hunting down online class truants" and it reminded me that truancy is in the penal code.

The sole thing I haven't found out a workaround by now towards with abolishing school is the problem home kids, although quite frankly I could easily see them instead just not getting on well with kids/teachers in school too until shooting up the place and then committing suicide. But that being stated I knew at least one person who I assumed came from a great family and found it really depressing to discover she came from a real bad place and ran away at one point. I'm guessing she used school partly to cope and escape.

Frankly what we need to do is just abolish the entire contemporary educational model. I'm curious what Russia did which I'd assume to be much the same shittiness of the Western Capitalist model since they both basically relied on creating legions of braindead vatniks along with a much smaller caste of apparatchiki to maintain the shitty structure. I'm somewhat surprised just based on what you said how similar it sounds to me with our own public schools.
No. 46890 Kontra
>introducing that to the EC lexicon.

Then let's see who will open the next tile painter thread :DDDD

And yes, it's sad to read how the school administration deals with these kids, social-economic stasis at its pinnacle
No. 46897
1,2 MB, 1936 × 1936
They recently installed street lamps on this road. I love walking here, because it was always quiet and dark. Well, at least it's still quiet. Pic taken an hour before sunrise and, as you can see, the place is as bright as a Walmart parking lot. There are never any cars or people along this stretch, and when everything was dark that seemed normal. Now, with the harsh lighting, fresh street paint, and newly mowed grass, it feels a little surreal. An infrastructure without a population.
There are plenty of people a half-mile in every direction, just not along this particular road.

>Was this track a thing in the US or is it a Yuropoor hit?
I had never heard it before.
No. 46898
>I had never heard it before.

It apparently was a German producer and only piked in some other european countries but only really in Germany.
No. 46900
what if the slippery slope fallacy is not a fallacy but a law? just like particles willy attempt to completely fill the space they're confined in, human behavior will attempt to fill the boundaries of the law, then skirt the edges in grey areas, and then push on the boundaries to expand them
overton window? more like overton volume. whether that's a good or bad thing I don't have an opinion on. maybe the next time someone uses the slippery slope fallacy, I will say "good, let's go to infinity and beyond".

>The sole thing I haven't found out a workaround by now towards with abolishing school is the problem home kids
easy. set up a program where parents can sell their children to the state for additional welfare. now, that sounds morally heinous, but it's actually very practical. by encouraging heinous parental behavior, you catch a wider net of people who would be willing to commit such heinous acts. you encourage parents to give their children away for monetary benefit, and the act of doing so will be in itself a proof that they didn't deserve parental rights in the first place. it's very elegant. kinda like how the police will put up ads for hitmen and drugs on notice boards to catch future criminals preventatively.

now, what the state does with those children is a different matter, the morality of which needs to be discussed separately.
No. 46924
father's burning some food in the kitchen (he lost his sense of smell many years ago), which is giving me a massive migraine, but I don't want to open the window because it's cold and I'm ill.

maximum sufferings.
No. 46926
47 kB, 500 × 385
Today was apparently supposed to be an off-day because of some sporting event.
Despite this I went to Greek class because the lecturer said that he'll actually give us the lecture, but there would be no penalty for not attending.
I'm still not fully able to conjugate words flawlessly but I'm getting there. (Ironically I botched the plural genitivus, which is the easiest.)
Apparently only 6 people are here for their majors, most are either random people who're interested or Egyptologists who need it for their degree.

Next lesson is going to be interesting, because so far we've only read short, simple sentences from different aphorism collections, but lesson 4 has a Lucian dialogue.
(Albeit a bit simplified, but an actual dialogue none the less.)

Also had the time to ask some questions, mainly relating to my goals, and the lecturer said that if I do well during the introductory subjects then I could probably tackle Homer as a second year student. (The university has a seminar dedicated to reading the Iliad. Generally, most Greek-themed subjects are just reading an author's work, so you have Greek Author Reading I. (Iliad) for example or Greek Author Reading VII. (Herodotos))
Got some tips on different editions of Greek works too.

The work I arranged for Friday fell through, so I came home, had lunch and then slept. I'm going to watch a lecture recording later.

It's an interesting concept, though I never thought of myself as a business or a product. (I had this idea that I'm like a really small government with multiple interests and a small domain for a while but I never did anything with it, probably for the better.)
I'm aware that smooth-talking and outward management has to be backed up with actual competence and knowledge if you don't want to be known as a con-man.

So even if the first few assignments don't matter all that much in terms of grading, I'm still going to give it all to hand in something good because I want them to associate my name with something that could be called "good" or "has effort put into it".

>is moving out an option btw?
Not really, and I don't want to move out either.
The economy is down the shitter and rent-prices are still sky-high. Not to mention that it only takes 40 minutes of commuting a day to get to and from the uni.

As for socialisation I'm trying. I actually manage to converse with people now before the lecture starts or during the breaks.
No. 46927
75 kB, 750 × 831
>had this idea that I'm like a really small government

Governmentality after Foucault is basically (self)management in a way. He traces it to the Acient Greeks and the oikos as entity that is lead by the patriarch whose intent is to govern/administrate himself rightly in order to govern/administrate his oikos (wife, kids and slaves). Then it pops up somewhere after the middle ages together with the concept of the state, the state becomes an oikos sort of.
If you want to read the text -
Michel Foucault: Governmentality. In: The Foucault Effect (edit. Graham Burchel), [city] 1991. It's about 20 pages.

And yes, I agree you should put effort in all works, but some really "pay well" and others not so much, but these need to have a certain level regardless, use them as training but don't make 1000 push ups when the muscle gain in comparison to 250 is minor, I think you get what I say. And I say this because in school you seemed stressed already. I am stressed as well, but you really need to find a way to reduce it then over time, smart learning not just stuffing without benefits. Given a small faculty you might have the same lecturers again and again, then it might be good, otherwise verbal contribution and good writings are enough to stick in their minds for a bit.

>I actually manage to converse with people now before the lecture starts or during the breaks.

Good thing! I know most people do not do this, unless they know people already. Takes some balls to do it, so to speak. Did you think it was worth it?

I won't get the room I think which I had a nice conversation going on for, the other room might be for a female which I can understand, would live in a more mixed place as well. But she said I could visit them and I asked if she might be interested in showing me the city and she agreed more or less. Maybe I found somebody to see occassionally, enjoyed talking to her so far.
No. 46928 Kontra
I forgot governing the oikos is much more than just the persons in it, also food and perhaps virtue and reputation come into it as well. The lecture by Foucault explains the elements very well on a few crucial pages within the lecture I mentioned.
No. 46930
My Greek history is rusty, but the Paterfamilias in a Roman household had legal duties and powers regarding virtue and such all the way up to power of life and death over all members of the house.

I want to say that it was relatively similar in Greece but it's been several years since I did any serious ancient history.
No. 46932
344 kB, 765 × 902
check out what youtube recommended to me
No. 46934
>Paterfamilias in a Roman household had legal duties and powers regarding virtue and such all the way up to power of life and death over all members of the house.
My understanding is that that was only in the early days
No. 46935
889 kB, 3264 × 2448
I handed in my thesis. It is done and now I have two weeks for preparing some shit for the new uni. Haven't found a room and I guess I won't find one in time anymore. That means commuting since many courses require my presence. Fucking shit, train takes 3-4h, car about 2h. At least my new student ticket covers my hometown, a lucky shot tbh. Did not expect that, will have to spent money for overnight stays, yay, probably also pay for gas since cannot travel that early by train on some day.

Maybe I will prepare Frikandel Speciaal this evening, just came back with some frozen Frikandels from the grocery store. I was planning to use my student ticket for the last time traveling to the Netherlands but was then reminded that we have a pandemic going on and crossing borders aint that easy in the Schengen space anymore. So while the province is not regarded as risk area, that could change in the following two weeks and I would have to keep track of that and then get tested etc. I was planning to go to the Netherlands to frequent a dutch snackbar, have a Frikandel Speciaal, some fries with cool sauce and a cheese burger or something.
No. 46940
IIRC it was at the least until the transition to Empire. I feel like I remember stuff from around the Augustan period also talking about the Patetfamilias having jurisdiction over adulterers. There were lots of aspects of soft power that kept it from getting out of hand though, so there was never really a pandemic of familial murdering.

That said, it's also been more than a hot minute since I did a lot of reading on Roman history so you could be right still.
No. 46949
688 kB, 480 × 360, 0:12
I can't believe they don't have my favorite electrocution: Frank Grimes.

You know, I actually tried making Kraft Mac n' Cheese with two cheese packets once, and it was just too much. Our benevolent corporate overlords dispense flavor in tiny packets for a reason :D.

The commute sounds rough; maybe you'll catch a break and find something at the last minute or something. Congrats on finishing your thesis.
No. 46955
8 kB, 300 × 200
lol I did not realize these guys had a logo. Why is their logo that of a pidor?
No. 46957
54 kB, 670 × 513
Reminds me of the Paramount logo.

The rooster on one leg looks symbolic....and it is:

>Golden Rooster, commonly known as "Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg" has a more complete name which is," the golden rooster stands on one leg to announce the dawn." In the Western Mystery Traditions the rooster is a metaphor for enlightenment. When the rooster sees the first rays of light in the morning,he stands on one leg to announce to the world the light has come


Not a perfect source, but whatever. Of course I'm not certain the Proud Boys were aware of this. And the sun rises in the East, so the rooster is facing the wrong direction on their logo. Maybe they just thought a cock was funny as a double entendre? They're against masturbation, so instead they aim their penis West? I'm probably overthinking it.
No. 46958
Nice. I think that is a subcategory of ryona.
If you're not aware, there's tons of stuff like this on youtube:

If you specifically search for it, you can easily find it. Youtube usually won't recommend this type of stuff to you if you haven't already searched for it though.
No. 46959
I'm hungry, but I have no appetite.

I'm starting to get the hang of how Greek works. I still regularly consult the dictionary and the conjugation tables, but it's better now.
For next class we have to produce some short translations from Hungarian to Greek. No idea why this isn't more common for other languages. We've never had to produce translations from Hungarian to German or from Hungarian to English, though in hindsight, I think these would've resulted in a finer understanding of the grammar of those languages.
Without this, we could always just "write out way around" things we had trouble with and never had to confront them.

But I'm going to say that I feel a bit demoralised thinking how I'm doing exercises that were for first year students at a Gymnasium 100 years ago. I mean, the whole thought in itself is pointless. Things change, and I probably have better knowledge in a lot of fields than a pupil from 100 years ago, but still, the grass is always greener on the other side.
Basically, I should stop chasing impossible, centuries old standards that were never true to begin with.

Now I'm going to copy two lesson's worth of hanzis and then create a wordlist, because at this point we need to know words too.
I finally managed to tame the workflow.

I'm prone to stressing generally, especially if the situation is new and I perceive the stakes to be incredibly high.
The last few months have been incredibly stressful because there was so much that could go wrong because of bureaucracy, but now I've settled into a good enough rhythm and I don't stress all that much.

My "idea" was that if you're like a state, then that means that even with your whims, you can still effectively plan ahead and develop your skills and goals.
(Oikos in Greek means both house and household. There are also words derived from it like oikomen which means "private" or "one's own".)
No. 46960
>effectively plan ahead and develop your skills and goals.

That is close or even equivalent to what management means. And this is also quite enterpreneurial, being a market participant calls for reflection of risks, possibilities and chances etc. It's about organizing things and administrating them in order to archive X. I don' think it is a coincidence that the household (because that is meant) served as prototype and example for the art of governance in state theory centuries later in the early modern times and enlightenment era.
I only had ancient greece in the beginning of my history major, but the concept of the oikos is mandatory.
No. 46961
351 kB, 1200 × 778
How can you redeem yourself? How can you justify your continued existence? Can something worthwhile really be made out of yourself?

The only way I have to give my actions and therefore myself any semblance of value is by living morally and the only route I have for this is to gain more control over myself and over what I do. To return to a state in which I'm just being dragged into the path of least resistance might as well be a form of spiritual suicide.

If I had something going in my life that was of some value, I might have something else that would give me another source of purpose - but I don't. I spent the large majority of the day doing nothing productive whatsoever and it brought me no joy. If I am to spend my days without enjoying them, then I might as well do something with them - at least something marginally better than onanism. I already consciously know that this is the way of living that brings the most happiness but waking up today my first thoughts were: "Wow, I had a solid week, maybe I don't need to do anything today :DD"
No. 46965
>To return to a state in which I'm just being dragged into the path of least resistance might as well be a form of spiritual suicide.
I'm coming to realize that the best way to become the best version of yourself is to make that path the path of least resistance.

For example: If you join the military, you can't help but be fit. Being a lazy fatass will get you yelled at, disciplined, even beaten depending on the country. And as you begin to internalize the environment around you, you find that it's easier even from the point of view of your own motivation. Failing to live up to the standards around you would fill you with too much shame.

The hiki-NEET lifestyle is the enemy of all human greatness, but so is the spirit-sapping drudgery of wage-slavery. The best thing you can do is to surround yourself with people who are trying to achieve the same things that you find meaningful. Volunteering abroad, joining the military, or even just attending a serious university. The old Parisian cafe scene was like that for writers and intellectuals.

I'd like to see more of that kind of thing on EC. Not just sharing the meaningful things we produce, but expecting such things from each other, and creating an environment where each of us would be ashamed to not live up to our peers. We're an interesting collective here, but so many of us are wasting away in mediocrity and wasted potential.

We could use a thread where we share the genuinely productive things we did each week, with serious feedback and engagement from all participating. Not blogposting like this thread, and more focused on mutual support than the various threads for literature, drawing, and language learning.
No. 46967
37 kB, 720 × 405
I don't know if the military example be extrapolated into other forms of living. That one seems to require constant surveillance and absolutely no privacy. For this board, if the stick is shame from our virtual peers - why wouldn't you just lie in the thread and say you did all the things you set out to do?

Making it easier for you to do things you want to is good practice, but I don't see how I should make it the path of least resistance to, say, study [assburger subject] on my free time. Besides, if I am just doing these things because they're the easiest then it would make the entire project an empty one. One should try to gain more self-control, not less.
No. 46969
99 kB, 1280 × 720
34 kB, 405 × 405
I'm listening to those jazz blues whatever like music of the 1930s-1950s US. Basically what you could hear in Bioshock. I inevitably think of consumer societies when I listen to this, the US back then was the most fierced one I think. Now I'm tempted to read Baudrillards earlier work on consumer societies and later I will go look for Ballard books in the used books store in hope of more startling insights into consumer societies and the near future that is now while being entertained.

I already read a short 4 page piece from AI & Society journal about the AI inflationism by the likes of Kurzweil, Bostrom etc which is attacked my Jocelyn Mclure for being too speculative and taking up the pressing issues of the present, namely regulating algorithmic processes, the opacity of (blackbox) of algorithms that are used for decision-making. Basically the accountability of the AI sweeping us now has to be tackled and not ignored by grand speculations that are "possible" or "not impossible" but (perhaps) not really likely to happen.
No. 46975
Decided to clean up some stuff in my password manager, but had to come up with a non randomly generated password for an account I use often.
Tried typing the password in kazakh cyrillic instead of latin, immediately achieved 300 bits of entropy with a relatively short string. Noice.

Why didn't I think of that sooner.
No. 46977
I have watch history disabled, thus the only recommendations I get are from stuff I've put in playlists or favorited, so I was wondering where that particular recommendation came from.
After watching the videos you linked, it clicked.

Surprised at both the fact that youtube somehow made that connection, and that it took so long to give me a recommendation.

Here's something I saved a long while ago from a "fucked up video games" thread. Enjoy:

it's in 4k for some reason lol.
No. 46986
Got invited for dinner at a friend's parents' house and got probably the most drunk I've ever been on a Sunday, felt cömpletely fücked yesterday.
Always a terrible idea to drink too many different things, and this time I covered just about all categories of alcoholic beverages, still feeling nauseous when I think about it.

>I handed in my thesis
Hope you'll have some luck with a room too, maybe at least sth. for Zwischenmiete

>I would have to keep track of that and then get tested etc
My roommate actually went to the Netherlands last week and then had to quarantine upon returning since the city he went to got declared a risk area. Finally got his negative test result today. But what wouldn't one do for a Frikandel!
No. 46989 Kontra
69 kB, 600 × 500

Thanks. I'm looking for rooms along the train tracks but they even want more than 400€ for a room in a fucking tiny village wtf?
Tbh, I'm sad and frustrated. I should not take it personal as they say but it's really like those job interviews, ot always feels bad to be turned down because somebody fits it better. I'm not so keen about sharing a flat, I think it is ok and can be fun nonetheless but I was a bit worried, now I don't even have a room or a flat. Zwischenmiete is oftentimes to short, some were for half a year but did not even get an answer, so... I'm even getting the panics again, not finding people or not being liked. The mediocre struggles of semi social people, ugh.

>But what wouldn't one do for a Frikandel!

Well, exactly. But quarantine would be shit rn, with a new university and semester starting soon.
No. 46993
Everything is going smoothly. My tests and homeworks keep coming back as As, I know what I'm doing during class and I'm atop of things generally.
Things make a bit more sense each day.
There is one week until the mid-semester Chinese-exams. We have to know the materials from the first chapter of the textbook and that's about it. Should be easy if I prepare properly. (Basically the hanzi, the phrases and the three pages' worth of grammar.)

On the way home I saw a Chinese family get on the bust and I eagerly listened to them talk. After 10 minutes of concentrating I realised that I understood fuck-all (aside from the very obvious particles and words), but it's probably not surprising after just 4 weeks of study.
It's actually a very pretty language. No idea why people say it sounds "bad".

Went to the convenience store to buy some lettuce and bread-rolls for a burger. It tasted fine. Probably one of the better lunches I made for myself during uni so far.

The Oriental Art History lecturer actually went and read the CV/biography I wrote up and gave it a score of 10 out of 10 with the added comment of Thank your for the in-depth and well written introduction. (At fucking 12:36 :D)
So it was probably good. Maybe they were right and I'll feel more at ease and at home here than I had in HS.
I've actually been leaving the building whistling a tune during the last two weeks or so.
Even the room is cleaner.

The only thing is that it's getting colder, but even then, taking the bus with my shoulder-bag in a tracksuit top to shield against the morning cold feels somehow right.

I'll get back to you on this topic when I'm less tired. Probably tomorrow.
Just saying.
No. 46996
I felt way sicker and worn down today than usual after work. I can't tell if it's the chantix I started taking in small doses again in the evening or what but my left side started going numb and getting dizzy today at work. Yes I'm aware. It felt light in my chest and almost heart problems-ish. Meanwhile I've been increasingly paranoid this whole time that either I'll get reinfected or that I'll end up finding out later I had some kind of permanent damage of which I'm unaware if I indeed got a false negative as I suspect this summer.

Man I felt like real shit and real weird today by the time I got home. I'm really hoping that was from being malnourished after 4 hours of sleep or something. Obviously I'm taking that shitty chantix again because I smoke too damn much and I'm already worried about getting sick as a heavy smoker this fall and winter. I'm hoping I can at least somewhat cut back and start cleaning my lungs out and maybe start taking CBD again
No. 47006
Are there any majors or fields in something like systems analyst or systemology? Something having to do with the more broadly generalized and multidisciplinary approach to analysis and construction of systems and dynamic weaving of systems through each other, as for an example climatic modeling through astrophysics, geology, meteorology and so on. Or the application of the field or approach to politics and intelligence operations, AI and technology building/integration and so on. It would obviously be the kind of field that natively understands what cascade failures look like and how they happen.

I was planning on doing something towards a Masters with foreign policy analysis but at this point I've got zero inclination towards that and kind of glad the pandemic threw me off course.
No. 47007
159 kB, 769 × 1024
Heinz von Foerster called it Systemics, but really systemic thinking can be found in cognitive science, economics, sociology, biology and engineering. So I guess there is no general study of systems anymore. Maybe you have luck with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_science

>Systems science covers formal sciences such as complex systems, cybernetics, dynamical systems theory, information theory, linguistics or systems theory. It has applications in the field of the natural and social sciences and engineering, such as control theory, systems design, operations research, social systems theory, systems biology, system dynamics, human factors, systems ecology, computer science, systems engineering and systems psychology.[3] Themes commonly stressed in system science are (a) holistic view, (b) interaction between a system and its embedding environment, and (c) complex (often subtle) trajectories of dynamic behavior that sometimes are stable (and thus reinforcing), while at various 'boundary conditions' can become wildly unstable (and thus destructive).
No. 47008 Kontra
Coincidence: I wanted to start reading a monograph rn by German Julian Bauer titled "Cells, waves and systems. A genealogy of systemic thinking 1880-1980"
No. 47009 Kontra
No. 47010
Sandstorm has come
No. 47012
55 kB, 720 × 688
I feel like arguing politics over people on Discord has really dealt a blow to my psyche. Especially arguing with Americans on whether America is the best country in the world or not. One big example is some poster who said he wanted to travel to Armenia to fight with Christians after saying others should not have any business in America's domestic politics. Then I said that's foolish and then I was called a Turk, roach, etc.
I used to have a lot of hope in me but these kinds of people have made me bitter and cynical. Then again I'm the one using Discord in the first place
No. 47013
195 kB, 800 × 679
Fight for Armenia as crusader? But you are Catholics and Protestants, and Armenia is autonomous orthodox. It's kind of the opposite story, that all crusades started as the Byzantine emperor asked help against invasions in a Christian state, and what the Crusaders did is created their tiny states on the former imperial territory, breaking the oath they gave to return liberated land. Of course, these new states would now last long. More than that, one of the wanna-be crusades (the 4th one) instead of doing something useful just because they failed all attempts to go to Egypt or whatever, they attacked Byzantium themselves, making the so-called "Latin empire" which is just a joke. And from that disaster, you have instead of Christianity center lands of the former Ottoman empire. Mighty powerful theocratical state, heir of Rome, populated by ancient nations of Greeks, Armenians, center of Christianity now ruins, and Armenia itself, state that traces its history to most ancient civilizations and one of the oldest of Christians is just a tiny piece of poor land in former USSR.
So for what do these people exactly going to fight? As warriors of some bishop of Rome, who split as a sect, basing his rights by the document of "Donatio Constantini" that was proven lame fake since Renaissance times? I don't know what official positions of modern Greek and Armenian Orthodox churches on this matter, but I see only the fat pack of deadly sins: they lied to abandon the word of God and then betrayed by a strike in the back in the most important moment, helped "hordes of Gog and Magog", then lost themselves everything. I don't know what should do these "American crusaders" if they want "fight for Christianity" here to avoid all circles of the Hell same time in view of the classical Orthodox church.
No. 47015
I try to avoid dealing with anywhere that has excessive amounts of Americans in general. Ironically enough it may be an imperial thing because the only other nations I can think of full of as big a bunch of assholes and morons is Russia and China. Hence, trying to spend the vast majority of my time on /international/ sorts of places over the last decade and watching science videos. Discord in general seems like a privacy breaching cesspit. Steam forums opened my eyes to how tasteless and stupid the average gamer is and god help you should you ever read shitter or youtube comments. Still it's remarkable how much the average reactionary particularly the American ones come across as a bunch of tile painters. It's even funnier when they use Dunning Kruger as a synonym for being 89IQ, themselves not even knowing what the term means (largely like the majority of other terms they mean).

Most of these people are lowlifes, incels and NEETs with no hope or other prospects, a massive inferiority complex and ego mixed with a bit of sociopathy. They have no real ideological roots and themselves are more often self styled "cultural Christians" in other words remarkably similar to the crusader bydlo you mentioned. They are in short a bunch of wannabe ISIS recruits probably the majority of whom are too stupid to understand the tongue in cheek element of Warhammer 40K and take it at face value.

Of course in general American Christians have become incredibly cancerous, much like the rest of our late stage empire society. The boomers are little better, and I find it funny that at the same time it seems never to occur to them that logically it would follow that God is punishing America with plagues. They're so scripturally illiterate even the boomers that it's astounding to me.

It's partly a structural problem too in conjunction with the cultural one where every one of them thinks he deserves to be king or a movie or rockstar bumping up directly with the reality of our evaporating middle class and the situation growing ever more dismal for the ever growing lower classes while mired in this cesspit of soft nihilism so they'll latch onto virtually anything that looks like a cause or something to give meaning and purpose to their directionless lives.

It has often occurred to me with what stunning efficacy I could probably take advantage of this to actually get things done were I not similarly lazy, apathetic, and addicted to meaningless distractions like the internet. This always online thing in my vidya is beginning to piss me the fuck off because it's stopping me from just leaving my router unplugged.
No. 47016 Kontra
187 kB, 1368 × 959
lib.gen is down

I wanted to have a look at this
No. 47019 Kontra
Well, the main idea behind their voyage to Armenia is to kill Azeris which is probably even stupider. And for the most part these guys have good-paying manual labor jobs and are mid-20's to early 40's. Thus I attribute it more to them being senile gen x'ers than being incels or whoever. At least, that's how the majority of people with those opinions are like to me.
No. 47036
76 kB, 500 × 372
>lib.gen is down
The downtime must have been temporary; it's up for me.
No. 47038
270 kB, 721 × 985
Indeed, working again!
Will watch this lecture instead https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPnJ8ENDNwg

I also found out that the other author participated in a book that I want to read and bought a few months ago.

Had a little video chat again for a room, at least quite promising. It's functional flat sharing, the other person living there does not care who moves in an is not there oftentimes, maybe it will get a bit lonely in no small city then but I rather take this than commuting for 3-4h every week just to get to the university and then looking for possible overnight stays. It is the second or third best option to have and momentarily the best :DDDD
No. 47039 Kontra
We could possibly have an Erna version of this to open the literature thread, even though it really does not bump like it used to.
No. 47043
I've only been at my job for about a week but the black spots under my eyes are back already. Haven't seen them in a year. Hope I won't get fat again at least.

God, I wish I were rich.
No. 47044
I also have a tendency to under-eye darkness, often looking like I've not slept the whole night.
No. 47046
Well, I only get them if I don't sleep 8 to 9 hours every night. Do you sleep alright?
No. 47047
44 kB, 500 × 304
>I feel like arguing politics over people on Discord has really dealt a blow to my psyche.
Political discussions in general are poison to your mind. Not only are they useless, online groups created around this topic just serve to grind them down to their worst.
I used to be actively involved in politics, including joining a political party and attending meetings but unless you want to start a career in a political party you're better off staying out of it entirely.
If all you're getting out of these online discussions is the worsening of your psyche, it's better to just stop interacting in these cesspools entirely.
No. 47048
Political discussions are necessary I'd say but yeah, online discussions like on imageboards are poisoning and really are THE dump of political discussions. But don't forget you often talk to hateful people there, they have no life for a reason.
In the end politics is one way to debate/negotiate how people want to live together (or not).
No. 47049
I've actually noticed this with a lot of Slavs, particularly Rus ones. One girl I found wildly attractive at a job some years back it took me a bit to realize she was part Slavic and I think possibly part Jewish toothere's that whole "Russian" American thing here. Nyash myash has that look basically.
No. 47053
>For this board, if the stick is shame from our virtual peers - why wouldn't you just lie in the thread and say you did all the things you set out to do?
Well, you would be expected to provide some proof. A PDF of your writing, a sample of your art, or whatever else you could show us. Hopefully you would have enough of a sense of shame to not lie regardless.

>Making it easier for you to do things you want to is good practice, but I don't see how I should make it the path of least resistance to, say, study [assburger subject] on my free time. Besides, if I am just doing these things because they're the easiest then it would make the entire project an empty one. One should try to gain more self-control, not less.
Most of what we call self-control is force of habit and gradually trained reactions. Treating it like an RPG stat that needs to be leveled up on its own is counterproductive.

Think about in relation to diet. If you eat only cheeseburgers and junk food, switching to healthy food can be difficult at first. But once you get used to eating healthy and the feeling it gives you, you get disgusted at the very thought of eating a large McDonald's meal or a bag of doritos. Does that mean you haven't developed any self-control, because you aren't spending any willpower to follow the better path? Or does it mean you've become a better version of yourself?

Likewise: Let's say you develop a habit of working productively every day because you want to live up to the standards of your peers. Later, you find that you can continue in that habit entirely on your own, because you have your own personal standard now, and failing to put in the work each day would make you worse than the alternative. Is the new you lazy? Would we say he lacks self-control, because the real reason he does the work each day is to avoid feeling bad later? Or is he just what we would call a productive person?

Self-control as it's usually thought of is important in the beginning stages, when we're breaking out of old habits and developing new ones. But the goal is to get past the point where self-control matters, and doing the right thing is just the natural thing to do.
No. 47056 Kontra
69 kB, 600 × 500
>Had a little video chat again for a room, at least quite promising.

Took just one day to become a bummer, apparently it is not so indifferent who will live there and since I'm not female, I will probably not get the room.
Looking for a place to live fucking sucks ass.
No. 47062
26 kB, 500 × 388
I was watching a video recommended by YT on the frontpage, about a sea wave crashing into a seaside restaurant, lately I've seen videos with similar content (sea, waves, natural disaster destructions by wind) and people in the comments go like " YT one year later: look at this" whilst being posted a week or two ago and I wonder is this only an impression by personal curation or does it really peak by algorithmic accident. Maybe it's a mix. But I would really like to see the clicks history of the video. I vaguley remember that once that was possible on youtube. I wonder if one would be able to see algorithmically generated viewing number peaks.
No. 47063
3,7 MB, 3200 × 4000
Hungarian to Greek translation homework was fine.
Most of the errors stemmed from the fact that gendered declination is actually kinda hard.
(In a sense it's kinda similar to German with a few extra weird quirks thrown in.)

During certain times of the day I feel completely deplorable for some reason.
I'd be sitting in class and have this weird realisation hit me, asking me the question what am I doing?.
Sometimes when I walk through the halls I feel like a barbarian. Whenever I enter a new level of education, there's always this feeling that my generation is another step in the reduction of standards for some reason.
It's like as if every moment I spent somewhere prestigious, I contribute to it's slow decay and ruination.

I felt pretty shit for a couple of days. I took a few sips of vodka and for the next two days I had this kinda painful, nauseas feel in my stomach. For a moment I was worried it was an ulcer, but a lighter, more proper diet seemed to have fixed it.
(And also the fact that I realised I've been skipping anti-acid medication for a lot longer than I would've liked to.)

I think the whole idea developed from a relatively long running family-gag where in between ourselves we called the semi-regular allowance my mother would gave me EU money, now that I think about it.
But I also took some inspiration from arbitrary soviet-style economic planning.

The actual execution is kinda in-line with the capitalist, competitive methods you describe, but the goals these methods are used to achieve are usually arbitrary (Learn Greek, translate a book and so on.) and more akin to a totalitarian command-economy in this sense.

I think it's a general eastern euro thing. Lot of people have it here. I have them ever since I started wearing glasses.
I don't even know what they're called.
No. 47077
I've been drinking a lot of coffee lately, but very recently I rediscovered the joy of jasmine tea. We had a cylinder of good loose-leaf in the cupboard, and now I'm brewing some every day.

Daily Japanese studies are progressing well. I think the two complement each other, even if jasmine tea in particular isn't very Japanese.
No. 47083
Fig. Dropped my flight stick and it landed on the cable. Damaged the bit where it goes into the base. Still works but going to pick up some electrical tape just to protect the wire a bit.
No. 47095
So why exactly do you say not to get a flight stick for Elite Dangerous again? Because that game is awkward as all fugg on a keyboard and while a colossal waste of money that thrustmaster HOTAS I was looking at does seem like it would be pretty awesome and immersive for that game.
No. 47097
Sometimes I think that I should also learn greek.
No. 47098
How much is your alphabet based on Greek? To what extent the language itself along with anything like grammar?
No. 47102
16 kB, 565 × 447, 0:00
15 kB, 591 × 580, 0:00
>To what extent the language itself along with anything like grammar?
Same as any language from different branches of the Indo-European group.
>How much is your alphabet based on Greek?
It was the alphabet, which to some extent adopted similar symbols for medieval Bulgaria when compleatly new alphabet not taked off. You may guess, how it relates to modern Russian.
No. 47114
264 kB, 1080 × 720
I'm not sure if that was a good idea. Because already today I had someone coofing all over the place and some other idiot not even that long after he left came in a person insisting some unbelievably asinine bullshit about government or him not needing to or it doesn't help anybody I can't remember because I just tune them out now so I came home and immediately made and ingested some CBD flower. I think I hit the point where it felt vaguely like weed and I hate that shit. I really need to arse myself to buy pure CBD again. I just wanted to dose an alleged ACE2 inhibitor immediately after getting home in case medicinal herbs can ward off the pox spewed by these plague golems.
No. 47115
My hands hurt from all the writing. (Particularly my little finger.)
For some reason I can never finish the hanzi copying on time. Maybe I'm just bad at it. Or it actually takes a lot of time.
I fucking hate having to write characters with a bottom 心 radical.
No. 47118
Had a curious nightmare this night. The last several years I often have a new type of nightmares for me, in which I don't really participate myself, but more like "watch" them, sorta like a horror movie. This time it was a slideshow of paintings depicting old houses and manors. In each of these houses there is a window with a girl or a woman in the corner half-hidden in shadows. Then the "camera" zooms in on those windows and it turns out that there is something wrong with those women: the first one has slightly misshapen head, with cranium too large and the chin too pointy, then several next ones get progressively stranger, until one of them has three faces in a triangle shape, another doesn't resemble anything female (or even anything human) at all, and the last one actually moves — it has that sort of "seizure" like "demons" in Jacob's Ladder. Then the dream for some reason continued with an animation of a tadpole/spermatozoid wearing a hat and swimming through a town street made of simple geometric shapes and done in dark orange and pale blue hues, but it was kinda silly and felt more like a comedic relief.

It got me interested: does Ernst know of paintings or drawings which seem innocent at first, but then you notice a small detail which makes it more creepy or weird? Kinda like "when you see it you'll shit bricks" pics, but less blatantly spooky and more weird or out-of-place.
No. 47119
69 kB, 600 × 500
Sometimes I wish I would remember my dreams, I guess they are mostly bad thus my brain makes me forget them

>continued with an animation of a tadpole/spermatozoid wearing a hat and swimming through a town street made of simple geometric shapes
>a comedic relief

Indeed, made me giggle.

I still haven't found a room and rarely get messaged back, whats wrong with me or my texts? I'm not super energetic in those, not formal, yet kinda sober. Do people only look for "fun"? Tiring.
No. 47134
1,5 MB, 400 × 279, 0:02
Today Eddie van Halen died. Another rock guitar pioneer dead.

No. 47138
197 kB, 775 × 1024
I'm over with the first written exam.
Strangely enough I didn't even sweat while writing it. Just carefully manoeuvred the pen. I was well on time.
Honestly, I'm more scared now after the fact, waiting for the results. I'm afraid to open the textbook.

After the exam I asked a few more technical questions, like how will we read the Four Great Classic Novels and such.
Also asked about the translator training programme. They have 15-18 spots each year (Out of 55 people accepted for the major) and you need to have an A at the end of the first year to be accepted. (Though sometimes they accept 1-2 people with a B.)
Don't know if it was stupid of me or not to bring up how I'm interested in applying to the course.
Anyway, I came away in a relatively good mood.

Gonna say something strange. I think my life lacks some sort of emotional pleasure I can't seem to acquire.
Sometimes media alleviates the feeling, but I can never consistently make this feeling of "joylessness" go away.
No. 47139
8,8 MB, 3:49
8,1 MB, 3:29
8,2 MB, 3:32
10,9 MB, 4:43
Well, fug. He was kind of a dick, but an awesome, and how they like to say, influential guitarist. Guess the band is no more. I hope that they would keep making the EVH gear though, there are some pretty nice stuff among it.
No. 47140
Today I found out that there is a Navajo Black Metalband. I just wanted to tell Ernst.

No. 47145
It's a good idea to watch or read or play something soul-lifting on a regular basis. It's the best way to keep the spirit directed towards something higher, and remind you that such things exist.

The last two things I watched that really broke the torpor of mundane modernity were KonoSuba and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. Don't know if you've seen either of them, but depending on what you need, go with KonoSuba for pure joy, and Iron-Blooded Orphans for manly tears.
No. 47152
184 kB, 800 × 559
>emotional pleasure
>but I can never consistently make this feeling of "joylessness" go away.

Well, many might know this feel, I like to drown me in media as well, be it books or Youtube or a movie at times. Ofc my academic or lets better say textual passion pleasures me somehow. What you might be missing is warmth and initimacy, in short: another body and love

Now don't get me wrong, tis won't solve such problems once and for all, I had the void coming back in a relationship as well, yet you will be surprised how much one (there are different kinds) can alleviate the feeling you have. Second to this is a get together with people I think. Ofc some people really prefer loneliness, I do, but not for too long, because it cripples me on inside and also can errect a social wall that is not that easy to tear down once it has been built up entirely. After two weeks where exchange and other people are limited to grocerie shopping and other similiar city encounters, I can sense the burdening character that comes with it.

I saw a bunch of people from my tiny masters programm, half of it was present and only one other guy. Well at least friendly people I think. And I'm not the only one not having a room, many living in the next bigger city or around in other smaller towns. Guess I will stick to the metropol area or the city the university is located in, for searching rooms.
No. 47154
10 kB, 257 × 390
German entertainer and satirist Herbert Feuerstein is dead. He was long time german chief editor of the MAD magazine as well.
No. 47156
>German humourist
>that picture to represent him
I'm sorry but just lol

No. 47161
The modern world was a mistake and I hope to feel more disgust and shame
No. 47166
Solved the digital humanities quizlet for the week.
Also attended a digital linguistics lecture.
Linguistics 101 is actually very interesting and fun. It has gotten less chaotic since the early classes and we are actually able to have a dialogue with the lecturer when he asks us a question.
As in, I'm able to answer the question because I'm not a pussy who's afraid to say what he thinks is the solution. Really, unless it's an oral exam, there is no consequence to saying something incorrect in class. It shows that you are motivated and trying to do your best to actually come to a conclusion instead of just waiting for the lecturer to tell you what the answer is.

Tomorrow I'll have Chinese class. We'll be given a Chinese name if all goes well.
(I wish we got the exam results tomorrow. Having to wait until next Tuesday is going to be hell.)

Essentially yes, I just want a hug really badly.
No. 47168
>because I'm not a pussy who's afraid to say what he thinks is the solution

goof approach

>a hug badly

And you can seek for it practically, there is nothing wrong in wanting to be hugged and in wanting to huge somebody, ...no reason in being ashamed of it, just in case.
No. 47169

Also the little zoom event was quite nice, got to know some fellow people and yeah, spotted the reading heads already, at least from the group I had. One already brought up the wish to read texts for a seminar of a certain lecturerer, I should text him tomorrow and say I'd be in.
No. 47179
111 kB, 734 × 388
After cooking a bowl of oatmeal-and having already added raisins- there inevitably comes a moment of decision. Do I sprinkle on some cinnamon? Or should I forgo the healthy option and stir in a pile of chocolate chips? Today I chose the latter. It's like eating Raisinets® for breakfast.
No. 47182
finally figured out why I hate the word "creators" so much.
it's because the people this word is applied to are the exact opposite of "creators". they're people who take stuff others have created, and basically regurgitate it, making second-hand material out of it.

I don't respect critics and journalists very much. Critics tend to overstate their actual importance. "But if there's no criticism, how will we know what's good or bad?"
Well, the audience can just see the artwork for themselves and form their own opinions.
As for the artists, believe me they know exactly what the flaws in their works, are, and will list off ten times more than any critic if asked. It's a very obvious idea that the foremost expert on a piece of art is the person who spent years making it. And artists are generally more interested not in knowing how something is bad, but how to make it better, and in a very practical sense, rather than generally. Advice that they get from other artists, rather than critics.

Critics are entertainers, they're not doing some lofty and noble service to the public, and they often do more harm than good.
No. 47183
>artists know exactly what the flaws in their works
Eh, dunno about that. Artists are still only humans after all, so they may overestimate the value of their work, or, despite knowing most of its flaws, don't notice few pretty crucial ones (although, yes, in this case other artists would likely be much more useful for rectifying them than anyone else, as you pointed out), so a view from a different perspective may prove helpful.

Concerning critics: I think most of them just get art (that is, a work that the artist wants to make) and entertainment (that is, a work that the audience wants the artist to make) mixed, and employ the same approach for both, for example, criticizing the work on the grounds of not following the modern trends makes sense for an entertainment piece, but is meaningless for a work of art, or blaming the work for being too unusual, which is a quality that is usually disadvantageous in the entertainment field, but more often than not makes the work of art better.

Another one of critics' habits that I don't understand is constant attempts of presenting their subjective opinions as an objective truth. It's especially noticeable in their often encountered manner of using the pronoun "we" when talking about themselves ("we find it lacking", "we don't find it interesting", "we digress" etc.) instead of "I". Maybe it's some sort of tradition or something (if I'm not mistaken, even some actually decent critics, like Edgar Allan Poe, used it), but to me it just seems that they want to "legitimize" whatever they've been saying, like there's a whole lot of people agreeing with them on the matter. Whenever I stumble upon that "we" in some article, I just want to scream, "My D-g, grow some balls and say 'I'! It's not that there is some sort of consensus between the intellectual elite on this work, it's you, with all your preferences, biases and quirks that the work didn't resonate with, so have the courage to admit that all that you just said is completely personal!"

That brings to mind an actual utility for critics: you can just find a critic with whose tastes your own tastes align, and you can use him to find new interesting works, so the critic in question will be kinda like your buddy saying, "bruh, you should check this stuff, it's pretty neat". This might be the only utility musical critics can possibly have, since, say, literary or film critics may provide some interesting info on the work, offer a stand-out perspective on it or find some subtext that other people didn't notice, while music is just what it is: it either works for you or doesn't, and no amount of super-duper-critics are able to change that.
No. 47184
Isn't creators just an economical buzzword for creating supposed novelty in order to sell more shit? Innovation can mean novelty in a breakthrough sense, but it has been diluted for obvious reasons.
The market form, you can spot it.

Journalists are biased politically and what not, like all people, but they fulfill a necessary job as middle man, one has to keep their position in mind to evaluate it properly.
No. 47187
99% of "content creators" are youtube attention whores who do literally nothing but talk about shit they bought (that someone else created, in fact 99.99% of the time very large teams of actual content creators like Hollywood, vidya industry, hardware manufacturers and engineers etc.) or show their faggoty reactions to more shit they bought that they're playing/watching. I think let's plays were the death of youtube alongside the various attention whoring narcissists with their channels. I despise people like pewdiepie, jacksepticeye, angryjoe, whatever that other annoying fucking kid's name is oh markiplier. They're not remotely creators of anything.

The closest thing to a content "creator" is someone like sseth and that's just because his secondhand account of something he played is typically so far from straightforward it might as well be its own separate content with some game as the video's theme. It's even more sad when you see someone proudly displaying a YT channel award or whatever the fuck those things are, for...just talking about shit. That others discovered or made or thought about.

I will say though that in a few instances they're doing a public service, like vidya and hardware reviewers, because that's sometimes rather expensive shit to be buying blindly, but at the same time their channels are basically giant advertisements. At least they're seldom s9 fucking bydlo as those watchmojo basically any kind of cringe af top ten. I try to avoid hitting certain things like the plague because it spams me recommends with bullshit. I still can't fucking get that obnoxious "a liberal said THIS" poltard spam to fucking go away because I errantly clicked something weeks ago.
No. 47188
>sseth is content creator
Ha ha "reviewers I don't like is bad, reviewer with 4cancer jokes I like is good"
No. 47189
I have a distaste for sseth as well, but I guess the argument here is how much the reviewer is adding how own value to the content vs piggy backing off the value of the original property.

In that context, I do tend to value highly subjective reviewers more than those that strive for "objectivity". Because the subjective reviewers tend to provide value for SOMEONE, while the wannabe "objective" ones end up not saying anything at all.

In that sense I agree with belarus ernst's assessment of reviewers as simulated buddies who can give personal recommendations. it's just that some people are shit and are "buddies" with other shit people.

I'll try to write a longer post with elaborations later, now is time for sleep.
No. 47190
>I still can't fucking get that obnoxious "a liberal said THIS" poltard spam to fucking go away because I errantly clicked something weeks ago.
There is a simple solution to this. Open the suggestions, downboat them and close the video. You can do this to prune garbage out of your feed. Clicked some random video that you liked, but don't want related rec's? Just downvote it and it'll go away. Even for things I've watched several videos related to, I can just downboat 3-5 videos and I'll never get a related recommended. I haven't seen a top 10 list on youtube in years. Use this knowledge wisely, Ernst.
No. 47191 Kontra
62 kB, 615 × 667
>Learn to ride with the algorithms, Ernst-san

So simple, ofc. Everything to suit the personal feed.
No. 47196
210 kB, 1024 × 775
I know that this is going to come across as a shitpost and so my apologies in advance but what hurritage do these guys like look to you?
No. 47197
The one on the left looks like Elmer Fudd.
No. 47200
Upper right looks Irish. I don't know about the left.
No. 47239
Kind of interesting responses tbqh. Do you guys think either of them looks Slavic, Jewish, Italian, Romanian, French or other etc?
No. 47246
82 kB, 749 × 499
I wonder how miserable ones life has to be in order to invest energy to "raid" this board, kek.
No. 47247
91 kB, 1080 × 720
If this handposting is a raid, then a kindergarten fight is a world war 3.
No. 47248
2,0 MB, 4624 × 2084
Well I bought m2 SSD and now switched to windows 10.
Rest in peace windows 7 you still on my secondary PC
No. 47254
Had another online meeting, the potential flatmate studies computer science, pretty sure he was not born in Germany but his German was very good nonetheless, so good I wasn't sure if I could tell it and I did not want to ask, because it's not relevant to me in the end anway. He was looking for a calm person and I just hope I was not giving a wrong impression by being able to be quite outgoing at times of need and sometimes because I feel like it.
Would greatly prefer it. A room that is more of a hideout from the social world, with a flatmate who seems to see it in a similar way. Yet he was not a total shut in, shy yes, but so am I often enough. Also a cs student who is not a KC retard might be interesting to talk to for a change.
Typical student flatmates would mean leaving my comfort zone in the long run and I'm not sure if I really want that.
No. 47263
Did Putin give you guys plaguebux or something? Yeah I'm pretty sure at this point that NVMe drives in general are a bit overhyped for the price particularly gen4 but man are they fucking great as a boot drive. I'd totally forgotten now how irritating it is waiting a couple minutes to boot up your PC and get everything running. Although iirc the WD Black drive is also pretty fast and acfordable on gen3. I did see a bunch of 500gb drives on sale for under $60 tho so maybe it's not as expensive I keep thinking.
No. 47266
423 kB, 1200 × 1200
I fucked up the Greek test I had today.

Usually before class, we have to wait in a hall. As I waited and looked at the textbook, I saw a Japanese man pass by. He greeted me in Japanese, and I promptly greeted him back with me limited knowledge of Japanese.
Basically it was just Gozaimas. Gozaimas.
But it stuck with me though for some reason throughout the day.

After class I went to work.
It was very tiresome.
They accidentally paid for 8 hours instead of 6. I kept my mouth shut, and took the money. Don't know how to feel about it. Looking at it, my life is kind of starting to look like a cheap knock-off of a Russian realist novel.

There's a lot to be done during the weekend.
Now I could actually sleep if we weren't discussing old Bible translations on discord with my friend.

Yes. There's nothing wrong with having social needs. As Aristotle said Man is a social creature.
No. 47274
382 kB, 1020 × 1542

>In Blockchain Chicken Farm, the technologist and writer Xiaowei Wang explores the political and social entanglements of technology in rural China. Their discoveries force them to challenge the standard idea that rural culture and people are backward, conservative, and intolerant. Instead, they find that rural China has not only adapted to rapid globalization but has actually innovated the technology we all use today. From pork farmers using AI to produce the perfect pig, to disruptive luxury counterfeits and the political intersections of e-commerce villages, Wang unravels the ties between globalization, technology, agriculture, and commerce in unprecedented fashion. Accompanied by humorous “Sinofuturist” recipes that frame meals as they transform under new technology, Blockchain Chicken Farm is an original and probing look into innovation, connectivity, and collaboration in the digitized rural world.

Sounds cool, doesn't it? I would like some more concrete details about the present ongoings in the world in combination with technology
No. 47298
I went looking for mushrooms with a friend. We only found one bay balote each, but it was still fun being in the woods. We ate them with potatoes and cream, quite delicous.
No. 47299
I'm having to face the uncomfortable and quite alienating realization that most """humans""" are a categorically different type of being from myself.
too many """people""" differ from myself in qualities that are integral for my assumptions about reality itself, therefore they are alien in all the things that actually matter, and similar in ways that are unimportant. i do not know what to do with this realization
outside of the people I choose to associate with, there's all kinds of people like fervent islamists, fascists, prc supporters, new age spiritualists, truthers, and simply complacently ignorant people etc. etc. they are the majority of those who aren't me. I am, if not alone, then few.
Even my closest relatives fall into a couple of those categories.
it is hard for me to find any kind of sacrality or dignity in a world containing such absurdities.
I know buddha set the record straight on the issue of the world being filled with pain, suffering, disease, etc., but has he said anything about how to cope with the world being filled with something even worse than all of that - humans?
I get a legit derealization episode whenever I think about this, the world is too absurd to take seriously
everything is so banal, base and petty that it's beneath contemplation, yet must be confronted on a daily basis

the existence of anime shakes my fundamental assumptions about reality having any component of virtue or nobility at all.
No. 47303
Judging others is forbidden by every major religion for a reason. However high you may be above an Islamist tile-painter, you're still just looking down from a hilltop while a mountain rises behind you.

Humans suffer because we're broken creatures. It's an uphill battle of our higher nature against the base and animal, and victory is only ever limited and temporary - but the battle itself is what's sacred. An eternal war waged against the very universe, to fill it with beauty and love in spite of the horror. Our curse is to see what's possible, and know that we can never reach it. But even though the world will never be as it should, we can still make it better, and that duty is sacred and binding to the extent that we are capable.
No. 47304
>the world is too absurd to take seriously
everything is so banal, base and petty that it's beneath contemplation, yet must be confronted on a daily basis

Yet at the same time quite complex and breathtaking and facinating, like an accident I can't look away, so the contemplation comes back in at certain points. Though ofc always absurd in a way, I was asked why I'm giggling/laughing a lot and always thinking/sensing how absurd it is that I exist in the world together with animate and inanmite characters and objects is one explanation. You and I exist and that makes me laugh and grin a lot.
No. 47311
1,1 MB, 750 × 1110
I just found out that a sequel to "The Tatami Galaxy" novel was released in July 29. It goes by the name "Yojohan Time Machine Blues" and has a similar concept to the movie "Summer Time Machine Blues" by Katsuyuki Motohiro:

I thought this would be of interest to magyar Ernst (if he hasn't heard of it already) since he often posts screenshots from the anime.
No. 47313
428 kB, 1000 × 563
Currently catching up on art history lectures because of homework.
Basically we have to listen to the lectures and then correct our writing on the 44 pieces of art we were shown based on how many we managed to guess the origin of correctly.
I've managed to guess 16 out of 44 correctly.
It makes me feel kind of bad, but then again, I can't fault myself for missing shots I took in the dark.
Basically it was a colossal waste of time.

Yesterday I talked with my friend until half past 4 in the morning, so I spent all of the day in a zombie-like state. We talked about all sorts of random shit like we usually do, and I was eager to hear out my friends UK uni experiences so far.

Strangely enough, I actually managed to read some of the literature required.
I've been reading from a small collection of essay on Chinese art and Weltanschauung. It talked about how some of the grammatical concepts in Classical Chinese predetermined the outcomes of their philosophy.

I'm in kind of a bit of pain. Probably the fast food I ate yesterday.

Tomorrow I'm going to work. Gonna earn a bit of money.

Found a copy of a short Shostakovich biography I've been meaning to buy. It's a pocketbook.
Also found two books from the Sinology Workshop series I've seen two years ago for sale at a publisher's store but didn't get because I had no more money on me.
They're just essay collections on Chinese history and literature.

Also been exploring my university's digital archive. There's a lot of stuff up there, all for free. Textbooks and studies, doctoral theses and so on.
Found a book on old Icelandic literature I didn't even know existed.
It's good shit.

[Völkisch Wanderung intensifies] :D

We don't talk about it much in the west, but the PRC has been pretty aggressively fighting poverty in Western and Central China through infrastructure construction and vocational training initiatives. They're actually rebuilding entire cities and towns in the process, giving the residents fully furnished homes and cars.
And strangely enough, that enormous pile of money they invested into their rust-belts and less developed regions actually did the job well.
No. 47314
Eventually I just started seeing them as children or NPCs. That's pretty ironic when I consider how I started calling vierkanal poltards shitposting on KC in the early 2010s like NPCs, and then they decided to make it "their meme" and proceeded to shitpost it nonstop...exactly like the NPCs I'd called them. I pretty much just view these people the same way I saw NPCs with the bubble text above their heads while playing Fallout only the text reads ">shillpost" "soy NPC" "dilate..go dilate..." instead of shuffling around mumbling about needing more Jet. The problem is there's a lot of people so beneath what I expect they basically appear as facsimiles of people, rather than people.

I do know what you mean in that the whole world takes on this strange tone of being like an artificial projection being used by AI researchers, with appeoximately 10% of this world either researchers working on a simulation or real AI within it possibly to compute solutions to problems like climate change and social problems, and with the other 90% of "humanity" just being a bunch of tiled NPCs with only just high enough variance in the models that you don't notice such high rate of model reiteration here as you would in a mid 2010s video game but you can still once in awhile see "hey you look exactly like somebody else." Of course if you ran that simulation enough with a high enough number set of feature presets in models even at N! whatever number at 7 billion and counting you're eventually going to run out of procedurally generated "humans."

I was of course on Adderall back then, forget why but I got distracted and started writing about this and posted it to Casey back in the day. I have no clue if anyone remembers that. It's also partly why I fucking hated Adderall for term papers though because that and weed always enhanced my sense of alienation and put it at the forefront, either as the focal object in weed or outside my periphery unless I started interacting with somebody on Adderall and then it became the sole focal point.

Really this is why I drank. Because it made me able to look past, ignore, or not care about the procedural generation of human-like facsimiles wandering my environment, as much as I could look past how much I detested their behavior, their lack of morals, and general dearth of anything rising above the childishly imbecilic, selfish, or animalistic.
Alcohol reduced us all to the same base level.
I stopped thinking about the profound disconnect even though I knew it was there.

Really my objective in life socially has been made wildly apparent should exclusively consist of academics, engineers, and scientists, and artists though I envy them for the creative spark I lack.
No. 47315
4,6 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:30
>We don't talk about it much in the west

I know that they don't live without technology, yet it's not comparable with German countryside for example. It's more cyberpunk tbh from what I've seen. They have all kinds of stuff and electronics but live in not so well buildings. I'm interested in Sinofuturism in a sense :DDD

>I’m in a small village in southern China, at the border of Jiangxi and Guangdong. I arrived in the village to try to understand how e-commerce has affected life here, with farmers selling goods directly to consumers, using WeChat’s robust mobile payment system. After missing the last bus back to the nearest city, I am now on an involuntary meditation retreat.
>Since I’m American, my hosts have assumed I need spacious, extraordinarily comfortable conditions, which is why I’m staying at the most modern house in the village, by myself. It’s a two-story concrete building with an outhouse that has a ceramic squat toilet, just a few convenient steps away from the front door.
>It’s so cold here that I can see my breath inside. There are no radiators, just a small plastic space heater that defeatedly wheezes lukewarm air. It’s the only sound I hear besides a low, watery gurgle, accompanied by the wind rattling through cracks of the window frame.

The introduction to the book was available and there the author states to challenge "metronormativty"

>For me, challenging this metronormativity is crucial. So much of the extended crises and the rise of authoritarian populism throughout the world has been a result of globalization. The urban-rural dynamic is central to globalization, with rural areas serving as the engine, the site of extractive industries from industrial agriculture to rare earth mining. I believe our ability to confront metronormativity will determine our shared future. We are intertwined across cities, villages, and national boundaries, bound by material circumstance.
>I have traveled to rare earth and copper mines in Inner Mongolia, driven along dusty highways past wind turbines and data centers, visited villages where artificial intelligence training data is made, and seen empty villages where all the young people have left for electronics factory jobs in cities. Rather than seeing the way technology has shifted or produced new livelihoods in rural China, I have been humbled to see the ways rural China fuels the technology we use every day, around the world.

No. 47318
God I wish I lived in Santa Monica
I know there's probably better places in SoCal and I hate light and heat anyway but god I wish I lived there instead
No. 47327
187 kB, 1368 × 959
Did not get the room with the calm person, one big sigh.
No. 47330
Today I discovered that my cell provider deducted about 4 dollars for the subscription I never, being aware, subscribed. First I contacted call center, they said like they can't return the money because "the service was provided correctly", so I said I'm writing an official complaint. So I had to walk to the cell provider office and then they accepted my complaint. Waiting 30 days, as required by law.
No. 47331
Well, they always do sneaky stuff like that, but at least they have now apps for smartphones where you can monitor and turn off all this stuff.
No. 47351
It's a side phone number, I check its balance occasionally. I suspected some wrong things happening, but never got into deeply.
No. 47371
They tried to scam you. It's only fair you try to devise as many additional layers of ways to create more work particularly paperwork for them in retaliation and be sure to find some way yiu create more work for actual management. Trash talk the company loudly and start petitions to get people to switch service. There are many ways to be spiteful in this life.