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No. 46255 Systemkontra
221 kB, 640 × 448
1,2 MB, 1280 × 1024
37 kB, 320 × 200
102 kB, 800 × 600
Because we all live in virtual world
No. 46258
19 kB, 320 × 328
13 kB, 320 × 200
73 kB, 640 × 400
117 kB, 640 × 400
>I also struggled a lot with WC2, I think it is considerably more difficult than WC1. The fact that I played it on PC and that the rendering sometimes stuttered didn't help either.
Well I dropped not because difficulty (I'd say secret missions 1-2 was already much more complicated than the base game) but because not get into changes in style and plot there and there. I'll replay it as soon as get back home

>There's a voice acting version of WC2?
There is in intro, at least in CD version. Not in game overall, exept in-combat, same as FM Towns WC1 version.

>Or do you mean WC3 with the movie elements, where Mark Hamill played Blair? Also: Based Tom Wilson who played Maniac, same guy who played Biff in Back to the Future, and he did a great job both times!
No, I don't get to privateer/WC3 yet. Tho I know about cutscenes and actors from 3, there was very powerfull cast for 90s videogame.

>Yeah, that sucked. All that fighting to save the claw, just that it gets destroyed off-screen. Kinda de-valued everything you did before.
This and kind of change in whole narrative. You see, X-wing/TIE Fighter get a lot of concepts from WC1 but gone compleatly opposite direction. In X-Wing there is compleatly traditional structure: Briefing-start-combat-landing-debrifieng. They cut all personal drama, rec rom, and moved personal stuff in manual, and game narrative compleatly focuses on "story of war" not story of people, and game "Tour of Duty" and cutscenes between them compleatly following structure of complete version of WC1 and it's addons. They also expanded system of pilot awards and medals and ceremonies from WC1.
WC2 on other hand abadoned all this solid structure and focuses much more on cinematographic-y narrative inbetween missions with much more personal stuff than WC1 ever had. I also just liked faces of characters in WC1 more, overall style. Pilots in brown leather jackets and jeans, this classic battlestar galactica style start. Dunno, missed all this in 2.
Espessialy angel! I think it to show that 10 years passed but this is just sad ): And hair gradients in 2 kind of strange lol.

>Could be, yes, I think no one dies in WC1, although it was kinda hard to keep Maniac alive, because he was shit :DD In WC3 he actually was decent, despite never doing what you told him. So it was just "break and attack" every single time.
No, it was not in main game, I think he dies in Secret Missions 2 even if you doing you best and out of your combat - you said he is dead after your mission while he was on other mission.

>Also: I can't even describe how much it rustles my jimmies that everytime I google for "WCx something", I get only results for Warcraft games. This is just wrong!
Say it for people who like Lands of Lore... or Might and Magic where everything up untill 7th game you will be 90% shown "Heroes of" instead of actually main series.
No. 46297
Eeh feels much weaker than Wraith Aeon of Ruin or Ion Fury. This game don't know what it wants to be - Modern, Indy, Stylesed or Retro.
No. 46500
What a captivating let's play of a game I would never have the patience to play myself


Ie. KGB, the notoriously difficult and merciless point and click adventure game set in the USSR in Autumn 1991.

The game's plot is grim and gory pulp fiction tier stuff but fairly captivating.
No. 46536
No. 46572
286 kB, 500 × 350
Yaaay Sseth is reviewing one of my top ten most favorite games of all time

I've also decided I could try to run some of my older games instead of on an emulator or genuine VM or something maybe I could try to see if I actually have any of my old enough working hard drives that might still have Windows XP on it and see if I can try booting off that with an IDE to USB cable or try to find an adapter or something to load into Windows off it as my boot disk but I'm somewhat less certain I could get it to work. Unless I can get my XP CD to boot.
No. 46574
5,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
I'm doing my last Dishonored 2 playthough to 100% it on steam. I've done 4 playthroughs and it's still such a great game. Shame the series didn't do better.
No. 46575
It was one of those series that I wanted to like but which had some features to it that just didn't mesh well with me, like how the game gave you all these gadgets but a good amount of them were only useful if you weren't doing a chaos playthrough, which made the 'good end' have less variety than just going to town on enemies in contrast to the game's theming.

I tried to get into the first game a few times but it just never captured my attention.
No. 46580
7,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:36
I recently played through the game in no-powers mode, which is like playing thief or something, just sword and guns and stealth or combat and everything was still do-able.

The gadgets are there to give you options, if you think you're missing out by not using them then I dunno what to tell you. I'd rather have a bunch of options at my disposal than not.

I'm doing a no kills, no detections ghost run at the moment and so far I've used most of my gadgets at some point, even crossbow bolts to break glass, springrazors, sticky mines and grenades to take on robot enemies, incendiary bolts for bloodfly nests etc. etc.
No. 46586
I was referring to the series and not the second game specifically. The first game was really not my cup of tea, and there weren't many gadgets that did stuff for a no-kill run, most of the crossbow's use was for killing or some variant thereof, there were only really human enemies that justified the mine so they were out, etc. I also didn't find the stealth all that engaging, being built on powers that felt kind of cheaty for a stealth game. Sounds like the sequel improved that by giving options for non-lethal uses of gadgets instead of them just being dead weight for certain playstyles, but I think I'll stick to early splinter cell for my stealth fixes personally. Game does have a pretty cool aesthetic though.
No. 46587
That's a problem with a lot if not all stealth games I played, you are given a lot of deadly tools and gadgets often very fun to use gameplay-wise but ultimately only non-lethal behavior is rewarded.

I finished every missions in Dishonered doing no kill, not being detected and not having any body discovered, safe for the flooded district, which is a very long mission with enemy giving very few feedback on weither they detected you or not. I was pretty pissed to finish it and see somehow one of those f*ckers managed to see me once.
No. 46591
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 1:30
>you are given a lot of deadly tools and gadgets often very fun to use gameplay-wise but ultimately only non-lethal behavior is rewarded.
I think this speaks to a deeper hominid cultural narrative
No. 46592
Re: stealth games.
I think it's the fundamental problem of stealth games that you are given lots of tools to help you make the missions easier, but having those tools also subverts the central gameplay mechanic, that being stealth. Despite how good of a game Hitman: Blood Money is, it had the same problem: the most fun way to play was with nothing but a fiber wire and maybe a couple utility gadgets. Absolutely no guns.

I think one way to solve it might be to have the gadgets be a counter balance to the difficulty progression, as in make the game way, way harder (more targets, time limits, secondary objectives, stage hazards, etc), so that you actually NEED to use the gadgets, and do so creatively in order to win. The downside of that approach is that it might make the game feels less like a stealth game, compromising the core fiction of the game.

Traditionally, stealth games went with the opposite approach: instead of making the levels harder, they'd give you extre challenges and limitations to make the game more fun and difficult. The thing with limitations is that, well, the whole point of them is to cut down on extra gameplay mechanics like gadgets and powerups, resulting in a more purist experience. Which also has the downside of making you feel like you're missing out on all those extra features.

TBH, I think I'd like to see a spinoff of the stealth genre where the objective is to kill literally every NPC on the map, or at least a significant portion of them. With detection resulting in either a failure condition, or extra difficulties. Having more so many more targets to take out would mean there's much more opportunities for failure, thus you'd have to use every tool at your disposal.
I thought conquering forts in FarCry games (only played 4) was actually pretty interesting if you went with the stealth approach. Even though the stealth mechanics were rudimentary, having to literally kill every single NPC inhabiting the base, and alerting even the last NPC could lead to them calling the alarm and turning the game into an FPS (a failure condition in my book, since I prefer stealth), was quite fun.

All this gameplay talk makes me wish I had an academic math education, because I have this hunch that mathematically modeling certain genres of videogames would give a lot of insight on what exactly causes those fundamental self-contradictions in their mechanics. The only genre I can deconstruct in such a way is ARPGs, RPGs, MMOs, etc., mostly because I played them so much.

I've always been confused with this meme in western movies where the moment the bell rings, all students just get the hell out, ignoring the teacher. Here, you'd get your ass whooped if you did that.
No. 46595
A lot of Western ed is based on the shittastic Prussian model and Prussian mindset. You have a limited time to get to next class and have your stuff out or you'll get in trouble in primary school. Secondary school it's ironically considered disrespectful to show up late rather than bolt out of there.
No. 46599
3,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
>I was pretty pissed to finish it and see somehow one of those f*ckers managed to see me once.
in Dishonored 2 and 3 there's a stats button in the options menu that tells you if you've killed anyone, or if you've been spotted. I think it's also present in D1 somewhere
>there weren't many gadgets that did stuff for a no-kill run
you have blink, the ability to strangle people and sleep darts. You can also use bend time and knock out several at once, see this webm I made.

You can also stop time, choke a dude and carry him off before time resumes
No. 46601
I didn't even know Dishonored 3 was a thing

>Despite how good of a game Hitman: Blood Money is, it had the same problem: the most fun way to play was with nothing but a fiber wire and maybe a couple utility gadgets.
Something tell me the amount of efforts put into allowing the player to buy and upgrade weapons "from butt to sight" hints that the missions can be completed with the highest score by having a bolder play-style than just disguising oneself and strangling/poisoning the target. But i remember silenced weapons still being loud enough to alert every nearby characters in the target's surrounding, so I may be wrong.
No. 46602 Kontra
Just looking for "hitman blood money weapon" on youtube :
The game seems to be more flexible than I thought. there is a couple of abuse here and there but getting the Silent Assassin grade is possible while using guns. Nice
No. 46609
I've never played Hitman games but if so it sounds much more realistic. Silenced weapons are loud as fuck. All it is is just some muffler and flash suppressor. You won't alert the entire neighborhood but the minute you fire it anyone nearby will look to your exact location to figure out what that loud pop was.

Actually I think I posted about this before but Breaking Bad was the closest to showing what suppressors sound like. The added sound of the slide slamming back and slinging back to position with the casings hitting the ground was a nice touch.

Tbh part of why I never played Hitman was my instincts told me to avoid a game where you play some assassin with a barcode on his neck. It felt super NWO indoctrination-y to me at the time and I'd simply forgotten about it since then. Is the gameplay actually decent? I have a few stealth based games but tbqh I tend to like it more in survival horror. That being stated it's actually nice to play by some of my IRL instincts for once, like stealing cigarettes from off my sleeping dad around/year after 9/11.

Did you know that somehow people can sense you watching them while they sleep? It's true and quite spooky to me. If you comcentratedly stare at them they'll wake up.

So part of what I did is I always looked away and tried not to think about him or mentally fixated on his person so his sleeping subconscious or astral or whatever tf causes it self wouldn't increase in alert and suspicion levels. Sometimes you have to try and time your breathing with theirs. It also helps to try and time your lifting of a pack of cigarettes or better any exposed cigarette in the pack of their shirt with their breathing movements. That way you can wiggle the pack out as their chest rises and falls but the difficult thing is getting the pack stuffed back in that front pocket.

And then there's those obvious things like trying to time the depth of their breathing to when they are in deepest and lightest sleep. I stole so many cigarettes that way.
Ah to be young againnot really fuck being a kid or teenager
No. 46612
68 kB, 616 × 353
7,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:37
>Dishonored 3
it's called Death of the Outsider and was universally hated by chans because you play as a black woman in it

Usually by people who never played the series and don't realise she's in the two DLC campaigns in D1, and she's a major character in D2 and the main character in D3
No. 46613
539 kB, 1680 × 1050
624 kB, 1680 × 1050
617 kB, 1680 × 1050
683 kB, 1680 × 1050
I've decided to give the Old World Blues mod for HoI4 a try, because the Fallout mod for Darkest Hour is actually a pretty good mod.

This one is very janky and irritating to play.
For some reason the mod developers thought it'd be fun to add a naval perspective to Fallout, so the map is full of rivers that mimic how seas work in vanilla.
The problem with this is that you can't properly create frontlines because of these fucking rivers, and if you push through a crossing, you might lose a war you already won because the AI navally invades through the rivers into your heartland, further making you unable to properly utilise frontlines.
It's fucking Fallout, I don't give a shit about naval warfare and your autistic tech tree for it because we're fighting a war in the middle of the continental US.

I played as the Legion because why not, and invading the NCR was a pain in the ass because of the naval invasions and the fact that they spammed out 500 divisions.
Basically the only reason I won was because the AI is shit, and they kept attacking my fully entrenched 20 width divisions in the north, destroying their manpower and equipment pools. (They basically suicided more than half a million people on my lines through constant offensives that always failed. Apparently it's a thing the AI does in vanilla too. You can win as the Germans against the Soviets just by letting them grind against your lines for a year and then mopping their remaining forces up.) (For a comparison, I had a fielded army of ~200k men and 70k manpower free, while they had at least double that fielded and another 400k free.)
And even after their front collapsed they still kept navally invading behind my lines. Never knew that "Causing the other side to have a brain aneurysm" is an actual victory option.

Another thing about the mod is that it has really small provinces. Usually around canon-places like the Mojave, where you can't fucking see the provinces you're fighting in, and you have to let the AI do all the fighting for you (which is a terrible idea, because the AI can't for its life fight efficiently or effectively.)
I still have no idea why the AI won't push through swathes of empty land, instead opting for waiting until the enemy gets its divisions there.
Small tiles aside, the combat is the same as in vanilla, except your divisions are way smaller and use a lot less manpower and equipment to create.

My second big issue. I played a major nation, probably equal in importance to Germany or the USSR in a WW2 scenario, but the focus tree was broken. My progression was halted because the pre-requisite of declaring war for the Hoover Dam is that it's owned by the NCR, but after waiting a year or two, nothing happened, so I had to manually declare war on New Vegas to take the place.
Funniest thing is. After I took the damn dam and fortified the region and upgraded the infrastructure, I got an event that the NCR now controls the dam and we should do something about it.
Turns out, the NCR can get the dam, it's just that the focus trees aren't synchronised so I was out of focuses by the time they got to it.
To add insult to injury, the focus automatically shifts control of the Hoover Dam region to the NCR, which is maximum bullshit if you ask me.

The only reason to play this is the setting, but the magic of it all quickly wears off as you encounter problem after problem.
No. 46614
Thank God poltards didn't exist 20 years ago. Well I mean they did it's just they were still in fundie Evangelicals form. I'd have heard nonstop bitching about everything from Starcraft to Fallout to VTMB to KOTOR how "durrr hurrrrr esjaydubyoos" probably Starcraft in particular with nonstop screeching about the Bush joke and Republican ad in VTMB and the anti-aliens guy in KOTOR 1.

The funniest thing to me is they also don't realize all those super WOKE things aren't because of ideology but because of Capitalism.
>gee how can we market more shit to the growing female gamer demographic as well as black kids and growing Mexican and other demographics
>Let's throw in a token black chick and write a character named Jorge
>oh and Mark let's also make a Li Liu character so we've got better Chinese market penetration

This kinda segues into what I ended up thinking about at wörk today which was how I could try playing a few games of Tropico totally contrary to my playstyle and try to be a brutal dictator with as much class disparity as possible while courting the Capitalists and various others. I thought it would be especially funny if I could actually flood my country with cheap immigrant labor exploiting the fuck out of them for my sweatshops and farms alongside my abused Tropican workforce and issue some edict where I blame the leftists for it and spend the game antagonizing Socialists as much as possible while blaming them for everything. It'd probably be a pretty hilarious session to play but sadly I don't think any of those games will let me blame other parties for my own policies.
No. 46617
Devils advocate position here is that the riverboat has played an enormous role in intra-us warfare historically. The rivers were as important as the railroads during the civil war for example.
No. 46618
254 kB, 1280 × 720
Also circumventing the front is exactly what they did with boats when it was the best option. The Union forced its way past Vicksburg to hit them from a different direction than was reasonable to do from the north.

TLDR: maintain rear area operations
No. 46622
Not guns, but rather a gun. The silverballers are OP to the point I think they detract from the game a bit.
They're a faster method of killing than fiber wire and pretty much as silent, the only downside being blood splatters, but they don't do anything if the body is hidden or the killing happened in a secluded place. They're an infinite free knockout if you take hostage then press E, making the sedative syringe obsolete. Better than the sniper rifle for assassinations at range because with upgrades it's very accurate, and the maps are too small to need a sniper rifle anyway.
Also, in 99% of the cases you want to be next to the body when you kill, so other range weapons are useless anyway.
Other than that, the only gadget you use is the mines I think.

I try to limit my use of the silverballers when doing self-challenge meme playthroughs. My favorite one is to enter the level completely empty handed and improvise assassinations with random objects I find on the map.
No. 46672
23,7 MB, 1280 × 960, 0:31
>it's called Death of the Outsider and was universally hated by chans because you play as a black woman in it
Ha ha, usually for people who by default screaming about SJWs when see such things in games I like to post something like this for example - Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri, game from 1996 by looking glass studios in system shock universe.
Or something other from 90s vidja where nobody give a shit abut such things and it was kind of normal.

However of cource part of fault of current situation of cource on marketing, who trying to market games for retards from other side of political fashion screaming about how their game "most tolerant" or some other bullshit from corporations.
No. 46679
408 kB, 679 × 384
Bingo. Suffice it to say one of the many reasons I've come to actively despise poltards in gaming--aside from the fact they're literally the worst SJWs out there who have to say how OFFENDED they are and how TRIGGERED and OFFENDED you should be too they DARED to put a black character in the game or you're a [insert buzzword] and I have to suffer these cocksuckers all the damn time while literally never suffering SJWs anywhere on these forums--is the fact that they smokescreen all these faggot MBA suits who've been ruining gaming since forever. They're apparently too stupid to understand this is literally due to how Capitalism in gaming works because those dumbasses get together focus groups and marketing departments to decide which sort of cringey af gimmick they can insert to get a wider market share. All games are is "units" to them. They don't give a shit about the games they market, they have nothing to do with programming or artistic direction (other than the horrific examples of executive meddling) and all they see is dollar signs and by god will they fuck that game into the dirt if they think it can make them even one more dollar. Tellingly none of these faggots have as big a problem with zero day DLC, microtransactions in paid games and paywall locked content.

By them screeching about the pure cancer of ideology it effectively screens all the terrible marketing decisions that businessmen make with games. Dead Space 3 remains to me one of the finest examples of how these retards utterly kill a series and you can literally see frame by frame where the MBA faggots forced the developers to make stupid and cringeworthy changes and all these outrage farmers bother to whinge about and fixate on is "oh how DARE they add a token black woman to try to farm more demographic slices somehow!"

This is the biggest thing I am dreading out of those fucking Swedes and Hardsuit Labs for fucking up VTMB2 which is what godawful changes are going to be made for their rock squeezing, and the most horrific bad sign I'd seen about the new guy had zero to do with ideology unless you consider the marketing itself as ideology but rather the fact that he was advertised as "working on award winning games like Assassin's Creed and Farcry" (nevermind which specific installations of those games mind you) and his former role at fucking Ubisoft. So basically they just advertised to me that they're going to rape that game into the goddamn dirt in pursuit of more profits thus destroying the game itself and their profits along with it because a lot of modern businesspeople are short sighted fucking morons.
No. 46682
Stopped checking news about it for a while because nothing much happened. Decided to see how the development is going yesterday, and the first news I see is that they threw Mitsoda out. What in the actual fuck?! Is Paradox aiming to be the next top gaming corporation of evil, like EA or Activision?
No. 46683
I have personally kept Paradox on my top three list of shittest companies. They weren't yet being actively evil but they had one of the shittiest financial policies particularly with DLC. There's a reason why I never trusted Paradox to not fuck it up.
No. 46684
You can be assured that Paradox will do anything to give you that good fuzzy feeling that OVoD players like. The worst thing that will happen is some people not buying it on launch and waiting for a sale.
No. 46711
417 kB, 1920 × 1080
342 kB, 1600 × 800
Hey guys, first time in LOOOOONG time I bought new game. Well, actually new game, not something from 2007 that I usually count as "new". Game that came out 5 days ago - Hotshot Racing. It's game that trying to look and be like this old arcade racing games - flat shaded polygons, bright colors, arcade mechanics and stuff. I like such things, even tho I kind of suck at racing games, in recent years I was more and more attracted towards this kind of races - from early 90s arcade to late 90s PC ones.

Aaand this game gave me everything I really wanted from such game - no annoying boring mechanics of buying and selling 9000 used cars, have sysems of millions upgrades and all this racing team managment bullshit in "realistic" dark colors"
You have characters - racers, each have unique set of 4 cars - balanced, speedy, drifty, acceleraty. Each of tem slightly different from same type car that have other racers. Earning money and passing championships allowing you to unlock or buy (for game money) some little customisation accesories for cars and suits for racers. Pure cosmetical stuff, that also compleatly made in same style. There is 4 championships with 4 tracks each, all tracks are unique, there some with dirt segments.

While this is obviously more high poly than any flat shaded arcade sega racing games from early 90s, they really nailed style, core ideas and added more to that. Really fun stuff for that that cost all that small amount I payed for it. May recommend... if you into something similar
No. 46722
76 kB, 621 × 668
146 kB, 630 × 1175
535 kB, 766 × 631
369 kB, 2518 × 1032
poltards really have come a long way from the days of /news/, they're basically a synthesis of useful idiots and trannies at this point

Me too, I've purposefully never given them a penny because of their shitty DLC bullshit. I think I got free copies of a few of their games on steam giveaways and shit but I've no interest in playing any of them.

The only exceptions are games I got from different devs who have been published by paradox, so I did get Cities Skyline and Surviving Mars but I got them from key sites iirc so I still avoided giving Paradox any money directly
No. 46738
I finally managed to quit Dota, but now I got addicted to Magic instead...
cba to to look the post up now, but that video KZ-Ernst posted about Slay the Spire in the last thread was pretty interesting, one of the guys was also a Magic pro player.

Also playing through Persona 4 whenever I'm hungover mostly, it's really fun actually. Glad they released a remaster for PC, the small things like being able to skip dialogue really make a difference, playing on emulator felt quite janky most of the time.
Also picked up killer7 when it was on sale recently, gonna start with that once I'm done with Persona, though I'm only 1/3 through or so.
No. 46751
Watch his Vintage Cube stuff. He's mostly a top player in limited formats for one, and two Vintage Cube is (sarcasm) 'Magic played the way Richard Garfield intended'. It's actually a very entertaining limited format because there are fewer concessions than in traditional formats, instead you get very powerful picks as suboptimal compared to broken ones.
No. 46758
582 kB, 1920 × 1080
I don't know the old cards that well, but I'll check it out.

After finally managing to log into the game since they launched the new set yesterday, I pulled off a 7-1 in a Sealed event, feelsgoodman.
No. 46765
The shuffler makes me hate this game. The last thing I did was winning with Red Mono Decks containing 5 Lands. Then I've quit.
No. 46800
A part of me keeps wanting to buy the MtG on Steam but this is typically thwarted by two things, the one being I know it's a ripoff for something never on sale and don't want to give Wizards of the Coast more money for not even some pieces of cardboard, and two, that would also involve giving steam my money.

Maybe I should just pirate it if I feel like playing it.
No. 46808
224 kB, 2560 × 1080
>spend well over $2000 on finally upgrading computer system
>get shiny new graphics card with it
>pay off internet well into October if not November
>disconnect router because wasting my life on internet not even playing games anymore
>play this instead at 1440p
No. 46810
Got into NEO Scavenger recently, it's pretty fun but the storyline is short. There are mods though, and you don't have to play for completion.
No. 46812
590 kB, 1920 × 1016
278 kB, 1920 × 1080
254 kB, 1600 × 838
that game is hard as balls, I couldn't get more than 3 missions into it
t. brainlet
I tried to get into that 2 or 3 times, played the demo, bought it and refunded it and considered buying it again.

Have you ever played Project Zomboid?
No. 46818
back in the day me and a few friends set up a server and played zomboid together, breddy good stuff it allows you to properly separate roles and skills, some working on the base while others gather supplies and combat

never really tried in singleplayer, how is the experience that way?
No. 46821
Kinda surprised. It requires some of the same planning and patience that XCOM2 requires. Some of the missions are indeed pretty hard though. I beat the one campaign and got pretty far into two others today. The easiest winning strategy to cheese your way through several missions is to use the launcher overlord zombies and then click explode while they're in mid air to rain artillery fire down on tougher machine gun enemies until you've flattened everything on the screen.
t. American war doctrine
No. 46823
>Have you ever played Project Zomboid?
Yes, my friends and I played it in co-op a few times a couple of years back, it's fun but I found it gets old pretty fast.
No. 46843
ODST came out on MCC today. Finished my intall and did a quick test run. It feels really fucking good. Nice to be back in the saddle. Game holds up for a 2009 title tbh, especially since ODST is a glorified mod for Halo 3.

They added some new unlocks but unfortunately put them behind season challenges. Most of them are actually pretty doable solo I think, but the biggest one requires beating Set 4 of Firefight Classic with 4 players. That was hard enough when we had two 360s plugged into each other and the 4 players were in the one room. Can't imagine it'll be particularly fun with randoms, especially since ODST's Firefight is a much longer form of the game (endless, very limited power weapons, hard to go on the offensive on all but one map) compared to Reach' version which has been what's available since launch (Duration of 1 set, map power weapons and weapon drops, more maps allow/require limited offensive play). I can't imagine you'll get many matchmade games going to the 60 wave deep mark, either through dropouts or uncoordinated play.
No. 46889
Man, we are actually very close to being able to host a full drafting pod, assuming timezones work out. Even if it doesn't work, I'd be down to play Block Party with Ernsts sometime if there's interest. Block Party is a non-rotating format where decks must obey some form of Block Constructed rules, but decks do not have to be from the same block. It's casual and even absurdly powerful blocks are relatively balanced. Mind you it's not a super balanced format, not everything under the sun is competitive and some blocks are just more powerful than others, but you can get away with a lot more jank, and play with powerful but not absurd cards (i.e. fun cards that are unplayable in a serious format).

Tbh, I mostly fuck around with Magic on xmage these days. Yeah, it's Java but it's a pretty feature-complete pirate Magic client.
No. 46891
Sounds good, sign me up. I'll check out XMage in the meantime, already installed it some time ago but didn't bother setting it up since it looked so clunky.
There's also a tool to set up drafts in MTGA (https://mtgadraft.herokuapp.com/) but I suppose there's not much sense since the shared card pool would likely be pretty limited.
No. 46893
277 kB, 1366 × 728
I mean MTGA also lacks the ability to draft packs with 3 pieces of power in them, always a minus in my books tbh. The UI takes a bit of getting used to but it's not too bad. It's a bit like MODO, clunky but a lot more granular and friendly to weird and/or complex game states than Arena.
No. 46911
247 kB, 1366 × 768
Beat ODST on Legendary. Shit man, it holds up to my memories of the game. There's some bad writing sure, but the atmosphere and gameplay is so good. Few notes: Data Hive is a Bugger-based mission with a short escort sequence. Both of those suck on Legendary on a good day, them together sucks even more, and Coastal Highway I remember being easier, maybe I'm just used to newer AI but the 2009-era gunner AI prioritises accuracy way too much for some sections of that level.
No. 46922
322 kB, 1000 × 1000
132 kB, 640 × 480
31 kB, 540 × 309
God the new Disney "Star Wars" games look like such absolute complete shit. It's made me realize my entire idea about anonymity and the politik is a failure and a fantasy, and that perhaps the only relevant thing ultimately actually is the author, because we can clearly see with IP swapping how you can give any universe to capable hands and it'll turn out nice, but give it to Bethesda, EA, Disney...

Anyways hey Russia what do you know or think about this game?
Think I might purchase it at full price because why not it's just six bucks.

I also have another question re: Poland
Why do the Poles make so many games?
Why does Poland appear to have not just such an advanced but also prolific gaming industry? It sincerely seems to me at this point like they are comparable to the Western i.e. US gaming industry, except ours has an order of magnitude more money while pushing out pure trash mostly through the megacorps, whereas Poles seem to be in line with what American vidya makers were like twenty or more years ago.

I was just browsing around for new crpgs and found this
>Welcome to Warsaw City of the 22nd century. The Tech of the future is so advanced that the term "real" is relative and "life" and "death" have many meanings. Virtual worlds give rise to problems of the human nature: lust, sloth, envy, and pride. The residents of these virtual game-worlds need specialists – Gamedecs - Private Investigators with experience in those worlds who work to discover th
If I had any doubt it was Western Slavs doing it rather than pure coincidence of set in Warsaw
>problems of the human nature
Although I didn't realize Poles had issues with English articles?
No. 46923
178 kB, 1024 × 768
110 kB, 1024 × 768
163 kB, 1024 × 768
Not played that, but going to. Only thing I know about that one is that they put basicly every planet in wrong sector or place in galaxy and that it have wierd characters there and there. But I don't know how it is as a "game" sadly.

Found out probably one of the top3 game intros (in my list for shure)
https://youtu.be/ACDPyWubLuQ - this is the most 00s thing I ever seen, and it's awesome! Sadly, game itself and it's cutscenes is regular "3d sonic" half-cringe stuff you can expect. However, game itself is very interesting. It basicly hoverboard racing with specific mechanics - from start where you run on foot, to how to should do tricks in air to gain "air meter", how you can go in special speed-attack mode, earn levels right in track that increase your abilities, catch airstreams from speedy enemies and do tricks inside them, have different characters and hoverboards with their stats and types that also can be upgraded. Overall, not just your generic arcade racing.
No. 46941
7,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:29
I was playing through Dishonored 1 and 2 lately and came across this, thought it was funny because even in a dystopian rat infested city of plague they punish looting. Compared to BLM in the current year where looting is fine (apparently)
No. 46968
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
I'm finally revisiting Morrowind and it didn't age one bit for me. It's even more amazing now to notice every details I missed ten years ago. It's incredible how they managed to put together a breathing world packed with lore while the interaction with NPCs is bare-bone at most. Top notch world building imho.

I remembered Vivec as a boring place with cloned quarters but it's absolutely not and each ones have its oddities, like the fake-Velothi tower for the Telvanis, the arena and everything going down the lower levels.

I didn't even started the main quest, I'm mostly focused on the Telvani house, exploring the land and experimenting with strong enchants and alchemy to explore said land with more efficiency. Pic related is my current settis : The same constant light and invisibility ring I crafted when I played years ago, an amulet of constant levitation, and a pants of constant slowfalling and restore fatigue. Next object will be for 50-100 jump, it's fun but I need a strong soul to have at least 300 of charge. I also should play with strong destruction spells but I play my mage like a battlemage, only with a shortsword. It's shit against heavily armoured opponents

tldr: Morrowind stood the test of time and is still a ton of fun to play. I still want to live there
No. 46971
317 kB, 1920 × 1080
320 kB, 1920 × 1080
404 kB, 514 × 3608
Playing human resource machine.
One of the simpler programming games, and far from the zachtronics stuff in terms of complexity, but it's a cute little game, and also the right amount of challenge for someone who's never programmed or a beginner. Maybe a good game to give to children and see if they develop an interest in programming.
It's easy to get into because the drag and drop interface eliminates "syntax errors", and you get a live step by step playback of your program, a debugger of a sort.

Since the extent of my programming experience is writing scripts to automate graphics design stuff and some very simple mods for video games, it's a decent challenge so far.

The drawback is the UI. Dragging and dropping instructions one by one becomes a chore after a while, and you just want to type stuff. Especially when you have to fix an incorrect program, and while moving one instruction you lose your place and garble up your program. it's easier to start from scratch. Sometimes I write a solution, see it's incorrect, realize immediately how to fix it, but prospect of either going through the error prone process of fixing, or rewriting from scratch makes me want to alt f4. Still, guess I can't fault it too much, since ease of access at the cost of flexibility was a tradeoff they made deliberately.

I also like how the game grades you on two separate metrics, number of instructions and number of steps performed. Most of the time though I just do an unrolled, sequential solution with the bare minimum required jump instructions, not because of muh performance, but because managing the flow of a program when you can't refactor it or even make functions is a pain in the ass.
No. 46972
You playing vanilla?
No. 46973
If that was a reference to my country people being maced, beaten, and sometimes shot even without looting.
No. 46976
302 kB, 1364 × 768
316 kB, 1364 × 768
250 kB, 1364 × 768
332 kB, 1364 × 768
Started a Black Sea campaign. Russian BTG in a hypothetical conventional war on the Ukraine. Game's good. May stream it sometime. Had some success with Combat Mission so far in terms of being fairly engaging to watch. The fact it's got 3d graphics gives it spectacle instead of just being very dry hex and counter that relies on engagement with mechanics that you may or may not know well/at all.
No. 46978
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
I play vanilla on OpenMW, with only the official mods enabled, so no added texture or models
No. 46979
Oh, okay. No fan patches like "patch for purists" or restors of some cut content? What OMW version and tweaks?
No. 46982
Get Intelligent Textures, they are great. They are upscaled versions of the original textures, so they still stay close to the vanilla feeling without being so low-res.
No. 46983
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
OpenMW version 0.46.0
I don't think I patched it when I installed it years ago, unless something came with the GOG installer. I have a .rar for Morrowind Rebirth but didn't bother to install it

Also no tweaks, I just set everything to make the water looks better. I tried to increase the view distance[1] to emulate what can be achieved with MGE but FPS dropped drastically and overall it didn't look as good as with the fog of war

The game really looks good with shadows and reflective water. Even with everything maxxed out the game launches instantly on my machine and my productivity really tanked since this last week because of that

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenMW/comments/b7p0ry/view_distance/
No. 46984
How did you increase view distance? By loading exterior cells or by using the distantterrain feature? Loading exterior cells tanks performance, but just enabling DistantTerrain in the config should not decrease FPS too much.
No. 46990
12,0 MB, 14775 × 2657
Actual distant land with LODs avalible with 0.47 builds only (or no, it is in 0.46 already? Forgot compleatly), however I might be wrong. Before that yea, it was full-loading for cell and in more early versions OMW had less optimisation. Back in 0.45 I played with ~2 full cells load but there is no need for that now, of cource.

https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/45096 can recommend Patch for Purists for basicly absoluetly anyone, even for compleatly vanilla build, since it's don't change anything exept changing actual minor mistakes, misplaced items, typos in books, dialogues and scripts and tons of stuff like that.
And even in compleatly vanilla builds I usually install minor stuff like weapons and shields on-characters because OMW natively supports it and it's very neat so why not.
No. 46991

field of view = 60
#viewing distance = 6666.0
viewing distance = 666666.0
small feature culling pixel size = 16.0

exterior cell load distance = 1

distant terrain = True

It looks way better with "exterior cell load distance" set to something over 10 but it's to slow to play sadly. I'm fine with the classical Vvardenfell sfumato anyway
No. 47024
157 kB, 482 × 800, 0:00
A-10C II came out. Got my $10 upgrade for free because I had some miles laying around (monopoly money for buying direct from the devs). Upgrade is new visuals and simulation, a helmet-mounted sight, new weapons systems and in the near future, a new radio stack that includes a much more modern and complex communications package built around the ARC-210(V) which has vastly improved network communications. Feels hype man.
No. 47027
First impression is very positive. The HOTAS setup changed a bit to better represent USAF standard (the original from 2011 is a commercial version of USANG training software, but had to be stripped down in terms of fidelity for classification reasons), plus it also has to work with newer features like the helmet.

It's familiar still, it's just undoing some fairly entrenched muscle memory. This is essentially what conversion training is IRL so it isn't surprising. The new stuff is really interesting though. The HMCS is a massive advantage over the old airframe for TOO strikes or CAS because I can just look at an area, hit DMS Left Long and point the TGP to where I'm looking. It's not super easy to do accurately but it'll get you to the general area and you can do normal TGP operation to get your final targeting solution.

I can also use the HMCS for heads up SA when using SADL. I can have a wingman (human because the AI isn't that good) find a secondary threat, set it as SPI, broadcast SPI over the datalink, and then I can just look for the yellow wedding cake outside the cockpit (projected onto my visor) and hook onto it and keep it handy on my HUD while I conduct my own attacks, or even set it as SPI, mark it and return to my last target so that I can quickly set my new SPI to that secondary target. This was never hard to do in the past, but it required some head down work on the TAD while this is all done while maintaining SA.

If I sound excited, it's because I am. I still have much love for the old A-10C but damn the new one is so fucking tight.
No. 47029
I'm thinking at this point how cool and how much better Elite Dangerous would be with a joystick and VR but each of those costs fucking $150 or more and I cannot afford to nor justify spending that kind of money on one game. Well, maybe that would make it two games.
No. 47050
Just get a cheap stick and headtracking. Elite Dangerous would not benefit from a high end stick tbh. I only use a medium end stick because I wanted something with dual throttles and enough hats. If you don't need more than 20 buttons at your fingertips to even effectively operate the aircraft then you don't need a bigger stick like mine.
No. 47054
73 kB, 540 × 720
6,9 MB, 4096 × 2304
6,2 MB, 490 × 360, 1:29
176 kB, 1280 × 720
Holy shit I love this game so damn much! I just tried the Horizons DLC and landed on the uplift peak of an impact crater. I'm king of the fucking mountain. I can't even tell if this thing does visual and other scaling well or poorly but at least the planets are suitably small then intimadatingly--frighteningly even--big. Slamming out of hyperspace into a star never stops being startling yet. They're apparently releasing a DLC in 2021 where you can walk around the surface but if I can already drive why would I do that? Who's even a walker on a planet? I'd rather they made it so I can actually physically wander around a spaceport bar but whatever.

This game is great. I haven't even gotten a landing craft yet and it's freaking amazing. I feel like I could do this all fall. I just wish they had some added features to really feel like I'm out there exploring and mapping some specific frontier. Like maybe I could play golf and plant my flag there.

Holy shit this game is amazing. I'm just sitting there on my peak and looking around. I love this game so far. I can't find my slavicspacetrucker.webm so here have another space trucking clip. Jesus this game is cool. I can finally see the point behind having a multi monitor setup or VR.
No. 47057
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
So, been playing Necromunda: Underhive Wars lately. It didn't turn out to be great, but I guess I was satisfied with it, that is, I got what I expected: Mordheim in 40k. There are quite a lot of differences, though.

While Mordheim had a campaign mode where you could take your own warband and lead it through the story by completing plot missions and any amount of unnecessary missions in-between them, in Necromunda you have two separate modes: a story mode, where you complete fixed missions with a fixed gang(s), and an operations mode, where you lead your own gang through a series of random missions. Frankly, I think that the story mode is a waste of time: it's nothing more than an overblown tutorial with some plot-explaining cut-scenes in it. That would actually be more or less fine, but the plot is not interesting at all, so the only reason you would want to complete a story mode is to unlock some more customizations for your warriors.

Speaking of which, the customizing is pretty cool, and it's much better than in Mordheim, where you could only select a general color scheme and some minor features. In Necromunda, you have a lot of options to make your guys to feel like Your Guys (or Your Gals, of whatever). you can select colors for your gang as a whole, then specify colors for each ganger specifically, and also face features, hairstyles, and body features (that are tied to the attributes, which is a nice touch: making your fighters tougher will turn them chubbier/stockier, making them stronger will turn them more athletic-looking, and making them agile will turn them slimmer and skinnier (there is no slider for boobs' size, unfortunately, so you can't make a gang of milenavelbas, hitomitanakas and maseratis; sorry, Ireland)) plus tons of miscellaneous thingy-dingies which serve no purpose whatsoever, but which certainly do look cool. And that is yet another reason why the operations mode is more fun than the story mode: much of the fun in Mordheim was derived from creating your own warriors, choosing their skills and equipping them appropriately. Necromunda's story doesn't allow you any of these and doesn't punish you in any way if you lose the warriors in missions (unless it's specified that the certain warrior must survive). Another disadvantage of the story mode is the uneven difficulty: you can play through a considerably tense mission only to find yourself in a next mission which is a total piece of cake; the last mission is much easier than the penultimate one, which is a total fail, IMO.

Another difference from Mordheim is that all ganger classes (Brawler, Deadeye, Heavy, Lay-Mechanic, Saboteur) are available to all gangs, thus somewhat smoothing out the gangs' quirks, for better or for worse. Also, Mordheim had a lot of useless soldiers (like Skaven Verminkin and Chaos Brethren), heroes (Sisters' Augur) and even impressives (Skaven Rat Ogre), while Necromunda so far has only Saboteur (or at least it seemed so to me: his skills are kinda lame (although spamming Homemade 'Nades can be pretty fun) and his weapons (flamethrowers, cryoguns and acid throwers) are inferior to all the other weapons both in range and in damage; waiting for Cawdor to be implemented to rectify the sadly underpowered flamethrowers?).

Yet another failure is the utterly stupid AI. I haven't seen such dumb AI for quite some time, to be honest. In Mordheim AI, while not being exactly brilliant (although generally being a dick), still managed to do sensible things most of the time. In Necromunda it just keeps surprising me with its miraculous incompetence. Here's a short (but definitely not exhaustive) list of the AI's fuck-ups I've encountered:
– getting stuck in the walls;
– getting stuck in obstacles;
– fielding units with useless equipment;
– using inappropriate skills for the situation;
– not using appropriate skills for the situation;
– using skills in harmful for itself ways (like, throwing 'nades under his own feet, thus damaging both himself and all the teammates unfortunate enough to stand nearby);
– planting traps in places never to be visited by the enemy;
– triggering traps it set up itself;
– walking right into ambushes (which quite and achievement, considering that you can always spectate all the enemy units);
– standing like an idiot doing nothing while being mowed down by my all-ranged gang (Orlocks FTW!);
– killing itself in weird ways (like picking up a barrel of chemicals which puts a DoT on you which damages you for about 15 HP each turn while having only 10).
Yesterday they rolled out a patch which should've addressed some of these issues, but the AI still stays hilariously dumb.

Another (small) peeve of mine is that there is no my favorite Waha faction to be seen anywhere: Chaos. Well, I can only hope that Corpse Grinder cults will find their way into the game, but seeing that Mordheim had only six warbands with all DLCs, and Necromunda so far has only three House gangs (Orlock, Escher and Goliath) so far, with, other three (Cawdor, Van Saar and Delaque) to be implemented, my hopes are pretty feeble.

All in all, it's not worth picking up this game yet. It desperately needs more patches and DLCs.
No. 47107
656 kB, 1541 × 2084
Boght 3m usb typeC wire so now with my gamepad connected to pc (Pad has bluetooth but I don't installed bluetooth in my pc) while tv connected to pc as second monitor, I can have this "console experience".
No. 47137
Do you guys think VR is worth it?
No. 47142
223 kB, 1462 × 838
My first sub 100 game in a decade of playing. Maybe I'll download the versions accepted in leaderboards and try to get in next.
No. 47143
Maybe next generation. Needs higher update frequency and resolution. Unless you have the money to spend then yes.
No. 47144
2,9 MB, 1200 × 676, 0:09
3,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:07
1,6 MB, 853 × 480, 0:09
2,7 MB, 600 × 669, 0:21
There was a rental place in the next town over where you could rent a cubicle for 20 euro p/hour and play a load of steam VR games with your friends. I went 4/5 times with my friend and his wife and mine and we played VR games for 2 hours.

It was well worth it for the rental, had a great time always but you wouldn't do that at home if you owned the VR set. Anyway it's good shit, highly recommend if you've the money to burn
No. 47174
If you don't give a shit about money - probably it's fun experience for some time. Otherwise - nah, very small and fragmented market to be valuable.
No. 47185
I'm more interested in VR for things like artistic installations, education or research than for video games. Currently it's too expensive for both consumers and developers but hopefully it will get cheaper and open hardware projects more common
No. 47240
Honestly that's partly what I'm hoping holographic displays and clear glass pane style monitor displays are for--both of which are available to consumers now--as well as for more technical and engineering related things. We also now even have rudimentary ion drives. Now we just have to understand singularities a bit better.
No. 47310
Mass effect or nu-trek holographics interfaces are pile of shit, it not something usefull in real life, espessialy when it transperant monochrome flat shaded abstract figures floationg around glass panel.
No. 47334
348 kB, 1531 × 2162
496 kB, 640 × 907
All right, so at this point, I played, completed, or at least touched or seen all games in this series to a degree when I can have some overall thoughts.

2002 Original

Very awesome game that gets me hooked from start to finish. You might probably remember, I had made some posts here back when I started playing it. It was one of my first actual more modern console game, I played on my new controller so it was my entry in this side of console gaming I never seriously touched - 3d platformers/adventures. The only game like this I actually had some experience with was Sonic Adventure DX and... well, 3d Sonic games is not, let's say it not harsh, the industry standard in the genre. But still, returning to it now R&C not become overshadowed, it actually an objectively awesome game. Huge expansion on already established Insomniac experience with more traditional 3d platformers, they managed to insert more adventure, more features into it with limited shooting, more complex puzzles, and interesting exploring and still make it work. 3d platforming, gadgets, weapons, special stages really work together. Yes, special stages may be quite limited in a way - there only a couple of turret places, only a couple of Clank stages and starfighter combat levels, but I guess for the amount of mechanics they have I think it's exactly the right quantity.

Yes, there a couple actually kind of hard-ish places, especially for action-adventure-platforming novice like me - one level very water rising on the whole level and you should pass it ideally to not die since you don't have an underwater helmet at this point, races in this game may be hard for someone who not get used for arcade races with basically fixed opponents and no-mistake rule, etc. but all of these just remnants of a more older generation of console games, that was not kind for players and I don't mind it at all honestly. A huge step was on the world, style, and plot side. Completing expanding their core ideas from Spyro like really alive for a time mimic of facial animations for a cartoon-style character, the type of narrative they did huge step in actually heavy plot-based narrative and complex cutscenes. The wacky over-capitalist commercial universe where plot and characters serve as a clever satire on "commercial" society and what problems it can bring with. But nothing cringe and stupidity from time to time don't make you feel that game is retarded in some way. The main protagonists are very likable and have their personalities and relationships that evolve in the game.

Graphics and detail for 2002 are outstanding, being an early PS2 title it probably uses almost all of its power it makes awesome detailed beautiful locations, that still in their stylized view look cool, especially if you playing in modern resolution via emulator. Remembering general graphics standards for 2002 - it's really nice. The soundtrack is 10/10, I for half of the year have my top 6 tracks in a player, I do running listening to them. Overall it's a product of its time - probably one of the best products like that, about which I can talk for hours only positive things. It's one of these games that really hooked me up. It's a separate category of games from just "technically good", there are some games that I just want to explore so much, and once I finish them, they become one of my favorites. Like MM4-5 and 6, like TES Adventures Redguard. Original R&C definitely on this list.

Locked and Loaded/Going Commando (I don't know any reason, why some of the games in series have the different secondary title in North America and rest of the world)

A year in development. More or less the same engine and graphics, but a direct continuation of what you have seen before plot-wise. Same as, the continuation of ideas and concepts. Gameplay-wise it much bigger! The focus from 3d platforming slowly turned for actual action, shooting. But I can't say it's become just a shooter - the game just become bigger overall, and the combat system received even more updates. leveling system, weapon leveling system, a lot of interesting mechanics like your armor, enemy degrading armor, and robotic parts where you physically destroying mechanisms by peaces, bots actually have specific tactics. Big enemy animals charge and they can be ridden by other enemies, melee combat enemies can block, strike when you don't expect. While in the first game weapons were important, but more secondary tools, like you can't constantly just use only weapons, now they more or less your instrument to go.

Much more gadgets! Some old ones are the same, others changed. R&C2 has a full arsenal from the original game, and if you have you save from the first title, on one planet you can get it for free! (your weapons in the first game were made by other corporation, that does not operate in the galaxy you travel in the second game). The new braking system, new gravity gun, new rocket boots. For old gadgets like magnetic boots new bigger levels and uses. Remember races in the original game? Now there are more tracks with more challenges and mechanics. Remember 2 special starfighter stages? Now it's a full challenge mode with separate resource and upgrade system to your ship. Completely new stuff like arenas and their challenges and rewards, open-world locations like the big desert where you can ride mining machines and defeating giant sandbags mining materials for upgrading your ship. The game feels bigger, more complex in every aspect. From downsides can mention that some gadgets are underused. Glider mechanic was used only in some places and all except one of them was secondary. "Activator" gadget was not that much used, clank levels on the technical level become more complex with a different type of robots you can control, but on the other side puzzles and gameplay with them much more straightforward, in example "oh yea, you have robot-bridge and here right for you a gap you should pass using this robot!". But this is probably the downsides of the game being already very big and there was not much room for even more content.

The plot continues the same ideas and concepts. Yes, it, especially at the start, has a much less "atmosphere of adventuring into the unknown" I so loved in the first game, however, it's understandable - it's a direct continuation, our hero not some poor mechanic that stuck at his home planet anymore, have experience and some events pass. Interesting that this game actually inserts some elements that they will be ignored in PS3 titles onwards, making me believe that the actual reboot started not in 2016, but from "Tools of Destruction", but about this later, when I get to this set of games. It may sound that this game is worse than the first one. But no-no, I'd compare it to... Episode 4 and Episode 5 of Star Wars if analogy can be understandable. It's not exactly like that, but I too stupid right now to come up with something more precise.
No. 47335
173 kB, 800 × 1136

Up Your Arsenal

Another year passed. This time, it was not enough. As I know some people left the team and Sony insisted on including multiplayer with the PlayStation network. This leed to somewhat weak results: the game feels much smaller. Locations are not so awesomely detailed and memorable. When 2 added a lot of stuff, making other stuff less significant this game actually started to cut things. Less level, no "adventure map" of the galaxy, just a list of planets. Game much, much more combat-focused. It's actually more on a side of an arcade 3rd person shooter already. They expanded combat from the second game into even more shooting and cut a lot of adventure-platforming mechanics. No rails, hook, and hacking tools appear only in the second half of the game. The game doesn't have starfighter levels, as well as open-world style levels 2nd game had. No glider, no races. What game have as main "special level" is war challenges which are actually just multiplayer maps and regimes put into a singleplayer campaign were you on the same map should defend an objective, capture objective, cover NPCs, etc. And honestly, I can't say the game is not fun. New controls and combats improvements are welcome - 16:9 support with progressive scan, actual free-aim shooter style controls, more weapon upgrades. Some "war combat" maps where you can drive a vehicle is actually not that bad and fun. But when you start to look at how much less this game and how much less stuff here it's become obvious that this is not an actual "number" sequel, it's more like an expansion for 2nd game or something.

The plot is a bit of a mess. It has a weaker logic structure, as well as it deviates from the narrative of the first two games (and the first spin-off) that told stories about consumerism, uncontrolled consumer society, and corporation in a bit clever way, like to what result it might end. 3 is more like "evil meme genius doing some not the most logical thing". There is a cut-room from developers in this game btw, that shows a lot of content that does not get into the game. But you may guess, since on your hub cruiser ship when you get the first time you mentioned for example, that you can upgrade your starfighter here... of course, there are no starfighter levels so you can't upgrade anything. But well, you certainly can play it, and I think you will clearly enjoy it as more of the same if you already played 1-2 and liked them as much, as I do. Ironically, this game loved by people and had a high Metacritic score, even tho devs themselves think it was a disaster in development hell.

This post concludes "original PS2 trilogy". I have not yet finished the PS2-PSP spin-offs, so next time I'll post about it I'll return to them, and maybe then go to PS3 "soft-hard" reboot. Maybe at this point, PS5 "Rift Apart" will come out already.
No. 47340
"What's a Euroshmup?"
"Ah, yes, a title"

It's terrible. Dunno about the local market of the time, but Japanese arcades are much more beautiful than this.

Take this in comparison:
No. 47357
63 kB, 720 × 705
I started playing Divinity Original Sin 2 and I never played the first game, anyone can give me a brief rundown of the first game and also some advice for the 2nd game?

Every fight I get into I get btfo except for those bug things. I picked the Red Prince and his class as Knight who specialises in two-handers?
No. 47365
I don't remember the plot of the first game at all, but we played as Source Hunters, so I guess it was always bad or something. The second one I played with my friends and we didn't pay much attention to the plot but had a lot of fun with tactical battles. Now we have a fourth member in our little group so we may do another playthrough.

As to the advice, well, in the SP mode, recruit more party members I suppose? And then focus everyone on either physical or magic damage, spreading it out is ineffective.
No. 47377
I don't think the stories of the two games are connected at all, only the setting is, at least nominally, the same
No. 47440
71 kB, 800 × 450
The XIII remake looks like shit.


No. 47442 Kontra
Looks like a Unity game
No. 47446
The original game was not a masterpiece, but it was memorable enough for the adoption of a comic book original with a stylish presentation. The remake does look cheap, also much less stylish generic very low budget game, that basically lost all strenghts of the original game in exchange for a 2013 graphics instead of 2002, which may be considered as downgrade.
However, the audience in the comments does like it, and for all so-called "remakes" like that there are same types of hysteria about "an old game but better".
No. 47447 Kontra

Funny, I got to play this game when it was free on a Gamestar/ComputerBild DVD back when I was still gaming. The remake indeed looks shit, the hybrid graphics are responsible for that, like the russian said it's like a current cheap game with older graphics. The comic look gets lost with the shiny effects, all that stuff about reflections, light and things like fire. Sorry I don't know the correct words anymore. It's not a comic look just a comic effect but it's not good polished game either.
No. 47448
I would say it's cartoony instead of comic like.
Kinda like Borderlands.

I had high hopes because there where a lot of great remakes released in the last few years and especially in 2019/2020.
No. 47458
That's completely unfair. There are a great many amazing Unity games out there.
No. 47461
1,4 MB, 1600 × 900
781 kB, 1600 × 900
666 kB, 1600 × 900
990 kB, 1600 × 900
There's a lot of super janky unity games out there that's why it gets that reputation. One thing that always gets me with them is they always seem to have this real shitty fisheye effect in first person unity games like The Forest.

The only first person unity game I played that doesn't have this is The Long Dark which in my opinion is a very high quality game.

Deserts of Kharak is also very high quality and was made in Unity.
No. 47473
1,8 MB, 1440 × 900
1,1 MB, 1440 × 900
1,9 MB, 1440 × 900
1,9 MB, 1440 × 900
The new Arcane Dimensions map is so good-looking, that I just running around it and taking screenshots.
No. 47483
1,2 MB, 4096 × 2160
643 kB, 3457 × 1385
Been playing a new game of CMO. Decided to do 'Liberation', which is the 4-day air campaign over Kuwait/Iraq during Gulf 1 condensed into 36 hours. Pretty fun, tried streaming it but now realising that it's probably not the most interesting one to do that for anyway. Like most of the Desert Storm expansion's missions, they're a bit of a turkey shoot where the difficulty comes from coordinating your packages more than from the OPFOR. Still haven't unpaused the game from the start position (ticked 1 second for start-of-game update), but I have my first hour of air operations over Kuwait ready to go. Now just got to do the same for Iraq.

By the same logic calling books a good way of sharing information is unfair because of the large amount of hot garbage on the medium.
No. 47487
Holy shit that was Unity? Wow. I was convinced it was Unreal or some kind of custom high end engine. It could've been longer maybe, but that game was pretty great. Not at the height of the real Homeworld games but still pretty cool and true to HW fantastic looking for its time of release. Due to my disc not working for being too old I had to pick up Homeworld Cataclysm renamed Homeworld Emergence because Blizzard is pieces of shit and it's nice to boot it up again like 15 years later. Cataclysm was the really underrated installment of the series that I never got why it was so seemingly abandoned. I thought it had the greatest story out of all of them, pretty much combining space opera with cosmic horror. It was truly fantastic gaming for its day. I wonder who even gets paid when you buy it on GOG.

I really wish I had access to the kind of capital to start my own business and I wish I could work with a vidya studio. This system is such a rotten fucking joke. It would work if people had access to capital rather than everyone turning into serfs for people like Bezos.
No. 47495
Sat down for the last 90 minutes and actually got a rough grasp of the mechanics for John Tiller's Squad Battles system. I kind of know his larger-scale mechanics (mostly regarding close order era games)but the SB system was kind of arcane. It makes a lot more sense now, and it's actually quite elegant, and makes a lot more sense once you read the designer's notes and get what it's trying to do and what it isn't. That is, somewhat realistic tactical battles in the vein of ASL but not a simulation like Combat Mission (which sees use by the British MoD as a training aid).

My main issue is that the scenarios are often very time restricted, and don't often give you the time to really pound a position and secure true superiority of fires before moving on it. Interesting challenge, I suppose.
No. 47500 Kontra
Guess I have to download that right now and install darkplaces
No. 47501
I using quakespasm for it. At least, older versions of AD requred it.
No. 47506
I didn't mean to say Unity games ARE bad, just that they LOOK bad. They all have this weird kinda mobileshit look going, no matter how many polygons you have. I immensely enjoyed Subnautica, Kerbal Space Program, Shadow Tactics and Desperados 3, to name a few, but I would never say they look good. I can't even properly NAME what I find wrong about it... It was easier back in the day when every shooter was using Id Tech 4 and looked like wet plastic, that was at least defineable.
No. 47509
Yes, I'm too don't like what I describe as "the modern cheap graphics", like what you metioned, which is common in the low/mid budget games. In addition, I can add "cheap modern digital art" for menues, portraits and cutscenes to the pool.
No. 47516
It's recommended on the Moddb page, but only Darkspaces is in the Fedora repositories, hopefully it will run without troubles
No. 47517 Kontra
darkplaces* sorry, darskpace is a Swiss black metal band
No. 47518
http://quakespasm.sourceforge.net/download.htm well here is quakespasm if you need it
Darkpaces as I know was not updated since like 2014.
No. 47520
I installed it through a third party repository anyway because Darkplaces didn't work with AD, so far so good. I didn't find the "nightmare" mode in this main hub though, only "chaos" (skill = 2)
No. 47521
There are multiple habs, at least 2 right now, and IIRC Nightmare difficulty is hidden somewhere.
No. 47526
Yes, I found the two of them. I'll stay with nightmare as I'm used to this difficulty level and play to have fun. The new missions are really beautiful, love how they still do amazing things with this engine in 2020
No. 47572
Really nice upscale, I think
No. 47583
67 kB, 634 × 941
>all these stupid hypefests over muh new grafiks muh raytrace muh efpee es
Look I've really got to ask at this point are there even any new games which remotely justify the purchase of a new graphics card? Or is this all just memery? While I do think that RT has got some very interesting applications it's still really primitive in how much power it takes to merely bounce the light once, as opposed to whatever the hell GPU bricks will be like when we can bounce it three, four, maybe five times with many more times the resolution and millions of polys.

But see here's the rub which is principally something with which I'd imagine Russia would agree, that there's just no games. Like Control and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, what the fuck even is that? I've been so turned off by triple A shitfest games I can't even imagine there being something good enough to justify blowing up to a thousand burger dollars on these things.

Is there even anything new at all coming down the pipeline by 2022 release which is good? Like anything at all?

I decided to check out the VTMB2 website first time in ages and my god is it going to look like shit
>paid zeroday DLC
>weapon skins
Fuck sake. You know it really was the vidya industry that fully broke my embrace of Capitalism. Look at this dogshit and they'll then convince the alt retatards muh es jay dubyas ruinin gayming when it's been made abundantly clear to me that the real problem with VTMB2 is going to be unrestrained Capitalism. I cannot even imagine at this point how shit it's going to be once hardsuit, Paradox, and whatever that triple A ubisoft faggot gets done with it. The utter destruction of the Dead Space series is but one of many case studies in how corporate greed is ruining gaming and meanwhile GPU prices keep inflating alongside healthcare, education, and every other cost, all of which relies on usury to maintain corporate fiefdoms. It almost makes me wish we had proven cases of Socialism working and not getting assaulted by capitalist Wect the way everything from Libya to Venezuela got ruined. They couldn't even leave me in peace with my vidya.

I know it's a rant but it's also a genuine question as to what game exactly I'm even supposed to be excited for coming out in the next 18 months which could possibly justify blowing over $700 on a new GPU to run it. While they're not that old as things like Might and Magic or Wing Commander I don't think there's even any games I really play that much or have any interest in that couldn't run well on a RX 580 or 1070 or 1660 or something. The only interesting games lately are Industries of Titan, Wasteland 3, and Baldur's Gate 3 I can think of and I doubt any of them need that kind of power unless expanded VRAM and enhanced speeds gives serfdevs toiling for their corporate overlords more excuses to cut corners and release horribly optimized games which require 16gb VRAM and high speeds and 200gb installs because making it a 6gb VRAM 80gb install requires real effort that could be better profitized elsewhere by coding lootcrates and 50 custom weapon skins for $4.99 each.

Also why the fuck does my proprietary phone keep deleting files in my download folder and why the fuck can't I change the download pathing to my microsd card. I hope Google gets absolutely fucked in this antitrust lawsuit.
No. 47595
What graphics cards do you guys use and which two or three games have you been playing lately?

I've really gotten into Alien Isolation which absorbed my attention for once and it's pretty cool. A few things I found I could make fun of but it's pretty great so far, which I also hadn't realized the graphics isn't that advanced and that it is an old game. I just kept remembering thinking well will my GPU run it when I had an old RX 550. I don't know why but it's always the most fun to fuck with NPCs/monsters in these games and test their AI.
No. 47596
1,3 MB, 1366 × 770
2,1 MB, 1366 × 768
The AoE 1 and 2 remasters are 50% off on Humble Bundle. Cost me AU$17 for the pair of them. Pretty good deal. The AoE DE is very nostalgic, and touches it up just enough that your rose-tinted memory holds up, though the AI could use some work, it still feels very 1997. The AoE2 DE is much more developed and holds up even better than AoE1, especially with extra civs being brought into the game for more variety, and a new AI that doesn't cheat on resources but is just very efficient at the game.

I was never good at these games, mind you. They just take me back.

Control is a Tech Demo game. It's a pretty established genre, and hardly something to decry as a new trend.

I use a 1060. Don't play that much that taxes it in the slightest tbh, especially not recently, so that would be pretty meaningless. I guess DCS would be the most graphically demanding, and even then it's kind of ugly if you look closely at it and more RAM hungry than GPU hungry.

In the longer term, I played the Horizon port earlier in the year and enjoyed it a lot, and it was pretty demanding but I was able to run it smooth on the enhanced graphics setting. That's about it though. Been thinking of doing another Witcher 3 playthrough since I've had a weird desire to replay it recently, but that may yet pass.
No. 47597
3,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:27
5,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:23
>Alien Isolation
For a 7 year old game it looks better than most new releases. I couldn't get past maybe chapter 5 or 6 because it scared me shitless, I could only play it while drunk and even then I was so stressed by it I would sober up

>What graphics cards do you guys use
I've a 3 year old 1060 6gig, it's a big brick of a thing and was 300 euro when I bought it 3 years ago, but it's robust and reliable. The only game it ever struggled with was Ryse son of Rome

>which two or three games have you been playing lately?
Total War Warhammer 2 mostly, also replaying Prey and playing Divinity Original Sin 2 for the first time

I was waiting for you to post about Alien Isolation, I think you're not posting as much as you used to anymore
No. 47599 Kontra
GeForce GTX 280. I know scrubs and n00bz are seething
No. 47601
I still have GTX260 on the secondary PC. It was the good generation, they 2XX outlived all Radeon cards I had from the same time as 2006-2008.
No. 47608
32 kB, 640 × 353
>GTX 280
My Missus PC was running an 8800 GTX with 768mb of Ram right up until about 3 months ago, that's 2 years older than even the GTX280.

It was honestly a great card and would run a lot of shit just fine. Got 14 years out of it.
No. 47610
I got this card from an old rig I bought some years ago just for the ATX case, and didn't expect it to perform better than the small GTX I had lying around. The most demanding game I play must be The Dark Mod and it's a pain to play on the bigger maps. For every older games I played it works great. I'll try to see how far I can "push" this card I try to see if it can handle some games more demanding than Quake or Half-life before spending some eurobucks on a new one. For something I basically got for free I really can't complain
No. 47612
Oh THAT fuggin part. He can hear your beeper m8. Actually one of the funnest things to me honestly and what ruins the games the most is just how much time I spend checking shit out with the AI and establishing the "rules" for the game, which is utterly annihilating to immersion in any survival horror because I just can't help to test shit in the AI and going "what will this do" which 9 times out of ten involves you dying horribly, and the rest "oh I guess it doesnt do that." What I have to give that game credit for was its immersion and realism regardless of how much consoleshit "press X now" was in it, which includes but is not limited to:
>Is reading the computer a safe space and can the monster still see and eat me?
No and YES
>can the monster hear the clicker radar thingy beeping?
When he's near YES
>wait what if I reload can he hear that?
Also yes, which was the point I was pretty blown away about them trying to be realistic about that and holding your breath

But man, that fuggin med level. It got so frustrating because those retards got me killed twice by running directly into me down a hallway for no reason and then proceeding to either gun me down or only hit me enough the gunfire drew the alien right to me.

I spent a good hour and a half just whipping flares and flash bombs at them and tormenting them every way possible to watch them get eaten by the monster running around shooting in an angry panic. Fuck those people I'm glad that they're all dead.

Honestly nod really. While it does look amazing for its day observing the monster made me realize he does look a bit too videogamey, I think it might be the lighting, on top of the fact that both my own immersion breaking fault and also that game really broke the one core rule of horror pretty hard: don't show too much all at once, only imply. Kinda same for seduction as fear come to think of it. If you just the alien stomping everywhere it starts to normalize and kill the fear. After all what difference is a monster in an FPS or RPG versus a survival horror then? One has hitpoints. I think that game does it best when you can't quite see the monster or know what he's doing but can tell that it is near. I've gotten to Seegson and while spoopy and a fantastic game so far can't really say it gets to quite SOMA's level, which was pseudo intellectual reddit tier crap storywise but at least was a genuinely terrifying survival horror. Likewise Dead Space which holds the unique place of both being the scariest game I ever played and an FPS. DS got to the point where I couldn't play it nonstop at night.

I think Dying Light might also hold some promise although so far it's frankly more annoying than anything.
No. 47613 Kontra
Oh and also
>not posting as much
Probably. Dunno why. Most likely because cascade effect of being too tired from work to effectively focus on a game, thus leading to not posting so much. The last several games I ever tried was some zombie lemmings type thing, Zombie Night terror think it was called and that was weeks ago along with Project Highrise, followed by really genuinely enjoying Elite Dangerous and trying to beat Inquisitor Martyr but that was two weeks ago if not more and I've been so fuckin tired I mostly just come home and watch videos and shitpost very rarely.
No. 47675
Been fiddling around with AoE, some extra thoughts. The game itself remains super nostalgic but I feel like the AoE2 DE menu dropped the ball. The menu from AoE DE is classy and simple. It's got no bullshit and just serves as a way to access the game features.

In contrast, the classic medieval alleyway menu of AoE2 is gone, replaced by a much uglier flat image that's cluttered with shit I don't care about, with a massive popup on the side about 'events' and shit. While the former retains the feeling of a pre internet age game (the only indication is where the game puts your username if you connect your MS account to it, which I did since I had one laying around from Halo and dunno if it's required for crossplay or what), the new AoE2 menu doesn't make the game feel like AoE2, even though in-game it does. There's something distinctly uncosy about having online 'community' stuff shoved in my face on the main menu screen. At least save it for the multiplayer section, you know?

Other than that, I'm still pretty happy with the games. AoE1 could use a little of the new content love that AoE2 got but I've heard rumours of an expansion being in the works so we'll see what happens there.

Maybe in the longer term we can get some casual EC games going in one or the other, I think it'd be fun.
No. 47676
4,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:15
>Maybe in the longer term we can get some casual EC games going in one or the other, I think it'd be fun.
I have AOE2 (2013) Hd edition, I'd be to play skirmish sometime so long as it's against AI / co-op but I'm not great at it, but I'd give it a go
>I've been so fuckin tired I mostly just come home and watch videos and shitpost very rarely.
feels are known, I do the same - the only games I play lately are ones I can play on autopilot or while drunk
No. 47683
>preinternet age
While I do roughly know what you mean AoE directly had multiplayer on the main menu but man did I encounter some janky ass looking MP solutions to games from back then. It took me back to when a) battlenet was actually good and useable and blizzard itself was not shit though they had always been rather contrived and derivative with the sole exception of SC although even as a 13 year old I cringed fucking hard at SC:BW dialogue and plot like that "queen bitch of the universe" god that was fucking terrible and way to take a great game series and send it hurtling down the path to YOBA shit and b) back when the internet itself was not yet fairly popularized among bydlo beyond things like AOL and AIM chat (which I likewise sorta miss, IBs are close to it and bbs) and to have an actual internet gaming session meant you pretty much were guaranteed to be some kind of nerdy white kid most likely from a middleclass family. Just weird things like AT&T hookups and the expectation that you'd physically be dragging your into bigass desktop tower and big dick CRT monitor in the trunk of a car over to a friend's house to game because frankly anything but LAN parties was all but guaranteed to be shit in fact looking back on it I am absolutley fucking amazed we could actually manage to game 4v4 sessions on starcraft and AoE over the fucking phone lines. Like how? How did they even manage to do it when just downloading a simple jpeg took you a solid minute and a half? I'm guess it had to have been the most absolutely basic stripped down queries to figure out solely things like unit placement on a set of coordinates and its actions at any given time while leaving 100% the rest up to each networked machine. I mean we did have lag but the fact this even worked in real time is kind of blowing my mind right now and saddening me that we just don't have those kinds of engineers coming up with creative solutions to problems for limited hardware right now by and large and instead are going to be just pissing away system resources left and right on muh 12 core jiggahertz 16 big dick VRAM and pissing through half a terabyte on unoptimized and redundant code eventually.

Sometimes I miss the old days. Lots of games were pretty shit then too though.
No. 47684
Drinking is honest to god the one thing I don't quite miss just because of the unholy union between slav and Irish ancestry I never encountered a bottle I could not finish and that scared me, also started heading to the "hospital or jail or sober up" end stage and I pretty much broke a pair of headphones a month back then while routinely passing out in front of my computer so I'd just like get 1-2 hours of actual gaming in and then accomplish nothing else. It was truly my wasted life between that and KC, the worst possible combination of bad life choices. To this day I struggle with internet speaking of which I need to unplug that router again.

The one most interesting thing to me back then was finally being confronted with the degree to which alcohol really impaired me when I first began playing XCOM2 and completely fucked my first ironman run because I'd told myself "it's literally just a couple or three beers" and utterly ruined my playthrough destroying that save file with just a few simple mistakes. I rapidly came to realize that even two beers was enough judgment impaired to fuck up my playing of XCOM2 which was a lot more significant to witness when I did shit like drink 500ml of vodka over a couple hours and tried gaming things like even XCOM EU without much trouble.
No. 47685
I know it existed, I just mean that the game was static compared to the new version which is much more linked to the online content and thus more fluid. I prefer the regular structure of a static 'face' to the game.
No. 47717
Missed your response. I unfortunately don't have the HD edition. I've been out of the RTS genre for over a decade at this point, so I didn't get it at the time.
No. 47723
121 kB, 640 × 901
2,4 MB, 1440 × 900
1,9 MB, 1440 × 900
2,3 MB, 1440 × 900
This one is actually was kind of nice. After actually playing Call of Duty 3 and Wold at War Final Fronts, I expected much less. Well, with CoD3 and WaW there were two problems: CoD3 is just ultra boring by itself. It's just "Normandy! kill all germans!" without many interesting quirks and was probably the most boring WW2 call of duty game ever. Second, it was already games for the next, PS3 generation that was inserted into the older generation with heavy cuts and edits. It is actually an interest of my, weird ports for older and weaker or portable platforms, but from all that, I expected more early CoD games on consoles to be more boring and jankier. However, this one ended be actually very nice.
It is Call of Duty 2 but there nothing absolutely for the original CoD2. The new campaign, plot, models, even mechanics are a bit different (how different they can be in the cod game).
You have no regen, health bar system and health packs are back from CoD1. The whole campaign is about "the big red one" USA division. Prologue again in boring Normandy, but immediately we flashback into early times. Most of the game set in northern Africa which only time in the franchise includes french collaborationists and their weapons, and in Sicily, which includes yes, actual Italians their weapons. There are of course tank missions, including one in the last part of the campaign in 1945 winter where you "borrow" a german tank, there is the United Offensive-style plane mission where you also need to bomb stuff. Missions where you ride with an anti-air gun and need to speed shoot planes before they destroying you camp and artillery are also more fun than just "turret section".

It's weaker than CoD1-UO in my opinion, but more fun than the USA campaign in CoD2 is for sure. No regen is always a good bonus, the same as variety. The game plays smoothly, it's actual CoD2 engine, no attempts of inserting nextgen game onto the past gen. Oh and the last thing I wanted to mention, I played the Gamecube version. The Dolphin emulator is kind of better in places and allows 16:9 and enhancements more stable and easy. And in general, cross-platform Gamecube/PS2 games usually look better on Gamecube IIRC.
No. 47737
Man, CoD from the days when CoD knew what the hell it was doing. There is some stupidly clever level design in the early games to capture the intensity of a scene from a war movie and make you feel small and overwhelmed without necessarily kicking you in the balls too hard.

Too bad the once-innovative series will be forever marred as the worst kind of corridor shooter. Similar feels to Halo for me tbh, a once trendsetting game that instead now chases trends. A sad end to something great.
No. 47782
Ernsts, what's your favourite Civilization from any strategy game? I mean in a 4x / strategy game where the different Civs have different flavours or abilities (examples below)
>Civ 5
>Endless Space2
>Endless Legend
>Surviving Mars

For me it would be England in Civ 5 for their abilities and unique units, France is good too for building tall. But my long time favourite race is probably the Unfallen from Endless Space 2

No. 47783
Oooo that is a really good question and I'll have to think about that one since it's too late and have work tomorrow, but after wasting lots of todat and yesterday with virtually zero gaming except repeatey getting eaten a few times for half an hour I realize how deep a problem I have with internet. I need to unplug my router and whip it in a tree. Going outside to smoke doesn't help get into one either.

What immediately sprang to mind though while not 4x is Russia in Rise of Nations. I often played as Zerg and I absolutely loved it about Russia that I could expand my influence over their clay and quickly start russifying everything. I wish zerg creep did something.

So mechanically at least I try to play my 4x like map painters even though I don't generally play map painters. I rarely go for conquest victories and never extermination ones. I want to expand my borders and create either a coalition or assimilate every other race as possible. I cannot help it. All will be made atrocidad in the end. So I'd probably really enjoy Horatio though I haven't played them yet. Vodyanoi is great because I can imagine that better as assimilstion or something.

Truth be told some of the best 4x races are the ones where you can inserr anything you want by imagination. I don't like the Riftborn as much because they make it harder to do that.

Meklar are pretty great from MoO2. I liked MoO3 races more though especially gas giant Eoladi whatever theyre called, Imsaisis.

But come to think, it's actually probably the MoO2 Trilarians. Everything else was some fursona but those guys looked and behaved truly alien. I to this day like playing aquatic races which I don't consider big tiddy fish mommyI can't remember the name atm or cybernetic. I'm currently playing as Ralyeh on Stardrive 2.

Your favorite Allen?
No. 47827
2,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:11
>What immediately sprang to mind though while not 4x is Russia in Rise of Nations
I should probably have said RTS counts too, since technically Stellaris and Sins of a Solar Empire are RTS. Age of Empires 2 factions should probably count too. I'd be taking it too far if I said company of heroes factions counted though because those are armies, not civs
>All will be made atrocidad in the end. So I'd probably really enjoy Horatio though I haven't played them yet
Unfallen are the epitome of this, they force peace upon their enemies then entwine their systems with their celestial vines and convert them peacefully until all comply. Horatio are a great civ too, but they rely on genetic splicing and conquering a lot more
>But come to think, it's actually probably the MoO2 Trilarians
I forgot Moo2, I never played as Trilarians in that game, I always played as a custom variant of the Elerians since they were so OP with thier telepathy also when you had a spy steal a tech you had her tell you about it in a tight leather titty suit shit was hot af
> I don't consider big tiddy fish mommy

>Your favorite Allen?
Yeah definitely Unfallen from Endless Space 2, but I also really like the Tomb Kings from Total War Warhammer 2
No. 47832
>favourite Civilization
I like the general approach to civilizations in Dominions series, that is, mixing history, mythology and fantasy to get some pretty interesting results. Favorites are probably EA Ulm (it's fun to specialize in Earth and Construction magic and have stereotypical Norse barbarians to fight side by side with badass mechanical golems), EA Niefelheim (fukken frost giants, yeah!), EA Yomi (I like their gimmick of plunging the world into KAAAYOOOOS!), MA R'lyeh (good old Lovecraftian squidfaces with some fish-man hynbreds as support), LA Man (magic is shit, engineering is where it's at; also, those Wardens are cool as fuck). I also like the aesthetics of MA Asphodel, but I can't play pop-killers for shit.

In Stellaris I usually play custom civilizations, and so far I liked Determined Exterminator Machine Intelligence the most (all meatbags must die). As for non-Gestalt consciousness, non-corporate civics, I prefer Inward Perfection, it offers pretty good bonuses and I like playing isolationist anyway.

There are also some factions that I liked to play not because of their units or stats, but because of the enjoyment of making the historical losers into the greatest civilizations in the world, like playing Maya or Lakota in Rise of Nations and taking over Americas, or playing as Khmers in Civ4 and making them advanced space-faring nation instead of irrelevant people fucked up by a totalitarian regime that they are now.
No. 47840
EA Ulm really is pretty cool, I think they were the first I played with and they became my favorite. Ulm is a nice civ, even late age Ulm is cool even if they suck.

MA Ermor is also fun even if overpowered and Pangea is ebin. EC Dominions match when?
No. 47848
1,5 MB, 1440 × 900
1,8 MB, 1440 × 900
Well, I can't say it was really that type of the CoD you are described sadly. At least, by my classification. I think that the original Cod and the United offensive addon was kind of more old-school type. Like they had cinematographic moments, they already build up this linear-mission structure but it still, with execution of mechanics, a lot of missions and ideas was much more on a side of classic singleplayer FPS game of late90s early00s. Everybody remembers the nazi dam mission, intro to Stalingrad were you without rifle tirpiz - all that missions that plays more classically, not like auto-regen shooting range with some random hording bots around. Even mission types that was beaten to death right now in CoD like "gunner in a plane" mission was much more fresh, back when this series was new, and not repeated itself 9000 times.
The CoD2 was a big leap towards "shooting range". Regeneration, much more action oriented, repeating of known schemes and attempts at polishing existing ones make for me this game less original and less "personal". However, 2/3 of this campaighn felt actually fresh and plays well still. I mean russian winter levels, that have memorable moments and to some degree some less-rail moments like when you need to capture multiple buildings. And of cource africa campaighn. But last third, USA normandy oh my god how boring it is. Just this generic dark green normandy where all you do is attack or defend or same looking (or even retreat on absoluetly same maps in multiple missions) locations. It's so tideous, long and pointless. And as a bonus, there is a wierd last level in germany, after heroic defend of the hill that feels like an ending, but no, there is this additional mission that looks different and really good, as this medival german town, finnaly, but gameplay-wise it's pointless and feels like "just another mission from cut campaighn" or something.
And CoD3 is this last third of CoD2, but it is the WHOLE GAME. If you playing PS3 version you at least have a bit better graphics, like CoD WaW will use, but PS2 version is absoluetly the same and it's peak defenition of "boring". I don't mind it actually that much, if I had, I'd not played ALL COD WW2 GAMES EXEPT "THE FINEST HOUR" AND N-GAGE ONE (but this in progress). But eeh. And CoD2 Big Red One is somewhere in the middle of all this. I can same it more meh than the first 2 parts of CoD2, but better than the last part of CoD2 and CoD3. It have this classic HP system, but it kind of less "hardcore" than CoD1-UO. It has interesting ideas - like actual italians and french, less boring normandy, UO-like plane mission where you also dropping bombs, but it don't include this type of "personall" missions, don't feels like more classic games, it really feels like variation on 2nd game. Not a bad one,but not what I can call "good old classic original CoD".

I now started playing Final Fronts, first CoD released for consoles. I already can say a lot about it but well, I finish it first before making posts.
No. 47902
1,5 MB, 1440 × 900
1,1 MB, 1440 × 900
901 kB, 1440 × 900
836 kB, 1440 × 900
Just out of curiosity I tried the Gamecube version of the Jedi Outcast. Oh lol, this was kind of crap. At first, in-game cutscenes are now separate movie files, compressed into 240p and they were not even recorded with maximum original game graphics. Second, the game feels like it on minimal settings. No, not even on minimal... LODs are too short, enemies become from potato ultra-potato after 5 meters. Texture quality is minimal, fonts are compressed, I feel like audio a bit more. And well yea, playing this game with a gamepad is probably not the best experience, I not even counting things features like the ability to cut bodyparts with a lightsaber that I'm sure you can't turn on in this port.
Well, they added the famous GameCube "metal effect" for metallic doors, but I think it is out of place here, these doors meant to be more matt, than shiny. The original game also can into "shiny surfaces", but it doesn't put this effect everywhere.
No. 47903
1,3 MB, 1152 × 864
1,3 MB, 1152 × 864
1,1 MB, 1152 × 864
1,1 MB, 1152 × 864
There are screenshots from the PC version for comparing. Interestingly, you can spot that on Lambda shuttle actual model is more detailed on the Gamecube version. It has more right form, more proper landing legs, and their cover, the rear turret is in 3d, but in the original game shuttle is actually a map brush, not an external 3d model. It was made as part of the map because in certain cutscenes and levels it required to interact with characters, land, and take off. But I suspect these moments in the console version instead of in-game cutscenes are just crappy 240p cinematics recorded from the original game. And the console version has no dynamic shadows to fuck them anyway. It's actually pretty neat, but man, these textures.
No. 47904
341 kB, 640 × 480
55 kB, 640 × 480
In general, I can say this generation of consoles, more specifically the whole period of 2001-2004 is quite a weird thing.
On PC you have a bit archaic in some therms games with more blocky animations, more old 90s ideas of view of the level, and its detailsation, but all this with much more high detailed textures, resolutions, amount of objects.
While on PS2-Gamecube there were some new fancy effects, sometimes awesome animations, especially of faces and alive characters, games like Dark alliance and original ratchet and clank feel like 2006 games, the not early 00s, especially in motion. But the overall resolution is garbage, jank in cutscenes, everything compressed to the degree like it is some mod for ultra-ultra low settings or mobile game.
No. 47939
I really would not have guessed those graphics are from that era
No. 47957
95 kB, 960 × 540
Yes, there are a number of 2001-2003 PS2 games that look much more advanced in the way they or their elements made. Like they had no actual hardware to do a lot of textures and objects but had the custom hardware for some other stuff. But since the resolution was low (640x480 is something on PC most people forgot at times of the early 00s already) they kind of had opportunity and artistic think how to squeeze much more and kind of create a vision of what yet to come.
And playing some of these games on emulators with bigger resolutions does make them look really good. However in the case of the straight PC ports, yea, consoles were underpowered in raw power to show this, from the example above, big complex geometry no draw distance limit quake 3 engine level with sharp textures.
I'm yet to play for example in "Jak" games. They also looks promesing.
No. 47958
forgot the link to the post.
No. 47985
1,5 MB, 1440 × 900
Ah, famous 16 years old videogames.
No. 47987
That can't be right. I thought Doom 3 was like 12 or 10 years old or something.
No. 47989
Nope, that game was from 2003 or 2004, pretty sure. I remeber being 16 at the time but looking like 14 there was no way I could get this game with a USK-18 rating even though I had recently aqcuired the power of getting a whole bunch of USK-16 games legally. Naturally, I pirated it and then was too scared to play past the first 20 minutes :D
No. 47994
Nah. It's one of those games that just aged really well thanks to clever use of lighting to hide what are now dated visuals. Kind of like the original F.E.A.R being from 2005.
No. 48057
1,8 MB, 1440 × 900
2,0 MB, 1440 × 900
Yes, it is from August 3, 2004.

Famous (almost) 23 years old games
No. 48068
Yeah true that's a good point but I still
Oh wait a minute no you're right I'm just getting tricked again by the actual screenshots Russia posted. Which I guess really does prove your point because I get confused and mix up memories between which scene was amazing and which one looked godawful when I could finally get up close and see the textures in "real" light speaking of which why the godforsaken hell is using a flashlight so awful in that game. The flashlight problem alone is probably why I didn't get very far in it. I do remember being blown away by muh D3 grafiks which doesn't feel that long ago to me but then again I am a way past 30 boomer, so, there's that.

I do think that Mandalore was right all along. You can put whatever shiny reflective retarded meme tier RT plastered all over everything but at the end of the day graphics truly are a kind of secondary thing to lighting and great soundtrack and audio design which I think speaks to something rather interesting about us and how our emotional centers and specific aspects of memory and learning are more tied to sound and light than actual visual cues, and I say this as someone who's almost entirely visual. Like a lot about KOTOR or VTMB's graphics is similarly from that era and probably looks like complete cartoony garbage by now but because of that aspect of clever lighting in areas and sound design, much like with Planescape, Tides of Numenera, Fallout, and all of the other old and new classics, that coupled with the story it truly enhances the game to unforgettable heights, whereas some advance in muh grafiks becomes uttlery forgettable within a few years. Like, I have always wondered about and been puzzled by the shiny reflective-ish armor of troops in KOTOR, until it finally dawned on me the other day that this awkward totally out of place weird looking shiny armor was likely showing something off that was groundbreaking at the time, which I'm now curious exactly what it was. It's a problem I think every dev has to not give into that temptation and do what PS3 era did or some RT games do now of trying to show off the new technology but they just end up overdoing it and making it embarassing in the short term and in the longer term this really awkward thing that stands out from the rest of the game so people become puzzled why it's even like that ten years later, and if it's crap like heavy bloom or motion blur just gets disabled or tuned down anyway.

But like I was saying Mandalore was very much right about clever lighting although I think that the curious thing here is the fact that because maybe it tricked my mind or had similar dark spaceship with monsters settis I'd mentally considered Doom3 to have came out in 2008 alongside Dead Space, which similarly did things with lighting and looked great but there were a few scenes like the hab with plants part or the grating which I at first thought was bugs until I realized that the awful texture work I screencaped was in fact that era's graphical limitations exposed it did not help that it was specifically made for console tier hardware and then awkwardly backported onto PC, thankfully. Maybe there was just enough more openly lit areas in DS whereas D3 tried really hard to hide its shame, which it did very effectively by making so hard to use the damn flashlight and fire.
No. 48069
Oh and you know what speaking of graphics which reminds me that while Elite Dangerous is apparently a much older game that still looks swell but could use a minor graphical uplift, I do think that the future of gaming is not in fact muh graphics but rather much better integrated AI in things like procedural generation to make it look organic while providing much fuller scalability between the very high and very small fields of play, which some games like Mass Effect tried to do much earlier on but were extremely limited by its technical limitations at that time and making landing on planets and driving around eventually a repetitive chore, and which up to now you can even see some efforts being made to provide that galaxy wide battlemap right down to individual star systems and finally landing on planets and walking around or walking around space bars much like Elite Dangerous has been implementing "I wonder when that joke will get old" he says in 2018 about Star Citizen being a released game that poor guy sunk his heart and dreams into a game that's perpetually going to be outdated graphically and otherwise upon release and which you could've actually seen in not just 2000s era games but even much older 1990s games like Star Wars Rebellion but which got to the point of being so old that storage limitations could actually be a problem, and the older you get the more tricks you'll need to get around this.

In KOTOR's example this was pretty much just getting to pick and choose which area to go to without having to unlock due to level progression and just using the one ship map to psychologically simulate that process of travel while just getting ready to go through loading other maps, much like Mass Effect and Dead Space would 5 years later use elevators to mask loading screens, which is what a game even as new as Elite dangerous does with warp jump fast travel albeit in a way that theoretically if you just ran that game for a solid year straight you could "move" from one area to the next, which is what I do appreciate because even if it's loading screens it's so superbly done that it becomes difficult to tell the difference between a load screen for another area and real scale, with maybe minor exceptions here and there mostly betrayed due to things like occasional texture pop in and probably performance hickups on older rigs which afaik was one chief complaint about some games like Starpoint Gemini.

A great many games have traditionally just used different map areas being loaded into the game to simulate scale however as the raw computing power increases and hopefully keeps increasing this becomes much less and less a problem of technical limitations and more an issue of organic limitations like time, budgets, and manpower just to code everything, and thus a physical limit on scale only exists now because of how much man hours devs can sink into that game. A really good example of this is procedural generation in XCOM2 and Warhammer Total War games, which still use old school map loading but in WHTW 2 you can scroll to an individual level and out to full map, though still with loading screens, but eventually it's going to get to the point where like old crpgs with object permanence achieved by saving location it becomes less simulated until not needing those area loads at all and being able to simulate in real time where they are and are moving which in Fallout NV would be allowing NPCs to actually loot things and then tracking where in the map that object is with each character and its status.

Of course like FNV a certain amount of that cannot be individually done by programmers which is exactly where the real butter lays with memevidia, which is not raytracing but rather all their AI work. This is because we can see how much procedural generation is severely limited in games like Elite Dangerous where you simply cannot individually code each character, questline, and story, to where it all just looks the same obvious mess after awhile. AI can fix that however by getting deepfake better at writing individual questlines and "realistic" characters, which given enough raw compute power can make individuals look and feel unique to where like in this world you see a person who looks just like someone you know, just almost, but who isn't.

I think that this will be important because while some games were way ahead of their time they simply lacked technical advances to fully pull off and much like good use of lighting had to rely on trickery, but I do think that the way things are going eventually every RPG and 4x game can get done at realistic and fully explorable scales.
No. 48071
2,0 MB, 1196 × 720, 0:18
3,0 MB, 768 × 432, 0:44
So many of those old star wars games were filled with SOUL. I'm not even a fan of star wars and could barely keep awake during the shitty movies but the games were really top notch

>I think that this will be important because while some games were way ahead of their time they simply lacked technical advances to fully pull off and much like good use of lighting had to rely on trickery, but I do think that the way things are going eventually every RPG and 4x game can get done at realistic and fully explorable scales.
I dunno man, there's quite a few old games out there that have levels of detail beyond anything that has come out in decades. Like this Splinter Cell webm, I've never seen anything like that before
No. 48081
LucasArts really was just one of those defining studios in the 90s. Not to harp on that dead horse but it really is the gaming industry that made me profoundly anti-Capitalist more than anything, probably partly because I consider art as sacred and these were some real talented people that got shafted and now because what matters is not being Inspired or authorship but simply "IPs" that are all owned by corporations we get these total abortions. So many people actually got into Star Wars because of the games themselves and LucasArts wasn't just about the usual George Lucas trying to squeeze out every cent (people like to forget how much of a greedy hack he was just because Disney was infinitely worse) but independent (not always) people doing cool new things, and playing things Jedi Outcast really reminds me all that we lost. I'll never stop bitching about jumping or climbing a ladder being disabled or a QTE. And even though they were made for children they didn't treat you like one, and because no internet for most people you actually had to solve the puzzles yourselves. Just cool things like walking into people with a lightsaber and it causing environmental effects. It's really more lack of advance, laziness, greed, stupidity these days.

Or maybe the people are just dumber, or a chicken and egg thing. I forget which game it was, maybe Dishonored? Where the guard tells you you can't go upstairs, and so none of the playtesters could progress simply because it never occurred to them to try it anyway. I'm positive those had to be Anglos or Americans which ties into my outright hatred of compulsory public schooling that I partly blame but maybe it is also partly because the games are such schlock that they're so used to shit like that where the games trained them they couldn't. I mean just stupid shit like that new Gothic game, where you have to find a sword, and there's a sword there, but the guy tells you you can't take it so you physically can't, and then if you beat someone to death who had a sword there's no sword in his inventory, which is another plague upon so many games (including The Ark something or other where everyone shooting at you has a couple bullets and no gun). I think it's probably an amalgamation of different things though causing everything to be so scripted and handholdy there's no incentive or possibility to explore or test anything. Almost like we are ruled by oligarchs who deliberately make people a moronic homogenous uncurious mass because that's more profitable.

I wonder what happened to all those Lucas Arts guys. It's just a depressing realization that things like the original Anonymous concept are total bullshit because authorship and leadership matters in fact it pretty overrides everything else.

But anyway something like that Splinter Cell I think is really just indicative of early gaming where simply seeing your reflection or a chair or bottle that can be broken was really more of an interesting gimmick or parlor trick. Like how if you start splashing around a fountain in FEAR 2 the teammate directly addresses it and asks if you have something better to do. What I really mean is higher levels of scale and interaction like we had and came to expect of things like early RPGs and openworld games. I've seen a lot of different attempts at it, like Warshift allowing you to pilot an individual vehicle or switch out to strategic view in real time, or that Russian game Star Rangers 2 I think it was called.
No. 48085
The Doom3's flashlight mechanics are cool. This game get a lot of shit on it because it is not a colorfull-bright-random circlestrafing around caricature demons but evolution of the Quake 2 and some half life ideas into a more tension claustrophobic experience. And this is was only attemt to make doom game serious and visually grounded. I lot of it's ideas like designs of the machinegun and marine armor still looks belivable and reasonable. With EAX sound also it is really great experience as corridor shooter.

And yes, 90% of modern post-doom3 graphics is lights, normalmaps, PBR and other effects.

Star wars-es are different. The Expanded universe on which these old games was based on grow big from the not really mainstream comic and the set of tabletop games, thus, being not some super calculated by professional director stuff but more experience for assburgers. Or at least teenagers with a high assburger level.

LucasArts already started to shrink in early 00s. Jedi outcast was mainly done by Raven only with lucasarts consultation. I don't remember if lucasarts did any game by themselfs after "Indiana johnes and infernal machine" and cancelation of their adventure game projects like sequels and action game of FullThrottle. Lucasarts had a lot sub-teams and quite a number of people left company even before, in the cource of the 90s, like the creator of Monkey Island. You may find interviews with some of lucasarts/lucasfilm games people from it on RMC channel in Tea Break section
But probably name of like David Fox for example will not tell you anything but still.
No. 48097
22,8 MB, 1440 × 900, 0:14
Now this is THE SOUND
EAX 4.0 at full power baby
No. 48147
23,9 MB, 800 × 600, 0:31
22,4 MB, 800 × 600, 0:21
I feel like I accidentally occupied the Videogames thread. Ooops. Sorry.
No. 48148
i always think about all those little details in Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory. It's packed with them. It's as immersive as it can be. Fuck I'll get it and install it now. I remember the hardest difficulty is very frustrating but it's one of the best stealth game I ever played.
No. 48169
Not really but eh this whole thread is generally just basically me and you and sometimes Australia all talking out loud about our autistic interests with usually not very much overlap sadly, which thus leads to not having much to say. Like I've never had any console games as a kid and probably even if I did I'm not sure I would've played Ratchet and Clank, meanwhile people get really nostalgic about C&C games virtually all of which I thought were bad as a kid with the sole exception of Dune 2000 for some reason. Probably partly because there was zero asymmetry among many other reasons. I just didn't ever like Westwood games much, and a lot of the rest both you and straya say just often seems so niche I can't comment much on it.

I've also really not been playing videogames too much lately between paying attention to all the drama and happenings around me which could include hardware releases, election, pandemic, etc and being too damn tired to barely even shitpost anymore sometimes.
No. 48170
Lol I never had a console at all and never played them. I spent my childhood into PC 100%. I bought my gamepad like this year and all I say is my experience as adult.
No. 48171
6,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:25
I never played any Splinter Cell or Tom Clancy games
>I thought were bad as a kid with the sole exception of Dune 2000 for some reason. Probably partly because there was zero asymmetry among many other reasons
There was a lot of differences, nod had flame tanks and stealth tanks, GDI had grenadiers and Mammoths. The factions played differently in all the C&C games.

Well fleshed out factions is one of my favourite things in RTS games especially Coh and Coh2, playing as Brits, Yanks, Wehr or Soviets is all very different.
I had a Snes but that's the only console I ever owned. I was building PCs from the shit rummaged out of the skips behind PC shops or stolen from Dell by the time I was 14
No. 48201
202 kB, 693 × 285
Anyone here play Starcraft 2?

I recently got back into it and the scene seems more lively than it was a few years ago. I forgot how addictive and how difficult this game is. You have so much to focus on at all times, but it makes winning even more satisfying. I play Terran, diamond 2. Currently perfecting a TvP timing attack with mass marauder/cyclone and double liberator harass at the same time.
No. 48205
Yeah but I've never actually played multiplayer tbqh. Actually come to think of it something went wrong with my HotS pirate copy and couldn't get it to work on my new machine. I didn't even give a shit about the long void or whatever the fuck it's called because I got so completely asshurt at Blizzard demanding my govt ID just to play the fucking singleplayer I never forgave them for it. I'm still slightly mad 8 years later and never even bothered utilizing battlenet. I've long since lost track of that CD and I adamantly refuse to pay for any legitimate copy, offer any real credentials, or deal with Activision at all. It's a shame because in spite of certain cringey storyboarding decisions and other things that annoyed me WoL and HotS weren't bad games at all, it's just that Activision-Blizzard is permanently on my shitlist alongside EA. I guess it annoyed me more than some probably because I liked being a zerg player and while mechanically it had some nice things even just the look of growing buildings and new sunken colonies annoyed me. Man, I'm just remembering how retarded that talking "ancestral zerg" bit mixed with a dumb romance story was jn detracting from an otherwise good game.

The other thing too is they really geared it way too much towards pro players on multiplayer. I remember some highly entertaining series I used to watch years ago though, willcheesework or whencheesewins or something to that effect, maximusblack and, uh other guy I always imagined as a Canadian neckbeard. Man that was five freaking years ago wasnt it? Whencheesefails?

Anyway the one RTS I also liked in multi sometimes was Rise of Nations but it always seemed destined to fail because the moment someone was losing too badly he'd just decide to take everyone out with him and typically every MP ended up in a nuclear exchange gameover. I do wish SC and SC2 made nukes properly the way RoN did than basically being regular 500 lb bombs.
No. 48243
24,2 MB, 1440 × 900, 0:23
23,0 MB, 1440 × 900, 0:23
1,4 MB, 1440 × 900
743 kB, 1440 × 900
Oh, just look at these graphics! This amount of detail (or, should I say, lack of the over-detail), color palette, animations and sound, landscape. This is the beauty, my favorite kind of looks and feels. Games like that, combined with the late 90s standards of game design are so inviting for me, I, just looking at games like this so want to play them, they feel like a mystery, unlimited wonder I should discover for myself. And even if these games janky or meh, sometimes it is better for me - like they can present something I can't expect. And back then when even games was... not best quality by modern standards, unfinished or crappy there most often still was put a lot of effort, and I like this sort of adventure. Discover quality work and enjoyable adventure behind some maybe unpolished things I now mostly even enjoying.
No. 48245
Man I forgot what great artistry really went into producing such sharp, clean, crisp, immersive sounds like back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Why the hell is it that I can't even think of anything off the top of my head that actually sounds good today except Darkwood? Like every game I imagine to be forgettable, and filled with either borderline cartoony pewpews and clearly electronically synthesized washed out sounds, or overly engineered equally washed out AuthenticTM sounds. Like even KOTOR which was about the end of that era had some great subtle wind across the canyons sound samples in addition to that great over the top but still good soundtrack. Although I suppose the one game I was thinking of for "overly engineered flat sounding AuthenticTM" bullshit to be fair did have a really good use of voice sound, which was Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice, which while I get that you could argue it makes the voices pop out more I disagree. If you've ever had any really weird audio distortion or hallucination it's partly unnerving specifically because it is just out of range of your hearing, or because it bleeds into background noise and so on some level you literally can't tell sometimes if they're human voices on the wind or just the wind itself. Although I guess Senua did it well too.

The only real game I sadly can think of which actually mastered sound lately is Darkwood. It's not just the soundscapes themselves but also the samples. Although I suppose it takes a certain knack for knowing where your limitations lay and what you want emphasized, so like in Planescape the effects themselves sounded horribly cartoony but because of that overpowering well engineered late 90s soundtrack it worked beautifully and hauntingly. VTMB and Fallout were basically the same way, although a couple of Fallout samples worked. I think that Fallout Tactics had some of both worlds, with more often than not good sound effects but an also decent soundtrack. I'm guessing that now we've got such high fidelity it's fallen by the wayside whereas back in that specific soundcard era you really only had what you can work with which was lower poly or sprite animations compensated by evocative soundscapes, whereas it seems everyone just wants to go muh grafiks these days well no not really everyone was probably even more about emphasizing muh grafiks back then.

There are still a few samples I hate hearing and I can't fucking stand it how many forms of media use it from movies to vidya with one of these being the same stupid cartoonishly bad guy screaming. There's actually a couple of generic royalty free "man_yells.wav" type things that annoy me but I mean one in particular, alongside a few "generic_machine_gun.flac" things I dislike, which in retrospect only makes it all the more interesting how much unique individual effort each studio seemingly put into creating great sound effects and audio experiences.
No. 48290
Hey is there any kind of city sim game where some kind of an epidemic or huge disease outbreak is a random event? I know a lot of them like having some kind of retarded event like volcanoes and meteor impacts but how many have got pandemic disasters? Or even any strategy game?
No. 48291
256 kB, 1600 × 838
270 kB, 1600 × 838
Banished, it happens usually after you allow nomads into your town. In pic 1 you can see I have 550 sick out of about 1500 total population and only 5 physicians, so that's gonna be a bloodbath.

In pic 2 you can see my graveyard is full
No. 48298
Found out that I was 2 years behind on patches for Desert War (the game I streamed the other day). Always check the forums, sometimes even official patches don't get put on the game page because reasons. Just played a 24 turn scenario from the new patch which is about the landing at Salerno, so the game has expanded a tiny bit into the Italian theatre and not just North Africa. Turns out that the devs are also working on a new game that uses the same engine and mechanics for Stalingrad. Dunno if I'll get that one though. Much as I like this game, it is highly flawed.

With the success of my first 'wargame chats' stream, I will soon be in a position to create a new breed of grogs on EC to PBEM with
t. Ernst, evil genius
No. 48301
Sad news project leader of Horn of the Abyss, that big steadaloune fan addon for heroes 3 which become default for multiplayer and must-play campaihn tragically died. Work on the next addon-campaign, on which this guy also spent his alst 3 years of life, will continue tho. I hope they will finish it. Looking at one of the last promos of one of Kampaign screens with Kastore, it will be on the Jadame, continent north from Antagarich, Regna archepilago and north-east from Enroth.

I think that there are too many different sounds in the modern games, so they are more forgettable, you can't remember or distinguish a lot of them if there hundreds of different sounds constantly. On other hand, probably everybody will recognise like every Warcraft 2, Half-Life or Doom sound lol.
And add to that how much awesome was EAX when it was new, this THREE DIMENTIONAL SOUND and Echo.
However, from modern games something a bit similar I may remember from HelBlade about voices in girl's head.
No. 48303
Trailer for the first release of the fan opensource engine port of the Driver 2. Instructions on github, if you wnat to play this game on PC now. It is beta, but looks promising. I am happy that PC1 games starting to have opensource ports, like not long ago Blazing Dragons was added to ScummVM.
No. 48304
Binge-played Splinter Cell 3 to completion. It's still a great stealth game after all those years, in fact it's one of the most technical stealth game I played. The AI won't let you much room to fuck around in expert mode. It's still a very beautiful game for its age and most of the setting in which the missions take place are memorable.

That say, it's plagued in late game by gameplay sequences so fucking unfair and tedious I can't believe it got past the tests and got shipped into production. Tanks spotting you in pitch darkness I can understand for realism purpose, but they also choose to make that the AIs into battle against each other won't die in certain specific sequences, during which it's nearly impossible to guess if we got spotted. But the worst is this sequence where you have to defuse bombs in very little time. With some elite troops with night vision popping in between each set. With unskippable cutscenes, during which said soldiers are still looking for you. And with the bomb timer fully lighting you each time it clocks.. So like Dishonored, I end up finishing the game at 100% safe for one mission, same as more than 10 years ago
No. 48388
13,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:53
Playing as The Empire, 3 Skaven armies ambushed me but because the map was so big they came at me one at a time, by the time I'd fought off the initial ambush and saved my artillery, then fought off the 2nd wave, the third wave didn't even make it to my lines once the rocket batteries got a solution on them.

I have an earlier battle where I had 1200 troops vs 5,000 skaven, 60 survivors but I won
No. 48395
I wish that was available on GOG. Which DLCs are actually worth it? I don't really care about playing Empire or some elven shit as much. Is TW 1 worth it or I should just get TW2?
No. 48401
5,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
>Which DLCs are actually worth it?
They are bad for DLC bullshit, not as bad as paradox but also not far off it. If you want to play the grand campaign (called Mortal Empires) in TW2 you have to own both games and each is still at the full asking price of 60 euro.

Also all the dlc from the first game carries over to the 2nd game, so if you want to play as Norsca in Wh2 you need to own that DLC for Wh1 etc.

The good news is there's a lot of free DLC and it's very good for both games, mostly legendary lords and factions.

>I don't really care about playing Empire or some elven shit as much
Who were you planning on playing as?

>Which DLCs are actually worth it?
to answer this:
Warhammer 1
>The King and the Warlord
Warhammer 2
>The Prophet and the Warlock
>Tomb Kings

You could play it just fine with nothing but Free-DLC, but if you played as Skaven or High Elves you'd be quite neutered without DLC, and as Lizardmen you'd be missing a few good units without their DLC

I got most of it in various sales, but I've gotten over 1,000 hours out of the game so it was worth it, a fiver here or a tenner there.

You could always just pirate it though
No. 48405
Probably something vampiric/undead or chaos related at least at first idgaf what mandalore says. I've just always hated certain things about the fantasy genre in particular and always loathed humans in them. Elves it depends though oddly I find them more aggravating in Warhammer. I'm not too sure though because I know a lot less about WH Fantasy than 40k. Think it's pizza time. Maybe play some Martyr or start a 40k Gladius campaign. I've been trying not to shitpost or waste time online too much ffs I only opened my browser to find a pizza menu
No. 48409
7,8 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:38
>Probably something vampiric/undead or chaos related at least at first
So either
>tomb kings
>vampire coast
>vampire counts
Tomb kings are great but they're the most expensive DLC. Vamp Coast are also good fun but also an expensive DLC.

Chaos isn't fun at all and Vamp Counts isn't great because they're a Wh1 race that hasn't got many updated for Wh2

>idgaf what mandalore says
What does generic youtube celebrity say?

>and always loathed humans in them. Elves it depends though oddly I find them more aggravating in Warhammer
There's 3 factions of humans and 3 factions of elves

>I know a lot less about WH Fantasy than 40k
I knew nothing either until I played TW Warhammer and Vermintide but it's grown on me, which I didn't think it would being fantasy and mostly a rip off of tolkein
No. 48410
Decided to try Halo 4 since it came out against my better judgment. First mission had me questioning the decision. Next one confirmed that the game was a dumpster fire. Uninstalling as I type this.

I've got several problems with it, but they amount to the fact that the game just doesn't feel like Halo. It takes itself too seriously in every respect (game feels slowed down and 'heavier', and the presentation has a lot less camp and comic relief). It's also not innovative. When it did setpieces, they were just scripted things with a correct input. Compare this to setpieces like say the dual scarab fight in Halo 3 where you are presented a 'holy shit' scenario and then given a bunch of toys to solve it with, go wild. The environments are also oversized, feeling barren and lifeless, especially due to enemies being enemies and not really having any personality. They've still got the slightly different tactics but they feel less different and Elites just acted like shielded grunts with bigger hitboxes.

I wasn't expecting much, and I was still let down. That's pretty hard to do for me, I think it's probably the fact that the game takes a big steaming dump on a series that I love.
No. 48416
24,4 MB, 1440 × 1080, 0:17
24,1 MB, 1440 × 1080, 0:14
994 kB, 1440 × 900
997 kB, 1440 × 900
I'm getting better at this!
Well, I still suck with a bomber lol.
Re-installing games on a Windows 10 I did even more fixes. Now 1998 TIE Fighter as perfect as it could get, the only flaws remained here are some XvT fonts and music not as dynamic as it was in DOS original. With 1998 X-wing... well, you can't fix new meh menus and fully fix music and return cut parts of cinematics and little features, but otherwise it also fine if you replace at least some music with original tracks which is possible.

Also, NO LEGALIZE in the Empire at my watch at the customs!
No. 48437
That game looks awesome
No. 48438
20,1 MB, 1440 × 1080, 0:25
24,6 MB, 1440 × 1080, 0:19
Yea, I also love their look. And they sound too lol. And they are a lot of fun to play!
No. 48480
the musoc is not that great imo but all the sound effects are just right 10/10
No. 48489
I love the soundtrack of the TF, tho there is a problem that you can't have dynamic in-combat music in the 1998 version, this is a problem, yea.
No. 48519
1,2 MB, 3034 × 4096
722 kB, 1920 × 1080
Just finished Ion Fury. Took me something around 12 hours because after clearing all enemies I went secret hunting.

All in all it was a fun game, felt oldschool enough without being too retrowanking. The last boss was tedious, as it was just wave after wave of enemies with a boring boss mechanic.
Until then, I had fun. The guns felt good, difficulty was ok, I also didn't mind Shelly's one-liners. Although the Clusterpuck saw very little use because bowling bombs were just better in about every single way.
And it's amazing what they managed to get out of the Build engine.
No. 48524
This is based on eDuke32 port, not original build.
No. 48534 Kontra
Huh, didn't know that.
No. 48543
3,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
198 kB, 2560 × 1440
174 kB, 1920 × 1080
345 kB, 1920 × 1080
Star Citizen is free to play until Dec 2. Caveat: It's a bug-ridden project in alpha with unstable servers. Gameplay is shallow, to the point that it's little more than a glorified tech demo.

But, it's the most beautiful tech demo I've ever seen.

There's three planets with one huge city each, twelve moons with unique environments, and two inhabited asteroid bases. There are ~50 unique ships playable right now, with over 100 including variants. You can fly most of them for free during the free-to-play event, and there's a huge expo hall where you can look at and go inside a bunch of ships gathered in one spot.

It's technically impressive. You can get in your ship on a planet, fly out of the hangar while looking out over a Blade Runner-esque city, see another player through their cockpit glass while they're flying past you down to the spaceport, fly up out of the planet's atmosphere, Alcubierre-drive to a planetary system on the other side of the star, land on one of that planet's moons, get out of your ship (or drive a rover out of it, if your ship is big enough to fit one), and go clear pirates out of an underground bunker. The closest I've seen a game come to that is Mass Effect 1, but this is entirely seamless and on multiplayer servers.

It's woefully little considering that this project has been in development for 8 years, but considering that the present path of development follows a near-complete reset in 2016, it's decent enough progress. Definitely worth checking out, considering it's only ~50gb download for a gameworld with this size and fidelity.
No. 48931
22,0 MB, 1440 × 900, 0:14
>felt oldschool enough without being too retrowanking
I think it is quite opposite, it is actually being much closer to the actual "retro" that a lot of indie games. Just on modern ports and some sector limits removed and 2-4x scale resolution for certain things.

No. 48936
Former Bernd here, i see some of you play MTGA. Any one of you interested in playing some matches occasionally?
I mostly play janky decks, but if you want to test meta decks I'm up for that too (standard though, my collection lacks many cards from kaladesh and amonkhet). For historic i exclusively play jankdecks.
No. 48937
76 kB, 1024 × 602
262 kB, 844 × 587
163 kB, 1530 × 1000
136 kB, 1804 × 713
I don't think I'll ever touch this game no matter how great it looks after the years and years of scamming they've done to get to this point. It feels completely tainted to me. Even if they release the most brilliant game ever I don't think I'd want any part of it.

Anyway, I'm too old to be playing multiplayer games that require a lot of time investment anymore, the odd game of world of tanks or company of heroes 2 or left 4 dead 2 is about the extent of what I want in an online game now

it looks so good
No. 48939
Is that the thing that asks $20 for virtual decks on steam (and is never on sale) or some free to play online thing?
No. 48943
free to play online thing, you can download it on the wotc mtg website

You can play for free and can probably build one meta dick in a single format after playing for a month, but getting a huge collection to play whatever you want takes money or playing since launch
No. 48944
Sure, hit me up: 2feL#90508
I played it a bit in beta and then picked it up again couple of months ago. Been grinding ladder with some Ugin decks lately but down to try some jank too
No. 48947
You're not one of those Temur ramp players are you?

I'll add you tomorrow
No. 48953
Oh hey I think I found what you mean just scrolling free games on my Epic launcher.
Yeah probably this is what you guys mean and
ah hell you probably can't use a Golgari deck with this thing can you. Oh well whatever I spent so much time building and testing out decks it shouldn't be an issue but I'm a bit rusty (I practically stopped buying cards around the gold cards introduced and stopped playing many years after that so there's a fuckton of new rules and old rules with new names I'll have to learn). Like I'm only dimly aware of how Planeswalker cards work. I played most heavily with Urza's cycle cards honestly.
No. 48960
>You're not one of those Temur ramp players are you?
Nah, I've been playing the Mono Black Ugin list & the Dimir Yorion one: https://mtgazone.com/dimir-yorion-standard-deck-guide/
Make of that what you will haha

Make sure to redeem all the pack codes so you at least have a few more cards than just the starter decks to play around with: https://mtgazone.com/mtg-arena-codes/
No. 48962 Kontra
469 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
Gotta brag about my first draft this month lol, pretty decent Landfall/Wizards deck, with a bunch of synergies I didn't even realize when drafting
Second game I lost was against some insane deck with at least 4 Mill Crabs and a Roost of Drakes, though even that one was pretty close, he just managed to mill all my green mana
No. 48964
How many of you guys do this and get together for games? I know we had some server for CS, Minecraft, and a couple other things.
No. 48971
61 kB, 474 × 676
Oh holy fucking shit Wojtek is real?? He's a real bear??
I just wanted to find out the meaning of his name is all because after trying the Iron Harvest demo the Polonia campaign had a girl with her pet brown bear and called it "Wojtek" and I was just wondering if there was some meaning to the name is all. I guess there really was. Speaking of that while it so far pretty much just feels like a Company of Heroes game so far it's definitely got massive charm. It's fully voice acted in their own native languages.
Obviously every dumb NT on YT has to leave English so fuck those streamers. Would recommend leaving language localization off.

Was weird animals kind of common in the war or something? I know Russians and Germans looked into mine detection, spycraft,and animal weaponization in the war.

Here is Polish soldier bear
No. 48992
Nice. I'd like to play some draft, but I already have all zendikar cards and before I do player drafts in Kaldesh I'd like to make some cheaper bot drafts to get to know which cards to draft, or I will just waste all my gold. I stopped being angry at wizards for how and when they host certain events and drafts, they just do it in a way that generates the most money for them, so I know what to expect.

In zendikar I mostly went 7-x with mardu/boros/orzhov decks

Not sure if anyone yet got together for games yet.

If you like to just play creature after creature and hit the opponents face, build gruul or monored. They are generally the easiest decks to play and don't cost that many wild cards (gruul is more expensive to build than monored, but gruul uses a lot of cards monored uses)

If you like control decks, removing opponents creatures, not playing many creatures of your own, there's dimir control and esper control, I prefer esper, because it does the same as dimir, but plays less counterspells, if any and plays doom foretold, which is a fun card. Dimir control is more straightforward: counter spells and remove creatures from the field.

Temur ramp, basically a spin the wheel deck. You try to get to 7 mana to cast a big spell that, if it resolves, puts up to 5 permanent cards into play. If that doesn't work and your opponent still didn't concede, you hope to draw Ugin the spirit dragon to exile the whole board. Really easy to play, but your games are mostly determined by luck.
No. 48993 Kontra
that's for standard, there's also the historic format on mtg:a, but that's too expensive to get into
No. 49041
I have been having trouble finding any kind of control magics. I miss my IRL blue deck. I used to steal everything that wasn't bolted down even basic lands and global enchantments just for the fuck of it. I don't understand how wildcards work or how to try and find whatever card you want or is this just draft format within a narrow scope?
No. 49138
475 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
In standard there's no mono blue, in historic, there is. It's quite cheap to build since 90% of the cards are common and uncommon. It's not a meta deck anymore though and it's not a control deck, but a tempo deck (small creatures, bounce/counter opponents spells, draw cards).

If you want to steal your opponents stuff, you also have to play historic, in standard there's only one blue creature steal spell that synergizes with mill decks, "lullmage's domination". The most busted stealing card that was in the format, that could steal lands (and everything else), is banned though (agent of treachery).

Wildcards are awarded with every pack, every 6 packs you get a rare wildcard, every 30 cards you get a mythic wildcard. Every rare in a pack can also be a rare wildcard, every mythic can be a mythic wildcard (I don't know what the chances are, maybe 2-4%). If you want look at all cards available, either look at a decklist or go to the "collection" in the deck menu. Then set the filters to what you want displayed: you can sort by format, by set, by cards collected and cards not collected. Check collected and not collected and standard, you will see all cards available in standard.

To build a collection, you usually want to play drafts instead of buying packs, because that's potentially more value for your gold. Quick drafts are the cheapest and easiest if you are not familiar with the set, you have got all the time you want to read the cards, there are no other players drafting from the packs with you, just bots.

Also these FNM events are good to get your hands on some rares for free, it's not very competetive, usually you get a deck to play in it, like in todays event. If you don't get a deck, you can just use your free cards, you will lose a lot if it's standard or historic, but there's also other people who have no cards and play the event.
No. 49152
7,7 MB, 1024 × 576, 1:00
Playing some comfy mudrunner again, it's nice and you can play it for 10 minutes or play it for an hour and it's just comfy
No. 49155
I've had a splitting headache for three hours and projectile vomitted twice and only am now starting to feel okay again and it'll be getting dark out soon. What a waste of a day off.

How come Mudrunner seems to be so much more graphically intensive? I'm pretty sure that's the second worst running game I now own mostly due to it being free on the Epic launcher I only even have because I got free software bundled with a part with the only worst running one being Metro 2033 Redux that gives me like 30fps on ultra, that I'm pretty sure is some refresh with Exodus graphics for which I didn't ask.

It seems like the kind of game you could really have fun with after a sixpack or weed if you did those things and is kinda fun in a sense but on the other I find myself not enjoying it because it reminds me of my childhood way too much, both visually and mechanically.
No. 49161
21,5 MB, 1024 × 576, 1:19
What is wrong with you?

>How come Mudrunner seems to be so much more graphically intensive? I'm pretty sure that's the second worst running game I now own
It's one of the easiest running games for me, loads in about 5 seconds and never pushed my GPU above 50 celsius

Meanwhile Warhammer 2 made my boy hit 68c yesterday.

>It seems like the kind of game you could really have fun with after a sixpack or weed
Yeah I tend to play it while either stressed or drunk, I even played it with friends a few times where 3 of us would do a map together in convoy
No. 49174
324 kB, 1140 × 600
94 kB, 820 × 502
264 kB, 1140 × 600
Big Matrix stream the other day. Biggest bit for me, was this interview, particularly the info about War in the East 2. That said, Joel Billings founded SSI and talks a bit about computer wargaming history, which may be of interest to Russia.

But for non-wargamers, Distant Worlds 2 is going into beta in January, and is confirmed as a 2021 release. Shadow Empire also came out on Steam, if you have no interest in going standalone from Slitherine (pretty sure you get the steam key with standalone anyway but your decision). If you don't know what Shadow Empire is, here's a review. In short it's a strange hybrid of wargame and 4x. Not my cup of tea, but may interest someone here.
No. 49183
What do you mean, what is wrong with me? You mean my rig? I dunno. It just feels like it's working really had to push it and is one of only I think two games I've played in the last 4 months where I experienced stuttering and I tried quite a lot to test out my new GPU. I'm running a 5700XT at 1440p so I dunno. Everything else works great. Oh except FEAR 1 gives me 40fps for some reason but it's not too noticeable how bad it seemongly runs. It just felt like it ran like absolute shit the first time I tried playing Mudrunner and couldn't figure out why since everything else was great at ultra settings except the Redux versions of Metro games.
No. 49184 Kontra
Oh and if you meant something else by it I grew up somewhere along the Appalachian spine dude there's a reason I've the enduring hatred I do for certain very particular things, including but not limited to the whole fantasy and medieval genres mainly because it reminds me of home and childhood way too much and is therefore anything from normal and boring to outright depressing.
No. 49194
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
>What do you mean, what is wrong with me?
No I meant why were you projectile vomiting for a day

Apparently that card is a good bit stronker than my 1060 turbo so I dunno why you'd be experiencing stutters. Shit like that is hard to track down, I once tracked an issue like that down to sound drivers of all things
>I grew up somewhere along the Appalachian spine
What do you think about the Missing 411 and the connection to the cave systems there btw? seems a lot of people disappear in those mountains
No. 49207
155 kB, 1200 × 628
Oh yeah I dunno. I woke up with a splitting headache for like three hours, chugged some coffee and a vitamin, and then threw up profusely twice. Really it was the headache probably. Maybe I was just too dehydrated.

Anyways yeah I dunno. It actually worked when I tried it again so idk if it was some weird setting or something. And yes that's true since it's a higher end custom card and even the reference is like the 2070 super just barely beneath a 1080ti, so it should be able to handle pretty much everything I throw at it to at least 60fps, which indeed it has been doing. I forgot and left vsync off in a couple of older titles like Cities Skylines and it was running at well over 230fps at 1440p, which is pretty incredible to the extent I can't even see much purpose in getting myself something like a 6800xt because next to nothing has raytracing right now and that thing is so powerful you really don't have much reason to get it without a 4k or at least super high refresh 1440p monitor, which I guess I'd like to have at some point but it's way too costly to get all that now even if it was in stock. I don't really get the high framerate thing but then again I basically don't play FPS games and therefore don't really need my XCOM2 and Endless Space 2 animations running at over 75fps in the first place.

Speaking of which I actually do play an FPS game now and that game's name is The Division which is pretty sweet. I actually really like the level of detail that they added which makes it especially immersive because it's a pretty realistic depiction of exactly what it feels like wandering around Manhattan island and I haven't even gotten to the darkzone yet. Coming from someone who hates FPS games normally and really takes issue with that whole healthbar-"mag dump rifle ammo into a guy's chest and he's still coming at you" kind of bullshit it's actually a pretty fun game, and while normally I don't particularly like playing what's outside usually except winter games at the start of winter are especially cozy I found this game particularly great so far as you ignore some of the map markers and learn to switch radar off it definitely is what it feels like being lost in Manhattan and am of the conviction that I chose by sheer kizmet to start playing this game exactly now, which I would likewise encourage ernsts to do this very week for some super post-October Halloween spookiness.

And by God my lad, it was spooky. Holy jaisus I started playing that thing and that very night, on December the 3rd, I found some note in the game written by a woman on December 3rd. Since it's apparently such an old game now I can play it at max settings no problem for what must've gave 2016 era GPUs a helluva time, and the other people haven't been too intrusive so far even at safe points.

It's great. It's just great.
Oh shid that game's even older than that. Welp. I guess I must still be running on Russian time. Feels pretty new to me.
That second trailer in particular is pretty great.

Take it from me as someone who hates FPS games and constantly bitches nonstop about how bad FPS games are and how shit every triple A game probably more than even Russia does, that this game is indeed an actually good one even if it still has some traces of the inescapable Ubisoft AAA game tier taint I so fear happening to VTMB2, that this is actually indeed a really great game and adds a certain sense to sipping hot cocoa and playing it in the dark winter of Covid. Society's not broken down and we're not shooting each other atm though which I suppose had it gone that far may make this game less fun and interesting to play right now.

But boy I gotta tell ya I was getting some really eerie feels getting that 3 December note, like how I've heard people describe what it's like to watch the fourth wall melt while playing Disco Elysium.

Fantastic game just a fantastic game so far. I just wish they made it more like an offline singleplayer open world campaign alongside what FNV was rather than trying to make it into some lootcrate tier mmo, which thankfully I've not been subjected to much yet and largely seems to consist of stupid things like $3 DLC for Christmas paper weapon skins and things like that. It'll probably end up being the game that makes FPS games acceptable to me again. It's actually quite cozy to play, particularly if you're of that "I voluntarily watch Cronenberg films and one of my favorite genres is psychological horror/psychological [insert noun]" types of people who'd enjoy playing a 7 year old game about a pandemic, in the middle of a global pandemic.

AAA+ would recommend
No. 49263
21,8 MB, 2560 × 1440, 0:54
Oh fuck is it over
Well I was going to say this at least makes me slightly less hesitant about VTMB2 that they brought some guy from Ubisoft in after seeing that. Honestly with a tweaked engine this could be spectacular settis for making a game like VTMB2, provided they didn't utterly ruin it with multiplayer, endless DLC, lootcrates, microtransactions etc. which is what I still fear. Fuck it's probably .9mb over and won't upload even after massive compression why the is Adrenalin 2020 saving such fuckhuge 131mb files for 60 seconds of video.

wut try using vlc to play it

But anyway yeah as you can clearly see at least visually and mechanically this would've been nice with a VTMB game. Ubisoft still goes to hui though.
No. 49271
Played some Reach firefight with brick just now. Was fun. Some lag, maybe a 0.3-0.5s (yellow bar) which is not as nice as the server-based matchmaking, but honestly, it's within the realm of my experience with the old P2P multiplayer of 2007-2012 (which wasn't region locked, so in AU/NZ you were often red-barred all damn day :-DDD).

Dog bless 2020 internet speeds which let intercontinental P2P multiplayer be playable.
No. 49331
83 kB, 350 × 497
Look, with genuine suffering I'm able to make 4 million points in Donpachi. This maniac managed to get 71 millions. The imagination he used in order to make chains is astounding.

No. 49333
182 kB, 512 × 512
And I'm not a bad player at all! It's that I'm not a maniac! Or that well, the author says he spent 18 years in making such a record. I'm out of words, but I respect this because actually it's a work of art.
No. 49335
Man, you know I'm too lazy right now to deal with compressing and uploading it but I've been taking 60 second vidcaps of The Division and I thus far cannot for the life of me see the point to getting excited about raytracing right now or why to consider it as a serious consideration to a graphics card beyond "can it do it," because keep in mind that this game is like 5 years old right now and it does lighting and reflections so beautifuly. Yeah yeah I know raytracing is the future and yadda yadda but realistically speaking by the time it gets really good and worthwhile and has affordable and available cards, it's probably already just going to be close to two gens down the line or at least next gen. Maybe I guess if you're keeping the same card for six years but even then the performance hit is astronomical which doesn't bode well for trying to run a new release in 2025.

I mention this because I'm really just astounded by how good normal lighting, shadows, reflections etc. looks in this game and I keep finding myself watching the plague stricken streets of New York under streetlights and going back just to walk back and forth on that same street to see all the reflections and lighting. Even Alien Isolation which is even older I thought it looked good. So when I see that absolutely massive performance hit on even a 3080, and then I compare to how good light filtering through trees from a streetlight that's being loosely reflected in a puddle, I just can't make sense of spending like $700+ just to see a slightly improved version of that. I'd fully expect a game to look fantastic in 2021 that's not got any RT, and probably its implementation won't even become widespread enough until 2022 to really justify it as a big consideration. I've also unironically seen comparisons where either the showed off RT looks worse this is really more like how every game had bloom and often looked awful in like 2010 or whatever to be fair or I flat out couldn't tell which one had RT on.

So I dunno. It just looks so good. I can easily imagine how a super powerful console size leviathan RTX 5080ti or RX 9900XT would chew through actually beautifully implemented RT some years from now in a lifelike game but it just blows my mind that this is a game from years ago and how close to RT scenes it looks on pure rasterization.
No. 49336
Raytracing is very powerful, and does more than affect lighting fidelity. We think of it as graphics because that's how it's been used so far but something built from the ground up for it has plenty more applications. Sound fidelity can be improved, as can other things like emission simulations if you need it. Even if it was just lighting, consider the man-hours saved from no longer having to make lighting workarounds, and instead just having a plug-and-go solution. That's more time and money being able to go somewhere else in a project. It's an almost textbook gamechanger for developers.

Even if these sorts of things don't make it to mainstream commercial gaming in the next 5 years, you can bet that the technology is going to be developed in that time anyway, and those people are going to need hardware that can do it properly. It's not just going to spring fully formed from the void.
No. 49348
Yeah I know and that's part of my point, is that we're going to be so far down the road in that department that by the time we've actually fully "got it" you're pretty much going to start be needing a new graphics card anyway because those things basically only last a good roughly 6 years or so. It only took me to about 2016 before I started noticing major deficits on my 1gb graphics card from 2012, and that was just on 768p. By 2019 on 1080p a lot of games even the seemingly innocuous ones like a crpg became borderline unusable and even with a better one in that time (though still not a good one at all by 2019 standards) innocuous titles like certain crpgs and ARPGs struggled massively at higher resolutions with a cheap 4gb one. So in other words by the time this becomes a real big universal thing your card is going to be long in its years.
Oh yeah I forgot about that. No more needing tricks for sound fidelity. Heh wouldn't that be funny? If soundcards made a comeback because of raytraced sounds?

I do wonder though whether this will further take out the artistry of graphics and audio design though. Needing to use so many tricks did often give games a kind of soul.
No. 49349
My point is that it depends entirely on what you're looking to do with it as to whether the current raytracing-capable cards are worth it. If you're just a casual consumer, probably not but the market is larger than that. You've got whales who will buy it because they've got the cash to throw at new technology early, and you've got the guys who will need them professionally (developers, or others who want/need real time raytracing for some reason) to even get you to that point where the current cards are obsoleted by the next generation. The market is bigger than just people who play video games, and that's where these are really going to make a splash.

>I do wonder though whether this will further take out the artistry of graphics and audio design though.
No. It changes the field to being closer to set design for films, where you are needing to focus more on how to make the lighting fit the bill (even films use a shitload of artificial light to make scenes look the way they want them to) and less on how to make the lighting function at all. Effectively giving artists free reign to work on the artistic direction of a game, instead of having to reinvent the lightbulb every time. Also lets them iterate more to find exactly what they like because there's less baking that needs to be done every time you tweak a setting.
No. 49395
24,2 MB, 2560 × 1440, 1:00
24,1 MB, 2560 × 1440, 1:00
Oh god this is just such absolutely fucking terrible compression that it kind of defeats the point entirely but the last one I tried using appears to have some kind of scam of charging you 99 cents for proprietary codecs which idk if anyone got the last to load and this other site I tried is not working either. How do I edit video? Or should I just set it to super small capture sizes somehow in the Adrenalin 2020 software? Because it's capturing well over 100mb for each 60 second clip and I tried tuning it down but only got 15mb shaved off to 115mb. Maybe this is why Ireland's clips always seemed so fuckhuge and I bet all of those were compressed heavily. Anyways I started this just because I wanted to come here and say how absolutely amazing it is to see close to 10 gigs worth of video files transfered almost in the blink of an eye. It took several seconds for me to transfer it across NVMe drives which is fantastic. I bet you I could do very heavy multimedia editing but I've never really made real videos before so I don't entirely know what to do or where to even start just because I want to do some tech channel and vidya streaming/review type stuff by the end of this winter.

Yeah I guess so and actually that'd be far easier for me personally to work on because I'm extremely sensitive to lighting which is why I almost solely use things like Christmas lights and other types of lighting for room illumination; proper lighting is really important IRL too and am aware of that from my filmfag/theatrefag friends although the one film I briefly did some gig for just used normal outdoor lighting and fake af adding additional tree branches and spray painting mud on sneakers for an outdoor scene. I don't begrudge choices in lighting but Hollywood is fake as fuck, and unnecessarily so at that. I just mean that it feels like certain types of artistry can get lost, in much the same way as some arguments made by people like Russian ernst have merit regarding visual quality and sound. I've made the exact same arguments regarding lack of hand painted stuff which was real artistry and which had that very jarring transition to 3D animations in the 90s which was supposed to be more "lifelike" and ultimately looked goddamn awful and soulless.

I'm not making the argument that one is worse than the other re: lighting, just that I think certain things may get lost in the transition, even if overall the ability to project S-O-U-L and artistry may become vastly improved, which I have seen in certain Cyberpunk 2077 scenes in that new Linus tech video.

>If you're just a casual consumer, probably not but the market is larger than that. You've got whales who will buy it because they've got the cash to throw at new technology early, and you've got the guys who will need them professionally (developers, or others who want/need real time raytracing for some reason) to even get you to that point where the current cards are obsoleted by the next generation. The market is bigger than just people who play video games, and that's where these are really going to make a splash.
I am well aware of all that but you'll notice the specific phrasing and context of argument I used was much more of the here-and-now consumer oriented thing, because of course by the time your GPU is the size of an XBOX and pulling 700w from the wall on 3x12pin plugs it's actually going to look and perform really nice. Also that there are many other uses for it in more professional fields.

But that's not what I'm talking about. I know the film quality is fucking awful now which kinda defeats the purpose but you can still tell even with vid quality related how much lighting, shadows, reflections etc. even rasterized has come such a long way and this isn't even such a new game anymore. Every day I'm just blown away by how impressive this looks, which makes the odd low quality model yelling at me from a window more conspicuously hilarious because of how lifelike the game looks and feels. I'm talking about the reflections themselves look high quality on a game from years ago, and that as it stands the actual difference between raytraced scenes in a game is simply not noticeable enough to even warrant switching to RT particularly for such a performance hit. Like on some level you have to pay careful attention to pick out raytraced from rasterized scenes.

It's not even knocking RT so much as complimenting how far things had gone with vidya tech. If you look up high quality high res footage of this game on YT and just watch the scenes rather than paying attention to the action it's just incredible how good everything looks and again that's a rasterized game from like five years ago that you can play on a GTX 1070, vs what I see now which requires at least a 2080ti for raytraced scenes, and that I don't even see significant enough advances within the next year to factor it in to any kind of system upgrades. I do keep getting reminded of the ridiculous shiny metal outfits in KOTOR though and wondering if those Sith trooper armors were just there to show off some kind of advances in reflections at the time. Hence why anything trying to sell itself on being cutting edge "modern" is always going to fail in the end over artistry, and why a Might and Magic game can still look soulful while a low poly early years 3D model is going to look awful soon enough. A game doesn't need to look more realistic--it needs to have more soul.

That RT can provide opportunities for S-O-U-L with candlelit rainy day scenes is where it would matter, and the tl;dr irony to me being that a mid 2010s game looks basically the same to me as a current year raytraced one, and how for whatever the coming advances and other purposes I just can't see it becoming truly relevant enough a concern for consumers right now to base their graphic card decisions on which runs RT the best when by the time it'll look different enough to warrant that cost we'll probably have RX 7000 cards released.
No. 49400
369 kB, 949 × 1070
It's that time of year again. Holiday Sales for grogs, and those with grog leanings.

Matrix Games has their sale. Varied discounts. Some of which are actually absurdly good value, others of which are just 'nice' little discounts on newer games. If you wanted an AGEOD game though, they're all pretty cheap right now.

John Tiller Software's sale also starts today. Anything older than 12 months is 25% off. That makes them $30 a pop but again, lots of playtime for your $30. This is the turn zero of Minsk '44 (Panzer Campaigns line). Scale is at 10% because true scale is a 50mb jpg. There are smaller scenarios, but if you want to embrace the autism, your $30 goes a long fuggen way :-D

t. grog help helper
No. 49425
7,8 MB, 640 × 360, 5:02
7,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:07
>Maybe this is why Ireland's clips always seemed so fuckhuge and I bet all of those were compressed heavily
u wot m8, you're thinking of Russia who uploads raw mp4s, I make webms and I usually keep them under 8mb, like check out this 5 minute long one I made and it's under 8mb
No. 49447
Where do I begin with these? There are so many.
No. 49455
It depends on the period you're interested in, and how you like the rules. John Tiller Software is very convenient in that their games run on fairly similar rules within each line. So the Panzer Campaigns games all run on a unified ruleset that is tweaked for each game, as do the Panzer Battles, or Pike & Shot and so on.


The demos don't cover every rule type, but they do give you an idea of what the rules for the following rulesets are like.
>Panzer Battles
>Panzer Campaigns
>Squad Battles
>Napoleonic Battles

The biggest hurdle with John Tiller games in particular is that they're old school. The UI is pretty obtuse until you get used to it, and the games still function at their core like the old talonsoft games from the 90s, just with a major facelift. If that's your jam, John Tiller is the only one scratching that particular itch.

Matrix is a more conventional publisher, just with a core of traditional wargaming. Generally my policy with them is to browse and see if anything is interesting, and then check reviews that I trust to see if it sounds interesting.

But really the main thing to do when getting into wargames is to pick something that interests you, and give it a go. They take a while to learn, and can be frustrating at times, but if you keep the manual handy (especially for more complex games like Gary Grigsby or John Tiller titles) you can usually figure out how to make things work. Probably the best places to start are with the John Tiller Demos and/or Order of Battle on the Matrix store (I think it's on steam too, it's presented a bit like a Panzer General game with a free core that has a bunch of missions from across WWII, and DLC that each flesh out a specific part of the war with more missions in an a-la-carte manner).

The sales last until the end of the month so you got plenty of time to play around with demos and shit before they end. I also occasionally stream wargames on the radio discord, so if you're ever wanting to see them in motion and played (fairly badly), then keep an eye out for those.
No. 49485
1,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
So, are you guys playing it? Been at it since Friday, and so far it has been an enjoyable (albeit quite buggy) experience. Although, the game was too overhyped, in my opinion. It's not a super-duper revolution in gaming or something, it's just a very solid and fun game, kinda like a mix between GTA and modern Deus Ex games gameplay-wise. I'm glad that it's not disappointing like, say, The Outer Worlds was.
No. 49490 Kontra
>Although, the game was too overhyped, in my opinion.
Ernst, it was probably the most overhyped game EVER. Even if it was the perfect 100/100 game, it wouldn't have been able to live up to the hype.
No. 49492
Nah. Shit's nearly a hundred bucks, and I can get more time out of other games for that money. For a game that apparently has performance issues, with my PC being decent at best, thats a no-go for me. Ill wait for it to go on sale and be patched up/optimised. The Witcher 3 treatment (tbh, i hope that 2 major releases in a row looking like this lessens some of the weird hero treatment CDPR gets). Heard many people saying what you are though. Shit's good when it works. Also agree with the german, the game cannot live up to its hype machine.
No. 49494
232 kB, 277 × 645
Nah not yet. The sole game I have purchased in the last decade on release was like XCOM2, and maybe XCOM:EU I forget. I even would've purchased Disco Elysium but well a sale came soon enough anyway, and VTMB2 I might if the reviews say it's not awful which it still actually may be considering it's run by Paradox and brought on a guy from Ubisoft, yknow that company that makes fucking microtransactions in a PAID game, which likewise is the sole game I actually want to play that has RT.

Of course, the real reason for it is because my backlog is so fuckhuge now I literally spent 2019 purchasing games like I would someday become unemployed for a stretch of time again or be stuck at home with no money and plenty of free time again which seemed stupid to do at the time but whaddya know that there's literally no point to me buying games not on sale since I'm also a save-the-best-cake-for-last type of guy so even Disco I haven't played yet and probably won't anytime soon unless I think I've got a week to live.

In Cyberpunk 2077's case I have not actually cared about it much tbqh. I never based any of my decisions on whether it can run on my system or waited for it, nor do I fully comprehend why it got hyped so much beyond maybe triple A gaming is just that goddamn awful there's nothing else to be excited about, although Baldur's Gate 3 is releasing soon, so.

It also doesn't look as impressive as I expected (as usual, they never do, though YMMV the drop in quality for Vampyr was tremendous, this at least still looks okay) while running like complete ass on everybody's systems even with RT off. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of those "I'll probably pick it up on sale at somepoint alongside half a dozen other games" sort of a deal. It promised to be visually stunning, completely immersive, and with a wildly open ended open world experience but I've heard that so many times before it just becomes "I'm not like the other girlsTM" tier and I'm fully expecting you to have your choices more boxed in than whatever they promised.

The more I think about it the more I suspect people got so hyped is because it was CDProjekt doing it, who likewise got hyped because of Witcher series although I got stuck on a boss battle in Witcher 2 and haven't gone back to the series yet so I'm not sure how special W3 is. I also only now realized that W3 is an "old" game and that the market segment is so full of these zoomers now that they haven't even played a great old game and so their real intro to gaming was like Deus Ex Mankind Divided and Witcher 3 or something, both of which are still new to me, so my bar is probably way higher than the typical zoomie who just started PC gaming in the last couple years.
No. 49500
Duke Nukem Forever was hyped comparably in its time, and then suffered a tremendous backlash despite not really being bad (at least people who played it said so; I myself didn't have a decent enough PC to play it back then). I'm worried that the same will happen to Cyberpunk, and it will be shat upon, despite not deserving it in the slightest.

>performance issues
I gather that it mostly concerns consoles (consolefags must suffer, mwahahahaha!). My fairly old PC (i5 3570k, 8 GB RAM, 1050 Ti) runs it comfortably, although on the lowest settings. Bugs are more of a problem (they don't make the game unplayble, but they sure are annoying), but I guess unfortunately it became a standard for AAA games to come out buggy and unoptimized. So yeah, waiting for it to be patched is a prudent decision.

>the weird hero treatment CDPR gets
Never played any Witcher games apart from the first one (and even that for about an hour, of which about twenty minutes I spent waiting for it to load maps; yeah, good ol' times of having 256 MB of DDR266), so I'm not prone to glorifying them, but I can come up with one reason to respect them: they don't include DRM with their games. It's like a middle finger to all those whiny publishers who claim that they lose lose most of their profits due to piracy.

I gave up on it completely. The last news I heard about it is that it got delayed again, and since its main writers/designers left (even that SJW chick, whatshername; if even SJWs abandon ship, you know that shit's fucked), the future doesn't look very bright for it. Probably won't be even worth pirating.

>my bar is probably way higher than the typical zoomie who just started PC gaming in the last couple years
That's why it's better not having your expectations too high when it comes to modern games. No way in hell they will be as grounbreaking as System Shock or original Deus Ex (were there even any really original games after early 2000's, not counting indies? The only one that comes to my mind is Dark Souls, and it is still basically an expanded and polished Severance: Blade of Darkness), but they can make something curious with familiar mechanics. Kinda like telling a new story in the same language.
No. 49502
824 kB, 1366 × 724
206 kB, 728 × 680
Started a game of Japan '45 today. It's one of the few 'alternate history' type things I actually enjoy. Mostly because I'm a bit of a nut for anything PTO, but Operation Downfall (specifically stage 1, Operation Olympic in this case) is something I find particularly interesting as a wargaming hypothetical because it's very plausible. It was going to kick off, but the war ended before it was needed. It's a lot more realistic than many alternate history scenarios.

Anyway, finally manged to break off of the three beaches on X-day. Took 6 hours and a lot of blood. Couple of units were eliminated in the fighting (beach hexes increase incoming damage) but we broke out. Now the going gets really tough. Got to have the forces from Ariake Bay meet up with the I Corps while also clearing out resistance in the horrendous fighting terrain of Kyushu. Seems to be entirely mountains, forests and fuggen rice paddies. Can't move the armour too far off the roads, so the infantry has got to crawl their way through all that crap almost by themselves.

Plan is to secure the cities that I've landed near at each beachead first. Use them as staging areas to start securing the major roads and using those to link up and keep supplied. Really fun so far, despite the difficulty.
No. 49503
811 kB, 800 × 600
>and why a Might and Magic game can still look soulful while a low poly early years 3D model is going to look awful soon enough
No. 49504
3,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
2,9 MB, 800 × 450, 0:21
2,9 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:26
2,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:16
Nah I never buy games on release, I still haven't got around to playing GTA 4 let alone GTA 5

I've been enjoying the webms coming out of the game though, it seems like a janky ass mess. Might pick it up for a tenner in a few years from a key site though
No. 49508
They scratched everything that's RPG. Ok so far. But then for an action game they don't have proper stealth no dynamic wanted system and no car AI.

It's not for me. Would buy as early access game for 19,99$
No. 49511 Kontra
> 3mb
> no sound
We know where those come from.
No. 49519
45 kB, 376 × 183
>t (even that SJW chick, whatshername; if even SJWs abandon ship, you know that shit's fucked)
This is so irrelevant to me and the people whining about it show the total lack of interest in the original game, which actively made fun of Republicans in-game.
The problem is how shit direction everything will go in efforts to make more money and be as inoffensive as possible to sell the most copies and become some real crap. The original writing team being gone and them putting some guy in who worked for Ubisoft is indeed a horrible warning sign though.

> Witcher games
First was pretty decent. It was open world-ish. I think that everybody raves about it because Witcher 3 is supposedly some incredible game but I haven't played it yet. Probably "they don't make em like they used to" syndrome. I enjoyed playing Deus Ex HR but found numerous things to criticize, like a fair number of games starting in that era.

>were there even any really original games after early 2000's, not counting indies?
Well, fuck. I keep trying to think of any but I can't. I guess it pretty much is alongside what Russia said, which is that basically the late 2000s is where all such innovation went to die. On both an artistic, technical, and mechanical level, no, no I cannot actually think of any truly groundbreaking games since roughly the time of VTMB and HL2.

Basically just about every single thing that had ever been tried, begun as an extended series/universe, innovated technically, begun a new genre, or truly tried taking an experimental direction in any element of storytelling or visuals, had already been accomplished by that time. Like, everything I think. First person strategy games (Natural Selection) to tower D, RTS, RTT, CRPGs (the isometric kind I argue with Russia about all the time), all other "RPG" styles including open world and adventure, top down shooters, logic puzzles, 4x and GSG games, top down shooters, JRPG tiers, survival horrors, like literally every single thing I can possibly think of had already been done by then.

What's actually perhaps much worse is how formulaic it had all become. I played like one truly marvelous "art game" called Inner Chains which was essentially a 3D Beksinski painting masquerading as an FPS, Scorn is in development hell, and like everything else is the same shit with the same shaders and bad effects like motion blur, same bloom and palletes etc. Like, Planescape Torment actually took a rather interesting narrative direction, which itself was a deconstruction of PnP RPGs and is likely why gaming was good, which is that the sort of people who could've personally gamed with Gygax were in charge of things like that, or guys tinkering in their garage tiers working on games, small teams, not massive corpos, so we had some truly inspired games from soundtrack and sound design, to storytelling, to visual art direction etc. and the gameplay despite being really just for kids as consumers actually expected thinking and treated you like an adult.

Early 2000s to late 2000s is best summed up in the greatness of Dead Space 2 to the disaster that was Dead Space 3. ALL of it. No actual graphical improvements, incredibly dumbed down story telling, token minority with no game role to catch a few more dollars from any new gamer, microtransactions and lootcrates in a paid game, terrible gameplay that turned a "shoot the legs" horror into a generic FPS shooting at people who shoot back, everything feeling like a third person OtS shooter, no character depth or development. Maybe society also got dumbed down. I got to thinking lastnight whether sitting in front of a CRT for years and years was bombarding me with brain damaging radiation, or if any tech became widespread and we didn't know it was making us retarded like lead paint or arsenic in wallpaper.

I'm not sure what happened to talent, really, because from every angle it was pretty great. Lots of crap produced, plenty of trash in 90s and 00s sure, but it really was those two decades that introduced and cemented everything from narrative frameworks to mechanics and pretty much everything after Half Life 2 was just screwing around with shaders, not actual technical stuff like simulating gravity and ragdolls etc. although I guess in today's defense raytracing is going to become kind of a big deal, it just took us 15 years to develop something with exciting potential. Oh. And VR. For what that's worth. Always seemed like strapping a phone screen to your face to me.
No. 49520
Yeah man fuck, you stumped me. I'm looking through my libraries and every one without fail or deviation is just from an antecedent set then. Kinda adds another level of kill to getting into games. The sole interesting one that's even half unique is It Stares Back which is an in-dev indie game that's some cybernetic psychedelic horrorshow RTS game that's going to blend RPG elements, and you'll notice in even that it's tacking genres to each other or genre blending. Artistically it's definitely one of the most unique.
It is a really strangely uncomfortable game to play for extended periods, like probably what it'd be like to take acid and get initiated into the OTO Minerval levels. For such a small indie project I personally think it's impressive. Darkwood too but tbh it's another indie game and I'm positive nothing innovative, beyond being a true quality game itself.

Sunless Skies? No fuck that and Universim god games tiers all are old in fact I still remember struggling to run Black and White and being amazed by the graphics. Even that too damn just the experience of slapping that poor cow around made you feel truly evil in a way that few modern games just manage to achieve rather than the banality of evil.

I mean hell The Division is so game-y at times it like Fallout New Vegas lets me know straight up who "bad guy" is and who "ally or civilian" is on color of my reticle which kills immersion so bad I refuse to open fire on obvious enemies and roleplay walking up to civvies liek they could pull a gun on me, which really speaks to that generational difference which is you could roleplay in your head, in game, IRL at DnD session, and the new gen games hold your hand and spoonfeed everything which like I said old games made for kids treated you more maturely than vidya made knowing mostly adults will play it treating you like dumb helpless bydlo.

So in The Division like FNV I make it a point not to open fire on what could just be some other survivor than "the bad guy" and idk why no new games treat it like Fallout and Fallout 2 treated it as real people you could talk to, make friends, piss off until getting fired upon etc. The real joy for me of Fallout New Vegas was that sense of callousness that develops; art is, much like the Holy Spirit said to emanate from the interface between God and Sonand I would add, between them and us, Man, that holy spirit that exists in the space between audience and artwork, and the seemingly empty space that is the interface between the two: that is what Art is. And to me, in games like that, the true masterworks are ones that changes you, is memorable, has an impact upon You. FNV existed in that negative space. I was innocent and naive courier until after 30 hours of gaming I shot first and asked questions later, and felt myself alter from the gamescape to becoming a totally calloused survivor. I have enjoyed The Division for that which in spite of many such cases triple A bullshit remains at core FNV tier open world with some central narrative you can return to or spend the whole time doing random shit, though sadly civilians and allies are invincible no friendly fire--THAT is the safespace, lads. Safe space of spoonfeedery and handholdism.

Sorry this was originally going to be like a two paragraph post but it really made me think. It's not just being jaded and old. They just don't make great games like before. I will say I'm aware of a good number said to exist the bulk of which I have but haven't played yet, like Witcher 3, Divinity Original Sin 2, Disco Elysium and so on. I have likewise found many many good soundtracks, some of breathtakingly absurd quality, so it's not, everything is shit, just that most is shit and one must look harder.

OH. Dawn of War II. It had epic soundtrack and overall design and was uniquely and well done and released 2009. It was real time tactics hybridized with certain CRPG elements and in MP mixed with light CTF style RTS gameplay.

I see this and am reminded the glorious autism of the board. There's actually an entire literary genre around games like that/GSG/4x called "after action reports" btw https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/AfterActionReport "literary" used loosely

I laughed so hard at these. Christ that is some bad artifacting and compression on the one video.

Yeah but I don't hold it against him. We're products of the internet at this point. I have a hard time not indulging in IBs, probably as hard as smoking, and while this place is fantastic there's frankly too few of us to be as active and effective a community when each has their very in depth interests but not a ton of crossover, not even in vidya threads. Of course 4kanker is unspeakably terrible even for slumming, but still. Certain specific boards there can have threads not be entirely trash, although /v/ is probably one of the worst. It's easier to look for something when you understand 80% of what you're going to be told is wrong and stupid. Mostly I stick to youtube for vidya though. Ireland, despite slumming places I couldn't even deal with more than five minutes, remains not a shitcunt--that's teh difference far as I care. It does make me realize how much I wish we had an actually good place like back in the day though. Are places like GameFAQs and Gamespot forums still shit?
No. 49523
This is why I started taking it easy when it comes to modern gaming. You won't find any innovation anymore, only gimmicks, and that trend also started somewhere in 2000's. For example, the most hyped FPS of 2004 – Half-Life 2 – didn't really had much to offer besides its physics gimmick, and gravity gun in particular. But in the end the physics didn't revolutionize the actual shooter gameplay: it just added some silly fun like fucking around with ragdoll bodies, physics-based puzzles (which were also quite silly: one can only wonder if Freeman is anorexic, since he weights about as much as eight bricks), and gravity gun, which was in no way a replacement for regular guns. So to me HL2 wasn't as interesting as Chronicles of Riddick, which was an interesting approach to stealth games, or as Painkiller, which was the early 90's FPS brought to the logical extreme. Still, people seemed to love it, if occasional comments about wanting HL3 are an indication.

Apart from software, virtual gimmicks there are also hardware ones, like unusual control devices of Nintendo Wii and, in modern days, VR. They seem pretty curious at first, but in the end they don't drastically change the gaming either: the developers still stick to established genres, with only occasional troll like Suda51 making players wank the WiiMote for shits and giggles. Yet people still enjoy it for some reason. I also remember some RTS controlled by giving orders with your own voice (forgot the name, it was from Tom Clancy's series); my buddy showed it to me, and immediately suspected it to be crap. It really was crap, but we had fun with it nonetheless, because the game kept misinterpreting my buddy's orders given with a thick Slavic accent in such peculiar ways that we laughed our asses off.

So that brings me to my point, or rather, a realization I had about myself: if I'm not entertainted by a game, it's not the game's fault, it's my own. Sure, new games aren't really new at all, but if I look carefully, I usually manage to find something in them that I enjoy. Sure, BioShock was pretty much a simplified, dumbified System Shock, but I still liked because of how stylish it was (Art Deco is dope as fuck, IMO). Sure, Skyrim was boring and lame, but I still had some fun decapitating bandits from stealth (never got to completing it, though). There are lotsa way to entertain myself, like self-imposed challenges, roleplaying in games where you really aren't supposed to etc., so now I usually prefer at least to give new games a chance and try to make an effort to find something fun about them instead of grumbling that back in the days the grass was greener. Not gonna give any chances to VtMB2, though. Fuck that shit.

>old games made for kids treated you more maturely
Yeah, I kinda agree. It may sound like an old fart rant that normies and young people ruined it all, but they actually sorta did. I wouldn't even blame consoles, because 80's and 90's spinal cord platformers, beat 'em ups, side-scrollers and run 'n' guns still required players to make decisions and develop tactics on their own, without being held by the hand. Nowadays Cuphead is considered a difficult game despite not being any harder than Contra or Megaman. The general approval of certain practices has changed too. Like, I always thought that not being able to find each and every thing with a specific playstyle or character build or on the first playthrough is a good thing as it improves replayability or makes the game more rewarding. Today it's called locking out of content. What the fuck? Or people who want the strongest skills, the bestest armor and weapons no matter what? We used to call them munchkins. Nowadays? They're power gamers. Yeah. Fortunately, there are still games that avoid this kindergarten bullshit, mostly indies or made by small studios, and for mainstream ones I use the approach I described earlier.

>Dawn of War II
Never liked it much, because I loved the first Dawn of War and its addons, and the change of the gameplay was too drastic for my taste. I guess they were aiming to bring it closer to its tabletop predecessor. It also didn't seem new to me, because it reminded me of Ground Control II quite a lot. Still, a good game, definitely.
No. 49526
>Never liked it much, because I loved the first Dawn of War and its addons, and the change of the gameplay was too drastic for my taste. I guess they were aiming to bring it closer to its tabletop predecessor. It also didn't seem new to me, because it reminded me of Ground Control II quite a lot. Still, a good game, definitely.
I liked it at the time, and one of the reasons because there are no such situation as "in one battle dies more space marines than in the whole chapter". Good music and art also.
No. 49534
I really liked it too, small squad RTS was comfy and all the gear and items you could get were cool

You should check out the soundtrack to Surviving Mars, Bastion, Mechanicus and Xcom2. Some game sountracks are unreal in quality


>Noooo you're using unauthorised imageboards!
You remind me of the clowns at 4kohl who think they're internet elite
No. 49536
This is actually just one of the wildly bad and fucking stupidest things about 40K lore more than the game itself. They'll use utterly ridiculous numbers for the Imperium like THREE TRILLION SOULS ON THE HIVEWORLD out of OVER ONE MILLION PLANETS and then face the fucking tyranids and it's like A WHOLE 200 SPACE MARINES DIED TRYING TO DEFEND IT FROM THE 8 GORILLION TYRANID SWARM. Like, clearly at that point the only conclusion to do is that Imperials are the kings of cope, downplaying and inflating numbers to absurdly ridiculous extremes through imperial propaganda. My conclusion has always been that there's a fuckton of space marines that are constantly taking massive casaulties and that imperial hiveworlds are just fudging their numbers for tax purposes and calling additional resources and reinforcements.
>but sir we only have ten billion souls on this world the Space Wolves will never priori--
>oh and tell they we have a Titan manufactorium too

>a couple thousand space marine deaths later
No. 49537
I'll have to check out Bastion. I already played XCOM2 (obviously) and Mechanicus which does indeed have a great one and is perhaps the sole time I haven't hated dubstep, along with already "owning" Surviving Mars. 40K does at least actually manage to have great soundtracks pretty routinely otherwise it just doesn't feel like a 40K, except for Inquisitor Martyr whose audio direction I really like for how well it matches that sense of isolation and desperation by being so downplayed. I actually think that out of all the games I:M manages to most accurately capture what the 40K universe really is like, as opposed to the borderline Imperial propaganda after action report feel of a lot of other games. It truly feels dark, grimey, rotted, rusted, imposing, depressive, and just overall grimdark in a way few games manage to feel. I think that the only mark otherwise is it does feel like propaganda the way one lone inquisitor can be out there taking down champions of Nurgle and dozens of chaos space marines on his own.

I'm trying to think of some other really great soundtrack games at least plausibly made recently, because two that spring to mind immediately are old ones (the Alice games, both original McGees and later one). Oh yeah and Endless Space 2 clearly as you know. I discovered Hang pan music from that.
No. 49539
Space maries was created based on the Starship Troopers book. In books they jumped from lower orbit and they covered miles in a seconds with hulk jumps and throwed nuklear grenedas everywhere. Specifically at older editions like the 3rd one IIRC they was meant to be actual ultra super soldiers, 3m height superhuman abomination, relic from eras of the past and there like very little amount of them survived and 99.999% never seen one. They was not "soldiers just with exoskeleton" (they looked like this more in rouge trader lol).
Because they are kind of a symbol of WH space marines overused to death so you had impression like they are soldiers who are everywhere but it is wrong.
No. 49559
300 kB, 1366 × 768
638 kB, 1366 × 768
Played a game of firefight with retarded Quake-tier physics (increased movement speed, low gravity, bottomless magazines). Ended up going for an hour and 40 minutes or thereabout, and with enemies so buffed that the rocket launcher was simply 'ok' as a weapon :-DDD
No. 49608
59 kB, 763 × 757
Jesus fucking Christ why must consolebydlo insist on ruining shit for the rest of us can't they just stay in their corner and play Madden and Mortal Kombat or something
So I open my newsfeed today and apparently it becomes some "controversy" because SONY is offering refunds--oh god the horror refunds!--to people who tried to play this on their older than shit GCN architecture consoles. Like holy fuck my dude those fuckin things are basically using cut down GPUs from back in 2013. The PC whose graphics card I already upgraded from twice is from 2012. I couldn't actually run brand new games on the highest end GPU from that era why the fuck would consolefags expect this shit to run.

I actually bothered coming here to post this just because I was scrolling through comments on things like Tom Clancy's The Division release trailers and these fucking consolebydlo are sitting there trying to blame PC for downgrades. The audacity of that has turned me from pity to scorn for these fucking bydlo as I realize not only the full extent to which our nice shiny looking vidya probably would still look damn close to those E3 trailers than the literal cartoons we always seem to get, but that these stupid fucks don't even seem to realize their fucking consoles are weak as shit hardware and it's almost exclusively due to catering to these bydlo I always get my games looking like shit even on max settings because they insist the game looks the same across platforms, thus leading to pandering not just to the mental lowest common denominator but to the graphical and technical one as well. [B]That[/b] is why games basically look the same now as they do in like 2010. It's not because the developers can't make a nice looking game, it's because they have to deal with these subhumans crying about how it looks so much better on a PC that cost four times as much as their children toy console.

Yes I'm irritated about this. I'm not as mad irl as I sound here but yeah I'm mad. All these shitheads trying to blame PC for "The Division got downgraded" and it wasn't just the graphics and the sheer scope of the game which had me wandering different boroughs than just a slice of Manhattan, but even the gameplay seems like more optimized for the children on their consoles.

I swear to God, and I do swear it with EC as my living witness, if I ever win the lottery one of my chief business concerns is going to be the vidya division of a multimedia company which is pitched almost entirely for PC gaming. And if they cry about it hard enough, I might let some third party find a way to have it ported onto consoles. Then they can cry about how weird the controls feel, as if their game wasn't even designed for their controllers in mind.
The Division has actually made me physically angry repeatedly for the first time I can remember in like two years because I now realize the hug-cover and leap over cover instead of crouch and jump controls are explicitly designed for thede faggots with their controllers. I've been in a brief rage more than once this week as the janky af E-Q controls I have got me killed and made me restart a checkpoint YET A-FUCKING-GAIN because of how goddamn awful the controls are for moving to cover, hugging it, holding down to move to other corner of cover, and the same control to break cover making me jump over cover so I'm routinely getting shot at repeatedly as my character is just trying to hide behind cover. I'd rather play as glass cannon which woule make the game feel overall more realistic but I physically fucking can't because I have to put all my goddamn stats into toughness instead otherwise I'll die over and over again with the godawful consoleshit controls

Triple A games are shit because they're designed for consoles
No. 49618 Kontra
The fault is yours and yours alone for caring about games made after 2005.
No. 49621
There is legitimate problems on that case. Shit bordering on false advertising that it is easier to put up refunds for than take the hit to goodwill. Game was advertised to run well on PS4, but they didnt mention that it ran kind of shitty on the base model PS4 and that their comments were mostly about PS4 Pro.

It is actually not unlike the optimisation issues they had at launch on PC (meant to run it on high with an average CPU and a 1060, which was widely reported as bullshit). The difference here is that you cant circumvent bad optimisation with hardware on console, so if the product runs like shit, that's it.

Frankly, it is CDPR's fault for having a botched release version and needing a 50gb day one patch to get it to merely 'bugfest'. Doesnt matter if they fix it later, the fact is that they rushed it to market for holiday sales, knowing it was buggy enough for a patch bigger than, or as big as some entire games. I think it is actually good news to see some consumer power being exercised.
No. 49640
Sadly, it's quite common that performance sucks on the base model of the PS4 unless the engine used is from a Sony inhouse studio.

You can most all UE4 games of the past years to have load-stuttering mid-game. This engine is well known has "difficult to performance-tune" even if you know the exact hardware of the customers.

What exactly the problems are with CDPRs engine or the usage thereof is anyones guess though because nobody outside the studio has access to it.
No. 49649
>on high with an average CPU and a 1060
At what resolution?
No. 49656
Is USA again crying about "oh no game is bugs, bad!"?
No. 49664
1080, which is fairly respectable.
No. 49667
89 kB, 1024 × 682
It took me a long while to figure out what you were referencing. Do you mean when I ripped on FNV and Obsidian in general for the bug shitfests that are standard features in many of their titles? Why are you so hostile to me I'm actually nice to you usually. And no, I am saying expecting modern games to run at max settings on hardware from 2013 is not only a fucking retarded thing to cry about vis a vis Cyberpunk 2077 and the PS4, but that this is a big part of why so many triple A titles get turned to shit.

Eh I guess so if they advertised it that way but still and this also would be their fault I guess they also consistently hyped that game up to be all about muh grafiks which you should think people would realize it's not gonna run great on a lower to mid tier card from two generations ago at fullest settings although I guess that's still just new enough to expect to run things fine at 1080p. But even so, the subject at hand is people bitching about the Playstation4, which is not a Pascal GPU from 4 years ago, but an AMD one from 7 years ago for gimped console which is still on fucking 28 nm architecture. We're up to 7nm transistor densities, in an area known for blindingly fast obsolescence.

I don't have much sympathy especially now having taken the awful personal decision of reading YT comments on game trailers, which has consolebydlo even back then trying to shit on PC and blame PC for putting shit in their pants.

Yeah well guess what just like we told those fags a console is nothing but a gimped and locked down microcomputer which has limited content; locked out of both forward, backward, and lateral game compatibility; extremely limited use cases for doing anything beyond gaming; and no ability to actually upgrade the things. That's quite literally the cost that you pay for getting a console instead of a PC, which is that your old as shit console is not going to run new games or be able to get upgraded to do so beyond buying a new one entirely, which is exactly how they run their business. I mean hell, even just my prebuilt from 2012 I just had to ditch because it isn't good enough anymore and between tech advances and being gimped with prebuilt parts had largely hit the wall on what I could upgrade it to do which included trying to run 2019 games at 1080p.

Maybe CDPR was in the wrong here for misleading advertising, maybe the hyped and hypers had their own problems as usual, but at the end of the day the console matter is clearcut to me, particularly for something that was blatantly advertised as having advanced graphics front and center including ultra fine detail and raytracing. It's literally expected among all PC gamers that as your hardware ages you'll hit a point where you have to turn some graphical settings down more and more for new games as time goes on, typically with some game like Crysis, DE: Mankind Divided, Half Life 2, Asscreed #X, Cyberpunk 2077 or whatever the newest released game is to test the limits. That's exactly how the games themselves can continue advancing as we have better hardware, with certain implementations like PhysX or raytracing being the kind of advances that happen that your older hardware literally cannot do and needs to be upgraded to do/do well and there's no reason to hold things back just because someone is on a 7 year old console.

A lot of us sit here bitching about how it feels like there's little advancement in games since 2010--probably some PS4 users included--and then we get a game billed as setting the graphical bar higher and they bitch about it not working well on much older hardware. I've never owned a 1060 so I don't know, it is loosley equivalent roughly to the budget 5500XT or 1650s of last year so it is reasonable to expect it to run stably at 1080p with hardware like that sure, but that's not what the drama was all about, and the drama is about something I personally think is fundamentally retarded. They're essentially complaining about a game shilled like a new Crysis not working on super high settings with hardware that loosely matches a timeline from which I've needed to upgrade twice just to get great performance or in some instances make things even playable beyond minimum settings. If they don't like it they should either accept it's the price you pay for going on console or get a PC and in either case expect to have to upgrade at least once after 7 years to play the latest games smoothly at high settings like normal people do.

And just to really add that emphasis: PC mustard race enthusiasts have been saying exactly that shit for decades now and it remains almost true as ever. They'll wander onto forums and ask why PC gamers "are so retarded to spend thousands of dollars when I can just game for $400 on muh console" and we've told them the same thing over and over which is you can't play anything not available on that console, can't use it for anything but playing games and watching movies, and because of combination of hardware limitations and locked out games will be forced to buy a totally new one every few years. A PC is more expensive for a reason and even there it's foolish to expect brand new games in 2030 to work well on something you built in 2010, because such is life on advancing computer tech. CDPR may have some bugs and issues with marketing and that's not excused, but there's no reason to limit the top performance of games because they had their choices and they made them.
No. 49670
No. It's entirely scumbag bullshit to sell a game on PS4, with the implicit guarantee of intended functionality that it entails without actually upholding that end. It doesn't matter if your game is hyped up, or that it's a graphics intensive game. If the game doesn't run properly on a system, then don't sell it there. Should they also put it on PS3 and then tell anyone who buys it that it's their fault for buying it when it doesn't work? That's my clear-cut line. You're literally siding with a corporation because you don't like the platform those people use to play video games.

Consider one of the big selling points of Cyberpunk 2077, it being a big singleplayer game. It then being sold as a physical "insert-and-play" disc for a console implies that you can put it in your console and go. Instead, you get a game that despite having major performance issues and gamebreaking bugs (not just graphics, as you so casually dismiss), and in fact requires multiple patches, one of which is 50GB in size to be downloaded to even get it to janky instead of borderline unplayable.

Tbh, the way you're riding CDPR's dick this hard and saying that the state of the game is only 'maybe' their fault, is just pathetic. Was this game released by EA or Ubisoft, you'd be saying the exact same shit I'm saying now, let's not kid ourselves.
No. 49741
226 kB, 750 × 1091
Wtf? I am not taking CDPRs side. In fact I don't actually give a shit about that company and only even played one game by them, followed by barely getting into the second Witcher game because its consolization was immediate and annoying to me complete with getting stuck on some woeful console-tier boss fight with the Kraken. Holy fuck I hate those stupid boss fights. If you remember at all I used that as one of the reasons I shat all over Mass Effect 2 as one of the worst games I ever played, complete with some bizarre console boss fight with a human skeleton Reaper using just rifles that I'm convinced no moment in Andromeda can match for retarded degradation of the series. I have no clue why you thought I was a CDPR fanboy, and as I stated earlier I never actually cared about Cyberpunk 2077 to begin with. Like, I literally never cared about its release. I always assumed muh RPG muh story would go to shit and we'd get saddled with some bad mostly linear story with few genuine choices as usual. It took me until right around this month and the massive hype to realize people must've cared because they played Witcher 3, which I did not, but people told me it was the best since sliced bread though again I've yet to play it and am not expecting Witcher 3 to live its hype either.

I am not talking about the game itself. I didn't play it and only this morning even saw a review of it, so I couldn't say much about the game itself because I tended to ignore it. My triple A game I'm waiting to let me down is VTMB2, not Cyberpunk. I'm not addressing the bugged shitfest it apparently is, nor for that matter the shitty move of CDPR claiming it'll work fine on a PS4, which wouldn't even have raytracing.

No, the entire thrust of my post was chiefly about consoles, and consolization, and the retardedness of consolefags and their unrealistic expectations, that I hadn't realized was retarded enough to honestly expect a game which I largely knew about as just "that cyberpunk ARPG Keanu Reeves was pushing that the Witcher devs made that's supposed to look like the best most graphically intense thing made yet" as running on some DVD playing toaster.

In fact I'd bet you that you really can play it on PS4--by turning settings way the fuck down. Which like I said you should expect even as a PC gamer. I heard it might give even RDNA and Turing a run for their money in trying to play the thing. The immediate impression I got is that theyre being whiny faggots because they couldn't max out graphical settings and get over 60fps on said toasters and cried about it because they had to turn them down, which really speaks volumes about how fucking hard graphical settings are getting gimped on cross platform games--which in turn directly impacts my gaming and makes me personally butthurt--because of the expectation that not only it works at ultra settings on console, but that it would on last gen console. I didn't even realize until yesterday how old as shit PS4s really are. I was looking at my 5700XT and going "I wonder if it's powerful enough to play Cyberpunk at 60fps" like it was the next coming of Crysis, according to the hypists. Btw those textures look fucking godawful I've seen some areas like those green escalators look like it's a fuckin indie title from 2017.

So yet again, I am not addressing that CDPR made a shady move or that the game is great or not, because I didn't even care to begin with beyond bystander's curiosity about to what next level is it going to take AAA graphical standards. It being a shitshow is irrelevant to me because I'd not buy it on sale for 50% off anyway because it's well below my priorities anyway, below Disco Elysium, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Prey, D:OS2, and a multitude of other games on my backlog I'm far more interested in. If it was $20 I'd consider getting it maybe more to see if I can try flipping RT on a non-RT card and just see how "the most system resource intense game yet" would run on my hardware before returning it to the backlog for whenever I got around to it.

No, kind sir, I am addressing how utterly buttblasted I am by these consolebydlo, which I'd like to mind you that one of the most frequent criticisms I've seen in comments and reviews is how shitty the controls are and not remapping them. gee, it's almost like that game was designed for console and was all the worse for it. I've not even seen many reviews between yesterday and today but after glancing at it seems PC gamers are pissed about the broken state of it as well as being shitty from consolization.

Consider the following:
I started the entire post to begin with purely because I saw some article on my newsfeed about it, didn't know why anyone made "they let people refund it!" as if they were a noteworthy detail, did not realize it got marketed as "for PS4" and just came to that like half hour after seeing the E3 trailer for The Division filled with retards bitching about "it got downgraded because of PC" right after being fucking mad about how this amazing game I'm playing suffers terribly from obviously consolized control system with cover/jump over/leave cover being the one thing degrading that game, and to such an extent it was making me furious believe it or not I'm not a salty gamer. I've never slammed my keyboard iirc and rarely ever get mad in a game, making my butthurt at repeatedly having to restart a mission due entirely to bad controls noteworthy

So now today and tonight after making that post what do I see? What do we see, straya?
>I can't remap the fucking F key!
I was right. Moreso than I realized even.

I am not defending CDPR; I don't give a shit.
I am attacking these consolebydlo. Surely CDPR fucked up a lot of things and that's not relevant to the topic of my post. From what I saw this morning the bugs are so horrific that even patched it gives FNV a run for its money--an accomplishment in its own right. That's their problem. That's also yet another reason I don't buy games on release, and had I not paid attention likely would have grabbed it on sale in 2022 oblivious to all this drama long after hype and butthurt disappeared together.

What is not going to disappear however is the congenital defect of consolization. Absolute SHIT controls I've had to suffer on so many games either because cross platform design with console emphasis or backporting onto PC like Deadspace. I can tolerate DS because it's my problem, not theirs, that the game was made to be a console game and I got to play a port. It's my unfair problem when I suffer time and again bullshit on a PC game designed with console in mind from bad controls. It becomes my problem when the areas are fucking small because it is designed for console hardware. It becomes my problem when a game made in 2019 looks just like a game from 2011 because it was designed with limited console power in mind. It also becomes my problem when a game with potential is trashed because it has lowest denominator bydlo in mind, and gets the YOBA seal of approval like I saw happen to Dead Space 3. It becomes hilarious to me when these same retards mocking PC gaming have to throw a furious crying shitfest to this scale because their gimped last gen console hardware cannot run it at max settings, regardless what scummy move the company may have made, because as a correlary it also likewise signals to me that they did develop the thing to PC hardware tier potential. I'm not focusing on bugs or anything else, just the fact what I saw yesterday was a lot of sour grapes about not managing a 2020 PC game on 2013 console hardware so I will say it yet again: they went into console with foreknowledge it won't ever hit PC performance and it cannot be upgraded. That is the hidden cost of the thousand dollars these people saved on hardware by going console instead. That has always been the case regardless if some software company misled them.
No. 49752
Mainly, it is the fact that every issue with CDPR's release here seems to be somewhat deflected off of them in the last post. It 'could' be their fault. It 'might' be their fault, etc. But hey, I personally dislike consoles so I'm going to complain that they've had positive movement on the issue of beta-tier releases in gaming as a modern trend. Also that all bad decisions even here are put on that specific subset of consumers instead of those who made the game. Even pretty much every other console port has better remapping than that. This is a CDPR problem, not necessarily a console one.

People need to take this stick out of their arse and realise that the enemy isn't the 'other' subset of people playing and enjoying video games. The enemy is the corporations who put out shitty products that don't work as intended, whether that's bugfilled garbage, poor optimisation, or terrible console to PC port. Just remember, players on console didn't write the code. Someone on the dev side had to decide to do a shoddy job.

The inherent excusing of incompetent output by blaming players here, is why I say you're kind of riding their dick.

Also if your problem was just with console players, then complaining about them in the context of them getting pretty reasonable refunds was tone deaf at best.
No. 49759
How is it tone def? I saw it being paraded around the news like refunds are supposed tl be some big deal. I didn't understand that either. It's an industry-wide problem and has been for some time you can literally see right around that 2010 mark where everything but indie or PC only increasingly goes to shit. Of course corporate greed is the structural problem, as it is for a great many other problems in gaming. None of this detracts from either what I said about consolization nor of expecting next gen games running on hardware with cut down GPUs effectively, what, four generations ago? I know that's older than Polaris tier, what, prior to RX 6000, RX 5000, RX 500, and RX 400 series GPUs I mean hell what is it even running, an R9 300 tier? R9 200 tier GPU? So why should they expect a game with the latest graphical bells and whistles to run well on it with highest settings? Yes that is their problem because it creates this expectation that their cut down gaming mini-PCs can still work perfectly great which then puts this pressure on the devs from top of the company on down that some gorgeous E3 game that we already know consistently fails to look anywhere near it or have all those features gets in turn downgraded to work with their increasingly shitty hardware. So now it becomes this expectation that the game released now looks and runs just as great on their old as shit console as it does a high end gaming PC. I mean ffs just look at the difference between Vampyr announcement and teasers vs the grainy shitfest that we got, which had that grain post process so heavily specifically because the texture looks like fucking shit and part of why it looks like shit is it had to run for console and you can immediately tell by playing the fuckin thing.

That is not just corpos fault; that is expectations of console gamers and corpos trying to have their demand met, which in turn downgrades my experience by having to pander to them without every forum getting assblasted WHY DOES MY GAME LOOK SO SHIT ON PS4 LIKE IT DOES IN THEIR PC. That's the issue ultimately with hardware limitations on the console just like the janky ass controls I've had to suffer across dozens of titles is because they have to make it to work on their shitty little controller buttons not a keyboard or HOTAS or whatever. I mean hell just playing E:D it's easy to notice my game would probably be a lot nicer on a HOTAS. I cannot afford to piss away that kind of money on effectively a toy for one game right now. That's my issue, not theirs, and others shouldn't suffer for it, just like a truly great flight simulator while useable with keyboard should have at least a couple existing explicitly designed for HOTAS not K+M controls.

You cannot fix all these things with better code. It is intrinsic to hardware limitations. It is at the physical level. Likewise a mobileshit game is going to be different because of touchscreen. You can make a game like Shadowrun Returns work on mobile, or go full
>don't you guys all have phones tier
and it will not fix that problem.

You simply cannot code a game to work for controllers and last gen console software the same as modern PC hardware, and I've had to suffer it for the past decade to such an extent I rarely play those games anymore and is a big part of why virtually every single console game without fail is some third person over the shoulder shooter, or adventure or stealth game or whatever that all looks and feels the same because it uses a controller. It is a physical impediment. Likewise I'd go so far to say it is neurotypical normies with lower IQ on console, that while I do roast the shit out of corpos for their greed in sabotaging games to pander to lowest common denominator, there comes a point where it is no longer their fault or in their control as a dev when you have some suit breathing down your neck saying to make her tits look bigger, make the controls simpler, make the puzzle dumber, and our focus group committee found that quest potentially problematic and controversial so we want you to take it out of the game so it can't hurt sales. This is part of why the 90s were a golden age and the mid 2000s to mid 2010s is considered such shit, and a phenominal part of that is having to design shit around console controls, console hardware, and console gamers.

I think you're so broadly missing the point of my schadenfreude and why I'm being so spiteful right now, which is like I said I stumbled across that news article right after reading people on YT comments saying how "shitty PC gamers got our game downgraded." Context matters. You're basically trying to argue about something completely orthogonal to what I'm talking about.
No. 49764
It's tone deaf because people are seeing something moving in a positive direction to that issue. Getting a refund for an unfinished AAA release. It's a good thing no matter how you cut it. You're mad about people getting something good in your eyes (pushback against unfinished releases) because they're the wrong kind of people in your eyes. Tone deaf.

Again, no matter what customers say, it's still the Devs who made the shoddy work. If you want to complain about these trends, then stop defending the ones doing it. If they couldn't make it work at an acceptable level on the older hardware, then they shouldn't have released it on that platform. This is about as not the buyer's fault as it gets, so I don't know why you're blaming them beyond cringey platform wars nonsense.

PS4 runs RDR2 which looks better than cyberpunk does on the same platform. Hell, even Horizon on PS4 look better and it's a few years old at this point (actual AI differences, a huge amount of moving, modelled scenery). The visual criticisms are that there are games on the platform that both look and run better than Cyberpunk does, and that's before you even get to bugs. Again, a pretty valid criticism that you seem to be willfully blind to because you dislike consoles.

I'm not missing the point. I'm addressing your implication that developers are completely free of any culpability for bad ports and such simply because vocally idiotic console players exist.
No. 49765
60 kB, 604 × 356
85 kB, 640 × 480
>Why are you so hostile to me I'm actually nice to you usually
I'm a bad person in general, sorry
>And no, I am saying expecting modern games to run at max settings on hardware from 2013
And it runs, same as Oblivion-version Gamebryo can run and it is not an Obsidian fault. Wait for OpenMW engine support of NV idk

re Cyberpunk walls of text:
The main problem for that game and studio that after Witcher 3 they turned 100% "mainstream AAA studio". And when you have so big hyped by the bydlo project, you will have a different audience with different expectations.

Will some console shit normie cry about, I don't know, bugs in Evil Islands: Curse of the Lost Soul? No, he doesn't know what the fuck it is, he will never touch something like that, he will think it is a virus. Will he blame and try to refund Battlespire for being one giant bug instead of a game? No, it was made before he was born. Will he blame Gothic controls and scream because he expected a TES game? No, teenagers from Wisconsin doesn't know about some half assburger german game with Poland/Ukraine/Russian fanbase.

But "cyberpunk" not a Eurojank anymore, and it is not 1997. They had a reputation, every second kid waited for this game, expected it to be Watch Dogs/GTA that will run well on his 5yo PS4. The hype was ginormous, kind of like the one that surrounds modern Bethesda/EA/Activision crap. And people expected this: smooth PRODUCT. They don't care about the game itself, they want it to be what they are understood as a "quality product". And in this market, you can't deliver "this is the game we are wanted to make, we not made it 100% but we made something, hope you will enjoy it". People would eat you for that. Together with your investors.

This is the main problem with AAA and the market for that, and it is kind of funny to see how the same people who say "AAA bad, soulless, no new ideas, calculated products" and "MY GAME RUN BAD! BUGS!! REFUND!!". Please, choose one thing.
No. 49767
349 kB, 690 × 676
Also related random pic from the internet
No. 49768 Kontra
You russian teenage hackers need to hang.
No. 49770 Kontra
80 kB, 460 × 720
>Pic 1
Reminds me of this pic from /b/. Don't know if it was ever posted here.
No. 49772
Joke on my pic that the npc class is "unexperienced raper"
No. 49775

When I think about, being an inexperienced rapist is totally possible. If you only raped someone once, you are a rapist, but an inexperienced one, since you haven't yet perfected your rape skills. Depending on the average rape count per capita, rapists with only a few successful rapes in their résumé may also be considered inexperienced, because two-three rapes may have been a fluke, while, say, five of them show that the rapist clearly knows what he's doing. Naturally, if you completed less than one rape, you are unworthy to be called a rapist.
No. 49776
[Anal circumference calculation intensifies]
Are you a FATAL player perchance?
No. 49777
>Are you a FATAL player perchance?
D-g forbid, no. Besides, im my post I mostly explored the influence of the quantity of rapes on the rapist's experience, not the quality, so FATAL's anal circumference is only tangential to it.

But now, when I think about it some more, the quality of rape also should contribute to rapist's experience. It is self-evident that raping a child is considerably easier than raping, for example, a man in his prime who is also trained in martial arts. Therefore, it means that a pedophile creep is a less experienced rapist than a guy who is accustomed to buggering buff dudes, because the latter must exert more effort and, possibly, implement some clever tactics in order to subdue his victims. Moreover, if we're talking about fantasy, there are also all kinds of monsters, raping whom should contribute even more experience. It's not really hard to rape soft and squishy humans – you should bumfuck owlbears to prove your worth! Imagine some young upstart boasting about his rapey exploits in a tavern, only to get interrupted by an old scarred cornholer with graying temples, who says, "You young'uns don't know nothing 'bout rape. I busted muh nut into a wyvern when I wus only twelve, an' I only aim'd higher after that!"

It also applies to real life: while there are no monsters, there are wild animals aplenty. Rape is wrong, bestiality is disgusting, but what would you think about a guy who regularly sodomizes mountain lions for leisure? You'd probably still think that it's wrong and disgusting, but also kinda badass. It's no wonder: fucking domestic animals is simply unsportsmanlike, since they usually cannot really resist you, while wild beasts can easily maim or kill you as you do the deed, so raping them is impressive in a way.

So yeah, it appears that rape is more complex than it seems at first glance.
No. 49788
5,3 MB, 1024 × 576, 1:12
Playing The Long Dark again, they've added 3 new regions and ammo crafting since I last played it. I ended up having a running battle with a bear and moose on the same day now I've like 120 kilos of cooked meat in my petrol station home

I remember playing Fallout 3 and it would crash every 30 minutes on any PC or OS I used (and it still does)

The most stable version of it I had was a pirated version for some reason. Also the DLC didn't crash but it was the 2nd worst DLC I've ever played (Mothership Zeta)

I dunno how anyone can think Fallout 3 is a good game, it's a janky mess compared to NV
No. 49795
219 kB, 1080 × 1073
They used same engine version almost just NW pushed it to limits with most complex scripts and locations. From my experience oblivion, f3 and fnv crash the same way every couple of hours lol.
And ehh mozership zeta is not that bad really. It was okay, I think. But yea with bethesda game you need to play only goty version with latest fan patch lol.

Btw heretic and hexen collection is finaly on gog and now on sale so it is the good time to pick them if you want.
No. 49797
I think the thing you're forgetting about that pic is that games were actually worth playing back then so we usually just forgave the bugs like a loveable grandfather's indiscretions. At times they even added a certain amount of charm. This is not the case with a good number of polished turds that are already not very good and so its glaring defects stand out more, like sobering up from a bad relationship and noticing all those things you actually hate about a person.

Of course FNV itself wasn't even that good. People who think it was just speak volumes about the generation that would've made that pic to begin with. 2010 was an awful year all around for just about everything digital or tech to the extent I almost wonder if that's a trolled softly tier pic for choosing that exact year. 2010 was the absolute bottom of the barrel in the video game industry. Considering how shit it was it doesn't surprise me that an incredibly janky bug filled mediocre at best open world shooter with dialogue options got considered "one of the best games evah" by that gen. SupCom was also one of the shittier RTS games I ever played. Even 2008 and 2009 which is widely considered neck deep in garbage at least had some truly defining classics like Dead Space. What did 2010 have? A broken game half salvaged by Obsidian from an even more broken shitty game from Todd that's barely even a real RPG and more an open world adventure game with stats.

Buggy shit we tolerated because it was so good is more like early 2000s. VTMB is one of the most frequently cited. That game was a hot mess. But it was a good mess. I even saw a bug once in Starcraft were an SCV started flying over terrain, and that game was polished as can be for 90s. We put up with those crash to desktop back then because games were good, and largely haven't been since then with rare exception.
No. 49801
82 kB, 1600 × 900
129 kB, 1600 × 900
192 kB, 1600 × 900
144 kB, 1600 × 900
>What did 2010 have? A broken game half salvaged by Obsidian from an even more broken shitty game from Todd that's barely even a real RPG and more an open world adventure game with stats.
Fallout NV best RPG I ever played
t. seasoned elite gamer who played every Fallout game ever made and with better taste than you
No. 49804
367 kB, 754 × 1744
I have some issues with fnv there and there but people list it as one of the best RPGs, including on places like rpgcodex for a reason. And I agree when it named as best RPG of the decade.
No. 49805
Also if I'd been payed a penny every time you talk about that source engine vampire game or mass effect, I'd be a billioner already.
No. 49806
I think the "muh choices and consequences" meme in RPGs is a false god. Honestly, to me, clicking through some buttons to reach the end of a dialogue tree and get a bit of writing as a "reward" is as unexciting as it gets. Especially if the "consequences" aren't even reflected in actual gameplay, and only affect your ending screen + limits or expands the pool of content you can "choose" through next. I don't really like visual novels, and I don't like visual novels embedded in games, either.

And this especially holds when the story on offer isn't even that good or interesting, precisely because it had to be shattered into a million loosely related pieces in order to give the player the choice of weaving between them. I'll take a good linear story over a mediocre collection of wannabe CYOA books any day.

And that's why I didn't care for New Vegas all that much. And I don't get why people think NV had good writing. Sure, it had competent writing, in that none of it is obviously nonsensical or contrived, and all the characters are sensible and reasonably motivated, yadda yadda. But there's things in stories more important than setting up a bunch of characters and events to later put into a fan made wikia. Such as creating some excitement, mysteries, making the player ask questions, delivering a message or a theme.
"Pick who gets to own hoover dam / new vegas, and then help them get it, with absolutely no surprises or setbacks whatsoever, because it's all about muh choices, and whatever the player chooses, goes, because the player is always an unstoppable killing machine in these games". Not a very interesting story. Like, I'd enjoy choices in video games if they led to unexpected results, instead of completely expected, redundant results.

Actually, there was a brief period at the beginning of the game where the story excited me, and that was the purpose of the gambling chip, who the checkered fuck was, why a cowboy robot is following me, etc. But then you arrive to the strip, and all those questions are answered boringly without any further leads. The robot belongs to mr house, the chip makes his robots more powerful, the checkered fuck is mr house's errand boy who betrayed him. No more mysteries, time to choose a faction and become their errand boy.

Also, caesar is an idiot for letting you fuck off into mr house's bunker with the chip and no supervision, and he doesn't understand hegel very much, because the writer doesn't either.
No. 49807 Kontra
to note, I don't think stories really matter in video games, so it's usually not my criteria for judging them
but in the case of new vegas, the story is all that it has going for it (gameplay sucked ass, just like every other bethesda game), and it's not even that interesting.
No. 49822
The main idea of New Vegas that you have a number of sub-factions and 4 main routes. You choose the main route - for yourself, for legion, for Haus, or for NCR and then you have all these sub-factions where you might make them join your chosen mainline faction and this is also a questline with options. Secondary factions distinct and has their background and features. There also a number of unjoinable sub-factions and quite a big number of secondary quests and questlines, a lot of which did result in different endings as a bonus. This is as complex as the fallout game ever had in sense of interconnected and optional questlines and variable main quest with an open goal so idk what are you whining about specifically.
No. 49823
I can't truly make fun of your tastes because I know what they are and usually are patrician tier, but in this case it's definitely suboptimal and someone-15-years-younger-than-you tier. I'm not even sure I liked it more than Tactics. It was at best the third best Fallout game, and just Fallouty enough I can consider it a real one and not Oblivion with radscorpions. How can you possibly think it's better than the first two?

>of the decade
That implies that games like Disco Elysium, D:OS2, and numerous others I can't arse self to list because should be getting ready for work soon. You'll have to define "of the decade" and make that "decade" like 2005-2015 in which case it may not be too far from the truth because that was the worst ten year slot in gaming.

It's good as an openworld sandbox sort of a thing. I actually enjoyed it that way and it would've been better had water, food, and radiation been a real challenege without fast travel. Moreover even your own pic states opinion is divided among people like you two and "people that think it was mediocre" etc. I've yet to see it fully extrapolated why it is allegedly so good.

And if I got paid every time you mentioned Xeen or some Might and Magic game I'd be Jeff Bezos, your point? It's also not Mass Effect--its ME2. And I mention those two semi-frequently for a reason, because they're good examples of one of the worst and best things of that decade and everything that went wrong with gaming and everything good about it. I frequently bring up KOTOR and Dead Space 3 for the exact same reasons in fact I probably mention those more routinely and only wouldn't with KOTOR 1 and 2 as much because I know that not as many played it or view them as absolute classic masterpieces the same way as VTMB. They're all good examples of the vidya industry being great and also turning to shit in roughly the same genres.
No. 49826
408 kB, 1280 × 614
363 kB, 1050 × 750
138 kB, 1000 × 1000
> I'm not even sure I liked it more than Tactics. It was at best the third best Fallout game, and just Fallouty enough I can consider it a real one and not Oblivion with radscorpions. How can you possibly think it's better than the first two?

Well I wouldn't say it's better than the first two, I was more implying that it was better than F3 and F4.

I would consider Fallout 1 and 2 masterpieces but I also think Fallout NV is a masterpiece with plenty of soul and I wouldn't try to fit them neatly into a tiered list

Same with Xcom, UFO Enemy Unknown, Terror from the Deep, Xcom (2012) and Xcom2 are all ebin and I wouldn't try and list them in order because they each had their own time and place

You're right about Tactics too, that was also a really underrated game but I wouldn't say it's at the top with 1, 2 and NV.

btw did you play the NV dlc? Honest Hearts is one of the best I ever played and the story of the father in the cave is really written well
No. 49829
And if I got paid every time you mentioned Xeen or some Might and Magic game I'd be Jeff Bezos, your point?
No, you are not. I don't remember when I mentioned Xeen last time, and my last mention of MM is a joke picture replying to your mention. I think this year I played more console games anyway.
No. 49848
115 kB, 1000 × 1024
82 kB, 795 × 588
102 kB, 850 × 409
4 kB, 296 × 170
My poops are complex, doesn't make them smell any better.

I don't get this obsession with playing through the same quests over and over in slightly different order, and calling that "replayability". You know, there's an infinite number of ways to read a book, if you read every page in different orders every time. You're still reading the same content, though, so that doesn't make it any better.
And that's what the NV main questline is. The same things, arranged slightly differently, with no change to the outcome.
The questline has about the same amount of content as a regular linear video game, and all the so called "complexity" comes from doing the same things several times. I like replayability as much as the next guy, but to me, replayability means that the gameplay has enough depth to last a long time. NV gameplay sucks ass, and isn't very interesting even on the first playthrough.

Now, about the so called "consequences".
I think it's pretty agreeable that "consequences" happen when an action results in a different outcome than another action. And in that outcome, you can make another action that leads to yet another different outcome, etc. And each path is unique, in that you can't move "sideways" through outcomes, and end up in the same place as another actor who did completely different things. Obviously, this kind of behavior grows out of control really quickly. Now that's true "complexity", which no video game could hope to possibly achieve.

NV's structure, on the other hand, looks like the second graph. The outcome is always the same, and the branches don't lead to unique places, but to places shared by other branches. It's a lot less complex. Now, I'm not judging NV for not living up to something no video game ever has or will, but I would like to say that It's tiring to hear people talk about it as if it HAS accomplished that.

I'd also like to point something out that possibly highlights a core part of my disagreements with NV being "the greatest RPG ever". This RPGcodex post: >>49804
Where a poster praises NV for the quests being interconnected, rather than going off into separate paths. If you care about "consequences", why would you think that's a good thing? Choices matter when the result of your choice is a completely different outcome. Say, like having two separate quests depending on what you chose. Something like the third graph here, which is quite achievable for a video game. And sure, such a game might have less "choices" than NV, but it would have choices that actually mattered, rather than leading you to the same places as other choices.
And that, I think is what's most important in "choices and consequences": the consequences. I'll prefer one choice that leads me to two different outcomes, than ten choices that all lead to the same one.

And all of this said, I'll have to address the main point: a story being complex doesn't make it good. Those are completely different things. NV's story is uninteresting despite the complexity, or maybe even because of it. Who cares if there's a million ways to go through the same story, if all of them are boring?
No. 49878
Nowadays kids call it "locking out content" and whine because they'll whine about damn near anything.

Truth be told it just doesn't often get done because you're actually effectively making several different games at the same time but for the same cost, rather than Capitalist profit motives to at minimum space it out across bullshit DLCs. As I've said before companies like Paradox and different Warhammer games are as notorious as EA and Activision for pulling this shit when they know they can charge multiple times for the same game, and idiots keep paying for it.

The problem with doing things the other way is each time you have different branches it doesn't typically just mean some floating text or dialogue but entire fucking things getting storyboarded and this with effectively multiple different locations, different models, different voice actors, the whole works, for shit that the average person may not ever even see because something like 88% or even 97.3% of kids will just take exactly the same approach or cluster of approaches, whereas Conjecture: these filthy meatbags will never sit around sharing stories about their unique play like kids trading pogs. At least, it used to feel like we did back in that day, sometimes not even that long ago which was part of the whole point of a PnP RPG session which is seeing which off the wall bullshit you guys can end up as, which I guess isn't dissimilar to the mindset of imageboard threads and the weird shit they get derailed to with the only promise being it will be derailed you just don't know about what by the 150th post. back when it was at least entertaining anyway, you now have certainty in knowing 100% of 4cancer threads will be about black penises, tranny penises/ax wounds, and Jews, which is part of how you know a board is trash because it solely talks about the same garbage over and over with no unpredictability or serious discussion or humor

I'd say that also a lot of games just focus less on rewarding novelty and curiosity now and more on rewarding pathological compulsive behaviors because the one is way more profitable and the other requires effort on the programmers.

I dunno. I can see why it doesn't happen from financial and cultural standpoints but can see why it happened differently in the old days. Like if you played an old rpg and you failed a quest without savescumming or you took a path, that's it, you're done. Even Tides of Numenera literally you have to play that game at least twice just in order to unlock all the companions and do their quests, and I still never discovered plenty of shit about different characters after beating it at least twice. The more amusing thing is forgetting a game and seeing if you get the same ending or not, either for different moods or changing philosophy or simply randomness, and what is just you being you. I've likewise heard Disco Elysium is pretty epic about this, as is D:OS2.

The real problem is im cosntructing it in such a way that you can achieve multiple storylines with sanity, than having to have the game diverge so sharply it will be madness just trying to program all that shit for wildly different outcomes.

The problem is if you understand chaos theory, there's no real way to manually code for that; every choice is just simulated conventions, with only difference being the artistry with which they hide it. In ME3's case people tore that game the fuck apart for how thoroughly they did not by simply offering a red/green/blue color on your screen, thus reminding you that's ultimately what 100 hours led you to.
No. 49879
Does anybody here have experience with VR games?

I own an Odyssey+ and use it only for simulation stuff like Assetto Corsa, ETS2, X-Plane 11 and so on.
Now I was wondering if any games exist that provide a feel of high adventure. I talk wandering forests and passing deserts and exploring ruins and stuff like that. Like a nice RPG, just in VR.
No. 49880
30 kB, 500 × 333
120 kB, 1010 × 1010
This is literally one of the fattest things I ever read in my entire life

>KFC is entering the next-gen console game with its new video game system, the KFConsole. The bizarre system is capable of displaying games in 4K, hitting 240 frames per second, and features a chamber that keeps chicken warm.

>While it sounds like a deeply bizarre marketing joke, the system is apparently very real. The KFConsole is a collaboration between KFC and computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master. The bucket-shaped system’s design is led by Timpelay, a modder who’s known for his computer builds.

>The console features a Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD, which means it has more native storage than the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

>The weirdest feature is the console’s “chicken chamber,” which is designed to keep chicken warm. The system pushes natural heat from its components up to a chamber meant for storing chicken.

>On top of all of that, the system is VR ready and supports ray tracing. It’s essentially a mini PC that’s optimized for the latest generation of games, with a very offbeat gimmick.

>KFC first unveiled the console in June after Sony took the wraps off the PlayStation 5, though many assumed it was a satirical joke about next-gen consoles. Last year, KFC formally stepped into the gaming ring when it released a Colonel Sanders dating simulator.
No. 49924
1,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
311 kB, 2400 × 1350
81 kB, 1200 × 675
107 kB, 1024 × 576
>dating simulator
Jesus fing Christ it's real
No. 49956
280 kB, 1024 × 692
730 kB, 1600 × 900
They'll die after a year, Seagate can't make drives worth shit anymore
I think the novel Snow Crash is becoming a reality with this shit. One of the plots in it is this food company like KFC that becomes a mega corporation and ends up running entire cities
No. 49963 Kontra
875 kB, 480 × 368, 0:03
>Last year, KFC formally stepped into the gaming ring when it released a Colonel Sanders dating simulator.
WTF am I seeing?
No. 49965
This thing honest to God exists and it's one of the highest rated games on Steam apparently
No. 49966
823 kB, 710 × 582
It was gigafat tier and it was on USA.
No. 49967
332 kB, 583 × 526
No. 49996 Kontra
>Developer: PsyOp
No. 50035
476 kB, 800 × 800
No. 50083
Man you lied to me Ireland. Or maybe it was Total Warhammer 1. You said "sure it should run on an older system" c. Running TWH2 on ultra @ 1440p definitely is every single bit as intensive as it looked. I got freakin 30fps after running the benchmark tool and I have a fairly beefy system. It got up to 53fps when I flipped AA from x8 to FXAA and it was a benchmark but still. That is most definitively NOT a game that I could ever hope to run on an older system. Maybe TWH1 I could if I flipped back to 768p but I can already tell TWH2 would be bordlerline unplayable on my old rig even at 900p unless I turned everything so down to minimum it looked like dogshit.

Well that's kind of a disappointing discovery actually. I already spent $400 on a new GPU this year and don't have any plans to upgrade anytime soon not that it matters because there's no new cards available anywayand I feel way too affectionate towards that new card besides and I already hit a brick wall in performance it seems. Oh well. I guess I'm just gonna have to content myself to be in for another long slog of having a great PC to an age old piece of shit that eventually won't barely run new games while all these Xoomer 2.0's sit around telling me how can I possibly look at games on some non-8k 320hz piece of shit. hey 2028 I don't need more your games all suck anyway
No. 50090
368 kB, 1971 × 1440
I did play Her Story yesterday. It was done in 3 hours. It is not really a game. It is more like a VN. Interesting concept and I would recommend it, but not for the 10 $ that are normally charged for it.
No. 50097 Kontra
5 kB, 1200 × 600
7 kB, 1200 × 600
31 kB, 483 × 483
No. 50154
Then why are you pooping in the thread?

Yes, fallout new vegas mainquest if the most complex and interestingly constructed in the whole series. It constructed not around linear plot A-B-C, instead if has a mcguffin "dam" as main goal and it is much more interesting to choose and follow how you can get it. Same as sub-factions and their questlines also involved in it. New Vegas is very big game where absolute majority of the content related or
1.to main quest
2.to one of the mainquest factions
3.to one of the subfactions that might be involved into the mainquest
4.to personal mainhero story and his companions
5.multiple points from the ones listed above

None of the fallout games has this. Fallout 1 is more compact game which has no that amount of content and factions
Fallout 2 has linear plot and additional content in majority random shit unrelated to anything
Fallout 3 has even more linear plot and even less unrelated content. And it pains because F3 had templates for sub factions and multiple main factions like FNV had but they was just lazy to do anything productive with brotherhood outcasts or enclave so they exist just "as is".
No. 50173
158 kB, 1500 × 1500
35 kB, 500 × 332
67 kB, 570 × 760
124 kB, 1024 × 768
AYYYYYYYYYYY muh check gon be comin and therefore I can justify more videogame purchases for one CA game. While I still find it abhorrent how positively Paradox tier Jewish this company Creative Assembly is being a $3 DLC for blood like WTF?? I nevertheless shall always trust the gentle but mighty instructions from the Grand Druidic Council of the Wise Elders of Hibernia, who shall neither steer me nor ever steer my country wrong in any matter including those of rather exquisite tastes so I shall be buying "the rest of" this game. I just hate that I'm effectively giving what just amounts to $30 worth of my taxpayer actually petrodollar and tears of third world children funded funded subsidies going to Creative Assembly which I just hate to reward greediness on part of companies particularly when I know that it is an Anglo, however I am sure this satisfies far off schemes I am not privy to.
although I suppose I could've also simply pirated Total Warhammer 2 and all its DLC just like I keep intending to do about Stellaris but never getting around to because I don't give a shit about Stellaris enough to pirate it.
No. 50174
135 kB, 474 × 1266
48 kB, 210 × 425
123 kB, 1080 × 810
I honestly actually thought that the quests in Fallout New Vegas was quite shit and while I am repeating myself I didn't actually find the main quest all that compelling nor did I find the bulk of others well done, including as I'm sure I've said half a dozen times already that absolutely cringe af raped NCR soldier story. What I think actually made it even was was not ultimately I'm some strange dude whose knowledge is the result of the severest breach of trust on part of her fellow soldiers, who just showed up and they're like "oh yeah she got raped and she's got screws loose now," nor even just the rapidity and ease of solving the questline, but the fact I fucking did it with just this shitty af pass/fail system. That itself is part of what made it shit mechanically from a questing and RPG perspective, because at least if I've got some RNG and like a 10% to epic fail, inadvertently insult the shit out of her, and get shot for it, like that would make sense. Or that I could roll a natural 20 tier and convince a random stranger and grissled wasteland war vet to get psychological help at some quack doctor at the ass end of the map. I could even deal with these on an RNG basis, but not a fucking pass fail, and that quest will always crystalize to me what's wrong with both the writing and the dialogue system of nuFallouts. It's still, even FNV, basically just a triple A version of Fallout to me, complete with the other dumb shit you expect from triple A games except at least I could jump and crouch.

>but muh branching questlines
FNV was not unique to trying to do that and it still ultimately led down the same well trodden paths of story archs which led to the same inevitable conclusion at the Dam with the exact same sense I would get from VTMB or KOTOR leading me to basically the same shitty fight(s) and last mission area(s) with the exception it really felt hollow and soulless, with singular exception to what that game did well:
Become the negative space between viewer and artist.

The reason I actually liked that game a lot boils down to literally the exact same reasons I shilled The Division so much which is because it's such a fantastic openworld game especially if you refuse to hit fast travel and need to go everywhere on foot while roleplaying it.

The only reason I enjoyed that ending questline was because I literally started out the naive and idealistic delivery boy who went out of his way to avoid shooting even raiders because afterall why the fuck would someone be just "bad guy" or "good guy" who the fuck has crosshairs that highlight red IRLthis is actually literally why I try and avoid shooting Rioters in The Division because they look like civilians. How am I to know the difference between one civilian arguing with another? Or breaking into a car? Why would it not be reasonable to open fire on that sketchy dude holding a gun--me? Why should I even consiser JTF cops "good guys" when some clearly are not? Why should I not shoot JTF for shooting Rioters? Which as final aside is one big thing I have against TD because it has no friendly fire and thus I cannot wing some civvie or shoot my allies which I'll always find stupid in a game and is also why I think it's stupid you can't shoot kids in Bethesda games to being some jaded, cynical, really grizzled wastelander who'd shoot you without batting an eye and who'll still pick off a raider at long range rather than roleplay "hey maybe it's just an innocent wastelander trying to survive." Nothing personal kid, but if it's between you and me I choose me, and that game was rigged from the start
>crits in the eyes

Thing is though I know that this is completely unintentional on part of the developers. Like when I made that final choice to take out House and assume his role it was not because of le epic questline but purely because by the end I realized what shit everyone else was and that I might as well be the one to lead that part of the wasteland. It was the result of my own personal roleplaying that it became so great, and not because of any writing on part of the devs.

FNV was actually a pretty great game but not because of and sometimes directly in spite of the game itself. It routinely did stupid shit that ruined my immersion and roleplay including bafflingly not giving me the choice to free crucified people and instead forcing me to either walk away--itself a moral choice--leaving them to rot or shooting them rather than freeing them except one stupid quest where I found the guy, had to waste a day backtracking, get the quest, then go back to the guy to free him, and don't get me started on the morality system.

I'm not saying the game was shit, but the storylines definitely was subpar and probably the bottom work Avellone ever did of which I'm aware.
No. 50181
5,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:22
>going to Creative Assembly which I just hate to reward greediness on part of companies particularly when I know that it is an Anglo
The DLC that CA puts out is usually pretty good and not necessary, unlike paradox where they make their shit unplayable without loads of DLC. Also every time they put out some paid DLC they also release some freeLC alongside it.

Yes I know at first glance it looks bad, but all you need to TW Warhammer is Warhammer 1, Warhammer 2 (a total of 35 euro when it's on sale) and all the free DLC you can grab. That will give you two campaigns and 8-9 factions to play.

If you play Skaven then the Prophet and Warlock DLC for wh2 is a necessity, but I would say that's the only one, and it's a fiver on sale.

For a game that's given me 1200 hours of playtime, I won't complain about spending a total of 110 euro over the course of 12 months for the games + dlc (on sale) because I did get my value for money out of it many times over.

I've seen paradox shills say the same thing, but I've also seen them openly admit that without the DLC their games are broken shit. I'm not defending CA, some of their DLC is crappy but you really don't need it to enjoy the game (except for that skaven one if you play skaven).

Also I dunno why you are fascinated by the blood DLC, you're zoomed out most of the time and it's purely cosmetic, it's a waste of money to buy it.

Btw if you want to watch some good tutorials and stuff, then this guy Zerkovich is pretty good

No. 50183
Blood thing is them cashing in on something that makes sense for them to do. If they keep all the gore out of the game, then they can rate it lower (which makes it sell better because more parents will buy it for their kids etc.)

So the blood being separated is something that makes sense. Give it to those who want it and keep the low rating there for sales. It's not so much chopping up the game as it is loopholing. Dunno why they charge for it though.
No. 50184
Also, I picked up the Caesar III engine games in the GOG sale for a few bucks each. They're ebin city builders if you haven't played them for whatever reason. They're also quite an achievement in that despite being the same engine and using very similar mechanics, none of them play quite the same.
No. 50187
62 kB, 750 × 400
Man I really wish they hadn't allegedly fucked up DoW 3 because it's actually by far the best 40K trailer anyone ever made, but it also suffers the same shekel grabbing problem of virtually all 40K things which is selling each faction separately and in DoW 3s case people made fun of them so bad they abandoned it so now it's just the same shitty three factions in almost every 40k game none of which I actually like playing.

But why is it necessary for the Skaven and not the other ones? I don't plan on playing them but I may actually have to pick that up then and the Paunch one. I can't remember the other shit that looks interesting but also Beastmen if it's not included and Chaos even though Mandalore said it was basically trash because I congenitally like Chaos. Hell in fact my very PC is borderline designed around the Black Legion aesthetic with my GPU, RAM, mobo etc having goldish trimmings in black everywhere I actually keep thinking of renaming my PC Warpfire with its rgbmeme usually set to tones of purple and magenta like the warp and psychic powers in games like XCOM2I don't give a shit that zoomer tier colorful lights makes me happy watching the warpfires and so I'm prone trying to pick it up even though I suspect chaos sucks ass generally in the fantasy setting.

>not that bad
M8 that game is borderline useless without the extra shit and it's still asking me to purchase the first game when I expected the standalone game with factions. I'm ignorant of the company so I question whether it goes to the devs or just some guy sleeping on a mattress of Euros in London while he pays Poles and pajeets in Ramen.
>there is no ethical capitalism hurrr
Yeah well I can still decide who gets my money based on my annoyance levels and while it may not be a big deal to people like you who probably got the first game anyway it still profoundly irritates me just getting into it when companies try and pull that shit even if I normally piss tons away on DLC like to be fair I actually did probably piss away something like $100 on XCOM2 because I bought the game full price and got DLC on sale, worth it tho. I also see greedy Jewish GermAnglo shit pulled all the time and it's such a said state of affairs in vidya and generally.
>to sell more gam
YES EXACTLY. Which btw while I don't do politics I will say that vidya has slowly poisoned me against Capitalism over the last many years, watching shit like getting a game manual, poster, strategy guide HARD COVERS in PAPER FORM, along with game and expansion, for at most fortybux when I was a teenager, get turned into
>lol here have some mp3s and jpegs, oh also a cosmetic costume and funny little parrot pet for $90
on top of shit like this and it just irks me. It lets them start getting away with pulling more shit on us like charging for the game having soundtrack separately.

Things became standard in that industry never tolerated anywhere else or before and great content doesn't make up for bad practices. Considering I often zoom in that will also make it noticeable to me that there's no blood, and frankly the entire problem with vidya is literally not SJW shit I've literally seen it a problem fucking once in my life with Hairbrained Schemes shit, otherwise it's one vocal screeching minority trying to ram their politics down my throat to such an extent clearly I've turned against these pol faggots entirely as a result because I never even hear woketard shit from anyone but them but greedy corporate shit, and people trying to call something shit because "muh esjaydubayoos ruined it" has only served to further deflect from shitty market practices and the fact the art generally gets woke shit thrown in purely as marketing gimmicks just like every other shit thing like taking blood out to "sell more units" "appeal to a larger demographic" and bundling the shit as separate paid DLC.

So here's an idea--GIVE OUT BLOOD AS FREELC. Like what the fuck, literally just make it free DLC if it's the problem, but they don't, because they know people like me see at as a missing feature.

Sorry I started the post not intending to go on that rant but you're right I'm really fixated on that paid DLC blood thing.

Oh and while I'm at it yeah, I do put up with that shit from various companies, which many times I don't bitch about because I like the game or company. But see here's the thing, a game like Endless Space 2 literally is a finished playable game and the factions are only extra. Endless Legend, same thing, base game is playable. TWH2 as a standalone title is borderline unplayable to me with how few races you can play. Imho more than half the total races being paid DLC is shekeling. I know that TWH2 is basically like DLC for TWH1, and late adopters get told TWH1 is the DLC for TWH2, but come on man.

I don't want you to think I'm shitting all over a game you love, just criticizing the company, which exemplifies exactly why I'm always in here screeching about GamesWorkshop games alongside Paradox. I've seen exactly one WH game not do this and that was Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2. And because there's like 9 factions--a dozen if you get extra rock squeezing and make the one human faction into like 3 separate ones--it makes GW a popular cashcow among vidya companies because they know they can hit people like 8 more times with DLC per game. Charging $19 per faction is worse. It effectively makes every GW game borderline Paradox tier to where you have to pay $150 per game when it's not on sale, double that if it's got sequels. It's more obnoxious to me when the same twats who deflect valid criticism of the industry into identity politics put up with and turn a blind eye to the actual rot in the industry.

I'm sure the game itself is fantastic and it does look like an amazing amount of work went into all of it, I just hate it when pic related happens and gets to the point you can't talk about the base title without DLC.

At any rate I'm probably going to get Tomb Kings and Vampire Coast along with the other stuff. I'm still hoping I can play skirmish with all the factions at least and play against AI and then we'll see later which of us is the slower 30 yo boomerI should set aside time to play pvp XCOM2 Sorry I'm probably coming off as super negative about nice things.
No. 50188
99 kB, 1024 × 839
Again, wh1 + wh2 is $35 on sale, that gets you two large campaign maps and 9 playable races + 16 instances of free DLC you can add to both games.

You haven't played a single turn of the game and you've been ranting at me for 2 days like I've personally nickled and dimed you.

The only one who is hung up on the blood DLC is you, nobody buys it except youtube content creators because you never see it anyway.

>TWH2 as a standalone title is borderline unplayable to me with how few races you can play. Imho more than half the total races being paid DLC is shekeling
You can play 5 races in base wh2 (if you get the FreeLC of Repanse)

You can play 5 races in wh1, if you own both wh1 and wh2 you can play 9 races who all play completely differently for $35

You are just bitching at this point without ever playing the game, which I am not interested in.

Ps: Chaos and Beastmen suck, don't bother.
No. 50194
I'm ranting about Creative Assembly and vidya practices it has nothing to do with you, sorry if you took it that way.
>Again, wh1 + wh2 is $35 on sale, that gets you two large campaign maps and 9 playable races + 16 instances of free DLC you can add to both games.
Fair enough. It's pretty absurd when needing sales becomes standard though. You yourself noted this prior I'd only just then got hit with the full extent of it >>48401

>Ps: Chaos and Beastmen suck,
Already bought Chaos and the blood thing. Beastmen I'm thinking probably not. I actually was hoping you'd explain why the one Skaven DLC is needed>>50181
there it is
>prophet and the warlock
I picked up Vampire Coast, the Tomb Kings thingy, bloodlc, Chaos, and I forget which other. I'm right now eyeing Warden and the Paunch and the other Skaven DLC you mentioned though idk why it's important? and the Wood Elves. Don't even like elves much but I like the treents.
No. 50213
>Fair enough. It's pretty absurd when needing sales becomes standard though
I don't agree, the 2nd last game I ever bought at full price was Master of Orion 3 and I learned my lesson hard there (back in 2003). The only game I've bought at full price since that fateful day was Xcom2

>Already bought Chaos
It's not a fun campaign, you play as a horde which owns no settlements so you build your infrastructure and carry it with you. Their units are decent but you just wander around the place razing shit like whack-a-mole

>I actually was hoping you'd explain why the one Skaven DLC is needed
The Prophet and the Warlock adds a very fun new Skaven faction with loads of new faction abilities. It also adds new units for all Skaven armies which are kinda necessary (rattling guns and Warplock Jezzails). Without those two units the skaven are a bit gimped in the ranged department


>I picked up Vampire Coast, the Tomb Kings
both these are very good and Tomb Kings are my favourite faction, but I dunno why you're buying all this DLC without playing the game first, it doesn't make sense to me

>Wood Elves
just got a massive rework last patch, but I still don't find them fun. The most fun factions I've used are Empire, Dwarfs, Tomb Kings, Vampire Coast, Bretonnia and to a lesser extent the High Elves
No. 50236
I actually half liked MoO3 honestly despite it's numerous glaring flaws. Funnily enough XCOM2 also is possibly the only game I bought full price on release.

Because it's become reflexive for me now to acquire any DLC I think I may need or want if it's on sale after acquiring multiple games in the past that had DLC which wasn't an expansion because I have too many games and seldom went back and played the same game again with new DLC. Fallout New Vegas is one example of that. I have multiple DLC I have never played because I didn't realize til after buying it that it wasn't expansion but integrated to the normal game and I'm likely never starting a game from the beginning again with FNV. Endless Space 2 is another recent example although at least that and XCOM2 I'm likely to play yet again after finishing non-DLC campaigns. Besides which I trust your judgmenet and the game looks like something I'd manage to get into, and I'd rather have all the possible factions enabled. Hence I was only kvetching about the cost because of how much DLC I could tell would be needed, which included factions that would be missing I'd rather play with like Tomb Kings and having TWH1 enabled which ballooned the cost from what I was expecting to what I did pay. Not that it's particularly relevant now as muh pandemic neetbux bill got passed anyway so we should all get free $600 I never expected two grand tbh that's for Israel and the corpos.

I wasnt planning to play as them but I might as well grab that one last thing. It's funny you emphasized that one so much I assumed you liked playing as Skaven.
No. 50261
2,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:11
>I actually half liked MoO3 honestly despite it's numerous glaring flaws
madlad, it was a disaster
>Because it's become reflexive for me now to acquire any DLC I think I may need or want if it's on sale after acquiring multiple games in the past that had DLC which wasn't an expansion because I have too many games and seldom went back and played the same game again with new DLC
I can understand wanting the 'complete' edition if it has like 2-3 expansion packs for an extra tenner, but wh2 one of those massive games where it isn't needed to buy all the DLC

I didn't buy DLC for many games I really liked for months and months until they went on sale, like with Surviving Mars, Mudrunner, Civ 5 or Endless Space 2. I'm happy to wait months to play it again if I like the game tbh. This urgency to own it all I don't understand.

>having TWH1 enabled which ballooned the cost from what I was expecting to what I did pay
wh1 is like an extra $15 on sale and even less on key sites likes kinguin or greenmangaming you drama queen. Also all the tw1 factions got big updates in tw2 (although Vamp Counts are still a bit lame)

>I wasnt planning to play as them but I might as well grab that one last thing. It's funny you emphasized that one so much I assumed you liked playing as Skaven.
I've played 2 campaigns as Ikit Claw which is the DLC faction, their melee is shit and requires a lot of micro getting fleeing infantry back to the front. I enjoyed them enough but they're not my favourite faction by far
No. 50262
461 kB, 1536 × 2048
157 kB, 1440 × 1920
It was the most tediously autistic game available to me at the time and I really liked the races, as well as certain features like habitability zones for different populations which next to no fucking game ever has done since and other details even the down to the way ground combat was capturing zones of the planets and so abstracted I found it much easier and more satisfying to play for similar reasons as why I actually really liked first Endless Space's system of not showing ground combat at all despite the actual battle tactics seemingly doing fuckall and it functioning overall as a really rough alpha. Many, many things about that game actually kinda sucked to outright horrendous shit such as being forced to wait 10 minutes IRL for a "battle" against one unit you can't get to or some silly shit. Like I said, I half liked it. I also had very few games at the time.

>Surviving Mars
>DLC sale
I actually own all of it because I got it on
like I dunno everything is right now.

Well lad it's actually quite simple, for I am a simple man with limited budgetary concerns and I like the freedom of knowing I can play whichever game I want to its fullest on a moments impulse. My main problem right now is being too tired from work to do anything but shitpost and then next free day be too distractable to heavily commit to something.

I really should just stop paying the fucking in internet bills tbqh but I'm saddled with this stupid bullshit that I need to be able to connect to the internet for the two games I played a ton lately which is Inquisitor Martyr and The Division.

It's funny because I don't even like Warhammer that much, in fact I hate playing Imperium because I think they're all massive faggots. Hence, I also tend to get that DLC in particular because I dislike all the "base" races of humans, elf, and ork and squats and everything else tolkienesque while I'm at it but they're such prolific games of varying quality it becomes like the MoO3 situation where that's what's available to me of those settings, which is why I bought the Chaos campaign for Battlefleet Gothic Armada and the Tyranids DLC for Gladius. Likewise I may get Twisted and Twilight just because Poltergeist tier trees is a faction I would want to play along with vampires and whoever.

Tl;dr I grab lots of shit with my spare income I'd normally waste on something retarded like bars if I still drank when said shit is on sale so I can play anything whenever I want
No. 50263 Kontra
96 kB, 1600 × 865
Actually who am I kidding with the pandemic gibes being passed I am most definitely going to get Twisted and Twilight even if it's not on sale. I like them trees damnit.
No. 50265
Is that the tree from 80s horror movie Poltergeist?
No. 50276 Kontra
19,8 MB, 640 × 480, 3:17
Yes clearly as strongly implied by my previous post. It's funny because that used to scare the shit out of me as a little kid, which probably played some role in why I reacted as I did to smoking weed a few times in highschool and getting ultra paranoid about the tree spirits beung angry with me but then again I also fucking hated the anxious paranoid feeling of weed and I'm pretty sure our forests was haunted besides.

And to further prove the point of what I was saying before, I swore after I quit drinking for good that every time instead of spending more money on booze I'd just buy videogames, which has eventually resulted in me having several thousand dollars worth of games in my vidya libraries, because even with all I just spent/am spending on Total Warhammer that's still pretty much just one weekend of going out and getting liquored up with friends. I probably used to spend a couple hundred dollars a week on alcohol at various points. As such, my alcohol budget and frankly my time budget is much better for simply blowing it on vidya.
No. 50436
>Then why are you pooping in the thread?
Because this is a video game thread and I'm discussing video games. Duh. I didn't know agreeing with specific opinions was a requirement for posting in this thread.

Very boring response tbh, fails to address any of the points I made, and just reiterates previous responses.
>None of the fallout games has this. Fallout 1 is more compact game which has no that amount of content and factions
Yes, and that's why FO1 is good. Because it's focused. It tells its story, delivers its message, and ends. First rule of storytelling: "don't waste my time". Say what you wanted to say, and end it.

I don't get this CRPG autism obsession over doing the same thing in different orders and getting one or two lines of unique dialogue as a "reward". It's as if you care about the game validating and acknowledging your ultimately pointless "choices" within a story than the quality of the story itself. NV's story wasn't interesting no matter which order you go through it. FO1's story, despite being straightforward, WAS interesting. And that's all that matters in the end.

Again, I'm not a big story guy when it comes to video games, but if you're going to have a story, it better have a point, rather than a bunch of fanservice in the form of sucking the player's dick for making pre-programmed pseudo-decisions.
No. 50437
So are you Iranian or Swedish?
No. 50438 Kontra
I'm he brick, lol.
It's just that I have 3 ISPs now. One from the internet connection in my work office, one from my phone data plan, and one from home.
And they all show up as different IPs.
No. 50459
262 kB, 1280 × 720
56 kB, 642 × 470
555 kB, 1920 × 1080
Okay well my instinct was to REEEeee at you but since you are Kazakh bernd and I know you are thoughtful in your replies I wil drunkelnyl respond ti you in coherent english!

I don't know why you think fallout 2 and NV are not to-the-point in the same way Fallout 1 is.

In F1 you have two tasks - get the water chip, then deal with mutant threat. Those are distinct tasks and distinct phases of the game.

In F2 you have two tasks - find GECK, then rescue tribe from Oil Rig. Those are also two distinct tasks and phases of game,

In F:NV you have two tasks - make it to Vegas and confront benny, then make your play for power either by yourself or with an ally. Those are two distinct phases of the game.

I think the problem you have is that in the SECOND phase of the game in F2 and NV there is too much side quests and distracting stuff which you don't like, but many do.

>I don't get this CRPG autism obsession over doing the same thing in different orders and getting one or two lines of unique dialogue as a "reward". It's as if you care about the game validating and acknowledging your ultimately pointless "choices" within a story than the quality of the story itself
Some people obsess over this, those people are usually die-hard fans and I've also enjoyed those nuances in a game - but these small details usually aren't the things that make a game a classic like F1, F2, and NV
No. 50470
292 kB, 680 × 510
Again, the discussion keeps veering into structure, and honestly, I don't care much about structure. Of course, you can't have a good story without good structure, but having good structure doesn't guarantee a good story. It's a foundation. And yes, I agree, all of these games have very solid structure. That's undeniable. But what I'm more interested in is themes, tone, aesthetic, etc. The more ephemeral aspects of storytelling.
FO1 had something to say, and it said it. Even if it was unfinished and in some places janky, it had a clear point it was driving towards. It was a finished, holistic work. The sequels, on the other hand, are like addendums. They may be structurally or mechanically good, but they're nothing but re-iterations of the same themes, and as such, not as powerful.
It's far more interesting to experience the story OF a universe, than a story IN a universe. This is the problem with all great works that become franchises. The first work delivers a message or theme that the universe is ABOUT, while the subsequent works tell stories WITHIN that universe. The stories themselves might be well crafted, but the most important aspect was the "message", and that was told already in the first work, so the sequels are artistically pointless.
It would be like writing another Lord of The Rings Book after Sauron is already defeated and the ring destroyed. Sure, the story might be good in itself, but what's the point? The story of Lord of The Rings IS the story of The Ring and Sauron, and what they represent: how Evil eventually destroys itself. Without that, any subsequent story is just "things that happen". I don't care about things that happen, I care what the things that happen are ABOUT. You get me?

This holds true for many video game series, for me. Half-Life 1 was better than Half-Life 2. Diablo 1 was a more powerful experience than Diablo 2. Fallout 1 was a more powerful and self contained work than FO2 or NV (let's just not mention FO3, ok).
I could elaborate on these other games, but let's focus on the Fallout series. The theme of the game was "War never changes". What is meat by this vague sentence is that civilization is inherently barbaric and ultimately self destructive, and all attempts to "resurrect" civilization after it destroys itself amounts nothing to nothing but treading through the same path, and will also ultimately result in self destruction. That was the point of The Master and Unity. An attempt at rebuilding that was ultimately futile and "stillborn" (literally). Making the supermutants infertile (while The Master, a superintelligence, didn't catch this obvious flaw) is a hamfisted move, but ultimately works towards delivering this central point, so it is forgivable. Fallout 1 presents this bleak setting of disconnected, almost tribal societies, scrapping by in a hostile environment that prevents the rise of any kind of organized civilization, but it also kind of revels in it. You get this sense that this world without civilization or large scale organization is somehow "right". Almost in a kind of anarcho-primitivist way. And attempts to rebuild civilization are portrayed as inherently flawed and evil. I think it's a powerful message.
FO2, on the other hand, just re-treads the same message, this time with the Enclave (remnants of the Old World trying to rebuild itself, even more hamfisted and obvious) as the "civilization builders". And it's not hard to see why: FO2 was merely an excuse to iron out the gameplay flaws of the first game, add more content, and the story was sort of tacked on to "glue" together the content. And this is the kind of thing that happens with all franchises. The first game has a message to deliver, but the subsequent games are just excuses to deliver better gameplay while telling essentially the same story.
And I'm a gameplay guy, don't get me wrong. But I think that gameplay has to have some context to prop it up. And if the context is weak, the game is weak. I don't want "more of the same". I just want more. Of different things. And if FO2 was a derivative of FO1, NV is a derivative of a derivative. The central themes of what makes Fallout "Fallout" are almost entirely gone. The Hoover Dam debacle is now far removed from the idea that Civilization Is Bad(tm), it merely tells a small story of a bunch of Bad Civilizations during their power struggles. It's a Story In a Universe rather than a Story About a Universe. You get me? It's equivalent of a book describing a war in the Lord of The Rings setting after the ring is destroyed, between the good guys and the easterlings. No matter how good the story is structured, it is pointless, because the "point" of the story was already told in the first trilogy.

I don't think that NV is a bad game, ultimately. I think it's good. But I also think that it's overrated in that people in the CRPG community think that "choices" equals to "meaning". You can have a game with no choices that delivers a powerful message, and a game with many choices that ultimately lead to nothing.
I think the biggest folly of the CRPG genre is 1) trying to imitate pen and paper RPGs for their superficial aspects, and 2) mistaking what really makes PnP RPGs interesting (hint: not the story). The story of an average PnP RPG session is an incoherent mess of ad libs and retarded player decisions. You can't make a good story out of a PnP campaign. What's interesting about them is the dynamism and interactivity. Because the "game engine" is an actual human being. But games can never get close to the versatility offered by a human GM, so I don't think they should even try. Trying to do so only leads to boring outcomes like trying to fake "choices" by having the same pool of quests and missions that you can go through in different orders, when the pool of quests stays the same. I think games should go in a different direction altogether. Something more generative, perhaps, like Dwarf Fortress. Where there's no authored story. Where the gameplay IS the story.
No. 50497
138 kB, 760 × 1013
While I understand your point and agree with it to a certain extent I think the examples you gave are really bad. You mention the lord of the ring as a universe tied to its story but it is not completely true in that case, many books have been written (before and after the publication of LotR) in the same universe about a completely different story and having completely different morale and settings.
I think two stories could take place in the same narrative universe but still have the universe adapt to the two different stories and not the contrary. But I'll give you that it's dumb and unnecessary, the only times when doing that seems like a good idea is when you are pushed by external forces to do it. And in nearly every case it's for exploitation and doing a franchise. A good example of this is half-life 2, where the world portrayed is completely different and finally as well as adapting to gameplay and the visual showcase of the time, tells his own story through his own universe. This is not the case of FO2 or half-life 2 episode one and two or Alyx.
No. 50500
In the early versions of the hobbit, Gollum tells Bilbo that he'll give him the ring if he solves his riddle. Bilbo solves the riddle, and Gollum just gives him the ring. The scene was changed in later prints to fit more in line with LoTR.
So it's also a kind of funny situation where the same universe couldn't properly tell two different stories, so one of the stories had to be changed. Or the universe had to be changed, depending on the delineation.

I think every book is at its strongest when it's a "thing in itself", and doesn't have to compromise by having to accommodate another story told elsewhere set in its universe. That's just not as elegant.
No. 50545
I think it depends if he's really trying to expand the universe and keep working on an idea, or if the author is only doing it for the money. That's really the difference between an expanded universe and a franchise. Like even George Lucas, greedy tub that he is, had a story and he explicitly had the rest to tell later for reasons I do not know, hence Episodes IV-VI being made first.

I think that in a very real sense if you're a fiction author whose work is a fictional universe your story is literally never completed. Sometimes you just hit massive writer's block so it seems like the story is completed for years or decades, but it's not.

This is mostly a thing of scifi and fantasy though. Like Dexter Darkly Dreaming wasn't meant to be this years long television series. Many things get milked for the cash especially where Hollywood gets involved. But in other cases like Mass Effect it really obviously is a universe meant to be expanded upon, or Lensman series maybe which I haven't yet read, although ME2 was clearly a cashgrab and basically that whole series can be summed up in ME1 and ME3 with a short 2 hour DLC between. I think you can compare more easily with like a Palahniuk novel that's clearly its own self contained thing.
No. 50553
2,6 MB, 1366 × 768
So I picked up the Shadow Warrior reboots during the sales since they were on my backlist. The 2013 game is ebin, there are bits that I don't like (some of the big enemies are tedious to fight, screen occasionally getting cluttered and enemy patterns lost in the noise, bosses sucked). That said, it was really satisfying and felt like it was paying homage to an older style of play without slavishly adhering to 15-20 year old mechanics. Visuals were great with a really nice art direction of near future crossed with some high tech shit crossed with anachronistic medieval Japan cameos.

Booted up Shadow Warrior 2. Knew it was different, but I enjoyed Borderlands a lot, so I figured that the looter-shooter transition wouldn't be too bad. It was pretty bad and I'm unimpressed. The setup just isn't as smooth and the sprawling menus interrupt the game much more than the much simpler upgrade trees did in the first game. Also Hoji, the sidekick in the first game had more charisma in his pinky finger than the sidekick in SW2 does.

Going to have to come back to it later I think, once I've got the good feeling of the first game out of my system. The gameplay seems fine, just shouldn't have been dubbed Shadow Warrior. Good news is that I heard the upcoming third game is taking the improved movement from SW2 and putting it into the more traditional format of SW1. May just play the 1997 game again in the meantime.