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No. 46255
221 kB, 640 × 448
1,2 MB, 1280 × 1024
37 kB, 320 × 200
102 kB, 800 × 600
Because we all live in virtual world
No. 46258
19 kB, 320 × 328
13 kB, 320 × 200
73 kB, 640 × 400
117 kB, 640 × 400
>I also struggled a lot with WC2, I think it is considerably more difficult than WC1. The fact that I played it on PC and that the rendering sometimes stuttered didn't help either.
Well I dropped not because difficulty (I'd say secret missions 1-2 was already much more complicated than the base game) but because not get into changes in style and plot there and there. I'll replay it as soon as get back home

>There's a voice acting version of WC2?
There is in intro, at least in CD version. Not in game overall, exept in-combat, same as FM Towns WC1 version.

>Or do you mean WC3 with the movie elements, where Mark Hamill played Blair? Also: Based Tom Wilson who played Maniac, same guy who played Biff in Back to the Future, and he did a great job both times!
No, I don't get to privateer/WC3 yet. Tho I know about cutscenes and actors from 3, there was very powerfull cast for 90s videogame.

>Yeah, that sucked. All that fighting to save the claw, just that it gets destroyed off-screen. Kinda de-valued everything you did before.
This and kind of change in whole narrative. You see, X-wing/TIE Fighter get a lot of concepts from WC1 but gone compleatly opposite direction. In X-Wing there is compleatly traditional structure: Briefing-start-combat-landing-debrifieng. They cut all personal drama, rec rom, and moved personal stuff in manual, and game narrative compleatly focuses on "story of war" not story of people, and game "Tour of Duty" and cutscenes between them compleatly following structure of complete version of WC1 and it's addons. They also expanded system of pilot awards and medals and ceremonies from WC1.
WC2 on other hand abadoned all this solid structure and focuses much more on cinematographic-y narrative inbetween missions with much more personal stuff than WC1 ever had. I also just liked faces of characters in WC1 more, overall style. Pilots in brown leather jackets and jeans, this classic battlestar galactica style start. Dunno, missed all this in 2.
Espessialy angel! I think it to show that 10 years passed but this is just sad ): And hair gradients in 2 kind of strange lol.

>Could be, yes, I think no one dies in WC1, although it was kinda hard to keep Maniac alive, because he was shit :DD In WC3 he actually was decent, despite never doing what you told him. So it was just "break and attack" every single time.
No, it was not in main game, I think he dies in Secret Missions 2 even if you doing you best and out of your combat - you said he is dead after your mission while he was on other mission.

>Also: I can't even describe how much it rustles my jimmies that everytime I google for "WCx something", I get only results for Warcraft games. This is just wrong!
Say it for people who like Lands of Lore... or Might and Magic where everything up untill 7th game you will be 90% shown "Heroes of" instead of actually main series.
No. 46297
Eeh feels much weaker than Wraith Aeon of Ruin or Ion Fury. This game don't know what it wants to be - Modern, Indy, Stylesed or Retro.
No. 46500
What a captivating let's play of a game I would never have the patience to play myself


Ie. KGB, the notoriously difficult and merciless point and click adventure game set in the USSR in Autumn 1991.

The game's plot is grim and gory pulp fiction tier stuff but fairly captivating.
No. 46536
No. 46572
286 kB, 500 × 350
Yaaay Sseth is reviewing one of my top ten most favorite games of all time

I've also decided I could try to run some of my older games instead of on an emulator or genuine VM or something maybe I could try to see if I actually have any of my old enough working hard drives that might still have Windows XP on it and see if I can try booting off that with an IDE to USB cable or try to find an adapter or something to load into Windows off it as my boot disk but I'm somewhat less certain I could get it to work. Unless I can get my XP CD to boot.
No. 46574
5,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
I'm doing my last Dishonored 2 playthough to 100% it on steam. I've done 4 playthroughs and it's still such a great game. Shame the series didn't do better.
No. 46575
It was one of those series that I wanted to like but which had some features to it that just didn't mesh well with me, like how the game gave you all these gadgets but a good amount of them were only useful if you weren't doing a chaos playthrough, which made the 'good end' have less variety than just going to town on enemies in contrast to the game's theming.

I tried to get into the first game a few times but it just never captured my attention.
No. 46580
7,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:36
I recently played through the game in no-powers mode, which is like playing thief or something, just sword and guns and stealth or combat and everything was still do-able.

The gadgets are there to give you options, if you think you're missing out by not using them then I dunno what to tell you. I'd rather have a bunch of options at my disposal than not.

I'm doing a no kills, no detections ghost run at the moment and so far I've used most of my gadgets at some point, even crossbow bolts to break glass, springrazors, sticky mines and grenades to take on robot enemies, incendiary bolts for bloodfly nests etc. etc.
No. 46586
I was referring to the series and not the second game specifically. The first game was really not my cup of tea, and there weren't many gadgets that did stuff for a no-kill run, most of the crossbow's use was for killing or some variant thereof, there were only really human enemies that justified the mine so they were out, etc. I also didn't find the stealth all that engaging, being built on powers that felt kind of cheaty for a stealth game. Sounds like the sequel improved that by giving options for non-lethal uses of gadgets instead of them just being dead weight for certain playstyles, but I think I'll stick to early splinter cell for my stealth fixes personally. Game does have a pretty cool aesthetic though.
No. 46587
That's a problem with a lot if not all stealth games I played, you are given a lot of deadly tools and gadgets often very fun to use gameplay-wise but ultimately only non-lethal behavior is rewarded.

I finished every missions in Dishonered doing no kill, not being detected and not having any body discovered, safe for the flooded district, which is a very long mission with enemy giving very few feedback on weither they detected you or not. I was pretty pissed to finish it and see somehow one of those f*ckers managed to see me once.
No. 46591
4,2 MB, 640 × 360, 1:30
>you are given a lot of deadly tools and gadgets often very fun to use gameplay-wise but ultimately only non-lethal behavior is rewarded.
I think this speaks to a deeper hominid cultural narrative
No. 46592
Re: stealth games.
I think it's the fundamental problem of stealth games that you are given lots of tools to help you make the missions easier, but having those tools also subverts the central gameplay mechanic, that being stealth. Despite how good of a game Hitman: Blood Money is, it had the same problem: the most fun way to play was with nothing but a fiber wire and maybe a couple utility gadgets. Absolutely no guns.

I think one way to solve it might be to have the gadgets be a counter balance to the difficulty progression, as in make the game way, way harder (more targets, time limits, secondary objectives, stage hazards, etc), so that you actually NEED to use the gadgets, and do so creatively in order to win. The downside of that approach is that it might make the game feels less like a stealth game, compromising the core fiction of the game.

Traditionally, stealth games went with the opposite approach: instead of making the levels harder, they'd give you extre challenges and limitations to make the game more fun and difficult. The thing with limitations is that, well, the whole point of them is to cut down on extra gameplay mechanics like gadgets and powerups, resulting in a more purist experience. Which also has the downside of making you feel like you're missing out on all those extra features.

TBH, I think I'd like to see a spinoff of the stealth genre where the objective is to kill literally every NPC on the map, or at least a significant portion of them. With detection resulting in either a failure condition, or extra difficulties. Having more so many more targets to take out would mean there's much more opportunities for failure, thus you'd have to use every tool at your disposal.
I thought conquering forts in FarCry games (only played 4) was actually pretty interesting if you went with the stealth approach. Even though the stealth mechanics were rudimentary, having to literally kill every single NPC inhabiting the base, and alerting even the last NPC could lead to them calling the alarm and turning the game into an FPS (a failure condition in my book, since I prefer stealth), was quite fun.

All this gameplay talk makes me wish I had an academic math education, because I have this hunch that mathematically modeling certain genres of videogames would give a lot of insight on what exactly causes those fundamental self-contradictions in their mechanics. The only genre I can deconstruct in such a way is ARPGs, RPGs, MMOs, etc., mostly because I played them so much.

I've always been confused with this meme in western movies where the moment the bell rings, all students just get the hell out, ignoring the teacher. Here, you'd get your ass whooped if you did that.
No. 46595
A lot of Western ed is based on the shittastic Prussian model and Prussian mindset. You have a limited time to get to next class and have your stuff out or you'll get in trouble in primary school. Secondary school it's ironically considered disrespectful to show up late rather than bolt out of there.
No. 46599
3,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
>I was pretty pissed to finish it and see somehow one of those f*ckers managed to see me once.
in Dishonored 2 and 3 there's a stats button in the options menu that tells you if you've killed anyone, or if you've been spotted. I think it's also present in D1 somewhere
>there weren't many gadgets that did stuff for a no-kill run
you have blink, the ability to strangle people and sleep darts. You can also use bend time and knock out several at once, see this webm I made.

You can also stop time, choke a dude and carry him off before time resumes
No. 46601
I didn't even know Dishonored 3 was a thing

>Despite how good of a game Hitman: Blood Money is, it had the same problem: the most fun way to play was with nothing but a fiber wire and maybe a couple utility gadgets.
Something tell me the amount of efforts put into allowing the player to buy and upgrade weapons "from butt to sight" hints that the missions can be completed with the highest score by having a bolder play-style than just disguising oneself and strangling/poisoning the target. But i remember silenced weapons still being loud enough to alert every nearby characters in the target's surrounding, so I may be wrong.
No. 46602 Kontra
Just looking for "hitman blood money weapon" on youtube :
The game seems to be more flexible than I thought. there is a couple of abuse here and there but getting the Silent Assassin grade is possible while using guns. Nice
No. 46609
I've never played Hitman games but if so it sounds much more realistic. Silenced weapons are loud as fuck. All it is is just some muffler and flash suppressor. You won't alert the entire neighborhood but the minute you fire it anyone nearby will look to your exact location to figure out what that loud pop was.

Actually I think I posted about this before but Breaking Bad was the closest to showing what suppressors sound like. The added sound of the slide slamming back and slinging back to position with the casings hitting the ground was a nice touch.

Tbh part of why I never played Hitman was my instincts told me to avoid a game where you play some assassin with a barcode on his neck. It felt super NWO indoctrination-y to me at the time and I'd simply forgotten about it since then. Is the gameplay actually decent? I have a few stealth based games but tbqh I tend to like it more in survival horror. That being stated it's actually nice to play by some of my IRL instincts for once, like stealing cigarettes from off my sleeping dad around/year after 9/11.

Did you know that somehow people can sense you watching them while they sleep? It's true and quite spooky to me. If you comcentratedly stare at them they'll wake up.

So part of what I did is I always looked away and tried not to think about him or mentally fixated on his person so his sleeping subconscious or astral or whatever tf causes it self wouldn't increase in alert and suspicion levels. Sometimes you have to try and time your breathing with theirs. It also helps to try and time your lifting of a pack of cigarettes or better any exposed cigarette in the pack of their shirt with their breathing movements. That way you can wiggle the pack out as their chest rises and falls but the difficult thing is getting the pack stuffed back in that front pocket.

And then there's those obvious things like trying to time the depth of their breathing to when they are in deepest and lightest sleep. I stole so many cigarettes that way.
Ah to be young againnot really fuck being a kid or teenager
No. 46612
68 kB, 616 × 353
7,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:37
>Dishonored 3
it's called Death of the Outsider and was universally hated by chans because you play as a black woman in it

Usually by people who never played the series and don't realise she's in the two DLC campaigns in D1, and she's a major character in D2 and the main character in D3
No. 46613
539 kB, 1680 × 1050
624 kB, 1680 × 1050
617 kB, 1680 × 1050
683 kB, 1680 × 1050
I've decided to give the Old World Blues mod for HoI4 a try, because the Fallout mod for Darkest Hour is actually a pretty good mod.

This one is very janky and irritating to play.
For some reason the mod developers thought it'd be fun to add a naval perspective to Fallout, so the map is full of rivers that mimic how seas work in vanilla.
The problem with this is that you can't properly create frontlines because of these fucking rivers, and if you push through a crossing, you might lose a war you already won because the AI navally invades through the rivers into your heartland, further making you unable to properly utilise frontlines.
It's fucking Fallout, I don't give a shit about naval warfare and your autistic tech tree for it because we're fighting a war in the middle of the continental US.

I played as the Legion because why not, and invading the NCR was a pain in the ass because of the naval invasions and the fact that they spammed out 500 divisions.
Basically the only reason I won was because the AI is shit, and they kept attacking my fully entrenched 20 width divisions in the north, destroying their manpower and equipment pools. (They basically suicided more than half a million people on my lines through constant offensives that always failed. Apparently it's a thing the AI does in vanilla too. You can win as the Germans against the Soviets just by letting them grind against your lines for a year and then mopping their remaining forces up.) (For a comparison, I had a fielded army of ~200k men and 70k manpower free, while they had at least double that fielded and another 400k free.)
And even after their front collapsed they still kept navally invading behind my lines. Never knew that "Causing the other side to have a brain aneurysm" is an actual victory option.

Another thing about the mod is that it has really small provinces. Usually around canon-places like the Mojave, where you can't fucking see the provinces you're fighting in, and you have to let the AI do all the fighting for you (which is a terrible idea, because the AI can't for its life fight efficiently or effectively.)
I still have no idea why the AI won't push through swathes of empty land, instead opting for waiting until the enemy gets its divisions there.
Small tiles aside, the combat is the same as in vanilla, except your divisions are way smaller and use a lot less manpower and equipment to create.

My second big issue. I played a major nation, probably equal in importance to Germany or the USSR in a WW2 scenario, but the focus tree was broken. My progression was halted because the pre-requisite of declaring war for the Hoover Dam is that it's owned by the NCR, but after waiting a year or two, nothing happened, so I had to manually declare war on New Vegas to take the place.
Funniest thing is. After I took the damn dam and fortified the region and upgraded the infrastructure, I got an event that the NCR now controls the dam and we should do something about it.
Turns out, the NCR can get the dam, it's just that the focus trees aren't synchronised so I was out of focuses by the time they got to it.
To add insult to injury, the focus automatically shifts control of the Hoover Dam region to the NCR, which is maximum bullshit if you ask me.

The only reason to play this is the setting, but the magic of it all quickly wears off as you encounter problem after problem.
No. 46614
Thank God poltards didn't exist 20 years ago. Well I mean they did it's just they were still in fundie Evangelicals form. I'd have heard nonstop bitching about everything from Starcraft to Fallout to VTMB to KOTOR how "durrr hurrrrr esjaydubyoos" probably Starcraft in particular with nonstop screeching about the Bush joke and Republican ad in VTMB and the anti-aliens guy in KOTOR 1.

The funniest thing to me is they also don't realize all those super WOKE things aren't because of ideology but because of Capitalism.
>gee how can we market more shit to the growing female gamer demographic as well as black kids and growing Mexican and other demographics
>Let's throw in a token black chick and write a character named Jorge
>oh and Mark let's also make a Li Liu character so we've got better Chinese market penetration

This kinda segues into what I ended up thinking about at wörk today which was how I could try playing a few games of Tropico totally contrary to my playstyle and try to be a brutal dictator with as much class disparity as possible while courting the Capitalists and various others. I thought it would be especially funny if I could actually flood my country with cheap immigrant labor exploiting the fuck out of them for my sweatshops and farms alongside my abused Tropican workforce and issue some edict where I blame the leftists for it and spend the game antagonizing Socialists as much as possible while blaming them for everything. It'd probably be a pretty hilarious session to play but sadly I don't think any of those games will let me blame other parties for my own policies.
No. 46617
Devils advocate position here is that the riverboat has played an enormous role in intra-us warfare historically. The rivers were as important as the railroads during the civil war for example.
No. 46618
254 kB, 1280 × 720
Also circumventing the front is exactly what they did with boats when it was the best option. The Union forced its way past Vicksburg to hit them from a different direction than was reasonable to do from the north.

TLDR: maintain rear area operations
No. 46622
Not guns, but rather a gun. The silverballers are OP to the point I think they detract from the game a bit.
They're a faster method of killing than fiber wire and pretty much as silent, the only downside being blood splatters, but they don't do anything if the body is hidden or the killing happened in a secluded place. They're an infinite free knockout if you take hostage then press E, making the sedative syringe obsolete. Better than the sniper rifle for assassinations at range because with upgrades it's very accurate, and the maps are too small to need a sniper rifle anyway.
Also, in 99% of the cases you want to be next to the body when you kill, so other range weapons are useless anyway.
Other than that, the only gadget you use is the mines I think.

I try to limit my use of the silverballers when doing self-challenge meme playthroughs. My favorite one is to enter the level completely empty handed and improvise assassinations with random objects I find on the map.
No. 46672
23,7 MB, 1280 × 960, 0:31
>it's called Death of the Outsider and was universally hated by chans because you play as a black woman in it
Ha ha, usually for people who by default screaming about SJWs when see such things in games I like to post something like this for example - Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri, game from 1996 by looking glass studios in system shock universe.
Or something other from 90s vidja where nobody give a shit abut such things and it was kind of normal.

However of cource part of fault of current situation of cource on marketing, who trying to market games for retards from other side of political fashion screaming about how their game "most tolerant" or some other bullshit from corporations.
No. 46679
408 kB, 679 × 384
Bingo. Suffice it to say one of the many reasons I've come to actively despise poltards in gaming--aside from the fact they're literally the worst SJWs out there who have to say how OFFENDED they are and how TRIGGERED and OFFENDED you should be too they DARED to put a black character in the game or you're a [insert buzzword] and I have to suffer these cocksuckers all the damn time while literally never suffering SJWs anywhere on these forums--is the fact that they smokescreen all these faggot MBA suits who've been ruining gaming since forever. They're apparently too stupid to understand this is literally due to how Capitalism in gaming works because those dumbasses get together focus groups and marketing departments to decide which sort of cringey af gimmick they can insert to get a wider market share. All games are is "units" to them. They don't give a shit about the games they market, they have nothing to do with programming or artistic direction (other than the horrific examples of executive meddling) and all they see is dollar signs and by god will they fuck that game into the dirt if they think it can make them even one more dollar. Tellingly none of these faggots have as big a problem with zero day DLC, microtransactions in paid games and paywall locked content.

By them screeching about the pure cancer of ideology it effectively screens all the terrible marketing decisions that businessmen make with games. Dead Space 3 remains to me one of the finest examples of how these retards utterly kill a series and you can literally see frame by frame where the MBA faggots forced the developers to make stupid and cringeworthy changes and all these outrage farmers bother to whinge about and fixate on is "oh how DARE they add a token black woman to try to farm more demographic slices somehow!"

This is the biggest thing I am dreading out of those fucking Swedes and Hardsuit Labs for fucking up VTMB2 which is what godawful changes are going to be made for their rock squeezing, and the most horrific bad sign I'd seen about the new guy had zero to do with ideology unless you consider the marketing itself as ideology but rather the fact that he was advertised as "working on award winning games like Assassin's Creed and Farcry" (nevermind which specific installations of those games mind you) and his former role at fucking Ubisoft. So basically they just advertised to me that they're going to rape that game into the goddamn dirt in pursuit of more profits thus destroying the game itself and their profits along with it because a lot of modern businesspeople are short sighted fucking morons.
No. 46682
Stopped checking news about it for a while because nothing much happened. Decided to see how the development is going yesterday, and the first news I see is that they threw Mitsoda out. What in the actual fuck?! Is Paradox aiming to be the next top gaming corporation of evil, like EA or Activision?
No. 46683
I have personally kept Paradox on my top three list of shittest companies. They weren't yet being actively evil but they had one of the shittiest financial policies particularly with DLC. There's a reason why I never trusted Paradox to not fuck it up.
No. 46684
You can be assured that Paradox will do anything to give you that good fuzzy feeling that OVoD players like. The worst thing that will happen is some people not buying it on launch and waiting for a sale.
No. 46711
417 kB, 1920 × 1080
342 kB, 1600 × 800
Hey guys, first time in LOOOOONG time I bought new game. Well, actually new game, not something from 2007 that I usually count as "new". Game that came out 5 days ago - Hotshot Racing. It's game that trying to look and be like this old arcade racing games - flat shaded polygons, bright colors, arcade mechanics and stuff. I like such things, even tho I kind of suck at racing games, in recent years I was more and more attracted towards this kind of races - from early 90s arcade to late 90s PC ones.

Aaand this game gave me everything I really wanted from such game - no annoying boring mechanics of buying and selling 9000 used cars, have sysems of millions upgrades and all this racing team managment bullshit in "realistic" dark colors"
You have characters - racers, each have unique set of 4 cars - balanced, speedy, drifty, acceleraty. Each of tem slightly different from same type car that have other racers. Earning money and passing championships allowing you to unlock or buy (for game money) some little customisation accesories for cars and suits for racers. Pure cosmetical stuff, that also compleatly made in same style. There is 4 championships with 4 tracks each, all tracks are unique, there some with dirt segments.

While this is obviously more high poly than any flat shaded arcade sega racing games from early 90s, they really nailed style, core ideas and added more to that. Really fun stuff for that that cost all that small amount I payed for it. May recommend... if you into something similar
No. 46722
76 kB, 621 × 668
146 kB, 630 × 1175
535 kB, 766 × 631
369 kB, 2518 × 1032
poltards really have come a long way from the days of /news/, they're basically a synthesis of useful idiots and trannies at this point

Me too, I've purposefully never given them a penny because of their shitty DLC bullshit. I think I got free copies of a few of their games on steam giveaways and shit but I've no interest in playing any of them.

The only exceptions are games I got from different devs who have been published by paradox, so I did get Cities Skyline and Surviving Mars but I got them from key sites iirc so I still avoided giving Paradox any money directly
No. 46738
I finally managed to quit Dota, but now I got addicted to Magic instead...
cba to to look the post up now, but that video KZ-Ernst posted about Slay the Spire in the last thread was pretty interesting, one of the guys was also a Magic pro player.

Also playing through Persona 4 whenever I'm hungover mostly, it's really fun actually. Glad they released a remaster for PC, the small things like being able to skip dialogue really make a difference, playing on emulator felt quite janky most of the time.
Also picked up killer7 when it was on sale recently, gonna start with that once I'm done with Persona, though I'm only 1/3 through or so.
No. 46751
Watch his Vintage Cube stuff. He's mostly a top player in limited formats for one, and two Vintage Cube is (sarcasm) 'Magic played the way Richard Garfield intended'. It's actually a very entertaining limited format because there are fewer concessions than in traditional formats, instead you get very powerful picks as suboptimal compared to broken ones.
No. 46758
582 kB, 1920 × 1080
I don't know the old cards that well, but I'll check it out.

After finally managing to log into the game since they launched the new set yesterday, I pulled off a 7-1 in a Sealed event, feelsgoodman.
No. 46765
The shuffler makes me hate this game. The last thing I did was winning with Red Mono Decks containing 5 Lands. Then I've quit.
No. 46800
A part of me keeps wanting to buy the MtG on Steam but this is typically thwarted by two things, the one being I know it's a ripoff for something never on sale and don't want to give Wizards of the Coast more money for not even some pieces of cardboard, and two, that would also involve giving steam my money.

Maybe I should just pirate it if I feel like playing it.
No. 46808
224 kB, 2560 × 1080
>spend well over $2000 on finally upgrading computer system
>get shiny new graphics card with it
>pay off internet well into October if not November
>disconnect router because wasting my life on internet not even playing games anymore
>play this instead at 1440p
No. 46810
Got into NEO Scavenger recently, it's pretty fun but the storyline is short. There are mods though, and you don't have to play for completion.
No. 46812
590 kB, 1920 × 1016
278 kB, 1920 × 1080
254 kB, 1600 × 838
that game is hard as balls, I couldn't get more than 3 missions into it
t. brainlet
I tried to get into that 2 or 3 times, played the demo, bought it and refunded it and considered buying it again.

Have you ever played Project Zomboid?
No. 46818
back in the day me and a few friends set up a server and played zomboid together, breddy good stuff it allows you to properly separate roles and skills, some working on the base while others gather supplies and combat

never really tried in singleplayer, how is the experience that way?
No. 46821
Kinda surprised. It requires some of the same planning and patience that XCOM2 requires. Some of the missions are indeed pretty hard though. I beat the one campaign and got pretty far into two others today. The easiest winning strategy to cheese your way through several missions is to use the launcher overlord zombies and then click explode while they're in mid air to rain artillery fire down on tougher machine gun enemies until you've flattened everything on the screen.
t. American war doctrine
No. 46823
>Have you ever played Project Zomboid?
Yes, my friends and I played it in co-op a few times a couple of years back, it's fun but I found it gets old pretty fast.
No. 46843
ODST came out on MCC today. Finished my intall and did a quick test run. It feels really fucking good. Nice to be back in the saddle. Game holds up for a 2009 title tbh, especially since ODST is a glorified mod for Halo 3.

They added some new unlocks but unfortunately put them behind season challenges. Most of them are actually pretty doable solo I think, but the biggest one requires beating Set 4 of Firefight Classic with 4 players. That was hard enough when we had two 360s plugged into each other and the 4 players were in the one room. Can't imagine it'll be particularly fun with randoms, especially since ODST's Firefight is a much longer form of the game (endless, very limited power weapons, hard to go on the offensive on all but one map) compared to Reach' version which has been what's available since launch (Duration of 1 set, map power weapons and weapon drops, more maps allow/require limited offensive play). I can't imagine you'll get many matchmade games going to the 60 wave deep mark, either through dropouts or uncoordinated play.
No. 46889
Man, we are actually very close to being able to host a full drafting pod, assuming timezones work out. Even if it doesn't work, I'd be down to play Block Party with Ernsts sometime if there's interest. Block Party is a non-rotating format where decks must obey some form of Block Constructed rules, but decks do not have to be from the same block. It's casual and even absurdly powerful blocks are relatively balanced. Mind you it's not a super balanced format, not everything under the sun is competitive and some blocks are just more powerful than others, but you can get away with a lot more jank, and play with powerful but not absurd cards (i.e. fun cards that are unplayable in a serious format).

Tbh, I mostly fuck around with Magic on xmage these days. Yeah, it's Java but it's a pretty feature-complete pirate Magic client.
No. 46891
Sounds good, sign me up. I'll check out XMage in the meantime, already installed it some time ago but didn't bother setting it up since it looked so clunky.
There's also a tool to set up drafts in MTGA (https://mtgadraft.herokuapp.com/) but I suppose there's not much sense since the shared card pool would likely be pretty limited.
No. 46893
277 kB, 1366 × 728
I mean MTGA also lacks the ability to draft packs with 3 pieces of power in them, always a minus in my books tbh. The UI takes a bit of getting used to but it's not too bad. It's a bit like MODO, clunky but a lot more granular and friendly to weird and/or complex game states than Arena.
No. 46911
247 kB, 1366 × 768
Beat ODST on Legendary. Shit man, it holds up to my memories of the game. There's some bad writing sure, but the atmosphere and gameplay is so good. Few notes: Data Hive is a Bugger-based mission with a short escort sequence. Both of those suck on Legendary on a good day, them together sucks even more, and Coastal Highway I remember being easier, maybe I'm just used to newer AI but the 2009-era gunner AI prioritises accuracy way too much for some sections of that level.
No. 46922
322 kB, 1000 × 1000
132 kB, 640 × 480
31 kB, 540 × 309
God the new Disney "Star Wars" games look like such absolute complete shit. It's made me realize my entire idea about anonymity and the politik is a failure and a fantasy, and that perhaps the only relevant thing ultimately actually is the author, because we can clearly see with IP swapping how you can give any universe to capable hands and it'll turn out nice, but give it to Bethesda, EA, Disney...

Anyways hey Russia what do you know or think about this game?
Think I might purchase it at full price because why not it's just six bucks.

I also have another question re: Poland
Why do the Poles make so many games?
Why does Poland appear to have not just such an advanced but also prolific gaming industry? It sincerely seems to me at this point like they are comparable to the Western i.e. US gaming industry, except ours has an order of magnitude more money while pushing out pure trash mostly through the megacorps, whereas Poles seem to be in line with what American vidya makers were like twenty or more years ago.

I was just browsing around for new crpgs and found this
>Welcome to Warsaw City of the 22nd century. The Tech of the future is so advanced that the term "real" is relative and "life" and "death" have many meanings. Virtual worlds give rise to problems of the human nature: lust, sloth, envy, and pride. The residents of these virtual game-worlds need specialists – Gamedecs - Private Investigators with experience in those worlds who work to discover th
If I had any doubt it was Western Slavs doing it rather than pure coincidence of set in Warsaw
>problems of the human nature
Although I didn't realize Poles had issues with English articles?
No. 46923
178 kB, 1024 × 768
110 kB, 1024 × 768
163 kB, 1024 × 768
Not played that, but going to. Only thing I know about that one is that they put basicly every planet in wrong sector or place in galaxy and that it have wierd characters there and there. But I don't know how it is as a "game" sadly.

Found out probably one of the top3 game intros (in my list for shure)
https://youtu.be/ACDPyWubLuQ - this is the most 00s thing I ever seen, and it's awesome! Sadly, game itself and it's cutscenes is regular "3d sonic" half-cringe stuff you can expect. However, game itself is very interesting. It basicly hoverboard racing with specific mechanics - from start where you run on foot, to how to should do tricks in air to gain "air meter", how you can go in special speed-attack mode, earn levels right in track that increase your abilities, catch airstreams from speedy enemies and do tricks inside them, have different characters and hoverboards with their stats and types that also can be upgraded. Overall, not just your generic arcade racing.
No. 46941
7,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:29
I was playing through Dishonored 1 and 2 lately and came across this, thought it was funny because even in a dystopian rat infested city of plague they punish looting. Compared to BLM in the current year where looting is fine (apparently)
No. 46968
1,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
I'm finally revisiting Morrowind and it didn't age one bit for me. It's even more amazing now to notice every details I missed ten years ago. It's incredible how they managed to put together a breathing world packed with lore while the interaction with NPCs is bare-bone at most. Top notch world building imho.

I remembered Vivec as a boring place with cloned quarters but it's absolutely not and each ones have its oddities, like the fake-Velothi tower for the Telvanis, the arena and everything going down the lower levels.

I didn't even started the main quest, I'm mostly focused on the Telvani house, exploring the land and experimenting with strong enchants and alchemy to explore said land with more efficiency. Pic related is my current settis : The same constant light and invisibility ring I crafted when I played years ago, an amulet of constant levitation, and a pants of constant slowfalling and restore fatigue. Next object will be for 50-100 jump, it's fun but I need a strong soul to have at least 300 of charge. I also should play with strong destruction spells but I play my mage like a battlemage, only with a shortsword. It's shit against heavily armoured opponents

tldr: Morrowind stood the test of time and is still a ton of fun to play. I still want to live there
No. 46971
317 kB, 1920 × 1080
320 kB, 1920 × 1080
404 kB, 514 × 3608
Playing human resource machine.
One of the simpler programming games, and far from the zachtronics stuff in terms of complexity, but it's a cute little game, and also the right amount of challenge for someone who's never programmed or a beginner. Maybe a good game to give to children and see if they develop an interest in programming.
It's easy to get into because the drag and drop interface eliminates "syntax errors", and you get a live step by step playback of your program, a debugger of a sort.

Since the extent of my programming experience is writing scripts to automate graphics design stuff and some very simple mods for video games, it's a decent challenge so far.

The drawback is the UI. Dragging and dropping instructions one by one becomes a chore after a while, and you just want to type stuff. Especially when you have to fix an incorrect program, and while moving one instruction you lose your place and garble up your program. it's easier to start from scratch. Sometimes I write a solution, see it's incorrect, realize immediately how to fix it, but prospect of either going through the error prone process of fixing, or rewriting from scratch makes me want to alt f4. Still, guess I can't fault it too much, since ease of access at the cost of flexibility was a tradeoff they made deliberately.

I also like how the game grades you on two separate metrics, number of instructions and number of steps performed. Most of the time though I just do an unrolled, sequential solution with the bare minimum required jump instructions, not because of muh performance, but because managing the flow of a program when you can't refactor it or even make functions is a pain in the ass.
No. 46972
You playing vanilla?
No. 46973
If that was a reference to my country people being maced, beaten, and sometimes shot even without looting.
No. 46976
302 kB, 1364 × 768
316 kB, 1364 × 768
250 kB, 1364 × 768
332 kB, 1364 × 768
Started a Black Sea campaign. Russian BTG in a hypothetical conventional war on the Ukraine. Game's good. May stream it sometime. Had some success with Combat Mission so far in terms of being fairly engaging to watch. The fact it's got 3d graphics gives it spectacle instead of just being very dry hex and counter that relies on engagement with mechanics that you may or may not know well/at all.
No. 46978
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
I play vanilla on OpenMW, with only the official mods enabled, so no added texture or models
No. 46979
Oh, okay. No fan patches like "patch for purists" or restors of some cut content? What OMW version and tweaks?
No. 46982
Get Intelligent Textures, they are great. They are upscaled versions of the original textures, so they still stay close to the vanilla feeling without being so low-res.
No. 46983
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
OpenMW version 0.46.0
I don't think I patched it when I installed it years ago, unless something came with the GOG installer. I have a .rar for Morrowind Rebirth but didn't bother to install it

Also no tweaks, I just set everything to make the water looks better. I tried to increase the view distance[1] to emulate what can be achieved with MGE but FPS dropped drastically and overall it didn't look as good as with the fog of war

The game really looks good with shadows and reflective water. Even with everything maxxed out the game launches instantly on my machine and my productivity really tanked since this last week because of that

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/OpenMW/comments/b7p0ry/view_distance/
No. 46984
How did you increase view distance? By loading exterior cells or by using the distantterrain feature? Loading exterior cells tanks performance, but just enabling DistantTerrain in the config should not decrease FPS too much.
No. 46990
12,0 MB, 14775 × 2657
Actual distant land with LODs avalible with 0.47 builds only (or no, it is in 0.46 already? Forgot compleatly), however I might be wrong. Before that yea, it was full-loading for cell and in more early versions OMW had less optimisation. Back in 0.45 I played with ~2 full cells load but there is no need for that now, of cource.

https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/45096 can recommend Patch for Purists for basicly absoluetly anyone, even for compleatly vanilla build, since it's don't change anything exept changing actual minor mistakes, misplaced items, typos in books, dialogues and scripts and tons of stuff like that.
And even in compleatly vanilla builds I usually install minor stuff like weapons and shields on-characters because OMW natively supports it and it's very neat so why not.
No. 46991

field of view = 60
#viewing distance = 6666.0
viewing distance = 666666.0
small feature culling pixel size = 16.0

exterior cell load distance = 1

distant terrain = True

It looks way better with "exterior cell load distance" set to something over 10 but it's to slow to play sadly. I'm fine with the classical Vvardenfell sfumato anyway