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No. 46716
26 kB, 375 × 500
10 kB, 450 × 450
Why are Americans so vile?
Serious discussion only.
No. 46717
46 kB, 887 × 971
Burger heda
Culture of fat.
such cases.
No. 46719
67 kB, 480 × 960
I blame the lure of convenience, where ever newer products are continually marketed to replace old standards. Our cheese now comes pre-sliced-because slicing is a chore right? Meals are precooked and ready for microwave heating, even coffee is pre-brewed and sold next to the milk. Is that coffee good? Yeah, it actually is. But it's also wrong. Deliciously wrong :D
No. 46723 Kontra
4,6 MB, 576 × 1024, 0:30
if you are only talking about the cheese it's believing in a free market as discovery mechanism. Free market made that cheese possible.
No. 46725
  1. American cheese has valid culinary uses.
2.It's too soft to easily slice that thin on your own.
I was raised in a 100% cheese-like-product-free house, so this doesn't come from nostalgia. Shit's just good in grilled cheese sandwiches or mac and cheese, especially when mixed with other cheeses. And the one time I had spray cheese, I found it to be decent junk-tier food, no worse than doritos.
People get too hung up over the form of things. If some French guy discovered 200 years ago that adding sodium citrate to cheese made it extra creamy when melted, it would be a venerable culinary tradition. You scoff, but how is normal cheese any less weird? You're consuming pressed blocks of concentrated and fermented lymphatic secretions from a cow.
No. 46728
85 kB, 1000 × 1000
>It's too soft to easily slice that thin on your own.
This shredded Velveeta is a triumph of modern manufacturing and chemistry. I was skeptical that it would be real Velveeta, because that stuff has the texture of Play-Doh, but after tasting I have to say that it's as good as the blocks and slices. Another victory for American ingenuity.
No. 46729 Kontra
68 kB, 1280 × 720
62 kB, 369 × 462
>Another victory for American ingenuity.

Dog bless :DDDD

From Walmart culture to silicon valley enterprenurship as new american dream to shredded citrate cheese.
No really, the US are fascinating, it really is a colorful country and I don't mean immigration, which is just part of that. Being the country of extremes, it has extremely shitty sides, but there is something about this country as vanguard of the 20th century for europe in a sense. Perhaps it is just that america truly is the capitalist epicenter of that century and during its later third became the global form of political economy. To quote Tupac Shakur: All eyez on me. And yeah its the fuckining money making machine making it to the top slogan even there
No. 46730
The only use I found for Amcheese is putting it on hamburgers and nothing else.
Though maybe I should try it as a grilled cheese ingredient.
No. 46735 Kontra
Try mac n cheese, the silkiness of the cheese provided by sodium citrate is the secret there. Just put normal cheese and american cheese together for it. I think grilled cheese or mac n cheese is a nice thing for people who like melted cheese.
No. 46747
>The only use I found for Amcheese is putting it on hamburgers and nothing else.
Oh, I forgot about burgers. That's by far the best use for American cheese, and where it shines the most on its own.

>Just put normal cheese and american cheese together for it
This is the key. You can get the flavor of a high-quality gouda with the texture of a kraft dinner. Only proper Southern-style baked mac-n-cheese can compare.
No. 46760
345 kB, 1182 × 490
91 kB, 800 × 800
1,9 MB, 3072 × 2304
You can do much worse than generic American cheese
>Provel (/proʊˈvɛl/) is a white processed cheese product particularly popular in St. Louis cuisine, that is a combination of cheddar, Swiss, and provolone cheeses. Provel has a low melting point, and therefore has a gooey and almost buttery texture at room temperature. It is the traditional topping for St. Louis-style pizza. It is also often used in the preparation of cheese soup and served on salads, chicken, and the Gerber sandwich. Some restaurants use Provel for their pasta dishes with white sauce instead of the customary fresh Italian cheese and cream.
No. 46762
Pre-sliced is the traditional way to make cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.
I have no idea why spray cheese is a thing though.
No. 46779
33 kB, 514 × 341

which state might he come from?

I was looking for an informative video about the origin of the 'easy' spray cheese but got nothing of value.
Anyway the video reminded me of people who watch other people eating supersized dishes and youtubers who film themselves experiencing that. The US surely have a strange culture.
No. 46788
86 kB, 780 × 439
561 kB, 624 × 336, 0:10
In The Blues Brothers, a man asks for Cheez Whiz-which comes in a jar- but is actually given a spray can of Easy Cheese. Cheez Whiz sounds funnier, but throwing and catching a jar was probably harder to do. Those break if you drop them.
No. 46795
While this is clearly a shitpost thread in truth I don't entirely know although suspect I have found a great number of contributing factors including our corporatism brainwashing in a Capitalist system to pervert our hyper individualism into nothing but thoughtless selfish assholeism coupled along with our SHIT public school brainwashing architecture which I'd hoped to be shut down for as long as possible. While it might not make much of a difference in the long run because of the fact we have this hyper cancerous youtuber and whatever other garbage culture now it'd been my sincere hope that at least a nationwide bout of homeschooling for a year could help to disrupt that toxicity for a generation of children and future Americans into not being servile uninformed ignorant selfish obedient totalitarianism loving morons like the last generation or two. These "zoomers" as 4kanker has taken to calling them are even more cancerous than my own and my generation is almost as cancerous as the boomers. In fact the only generation I don't outright consider to be garbage here more or less are gen Xers.

t. Probably planning on using this as my vent thread

While I'm unlikely to remain sincere in the depths of my bitching as I just vent here what would be totally inappropriate to say IRL I do in fact deal with them on at least a weekly or more frequent basis and I've come to find white boomers and some of their sprog so thoroughly loathsome it has made it very difficult for me to at times not be sympathetic to the concept of Gott strafing us.

I think on some fundamental level real freedom, democracy, and piety is and has been dead for a while now in this country and what's worse is the people most prone to falling back on those three things in their arguments are in fact the biggest proponents of the total opposite. I cannot take anyone here seriously anymore who claims to be a Christian if they are not Catholic or at least are Evangelicals. They've got zero spiritual authority to me and are totally morally bankrupt. I had an inner monologue with Pence for a couple minutes yesterday while cooking and realizing if I really were to debunk and destroy Christianity in this country I'd specifically choose people like Pence and Falwell Jr., tell them they had a sacred destiny, and proceed to use them to utterly trash Christendom from the inside out like I'd used people like Moynihan to damage the RCC. I'd then promote "cultural Christianity" as hard as possible if I were Satan because I could use it to at once gut the spiritual from Christendom, promote hatred, greed, selfish, and all manner of iniquity in people otherwise susceptible to Christian influence, and at the same time broadly discredit Christianity to the masses.

Meanwhile real freedoms and democracy here is pretty much dead at this point and I've largely come to believe that it does not and can not exist within a hyper Capitalistic society because all you get is degenerating into a quasi-aristocracy under feudalism and despotism in the end. Of what consequence is it to me really whether the oppressive power structure is corporate or government?

These are things I could easily bitch about all day and the toxicity from all angles have poisoned the minds of a majority of people here almost. I'm always afraid of losing what freedom or tiny savings I have at any moment from all manner of angles. I genuinely cannot see at this point the difference between here and Cuba or a worse country besides allgedly broader access to material consumer goods and services the overwhelming bulk of which I cannot afford anyway.

I think a number of factors compound the stress on people here and they take it out on each other any way they can. This of course is encouraged by the oligarchy who seek to use idpol and hot button issues to keep us at each other's throats rather than accurately identifying the real problem.

Meanwhile the terraforming of our planet and my country into a dying hellhole continues. A haze spread over the whole country from the Western half burning.

But rather than turn it to something constructive people only use this gloominess to turn at once upon each other.

Every day I think of John Bagot Glubb and every day I think more on how right he was with the caveat that his Fate of Empires never quite captured how awful it is in a Rome decaying from the inside out to be part of that on the inside.
No. 46796
It really doesn't actually taste good on much of anything imho and you can easily melt other kinds of cheeses. I typically use swiss or provolone, sometimes smoked gouda, monterey jack etc. Cheddar is also good.

There are only two dirty guilty pleasures I use that godawful stuff for partly because it's too expensive (this garbage is literally more expensive than a block of walmart off brand swiss or many other cheeses) and partly because it doesn't go so well on anything, and that is mayo and iceberg lettuce sandwiches, and sandwiches just with that cheese and mayo on one side and vinegar/oil with italian herbs and spices on the other. I've been eating that lately solely because I'm lazy and trying to put off the next supply run on my shart-n-mart as much as possible so that's mainly what's available in gas stations, which makes it even more expensive than normal. It's like close to $4 for a small pack of slices. I can get a pound of good swiss for $9 at the deli or close to a kilo of walmart swiss for about as much as half pound of that crap costs me.
No. 50996
i get cheese from NZ
No. 50997
White American cheese product isn’t even bad. I put it on sandwiches all the time
No. 51459
NZ will inevitably rule Australia!
No. 51463
Sorry to hear that.
No. 51487
It'd be pretty solid tbh. When I lived over in NZ, the worst the parliament had was out of touch boomers, while most of our parliament in Australia are out of touch boomers who are actively hostile to large portions of Australia's population.
No. 77777
3,0 MB, 480 × 282, 2:18
No. 77781
No aristocratic class. So people don't have anyone to look up to in regards for learning mannerisms, manners, aesthetics, outfits, social conduit. All they see are poor people getting rich and over-indulging in vulgar displays of wealth and vices. That's also why Chinese are regarded as incredibly rude tourists.
No. 77792
They love convenience and 'artificial' is a good v thing to them. It signifies progress.
No. 77794
>that at least a nationwide bout of homeschooling for a year could help to disrupt that toxicity for a generation of children and future Americans into not being servile uninformed ignorant selfish obedient totalitarianism loving morons like the last generation or two.
Because kids will have their parents as a bad example to look down upon?

By the way, you might be overdoing it. Why would ready-made cheese-paste on a sandwich be worse them ready-made mustard? Because we had the second for longer?

Besides, whipped cream from a can is way worse.
No. 77795
>No aristocratic class
Wasps who can trace their family to the Mayflower are practically Aristocracy. Boston Brahmin are practically Aristocracy. So are some families with long military traditions.
No. 77802
Which German aristocrats do you look up to?
No. 77805
No. 77807
65 kB, 450 × 600
>With to be compared to them, must be governed and mistreated, whereas weaklings and babes achieve things in spirit that the wise can hardly wish for dare.
A real translation of:
>hingegen Schwächlinge und Unmündige an Geist Dinge durchsetzen, die der Weise kaum zu wünschen wagen darf;
? Is this is what Bavarians speak of??
No. 77820
No. 77839
3,9 MB, 640 × 360, 0:57
In 2015 approximately 30% of Republicans said they supported air strikes of Agrabah. The Democrats were more peaceful - 44% of them were ready to accept the Agrabahian refugees. There is only one small problem: Agrabah is a fictional city from "Aladdin".
No. 77840 Kontra
123 kB, 1080 × 1080
Picture of strong antiimperialist leader, savior of white race and working class against neoliberalism, globohomo, Reddit and transgenders.
No. 77890
I'm so glad this insufferable fuckwad isn't here anymore.
No. 78075
Culture of consumerism and quick buck profit
Anyone who eats trash like that deserves no respect
No. 78085 Kontra
123 kB, 700 × 575
No. 78109
How do you meet a wurscht?