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No. 46903
35 kB, 393 × 533
73 kB, 535 × 281
Why is there such a strong connection between the moomins and neofolk?
No. 46906 Kontra
[tile painting intensifies]
No. 46925
No. 46938
What is neofolk and why does it relate to a children's cartoon show?
No. 46943
Neofolk is a music genre.
(I'd search some links for videos now to present you with typical examples but I've blacklisted youtube and various other sites via DNS blacklist for the entire LAN to help me and my flatmate stop procrastinating and I don't want to make exceptions now... so please search for yourself)

Regarding the OP: I have no idea what he/she is talking about.
No. 46947
1,3 MB, 975 × 1004
4,6 MB, 3:22
8,5 MB, 6:09
4,4 MB, 3:13
I think one aspect of Neofolk is pretty well pointed out here in this comic. Since there is a lot of symbolism, romanticism and elegy involved and a significant part of the artists longing for a "white" European identity grounded on paganism and pre-monotheistic times.

I am not very keen on neofolk, but here are three examples as well.
No. 46951
>power and might
>not looking to the past
I can't tell if this is meant to be satire but it's one thing that amuses me, which is people wanting a religion that worships "strength" then turning to something that was thoroughly trounced a thousand years ago. It seems to follow that if you wanted something mighty it would be Catholicism which unlike pagan religions is nearly a couple thousand years old with over a billion followers whose supremacy had been largely undisputed for centuries until repeated assaults by the Germans finally cracked it.
No. 46974
>that comic
Is this like from a series of Tintin reusages or is there specifically just this one about neofolk?
No. 46981
7,6 MB, 640 × 480, 1:40
It's just this comic, it's a translation of an Yli original

He is reciting song lyrics in this panel. And yes of course it is satire/an affectionate parody of crazy stormfag metal fans
No. 46997
On the way to work today it struck me how really thoroughly moronic it is that games like Elite Dangerous, Starsector, I mean virtually any game ever made within the last 20+ years that's set in space insisting that somehow the corporate sector will colonize and rule over space or that corporations even have got any kind of a longterm future, which I guess I will at least get to see debunked in my lifetime. It's not that it hasn't occurred to me before but just sinking in the depths to how moronic it can be be partly because of the fact that no such technology is ever going to be available to us anytime soon which would make space a remotely profitable venture as opposed to something where eccentric billionaires sporadically donate money towards in token and often meaningless gestures towards personal hobbies simply because theyre the ones that presently concentrate most wealth and power. Even the colonization efforts of the new world were at first largely funded by the crown iirc and that at least was just several months of voyages, not the year and a half to three years it would take us just to get to Mars and back anf forgetting the fact you can at least load a fleet of ships up with gold but you can't exactly load up cargo shuttles with shit even from Mars to bring it back here.

>but ernst how the fuck is that even related
Chiefly because of the fact that it's become ky conviction that space exploration and colonization will be solely the domain of governments and religions for the time being, with Mormonism and Scientologists sadly more likely than not being the chief explorators unless as I strongly predict some type of a Catholic or possibly even Eastern Orthodox subsect emerges which preaches the merger of the two concepts for whatever bizarre reason.

And no, I am not talking about 40K either however that is sadly not likely to be too far off from what would actually happen eventually mixed up with a bit of Unitology from Dead Space and non-stop internecine warfare rather than anything even resembling the Imperial Creed. Considering how much the Arabic and Moslem world at one point pioneered astronomy it also wouldn't surprise me if they should suddenly stop being so damn backward and retrograde as a cultural amalgamation and to instead actually begin both forward looking as well as past looking to previous glories that don't involve beheadings.

I would actually say that it is most likely religions that will motivate it honestly and like I said it really came more from thinking just the name the "Pillars of Creation nebula." There is certainly something very, not sure the right word religious? Spiritual? Mystical? About the night sky and always has been intersecting with religion.

It is the sad realization that we could literally build a moonbase right fucking now with just the budget surplus of Germany and spread out over a decade. We're talking the tens of billions here not even anything substantial but our useless fucking corporations don't want that because there's no money in it. It's hard not to be cynical about the extraordinary waste of this absolute shittiest of systems and the amazing things we could do with a fraction of that money and that with any government ruled more by nationalistic, monarchistic, or in any way less mercantile impulse we'd likely have more of that.

I note this also because paganism is really a dead end, and what's worse, is all the people looking back longingly to some backward age of mud huts like a bunch of Arabs. It's probably partly why I'm perplexed by anyone who's a big fan of medieval and dark ages themes, even if it's a fantasy setting, because it makes me cringe in not entirely dissimilar ways that even Adolph Hitler cringed so fucking hard core about it. These larping retards are celebrating a retrograde period of collective shame and embarrassment for us more often than not, rather than looking forward to the future and to victory in general.

I do think though that when it comes right down to it it'll likely be the religious impulse more than anything which motivates the national governments or other organizations to begin doing things like serious space exploration efforts again, because in some of these instances we won't even see any kind of a return in the investment in knowledge for a generation or two, and that is not something that any profiteer is ever going to be capable of fathoming. They'd burn the whole world for a higher margin the next two consecutive quarters.
No. 47000
101 kB, 275 × 313
734 kB, 1295 × 1036
>Even the colonization efforts of the new world were at first largely funded by the crown iirc and that at least was just several months of voyages, not the year and a half to three years it would take us just to get to Mars and back
For the record, the first voyages of the discovery age were funded almost entirely by private lenders. The crowns of Portugal and Castile relied heavily on investment from Genoese traders to fund their colonial projects. Additionally, these voyages would very much take a year and a half to three years. Vasco da Gama's first voyage left Lisbon on the 8th of July 1497, only returning on the 29th of August 1499.
No. 47001
Another note is the use of Chartered Coporations in historical colonialism all the way up to Halliburton in Iraq depending on your definitions. It's more like they were never /not/ involved in that kind of thing. Dunno where American is getting his stance from tbh. Plus if you don't think aerospace corporations are making bank off of ostensibly 'public' programs by manufacturing and design contracts then you're just deluded. The corporations don't need to put their name on the program in order to get rich off of it, in fact they get paid whether it goes well or tits up.
No. 47005
I was aware of that but my admittedly limited understanding was that it was nevertheless being directed through the crown. Even Halliburton in Iraq. Those efforts were all being organized by national governments basically regardless of where they organized the resources from.
No. 47022
Perhaps it is because it is Finnish and both live in very rural environments