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No. 4705
23 kB, 450 × 300
1,6 MB, 1268 × 655
We have a dedicated thread for movies, series and short films but not about documentaries and i think they deserve one.

If we happen to already have one and i just missed it or the moderation thinks this fits in another thread, pls just delete.

I start with this

China´s lonesome sons - The difficulties of finding a wife in China

It pretty much follows a guy who is buying a wife.

Documentary is German with English subtitles.
No. 4708
399 kB, 640 × 480

Essential, but super german-specific I'm afraid.
No. 4713
Children of Leningradsky
>An intimate and heartbreaking look at a group of homeless children living in and around a Moscow train station.

BRUCE LEE: Romania's Tunnel King
>This underground network of sewers is home to the city’s lost and forgotten souls, most of whom have HIV and a quarter of whom suffer from TB.
No. 4733
9,2 MB, 600 × 336, 1:32
No. 4802
221 kB, 1400 × 2100
Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present (2012)
No. 4808
80 kB, 574 × 789
Neat, I'll definitely watch that. Incidentally, I read recently that birth masculinity increased quite a bit in the South Caucasus following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Kind of interesting.

No. 4835
I have recommended that one several times on old EC. I would watch a few Herzog documentaries before that, though: Happy People (A Year in the Taiga), Little Dieter Needs to Fly and Encounters At the End of the World.
Not because they are thematically connected or anything like that, but because they are easier and they can give you a sense of what to expect, so you are less likely to turn off after 20 minutes of The Act of Killing.

Though, maybe other people just don't have that problem and I'm being too cautious...
No. 4844
Kant never made it to China. The Chinks treat their prosperctive life partners as objects, not as subjects. What a disgusting culture.
No. 4854
1,4 MB, 1024 × 768
86 kB, 545 × 607
165 kB, 1480 × 832
293 kB, 1920 × 1080
>The Chinks treat their prosperctive life partners as objects, not as subjects. What a disgusting culture.

They don't romanticize relationships as the average person in the west, they have the mindset of those who can afford it even if they can't.

Pic related, western people who can afford it.
No. 4859
I wish relationships were a bit more pragmatic in the west as well. This "truelove" nonsense mixed with feminist entitlement is just bonkers and equally disgusting.
No. 4860
True but read comments from Chinese, they complain "in the west they marry for love, chinese people only marry for money!"
No. 4871
103 kB, 500 × 750
Does it make sense to post Vice documentaries here or does everyone already know them anyway?

Boy Interrupted
A documentary made by the parents of a bypolar boy who later killed himself

The Bride
Documentary about people jumping from the golden gate bridge into death

Child of Rage
Evil kid that tortures her brother and wants to kill her parents.

Sadly only German and no Subtitles here:
Killerspiele - Der Streit beginnt

A 3 parts documentary about the "It's all because of violent video games" debate we had here until a few years ago. Very well made and definitely worth a watch if German.
No. 4987
5,8 MB, 478 × 360, 2:13
No. 4988
46 kB, 768 × 432
No. 4991
There are many awesome (entertaining and cringy awesome, not well made awesome) documentaries about videogames.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwJlErJJxvc is one.

>Filmmaker Robin Benger covered 14 wars in 24 countries as a veteran TV producer but nothing prepared him for the discovery that war was being waged in the basement of his own home.

>He discovered that "first person shooter" games, and violence-centred gaming, are taking over as the entertainment of choice for a whole generation of (mostly) teenage males. Entering into that world, he began filming in cyber-cafes, games manufacturers‚ conventions, and mega gaming tournaments, even tracking down the designer of the very game causing him so much friction with his own son.


I also highly recommend House of Numbers.
It's some top tier aids denialism documentary.


Full Film

Articel about the documentary (Guy who made the article also made a video series about the documentary around as long as the documentary itself):


As a side note: A while ago i saw a documentary about some Russian "vigilante" group who handed out fake speeding tickets and stuff like that to people who didn't behave on the streets. They got beaten up and nearly killed many times but i can't remember the name of the documentary or the group.
No. 5025
Can any Ernst pinpoint me to streaming sites / one click share hoster sites that have rather obscure and indie stuff?

I need this docu:


I would have searched on alluc.ee if it would still exist
I don't want to pay 4.5€ to just rent this movie for a few days. I want to watch it over and over again and would pay a higher price then.
No. 5027

>Boy Interrupted

Seems to me the psychiatric institutions and the parents drove him into suicide.
No. 5031

Good and fresh doc showing the other side of the coin. Gambia, despite its diminute size, is one of the main sources of migration crossing the Mediterranean sea. The doc shows efforts from Gambians to try to convince their country fellows to stop trying to migrate to Europe. This little report here is also related

No. 5196
27 kB, 474 × 316
41 kB, 474 × 711
is hell if you're a lonely kid with no friends


I never thought I'd say this but I prefer those years to what became of my "real" life thanks to addictive boards.
No. 5710
Fresh DW doc about heatwave and drought happening in germany right now. They mostly follow farmers, but show the effects all over the country
No. 5743
actually informed me about my countries situation. I haven't been to a lake or whatever, only see the dried out parks and trees. Today I was out to shop and have a small stroll and it was even hotter than the last days, so around 35-40°, the wind was like opening an oven in your kitchen.
No. 5762

I couldn't understand half of what they were saying. If I made some effort to listen with more attention I probably could understand 80% of it, but I can't bother.
No. 5776
Native American moves to Russia, enjoys freedums long forgotten in the united states of corporate america

No. 5780
I love how I'm not the only American saying this, and how profoundly butthurted it must make the Ukrainians here feel.

It is true. All he said in that video is true. And I tell you such things about my country, and you don't believe, and I feel like a starving Belorussian telling you of hard times and long lines and decay and people being disappeared under Soviets, and some idiot from another country telling me "oh no but Russia is stronk they give power to the workers" and so on.

Well no such a thing is not true. I don't own a car. I don't own a home. I have been hassled by the police. Because of being drunk, twice I have probably almost been shot, once with a cop and once knocking on the wrong door at 2am to use a phone. You get nickel and dimed and ripped off everywhere, there is no freedom, the people themselves have no actual say about policy or the direction of the country, it becomes worse and worse every day and the lower class grows and even in our schools now we have armed cops. Just imagine, if Soviet police stood inside schools with rifles, as pupils are forced by the school to take mind numbing drugs if they are not a cog https://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/04/12/cps-takes-ohio-child-after-parents-disagree-with-his-schools-adhd-diagnosis
https://breggin.com/school-calls-child-services-on-parents-who-take-child-off-of-ritalin/ and what really matters is being taught the master-slave structure of this society, and even in school they criminalize you for not following orders. It is why public schooled kids which is most of this country act like such idiots it's almost like they're not real, or are incomplete people. Anyone who has been to America and dealt with Americans knows that incredibly creepy, eerie feel as it's all knice and smiles and apple pies on the surface but spend more than a few days there and you start noticing the fakeness, the sense of corruption and evil looming within or just out of the corner of your vision, until another one gives you a fake smile as he tells you some lie or superficial pleasantry.

The country is rotting within. It is absolutely NOT free. You can get fined or arrested just for fishing or hunting without a license. You make fun of the British (as you well should) for TV license but http://www.wafb.com/story/25303063/bunkie-man-arrested-for-fishing-without-a-license-resisting-arrest
I ask, do you get arrested for fishing in your country? And the courts are a joke. Like everything else it is run by money, and sometimes connections. You a cop? Work a desk job for a week and get acquitted no matter what https://dailygazette.com/article/2011/02/11/0211_albcop that guy choked and pushed his gf down a flight of stairs then used his police used weapon and held a gun to her head making her beg for her life. It was in the news, and silently went away with an acquittal, like all these things. The police here, you would not even believe.

And the country is worse off than Europeans by far. In fact it is ingrained in Americans by the lottery. Every time there's a powerball it keeps the proles in line and thinking "I'm just a multi millionaire in waiting some day I'll hit that jackpot!" and they slave away until they die with no benefits, with practical robbery from funeral services, leaving little behind.

We have neither political nor real economic freedom here. It is just a big, fat, bloated dead cow, and nobody notices with the shiny advertising paint thrown over the corpse and some Febreze misted in the air to cover up the stench of rot and blood. And I would leave this shithole, but I'm too poor to even consider it. Most of us just do not have the cash to even travel around, let alone afford to actually move. It is a pathetic, morbid pantomime of all the supposed ideals and freedoms, of settling the West and living and making it on your own, like watching a ventriloquist puppeteering the corpse he stole.
No. 5784
36 kB, 460 × 276
Oh and I forgot to add, because I was distracted by the secret code of police like they are just another gang who act above their own law, is the courts. If you ever have to deal with them (and odds are, you will at some point) and you're not rich with a fancy lawyer to contest everything, then you get stuck with a public defender. The PD will almost always fuck you way harder than if you simply ignored them. Try watching American court videos. Watch as people flip out after realizing their PD was incompetent or they were lied to, and they do something stupid like no contest and the judge ends up throwing 20 years at you.

I do not even remotely feel like I am in a free country. Maybe way out in the boonies there is some marginal freedom if only because the long arm of the law and the State can't reach you there so easily, but now with technology advances they can, and you all know the rampant abuse of privacy from my country. USA is shit! SHIIIIT!

Especially just imagine, you are actually living in a country where feudalism is essentially allowed. There is no fishing or hunting on the lord's land. Everything here is banned and illegal or potentially illegal. It is being trained more and more to be a predictable, robotic society, and between the advertising and datamining and the school indoctrination programs you're fucked since age 3 years old. In fact, I almost cannot even imagine what such a surreal society looks like, where you can work with dignity and own your own home, where your voice matters in politics, where you have economic advantage, where you have actual safety nets or any system where the state itself cares about you instead of doing shit like setting up casinos to get more taxes as their economic revitalization plan, where a man can freely speak his mind and do as he pleases and simply wander the land as a natural human being without constantly being hassled, interrogated, and possibly shot. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/celebrity/ving-rhames-says-police-held-him-at-gunpoint-in-his-own-home-after-a-neighbor-reported-a-robbery/ar-BBLaJVy?OCID=ansmsnnews11
Not even in your own home are you safe from secret police. Just imagine, living in mortal fear that some asshole will SWAT you or police find the wrong house or for whatever reason flashbang you at fucking 5:00am and shoot your dogs. Can you even imagine? Just imagine that. Just imagine living in a fucking country where if you have a dog your biggest mortal fear is that the cops will be near you and shoot your dog. Imagine being afraid of that every day, that a cop will see your dog and shoot it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVAhOLbQEHM Fuck this society and fuck this country.

There is a reason why this shit happens. That guy who made that thread about "crisis actors" no, this is America
No. 5790
Watch the first 2 mins of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvQMkjPcORM
No. 5795
Where do you live? At least in the south and the west it is supposed to cool down for a few days now and that's good.
The isolation in my flat is horrible, if it's 35°C outside it's not much cooler inside.
No. 5841
NRW, it was raining in the morning, I got up at ~8:30 absolutety sleepy to take a piss and I see the grey outside and a cooling wind thru my open window and I felt relieved.
But now the sun is shining again and its around 30+° or so
No. 6088

Migrant workers (from Bulgaria mostly) working hard in Santorini. There's a bald guy there working under the sun all day, and that got me thinking: why not paint your bald head white to help cope with the sun? I mean, didn't any society in human history think about doing this in the past? Specially those seminomad africans who didn't have access to cloth stuff?
No. 6091
346 kB, 1280 × 1919
They wear witch garb to harvest or herd livestock in Yemen

No. 6092
Looks cool as fuck.
No. 6098
Actually it looks hot as fuck. Wearing all black in the middle of desert is not something I would want to do. I often wonder about this because middle eastern women all seem to wear black, whereas the males wear white. It's like they want women to suffer as much as possible.
No. 6123
75 kB, 1200 × 500
1,3 MB, 1600 × 900
Intensive group therapy in an American prison.
A very touching ducumentary about hardened convicts hurt by macho image, one of the few movies that managed to make me cry and the best documentary I've so far seen.

here go the torrent
No. 6385
Very good doc right here, not because of the theme because of a family that they follow. China has a policy of restricting internal migration, to keep main cities from growing too much and creating slums. But of course for this they would have to create enough jobs in the countryside too, otherwise people will migrate illegally to the big cities anyway, and live in a completely illegal situation there, and this is the case with this family.
No. 6409
3,6 MB, 270 × 480, 0:34
No. 6424
>made me cry
Are you gay, pidor? I'll beat the pink out of you, no worries.
No. 6425
It's not. I remember a family with two T-I-G-E-R-S, they were some sort of TV stars in the 90s. People were just awaiting when tigers will finally grow up and eat the whole family. Can't recall, but only father or mother survived.
Bears are especially dangerous, they change their food preferences through year. So when they act friendly they actually store you for a better day.
No. 6785
You will like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jeMp0uF1kA

mini-documentary about trailer parks in Arizona

Why didn't I run away from this country when I had the chance!!!
No. 6809
I'd assume running is verboten to burgers.
No. 6818
I didn't cry like a little girl tho, just my eyes got a little wet.
So pls no bully.
No. 6829
States of Terror - Betrayal - BBC documentary about Red Army Faction terrorist Silke Mayer Witt

No. 6831
1,2 MB, 296 × 221, 0:01
You'll get shot for that
No. 6907
Homeless in Japan (mind blowing)

No. 6908 Kontra
This is not a documentary.
Stop randomly posting youtube links to whatever garbage you find half interesting.
No. 6921
it's a 4 part interview/documentary made by a journalist about homeless in japan
No. 6944
I found it interesting
No. 6950
It's not a doc but it's pretty good stuff regardless, he mostly interviews a professor in the area, makes a lot of short recordings showing the situation and interviews some other people who work with the issue. If all 4 parts were put together it could be considered an amateur doc.
No. 7406
I think it makes sense to also share podcasts ITT, a documentaries and podcasts thread. BBC radio has this very nice series of podcasts called "in our time", the host Melvyn Bragg invites 2 or 3 specialists about a certain area of contemporary relevance and asks them many questions. As it is expected, the quality of the podcast varies a lot depending on the theme and the guests, but usually things about british history (or history in general) are better. This one here talks about the nation-state today, but basically they talk about England and UK, very good stuff:

No. 7412
An english girl comes to join yörüks, the people who are still nomads in Turkey.


Watch it if you can bear the girls behavior.
No. 7424
BBC Extreme Pilgrim: Christian priest learns shaolin kung fu and chan buddhism. great documentary

No. 7428
Any idea how many of these people, living the tradional way, still exist today in Turkey?
No. 7433
I dont know exactly. I just know during middle of ottoman empire whole anatolia had 8 million habitants and plus it had 1 million yörüks. Nowadays the goverment forcing them to settle down and disrespect their ways.
No. 7442
No. 7444
>Watch it if you can bear the girls behavior.


Why does the BBC always ruin their documentaries with artificial drama? They could just pick other people for their docus. People that are capable of handling the situations they are put in.
Sure, it won't always work (unless staged) but as it is right now every single BBC documentary has this kind of drama in it.
Yet, I want to watch a documentary to learn something new, not learn that there exist morons in england that make fools of themselves.

Good golly.
No. 7447
I agree. Problem is that these kinds of documentaries are intended to essentially be the equivalent of a zoo. The drama is there so that people watching it can go 'oh look at how weird these people are' and gawk at that rather than the documentary actually trying to showcase a different culture's experience with the world. If they had the latter goal, they'd find a Turkologist who could understand enough to show things in an intelligent and respectful manner, and while it's not the most enormous field in English-speaking circles, it does exist and in a pinch they could still probably find a Turkish Turkologist who spoke English for the job.
No. 7449
Precisely. Good counter examples are the works of Werner Herzog. They aren't documentaries per sé but Herzog knows where to look at then make you see it truly for what it is rather than showing you what he thinks you want to see or what he wants to get across. Case in point: Grizzly Man, Into the Abyss, Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Happy People - A Year in the Taiga, Encounters at the End of the World, The Great Ecstasy of the Woodcarver Steiner.
No. 7457
29 kB, 224 × 269
Well true, they don't want to understand the culture, they just want to look at some weird thing and gigle, because they are uncultured and not very smart. Since we're not an ethnicity that put on pedestal for any political agenda she wont show respect at all and I assure you those people are very patient yet she made them complain about disrespect.

I almost never seen her asking about traditions and lifestyle. For example since yörüks usually dont own a fridge they don't stockpile too much food and it makes them willing to share even to some random person that never seen before. For example she could notice that, but she decided to go for le women rights maymay and she get pretty dissapointed when it turns out they dont give a shit if you wear headscarf or not. I extremely doubt she takes full advantage of city life by the way.

It's not about certain nationality, it's about mindset though. For example when I was in switzerland my family received a guest from homeland and she was typical if I drink and wear mini skirt I'm paragon of civilization type and she thought if she knows a couple cheese name she just gets the whole swiss culture. She was regularly complaining why I don't go full western (I'm not living like döner slicing bydlo I assure you, neither my family) and how bigot I am et cetera.
Anyway I brought her a couple native swiss one of them was from graubünden and they were arguing should women stick to the traditional roles or not, of course my super civilized guest autistic screeched and how backwards they are and she is more western than them (she literally said it) when they said their culture can't be adapted just by merely a few cloth and whatnot and it's an insult to dumb down their culture to such lowly level. As you guys can guess since she was not enjoyed with this 'culture' she adapted she immidietly stopped being such an occidentalist and go full orientalist, rant about colonial people in angry manner.

It was pure cringe and it was perfect proof for me that people who think culture could be understood and adapted in mere minutes was extremly stupid, and people who had no culture can't understand other cultures either. It was pure cringe though, I wish I didn't see that.
No. 7459
Also forgot to write, I like herzog as well, the indonesian documentary/movie thing was brutal though.
No. 7461
Maybe an extreme perspective? I could rant about some shithole places in Germany but also rave about fantastic places.
Same about culture, immigration, economy, whatsoever. The only true thing IMHO is: Our gouvernment will turn everything into the same shithole, but even this might not be true. And your country is about fuck me times bigger, has over 9000 regions with them own laws. I heard that federal law isnt that important as state law or regional law. Some are liberal, some are conservative, some are ... Burgers. I've seen so many facettes of your country, the worst and the best. Maybe your propaganda is superior that it let me back with a mixed-positive feel ... But at least you have good propaganda. Compare the John Oliver Show with our Heute Show.
No. 7464
>Especially just imagine, you are actually living in a country where feudalism is essentially allowed

But America is capitalism. In Feudalism the landlord has to "care" for your well being. Property was handled different in feudalism. There was no absolute property like we have today where you can't do shit because everything is owned by someone.
No. 7465
well because the poor generally died and people tended to war when they had population boom and cant look after them. the one good aspect of feudalism was discouraging serfs to settle down in cities though. it allows cities to have proper management and architecture, and many people today still can't adapt the city culture.
No. 7471
You mean "The Act of Killing"? That was not by Herzog himself, he just helped promote it.
It's one of the best "documentaries" I've ever seen, though.
No. 7478
yeah that one. I also enjoy his movies.
No. 7530
165 kB, 1152 × 1686
7,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:38
No. 7544
158 kB, 1200 × 720
I watched it here. Good quality, short film (1hr 25min)

Warning: if you don't have ad-block plus and microsoft explorer 7 you might catch some malware from that stream so post a better link or torrent if you find it
No. 7551
31 kB, 345 × 520
>ad-block plus
>microsoft explorer
in what century are you living?

uMatrix. and pretty much any other browser except chrome and ff, it seems
No. 7560
the strict black-white dress code only exist in saudi arabia. other middle eastern countries don't force it since that thing is a saudi tradition, not even all arabs have it.
No. 7642
28 kB, 474 × 312


Polish & Ukrainian you-know-what has reached levels over 9000!
No. 7644
Read the comment section, she says she gave the police the IP addresses of the Hohol death threats
No. 7648
No. 7650
Not quite a docu but an interview
reminder to never trust a federal agent and DEA is the enemy
No. 7652 Kontra
372 kB, 1341 × 868
260 kB, 1206 × 558
739 kB, 1465 × 1139
2,5 MB, 2560 × 1440
You act as though this is somehow new or unusual. It was one of the top 3 horsemen of the KC apocalypse. You can go to any comment section of any video and see cyrillic shitstorms if the topic is mentioned.
No. 7690
No. 7857
Introducing the Mentally Retarded

No. 8636
15,0 MB, 854 × 480, 2:15
Another similar 2018 doc I found
No. 8762
29 kB, 480 × 360
A Romanian family and a Russian family from Moldova have their babies switched at birth. Gypsy father beats mother for infidelity (for having blond child) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=630bIkAzaV0

Trannies regret sex changes
No. 8772
While it looks promising -10 points for being RT. Which means it is literally just typical Russian anti-pidor propaganda. It's just that this one thing, it is completely right about within the first 50 seconds.
No. 8774 Kontra
304 kB, 639 × 681
PS I forgot to add: do you know how to know this is rooster propaganda? Because completely out of context it has SpaceX in the beginning, for no apparent reason whatsoever. I had no idea Russia was that level of butthurt at SpaceX.
No. 8779
Surely the use of Werner Goldberg can't be accidental.
No. 8780
is this pic serious?
No. 8784
62 kB, 992 × 560
Actually SpaceX fans tend to be trannies and lesbians driving priuses and subarus, it's got nothing to do with the rt film crew

No. 8990
Why wouldn't it be? The Black Ribbon Day is this
So I can imagine why would our Foreign biz would want to disagree.
No. 9057
Alejandro Mamani

Ethnographers in the mountains of Bolivia record the struggles of Alejandro Mamani, an Ayaman Indian man who believes that he is suffering from spirit possession.

Centralia-Hell On Earth

Short documentary concerning Centralia, Pennsylvania and the famous underground fire there. The 16mm print and how the people dress gives it the air of Night of the Living Dead, though this was shot in 1982. Very few of the structures in this film are still standing, as there are only a small handful of houses, a nice fire station, a hilltop Orthodox church and a few discarded heroin needles to be seen there today.
No. 9078
246 kB, 1500 × 1353
Born Too White - Living with Albinism in East Africa

Oscar Duke, an NHS doctor with albinism heads to Tanzania and Malawi to discover what life is like for other people with the same genetic condition. Whilst in East Africa, Oscar explores the reasons why albino people are vulnerable to attack in these countries as well as interview some of the people who hold prejudiced views towards albinism.

No. 9163
3,9 MB, 3579 × 2436
Dance with Death - the S-75 (SA-2) in the Vietnam war https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtLFU2UjyNs

(Russian documentary about Vietnam anti-air vs B52 bombers)

No. 9327

Basically, pakis go to Europe, make money, send money home, build fancy houses in pakistan thinking that one day they'll come back, but they never do. For the many reasons that you can imagine, they stay in Europe, and the houses in Pakistan stay abandoned.
No. 9337
674 kB, 1366 × 768
676 kB, 1366 × 768
612 kB, 1366 × 768
619 kB, 1366 × 768
No. 9339
Their not so distant relatives, the Gypsies to the same in Romania.
The only difference being that the dum dums fail to even finish their "palaces" that they build illegally. (Illegal because they get the permit for a simple house, yet they build a 3-4 stories high monstrosity mixing Indian and Far Eastern architecture)
They barely finish the insides, and barely furnish it. If they do, then it's this kitsch style with gaudy Corinthian pillars, baby angel statues and a random assortment of golden shit, sprinkled with modern electronics like big TVs.
No. 9474
Good find.
I'm watching this right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60vK6Uw9sSE although psychopaths are ultimately a really boring subject honestly. They're also fucking annoying and way less clever than they think they are. It really reminds me of putting up with some shitposters on imageboards. Ramirez for instance had this whole thing you could tell he was reading from an internal script about governments and murderers. He just came off as way less competent and more fake and idiotic in that interview IMO.
No. 9488
Same with Turks.
They take huge credits in Germany to buy houses in Turkey which they visit for 2 or 3 weeks every year.
No. 9489
103 kB, 1120 × 630
It's not really a great documentary, but it's the only one on the topic I know of and for those who aren't ones to pick up a big book and prefer to watch a documentary instead (nothing wrong with that mind you, lots of things I'd do the same for) it's a good quick option and it's on a subject you won't often hear about because not many people think of New Mexico when they think of the Civil War and fewer recognise it as one of the most decisive logistical victories of the war, even if in raw scale it was rather small because it crippled Texan military capacity in the Far West and after Glorieta Pass, no major Texan offensive was made in the theatre for the rest of the war. It's also more relevant than you might think because of the Californian gold supply being vital to funding the war for the Union (~1/4 of the cost of the war was covered by it).
t. Trans-Mississippi Theatre appreciator
No. 9494
614 kB, 1013 × 810
1,4 MB, 1013 × 810
Swiss Doku from 1998 about Japanese concept cars.

It's in German, but fuck it, they show hilarious concept cars from Japan, and I would buy them all.
All through the video they say that Japanese cars looked and look bland and only focus on future and function, but maybe that's propaganda to please the German viewers.
If found nearly every car exiting, ultra-futuristic, noble or cute. The cyber feel is with them.
Even the opening scenes are still more future than a ride through our cities now ;_;
No. 9505

Similar story with many Gastarbeiters from 70s and 80s here in Croatian (and other Ex-Yu countries probably, too)
No. 9506
Interest rates are much lower, harder to reclaim assets overseas, and you can declare bankruptcy with little consequences.
No. 9554
80 kB, 640 × 640
65 kB, 600 × 849
275 kB, 1000 × 562
Here's a classic British documentary on the life of Steeplejack Fred Dibnah from a time before health and safety. He became famous following this thanks to his personality and interests in all things industrial:

If that doesn't spark your interest or you have trouble with a Lancashire accent then here are a couple of documentaries closely tied to the Vietnam War:

>The Battle of Long Tan (2006)

The first is a documentary on the Battle of Long Tan one of the great battles of ANZAC military history and one where they were very nearly overrun. I normally get bored of on the ground reports but this is definitely something you can lose yourself in. No over-dramatic reenactments or gimmicks, just a gritty retelling of a shitty day.

>Fog Of War: Eleven Lessons From The Life Of Robert S. Mcnamara

This covers not only the Vietnam War but also the life of Mcnamara with some explanation of the US actions in firebombing Japanese cities, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the US car industry. Special mention should be made of the excellent soundtrack by Philip Glass that ties it all together and Mcnamara giving the interview of his life to defend himself for the history books.
No. 9691
52 kB, 540 × 360
Gewehr G3 wird gebaut (1970) - Bundeswehr
No. 10113
No. 10703
35 kB, 615 × 409
55 kB, 600 × 499
An interesting documentary/commentary on Elliot Rodger and his relationship with his dysfunctional family.

No. 10707 Kontra
God damn North Americans are the worst posters. It goes from some retarded MGTOW shit about Elliot Rodgers to "crisis actors! It's the Jews!"
You're actually dumb as fuck.
No. 10716 Kontra
I suppose you are our designated board schizo. Every decently board has one, and time has come for our own.
No. 10717 Kontra
Addendum: Kazakh not included since he is a good schizo.
No. 10722 Kontra
>this deluded hapa that supposedly existed
I love how you're even questioning his existence.

>But men see giant holes in the story so we know it's shitty fearmongering propaganda to change laws and make people paranoid.
No. 10736 Kontra
>>But men see giant holes in the story so we know it's shitty fearmongering propaganda to change laws and make people paranoid.

That recursive logic floored me as well. The burgers mind truly moves in mysterious ~~ways~~self-referential cycles.
No. 10744
38 kB, 383 × 680
If you've ever been to America it's one of the most paranoid places you'll ever visit because of news reports exaggerating the danger. In some ways the paranoia is higher than South Africa with all their legit crime.

Also, fake news!


As the tweet says unless he was a genetic freak football scholarship super-chad or that 25yo heartthrob who plays freshman in movies, that isn't remotely possible that a senior slut got taken advantage of by a pip squeak.
No. 10748 Kontra
Did you even watch the documentary?
I didn't find it to be a MGTOW or misogynist documentary.

Rather it talked about how one of the causes of Elliot's shooting was his dysfunctional family and warped upbringing that led to a warped view of the world.
Also, where did you get the information that Peter Rodger was jewish >>10706 ?
No. 10749 Kontra
Also, the guy who created the documentary was just a guy that received Elliot's leaked emails because he had talked about Elliot a few times before; he wasn't part of a large studio or a professional filmmaker.
To be sure, he could have omitted certain emails while emphasizing others to push a certain agenda, and he uses emotional manipulation in terms of the music in the background, video effects, etc. to direct the viewer towards specific emotions, but this behavior exists in more professional documentaries as well.

Often I prefer amateur documentaries to professional ones as it is easier to convince people that an amateur documentary has a certain agenda or has certain flaws, as opposed to professional documentaries which have the advantage of the status of the filmmaker and the expertise of a "professional documentary" accompanying them.
No. 10750
There's a conspiracy thread, how about continuing all that "people didn't exist because my internet sources say so" there?
No. 10760 Kontra
Correction: /pol/ was saying

>the story and these people don't exist just like the Vegas shooter who ate a lot of sushi.
This is the documentary thread, not the schizo conspiracy thread

>Also Jews in Hollywood marry Jewesses, after the kids leave for college they quickly divorce the hags and get a Chinese wife, they don't bring Elliotts into the world,
One of the richest Jews in the world, Zuckerberg, married an Asian. No, it isn't some sham marriage. He's got a kid with her and is raising a family. You dumb fuck.

>KC is full of "internet wiz-kids" (turned wizards) with no life experience so they're ready to repeat whatever the poltards say

>I'm not the mod so I can't delete his post and all reaction posts below it
You can delete your own post. There's a standard delete button at the bottom like virtually every other chan you fucking idiot. I've used it to delete my own posts when being unnecessarily dickish to people. You are not one where it's unmerited.

>His elliot documentary link belongs on kohl not here.
While I agree with this, your posts managed to be even fucking dumber than the Canadian.
Stop. Shitting. Up. The. Board.

>The very fact that you're curious about this deluded hapa
I'm not even in the slightest and I am also the guy who criticized that post you moronic fuckwit.
> that supposedly existed
Just fucking lol

Oh yes but I am sure you are enlightened by some artifact riddled jpegs.
Brick is our schizo. This guy is just someone who probably just recently found 4krebs. He doesn't even know how to delete his own posts and is also clearly a kohlburner.

Oh I didn't realize it wasn't biased by your presentation. I just thought it was another stupid incel thing, which quite frankly I don't care about in the slightest. Bawww women won't fuck me so they're all whores etc. I really don't and cannot give a shit about these people. I remember many years ago trying to help them on KC, and I now deeply regret all that time of my life I wasted on that useless shitty board and the dumbfucks therein.

Kavanaugh was a complete drunk who basically acted exactly like Kevin Spacey. The main reason Trump even wanted him to begin with was to have some toady on the Supreme Court in case his various sex scandals come to light, or to prevent his own impeachment.

To be fair not all of us are like this, but true so many are it's aggravating to be around the bulk of them. Try living here. Most seemingly rational, logical person you may found out has the most absurd, psychotic ideas about reality and politics. It's even funnier when they're trolling because when you really talk to them you find out whatever crazy bullshit they were pretending to believe in is less insane than their actual beliefs.
No. 10768
>Most seemingly rational, logical person you may found out has the most absurd, psychotic ideas about reality and politics. It's even funnier when they're trolling because when you really talk to them you find out whatever crazy bullshit they were pretending to believe in is less insane than their actual beliefs.

Do you have any friends? And girls are pretty sane, it's the married women who are brainwashed by their husbands to be evangelists awaiting the rapture that crazy.
No. 10772
You're claiming Elliot Rodgers didn't even exist. You probably also believe every mass shooting is staged. I've seen those videos where people with some facial recognition disorder post images of random people to "prove" that they're all hired crisis actors. So, yes, this is an incredibly psychotic belief.
No. 10787 Kontra
>all dis projection
My God...
>Am I wrong?
Yes. How wrong? Very. Also psychotic.
>for example views on Jews or Finns
Like what the actual fuck are you even talking about?
>pussy blah blah
You know I was actually fooling around a lot before IBs, and was fucking throughout my time on them. However, I have ultimately concluded that it's probably a massive waste of time and energy unless I'm planning on having kids with the girl.

You have some serious issues Nebraska. All of this angered drivel amounts to some form of projection. What you said is largely false about me in every way, and you're now saying "I heard from a guy who has a friend" type of game. You have offered no evidence for your assertions, which btw largely came from the complete bullshit on the internet.

Also thanks for taking a shit in the middle of the living room that's this documentary thread. I bet you're the guy who goes on and on about self improvement, which is good, so long as you're genuinely improving yourself and your knowledge and capability in this world. You're also one arrogant motherfucker if I say so myself.
No. 10908 Kontra
9,9 MB, 640 × 360, 1:37
No. 11049

doc about colonial portuguese presence in Myanmar. They show a village where you can see people with mixed european complexion and Portuguese habits strange to the area (such as creating cattle and making sausages)
No. 11050
Interesting, will watch the full thing later.
No. 11051
No. 11182
Hated: GG Allin and The Murder Junkies

The guy had no musical talent but was still one of the most interesting personalities in the music business of the last 40 or so years.
No. 11406

Podcast explaining how germany managed to retain its industrial base and become a major exporting country, unlike other developed nations who embraced deindustrialization. The explanations are nothing new from what you hear or listen everywhere: mittelstands strongly focused on exports, education focused on apprenticeship, labor unions and companies working together, etc. They do talk about some things that I didn't hear or listen elsewhere, such as the fact that the PIGS sharing the EURO with germany kind of help germany because they dump the currency value bellow what it would be if it was a germany-only currency, which helps keeping german products competitive; also that mittelstands have difficulty innovating; and more interesting they explain why anglo-saxon countries fail in the labor union aspect (both the unions and the companies do not want to cooperate in the way germans do).

Also funny related video, although I didn't understand much of it
No. 11495 Kontra
>Also funny related video, although I didn't understand much of it.

It's not my humor and yes it's made to be stereotypical but to think that the Mittelstand does not rely on the internet is utter bullshit. Mittelstand is more than some small company that does not has to care about times changing.
No. 11678
Delete your post Elliot this is a documentary not a cringefest thread
No. 12136

DW doc about how a french overseas territory island near Madagascar is being used by natives from surrounding nations as a way of gaining french citizenship. Women from other islands travel to this island to give birth there, but because they can only try to apply for french citizenship when they become 18, they live their young lives in a legal limbo situation, and this causes a lot of problems to the island.
No. 12170
I started a noice documentary series on the history of the Cold War that serves as a sequel to 'The World at War' (same producers and style). Narrated by Kenneth Branagh!:

I'm sure many of you have already seen it but there is also a fascinating mockumentary on if the Cold War had gotten hot at the time of the collapse of the USSR. I liked how they made use of footage from real world events (especially the Gulf War) to drive the story:

Sweden has her own version 'Onset of Darkness' detailing an invasion of the country.

Isn't jus soli wonderful.
No. 12293

fresh doc about Venezuelan migrant crisis.
No. 12294
Very sad. I've seen some in the YouTube comments on videos like this remark that the Venezuelans often deported Colombian migrants when Venezuela was still prosperous. Is this true?
No. 12295
I don't know but what I read elsewhere is that Venezuela indeed had tons of colombian migrants when the country was doing fine (according to Maduro's state propaganda, they were millions), and many of those emigrating from Venezuela today are actually of Colombian background.

One mayor of one of the BR towns receiving Venezuelan migrants in Roraima state also said that when Venezuela was doing good there were many BRs who crossed the border looking for better medical treatment.
No. 12297
Interesting. Is Venezuelan migration a contentious political issue in Brazil right now? Or is it more or less not considered a serious concern?
No. 12299
115 kB, 791 × 1024
It is an issue in Roraima state because the population there is very low, it's an isolated and poor state. Any small migration is already too much for them, and since it's an isolated state, most Venezuelans who arrive there have no way of traveling further south in the country, so they get stuck there. Additionally, as you can see in the map, there's not a lot of people on both sides of the border, it's Amazonia after all, Venezuela's population is 90% located in their northern coast, but the Venezuelans who do live near our border are usually amerindians or other very poor rural people, many aren't even literate, the amerindians have very bad hygiene and health habits, so although it's a small migration if compared to hispano-american countries and specially colombia, the ones migrating to those countries at least have a better chance of re-adapting and making their own way, the migrants here are IQ89. Finally, most of this migration happened in the last two years, when Temer was in power, and Temer's government was about austerity and cost cuts, which means that he didn't bother with the situation and mostly left Roraima people to deal with the issue by themselves, he didn't even bother visiting the state during these two years. The situation could have been easily solved if these venezuelans had been transported to somewhere else in the country, where their presence and toll on public services could be diluted, where they could find better jobs and assistance, but Temer didn't even bother doing that. It could have been a non-issue, in the end their migration here is very small.

Now Bolsonaro was elected and he spoke against these migrations, calling venezuelan and haitian migrants "the scum of the earth".
No. 12344

40 min of podcast about the evolution of war since the beginning of the last century. Honestly I didn't listen to it since I'm not interested in this kind of stuff, but I imagine that some people here might be.
No. 12357
Wow Stratfor is still arou--oh wait a minute that's right. Didn't they get "raided" by Antisec which was clearly a fed operation from the start?
No. 12488

35 min doc about old people staying in the rural parts of Japan while their offspring chooses to migrate to big cities.
No. 12579

Podcast about SEZ in african countries created to attract chinese businesses, they say that they're going to discuss africa in general but really they talk mostly about Mauritius. Just found this channel and it seems to be very interesting, they also have their own site
It was created and is kept by this journalist and this academic who invite other people to discuss china-Africa relations, I've only listened to the SEZ podcast so far, but there seems to be other interesting podcasts there.
No. 12582 Kontra

looks interesting, I will tune in for one and see how it is.
No. 12858
It's not a doc since it's only 6 minutes long, but it talks about something very important in recent chinese history: the farm village that defied the communist regime and begun to use its land to produce stuff other than what the planned economy demanded, thus giving birth to post-commie chinese agriculture, based on private farms and more flexible farming.

Other short vids about the same subject here. This one feels more like a propaganda
This one explains more details of the initial secret pact among the farmers and other stuff
No. 12871

Who is that nigger kid and why do I keep seeing his face everywhere with all these flags over it?
No. 12892

Old but good doc about the origins of oil, would like to know the origin of the doc though.
No. 12896
China's no.1 priority is top stop separatism/regionalism, most T1 cities have a local identity but Chinese still have a slave mentality, 10000's of years as peasants do that.
As long as One China is promoted, they do not give a fuck, just look at the inhumanities which occur daily there.
No. 12982
No. 12998

This channel is bad overall, shallow analysis of stuff and silly narration, but this video is interesting because the subject is interesting, despite being only 10 min long. It's about the codfish industry in Canada.
No. 13090
983 kB, 1366 × 768

This is not a doc but a lecture, I just found this channel and I don't know if the other lectures are any good. But this one is interesting because it talks about one aspect of the 100 years war between France and England that no other vid on youtube seems to talk about, which is that the war caused the brits and (specially) the french to change their concepts of nation and monarchy, pic related. I guess this fits into the greater narrative of the slow formation of the nation-state and the modern bureaucratic state.
No. 13132
since we started recommending stuff that isn't actually a documentary, i wanna link this interview:

i like his look (srsly), but i am more impressed about what he has to say. Reflecting on social media and what problems there currently are. thou, he doesn't mention or propose any solution. still very informative and interesting to listen to.
No. 13133
He looks like a former work colleague of mine but in fat
No. 13700
Three Mile Island documentary
Man do I wish we had someone like a president Carter or president Kennedy again. Anyway why is it that Russians/hohols didn't seem to learn anything and were so completely disastrous seven years later? Or I guess another question, why were we so lucky to not have our own Chernobyl and call of Pripyat set in Pennsylvania?
No. 14457
This vid is about Boston

But the channel is about cities in general, Edward Glaeser is a weird mix, he's a NY jew who preaches Chicago school economics for cities while at the same time preaching progressive stuff. For example, he agrees with current urbanists about the need to increase density in murkan cities but also shows the attractiveness of suburbs. And he's an economists, so his arguments are different from typical urbanists. Anyway, he's specialized in urban economy and in this channel he talks about many issues on this matter, from history of particular cities to history of city-related stuff such as the rise of restaurant culture. I've been binge watching the channel the whole day.
No. 14920
This channel is pretty interesting. Here's the description

>Langley Esquire specializes in facilitating success in Japan. Our unique offering of services includes public affairs consulting, corporate advisory, and support for individuals in Japan. Timothy Langley founded Langley Esquire after developing a career as an expert in Japan's legal alleyways and as a "fixer". Through experience directing legal affairs & public policy at Apple Computer Japan as well as General Motors Asia Pacific, Timothy brings clients an unmatched portfolio of success.

It has many interesting vids about business-related stuff in Japan, but also news.
No. 14938

It follows a story of a boy who got fucked many times made me disgustfrom islamic boi pussy culture
No. 15062
Arte is a French/German TV channel that used to show and produce lots of great content, sadly within the last 10 or so years it turned into some liberal hipster channel (That's what it was before but it got more extreme). Sometimes it's still worth turning in though.
Some more or less random documentaries that are worth watching if you're interested in the topics, all of them are around 25min long and have english subtitles.

Tanzania: Albinos' Stolen Childhood

Rwanda: High Tech Made in Kigali

Colombia: Looking for Peace

Paedophile Hunters

Angola: Rich Country, Poor People
No. 15068
currently somewhat blowing up (pun intended)

few things came to my mind:
  • how cultures can differ. around where i live you have to sign something like "got the package" for a delivery to be claimed "delivered". the real criminals are the delivery companies/people, in my opinion.
  • 4 smartphones + a circuit board and people throw the thing away? stupid people.
No. 15073
Does that really fit in the category of documentary or at least informational material?
No. 15082
46 kB, 733 × 550
Documentary on crows:


Crows and ravens are some of the most awesome and underrated animals there are
No. 15083
very nice. wouldn't mind if he'd used dog crap instead of glitter and tear gas/pepper spray instead of the "fart odor" though.
No. 15095
Can't. ATF would bust down your door for domestic terrorism and making improvised explosive devices or some other such thing. Mace isn't even legal everywhere afaik. Despite the "muh second amendment" America actually has almost as weak weapon law protections as a place like Australia. Only difference is we have a massive gun manufacturer lobby and they don't. CS gas is probably largely banned for most civilian use, and even the criminal getting hit with this could reasonably sue the shit out of you in court, not to mention booby traps are generally banned and it would definitely be argued within reason that a child could've gone there to knock on your door or some shit. Although when I heard about this "fart smell and glitter" it filled me with nothing but contempt for the idiotic faggot who even bothered to make it, as well as every idiot who decided to make it a news story.

If you're actually going to give a shit about packages being stolen you put a GPS on it and preferably have some sort of dye bomb.
No. 15102 Kontra
i don't think so.
but it was the closest fit and i didn't feel like opening a new thread for that.

maybe informational. i didn't knew that was a thing and i didn't knew some mailmen just put the package in front of your door. (that would be illegal here?)
No. 15188

Maybe a Youtube threda wouldn't be a bad idea?
No. 15594
Documentary about the involvement of the British deep state in the protestant terrorism against the catholic population in Northern Ireland by the example of an in-depth look at the 1994 Loughinisland massacre, where six Irishmen were murdered by an Unionist paramilitary group while watching the World Cup at the local pub.

The makers of the documentary are being persecuted by the British-loyalist authorities to this day, while the murderers are protected by the same authorities to this day.

The film is also banned in British TV channels and cinemas:

No. 15757
1019 kB, 1035 × 713
Here is a nice 25 minute piece about Kazakh eagle hunters in Mongolia

No. 15758 Kontra
72 kB, 648 × 520
>The makers of the documentary are being persecuted by the British-loyalist authorities to this day

Because they're implicated in the theft of sensitive documents and released the names of suspects in a country where 20 years ago your surname could get you killed.

>The film is also banned in British TV channels and cinemas

L-O-L. Did a septic tell you all this?
No. 15761 Kontra

Contain your butthurt, pls.
No. 15763 Kontra
39 kB, 495 × 454
Your summary is entirely wrong. I'm just correcting you.
No. 15776
Honestly this just sounds to me like persecution of journalists tbh
No. 15789

Very good doc about the competition between britain and france during the early 20th century for the fastest transatlantic passenger ship.
No. 15821

Lame doc about John Crichton-Stuart, 3rd Marquess of Bute. His dad was a scot noble who married the richest welsh noble family based in Cardiff, where he based his operations and became rich as fuck. Lame doc because it mostly focuses on his personal life, his architecture and his eccentricities (he was a scottish nationalist, a kind of a feminist, a cathol convert, an occultist, and so on), I wanted to know more about his business and how his father supposedly transformed Cardiff.
No. 15915
I don't know what happened to the YT channel thread but this guy
Does a neat series on fatal/near fatal medical problems. Is pretty heavily explained for bydlo though.

And there is also Coyote Petersen who is a fantastic human model for showing exactly how painful it is to be envonemated or bitten by various potentially dangerous animals
As I pretty much expected, being bitten by an African centipede seemed to be the most overtly painful one. Do note he doesn't actually let fatally poisonous things like Death Adders and Sydney Funnel Webs bite him, but he still has a tendency to play with such things
Two things you should never underestimate in an animal: speed and flexibility. Strength too but I've seen people make the mistake with say a snapping turtle who do realize the finger clipping strength of their jaws but fail to take into account how long and flexible their heads are and how fast they are. Spiders are one such thing. They may appear slow, but oh man are many of them not when agitated. Two of the angriest and fastest spiders are also the two most deadly ones.
No. 16116
210 kB, 720 × 554
On topic laterally
It's about 'nam vets who went to hide inna wides and live completely secluded lives away from everybody in a Kaczynski style existence.
No. 16449

Makes one wonder what might have become of them. As in how many suicided, how many found back into civilized life, how many of these families did make it through the years etc.
No. 16451
Well I did know one of the guys who was busy napalming villages back then. He ended up dating his therapist and is kind of a selfish dick who's not all there in the head but is otherwise passably normal.
No. 16458
>he still has a tendency to play with such things
After seeing him freehold a black widow I thought he was crazy enough to try the same with that wandering spider. It's good to see he has his limits.
>snapping turtle
One thing I learned helping turtles across roads is how bitey most of them get when you pick them up. That said, the only true snapping turtle I ever picked up was really small-probably the size of a walnut. As I held it between two fingers it kept reaching its tiny head back snapping the whole time. It was funny because it was so small, but I wouldn't want to try picking up a larger one.