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No. 47162 Systemkontra
5 kB, 210 × 240
Can you guys come back to KC (kohlchan)? The mods don't ban people for having left of center viewpoints anymore and they starting to ban CP. KC is a political echochamber now and we need people like you to mix it up. I'm not even a leftist myself, I'd say I'm a moderate liberal with some politically incorrect views, however I believe KC is in dire need of intellectual diversity. Come home bernd
No. 47164 Kontra
>starting to
You know it really isn't a great advertisement for your pedo shithole by saying "we are starting to deal with the pedos" particularly when one of you came here and posted sick shit. Every chomo should hang and bernd died in 2017. The cancer finally killed it. I haven't called myself bernd in years and I've got zero inclination to socialize with those potato IQs, pedophiles, and wannabe terrorists who remained there. Moreover I've little interest in discussing politics online, and none discussing it with the largely cripplechan/vierkanal poltards who'd largely come to populate such a place, and lastly those dumb enough and dirty enough to actively go to such a place on a daily basis even in 2020 who killed both EC and KC. The cancer is terminal and the one nice thing is I did waste a significant portion of my youth on a shithole because it was fast and easy and one of the worst decisions I ever made with my life in fact that is a good point to unplug my router today
No. 47171 Kontra
KC has died a few years ago. K*hlchan (not KC) deserves to be how it is.
No. 47173 Kontra
>and they starting to ban CP
from what I heard that's not true, also they have literal CP banners on the top of the page last time I visisted many months ago
this, 4kohl is not KC
No. 47178 Kontra
>starting to ban CP
>litteraly CP banners
yeah sure
No. 47180 Kontra
What's actually happening is that the pedos have become so bold that they started to openly post actual CP rather than "merely" sharing links and "child modeling" sites, so kohlshit mods are having to clean up illegal content that can get them shut down and arrested. (after saving it on their PCs no doubt). So there's a few more ban messages on the board now, which only an idiot would interpret as "them getting rid of the pedos".

even more convinced that the slippery slope is not a fallacy, but a law.
I used to think that the liberals' method of completely deplatforming the right and eradicating them from the internet is a bit extreme. I mean, why not let them be the living example of the right wing boogeyman, and let their narrative disprove itself? But there's something to be said about niche communities normalizing aberrant behavior. If you let degenerates band together, they will hole themselves up in their echo chambers and their tendencies will become amplified. If they receive no validation at all, and feel alienated everywhere they go, best case scenario they will eventually assimilate, if not, they will keep themselves in check and hide their abhorrent behavior from the public eye so we won't have to see it.
No. 47186 Kontra
>I used to think that the liberals' method of completely deplatforming the right and eradicating them from the internet is a bit extreme. I mean, why not let them be the living example of the right wing boogeyman, and let their narrative disprove itself?
deplatforming anyone except flat earthers is a bad move, people don't do these things out of evil intent. They hold beliefs they believe to be true and should be allowed argue their case.

Private companies like Google and Facebook deplatforming people should alarm you
No. 47242
There is a certain extent when we shouldn't even humor imbeciles anymore. Just look at my country. Like you live in Ireland you have no fucking idea how retarded it is here and that is partly because of the wrong belief that all opinions are created equal--they are not. And the primary sin of social liberals at the moment is acting like somehow every belief is valid and that inferior cultures do not exist, while at the same time rather openly reinforcing that they themselves do not even hold to this fallacy. The Confederate south was inferior. Jihadis and their shit culture and the shit culture of the Indian caste system was inferior. The monarchies and feudalism of Europe was inferior. And the ideas of flat earthers, anti vaxxers, new agers, climate change denialists, young earth creationists, anti maskers in a pandemic for Christ's sake, are all false and inferior and should not be tolerated or given any humoring even as idiots as if anyone, anywhere, should even pretend to take these tile painters seriously, and the one sole thing that rightards even have to hang on at this point is because a sect of SJWs hold the false and inferior belief that gender itself is merely an ideological artifact.

That last bit is the one thing I noticed from the poltards now plaguing the net, who try to cram their own idpol SJW beliefs down everyone's throat no matter where you go in a manner more obnoxious than fundies and SJWs by orders of magnitude, is that "go dilate" is all they have left. It's been proven a wrong ideology rooted in an ignorant and inferior culture in this pandemic everywhere from Britain to Brazil to Russia to India to America, and the one last thing this drowning man hangs onto is "well at least we're not retarded enough to take that inferior cultural artifact and falsehood seriously" as if the existence of trannyism disproves the patent wrongness of everything else they believe and the utter inferiority with which they are able to approach a real crisis. The comment about "it'll just cool down one day you'll see" really brought it into stark relief that these people are inferior and have no plan for climate change and do not deserve to be in charge or taken seriously about much of anything and their even more cancerous brand of idpol only serves to illustrate how retarded idpol in general is.

I would lastly like to add that what your ilk has done to the front page only has proven that alt rightards are tile painting morons on their last gasp and blindly lashly out while they wallow in their own shit. The gutters are filled with shitposts and pedos and they cry out "save us!" and we should whisper "no. Drown in your own shittiness."
No. 47257 Kontra
There are no CP banners. It happened once when a banner with a girl's nipples was added (by accident) and removed 1-hr later, but the damage was permenent because some butthurt-belter made a butthurt-thread and spreading fake news is the national pasttime on imageboards.

If you're referring to hentai banner then well that doesn't make any sense, because lolicon is 1. not CP from a legal standpoint; 2. legal; and 3. was allowed on Krautchan /int/ and original Ernstchan alike, I was an active user on both and frequent poster on 2D loli-threads unlike Kohl and new Ernst.
No. 47261 Kontra
6 kB, 480 × 617
If you're staying on cabbage, you're part of the problem, so don't come here asking for help. That may sound rude, but it also empowers you to single-handedly fix the issue for yourself, like we did.
No. 47265 Kontra
34 kB, 860 × 900
When you accidentally upload a picture of a naked child that you had on your hard drive for some reason.
Happens to the best of us.
No. 47267 Kontra
Nobody happened to have any such pictures, you are being incredibly dishonest. All of the banners are made by users, and posted in the specific thread, then added to the rotation without discretion. It happened that one bernd posted a CP banner, and it slipped in, because no one noticed it. In fact not only the mod responsible for adding it but bernds who entered banner thread didn't notice either for days, until it was added to rotation and someone created a thread, at which point the mistake was quickly corrected.
I don't understand, if there are so many fair criticisms of kohlchan, why Ernst feels the need to knowingly spread misinformation and lies.
No. 47268 Kontra
Consider that the fact that such a sequence of accidents happened in the first place was because pedophilia became normalized on the board. Accidents are not accidental, they are a result of compounding factors. Maybe somebody posting CP in the banner thread happened because that somebody was not banned or driven away before he could do it, because pedos are welcomed on the board. Maybe the image wasn't noticed and reported on time because a sizeable number of the board's visitors are pedos who didn't see the need to report it. Maybe you think that a photo of a naked child on a banner is not a big deal when it is, is because you yourself got desensitized to pedophilic content.
Why do other imageboards not have such "accidents"? Maybe because they don't have pedo sympathizers running them. Was it really an accident, or an inevitability? You might think there's no causal relationship between there being pedos on an imageboard, and CP being "accidentally" posted from time to time, but there is.

I don't know how to explain something so obvious. It's like, a balcony having no railings and someone falling from it are not directly related, and the latter is technically an "accident", but it's easy to see how that "accident" was not that accidental, and the people running the place deserve to go to jail.
No. 47271 Kontra
Kohlchan is full of the people who couldn't accept that the death of KC was for the good of all. In other words, the people who liked 2017 KC.

And because the final death of KC freed those few tortured noble souls who only stuck around by force of habit, Kohlchan could only be worse than what KC had become. If you're not a nazi pedo, and you're still hanging around there because you just can't give up KC... give up. That part of our life is dead, and it will never come back. Accept it, and try to find something new and better. We could actually use some new life here at EC.

But Kohlchan is beyond saving. Flee while you still can, mate. That place is no home for true Bernd.
No. 47272 Kontra
180 kB, 1100 × 618
kohl is not kc and never will be. besides, thanks to the constant shit flinging of insufferable /rvss/ spammers such as rechtsruck and his ilk, koti etc. plus all the drachenlord haters old kc had turned to shit a long time before der general pulled the plug. been on kohl last week after a long time and couldn't stay longer than a minute or so. i do like the design and functionality of the board software which has a lot of improvements over old kc, it's pretty convenient to lurk. content and users however haven't improved at all, /int/ was full of the usual frogpost drivel and worse stuff, /b/ is still the same /pol/ and drachenlord shithole with the same dumb threads and apparently same idiots lurking in them. what's more, there was a thread offering BILD for free. even der general, who didn't care about anything really, used to ban threads with links to BILD in the OP. i always suspected kohlchan somehow getting sponsored by springer and this advertisement for the worst tabloid there is makes me more suspicious in that regard. why can't you kohlfags just leave tiny ec be? go advertise kohl on 4chan, twatter or le reddit.
No. 47275 Kontra
This. KC's cancer diagnosis became apparent around the Boxed Wine crisis (after Winnenden we already lots of vermin, but it wasn't as bad) and only started to become worse each year. When derGeneral pulled the plug, it was already dead. Normal people either abandoned it for good or came to EC. The end stage cancer lived on and founded Kohl, like some kind of immortalized retard cell line.
No. 47286
66 kB, 750 × 600
This still makes you degenerate subhuman filth
>but it's only hentai

>mods themselves post cp
And you fucking people wonder why we want nothing to do with you and I wish the worst fates on all of you. These two posts themselves speak volumes about the kind of filth I don't even see as human anymore inhabiting those boards and why I want you all to be violently purged. The fact you don't even see anything wrong with it anymore or still are willing to frequent such a place speaks volumes about what sort of things you have become and in some cases probably always had been. I have no idea why you'd think anyone here or elsewhere would want to have anything to do with you. The fact many of you are also casually on the edge of being legit terrorists also says a lot. Then rather then even attempt to redeem yourselves you just keep sinking lower.
No. 47375
>This still makes you degenerate subhuman filth
If the alternative is being a puritan bible-thumper, then I'm glad to be a degenerate subhuman filth.
No. 47376 Kontra
Also lol @ that far-right wing edgelord bullshit. If anyone's on the verge of becoming a terrorist it's you.
No. 47409 Kontra
To be fair you're talking to a particularly unpleasant burgerposter who really likes vomiting paragraphs of barely cognizant diatribes. Some of us just tune him out.
That said, the irony of "anti-degeneracy" wannabe-natsocs surrounding themselves with pedos is pretty funny. Though it's not very attractive to a lot of KC diaspora, on multiple levels.